Company Abbreviations


What is Company?

A company is an organization that carries out economic activities for commercial purposes, through the production and sale of goods or services.

Also known as a business activity, a company engages in the sale, production and purchase of goods or services.

One of the main objectives of a company is economic gain, the generation of profit that results from the service provided or the product sold.

Companies also aim to achieve certain results, which are projected as goals to be achieved, according to the company’s main mission. To achieve results and make a profit, the company must follow a previously defined strategic plan.

The person responsible for managing the operation of the company is the entrepreneur. He manages the management and operation of the company in the market, with the help of the employees. To fulfill this task, the entrepreneur needs to know the managerial and administrative processes, such as results analysis and resource management.

In these tasks, it is common for the entrepreneur to have the help of an administrator, a professional specialized in planning, organizing and evaluating business results.

The 3 fundamental elements of a company

Companies are made up of three elements or resources:

  • materials : includes raw material, machinery, technology and all the logistics necessary for the company to function;
  • Humans : entrepreneurs, administrators and employees who hold positions and perform functions in the company. Customers, consumers and suppliers are also part of this category;
  • financial : money for investments, purchase of raw materials, payment of employees and payment of taxes.

What are the types of company?

There are five types of company: individual micro-entrepreneur, individual entrepreneur, individual limited liability company, simple partnership and business partnership.

1. Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI)

The individual microentrepreneur is the sole partner of the company and can hire a single employee. Also, he cannot have affiliates of the business.

This type of company was created to fit self-employed professionals who work with service provision. In this classification, these self-employed are transformed into small entrepreneurs.

The annual billing limit of an individual micro-entrepreneur should not exceed R$ 81 thousand.

2. Individual Entrepreneur (EI)

The individual entrepreneur works alone, without being part of a society. He carries out the company’s activity on his behalf, only with his investments. Companies without partners that sell products or services are examples of individual entrepreneurs.

An important characteristic of the individual entrepreneur is the liability of the company, which is unlimited. This means that the entrepreneur will be able to use company assets or personal assets to fulfill obligations (such as labor debts and outstanding payments).

To be an individual entrepreneur, the annual turnover cannot exceed the value of 360 thousand reais.

3. Individual limited liability company (EIRELI)

EIRELI is also a company formed by a single partner. In this type of business, the partner is not liable for debts of the company with his personal assets. Any debts or payments must be made from the company’s equity.

To register this company, the entrepreneur must have a minimum capital equivalent to one hundred minimum wages and the annual revenue has no established limits.

It can be used to market and produce goods and services and also to represent self-employed professionals.

4. Simple partnership

A simple partnership must be formed by at least two partners, who will have unlimited equity liability. Therefore, partners may have to fulfill financial obligations with personal assets, in addition to business capital.

This type of company is used to provide services in various specialties (called intellectuals), such as: doctors, lawyers, engineers and artists in general.

The annual revenue of a simple partnership cannot exceed R$ 4.8 million.

5. Business company

Business companies are formed by at least two partners, who are responsible for the financial responsibilities only with the company’s capital, in proportion to the value of their shares.

Partners will only be required to pay debts with personal assets in special cases, such as labor debts or tax debts.

Business companies can be used in many fields of activity, such as providing services and selling goods, but they cannot commercialize intellectual and autonomous activities.

They must operate in the form of a limited liability company (Ltda.) or a corporation (S/A). A limited liability company has a simpler operation and the company’s capital is divided among the partners, in the form of quotas.

A corporation, on the other hand, is a little more complex and has the company’s capital divided into shares, which can be purchased even by people who are not part of the society (shareholders).

What is the difference between public and private companies?

Companies can also be classified as public, private or mixed. This classification takes into account the origin of the company’s capital.

  • public company : these are companies that have capital invested by the State and provide services linked to state activity. Therefore, they are also administered by the State. Examples: Correios and Caixa Econômica Federal;
  • private company : companies that have private capital and are managed by their owners, such as companies that sell products and services in general.
  • mixed company : are companies with mixed capital (capital invested by the state and private capital). Petrobras and Banco do Brasil are two mixed capital companies.

What are the business sectors?

The classification of business sectors follows the company’s area of ​​activity:

  • primary sector : formed by the companies that carry out activities of exploration of natural resources or sale of raw material to companies of other sectors. Fisheries and agriculture are examples of activities in this sector;
  • secondary sector : this sector includes companies that manufacture industrialized products and sell them to consumers, such as the clothing, food and technology industries.
  • tertiary sector : it is composed of companies that operate in the area of commerce, sale of products or provision of services. Commerce in general and self-employed professionals are examples of tertiary sector activities.

