Club Abbreviations

A club is a society created by a group of people who share certain interests and who carry out cultural, recreational ( leisure ) or sporting activities together. Members of a club freely associate with the intention of enriching their social life.


Examples: “If it’s sunny tomorrow, we can spend the day at the club”, “João is at the club: he went to play football with his colleagues”, “Today, there was an accident in the club’s swimming pool and they had to save a child” .

In a club, you can carry out a whole range of activities. There are sports clubs, cultural clubs and other types. They all have in common the fact that they are non-profit. In other words, in practice, clubs are not created with a view to making a profit. However, it is natural that they charge something to their partners to cover and support the operating expenses for their operation.

To be a member of a club, it is necessary to pay a fee (or a fee) that allows you to enjoy the facilities and events. In some cases, you must also pay the registration fee.

Football clubs are the best known worldwide, as they move a lot of money and many fans. This sport has become a huge industry and its players are true celebrities. FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Futebol Clube do Porto and Manchester United Football Club are examples of football clubs.

The name of nautical club is given to any sports club that is dedicated to the practice of nautical activities. Within this group there are different types of entities, such as sailing clubs or yacht clubs (or yachting clubs).

Club Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Club

A Merry Car Club
Aachener Modellboot-Club
Aaron Carter Fan Club
Aarschotse Zwemclub Schoonhoven
Abbots Bromley Tennis Club
Abbotsford Photo Arts Club
Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club
Aberdeen Football Club
Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club
Aberdeen University Orienteering Club
Aberfeldie Football Club
Academic Booster Club
Academic Booster Club
Academic Computer Club
Academic Computer Club
Academic Computer Club
Accordéon-Club Vieux-Mulhouse
Accrington Stanley Football Club
Acétylène Moto-Club
Achilles Track Club
Acorn Club North East
Activa Emirates Cricket Club
Actuaries’ Club of the Southwest
Addison Kids’ Club
Adelaide Football Club
Adelaide Hills Hockey Club
Adelaide University Boat Club
Adelaide University Gliding Club
Adelaide University Touch Club
Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club
Adirondack Mountain Club
Adirondack Mountain Club
Adirondack Soaring Club
Admiral Drake Cricket Club
Admirals Club
Adrian Pennock Fan Club
Adrian Soaring Club
Adventure Club San Antonio
Advertising and Design Club of Canada
Advertising Club of Toronto
Advertising Club Styria
Aero Club
Aero Club Adele Orsi
Aero Club Albatross
Aero Club d’Italia
Aéro Club de l’Est
Aero Club of Canada
Aero Club of Canada
Aero Club of Canada
Aero Club of India
Aéro Club Paris Sud
Aero Club Zwickau
Aero-Club Aix-Marseille
Aéro-Club d’Abidjan
Aero-Club de l’Ouest Parisien
Aero-Club de Rouen Normandie
Aero-Club Picardie Amiens
Aero-Club Roger Janin
Aéroclub Universitaire de Picardie
Aeromodel Club Forezien
Affordable Travel Club
Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc.
Afghan Hound Club of Canada
Afghan Hound Club of Dallas
African American Awareness Club
After School Club
Agility Dog Club of Queensland
Agility Dog Club of Victoria, Inc.
Agoria Renewable Energy Club
Agriculture Systems Management Club
Agriculture Systems Management Club
Air Model Club de Romilly
Airedale and Pennine Motor Car Club
Airedale Terrier Club Argentino
Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc.
Airedale Terrier Club of Canada
Airedale Terrier Club of Greater Philadelphia
Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria
Airline Business Club
Airline Business Club
Airport Club
Airsoft Ranger Club Borinage
Aix Université Club
Aix Universite Club Badminton
Ajax Orlando Football Club
Akademischer Bridge-Club
Akademischer Bridge-Club
Akademischer Hockey Und Tennis Club
Akademischer Skiclub Tübingen
Akita Club of America
Aktiver Jugendclub Straubenhardt
Alachua Astronomy Club, Inc
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
Alamo Area Whippet Club
Alamo Exhibition Bird Club
Alan Devoe Bird Club
Alaska Herding Group Club
Alaska Winds Coursing Club
Alaskan Malamute Club Gerasdorf
Alaskan Malamute Club Nederland
Alaskan Malamute Club of America
Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin
Alaskan Malamute Club Victoria
Albany-Berkeley Soccer Club
Albany-Berkeley Soccer Club
Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
Albert Sailing Club
Alberta Community Art Clubs Association
Alberta Dual Sport Motorcycle Club
Alberta MilSim Club (Canada)
Alberta Mustangs Auto Club
Alberta Paint Horse Club
Albury Football Club
Albury-Wodonga Yacht Club
Aldenville Junior Athletic Club
Aldershot Football Club
Alec Vietnamese Fan Club
Alexandra Hills Cricket Club
Alexandria Sporting Club
Alfa Classic Club de France
Alfa Club des Volcans
Alfa Club des Volcans
Alfa Romeo Club Luxembourg
Alfa Romeo Club of Canada
Alfa Romeo Owners Club
Al-Falah Marching Band Club
Algemene Bridge Club Dronten
Algemene Computer Club Westerkwartier
Alger Amateur Radio Club
Algoa Bay Yacht Club
Alien Tuning Club
All Avondale Owners Caravan Club
All Breeds Border Cat Club
All Czech Well Tennis Club
All England Club
All France Rugby Club
All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization
All Nippon Airways Mileage Club
All Services Postal Chess Club
All Type Racer VW Club (French automobile club)
All Volunteer Yacht Club
All Year Figure Skating Club
Allegheny Athletic Club
Allegheny Region Porsche Club of America
Allg Deutscher Fahrrad Club eV
Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club
Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club
Alliance Sport Parachute Club
Allrad Club Rhein-Wied
Alpine Bretagne Club
Alpine Bretagne Club
Alpine Club de Luxembourg
Alpine Club des Alpes
Alpine Club Méditerranée
Alpine Club of Canada
Alpine Club of Canada
Alpine Club of Canada
Alpine Club of Pakistan
Alpine Golf & Sports Club
Alpine Gordini Club Ardennes
Alpine Gordini Club de Champagne
Alpine Gordini Club Mérois
Alpine Renault Club Limburg
Alpine Ski Club
Alpine Ventoux Club
Alster Piraten Club
Altrincham & District Sporting Club
Altrincham Football Club
Alumni Scholars Club
Alupang Beach Club
Alupang Beach Club
Amalgamated Miniature Traction Engine Club
Amateur Computer Club
Amateur Computer Club
Amateur Computer Club
Amateur Dramatics Club
Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America
Amateur Football Club
Amateur Radio Caravan and Camping Club
Amateur Radio Caravan Club
Amateur Radio Club
Amateur Radio Club
Amateur Radio Club Leipzig eV
Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas
Amateur Radio Club of Tonga
Amateur Swimming Club
Ambazac Sprinter Club
Ambler Area Running Club
Amci Mountaineering Club Inc.
America Futebol Clube
America’s Corvette Club
America’s Corvette Club
America’s Corvette Club
American Alpine Club
American Auto Club International
American Baldhead Roller Club
American Beauceron Club
American Beauceron Club
American Belgian Tervuren Club, Inc.
American Beveren Rabbit Club
American Boxer Club
American Boxer Club
American Boys Club for the Defense of Errol Flynn
American Brittany Club
American Brittany Club
American Bugatti Club
American Bugatti Club
American Business Card Club
American Canine Hybrid Club
American Car Club de France
American Car Club Hungary
American Cars Club d’Armor
American Cellars Wine Club
American Checkered Giant Rabbit Club
American Club Racer
American Club Runner
American Coaster Club
American Coaster Club
American Coaster Club
American Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada
American Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria
American Cruisers Motorcycle Club
American Czech-Slovak Cultural Club
American Dutch Rabbit Club
American Golf Country Clubs
American Hairless Rat Terrier Club
American Harlequin Rabbit Club
American Himalayan Rabbit Club
American Jersey Cattle Club
American Jewish Artists Club
American Kennel Club
American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation
American King Shepherd Club
American LaMancha Club
American Lancia Club
American Manchester Terrier Club
American Miniature Schnauzer Club
American Motorcycle Owners Club
American Motors Club of Alberta
American Mouse Club
American Muscle Car Club
American Music Club
American News Women’s Club
American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club
American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club
American Polish Rabbit Club
American Racing Drivers Club
American Red Cross Club
American Shepherd Club of America
American Shetland Pony Club
American Silkie Bantam Club
American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada
American Steel Motorcycle Club
American Tournai Club
American Women’s Club of Amsterdam
Amicale Belge des Clubs Citroen
Amiens Aéro Modèles Club
Amiens Poker Club
Amiens Sporting Club
Amity Soccer Club
Amman Valley Trotting Club
Amphibious Auto Club of America
AMPRO Business Club
Amstelland Senioren Computerclub
Amsterdam Football Club Ajax
Amsterdamsche Football Club
ANA Mileage Club
Anacortes Yacht Club
Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles
Ancient Ford Club Belgium
Ancient Iron Motorcycle Club
Ancil Hoffman Golf Club
Andhra Pradesh Kennel Club
Andros Island Bonefish Club
Anglers’ Net Members Club
Anglet Subaquatique Club
Angry Scotsmen Motorcycle Riding Club
Anime Enthusiast Club
Ann Arbor Country Club
Annalong Canoe and Kayak Club
Annapolis Surf Club, Inc.
Anne Arundel Radio Club
Ante Up Cheap Stakes Club
Anthony De Longis Fan Club
Anti-Anti Hentai Club
Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada
Antique Automobile Club of America
Antique Automobile Club of America
Antique Motorcycle Club of America
Antique Motorcycle Club of Manitoba
Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc.
Antique Snowmobile Club of America
Anti-Social Club
Antwerp International Cat Club
Antwerp Renault Oldtimer Club
Any Club Except Seattle
Apalachee Bay Yacht Club
Appalachian Mountain Bike Club
Appalachian Mountain Club
Appaloosa Horse Club
Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada
Apple Blossom Computer Club
Aquarium Club de Beaucaire
Aquarius Zwemclub Lebbeke
Aquatic Study Club Makassar
Arabian Horse Club of Connecticut
Arabian Jockey Club
Arboreal Adventurers Orienteering Club
Arc Badminton Club
Arc Badminton Club
Arcades Moto Club
Archbishop Ryan Computer Club
Arche ACORN User Club
Arco Clube Ar Livre
Arctic Cat Club of America
Ardsley Horse and Pony Club
Area Club Management
Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club
Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs
Arizona State Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs
Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club
Arlington Aquatic Club
Arlington Hockey and Figure Skating Club
Arlington Lakes Golf Club
Arlon Badminton Club
Arlon Badminton Club
Armadale-Byford Rifle Club
Armed Forces Motorcycle Club
Armed Forces of America Motorcycle Club
Armed Forces Vacation Club
Armed Forces Vacation Club
Armidale Bowling Club
Armidale Bowling Club
Armour Heights Soccer Club
Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club
Army Club Fund
Army of Club Penguin
Army-Navy Country Club
Arsenal Football Club
Arsenal Football Club Supporters Malaysia
Arsenal Russian Speaking Supporters Club
Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club
Arsenal Supporter’s Club Norway
Arsenal Supporters Club Bulgaria
Art Directors and Artists Club
Art Directors Club
Art Directors Club Hungary
Art Directors Club of Denver
Art Directors Club of Houston
Art Directors Club of Tulsa
Artmedia Bratislava Football Club
ASEAN Vegetable Oils Club (oil industry)
Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club
Ashby Castle Sub Aqua Club
Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
Asheville Mushroom Club
Ashland Lake Gun Club
Ashwaubenon Swim Club
Ashwaubenon Wrestling Club
Asian Pacific Bankers Club
Asnières Hockey Club
Asociación de Clubes de Baloncesto
Asociación de Clubes de Traineras
Associated Clubs of Southern Africa
Associated Oregon Forestry Clubs
Association Automobile Club
Association Football Club
Association Football Club Bournemouth
Association of Carolina Shag Clubs
Association of Club Executives
Association of Collecting Clubs
Association of Collecting Clubs
Association of Collecting Clubs
Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs
Association of Field Archery Clubs
Association of Golf Club Secretaries
Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Association of Land Rover Clubs
Association of Louisiana Bass Clubs
Association of North American Radio Clubs
Association of Rootes Car Clubs
Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs
Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
Association Sarlat Bowling Club
Association Sportive de l’Automobile-Club Basco-Bearnais
Aston Martin Owners Club
Aston Rowant Cricket Club
Aston Villa Football Club
Ateneo College Glee Club
Athabasca Rapids Swim Club
Athletic Club
Athlétic Club Arles-Avignon
Athletic Club Bilbao
Athlétic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt
Athlétic Club de l’Ondaine
Athlétic Club des Pays d’Agde
Athlétic Club La Roche
Athletic Club Milan
Athlétic Club Neufchâteau
Athletic Club of Columbus
Athletic Club of Columbus
Athletic Club of Columbus
Athlétic Club Salonais
Athletic Club Villeneuve d’Ascq
Athletic Football Club
Athletic Football Club Bournemouth
Athletik Club Wrestling
Athletique Club Chapelain
Athletique Club Chapelain
Athlétique Club Chapelain
Athletique Club de Saint-Avold
Athletique Club de Wambrechies
Atlanta Athletic Club
Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
Atlanta Swing Dancers Club
Atlanta Synergy Volleyball Club
Atlanta Travel & Social Club
Atlanta Water Ski Club
Atlantic Beach Vintage Motorcycle Club
Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Inc.
Auckland Car Club
Auckland Car Club
Auckland Car Club
Auckland Triumph Car Club
Auckland University Tramping Club
Audax Club Parisien
Audi Club of North America
Audio Book Club
Audio Book Club
Augusta Bridge Club
Augusta Bridge Club
Aurora Borealis Rotaract Club
Aurora Club of North America
Austin College Bridge Club
Austin Healey Club of America
Austin Hills Country Club
Austin Preschool Mothers Club
Austin Yacht Club
Australasian International Model Horse Club
Australian Associated Bonsai Clubs
Australian Barefoot Racers Club
Australian Cattle Dog Club of America
Australian International Correspondence Club
Australian Jockey Club
Australian Offshore Powerboat Club
Australian Racing Drivers Club
Australian Shepherd Club of America
Australian Wine Club
Austro American Bridge Club
Auto Club Europa eV
Auto Club South
Auto Club Speedway
Auto Club Turkey
Auto Model Club du Roussillon
Auto Model-Club du Golfe
Auto Modélisme Club de Saint Hilaire-la-Croix
Auto Moto Club Generoso
Auto Rétro Club
Auto Rétro Club
Auto Retro Club de l’Orne
Auto Retro Club Herblaysien
Auto Sport Club
Autoclub Altena
Autocross Club of Central Oregon
Automóbil Club d’Andorra
Automobil Club Der Schweiz
Automobil Clubul Roman
Automobil Veteranen Club Austria
Automobil-Club Verkehr Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Automobil-Club Verkehr Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Automobilclub von Deutschland
Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt
Automobile Club
Automobile Club Andre Citroen
Automobile Club d’Aix
Automobile Club d’Italia
Automobile Club de France
Automobile Club de l’Ouest
Automobile Club de Menton
Automobile Club de Monaco
Automobile Club de Nice
Automobile Club de Suisse
Automobile Club de Vichy
Automobile Club de Vichy
Automobile Club des Deux-Sevres
Automobile Club du Loiret
Automobile Club Group
Automobile Club Luxembourg
Automobile Club of Southern California
Automobile Club Oise Picardie
Automobile et Touring Club du Liban
Automobile Racing Club of America
Automotoclub Storico Italiano
Automovel Clube de Portugal
Automóvil Club Argentino
Automovil Club de Colombia
Automovil Club de Colombia
Automovil Club de Colombia
Automóvil Club de Costa Rica
Automóvil Club del Uruguay
Auxerre Poker Club
Avenger and Sunbeam Owners Club
Avenger Sebring Enthusiasts Club
Aviation Club d’Avord
Aviation Club de France
Avranches Moto-Club
Awana Golf & Country Club
Away Supporters Football Club
Ax Club de France
Axis and Allies Members Club
Ayrshire Harriers Clubs Association
Aywaille Moto Club
Baby Boomers Dance Club
Babysitter’s Club
Back Yard Yacht Club
Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club
Backyard Football Club
Bacup Cricket Club
Bad Attitude Club
Bad Attitude Club
Bad Girls Club
Bad Mothers Club
Bad Saarow Bridge Club
Badger and Blade Decant Club
Badger Golden Retriever Club
Badminton Club de Bergerac
Badminton Club de Blanzy
Badminton Club de Gien
Badminton Club de l’Erdre
Badminton Club de Lezennes
Badminton Club de Nevers
Badminton Club de Nevers
Badminton Club de Noisiel
Badminton Club de Noisiel
Badminton Club de Pontoise
Badminton Club de Pontoise
Badminton Club de Tournefeuille
Badminton Club Dijonnais
Badminton Club du Neuhof
Badminton Club du Neuhof
Badminton Club du Pays de Fougeres
Badminton Club Eupen
Badminton Club Foyalais
Badminton Club Kemperle
Badminton Club La Chaux-de-Fonds
Badminton Club Le Chesnay
Badminton Club Lensois
Badminton Club Mulhouse
Badminton Club Mulhouse
Badminton Club Narbonnais
Badminton Club Narbonnais
Badminton Club Nogentais
Badminton Club Nogentais
Badminton Club Orangeois
Badminton Club Roubaix
Badminton Club Saint Feyre
Badminton Club Saint Herblain
Badminton Club Suresnois
Badminton Club Vannetais
Badminton Club Verquin
Badminton Club Voreppe
Badminton Open Club
Badminton Sports Club
Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club
Bainbridge Amateur Radio Club
Baja Beach Club
Balaklava Gliding Club
Balbeggie Pony Riding Club
Baldock & District Canoe Club
Balham Bowls Club
Ballarat Drag Racing Club
Balma Sporting Club
Balmy Beach Canoe Club
Baltimore Amateur Radio Club
Baltimore Bicycling Club
Baltimore Ferret Club
Baltimore Road Runners Club
Baltimore Rowing Club
Baltimore Ski Club
Baltimore-Chesapeake Rugby Football Club
Banbury Sailing Club
Banco de Experiencias Comunitarias de Ecoclubes
Band Booster Club
Bandung Karate Club
Bangalore Anime Club
Bangalore Anime Club
Bangkok Chess Club
Bangkok Golf Club
Bangor and North Down Camera Club
Banstead Underwater Diving Club
Bantam Club de France
Bapchild Cricket Club
Bar Football Club
Barbarossa Aquarium Club
Barbarossa Aquarium Club
Barc Olympique Club
Barcelona Sporting Club
Barchetta Club France
Barclay Farm Swim Club
Barnet Football Club
Barnsley Football Club
Barnsley Ladies Football Club
Barrie Ballroom Dance Club
Barrington Broncos Wrestling Club
Barrow Associated Football Club
Barry Manilow Fan Club
Bartlett Cricket Club
Base Ball Club
Baseball Club Contois
Baseball Club de France
Basket Club d’Orchies
Basket Club de Courrensan
Basket Club de Kunheim
Basket Club de Lesquin
Basket Club de Souffelweyersheim
Basket Club du Mirandais
Basket Club du Mirandais
Basket Club Fontenaisien
Basket Club Fulgentais
Basket Club Hulluch
Basket Club Jeunesse
Basket Club Jouannais
Basket Club Layrac Astaffort
Basket Club Loossois
Basket Club Lourdais
Basket Club Maritime
Basket Club Maritime
Basket Club Montbrison
Basket Club Montbrison
Basket Club Narbonne Méditerranée
Basket Club Nord Ardeche
Basket Club Octeville
Basket Club Ostwald
Basket Club Pajay
Basket Club Pajay
Basket Club Tretsois
Basket Club Vauréen
Basket Club Vendenheim
Basket Club Verdunois
Basketball Club
Bass Strait Aquatic Club
Basset Hound Club of America, Inc.
Basset Hound Club Switzerland
Batangas Breeders Club
Bath University Mountaineering Club
Battle Creek Motorcycle Club
Bavarian Contest Club
Bavarian Motor Works Moto Club France
Bay Area Alumni Club
Bay Area Orienteering Club
Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
Bay Area Siberian Husky Club
Bay Area Track Club
Bay City Poultry Club
Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers Club
Bayeux Football Club
Bayou Women’s Republican Club
Baziège Olympique Club
Beach Club
Beach Club Villas
Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs
Bear Mountain Hockey Club
Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida
Beauceron Club of Canada
Beaulieu Maquettes Club
Beaulieu River Sailing Club
Beaver Valley Ski Club
Beaverton Bicycle Club
Bedford Rowing Club
Bedford School Boat Club
Beduer Faycelles Football Club
Bedworth Lions Club
Bel Air Athletic Club
Belfast Boat Club
Belgian Afghan Hound Club
Belgian Auto Club
Belgian Auto Club
Belgian Bulldog Club
Belgian Flatcoated Retriever Club
Belgian Matra Club
Belgian Mustang and Cougar Club
Belgian Old English Sheepdog Club
Belgian Scrap Club
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America, Inc.
Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada
Belgian Stag Owners Club
Belgian Triumph Club
Belgische Club voor Oude Peugeots
Belgische Engelse Bulldog Club
Belgische Oldtimer Truck Club
Belgium Oldies Special Club
Belle Haven Country Club
Belle Meade Country Club
Belleville Duplicate Bridge Club
Bellevue Athletic Club
Bellevue Athletic Club
Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Bellingham Yacht Club
Bellmore Merrick Democratic Club
Bembridge Sailing Club
Ben Davis Soccer Club
Ben Rhydding Hockey Club
Ben Rhydding Sports Club
Bengal Mumbai Football Club
Benjamin Banneker Democratic Club
Benthuizer Tennis Club
Bentley Drivers Club
Bergers Hollandais Club de France
Berkeley Bicycle Club
Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People
Berkshire Trails Nordic Ski Club
Berliner Sport Club
Bermuda Dunes Country Club
Bernex Go Club
Besançon Club Canin
Besançon Hockey Club
Besançon Racing Club
Besançon Université Club
Best Friend Club
Best Friends Forever Club
Béthune Hockey Club
Beverly Golf & Tennis Club
Beverly Hills Cigar Club
Beverly Hills Club
Bharath Earth Movers Recreation Club
Biathlon Sport Club
Bible Reading, Education and Devotion Club
Bichon Frise Club of America
Bicycle Croquet Club
Bidarteko Surf Club
Bidarteko Surf Club
Biewer Breed Club International
Big Bucks Rider’s Club
Big Easy Mountain Route Club
Big Head Club Society
Big Lama Fan Club
Big Trail Bike Club
Biga Muay Thai Club
Bigfoot Owners Club International
Bikers Club Hollain
Bikini Bottom Tuning Club
Bilateral Clubfoot
Bill Gremillion Memorial Radio Club
Billard Club Lilas Nantes
Billard Club National Littau
Billard Club Vicinois
Billings Athletic Club
Billings Athletic Club
Billings Motorcycle Club
Billionaire Boys Club
Billionaire Girls Club
Billund Slot Car Club
Bina Nusantara Computer Club
Binghamton Country Club
Bird Clubs of America
Bird Clubs of Virginia
Bird Observers Club of Australia
Birdlip and Brimpsfield Cricket Club
Birkenhead Park Football Club
Birmingham Afghan Hound Club
Birmingham F-Body Car Club
Birmingham Fencing Club
Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club
Bishops Stortford Football Club
Bishops Stortford Running Club
Black Belt Club
Black Label Bike Club
Black Lion Swimming Club
Black Millennium Modeling Club
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Black Sea Media Club
Black Square Club
Black Tie Martini Club
Blackpool Football Club
Blagnac Sporting Club
Blam Club
Blennerhassett Yacht Club
Blois Poker Club
Bloomfield Hills Country Club
Bloomington Bicycle Club
Bloomington Country Club
Bloomington Disc Golf Club
Bloomington Indiana Scholastic Chess Club
Blue Comet Motorcycle Club
Blue Danube Cat Club
Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
Blue Ridge Coin Club
Blue Ridge Disc Golf Club
Blue Ridge Inventors Club
Blue Sky Mission Club
Bluegrass Whippet Club
Bluewater Business Card Club
Blyth Lifeguard & Swimming Club
Blyth Valley Radio Model Club
BMW Club de Belgique Sud (French: BMW Club of South Belgium)
BMW Club Europa
BMW Owners Society of Saferiders (car club)
Boavista Futebol Clube
Boba Fett Fan Club
Bobcat Athletic Club
Bobcat Athletic Club
Bodilis-Plougar Football Club
Boeing Employee Shotgun Sports Club
Boeing Employees Flying Club
Boeing Employees Model Rocket Club
Boeing Employees’ Autosports Club
Boeing Employees’ Bicycle Club
Boeing Employees’ Bicycle Club
Boeing Employees’ Fencing Club
Boeing Employees’ Rod and Reel Club of Everett
Boeing Employees’ Saddle Club
Boeing Employees’ Yang Tai Chi Club
Boeing Sea Kayak Club
Boeren Bridge Club Zoetermeer
Bohemian Football Club
Bohemian Independent Supporters Club
Bolton Wanderers Football Club
Bolwell Car Club of Australia
Bombay Bicycle Club
Bon Temps Social Club
Bond Lake Skating Club
Bonna Fiesta Salsa Club
Bonnet Shores Beach Club
Bonneville Bicycle Touring Club
Bonnie Wright Fan Club
Bonsaï Club de Reims
Bonsai Clubs International
Book Club
Book Club Association
Book Club Edition
Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc.
