Bureau Abbreviations


What is Bureau?

Bureau (pronounced “ birô” ) is a term of French origin whose meaning is ” office “, ” department ” and ” agency “. It is an establishment where administrative work and other business related to the company’s activity are carried out.

In the United States bureau is the name of a department or division of a government office. It is also a chest of drawers, furniture with several drawers.

The term bureau appears in the names of some world-renowned companies, such as: FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation ), the US department of investigation; Bureau Veritas, a multinational of Belgian origin, responsible for quality certification and consultancy in companies, following certain standards.

In Brazil and also in England bureau is a desk , a piece of furniture suitable for office, used for work or study purposes.

What is Bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy is a Latin and French term meaning office. Bureaucracy meant all public offices in 18th century France and also the power and action of officials in offices and any other working environment.

Bureaucracy is a concept related to the disproportionate predominance of the administrative apparatus in the whole of public life or private business. It consists of a government exercised by officials, nicknamed “the tyranny of the official”, lacking in imagination. It considers the public as an amorphous mass, susceptible of being transformed into numbers and expedients. Its reason for existence is based on a “correct”, meticulous and unrealistic schematism. It is especially characterized by its impossibility of departing from the “safe” and orthodox norms and instructions, already known and tried.

Bureaucracy is also used in a pejorative way, when talking about the procedures of a process, for example, to open a company, to take a case to justice, to issue original documents, etc. Many thinkers claim that this way of seeing bureaucracy is characteristic of lay people, and indicate that modern bureaucracy is the most efficient mode of administration, both in the private domain (in a capitalist enterprise, for example) and in public administration.

Bureaucracy – Max Weber

Bureaucracy is also part of the studies of the German economist Max Weber, who created the Theory of Bureaucracy, to explain the way companies are organized. Weber defined bureaucracy as an organization based on regular rules and procedures, where each individual has his/her specialty, responsibility and division of tasks.

Weber said that in the bureaucracy impersonality, administration, differences in social and economic levels between people and a level of hierarchy are also concentrated. Max Weber based his theory on seven principles: formalization of rules, division of labor, hierarchy, impersonality, technical competence, separation of properties and predictability of each employee.

According to Weber, the main particularities of a bureaucratic system are:

  • Employees who occupy bureaucratic positions are considered public servants;
  • Employees are hired according to their technical competence and specific qualifications;
  • Employees perform tasks that are in accordance with written rules and regulations;
  • Remuneration is based on wages stipulated in cash;
  • Employees must comply with hierarchical rules and disciplinary codes that underlie authority relationships.

State Bureaucracy and Public Administration

In one of his works, Ludwig von Mises (Austrian economist and sociologist) implied that in the state bureaucracy, there is no appreciation for reality. From a bureaucratic point of view, a large and powerful state represents an unquestionable advantage. However, security and reliability in State action do not necessarily mean bureaucracy, which is often synonymous with lack of uniformity in procedures, slow service and requirements not provided for in regulatory texts.

A distinctive feature of bureaucratic public administration is that there is a clear differentiation between the public and the private, with a separation between the political and the public administrator.

Bureaucracy in Brazil

The political system in force in Brazil is closely linked to the concept of bureaucracy presented by Weber, taking into account that it aims at an ideal system for the regulation of the State, as foreseen in the “legal-rational” system. In Brazil, bureaucracy often means that many processes are not completed correctly.

Bureaucratization, in the context of the Brazilian state, is related to important changes in the structure and the way in which society is organized. Bureaucratization in Brazil led to the creation of new functions and administrative bodies, and in this way the public mechanism underwent a very rapid transformation, becoming a highly complex body. However, what may have been gained in administrative efficiency has been lost in terms of political effectiveness.

