British Abbreviations


What is Great Britain?

Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles, it is located in northwest Europe and corresponds to the area of three countries: England, Scotland and Wales.

The countries that make up Great Britain are governed by the English Parliament and have the same head of state and head of government.

The term Great Britain is often used synonymously with England or the United Kingdom, but each of these terms has a distinct meaning.

Difference between Great Britain, United Kingdom and England

  • United Kingdom:political grouping formed by England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and small islands.
  • Great Britain:largest island in the British Isles archipelago, in its territory are England, Scotland and Wales.
  • England:country located on the island of Great Britain and part of the United Kingdom.

Great Britain

Great Britain is the name given to the island where England, Scotland and Wales are located. The British Isles archipelago has more than 6,000 islands, with Great Britain being the largest of them.

The territory of Great Britain is 209,331 km 2 in area and around 65 million people live in its area.

Each of the countries of Great Britain has its capital:

  • England:London
  • Scotland:Edinburgh
  • Wales:Cardiff

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a political grouping and a sovereign state, made up of the island countries of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland.

As it is formed by the British countries and Northern Ireland, it is also called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

All UK countries are governed by the English Parliament and have the same head of state and head of government.

The head of state of the United Kingdom is the monarch. This position is currently held by Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England. The head of government of the United Kingdom is the person who holds the position of prime minister.

The official language in all four countries is English, but local languages such as Scottish, Welsh and Irish are also spoken. The currency used in these countries is also the same, the pound sterling.

The capital of the United Kingdom, like the capital of England, is the city of London. Each of the other three countries has its own capital.

The United Kingdom was part of the European Union, but in 2016 the majority of the population, through a plebiscite, decided to leave the group. This process became known as Brexit ( Britain Exit ), which means British exit in Portuguese.


England is the largest and most populous country in the United Kingdom and is located on the island of Great Britain. Its territorial extension is 130,395 km 2, where about 55 million people live.

London is the capital of England, as well as the capital of the United Kingdom.

Summary chart of differences between Great Britain and the United Kingdom

Great Britain United Kingdom
countries England, Scotland and Wales England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Population 65 million 66 million
Currency pound sterling pound sterling
Area 209,331 km 2 244,820 km 2
capital London London
Official language English (Scottish and Welsh are also spoken) English (Scottish, Welsh and Irish are also spoken)

History of Great Britain and the United Kingdom

In 1707, following the signing of the Treaty of Union, the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland are united and form the Kingdom of Great Britain. Wales had been annexed by England in the 16th century.

On that occasion, the Scottish Parliament and the English Parliament were dissolved and the Single Parliament of Great Britain was created.

In 1801 Ireland becomes part of this union, which changes its name to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

However, after the process of independence from Ireland in the early 20th century, the southern portion of that country leaves the United Kingdom and only Northern Ireland remains in the group.

Since then, this political grouping has been called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

British Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to British

ABEABC Adult Basic Education Association of British Columbia
SSC Aerospatiale/British Aerospace Concorde
ABFM All British Field Meet
APBC Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia
ABA American, British, Australian
ABCA American, British, Canadian, and Australian
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies’ Standardization Program
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Armies’ Program
ABDA American, British, Dutch, Australian
ALPHABET American-British-Canadian
ABC American-British-Canadian
ABSA Annual of the British School at Athens
ABCA Antwerp British Community Association
ANBC Aquila Networks British Columbia
ASBC Archaeological Society of British Columbia
AIBC Architectural Institute of British Columbia
AABC Archives Association of British Columbia
AMBCS Associate Member of the British Computer Society
ABAA Associate of the British Association of Accountants and Auditors
ARIBA Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects
ABCA Associate, British College of Accordionists
ALPHABET Associated British Cinemas
ABC Associated British Cinemas
ABFD Associated British Film Distributors
ABF Associated British Foods plc
ABPC Associated British Picture Corporation
ABP Associated British Ports
ABACUS Association for British and Chinese University Students
ABBC Association for British Brewery Collectables
ABANDON Association of British Alumni in Nepal
ABAN Association of British Alumni in Nepal
ABB Association of British Bookmakers
ABCR Association of British Cartridge Remanufacturers
ABCB Association of British Certification Bodies
ABCC Association of British Chambers of Commerce
ABCD Association of British Choral Directors
ALPHABET Association of British Climbing Walls
ABC Association of British Climbing Walls
ABCD Association of British Clinical Diabetologists
ABCDE Association of British Columbia Deans of Education
ABCLS Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors
ABCPF Association of British Columbia Professional Foresters
ABCW Association of British Columbia Winegrowers
ABCUL Association of British Credit Unions Ltd
ABDSA Association of British Dental Surgery Assistants
ABDO Association of British Dispensing Opticians
ABDCH Association of British Dogs and Cats Homes
ABD Association of British Drivers
ABHI Association of British Healthcare Industries
ABI Association of British Insurers
ABI Association of British Investigators
ABLS Association of British Language Schools
ABMP Association of British Military Parachutists
ABMEX Association of British Mining Equipment Exporters
ABNORMAL Association of British Neurologists
ABN Association of British Neurologists
ABO Association of British Orchestras
ABPN Association of British Paediatric Nurses
ABR Association of British Residents
ABRS Association of British Riding Schools
ABSP Association of British Scrabble Players
ABTAPL Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries
ABTA Association of British Travel Agents
ABVA Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists
ABPI Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
AUBC Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth
ABTA Australian British Trade Association
BCHBC Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia
BBDC Bahrain British Dental Congress
BBC Ballet British Columbia
BBLC Basically British Language Consultancy
BBC Beautiful British Columbia
BBC Best of British Comedy
BOBL Best of British Luck
BBBMBC Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia
BOD Board of Deputies of British Jews
BINARY British
BISHOP British
B British
BANK British
BROWN British
BOMBER British
BRIT British
BAS British Ability Scale
BAF British Abrasives Federation
BACO British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology
BAHRAIN British Academy
BA British Academy
BAAD British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
BADC British Academy of Dramatic Combat
BAF British Academy of Fencing
BAFTA British Academy of Film and Television Arts
BAM British Academy of Management
BAA British Accounting Association
BACHELOR British Accreditation Council
BAC British Accreditation Council
BAR British Accreditation Regency
BANA British Acoustic Neuroma Association
BAHA British Activity Holiday Association
BAEA British Actors’ Equity Association
BAAB British Acupuncture Accreditation Board
BAAR British Acupuncture Association and Register
BACHELOR British Acupuncture Council
BACC British Acupuncture Council
BAC British Acupuncture Council
BASA British Adhesives and Sealants Association
BAEA British Aerobatic Association
BAMA British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association
BAHRAIN British Aerospace
BA British Aerospace
BADG British Aerospace Dynamic Group
BAE British Aerospace Engineering
BAE British Aerospace Systems, LTD
BAHRAIN British Africa
BA British Africa
BABA British African Business Association
BAAG British Agencies Afghanistan Group
BAAF British Agency for Adoption and Fostering
BACMI British Aggregate Construction Materials Industries
BAA British Aggregates Association
BAHS British Agricultural History Society
BAA British Agrochemicals Association
BAFS British Ahwazi Friendship Society
BAF British Aikido Federation
BAFO British Air Forces of Occupation
BATA British Air Transport Association
BAFA British Airborne Forces Association
BACHELOR British Aircraft Corporation
BAC British Aircraft Corporation
BASSA British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association
BASEA British Airport Services Equipment Association
BAA British Airports Authority
BAHRAIN British Airways
BA British Airways
BAAE British Airways Avionic Engineering
BACE British Airways Component Engineering
BAFT British Airways Flight Training
BAFC British Airways Flying Club
BAH British Airways Holidays
BARC British Airways Regional Cargo
BARP British Airways Retirement Plan
BASIS British Airways Safety Information System
BAV British Airways Virtual
BAW British Airways, United Kingdom
BAF British Allergy Foundation
BAMR British Allied Manufacturers Representatives
BABS British Alpine Bred Society
BASS British Alpine Ski School
BARG British Amateur Robotics Group
BABN British American Bank Note Company
BABCNE British American Business Council of New England
BABCOC British American Business Council Orange County
BACP British American Capital Partners
BAEF British American Educational Foundation
BAFA British American Football Association
BAFL British American Football League
BAHRAIN British American Oil Company
BA British American Oil Company
BAR British American Racing
BASIC British American Scientific International Commercial
BASIC British American Security Information Council
BTI British American Tobacco
BAT British American Tobacco
BATA British American Tobacco Australia
BATAS British American Tobacco Australia Services, Ltd.
BATCA British American Tobacco Central America SA
BACTA British Amusement and Catering Trades Association
BCAUR British and Commonwealth Air Unit Register
BCCCF British and Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland
BESGL British and European Studies Group, London
BFBS British and Foreign Bible Society
BIAB British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography
BIHIP British and Irish Hardwoods Improvement Programme
BILETA British and Irish Legal Education Technology Association
BAILII British and Irish Legal Information Institute
BIMS British and Irish Meteorite Society
BIOA British and Irish Ombudsman Association
BAS British Andrology Society
BAGS British Angora Goat Society
BAS British Antarctic Survey
BAT British Antarctic Territory
BAL British Anti-Lewisite
BAVA British Anti-Vivisection Association
BAMC British Applied Mathematics Colloquium
BABT British Approvals Board for Telecommunications
BAFE British Approvals for Fire Equipment
BASEC British Approvals Service for Cables
BASEEFA British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment for Flammable Atmospheres
BASEEFA British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres
BAN British Approved Name
BAS British Arachnological Society
BARI British Archaeological Reports International Series
BAL British Architectural Library
BAF British Armed Forces
BAFF British Armed Forces Federation
BAF British Armwrestling Federation
BAAG British Army Aid Group
BAAC British Army Air Corps
BAAE British Army Antarctic Expedition
BAMA British Army Motoring Association
BAOC British Army Orienteering Club
BATT British Army Training Team
BAMF British Art Market Federation
BACR British Artificial Competition Rules
BANS British Artificial Nutrition Survey
BABA British Artist Blacksmiths Association
BAFA British Arts Festivals Association
BAHRAIN British Association
BA British Association
BAEM British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine
BAAF British Association for Adoption and Fostering
BANT British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy
BACS British Association for Canadian Studies
BACR British Association for Cancer Research
BACR British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation
BACS British Association for Chemical Specialities
BACCH British Association for Community Child Health
BACP British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
BAEM British Association for Emergency Medicine
BASICS British Association for Immediate Care
BAITA British Association for Information Technology in Agriculture
BAJS British Association for Japanese Studies
BALID British Association for Literacy in Development
BAPT British Association for Physical Training
BAP British Association for Psychopharmacology
BASHH British Association for Sexual Health and HIV
BASC British Association for Shooting and Conservation
BASSP British Association for Stop Smoking Practitioners
BATJ British Association for Teaching Japanese
BARP British Association for the Advancement of Radiology and Physiotherapy
BAAS British Association for the Advancement of Science
BASCD British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry
BAVA British Association for Vedic Astrology
BAWP British Association for Women in Policing
BAFM British Association in Forensic Medicine
BAAPS British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
