Career Abbreviations

A career is the course or progress in work for a certain individual from the beginning of his employment. It is often used in a positive sense as a good career or a successful career , ie successful development in one or more areas and activities.

Very often, career means work in areas that require professional knowledge and skills, and in this sense, professional training or accumulated professional experience in a given field.


The word originates from the French carriere (c. 16th century), which in turn derives from the Latin word “(via) cararia” (chariot road), which in turn comes from the Latin word carrus or “car” , chariot ”.

In the west, with the development of a wider range of professions and opportunities for professional development, the so-called career counselors .

In the 21st century , it is also not uncommon to develop several careers (parallel careers) or, in other words, to develop in several different professional fields.

Career development is a process of professional growth, which includes the accumulation of new knowledge and skills and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Career development is a set of well thought out and managed moves. Management is a process that includes first of all assessing the level at which we are in our professional development, deciding what we would like to achieve and taking the necessary steps to achieve the set goals.

Career Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Career

ACE Academic and Career Exploration
ACIC Academic and Career Information Center
ACCSCT Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
ACDP Acquisition Career Development Plan
ACE Acquisition Career Enhancement
ACF Acquisition Career Field
ACL Acquisition Career Level
ACMA Acquisition Career Management Advocate
ACMB Acquisition Career Management Board
ACMIS Acquisition Career Management Information System
ACMO Acquisition Career Management Office
ACMP Acquisition Career Management Program
ACMS Acquisition Career Management System
ACM Acquisition Career Manager
ACRB Acquisition Career Record Brief
ACPM Activity Career Program Manager
ACWA Administrative Careers With America
AACS Adult Advancement and Careers Service
ACED Adult and Career Education
ACTES Adult and Career Technical Education
ACTE Adult and Career Technical Education
AECD Advanced Education & Career Development
ACIO Advertising Career Information Office
ACCLS Advisory Council on Career and Life Strategies
AFCFM Air Force Career Field Manager
ASC All-State Career
ARCC Alumnae Resource Career Connection
ACN Alumni Career Network
ACS Alumni Career Services
ACI America’s Career Infonet
ACK America’s Career Kit
ACRN America’s Career Resource Network
AHCC Ames High Career Center
ACCR Amsterdam Center for Career Research
ACCOUNTING Annual Career Conference
ACCESSORY Annual Career Conference
ACC Annual Career Conference
ACR Annual Career Review
AUCA Aramark Uniform and Career Apparel
ACCA Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984
AFCO Armed Forces Career Office
AC3 Armor Captains Career Course
ABCP Army Bands Career Program
ACAP Army Career and Alumni Program
ACMO Army Career Management Office
ACIO Army Careers Information Office
ACCES Army Civilian Career Evaluation System
ARCC Army Reserve Career Counselor
ACDO Assistant Career Day Officer
ASCOT Associated Students for Career Orientation in Telecommunications
ACTES Association for Career and Technical Education
ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education
ACPI Association of Career Professionals International
APECS Association of Polar Early Career Scientists
ACE Athlete Career and Education
ANICA Australian Network of Industry Careers Advisers
ACMS Automated Career Management System
ACIA Aviation Career Incentive Act of 1974
ACIP Aviation Career Incentive Pay
AOOCP Aviation Ordnance Officer Career Progression
BECOME Bad Career Move
BCM Bad Career Move
BCT Baltimore Career Training
BEACON Become Employed at Career Online Network
BSCP Biomedical Science Careers Program
BHCA Black Hills Careers Academy
BCS Brilliant Career School
BCBC Building Careers, Bridging Continents
BSCA Business and Service Career Academy
BCFP Business Career Foundation Program
BCII Business Career Interest Inventory
BCS Business Career Service
BCEA Business Careers in Entertainment Association
CCDA California Career Development Association
CIVIL Cambridge Career College
CCC Cambridge Career College
CSCA Cambridge Skills and Career Awards
C2C Campus to Career
CCIP Canada Career Information Partnership
CACEE Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers
CCDF Canadian Career Development Foundation
CCIA Canadian Career Information Association
CCCA Canadian Cosmetics Careers Association
CCTC Cape Career Training College
CIVIL Captains Career Course
CCC Captains Career Course
CTC Career & Technology Center
CTOF Career & Training Opportunities Fair
CAPACITY Career Action Program
CAP Career Action Program
CAA Career Advancement Accounts
CAS Career Advancement Scheme
CAN Career Advice Network
CAREERS Career Airman Reenlistment Reservation System
CES Career and Employment Services
CAJFSA Career and Job Fair Student Association
CALM Career and Life Management
CPDC Career and Personal Development Center
CAPP Career And Personal Planning
CAPE Career and Professional Education Act
CRR Career and Recovery Resources, Inc.