List of Acronyms Related to Bureau

AIPB Accident Investigation and Prevention Bureau
ABFO Accrediting Bureau for Fundraising Organisations
ABHES Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools
ASB Administrative Services Bureau
ACB Advertising Checking Bureau
AIR Advies en Ingenieursbureau Rufer
ANCB Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau
ALPHABET Agency Bureau Code
ABC Agency Bureau Code
ANB Air Navigation Bureau
AAIB Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau
ABI Alabama Bureau of Investigation
ACVB Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau
TTB Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
ANP Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau
ASA Algemeen Spaans Adviesbureau
ADB Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc
ABEG Amenagement Bureau Entreprise Gilmat
ABMS American Bureau of Metal Statistics
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
AFBA American Farm Bureau Association
AFBF American Farm Bureau Federation
AFBFA American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture
AFBRF American Farm Bureau Research Foundation
AFB American Farm Bureau, Inc.
ALPB American Lutheran Publicity Bureau
ARB American Research Bureau
ASTB American Standards Testing Bureau, Inc.
AWB American Weather Bureau
AUB Amsterdams Uitbureau
ACVB Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau
ABG Anjou Bureau Gestion
AYB Anne-Yvonne Bureau
ACB Annoyance Call Bureau
APRB Anomalous Phenomenon Research Bureau
ADAB ANSF Development Assistance Bureau (US Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction)
ACB Anti Corruption Bureau
APB Anti Pirate Bureau
AIV Architecten-en Ingenieursbureau Vanacker
AZBEMS Arizona Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
ABCA Army Bureau of Current Affairs
AFAB Army Families Advice Bureau
ACB Articles pour le Commerce et le Bureau
AFHB ASEAN Food Handling Bureau
AOAB Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau
AACVB Asian Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus
AWB Asian Wetland Bureau
ABL Assistance Bureautique Logistique
AIB Assistance Informatique Bureautique
ALPHABET Assistant Bureau Chief
ABC Assistant Bureau Chief
AAR-BOE Association of American Railroads/Bureau of Explosives
AACB Association of Australian Convention Bureaux
AISB Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
AIS Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
ACVB Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau
ADBS Atlantic Data Bureau Services
AEB Atomic Energy Bureau
AEBJ Atomic Energy Bureau of Japan
AMBT Aubin Maxime Bureau Technique
ALPHABET Audit Bureau of Circulations
ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations
ABMS Audit Bureau of Marketing Services
ABVS Audit Bureau of Verification Services
AACVB Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
ABARE Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
ABOM Australian Bureau of Meteorology
ABMR Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ABSIW Australian Bureau of Statistics Information Warehouse
ACEB Australian Conference and Events Bureau
ADAB Australian Development Assistance Bureau
AFSB Australian Flying Saucer Bureau
AIDAB Australian International Development Assistance Bureau
ASTB Australian Safety Transport Bureau
BIT Austrian Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-Operation
ABPM Authorized in Accordance With Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual
ATB Auto Theft Bureau
ACB Automated Clearing Bureau
ARBS Automated Repair Bureau System
AIB Automatic Intercept Bureau
ASIB Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau
ADB Autour du Bureau
ASB Aviation Safety Bureau
BBS Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
BGB Barcelona Guide Bureau
BCFB Bay County Farm Bureau
BBB Bed and Breakfast Bureau
BMEPB Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau
BFPB Belgian Federal Planning Bureau
BBS Belize Bureau of Standards
BBB Better Business Bureau
BBBD Better Business Bureau of Delaware
BBBMBC Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia
BCB Better Customer Bureau
BCB Better Cyber Bureau
BHB Better Hotel Bureau
BIB Better Internet Bureau
BMEB Bilingual Multicultural Education Bureau
BBS Bordeaux Bureaux Services
BMRB Boston Municipal Research Bureau
BOBS Botswana Bureau of Standards
BBE Boulet Bureau d’Etudes
BICB Bournemouth International Conference Bureau
BARB British Audience Research Bureau
BCB British Consultants Bureau
BMRB British Market Research Bureau
BBM Broadcast Bureau of Management
BIB Broadcast Information Bureau
BARB Broadcaster Audience Research Bureau
BCFB Broome County Farm Bureau
BEB Building Elysées Bureau
BICB Building Industry Credit Bureau
B Bureau
BANK Bureau
BROWN Bureau
BU Bureau
BU-2 Bureau
BUR Bureau
BAI Bureau Air Information
B-AND-SA Bureau and Statistical Agent
BAF Bureau Audiovisuel Francophone
BBO Bureau Beleidsbeïnvloeding Ontwikkelingssamenwerking
BBZ Bureau Belgische Zaken
BBN Bureau Burundais de Normalisation et Contrôle de la Qualité
BCA Bureau Canadien des Archivistes
BCR Bureau Central de Répartition
BCS Bureau Central de Sécurité
BCT Bureau Central de Tarification
BCF Bureau Central Français
BCIS Bureau Central International de Seismologie
BCSF Bureau Central Sismologique Francais
BCRA Bureau Centrale de Renseignements et d’Action
BCPO Bureau Chief Procurement Officer
BCOU Bureau Christelijk Onderwijs Utrecht
BCPF Bureau Commun des Pailles et Fourrages
BCR Bureau Communautaire de Référence
BCE Bureau Communicatie & Educatie
BCF Bureau Computer Faciliteiten
BCAN Bureau Control Activity Number
BCN Bureau Control Number
BCE Bureau Coordinatie Expertise-Organisaties
BAIR Bureau d’ Appui aux Initiatives Rurales
BAA Bureau d’Accompagnement Artistique
BAAPE Bureau d’Accueil des Artistes et Professionnels Étrangers
BAL Bureau d’Action Linguistique
BAJ Bureau d’Aide Juridique
BAS Bureau d’Aide Sociale
BAE Bureau d’Assistance Européen
BACHELOR Bureau d’Assurance du Canada
BAC Bureau d’Assurance du Canada
BEA Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses
BEMS Bureau d’Enseignement Militaire Supérieur
BEC Bureau d’éthique Commerciale
BEL Bureau d’Etude et de Liaison
BEM Bureau d’Etude Métallerie
BEA Bureau d’Etudes Administratives
BEA Bureau d’Etudes Annecy
BEA Bureau d’Etudes Auxerrois
BEB Bureau d’Etudes Belzunce
BEA Bureau d’Etudes d’Accessibilité
BEF Bureau d’Etudes Forézien
BTI Bureau d’Etudes Immobilier
BEJ Bureau d’Etudes Jacquet
BEM Bureau d’Etudes Maritimes
BEM Bureau d’Etudes Mécaniques
BET Bureau d’Etudes Techniques
BEV Bureau d’Etudes Techniques Véra
BIQ Bureau d’Immigration du Québec
BIA Bureau d’Information Aéronautique
BIC Bureau d’Information du Canada
BIAM Bureau d’Information et d’Assistance a la Mediation
BIOP Bureau d’Information et d’Orientation Professionnelles
BIJ Bureau d’Information Jeunesse
BICM Bureau d’Information sur les Carrières de la Marine
BITA Bureau d’information Technique Agricole
BIU Bureau d’Inscription Universitaire
BBO Bureau de Bernard Ollagnier
BDC Bureau de Change
BCJ Bureau de Consultation Jeunesse
BCG Bureau de Contrôle Girondin
BCI Bureau de Contrôle International
BCTI Bureau de Contrôle Technique Immobilier
BCC Bureau de Cooperation Canadienne
BCE Bureau de Coopération Éducative
BCLA Bureau de Coopération Linguistique et Artistique
BCS Bureau de Cooperation Suisse
BCU Bureau de Coopération Universitaire
BCJ Bureau de Coordination des Jeunes
BDT Bureau de Développement des Télécommunications
BDI Bureau de Documentation et d’Information
BGCI Bureau de Gestion de Conformite Industrielle
BGO Bureau de Gestion et d’Organisation
BACP Bureau de l’Apprentissage Continu et du Perfectionnement
BEF Bureau de l’Education Française
BEF Bureau de l’Egalité Hommes-Femmes et de la Famille
BEX Bureau de l’Exécution des Peines
BIE Bureau de l’Intégration des Étrangers
BCN Bureau de la Capitale-Nationale
BCB Bureau de la Convention sur la Biodiversite
BFE Bureau de la Formation en Entreprise
BGD Bureau de la Gestion de la Détention
BPD Bureau de la Publicité des Droits
BSL Bureau de la Sécurité des Laboratoires