BAAT British Association of Art Therapists
BAAS British Association of Audiological Scientists
BABS British Association of Barbershop Singers
BABTAC British Association of Beauty Therapist and Cosmetologists
BABO British Association of Behavioural Optometrists
BACUP British Association of Cancer United Patients
BACS British Association of Chinese Studies
BACA British Association of Clinical Anatomists
BACTS British Association of Clinical Terminology Specialists
BACDA British Association of Community Doctors in Audiology
BACC British Association of Computer Clubs
BACT British Association of Conference Towns
BACHELOR British Association of Counseling
BAC British Association of Counseling
BADS British Association of Day Surgery
BADFA British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts
BAD British Association of Dermatologists
BAEA British Association of Educational Audiologists
BAFD British Association of Fastener Distributors
BAFSAM British Association of Feed Supplement and Additive Manufacturers
BAFI British Association of Fitness Instructors
BAFO British Association of Forensic Odontology
BAGP British Association of General Paediatrics
BAGD British Association of Generic Distributors
BAHVS British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons
BAJS British Association of Jewish Studies
BALI British Association of Landscape Industries
BALMEST British Association of Lawyer Mediators
BALM British Association of Lawyer Mediators
BAM British Association of Malaysia
BAMM British Association of Medical Managers
BANC British Association of Nature Conservationists
BANS British Association of Numismatic Societies
BAOT British Association of Occupational Therapists
BAPS British Association of Paediatric Surgeons
BAPH British Association of Paper Historians
BAPM British Association of Perinatal Medicine
BAPLA British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies
BAP British Association of Planetariums
BAPS British Association of Plastic Surgeons
BAPT British Association of Play Therapists
BAPSC British Association of Private Security Companies
BAPT British Association of Psychological Types
BAP British Association of Psychotherapists
BAPCO British Association of Public-Safety Communications Officers
BARCS British Association of Radio Control Soarers
BARD British Association of Record Dealers
BAR British Association of Removers
BARQA British Association of Research Quality Assurance
BARR British Association of Road Races
BASA British Association of Seed Analysts
BASSAC British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres
BASI British Association of Ski Instructors
BASP British Association of Ski Patrollers
BASC British Association of Skin Camouflage
BASW British Association of Social Workers
BASU British Association of Softball Umpires
BASS British Association of Sound Systems
BASES British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
BASIC British Association of Sport in Colleges
BASP British Association of Stroke Physicians
BASO British Association of Surgical Oncologists
BATD British Association of Teachers of Dancing
BATH British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists
BAUS British Association of Urological Surgeons
BAVO British Association of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
BAVS British Association of Victorian Studies
BARB British Association Representing Breeders
BAFI British Associations for Inventors
BAA British Astronomical Association
BADC British Atmospheric Data Centre
BAEA British Atomic Energy Authority
BARB British Audience Research Bureau
BAJ British Audio Journal
BASA British Automatic Sprinkler Association
BARA British Automation and Robotics Association
BARC British Autombile Racing Club
BAOA British Automobile Owners Association
BATANS British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia
BBBA British Bait Breeders Association
BB British Bakeries Ltd
BBO British Ballet Organization
BBA British Bankers Association
BPE British Barclays Private Equity
BBF British Baseball Federation
BBL British Basketball League
BBMA British Battery Manufacturers Association
BBFC British Beatles Fan Club
BBC British Beer Company
BBRO British Beet Research Organisation
BBFS British Benefits Friendly Society
BBAA British Berlin Airlift Association
BBAR British Best All Rounder
BBF British Best Friend
BBC British Biker Cooperative
BBI British Biocell International
BBS British Biophysical Society
BBAB British Biscuit Advisory Board
BB British Blue
BBMA British Bluegrass Music Association
BBA British Board of Agrément
BBBC British Board of Boxing Control
BBFC British Board of Film Censors
BBFC British Board of Film Classification
BBSW British Boarding Schools Workshop
BBGS British Boer Goat Society
BBIP British Books in Print
BBS British Boomerang Society
BBC British Born Chinese
BBCD British Born Confused Desi
BBC British Born Cypriot
BBI British Born Indian
BBK British Born Killers
BBI British Bottlers’ Institute
BBBOC British Boxing Board of Control
BBBC British Boxing Board of Control
BBS British Boy Scouts
BBG British Brands Group
BBL British Bridge League
BBC British Broadcasting Centre
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BBCI British Broadcasting Corporation Interactive
BBCA British Broadcasting Corporation-America
BB British Bulldog
BBD British Bulldogs
BBG British Business Group, Dubai & Northern Emirates
BBLC British Business Luncheon Club
BCMC British Cable Makers Confederation
BCSS British Cactus and Succulent Society
BCAL British Caledonian Airways
BCRM British Cancer Research Meeting
BCU British Canoe Union
BCA British Car Auctions
BCC British Car Club
BCCGC British Car Club of Greater Cincinnati
BEAUCOUP British Car Parks
BCP British Car Parks
BCS British Cardiac Society
BCIS British Cardiovascular Intervention Society
BCIRA British Cast Iron Research Association
BCMS British Cattle Movement Scheme
BCVA British Cattle Veterinary Association
BCRC British Cave Rescue Council
BCRA British Cave Research Association
BCA British Caving Association
BCA British Cement Association
BCA British Central Africa
BCLT British Centre for Literary Translation
BCC British Ceramic Confederation
BCMF British Ceramic Manufacturers’ Federation
BCRA British Ceramic Research Association
BCSS British Cervical Spine Society
BCCG British Chamber of Commerce Germany
BCCL British Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
BCCT British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
BCC British Chambers of Commerce
BTCC British Chambers of Commerce
BCB British Cheese Board
BCG British Chelonia Group
BCS British Chemical Standard
BCF British Chess Federation
BECOME British Chess Magazine
BCM British Chess Magazine
BCVS British Chess Variant Society
BCSAJ British Chevening Scholars Association in Jordan
BCLTS British Chinese Language Teaching Seminar
BCA British Chiropractic Association
BCN British Church Newspaper
BCHRP British Cinema History Research Project
BCE British Clarinet Ensemble
BCSC British Classic Sports Cars
BCS British Clematis Society
BCC British Coal Corporation
BCF British Coatings Federation
BCIG British Cochlear Implant Group
BCAP British Code of Advertising Practice
BCA British Coffee Association
BCNO British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy
BC British Colonies
BCA British Colostomy Association
VALLEY British Columbia
VERY British Columbia
V British Columbia
BC British Columbia
BCANDS British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society
BCAN British Columbia Adventure Network
BCAS British Columbia Ambulance Service
BCY British Columbia and Yukon
BCAA British Columbia Archery Association
BCAIN British Columbia Archival Information Network
BCARS British Columbia Archives and Records Service
BCAA British Columbia Assessment Authority
BCAL British Columbia Assets and Land
BCACP British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police
BCAITK British Columbia Association of Internationally Trained Kinesiologists
BCAPS British Columbia Association of People Who Stutter
BCATW British Columbia Association of Travel Writers
BCAS British Columbia Ataxia Society
BCAA British Columbia Automobile Association
BCBC British Columbia Buildings Corporation
BCCA British Columbia Cancer Agency
BCCS British Columbia Cancer Society
BCCR British Columbia Cave Rescue
BCCNPD British Columbia Centre for Non-Profit Development
BCCA British Columbia Chiropractic Association
BCCAC British Columbia Coalition for Abortion Clinics
BCCP British Columbia Coast Pilots
BCC British Columbia College
BCCC British Columbia College of Chiropractic
BCCT British Columbia College of Teachers
BCCHRP British Columbia Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
BCCC British Columbia Computer Centre
BCCM British Columbia Conservatory of Music
BCCA British Columbia Construction Association
BCCA British Columbia Court of Appeal
BCCLS British Columbia Courthouse Library Society
BCDSS British Columbia Disc Sports Society
BCD British Columbia Dragoons
BCDL British Columbia Drivers License
BCEA British Columbia Economic Accounts
BCE British Columbia Electric
BCEA British Columbia Electrical Association
BCEA British Columbia Employment and Assistance
BCEA British Columbia Emu Association
BCEA British Columbia Environmental Assessment
BCEAO British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office
BCEWA British Columbia Estate Winery Association
BCEA British Columbia Expropriation Association
BCF British Columbia Ferries
BCFMWU British Columbia Ferry and Marine Workers Union
BCFS British Columbia Ferry Services, Inc
BCFS British Columbia Film Society
BCFS British Columbia Folklore Society
BCGNIS British Columbia Geographical Names Information System
BCGAA British Columbia Glass Arts Association
BCGSA British Columbia Golf Superintendents Association
BCGREA British Columbia Government Retired Employees’ Association
BCHDA British Columbia Highland Dance Association
BCHS British Columbia Historical Society
BCHN British Columbia History of Nursing
HBVA British Columbia Hobby Brewers and Vintners Association
BCHC British Columbia Hockey College
BCHPA British Columbia Honey Producers Association
BCHIS British Columbia Hospital Insurance Service