CSP Career and Succession Planning
CTEER Career and Technical Education
CTE Career and Technical Education
CTEA Career and Technical Education Act of 2006
CTEC Career and Technical Education Center
CTSO Career and Technical Student Organizations
CATE Career and Technology Education
CTED Career and Technology Education
CTS Career and Technology Studies
CANT Career Aptitude Normalizing Test
CAB Career Assessment Battery
CAM Career Asset Manager
CAPACITY Career Assignment Program
CAP Career Assignment Program
CAA Career Assistance Advisor
CAC Career Assistance Counseling
CAHM Career at Home Mom
CARE Career Awareness and Resource Education Program
CAMP Career Awareness Mystery Project
CAPACITY Career Awareness Program
CAP Career Awareness Program
CBOP Career Based Outreach Program
CBO Career Broadening Objectives
C3 Career Captains Course
CCI Career Care Institute
CCI Career Coach Institute
CCA Career College Association
CCNN Career College of Northern Nevada
CCG Career Communications Group, Inc.
CCP Career Consultants & Personnel
CCAN Career Contact and Alumni Network
CC Career Counselor
CIVIL Career Counselors Consortium
CCC Career Counselors Consortium
CDMT Career Decision-Making Tool
CANADA Career Design Associates, Inc.
CDA Career Design Associates, Inc.
CD Career Development
CDOS Career Development and Occupational Studies
CDOA Career Development and Outplacement Association
CDRC Career Development and Resource Center
CDSA Career Development and Staff Appraisal
CANADA Career Development Award
CDA Career Development Award
CDC Career Development Center
CDC Career Development Conference
CDC Career Development Course
CDM Career Development eManual
CDE Career Development Event
CDF Career Development Facilitator
CDFI Career Development Facilitator Instructor
CDSS Career Development for Support Staff
CDG Career Development Grant
CDI Career Development Institute
CDI Career Development International
CDIP Career Development Internship Program
COMMANDO Career Development Opportunities
CDO Career Development Opportunities
CDP Career Development Path
CDQ Career Development Quarterly
CDRG Career Development Resource Guide
CDSS Career Development Service System
CDI Career Directors International
CE Career Education
CETME Career Education and Training Middle East
CEAV Career Education Association of Australia
CEAV Career Education Association of Victoria
CEI Career Education Institute
CERES Career Education Responsive to Every Student
CEG Career Employment Group
CERP Career Employment Resource Program
CEMETERY Career Ending Move
CEM Career Ending Move
CEP Career Enhancement Plan
CELS Career Enhancing Life Skills
CEA Career Enlisted Aviator
CEDP Career Entry and Development Profile
CEA Career Executive Assignment
CEF Career Executive Force
CEOE Career Executive Officer Examination
CF Career Field
CFD Career Field Designate/Designation
CFD Career Field Designation
CFETP Career Field Education and Training Package
CFETP Career Field Education and Training Plan
CFM Career Field Manager
CF2II Career Focus 2000 Interest Inventory
CFP Career Focus Program
CGI Career Guide to Industries
CHIEF Career Helper Involved Enlisted Futures
CICA Career Industry Consortium Australia
CIAC Career Information & Counseling
CIMS Career Information Management System
CIRC Career Information Resource Centre
CIS Career Information Services, Inc
CIS Career Information Specialist
CIS Career Information System
CIT Career Institute of Technology
CIP Career Intern Program
CIO Career Is Over
CJR Career Job Reservation
CKM Career Killing Move
CKO Career Knockout
CLIP Career Ladder Incentive Program
CLP Career Ladder Program
CLC Career Leadership Conference
CLC Career Learning Center
CLS Career Level School
CLII Career Liftoff Interest Inventory
CLA Career Limiting Action
CLB Career Limiting Behaviour
CLOUD Career Limiting Decision
CLD Career Limiting Decision
CLE Career Limiting Event
CLM Career Limiting Move
COMMENTARY Career Management
CM Career Management
CMDC Career Management & Development Centre
CMLC Career Management and Learning Center
CMA Career Management Association
CMC Career Management Center
CMF Career Management Field
CMI Career Management Institute
CMREP Career Management Real Estate Professional