Boone and Crockett Club
Boonsboro Area Soccer Club
Boos Hockey Club
Booster Club Meeting
Booster Club Meeting
Bordeaux Etudiants Club
Bordeaux Longskate Club
Bordeaux Moto Club
Bordeaux Poker Club
Border Riders Motorcycle Club
Border Terrier Club of America
Borehamwood Camcorder Club
Boroondara Lions Football Club
Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley
Borzoi Club of New England
Bosch Rugby Supporters’ Club
Bosco Business Club
Boston College Rugby Football Club
Boston Mycological Club
Boston Sea Kayak Club
Boston Sports Club
Boston Terrier Club Nederland
Boston University India Club
Boston Yacht Club
Botev Plovdiv Football Club
Boudu Mini Club
Boulder Denver Book Club
Boulder Nordic Club
Boulder Rock Club
Boulogne-Billancourt Danse Club
Bourgogne American Cars Club
Bowhunter Club de France
Bowling Club Vincennois
Bowling Green Skating Club
Boxe Club Kourou
Boxer Club de Espana
Boxing Club Olympique Pontois
Boxland Club Islois
Boylston Chess Club
Boys & Girls Club
Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis
Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii
Boys and Girls Clubs of El Paso
Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
Boys and Girls Clubs of Northern Arizona
Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco
Boys Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta
Boys’ Clubs of America
Boyup Brook Country Music Club
Brabantse Auto Mobiel Club
BRAC University Computer Club (Bangladesh)
Bracknell District Caving Club
Bracknell Mixed Swim Sauna Club
Braconne Randos Club
Bradford County Canoe and Kayak Club
Bradshaw Cricket Club
Bradwell Cruising Club
Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club
Brampton Flying Club
Brantford Duplicate Bridge Club
Brazilian Crossdresser Club
Breakfast Exchange Club of Gurnee
Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub
Breizh Mini Club
Bremerton Yacht Club
Brentford Football Club
Brentwood and District Photographic Club
Brest Armor Aquariophilie Club
Brest Université Club
Brewery Collectibles Club of America
Bribie Island Seniors’ Computing Club
Bridge Club IJsselstein
Bridge Club Saint Honoré
Bridge Contact Club
Bridge Street Token Club
Bridge-Club Schwerin Wismar
Brighton and Hove Crescent Cricket Club
Brighton Life Saving Club
Brighton Marina Yacht Club
Brights Grove Golf Club
Brindabella Motor Sport Club
Brionnais Retro Automobile Club
Brisbane and Region K9 Disc Club
Brisbane Bears & Fitzroy Football Club
Brisbane Racing Club
Bristol Aerospace Sub-Aqua Club
Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club
Bristol Exploration Club
Britannia Yacht Club
British Airways Flying Club
British Army Orienteering Club
British Association of Computer Clubs
British Autombile Racing Club
British Beatles Fan Club
British Business Luncheon Club
British Car Club
British Car Club of Greater Cincinnati
British Columbia Mountaineering Club
British Custom Car Club
British Dummersee Yacht Club
British Embassy Football Club
British Engineers Club
British Forces Scooter Club
British Motor Racing Marshalls Club
British Motorcycle Owners Club
British Motoring Club of Northern Colorado
British Motorsport Marshals Club
British Ornithologist’s Club
British Racing Drivers’ Club
British Salmson Owners Club
British Ski Club for the Disabled
British Sports Cars Owners Club
British Sub-Aqua Club
British Touring Car Club
British Two Stroke Club
British Universities Cycling Clubs
British Universities North America Club
British Wireless Dinner Club
British-Polish Correspondence Club
Britons Protection Football Club
Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club
Broken Hearts Club
Broken Sound Country Club
Bromley North Bridge Club
Brookline Bird Club
Broughton Park Football Club
Broughty Ferry Tennis Club
Broward County Airboat, Halftrack and Conservation Club
Broxburn Dog Training Club
Brunswick Hills Racquet Club
Brunswick School Boat Club
Brunswick Soccer Club
Brussels Celtic Rugby Football Club
Brussels Deuche Club
Brussels Scalex Club
Brynmawr Caving Club
Buckeye Australian Shepherd Club
Buckeye Lake Yacht Club
Bucknell University Conservatives Club
Budapesti Egyetemi Atlétikai Club
Budapesti Vasutas Sport Club
Budo Club de Nantes Malakoff
Buell Racing Club
Buena Vista Social Club
Buenos Aires Rowing Club
Buffalo Athletic Club
Buffalo Athletic Club
Buffalo Go Club
Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
Bugatti Club Italia
Bugatti Club Suisse
Bugatti Owners’ Club
Bugatti-Club Deutschland
Buggy Club de la Cote
Buggy Racing Club Avesnois
Buggy-Club Modélisme Chalvignacois
Buick Club of America
Bukit Batok Chess Club
Bukit Tinggi Golf Club
Bulawayo Bowling Club
Bulgarian-Dutch Business Club
Bull Terrier Club of America
Bull Terrier Club of Puget Sound
Bulldog Club of Denver
Bungay Bowls Club
Burgher Recreation Club
Burkwood Aquatic Club
Burkwood Aquatic Club
Burnaby Girls Soccer Club
Burnham Association of Sports Clubs
Burnley Caving Club
Burnley Football Club
Burns Lake Soccer Club
Burroughs Audubon Nature Club
Burschenschaft Club Edelweiss
Burton Albion Football Club
Burwood Blind Cricket Club
Bury Football Club
Bushido Club de Trappes
Bushkill Valley Motorcycle Club
Business and Professional Women’s Club
Business Breakfast Club
Business Centre Club
Business Club Innover Entreprendre
Business Club Russie
Business Clubs North East
Business Lunch Club
Business Service Club
Business Yachtclub
Business, Industry and Government Club
Byron Film Club
Cable Beach Club Resort
Cadillac Club Sweden
Cadillac Lasalle Club, Inc.
Café Racer Club
Cahuilla Country Club Estates
Cairn Terrier Club of Canada
Cajun Clickers Computer Club
Calais Racing Union Football Club
Calandre Club d’Armor
Caledonian Radio Controlled Club
Calgary Adult Playground Club
Calgary Metal Detecting Club
Calgary Sports Car Club
Calgary Sub-Aquatic Club
California Airedale Terrier Club, Inc.
California Club Calf Association
California Polytechnic Amateur Radio Club
California Writers Club
California Yacht Club
Caloundra Contract Bridge Club Inc.
Caluire Sporting Club
Calvert Marine Museum Fossil Club
Camberley Town Youth Football Club
Cambresis Boomerang Club
Cambridge Business School Club
Cambridge Climbing and Caving Club
Cambridge Dancers’ Club
Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club
Cambridge United Football Club
Cambridge University Cruising Club
Cambridge University Hillwalking Club
Cambridge University Orienteering Club
Camelback Collectibles Club
Camelback Collectibles Club
Camion Club de France
Camp Fortune Ski Club
Camping and Caravanning Club
Camping and Caravanning Club
Camping Car Club Centre
Camping Club de France
Camping-Car Club Normandie Pays de Bray
Camry Club
Canaan Dog Club of America
Canadian Automobile Sports Club
Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club
Canadian Club
Canadian Club Management Information Service
Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club
Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs
Canadian Home Shopping Club
Canadian Kennel Club
Canadian Motosport Racing Club
Canadian Mustang Owners Club
Canadian Nissan Truck Club
Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club
Canandaigua Yacht Club
Canari Chant Club
Canari Chant Club
Canche-Authie Auto Club
Canet Kite Club
Canis Club Chartrain
Canis Club Chartrain
Cannabis Buyers’ Club
Cannons Health Club
Canoe and Kayak Club of Augusta
Canoë Club Normand
Canoe Kayak Club
Canoe Kayak Club d’Annecy
Canoë Kayak Club des Glissoires
Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club Inc.
Canterbury Prison Staff Club
Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club, Inc
Canvey Island Football Club
Cape Cod Curling Club
Cape Fear Coin Club
Cape Fear Corvette Club
Cape Hatteras Anglers Club
Cape Town Bridge Club
Capital Area Austin Healey Club
Capital City Cage Bird Club
Capital City Corvette Club
Capital City Culver Club
Capital City Fencers’ Club
Capital City Racing Pigeon Club
Capital City Volleyball Club
Capital District Retriever Club
Cappuccino Owners Club
Car Club
Car Club of Virginia Tech
Car Styling Club
Caracas Theater Club
Cardiff City Football Club
Cardiff Cycling Club
Cardiff Cycling Club
Cardiff Yacht Club
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America
Carleton College Chess Club
Carleton College Crew Club
Carleton Place Canoe Club
Carleton University Outdoors Club
Carlisle United Football Club
Carlton Football Club
Carlton Trail Ski Club
Carlton Youth Football Club
Carmel Fitness and Racquet Club
Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club
Carole Moto Club
Carolina Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club
Carolina Canoe Club
Carolina Canoe Club
Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club
Carolina Godiva Track Club
Carolina Rebels Motorcycle Club
Carpe Diem Lounge Club
Carter Lake Sailing Club
Carver Barracks Kart Club
Cascade Australian Shepherd Club
Cascade Bicycle Club
Cascade Doberman Pinscher Club
Castel Automobile Club
Castelnau Médoc Basket-Club
Castle Morpeth Bridge Club
Castres Lameilhé Football Club
Castro Valley Soccer Club
Catawba Island Club
Catawba Valley Wildlife Club
Cathedral Technology and Engineering Club
Catholic Alumni Club of San Diego
Catholic Alumni Clubs International
Catonsville Lacrosse Club
Caudry Handball Club
Cauliflower Alley Club
Cavaillon Espoir Basket Club
Cebu Computer Coders Club
Cedar City Radio Control Club
Cedar Point Yacht Club
Cedar Rapids Country Club
Celtic Football Club
Celtic Football Club
Center Grove Soccer Club
Center Mall Bridge Club
Central Alabama Cornhole Club
Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club
Central Arizona Paddlers Club
Central Arkansas Corvette Club
Central Bucks Aquatic Club
Central Bucks Bicycle Club
Central California Interclub Association
Central California Pigeon Club
Central California Soaring Club
Central Carolina Poodle Club
Central Coast Canoe Club
Central Coast Computer Club
Central Connecticut Radio Control Club
Central District Football Club
Central Falconry and Raptor Club
Central Florida Activity Club
Central Florida Bonsai Club
Central Florida Chess Club
Central Florida Coin Club
Central Illinois Camera Club Association
Central Illinois Country Club Association
Central Illinois Parrot Head Club
Central Illinois Robotics Club
Central Kansas Gun Club
Central London Wargames Club
Central Ohio Bicycle Club
Central Oregon Motorcycle and ATV Club
Central Pacific Ski Club
Central Penn Saab Club
Central Valley Bird Club
Central Virginia Miata Club
Central Virginia Mustang Club
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club
Century Road Club Association
CEPT Amateur Radio Club
Cergy Pontoise Air Club
Cergy Pontoise Football Club
Certified Club Manager
Cévennes Club Alpine Gordini
Ceylon Bird Club Notes
Chabossière Olympique Club
Chalon Basket Club
Champaign County Radio Control Club
Champion Canary Club
Champion Canary Club
Champion Fight Club
Changi Golf Club
Chantilly Academy Parents Club
Chaos Computer Club Berlin
Chaos Computer Club Cologne
Chaos Computer Club e.V.
Chaos Computer Club e.V.
Chaos Computer Club France
Chaparral Cycling Club
Chaparral Cycling Club
Chapel Hill Tennis Club
Chapleau Figure Skating Club
Charles County Women’s Club
Charles River Dog Training Club, Inc.
Charleston Sports and Social Club
Charlotte United Futbol Club
Charlton Athletic Football Club
Chasing Amy Social Club
Chassieu Decines Football Club
Château Gontier Badminton Club
Chateau-Thierry Rugby Omois Club
Chatham Figure Skating Club
Chattahoochee Hills County Club
Chattanooga Bicycle Club
Chelsea Football Club
Chemnitzer Briefmarken Club
Chemnitzer Lawn-Tennis-Club
Chenango Valley Camera Club
Chenove Triathlon Club
Chequamegon Bird Club
Cherbourg Club Aviron de Mer
Cherokee Country Club
Cherokee Country Club
Cherry Hills Country Club
Chesapeake Bay Aquatic Swim Club
Chesapeake Bay Knife Club
Chesapeake Bristol Club
Chesapeake Ranch Club
Chessington Radio Car Club
Chester City Football Club
Chester County Mothers of Multiples Club
Chester Yacht Club
Chesterfield Baseball Club
Chesterfield Football Club
Chesterfield United Soccer Club
Chevrolet Beretta Club Nederland
Chevrolet Corvair Club de France
Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America
Chicago and Northern District Association of Club Women
Chicago Area Orienteering Club
Chicago Chinese Bridge Club
Chicago Glider Club
Chicago Lebanese Club
Chicago Lesbian Social Club
Chicago Sport and Social Club
Chicago Vintage Mustang Club
Chicago Yacht Club
Chillagoe Caving Club
Chillagoe Caving Club
Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs
Chinese Crested Club of Nashville
Chinese Culture Club
Chinese Culture Club
Chinese Professionals Club of Australia
Chinese Students Club
Chippewa Valley Audubon Club
Chippewa Yacht Club
Chi-Town Mustang Club
Christian Motorcycle Club
Christian Riders Motorcycle Club
Christian Women’s Club
Chrysler France Club
Chrysler Product Owner’s Club
Chrysler Restorers Club
Chugach Eagles Wrestling Club
Church of England Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Clubs
Cigarette Packet Collectors Club
Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club
Circle C Ranch Cycling Club
Circle City Corvette Club
Circus Balloon Club
Citroen Car Club
Citroen Car Club
Citroën Car Club of New Zealand, Inc.
Citroên Car Club of Victoria, Inc.
Citroen Club Cordoba
Citroen Club Cordoba
Citroën Club Fryslân
Citroën Club Indonesia
Citroën Club of North America
Citroen Club Rijnmond
Citroën Club Romand
Citroën Traction Avant Club
Citroën Veteranen Club
City of Chester Football Club
City of Norwich Athletic Club
City of Oxford Swimming Club
City of Southampton Swimming Club
Civil Service Club
Clan Owners Club
Clare Boat Club
Claremont Colleges Automotive Enthusiasts Club
Clarice Cliff Collectors Club
Clark County Gun Club
Claro Club Orienteering League
Classic and Historic Automobile Club of Caboolture
Classic British Bike Club eV
Classic Cadillac Club Deutschland
Classic Car Club
Classic Car Club
Classic Car Club of America
Classic Chassis Car Club
Classic Corvette Club Denmark
Classic Honda Club Norway
Classic Racing Motorcycle Club
Classic Reflections Car Club
Classic Sports Car Club
Classic Thunderbird Club International
Classic Wing Club
Classic Yacht Club of America
Clayton Canyon Pony Club
Clean Racers Club
Clear Lake Fencing Club
Clearwater Yacht Club
Clemson Sports Car Club
Clermont Université Club
Cleveland Business Economists Club
Cleveland Hiking Club
Clignancourt Rugby Club
Clondalkin Motorcycle Club
Clondalkin Rugby Football Club
Cloudbase Country Club
Club Accord Québec
Club Aéronautique d’Annemasse
Club Air Soft Chaville
Club Alfa Romeo
Club Alfa Romeo Boxer
Club Alfa Romeo de Bresse
Club Alfa Romeo de France
Club Alpin Français
Club Alpine Aragon
Club Alpine Bourgogne
Club Alpine Dieppe
Club Alpine Gordini Pays Cathare
Club Alpine Renault
Club Alpine Vasco Navarro
Club Alpino Accademico Italiano
Club Alpino del Instituto de Ciencias
Club Alpino Italiano
Club America
Club Amierdica
Club and Chapter Guidelines
Club and Individual Participation Program
Club Andino Bariloche
Club Angevin de Vehicules d’Epoque
Club Angevin de Vehicules d’Epoque
Club Aquariophile du Marais Poitevin
Club Aquariophile Scrofulien
Club Armoricain des Véhicules Anciens et de Collection
Club Asso Emploi
Club Astro de Wittelsheim
Club Athlétic de Coudekerque Branche
Club Athletic Training Students
Club Athlétique Bizertin
Club Athlétique Chevreuse Rugby
Club Athlétique de l’Haÿ-Les-Roses
Club Athletique de Perigueux
Club Athlétique de Périgueux
Club Athlétique de Québec
Club Athletique de Saint-Etienne
Club Athlétique du Roannais
Club Athlétique Goncelinois
Club Athlétique Grauliérois
Club Atlético Central Córdoba
Club Atlético Fernández Fierro
Club Atletico Independiente
Club Atlético Osasuna
Club Atletico River Plate
Club Atletico Rosario Central
Club Atlético Talleres
Club Atlético Temperley
Club Atletico Velez Sarsfield
Club Atletisme Tarragona
Club Audi Sport Suisse
Club Aurillacois Paintball Sportif
Club Auto Passion
Club Auto Passion
Club Auto Retro de l’Ourcq
Club Auto Rétro des Monts du Soir
Club Auto Retro du Soissonnais
Club Auto Retro Passion
Club Automobile Berliet
Club Automobile Martin
Club Automodélisme de Viglain
Club Auto-Moto-Veicoli e Trattori d’Epoca Umbro
Club Automovilístico Santiago AC
Club Autos Miniatures Peugeot
Club Autos Sport Defi Inc.
Club Autun Rétro
Club Avallon Volley-Ball
Club Badminton Houppeville
Club Badminton Lucon
Club Badminton Nice
Club Badminton Orchies
Club Badminton Vienne
Club Basque des Vehicules Anciens
Club Belfortain d’Aquariophilie
Club Belge des Anciennes Citroën
Club Belge du Dogue de Bordeaux
Club Biblique Lycéen
Club Bouliste de Villefranche
Club Bouliste Monégasque
Club Bugatti France
Club Business Bénin
Club Cactus Volleyball Association
Club Canin Challandais
Club Canin Challandais
Club Canin de Landivisiau
Club Canin de Luçon
Club Canin Yonnais
Club Canoë Kayak Mortagne
Club Capri Passion
Club Cards, Systems and Applications
Club Central des Supporters
Club Chellois Loisirs et Créations
Club Ciclista Provençalenc
Club Citroën France
Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Club Civic Quebec
Club Clasicos Villaverde
Club Cochise Volleyball Association
Club Codes and Regulations
Club Corporation of America
Club Corrado France
Club Corvette Sweden
Club Crew World Championships
Club Culture et Loisirs d’Aucamville
Club Cycliste d’Ergué-Gabéric
Club Cycliste des Toques Blanches
Club Cyclo Loisirs de Dunkerque
Club Cyclo Roussillonnais
Club Cynophile Villeneuvois
Club d’Activités Subaquatiques de Craponne
Club d’Astronomie de Kintzheim
Club d’Astronomie du College Sismondi
Club d’Athlétisme de Balma
Club d’Athlétisme de Brive
Club d’Athlétisme Groupé Gonesse-Villiers le Bel
Club d’Athlétisme Guilérien
Club d’Autos et Motos d’Epoque
Club d’Aviron Vésenaz
Club d’Echecs de Genève
Club d’Echecs de l’Agglomération d’Annecy
Club d’Education Canine
Club d’Entreprises de Colomiers
Club d’Escalade Beaumontois
Club d’Histoire des Neurosciences
Club d’Ornithologie d’Ahuntsic
Club d’Ornithologie de Trois-Rivières
Club Daniel Balavoine
Club de Badminton d’Oberhausbergen
Club de Badminton de Checy
Club de Badminton de Liancourt
Club de Badminton de Menton
Club de Badminton de Perenchies
Club de Badminton de Provins
Club de Badminton de Verberie
Club de Badminton Heillecourt
Club de Badminton Pringy
Club de Badminton Villeneuvois
Club de Billard de Grosbliederstroff
Club de Billard de Plainpalais
Club de Canoe de Course de Lachine
Club de Canoë-Kayak d’Armentières
Club de Coches Clasicos Americanos
Club de Consultation en Management
Club de Défense des Animaux
Club de Défense des Animaux
Club de Femmes Entrepreneurs
Club de Football de Table
Club de Futbol Monterrey
Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires
Club de Golf del Uruguay
Club de Golf del Uruguay
Club de Informática Y Telemática de la Facultad de Informática
Club de Karaté des Pradettes
Club de l’Amélioration de l’Habitat
Club de l’Epagneul Breton
Club de l’Horloge
Club de la Sécurité Informatique Belge
Club de Loisirs de Tourlaville
Club de Minéralogie de Québec
Club de Modélisme Belleysan
Club de Modélisme de la Guadeloupe
Club de Modélisme de Savigny le Temple
Club de Natation d’Uckange
Club de Natation de Ben Arous
Club de Patinage à Roulettes
Club de Patinage Artistique
Club de Patinage Artistique de Reims
Club de Patinage sur Glace
Club de Patinage sur Glace du Boulonnais
Club de Plongée d’Orchies
Club de Plongée de Gennevilliers
Club de Plongée de Hurongues
Club de Plongee Jeumontois
Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama
Club de Rugby de Québec
Club de Sauvetage Toulousain
Club de Soccer de La Vallée du Richelieu
Club de Tir de l’Ouest
Club de Voile de La Flèche
Club de Voile de La Flèche
Club de Voile de Langrune sur Mer
Club de Voile de Nantua
Club de voile Grande-Riviere
Club de Voile Mâconnais
Club Deportivo
Club Deportivo Hermandad Legionaria
Club der Computer Spezialisten Kärntens
Club des Amateurs d’Anciennes Renault
Club des Amateurs d’Anciennes Renault
Club des Amateurs de Voitures de Sport
Club des Amis d’Allemagne
Club des Amis de la Bière
Club des Anciennes Automobiles Varoises
Club des Auteurs
Club des Auteurs
Club des Bactéries Lactiques
Club des Collectionneurs d’Epinglettes, Inc.