BCHMC British Columbia Housing Management Commission
BCHPA British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
BCH British Columbia Hydropower
BCID British Columbia Identification
BCID British Columbia Industrial Design Association
BCIP British Columbia Information and Privacy
BCIA British Columbia Institute of Agrologists
BCIT British Columbia Institute of Technology
BCIA British Columbia Internet Association
BCIX British Columbia Internet Exchange
BCJ British Columbia Judgements
BCLRB British Columbia Labour Relations Board
BCLS British Columbia Land Surveyor
BCLMA British Columbia Legal Management Association
BCLA British Columbia Library Association
BCL British Columbia Liquor
BCLC British Columbia Lottery Corporation
BCMP British Columbia Marijuana Party
BCMPA British Columbia Motion Pictures Association
BCMC British Columbia Mountaineering Club
BCNA British Columbia Naturopathic Association
BCNRA British Columbia Nautical Residents Association
BCNA British Columbia Netball Association
BCNCC British Columbia Network for Compassionate Communication
BCNF British Columbia Neurofibromatosis Foundation
BCNA British Columbia Newspaper Award
BCNREB British Columbia Northern Real Estate Board
BCNU British Columbia Nurses’ Union
BCOGC British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission
BCOU British Columbia Open University
BCPC British Columbia Pavilion Corporation
BCPIA British Columbia Photonics Industry Association
BCPIA British Columbia Printing & Imaging Association
BCPIA British Columbia Printing Industries Association
BCPN British Columbia Proteomics Network
BCPCC British Columbia Provincial Capital Commission
BCMP British Columbia Provincial Museum
BCR British Columbia Rail
BCRHA British Columbia Railway Historical Association
BCRPA British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association
BCR British Columbia Regiment
BCRA British Columbia Registrars Association
BCRRC British Columbia Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre
BCRA British Columbia Reining Association
BCRT British Columbia Respiratory Therapy
BCRA British Columbia Rodeo Association
BCSC British Columbia Safety Council
BCSPA British Columbia School Personnel Association
BCSC British Columbia Securities Commission
BCSC British Columbia Seed Company
BCSAP British Columbia Settlement and Adaptation Program
BCSF British Columbia Snowmobile Federation
BCSOF British Columbia Society of Fellows
BCSH British Columbia Society of Homeopaths
BCSF British Columbia Speleological Federation
BCSAP British Columbia Student Assistance Program
BCSL British Columbia Student Loan
BCSC British Columbia Supreme Court
BCTC British Columbia Touring Council
BCTC British Columbia Transmission Corporation
BCTC British Columbia Treaty Commission
BCTA British Columbia Trucking Association
BCVMA British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association
BCVSP British Columbia Viking Ship Project
BCVA British Columbia Volleyball Association
BCWWA British Columbia Water and Waste Association
BCYBA British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association
BCPF British Columbians for Private Forests
BCA British Combat Association
BCC British Combinatorial Committee
BCC British Combinatorial Conference
BCG British Comedy Guide
BRIXMIS British Commanders’-In-Chief Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany
BCSH British Committee for Standards in Haematology
BC British Commonwealth
BCOP British Commonwealth Occupation Forces
BCON British Commonwealth Occupation News
BCN British Commonwealth of Nations
BCC British Community Committee
BCLA British Comparative Literature Association
BCAS British Compressed Air Society
BCS British Computer Society
BCG British Conference Grants
BCVS British Conference Venues Survey
BCME British Congress of Mathematics Education
BCOVS British Congress of Optometry and Vision Science
BCIA British Construction Industry Awards
BCG British Consulate-General
BCB British Consultants Bureau
BCA British Consumers Association
BCDS British Contact Dermatitis Society
BCLA British Contact Lens Association
BCMPA British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association
BCC British Copyright Council
BCCA British Correspondence Chess Association
BC British Council
BCO British Council for Offices
BCODP British Council of Disabled People
BCODP British Council of Organisations of Disabled People
BCPCC British Council of Protestant Christian Churches
BCSC British Council of Shopping Centres
BCS British Crime Survey
BCSC British Crime Survey Comparator
BCPC British Crop Protection Council
BCC British Crown Colony
BCA British Crystallographic Association
BCS British Cultural Studies
BCCC British Custom Car Club
BCQS British Cycle Quest
BCQ British Cycle Quest
BCF British Cycling Federation
BCCA British Cyclo-Cross Association
BDMA British Damage Management Association
BDC British Dance Council
BDO British Darts Organisation
BDDA British Deaf and Dumb Association
BDA British Deaf Association
BDSC British Deaf Sports Council
BDA British Decorators Association
BDFA British Deer Farmers Association
BDAF British Defence and Aid Fund
BDD British Defence Doctrine
BDFL British Defence Film Library
BDS British Defense Staff
BDA British Deming Association
BDP British Democratic Party
BDA British Dental Association
BDHF British Dental Health Foundation
BDJ British Dental Journal
BDS British Dental Society
BDT British Dependent Territories
BDTC British Dependent Territories Citizenship
BDA British Diabetic Association
BDA British Dietetic Association
BDB British Digital Broadcasting
BDMA British Direct Mail Advertising Association
BDMA British Direct Marketing Association
BDDA British Disability Discrimination Act
BDFA British Disabled Flying Association
BDGA British Disc Golf Association
BDPA British Disposable Products Association
BDOA British Domesticated Ostrich Association
BDS British Dragonfly Society
BUNDLE British Dressage Ltd
BD British Dressage Ltd
BOULEVARD British Dressage Ltd
BOUNDARY British Dressage Ltd
BOUND British Dressage Ltd
BDC British Drift Championship
BDF British Drilling and Freezing
BDS British Driving Society
BDYC British Dummersee Yacht Club
BDA British Dyslexia Association
BESA British Earth Sheltering Association
BEA British East Africa
BEITC British East India Tea Company
BEIC British East India Trading Company
BES British Ecological Society
BEPA British Edible Pulse Association
BETT British Education and Training Technology
BEA British Education Association
BECTA British Education Communications Technology Agency
BEI British Education Index
BETI British Education Theses Index
BEAS British Educational Administration Society
BELMAS British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society
BERA British Educational Research Association
BES British Educational Suppliers
BESA British Educational Suppliers Association
BEA British Egg Association
BEIC British Egg Industry Council
BEPA British Egg Products Association
BESS British Elbow and Shoulder Society
BES British Election Studies
BES British Election Study
BEFA British Electric Flight Association
BEF British Electric Foundation
BEAP British Electrical Approvals Board
BETTA British Electricity Transmission and Trading Arrangements
BES British Electrophoresis Society
BEAMA British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association
BEAB British Electrotechnical Approvals Board
BEFC British Embassy Football Club
BE British Empire
BEE British Empire Exhibition
BEM British Empire Medal
BENA British Empire Naturalist Association
BES British Endodontic Society
BGY British Energy Group, PLC
BEIE British Engineering Institutions-Egypt
BESA British Engineering Standards Association
BEC British Engineers Club
BE British English
BRE British English
BEO British English Olympics
BESA British Engraved Stationery Association
BERN British Enlightenment Research Network
BETA British Entertainment Trades Alliance
BEES British Epidermo-Epidemiology Society
BES British Epigraphy Society
BEA British Epilepsy Association
BEF British Equestrian Federation
BEIB British Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd
BETA British Equestrian Trade Association
BEVA British Equine Veterinary Association
BEOA British Essential Oil Association
BEHAF British Ethnic Health Awareness Foundation
BEA British European Airways
BEPA British European Potato Association
BEC British Evangelical Council
BEBOH British Examining Board in Occupational Hygiene
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BEMAC British Exports Marketing Advisory Committee
BESA British Ex-Services Association Inc.
BFA British Factories Act
BFDA British Fancy Dress Association
BFA British Fantasy Award
BFS British Fantasy Society
BFF British Farming Forum
BFC British Fashion Council
BFA British Federation of Audio
BFA British Fencing Association
BFRC British Fenestration Ratings Council
BFS British Fertility Society
BFTA British Field Target Association
BFA British Film Academy
BFC British Film Commission
BFI British Film Institute
BFDC British First Day Covers
BFRC British Flame Research Committee
BFFS British Flat Figure Society
BFTS British Flight Training School
BFVEA British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association
BFA British Flyball Association
BFJ British Food Journal
BFBS British Forces Broadcasting Service
BFBS British Forces Broadcasting System
BFC British Forces Cyprus
BFG British Forces Germany
BFGHS British Forces Germany Health Service
BFN British Forces Network
BFPO British Forces Post Office
BFPO British Forces Posted Overseas
BFSC British Forces Scooter Club
BFP British Foreign Policy
BFE British Forum for Ethnomusicology
BFA British Foundry Association
BFA British Fragrance Association
BFA British Franchise Association
BFC British Free Corps
BFFF British Frozen Food Federation
BFS British Fuchsia Society
BFSA British Fulbright Scholars Association
BFTA British Fur Trade Association
BFM British Furniture Manufacturers
BGB British Gaming Blog
BGAS British Gas
BGC British Gas Corporation
BGEPIL British Gas Exploration and Production India Limited
BGTT British Gas of Trinidad and Tobago
BG British Gas PLC
BEIGE British Gas PLC
BGS British Gas Services
BGL British Gas/Lurgi