BST Bureau de la Sécurité des Transports du Canada
BSN Bureau de la Sécurité Nautique
BVE Bureau de la Vie Étudiante
BUNDLE Bureau de Liaison
BDL Bureau de Liaison
BMF Bureau de Mesure Français
BMN Bureau de Mise a Niveau
BMTA Bureau de Modélisation des Transferts Atmosphériques
BNA Bureau de Normalisation de l’Automobile
BNIB Bureau de Normalisation de l’Industrie du Béton
BNCM Bureau de Normalisation de la Construction Métallique
BNS Bureau de Normalisation de la Siderurgie
BNTA Bureau de Normalisation des Tubes d’Acier
BNG Bureau de Normalisation du Gaz
BNQ Bureau de Normalisation du Quebec
BPC Bureau de Poste Civil
BPC Bureau de Poste de Campagne
BPCVPK Bureau de Poste de Campagne, Veld Post Kantoor
BPF Bureau de Poste de la Flotte
BPFC Bureau de Poste des Forces Canadiennes
BPM Bureau de Poste Militaire
BRE Bureau de Rapprochement des Entreprises
BRAIN Bureau de Recherche d’Affaires et d’Informations de Namur
BRAT Bureau de Recherche en Aménagement du Territoire
BRPM Bureau de Recherches et de Participations Minières
BRTF Bureau de Representation de Taipei en France
BTEC Bureau de Transfert et d’Echange de Connaissances
BVCI Bureau de Verification de Comptabilite Informatisee
BVP Bureau de Verification de la Publicité
BVC Bureau de Vérification et de Conseil
BDRM Bureau Départemental des Remontées Mécaniques
BAE Bureau des Affaires Etrangères
BAFF Bureau des Affaires Francophones et Francophiles
BAT Bureau des Affaires Typographiques
BDA Bureau des Arts
BCU Bureau des Congrès Universitaires
BDT Bureau des Doctorants de Télécom
BDE Bureau des Eleves
BEE Bureau des Etudiants d’Echange
BEM Bureau des Etudiants en Médecine
BES Bureau des Etudiants en Sciences
BGR Bureau des Gouverneurs de la Radiodiffusion
BJC Bureau des Jeunes Chercheurs
BDJ Bureau des Jeux
BUNDLE Bureau des Longitudes
BDL Bureau des Longitudes
BME Bureau des Mines et de l’Energie
BMC Bureau des Moniteurs des Calanques
UNSO Bureau des Nations Unies pour la Lutte Contre la Desertification
BNM Bureau des Nouveaux Médias
BPE Bureau des Personnels d’Encadrement
BRG Bureau des Ressources Genetiques
BSJ Bureau des Services à la Jeunesse
BSI Bureau des Services Infirmiers
BSP Bureau des Services Pédagogiques
BDS Bureau des Sports
BDSL Bureau des Sports et Loisirs
BSE Bureau des Stages à l’Etranger
BSC Bureau des Substances Contrôlées
BTA Bureau des Technologies d’Apprentissage
BTE Bureau des Temps Élémentaires
BUP Bureau des Utopies & des Progrès
BDV Bureau des Vidéos
BEAUCOUP Bureau du Conseil Privé
BCP Bureau du Conseil Privé
BCQS Bureau du Controle de Qualite
BCQ Bureau du Contrôle de Qualité
BPG Bureau du Pilotage de Gestion
BQT Bureau du Québec à Toronto
BSN Bureau du Service National
BSC Bureau du Superintendent des Faillites
BVL Bureau du Val de Loire
BVG Bureau du Vérificateur Général du Canada
BEA Bureau Enquêtes-Accidents
BECO Bureau Europe Centrale et Orientale
BEE Bureau Européen de l’Environnement
BEPA Bureau Européen de Prévoyance et d’Assurance
BEMF Bureau Export de la Musique Francaise
BEX Bureau Extrusion
BASP Bureau for Action on Smoking Prevention
BCYF Bureau for Children, Youth and Families
DCHA Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance
BEPA Bureau for Economic Policy and Analysis
BRX Bureau for External Relations
FHA Bureau for Food and Humanitarian Assistance
BISHOP Bureau for Historic Preservation
BHP Bureau for Historic Preservation
BHR Bureau for Humanitarian Response
BICO Bureau for Industrial Cooperation
BIEC Bureau for Investments and Economic Cycles
BPRD Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
BPPVE Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education
BROC Bureau for Regional Outreach Campaigns
BREAD Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
BRSP Bureau for Resources and Strategic Partnerships
BFE Bureau for the Far East
ACTRAV Bureau for Workers’ Activities
BFE Bureau Français de l’Epilepsie
BGA Bureau Genevois d’Adoption
BGI Bureau Gravimétrique International
BHR Bureau Horticole Régional
BHE Bureau Hypothécaire Européen
BIF Bureau Information Femmes
BIM Bureau Informatique Mayennais
BIA Bureau Informatisering Amsterdam
BING Bureau Integriteit Nederlandse Gemeenten
BIE Bureau Intercommunal de l’Emploi
BICE Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance
BIH Bureau International de l’Heure
BIC Bureau International des Containers
BIC Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal
BIE Bureau International des Expositions
BIPM Bureau International des Poids et Mesures
BITS Bureau International du Tourisme Social
BIT Bureau International du Travail
BIM Bureau International Maritime
BISFA Bureau International pour la Standardisation des Fibres Artificielles
BIE Bureau Internationale de l’Education
BIA Bureau Issues Association
BJZ Bureau JeugdZorg
BJAA Bureau Jeugdzorg Agglomeratie Amsterdam
BJG Bureau Joassart & Goffin
BKJ Bureau Klachtenondersteuning Jeugdzorg
BLI Bureau Laïque International
BLI Bureau Lausannois pour l’Intégration des Immigrés
BLO Bureau Line Office
BLG Bureau Local de Gestion
BMR Bureau Maitrise des Risques
BMIS Bureau Management Information System
BMI Bureau Moderne Informatique
BMKS Bureau Moncef Khanfir
BMK Bureau Moncef Khanfir
BMO Bureau Moyen Orient
BMS Bureau Multi Services
BME Bureau Municipal de l’Emploi
BNE Bureau National d’Expertise des Diamants
BNE Bureau National de l’Emploi
BNM Bureau National de Météorologie
BNM Bureau National de Métrologie
BNR Bureau National de Renseignements
BNVCA Bureau National de Vigilance contre l’Antisemitisme
BNE Bureau National des Examinateurs
BNIC Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac
BNV Bureau Nationale Veiligheid
BNE Bureau Numérique Écoles
BAMR Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation
BOA Bureau Of Advertising
BAMR Bureau of Aeronautics Maintenance Representative
BAR Bureau of Aeronautics Representative
BARR Bureau of Aeronautics Resident Representative
BAFPS Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Product Standards
BAE Bureau of Agricultural Engineering
BAR Bureau of Agricultural Research
BAS Bureau of Agricultural Statistics
BOANR Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources
BAM Bureau of Air Management
BAQ Bureau of Air Quality
BASI Bureau of Air Safety Investigation
BAFT Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco
ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms
BATFE Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
BAD Bureau of Alien Detectors
BAHA Bureau of Alien Human Affairs
BAE Bureau of American Ethnology
BAPHIQ Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine
BAI Bureau of Animal Industry
BARA Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology
BAT Bureau of Apprenticeship Training
BAR Bureau of Archaeological Research
BOA Bureau of Architecture
AC Bureau of Arms Control
BAR Bureau of Automotive Repair
BBS Bureau of Biological Survey
BOB Bureau of Biologics
BBVS Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services
BOBF Bureau of Bond Finance
BBM Bureau of Broadcast Measurement
BB Bureau of Budget
BOB Bureau Of Budget
BBER Bureau of Business and Economic Research
BBR Bureau of Business Research
BBRS Bureau of Business Research and Services
BCA Bureau of Canadian Archivists
BCRD Bureau of Cardio-Respiratory Diseases and Diabetes
BCS Bureau of Child Support
BCW Bureau of Child Welfare
BCAL Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing
BCDP Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention
BCIS Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
CIS Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
BCAS Bureau of Civil Aviation Security
BCF Bureau of Commercial Fisheries
BCIQ Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Quarantine
BCEM Bureau of Community Environmental Management
BOC Bureau of Construction
BECOME Bureau of Construction Management
BCM Bureau of Construction Management
BCA Bureau of Consular Affairs
BCFP Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
BEAUCOUP Bureau of Consumer Protection
BCP Bureau of Consumer Protection
BCS Bureau of Consumer Services
BOCCA Bureau of Coordination for Civil Aviation