Club des Collectionneurs des Yvelines
Club des Copains Plongeurs
Club des Créateurs de Beauté
Club des Éleveurs Amateurs d’Oiseaux Exotiques
Club des Entrepreneurs de Bondy
Club des Entreprises du Muretain
Club des Entreprises du Muretain
Club des Epagneuls Nains Anglais
Club Des Jeunes
Club des Jeunes d’Hemptinne
Club des Jeunes de Luneray
Club des Jeunes de Nouadhibou
Club des Jeunes Financiers
Club des Jeunes Ingénieurs
Club des Jeunes Nephrologues
Club des Jeunes Renanais
Club des Micro-Entrepreneurs
Club des Mouvements Anormaux
Club des Ornithologues de Châteauguay
Club des Patineurs de Roubaix
Club des Petits Bolides Agenais
Club des Sports de Glace
Club des Voitures Écologiques
Club Dinky France
Club du Bouledogue Français
Club du Braque du Bourbonnais
Club du Chien de Bourg-en-Bresse
Club du Chien de la Vallée du Tarn
Club du Chihuahua, du Coton de Tuléar & des Exotiques
Club du Jeune Philatéliste
Club du Livre Libertaire
Club du Mâtin de Nâples
Club du Setter Anglais
Club du Vieux Manoir
Club École Havrais de Billard
Club Économique Franco Allemand
Club Éditeur Web
Club Épicure Paris
Club Escalade Wittelsheim
Club Español del Dogo Canario
Club Euro Trabi
Club Europe Oric
Club Félin de l’Ouest
Club Ferro Carril Oeste
Club Ferroviaire de Franche-Comté
Club Fiat Croma
Club Fiat de France
Club Flying Junior
Club Focus Quebec
Club for Growth
Club Fournier International
Club Français de la Pékin
Club Francais des Bergers Australiens
Club Français des Pêcheurs à la Mouche
Club Francais du Bouledogue Americain
Club Francais du Braque Allemand
Club Francais du Dogo Argentino
Club Français du Hovawart
Club Francais du Livre
Club Francais du Schnauzer et du Pinscher
Club Français du Vin
Club Francophone Télégraphiste
Club Glove Stiff Arm
Club Glove Travel Kit
Club Gymnique de France
Club Gymnique de l’Ouest
Club Haltérophile et Culturiste de Pontoise
Club Haltérophile Neuchâtel
Club Handicap Racing Fleet
Club Hématopoïèse et Oncogenèse
Club Hippique Clermontois
Club Hippique de Bourbon
Club Hippique de l’Hermitage
Club Hippique de la Navarre
Club Hippique de Meaux
Club Hippique de Meaux
Club Hippique de Nice
Club Hippique de Versailles
Club Hippique des Bruyères
Club House
Club House
Club Indépendant Bordelais
Club Informatique Alternatif
Club Informatique de Wasselonne
Club Informatique de Wavrin
Club Informatique Domontois
Club Informatique du Langonnais
Club Informatique et Architecture
Club Informatique Intercommunal du Carcassonnais
Club Informatique Maguelone
Club Informatique Paca
Club Informatique Saint Avertinois
Club Inter Pharmaceutique
Club International Universitaire
Club Internaute Montreal Cafe
Club Italiano Alaskan Malamutes
Club Italiano Panhard
Club Italiano Razze Nordiche
Club Jeep Aventure
Club Jeep de l’Est
Club Jeunesse et Loisirs
Club Jeunesse Indonésienne
Club Joventut Badalona
Club Junior-Entreprises
Club Kafé Fashion
Club Kayak Granville-Chausey-Carolles
Club Land Rover Ireland
Club Langues et Civilisations
Club Leadership and Business Management School
Club Linux
Club Location Bar
Club Logistique du Sud-Ouest
Club Loisirs et Plein Air
Club Lotus France
Club Mac of Monterey
Club Macintosh de Québec
Club Mamans Sportives
Club Management Development Australia
Club Managers Association of America
Club Managers Association of Europe
Club Maquettiste Chalonnais
Club Maritime de Hendaye Txingudi
Club Maserati France
Club Mini France
Club Mitsubishi Quebec
Club Modélisme Dévillois
Club Modéliste Beaumontois
Club Modéliste Longueillois
Club Modellismo Plastico Ravenna
Club Montagne Escalade Decinois
Club Motocycliste du Beaujolais
Club Mouansois du Modelisme et de la Figurine
Club Mouche Ile de France
Club Mouche Lozérien
Club Multisport de Mutigny
Club Municipal de Loisirs
Club Municipal Floiracais
Club Nacional de Football
Club National des Bécassiers
Club Naturiste de Besançon
Club Náutico Hacoaj
Club Nautique Angevin
Club Nautique Autunois
Club Nautique Castelbriantais
Club Nautique Chambéry le Bourget-du-Lac
Club Nautique d’Antibes
Club Nautique de Bouchemaine
Club Nautique de Chartrettes
Club Nautique de Giffaumont
Club Nautique de l’Ouest
Club Nautique de la Baie de Corsier
Club Nautique de la Marine à Lorient
Club Nautique de la Marine à Toulon
Club Nautique de la Marine Tunisienne
Club Nautique de Limoges
Club Nautique de Pornic
Club Nautique de Viry-Châtillon
Club Nautique de Wimereux
Club Nautique des Salettes
Club Nautique Hauterive
Club Nautique Havrais
Club Nautique Hoedicais
Club Nautique Marignanais
Club Nautique Mons Borinage
Club Nautique Sainte-Maxime
Club Nautique Tyberport Manage
Club Neon Quebec
Club New Zealand
Club Nouvelle Mini
Club of Vietnamese Youths in Poland
Club of Youth Working for Environment
Club Off-Road Saillanais
Club Olympique Avallonnais
Club Olympique Briochin
Club Olympique Castelnaudais
Club Olympique Courbevoie Hockey sur Glace
Club Olympique Creusot Bourgogne
Club Olympique de Joinville
Club Olympique de Pontlieue
Club Olympique de Sartrouville
Club Olympique Multisport Bagneux
Club Olympique Vincennois
Club Omnisport De Meknes
Club Omnisports Châteauneuvois
Club Omnisports Couronnais
Club Omnisports de Tarentaise
Club Omnisports de Valbonne
Club Omnisports de Vernouillet
Club Omnisports des Coteaux
Club Omnisports des Ulis
Club Omnisports Gargenville
Club Ornithologique d’Argentat
Club Ornithologique Jdidi
Club Parachutiste Vendéen
Club Passion Jeep
Club Patinage Artistique Limoges
Club Peduli Orangutan Indonesia
Club Penguin
Club Penguin
Club Penguin Air Force
Club Penguin Club
Club Penguin Fanon Wiki
Club Penguin Gang Army
Club Penguin Improvement Project
Club Penguin Money Maker
Club Penguin Music Video
Club Penguin National Army
Club Penguin Planet
Club Penguin Private Server
Club Penguin Video
Club Pneumatique Région Centre
Club Pongiste Nieulais
Club Pongiste Quevillais
Club Pongiste Yvetotais
Club Pongiste Yvetotais
Club Porsche France
Club Professional Championship
Club Puffle
Club Puffle
Club Radio Active
Club Radio Commandé Labouheyre
Club Renault Alpine Gordini Italia
Club Renault Norvege
Club Rétro Macairois
Club Rétromobile du Berry
Club Rhumatismes et Inflammations
Club Ricky Martin
Club Roannais de Plongée
Club Savoyard d’Aquariophilie
Club Schoelcherois de Football Américain
Club Seghe Mentali
Club Side-Bike
Club Simca Bertone
Club Sonneurs Normand
Club Sophia Nordic Link
Club Sport
Club Sport
Club Sport Cartaginés
Club Sport Emelec
Club Sportif Amphion-Publier
Club Sportif Artistique
Club Sportif Bettonais
Club Sportif Bretigny
Club Sportif Cosnois
Club Sportif d’Annecy-Le-Vieux
Club Sportif de Beauvoir sur Niort
Club Sportif de Bourges
Club Sportif de Décines
Club Sportif de Gravenchon
Club Sportif de la Bouilladisse
Club Sportif de Quincy
Club Sportif de Villedieu
Club Sportif de Villedieu
Club Sportif de Viriat
Club Sportif de Viriat
Club Sportif des Cheminots du Mans
Club Sportif et Artistique de la Defense
Club Sportif Grevenmacher
Club Sportif Honfleurais
Club Sportif Jean Bouin
Club Sportif Multisections d’Epinay-sur-Seine
Club Sportif Municipal d’Eaubonne
Club Sportif Municipal du Pecq
Club Sportif Neuvillois
Club Sportif Pertuisien
Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes
Club Stephen King
Club Subaquatique Albigeois
Club Subaquatique Annecy
Club Subaquatique Atlantide
Club Subaquatique Briviste
Club Subaquatique d’Hautmont
Club Subaquatique d’Onex
Club Subaquatique de Caen
Club Subaquatique de la Cote d’Emeraude
Club Subaquatique de Mayenne
Club Subaquatique du Léman
Club Subaquatique Lorientais
Club Subaquatique Nantais
Club Subaquatique Narbonnais
Club Subaquatique Rouennais
Club Subaquatique Ruthénois
Club Subaquatique Tarbais
Club Success Plan
Club Systems Group
Club Taurin Joseph Peyré
Club Taurin Vicois
Club Telex Noise Ensemble
Club Tennis de Table
Club Travail d’Equipe
Club Travail d’Equipe
Club Trégorrois Handisport
Club Triumph
Club Triumph Holland
Club Universitario de Buenos Aires
Club Vacances Modernes
Club Van Tien Miljoen
Club Vedette France
Club Vedette France
Club Vélo Loisirs
Club Verrierois de Badminton
Club Versaillais de Jeux de Figurines
Club Vertical Ermontois
Club Veveysan de Tennis
Club Victor Hugo
Club Vitréen de Natation
Club Vosgien Vallée de Saint-Amarin
Club World Casinos
Club World Championship
Club Yerrois de Natation
Club Young Scientists
Clubbing, Cyanosis, or Edema
Clube Atletico Mineiro
Clube Atletico Paranaense
Clube Atlético Paranaense
Clube de Astronomia de Sao Paulo
Clube de Canoagem Baia do Mar
Clube de Criadores de Passaros de Cuiaba
Clube de Futebol os Belenenses
Clube de Radioamadores de Americana
Clube de Regatas Brasil
Clube de Regatas Flamengo
Clube Desportivos Dos Olivais E Moscavide
Clube Manager Portugal
Clube Manager Portugal
Clube Nacional de Ginástica
Clube Virtual Mangalarga Marchador
Clubs and Societies on Campus
Clubul de Speologie Emil Racovita
Clubul National de Ciobanesc German din Romania
Clumber Spaniel Club of America
Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs
Clyde Cruising Club
Clyde Cruising Club
Clyde Yacht Clubs’ Association
Coastal Bicycle Touring Club
Coastal Carolina Corvette Club
Coastal Contract Bridge Club
Coastal Empire Hunting Retriever Club
Coastal Plain Volleyball Club
Coasters Harbor Navy Yacht Club
Coastside Amateur Radio Club
Cobh Ramblers Football Club
Cobra’s Tuning Club
Cochlear Implant Club International
Cockburn Dragon Boat Club
Cocker Spaniel Club
Coconut Grove Sailing Club
Colchester United Football Club
Collector’s Club of Chicago
Collector’s Club of Chicago
College Park Judo Club
Collegiate Club Golf Association
Collie Club of Greater Miami
Collie Club of Greater Miami
Collier Row Dog Training Club
Collingwood Football Club
Colombe Model Club
Colombes Bridge Club
Colombo Rowing Club
Colonial Coin Collectors Club
Colonial Country Club
Colonial Country Club
Color Country Cycling Club
Colorado Automobile Racing Club
Colorado Council of Camera Clubs
Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs
Colorado Foothills Retriever Club
Colorado Goat Meat Club
Colorado Kayak Club
Colorado Mountain Club
Colorado QRP Club
Colorado River Computer Club
Colts Neck Soccer Club
Columbia Amateur Radio Club
Columbia Basin Bass Club
Columbia Business School Alumni Club, Chicago
Columbia Figure Skating Club
Columbia Marine Aquarium Club
Columbus Amateur Radio Club
Colwyn Bay Football Club
Comite International des Pipe Clubs
Commodity Traders Club News
Commodore Owners Car Club
Communicatieclub Bourgondië
Community Amateur Sports Club
Community Club
Community Club Research Information Service Project
Comox Valley Camera Club
Comox Valley United Soccer Club
Companion Dog Club
Competitive Cycling Club of Portland
Complete Health Club Facility
Composer Computer Contractor Contact Club
Compound Club Athletique
Computer Chess Club
Computer Chess Club
Computer Club Elmshorn eV
Computer Club Fichtelgebirge
Concordia League Social Club
Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs
Congenital Clubfoot
Connecticut Valley Siberian Husky Club
Connoisseur’s Club of Smoking and Drinking
Conservative Book Club
Constellation Model Flying Club
Constructors Car Club
Constructors Car Club
Contact Agility Club
Contest Club Finland
Continental Dorset Club
Continental Kennel Club
Continental Silver Club
Contra Costa Communication Club
Cookeville Camera Club
Cookeville Camera Club
Cookie Cutter Collectors Club
Cool Cats Club
Cool Cats Club
Cool Kids Club
Cooper Union Fencing Club
Coopérative Université Club
Copenhagen City Cigar Club
Copleston and Holywells Community Tennis Club
Coral Ridge Country Club
Coral Springs Parkland Road Runners Club
Cordite Factory Sports Club
Cordoba Kennel Club
Core Club International
Corgi Collector Club
Corgi Collector Club
Corinthian Yacht Club
Coritiba Football Club
Cork City Football Club
Cornell Figure Skating Club
Corner Brook Curling Club
Coronado Yacht Club
Corpus Christi College Boat Club
Corrado Club Italia
Corrs Fan Club Brazil
Corsica Poker Club
Corvette Club de France
Corvette Club of Albany
Corvette Club of Northern Delaware
Corvette Marque Club of Seattle
Cosmopolitan Bridge Club
Cottage Park Yacht Club
Cotteswold Naturalists’ Field Club
Coturnix Fanciers and Breeders Club
Cougar Club of America
Council of Southern Caving Clubs
Country Club
Country Club Enterprises
Country Club Hills
Country Club India Limited
Country Club India Ltd.
Country Club Middle School
Country Club of Louisiana
Country Club of Virginia
Country Folks Saddle Club
Country Heights Vacation Club
Country Roads Board Car Club, Inc.
Country Vélo Club
Countryside Community Club Association
Coursing Club des Lévriers de Bourgogne
Coursing Club Lorrain
Courthouse Athletic Club
Coventry City Football Club
Cover Collectors Circuit Club
Covered Bridge Swim Club
Cowdenbeath Football Club
Cowichan Valley Camera Club
Cowichan Valley Wrestling Club
Coyote Bay Night Club
Coyote Creek Golf Club
Coyotes Skating Club of Arizona
Crackers Comedy Club
Crackers Comedy Club
Crazy for Cats Card Club
Creative Communications Club of Providence
Creative Home Arts Club
Creative Needle Sewing Club
Creative Retirement Computer Club
Creative Writing Club
Creole Classic Car Club
Crescent Beach Swimming Club
Crescent City Corvette Club
Crescenta Valley Soccer Club
Crewe Alexandra Football Club
Cricket Club of India
Cricketers Arms Cricket Club
Croatian Club for International Cooperation
Crosley Car Owners Club
Cross Country Vehicle Club
Cross Creek Country Club
Crossville Model Railroad Club
Crowmarsh Youth Football Club
Crown Room Club
Cruising Club of America
Cruising Club Suisse
Cruising Yacht Club
Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
Crystal Palace Football Club
Crystal Palace Internet Football Club
Cullompton Cricket Club
Cullompton Cricket Club
Cumberland Plateau Amateur Radio Club
Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club
Cushman Club of America
Cushman Club of America
Custer Sportsmen’s Club
Custom Chopper Club
Custom Chopper Club
Custom Spirit Tuning Club
Cute and Cuddly Cats Club
Cycle Barn Sportbike Club
Cycle Club of Fort Worth
Cycle Conservation Club
Cycle Conservation Club
Cyclists’ Touring Club
Cyclo Club Béarnais
Cyclo Club Boulogne Billancourt
Cyclo Club de la Vègre
Cyclo Club de Villers-Cotterets
Cyclo Club du Vexin
Cyclo Club Hennebont
Cyclo Club Kingersheim
Cyclo Club Rivesaltes
Cyclo Club Vertavien
Cyclo Club Vertou
Cyclone Amateur Radio Club
Cyclotourisme Club du Roumois
Cyprus Property Network Co CPNCergy Pontoise Natation (French swim club) CPNCapital Protected NoteCPNCercle Parachutiste de Nice (French parachuting club) CPNCentre Psychothérapique de Nancy (French:
Dachshund Club of America
DAF Club Belgium (Belgian car club)
DAF Club Deutschland, eV (German car club)
DAF Club Nederland (Dutch car club)
DAF Owners Club (UK)
Daimler Lanchester Club of Victoria
Dakota Alliance Soccer Club
Dakota Dunes Country Club
Dalby Hang Gliding Club
Dale City Youth Athletic Club
Dallas Amateur Radio Club
Dallas Figure Skating Club
Dallas Organic Garden Club
Dallas Sports Car Club
Dalmatian Club of America
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Dalmatian Club of America Rescue Education
Dalmatian Club of Victoria
Dambenoit Air Soft Club
Dame Quaker’s Club
Damen Fussball Club Schwamendingen
Dammarie Rugby Club
Dana West Yacht Club
Dandenong Women’s Cricket Club
Danetre Bridge Club
Danish Short Wave Clubs International
Danish Truck Model Club
Danish Vintage Gliding Club
Daring Athlétic Club Molenbeek
Darling Downs Soaring Club
Darlington Amateur Swimming Club
Darlington Football Club
Dartford District Swimming Club
Dartmouth Club of Hong Kong
Dartmouth Outing Club
Darwin Trailer Boat Club
Dassault Aeroclub Aquitaine
Dauphine Bourse Club
Davao Diecast Club
David Douglas Soccer Club
David Sarnoff Radio Club
David Winter Collectors Club
Davis Game Design Club
Day Scholars Club
Dayton Auto Racing Fanclub
Dayton Chess Club
Dayton Motorcycle Club
Daytona Beach Kennel Club
Dazaifu Toast Masters Club
Deaf Teen Club
Deaf Texans Flag Football Club
Dearborn Heights Soccer Club
Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club
Del Monte Kennel Club
Del Rio Country Club
Delaware State Pistol Club
Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club
Delaware Valley Ornithological Club
Delftsche Bridge Club
Delftsche Korfbal Club
Delhi Wine Club
Deli Golf Club
Delta Club d’Annecy
Delta Club Livradois Forez
Delta Club Valais
Delta Para-Club Hohwacht
Demon Car Club
Denksportclub Universiteit Antwerpen
Dental Study Club
Dental Study Club Online
Denver Adult Rider’s Club
Denver Social Club
Denver Transportation Club
Department Of Information Systems Club
Department of Information Systems Club
Der Motorsport Club Bielefeld eV
Derby Owners Club Online
Derbyshire County Cricket Club
Des Moines Fencing Club
Des Moines Obedience Training Club
Des Moines Rowing Club
Deschutes Academie & Futbol Club
Desert Dwarf Car Club
Desert Foothills Athletic Club
Desmo Owners Club
Desmosedici Riders Club
Destination Club Partners, LLC
Detroit Athletic Club
Detroit Cocker Spaniel Club
Detroit Golf Club
Detroit Kennel Club
Detroit Tennis and Squash Club
Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club
Detroit Yacht Club
Detroit Yacht Club
Deutsch-Amerikanischer Herrenclub Mûnchen eV
Deutscher Aero Club eV
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Deutscher Bumerang Club
Deutscher Email Schach Club
Deutsch-Kanadischer Business Club
Dexter Community Aquatics Club
Dhaka University Management Club
Diablo Valley Soccer Club
Diamond Dealer Club
Digaredoo Club of America
Digital Club Festival
Digital Image Camera Club
Digne Poker Club
Dijon Hockey Club
Dijon Mini Club
Diners Club
Diners Club
Diners Club
Diners Club
Diners Club
Diners Club
Ding’Opel Club
Dirty Girl Social Club
Disciplinary Wives Club
Disco Mixing Club
Discount Home Shopping Club
Discount Travel Membership Club
Discovery Bay Corvette Club
Disney Club Vacances
Disney Vacation Club
Distinguished Club Program
District Athlétique Club de Reims
District Basket Club
District of Columbia Aquatic Club
District of Columbia Aquatics Club
Divco Club of America
Dive Operators Club of Thailand
Divonne Bridge Club
Dixie Paint Horse Club
Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola
DKW Fanatik Club (French car club)
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada
Doberman Pinscher Club of Dallas
Doberman Pinscher Club of Detroit
Doberman Pinscher Club of Houston
Dobermann Club de France
Dobermann Club of Queensland
Doctor Who Club
Doctor Who Fan Club of America
Doctored Titles Club
Dodge Viper Hacker Club
Dog Obedience Club of Greenville, Inc.
Dog Obedience Training Club of Anchorage
Doggen Club de France
Dogo Canario Club of America, Inc.
Doha Pinoy Shooters Club
Dole Athlétique Club
Dominica Amateur Radio Club
Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Dompierre-Bourgneuf Football Club
Don Valley Trail Users Club
Donau-Ruder-Club Neuburg
Doncaster Lakers Rugby League Football Club
Doobie Brothers Fan Club
Dordtse Bridge Club
Douai Poker Club
Double Bound Telecaster Owners Club
Double Fisted Sailing Club
Double-O Club
Dover Athletic Football Club
Downriver Cycling Club
Downtown Athletic Club
Downtown Athletic Club of Orlando
Doxie Lovers Club
Draco Malfoy Fan Club
Dragon Fly Basket Club
Draguignan Badminton Club
Draper Lab Bridge Club
Dreux Poker Club
Drink Club Social Awareness
Drinking Bridge Club
Drogin Business Card Club
Dromore Ladies Hockey Club
Druid Hills Golf Club
Dubai Filipino Bowling Club
Dubai International Marine Club
Dublin University Ladies’ Football Club
Ducati Motorcycle Club Brno
Ducati Owners Club Victoria
Dufferin-Peel Skating Club
Dulaney Swim Club
Duluth Figure Skating Club
Dundee Football Club
Dunfermline Athletic Football Club
Dunkerque Flysurfing Club
Dunkerque Malo Basket Club
Duplicate Bridge Club
Durango Nordic Ski Club
Durant Motors Automobile Club
Durham County Cricket Club
Durham County Wildlife Club
Durham Divers Scuba Club
Durham University Canoe Club
Durham University Hapkido Club
Durham University Labour Club
Durham University Mountaineering Club
Dutch American Bulldog Club
Dutch Balloon Competiton Club
Duveneck Kids’ Club
Dynamic Club Panhard
Dynamic Club Panhard et Levassor
Dynamic Full Contact Club
Eagle Rock Athletic Club
Eagle Ski Club
East Alabama Amateur Radio Club
East Anglia Motor Club
East Anglian Crusing Club
East Antrim Old Vehicle Club
East Brunswick Soccer Club
East Coast GhostHunters Club
East Coast Jeep Club
East Coast Wrestling Club
East County Democratic Club
East Devon Golf Club
East Devon Hockey Club
East Fremantle Football Club
East Greenwich Yacht Club
East Grinstead Target Shooting Club
East Hartford Tennis Club
East Lake Woodlands Country Club
East Orange Soccer Club
East Perth Football Club
East Riding Union of Golf Clubs
East Texas Model Railroad Club
East Texas Sports Car Club
East Valley Astronomy Club
Eastern German Shorthaired Pointer Club Inc.