BGA British Gear Association
BGS British Geological Survey
BGS British Geriatrics Society
BGTW British Gibraltar Territorial Waters
BGS British Girl Scouts
BGRC British Glass Recycling Company
BGA British Gliding Association
BGA British Go Association
BGJ British Go Journal
BGS British Goat Society
BGM British Golf Museum
BGRB British Greyhound Racing Board
BGA British Grooms Association
BGBW British Guild of Beer Writers
BHKC British Hand Knitting Confederation
BHHR British Hanoverian Horse Register
BHMA British Hard Metal Association
BHIP British Hardwoods Improvement Programme
BHCA British Health Care Association
BHBIA British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association
BHF British Heart Foundation
BHJ British Heart Journal
BHM British Heavy Metal
BHPS British Hedgehog Preservation Society
BHAB British Helicopter Advisory Board
BHCC British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
BHC British Herbal Compendium
BHMA British Herbal Medicine Association
BH British Heritage
BHS British Herpetological Society
BHC British High Commission
BHS British Hip Society
BHRC British Historic Rally Championship
BHO British History Online
BHMA British Holistic Medical Association
BHVMA British Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association
BHC British Home Children
BHS British Home Stores
BHTS British Home Tourism Survey
BHT British Home Tutors
BHJ British Homeopathic Journal
BHI British Horological Institute
BHIC British Horse Industry Confederation
BHS British Horse Society
BHSAI British Horse Society Assistant Instructor
BHSI British Horse Society Instructor
BISHOP British Horsepower
BHP British Horsepower
BHA British Horseracing Authority
BHB British Horseracing Board
BHA British Hospitality Association
BHCSA British Hospitals Contributory Schemes Association
BHHS British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society
BHRA British Hot Rod Association
BHRC British Hotel Reservation Centre
BHRA British House Rabbit Association
BHPS British Household Panel Study
BHIVA British Human Immunodeficiency Virus Association
BHCIG British Human-Computer Interaction Group
BHA British Humanist Association
BHI British Humanities Index
BHRA British Hydraulics Research Association
BHRA British Hydrodynamics Research Association
BHRA British Hydromechanics Research Association
BHA British Hyperbaric Association
BHA British Hypnotherapy Association
BIHA British Ice Hockey Association
BIVDA British In Vitro Diagnostics Association
BIFA British Independent Film Awards
BIMTA British Independent Motor Trade Association
BISPA British Independent Steel Producers’ Association
BIU British Independent Utilities
BISEXUAL British India
BI British India
BIOT British Indian Ocean Territory
IOT British Indian Ocean Territory
IO British Indian Ocean Territory
BIPA British Indian Psychiatric Association
BISFA British Industrial and Scientific Film Association
BIFCA British Industrial Furnace Constructors Association
BITA British Industrial Truck Association
BIOG British Industry Offset Group
BICA British Infertility Counselling Association
BIHA British Inflatable Hirers Association
BIOLOGY British Informatics Olympiad
BIO British Informatics Olympiad
BIS British Information Service
BIAA British Institute at Ankara
BIA British Institute at Ankara
BISI British Institute for the Study of Iraq
BIEA British Institute in Eastern Africa
BIAC British Institute of Agricultural Consultants
BIEE British Institute of Electrical Engineers
BIE British Institute of Embalmers
BIEE British Institute of Energy Economics
BIET British Institute of Engineering Technology
BIFM British Institute of Facilities Management
BIFMA British Institute of Facilities Management
BIH British Institute of Hypnotherapy
BII British Institute of Innkeepers
BIIA British Institute of Innkeeping
BIIAB British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body
BILD British Institute of Learning Disabilities
BIM British Institute of Management
BIMM British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine
BIOS British Institute of Organ Studies
BIPS British Institute of Persian Studies
BIR British Institute of Radiology
BIVR British Institute of Verbatim Reporters
BIA British Insurance Association
BIBA British Insurance Brokers’ Association
BIIC British Insurers International Committee
BIOS British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee
BIB British Interactive Broadcasting
BIDA British Interior Design Association
BITA British Interior Textiles Association
BICS British International Comics Show
BIDA British International Doctors Association
BIFA British International Freight Association
BIMS British International Motor Show
BISAK British International School Al Khobar
BISC British International School Cairo
BISI British International School Istanbul
BISP British International School of Prague
BISA British International Spa Association
BISA British International Studies Association
BICS British Internet Chess Server
BIPA British Internet Publishers’ Alliance
BIS British Interplanetary Society
BIA British Irish Association
BIE British Irish Exchange
BISF British Iron and Steel Federation
BISPA British Iron and Steel Producers Association
BIBA British Isles Backgammon Association
BIBTA British Isles Baton Twirling Association
BIGR British Isles Genealogical Register
BILAG British Isles Lupus Activity Group
BILAG British Isles Lupus Assessment Group
BISTA British Isles Soccer Tournaments Association
BISEXUAL British Israelism
BI British Israelism
BJA British Jewellers’ Association
BJHP British Journal for the History of Philosophy
BJA British Journal of Addiction
BJA British Journal of Aesthetics
BJAA British Journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism
BJA British Journal of Anaesthesia
BJC British Journal of Cancer
BJCN British Journal of Community Nursing
BJC British Journal of Criminology
BJD British Journal of Dermatology
BJGP British Journal of General Practice
BJH British Journal of Haematology
BJHCIM British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management
BJHM British Journal of Hospital Medicine
BJIM British Journal of Industrial Medicine
BJMP British Journal of Medical Practitioners
BJM British Journal of Midwifery
BJN British Journal of Neurosurgery
BJN British Journal of Nursing
BJN British Journal of Nutrition
BJOG British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
BJO British Journal of Ophthalmologoy
BJO British Journal of Orthodontics
BJPN British Journal of Perioperative Nursing
BJP British Journal of Photography
BJP British Journal of Psychiatry
BJR British Journal of Radiology
BJS British Journal of Surgery
BJU British Journal of Urology
BJR British Journalism Review
BJA British Judo Association
BJC British Junior Chamber
BJO British Junior Open
BKA British Karate Association
BANGKOK British Karate Kyokushinkai
BKK British Karate Kyokushinkai
BKA British Kendo Association
BKA British Killifish Association
BKSTS British Kinematograph Sound & Television Society
BKSA British Kite Surfing Association
BALK British Knights
BK British Knights
BKHF British Know-How Fund
BKA British Korfball Association
BLMA British Ladder Manufacturers Association
BLC British Leather Conferation
BLMA British Leathergoods Manufacturers Association
BLX British Legion of Xbox
BL British Leyland
BLMC British Leyland Motor Company
BLMC British Leyland Motor Corporation
BLA British Liberation Army
BL British Library
BLDS British Library for Development Studies
BLLD British Library Lending Division
BLRDD British Library Research and Development Department
BLS British Lichen Society
BLB British Linen Bank
BLT British Liver Trust
BLAA British Llama and Alpaca Association
BLMA British Lock Manufacturers Association
BLC British Logic Colloquium
BLDSA British Long Distance Swimming Association
BLS British Longevity Society
BLF British Lung Foundation
BLS British Lymphology Society
BMCC British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
BMI British Malaysian Institute
BMDF British Management Data Foundation
BMT British Maritime Technology
BMRA British Market Research Association
BMRB British Market Research Bureau
BMAF British Martial Arts Federation
BMO British Martinist Order
BMSS British Mass Spectrometry Society
BMAF British Masters Athletic Federation
BRMC British Masters Championships
BMO British Mathematical Olympiad
BMOS British Mathematical Olympiad Subtrust
BMTA British Measurement and Testing Association
BMA British Medical Association
BMC British Medical Council
BMIS British Medical Informatics Society
BMJ British Medical Journal
BMRC British Medical Research Council
BMS British Medical Society
BMSA British Medical Students Association
BMUS British Medical Ultrasound Society
BMED British Mediterranean Airways
BMA British Mediterranean Airways
BMS British Menopause Society
BMB British Menswear Brands
BMIG British Mesothelioma Interest Group
BMRA British Metals Recycling Association
BMYC British Methodist Youth Choir
BMPF British Metropolitan Police Force
BMS British Mexican Society
BUNDLE British Midland
BD British Midland
BOULEVARD British Midland
BOUNDARY British Midland
BM British Midland
BOUND British Midland
BUNDLE British Midland Airlines
BD British Midland Airlines
BOULEVARD British Midland Airlines
BOUNDARY British Midland Airlines
BOUND British Midland Airlines
BMI British Midland Airways, Ltd.
BMA British Military Administration
BMA British Military Association
BMD British Military Doctrine
BMF British Military Fitness
BMD British Mining Database
BMD British Ministry of Defence
BMSS British Model Soldier Society
BMCD British Motor Car Distributors
BMC British Motor Corporation
BMRC British Motor Racing Circuits
BMRMC British Motor Racing Marshalls Club
BMW British Motor Works
BMCT British Motorcycle Charitable Trust
BMF British Motorcycle Federation
BMOA British Motorcycle Owners Association
BMOC British Motorcycle Owners Club
BMF British Motorcyclists Federation
BMCNC British Motoring Club of Northern Colorado
BMU British Motors Ukraine
BMMC British Motorsport Marshals Club
BMP British Motorsport Promoters, Ltd.
BMG British Mountain Guide
BMC British Mountaineering Council
BMB British Murder Boys
BM British Museum
BMQ British Museum Quarterly