BCFTA Bureau of County Finance and Technical Assistance
BCSR Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
BCA Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
BCI Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation
BCII Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
BCI Bureau of Criminal Investigation
BOC Bureau Of Customs
CBP Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
BCBP Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
DRL Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
BDDS Bureau of Developmental Disability Services
BDS Bureau of Diplomatic Security
BDD Bureau of Disability Determination
BDC Bureau of Domestic Commerce
BDLE Bureau of Drug Law Enforcement
EAP Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
BEA Bureau of Economic Advisors
BEA Bureau of Economic Affairs
BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis
BEARFACTS Bureau of Economic Analysis Regional Fact Sheets
BEGINING Bureau of Economic Geology
BEG Bureau of Economic Geology
EEB Bureau of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs
BER Bureau of Education and Research
BEH Bureau of Education for the Handicapped
BEAS Bureau of Elder and Adult Services
BEC Bureau of Electrical Control
BOEC Bureau of Emergency Communications
BEMS Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
BEST Bureau of Emergency Services Telecommunications
BEC Bureau of Employees’ Compensation
BETO Bureau of Employer Tax Operations
BEP Bureau of Employment Programs
BES Bureau of Employment Services
BEA Bureau of Energy Assistance
BED Bureau of Energy Development
BEE Bureau of Energy Efficiency
BEP Bureau of Energy Programs
BESRD Bureau of Energy Study, Research and Development
BES Bureau of Engineer Surveyors
BOE Bureau of Engineering
BEP Bureau of Engraving & Printing
BEF Bureau of Enterprise Fleet
BEER Bureau of Entertainment Executive Rights
BEH Bureau of Environmental Health
BEHS Bureau of Environmental Health and Safety
BERM Bureau of Environmental Regulation and Management
BER Bureau of Environmental Remediation
BES Bureau of Environmental Services
BES Bureau of Epidemiology Services
BEEO Bureau of Equal Employment Opportunity
BER Bureau of Ethnic Research
EUR Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
BEPA Bureau of European Policy Advisers
BEM Bureau of Executive Manpower
BOE Bureau of Explosives
BXA Bureau of Export Administration
BEA Bureau of Export Administration
BER Bureau of External Relations
BFSO Bureau of Family Support Operations
BFRA Bureau of Federal Rental Assistance
BFM Bureau of Finance and Management
FMP Bureau of Finance and Management Policy
BFI Bureau of Financial Institutions
BFP Bureau of Fire Protection
BFST Bureau of Fire Standards and Training
BFAR Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
BEAR Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
BFAD Bureau of Food and Drug
BFD Bureau of Food and Drug
BFDA Bureau of Food and Drug Administration
BFDA Bureau of Food and Drug Analysis
BFSA Bureau of Food Safety Assessment
BFDC Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
BFC Bureau of Foreign Commerce
BFP Bureau of Freelance Photographers
BFCS Bureau of Funeral and Cemetery Services
BFC Bureau of Funeral and Cemetery Services
BGMR Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
BGR Bureau of Governmental Research
BHCS Bureau of Health Care Services
BHEM Bureau of Health Emergency Management
BHI Bureau of Health Information
BHPVS Bureau of Health Policy and Vital Statistics
BISHOP Bureau of Health Professionals
BHP Bureau of Health Professionals
BEMT Bureau of Health Professions Education and Manpower Training
BHRA Bureau of Health Risk Assessment
BHS Bureau of Health Services
BHSF Bureau of Health Services Financing (Louisiana
BHA Bureau of Hearings and Appeals
BHS Bureau of Highway Safety
BHAE Bureau of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology
BHPD Bureau of Human Prescription Drugs
BHRB Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh
BICE Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
BID Bureau of Immigration and Deportation
BREAK Bureau of Immigration and Deportation
BIA Bureau of Immigration Appeals
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIAM Bureau of Indian Affairs Manual
BIE Bureau of Indian Education
BIS Bureau of Indian Standards
BIS Bureau of Industry and Security
BIE Bureau of Industry Economics
BITS Bureau of Information Technology
BOI Bureau of Insurance
INRES Bureau of Intelligence and Research
BIR Bureau of Intelligence and Research
INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research
BIR Bureau of Internal Revenue
BIB Bureau of International Broadcasting
BIIP Bureau of International Information Programs
ILAB Bureau of International Labor Affairs
BINM Bureau of International Narcotics Matters
BIOLOGY Bureau of International Organizations
BIO Bureau of International Organizations
BIR Bureau of International Recycling
ISN Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
BINS Bureau of International Students
BIPM Bureau of Invasive Plant Management
BII Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence
BJMP Bureau of Jail Management and Penology
BOJ Bureau of Justice
BJA Bureau of Justice Assistance
BJS Bureau of Justice Statistics
BLES Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics
BOLI Bureau of Labor and Industries
BLLC Bureau of Labor Law Compliance
BLR Bureau of Labor Relations
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
BLSI Bureau of Labor Statistics Information
BLMR Bureau of Labour Market Research
BLM Bureau of Land Management
BLE Bureau of Landfill Engineering
BOLA Bureau of Legal Affairs
BLA Bureau of Legislative Affairs
BLR Bureau of Legislative Research
BOL Bureau of Licensing
BLGF Bureau of Local Government Finance
BOMB Bureau of Management and Budget
BMET Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training
BMR Bureau of Market Research
BMS Bureau of Mediation Services
BMS Bureau of Medical Services
BMSA Bureau of Medical Systems Administration
BOM Bureau of Medicine
BMS Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BMJ Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BUMEDINST Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Instruction
BOM Bureau of Meteorology
BMRC Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre
BMTC Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre
BMR Bureau of Mine Reclamation
BMR Bureau of Mineral Resources
BMP Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum
BUMINES Bureau of Mines
BM Bureau of Mines
BOM Bureau Of Mines
BMB Bureau of Mines Bulletin
BOM Bureau of Morality
BMCS Bureau of Motor Carriers Safety
BMW Bureau of Motor Vehicles
BMV Bureau of Motor Vehicles
BMFL Bureau of Municipal Finance Law
BMS Bureau of Muslim Settlements
BNE Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement
BN Bureau of Narcotics
BNDD Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
BNI Bureau of Narcotics Investigation
BNAF Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
BNA Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
BNCA Bureau of National Capital Airports
BNR Bureau of Natural Resources
BUPERS Bureau of Naval Personnel
BUPERSINST Bureau of Naval Personnel Instruction
NEA Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
NP Bureau of Non Proliferation
BOSH Bureau of Occupational Safety and Health
BOEM Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
BOEMRE Bureau of Ocean Energy, Management, Regulation, and Enforcement
OES-IHA Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs/ office of International Health Affairs
BPHR Bureau of Personnel and Human Resources
BPE Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment
BOPED Bureau of Planning and Economic Development
BPI Bureau of Plant Industry
BPRD Bureau of Police Research and Development
PM Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
PRM Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration
BPDA Bureau of Pricing and Domestic Aviation
BPCA Bureau of Primary Care
BPHC Bureau of Primary Health Care
BENZO Bureau of Prison Terms
BPT Bureau of Prison Terms