Eastern Inter-Club Ski League
Eastern Kentucky Bird Club
Eastern Mass Futebol Club
Eastern Ontario Appaloosa Horse Club
Eastern Park Football Club
Eastern Province Cat Club
Eastern Southland Car Club
Eastern Suburbs Outrigger Canoe Club
Easy Riders Recumbent Club
Eau Gallie Yacht Club
Eccentric Creatures Club Page
Echo Valley Country Club
Eddystone Model Flying Club
Edgewater Yacht Club
Edgewood Valley Country Club
Edinburgh Underwater Hockey Club
Edinburgh University Archery Club
Edinburgh University Club of London
Edinburgh University Cycling Club
Edinburgh University Golf Club
Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club
Edmond Soccer Club
Edmonton Keyano Swim Club
Edmonton Natural History Club
Edmonton Ringette Club
Edmonton Road and Track Club
Education in the Environment Caving/Canoe Club
Eerbeek Hallse Touwtrek Club
Eerste Zeeuws-Vlaamse Aero Club
El Paso Golf Club
Elbow Park Tennis Club
Eldon Pothole Club
Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club
Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club
Element Owners Club
Elgin Grabouw Angling Club
Elijah Wood Fans Club Chile
Elite Musketeer Fencer’s Club
Elmbridge Phoenix Swimming Club
Elmbrook Swim Club
Elstead Village Tennis Club
Elukkaveljekset Gaming Club
Elvis Presley Fan Club
Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club
Emerald Coast Regional Mustang Club
Emerald Dog Obedience Club, Inc.
Emerald Valley Track Club
Emergency Amateur Radio Club
Emirates Filipino Tennis Club
Emma Watson Fan Club
Emo Hate Club
Empire Club of Canada
Empire One Running Club
Enchanted Lens Camera Club
Enchantment Insulator Club
Energy Policy International Club
Engineer’s Club of the Virginia Peninsula
Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia
England Rugby Supporters Club
English Bay Swim Club
English Conversation Club
English Shetland Sheepdog Club
English Springer Spaniel Club
English Springer Spaniel Club of Michigan
Ephraim Yacht Club
Epinay Poker Club
Ernestown Barracuda Swim Club
Erster Bremer Doppelkopf Club
Erster Deutscher Historic Actien-Club
Escondido Kids’ Club
Essendon Football Club
Essex County Cricket Club
Essex Platform Tennis Club
Etobicoke Yacht Club
Eton College Boat Club
Eugene Metro Futbol Club
Eugene Swim and Tennis Club
Eugene Yacht Club
Europäischer Automobil- und Verkehrsclub
European American Angel Club
European American Bulldog Club
European Business Club
European Club Crew Championships
European Club Cup
European Club for Human Resources
European Coaster Club
European Committee for Young Farmers’ and 4H Clubs
European Corvette Club
European Pancreatic Club
European Radio Astronomy Club
European Star Wars Fan Club
European Ultimate Club Championship
Events Business Club
Everett Golf and Country Club
Everett Gun Club
Evergreen Club of Ghana
Evergreen Fly Fishing Club
Evergreen Juniors Volleyball Club
Evergreen Tandem Club
Everton Football Club
Exotic Bird Club of Florida, Inc.
Explorers Club
Explorers Club
Explorers Club
Exxonmobil Singapore Recreation Club
Fairfax Police Youth Club
Fairfield County Sports Car Club
Fairlane Club of America
Fairport Crew Club, Inc.
Fairthorpe Sports Car Club
Fairway Country Club
False Creek Racing Canoe Club
Family Film Club
Fan Club
Fan Club of the Prince of Mankind
Fanatik Tuning Club
Fanclub Arts Foundation Fashion Awards
Far Post Soccer Club
Farley Hill Cricket Club
Farnborough Rugby Football Club
Farsley Cricket Club
Fat Kids Club
Fayette County Youth Soccer Club
Federal Way Amateur Radio Club
Federated Mountain Clubs, Inc.
Federatie Nederlandse BMW Clubs (Dutch: Dutch Federation of BMW Clubs)
Fédération des Clubs Connaitre et Protéger la Nature
Fédération des Clubs de Close Combat
Fédération Francaise des Clubs d’Investissement
Federation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs
Federation Senegalaise des Clubs UNESCO
Felix Agus Fan Club
Fells Point Yacht Club
Feltham Football Club
Female Probe Owners Club
Fencing Club
Fenwick Island Yacht Club
Ferencvarosi Torna Club
Ferrari Club Australia
Ferrari Club Japan
Ferrari Club of America
Ferrari Owners Club
Fiat Club Belgio
Fiat Lancia Car Club
Fiat Owners Club New Zealand
FIAT Spider Klub Danmark (Danish car club)
Fiat Tuning Club Finland
Fiat-Lancia Club Serbia
Fight Club
Finally Free Motorcycle Club
Finance and Accounting Club
Finance and Accounting Club
Finance and Revenue Football Club
Financial Occupations Club for University Students
Finger Lakes Soaring Club
Finnish Dog Breeder Club
Finnish Kennel Club
Fire Fighters Motorcycle Club
First Antrim Youth Club
First Class CW Operator’s Club
First Generation Monte Carlo Club
First Ladies Club
First Phaeton Owners Club
First State Amateur Radio Club
Fitness Club Management Software
Fitzroy Football Club
Fleet Town Football Club
Fleetwood Town Football Club
Flensburger Segel-Club
Flight Club Los Angeles
Flipper Natation Club St. Georges
Florida Aero Club
Florida Aero Club
Florida Coaster Club
Florida Federation of Music Clubs
Florida Miniature Horse Club
Florida Powerboat Club
Florida Press Club
Flower Mound Social Club
Fluminense Futebol Clube
Flyboy Club
Flying Aces Motorcycle Club
Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cent Collectors Club
Flying Fifteen Motorcycle Club
Folkestone Invicta Football Club
Folsom Lake Yacht Club
Foo Fighters Motorcycle Club
Footbal Club Vaduz
Football Club
Football Club Bedford
Football Club Bioggio
Football Club Carolina Alliance
Football Club Copenhagen
Football Club de l’Estuaire
Football Club de l’Odet
Football Club de Lorient
Football Club de Nantes Atlantique
Football Club de Rouen
Football Club Internazionale
Football Club Internazionale Milano
Football Club Istres Rassuen
Football Club Juventus
Football Club Lokomotiv Moscow
Football Club Lugano
Football Club Midtjylland
Football Club Nordsjælland
Football Club Olimpija Ljubljana
Football Club Paris Nord
Football Club Santa Barbara
Football Club Shakhtar Donetsk
Football Club Sochaux Montbeliard
Football Club Spartak Moscow
Football Club Steaua Bucharest
Football Club Torpedo Moscow
Football Club United of Manchester
Football Club Villargondran
Ford Amateur Astronomy Club
Ford County Youth Soccer Club
Ford Enthusiast and Owners Club
Ford Escort Owners Club
Ford Mondeo Owners Club
Ford Probe Owners Club
Ford Sierra Owners Club
Foreign Buyers’ Club
Forest Hills Country Club
Forest Park Country Club
Forfar Athletic Football Club
Forged Alliance Riding Club
Fork Union Aquatic Club
Formula Ford Club Holland
Formula One Investment Club
Fort Augustus Golf Club
Fort Collins Anime Club
Fort Collins Baseball Club
Fort Collins Track Club
Fort Detroit Golden Retriever Club
Fort Lauderdale Mustang Club
Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club
Fort McMurray Running Club
Fort Saskatchewan Amateur Radio Club
Fort Wayne Obedience Training Club
Fort Wayne Track Club
Fortaleza Esporte Clube
Forward Motion Race Club
Forza Racing Club
Fotbal Club Rapid Bucuresti
Fox Island Yacht Club
Franco-Scottish Business Club
Frankford Radio Club
Franklin County Saddle Club
Franklin Township Swim Club
Frankston Clay Target Club
Fraser Valley Naturist Club
Fredericton Trap & Skeet Club
Free Masons Riding Club
Free Software Club of Kirksville
Free Store Club
Fregate Club de France
Freie Sportclub Union
Freizeit Sport Club Union
Fremantle Football Club
Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club
Fremont Hills Country Club
Fremont Travelers Motorcycle Club
French Banana Club
French Riviera Club
Friday Afternoon Club
Friday Afternoon Club
Friday Duplicate Bridge Club
Friday Morning Music Club
Frinton Lawn Tennis Club
Front Range Mustang Club
Fruit of the Month Club
Ft. Pierce Yacht Club
Fugarwe Tribe Motorcycle Club
Fulham Football Club
Funk Amateur Club Basel
Fussball Club Basel
Fußball Club Bayern
Fussball Club Kaiserslautern
Fussball Club Luzern
Fussball Club Münchwilen
Fußball Club Nürnberg
Fussball Club Oberwinterthur
Fussball Club Oerlikon
Fussball Club Schaffhausen
Fussball Club Unterstrass
Fussball Club Wädenswil
Fussball Club Zurich
Fussballclub Aarau
Fussballclub Affoltern
Fussballclub Einsiedeln
Fussball-Club Energie
Fussballclub Erzgebirge
Fussballclub Grenchen
Fussballclub Locarno
Futball Club
Futbol Club Barcelona
Futbol Club Dallas
Futebol Clube do Porto
Fuzzy Duck Boat Club
Gaelic Football Club
Galatasaray Sports Club
Galileo Astronomy Unclub
Galloway Amateur Astronomy Club
Galway Hockey Club
Games Club of Maryland
Garden Club of the Middle Peninsula
Garden of the Gods Breakfast Club
Garden State African Violet Club
Garden State Region Mustang Club
Gardner Girls Basketball Club
Garibaldi Football Club
Garland Amateur Radio Club
Garland Area Democratic Club
Garlic Valley Amateur Radio Club
Gateway Australian Shepherd Club
Gator Sport Management Club
Gaucho Rivera Motorcycle Club
Gaume Paintball Club
Gavel Club
Gay Football Club
Gay Outdoor Club
Gearys Gap Pony Club
Geelong Folk Music Club
Geelong Football Club
Geelong Obedience Dog Club
Geelse Bridge Club
Geelse Triathlon Club
Gene Autry Roping Club
General Federation of Women’s Clubs
General Hospital Fan Club
General Motors Amateur Radio Club
General Thoracic Surgical Club
Genesee Star Soccer Club
Geneva Bridge Contact Club
Genoa City Athletic Club
George Strait Fan Club
Georgetown International Relations Club
Georgia Elite Track Club
Georgia Paint Horse Club
Georgia Tech Women’s Rugby Football Club
Gereformeerde Politieke Jongeren Club
German Car Club of Victoria
German Club
German Racing Club
German Shania Twain Fanclub
German Shepherd Dog Club of America
German Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland, Inc.
German Shepherd Schutzhund Club
Germantown Academy Aquatic Club
Germantown Cricket Club
Ghana Investment Club
Gilda’s Club Worldwide
Gilligan’s Island Fan Club
Gillingham Football Club
Ginasio Clube de Agueda
Ginetta Owners Club
Gipping Valley Angling Club
Gisborne Junior Soccer Club
Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club
Glamorgan County Cricket Club
Glandore Harbour Yacht Club
Glasgow Light Opera Club
Glasgow Rowing Club
Glenans Irish Sailing Club
Glenelg Nordic Ski Club
Glenhuntly Amateur Athletic Club
Glenmarie Golf & Country Club
Glenn Dale Golf Club
Glenorchy District Football Club
Glenrothes Motor Sport Club
Gliding Club Computer System
Glory Shed Supporters Club
Gloucester Area Astronomy Club
Gloucester City Swimming Club
Gloucestershire County Cricket Club
Go Girls Book Club
Goddard Amateur Radio Club
Goderich Bridge Club
Gold Crown Club International
Gold Nugget Soccer Club
Gold Wing Club Austria
Gold Wing Club Deutschland
Gold Wing Club Finland
Gold Wing Club Holland
Gold Wing Club Italia
Gold Wing Club Letzebuerg
Gold Wing Club Norway
Gold Wing Club of Poland
Gold Wing Owners Club of Northern Ireland
Golden Age Auto Club
Golden Arrow Archery Club
Golden Gate Badminton Club
Golden Gate Bantam Club
Golden Gate Breakfast Club
Golden Gate Bridge Club
Golden Gate Kennel Club
Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club
Golden Hills Mustang Club
Golden Hook Fishing Club
Golden Knights Club
Golden Nordic Ski Club
Golden Retriever Club of Alberta
Golden Retriever Club of America
Golden Retriever Club of Japan
Golden Retriever Club of Victoria
Golden State Insulator Club
Golden Triangle Homebrew Club
Golden Years Club
Gold-Wing Club Berlin
Goleta Valley Cycling Club
Golf Club of the European Union
Golf Club Schloss Vornholz
Golf Club Ybrig
Golf Clubmakers Association
Golf GTI Classic Club
Golf Instruction Club Network
Good Girl Book Club
Good Hope Flying Club
Good News Club
Good Start Breakfast Club
Goodwood Road Racing Club
Goodyear Antique Automobile Club
Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club
Gordon Setter Club Deutschland (est. 1981)
Gordon Setter Club of America
Gorgeous Girls & Gifted Guys Book Club, Inc.
Goring Gap Boat Club
Got Game Basketball Club
Göteborg Beachvolley Club
Grabbarna Grus Beach Club
Gran Sport Club of America
Grand Cherokee Club Deutschland
Grand National Curling Club
Grand Prix Club International
Grand Rapids Audubon Club
Grand Rapids Track Club
Grand Traverse Hiking Club
Granite State Pioneer Club
Grant Amateur Radio Club
Grant MacEwan Mountain Club
Grants Pass Soccer Club
Grasshopper Club Niederhasli
Gravesend and Northfleet Swimming Club
Grays Athletic Football Club
Great American Adventure Club
Great Bridge Crew Club
Great Bridge Swim and Racquet Club, Inc.
Great Dane Club of America, Inc.
Great Dane Club of Lehigh Valley
Great Dane Club of Northern California
Great Glen Boating Club
Great Harbor Yacht Club
Great Kills Swim Club
Great Lakes Lotus Club
Great Moor Sailing Club
Great Wholesale Club Ltd.
Greater Grand Rapids Ski Club
Greater Houston Gun Club
Greater Kingsport Kennel Club
Greater Lafayette Kennel Club
Greater Napanee Soccer Club
Greater Ocala Astronomy Club
Greater Ocala Dog Club
Greater Pittsburgh Standard Schnauzer Club
Greater St. Louis Agility Club
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America
Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs
Greater Tulsa Razorback Club
Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club
Greater Wildwood Yacht Club
Green Mountain Club
Green Mountain Curling Club
Green Mountain Leather Club
Green Racing Club
Green River Riding Club
Green Wyvern Yachting Club
Greensboro Triad Textile and Apparel Club
Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club
Greenwood Amateur Radio Club
Greers Ferry Lake Yacht Club
Grenada Amateur Radio Club
Grenoble Maquette Club
Gresford Athletic Football Club
Griffith Australian Football Club
Griffon Maquette Club
Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club Inc.
Groot Beverse Zwemclub
Groot Veldhovense Atletiek Club
Group Club Handball
Grove City College Outing Club
Guam Mini Motoring Club
Guarapiranga Golf & Country Club
Guelph Amateur Radio Club
Guelph Nordic Ski Club
Guiding Light Fan Club
Guildford Ice Dance Club
Gulf Coast Gaming Club
Gulf Coast Sailing Club
Gulf Shore Mustang Club
Gulf Winds Track Club
Gunslingers Motorcycle Club
Habbo Club
Hacettepe University Go Club
Hagelandse Oude Citroën Club
Haile Plantation Golf & Country Club
Hair Club for Men
Hair Club for Men
Halifax Antique Car Club
Halifax County United Soccer Club
Halifax Curling Club
Haller Lake Community Club
Hamburg City Beach Club
Hamilton Applied Astrophysics Club
Hamilton Bay Sailing Club
Hamilton Caving Club
Hamilton Figure Skating Club
Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club
Hamilton Township Republican Club
Hamilton Wenham Garden Club
Hamlet Swim Club
Hammer and Anvils Various Occupations Club
Hampshire County Cricket Club
Hampstead Cricket Club
Hampton Pier Yacht Club
Handsworth Junior Sporting Club
Handyman Club of America
Hannah Montana Fan Club
Happy Valley Cricket Club
Harbin Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club
Harker United Library Club
Harley Davidson Club Indonesia
Harraseeket Yacht Club
Harrisburg Area Road Runners Club
Harrisburg Area Volkswagen Owners Club
Harrisburg Camera Club
Harrisburg Coin Club
Harrisburg Kennel Club
Harry Potter Book Club
Harvard Bowling Club Team
Harvard Bridge Club
Harvard Business School Club
Harvard Club of the United Kingdom
Harvard Faculty Club
Harvard Glee Club
Harvard Golf & Country Club
Harvard Table Tennis Club
Harvard University Linguistics Club
Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club
Hastings Fly Fishers Club
Hatfield London Country Club
Havre Athletic Club
Hawaii Figure Skating Club
Hawaii Performing Roller Club
Hawaiian Inter-Club Council of Southern California
Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club
Hawg Wild Truck Club
Hawke’s Bay Orienteering Club
Hawthorn Football Club
Hawthorn Woods Country Club
Health and Fitness Club
Health and Racquet Club
Healthy Living Supper Club
Heart of Florida Borzoi Club
Heart of Midlothian Football Club
Heartbeat of the Ozarks Classic Car Club
Heartland Golf Teaching Professional Club
Hebrew Culture Club
Heights Youth Club
Heikendorfer Yacht Club
Heistse Zwemclub Arduas
Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club
Hell’s Tunas Motorcycle Club
Hellenic Offshore Racing Club
Hemel Hempstead Town Cricket Club
Hercules Amateur Radio Club
Heritage Grand Vacation Club
Heritage Motoring Club of India
Hermosa Beach Soccer Club
Hernando Computer Club
Herndon Optimist Club
Heron Lakes Country Club
Herts Young Mariners Adventure Club
Heugas Racing Club
Hewlett Point Yacht Club
Hewlett-Lawrence Soccer Club
Hibiscus Coast Motorsport Club
Hickory Lake Contest Club
Hidden Valley Club
High Altitude Athletics Club
High Desert Fencing Club
High Desert Hunt Club
High Noon Athletic Club
High School Science Club
High Wycombe Riding Club
Highland Bulldog Junior Wrestling Club
Highland Business Women’s Club
Highland Country Club
Highland Lakes Computer Club
Highland Lakes Country Club
Highway Amateur Radio Club
Hillarys Yacht Club
Hills International Golf Club
Hillsborough Junior Athletics Club
Hilton Grand Vacations Club
Hilton Palmyra Cricket Club
Hilux Surf Owners Club
Hilvarenbeekse Bridge Club
Histon Football Club
Historic Lotus Club
Historic Racing Club
Historic Racing Club de France
Historic Rally Club Finland
Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania
Historico Automovel Clube de Entre Tejo e Sado
History and Genealogy Club of Collinsville
Hobby Computer Club
Hockessin Athletic Club
Hockey Club Ambri Piotta
Hockey Club Davos
Hockey Club des Aravis
Hockey Club Féminin Lausanne
Hockey Club Lugano
Hockey-Club de Cergy-Pontoise
Hoghton Cricket Club
Holbrook Ultralight Club
Holiday Rambler Recreational Vehicle Club
Holme Pierrepont Running Club
Holmesdale Memorial Tennis Club
Home Owners Club
Home Owners Club of America
Home Shopping Club
Homewood-Flossmoor Swim Club, Inc.
Honda Automotive Club Indonesia
Honda Club of the Philippines
Honda on Off Road Club
Honda Shadow Owners Club
Honda Tiger Club Indonesia
Hong Kong Cricket Club
Hong Kong Hobie Club
Hong Kong Parrot Club
Hoodview Amateur Radio Club
Hoosick Falls Soccer Club
Hoosier Motor Club
Hopwood American Bulldog Club
Hornsby and Districts Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Horror Movie Fan Club
Horseless Carriage Club of America
Horse-Power-Racing Club
Horsham Amateur Radio Club
Hot Club de Paris
Hot Club of San Francisco
Hot Pants Road Club
Hougang Community Club
Housatonic Amateur Radio Club
Houston Athletic Rugby Club
Houston Figure Skating Club
Houston Land Rover Club
Houston Parrot Head Club
Houston United Lacrosse Club
Houston Yacht Club
Howard University Alumni Club
Howlong Football Club
Hoylake Amateur Swimming Club
Hua Qiang Soccer Club
Hubcap Collectors Club
Huddleboard Football Club
Hull City Football Club
Hull University Labour Club
Hull University Mountaineering and Climbing Club
Hundred Million Club
Hungarian American Athletic Club
Hungarian Pumi Club of America
Hunt Club Community Organization
Hunter Bird Observers Club
Hunting Retriever Club
Huntingdon Area Mini Owners Club
Huntington Disc Golf Club
Huntsville Figure Skating Club
Huntsville Soaring Club
Huntsville Soccer Club
Huron Pointe Yacht Club
Hyannis Port Yacht Club
Hyatt Vacation Club
Iate Clube Jardim Guanabara
Ice Club of Baltimore
Ice Hockey Club
Idaho Capital City Kennel Club
Ile de Re Cricket Club
Illini Glider Club
Illinois Club Lamb Association
Illinois Club Pig Association
Illinois Dog Clubs and Breeders Association
Illinois Dull Men’s Club
Illinois Valley Parachute Club
Illinois Valley Yacht & Canoe Club
Iloilo Mountaineering Club, Inc.
Immunology Journal Club
Imperial College Caving Club
Imperial College Mountaineering Club
Impreza Drivers Club Norway
Indah Puri Golf Club
Independent Power Boat Club
India Pakistan Friendship Club
Indian Mound Golf Club
Indian National Kennel Club
Indian Ocean Beach Club
Indian Railways Fan Club
Indian Railways Fan Club Association
Indian Wells Country Club
Indiana Arabian Horse Club
Indianhead Miniature Horse Club
Industrial Engineering Student Club
Industry Hills Aquatic Club
Information Technology Club
Inland Empire Bass Club
Inland Empire Jaguar Club
Inorganic Chemistry Cricket Club
Insurance Club of Buffalo
Inter Club Championship
Intercollegiate Outing Club Association
Intercontinental Private Clubs Affiliates Ltd.