BMIC British Music Information Centre
BMR British Music Rights
BMI British Muslim Initiative
BMS British Mycological Society
BMIG British Myriapod and Isopod Group
BNO British National [also seen as BN(O) ]
BN-O British National [also seen as BNO]
BNB British National Bibliography
BNC British National Connector
BNC British National Corpus
BNFC British National Film Catalogue
BNF British National Formulary
BNFC British National Formulary for Children
BNG British National Grid
BNIHL British National Ice Hockey League
BNLI British National Lymphoma Investigation
BNOC British National Oil Corporation Ltd.
BNP British National Party
BNSC British National Space Centre
BNTL British National Temperance League
BNHM British Natural History Museum
BNHS British Natural Hygiene Society
BNA British Naturalists’ Association
BNA British Naturopathic Association
BNC British Naval Connector
BNPA British Neuropsychiatry Association
BNA British Neuroscience Association
BNZTC British New Zealand Trade Council
BNAF British North Africa Forces
BNA British North America
BNBC British North Borneo Company
BNES British Nuclear Energy Society
BNX British Nuclear Export Executive
BNF British Nuclear Fuels
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Limited
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Ltd
BNG British Nuclear Group
BNGSL British Nuclear Group Sellafield Limited
BNGSL British Nuclear Group Sellafield Ltd.
BNTVA British Nuclear Test Veterans Association
BNJ British Numismatic Journal
BNTA British Numismatic Trade Association
BNA British Nursing Association
BNI British Nursing Index
BNC British Nut Connector
BOHRF British Occupational Health Research Foundation
BOHS British Occupational Hygiene Society
BODC British Oceanographic Data Centre
BODS British Oceanographic Data Services
BOA British Octopush Society
BOSS British Office Stationery Supplies Federation
BOMA British Officers Mess Area
BOPCAS British Official Publications Current Awareness Service
BOKB British Okinawan Karate Bugeikai
BOMC British Olympic Medical Centre
BOA British Olympics Association
BODMA British Oncology Data Managers Association
BOPA British Oncology Pharmacy Association
BOPA British Onion Producers Association
BOAS British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society
BOSU British Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit
BOG British or German
BOF British Orienteering Federation
BOS British Origami Society
BOPP British Ornamental Plant Producers
BOC British Ornithologist’s Club
BOU British Ornithologists’ Union
BOURC British Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee
BOAS British Orphans’ Adoption Society
BOS British Orthodontics Society
BOA British Orthopaedic Association
BOFAS British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society
BOFSS British Orthopaedic Foot Surgery Society
BOSS British Orthopaedic Spine Society
BOA British Osteopathic Association
BOAC British Overseas Airways Corporation
BODA British Overseas Development Administration
BOND British Overseas Industrial Placement Scheme
BOMA British Overseas Management Administration
BOND British Overseas NGOs for Development
BOT British Overseas Territory
BOTB British Overseas Trade Board
BOC British Oxygen Company
BPF British Pacific Fleet
BPEG British Pacing & Electrophysiology Group
BPCA British Paediatric Cardiac Association
BPSU British Paediatric Surveillance Unit
BPA British Parachute Association
BPS British Parachute School
BPFA British Paraplegic Fencing Association
BPS British Parliamentary Style
BYPASS British Patent
BP British Patent
BAGPIPE British Patent
BYPASS British Pathe
BP British Pathé
BAGPIPE British Pathé
BPCR British Pedal Car Racing
BPN British Pendulum Number
BPS British Pepper & Spice
BPCA British Pest Control Association
BYPASS British Petroleum
BP British Petroleum
BAGPIPE British Petroleum
BPA British Petroleum Amoco
BPX British Petroleum Exploration
BPG British Pharma Group
BPC British Pharmaceutical Codex
BPHS British Pharmacological Society
BPS British Pharmacological Society
BYPASS British Pharmacopoeia
BP British Pharmacopoeia
BAGPIPE British Pharmacopoeia
BPCRS British Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Substances
BPA British Philatelic Association
BPF British Philatelic Federation
BENZO British Philatelic Trust
BPT British Philatelic Trust
BPI British Phonographic Industry Ltd.
BPC British Phosphate Commission
BPG British Photodermatology Group
BPLC British Photographers’ Liaison Committee
BPE British Photographic Exhibitions
BPL British Physical Laboratory
BPA British Pig Association
BPB British Plaster Board
BPF British Plastics Federation
BPEC British Plumbing Employers Council Ltd.
BPSO British Police Symphony Orchestra
BPCC British Polish Chamber of Commerce
BPLS British Politics and Legislative Studies
BPI British Polythene Industries
BPA British Ports Association
BPO British Post Office
BPC British Potato Council
BPC British Poultry Council
BPMF British Poultry Meat Federation
BYPASS British Pound
BP British Pound
BAGPIPE British Pound
BPS British Pound Sterling
BPAS British Pregnancy Advisory Service
BYPASS British Primary
BP British Primary
BAGPIPE British Primary
BPCC British Printing and Publishing Communication Corporation
BPIF British Printing Industries Federation
BVCA British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
BPMI British Profile Management Initiative
BPF British Property Federation
BPOA British Protected Ornamentals Association
BPOS British Psychic and Occult Society
BPS British Psychological Society
BPS British Pteridological Society
BPA British Pyrotechnics Association
BQA British Quadrathlon Association
BQA British Quality Association
BQAP British Quality Assured Pork
BQF British Quality Foundation
BQA British Quarterstaff Association
BQL British Quilt List
BQA British Quiz Association
BRC British Rabbit Council
BRDC British Racing Drivers’ Club
BRG British Racing Green
BRM British Racing Motors
BRCA British Radio Car Association
BROTHER British Rail
BRANCH British Rail
BR British Rail
BRC British Rail Consortium
BREL British Rail Engineering Limited
BRT British Rail Telecommunications
BROTHER British Railways
BRANCH British Railways
BR British Railways
BRB British Railways Board
BRAD British Rate And Data
BRMCA British Ready Mixed Concrete Association
BRP British Received Pronunciation
BRC British Red Cross
BRCS British Red Cross Society
BRAT British Regiment Attached Traveler
BRAP British Register for Alternative Practice
BRCP British Registry of Complementary Practitioners
BRC British Retail Consortium
BRP British Riding Pony
BRSF British Roller Sports Federation
BRSA British Rope Skipping Association
BRM British Royal Marine
BSC British Safety Council
BSOC British Salmson Owners Club
BSB British Satellite Broadcasting
BSA British School at Athens
BSN British School in the Netherlands
BSAE British School of Archaeology in Egypt
BSAI British School of Archaeology in Iraq
BSAJ British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem
BSB British School of Beijing
BSB British School of Brussels
BSC British School of Chicago
BSK British School of Kuwait
BSLT British School of Leather Technology
BSM British School of Motoring
BSO British School of Osteopathy
BSW British School of Washington
BSYS British School of Yoga
BSY British School of Yoga
BSMA British Schoolboy Motorcycle Association
BSKC British Schools Karting Championship
BSME British Schools of the Middle East
BSOC British Schools Orienteering Championships
BSTA British Schools Tennis Association
BSCA British Schools’ Cycling Association
BSES British Schools’ Exploring Society
BSJA British Schools’ Judo Association
BSRT British Scout Response Team
BSP British Sea Power
BSMA British Secondary Metals Association
BSS British Secret Service
BSTI British Section of the Third International
BSC British Security Coordination
BSIA British Security Industry Association
BSIA British Security Industry Authority
BSW British Shielding Windows
BSBA British Shingon Buddhist Association
BSF British Shipping Federation
BSPS British Show Pony Society
BSJA British Showjumping Association
BSTS British Shroud of Turin Society
BSL British Sign Language
BSG British Sitcom Guide
BSCD British Ski Club for the Disabled
BSKYB British Sky Broadcasting
BSB British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC
BSS British Sleep Society
BSCRA British Slot Car Racing Association
BSAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association
BSA British Small Arms Company
BSBA British Small Boatbuilders Association
BSTC British Smaller Technology Companies
BSAC British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
BSCD British Society for CAL in Dentistry
BSCB British Society for Cell Biology
BSCN British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology
BSCCP British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
BSDR British Society for Dental Research
BSDS British Society for Dermatological Surgery
BSDB British Society for Developmental Biology
BSDH British Society for Disability and Oral Health
BSET British Society for Ethical Theory
BSGE British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy
BSH British Society for Haematology
BSHI British Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
BSI British Society for Immunology
BSID British Society for Investigative Dermatology
BSLS British Society for Literature and Science
BSMM British Society for Medical Mycology
BSMT British Society for Microbial Technology
BSMT British Society for Music Therapy
BSN British Society for Neuroendocrinology
BSPED British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
BSP British Society for Parasitology
BSP British Society for Phenomenology
BSPP British Society for Plant Pathology
BSPS British Society for Population Studies
BSRLM British Society for Research in Learning Mathematics
BSR British Society for Rheumatology
BSSM British Society for Sexual Medicine
BSSRS British Society for Social Responsibility in Science
BSSH British Society for Surgery of the Hand
BSHS British Society for the History of Science
BSPS British Society for the Philosophy of Science
BSTS British Society for the Turin Shroud
BSAS British Society of Animal Science
BSA British Society of Audiology