BOP Bureau Of Prisons
BPLS Bureau of Private Land Services
BPS Bureau of Product Standards
BPOA Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
BPS Bureau of Protected Species
PA Bureau of Public Affairs
BPE Bureau of Public Enterprises
BPH Bureau of Public Health
BPR Bureau of Public Roads
BPS Bureau of Public Secrets
BENZO Bureau of Public Transportation
BPT Bureau of Public Transportation
BQIS Bureau of Quality Improvement Services
BRC Bureau of Radiation Control
BRH Bureau of Radiological Health
BRPM Bureau of Real Property Management
BROTHER Bureau of Reclamation
BRANCH Bureau of Reclamation
BR Bureau of Reclamation
BOR Bureau Of Reclamation
BRWM Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management
BRP Bureau of Resource Protection
BRS Bureau of Rural Sciences
BRW Bureau of Rural Workers
BSNA Bureau of Salesmen’s National Associations
BSI Bureau of School Improvement
BSA Bureau of Seafood & Aquaculture
BSIS Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
BSE Bureau of Service Evaluation
BSWEC Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination
BSWM Bureau of Soil and Water Management
BSWM Bureau of Solid and Water Management
SA Bureau of South Asian Affairs
BSHCN Bureau of Special Health Care Needs
BSI Bureau of Special Investigations
BOSS Bureau of Special Services
BSFW Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife
BSJ Bureau of Standards Jamaica
BSMI Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection
BSOB Bureau of State Office Buildings
BOSP Bureau of State Payrolls
BOSS Bureau of State Security
BSS Bureau of State Services
BSES Bureau of Street and Environmental Services
BSM Bureau of Street Use and Mapping
BSC Bureau of Study Counsel
BSAS Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
BSES Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations
BUSANDA Bureau of Supplies & Accounts
BSS Bureau of Support Services
BTCL Bureau of Tariffs, Certification and Licensing
BOB Bureau of the Budget
BOC Bureau of the Census
BC Bureau of the Census
BPD Bureau of the Public Debt
BRH Bureau of the Royal Household
BTR Bureau of Tourism Research
BOTS Bureau of Traffic Safety
BTE Bureau of Transport Economics
BOTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics
BTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics
BOT Bureau of Treasury
BTBC Bureau of Tuberculosis Control
BUP Bureau of Unclaimed Property
BUSTR Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations
VC Bureau of Verification and Compliance
BVA Bureau of Veterans’ Appeals
BVS Bureau of Vital Statistics
BVR Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
BVRS Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
BWM Bureau of Waste Management
BWQ Bureau of Water Quality
BWQP Bureau of Water Quality Planning
BWW Bureau of Water Works
BWE Bureau of Weapons Evaluation
BUWEPSNOTE Bureau of Weapons Notice
BUWEPSREP Bureau of Weapons Representative
BWSR Bureau of Wholesale Sales Representatives
BOW Bureau of Wildlife
BWC Bureau of Workers Compensation
BWDC Bureau of Workers Disability Compensation
BWI Bureau of Workforce Investment
BWC Bureau of Working Conditions
BPP Bureau Performance Plan
BPN Bureau Politique National
BPI Bureau Postal Interarmées
BDPA Bureau pour le Developpement de la Production Agricole
BPS Bureau Project Services
BRAC Bureau Regional de l’Afrique Centrale
BRAP Bureau Regional de l’Asie-Pacifique
BREL Bureau Regional pour Ethnologie et la Linguistique
BSSG Bureau Servicos Sistemas Gestao
BSG Bureau Social de Gitarama
BTD Bureau Technique de Détection
BTH Bureau Technique de l’Habitat
BTH Bureau Thierry Havelange
BVDCS Bureau Van Dijk Computer Services
BV Bureau Veritas
BVC Bureau Veritas Certification
BVQI Bureau Veritas Quality International
BVE Bureau Virtuel des Élèves
BCE Bureau voor Certificering en Examinering
BVDA Bureau Voor Dactyloscopische Artikelen
BIE Bureau voor de Industriële Eigendom
BVMO Bureau Voor Milieu Onderzoek
BV Bureau Voucher
BVN Bureau Voucher Number
BVJ Bureau Voyage Jeunesse
BFP Bureaucracy of Future Potential
BCS Bureautique Consommables Services
BSE Bureautique Service Essonne
BSA Bureautique System Associés
BMA Bureaux des Menées Antinationales
BPI Bureaux Postaux Militaires Interarmées
BRB Business Research Bureau
CAB Cable Advertising Bureau
CSB Cable Services Bureau
CAB Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau
CRCB Cairns Region Convention Bureau
CLB Caisses Lewandowski Bureautique
CBAR California Bureau of Automotive Repair
CBNE California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement
CFBF California Farm Bureau Federation
CRB California Research Bureau
CTB California Testing Bureau
CVB Camden Volunteer Bureau
CAIB Canadian Aerosol Information Bureau
CBINA Canadian Bureau of Investigations and Adjustments
CCAB Canadian Circulations Audit Bureau
CCB Canadian Competition Bureau
CIIB Canadian International Immigration Bureau
COMB Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau
CRPB Canadian Radiation Protection Bureau
CWB Canadian Welding Bureau
CCTB Carbondale Convention & Tourism Bureau
CSBB Carers Short Breaks Bureau
CIIB Cayman Islands Investment Bureau
CSSB Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
CBR Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen
CBS Centraal Bureau Voor de Statistiek
CJIB Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau
CPB Centraal Planbureau
CVB Centraal Veevoederbureau
CBS Centraalbureau Voor Schimmelcultures
CBAT Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
CBEVE Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges
CBS Central Bureau for Statistics
CBDT Central Bureau Of Direct Taxes
CBI Central Bureau of Intelligence
CBI Central Bureau of Investigation
CBS Central Bureau of Statistics
CDBA Central Design Bureau of Automatics
CEIB Central Economic Intelligence Bureau
CFPB Central Finger Print Bureau
CHEB Central Health Education Bureau
CIB Central Index Bureau
CNB Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore
CTEB Central Telephone Enquiry Bureau
CWB Central Weather Bureau
CIB Centralized Intercept Bureau
CVB Champaign Visitors Bureau
CVB Cheltenham Volunteer Bureau
CADB Chemical Automatics Design Bureau
CCTB Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau
CVB Chicago Visitors Bureau
CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau
CCB Child Care Bureau
CB Children’s Bureau
CB Children’s Bureau
CCIB China Commodity Inspection Bureau
CFIB China Fiber Inspection Bureau
CGS China Geological Survey Bureau
CTTB China Tibet Tourism Bureau
CABX Citizens Advice Bureaux
CSB Citizens Service Bureau
CAB Citizens’ Advice Bureau
CNB City News Bureau
CSB Civil Society Bureau
CBNE Claims Bureau New England, Inc.
CVB Cleveland Visitors Bureau
CCB Code of Conduct Bureau
CSIB Cold Sore Information Bureau
CAAB Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau
CBS Collectivités Bureaux Services
CBI Colorado Bureau of Investigation
CFBI Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance
CIB combined information bureau
CITB Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau
CSB Commercial Services Bureau
CRB Commodity Research Bureau
CCB Commodity Research Bureau
CCB Common Carrier Bureau
CABI Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux International
CGB Commonwealth Geographical Bureau
CPB Community Policing Bureau
CB Competition Bureau
CIB Compliance and Information Bureau
CBG Comptoir du Bureau Ghielmini, SA
CVB Conference and Visitors Bureau
CBI Consommables Bureautiques Informatiques
CGB Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
CPSB Consumer Product Safety Bureau
CVB Consumer Visitor’s Bureau
CVB Convention and Visitors Bureau
CBMS Convention Bureau della Marca Salentina
CVB Convention Services Bureau
CTB Convention Tourism Bureau
CCBHS Cook County Bureau of Health Services
CTB Copieurs Télécopieurs Bureautique
CTB Counter Terrorism Bureau
CIB Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau
CFB County Farm Bureau
CB Credit Bureau
CBI Credit Bureau Information
CBBR Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge
CBR Credit Bureau Report