International Aerobatic Club
International Automobile Driver’s Club
International Business Card Club
International Business Club of Colorado
International Business Travellers’ Club
International Center for Clubhouse Development
International Christian Cycling Club
International Club for Peace Research
International Club Games Training Centre
International Club of DC
International Club of Journalists
International Coal & Carbon Club
International Country Club
International Eastside Soccer Club
International Fan Club Organization
International Federation of Film Clubs
International Field Hockey Club of Kentucky
International Fitness Club Network
International Ford Retractable Club
International Friendship Football Club
International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association
International Historic Automobile Club
International Kennel Club
International LEGO Train Club Organization
International Lightning Protection Club
International Lions Club
International Metalheads Club
International Miniature Aerobatic Club
International Model Aircraft Club
International Online Bridge Club
International Private Society Club
International Race Drivers Club
International Radio Club of America
International Record Collectors’ Club
International Ski Club of Zurich
International Station Wagon Club
International Trade Club of Chicago
International University Club Munich
International Vacation Club
International Womens’ Club of the Riviera
International Yacht Club of Bali
Internationale Ratten Fokkers/Fanclub
Internationaler Bodensee Motorboot-Club
Internet Chess Club
InterNet Clubmans Society
Internet Scrabble Club
Internet Xadrez Clube
Interstate Coin Club
Inter-Varsity Club
Intramural Sports Club
Iowa City Cycling Club
Iowa Club Lamb Association
Iowa Miniature Horse Club
Iowa State Sailing Club
Irina Slutskaya Fan Club
Irish Kennel Club
Irish Raleigh Chopper Club
Irish Red Setter Club
Irish Setter Club of America
Irish Subaru Drivers Club
Irish Terrier Club of America
Irish Terrier Club of Chicago
Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc.
Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada
Irkutsk-Fort Ross Club
Iron Pig Motorcycle Club
Iron Range Motorcycle Club
Iron Riders Motorcycle Club
Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club
Iron Workers Motorcycle Club
Iroquois County Amateur Radio Club
Irving Amateur Radio Club, Inc
Island County Amateur Radio Club
Island Cruising Club
Island Rallysport Club
Islay Boys Football Club
Isles Yacht Club
Iso Bizzarrini Owners Club
Issaquah Soccer Club Referees Association
Isuzu Piazza Turbo Owners’ Club
Italia Car Club Belgium
Italian American Club
Italian Beam Physics Club
Italian Cars Club
Italian Social Club
Ithaca Dog Training Club
Ivy Singles Social Club
Jack of Clubs
Jack Russell Terrier Club
Jackson Amateur Radio Club
Jackson Hole Ski Club
Jackson Mississippi Readers Club
Jackson Yacht Club
Jacksonville Ranch Club
Jago Owners Club
Jaguar Car Club
Jaguar Daimler Club Holland
Jaguar Development Club
Jaguar Drivers Club
Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club
Jalpa Youth Club
Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club
James Island Yacht Club
Jamestown Yacht Club
Janty Club France
Japan Club of Boston College
Japan Club of Queensland
Japan Club of Victoria
Japan Expert Climbers Club
Japan Kennel Club
Japan Yiddish Club
Japanese American Democratic Club
Japanese Animation Club of Orlando
Japanese Animation Club of Tallahassee
Japanse Popcultuur Club Utrecht
Jaskelo Youth Club
Java City Coffee Club
Jawalakhel Youth Club
Jaypee Youth Club
J-Body Club of Ontario
Jebel Ali Sailing Club
Jedi Knights Fan Club
Jeep Club Austria
Jeep Club Nederland
Jeffries Fan Club
Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club
Jersey City Football Club
Jersey Eagles Cricket Club
Jersey Shore Ballroom Dance Club
Jesus College Boat Club
Jimny Club of Japan
Job Finding Club
Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre
Jockey Club Sarah Roe Centre
Joensuu Bridge Club
Joensuun Muay Thai Club
Jogging Club Rouheid
John Purdue Club
Johnny Benson Fan Club
Johns Hopkins Animation Club
Johnson County Bicycle Club
Johnson School Investment Management Club
Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club
Join the Club
Jolly Harbour Yacht Club
Jolly Roger Sailing Club
Jomo Cosmos Football Club
Jon Boat Fishing Club
Jon Lovitz Comedy Club
Jonesboro Cricket Club
Jongeren Animatie Club
Jordan Rugby Football Club
Juana Briones Kids’ Club
Jubilee Yacht Club
Judo Club Hermée
Judo Club Osny
Judo Club Tain Tournon
Judo-Club Obernburg
Jugend Club
Jumping Brook Country Club
Jumping Chollas Agility Club
Jumptec Elite Computer Club
Junior Executive Council Clubs
Junior Football Club
Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland
Junior Supporters Club
Jupiter Island Garden Club
Jupiter Owners’ Auto Club
Jupiter Yacht Club
Jurong Country Club
Just for Friends Club
Just for Fun Club
Käfer Cabriolet Club Schweiz
Kaiapoi Town Association Football Club
Kaiser Owners Club Switzerland
Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club
Kaneohe Yacht Club
Kanon Valley Country Club
Kansas City Flying Disc Club
Kanu Club Jugenddorf
Kanu Club Zurich
Kapiti Car Club
Karlsruher Sportclub
Karmann Ghia Club Nederland
Karnataka Motor Sports Club
Karnevals Club Cronsbach Funken
Kathmandu University Computer Club
Katholieke Rijswijkse Voetbal Club
Kawkab Athletic Club Marrakech
Kayak Club Charleroi-Nivelles
Keene Youth Hockey Club
Keeshond Club of America
Keg Ran Out Club
Keith Lemon Fan Club
Kempense Keverclub
Kempsey Sporting Car Club
Kenai Peninsula Soccer Club
Kendal Caving Club
Kenilworth Bridge Club Ltd
Kenitra Athletic Club
Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club
Kennel Club
Kennel Club of Great Britain
Kennel Club of India
Kennel Club Uruguayo
Kennemer Motor Tour Club
Kennesaw Mountain Shrine Club
Kennet Valley Sailing Club
Kent University Canoe Club
Kent University Caving Club
Kentuckiana Scooter Club
Kentucky Lake Sailing Club
Kenya Motor Sports Club
Keppel Bay Sailing Club
Keppel Club
Keppel Country Club
Kernow Old Vehicle Club
Kettering Town Football Club
Kettle Moraine Corvette Club
Kever Cabriolet Club België
Key Biscayne Athletic Club
Key Club
Key Club International
Key Club Study Abroad
Keyhole Caving Club
Keymens Club of Japan
Khandallah Tennis and Squash Club
Kiarti Thanee Country Club
Kidderminster Victoria Cricket Club
Kidds Beach Angling Club
Kids Club
Kilkenny City Football Club
Kilmarnock Football Club
King’s Gate Club
Kings County Radio Club
Kings Knight Chess Club
Kings Langley Baseball Club
Kingston Beach Sailing Club
Kingston Ice Dance Club
Kingston Masters Aquatic Club
Kingston University Boat Club
Kingstonian Football Club
Kinver Freeliners Angling Club
Királyi Magyar Automobil Club
Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club
Kirkby Malzeard Cricket Club
Kirkwood Soccer Club
Kitchener Waterloo Chess Club
Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club
Kittery Point Yacht Club
Kiwanis Club International
Kiwanis Club Of Greater Randolph Area
Kiwi Asian Club
Knoxville Track Club
Knuckleheads Pleasure Club
Kokondo Martial Arts Club
Kona Daifukuji Orchid Club
Kongelig Dansk Yachtclub
Koninklijke Belgische Aëroclub
Koninklijke Nederlandsche Motorboot Club
Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen
Koolau Amateur Radio Club
Kootenay Mountaineering Club
Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
Korean Folk Art Club
Krazy Dub Club
Krefelder Fu?ball-Club
Krimson Kross Motorcycle Club
Kuala Lumpur Business Club
Kwajalein Scuba Club
La Quinta Country Club
La Touche Fencing Club
Labrador Retriever Club of Canada
Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston
Labrador Retriever Club of Southern California
Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, Inc.
Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
Lac Deschenes Sailing Club
Lacrosse Club
Lada Racing Club
Ladies Gaelic Football Club
Ladies Kennel Club
Lady Tigers Night Club
Lafayette Duplicate Bridge Club
Laguna Beach Democratic Club
Laguna Phuket Golf Club
LaHave River Yacht Club
Lahore Press Club
Lake Almanor Country Club
Lake Beresford Yacht Club
Lake Beulah Yacht Club
Lake Bluff Yacht Club
Lake County Airboat Club
Lake Cumberland Kennel Club
Lake Elsinore Soaring Club
Lake Eustis Sailing Club
Lake Forest Swim Club
Lake Lanier Rowing Club
Lake Lanier Sailing Club
Lake Norman Soccer Club
Lake Parsippany Sailing Club
Lake Sammamish Yacht Club
Lake Stockton Yacht Club
Lake Summerset Yacht Club
Lake Sunapee Yacht Club
Lake Tahoe Corvette Club
Lake Washington Rowing Club
Lake Wenatchee Recreation Club
Lakeshore Athletic Club
Lakeshore Yacht Club
Lakewood Country Club
Lam Luk Ka Country Club
Lambda Car Club International
Lamborghini Club America
Lamborghini Club Nederland
Lamborghini Club of Canada
Lambretta Club Hellas
Lamoine Emergency Amateur Radio Club
Lancashire County Cricket Club
Lancashire Road Club
Lancaster Amateur Radio Club
Lancaster University Sub Aqua Club
Lancaster University Tennis Club
Lancia Club France
Lancia Thema Owners Club
Land Park Soccer Club
Land Rover Club Austria
Land Rover Club of Ireland
Land Rover Owners Club of Cairns
Landings Duplicate Bridge Club
Langedijker Bridge Club
Langley Investors’ Club
Langley Investors’ Club
Langley Park Golf Club
Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club
Lanna Golf Club
Lanna Golf Club
Lansing Model Railroad Club
Lapeer County Compassion Club
Larense Lawn Tennis Club
Las Vegas Buffet Club
Las Vegas Country Club
Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club
Las Vegas Track Club
Last Chance Motorcycle Club
Last Few Motorcycle Club
Latitudes & Attitudes Cruising Club
Latrobe Valley Aero Club
Lauderdale Yacht Club
Launceston Walking Club
Laura Pausini Fan Club
Lausanne Hockey Club
Laval Mini Auto Club
Laverda Club Schweiz
Laverton Park Soccer Club
Law Enforcement Amateur Radio Club
Lawn Bowling Club
Lawn Tennis Club
Lawrence Beach Club
Lawrence Park Golf Club
Lawrence Park Swim Club
Le Club Des Internautes
Lebanese American Club of Michigan
Lebanon County Kennel Club
Leder und Motorradclub Zürich
Leeds United Football Club
Leesburg Football Club
Leeton Hotel Anglers Club
Leeward Training Club of Hawaii, Inc.
Leforest Badminton Club
Legal Club of America
Legit Gaming Club
Legit Gaming Club
Lehigh Valley Canoe Club
Lehigh Valley United Football Club
Leicestershire County Cricket Club
Leicestershire Microlight Aircraft Club
Leighton Buzzard Athletic Club
Lemania Coccinelle Club
Lens and Lights Club
Lethbridge Twins & Triplets Club
Letzebuerger Daitschen Doggen Club
Letzebuerger Modell Club
Leuvense Universitaire Aero-Club
Lewis and Clark Radio Club
Lexington Kennel Club
Lexington Kennel Club
Ley Hill Cricket Club
Leyton Orient Supporters Club
Licensed Clubs Association of Victoria
Licking County Radio Control Club
Lidcombe Auburn Cycling Club
Liga Van Vlaamse Zweefvliegclubs
Light Pass Cricket Club
Lille Olymlpique Sporting Club
Lilli Pilli Football Club
Lima Alfa Contest Club
Limburgse Keverclub
Limburgse Keverclub
Limestone Bay Yacht Club
Limited Editions Club
Limoges Football Club
Lincoln Club of Northern California
Lincoln Indian Film Club
Lincoln Park Athletic Club
Lincoln Park Ski Club
Lincolnshire Kart Racing Club
Linfield Football Club
Linkin Park Fan Club
Linköping Hockey Club
Lions Club
Lions Club International
Liskeard Steam and Vintage Club
Lititz Youth Soccer Club
Little Illini Soccer Club
Little Rock Athletic Club
Little Rock Cricket Club
Littlefield Members Social Cricket Club
Live Line Angling Club
Live Music Club
Livermore Valley Tennis Club
Liverpool Football Club
Liverpool Motor Club
Liverpool University Fencing Club
Liverpool University Mountaineering Club
Livingston Football Club
Livingston Hearts Community Football Club
Livingston United Football Club
Ljusdal Jet Racing Club
Local Weightlifting Club
Local Welsh Club
Locks Bottom Cricket Club
Log Cabin Club
Log Cabin Republican Club
Loisir Models Club
Lomond Roads Cycling Club
Lompoc Valley Bicycle Club
London Aquatic Club
London Diamond Bourse & Club
London Gliding Club
London Gliding Club
London Highland Club
London Irish Social Club
London Irish Supporters Club
London Practical Shooting Club
London Region Balloon Club
London Thames Fencing Club
London Wheelchair Rugby Club
Lone Star Airedale Terrier Club
Lone Star Havanese Club
Lone Wolf Ring Club
Lonely Hearts Club
Long Beach Coin Club
Long Beach Yacht Club
Long Island Aquatic Club
Long Island Bicycle Club
Long Island Big Apple Volleyball Club, Inc.
Long Island Flute Club
Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
Long Island Subaru Club
Long Island Volkswagen Club
Long Path North Hiking Club
Longview Kennel Club
Longview Kennel Club
Lop Rabbit Club of America
Lorain Sailing and Yacht Club
Lord Reading Yacht Club
Loring Park Shuffleboard Club
Los Altos Christian Club
Los Angeles Creative Club
Los Angeles Orienteering Club
Los Angeles Parrot Head Club
Los Angeles Press Club
Los Angeles Rugby Club
Los Angeles Yacht Club
Los Angles Country Club
Los Padres Ski Club
Los Ranchitos Cabana Club
Lost Coast Kennel Club
Lost Forest Racquet Club
Lost House Archive Club
Lost Wheels Motorcycle Club
Lothian Association of Youth Clubs
Lough Neagh Sailing Club
Lough Ree Yacht Club
Lough Swilly Yacht Club
Loughborough Model Flying Club
Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs
Louisiana Tech Athletic Club
Louisville Bicycle Club
Lower Mainland Motocross Club
Lower Merion Aquatic Club
Lower Merion Soccer Club
Lower Paxton Aquatic Club
Lower Plenty Cricket Club Inc.
Lowestoft Town Football Club
Loyal Luton Supporters Club
Lubbock Bicycle Club
Ludlow Radio Car Club
Lum Reserve Tennis Club
Lunchtime Lead Club
Luton Town Football Club
Luxembourg Air Cargo Club
Lyme Regis Sailing Club
Macclesfield Town Football Club
Mac-Club Aschaffenburg
Mackenzie Sports Club
Macomb Oakland Compassion Club
Maddog Motorcycle Club
Magical Flying Camper Club
Maidstone Model Flying Club
Main Line Badminton Club
Maine Antique Tractor Club
Maine Appalachian Trail Club
Maine Outdoor Adventure Club
Mainzer Carneval Club
Major Oak Photography Club
Makati Business Club
Makiling Airsoft Club
Makiling Airsoft Club
Malaysian Association of Youth Clubs
Maldon Little Ship Club
Malgudi Cricket Club
Malmo Mini Racing Club
Malta Allied Airgunners Club Airsoft
Malta Amateur Dramatic Club
Malta Tactical Airsoft Club
Manchester Athletic Club
Manchester Athletic Club
Manchester Bridge Club
Manchester City Football Club
Manchester City Supporters Club
Manchester Cricket Club
Manchester Metropolitan University Canoe Club
Manchester United Football Club
Manchester University Speleology Club
Manchester University Sub-Aqua Club
Mandurah Outrigger Canoe Club
Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs
Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs
Manhattan Beach Badminton Club
Manhattan Bridge Club
Manhattan Theatre Club
Manila Press Club
Manila Sports Car Club
Manitoba Classic and Antique Auto Club
Manitoba Masters Aquatics Club
Manitoba Trail Riding Club
Mankato Area Radio Club
Manly Bulge Bicycle Club
Mans Union Club
Mansfield Town Football Club
Maple Leaf Ballers Club
Marbella Dutch Business Club
Marcos Owners Club
Margaret River Wine Club
Marin Amateur Radio Club
Marines Motorcycle Club
Maritime Volkswagen Owners Club
Mark Three Owners Club
Marriott Vacation Club International
Marten Toonder Verzamelaars Club
Martial Arts Club
Martial Arts Club
Martlet Kayak Club
Maryland Athletic Club
Maryland Athletic Club
Maryland Central Model Railroad Club
Maryland Jockey Club
Marylebone Cricket Club
Maserati Club Holland
Maserati Club of Australia
Mass Intensity Basketball Club
Mass Velocity Track Club
Massey University Alpine Club
Massy Modèles Club
Master Business Building Club
Master Club Manager
Master Computer Club Luxembourg
Master Solver’s Club
Matra Club Deutschland eV
Matra Club Suisse
Matra Enthusiasts Club
Mature Gamers Club
Mauritian Wildlife Club
Maury County Kennel Club
Maximising Velocity and Power Track and Field Club
Maytag Messerschmitt Motorcycle Club
Mazda Owners Club of California
Mazda Sports Car Club
Mazda Sportscar Club of Washington, Inc.
McHenry County Libertarian Club
McKinney Amateur Radio Club
Meadville Bridge Club
Medford Rifle and Pistol Club
Medicine Hat Folk Music Club
Medicine Lake Sailing Club
Medway Model Flying Club
Meg Cabot Book Club
Mehari Club de France
Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club
Melbourne Clay Target Club
Melbourne Cricket Club
Melbourne Football Club
Melbourne Nordic Ski Club
Melbourne Outrigger Canoe Club
Melbourne Radio-Controlled Helicopter Club
Melbourne University Athletics Club
Melbourne University Car Club
Melesse Moto Club
Melton Centrals Cricket Club
Melville Fremantle Cycling Club
Memorial Drive Tennis Club
Memphis Cricket Club
Memphis Runners Track Club
Menasha Boys Hoops Club
Mendoza Kennel Club
Mental Health Clubhouse
Meon Valley Airgun Club
Mercedes-Benz Club Management
Mercedes-Benz Modellauto Club
Méridienne Football Club
Mérignac Vélo Club
Merrittion Lawn Bowling Club
Merrymeeting Wheelers Bicycle Club
Merthyr Tydfil Football Club
Merton College Boat Club
Merton Footballers Cricket Club
Mesa Soccer Club
Métal Monster Club
Methodist Association of Youth Clubs
Metro All-Breed Obedience Club
Metro Atlanta Cycling Club
Metro Detroit Photography Club
Metrolina Duplicate Bridge Club
Metropolitan Canoe and Kayak Club
Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta
Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club
MetroWest Dive Club
Miata Club of America
Miata Owners Club
Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club
Michiana Amateur Radio Club
Michigan Botanical Club
Michigan City Yacht Club
Michigan Club Lamb Association
Michigan Fly Fishing Club
Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club
Michigan Short Track Racing Club
Michigan Star Wars Collectors Club
Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club
Michigan United Conservation Club
Michigan Vehicle City Bottle Club
Michigan/Ontario Muskie Club
Mickey Mouse Club
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Microcomputer Club of Melbourne
Mid America Conference of Clubs, Inc.
Mid Atlantic Impreza Club
Mid-Atlantic Camaro Club
Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association
Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club
Mid-Atlantic Xterra Club
Middle Tennessee Futbol Club
Middlesbrough Football Club
Middlesbrough Football Club in the Community
Middlesbrough Futsal Club
Middlesbrough Model Railway Club
Middlesex County Automobile Club
Middlesex County Cricket Club
Middlesex Subaru Owners Club
Midland Basset Hound Club
Midland Rolls-Royce Club
Midland Rover Owners Club
Midlands Environmental Business Club
Midlothian Dog Training Club
Midnight Club
Midnight Club 2
Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Mid-South Wrestling Club
Midtown Athletic Club
Midtown Athletic Club
Midwest Sports Car Club of Chicago
Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs
Mile High Club
Miley Cyrus Fan Club
Milford Haven Golf Club
Military Modelers Club of Louisville
Military Officers’ Wives Club
Military Vehicle Club of Ireland
Military Vehicle Collectors Club
Millard South Wrestling Club
Millwall Football Club
Minardi Club San Francisco
Mini Auto Club Angevin
Mini Auto Club de Roanne
Mini Auto Club Pictave
Mini Bolide Club de l’Ouest
Mini Car Racing Club Baar
Mini Club Atlantic
Mini Club Romand
Mini Cooper Club
Mini Foxie Club of Australia, Inc.
Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America
Mini Owners Club of Belgium
Mini Racing Club Pilatus
Mini Racing Club Reignier
Mini Racing Club Varois
Mini Seven Club Nederland
Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America
Miniature Club de Pont-Audemer
Miniature Lop Rabbit Club
Miniature Pinscher Club of America, Inc.
Miniature Schnauzer Club of Michigan
Minnesota Club Grand Prix
Minnesota Environmental Studies Club
Minnesota Import Auto Club
Minnesota Soaring Club
Minor League Baseball Club
Minuteman Implant Club, Inc.
Minuteman Implant Club, Inc.
Miramonte Swim Club
Mirecourt Maquettes Club
Missing Link Scooter Club
Mission Bay Marlin Club
Mississauga Amateur Radio Club
Mississauga Recreational Sports Club
Mississippi Canoe and Kayak Club
Mississippi Outdoor Club
Mississippi State Kennel Club
Mississippi Valley Track Club
Missoula Road and Track Club
Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America
Mixed Hockey Club Hoevelaken
Mixed Martial Arts Club
MKIV Supra Owners Club
MMU Motorsports and Recreational Club
Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club
Model A Restorers Club
Model Car Club of Minnesota
Model Club Chavanoz
Modélisme Club Rouchons
Modell Eisenbahn Club Flawil
Mole Valley Orienteering Club
Mollymook Golf Club
Monash University Fencing Club
Monday Night Football Club
Monmouth Area Flying Club
Monocacy Canoe Club
Monongahela Duck Club Band
Monster Cars Club
Monte-Carlo Squash Racket Club
Monterey Navy Flying Club
Monterez Golf Club
Montgomery Amateur Radio Club
Montgomery County Kennel Club
Montreal Amateur Radio Club
Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club
Montreal MG Car Club
Montreal Prelude Club
Montreal Subaru Club
Montrose Motorcycle Riding Club
Montshire Mycological Club
Moon Valley Aquatics Club
Moorestown Soccer Club
Mopar Owners Club
Moraga Country Club
Moray Firth Cycling Club
Morecambe Football Club
Morehouse College Glee Club
Moreland City Soccer Club
Moret Moto Club
Morgan Club de France
Morgan Sports Car Club
Morlaix Poker Club
Mornington Crescent Club
Morpeth Hunt Pony Club
Morris County Swim Club
Moselle Alpine Club
Moselle Alpine Club
Motard Club Jouettois
Mother Lode Bulldog Club
Mothers of Multiples Club
Motherwell Football Club
Moto Club des Riceys
Moto Club Luxembourg
Moto Club Pirate
Moto Club Pont-Audemer
Moto Club Sommièrois
Moto Clube Amigos do Garfo
Moto Clube de Faro
Moto Country Club Serviannais
Moto Guzzi Club Belgium
Motobécane Club de France
Moto-Club des Hauts Cantons
Moto-Club Villeneuvois
Motocyclette Club de la Bresle
Motor City Stamp and Cover Club
Motor Sport Club of Ottawa
Motorcycle Club
Motorcycle Club Federation of All Japan
Motorcycle Club Lederbaeren Berlin
Motorcycle Racing Club
Motorcycle Riders Club Of America
Motorcycle Sports Touring Club of Victoria
Motorcycle Touring Club Europe
Motoring Club Barbados Inc.
