Chiang Mai Abbreviations

Chiang Mai

An increasing number of Thailand visitors have opened their eyes to the fact that the country has more to offer than just beautiful beaches. And Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city and capital in Chiang Mai Province, is receiving more and more tourists looking to experience the more cultural side of Thailand.

The city of Chiang Mai itself officially has around 130,000 inhabitants, but if you include the surrounding areas the number is probably twice as large.

Founded in the late 13th century, Chiang Mai was the capital of the Kingdom of Lanna, one of many petty kingdoms in what was to become Thailand. At this time, the city walls and moat that still surround the Old Town were also built. The city wall was built to protect against the enemy in the west that was Burma, today’s Myanmar.

Chiang Mai is a UNESCO listed city and a favorite city among a number of the world’s leading travel organizations and organizers. Maybe it’s time to experience Chiang Mai yourself too?

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