What is Hug?

Hug is the action and effect of hugging, a verb that refers to narrowing between the arms or cinching with arms. It is a type of greeting or a show of affection, where a slight pressure is placed on the person to which this gesture is offered. Hugs have varying duration and can be done with arms above the neck or below the armpits.

Abbreviation Meaning
AHC Andreas Hug Consulting
BBH Big Big Huge
BFH Big Fat Huge
BHAK Big Hug And Kiss
FH Fuzzy Hugs
GBH Great Big Hug
HH Hershey’s Hugs
XO Hug and Kiss
HM Hug Me
HK Hugs & Kisses
HAK Hugs And kisses
INAH I Need A Hug
LHIOB Lets Hug It Out Bitch
LOH Lots of Hugs
LOLAH Lots of Love and Hugs
LHSK Love, Hug, Squeeze and Kiss
LHK Love, Hugs & Kisses
RMH Real Manly Hug
TBH Total Body Hug
VH Virtual Hug
WHH We Hug Honda

Although they are often a sign of affection, hugs can also be given as comfort or condolence to a difficult situation.

Free Hugs is a movement driven by Juan Mann,who felt alone in Australia and decided to start giving away hugs on public roads. When the video was uploaded to the YouTube.com Internet portal, the success was immediate and the movement moved to all parts of the world.

Psychologists claim that the hug is usually asexual, and stress that physical contact is necessary for emotional well-being. A hug helps calm nerves, relieve tensions and strengthen self-esteem.

However, something of as innocent as a hug can provoke a large number of different reactions, depending on the recipient. This gesture of affection and trust, of companionship and protection, is a treasure that many people do not receive in their childhood from their parents or guardians, and the consequences of such a lack can significantly affect their emotional life. For example, a child who has never been hugged by his father may develop a profound need for physical contact from his environment, and suffer if he does not succeed or if it does not occur very often.

This picture of affective deprivation is very common and easy to detect, although it is not the only result of the lack of affection in childhood; contrary to the above example, the same child may become reluctant to physical closeness and give the image of someone cold and oblivious to his feelings and emotions, while inside there is intense pain that he has decided to lock in a chest in the face of the impossibility of calming him down. If you have brothers, imagining that everyone has suffered the same treatment from the father, it is very likely that everyone will process and channel it differently, and that those who repeat their experience will harm those who cloin a hug.

Total Body Hug

When talking about reactions to a hug it is inevitable to delve into sexual abuse, in all its variants. The popular image of this nightmare has as its protagonist a woman who is attacked by one or more men on a dark street, and is forced to have intimate relationships. However, in reality the most common cases are absolutely different, and have both male and female victims. The focus of many abusers is childhood, and aggression does not necessarily include penetration or perpetration by a man.

How does a victim of sexual abuse react when someone tries to hug her? It depends on many factors, which in simple words are summed up in “the degree of overcoming trauma”. It is normal for these people to have few friends, whom they trust almost blindly, and to whom they allow a lot of physical closeness, but to block themselves if a stranger rests a hand on their shoulder.

In another sense, to embrace is to choose or support a doctrine or opinion. For example: “The Cuban leader embraced communism from an early age”.

When the verb refers to a climbing plant,it names the action of turning the trunk of the tree to which it adheres.

Finally, El brazo partido is an Argentine film directed by Daniel Burman and starring Daniel Hendler, Diego Korol and Melina Pietrella, etc.

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