Motorola Amateur Radio Club
Motorsportclub Loreley
Moulamein Bowling Club
Moulamein Football Club
Mount Dora Yacht Club
Mount Florida Bowling Club
Mount Lilydale Basketball Club
Mount Pleasant Swim Club
Mount Vernon Country Club
Mountain Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Mountain Bike Club
Mountain Biking Club
Mountain Club of South Africa
Mountaineering Club of Scotland
Mounts Bay Sailing Club
MSX Computer & Club Magazine
Mt Baker Hiking Club
Muddy Waters Retriever Club
Mudgee South Men’s Club
Mullaloo Longboard Club
Multan Crescent Lions Club
Multnomah Channel Yacht Club
Multnomah Kennel Club
Muri Beach Club Hotel
Murray Bridge Sailing Club
Murray State University Amateur Radio Club
Murrayfield-DAFS Cricket Club
Mushroom Club of Georgia
Music & Video Club
Mustang Club de France
Mustang Club of America
My Football Club
My Own Bloody Yacht Club
Myott Collectors Club
Mystic River Rugby Club
Nacional Football Club
Nanaimo Sports Car Club
Nanaimo Yacht Club
Nancy Poker Club
Nantucket Garden Club
Nantucket Yacht Club
Napa Valley Country Club
Naples Sailing and Yacht Club
Napoleonic Wargame Club
Narragansett Terrace Yacht Club
NASA/Houston Rocket Club
Nash Car Club of America
Nashville Golf & Athletic Club
Nassau County Fire Rider Motorcycle Club
Nassau Hiking and Outdoor Club
Nassawango Golf & Country Club
National Afro-American Corvette Club
National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club
National Association of Club Workers
National Association of Competitive Soccer Clubs
National Association of Investment Clubs
National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc.
National Association of Street Clubs
National Association of Tangent Clubs
National Automobile Club
National Birmingham Roller Club
National British Roller Club
National Capital Area Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
National Capital English Setter Club
National Capital Sun Club
National Club Association
National Club Championship Handbook
National Club Swimming Association
National Communication Association Student Club
National Council of Corvette Clubs
National Democratic Club
National Dragracing Club Denmark
National Exchange Club Foundation
National Fantasy Fan Club
National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs
National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines
National Garden Clubs, Inc
National Greyhound Racing Club
National Home Gardening Club
National Intercollegiate Flying Club
National Intercollegiate Running Club Association
National Kennel Club
National Liberal Club
National Miniature Lop Rabbit Club
National Park Travelers Club
National Press Club
National Press Club, Nepal
National Private Club Practice
National Rare Blood Club
National Rex Rabbit Club
National Saddle Clubs Association
National Shiba Club of America
National Sport Combat Club
National Sporting Club
National Sports Club of India
National Western Club
National Woodie Club
Native Planet Outdoor Club
Nature Aquarium Club of Utah
Nature Club Surat
Nautical Club of Thessaloniki
Navnat Bridge Club
Navy Officer’s Spouse Club
Navy Yacht Club Everett
Navy Yacht Club Long Beach
Neapolitan Mastiff Club
Neath and Dulais Angling Club
Nebraska Horse Clubs Association, Inc.
Nederlandse Amateur Dansers Club
Nederlandse Amateur Dansers Club
Nederlandse Lapidaristen Club
Nederlandse Welsh Corgi Club
Needham Pool and Racquet Club
Negril Interval Ownership Club
Nestle Rowntree Athletic Club
New Bedford Yacht Club
New Braunfels Running Club
New Brunswick Antique Auto Club
New Brunswick Rowing Club
New College Boat Club
New Denver Ad Club
New England Backgammon Club
New England Botanical Club
New England Country Music Club
New England Nissan Owners Club
New England Sled Dog Club
New England Stock Dog Club
New England Whippet Club
New England Whippet Club
New Hampshire Outing Club
New Haven Rowing Club
New Jersey Arms Collectors Club
New Orleans Country Club
New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern California
New Orleans Track Club
New Paddock Corvette Club
New South Wales Fancy Rat and Mouse Club
New Town Alano Club
New World Theatre Club
New York Library Club
New York Monte Carlo Club
New York Numismatic Club
New York Radio Control Clubs
New Zealand Classic Scooter Club
New Zealand Computer Club, Inc.
New Zealand Doctor Who Fanclub
Newcastle Hang Gliding Club
Newcastle Staffs Volleyball Club
Newcastle United Golf Club
Newcastle United Supporters Club
Newent Bridge Club
Newfoundland Club of New England
Newfoundland Club of Northern California
Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
Newport Mesa Soccer Club
Newport Officers’ Spouses’ Club
Newport Uskmouth Sailing Club
Newport Yacht Club
Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club
Niantic Bay Yacht Club
Night Club Supplies, United Kingdom
Nissan Car Club Australia, Inc.
Nissan Primera Owners Club
Nittany Lion Club
No Homers Club
No Kids Club
No Life Club
Nondescripts Cricket Club
Nooksack Nordic Ski Club
Noord Nederlandsche Motorclub
Nord Mini Auto Club
Nord Triumph Club
Nordamerika Alumni Club
Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
Norfolk Hang Gliding Club
Normandy Beach Yacht Club
Nørreskoven Football Club
North Alabama Saddle Club Association
North Alabama Shell Club
North Alabama Volkswagen Club
North American Beauceron Club
North American Fishing Club
North American Hunting Club
North American Lionhead Rabbit Club
North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club
North American Swing Club Association
North American Youth Horse Club
North Avon Canoe Club
North Baltimore Aquatic Club
North Beach Football Club
North Branch Outing Club
North Bristol Rifle Club
North Bucks Road Club
North Cape Yacht Club
North Carolina Roadrunners Club
North Central Camera Club Council
North Central Newfoundland Club
North Chattanooga Cycle Club
North Dallas Radio Control Club
North East Immunology Club
North East Quattro Club
North Florida Bicycle Club
North Hills Radio Club
North Melbourne Football Club
North Oakland Republican Club
North Olmstead Sportsman’s Club
North Pensacola Optimist Club
North Ringwood Tennis Club
North Seattle Bridge Club
North Shore Anglers Club
North Shore Fencers Club
North Shore Radio Club
North Shore Yacht Club
North Star Ski Touring Club
North Tampa Bass Club
North Texas Arabian Horse Club
North Toronto Aquatic Club
North Wales Business Club
North Wales Cruising Club
North Wales Gliding Club
North West Impreza Club
North West London Computer Club
North West Walking Club
North Wilts Golf Club
North Wilts Inventors Club
North Worcestershire Golf Club
Northampton Bridge Club
Northampton Model Aero Club
Northampton Valley Country Club
Northamptonshire County Cricket Club
Northbay Rowing Club
Northeast Tactical Airsoft Club
Northeastern Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs
Northern Alberta Sports Car Club
Northern Alberta Transportation Club
Northern Beetle Owners Club
Northern Beetle Owners’ Club
Northern California Council of Camera Clubs
Northern California Dachshund Club
Northern California Land Rover Club
Northern California Racing Club
Northern California Rover Club
Northern Californian Rabbit Specialty Club
Northern Districts Cycle Club
Northern Dutchess Aquatic Club
Northern Illinois Anime Club Cooperative
Northern Illinois Anime Culture Club
Northern Illinois Conservation Club
Northern Illinois Corvette Club Inc
Northern Illinois Orienteering Club
Northern Illlinois Offshore Club
Northern Ireland Goat Club
Northern Ireland Supporters Club
Northern Nashville Country Music Club
Northern Parson Russell Terrier Club
Northern Virginia Soccer Club
Northland Car Club
Northumberland Pistol and Revolver Club
Northville Hills Golf Club
Northwest Classic Chevy Club
Northwest Council of Camera Clubs
Northwoods Gator Club
Norton Amateur Soccer Club
Norton Owners Club
Norwegian Lundehund Club of America, Inc.
Nostalgic Auto Club
Notre Dame Club of Denver
Notre Dame Computer Club
Nottingham Forest Football Club
Nottingham University Gliding Club
Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
Noyal-Brece Football Club
NTUC Club Staff Union (now Attractions, Resorts & Entertainment Union; Singapore)
Nu?dorfer Athletik Club
Nuneaton Dog Training Club
Nursing Care Club House
Oak Park Photography Club
Oak Ridge Kennel Club
Oakhurst Petanque Club
Oakmont Booster Club
Oakmont Country Club
Oakville Hockey Club
Oakville Soccer Club
Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club
Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls
Objat Poker Club
Objectivist Club Association
Ocala Jeep Club of Florida
Ocean Club Community Association
Ocean Sailing Club
Ocean Youth Club
Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club
Oesterreichischer Citroën Club
Off Road Camping Club
Offenbacher Fussball Club
Officer’s Spouses’ Club
Officers’ Wives’ Club
Official Fan Club
Official International Queen Fan Club
Official Leinster Supporters Club
Official NASCAR Members Club
Official Supporters Club
Officials Club Automobielsport
Offutt Officers’ Spouses Club
Ohio Athletic Club
Ohio University Women’s Club
Ohio Valley Pomeranian Club
Ohlone Kids’ Club
Oil City Bridge Club
Oiseau Club du Pays d’Aix
Ojai Valley Athletic Club
Oklahoma City Corvette Club
Oklahoma Club Calf Association
Olathe Bass Club of the Deaf
Old Amplefordian Cricket Club
Old Boy’s Club
Old Colony Obedience Club
Old Dominion Aquatic Club
Old Dominion Boat Club
Old English Car Club
Old English Game Bantam Club of America
Old English Sheepdog Club of America
Old Gits Club
Old Gold Rugby Football Club
Old Hickory Country Club
Old Oundelian Football Club
Old Pueblo Mustang Club
Old Sarum Flying Club
Old Timers Club
Old Volks Club
Old Xaverians Soccer Club
Olde English Bulldogge Kennel Club
Olde Towne Athletic Club
Oldham & District Mini Club
Oldham Athletic Football Club
Oldie Computer Club Ahlen
Olds Club of Florida
Oldsmobile Club of America
Oldtimer Club Stokkem
Oldtimer Tractorenclub Lochristi
Olivos Tenis Club
Olympia Fields Country Club
Olympic Athletic Club
Olympic Peninsula Motorcycle Club
Olympic Sports Club
Olympique Basket Club de Villeneuve
Omaha Soaring Club, Inc.
Oman Automobile Club
Ommer Zaterdag Club
Oneness Mission Club
Onondaga Cycling Club
Ontario Dual Sport Club
Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
Ontario Hawking Club
Ontario Jockey Club
Oostzaanse Bridge Club
Opel Classic Club
Opel Classic Club de France
Opel Club Finland
Opel Motorsport Club
Open Source Business Club
Open Source Developers’ Club
Oporto Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club
Oracle Users Club India
Orange County Football Club
Orange County Social Club
Orange Park Amateur Radio Club
Orchard County Motorcycle Club
Orchard Hill Pool Club
Orchard Hills Athletic Club
Orchard Hills Country Club
Orchard Park Country Club
Orchid Country Club
Oregon Earth Club Network
Oregon Road Runners Club
Oregon Track Club Masters
Organic Garden Club of Fort Worth
Oriental Bird Club
Origami Club of Pittsburgh
Orinda Country Club
Orland Park Soccer Club
Orlando Dog Training Club
Orlando International Resort Club
Orlando Lacrosse Club
Orlando Road Club
Ormond Football Club
Orwell Radio Model Club
Osaka University Energy Club
Osterreichischer Club fur Beauceron
Otago University Tramping Club
Otara Millionaires Club
Ottawa Athletic Club
Ottawa Deaf Sports Club
Ottawa Irish Rugby Club
Ottawa New Edinburgh Club
Ottawa Senators Hockey Club
Otter Hound Club of America
Ouest Cotentin Football Club
Oundle Rifle & Pistol Club
Ouran High School Host Club
Ourimbah University Football Club
Outboard Boating Club
Outdoor Adventure Club
Outdoor Club Japan
Outdoor Pursuits Club
Outrageous Builder’s Club
Outstanding Club President
Overclockers Club
Overlake Fly Fishing Club
Overseas Press Club of America
Overseas Visitors Club
Owen Sound Aquatic Club
Oxford and Bermondsey Club
Oxford Brookes University Sub-Aqua Club
Oxford Soccer Club
Oxford United Football Club
Oxford University Association Football Club
Oxford University Athletics Club
Oxford University Club Hurriers
Oxford University Exploration Club
Oxford University Gliding Club
Oxford University Golf Club
Oxford University Rugby Football Club
Oxford University Walking Club
Pacific County Amateur Radio Club
Pacific Digital Photography Club
Pacific Heights Health Club
Pacific Islands Club
Pacific Northwest Boxer Club
Pacific Rod and Gun Club
Pagans Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Paint Creek Yacht Club
Paint Horse Club Germany eV
Paint Horse Club Italia
Paintball Club des Lions
Pakistan Press Club
Palm Coast Yacht Club
Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club
Palmerston Game Fishing Club
Palmetto Paint Horse Club
Palo Alto Soccer Club
Palomar Amateur Radio Club
Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Club
Palos Verdes Tennis Club
Panama City Amateur Radio Club
Pandanusa Golf Club
Pangasinan State University Football Club
Panhandle Ponies Tallahassee Mustang Club
Pantera Club of Northern California
Paper Club of New York
Paphos International Sailing Club
Papillon Club of America Rescue
Para Club Elsenborn
Paradise Valley Hunting Club
Parent Faculty Club
Parent Teacher Club
Park Bench Social Club
Park West Camera Club
Parnell Gentlemen’s Club
Partick Thistle Football Club
Partizan Football Club
Pasadena Model Railroad Club
Pass-A-Grille Yacht Club
Passion Racing Moto Club
Pathetic Losers Club
Patriotic Cover Exchange Club
Patronaat Voetbal Club Vleuten
Pattaya City Expats Club
Pattaya International Ladies Club
Pawtuxet Valley Amateur Radio Club
PC Gamers Club
Peace Arch Soccer Club
Pearland Juniors Volleyball Club
Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club
Pécsi Mecsek Football Club
Pelican Yacht Club
Pembroke College Boat Club
Pembroke College Pool Club
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
Pembrokeshire Model Railway Club
Pembrokeshire Modified Car Club
Pen User Club in Korea
Penang Turf Club
Penarth Yacht Club
Pendleton District Camera Club
Peninsula Orienteering Club
Peninsula Yacht Club
Peninsular Modular Railroad Club
Penn Glee Club
Penn-Mar Radio Club
Pennsylvania Club Livestock Association
Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs
Pennsylvania Paint Horse Club
Pensacola Beach Optimist Club
Pensacola Federation of Garden Clubs
Pensacola Model Railroad Club
Pensacola Yacht Club
Pentagon Athletic Club
Pentagon Officer’s Athletic Club
Pentagon Ski Club
Penticton Racing Canoe Club
Pequot Yacht Club
Perche Creek Yacht Club
Persian Social Athletic Club
Personal Computer Club of Toronto
Peterborough Model Flying Club
Peterborough Motor Sports Club
Peterborough Town Cricket Club
Peterborough Town Hockey Club
Peterborough United Football Club
Peters Township Hockey Club
Petts Wood Cricket Club
Peugeot Car Club
Peugeot GTi Autosport Club (UK)
Pewaukee Yacht Club
Pharaohs’ Climbing Club
Philadelphia Cricket Club
Philadelphia Dog Training Club
Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club
Philadelphia Soccer Club
Philippine Canine Club
Philippine Canine Club Incorporated
Philippine Movie Press Club
Philippine Racing Club, Inc.
Philippine Rottweiler Club, Inc.
Phillip Island Auto Racing Club
Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club
Phoenix Artistic Roller Skating Club
Phoenix Model Railway Club
Photo-Club Rouennais
Phuket Country Club
Piankatank River Golf Club
Piarere Water Ski Club
Pickering Aerials Gymnastics Club
Pickwick Yacht Club
Pictou Yacht Club
Piedmont Driving Club
Piedmont Triad Football Club
Piedmont Wood Carvers Club, Inc.
Pike Anglers Club
Pikes Peak Volleyball Club
Pine Ridge Corvette Club
Pine Rivers Computer Club Incorporated
Ping Pong Club
Pioneer Power Club
Pioneer Valley Hiking Club
Pipe and Cigar Club of Purdue
Piper Club France
Pipps Hill Football Club
Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsman Club
Pittsburgh Area Computer Club
Pittsburgh Japanese Animation Club
Pittsburgh Speed Skating Club
Planet Action Club for Kids
Plant Pathology Journal Club
Plantation Golf Club
Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Manufacturers Club
Plymouth Argyle Football Club
Plymouth Laryngectomy Club
Plymouth Swim Club
Plympton Grammar School Old Boys Hockey Club
Pocono Paradise Social Club
Pocono Regional Aquatic Club
Poetry Club Literary Angels
Point Loma Garden Club
Point Mugu Four Wheel Drive Club
Point Yacht Club
Poker Club Brignais
Poker Club Catalan
Poker Club Grande Champagne
Poker Club Phoceen
Poker Club Valognais
Poker Private Club
Polar Bear Club
Polar Bears Cricket Club
Police Citizens Youth Club
Police Community Youth Clubs
Polish American Citizens Club
Polish American Engineers’ Club
Polish Women’s Civic Club
Polish Yacht Club
Political Science Club
Pomeranian Club of Greater Baltimore, Inc.
Ponderosa Golf & Country Club
Pondok Cabe Golf Club
Pontchartrain Yacht Club
Ponte Vedra Club Realty, Inc.
Ponte Vedra Soccer Club
Ponthieu Auto Retro Club
Pontiac Oakland Club International
Pontypridd Model Railway Club
Pony Club
Pony Club Association of New South Wales
Pony Club Association of Victoria
Pony of the Americas Club
Poodle Club of America
Pool Players Club
Poole Town Football Club
Poquoson Yacht Club
Poreasia Clountry Club
Porsche and BMW Owners Club
Porsche Club Great Britain
Porsche Club Motorsport
Porsche Club of America
Porsche Club of Catalunya
Porsche Club of Estonia
Porsche Club of Geneva
Porsche Club of Netherlands
Porsche Club of South Australia
Porsche Club of Sweden
Porsche Club Sverige
Porsche Owners Club
Port Adelaide Football Club
Port Angeles Yacht Club
Port Arthur Yacht Club
Port Credit Yacht Club
Port Edgar Yacht Club
Port Huron Yacht Club
Port Sunlight Angling Club
Port Susan Camping Club
Port Townsend Photo Club
Port Vincent Sailing Club
Portage Yacht Club
Porter County Amateur Radio Club
Porters Neck Country Club
Portland Amateur Radio Club
Portland Aquatic Club
Portland Pearl Rotary Club
Portland Rifle & Pistol Club
Portland Swing Dance Club
Portland Timbers Football Club
Portland Timbers Supporters Club
Portland Yacht Club
Portmarnock Sub Aqua Club
Portobello Yacht Club
Portsmouth Football Club
Portsmouth Harbour Yacht Club
Portsmouth Joggers Club
Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club
Portsmouth Yacht Club
Portuguese Instructive Social Club
Portuguese Pointer Club of America
Possum Trot Orienteering Club
Post Office Vehicle Club
Post Vintage Humber Car Club
Postmark Collectors Club
Post-Punk Cinema Club
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Potomac Literary Club
Potomac River Angler’s Club
Potomac Speleological Club
Potomac Valley Track Club
Potsdamer Yacht Club
Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club
Poultry Club of Great Britain
Powell River Volleyball Clubs
Prague Stringology Club Workshop
Prairie Land Dance Club
Prater Hater Club
Prayssac Basket Club
Pre Med Club
Pre-Health Professional Club
Premier Aquatics Club of Klein
Premier League Clubs Association
Premier Tenpin Bowling Club
Pre-Pharmacy Club
President Country Club
Presque Isle Yacht Club
Press Club of Long Island
Prestbury Yacht Club
Preston Nomads Cricket Club
Prince Edward Yacht Club
Prince of Wales Country Club
Prince William Swim Club
Princes Risborough Cricket Club
Princes Risborough Golf Club
Princeton Club of Philadelphia
Princeton Dog Training Club
Princeton Quadrangle Club
Privateer Yacht Club
Procrastinators Club of America
Professional and Executive Motorcyclists’ Club
Professional Women’s Club of Chicago
Program for Clubhouse Research
Proofreaders Club of New York
Propeller Club of the United States
Public Service Aikido Club
Publicity Club of New York
Pudelpointer Club of North America
Pug Dog Club of America
Pug Dog Club of Maryland, Inc.
Puget Sound Cruising Club
Puget Sound Siberian Husky Club
Pukekohe Car Club
Pukekohe Light Opera Club, Inc.
Puloly Recreation Club
Pultneyville Yacht Club
Punjabi Press Club
Purdue Contract Bridge Club
Purdue Off-Road Club
Putney Bridge Canoe Club
Qatar Automobile and Touring Club
Quad Cities Bicycle Club
Quaker City Doberman Pinscher Club
Quality Paperback Book Club
Quality Paperback Book Club
Quality Vacation Club
Quannapowitt Yacht Club
Quantico Orienteering Club
Quantico Yacht Club
Quantum Continuum Club
Quantum Owners Club
Quarter Century Club
Quarter Circle Forward Club
Quarter Horse Club
Quattro Owners Club
Quay Sailing Club
Québec Niva Club
Queen of Clubs
Queen’s Dance Club
Queen’s University Biomedical Engineering Club
Queens Badminton Club
Queensland Contract Bridge Club
Queensland Multihull Yacht Club
Queensland Naturalists Club
Queensland Turf Club
Questors Young Musicians Club
Quinte Amateur Radio Club
Race Car Club of America
Racing Automobile Club Courcellois
Racing Club de Joinville
Racing Club de la Goele
Racing Club de Vichy
Racing Club Douessin Rugby
Racing Club Marillais Bouzillé
Racing Club Nantais
Racing Club of Curacao
Racing Club Olympique Agathois
Racing Club Queyrannais
Racing Club Queyrannais
Racing Club Strasbourg
Racing Club Zurich
Racing Collectables Club of America
Racing Drivers Club
Racquet Club of Philadelphia
Radio Amateur Invalid and Blind Club
Radio Club Argentino
Radio Club Kennemerland
Radio Club of America
Radio Club Paraguayo
Radio Club Venezolano
Radio Clube Portugues
Radio Control Club of Detroit
Radio Control Club of Rochester
Radio Model Club Moncoutant
Radio Model Club Sénonais
Radioclub Alfonso X
Radio-Club National
Raffles Country Club
Raffles Institution Science Club
Raffles Town Club
Ragdoll Breed Club
Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club
Ragin’ Cajuns Lettermen Club
Railway Modellers’ Club of Queensland
Rainbow Bridge Club
Rainey Street Country Club
Rainier Auto Sports Club
Rainier Yacht Club
Raleigh Bridge Club
Raleigh Coin Club
Rally Club Sandro Munari
Rallye Club Perg
Ramapo Kennel Club
Rand Model Railway Club
Randolph Mountain Club
Randwick Botany Cycling Club
Rangers Football Club
Raquettes Club de Ballan
Rat and Mouse Club of America
Rat Terrier Club of America
Rattling Brook Curling Club
Rauma-Repola Diving Club
Reading Barbershop Harmony Club
Reading Football Club
Real Aero Club de Santander
Real Automobil Club de Catalunya
Real Club Deportivo
Real Estate Club
Real Estate Club
Realty Investment Club of Houston
Recques Football Club
Recreation Club Council
Recreational Computer Club
Red Carpet Club
Red Hook Soccer Club, Inc.
Red Knights Motorcycle Club
Red Line Club
Red Mountain Ranch Country Club
Red Oak Victory Amateur Radio Club
Redland Hunt Pony Club
Redneck Yacht Club
Red-Star Club de Montreuil
Reeds Target Shooting Club
Regina Model Railroad Club
Regroupement Rugby Club Niçois
Regus Business Club
Reigate Priory Football Club
Reigatians Association Football Club
Reims Universite Club d’Escalade
Renault Alliance Club Passion
Renault Alpine Club International
Renault Alpine Owners Club
Renault Car Club
Renault Club X Dream
Renault Owners Club
Renault Turbo Owners Club
Renegade Corvette Club
Rennes Étudiants Club
Rennes Étudiants Club
Rennes Slot Club
Rensselaer Outing Club
Repto Terra Club
Republic of Singapore Flying Club
Resort Clubs International, Inc.