CBSA Credit Bureau Services Association
CBSI Credit Bureau Systems Incorporated
CEB Credit Education Bureau
CIB Credit Information Bureau
CIBI Credit Information Bureau Incorporated
CIBIL Credit Information Bureau India Limited
CIBL Credit Information Bureau Ltd.
CAB Criminal Assets Bureau
CBI Criminal Bureau of Investigation
CIIB Criminal Intelligence and Investigative Bureau
CIB Criminal Intelligence Bureau
CIB Criminal Investigation Bureau
CJB Criminal Justice Bureau
CRB Criminal Records Bureau
CRBD Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure
CIRB Crop Insurance Research Bureau
CNAB Customer Name and Address Bureau
CSB Customer Service Bureau
CDIB Customs Drug Investigation Bureau
DCVB Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau
DFAB Dairy Foods Advisory Bureau
DLTB Dalian Local Taxation Bureau
DCVB Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau
DNB Dance Notation Bureau
DCAB Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau
DS Danish Standards Bureau
DCVB Davis Conference and Visitors Bureau
DBACVB Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
DSB Deaf Service Bureau
DIB Defense Intelligence Bureau
DCVB DeKalb Convention & Visitors Bureau
DMCVB Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau
DOH-BFAD Department of Health – Bureau of Food and Drugs
STATE-PM Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
DSCB Department of State, Corporation Bureau
DQAB Design Quality Assurance Bureau
DB Detective Bureau
DEBUG Detective Bureau
DRDB Digital Radio Development Bureau
DCIB Distribution Consommable Informatique Bureautique
DCVB District Court Violations Bureau
DBOS Dominica Bureau of Standards
DBS Dominion Bureau of Statistics
DBCI DOOH Business Climate Index (Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Europe; Germany)
DCVB Duluth Convention and Visitors Bureau
DACB Dundee and Angus Convention Bureau
DCVB Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau
DQB Dutch QSL Bureau
ECAB Early Case Assessment Bureau
ECAB Early Complaint Assessment Bureau
EHVB East Hants Volunteer Bureau
EDLB Economic Development and Labour Bureau
EIIB Economic Intelligence and Investigation Bureau
EMBA Economic Modelling Bureau of Australia
ESB Economic Services Bureau
ERDB Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau
ECVB Edmond Convention and Visitors Bureau
EMB Education and Manpower Bureau
ERB Educational Records Bureau
ECEB Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau
EOB Emergency Outreach Bureau
ESB Emergency Service Bureau
EMB Employment and Manpower Bureau
ERDB Energy Resource Development Bureau
EUMB Energy Utilization Management Bureau
EBAY Enforcement Bureau
EB Enforcement Bureau
EIBB Enterprise Institution Building Bureau
EFB Environment and Food Bureau
EMB Environment Management Bureau
EMB Environmental Management Bureau
EBCO European Bureau for Conscientious Objection
EBCD European Bureau for Conservation and Development
EBLUL European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages
EBE European Bureau for the Environment
EBLIDA European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
ECB European Chemicals Bureau
EEB European Environmental Bureau
ESIB European Student Information Bureau
EICB Export and Import Controls Bureau
EPB Export Promotion Bureau
EAB External Assessments Bureau
EIB Extreme Ironing Bureau
FIREBIRD Farm Bureau
FACEBOOK Farm Bureau
FB Farm Bureau
FBFS Farm Bureau Financial Services
FBI Farm Bureau Insurance
MMB FCC Mass Media Bureau
PRB FCC Private Radio Bureau
WTB FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
WTBS FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
FBH Federal Bureau of Hackers
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIAA Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association
FBINA Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy
FBMI Federal Bureau of Miscellaneous Information
FBP Federal Bureau of Prisons
FBR Federal Bureau of Reclamation
FBS Federal Bureau of Statistics
FETAL-BOVINE-SERUM Federal Bureau of Statistics
FIB Federal Investigation Bureau
FPB Federal Planning Bureau
FEB Fiber Economics Bureau
FOB Field Operations Bureau
FIREBIRD Finance Bureau
FACEBOOK Finance Bureau
FB Finance Bureau
FFB Florida Farm Bureau
FFBG Florida Farm Bureau General Insurance Co.
FXB Foreign Exchange Bureau
FISB Foreign Investment Services Bureau
FSSB Foreign Studies Service Bureau
FASID Foreningen Af Sygeplejevikarbureauer I Danmark
FCCVB Fort Collins Convention and Visitors Bureau
FWWB Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau
FCCVB Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau
FIB Fraud Intelligence Bureau
FFT Freight Forwarders Tariff Bureau, Inc.
FBEA French Bureau Enquetes Accidents
FBV French Bureau Veritas
FCFB Fresno County Farm Bureau
GBI Garrett Bureau of Investigation
GAB General Adjustment Bureau
GSMB Geological Survey and Mines Bureau
GBI Georgia Bureau of Investigation
GFB Georgia Farm Bureau
GSSB Global Student Speakers’ Bureau
GCSB Government Communications Security Bureau
GRB Government Reservation Bureau
GRB Graduate Recruitment Bureau
GRCVB Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau
GRCVB Greater Reading Convention and Visitors Bureau
GSCVB Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau
GDBS Grenada Bureau of Standards
HYB Hampshire Youth Bureau
HVB Hawaii Visitors Bureau
HSB Head Start Bureau
HIB Headwear Information Bureau
HSB Health Services Bureau
HADB Hearing Aid Dispensers Bureau
HPEB Henan Petroleum Exploration Bureau
HAB Home Affairs Bureau
HGF Household Goods Forwarders Tariff Bureau
HAB Housing Assistance Bureau
HB Housing Bureau
HRB Human Rights Bureau
IDBHS Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security
IBI Illinois Bureau of Investigation
IBT Illinois Bureau of Tourism
IFB Illinois Farm Bureau
ICEB Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau
INEB Immigration and Nationality Enquiry Bureau
ISB Imperial Security Bureau
IBM Indian Bureau of Mines
IHB Indiana Historical Bureau
IDEB Infectious Disease Epidemiology Bureau
IBERIA Information Bureau
IBUPROFEN Information Bureau
ISOBAR Information Bureau
IB Information Bureau
IBU Ingenieursbureau Utrecht
ISBR Inkoop Service Bureau Rotterdam
IBC Insurance Bureau of Canada
IFB Insurance Fraud Bureau
ITB Insurance Technical Bureau
IBERIA Intelligence Bureau
IBUPROFEN Intelligence Bureau
ISOBAR Intelligence Bureau
IB Intelligence Bureau
IAB Interactive Advertising Bureau
IIB interagency information bureau
IBPC Inter-Bureau Personnel Committee
IBI Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics
IAB Internal Affairs Bureau
ICB Internal Control Bureau
IAMB Internationaal Anti-Militaristisch Bureau
IACVB International Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus
IASB International Association of Speakers Bureaus
IBB International Broadcasting Bureau
IBERIA International Bureau
IBUPROFEN International Bureau
ISOBAR International Bureau
IB International Bureau
IBFS International Bureau Filing System
IBA International Bureau of Aviation
ISOBUTANOL International Bureau of Aviation
IBCC International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce
IBE International Bureau of Education
IBI International Bureau of Investigation
IBWM International Bureau of Weights and Measures
ICCB International Catholic Child Bureau
ICB International Container Bureau
IEB International Environment Bureau
IEB International Exhibitions Bureau
IGB International Gravimetric Bureau
IHB International Hydrographic Bureau
ILAB International Labor Affairs Bureau
IMB International Maritime Bureau
IMB International Marriage Bureau
INL International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau
INSB International Naval Surveys Bureau
IPB International Peace Bureau
IPCB International Press Cutting Bureau
ISB International Speakers Bureau, Inc
ITCB International Textiles and Clothing Bureau
ITB International Time Bureau
IWRB International Waterfowl Research Bureau
IWRB International Wetland Research Bureau
IAB Internet Advertising Bureau
IBCB Internet Business Consumer Bureau
IPB Internet Pharmacy Bureau