CMRC Career Management Resource Center
CMS Career Management Skills
CMS Career Management System
CMI Career Masters Institute
CMAS Career Mastery Inventory
COPS Career Occupational Preference System
COB Career Opportunities Bulletin
COSD Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
COY Career Opportunities for Youth
CORNER Career Opportunities in Research Education and Training
COR Career Opportunities in Research Education and Training
COLLEGE Career Opportunities List
COLLECTED Career Opportunities List
COL Career Opportunities List
CORC Career Opportunities Resource Center
COTA Career Opportunities Training Agreement
COS Career Opportunity System
COW Career Opportunity Week
COI Career Orientation Inventory
COMETS Career Oriented Modules to Explore Topics in Science
CPP Career Pilot Program
CPS Career Placement Service
CPOA Career Plan of Action
CPAM Career Planning and Management
CPPA Career Planning and Placement Association
CPPO Career Planning and Placement Office
CPB Career Planning Board
CPP Career Planning Program
CPS Career Planning Survey
CPP Career Preparation Program
COPILOT Career Program
CP Career Program
CPM Career Program Manager
CPPC Career Program Policy Committee
CPPT Career Program Priority Training
CPAT Career Programs Assessment Test
CPG Career Progression Group
CPG Career Progression Guide
CRC Career Readiness Certificate
CREO Career Reenlistment Objective
CREST Career Related Experience In Science and Technology
CRLS Career Related Learning Standard
CRI Career Research International, Inc.
CRC Career Resource Center
CRC Career Resource Centre
CRL Career Resource Library
CRMC Career Resource Management Center
CRMA Career Resource Managers Association
CRN Career Resource Network
CRDC Career Resources Development Center
CRI Career Resources Inc.
CRS Career Retention Specialist
CSA Career Scholarship Account
CSP Career Sea Pay
CSPP Career Sea Pay Premium
CSA Career Service Advisory
CSAC Career Service Advisory Council
CSC Career Service Center
CSE Career Service Examinations
CSVS Career Service Vitae
CSV Career Service Vitae
CSAA Career Services and Alumni Affairs
CSSE Career Services and Student Employment
CSL Career Services Library
CSB Career Shopping Bag
CSEP Career Soldier Education Program
CSI Career Sports International
CSB Career Status Bonus
CTVC Career Tech Vocational College
CTC Career Technology Center
CTEER Career Technology Education
CTE Career Technology Education
CTM Career Terminating Move
CTD Career to Date
CT Career Trainee
CTCP Career Training and College Prep
CTG Career Training Guide
CTAP Career Transition Assistance Plan
CTC Career Transition Center
CTFD Career Transition for Dancers
CTMC Career Transition Management Center
CTP Career Transition Partnership
CTAE Career, Technical and Adult Education
CTAE Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
CLR Career-Limiting Remark
CTC Careerline Tech Center
CRLE Career-Related Learning Experience
CFT Careers Fast Track
CIE Careers in Europe
CLCI Careers Library Classification Index
CRAC Careers Research and Advisory Centre
CSU Careers Services Unit
CUP Careers Using Physics
CTWT Careertrack Workforce Temps, LLC
CCCTC Carroll County Career and Technology Center
CACS Center for Advising and Career Services
CCPD Center for Career and Professional Development
CCE Center for Career Education
CFCS Center for Career Services
CCTE Center for Career Technology and Education
CCCE Center for Community Career Education
CICD Center for International Career Development
CFCI Central Florida Career Institute
CMCCF Central Maryland College Career Fair
CBCD Centre for Business Career Development
CCCP Centre for Coaching and Career Planning
CCMC Certified Career Management Coach
CCA Certified CareerIntel Affiliate
JCTC Certified Job and Career Transition Coach
CPCC Certified Professional Career Coach
CSCP Certified Security Career Professionals
CCCTC Charles County Career and Technical Center
CVOC Charles County Career and Technical Center
CCCC Chaves County Career Center
CMTCS Chesapeake Marine Trades Career School
CVCA Chicago Vocational Career Academy
CCI Church Careers Institute
CCCTC Clearfield County Career and Technology Center
CCP College and Career Preparation
CCTI College and Career Transitions Initiative