Company Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Company

3Com Corporation
A Bee Friendly Company
A Company that Makes Everything
A Law Corporation
A Professional Corporation
A Professional Law Corporation
A Systems Communication Company
Abbottstown Fire Company
Abercrombie & Fitch Corporation
Abingdon Old Gaol Theatre Company
Aboriginal Environmental Reclamation Corporation
Abu Dhabi Airports Company
Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations
Abu Dhabi Construction Company
Abu Dhabi Distribution Company
Abu Dhabi Investment Company
Abu Dhabi Media Company
Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Abyssinian Development Corporation
Academy of the Company Theatre
Accelr8 Technology Corporation
Access Data Consulting Corporation
Access Research Corporation
Access Service Company
Accident Compensation Corporation
Accident Compensation Corporation
Accident Compensation Corporation
Accident Insurance Company
Accompanying Object
Accredited Association Management Company
Accurate Automation Corporation
Accurate Corrosion Monitoring Company
ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company
Acoustic Transducer Company
Acoustical Manufacturing Company
Acting Shakespeare Company
Actuant Corporation
Adamjee Insurance Company Limited
Adams Express Company
Adams-Millis Corporation
Adaptec Corporation
Adaptive Broadband Corporation
Adaptive Broadband Corporation
Additional Benefits Company
Additional Benefits Company
Additional Liability Company
Adelphia Communications Corporation
Adelphia Communications Corporation
Adelphia Communications Corporation
Adirondack Economic Development Corporation
Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation
Aditya Birla Management Corporation
Administrative Concepts Corporation
Administrative Concepts Corporation
Administrative Concepts Corporation
Administrative Operating Company Number
Administrative Professional Company Orientation
Adolph Coors Company
Adolph Coors Company
Adolph Coors Company
Advance Corporation Tax
Advanced Armament Corporation
Advanced Bionics Corporation
Advanced Bionics Corporation
Advanced Casino Systems Corporation
Advanced Corporation Tax
Advanced Data Tools Corporation
Advanced Digital Information Corporation
Advanced Electronics Company
Advanced Environmental Corporation
Advanced Gene Technology Corporation
Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Corporation
Advanced Machine Vision Corporation
Advanced Medical Electronics Corporation
Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation
Advanced Optical Technologies Corporation
Advanced Resource Corporation
Advanced Resource Corporation
Advanced Software Resources Company
Advanced Technology and Research Corporation
Advanced Technology Investment Company
Advanced Technology Licensing Company
Advanced Telecommunications Corporation
Advanced Utility Systems Corporation
Advanta Corporation
Advantage Capital Corporation
Advantage Capital Corporation
Advantage Capital Corporation
Advantage Interactive Corporation
Advocate Health Care Corporation
Aegis Corporation
Aerial Ambulance Company
Aerojet Electrosystems Company
Aerojet Energy Conversion Company
Aerojet General Corporation
Aerojet Manufacturing Company
Aerojet Nuclear Company
Aerojet Ordnance Company
Aerojet Ordnance Company
Aerospace Corporation
Aerospace Corporation
Aerospace Corporation
Aerospace Corporation
Aerospace Corporation
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
Aerospace Integration Corporation
Aerospace Tool Corporation
Affiliated Acceptance Corporation
Affiliated Realty and Management Company
Afghan Wireless Communication Company
Africa Oil and Gas Corporation
African Diamond Company, Inc.
African Metals Corporation
Agent/Broker Review Company
Agent-Company Organization for Research and Development
Agricultural Assessments International Corporation
Agricultural Credit Corporation Ltd.
Agricultural Credit Corporation Ltd.
Agricultural Credit Corporation Ltd.
Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation
Agricultural Development Corporation
Agricultural Finance Corporation of Zimbabwe
Agricultural Genetics Company
Agricultural Research Corporation
Agricultural Research Corporation
Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
Ahnapee and Western Railway Company
Ahwaz Water and Wastewater Company
Air Ambulance Company
Air Botswana Corporation
Air Botswana Corporation
Air Botswana Corporation
Air Marine International Express Corporation
Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
Airbus Military Company
Aircraft Accessories and Components Company
Aircraft Braking Systems Company
Aircraft Braking Systems Company
Airline Reporting Corporation
Airline Reporting Corporation
Airline Tariff Publishing Company
Airlines Reporting Corporation
Airlines Reporting Corporation
Airports Company South Africa
Akron Electronics Supply Company
Al Fujairah National Insurance Company
Al Technique Corporation of Pakistan
Alabama & Florida Railway Company
Alabama Great Southern Railroad Company
Alabama Great Southern Railroad Corporation
Alabama Power Company
Alabama Power Company
Alabama River Newsprint Company
Aladdin Oil & Gas Company
Alamitos Bay Yarn Company
Alaris Royalty Corporation
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation
Alaska Juneau Mining Company
Alaska Native Corporation
Alaska Native Regional Corporation
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
Alaska Railroad Corporation
Alaska Student Loan Corporation
Alaska USA Trust Company
Albany and Eastern Railroad Company
Albany and Northern Railway Company
Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company
Albany Port Railroad Corporation
Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation
Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
Alberta Business Corporations Act
Alberta Energy Company
Alberta Energy Company Ltd
Alberta Municipal Financing Corporation
Alberta Special Waste Management Corporation
Alberto-Culver Company
Alberto-Culver Company
Albrecht, Viggiano, Zureck & Company
Aleid Smid Television Company
Alert Pipe and Supply Company
Alexandria Sugar Company
Alexco Resource Corporation
Alhamrani Universal Company
All American Gourmet Company
All American Industries Company
All Canadian Investment Corporation
All Fuels and Energy Company
Allegheny and Western Railway Company
Allen Bradley Corporation
Alliance Entertainment Corporation
Alliance Mining Corporation Limited
Allied Capital Corporation
Allied Merchant Banking Corporation
Allied Riser Communications Corporation
Allied Signal Aerospace Company
Allied Signal Technical Services Corporation
Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, Ltd.
Allied-Signal Technical Services Corporation
Allison Data Corporation
Allmerica Financial Corporation
All-night Light and Power Company
Allstate Corporation
Allstate Indemnity Company
Allstate Insurance Company
Allstate Insurance Company
Allstate Life Insurance Company
All-State Promotional Advertising Company
Alpha Gold Corporation
Alpha Hospitality Corporation
Alpha Hospitality Corporation
Alpha Portland Cement Company
Alpha Software Corporation
Altapex Construction Corporation
Altapex Construction Corporation
Altapex Construction Corporation
Altazan’s Garage Company
Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation
Alternative Construction Company, Inc.
Alternative Construction Company, Inc.
Alternative Construction Company, Inc.
Alternative Resources Corporation
Alternative Resources Corporation
Alton and Southern Railway Company
Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria
Aluminum Company of America
Aluminum Company of America
Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd.
Alumni Volunteer Corporation
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Amalgamated Investment Bancorporation
Amarillo Hardware Company
Ambase Corporation
Amerada Hess Company
America Nuclear Corporation
America’s Finest Construction Company
America’s Incredible Pizza Company
America’s Most Admired Corporations
AmericaLinx Company
American Agricultural Insurance Company
American Air Filter Company
American Alternatives Energy Corporation
American Automobile Insurance Company
American Axle & Manufacturing Company
American Ballet Company
American Ballet Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Bank Note Company
American Beryllium Company
American Beryllium Company
American Blimp Corporation
American Blimp Corporation
American Brass Company
American Brass Company
American Bridge Company
American Bridge Company
American Broadband and Telecommunications Company
American Broadcasting Company
American Broadcasting Company
American Broadcasting Corporation
American Broadcasting Corporation
American Business Corporation
American Business Research Company
American Cash Flow Corporation
American Chain Company
American Chicle Company
American Chicle Company
American Chicle Company
American Clip Company
American Company that Manufactures Everything
American Corporation for Milling and Boreworks
American Corporations for Thailand
American Crystal Sugar Company
American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid Company
American District Telegraph Company
American Electric Power Company
American Electric Vehicle Company
American Express Company
American Express Company
American Express Company
American Family Life Assurance Company
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus
American Felt and Filter Company
American Financial Research Corporation
American Founders Life Insurance Company
American Funds Service Company
American Gas Accumulator Company
American General Assurance Company
American General Corporation
American General Finance Corporation, Inc.
American General Life Insurance Company
American Grease Stick Company
American Greetings Corporation
American Greetings Corporation
American Hardware Corporation
American Home Products Corporation
American Home Products Corporation
American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
American Independent Insurance Company
American International Insurance Company
American International Petroleum Corporation
American Investors Company
American Investors Life Insurance Company, Inc.
American Italian Pasta Company
American Jazz Dance Company
American Locomotive Company
American Machine Foundry Corporation
American Maze Company
American Metalcraft Corporation
American Meter Company
American METRO/STUDY Corporation
American Military Arms Corporation
American Mobile Radio Corporation
American Mobile Satellite Corporation
American Motors Corporation
American Mutual Insurance Company
American National Insurance Company
American National Insurance Company
American Natural Soda Ash Corporation
American News Company
American NTN Bearing Corporation
American Oil Company
American Optical Company
American Optical Company
American Overseas Book Company, Inc.
American Panel Corporation
American Pioneer Title Insurance Company
American Power Conversion Corporation
Ameri-Can Prescription Administrators Corporation
American Printing and Envelope Company
American Public Power Company
American Releasing Corporation
American Releasing Corporation
American Rental Management Company
American Research Corporation
American Research Corporation
American Retirement Corporation
American Retirement Corporation
American Satellite Corporation
American Semiconductor Corporation
American Smelting and Refining Company
American Speaking Telegraph Company
American Spiral Weld Pipe Company LLC
American States Water Company
American States Water Company
American Steamship Company
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
American Student Loan Consolidation Corporation
American Sunroof Company, Inc.
American Superconductor Corporation, Inc.
American Suzuki Motor Corporation
American Systems Corporation
American Systems Engineering Corporation
American Technologies Network Corporation
American Technology Corporation
American Telecommunications Company, Inc.
American Theater Company
American Thermoplastic Company
American Tobacco Company
American Tower Corporation
American Transmission Company LLC
American Transportation Corporation
American Water Company
American Water Works Company Inc.
American Water Works Company Inc.
American Water Works Company, Inc.
American West Steamboat Company
American Whistle Corporation
Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company
Ameritech Operating Company
Ameritech Operating Company
Amerix Precious Metals Corporation
Ames National Corporation
AMEX Commodities Corporation
AMEX Commodities Corporation
AMEX Commodities Corporation
Amiral Management Corporation
Amitabh Bachhan Corporation Limited
Amphenol Interconnect Products Corporation
Amrad Corporation Limited
AMREP Corporation (stock symbol)
Amusement Corporation of America
Anaconda Copper Mining Company
Anala Goat Company
Analysis.Research.Planning Corporation
Analysts International Corporation
Anchorage Economic Development Corporation
Andean Rural Health Corporation
Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Anderson, Greenwood, & Company
Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Limited
Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited
Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation, Ltd.
Andromeda Research Corporation
Andromeda Research Corporation
Andrx Corporation
Angelica Corporation
Angelina & Neches Railway Company
Anglo American Corporation
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
Angular Recording Corporation
Angular Recording Corporation
Anheuser-Busch Recycling Corporation
Ann Arbor Railroad Company
Annuity National Brokerage Corporation
Answers Corporation
Antemos Analytical Equipment Corporation
Anthony A. Martino Company
Anthracite Steam Fire Company
Antique Wine Company
Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation
Appalachian Power Company
Apple Computer Company
Apple Computer Company
Apple Computer Company
Apple Valley Juice Corporation
Applied Automated Engineering Corporation
Applied Direct Services Corporation
Applied Media Technologies Corporation
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
Applied Science Corporation of Princeton
Appraisal Management Company
Aptos Coffee Roasting Company
Aqaba Development Corporation
Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation
Arab Banking Corporation
Arab Banking Corporation
Arab Company for Computer Manufacturing
Arab Drilling and Workover Company
Arab Finance Corporation
Arab Orient Insurance Company
Arab Supply and Trading Corporation
Arabian American Oil Company
Arabian American Oil Company
Aram Allied International Corporation
Aravali Power Company Private Limited
Arbitration of Company Law Disputes
Arbitration of Company Law Disputes
Arcadia Brewing Company
Arcadia Brewing Company
Arch Bridge Contracting Corporation
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Architectural and Engineering Company
Architectural Products Company
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Area Support Medical Company
Argosy Gaming Company
Argosy Gaming Company
Arizona Business Corporation Act
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Land Income Corporation
Arkansas and Louisiana Missouri Railway Company
Arkansas Best Corporation
Arkansas Best Corporation
Armaments Corporation of South Africa
Armed Forces Services Corporation
Army Housing Corporation
Army Space Support Company
Army Times Publishing Company, Inc.
Aromatics Thailand Public Company Limited
Aroostook Valley Railroad Company
Arrow Lakes Power Corporation
Artesian Technology Corporation
Articles of Incorporation
Aruba Exempt Company
Asahi Glass Company
Ascent Logic Corporation
ASEAN Finance Corporation
Ashcroft Homes Corporation
Ashland Oil Company
Ashland Oil Company
Ashland Specialty Chemical Company
Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd.
Asian American Theater Company
Asian Community Development Corporation
Asian Finance and Investment Corporation Ltd.
Asian Leasing Corporation Limited
Asphalt Paving Company
Asphalt Products Oil Corporation
ASRC Federal Holding Company
Assam State Transport Corporation
Assam State Warehousing Corporation
Assault Helicopter Company
Assault Support Helicopter Company
Assessment and Training Solutions Consulting Company
Assessment Systems Corporation
Asset Alliance Corporation Sdn Bhd
Asset Management Company
Asset Management Company of Nigeria
Assistant Corporation Counsel
Assistant Corporation Counsel
Assistant Corporation Counsel
Associate of the Corporation of Insurance Brokers
Associate of the Institute of Company Accountants
Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers
Associated British Picture Corporation
Associated Broadcasting Company
Associated Broadcasting Company
Associated Equipment Company, Ltd
Associated Medical Billing Company
Associates Financial Life Insurance Company
Association Management Company
Association of Canadian Corporations in Translation and Interpretation
Association of Canadian Financial Corporations
Association of Trust and Company Managers
Assurance Technology Corporation
Astor Street Opry Company
Astoria Financial Corporation
Astronautics Corporation of America
ASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation Pty Ltd
Atascadero Mutual Water Company
ATK Missile Systems Company LLC
Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Railway Company
Atlanta Bread Company
Atlanta Bread Company
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation
Atlantic Lottery Corporation
Atlantic Lottery Corporation
Atlantic Research Corporation
Atlantic Research Corporation
Atlantic Richfield Company
Atlantic Theater Company
Atlantic Wind Power Corporation, Ltd.
Atmos Energy Corporation
Atmosphere Super Fashion Company
Attack Helicopter Company
Attila Dogan Company
Au Optronics Corporation
Audio Development Company
Audio Visual Services Corporation
Augusta and Summerville Railroad Company
Augusta Railroad Company
Augusta Railroad Company
Aura Corporation
Aurora Oil and Gas Corporation
Austin Powder Company
Austin Roasting Company
Austin Roasting Company
Australasian Lubricants Manufacturing Company
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Business Telephone Company
Australian Commercial Bamboo Corporation Limited
Australian Company Law Cases
Australian Company Number
Australian Company of Performing Arts
Australian Corporations and Securities Reports
Australian Dairy Corporation
Australian Egg Corporation Limited
Australian Egg Corporation Ltd.
Australian Food Safety Inspection Company
Australian Gas and Light Company
Australian Horticulture Corporation
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation
Australian Motorists’ Petrol Company
Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation
Australian Postal Corporation
Australian Rail Track Corporation
Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
Australian Semiconductor Technology Company
Australian Submarine Corporation
Australian Vee Eight Supercar Company
Australian Wine Brandy Corporation
Auto Finance Company
Automated Petroleum and Energy Company, Inc
Automatic Canteen Company of America
Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Company
Automatic Switch Company
Automation Company
Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America
Automotive Dealership Equipment & Service Company
Autumn Tree Armored Combat Company
Avalon Integrated Services Corporation
Avery Dennison Corporation
Aviation Maintenance Company
Avoid Bad Company
Avoid Bad Company
Axial Vector Engine Corporation
Azerbaijan Gas Supply Company
Azerbaijan International Operating Company
Aztar Corporation
Azure Dynamics Corporation
Azurix Corporation
B&X Corporation
Babcock and Wilcox Company
Babcock Borsig Capital Corporation
Bahamas Electricity Corporation
Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited
Bahrain Petroleum Company
Bahraini Stock Company
Bahwan Trading Company
Bailey Engineering Corporation
Baird Television Development Company
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd
Bald Eagle Company, Inc.
Bald Mountain Coffee Company
Baldor Electric Company
Bali Tourism Development Corporation
Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation
Ball Brothers Research Corporation
Ball Corporation
Ball Corporation
Baltic Holding Company
Baltic Shipping Company
Baltimore and Eastern Railroad Company
Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railway Company
Baltimore Brewing Company
Baltimore Development Corporation
Banana Export Company
Ban-Cal Tri-State Corporation
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company
Bangalore City Corporation
Bangalore Electricity Supply Company
Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation
Bangalore Metropolitian Transport Corporation
Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited
Bangkok Expressway Company Limited
Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation
Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation
Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation
Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation
Bangladesh Road and Transport Corporation
Bangor Hydro-Electric Company
Bank Card Company
Bank Holding Company
Bank Holding Company Act of 1957
Bank of America Corporation
Bank of America Corporation
Bank of Montreal Capital Corporation
Bank of South Carolina Corporation
Bank West Financial Corporation
BankBoston Corporation
Bankers Training and Consulting Company
Bankers Trust Company
Banking Services Corporation
Banknote Corporation Of America
Banknote Corporation Of America
Banknote Corporation Of America
Banknote Corporation of America
Banknote Corporation of America
Banknote Corporation of America
Banknote Corporation of America
Banknote Corporation of America
BaoViet Securities Company
Bar Plan Title Insurance Company
Bar Plan Title Insurance Company
Barbados Agricultural Development Corporation
Barbados Marketing Corporation
Barbados National Oil Company
Barbary Bay Development Company Limited
Barista Coffee Company Ltd.
Barking Brassware Company
Barrington Stage Company
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation
Bath & Hammondsport Railroad Company
Batten Kill Railroad Company Inc.
Battle Mountain Gold Exploration Corporation
Battlefield Bad Company
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Bavarian Measurement Company
Bavarian Measurement Company Munich
Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation
Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation
Bay Area Fork Lift Company
Bay Area Training Corporation
Bay Economic Development Corporation
Bay Meadows Operating Company
Bay State Gas Company
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Baz International Pharmaceutical Company
BDM Service Company
Beach Creek Railroad Company
Beaunit Corporation
Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development
Bechtel Jacobs Company, LLC
Bechtel Nevada Corporation
Bechtel SAIC Company
Becton Dickinson And Company
Becton Dickinson and Company
Becton Dickinson and Company
Becton Dickinson and Company
Becton Dickinson and Company
Becton-Dickinson and Company
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
Beech Mountain Railroad Company
Beijing Communication Corporation
Beijing Modern Dance Company
Beijing Public Transport Corporation
Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instrument Corporation
Beirut Building Company
Bel Air Drama Company
Belarusian State Television and Radio Company
Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad Company
Bell Atlantic Corporation
Bell Atlantic Corporation
Bell Exchange Company
Bell Helicopter Company
Bell Operating Company
Bell Systems Operating Company
Bell Telephone Company
Bellcore Client Company
Bellefont Central Railroad Company
Bellsouth Advertising and Publishing Corporation
Belo Corporation
Belt Railway Company of Chicago
Belton Railroad Company
Ben Myerson Candy Company
Benchmark Insurance Company
Beneficial Trust and Will Company
Bennett Coleman and Company Limited
Bennington County Industrial Corporation
Bentleyville Communications Corporation
Benton Oil and Gas Company
Bergen Brunswig Corporation
Bergen Brunswig Drug Company
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
Berkshire Brewing Company, Inc
Berkshire Opera Company
Berlin Business Development Corporation
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company
Best Buy Company
Best Company Uniform
Best Slipcover Company
Beta Transformer Technology Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Company
Bevilacqua Research Corporation
Beyond Ballroom Dance Company
Beyond Belief Dance Company
BF Goodrich Corporation
Bharat Aluminium Company
Bharat Engineering Company
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd.
Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited
Bicycle Manufacturing Company
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Big Peach Running Company
Big Red Diamond Company
Big Sky Brewing Company
Big Sky Economic Development Corporation
Biggins Lacey Sahiro & Company
Bihar Small Scale Industries Corporation
Bihar State Financial Corporation
Bihar State Industrial Development Corporation
Bio Analytical Research Corporation
Bio Bulgaria Development Company
BioAssets Development Corporation
Biological Detection Company
Biological Specialty Corporation
BioRegional Charcoal Company
Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation
Biovail Corporation
Bishnauth Tea Company Limited
Black & Veatch Corporation
Black Box Corporation
Black Hills Corporation
Black Hills Corporation
Black Marlin Data Corporation
Black River and Western Corporation
Black River Area Development Corporation
BlackRock Institutional Management Corporation
Blade Diagnostics Corporation
Blaydon Bathroom and Tiling Company
Blendpac International Corporation
Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation
Blue Chip Company
Blue Stream Pipeline Company
Bluegrass Brewing Company
Boeing Airplane Company
Boeing Airplane Company
Boiler Tube Company of America
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd
Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company
Bombay Municipal Corporation
Bond Corporation North America
Bonneville International Corporation
Bossier Rural Electric Membership Corporation
Boston and Maine Railroad Corporation
Boston Beer Company
Boston Company Asset Management, LLC
Boston Edison Company
Boston Edison Company
Boston Private Bank Trust Company
Boston Scientific Corporation
Boston Scientific Corporation
Boston Stock Exchange Clearing Corporation
Botswana Diamond Valuing Company
Botswana Telecommunications Corporation
Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad
Bowen Park Opera Company
Bowen Park Theater Company
Bowen Property Management Company
Box Butte Development Corporation
Boyd Energy Corporation
Brain Resource Company
Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Company
Brajindra Book Company
Brandon Ebel Company
Branscombe Supply Company
Brantley Cap Corporation
Brantley Capital Corporation
Brass Craft Manufacturing Company
Brass Locomotive Company
Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation
Breast Prosthetics Company of America
Brega Petroleum Marketing Company
Brew Crew Moving Company
Brian Webb Dance Company
Brichanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Bridge Street Development Corporation
Bridgeport Brass Company
Bridgers Manufacturing Company
Brigade Support Medical Company
Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Brihanmumbai Muncipal Corporation
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Brisbane Airport Corporation
Brisbane Airport Corporation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
British Aircraft Corporation
British Aircraft Corporation
British American Bank Note Company
British American Oil Company
British American Oil Company
British Beer Company
British Broadcasting Corporation
British Broadcasting Corporation Interactive
British Broadcasting Corporation-America
British Coal Corporation
British Columbia Buildings Corporation
British Columbia Lottery Corporation
British Columbia Pavilion Corporation
British Columbia Seed Company
British Columbia Transmission Corporation
British East India Tea Company
British East India Trading Company
British Gas Corporation
British Glass Recycling Company
British Leyland Motor Company
British Leyland Motor Corporation
British Motor Corporation
British National Oil Corporation Ltd.
British North Borneo Company
British Overseas Airways Corporation
British Oxygen Company
British Printing and Publishing Communication Corporation
British Small Arms Company
British South Africa Company
British Yukon Navigation Company
Brixton Broadcasting Corporation
Broadbank Burbcasting Corporation
Broadcasting Corporation of China
Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand
Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State
Broadcasting Engineering Corporation of India Limited
Broadcom Corporation
Broadcom Corporation
Broadcom Corporation
Broadway Com Corporation
Broken Hill Proprietary Company LTD
Broken Hill Proprietary Company LTD
BrokerTec Clearing Company
Brookhaven Instruments Corporation
Brooklands Vintage Motor Company
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Corporation
Brooklyn Union Gas Company
Brother International Corporation
Brothers Construction Company
Brown and Root Services Corporation
Brown Boveri Company
Brown Brothers Cattle Company
Brown Brothers Drilling Company
Brown Printing Company
Bruce Wood Dance Company
Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd
Brunei Transporting Company
Brunswick Corporation
Brussels Airport Company
Brussels Airport Company
Brussels Airport Terminal Company
Brussels International Airport Company
Bryant Park Restoration Corporation
Bryn Athyn Fire Company
Buchanan Ingersoll Professional Corporation
Budget Installment Corporation
Buell Motor Company
Buffalo Creek Railroad Company
Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corporation
Builders Real Estate Marketing Corporation
Building Chemical Industries Company
Building Materials Holding Corporation
Building Science Corporation
Building Suppliers Corporation
Bulgarian Telecommunication Company
Burger King Corporation
Burkhard Analysis and Methods Corporation
Burlington Motor Company
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation
Burroughs Corporation
Busch Entertainment Corporation
Business Applications Performance Corporation
Business Behavior Development Company
Business Capital Corporation
Business Communication Company
Business Corporation Act
Business Corporation Law
Business Development Company
Business Finance Corporation
Business Information Systems Company
Business News Publishing Company
Business Plus Corporation
Butler Machinery Company
Butler Ventamatic Corporation
Butte, Anaconda, & Pacific Railway Company
BWAY Corporation
Cable Design Technologies Corporation
CableAmerica Corporation
Caden Media Corporation
Caillouet Land Corporation
Cains Beer Company
Cairo Electricity Production Company
Cal Safety Compliance Corporation
Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation
Calcutta Municipal Corporation
Calcutta State Transport Corporation
Calcutta Tramways Company
Calibration and Repair Support Company
California American Water Company
California Arabian Standard Oil Company
California Casualty Insurance Company
California Central Trust Bank Corporation
California Cider Company
California Cider Company
California First Leasing Corporation
California General Corporation Law
California Hardware Company
California Housing Partnership Corporation
California Human Development Corporation
California Instrument Company
California Molecular Electronics Corporation
California Motorcycle Company
California Pavement Maintenance Company, Inc.
California Reverse Mortgage Company
California Trolley and Railroad Corporation
California Trolley and Railroad Corporation
Calvary Community Development Corporation
Calvert Administrative Services Company
Camden National Corporation
Cameroon Development Corporation
Campbell Scientific Corporation
Can U Build It Cheaper (computer company in San Diego, CA, USA)
Canaan Community Development Corporation
Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway Company
Canada Development Corporation
Canada Lands Company
Canada Life Financial Corporation
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Canada Post Corporation
Canada Southern Railway Company
Canada Trustco Mortgage Company
Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Business Corporations Act
Canadian Commercial Corporation
Canadian Commercial Corporation
Canadian Company Capabilities
Canadian Company Capabilities
Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion
Canadian Dairy Corporation
Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation
Canadian Economic Development Corporation
Canadian Henley Rowing Corporation
Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company
Canadian Lebanese Investment Corporation
Canadian Locomotive Company Ltd.
Canadian Marconi Company
Canadian Marine Response Management Corporation
Canadian Master Distribution Corporation
Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
Canadian Northern Railway Company
Canadian Opera Company
Canadian Telephone Company
Canadian Thamil Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Tire Corporation
Canadian Zinc Corporation
Canal France International Audiovisual and TV Company
Canmex Minerals Corporation
Canteen Service Company
Canterbury Clothing Company
Canterbury Clothing Company
Canterbury Development Corporation Ltd
Canton Comic Opera Company
Cape Breton Development Corporation
Capital Area Asset Building Corporation
Capital Corporation of the West
Capital Equipment Corporation
Capital Guardian Trust Company
Capital Management Company
Capital Pool Company
Capital Printing Company
Capital Region Economic Development Corporation
Capital Research and Management Company
Capital Transit Company
Capital Transportation Corporation
Capitol Broadcasting Corporation
Capitol Cement Corporation
Capitol Cement Corporation
Caprock Business Finance Corporation
Capsule Corporation
Captive Insurance Company
Car Now Acceptance Company
Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation
Carbon and Ceramic Company
Carbon County Railway Company
Carbon-Based Energy Company
Carbondale Business Development Corporation
Cardiac Science Corporation
Cardiff Bay Development Corporation
Card-Monroe Corporation
Cargo Network Services Corporation
Cargo Transfer Company
Carib Engineering Corporation Limited
Caribbean Bottling Company Co. Ltd.
Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation
Caribbean Cigar Company
Caribbean Conservation Corporation
Caribbean Conservation Corporation
Caribbean Credit Card Corporation
Caribbean Financial Services Corporation
Caribbean Food Corporation
Caribbean Utilities Company
Carnival Corporation Casino Division
Carolina and North Western Railway Company
Carolina Biological Supply Company
Carolina Capital Investment Corporation
Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation
Carolina Southern Railway Company
Carrier Access Corporation
Carrier Access Corporation
Carroll Area Development Corporation
Carroll Engineering Corporation
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation
Casco Bay Energy Company, LLC
Caspian Sea Ventures Corporation
Casual Company
Catawba Valley Brewing Company
Catholic Family Life Insurance Company
Catholic Health Corporation of Ontario
Cattle Performance Enhancement Company
Cayman Utility Company
CBS Corporation
Cedar Brewing Company
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway Company
Celanese Corporation
Celera Genomics Corporation
Cellular Phone Company
Celsion Corporation
Cement Company of Northern Nigeria PLC
Cement Corporation of India Limited
Cement Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Center for Naval Analyses Corporation
Centex Corporation
Central and South West Corporation
Central Bottling Company Ltd.
Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
Central East African Railways Company Ltd.
Central Electricity Supply Company of Orissa Ltd.
Central European Distribution Corporation
Central Florida Innovation Corporation
Central Illinois Fuel Company
Central Illinois Steel Company
Central Japan Railway Company
Central Maine Power Company
Central Maine Power Company
Central Manchester Development Corporation
Central Michigan Lumber Company
Central Michigan University Research Corporation
Central Mine Equipment Company
Central Minnesota Development Company
Central Missouri Development Corporation
Central Mortgage Company
Central Motion Picture Corporation
Central New York Railroad Corporation
Central of Georgia Railway Company
Central of Georgia Railway Company
Central Overland California & Pike’s Peak Express Company
Central Philadelphia Development Corporation
Central Railroad Company of Minnesota
Central Railroad Company of New Jersey
Central States Chemical Marketing Company
Central Warehousing Corporation
Central West Health Corporation
Centre City Development Corporation
Centre on Transnational Corporations
Centrepointe Theatre Volunteer Company
Century Mortgage Corporation
Century Place Development Corporation
Certificate In Company Administration
Certificate of Incorporation
Certified Association Management Company
Certified Collateral Corporation
Certified Collateral Corporation
Certified Development Company
Certified Residential Management Company
Cerus Corporation
Ceylon Petroleum Company
CG INA (Insurance Company of North America)
Champion Pneumatic Machinery Company, Inc
Champlin Oil and Refining Company
Change Incorporation Notice
Change Incorporation Record
Changsha Municipal Drainage Company
Chaparral City Water Company
Charles Schwab Corporation
Charleston Stage Company
Charlotte Mecklenburg Development Corporation
Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Access Corporation
Charlottetown Area Development Corporation
Charmilles Technologies Manufacturing Corporation
Charter Financial Corporation
Chase Manhattan Corporation
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
Chattahoochee Valley Railway Company
Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway Company
Checkfree Corporation
Chemical Company of Malaysia Bhd.
Chemical Industries Holding Company
Chemical Rubber Company
Chenega Technology Services Corporation
Chengdu Aircraft Company
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited
Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation
Cherry Semiconductor Corporation
Cherry-Burrel Corporation
Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company
Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company
Chesil Motor Company
Chester Bistro and Catering Company
Chestnut Ridge Railway Company
Chestnut Ridge Railway Company
Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company
Chhattisgarh Mineral Development Corporation
Chi Mei Corporation
Chicago Analytic Trading Company
Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Company
Chicago Clearing Corporation
Chicago Clearing Corporation
Chicago Flexible Shaft Company
Chicago Roseland Development Corporation
Chicago Telephone Supply Company
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Chicago Union Station Company
Chicago Union Station Company
Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Railroad Corporation
Chicago, West Pullman, and Southern Railroad Company
Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation
Children’s Performing Company of Australia
China Aviation Oil Corporation Ltd.
China Aviation Oil Holding Company
China Banking Corporation
China Certification and Inspection Company
China Commodity Inspection Corporation
China Construction Bank Corporation
China Eastern Air Holding Company
China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation
China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation
China Export Bases Corporation
China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation
China International Book Trading Corporation
China International Marine Containers Group Company Limited
China International Trust and Investment Company
China International Trust and Investment Corporation
China Investment Corporation
China Mobile Communications Corporation
China National Aviation Corporation
China National Biotec Corporation
China National Chemicals Import & Export Corporation
China National Electric Equipment Corporation
China National Heavy Truck Corporation Company, Ltd.
China National Heavy Truck Corporation Company, Ltd.
China National Machine Tool Corporation
China National Nuclear Corporation
China National Offshore Oil Corporation
China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation
China National Oil Corporation
China National Tobacco Corporation
China Netcom Corporation
China New Town Development Company Limited
China Nuclear Engineering Construction Corporation
China Ocean Shipping Company
China Paper Industry Development Corporation
China Petrochemical Development Corporation
China Radio, Film, Television Satellite Company
China Railway Construction Corporation
China Securities Investment Trust Corporation
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
China Shipbuilding Trading Company
China South Industries Group Corporation
China Southern Air Holding Company
China Southern Airlines Company
China State Shipbuilding Corporation
China Steel Corporation
China Telecom Corporation Ltd.
China Weapons Equipment Corporation
Chinadotcom Corporation
Chinese National Overseas Oil Company, Ltd.
Choctaw Manufacturing and Development Corporation
Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation
Christian Brothers Contracting Corporation
Christian County Coal Company
Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979
Church Hymnal Corporation
Church Insurance Company
Church Life Insurance Corporation
Churchill Life Insurance Company
Ciena Corporation
Cincinnati Car Company
Cincinnati Car Company
Cincinnati Insurance Company
Circulator Boot Corporation
Cirrus Design Corporation
Citicorp Trustee Company Limited
Citizen Auto Stage Company
Citizens Energy Corporation
Citizens Insurance Company of America
City Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Corporations
City Holding Company
City of London Corporation
Claims Resolution Management Corporation
Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company
Clark Material Handling Company
Clay/Platte Development Corporation
Claymont Renaissance Development Corporation
Clean Air Action Corporation
Clean Energy Fuels Corporation
Clearing Corporation of India Limited
CLICO Mortgage and Finance Corporation
Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
Clinchfield Railroad Company
Cline Mining Corporation
Closed Corporation
Closed Joint Stock Company
closed joint stock company
Closely Held Corporation
Club Corporation of America
CNOOC and Shell Petrochemical Company Limited
Coalescent Technology Corporation
Coast Mountain Bus Company
Coast Rescue Company
Coastal Eagle Point Oil Company
Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA
Cochran Gardens Tenant Management Corporation
Codemasters Software Company Ltd.
Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation
Cogeneration Corporation of America
Colder Products Company
Coleman Research Corporation
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Colgate-Palmolive Company
College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
College Light Opera Company
College Loan Corporation
Collegiate Licensing Company
Colombo Fort Land and Building Company PLC
Colorado Scientific Company
Colorado Southern Railway Company
Colorado Southern Railway Company
Colorado Southern Railway Company
Colorado Western Insurance Company
Columbia, Newberry, and Laurens Railroad Company
Colusa Biomass Energy Corporation
Combat Equipment Company
Combat Reconnaissance Company
Combat Service Support Company
Combat Support Aviation Company
Combat Support Company
Combination Door Company
Combined Insurance Company of America
Comics Guaranty Corporation
Command Aviation Company
Command Bus Company
Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation
Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd
Commercial Carrier Corporation
Commercial Carrier Corporation
Commercial Contract Cleaning Company
Commercial Finance Company
Commercial Industrial Finance Corporation
Commercial International Brokerage Company
Commercial Project Management Company GmbH
Commercial Properties Development Corporation
Commercial Residential Services Company
Commodity Credit Corporation
Commodity Credit Corporation
Commonwealth Development Corporation
Commonwealth Utilities Corporation
Communication Machinery Corporation
Communications Reconnaissance Company
Communications Satellite Corporation
Communications Training Analysis Corporation
Community Business Development Corporation
Community Credit Corporation
Community Credit Corporation
Community Development Corporation
Community Development Corporation of Brownsville
Community Development Finance Corporation
Community Forest Corporation Board
Community Housing Development Corporation
Community Housing Management Corporation
Community Housing Opportunities Corporation
Community Housing Partners Corporation
Community Insurance Company
Community Interest Company
Community Investment Corporation
Community Partnership Development Corporation
Community Preservation and Development Corporation
Community Resource Management Company
Community Revitalization Development Corporation
Company Aid Post
Company Aid Post
Company and Financial Law Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong
Company Annual Reports Online
Company Aviation Safety Management Program
Company Check Pilot
Company Commander
Company Core Data Sheet
Company Core Safety Information
Company Director’s Disqualification Act
Company Directors’ Course
Company Distributing Point
Company Duty Instructor
Company Executive Officer
Company Fiscal Year
Company Formation Agent
Company Grade Officer
Company Information System
Company Intelligence Support Team
Company Landing Team
Company Lasing Team
Company Law Board
Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
Company Level Evacuation and Recovery
Company Limited by Guarantee
Company Limited by Shares
Company Limited by Shares
Company Maintenance Team
Company Material
Company Member Council Executive Committee
Company Number
Company of Animals
Company of Biologists
Company of Heroes
Company of Science & Art
Company Of the Paraclete