ISB Interstate Bureau, Inc.
ICBC Investigation Consultancy Bureau for Citizens
IBERIA Investment Bureau
IBUPROFEN Investment Bureau
ISOBAR Investment Bureau
IB Investment Bureau
IPB Investment Promotion Bureau
ISB Investors Service Bureau
ICBL Irish Credit Bureau LTD
ISSB Iron and Steel Statistics Bureau
IRB Irregular Route Motor Carriers Bureau
ISBN Islamic Speakers Bureau of Nebraska
IYB Ithaca Youth Bureau
JBS Jamaica Bureau of Standards
JCB Japan Credit Bureau
JTB Japan Travel Bureau
JCAB Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau
JRB Jeweler’s Resource Bureau
JIB Joint Information Bureau
JIB Joint Intelligence Bureau
JVB Joint Visitor Bureau
JCAB Junior College Athletic Bureau
KBI Kansas Bureau of Investigation
KFB Kansas Farm Bureau
KVB Kauai Visitors Bureau
KCFB Kern County Farm Bureau
KVB Ketchikan Visitors Bureau
KCRB Kidney Cancer Research Bureau
KADDB King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau
KRDB Kinki Regional Development Bureau
KGB Knowledge Generation Bureau
KGB Knoxville Gaming Bureau
LSB Labor Standards Bureau
LTSB Land Trust Service Bureau
LIBRARY Landelijk Bureau Ter Bestrijding Van Rassendiscriminatie
LBR Landelijk Bureau Ter Bestrijding Van Rassendiscriminatie
LCVB Lawrence Convention and Visitors’ Bureau
LCB Legislative Council Bureau
LCB Legislative Counsel Bureau
LFBS Legislative Fiscal Bureau
LFB Legislative Fiscal Bureau
LRB Legislative Reference Bureau
LVCVB Lehigh Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau
LCVB Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau
LIRB Liability Insurance Research Bureau
LPEB Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau
LBMA Liberian Bureau of Maritime Affairs
LCVB Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau
LRCVB Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau
LNIB Loch Ness Investigation Bureau
LCVB Lodi Conference and Visitors Bureau
LIFB Long Island Farm Bureau
LTCB Long Term Care Bureau
LCVB Longview Convention and Visitors Bureau
LCVB Lorain County Visitors Bureau
LFBF Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation
LYSB Lymes Youth Service Bureau
MECB Macdac Engineering Consultancy Bureau
MAB Magazine Advertising Bureau
MRBT Maintenance Réseaux Bureautique Télématique
MBS Malawi Bureau of Standards
MTBB Manitoba Text Book Bureau
MCFB Marion County Farm Bureau
MLB Maritime Lumber Bureau
MDB Marsavius Design Bureau
MFB Maryland Farm Bureau
MLAB Maryland Legal Aid Bureau
MFB Massachusetts Film Bureau
MRB Massachusetts Rating Bureau
MCAB Master Contractors Accreditation Bureau
MTB Materials Transportation Bureau
MCFB Maui County Farm Bureau
MSB Mauritius Standards Bureau
MB Media Bureau
MEMBERS Medical Bureau of Road Safety
MDB Medical Devices Bureau
MIB Medical Information Bureau
MIB Medical Insurance Bureau
MCFB Mendocino County Farm Bureau
MBI Messianic Bureau International
MBI Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation
MCB Mexico Convention Bureau
MFB Michigan Farm Bureau
MNP Milieu en Natuur Planbureau
MBC Millennium Bureau of Canada
MFB Minnesota Farm Bureau
MOB Miscellaneous Objectives Bureau
MPB Missing Persons Bureau
MFB Missouri Farm Bureau
MCFB Monterey County Farm Bureau
MIB Motor Insurer’s Bureau
MIBI Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland
MVIB Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau
MERB Myanmar Education Research Bureau
NCB Narcotics Control Bureau
NIB Nationaal Incasso Bureau
NAB National Accountability Bureau
NAB National Allergy Bureau
NRPB National and Regional Planning Bureau
NBAR National Bureau of Asian Research
NBR National Bureau of Asian Research
NBCD National Bureau of Controlled Drugs
NBCP National Bureau of Corruption Prevention
NBCI National Bureau of Criminal Investigation
NBCTS National Bureau of Curriculum and Textbooks
NBER National Bureau of Economic Research
NBI National Bureau of Investigation
NBPGR National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources
NBS National Bureau of Standards
NBSR National Bureau of Standards Reactor
NBS National Bureau of Statistics
NBSC National Bureau of Statistics of China
NCB National Cargo Bureau
NCB National Central Bureau
NCPWB National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau
NCIB National Charities Information Bureau
NCB National Children’s Bureau
NCLB National Civil Liberties Bureau
NCB National Codification Bureau
NCBC National Codification Bureau Code
NCRB National Crime Records Bureau
NCBI National Crimes Bureau of India
NDIB National Drug Intelligence Bureau
NEBB National Environmental Balancing Bureau
NEPB National Environmental Protection Bureau
NEB National Ethics Bureau
NGB National Garden Bureau
NGB National Guard Bureau
NICB National Insurance Crime Bureau
NIAB National Insurers Audit Bureau
NIB National Intelligent Bureau
NLAB National Legal Aid Bureau
NLB National Lighting Bureau
NOAB National Outdoor Advertising Bureau
NPCB National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau
NPB National Police Bureau
NQB National Quotation Bureau, Inc
NRB National Reconstruction Bureau
NRB National Repair Bureau
NRB National Research Bureau
NRB National Reservation Bureau Inc
NSB National Speakers Bureau
NYB National Youth Bureau
NBM Nederlands Bureau der Motorrijtuigverzekeraars
NSB Neighborhood Services Bureau
NEBI New England Bureau of Investigation
NZCB New Zealand Convention Bureau
NSB News Service Bureau
NAB Newspaper Advertising Bureau
NACB Non-Aligned Coordinating Bureau
NCB Nordisk Copyright Bureau
NACB North American Crane Bureau
NCACVB North Carolina Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus
NCRB North Carolina Rate Bureau
NCSBI North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
NSLB Northern Softwood Lumber Bureau
NWMB Northwest Washington Medical Bureau
OHSB Occupational Health and Safety Bureau
OCCB Office of Civilian Complaints Bureau
OCB Offshore Certification Bureau
OFB Ohio Farm Bureau
OFBF Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
OBN Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics
OSBI Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
BOSS Old Name for South African State Security Bureau
OTAB Olympic Television Archive Bureau
OVC Omagh Volunteer Bureau
OEDB Omsk Engine Design Bureau
OHM Onderwijsbureau Hollands Midden
OCCVB Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau
OCB Organized Crime Bureau
OCCB Organized Crime Control Bureau
OBESSU Organizing Bureau of European School Student Unions
OOCCVB Orlando Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau
OTIB Orlando Tourist Information Bureau
OVAB Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau
PCD Pacific Car Demurrage Bureau
PIB Pacific Inland Tariff Bureau
PLIB Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau
PYB Pacific Youth Bureau
PNB Pageant News Bureau, Inc.
PCB Pakistan Computer Bureau
PCBS Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
PASB Pan American Sanitary Bureau
PMB Parking Management Bureau
PAWB Parks and Wildlife Bureau
PFB Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
PPSB Periodical Publishers’ Service Bureau
PIBAC Permanent International Bureau of Analytical Chemistry of Human and Animal Food
PSTB Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau
PATB Petroleum, Alcohol, and Tobacco Bureau
PFSB Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau
PCMB Pierce County Medical Bureau
PBF Pittsburgh Bureau Fire
PBL Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving
PLB Planning and Landing Bureau
PLB Planning and Lands Bureau
PBOC Political Bureau of the CPC
PRB Population Reference Bureau
PIB Pork Information Bureau
PAB Poster Audit Bureau
PIB Press Information Bureau
PROBE Preternatural Research Bureau
PRCVB Princeton Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau
PMB Print Measurement Bureau
PHDB Private Hospitals Data Bureau
PSB Private Security Bureau
PIB Prize Information Bureau
PLRB Property Loss Research Bureau
PAWB Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau
PSBI Prudential Service Bureau, Inc.
PCIB Public Complaints Investigation Bureau
PHSB Public Health Service Bureau