CCTE College, Career and Technical Education
CCFCC Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium
CCCD Colorado Construction Career Days
CCCTC Columbiana County Career and Technical Center
CIVIL Command Career Counselor
CCC Command Career Counselor
CCPM Command Career Program Manager
CTCI Commission on Technical and Career Institutions
CUCO Commission on University Career Opportunity
CICP Communications and Information Career Program
CCP Communications Career Program
CRCP Community Rehabilitation Careers Project
CBCD Competency-Based Career Development
CIVIL Computer Career Center
CCC Computer Career Center
CIVIL Computer Career Connection, Inc
CCC Computer Career Connection, Inc
CCI Computer Careers International
CCCC Concorde Career Colleges
CCCT Consolidated Civilian Career Training
CCD Construction Career Days
CIVIL Construction Careers Center
CCC Construction Careers Center
CCP Contracting Career Program
CCTE Cooperative Career Technical Education
CECS Co-operative Education & Career Services
CCDC Cordillera Career Development Center
CCTC Corrections Career Transition Certified
CIVIL Counseling and Career Center
CCC Counseling and Career Center
CCD Counseling and Career Development
CCS Counseling and Career Services
CACTCS Cranston Area Career and Technical Center
CCM Credentialed Career Master
DACM Defense Acquisition Career Manager
DCIP Defense Career Intern Program
DCD Department of Career Development
DACM Director of Acquisition Career Management
DOCM Directorate of Officer Career Management
DCR Division of Career Resources
DCTAL Division of Career Technology and Adult Learning
CTAL Division of Career Technology and Adult Learning
DVCA Dunbar Vocational Career Academy
ECHELON Early Career Hire
ECH Early Career Hire
ECPI Early Career Principal Investigator
ECRA Early Career Research Affiliates
ECRGS Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme
ECTA East Career and Technical Academy
EMCC Eastern Monroe Career Center
EDCP Education and Career Planning
ELECT Education Leading to Employment and Career Training
ETC Education To Careers
ECS Educational Career Services
ECSO Educational Career Services Office
ECS Employment Career Services
ECCC Engineer Captains Career Course
ESCAPE Engineering Specific Career Planning And Problem-Solving Environment
ECMO Enlisted Career Management Objectives
ECEF Enterprise and Career Education Foundation
ECOLOGY Environmental Career Opportunities
ECO Environmental Career Opportunities
ECOLOGY Environmental Careers Organization
ECO Environmental Careers Organization
ECF European Career Fair
EDCI European Diving Career Institute
ECTE Evaluation in Career and Technical Education
ECM Executive Career Management
EBCE Experience-Based Career Education
ECCE Exploring Church Careers Event
FCCL Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
FCCLA Family, Consumer and Career Leaders of America
FCIP Federal Career Intern Program
FCO Federal Career Opportunities
FCS Flexible Careers Scheme
FACTE Florida Association of Career and Technical Education
FCC Florida Career College
FCPN Florida Career Pathways Network
FCCC Four County Career Center
FCA Franklin Career Academy
FPYC Future Proof Your Career
GCIS Georgia Career Information System
GBCS Graduate Business Career Services
GCCA Graduate Careers Council of Australia
GCI Graduate Careers Ireland
GCCSO Graduate College Career Services Office
GNBCC Greater New Bedford Career Center
GCS Guernsey Careers Service
GCC Gunnery Career Course
HCI Harmony Careers International
HACE Health and Career Education
HCC Health Career Center
HCHS Health Careers High School
HPCOP Health Professions Career Opportunity Program
HRCP Health Related Careers Program
HCC Herndon Career Center
HACE Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement
HECT Home Economics Careers and Technology
HACA Humboldt Academy for Career Advancement
ICDA Idaho Career Development Association
ICDA Illinois Career Development Association
ISCO Independent Schools Careers Organisation
ICCC Infantry Captains Career Course
IOCF Information Operations Career Field
ICLD Institute for Career and Leisure Development
IBMC Institute of Business and Medical Careers
IOCE Institute of Career Education
ICG Institute of Careers Guidance
