Clothing Abbreviations

The term clothing has 4 different meanings:

1) getting dressed.
getting dressed.

2) what serves to dress oneself with.
things used for dressing; items used to cover the body and keep it warm; what serves to clothe oneself; that which one wears to clothe oneself; body coverings for humans; collection of items of clothing, often a combination of several items of clothing that are worn together; amount of clothing together.


3) manner of dressing.
manner of dressing; way one dresses; clothing style.

4) industry focused on clothing.
clothing industry; field that focuses on the manufacture and sale of clothing; clothing industry; clothing sector.

To protect themselves against cold, moisture and heat, people learned to cover themselves with hides and skins. Later, spinning and weaving is invented for clothing and cover.

Different peoples develop separate ways of dressing, adapted to the practical needs of the climate and environment, and to the raw materials that are available. But also the desire to make oneself more beautiful soon speaks a word and brings the decorative element into the clothing. The Eskimos wear tight-fitting animal skins; the Negroes in Africa and the Indians of South America, when still living under primitive conditions, usually wear only a loincloth, while on festive occasions they adorn themselves with feathers, strings of shells, predator teeth, etc. So long as there is little communication with other peoples, own traditional costume is maintained. Sometimes tourism is a reason to maintain it. The color of the clothing is also important for the temperature, for example, to retain heat (dark colors) or to reflect sunlight, as light colors do. Despite the fact that the European way of dressing has spread all over the world, the Japanese still remains its hair on more or less official occasions.kimono faithful, the Indian still wears her sari, and the Indonesian women’s dress has remained the sarong and kabaja.

Clothing must therefore be heat-insulating as it is permeable to moisture and since the conductivity of clothing fabrics is much greater than that of air, their protection against heat loss must mainly be attributed to the air in the fabric. Hence, fur and wool are much more insulating (“warmer”) than linen and cotton. Moreover, the moisture-absorbing properties of wool are such that heating takes place slowly and prevents rapid cooling of the skin. As far as protection from the sun’s rays is concerned, light colors have a more favorable effect than dark ones; when white absorbs 100o units of heat in a certain time, this is 102 for light yellow, for dark yellow 140, light green 152, dark green 161, red 168, light brown 198 and black 208.

Clothing Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Clothing

ATC Agreement on Textiles and Clothing
AHCC ALHFAM Historic Clothing Committee
APECS All Purpose Environmental Clothing System
ACCP Allied Combat Clothing Publication
ACWA Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
ACEB Army Clothing & Equipment Board
BFSC Built From Scratch Clothing
CIVIL Canterbury Clothing Company
CCC Canterbury Clothing Company
CCDF Central Clothing Distribution Facility
CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Clothing
CPC Chemical Protective Clothing
CCMA Civilian Clothing Maintenance Allowance
COLD Clean clothes, Overheating, Layer clothing, stay Dry
CLO Clothing
CTD Clothing & Textiles Directorate
CAG Clothing Advisory Group
CIE Clothing and Individual Equipment
C-AND-LSE Clothing and Life Support Equipment
CTRJ Clothing and Textiles Research Journal
CDC Clothing Distribution Center
CEB Clothing Exchange and Bath
CITA Clothing Industry Training Authority
CITB Clothing Industry Training Board
CIIP Clothing Initial Issue Point
CIP Clothing Issue Point
CMIA Clothing Made In America
CMA Clothing Maintenance Allowance
CMAL Clothing Maintenance Allowance List
CMAB Clothing Maintenance Allowance, Basic
CMAS Clothing Maintenance Allowance, Standard
CMAI Clothing Manufacturers Association of India
CMA Clothing Manufacturers Association of the USA
CMA Clothing Monetary Allowance
CMMA Clothing Monetary Maintenance Allowance
COB Clothing Optional Beach
CRA Clothing Replacement Allowance
CSS Clothing Sales Store
CTFM Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising
CTID Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CC Combat Clothing
CCIE Combat Clothing and Individual Equipment
CCD Comfortable Clothing Day
DKC Dirty Karma Clothing
DISCOUNT Droors Clothing
DC Droors Clothing
EMCAT East Midlands Clothing and Textiles
ETUF-TCL European Trade Union Federation of Textiles, Clothing and Leather
ESCCA Evanston School Children Clothing Association
FCFI Fellow, Clothing and Footwear Institute
FRC Flame Retardant Clothing
FCS Food, Clothing, Shelter
GHC Gerbing’s Heated Clothing
GCS Globe Clothing Store
GCCA Greater Clothing Contractors Association
IECS Improved Environmental Clothing System
IPE individual protective clothing
ICCA Initial Cash Clothing Allowance
ICCA Initial Civilian Cash Clothing Allowance
ICMA Initial Clothing Monetary Allowance
IC3 Inner Circle Clothing Company
ICE Integrated Clothing Ensemble
ITCB International Textiles and Clothing Bureau
ICATA Irish Clothing and Textile Alliance
LSCR Laundry, Shower, Clothing and Light Textile Repair
LATCF Leading Action for Textiles Clothing and Footwear
LVC Levi’s Vintage Clothing
LICC Long Island Clothing Co.
MOB Mission on Blast Clothing
NICC Nottinghamshire International Clothing Centre
OCE Organizational Clothing & Equipment
OCIE Organizational Clothing & Individual Equipment
OTC Out There Clothing
OCUA Outer Clothing Undressing Area
PMC Paper Machine Clothing
PMCC Paper Machine Clothing Council
PCIE Personal Clothing and Individual Equipment
PCR Personal Clothing Request
PPC Personal Protective Clothing
PCCT Phoenix College of Clothing Technology
PC Protective Clothing
PCE Protective Clothing and Equipment
PCIE Protective Clothing and Individual Equipment
PCIES Protective Clothing and Individual Equipment Subsystem
QWC Quality Winter Clothing
RDCC Rez Dog Clothing Company
RACD Royal Army Clothing Department
SCA School Clothing Allowance
SLCR Shower, Laundry, and Clothing Renovation
SDC Snoop Dogg Clothing
SFPC Structural Firefighters Protective Clothing
SFCC Switch Fighter Clothing Co
TXC Textiles and Clothing
TXCS Textiles and Clothing
TCF Textiles Clothing and Footwear Industries
TCF-SIP Textiles Clothing and Footwear Scheme (Australia)
URC Urban Republic Clothing
VIFCC Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing Center