What is Overwhelmed?

Overwhelmed is a concept that derives from overwhelming. This verb alludes to grieving, distressing or lowering. The subject who is overwhelmed is therefore overwhelmed, exhausted, or oppressed.

For example: “I am overwhelmed with so many problems, I would need a vacation urgently”“Overwhelmed, the economy minister submitted his resignation”“I don’t like my son being overwhelmed by obligations: he’s a child and he must have time to play and have fun”.

Abbreviation Meaning
OBE Overwhelmed by Events
COB Continuously Overwhelmed with Blessings

Pressures of different types often cause a person to become overwhelmed. Let’s take the case of a man without a job and must pay the mortgage on his home. He also has to cover his children’s study costs and support the whole family, as his wife cannot work for a health problem. Faced with this complicated reality, the subject is overwhelmed.

Feeling overwhelmed can cause headache, muscle aches, hypertension and tachycardia,among other physical consequences. The person may also be stressed, anxious or depressed at not knowing how to handle the situation in question.

More and more people are showing that they are overwhelmed by the great responsibilities and workloads they have. Hence, they ask Psychology professionals for help so they can change that situation of stress, anguish and anxiety they feel. Experts who give them guidelines such as the following:
-It is important that, on a daily basis, you practice exercise, even if it is to go for a walk for half an hour. And that’s how they release stress.
-You must sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day.
-They have to carry out breathing exercises, which will help them to put aside tensions, to relax.
-They must find a time every day to enjoy something they like, such as reading, listening to music…

We cannot overlook that many men and women feel overwhelmed when they have their first child. Why? Because the responsibility it brings with it, the care it requires or how life changes, it’s hard to digest it and some more than others. Precisely a good example of that is a funny book that responds to the title of “The Life of an Overwhelmed Father.”

Iñaki Echeverría is the author of this publication that consists of an anthology of sympathetic vignettes where he comes to represent the life of a parent who feels overwhelmed by having to combine his work as a freelancer from home with his household chores. For this reason and also for taking care of their two daughters or forward their relationship as a couple.

Beyond this negative connotation, the notion of overwhelm can also be related to that which generates admiration or surprise. In this sense, those who are overwhelmed are not despondent by pressures, but are in a state of shock at good news. If an unknown writer wins a major literary prize and starts receiving invitations to participate in events and congratulatory calls from around the world, he may say that he is overwhelmed by the award’s repercussions.

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