Company of the Year Awards
Company of Young Artists
Company of Young Professionals
Company Operations Facility
Company Operations Manual
Company Operations Manual
Company Orderly Sergeant
Company Overhead
Company Owned Company Operated
Company Owned Dealer Operated
Company Owned Production Rate Rider
Company Packed
Company Packed
Company Performance Report
Company Profile Report
Company Provided Item
Company Quartermaster Sergeant
Company Secretarial Automation
Company Secretary
Company Secretary
Company Security Officer
Company Sergeant Major
Company Sergeant Major Instructor
Company Share Option Plan
Company Share Option Scheme
Company Special License
Company Specific Risk Premium
Company Stage Manager
Company Tax Rate
Company Team Level Tactical Simulation
Company Voluntary Arrangement
Company, Customers, Competitors
Company-Level Operations Center
Company-Wide Problem Solving
Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq Computer Corporation
Competitive Local Exchange Company
Competitive Local Exchange Company
Complete Logistics Company
Compliance and Insurance Corporation
Compression Rheostat Company of Milwaukee
Compressor Controls Corporation
Compressor Controls Corporation
Computational Sensors Corporation
Computer Access Technology Corporation
Computer and Hi-Tech Management Company
Computer and Hi-Tech Management Company
Computer Applications Company, Inc.
Computer Command and Control Company
Computer Company of North America
Computer Corporation of America
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Computer Information System Company
Computer Machinery Corporation
Computer Management Corporation
Computer Sciences Corporation
Computer Services Corporation
Computer Technology Management Company
Computerized Functional Testing Corporation
Concord Regional Development Corporation
Concord Telephone Company
Concrete Engineering Company of Omaha
Concurrent Technologies Corporation
Conemaugh and Black Lick Railroad Company
Conference & Meeting Assistance Corporation
Confidential Security Corporation
Conglomeration of Perpetual Resolutions Corporation
Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
Connecticut Leather Company
Connecticut Light and Power Company
Connecticut Natural Gas Company
Connecticut Surety Company
Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company
Consolidated Aircraft Corporation
Consolidated Contractors Company
Consolidated Contractors Company
Consolidated Contractors International Company
Consolidated Diesel Electric Company
Consolidated Edison Company of New York
Consolidated Freightways Corporation of Delaware
Consolidated Grain & Barge Company
Consolidated Rail Corporation
Consolidated Rail Corporation
Consolidated Telephone Company
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation
Construction Development Company
Construction Loan Company
Consulting Resources Corporation
Consumer Enforcement Watch Corporation
Consumers Power Company
Consumers Power Company Credit Union
Consumers Water Company
Container Corporation of India
Container Corporation of India Limited
Contiga Broadcasting Corporation
Continental Can Company
Continental Can Company
Continental Cement Company LLC
Continental Cement Company LLC
Continental Grain Company
Continental Illinois Venture Corporation
Continental Telephone Corporation
Continental Western Insurance Company
Contract Consultants Corporation
Contract Consultants Corporation
Contract Manufacturing Company
Contract Services Company/Corporation
Contract Services Company/Corporation
Contractor Property Developers Company
Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company
Contractors Business Network Corporation
Control Data Corporation
Control Data Corporation, Incorporated
Controlled Foreign Company
Controlled Foreign Corporation
Convention Travel Management Company
Cook Islands Trading Corporation
Cooper Car Company
Cooper Car Company
Cooper Young Development Corporation
Cooperative Credit Purchasing Company, Limited
Cooperative Finance Corporation
Cooperative Trust Company of Canada
Cooper-Bessemer Corporation
Core Technology Corporation
Corel Corporation
Corellian Engineering Corporation
Corinth & Counce Railroad Company
Corn Belt Energy Corporation
Corn Products Corporation
Corporate & Industrial Restructuring Corporation
Corporate Travel Management Company
Corporation Bank
Corporation Bourguignonne des Étudiants
Corporation Business Tax
Corporation Canadienne des Sciences Religieuses
Corporation Commerciale Canadienne
Corporation Commerciale Canadienne
Corporation d’Hébergement du Québec
Corporation de Développement Économique Communautaire
Corporation des Approvisionneurs du Québec
Corporation des Bijoutiers du Québec
Corporation des Karabins de Bicêtre
Corporation des Professionnels en Osteopathie du Quebec
Corporation des Restaurateurs de Québec
Corporation des Sciences de la Sante de l’Atlantique
Corporation des Services en Éducation de l’Ontario
Corporation des Thanatologues du Québec
Corporation des Zoothérapeutes du Québec
Corporation for Economic Development
Corporation for Economic Industrial Research
Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California
Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology
Corporation for Findlay Market
Corporation for Laser Optics Research
Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc.
Corporation for National and Community Service
Corporation for National and Community Service
Corporation for National Research
Corporation for National Service
Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development
Corporation for Open Systems
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Corporation for Supportive Housing
Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice & Firearms Safety, Inc.
Corporation Française de Transport
Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy
Corporation of the President
Corporation of the Presiding Bishop
Corporation Primary School
Corporation Tax Self-Assessment
Corporation Test Group
Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee
Corporations Canada
Corps Aviation Company
Corrections Corporation of America
Correspondent Services Corporation
Cost to Company
Cost to Company
Cotton Corporation of India Ltd.
Cotton Research and Development Corporation
Cotton States Life Insurance Company
Coulee Cab Company
Country Estates Water Company, Inc.
Countrywide Field Services Corporation
Countrywide Financial Corporation
Countrywide Tax Service Corporation
Covenant Trust Company
Craig House Realty Corporation
Crane Carrier Corporation
Crane Carrier Corporation
Crawford International Theatrical Corporation
Creative Contract Packaging Corporation
Creative Systems Corporation
Credit Counselors Corporation
Credit Counselors Corporation
Credit Derivative Product Company
Credit Guarantee Corporation
Credit Management Corporation
Credit Reporting Company
Credit Union Service Corporation
Cressona Aluminum Company
Crowders Mountain Development Corporation
Crowley Maritime Corporation
Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc
Crown Life Insurance Company
Crown Point Community School Corporation
Crystallex International Corporation
Cummins Engine Company
Cummins Engine Company
Custom Arms Company, Inc.
Custom Research Company
Customer-Driven Company
Customs Brokers Computing Company
Cyber Research Systems Corporation
Dabhol Power Company
Daehan Investment Management Trust Company
Daewoo Bus Corporation
Dagupan Bus Company, Inc.
Daily Washington Law Reporter Company
Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
Daini-Denden Planning Company
Dakota Gasification Company
Dallas Military Ball Corporation
Dallas Union Terminal Company
Damodar Valley Corporation
Danish Bacon Company
Danny Grossman Dance Company
Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad Company
Darin and Armstrong Construction Company
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
Data Exchange Corporation
Data General Corporation
Data Language Corporation
Data Non-incorporation
Data Software Research Company
Data Technology Corporation
Data Voice Solutions Corporation
DataMirror Corporation
Dataram Corporation
Datek Online Holdings Corporation
Dauphin County Economic Development Corporation
David Geffen Corporation
David J. Joseph Company
David Loren Corporation
David Werner International Corporation
Davidson Hotel Company
Davis Musical Theatre Company
Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
Dayton Engineering Laboratory Company
Dayton Power & Light Company
Dayton Power and Light Company
De Beers Canada Corporation
De La Rosa & Company
Death Company
Death Company
Debt Management Company
Decision Development Corporation
Declan Brassil & Company Ltd.
Deed of Company Arrangement
Deep Heat Energy Corporation
Deer Trail Mining Company, LLC
Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria
Defoe Shipbuilding Company
Dekalb Iron and Metal Company
Del Monte Foods Company
Del Ray Connecting Railroad Company
Del Ray Connecting Railroad Company
Delaware and Hudson Railway Company
Delaware Community Investment Corporation
Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation
Delaware Transit Corporation
Delaware Valley Opera Company
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Delhi Power Company Limited
Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation
Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation
Delhi Tourism Development Corporation
Delhi Transport Corporation
Dell Computer Corporation
Dell Computer Corporation
Delorean Motor Company
Delorean Motor Corporation
Delta Valley and Southern Railway Company
Dennison and Pacific Suburban Railway Company
Dental Interactive Simulations Corporation
Dental Interactive Simulations Corporation
Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company
Department of Company Affairs
Department Of Corporation
Department of State, Corporation Bureau
Department of Statutory Corporations
Dependable Foundry Equipment Company
Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
Deposit Insurance Corporation
Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
Depository Trust Company
Des Moines Transportation Company
Des Moines Union Railway Company
Desktop Manufacturing Corporation
Destination Management Company
Destination Management Company Directorate
Destination Travel Management Company
Detrex Corporation
Detroit & Mackinac Railway Company
Detroit Diesel Corporation
Detroit Edison Company
Detroit Osteopathic Hospital Corporation
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
Development Company for Television Programs mbH
Development Corporation for Children
Development Corporation Ireland
Development Corporation of Columbia Heights
Development Corporation of Middle Georgia
Development Engineering Corporation
Development Finance Corporation
Development Finance Corporation of Ceylon
Development Finance Corporation of Uganda
Development Operations Corporation
Devon Energy Corporation
Dexport Tool Manufacturing Company
Dhaka City Corporation
Dhamra Port Company Limited
Diagnostic Products Corporation
Dialogic Communications Corporation
Dialysis Corporation of America
Diamond Bar Cattle Company
Diamond Entertainment Corporation
Diamond Trading Company
Diamond Wholesale Corporation Inc
Dickinson Financial Corporation
Digi-Key Corporation
Digimarc Corporation
Digiorgio Corporation
Digital Angel Corporation
Digital Audio Disc Corporation
Digital Camera Company
Digital Commerce Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation Network
Digital Information Bank Company
Digital Information Systems Corporation
Digital Information Systems Corporation
Digital Media Company
Digital Optics Corporation
Digital Power Corporation
Digital Signature Trust Company
Digital Support Corporation
Digital Switch Corporation
Digital Systems International Corporation
Digital Technologies Marketing Corporation
Digital Type Company
Dikewood Corporation
Dikewood Corporation
Dilapidation Survey Company of Ireland Ltd.
Diploma of Company Direction
Direct Marketing Company
Direct Support Maintenance Company
Dispatch Communications Corporation
Display Telecommunications Corporation
Distinctly Digital Services Company
Distribution Company
Distribution Company
Distributor Information Systems Corporation
Distributor Information Systems Corporation
District Municipal Corporation
Ditech Communications Corporation
Diverse Technologies Corporation
Diversified Private Equity Corporation
Division Aviation Company
Division on Transnational Corporations and Investment
Division-Support Medical Company
Dobson Cartage and Storage Corporation
Document Binding Company Ltd.
Document Engineering Company, Inc.
Document Imaging Services Company
Document Imaging Services Company
Dogan Burda Rizzoli Printing Corporation
Dogus-GE Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi (Turkish real estate investment company)
Dole Food Company
Domestic Corporation
Domestic Corporation
Domestic International Sales Corporation
Domestic International Sales Corporation
Dominion Atlantic Railway Company
Dominion Color Corporation
Don Mount Court Development Corporation
Donegal Mutual Insurance Company
Dong Feng Motor Corporation
Dong Hae Industrial Company
Dongfeng Motor Corporation
Dorchester Online Radio Company
Double Star Corporation
Doug Varner Sound Company
Doughnut Corporation of America
Douglas Aircraft Company
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Corning Corporation
Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation
Downtown Management Corporation
Doyle, George & Company
Draco Holding Company
Drakes Bay Oyster Company
Dream House Mortgage Corporation
Dredging Corporation of India
Driver Built Company
Druid Heights Community Development Corporation
Drummond Lighterage Company
DSM Nanjing Chemical Company
DTM Corporation
Dual Resident Corporation
Dual-Listed Company
Dubai Investments Park Development Company
Dubai Investments Park Development Company
Dubai Real Estate Corporation
Dubai Tourism Development Company
Dublin Corporation
Dublin Corporation
Dufferin-Caledon Health Care Corporation
Duke Energy Corporation
Duluth and Northeastern Railroad Company
Dummy Corporation
Dummy Corporation
Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company
Duquesne Light Company
Duquesne Light Company
Durex Abrasives Corporation
Durham Musical Theatre Company
Duro Supply Company
Dutch East India Company
Dutch West India Company
Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation
Dynamic Information Systems Corporation
Dynamic Information Systems Corporation
Dynamics Research Corporation
E I DuPont de Nemours Company
E T Browne Drug Company
E.W. Bliss Company
Eagle Motor Company
Eagle Nationwide Mortgage Company
Eagle Ridge Management Company
Earle M. Jorgensen Company
Earth and District Theatre Company
Earth Observation Satellite Company
East Freehold Fire Company
East India Company
East India Company’s Service
East India Trading Company
East Japan Railway Company
East Jersey Railroad & Terminal Company
East London Lettings Company
East Pasadena Water Company
East Portland Traction Company
East Theater Company
East Village Opera Company
East-Coast Trading American Company Incorporated
Eastern Associated Coal Corporation
Eastern Book Company
Eastern Canada Response Corporation
Eastern Dentists Insurance Company
Eastern Maine Development Corporation
Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited
Eastern Province Cement Company
Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company
Eastman Kodak Company
East-West Technology Corporation
Easy Trucking Company
EasyLink Services International Corporation
Eaton Corporation
Eaton Vance Trust Company
E-Band Communications Corporation
Eberline Instrument Corporation
Echostar Communications Corporation
Echostar Technologies Corporation
Eclipse Wind Engine Company
Economic Corporation of Newport
Economic Development and Tourism Corporation
Economic Development Corporation
Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County
Economic Development Corporation of Erie County
Economic Development Corporation of Manitowoc County
Economic Development Corporation of Oxnard
Economic Development Corporation of the City of Dieppe
Economic Security Corporation
Economy Forms Company
Ecosystem Management Incorporation
Edgar, Dunn & Company
Edinburgh City Centre Company
Edinburgh Corporation Transport
Edison Electric Company
Edison Pipeline Terminal Company
Edison Polymer Innovation Corporation
Editing Machines Corporation
Education & Assistance Corporation
Education Management Corporation
Education Management Corporation
Educational Broadcasting Corporation
Egan Marino Corporation
Egyptian Company for Mobile Services
Egyptian Company for Mortgage Refinancing
Egyptian Drilling Company
Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company
Egyptian Financial and Industrial Company
Egyptian International Shipping Company
Egyptian Mobile Telephone Company
Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company
Egyptian Pharmaceuticals Trading Company
Einstein/Noah Bagel Corporation
El Dorado and Wesson Railway Company
El Nasr Mining Company
El Paso Pipe Line Company
Eldorado Gold Corporation
Electric Boat Corporation
Electric Company
Electric Company
Electric Company
Electric Distribution Company
Electric Fuel Battery Corporation
Electric Membership Corporation
Electric Power Development Corporation
Electric Sheep Company
Electric Steel Company, Inc.
Electric Terminal Company Ltd
Electrical Contractors’ Insurance Company
Electricity Company of Ghana
Electricity Generating Public Company
Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh
Electricity Transmission Company
Electricity, Gas and Bus Company
Electro Motive Corporation
Electronic & Broadcast Services Company
Electronic Data Systems Corporation
Electronic Engineering Company of California
Electronic Fundraising Company PLC
Electronic Information Corporation
Electronic Molding Corporation
Electronics Company
Electronics Company
Electronics Company
Electronics Controls Company
Electronics Corporation of India Limited
Electronics Corporation of Israel
Electronics Maintenance Company
Electronics Maintenance Company Model
Elevator Equipment Corporation
Elgin Community Futures Development Corporation
Eli Lilly & Company
Eli Lilly Company
Elk Valley Coal Corporation
Elton B. Stephens Company
Elwood Engineering Company
Emerald City Theatre Company
Emergency Medical Services Corporation
Emerging Markets Clearing Corporation
Emerson Radio and Phonograph Company
Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company
Emirates International Investment Company LLC
Emirates Media Training Company
Emirates Motor Company
Emirates National Securitisation and Finance Corporation
Emirates Technical & Thermal Systems Company, LLC
Emmis Communications Corporation
Employee Leasing Company
Employee Owned Company
Employees Life Company
Employees State Insurance Corporation
Employer Services Assurance Corporation
Employers Direct Insurance Company
Employers Reassurance Corporation
Empower Baltimore Management Corporation
Enchanted Playhouse Theatre Company
Encompass Floridian Insurance Company
Encompass Insurance Company of Massachusetts
Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation
Endless Mountains Theatre Company
Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee Company
Energy & Engine Technology Corporation
Energy and Environmental Services Company
Energy Development Corporation
Energy East Corporation
Energy Management Company
Energy Service Company
Energy Services of America Corporation
Engine Company Inspection Program
Engineer Aviation Maintenance Company
Engineer Company Tactical Operations Center
Engineered Assemblies Corporation
Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Engineered Manufacturing and Equipment Company
Engineering Contracting Company
Engineering Technology Company
English East India Company
Enhanced Company Operations
Enhanced Company Operations
Enron Creditors Recovery Corporation
Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation
Enterprise Financial Services Corporation
Enterprise Integration Technologies Corporation
Enterprise Social Investment Corporation
Enterprising Service Solutions Company
Entertainment Distribution Company, Inc.
Entertainment Industry Development Corporation
Environmental Brake Services Corporation
Environmental Chemical Corporation
Environmental Management Corporation
Environmental Management Corporation
Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation
Environmental Protection Certification Company, Inc.
Environmental Systems Corporation
Environmental Tectonics Corporation
Equipment Company
Equipment Company
Equipment Company
Equipment Leasing Company
Equitable Banking Corporation
Equity Direct Mortgage Corporation
Erdenet Mining Corporation
Erie & Pittsburgh Railroad Company
Erie Lackawanna Railway Company
Erie Lackawanna Railway Company
Erie Thames Powerlines Corporation
Escalator Handrail Company
Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad Company
Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation
Esfahan Petrochemical Company
Esfahan Steel Company
Essanay Film Manufacturing Company
Estonian Shipping Company
ET Company
Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation
Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation
Ethnic Business Development Corporation
Eugene Burger Management Corporation
Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.
European Aerospace and Defence Company
European American Armory Corporation
European Banks International Company SA
European Company Lawyers Association
European Pacific Banking Corporation
European Privatization and Investment Corporation
European Vinyls Corporation
European-American Banking Corporation
Eva Airways Corporation
Eva Airways Corporation
Eva Airways Corporation
Evaluation Research Company
Evaluation Resource Company, Inc.
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
Everage Auction & Wholesale Company
EVGA Control Panel (EVGA Corporation)
Evonik Degussa Corporation
Ex-Cell-O Corporation
Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Exeter Resource Corporation
Expected Cost to Company
Exploration and Production Technology Company
Exploration Drilling Corporation
Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd.
Export Credit Insurance Corporation
Export Credit Insurance Corporation of Singapore
Export Development Corporation
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation
Export Management Company
Export Trading Company
Extended Company Information
Extreme Entrepreneurship Education Corporation
Exxon Nuclear Company, Inc.
Exxon Production Research Company
ExxonMobil Chemical Company
ExxonMobil Development Company
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
E-Z Company
EZ Company 101st Airborne
EZ Company 101st Airborne
Factory Mutual Research Corporation
Fair Isaac Company
Fair Isaac Corporation
Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation
Fairchild Communications Services Company
Fairchild Controls Corporation
Fairchild Space Company
Fairfax Community Theatre Company
Fairmount Community Development Corporation
Fairport, Painesville, & Eastern Railway Company
Faisalabad Electric Supply Company
Falcon Electro-Mechanical Contracting Company
Falkland Islands Company