BSC British Society of Cinematographers
BSCH British Society of Clinical Hypnosis
BSC British Society of Commerce
BSC British Society of Criminology
BSDH British Society of Dentistry for Handicapped
BSE British Society of Echocardiography
BSE British Society of Endodontics
BSG British Society of Gastroenterology
BSIM British Society of Integrated Medicine
BSP British Society of Periodontology
BSRM British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
BSR British Society of Rheology
BSSG British Society of Scientific Glassblowers
BSSR British Society of Skeletal Radiologists
BSSH British Society of Sports History
BSTP British Society of Toxicological Pathologists
BSOUP British Society of Underwater Photographers
BSA British Sociological Association
BSF British Softball Federation
BSCMA British Soluble Coffee Manufacturers’ Association
BSAC British South Africa Company
BSAP British South Africa Police
BSAA British South American Airways
BSBA British Sovereign Base Area
BSMA British Space Model Association
BSMA British Space Modelling Alliance
BSMA British Space Modelling Association
BSAF British Special Armed Forces
BSAA British Specialist and Advisors
BSCA British Spitfire Class Association
BSA British Sporting Arms, Ltd.
BSCOC British Sports Cars Owners Club
BSSA British Stainless Steel Association
BSA British Stammering Association
BSB British Standard Beam
BSC British Standard Channel
BSC British Standard Cycle
BRSE British Standard English
BSEN British Standard European Norm
BSF British Standard Fine
BSG British Standard Gauge
BSH British Standard Handful
BSMA British Standard Marine
BSM British Standard Milk
BSP British Standard Pipe
BSPP-BSPF British Standard Pipe – Parallel
BSPP British Standard Pipe Parallel
BSPT British Standard Pipe Taper
BSP British Standard Piping
BSPT British Standard Taper Pipe Thread
BSW British Standard Whitworth
BS British Standards
BSI British Standards Institute
BSIA British Standards Institute Association
BSI British Standards Institution
BSS British Standards Society
BSIA British Starch Industry Association
BSES British Steel Engineering Steels Ltd.
BSWA British Structural Waterproofing Association
BSAC British Sub-Aqua Club
BDT British Summer Time
BST British Summer Time
BSB British Superbikes
BSST British Supersonic Transport
BSSI British Superultramodern Scientific Institution
BSTSA British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association
BSTA British Surgical Trades Association
BSI British Suzuki Institute
BTFA British Table Football Association
BTTF British Table Tennis Federation
BTMA British Taekwondo Mudo Academy
BTA British Taoist Association
BTR British Tax Review
BTG British Technology Group
BTCN British Telecom Christian Network
BTYS-AND-TE British Telecom Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition
BT British Telecommunications
BTL British Telecommunications Laboratories
BTPS British Telecommunications Pension Scheme
BTAA British Television Advertising Awards
BTDA British Television Distributors Association
BTCA British Tennis Coaches’ Association, Ltd.
BTBA British Tenpin Bowling Association
BTMA British Textile Machinery Association
BTTG British Textile Technology Group
BTBC British Thai Boxing Council
BTDA British Theatre Dance Association
BTA British Thematic Association
BTHU British Thermal Unit
BTU British Thermal Unit
BTH British Thermal Units per Hour
BTH British Thompson-Houston
BTTA British Thoracic and Tuberculosis Association
BTS British Thoracic Society
BTA British Thyroid Association
BTA British Tinnitus Association
BTS British Toggenburg Society
BTA British Toilet Association
BTCC British Touring Car Championship
BTCC British Touring Car Club
BTB British Tourism Board
BTS British Tourism Survey
BTA British Tourist Authority
BTB British Tourist Board
BTS British Toxicology Society
GMB British Trade Union
BTW British Traditional Wicca
BTW British Traditional Witchcraft
BTC British Training and Recruitment Consultancy
BTS British Transplantation Society
BTA British Transport Advertising
BTC British Transport Commission
BTF British Transport Films
BTP British Transport Police
BTI British Travel International
BTTF British Travel Trade Fair
BTAA British Travelgoods and Accessories Association
BTA British Triathlon Association
BTA British Trout Association
BTO British Trust for Ornithology
BTS British Tunnelling Society
BTCD British Turkish Committee for Dialogue
BTMA British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association
BTSC British Two Stroke Club
BTMA British Typewriter Manufacturers Association
BTMA British Tyre Manufacturers Association Ltd
BUDP British Ulster Dominion Party
BUF British Ultimate Federation
BUFFER British Ultimate Federation
BUAV British Union Against Vivisection
BUAV British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection
BUF British Union of Fascists
BUFFER British Union of Fascists
BUSS British Union of Spiritist Societies
BUPA British United Provident Association
BUSM British United Shoe Machinery
BUAC British Universities Accommodation Consortium
BUCS British Universities and Colleges Sports
BUBA British Universities Brunei Association
BUCC British Universities Cycling Clubs
BUFVC British Universities Film and Video Council
BUND British Universities Newsreel Database
BUNAC British Universities North America Club
BUSA British Universities Sporting Association
BUID British University in Dubai
BUE British University In Egypt
BURA British Urban Regeneration Association
BVAA British Valve and Actuator Association
BVSF British Vehicle Salvage Federation
BVCA British Venture Capitalist Association
BVA British Veterinary Association
BVDA British Veterinary Dental Association
BVHA British Veterinary Hospital Association
BVHA British Veterinary Hospitals Association
BVNA British Veterinary Nursing Association
BVOSG British Veterinary Oncology Study Group
BVOA British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association
BVZS British Veterinary Zoological Society
BVA British Video Association
IVB British Virgin Islands
VGB British Virgin Islands
BVI British Virgin Islands
BVICCHA British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association
BVIFSC British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission
BVRT British Vita Racing and Tuning
BVA British Voice Association
BVF British Volkswagen Festival
BWF British Walking Federation
BWBS British Warm-Blood Society
BWA British Waterplane Association
BWP British Waterway Ports
BW British Waterways
BWB British Waterways Board
BWLA British Weight Lifters’ Association
BWMA British Weights and Measures Association
BWA British West Africa
BWIA British West Indian Airlines
BWI British West Indies
BWIA British West Indies Airways
BWIR British West Indies Regiment
BWOY British Wheel of Yoga
BWY British Wheel of Yoga
BWAA British Wheelchair Archery Association
BWAA British Wheelchair Athletics Association
BWCSA British Wheelchair Cue Sports Association
BWRC British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
BWG British Wire Gauge
BWDC British Wireless Dinner Club
BWF British Woodworking Federation
BYIL British Yearbook of International Law
BYC British Youth Council
BYO British Youth Opera
BYN British Yukon Navigation Company
BACC British-American Chamber of Commerce
BCRM British-Canadian Recruiting Mission
BHK BritishHongKong
BIBA British-Iranian Business Association
BIC British-Irish Council
BIIC British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference
BIPRA British-Irish Parliamentary Reporting Association
BNCC British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
BPCC British-Polish Correspondence Club
BSFS British-Soviet Friendship Society
YPZ Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada
BLBC Business Laureates of British Columbia
YBL Campbell River /Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada Metropolitan Area
CBEC Canadian-British Engineering Consultants
YCG Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada
CCBN Central Council for British Naturism
CARBC Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia
CGA-BC Certified General Accountants of British Columbia
CMEBC Chamber of Mines of Eastern British Columbia
XHS Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada – Chemainus / via Rail Service
MANUAL Chief Of The British Secret Service Mi6
MANAGER Chief Of The British Secret Service Mi6
MILLI Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
M Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
MONEY Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
MARRIED Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
CBBC Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation
CBRD Chris’s British Road Directory
CBBC Classic British Bike Club eV
CBW Classic British Welcome
CDBC College of Denturists of British Columbia
CNPBC College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia
CPTBC College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia
CRPNBC College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of British Columbia
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
YQQ Comox, British Columbia, Canada – Comox Civil Air Terminal
CBE Companion of the Order of the British Empire
CBI Confederation of British Industry
CLABC Congregational Libraries Association of British Columbia
CVBC Conservation Voters of British Columbia
CBU Consortium of British Universities
CURL Consortium of University Research Libraries in the British Isles
CEBC Consulting Engineers of British Columbia
CFBC Consulting Foresters of British Columbia
CBA Council for British Archaeology
CBRL Council for British Research in the Levant
COSCO Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia
YCA Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
YXC Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada – Cranbrook Airport
CCBC Cross Country British Columbia
CEBA Customer-Enabled British Airways
DBE Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire
DBE Daughters of the British Empire
YDQ Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
DABC Denturist Association of British Columbia
DMLBS Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources
DBA Directory of British Associations