PSSB Public Safety Services Bureau
PSB Public Security Bureau
PSNB Public Service News Bureau
PTPB Public Transportation Programs Bureau
PNEB Publishers National Environment Bureau
PIB Publishers’ Information Bureau
PRCB Puerto Rico Convention Bureau
QWEB Quality Web Enterprise Bureau
QWEB Quebec Wood Export Bureau
RPB Radiation Protection Bureau
RAB Radio Advertising Bureau
BROTHER Radiocommunication Bureau
BRANCH Radiocommunication Bureau
BR Radiocommunication Bureau
RIRB Railroad Insurance Rating Bureau
RDB Red Design Bureau
RBZ Regionaal Bureau Zelfstandigen
RAB Regional Accountability Bureau
RBEC Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS
RCB Regional Co-ordination Bureau
RSB Repair Service Bureau
RBO Repro Bureautique Organisation
RTSB Residential Treatment Services Bureau
RM Resource Management Bureau
RMCB Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau
RKD Rijksbureau Kunsthistorische Documentatie
RPB Ruimtelijk Planbureau
RDSB Rural Development Studies Bureau
RSGB Russian Soviet Government Bureau
SLBS Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards
SLCVB Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau
SFCVB San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
SFSB San Francisco Speakers Bureau
SJIVB San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau
SCB Saudi Credit Bureau
SMAB Senior Medical Advisor Bureau
SB Service Bureau
SBBL Service Bureau Buitenschools Leren
SDMB Service Depannage Mobilier de Bureau
SOB Service Organisation Bureau
SAB Shanghai Audit Bureau
SBAF Shanghai Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry
SBCA Shanghai Bureau of Civil Affairs
SBPS Shanghai Bureau of Public Security
SBSS Shanghai Bureau of State Security
SBS Shanghai Bureau of Statistics
SCAESAB Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Administration Bureau
SEPB Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau
SFB Shanghai Finance Bureau
SGB Shanghai Grain Bureau
SHB Shanghai Health Bureau
SJB Shanghai Justice Bureau
SLAB Shanghai Landscaping Administrative Bureau
SMSB Shanghai Medical Security Bureau
SPB Shanghai Price Bureau
SPB Shanghai Sports Bureau
STB Shanghai Taxation Bureau
SUTB Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau
SWCB Shanghai Water Conservation Bureau
SCCVB Shiawassee County Convention & Visitors Bureau
SLSB Sierra Leone Standards Bureau
SBOS Sindh Bureau of Statistics
SCTB Snohomish County Tourism Bureau
SCP Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau
SMB Societe Monegasque de Bureautique
SMBER Société Monégasque de Bureautique
SOPN Soeverein Onafhankelijk Persbureau Nederland
SWCB Soil and Water Conservation Bureau
SIVB Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau
SCTB Sonoma County Tourism Bureau
SABS South African Bureau of Standards
SAWB South African Weather Bureau
SCFB South Carolina Farm Bureau
SCAB South Charleston Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
SDFB South Dakota Farm Bureau
SPEC South Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation
SFB Southern Farm Bureau
SITB Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau
SWB Southwestern Motor Freight Bureau, Inc.
SBC Speakers Bureau Coordinator
SBH Special Bureau for Hydrology
SBL Special Bureau for Loading
SBA Special Bureau for the Atmosphere
SBC Special Bureau for the Core
SBO Special Bureau for the Oceans
SBT Special Bureau for Tides
SEB Special Enforcement Bureau
SIB Special Investigations Bureau
STRB Special Trade Relations Bureau
SCB Speedway Control Bureau
SLCB Sri Lanka Convention Bureau
SRB Staff Record Bureau
SCPB Standing Committee of the Political Bureau
SBFE State Bureau of Foreign Experts
SBI State Bureau of Investigations
SBMPT State Bureau of Military Products Trade
SBSM State Bureau of Survey and Mapping
SBMS State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
SCRB State Crime Record Bureau
SFSB State Forensic Science Bureau
SPBI State Police Bureau of Identification
SSB State Seismological Bureau
SSB State Statistical Bureau
STMB State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau
SBA Stichting Bureau Architecten Register
SKH Stichting Keuringsbureau Hout
SEBI Stock Exchange Bureau of India
SSNB Straight Scoop News Bureau
SDRB Strategic Development Research Bureau
SLRB Survey and Land Registration Bureau
SSB Switched Service Bureau
SVSB Switched Video Service Bureau
SYRRECOB Syndicat National de la Récupération et du Reconditionnement des Consommables Bureautiques
SIMBAD Système d’Information Médicale et de Bureautique Appliqué au Dossier Médical
TCPB Taichung City Police Bureau
TCB Tampere Convention Bureau
TBS Tanzania Bureau of Standards
TBTC Technisch Bureau Ten Cate
TBUS Technisch Bureau Uittenbogaart
TBU Technisch Bureau Uittenbogaart
BDT Telecommunication Development Bureau
TSB Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
TABS Television Advertising Bureau Ltd.
TVB Television Bureau
TBA Television Bureau of Advertising
TVA Television Bureau of Advertising
TVB Television Bureau of Advertising
TVB Television Bureau of Canada, Inc.
TBI Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
TABB Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau
TFB Texas Farm Bureau
TCEB Thailand Convention Exhibition Bureau
TRBB Thais Relatie Bemiddelings Bureau
TBMS The Bureau of Missing Socks
TEBA The Employment Bureau of Africa
TWB The Washington Bureau
TWCVB The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau
TBSM Tibet Autonomus Regional Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
TTB Tibet Tourism Bureau
TQMB Total Quality Management Bureau
THB Traditional Housing Bureau
TAB Traffic Audit Bureau
TEB Traffic Engineering Bureau
TCB Transcontinental Flight Bureau
TCB Transcontinental Freight Bureau
TAMB Transit Advertising Measurement Bureau
TB Transport Bureau
TAMBEM Transport Bureau
TYSB Tulare Youth Service Bureau
UBS Uganda Bureau of Standards
URSB Uganda Registration Services Bureau
UKD Uitzendbureau Karel Duijndam
UAB Underwriter Adjustment Bureau
USBR United States Bureau of Reclamation
USBC United States Bureau of the Census
USCB United States Census Bureau
USGB United States Gold Bureau
USAB University Students Advisory Bureau
UACB Unless Advised to the Contrary by the Bureau
USBP US Bureau of Prisons
BUREC US Bureau of Reclamation
UTFB Utah Farm Bureau Federation
UVCVB Utah Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau
VVCTB Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism Bureau
VPRA Van Public Relations Adviesbureaus
VVMA Vereniging Van Milieu Adviesbureaus
VFB Virginia Farm Bureau
VAFB Virginia Farm Bureau
VCB Visitor and Convention Bureau
VOB Visitors and Observers Bureau
WCVB Warren County Visitors Bureau
WBIA Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy
WCFB Washtenaw County Farm Bureau
WSEB Water Supply Engineering Bureau
WB Weather Bureau
WBRH Weather Bureau Regional Headquarters
WBRS Weather Bureau Research Station
WBAN Weather Bureau, Air Force and Navy
WNAB Weekly Newspapers Advertising Bureau
WCLIB West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau
WSYB West Seneca Youth Bureau
WSTB West Shore Tax Bureau
WSAB West Somerset Advice Bureau
WVFB West Virginia Farm Bureau
WAIB Western Aerosol Information Bureau
WCCB Wildlife Crime Control Bureau
WCTB Williamson County Tourism Bureau
WSCVB Winston-Salem Convention and Visitors Bureau
WBBB Wisconsin Better Business Bureau
WFBF Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
WRACVB Wisconsin Rapids Area Convention Visitors Bureau
WEB Witches Education Bureau
WCAB Wolverhampton Citizens Advice Bureaux
WB Women’s Bureau
WRRB Worcester Regional Research Bureau
WCIRB Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau
WBBB World Black Belt Bureau
WBMS World Bureau of Metal Statistics
WGA World Canadian Bureau
WCAB World Cup Accommodation Bureau
WCTB World Cup Ticketing Bureau
WCVB Wrangell Convention and Visitor Bureau
WYSB Wyoming Youth Services Bureau
XAB Xpo AdviesBureau
YCCVB York County Convention & Visitors Bureau
YSB Youth Services Bureau
YCB Yukon Convention Bureau
YVB Yukon Volunteer Bureau
ZABS Zambia Bureau of Standards