ISCF Institutional Support Career Field
ICDP Intelligence Career Development Plan
ICDP Intelligence Career Development Program
IBCC International Baccalaureate Career-Related Certificate
INCA International Career Academy
ICDC International Career Development Conference
ICDA International Career Direction Assessment
ICPI International Career Planning Institute
ICCD International Centre for Career Development
ICCDPP International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy
ICCE International Culture & Career Exchange
IECE International Education & Career Expo
ITCC International Training and Careers College
IPCCC Iowa Private College Career Consortium
JCMS JASS Career Management System
JCS Jersey Careers Service
JF-AND-CS Jewish Family & Career Services
JCDC Job and Career Development Coach
JCEC Job and Career Education Center
JCC JobLink Career Center
JCTC Jobs & Career Training College
JFC Jobs, Futures, Careers Staffing Associates
JCTC Joint Career Transition Committee
JOCD Journal of Career Development
JSCDP Junior Staff Career Development Program
KCDC Keewatin Career Development Corporation
KCN Kelly Career Network
LCCTC Lancaster County Career & Technology Center
LYNC Launch Your Nursing Career
LCS Law Career Services
LCAN Law Careers Advice Network
LCC Lawrence Career College
LOCATE Learning Occupational Career Abilities Through Education
LTCC Learning Theory of Career Counseling
LCCTC Lebanon County Career and Technology Center
LCCE Life Centered Career Education
LCBO Logistics Career Broadening Officer
LCCU London Central Careers Unit
LACTE Louisiana Association of Career and Technical Education
LCCC Lycoming County Career Consortium
MCPM MACOM Career Program Manager (US Army)
MBCD Making Better Career Decisions
MCCC Maneuver Captains Career Course
KCC Martin Luther King, Jr. Career Center
MCC Mass Career Customization
MCCTE Massachusetts Center for Career and Technical Education
MCDP Master Career Development Professional
MCD Master Career Director
MTACC Medical Transcription Advantage Career Center
MCCC Medina County Career Center
MCCC Mercer County Career Center
MRCD Merit Rating and Career Development
MCTI Michigan Career and Technical Institute
MCPA Michigan Career Placement Association
MCCTE Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education
MOCP Michigan Office of Career Preparation
MACCA Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association
MOC Military Occupational Career
MSCN Military Spouses’ Career Network
MCDA Minnesota Career Development Association
MARC Minority Access to Research Careers
MECH Missouri Education and Career Hotlink
MMC Modernising Medical Careers
MCPA Modified Career Path Appreciation
MACTE Montana Association for Career and Technical Education
MCRN Montana Career Resource Network
MCCFFA Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters Association
MCDC Muhlenberg Career Development Center
MCC Multicultural Career Conference
NACC National Association of Career Colleges
NACW National Association of Career Women
NASDCTE National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education
NCAC National Career Academy Coalition
NCAE National Career Assessment Examination
NCDA National Career Development Association
NCPN National Career Pathways Network
NCCC National Certified Career Counselor
NATCON National Consultation on Career Development
NDCCTE National Dissemination Center for Career and Technical Education
NHA National Healthcareer Association
NICD National Institute of Career Development
NNCNA National Network of Career Nursing Assistants
NOWCC National Older Worker Career Center
NCCA Nationwide Career Counseling for Attorneys
NCIP Navy Career Intern Program
NCIS Nebraska Career Information System
NZCC New Zealand Career College
NSCS Next Steps Career Solutions
NCCG Non Consultant Career Grade
NRCC Nonresident Career Course
NCCA Northcoast Consortium for Career Advancement
NCSN Northern Career Services Network
NCAH Nursing Careers Allied Health
OCTE Office of Career and Technical Education
OCC Office of Career Counseling
OCPP Office of Career Planning and Placement
OCS Office of Career Services
OCSPA Office of Career Services and Preprofessional Advising
OWCD Office of Workforce and Career Development