Family Limited Liability Company
Family-Controlled Corporation Program
Fantastic Hair Company
Far East Banking Corporation
Far East Broadcasting Company
Far East Energy Corporation
Far East Mining Corporation
Far Eastern Shipping Company
Fargo-Cass County Economic Development Corporation
Farkas Berkowitz & Company
Farm Credit Assistance Corporation
Farm Credit Corporation of Canada
Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation
Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation
Farmer’s Mutual Telephone Company
Farmrail Corporation
Fast Moving Goods Company
Fat Bastard Barbell Company
Fauji Fertilizer Company
Fedders Lloyd Corporation Limited
Federal Airports Corporation
Federal Airports Corporation
Federal Building Industries Company LLC
Federal Cartridge Company
Federal City Communications Corporation
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
Federal Data Corporation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Express Corporation
Federal Express Corporation
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Federal Home Mortgage Loan Corporation
Federal Pacific Electric Company
Federal Personal Holding Company
Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Resolution Fund
Federal Services International Corporation
Federal Signal Corporation
Federal Superphosphate Fertilizer Company
Federated Investment Management Company
Federated States of Micronesia Telecommunications Corporation
FedFirst Financial Mutual Holding Company
Feed Ingredient Trading Corporation
Feel Good Incorporation
Feliciana Eastern Railroad Company
Fellow of The Advisory Board Company
Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
Fellow of the Corporation of Insurance, Financial & Mortgage Advisers
Ferdinand Railroad Company
Fertilizer Corporation of India
Festival Music Theatre Company
Fiber Optic Test Equipment Company
Fidelity Institutional Retirement Services Company
Fidelity Investments Systems Company
Fidelity Management and Research Corporation
Fidelity Management Trust Company
Fidelity National Insurance Company
Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
Fidelity Personal Trust Company
Fiduciary Trust Company
Field Service Company
Field Supply Company
Fiji Hardwood Corporation Ltd.
Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited
Film Development Corporation
Film Production Company
Finance Authority for Nonprofit Corporations
Financial Advantage Funding Corporation
Financial Business Research Company
Financial Communications Company
Financial Company
Financial Guaranty Insurance Company
Financial Holding Company
Financial Holding Company Act
Financial Insurance Company
Financial Markets Development Corporation
Financial Network Investment Corporation
Financial Services Corporation
Financial Training Company
Financial Vehicle Corporation
Financing Corporation
Findley Engineering Service Company
Fine Art Print Company
Fine Food Company
Finnish Broadcasting Company
First America Financial Corporation
First American Financial Corporation
First American Scientific Corporation
First American Title Company
First American Title Company of Los Angeles
First Boston Corporation
First Charter Corporation
First Commodities Clearing Corporation of India
First Data Corporation
First Eastern Mortgage Corporation
First Equitable Mortgage Company, Inc.
First Equity Management Corporation
First Factoring Company of Zimbabwe
First Financial Equity Corporation
First Gas Holding Corporation
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
First Guardian Financial Corporation
First Horizon Home Loan Corporation
First Horizon National Corporation
First Insurance Funding Corporation
First International Oil Corporation
First Interstate Management Corporation
First M&F Corporation
First Metro Housing Company
First Mutual Transportation Assurance Company
First National Business Corporation
First National Financial Corporation
First National Lincoln Corporation
First National Panel Company
First National Pennsylvania Corporation
First Professionals Insurance Company
First Republic Mortgage Corporation
First Tennessee National Corporation
First Virtual Corporation
FirstCity Financial Corporation
FirstEnergy Corporation
FirstMerit Corporation
Fisher Controls Company
Fisheries Legacy Trust Company
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Fishing Company of Alaska, Inc.
Fitness Together Franchise Corporation
Fixed Income Clearing Corporation
Fleet Capital Corporation
FleetBoston Financial Corporation
Flight Data Company
Flint Electric Membership Corporation
Florentine Opera Company
Florida Aerospace Finance Corporation
Florida Atlantic University Research Corporation
Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc.
Florida Community Capital Corporation
Florida East Coast Railway Company
Florida Educational Technology Corporation
Florida Engineering Management Corporation
Florida Export Finance Corporation
Florida Gas Transmission Company
Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company
Florida Leisure Acquisition Corporation
Florida Patient Safety Corporation
Florida Small Disadvantaged Manufacturers Corporation
Flowserve Corporation
Food Corporation of India
Food Machinery Corporation
Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc.
Foote Mineral Company
Force Reconnaisance Company
Ford Aerospace Communications Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company Capital Trust II
Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa
Ford Motor Credit Company
Fore River Railroad Corporation
Foreign Controlled Corporation
Foreign Corporation
Foreign Enterprise Service Corporation
Foreign International Sales Company
Foreign Investment Company Limited by Shares
Foreign Oil Company
Foreign Sales Corporation
Foreign-Controlled Domestic Corporation
Format/Logo Licensing Corporation
Fort Davis Water Supply Corporation
Fort Dodge, des Moines, and Southern Railway Company
Fort Hills Energy Corporation
Fort Howard Paper Company
Fort Myers Southern Railway Company
Fort Smith and Van Buren Railway Company
Fort Wayne Belt Railway Company
Fort Worth and Denver Railway Company
Fort Worth Belt Railway Company
Fortis Benefits Insurance Company
Forward Electronics Manufacturing Company Ltd
Forward Support Company
Forward Support Medical Company
Foster Wheeler Corporation
Foster Wheeler Corporation
Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation
Fox Broadcasting Company
Framed Picture Company
Franchise Finance Corporation of America
Frankenmuth Pretzel Company
Frankfurt Airport Company
Franklin Acceptance Corporation
Franklin Acceptance Corporation
Franklin American Mortgage Company
Frederick Quinn Corporation
Free World Training Company
Free Zone Company
Free Zone Company
French Bottled Water Company
Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company
Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation
Friends of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Frisco Economic Development Corporation
Front Range Power Company
Fruit Growers Express Company
Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
Fujitsu Software Corporation
Fulfillment Corporation of America
Fullerene International Corporation
Fully Expensed Company Car
Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Company
Fully Maintained Company Vehicle
Future Content Company Ltd
G2 Systems Corporation
Gaelic Tugboat Company
Gainesville Midland Railroad Company
Galway Rural Development Company
Garden City Western Railway Company
Garment Industry Development Corporation
Gas Distribution Company
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation
Gasco Energy Company
Gateway City Development Company Limited
Geac Computer Corporation Limited
General Agents Acceptance Corporation
General American Corporation
General Analytics Corporation
General Aniline & Film Corporation
General Binding Corporation
General Cable Corporation
General Cable Corporation
General Cable Corporation
General Company
General Corporation for Environment Protection
General Corporation Law
General Digital Corporation
General Electric Company
General Electric Corporation
General Electric Corporation
General Electric Credit Corporation
General Electric Information Services COmpany
General Electrical Company
General Electrodynamics Corporation
General Engineering and Contracting Company
General Housing Corporation
General Instruments Corporation
General Insurance Company
General Insurance Corporation of America
General Insurance Corporation of India
General Insurance Corporation of India
General Medical Corporation
General Mortgage Corporation
General Motors Acceptance Corporation
General Motors Corporation
General Patent Corporation International
General Physics Corporation
General Physics Corporation
General Physics Corporation
General Practice Finance Corporation
General Research Corporation
General Revenue Corporation
General Satellite Corporation
General Security Services Corporation
General Steam Navigation Company
General Time Corporation
Generation Company
Generex Biotechnology Corporation
Gennera Knab & Company
Genuine Parts Company
Geophysical Corporation of America
George P. Johnson Company
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
Georgia Electric Membership Corporation
Georgia Pacific Company
Georgia Power Company
Georgia Systems Operations Corporation
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Georgian Lottery Company
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
Ghana Leasing Company
Ghana National Trading Corporation
Ghana State Mining Corporation
Ghana Water Company Ltd.
GI Trucking Company
Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation
Gibson Research Corporation
Gillette Company
Gillette Company
Gladwyne Fire Company
Glenbrook Life and Annuity Company
Glidden Company
Global Business Power Corporation
Global Consumer Products Company
Global Cricket Corporation
Global Data Broadcasting Corporation
Global Educational Marketing Corporation
Global Explorations Corporation
Global Incorporation Alliance Workshop
Global Information Technology Corporation
Global Media Corporation
Global Network Expert Communications Corporation
Global Operations & Administration Corporation
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Global Student Loan Corporation
Global Uranium Corporation
Global Uranium Corporation
Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation
Globecomm Network Services Corporation
Gloster Aircraft Company
Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Ltd.
Gold Banc Corporation Inc.
Gold Link Security Company
Golden Casket Lottery Corporation
Golden West Property Management Company
Golder Associates Corporation
Goodyear Atomic Corporation
Goodyear Atomic Corporation
Goose Bay Airport Corporation
Gordon Graham and Company
Gorkha Ayurved Company
Government Corporation Control Act of 1945
Government Employees Insurance Company
Government Housing Loan Corporation
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd
Government Owned Corporation
Government Securities Clearing Corporation
Government Sponsored Corporation
Government Trading Corporation of Iran
Government-Linked Company
Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation
Grade Evaluation Company
Grafton and Upton Railroad Company
Grafton and Upton Railroad Company
Grains Research and Development Corporation
Grand American Franchise Corporation
Grand Cathay Futures Corporation
Grand Falls Central Railway Company, Ltd
Grand Haven Stamped Products Company
Grandville Printing Company
Grandville Printing Company
Grange Mutual Insurance Company
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation
Graphic Arts Show Company
Grasonia, Nashville, and Ashdown Railroad Company
Grass River Railroad Corporation
Great America Leasing Corporation
Great American Insurance Company
Great Bay Power Company
Great Beach Attractions Corporation
Great Canadian Gaming Corporation
Great Canadian Railtour Company
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd.
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd.
Great Giant Pineapple Company
Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation
Great Lakes Response Corporation
Great Little Trading Company
Great Nile Petroleum and Oil Corporation
Great North Badge Company
Great Northern Development Corporation
Great Northern Sound Company
Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Great Southern Lumber Company
Great Wall Drilling Company
Great Wall Motor Company Limited
Great Western Chemical Company
Great Western Steamship Company
Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation
Greater Calcutta Gas Supply Corporation Ltd.
Greater China Media and Entertainment Corporation
Greater Corktown Development Corporation
Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
Greater Illinois Title Company
Greater Lynchburg Transit Company
Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company
Greater Richmond Transit Company
Greater Rochester Repertory Company
Greater Roseland Community Development Corporation
Greater Vancouver Housing Corporation
Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation
Greco Research Engineering Company, Inc.
Green River Electric Corporation
Greencastle Community School Corporation
Greenfield Central School Corporation
Greenleaves Utility Company, Inc
Greenville and Johnsonville Railway Company
Greenville Utilities Company
Grenada Industrial Development Corporation
Griqualand Exploration and Finance Company Ltd.
Grosvenor Gallery Company
Group Technologies Corporation
Grout Dye Company
Grumman Aerospace Corporation
Grumman-Flexible Corporation
GTE Satellite Corporation
Guam Educational Telecommunications Corporation
Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company
Guaranty Clearing Corporation
Guardian Hose Company
Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation
Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
Gujarat Small Industries Corporation
Gujarat State Fertilisers Corporation
Gujarat State Fertilizers Company
Gujarat State Financial Corporation
Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Gujranwala Electric Power Company
Gujranwala Electricity Power Company
Gulf Advanced Lighting Company
Gulf Air Company – Bahrain
Gulf Air Company, Bahrain
Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Company
Gulf Asia International Company
Gulf Contracting Company
Gulf Corporation Council
Gulf Petroleum Company
Gulf Publishing Company
Gulf States Utilities Company
Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad Company
Gulfwest Oil Company
Gulfwest Oil Company
Gurango Software Corporation
Guyana Electricity Corporation
Guyana Marketing Corporation
Guyana Sugar Corporation, Inc
Hajar Tower Real Estate Company
Hal Leonard Corporation
HalcyonFinance Company
Hallwood Consolidated Resources Corporation
Halon Alternatives Research Corporation
Halton Community Housing Corporation
Hamad Medical Corporation
Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc.
Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc.
Hampton and Branchville Railroad Company
Handicrafts and Handlooms Exports Corporation of India Ltd.
Hanover Insurance Company
Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
Harbor Financial Mortgage Corporation
Harding Land Cattle Company
Hardy Wine Company Limited
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harris Technical Services Corporation
Harris-Moran Seed Company
Harry Oakes Company Ontario
Harry Winston Diamond Corporation
Hartford & Slocomb Railroad Company
Hartford Equity Sales Company, Inc.
Hartford Securities Distribution Company, Inc.
Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company
Hartwell Railway Company
Hartz Mountain Corporation
Harvard Design and Mapping Company, Inc.
Harvard Management Company
Haryana Forest Development Corporation
Hassett Willis and Company
Hawaii-American Water Company Inc.
Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
Hawaiian Telephone Company Incorporated
Hawaiki Nui Entertainment Company
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
Hawks Network Corporation
Hayan Petroleum Company
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company (India)
Headquarters & Headquarters Company
Headquarters and Support Medical Company
Headquarters Company
Headquarters Operations Company
Headquarters Service Company
Headquarters Support Company
Headquarters, Headquarters Battalion/Company/Detachment
Health and Hospitals Corporation
Health Care and Retirement Corporation
Health Care Service Corporation
Health Discovery Corporation
Health Electronic Data Interchange Corporation
Health Management Corporation, Inc
Health Services Corporation
HealthLogic Systems Corporation
Healthy People Healthy Company
Heartland Oil & Gas Corporation
Heavy Equipment Maintenance Company
Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia
Hecht-Nielsen Neurocomputing Corporation
Heilig-Meyers Furniture Company
Helena Southwestern Railroad Company
Hellenic Bottling Company
Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation
Henfield Theatre Company
Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation
Hess Oil Virgin Islands Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Hickling Arthurs Low Corporation
High Flyers Flight Company
High Income Principal and Yield Securities Corporation
High Light Coal Company
High Point, Thomasville, and Denton Railroad Company
High Tech Corporation Limited
High Technology Company
High Technology Development Corporation
Higher Education Corporation
Higher Education Network Aboriginal Corporation
Higher Education Services Corporation
High-Gain Advanced GPS Receiver (NAVSYS Corporation)
Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC
Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd
Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation
Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation
Hispanic Women’s Corporation
Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation
Hitachi Consulting Corporation
Hitachi Data Systems Credit Corporation
Hitachi Medical Corporation
Hittite Microwave Corporation
Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation
Hodge Computer Research Corporation
Hokkaido Broadcasting Company
Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Company
Holding Company for Financial Investments
Hollis and Eastern Railroad Company
Hollister Company
Hollywood Trading Company
Holmquist Lorenz Construction Company
Holyoke Economic Development and Industrial Corporation
Home Banking Company
Home Guaranty Corporation
Home Health Corporation of America
Home Improvement Alliance Corporation
Home Insurance and Guaranty Corporation
Home Loan Financial Corporation
Home Loan Servicing Corporation
Home Owner’s Loan Corporation
Home Warranty Company
Homeland Acquisition Corporation
Honda Aircraft Company, Inc.
Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation
Honda Racing Corporation
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Hong Kong Electric Company Limited
Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
Hong Kong Inspection Company
Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited
Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company Limited
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company
Hong Leong Company Malaysia Bhd.
Honorable Company of College Printers
Honourable Artillery Company
Honourable Company of Master Mariners
Honourable East India Company Service
Honourable East India Company Ship
Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company
Hoodoo Land and Cattle Company
Hooker Furniture Corporation
Hope River Corporation
Hormel Foods Corporation
Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation Ltd.
Hospital Corporation of America
Hospital Corporation of America
Hospital Financial Service Corporation
Hospitality Hotel Management Company
Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company
Host America Corporation
Host America Corporation
Hotel Corporation of India
Hotel Temple Square Corporation
Hotels Management Company International
Hough Area Development Corporation
Houghton Mifflin Company
House Building Finance Corporation
Household Finance Corporation
Housing and Urban Development Company
Housing and Urban Development Corporation
Housing and Urban Development Corporation
Housing Development Corporation
Housing Development Finance Corporation
Housing Development Fund Company
Housing Development Fund Corporations
Housing Finance Company of Uganda, Ltd.
Houston Belt and Terminal Railway Company
Houston Casualty Corporation
Houston Natural Gas Company
Houston Wire & Cable Company
Howard E. Butt Grocery Company
HSBC Infrastructure Company Limited
Hubli Dharwad Muncipal Corporation
Hudson Bay Company Archives
Hudson’s Bay Company
Hudson’s Bay Oil and Gas Company, Limited
Hughes Aircraft Corporation
Hughes Missile Systems Company
Hughes Space and Communications Company
Hughes Systique Corporation
Hughes Technical Services Company
Human Capital Corporation
Human Capital Research Corporation
Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corporation
Hunt Exploration and Mining Company
Hunt Oil Company of Canada
Hunter Valley Aboriginal Corporation
Huntington County Community School Corporation
Hussmann Refrigerator Company
Hutchinson and Northern Railway Company
Hutchison Telephone Company Limited
Hybrid Aircraft Corporation
Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation
Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
Hyundai Berjaya Corporation Berhad
Hyundai Motor Corporation
Hyundai Motor Finance Company
IBM Credit Corporation
Icelandic Broadcasting Corporation
Icelandic Love Corporation
ICF Kaiser Hanford Company, Incorporated
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company
Ideal Solution Company
Ideal Toy Company
Identification Technologies Corporation
Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Company
Ile-Oluji Cocoa Processing Company Limited
Illawarra Technology Corporation
Illinois American Water Company
Illinois Consolidated Telephone Company
Illinois Lock Company
Illinois Power Company
Image Management Systems and Support Corporation
Imaging Technologies Corporation
Imaging Technologies Corporation
Immunicon Corporation
Impact Service Corporation
Imperial British East Africa Company
Imperial British East Africa Company
Imperial Oil Company
Imperial Sugar Company
Imperial Tobacco Company of India Ltd.
Income & Corporation Tax Act 1988
Indemnity Insurance Company of North America
Independence American Insurance Company
Independence Professional Fireworks Company
Independence Visitor Center Corporation
Independent Artists Company
Independent Bank Corporation
Independent Bank Corporation
Independent Beverage Company
Independent Breweries Company
Independent Broker Marketing Company
Independent Company
Independent Electric Transmission Company
Independent Lock Company
Independent Operating Company
Independent Public Business Corporation of Papua New Guinea
Independent Recording Company
Independent Telephone Operating Company
Independent Testing and Certification Company Ltd
India Infrastructure Finance Company
India Steamship Company
India Tourism Development Corporation
Indian Airlines Corporation
Indian Airlines Corporation
Indian Airlines Corporation
