What Does TPM Stand for?

TPM is the acronym, that is, the abbreviation of Pre-menstrual Tension.

What Does TPM Stand for

The pre-menstrual tension is a syndrome, a set of symptoms, which reaches women and that precedes in a few days menstruation, the fertile period the female that occurs on a monthly basis.

The main features of PMS are irritability and anxiety, when we refer to emotional aspects. Physically, the TPM may cause headaches, breast soreness, and bloating, mainly caused by the retention of sodium and water in the body.

The most severe cases of PMS have symptoms of depression, panic disorder and bipolar disorder, in addition to download the self-esteem.

The causes of PMS, according to the medicine, can be related to the high estrogen production in this period, and the fall of progesterone. Other hormones are affected, which become unstable in the period of the TPM, are dopamine and serotonin. These hormones affect the neurotransmitters and cause the effects of psychic presented in the TPM and cause the other symptoms by interfering on the central nervous system.

TPM – Total Produtive Maintenance

Out of popular wisdom, that characterizes it as a TPM even people irritable who are not in pre-menstrual, PMS is also the abbreviation in English of the concept of Total Productive Maintenance, established in Japan to standardize the productive maintenance within the companies.

According to the creators, the Total Maintenance Productive, when implemented and monitored properly, it can bring increased productivity and competitiveness, among other benefits.

What Does TPM Stand for?
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