OWCC Office Workers Career Centre
OCD Officer Career Development
OCM Officer Career Management
OIHC Ohio Institute of Health Careers
OCTI Olympia Career Training Institute
OCC Online Career Center
OPCF Operations Career Field
OECP Oracle Education Career Program
OCCH Oxford and Cambridge Careers Handbook
PCCC Packaging Careers Council of Canada
PACP Parents as Career Partners
PCWD Partners in Career and Workforce Development
POCI Partnership for Occupational and Career Information
PCAS Peel Career Assessment Services, Inc
PACE People Accessing Careers and Education
PERFECT Peoria Educational Region for Employment and Career Training
PACP Personal Academic/Career Plan
PACD Personal and Career Development Program
PCDP Personal Career Development Profile
PACE Personal Finance and Career Exploration
PCTC Pioneer Career and Technical Center
PCIPP Police Career Incentive Pay Program
PCDI Postdoc Career Development Initiative
PCTIA Private Career Training Institutions Agency
PACE Professional & Administrative Career Examination
PACE Professional Accounting Career Exploration
PACD Professional and Career Development
PACE Professional and Career English
PACT Professional Apprenticeship Career Track Program
PCDI Professional Career Development Institute
PCI Professional Careers Institute
PGCC Professional Golfers Career College
PCPC Progress Career Planning Centre
PCTC Putnam Career & Technical Center
QCG Qualification in Careers Guidance
REACH Realizing Educational and Career Hopes
RMCA Regional Management Career Adviser
RCCC Reserve Component Career Counselor
RACC Richmond Area Career Center
RACC Rockford Area Career Clearinghouse
SDCOP San Diego Career Opportunities Partners
STC School To Career
SCORES Science Career Options for Rural Environment Students
SCTE Secondary Career and Technical Education
SCOTI Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information
SCCC Signal Captains’ Career Course
SCC Smith Career Center
SCDC Software Career Discovery Centre
SEACE Software Engineer Advanced Career Education
SCMA Soldier Career Management Agency
SABTACO South African Black Technical and Allied Careers Organisation
SCCIS South Central Career Information System
SWCTA Southwest Career and Technical Academy
SFCC St Francis Career College
SCDC State Career Development Conference
SCEP Student Career Enhancement Program
SCEP Student Career Experience Program
SCOPE Student Career Options and Placement Experiences
SECP Students and Early Career Professionals
SPACE Students Pursuing Academics and Careers in Engineering
SUCCESS Students Undertaking College Career Enhancing Study Skills
SCP Summer Career Placement
SCAC Support Careers Advisory Committee
TCL Teacher Career Ladder Program
TCEA Teaching Career Enhancement
TCI Technical Career Institute
TCL Technical Career Ladder
TLC Technology Life Careers
TCLP Tennessee Career Ladder Program
ACEG The Association of Careers Education & Guidance
TTCC The Top Careers Club
TICO Training Institute for Careers in Organizing
TCC Transfer Career Center
TTCC Travel Training Career Centre
UCA Unit Career Advisor
UMBCC Universitas Mercu Buana Career Center
UACC University Advising and Career Center
UCPA University Career Planning Association
UCCDP University-Community Career Development Partnership
UCC Utah Career College
VOCL Vault Online Career Library
VECTOR Video Exploration of Careers, Transitions, Opportunities and Realities
VCCA Virginia Career College Association
VCEF Virginia Career Education Foundation
VCC Virtual Career Center
VCF Virtual Career Fair
VCCC Virtual College & Career Center
VMCC Virtual Maritime Career Centre
WOCC Warrant Officer Career Center
WCDA Washington Career Development Association
WCII Wedding Careers Institute, Inc.
WFCC West Farms Career Center
WVCC West Virginia Career College
WVCI West Virginia Career Institute
WACTC Western Area Career & Technology Center
WRCC Windham Regional Career Center
WACTE Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education
WCDA Wisconsin Career Development Association
WACTC Woonsocket Area Career & Technical Center
WECEP Work Experience and Career Exploration Program
WACTE Wyoming Association of Career and Technical Education
YCP Your Career Plan
YNC Your New Career, Inc.