Indian Aluminum Company Limited
Indian Handicrafts Development Corporation, Ltd.
Indian Motion Picture Export Corporation
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
Indian Oil Corporation, Ltd
Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.
Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd
Indian Railways Corporation
Indian Tobacco Company
Indiana American Water Company
Indiana Ballet Company
Indiana Economic Development Corporation
Indiana Toll Road Concession Company
Indianapolis Telephone Company
Indianapolis Water Company
Indigenous Land Corporation
Individual Restaurant Company
Indo Burma Petroleum Company Ltd
Indochinese Housing Development Corporation
Indus Valley Construction Company
Industrial Acoustics Company, Inc.
Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation
Industrial Boxboard Corporation
Industrial Centres Development Corporation
Industrial Chemical Company
Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
Industrial Data Research Corporation
Industrial Development Corporation
Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa
Industrial Development Leasing Company
Industrial Finance Corporation of India
Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand
Industrial Loan Company
Industrial Loan Corporation
Industrial Logic Corporation
Industrial Microphotonics Company
Industrial Polymer Research & Engineering Company
Industrial Technology Reliability Company
Industri-Matematik International Corporation
Infantry Squad Battle Company
Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation
InfoCom Solutions Corporation
InFocus Corporation
Infonet Services Corporation
Infonet Services Corporation
Information Distribution Company
Information Management Corporation
Information Research Corporation
Information Systems Company
Information Systems Corporation
Information Systems Management Corporation
Information Technology Service Company
Information Technology United Corporation
Infrastructure Corporation of America
Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh
Infrastructure Development Corporation of Orissa
Infrastructure Development Finance Company
Infrastructure Engineering Corporation
Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation
Ingram Book Company
Initial Billing Company
Initial Ready Company
Inland Real Estate Exchange Corporation
Inner Circle Clothing Company
Inner City Social Housing Company
Inner Parish Security Corporation
Innoprise Corporation Sdn Bhd
Innovation Ontario Corporation
Insight Communications Company Inc.
Inspirational Gift Company
Instant Photo Corporation of America
Institute of Company Accountants
Institute of Company Secretaries of India
Institutional Communications Company
Institutional Networks Corporation
Insurance Company
Insurance Company
Insurance Company Agent
Insurance Company and Bank Purchasing Agents Association
Insurance Company of North America
Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
Insurance Corporation Employees Union
Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Insurance Policy Trading Company
Integra Capital Financial Corporation
Integrated Circuit Solution Incorporation
Integrated Communication Solutions Corporation
Integrated Company Manager
Integrated Concepts & Research Corporation
Integrated Development Corporation
Integrated Information Technology Corporation
Integrated Oil Company
Integrated Organics Company LLC
Integrated Systems Solutions Corporation
Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation
Intelligence Brought Online Corporation
Intelligent Automation Corporation
Intelligent Inference Systems Corporation
Intelli-Risk Management Corporation
Intellisys Technology Corporation
Intellisys Technology Corporation
Intelliware Solutions Company
InteQ Corporation
Inter company
Inter Company Voucher
Interactive Teleservices Corporation
Inter-American Investment Corporation
Inter-American Investment Corporation
Intercompany Agreement
Inter-Company Billing
Intercompany Data Exchange
Intercompany Operations Director
Inter-Company Power Agreement
Intercompany Transaction
Intercompany Transfer
Inter-Company Transfer Price
Inter-Company Work Orders
Intercompany Work Transfer
Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation
Intercontinental Marketing Corporation
Intercostal Data Corporation
Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation
Interfaith Housing Development Corporation
Interlink Pharma Marketing Corporation
Intermountain Mortgage Corporation
Intermountain Power Service Corporation
Intermountain Specialty Equipment Company
Internal Venture Company
International Armoring Corporation
International Assets Holding Corporation
International Aviation Development Corporation
International Basic Economy Corporation
International Boring Machine Corporation
International Bottling Company
International Brass and Membrane Corporation
International Business Company
International Business Corporation
International Business Machines Corporation
International Car Company
International Commodities Export Corporation
International Company for Finance and Investments
International Company for Mobile Services
International Company Profile
International Company Services Limited
International Data Base Corporation
International Data Corporation
International Data Corporation
International Datacasting Corporation
International Development Corporation
International Development Corporation Agency
International Diving Instructor Corporation
International Education Corporation
International Electronic Research Corporation
International Export Management Company
International Fidelity Insurance Company
International Film Corporation
International Finance and Development Corporation
International Finance Corporation
International Finance Corporation Indexes
International Financial Corporations
International Flight Research Corporation
International Fraud Detection Corporation
International Freighting Corporation
International Granite and Marble, Corporation
International Great Northern Railroad Company
International Harvester Company
International Hobby Corporation
International Holding Company
International Human Development Corporation
International Index Company Ltd.
International Investment Company
International Latex Corporation
International Lodging Corporation
International Logistics Support Company
International Market Expansion Corporation
International Messaging Associates Corporation
International Metals Reclamation Company, Inc
International Microwave Corporation
International Minerals and Chemical Corporation
International Nickel Company
International Oil Company
International Outsourcing Company
International Pacific Trading Company
International Patent Trading Company
International Petroleum Corporation
International Pharmaceutical Company
International Police Motor Corporation
International Postal Corporation
International Potash Company Ltd
International Publishing Corporation
International Rectifier Corporation
International Resistance Corporation
International Securities Clearing Corporation
International Signal and Control Corporation
International Space Corporation
International Speedway Corporation
International Speedway Corporation
International Staple and Machine Company
International Student Services Center Corporation Limited
International Technology Corporation
International Telephone & Telegraph Company
International Test & Engineering Services Company
International Thomson Publishing Company
International Training and Management Company
International Truck and Engine Corporation
International Trust and Investment Corporations
International Typeface Corporation
International Watch Company
Internet Business Capital Corporation
Internet Commerce Corporation
Internet Commerce Corporation
Internet Communications Corporation
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
Internet Finance International Corporation
Internet Hosting Company
Internet Solutions Company
Interplanetary Mining Corporation
Interstate Assurance Company
Interstate Auto Insurance Company
Interstate Baking Company
Interstate Electronics Corporation
Interstate General Corporation
Interstate Management and Investment Corporation
Interstate Parcel Express Company
Interstate Power and Light Company
Intertribal Information Technology Company
Intra-Company Stock Transfer
Invention Machine Corporation
Invention Promotion Company
Invention Submission Corporation
Invesco National Trust Company
Investment Bank Trust & Company
Investment Company Institute
Investment Company Institute Education Foundation
Investment Company of America
Investment Company with Variable Capital
Investment Company/Variable Contracts Products
Investment Corporation of Dubai
Investment Corporation of India
Investment Holding Company
Investment Recovery Trade Corporation
Investment Trust Management Company
Investor Relations Company
Investors Guaranty Life Insurance Company
Investors Insurance Company of America
Investors Life Insurance Company of Nebraska
Investors Mortgage Asset Recovery Company
Investors Title Insurance Company
Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation
Iowa State Bank and Trust Company
Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation
Iran Chemical Industries Investment Company
Iran Industrial Consultants Company
Iran International Exhibitions Company
Iran Khodro Company
Iran Marine Industrial Company
Iran National Oil Company
Iran Piston Manufacturing Company
Iranian National Oil Company
Iranian Offshore Oil Company
Iranian Tobacco Company
Iraq National Oil Company
Iraq Petroleum Company
Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees
Iraqi Oil Tanker Company
Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company
Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited
Irish Jewelry Company
Irish National Petroleum Corporation
Iron and Steel Corporation
Iron Mines Company of Venezuela
Ironton Railroad Company
Irwin Mortgage Corporation
Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf
Island Waste Management Corporation
Isleton Development Company, LLC
Isolation Dynamics Corporation
Israel Berry Promotions and Company
Israel Electric Company
Isuzu Bedford Company
IT and Training Services (Science Applications International Corporation)
Italian Vento Power Corporation
J.C. Penney Corporation
Jackson Drop Forge Company
Jamaica Commodity Trading Company
Jamaica Musical Theater Company
Jamaica Public Services Company Limited
Jamaica Railway Corporation
Jamjoom Corporation for Commerce and Industry
Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Corporation
Jane Addams Resource Corporation
Jane Peterer Music Corporation
Janet Davis Music Company
Japan Aircraft Company
Japan Airlines Company Ltd.
Japan Airlines Company, Ltd.
Japan Electronic Computer Company
Japan Electronic Computer Corporation
Japan Finance Corporation for Municipal Enterprises
Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business
Japan Food Corporation
Japan Freight Railway Company
Japan Highway Public Corporation
Japan National Oil Company
Japan National Railway Settlement Corporation
Japan Nuclear Fuels Conversion Company
Japan Overseas Development Corporation
Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation
Japan Regional Development Corporation
Japan Victor Company
Japanese Aircraft Development Corporation
Japanese National Oil Corporation
Japanese Radio Company
Jardine Engineering Corporation
JDS Uniphase Corporation (California)
Jelly Belly Candy Company
Jembo Cable Company Tbk PT
Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited
Jerusalem District Electricity Company
JetBlue Airways Corporation
Jets and Software Company
Jharkhand State Forest Development Corporation
Jiangling Motors Corporation Ltd
Jiangxi Copper Company Limited
Jinro-Coors Brewing Company
Jinyang Corporation
Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company Limited
John Bean Technologies Corporation
John Bean Technologies Corporation
John C. Otto Company, Inc.
John Hay Management Corporation
John Henry Company
John Montgomery Theatre Company
John R. Thompson Company
Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation
Johnston Brothers Trucking Company
Joint Assault Signal Company
Joint Christian Cemetery Company
Joint Fruit Corporation
Joint Iraqi Security Company
Joint Stock Company
Joint Stock Company
Joint Stock Financial Corporation
Joint Venture Company
Joliet Equipment Corporation
Jordan Aeronautical-Systems Company
Jordan Cement Factories Company Ltd.
Jordan Climate Change Consultancy Company
Jordan Mechanical and Technical Corporation
Jordan Mortgage Refinance Company
Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company
Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
Jordan Telecommunications Company
Journal of Corporation Law
Journal Publishing Company
Journal Register Company
Joyce Corporation Limited
Junior Musical Theatre Company
Jupiter Mining Corporation
Jurong Town Corporation
Just Another Computer Company
Just Get Outdoors Company
Just Good Company
Justice Policy Research Corporation
K Technology Corporation
Kadamba Transport Corporation
Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited
Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company
Kahama Mining Corporation Ltd.
Kaiser Hanford Company, Incorporated
Kaiser-Francis Oil Company
Kamala Tea Company Ltd.
Kamioka Mining and Smelting Company
Kankakee Valley School Corporation
Kansas Bank Note Company, Inc.
Kansas Corporation Commission
Kansas Pharmacy Service Corporation
Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation
Kapalua Waste Treatment Company, Ltd
Kapalua Water Company
Kaplan Higher Education Corporation
KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
Karachi Electric Supply Company Ltd.
Karachi Metropolitan Corporation
Karachi Transport Corporation
Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation
Karnataka Forest Development Corporation
Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation Ltd
Karnataka Land Army Corporation
Karnataka Power Corporation
Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation
Karren, Hendrix, Stagg, Allen & Company
Kas Air Company
Kaye/Bassman International Corporation
Keewatin Career Development Corporation
Keewatin Railway Company
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company
Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation
Kenrich Mining Corporation
Kensey Nash Corporation
Kent H. Landsberg Company
Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
Kerala Financial Corporation
Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
Kerala State Coir Corporation
Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd
Kerridge Computer Company
Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation
Key Logistics Corporation
Key Molecular Corporation
Key Tronic Corporation
Key Tronic Corporation
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
Kimberley Aquaculture Aboriginal Corporation
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Kinetic Motor Company Ltd.
King Arthur Flour Company, Inc.
King’s Bay Gold Corporation
Kingdom Holding Company
Kingland Systems Corporation
Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation
Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation
Kingston Economic Development Corporation
Kingston Restoration Company
Kingston Technology Company
Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Company
Kirkhill Aircraft Parts Company
Kitano Construction Corporation
Klamath Northern Railroad Company
KLA-Tencor Corporation
Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company
Knernshield Manufacturing Company
Knights Armament Company
Knockfin Management Corporation
Knowledge Based Services Corporation
Knowledge Learning Corporation
Knox Community Development Corporation
Knox County Development Corporation
Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation
Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation
Koch Nitrogen Company, LLC
Kodak Graphic Communications Canada Company
Kodiak Kenai Cable Company
Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Komatsu America International Company
Konkan Railway Corporation
Korea Development Company
Korea Development Finance Corporation
Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation
Korea Gas Corporation
Korea Gas Safety Corporation
Korea Investment Trust Management Company
Korea Maritime Transport Corporation
Korea National Housing Corporation
Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation
Korea Western Power Company, Ltd.
Korean Expressway Corporation
Korean Legal Aid Corporation
Korean National Insurance Corporation
Kot Addu Power Company Ltd
Kotak Mahindra Capital Company
Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation
Kronospan Technical Company Ltd.
Kubota Tractor Corporation
Kundat Djaru Aboriginal Corporation
Kuwait Airways Corporation
Kuwait and Gulf Link Company
Kuwait and Gulf Link Company
Kuwait Catalyst Company
Kuwait Cement Company
Kuwait Danish Dairy Company
Kuwait Danish Dairy Company
Kuwait Investment Company
Kuwait National Cinema Company
Kuwait National Petroleum Company
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation
Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Petroleum Company
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
Kuwait Shareholding Company
Kuwait Styrene Company
Kuwait Tourism Services Company
Kuwaiti Joint Stock Company
Kyocera Corporation
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation
Kyocera Wireless Corporation
Kyzen Corporation
La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company
Laboratory & Electrical Engineering Company
Labour Sponsored Venture Capital Company
Labour Sponsored Venture Capital Corporation
Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railway Company
Lafayette Life Insurance Company
Lafayette School Corporation
Lafferty Transportation Company
Lahore Electric Supply Company
Lake Area Improvement Corporation
Lake Arrowhead Classical Ballet Company
Lake Erie & Fort Wayne Railroad Company
Lake State Railway Company
Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Company
Lake Terminal Railroad Company
Lakhra Power Generation Company Ltd
Laminating Company of America
Lancaster and Chester Railway Company
Land and Housing Development Corporation
Land Warfare Resource Corporation
Landmark Education Corporation
Landmark Graphics Corporation
Landmark Graphics Corporation
LandPro Corporation
Language Computer Corporation
Language Engineering Company
Language Engineering Company, LLC
Lanka Orix Leasing Company PLC
Lante Corporation
Lantex Manufacturing Company Limited
Large Corporations Capital Tax
Large Manufacturing Company
Large Multinational Company/Corporation
Large Multinational Company/Corporation
Larrakia Development Corporation Pty Ltd
Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation
Larson Salvage Company
Las Vegas Boarding Company
Las Vegas Dissemination Company
Las Vegas Sands Corporation
LaSalle Bank Corporation
Laser-Pacific Media Corporation
Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation, SA
Latino Economic Development Corporation
Launiupoko Irrigation Company, LLC
Launiupoko Irrigation Company, LLC
Laurell Technologies Corporation
Law Bulletin Publishing Company
Lawndale Railway & Industrial Company
Lawrence Price Security Company LLC
Lazy People Company
Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
Legal Services Corporation
Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974
Lehigh Valley Railroad Company
Lehigh Valley Railroad Company
Lehigh Valley Transit Company
Leitner-Wise Rifle Company
Lemon Tree Hotel Company
Leshan Phoenix Semiconductor Company Limited
Lesotho National Development Corporation
Liberia Electricity Corporation
Liberian Agricultural Company
Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Media Corporation
Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.
Libyan National Oil Corporation
Liebig Extract of Meat Company
Life Insurance Company of North America
Life Insurance Company Taxable Income
Life Insurance Corporation International
Life Insurance Corporation Lanka Ltd.
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Life of Company
Lifeguard Life Insurance Company
Light Armor Company
Light Equipment Maintenance Company
Light Metals Corporation
Lighting Science Group Corporation
Lightweight Company Mortar System
Lima-Hamilton Corporation
Lima-Hamilton Corporation
Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company
Limited Company
Limited Duration Company
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company Act
Limited Liability Corporation
Limited Liability Corporation
Lincoln Bicycle Company
Lincoln Hills Development Corporation
Lincoln Mining Corporation
Lincolnshire Road Car Company
Ling-Temco-Vought Corporation
Link Belt Company
Lion Industries Corporation Berhad
Lions Gate Films Corporation
Liquid Transport Corporation
List Process Company
Liteon Semiconductor Corporation
Little Company of Mary Hospital
Little Italy Redevelopment Corporation
Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation
Livermore Software Technology Corporation
Liverpool Land Development Company
Liverpool Land Development Company
Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company
Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd
Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd
Livestock Industry Promotion Corporation
Local Development Corporation of East New York
Local Distribution Company
Local Economic Development Corporation
Local Housing Company
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Local Media Services Company
Local Minority Woman Owned Company
Lockheed Advanced Development Company
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
Lockheed Electronic Systems Company
Lockheed Electronics Company
Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Hanford Corporation
Lockheed Missiles and Space Company
Logic Modeling Corporation
Logical Micro-Computer Company
Logistics & Environmental Support Services Corporation
Lompoc Housing Assistance Corporation
London Brick Company
London Bridge Trading Company, Ltd.
London Broadcasting Company
London Docklands Development Corporation
London Economic Development Corporation
London Electric Supply Corporation, Ltd.
London Life Insurance Company
London Small Arms Company
London Thames Gateway Development Corporation
Londonderry Fire Company
Long Beach Transportation Company
Long Island Financial Corporation
Long Range Surveillance Company
Loose Leaf Book Company
Loose Moose Theatre Company
Loral Space and Communications Company
Lorenger Aerospace & Research Corporation
Lorenger Aerospace Research Corporation
Lorillard Licensing Company
Loss Attributing Qualifying Company
Lotus Development Corporation
Lotus Information Network Corporation
Loucouss Corporation Software and Security
Loudoun County Milling Company
Louis Riel Capital Corporation
Louisiana Land & Exploration Company
Louisiana Land & Exploration Company
Louisiana Land and Exploration Company
Louisiana Lottery Corporation
Louisiana Midland Transport Company
Louisiana Plastic Converting Corporation
Louisville and Wadley Railway Company
Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation
Lower Valley Housing Corporation