Reston Bike Club
Retired Officers Wives Club
Retriever Club de France
Rétro Auto Club Normand
Retro Auto Moto Club
Rétro Auto Moto Club Lorrain
Rétro Club Automobile de Champagne
Retromobile Club de Courtry
Revolution Rotor Club
Revolutionary Book Club
Rhein Main Radio Club eV
Rhinelander Rabbit Club of America
Rhode Island Country Club
Rhode Island Striper Club
Rhodener Carneval Club
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States
Richmond District Democratic Club
Richmond Football Club
Richmond Freelance and Prototype Model Railroaders Club
Richmond Heights Garden Club
Richmond Hill Country Club
Richmond Junior Chess Club
Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club
Richmond Volleyball Club
Rikkyo Broadcasting Club
Ring Sport Club Inzing
Rio Grande Sailing Club
Rio Pardo Futebol Clube
Rio Salado Vizsla Club
Rissington Kart Club
River Bridge Club
River City Rangers Soccer Club
River Forest Country Club
River King Newfoundland Club
River Oaks Country Club
River Valley Soccer Club
Rivercrest Yacht Club
Riverland Amateur Radio Club
Riverside Athletic Club
Riverside Golf Club
Riverside Health Club
Riverside Model Racing Club
Riverstone Futbol Club
Riviera Classic Car Club
Road Racing Drivers Club
Road Runners Club of America
Road Runners Motorcycle Club
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club
Robert Leeshock Fan Club
Rochdale Football Club
Rochdale Owners Club
Rochechouart Olympic Club Cyclo
Rochester Active Sports Club
Rochester Amateur Radio Club
Rochester Bicycling Club
Rochester Canoe Club
Rochester Nordic Ski Club
Rockford Area Coin Club
Rockingham Bird Club
Rockland Yacht Club
Rockport Yacht Club
Rocky Hill Computer Club
Rocky Mountain Reef Club
Rocky Mountain Road Club
Rocky Mountain Rowing Club
Rocky Mountain Running Club
Rodeo Club
Roller Club Sevranais
Roller Hockey Club
Roller Olympique Club
Rolleston Cricket Club
Rollfelder Carneval Club
Rolling Hills Country Club
Rolls-Royce & Bentley Club
Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club
Rolls-Royce Owners Club
Ronart Drivers’ Club
Rooms Katholieke Aalsmeerse Voetbalclub
Rooms Katholieke Alkmaarse Football Club
Rooms Katholieke Amsterdamse Voetbalclub
Roquefure Club Canin Aptésien
Rosalie Citroen Club
Rose City Discussion Club
Rose City Motorcycle Club
Rossendale Valley Sailing Club
Rossmoor Computer Club
Rotaract Club of Thanehills
Rotary Car Club of Arizona
Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard
Rotary Club of Bangkok South
Rotary Club of Colombo Regency
Rotary Club of Evergreen
Rotary Club of Killeen Heights
Rotary Club of Nairobi
Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar
Rotary Club of Pinner
Rotary Club of Quezon City
Rotary Club of the Caldwells
Rotary Club of Tucson
Rotary Club of White Plains
Rotherham Sailing Club
Rottweiler Club of Canada
Rouen Hockey Club
Rouergue Mini Club
Rough Rangers Off-Road Club
Round Hill Country Club
Rover Car Club of Auckland
Rowan Aquatic Club YMCA
Rowing Club of the Woodlands
Rowville Junior Football Club
Roxbury Area Model Airplane Club
Royal Antwerp Football Club
Royal Artist Club
Royal Auto Moto Club du Hainaut
Royal Automobile Club
Royal Automobile Club de Catalogne
Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association
Royal Automobile Club of Queensland
Royal Automobile Club of Queensland
Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
Royal Bali Beach Club
Royal Brunei Golf & Country Club
Royal Cappellen Football Club
Royal Cat Club
Royal Charleroi Sporting Club
Royal Club des Magiciens de Bruxelles
Royal Cruising Club
Royal Decameron Club Caribbean
Royal Ghent Swimming Club
Royal Glenora Club
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
Royal Irish Automobile Club
Royal Jersey Golf Club
Royal Johor Country Club
Royal Jordanian Gliding Club
Royal Nassau Sailing Club
Royal Navy Cricket Club
Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club
Royal North Cape Club
Royal North Sea Yacht Club
Royal Oak Coin Club
Royal Oaks Country Club
Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club
Royal Queensland Aero Club
Royal Racing Club de Mormont
Royal Sabah Turf Club
Royal Scottish Automobile Club
Royal Selangor Club
Royal Selangor Flying Club
Royal Standard Club de Liège
Royal Western India Turf Club
Royal Western Yacht Club
Royal White Star Hockey Club
Royal Yacht Club
Royal Ypres Swimming Club
Ruapehu Mountain Clubs Association
Rueil Athlétic Club
Rugby Business Club Australia
Rugby Club Aubenas Vals
Rugby Club Baulois
Rugby Club Chateaurenard
Rugby Club Compiegne
Rugby Club de Ballancourt
Rugby Club de Gradignan
Rugby Club de Kourou
Rugby Club de Paris
Rugby Club du Canton de Montrevel
Rugby Club du Pays d’Ancenis
Rugby Club Grande Motte
Rugby Club Gresivaudan
Rugby Club Maritime
Rugby Club Méru les Sablons
Rugby Club Montaigut Besse
Rugby Club Montceau Bourgogne
Rugby Club Noisy le Sec
Rugby Club Orleans
Rugby Club Paris Neuilly
Rugby Club Pondinois
Rugby Club Pont Audemer
Rugby Club Quimperois
Rugby Club Quimperois
Rugby Club Revélois
Rugby Club Toulonnais
Rugby Club Uzetien
Rugby Club Valenciennois
Rugby Club Vannetais
Rugby Club Yvetot
Rugby Football Club
Rugby League Club
Ruhrgas Computer Club
Ruislip Victoria Cricket Club
Russell Crowe Fan Club
Russische Klassieker Club Nederland
Rutherford County Ford Club
Ryoko Forever Fan Club
Rytterparkens Bordtennis Club
Ryukyu Car Club Association
S Club 7
S Club Juniors
SAAB Club Italia (Italian car club)
Saab Owners Club of Canada Inc.
SAAB Sport Club (car club; France)
Sacramento Valley Citroën Club
Safari Club International
Safety-Critical Systems Club
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Sailing Club
Sailing Club of Washington
Saint Aubin Football Club
Saint Bernard Club of America
Saint Bernard Club of Puget Sound
Saint Cuthbert’s Society Boat Club
Saint Mary’s County Camera Club
Saint Moritz Cresta Camion Club
Saint Paul Bread Club
Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club
Salem Bridge Club
Salford University Mountaineering Club
Salt Creek Sports Car Club
Sam’s Wholesale Club
Samoyed Club of America
San Angeles Saluki Club, Inc.
San Antonio Radio Club
San Bruno Mothers Club
San Carlos Lacrosse Club
San Diego Antique Motorcycle Club
San Diego Jaguar Club
San Diego Labrador Retriever Club
San Diego Roadster Club
San Diego Rowing Club
San Diego Woman’s Club
San Dieguito Garden Club
San Felipe Country Club
San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club
San Francisco Croquet Club
San Francisco Rowing Club
San Francisco Yacht Club
San Isidro Club
San Mateo Mothers Club
San Rafael Yacht Club
Sandhill Soaring Club
Sandy Hookers Triathlon Club
Sandy Nitro Model Club
Sandy’s Boat Club
Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club
Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club
Santa Barbara Bridge Club
Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club
Santa Barbara Music Club
Santa Barbara Republican Club
Santa Clara Swim Club
Santa Clarita Amateur Radio Club
Santa Cruz County Cycling Club
Santa Rosa Cycling Club
Santiburi Country Club
Santos Futebol Clube
São Bento Motor Clube
Sao Paulo Futebol Clube
Saracens Motorcycle Club
Sarasota International Cricket Club
Saskatchewan Paint Horse Club
Saskatoon Canoe Club
Saskatoon Track and Field Club
Saturn Performance Owners Club
Saturn Performance Owners Club New England
Saudi Science Club
Sautron Hockey Club
Sauvegarde Karate Club
Savannah Hilton Head Area Rocketry Club
Save the Manatee Club
Saxo Sports Club
Scandinavian Businessmen’s Club
Scarborough Athletic Football Club
Scarborough Job Finding Club
Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club
Schlittschuh Club Bern
Schlittschuhclub Rapperswil-Jona
Schondorfer Segelclub Ammersee
Schweizer Alpen Club
Schweizer Alpen Club
Schweizerischer Marketing Club
Schweizerischer Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
Schweizerischer Zwerghunde-Club
Science Club for Girls
Science Fiction Book Club
Science Fiction Club Deutschland eV
Scientist Killing Club
Scituate/Cohasset Newcomers Club
SClub 7
Scottish Automobile Club
Scottish Automobile Club
Scottish Classic Motorcycle Club
Scottish Club Rugby Union Magazine
Scottish Ford Owners Club
Scottish Midweek Mountaineering Club
Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club
Scottish Mountaineering Club
Scottish Off Road Club
Scottish Ornithologists’ Club
Scottish Ornithologists’ Club
Scottish Rex Cat Club
Scottish Sub Aqua Club
Scottsdale Exotic Car Club
Scottsdale Gun Club
Scout and Guide Stamps Club
SCUBA Club at Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg, VA)
Scurvy Dogs Motorcycle Club
Sea Club IV
Sea Turtle Club Bonaire
Seal Club Clubbing Club
Sealyham Terrier Club of Southern California
SEAT Club Champenois (Champagne, France)
Seattle Bicycle Touring Club
Seattle Swing Dance Club
Second Brigade Motorcycle Club
Second Wind Running Club
Sectional Tournaments At Clubs
Sedan Sprint Club
Segelclub Laupheim eV
Segelclub Wällerwind Pottum eV
Seletar Country Club
Self-Propelled Outdoor Club
Sembawang Country Club
Seminole Club of North Texas
Seneca Falls Country Club
Sentosa Golf Club
Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club
September Days Club
SE-R Club of America
Sergeant Audie Murphy Club
Sergeant Morales Club
Service Clubs Leadership Conference
Sevilla Futbol Club
Sexy Guinea Pig Club
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Shakespeare Reading Club of America
Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club
Shape International Angling Club
Shar-Pei Club of Victoria
Sharrow Vale Football Club
Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club
She Devils Motorcycle Club
Shearwater Sailing Club
Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
Shelby American Automobile Club
Shelby Dodge Automobile Club
Shell Island Beach Club
Shell Vacations Club
Shenandoah Marlins Aquatics Club
Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club
Shenandoah Valley Club of the Deaf
Shenandoah Valley Coin Club
Shepherd Forest Civic Club
Sherbrooke-Knox Canoe Club
Shetland Sheepdog Club Deutschland
Shore City Magicians Club
Shore Point Amateur Radio Club
Shoreditch Golf Club
Short Wing Piper Club
Shrewsbury Town Football Club
Siberian Husky Club of America
Siberian Husky Club of Korea
Side Car Club Francais
Sierra Blanca Amateur Radio Club
Sierra Club
Sierra Club of British Columbia
Sierra Club of Canada
Sierra Paint Horse Club
Silent Service Motorcycle Club
Silicon Valley Basketball Club
Silicon Valley Engineers Club
Silver Point Beach Club
Silver State Cricket Club
Silver Valley Sun Club
Silver Wing Club Italia
Silvercreek Glider Club
SIMCA Automobiel Club Nederland (Dutch: Simca Automobile Club Netherlands; est. 1985)
Sin City Mini Club
Singapore Adventurers’ Club
Singapore Adventurers’ Club
Singapore Club Aquanaut
Singapore Club of Northern California
Singapore Country Club
Singapore Island Country Club
Singapore Kennel Club
Singapore Polytechnic Computer Club
Singapore Turf Club
Singhalese Sports Club
Sioux Falls Bird Club
Sioux Falls Corvette Club
Six-Fours Le Brusc Football Club
Skating Club of Hingham
Skating Club of Northern Virginia
Skating Club of Wilmington, Inc.
Skeeter Ice Boat Club
Ski & Snowboard Club
Ski Club of Manchester
Ski Club Sempach Neuenkirch
Ski Club Vosgien Thann
Ski or Snowboard Club
Skye Terrier Club of America
Skyline Sports Club Tokyo
Slidell Youth Soccer Club
Sloan Leadership Club
Slough Sub-Aqua Club
Slovak American Club
Slovak American Club
Small Engine Racing Club of America
Small Fry Dance Club
Small Munsterlander Club of North America, Inc.
Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon
Smashing Pumpkins Record Club
Smokey Mountain Amateur Radio Club
Smokey Mountain Fight Club
Snakebite Music Club
Sneker Zeil Club
Snohomish Youth Soccer Club
Snooker & English Billiards Club
Snooker Club Web Portal
Snow Valley Ski Club
Snowdrifters Ski Club
Snowy Mountains Amateur Radio Club
Soaring Club of Houston
Sober Tramps Motorcycle Club
Soccer Club of Guilford
Soccer Club of Oak Ridge
Social Media Club
Social Studies Club
Solent Club for Amateur Radio and Television
Solihull Dog Training Club
Somerset County Cricket Club
Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club
Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals
Soroptimist International Club of Bangsar
Sour Bachelor ‘s Club of America
South Adelaide Volleyball Club
South Antrim Hockey Club
South Australian Road Runners Club
South Baldwin Amateur Radio Club
South Bay Mountain Biking Club
South Belt Youth Soccer Club
South Burnaby Metro Club
South Burnett Speedway Club
South Central Newfoundland Club
South Coast New Mini Club
South Downs Harness Club
South Essex Microlight Club
South Florida Culver Club
South Fremantle Football Club
South Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
South Jersey Wheelmen Cycling Club
South Lincs Competitive Swimming Club
South London Rifle Club
South Melbourne Football Club
South Milwaukee Amateur Radio Club
South Mississippi Soccer Club
South of England Airedale Terrier Club
South of England Hamster Club
South Okanagan Naturalists Club
South Peel Naturalists’ Club
South Plains Obedience Training Club
South Ribble Orienteering Club
South Shore Baseball Club
South Side Football Club
South Texas Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
South Wales Caving Club
South Wales Mountaineering Club
South Yarra Cricket Club
South Yorkshire Kart Club
Southampton Canoe Club
Southampton Football Club
Southampton University Archery Club
Southampton University Boat Club
Southampton University Mountaineering Club
Southampton University Windsurfing Club
Southdown Gliding Club
Southeast Grand Am Owners Club
Southeastern Cushman Club
Southend Radio Control Car Club
Southend-on-Sea Cricket Club
Southend-on-Sea Wargames Club
Southern California Chevelle Camino Club
Southern California Coaster Club
Southern California Impreza Club
Southern California Lancer Club
Southern California Speedboat Club
Southern California Subbuteo Club
Southern California Volleyball Club
Southern Colorado Paint Horse Club
Southern Cruisers Riding Club
Southern Districts Football Club
Southern Downs Aero and Soaring Club
Southern Florida Presidents Council of Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
Southern Hang Gliding Club
Southern Maryland Amateur Radio Club
Southern Maryland Wrestling Club
Southern Michigan Adventure Club
Southern Minnesota Model Aircraft Club
Southern Oregon Drag Racing Club
Southern Oregon Kennel Club
Southlinks Country Club
Southport Radio Car Club
Southport Sharks Club
Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club
Southwestern Yacht Club
Space City Hot Wheels Collectors Club
Space Coast Mustang Club
Spade Heart Diamond Club
Spartanburg Youth Soccer Club
Special Military Active-Retired Travel Club
Spirit of Legacy Club
Spiritualist’s Sports and Adventures Club
Sport Club Charlottenburg
Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
Sport Club Feyenoord
Sport Club Internacional
Sport Club Kriens
Sport Compact Import Club
Sport Team Alpine Renault Club
Sportclub Dornach
Sportclub Dornach
Sport-Club Freiburg
Sportfishing Club of the British Isles
Sporting Club de l’Ouest
Sporting Club Nimois
Sporting Club Nord Parisien
Sporting Club Universitaire de France
Sporting Clube de Braga
Sporting Clube de Portugal
Sporting Clubs Association of NZ Inc.
Sporting Clubs of Niagara
Sporting International Karaté-Club
Sports Booster Club
Sports Car Club of America
Sports Club University Bolzano
Sports Marketing and Entrepreneurship Club
Sports Motor Car Club
Sports Racing Car Club
Spotsylvania County Lacrosse Club
Spring Branch Memorial Club
Spring City Cycling Club
Spring Creek Velo Club
Spring Grove Swim Club
Springfield Disc Golf Club
Springfield Fencing Club
Springfield Parents of Twins Club
Springfield Youth Club
Sprint Amateur Radio Club
Sprint Amateur Radio Club
Sprinter Club Arlesien
Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club
Squash Racket Club Winterthur
Squirrel Lover’s Club
Sri Lanka Motor Cycle Club
St Johns Golf & Country Club
St Mirren Football Club
St Pancras Cruising Club
St. Albans Amateur Radio Club
St. Catharines Golf and Country Club
St. Edmund Hall Boat Club
St. Edward’s Track Club
St. Ives Junior Cricket Club
St. Louis Area Computer Club
St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club
St. Thomas Field Naturalists Club
ST1100 Owners Club
Stade Nantais Athletic Club
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
Staffordshire University Mountaineering Club
Stag Club Nederland
Staines Town Football Club
Stalybridge Photographic Club
Stalybridge Photographic Club
Stamford Athletic Club
Stamford Athletic Club
Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club
Standard Motor Club
Standard Poodle Club
Standard Poodle Club
Standard Rotary Club Constitution
Standard Schnauzer Club of America
Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada
Stanford Club of New England
Stanford Flying Club
Stanford Japan Exchange Club
Stanton Rowing Club
Stanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club
Star City Aquatic Club
Star Trek Italian Club
Star Wars Club
Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club
Starhill Golf & Country Club
Starved Rock Yacht Club
Starwars Fan Club
Staten Island Athletic Club
Statue of Liberty Club
Staunton Harold Sailing Club
Steiner Youth Aquatics Club
Stephenie Meyer Fan Club
Stereo Club of Southern California
Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club
Stevenage Borough Football Club
Stevens Pass Alpine Club
Stichtsche Cricket en Hockeyclub
Stirling Albion Football Club
Stock-Car Club de Diémoz
Stockholm Super Dart Club
Stone Bridge Boosters Club
Stonebridge Golf Club
Stoney Creek Corvette Club
Story County Amateur Radio Club
Stout Disc Golf Club
Stowe Mountain Bike Club
Straight Key Century Club
Straightway Broadcasting and Media Club
Stranraer Football Club
Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club
Strawberry Ridge Computer Club
Street Styling Tuning Club
Street Sweeper Social Club
StreetFighters Owners Club
Stuart Corvette Club
Studebaker Car Club of Australia
Studebaker Drivers Club
Studebaker Packard Club Nederland
Student Club Nights
Student Investment Club Delft
Student Leadership Club
Student Leadership Training Club
Study Club of Oral Implantology
Stupid Dumb Idiot Club
Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club
Sturt Football Club
Sub Aqua Club Athus
Subaquatique Pirate Club
Subaquatique Pirate Club
Subaru Azur Club
Subaru Azur Club
Subaru Club du Var
Subaru Impreza Club des Savoie
Subaru Impreza Drivers Club
Subaru Impreza Owners Club
Subhapruek Golf Club
Submarine Wives Club
Suburban Big Men’s Club
Successful Club Series
Sudbury Ultimate Club
Summerland Amateur Radio Club
Sun City Summerlin Computer Club
Sun Parlour Boat Club
Sun Tuning Club
Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club
Sunbeam Lotus Owners Club
Sunday Lunch Club
Sunday Night Movie Club
Sunderland Association Football Club
Sunflower Resort Computer Club
Sunset Athletic Club
Sunset Athletic Club
Sunshine State Cougar Club
Super Best Friends Club
Super Coupe Club of America
Super Sativa Seed Club
Superior Classics Car Club
Superior Kayak and Outdoor Adventure Club
Supermotard Riders Club of Australia
Supernature Racing Club
Surf Life Saving Club
Surrey County Cricket Club
Sussex County Cricket Club
Sustainable Dance Club
Suzuki Owners Club
Suzuki Owners Club
SVT Cobra Mustang Club
Swan Districts Football Club
Swansea Bay Hockey Club
Swansea Bay Orienteering Club
Swansea University Mountaineering Club
Swansea University Rowing Club
Swedish Association of American Square Dance Clubs
Swedish Jaguar Club
Swedish-Ukrainian Business Club
Swimming Club
Swindon Town Football Club
Swingers Date Club
Swinton Working Mens Club
Swiss Academic Skiclub
Swiss Alpine Club
Swiss Alpine Club
Swiss Arab Horse Racing Club
Swiss Model Car Club
Sydney Outrigger Canoe Club, Inc.
Sydney Paddle Surfing Club
Sydney Turf Club
Sydney University Boat Club
Sydney University Soccer Football Club
Syracuse Obedience Training Club
Tacoma Swim Club
Tactical Airsoft Club
Tall Clubs International
Tallahassee United Futbol Club
Tambourin Club de Viols-le-Fort
Tampa Bay Club Grand Prix
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Tamworth Football Club
Tanah Merah Country Club
Tandem Club
Tanglin Sports Club
Tanz Sport Club Köflach
Tanz Sport Club Luzern
Taranaki Car Club
Taranaki Caving Club
Tarn Retro Auto Club
Tas Uni Bushwalking Club
Tasmanian Scuba Diving Club
Tasmanian University Football Club
Tassin Club Pongiste
Taupo Car Club
Tauranga Aero Club
Taurus and Sable Owners Club
Tax Filers Value Club, LLC
Tayside Flying Club
Tea Club and Barrovian Society
TeamMayhem RC Club
Tech Model Railroad Club
Teconnaught Youth Club
Teesside Yesteryear Motor Club
Tegernsee Touring Yacht Club
Telegraph Business Club
Telephone Employees Flying Club, Inc.
Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club
Temple Grafton Cricket Club
Temple University Anime Club
Templer Park Country Club
Ten Club
Tennessee Business Card Club
Tennessee Futbol Club
Tennessee Valley Bicycle Club
Tennis Club at Monarch Beach
Tennis Club Bressolles
Tennis Club Cournon
Tennis Club David Lloyd
Tennis Club de Beaumont
Tennis Club de Couze
Tennis Club de l’Oust
Tennis Club de la Marine Brest
Tennis Club de Lyon
Tennis Club de Paris
Tennis Club de Tours
Tennis Club de Trégastel
Tennis Club Mies-Tannay
Tennis Club Old Boys
Tennis Club Sainte-Pazanne
Tennis Club Universitaire
Tennis Club Versaillais
Tennis Club Warneton
Tennis Club Wézien
Tennis Club Yverdon
Tennis de Table Club Amplepuis
Tennis Féminin Interclub de Montréal
Tennis Sporting Club Bern
Terlaemen Auto Club
Terrot Club de France
Terrot Club Pyrénéen
Tewkesbury Cruising and Sailing Club
Texan Club de France
Texas Action Shooting Club
Texas Caprine Club
Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs
Texas Gulf Coast Council of Dive Clubs
Texas Land Cruiser Club
Texas Reading Club
Texas Southmost Amateur Radio Club
Texins Flying Club
Thai Flying Club
Thai MiniRC Club
Thai Ridgeback Club of the United States
Thailand Glider Club
Thames Valley Orienteering Club
Thames Valley Skiff Club
Thames Vintage Boat Club
Thamesview Youth Football Club
The Addison Brodrick Fan Club
The Bored Club
The Bottom Line Club
The Breakfast Club
The Caravan Club
The Crackhead Clubhouse
The Engineers’ Club
The Entrance Bowling Club
The Finer Things Club
The First Wives Club
The Gaming Club
The Gentlemen’s Club
The Hong Kong Golf Club
The Hunting Club
The Jasin Club
The Jockey Club
The Lead Generation Club
The Luggage Club
The Manhattan Club
The Men’s Club
The Miniature Goat Club
The Old Appliance Club
The Players Club
The Question Club
The Royal Golf & Country Club
The Tanana Valley Model Railroad Club
The Top Careers Club
The Ultimate Strip Club List
The Virtual Job Club
The Windows Club
Theale Water Ski Club
Thermo King Football Club
Thompson Okanagan Football Club
Thornborough Sports and Social Club
Thorney Island Sailing Club
Three Village Swim Club
Thumb Antique Car Club
Thunder Bay Autosport Club
Thunderbird Owner’s Club of Australia Inc.
Thursday Night Fly Fishing Club
Tibetan Spaniel Club of America
Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club
Tidewater Aquatic Club
Tidewater Lightning Owners Club
Tidewater Sports & Social Club
Tigard Tualatin Swim Club
Timber Ridge Golf Club
Tionesta Valley Snowmobile Club, Inc.
Titusville Bridge Club
Toastmasters Club
Tokyo American Club
Tokyo Art Directors Club
Tokyo Police Club
Toledo Metropolitan Rowing Club
Toledo Radio Amateur Club
Tonnerre Kalara Club
Top Friends Cocktail Club
Top Hatters Motorcycle Club
Topolino Autoclub Italia
Torhoutse Zwemclub Thor
Torino Football Club
Toronto Autosport Club
Toronto Bruce Trail Club
Toronto Football Club
Toronto Island Sailing Club
Toronto Maxima Enthusiasts Club
Toronto Outboard Racing Club Inc.
Toronto Triumph Club
Toronto Ultimate Club
Torpédo Club Corrézien
Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club
Torquay United Football Club
Total Club Manager
Totally Unique Speaking Club
Toulouse Athlétic Club
Toulouse Basket Club
Toulouse Football Club
Toulousé Universite Club
Tour Athletic Club
Touring Club de France
Touring Club Italiano
Touring Club of Switzerland
Touring Club Suisse
Touring y Automóvil Club del Perú
Tournament Players Club
Tours Football Club
Tower Club of Philadelphia
Town Point Yacht Club
Trac Lapping Club
Traction Owners Club
Traditional Karate Club
Trail Clube Minas Gerais
Training Wheels Motorcycle Club
Tranmere Rovers Football Club
Trans Am Club of Houston
Transformers Collector’s Club
Transportation Clubs International
Transview Golf & Country Club
Travelers’ Century Club
Treasure Coast Coin Club
Treasure Oak Country Club
Tred Avon Yacht Club
Tregunc Kite Club
Trent Rugby Football Club
Trent Valley Gliding Club
Tri State Pipe & Tobacco Club
Triad Sports Car Club
Triangle Fútbol Club
Triangle Sports & Outings Club
Triathlon Club de Joue-les-Tours
Triathlon Club Nantais
Triathlon Club Villeparisis
Tri-Cities Computer Club
Tri-City Aquatic Club
Tricked Out Car Club
Trillium Cadillac and LaSalle Club
Trinidad & Tobago Model Aircraft Club
Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club
Tri-State Amateur Radio Club
Triumph Club d’Alsace
Triumph Club de France
Triumph Enthusiasts Club Belgium
Triumph Owners Club
Triumph Paris Club
Triumph Razoredge Owners Club
Triumph Roadster Owners Club
Triumph Sports Six Club
Trophy Club Soccer Association
Tropical Fish Club of Erie County
T-Shirt of the Month Club
Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc.
Tuckers Point Club
Tucson Soaring Club
Tuesday Action Shooting Club
Tuesday Night Movie Club
Tuggerah Lakes Golf Club
Tuggeranong Dog Training Club
Tuggeranong United Football Club
Tulsa Dog Training Club
Tulsa Firebird & Camaro Club
Tulsa Press Club
Tunbridge Wells Motor Club
Tunbridge Wells Mountaineering Club
Tunix Sound Club
Turkish Van Cat Club
Tuscaloosa Track Club
Tweed Heads Bowls Club
Twentse Studenten Alpen Club
Twentse Zweefvliegclub
Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs
Twin Cities Hot Club
Twin Cities Tandem Club
Twin Horn Motorcycle Club
Twin Lakes Motor Club
Twin Spires Club
Twin Valley Soccer Club
Two Door Cinema Club
Type Directors Club
UBIS User Club
Ubly Heights Country Club
Uckfield Town Football Club
Ujpest Football Club
Ukiah Cannabis Buyers Club
Ullswater Yacht Club
Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs
Ulster Model Car Club
Ulster Vintage Car Club
Ulternative Alster Fan Club
Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee
Underfashion Club
Underground Upgrade Club
Unihockey Club Yverdon
Union County Hiking Club
Union League Club of Chicago
Union of Tanzania Press Club
United Angora Rabbit Club
United Club
United Cultures Club
United Doberman Club
United Kennel Club
United Motorcycle Club International
United Pipe Clubs of America
United Radio Amateur Club
United Services Recreation Club
United States Alpine Club
United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs
United States Auto Club
United States Eurasier Club
United States Pony Clubs
United States Rottweiler Club
United Tracks Auto Club
United Youth Club, Inc.
Universal Autograph Collectors Club
Universitats Sport Club
University College Boat Club
University Computer Club
University Engineers’ Club
University Golf Club
University Motion Picture Club
University of Bristol Orienteering Club
University of Bristol Sailing Club
University of Buea AIDS Prevention Club
University of Calgary Swim Club
University of Essex Labour Club
University of Huddersfield Climbing Club
University of Illinois Alumni Club
University of Minnesota Fencing Club
University of Portsmouth Caving Club
University of Portsmouth Mountaineering Club
University of Surrey Boat Club
University of Texas Fencing Club
University of Texas Sailing Club
University of Toronto Outing Club
University of Toronto Table Tennis Club
University of Warwick Boat Club
University of Waterloo Cycling Club
Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club
Upper Arlington Swim Club
Upper Beeding Football Club
Upper Dublin Aquatic Club
Upper Keys Sailing Club
Upper Minnetonka Yacht Club
Upper Thames Rowing Club
Upper Thames Sailing Club
Upstate New York Club Grand Prix
Urban Neighborhood Economic Enterprise Club
Urban Transit Club
US Monster Club
Utah Amateur Radio Club
Utrechtsche Studenten Alpenclub
Utrechtste Studenten Bridge Club
Vacation Club Resorts International
Vacationland Swim Club
Vacuum Cleaner Collectors Club
Vadamarachchi Steno Club
Valencia Club de Futbol
Valencia Country Club
Valencia Falls Computer Club
Valenciennes Football Club
Valenciennes Université Club
Valentine Eleebana Netball Club
Valentine Eleebana Soccer Club
Valley Forge Mustang Club
Valley Mustang Club
Valley Swing Dance Club
Van’s Club de France
Vancouver Bicycle Club
Vancouver Civics Club
Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club
Vancouver Lake Rowing Club
Vancouver Mini Club
Vancouver Rowing Club
Vancouver Swim Club
Vancouver-Singapore Club
Vanilla Ice Fan Club
Vannes Olympique Club
Vanves Poker Club
Var Alpine Club
Var Alpine Club
Varrieur Wolfeboro Duplicate Bridge Club
Varzim Sport Club
Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club
Vélo Club Ablis
Vélo Club de Chevry-Cossigny
Velo Club Dolois
Velo Club Don Logan
Vélo Club Étampes
Velo Club Montaigu
Velo Club Rochois
Velocette Owners Club of Australia
Venice Area Democratic Club
Venice Yacht Club
Venture Club de France
Venture Yacht Club of San Diego
Venus Williams Fan Club
Vereinigung Clubfreier Golfspieler
Verenigde Jeugdclubs Limburg
Verenigde Willebroekse Zwemclub
Verkehrsclub Deutschland
Vermont SCUBA Diving Club
Vernon Curling Club
Very High Speed Club
Vespa Club de France
Vespa Club du Bassin d’Arcachon
Vespa Club Namur
Vespa Club of Monterey
Vesta Rowing Club
Vestavia Hills Soccer Club
Veteraan Motoren Club
Veteran Car Club Ostrava
Vétéran Car Club Suisse Romand
Veteran Cycle Club
Veteran Motor Car Club of America
Victoria City Rowing Club
Victoria Corvette Club
Victoria Federation of Mothers Clubs
Victoria Racing Club
Victorian Climbing Club
Victorian Club Rally Series
Victorian Folk Music Club Inc.
Victorian Muzzle Loading Club
Victory Motorcycle Club
Victory Services Club
Video Film Maker Club
Video Game Club
Vidyanagar Nature Club
Viet Kor Inline Skate Club
Vietnam Golf and Country Club
Vietnam Meeting and Incentive Club
Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club
Viking Cat Club
Village Country Club
Village Harbor Fishing Club
Villeda Racing Club
Vincennes Volley Club
Vinlanders Social Club
Vintage Car Club of America
Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, Inc.
Vintage Corvette Club of America
Vintage Glider Club
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
Vintage Motor Cycle Club
Vintage Mustang Club
Vintage Snowmobile Club of America
Vintage Sports Car Club
Vintage Thunderbird Club International
Vintage Thunderbird Club of Indiana
Vintage Times Car Club
Vios Club Philippines
Viper Club of America
Virago’s Owners Club
Virginia Advanced Speakers Toastmaster club
Virginia British Motorcycle Club
Virginia Club Calf Producers, LLC
Virginia Club Champions League
Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
Virginia Federation of Music Clubs
Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs
Virginia Happy Trails Running Club
Virginia Region Pony Club
Virtual Kennel Club
Virtual Motorcycle Club
Virtual Stamp Club
Virtual Voyageur Canoe Club
Vision Club of Finland
Vitaminic Music Club
Vivekananda Youth Club
Vizsla Club of Central New England
Vlaamse Oldtimer Club
Vliegclub Hoogeveen
Vliegclub Rotterdam
Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
Vocational Opportunities Clubs of America
Volkswagen Beetle Club
Volkswagen Owners Club
Volley Ball Club Abbevillois
Volley Club Jurbise
Volleybal Club Merenwijk
Volleyball Club
Volvo Club de France
Volvo Club Romand
Voorburg Cricket Club
Vorarlberger Motor-Veteranen Club
Wabash River Cycle Club
Wageningsche Mixed Hockey Club
Waikiki Yacht Club
Wakatere Boating Club
Wake Forest Country Club
Wake Forest Health Club
Waldorf Soccer Club
Walkerville Junior Football Club
Wallowa Valley Photo Club
Wallsend District Cricket Club
Walnut Creek Country Club
Walnut Creek Racquet Club
Walnut Hill Garden Club
Walsall Football Club
Walsh College Accounting Club
Walter Hays Kids’ Club
Waltham Boys and Girls Club
Walton Bridge Cruiser Club
Walton Heath Golf Club
Walvis Bay Yacht Club
Wanaka Rock Climbing Club
Wandelclub Al Kontent
Wandsworth Swimming Club
Wangaratta Rovers Football and Netball Club
Wappinger United Soccer Club
Warden Law Kart Club
Warner Brothers Club
Warrant Officers and Specialists Club
Warren Golf and Country Club
Warren Village Athletic Club, Inc.
Warrenton Area Game Club
Warrenton Youth Soccer Club
Warwick Hills Country Club
Warwick University Climbing Club
Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs
Warwickshire County Cricket Club
Wascana Racing Canoe Club
Washington Alpine Club Kinetic Outing
Washington Area Frisbee Club
Washington Athletic Club
Washington Breakfast Club
Washington Car Club Council
Washington College Computer Club
Washington Fly Fishing Club
Washington Freedom Soccer Club
Washington Iranian Dental Club
Washington Press Club Foundation
Washington Quarter Century Broadcasters’ Club
Washington Sports Clubs
Washington State Paint Horse Club
Washington State Scottish Terrier Club
Washington Township Swim Club
Washington Water Polo Club
Washington Yacht Club
Wasquehal Badminton Club
Wasser Sport Club Dietikon
Wasserski Akrobatik Club Untersee
Wasserski Wakeboardclub Union
Water Polo Club
Waterford Institute of Technology Kayaking Club
Waterford Surf Life Saving Club
Watertown Police Running Club
Waterway Radio & Cruising Club
Watford Football Club
Watsonia United Little Athletics Club
Wattles Park Men’s Club
Watton Radio Model Club
Waukegan Yacht Club
Waveney Valley Athletic Club
Wayzata Yacht Club
Weardale Railway Junior Club
Web Design Club
Web Universal Chess Club
Website Owners Club
Webster Lake Musky Club
Wed Night Drinking Club
Wednesday Night Club
Wednesday Night Youth Club
Weedon Classic Car Club
Week End Gold Miners Prospecting Club, Inc.
Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois
Welches School Community Club
Welcome Motos Club
Welcome To The Club
Wellesley Club of Northern California
Welling United Football Club
Wellingborough Open Archery Club
Wellington Acorn Computer Club
Wellington Tramping & Mountaineering Club
Wellington Veterans Cycling Club
Wellness Active Living Clubs
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
Welsh Association of Motor Clubs
Welsh Association of Youth Clubs
Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America
Welsh Terrier Club of America
Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club
Wessex Cave Club
Wessex Mountaineering Club
Wessex Vehicle Preservation Club
West Adelaide Football Club
West Allis Auto Club
West Bank Motorcycle Club
West Belconnen Leagues Club
West Carleton Soccer Club
West Coast Airboat Club
West Coast Athletic Clubs
West Coast Futbol Club
West Coast Golf Club
West Coast Muscle Car Club
West Essex Amateur Radio Club
West Florida Canoe Club
West Friese Hockey Club
West Hampstead Hockey Club
West Hove Golf Club
West Kingston Skating Club
West Kirby Sailing Club
West Lake Country Club
West London Aero Club
West Midland Bird Club
West Newbury Garden Club
West of England Mini Club
West of Scotland Kart Club
West Orange Girls Club
West Point Parents Club
West Pymble Soccer Club
West Queens Independent Democratic Club
West Riding Sailing Club
West Rouge Canoe Club
West Rouge Soccer Club
West Seattle Yacht Club
West Side Tennis Club
West Sound Cycling Club
West Suburban Chess Club
West Surrey Golf Club
West Sussex Bridge Club
West Tamar Pony Club
West Tamworth League Club
West Texas Brittany Club
West Valley Astronomy Club
West Valley Flying Club
West Valley Track Club
West Vancouver Soccer Club
West View Trampolining Club
West Virginia Fossil Club
West Virginia Republican Club
West Wallsend Workers Club
Westchester Hills Golf Club
Westchester Sports Car Club
Westcoast MOPAR Club (Florida)
Western Afghan Hound Club
Western Art Directors Club
Western Athletic Club Masters
Western Australia Golf Club
Western Colorado Astronomy Club
Western Connecticut Orienteering Club
Western Forest Conservation Club
Western Lake Erie Sailing Club
Western Maryland Reef Club
Western Massachusetts Library Club
Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club
Western Pennsylvania Race Club
Western Province Cricket Club
Western Province Motor Club
Western Reserve Motorcycle Club
Western Riders Club Stockholm
Western Suburbs Bridge Club
Western Suburbs District Cricket Club
Western Wake Republican Club
Western Warship Combat Club
Western Washington Walleye Club
Western Washington Weimaraner Club
Western Waters Canoe Club
Western Wheelers Bicycle Club
Western Yacht Club
Westfaelischer Yachtclub Delecke
Westfield Sportscar Club
Westminster Kennel Club
Weston Creek Cricket Club
Weston Valley Archery Club
Westport Contract Bridge Club
Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club
Wexford Harbour Boat Club
Wexford Naturalists’ Field Club
Wey Valley Swimming Club
Weymouth and District Riding Club
Whaley Bridge Bowling Club
Whaley Bridge Cricket Club
Whaling City Rowing Club
Wharton Club of Northern California
Wharton Table Tennis Club
Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club
Whitby Yacht Club
White Bear Yacht Club
White Plains Rugby Club
White Rock Boat Club
White Rose Pothole Club
Whitefish Chain Yacht Club
Whitley Bay Deaf Football Club
Whitley Bay Football Club
Whitley Bridge Cricket Club
Whitnall Falcon Booster Club
Whitstable Town Football Club
Whitstable Yacht Club
Whole Wheel Velo Club
Wichita Toy Train Club
Wichita Water Ski Club
Wicomico Wolverines Wrestling Club
Wieler Toer Club Nieuwegein
Wiffle Bat Fight Club
Wigan Athletic Football Club
Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
Wild Boar Club
Wild Life Clubs of Kenya
Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club
Wild Rose Cavy Club
Wild Rose Miata Club
Wild Water Kayak Club
Wild West Arts Club
Wildcats Ice Hockey Club
Wilder Creek Conservation Club
Wilderness Boat Owners Club
Wilderness Center Astronomy Club
Wildlife & Exotic Animal Club
Wilkinstown Target Shooting Club
Willamette Striders Track Club
Willamette Valley Soaring Club
Willesden Cycling Club
Willetton Junior Cricket Club
Williams Lake Orienteering Club
Williamsburg Aquatic Club
Williamsburg Boat Club
Williamsburg National Golf Club
Willis Quiz Quark Club
Willow Springs Motorcycle Club
Wilmington Athletic Club
Wilmington Country Club
Wilmington Island Garden Club
Wilmington Model Flying Club
Wilmslow Wayfarers Cricket Club
Wimbledon Common Golf Club
Wimbledon United Cricket Club
Wimborne and District Riding Club
Winamac Old Auto Club
Winch Wen Cricket Club
Winchester Canyon Gun Club
Winchester Country Club
Windsor and Eton Football Club
Windsor Modular Railroad Club
Windsor Park Equestrian Club
Windward Chess & Go Club
Windy City Agility Club
Winged Foot Golf Club
Winnebago Labrador Retriever Club
Winnegamie Dog Club
Winner’s Circle Player’s Club
Winnington Park Recreation Club
Winnipeg Boys and Girls Clubs
Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club
Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club
Winnipeg Radio Control Club
Winnipeg Sports Car Club
Winschoter Tafel Tennis Club
Winscombe Cricket Club
Winter Park Racquet Club
Winters Community Art Club
Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America
Wirral Sand Yacht Club
Wisconsin Club Lamb Association
Wisconsin Mopar Muscle Club
Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club
Wisconsin Publishers’ Production Club
Wisconsin Scholarship Bowling Club
Wisconsin Track Club
Wissahickon Community Aquatic Club
Withnell Fold Cricket Club
Wizernes Air Soft Club
Woburn Boys and Girls Club
Woden Valley Football Club
Woden Valley Soccer Club
Woden Wanderers Cricket Club
Wodonga Raiders Football and Sports Club
Woking Football Club
Wolfs Dungeon Metal Club
Wolfsburger Yacht Club Allertal
Wolverhampton Slot Car Club
Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club
Wolverines Motorcycle Club
Woman Haters Club
Woman’s Club of Logan Library Inc.
Women Business Owners’ Club
Women’s Adventurous Life Club
Women’s Advertising Club of London
Women’s Bond Club
Women’s Center Karate Club
Women’s Club of Hollywood
Women’s Travel Club
Womens Club of Chevy Chase
Womens Hockey Club of Toronto
Wonalancet Out Door Club
Wonder Woman Fan Club
Woodacre Improvement Club
Woodberry Bridge Club
Woodbridge Music Club
Woodbury Area Hockey Club
Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club
Woodlake Swim and Racquet Club
Woodlands Wellington Football Club
Wootton Bassett Hockey Club
Worcester City Football Club
Worcestershire County Cricket Club
Worcestershire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs
Workers Auto Loan Club
Workers Party Republican Clubs
Working Australian Shepherd Club of Alberta
Working Men’s Club
Workout Club and Wellness Center
World Airlines Clubs Association
World Club Challenge
World Club Champion Football
World Club Crew Championships
World Clubs
World Council of Service Clubs
World Cruising Club
World Federation of UNESCO Clubs Centres and Associations
World Interest Club
World International Vacation Club
World Kaiba Fan Club
World Language Club
World Network Business Club
World Peace Buddhist Club
World Ultimate Club Championship
World Union of Akita Clubs
World Union of St. Bernard Clubs
World Wide Loan Club
World Wide Wealth Club
World-Wide Kennel Club
Worthing Rowing Club
Worthington Area Democratic Club
Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club
Wrenn Railways Collectors Club
Wrexham Football Club
Writer’s Digest Book Club
Writers United Football Club
Wyandotte Bantam Club of America
Wycombe Radio Car Club
Wycombe Wanderers Football Club
Wye College Agricola Club
Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club
Xmoor Enduro Club
Xoloitzcuintli Club of America
Yacht Club
Yacht Club Argentino
Yacht Club Basque
Yacht Club Italiano
Yacht Club Jois
Yacht Club Kreuzlingen
Yacht Club Luzern
Yacht Club Niedersachsen
Yacht Club Noric
Yacht Club of Hilton Head Island
Yacht Club Olivos
Yacht Club Paulista
Yacht Club Rapperswil
Yacht Club Resort
Yacht Club Romagna
Yacht Club Uruguayo
Yacht Club Velden
Yachtclub Litzelstetten Mainau
Yachtclub Litzelstetten Mainau
Yacht-Club Mittelrhein eV
Yacht-Club Utting
Yachtclub Weiden
Yakima Valley Kennel Club
Yale Club of San Diego
Yale Glee Club
Yamhill Valley Camera Club
Yankee Golden Retriever Club
Yankee Pole Cat Insulator Club
Yavapai Amateur Radio Club
Yellowstone Valley Cycling Club
Yeovil Amateur Radio Club
Yongsan Motorcycle Club
Yonkers Figure Skating Club
York Caving Club
York Region Amateur Radio Club
York University Mountaineering Club
York University Outing Club
Yorkshire Cricket Club
Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs
Yorkshire Gliding Club
Young Adult Reading Club
Young Archaeologists Club
Young Astronauts Club
Young Authors Writing Club
Young Bowlers Club
Young Bowlers Club
Young Farmers Club
Young Herpetologists Club
Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago
Young Journalist Club
Young Kennel Club
Young Mens’ Business Club
Young Naturalists Club
Young Ornithologist’s Club
Young Stars Radio Club
Youngstown Yacht Club
Youngtimers Armorique Club
Youth Bowling Club
Youth Bowling Club
Youth Club
Youth Flying Club
Youth Football Club
Youth Hackers Club
Yucaipa Valley Golf Club
Zaandamse Christelijke Football Club
Zaken Liquidation Club
Zaragoza Club Odisea
Zijtaartse Bridge Club
Zimbabwe Kennel Club
Zionsville Swim Club
Zippo Club Italia
Zonta Club of Rochester
Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Club
Zuercher Studenten Skiclub
Zundertse Hockey Club
Zurich Schlittschuh Club
Zuricher Schwulen Club
Zweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten
Zweefvliegclub Rotterdam
Zwemclub Residentie
Zwemclub Rosas Oostakker
Zwemclub Rosas Oostakker
Zwemclub Tieltse Zeeduivels