DRNBC Disability Resource Network of British Columbia
DMBS Doha Montessori British School
DBST Double British Summer Time
DUQ Duncan / Quam, British Columbia, Canada – Quamichan Lake
EBC Edible British Columbia
EIABC Electrical Inspectors Association of British Columbia
ENGBC Emergency Nurses Group of British Columbia
EEBC Environmental Educators of British Columbia
EFBC Environmental Fund of British Columbia
YPF Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada
ETBI Eurobank Trust British Isles
EC-HO European Commission/British Home Office
FBD Familial British Dementia
FBAS Federation of British Aquatic Societies
FBI Federation of British Industries
FBDO Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians
FBHA Fellow of British Hospitality Accountants
FBDO Fellow of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians
FBA Fellow of the British Academy
FBCM Fellow of the British College of Music
FBCS Fellow of the British Computer Society
FBES Fellow of the British Endocrine Surgeons
FBIS Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society
FBTS Fellow of the British Toxicology Society
FIBP Fellow of the Institute of British Photographers
FIBE Fellow of the Institution of British Engineers
FRIBA Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects
FBNL Findus British National Hockey League
FCBC Fisheries Council of British Columbia
FSBI Fisheries Society of the British Isles
FBEO For British Eyes Only
FABC Forest Alliance of British Columbia
FRBC Forest Renewal British Columbia
YXJ Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada – Fort St John
FRABBA Forward Rate Agreement on British Bankers’ Association
4WDABC Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia
FAB French-American-British
FCBC FrontCounter British Columbia
GBBA Galaxy British Book Awards
GCBS General Council of British Shipping
GDBC Geographic Data British Columbia
GCABC Ghana-Canada Association of British Columbia
GCABC Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia
YGB Gillies Bay, British Columbia, Canada
GBE Grand Cross of the British Empire
GLBFG Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany
GBHP Great British Heritage Pass
GBHP Great British Holiday Parks
GBX Great British Pence
GBP Great British Pound
GAMBICA Group of Association of Manufacturers of British, Instruments, Control and Automation
HOABC Healey Owners Association of British Columbia
HABC Health Association of British Columbia
HCBC Horse Council British Columbia
HFBC Housing Foundation of British Columbia
ZHO Houston, British Columbia, Canada
ISSBC Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
ISS Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
IBEAC Imperial British East Africa Company
IBEA Imperial British East Africa Company
ISBA Incorporated Society of British Advertisers
ICBA Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia
ISBI Independent Schools of the British Isles
IBB Institute for British Business
IBIS Institute for British-Irish Studies
IBG Institute of British Geographers
ICBH Institute of Contemporary British History
ICBC Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
IDBC Interior Design British Columbia
IDIBC Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia
ICBR International Coalition for British Reparations
ICBP International Consortium of British Pensioners
ISBGFH International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
IBMC Iranian-British Medical Communication Association
IBCOC Iraqi-British Chamber of Commerce
IBCC Israel-British Chamber of Commerce
JBR Joint British Recommendations
JBS Joint British Societies
JCCBI Joint Committee for the Conservation of British Invertebrates
JBS Journal of British Studies
JBAA Journal of the British Archaeological Association
JBAA Journal of the British Astronomical Association
YKA Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada – Fulton Field
KBTU Kazakh British Technical University
YLW Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – Ellison Field Airport
KBTU Kilo British Thermal Units
KBE Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire
XEH Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada – Ladysmith / via Rail Service
LTABC Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia
XEJ Langford, British Columbia, Canada – Langford / via Rail Service
LPBR Late Proto-British
LFBC Law Foundation of British Columbia
LLBC Legislative Library of British Columbia
LIBG Liberal International British Group
LBC Little British Car
LB Lord British
MBT Mahindra British Telecom
MBBG Major British Banking Group
MBIM Member British Institute of Management
MBSC Member of British Computer Society
MBAC Member of the British Acupuncture Council
MBAC Member of the British Association of Aviation Consultants
MBCS Member of the British Computer Society
MBHI Member of the British Horological Institute
MBOU Member of the British Ornithologists’ Union
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
RI Member of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia
MCBC Mennonite Church British Columbia
MNBC Métis Nation British Columbia
MMBH Million British Thermal Units Per Hour
MABC Mining Association of British Columbia
MBRT Museum of British Road Transport
ZNA Nanaimo , British Columbia, Canada (Airport Code)
YCD Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada – Cassidy Airport
NBRC National British Roller Club
NWOBHM New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
NBGGT North British Geometric Group Theory
NBLS North British Locomotive Society
NBR North British Railway
NBW Norton British Wrestling
NBDL Norwalk British Dart League
NFBSK Not For British School Kids
OBE Office/Officer of the Order of the British Empire
OBR Old British
MBTU one million British Thermal Units per hour
MBTU one thousand British Thermal Units
MMBTU One Thousand Thousand British Thermal Units
OBC Order of British Columbia
OBI Order of British India
OBT Order of British Templars
OBE Order of the British Empire
OCA Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia
OHBE Oxford History of the British Empire
PBCA Panhandle British Car Association
YYF Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
PABC Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia
YZT Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada – Port Hardy Airport
YPW Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
PBW Premier British Wrestling
PBSSI President of British Superultramodern Scientific Institution
YXS Prince George, British Columbia, Canada – Prince George BC
YPR Prince Rupert /Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada – Digby Island
PABC Public Archives of British Columbia
XQU Qualicum, British Columbia, Canada
YQZ Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada
RBW Revolution British Wrestling
RABL Rock Art in the British Landscape
RBCM Royal British Columbia Museum
RBL Royal British Legion
RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects
RNBD Royal North British Dragoons
RBA Royal Society of British Artists
RBCA Russian British Cultural Association
YSN Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
SABB Saudi Arabian British Bank
SBB Saudi British Bank
SBTD Saudi British Trade Directory
SBS Save British Science Society
SOCK Save Our CBC Kamloops (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada)
SPOABC School Plant Officials Association of British Columbia
SCBC Science Council of British Columbia
SBMO Senior British Medical Officer
SBO Senior British Officer
SBS Sharjah British school
SCBC Sierra Club of British Columbia
SBFT Sino-British Fellowship Trust
YYD Smithers, British Columbia, Canada – Smithers International
SABRE Society for All British Road Enthusiasts
SBAC Society of British Aerospace Companies
SBGI Society of British Gas Industries
SBNS Society of British Neurological Surgeons
SBTD Society of British Theatre Designers
SCSBC Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia
STIBC Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia
SVP Soil & Vent Pipe (British building industry)
SABABC South Asian Bar Association of British Columbia
SCBCTA South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority
SCBS Southern Conference on British Studies
SBBB Spokane British Brass Band
SFIBC Sport Fishing Institute of British Columbia
SCBI Sportfishing Club of the British Isles
BX Standard Callsign for British Transport Police
SSBE Standard Southern British English
SBPS Stanley British Primary School
SCBA Straits Chinese British Association
SNBC Super, Natural British Columbia
SCBI Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles
TUBC Technical University of British Columbia
YXT Terrace, British Columbia, Canada – Terrace
TBSP Thai British Security Printing PLC
TAABS The Alumni Association of the British School
TBAC The British Are Coming
TBI The British Institute
TBS The British School
BSD The British Society for Dermatopathology
TRBL The Royal British Legion
TBAT Tilling and British Automobile Traction
YAZ Tofino, British Columbia, Canada – Tofino Airport
TCMABC Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of British Columbia
TIBG Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers
TABB Tuebingen Archive of Black British Film and Television
UCBC Underwater Council of British Columbia
UBCP Union of British Columbia Performers
UBA United British Alliance
UBA United British Artists
USAFBI United States Army Forces in the British Isles
UNBC University of British Columbia
UBC University of British Columbia
UBCV University of British Columbia, Vancouver
UNBC University of Northern British Columbia
VBC Vancouver, British Columbia
YVC Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CXH Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Vancouver Harbour Airport
YVR Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Vancouver International
YYJ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Victoria Airport
YWHS Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Victoria Inner Harbour
YWH Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Victoria Inner Harbour
VBMC Virginia British Motorcycle Club
WCBS Western Conference on British Studies
YWL Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
YBAS Young British Artist
YBA Young British Artist