LSI Logic Corporation
Lubrizol Corporation
LucasArts Entertainment Company
LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Limited
Lucky Goldstar Corporation
Lumbermen’s Service Corporation
Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation
Luzon Brokerage Corporation
Luzon Hydro Corporation
Lycoming Valley Railroad Company
Lynch Interactive Corporation
Lyndale Neighborhood Development Corporation
Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Company Limited
Lyondell Chemical Company
Lyric Young Company
M & R Consultants Corporation
Macao Telecom Company Ltd.
Mackinac Transportation Company
MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation
Macon Terminal Company
Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd.
Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation
Madison Gas and Electric Company
Madison River Telephone Company, LLC
Maersk and Mediterranean Shipping Company
Magellan Petroleum Corporation
Magic Media Company
Magna Entertainment Corporation
Magnavox Electronic Systems Company
Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works Open Joint Stock Company
Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd.
Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation
Maharashtra Road Transport Corporation
Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited
Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited
Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation
Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation
Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation
Mahone Bay Plycraft Company
Mail-Order Company
Maine Central Railroad Company
Maine Natural Gas Company
Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company
Majan Shipping & Transport Company LLC
Major Oil Company
Malacanang Press Corporation
Malawi Broadcasting Corporation
Malawi Development Corporation
Malaysia and Singapore Company and Securities Law Reports
Malaysia International Shipping Corporation
Malaysia Mining Corporation Bhd
Malaysia Pacific Corporation Berhad
Malaysian Economic Research Corporation
Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad
Malaysian Technology Development Corporation
Mamey Investment Corporation
Mamey Investment Corporation
Managed Care Company
Managed Service Company
Management & Training Corporation
Management Information Corporation
Management Information Corporation
Management Systems Corporation
Management Training Corporation
Managing Company Tactical Operations
Manila Broadcasting Company
Manila Electric Company
Manila Electric Rail and Light Company (now Manila Electric Company, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines)
Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation
Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation
Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation
Manitoba Lotteries Corporation
Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation
Mankato Citizens Telephone Company
ManTech Solutions and Technologies Corporation
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company
Manufacturing and Retailers Acceptance Corporation
Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario
Manufacturing Sciences Corporation
Manulife Financial Corporation
Marathumunai Development Company Ltd
Mari Gas Company Limited
Mariana Bekerman Dance Company
Marin Theatre Company
Marine Revitalization Corporation
Marine Services Company Ltd
Marine Special Operations Company
Marine Spill Response Corporation
Marine Terminals Corporation
Marine Terminals Corporation Holdings
Marinette, Tomahawk, and Western Railroad Company
Maritime Applied Physics Corporation
Maritime Coal, Railway, and Power Company, Ltd.
Maritime Electric Company, Limited
Market Research Corporation of America
Marketing Company President
Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance
Marshall Research and Development Corporation
Marshall University Research Corporation
Marshalls Energy Company, Inc.
Martin Marietta Corporation
Martin Valley Coal Corporation
Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Maryland Legal Services Corporation
Masco Corporation
Mass Rapid Transit Corporation
Mass Transit Railway Corporation
Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company
Massachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation
Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
Massachusetts Electric Company
Massachusetts Financial Services Company
Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation
Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation
Material Damage Adjustment Corporation
Materials Technology Development Company, LLC
Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation
Matsushita Compressor Corporation of America
Maui Fin Company
Maverick Tube Corporation
May Department Stores Company
Maytag Company
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corporation
McDonnell Douglas Corporation
McFarland Cascade Company
MCG Capital Corporation
McJunkin Red Man Corporation
McKinsey & Company
McLaughlin Research Corporation
Measurement Computing Corporation
Meat Research Corporation
Mechtronix World Corporation
Medallic Art Company
Medical Alliance Insurance Company
Medical Education and Communication Company Alliance
Medical Examination Publishing Company
Medical Management Corporation of America
Medical Mutual Insurance Company
Medical Supplies & Equipment Company
Medical Supply Company
Medical Transcription Billing Corporation
Medicine Lake Bus Company
Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation
Mediterranean Shipping Company SA
Mega First Corporation Berhad
Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation
Megill-Stephenson Company Limited
Melting Pot Theatre Company
Melville Clark Piano Company
Memphis Managed Care Corporation
Memphis Union Station Company
Menasha Forest Products Corporation
Mendelson Electronics Company, Inc.
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Corporations of Massachusetts
Mentor Graphics Corporation
Mercantile Capital Corporation
Mercantile Shipping Company Limited
Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Merck & Company
Mercury General Corporation
Mercury Record Corporation
Mercy Economic Development International Corporation
Meridian Title Corporation
Merit Transportation Company
MetaCard Corporation
Metal Industries Company, Ltd
Metal Industries Company, Ltd
Metal Powder Company Limited
Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company
Meteor Communications Corporation
Metro Rail Transit Corporation
Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore
Metropolitan News Company
Metropolitan Transport Corporation Limited
Miami Herald Publishing Company
Michigan Aerospace Corporation
Michigan Aerospace Corporation
Michigan Bell Telephone Company
Michigan Brewing Company
Michigan Consolidated Gas Company
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Michigan Health Insurance Company
Michigan Motor Freight Company
Michigan Sugar Company
Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company
Micro Electronics Company, Ltd
Micro Systems Network Company
Microelectronics & Computer Corporation
Microelectronics & Computer Technology Corporation
Microelectronics Computer Corporation
Micronesia Legal Services Corporation
Micronesia Longline Fishing Company
Microsoft/National Broadcasting Company
Microware Systems Corporation’s Real-Time Operating System for Intel Processors
Microwave Filter Company
MiCTA Service Corporation
Mid America Computer Corporation
Mid-America Commercialization Corporation
MidAmerican Energy Company
MidAmerican Energy Company
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation
Middlesex Water Company
Middletown and New Jersey Railway Company
Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation
Military Armament Corporation
Military Armament Corporation
Military Communications Company
Military Corporation Office
Military Police Escort Guard Company
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Miller Internet Marketing Corporation
MillerCoors Brewing Company
Milton Bradley Company
Milwaukee Electric Railway and Transport Company
Mine Safety Appliances Company
Mine Safety Appliances Company
Minefinders Corporation Ltd
Mineral Resource Development Company
Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation
Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe
Miniature Train Company
Minnesota Business Finance Corporation
Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation
Minority Economic Resources Corporation
Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company
Minot Area Development Corporation
Mir, Mitchell, & Company
Miscellaneous Non-Banking Company
Mission Community Services Corporation
Mission Energy Holding Company
Mission Research Corporation
Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad Company
Mississippi Business Finance Corporation
Mississippi Export Railroad Company
Mississippi River Trading Company
Mississippi River Transmission Corporation
Missoula Developmental Service Corporation
Missouri Loves Company
Missouri Meerschaum Company
Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
Mitchell Repair Information Company LLC
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Mitsubishi Corporation
Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical Corporation
Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation
Moattama Gas Transportation Company
Mobil Communications Corporation of America
Mobil Research Development Corporation
Mobile Broadcasting Corporation
Mobile Communications Corporation of America
Mobile Company of Iran
Mobile Medical International Corporation
Mobile Phone Repair Company
Mobile Telecommunications Company
Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan
Mobile Telephone Company
Mobility Augmentation Company
Mobility Augmentation Company
Model Rectifier Corporation
Modern Technologies Corporation
Modoc Northern Railroad Company
Mohandes Insurance Company
Mojave Cogeneration Company, LP
Moline Dispatch Publishing Company, LLC
Monarch Financial Corporation of America
Money Transfer Company
Monroe County Legal Assistance Corporation
Mont Clare Fire Company
Montana Community Finance Corporation
Montana Logging and Ballet Company
Montana Power Company
Montana Power Company
Montour Railroad Company
Mooney Process Equipment Company
Moore Corporation Limited
Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation
Morgan Motor Company
Morgan Motor Company Challenge
Mortgage Data Management Corporation
Mortgage Finance Company
Mortgage Insurance Company
Mortgage Insurance Company
Mortgage Loan Company
Moscow Cablecom Corporation
Most Highly Regarded Service Company
Motion Picture Company, Inc
Motion Picture Corporation of America
Motion Picture Licensing Corporation
Motor Industries Company Ltd.
Motor Parts Corporation
Motor Rail and Tramcar Company Ltd.
Motor Transit Corporation
Motorcycle Company Touring Israel
Motorized Fun Company
Motorized Rifle Company
Mound Bayou Telephone Company
Mount Olive Pickle Company
Mount Washington Railroad Company
Mountain Broadcasting Corporation
Mountain States Health Corporation
Multan Electric Power Company
Multibank Holding Company
Multi-Company Process Management
Multi-Death Corporation
Multi-Finance Company
Multimedia Data Services Corporation
Multimedia Development Corporation
Multinational Company
Multinational Corporation
Multinational Oil Company
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd.
Mumtalakat Bahrain Holding Company
Munhumutapa African broadcasting company
Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Munich Life Management Corporation
Munich Reinsurance Company
Municipal Assistance Corporation
Municipal Assistance Corporation
Municipal Code Corporation
Municipal Corporation Multan
Municipal Corporation of Delhi
Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad
Municipal Corporation of Narela
Municipalities Trading Company of Manitoba Ltd.
Murphy Oil Corporation
Murphy Oil Corporation
Music Company Orchestra
Music Corporation of America
Music Library Service Company
Mutual Benefit Insurance Company
Mutual Holding Company
Mysore Sugar Company Ltd
Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd
Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd.
Nagarjuna Power Corporation, Ltd.
Nalco Chemical Company
Namibia Diamond Trading Company
Namibian Broadcasting Corporation
Namibian Copper Corporation Limited
Nanophase Technologies Corporation
Napierville Junction Railway Company
Narita International Airport Corporation
Narmada Cement Company Limited
Nash Finch Company
Nashville Bank and Trust Company
Nashville Banner Publishing Company
Nasr Company for Civil Works
Natchez, Urania, and Ruston Railway Company
National Aboriginal Sports Corporation of Australia
National Account Service Company LLC
National Agricultural Supply Company
National Air Balance Company, Inc
National Aluminum Company Limited
National Apartment Leasing Company
National Association of Investors Corporation
National Association of State Corporation Administrators
National Aviation Company of India Ltd.
National Biscuit Company
National Biscuit Company
National Broadcasting Company
National Broadcasting Company Internet/Interactive
National Broadcasting Corporation
National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.
National Cable Satellite Corporation
National Capital Revitalization Corporation
National Carbon Company
National Cash Register Company
National Cash Register Company
National Certification Corporation for the Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing Specialties
National City Corporation
National Coal Supply Corporation Ltd
National Commerce Bancorporation
National Company for Cooperative Insurance
National Company for Plastic Industries SA
National Company Law Tribunal
National Controls Corporation
National Cooperative Bank Development Corporation
National Cooperative Development Corporation
National Cooperative Services Corporation
National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums
National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels
National Data Corporation
National Development Corporation
National Disaster Insurance Corporation
National Distribution Company
National Educational Company of Zambia
National Electric Power Corporation
National Electric Welding Company
National Electric Welding Company
National Electronic Information Corporation
National Electronics Warranty Corporation
National Enzyme Company
National Film Development Corporation
National Frozen Foods Corporation
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation
National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation
National Gas Company
National Grid Company
National Group Insurance Company
National Guardian Life Insurance Company
National Gypsum Company
National Handloom Development Corporation Limited
National Healing Corporation
National Healthcare Corporation
National Heritage Insurance Company
National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd
National Income Generators Corporation
National Independent Contractor Company
National Indian Arts and Crafts Corporation
National Information Services Corporation
National Instruments Corporation
National Insurance Company
National Insurance Company Limited
National Insurance Company Officers’ Association
National Insurance Guarantee Corporation Ltd.
National Interest Security Company
National Investment and Development Corporation
National Iranian Central Oilfields Company
National Iranian Drilling Company
National Iranian Gas Company
National Iranian Oil Company
National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company
National Iranian Petrochemical Company
National Iranian South Oil Company
National Jean Company
National Jute Manufacturers Corporation
National Jute Manufactures Corporation Limited
National Lead Company
National Lending Corporation
National Life Insurance Company
National Lighting Company
National Linen Service Corporation
National Loan Corporation
National Magazine Company
National Marketing & Sales Company
National Marketing Company
National Memory Systems Corporation
National Merit Scholarship Corporation
National Mineral Development Corporation
National Mortgage Insurance Corporation
National Networks Communication Corporation
National News Broadcasting Corporation
National Oil Company
National Oil Corporation
National Paper Company Ltd.
National Payments Corporation of India
National Petrochemical Company International
National Petrochemical Company of Iran
National Petroleum Company PLC
National Petroleum Construction Company
National Petroleum Services Company
National Power Company
National Power Corporation
National Producers Service Company
National Productivity Corporation
National Radio Company of Ukraine
National Radio Telecommunication Corporation
National Railroad Passenger Corporation
National Railway Equipment Company
National Railway Infrastructure Company
National Research and Development Corporation
National Research Corporation
National Road Operating and Constructing Company
National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation
National Securities Clearing Corporation
National Seed Corporation
National Semiconductor Corporation
National Semiconductor Corporation
National Small Business Assistance Corporation
National Sound Corporation
National Sound Corporation of America
National Technological University Corporation
National Telecommunications Corporation
National Television Company of Ukraine
National Textbook Company
National Thermal Power Corporation
National Transmission and Dispatch Company Ltd
National Trust Community Investment Corporation
National Underwriter Company
National Utilities Company
National Water Corporation
National Women Business Owners Corporation
Nationwide Insurance Company of America
Nationwide Investment Services Corporation
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Native Labor Company
Natural Gas Distribution Company
Naugatuck Valley Development Corporation
Nauru Phosphate Corporation
Navajo Uranium Company
Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation
Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation
Navy Arms Company
Near North Health Service Corporation
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
Neilson Research Corporation
Neoprobe Corporation
Nepal Airlines Corporation
Nepal Industrial Development Corporation
Nepal Telecommunication Corporation
Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Net Access Corporation
Netherlands East India Company
Network Access Corporation
Network Analysis Corporation
Network Cybernetics Corporation
Network Leasing Corporation Ltd.
Network Research Corporation
Network Services Company
Network Support Company
Network Systems Corporation
Networks Telephony Corporation
Neurogen Corporation
Nevada General Corporation Law
Nevada General Insurance Company
Nevada Power Company
Nevada Power Company
Nevada Power Company
New Albany Ballet Company
New American Schools Development Corporation
New Baltimore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company
New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc.
New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation
New Brunswick Power Corporation
New Century Equity Holdings Corporation
New Citizens Corporation
New City Commercial Corporation
New Company Law
New Covenant Trust Company
New England Confectionery Company
New England Gas Company
New England Insurance Company
New England Telephone & Telegraph Company
New Evolution Fitness Company
New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation
New Haven Theater Company
New Holland Brewing Company
New Internet Computer Company
New Jersey Mining Company
New Jersey Transit Corporation
New Jubilee Insurance Company Limited
New Mexico Corporation Commission
New Mexico Small Business Investment Corporation
New Mexico Student Loan Guarantee Corporation
New Milford Community Ambulance Corporation
New Millennium Experience Company
New Orleans Refinery Company
New South Wales Dairy Corporation
New World Infrastructure Company Limited
New World Systems Corporation
New York City Housing Development Corporation
New York Internet Company
New York Investment Company
New York Nail Company
New York Shipbuilding Corporation
New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation
New Zealand Blogging Corporation
New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation
New Zealand Company
New Zealand Merino Company Ltd.
New Zealand Railways Corporation Restructuring Act
New Zealand Refining Company
Newbridge Networks Corporation
Newline Insurance Company Limited
Newmarket Stage Company
Nexus Information Sources Company Pte Ltd.
Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd
NGN Open Trial Exhibition (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation; Japan)
Nichols Research Corporation
Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation
Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation
Nigerian Bottling Company
Nigerian National Petroleum Company
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Nigerian Newsprint Manufacturing Company
Night Vision Equipment Company, Inc.
Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation
Nikko Cordial Corporation
Nintendo Software Technology Corporation
Nippon Electric Company, Ltd.
Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corporation
Nippon Steel Corporation
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Nissan Motor Corporation
Nissan Motors Acceptance Corporation
Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad Company
Niue Power Corporation
Noida Power Company Ltd.
Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited
Non Banking Financial Company
Non-Bank Finance Company
Non-Banking Financial Corporation
Non-Financial Corporation
Non-Profit Corporation Act
Non-Resident Controlled Company
Nordic Construction Company AB
Norfolk and Western Railway Company
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Norfolk Southern Railway Company
Noritsu America Corporation
North American Auto Dealers Supply Corporation
North American Automated Systems Company
North American Bear Company
North American Bear Company, Inc.
North American Bridge Company
North American Electric Reliability Corporation
North American Management and Business Corporation
North American Rayon Corporation
North American Rockwell Corporation
North American Salt Company
North American Tillage Tool Company
North American Title Company
North American Tool Corporation
North Berks Recreation Corporation
North Carolina Black Repertory Company
North Carolina Business Corporation Act
North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.
North Gibson School Corporation
North Hudson Community Action Corporation
North Louisiana and Gulf Railroad Company
North Pointe Holdings Corporation
North Putnam Community School Corporation
North Shore Railroad Company
North Star Community Development Corporation
North Vernon Industry Corporation
Northern Area Transport Company
Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation
Northern Iceland Finance Corporation
Northern Illinois Water Corporation
Northern Indiana Public Service Company
Northern Ireland Events Company
Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company
Northern Lion Gold Corporation
Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
Northern Natural Gas Company
Northern Oil Company
Northern Ontario Development Corporation
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
Northern States Power Company
Northern Vermont Railroad Company
Northfield Downtown Development Corporation
Northland Transportation Company
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northside Economic Development Assistance Corporation
Northstar Battery Company
Northwest Aerospace Training Corporation
Northwest Community Revitalization Corporation
Northwest Company, Inc.
Northwest Physicians Insurance Company
Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad Company
Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company
Not To Accompany Troops
Not-for-Profit Corporation Law
Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Nuclear Engineering Company
Nuclear Management Company
Nuclear Power Corporation of India
Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
Nuclear Research Corporation
Nuclear Security Services Corporation
Nuclear Services Corporation
Nuclear Utilities Services Corporation
Numatec Hanford Corporation
Numismatic and Antiquarian Service Corporation of America
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
Nunavut Broadband Development Corporation
Nye Thermodynamics Corporation
O’Gara Hess & Eisenhardt Armoring Company
Oakland Business Development Corporation
Obliteration by Incorporation
Occidental Exploration and Production Company
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC
Ocean Systems Engineering Corporation
Oceanic Steam Navigation Company
Office of the Corporation Counsel
Offshore Limited Liability Company
Ogden Union Railway and Depot Company
Ogemaw Telephone Company
Ogihara America Corporation
Ogun State Housing Corporation
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
Ohio East India Company
Ohio Hospital Insurance Company
Ohio Multi-County Development Corporation
Ohio Power Company
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio Valley Electric Company
Ohio Valley Electric Corporation
Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation
OI Corporation
Oil & Gas Development Company
Oil & Gas Exploration Company Krakow Ltd.
Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
Oil and Gas Development Corporation
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
Oil Company of Spain, SA
Oil Exploration Company
Oil Exploration Operations Company
Oil Investment Corporation, Ltd.
Oki Data Corporation
Okinawa Development Finance Corporation
Okinawa Electric Power Company, Inc
Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway Company
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Oklahoma Technology Development Corporation
Okmulgee Northern Railway Company
Olayan Financing Company
Olayan Investments Company Establishment
Old Dominion Demolition Corporation
Old Man’s Aircraft Company
Old Mutual Life Assurance Company South Africa
Old Republic International Corporation
Old Republic Title Company
Old Venice Pizza Company
Olde Saratoga Brewing Company
Olin Corporation
Omaha Vaccine Company
Oman Airports Management Company
Oman Airports Management Company
Oman and Emirates Investment Holding Company
Oman Gas Company
Oman Investment & Finance Company
Oman Methanol Company LLC
Oman National Electric Company
Oman National Fisheries Company
Oman Oil Company
Oman Oil Company Limited
Oman Qatar Insurance Company
Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company LLC
Oman Tourist Development Company
On Behalf of a Corporation to be Incorporated
On Command Video Corporation
On Company Service
On Demand Machine Corporation
One-Bank Holding Company
Onebeacon Insurance Company
Online Interactive Network Corporation
Online Office Supplies Company
Online Resources & Communications Corporation
Online Travel Company
Onondaga Lake Cleanup Corporation
Onondaga Pottery Company
Onset Computer Corporation
Onsite Energy Corporation
Ontario Casino Corporation
Ontario Casino Corporation Act
Ontario Development Corporation
Ontario Education Services Corporation
Ontario Energy Savings Corporation
Ontario Housing Corporation
Ontario Infrastructure Projects Corporation
Ontario International Trade Corporation
Ontario Knife Company
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
Ontario Lottery Corporation Act
Ontario Property Assessment Corporation
Ontario Realty Corporation
Ontario Systems Corporation
Ontario Tourism Education Corporation
Open Contributors Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
Open Ended Investment Company
Open Energy Corporation
Open Text Corporation
Open Text Corporation
Opera Company of Brooklyn
Opera Company of Philadelphia
Operating Company
Operating Company
Operating Company Contribution
Operating Company Number
Operating Telephone Company
Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation
Operational Company Number
Opinion Research Corporation
Opinion Research Corporation
Optical Cable Corporation
Optical Cable Corporation
Optical Physics Corporation
Optical Zonu Corporation
Optimal Robotics Corporation
Option One Mortgage Corporation
Options Clearing Corporation
Orange County Great Park Corporation
Orange Engineering & Machine Company, Inc.
Orange Engineering Machine Company Inc
Orange Watch Company
Orbital Imaging Corporation
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Orchard Machinery Corporation
Orchard Property Marketing Corporation
Oregon Electric Railway Company
Oregon, California, and Eastern Railway Company
Oregon, Pacific, and Eastern Railway Company
Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company
Orenda Aerospace Corporation
Oriental Insurance Company Limited
Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
Oriental Insurance Corporation
Oriental Land Company
Oriental Timber Company
Oriental Trading Company
Original Bedstead Company
Original London Pub Company
Original Poster Company
Orinoco Mining Company
Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd.
Orissa Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.
Orissa State Financial Corporation
Orissa State Road Transport Corporation
Orissa Tourism Development Corporation Limited
Oshkosh Truck Corporation
OTDR Fiber Test Module (Fluke Corporation)
Other Accompanying Information
Other Exchange Company
Otis Elevator Company
Ottawa Tool Company
Otto Baum Company, Inc.
Out of the Darkness Theatre Company
Outboard Marine Corporation
Outboard Motor Corporation
Output Technology Corporation
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
Overseas Development Corporation
Overseas Distribution Corporation
Overseas Employment Corporation
Overseas Market Development Corporation
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Overseas Uranium Resources Development Corporation
Overseeing Agency for Crown Corporations
Owatonna Tool Company
Owning Company Number
Oxford Paper Company
Ozarks Electric Cooperative Corporation
Pacific Atlantic Coin Company
Pacific Bell Telephone Company
Pacific Business Capital Corporation
Pacific Coast Feather Company
Pacific Coast Feather Company
Pacific Coast Theatre Company
Pacific Diversified Company, Inc.
Pacific Fruit Express Company
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Pacific Grinding Wheel Company
Pacific Northwest Bell Company
Pacific Northwest Sugar Company
Pacific Power Company
Pacific Publishing Company
Pacific Specialty Insurance Company
Pacific Steam Navigation Company
PacifiCare Life Assurance Company
Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation
Packaging Corporation of America
Pak Arab Refining Company
Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Supplies Corporation
Pakistan Automobile Corporation Ltd
Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
Pakistan Electric Power Company
Pakistan Engineering Company Ltd.
Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation Limited
Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation
Pakistan Insurance Corporation
Pakistan International Airlines Corporation
Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company
Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation
Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Pvt Limited
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation
Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd.
Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation
Palangsophon Two Company Limited
Palau National Communications Corporation
Palestine Development and Investment Company
Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation
Pall Gelman Sciences Corporation
Palladon Iron Corporation Railroad
Palm Trademark Holding Company
Pan American Petroleum Corporation
Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation
Panarail Tourism Company
Panasonic Communications Imaging Corporation of the Philippines
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company
Panasonic Digital Document Company
Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America
Panasonic Home Environment Company
Panasonic Logistics Company of America
Pantranco Bus Company
Paper Street Soap Company
Paradise Valley Stamp Company
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Parent Company Guarantee
Parent Corporation
Parent Corporation
Parent Corporation
Parent Corporation
Parent Corporation
Parent Corporation
Parent Corporation
Parker Drilling Company
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Parmelee Enterprises Corporation
Part Handling, Engineering and Development Corporation
Partner Reinsurance Company of the US
Partners of Limited Liability Corporation
Pasadena Community Access Corporation
Passamaquoddy Ferry and Navigation Company
Passive Foreign Investment Company
Patapsco and Black Rivers Railroad Company
Paul Taylor Dance Company
Paulson Investment Company
Paxson Oil Company
Payment Solutions Company
Payment Solutions Company
Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation
PC Cebedo Construction Corporation
Peabody Coal Company
Peabody Western Coal Company
Pearl Earth Sciences Corporation
Pearl River Valley Railroad Company
Pebble Beach Company
Pecos Valley Southern Railway Company
Pegasus Imaging Corporation
Penang Development Corporation
Penang Public Library Corporation
Peninsular Railway Company of California
Penn State Tool & Die Corporation
Penncommonwealth Casualty of America Corporation
Pennichuck Water Service Company
Pennsylvania American Water Company
Pennsylvania Educational Technology Corporation
Pennsylvania Suburban Water Company
Pennsylvania-Ontario Transportation Company
Penrith Lakes Development Corporation
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Pension Corporation of America
Pension Insurance Company
Penwest Pharmaceutical Company
People’s Computer Company
People’s Homesite and Housing Corporation
People’s Homesite Corporation
People’s Insurance Company of China Group
Peoples Energy Corporation
Peoria Terminal Company
Peoria-Rockford Bus Company
Pepsi Bottling Company
PEPSU Road Transport Corporation
Percom Data Corporation
Pere Marquette Shipping Company
Perfect Vision Inc. (private Canadian information-based corporation)
Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation
Persian Media Corporation
Personal Computers Peripheral Corporation
Personal Holding Company
Personal Network Solutions Company
Personal Service Corporation
Personal Use of Company Car
Personnel Service Company
Peter J. Solomon Company
Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company
Petrohawk Energy Corporation
Petroleum Coke Industries Company
Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
Petroleum Engineering and Development Company
Petroleum Finance Company
Petroleum Technical Service Company
Petroleum Technology Company
Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation
Petry-Kuhne Company
Pharmaceutical Transnational Corporation
Phemas Of Beijing Company
Philadelphia Chewing Gum Company
Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation
Philadelphia Commercial Development Corporation
Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Company
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
Philadelphia Electric Company
Philadelphia Health Management Corporation
Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
Philadelphia Toboggan Company
Philadelphia Transit Company
Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England Railroad Company
Philco Corporation
Philip Services Corporation
Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation
Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation
Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
Philippine Depositor Insurance Corporation
Philippine International Trading Corporation
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
Philippine Manufacturing Company
Philippine National Construction Company
Philippine National Construction Corporation
Philippine Refining Company
Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation
Philips Electronics North America Corporation
Philips Lighting Company
Phillips Petroleum Company
Phillips Van Heusen Corporation
Physical Acoustics Corporation
Physical Optics Corporation
Physician’s Computer Company
Phytomyco Research Corporation
Pickens Railroad Company
Picture Production Company
Piedmont and Northern Railway Company
Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation
Pig Improvement Company
Pike River Coal Company Limited
Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation
Pilipino Telephone Corporation
Pink Broadcasting Company
Pinnacle Management & Trust Company
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
Pioneer and Fayette Failroad Company
Pioneer Natural Resources Company
Pioneer Theatre Company
Piscataqua Landscaping Company, Inc.
Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation
Pittsburg Tank & Tower Company Inc.
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company
Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway Company
Pittsburgh and Shawmut Railroad Company
Pittsburgh Brewing Company
Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical Company
Pittsburgh National Corporation
Pittsburgh, Chartiers, & Youghiogheny Railway Company
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Railway Company
Plains Exploration and Production Company
Plan B Theatre Company
Planning Research Corporation
Plant Improvement Company Ltd
Plastic Forming Company
Plastic Recycling Corporation of California
Plastic Strapping Company Ltd.
Plastic Surgery Company, Inc.
Platforms Wireless International Corporation
Platinum Mining Corporation of India
Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation
Playmore Corporation
Playmore Corporation
Plymouth City Centre Company
Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation
Plymouth Rock Certificate Company
Podiatry Insurance Company of America
Pohnpei Utilities Corporation
Polar Bear Software Company
Pole Maintenance Company, LLC
Policy Management Systems Corporation
Pollution Research and Control Corporation
Polo Jeans Company
Polytechnic Research and Development Company
Pondicherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation
Port Authority Transit Corporation
Port Dalhousie Vitalization Corporation
Port Jersey Railroad Company
Port of Brisbane Corporation
port security company
Port Townsend Paper Corporation
Portland Advanced Research Company
Portland General Electric Company
Portland Running Company
Portland Stage Company
Ports Corporation of Queensland Ltd.
Ports, Customs, & Free Zone Corporation
Portsmouth Harbour Ferry Company
Portsmouth Tea Company
Postal and Telecommunication Appliances Corporation
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Inc.
Potential Sale of the Company Agreement
Potlatch Forest Products Corporation
Potomac Electric Power Company
Potomac River Transportation Company
Powder River Coal Company
Power Company
Power Company of New Mexico
Power Finance Corporation Ltd
Power Grid Corporation of Bangladesh Limited
Power Holding Company of Nigeria
Power Integrity Corporation
Poynt Corporation
Practical Law Company
Practice Management Information Corporation
Practitioners Publishing Company
Precious Minerals Marketing Company
Precision Castparts Corporation
Precision Optics Corporation, Inc.
Precision Response Corporation
Preferred Empire Mortgage Company
Preferred Home Mortgage Company
Preferred Mutual Insurance Company
Preferred Professional Insurance Company
Preformed Line Products Company
Premium Asset Recovery Corporation
Prentke Romich Company
Prescot Brewing Company
Prescott and Northwestern Railroad Company
Present Company Accepted
Pressure Equipment Company Register
Pressure Pipe Inspection Company
Primary Care Development Corporation
Prime Athletics Corporation
Prime Consulting Company, Inc.
Prime National Publishing Company
Primex Aerospace Company
Primrose School Franchising Company
Prince Rupert Port Corporation
Princeton Fire Company
Prism Leisure Corporation
Private Company Price Index
Private Export Funding Corporation
Private Joint Stock Company
Private Joint Stock Company
Private Limited Company
Private Limited Company
Private Maritime Security Company
Private Media Company
Private Military and Security Company
Private Military Company
Private Non-Financial Corporation
Proctor & Gamble Company
Product Development & Fulfillment company
Profession Medical Review Company
Professional ATLAS Work Station (TYX Corporation; defense industry)
Professional Corporation
Professional Darts Corporation
Professional Diving Instructors Corporation
Professional Electric Products Company
Professional Engineering Corporation
Professional Exchange Service Corporation
Professional Indemnity Insurance Company Australia Pty Limited
Professional Law Corporation
Professional Limited Liability Company
Professional Limited Liability Company
Professional Limited Liability Corporation
Professional Media Service Corporation
Professional Service Corporation
Professional Testing Corporation
Professional Warranty Service Corporation
Programmers Investment Corporation
Progress Telecommunications Corporation
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Progressive Gaming International Corporation
Progressive Insurance Company
Progressive Insurance Company
Promus Hotel Corporation
Property Management Company
Proprietary Limited Company
Proprietary Limited company
Proton City Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
Providence and Worcester Railroad Company
Providence and Worcester Railroad Company
Providence and Worcester Railroad Company
Provident National Assurance Company
Prudential Building Maintenance Corporation
Prudential Corporation Asia
Prudential Insurance Company of America
Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company
Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation
Psychological Operations Company
Public Benefit Corporation
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Public Joint Stock Company
Public Joint Stock Company
Public Limited Company
Public Non-Financial Company
Public Non-Financial Corporations
Public Power Corporation
Public Sector Company
Public Service Company of Colorado
Public Service Company of Indiana, Inc.
Public Service Company of New Mexico
Public Service Company of North Carolina
Public Service Company of Oklahoma
Public Service Company Tax
Public Telephone Company
Public Transport Corporation
Public Warehousing Company
Publicly Listed Company
Puerto Rican Cement Company
Puerto Rico Communications Corporation
Puerto Rico Telephone Company
Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Puget Sound Navigation Company
Pulliam Construction Company, Inc.
Pune Municipal Corporation
Punjab Agro Industries Corporation
Punjab Police Housing Corporation Ltd.
Punjab Roadways Transport Corporation
Punjab State Warehousing Corporation
Purchase Public Service Corporation
Pure Entertainment Company
Qamar Tanning Company
Qatar Distribution Company
Qatar General Petroleum Company
Qatar General Petroleum Company
Qatar General Petroleum Corporation
Qatar Islamic Insurance Company
Qatar National Hotels Company
Qatar Telecommunications Company
Qatar Telecommunications Company
Qatar Vinyl Company
Quaker Oats Company
Qualified Technologies Corporation
Quality Builders Warranty Corporation
Quality Control Equipment Company
Quality Dairy Corporation
Quality Linen Supply Corporation
Quality Management Company LLC
Quantitative Technology Corporation
Queen Pump Company
Queens Economic Development Corporation
Queens Legal Services Corporation
Queens Quay West Land Corporation
Queens Surface Corporation
Queensland Industry Development Corporation
Queensland Theatre Company
Queensland Treasury Corporation
QueryObject Systems Corporation
Quest Uranium Corporation
Questar Corporation
Questar Corporation
Questar Gas Company
Quester Tangent Corporation
Quilter Sound Company
Quinte Healthcare Corporation
Quinto Mining Corporation
Qwest Communications Corporation
Qwest Corporation
R.H. Investment Corporation
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Radha Madhav Corporation Limited
Radiation Management Corporation
Radio Corporation of America
Radio Corporation of Singapore
Radio Noise Corporation
Radio Repertory Company of America
Radio Systems Corporation
Radiology Corporation of America
RadioMarine Corporation of America
Radium Chemical Company
Radnor Fire Company
Radon Testing Corporation of America
Railroad Development Corporation
Railway Equipment Company, Inc.
Railway Equipment Company, Inc.
Raimonde Drilling Corporation
Rainbow Power Company
Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation
Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited
Raleigh Development Company
Ralls County Clock Company
Ralph Stone and Company, Inc
Rand McFarland, Company
Range Resources Corporation
Rapid Intervention Company Operations
Rare Metals Corporation
Raster Image Processing Systems Corporation
Ratchaburi Power Company Limited
Rauland-Borg Corporation
Raymond James Construction Company
Raymond James Trust Company
Raytech Corporation
Raytheon Company
Raytheon Polar Services Company
Raytheon Technical Services Company
Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company
Real Estate Disposition Corporation
Real Estate Holding Company
Real Estate Research Corporation
Real Goods Trading Corporation
Real Hotel Company
Really Good Software Company
Really Useful Communications Company
Realtime Corporation, Ltd.
Rebecca Davis Dance Company
Rebound Computer Company
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Recovery Ventures Corporation
Recruit Company Commander
Recycled Materials Company, Inc.
Red Mountain Music Company
Red Pepper Software Company
Red Sea Petroleum Operating Company Limited
Redertainment Corporation of America
Reduced Shakespeare Company
Reedy Lagoon Corporation, Ltd
Refinery Terminal Fire Company
Regal Beloit Corporation
Regional Bell Holding Company
Regional Bell Operating Company
Regional Development Corporation
Regional Economic Development and Energy Corporation
Regional Economic Development Assistance Corporation
Regional Electricity Company
Regional Electricity Company
Regional Holding Company
Regional Industrial Development Corporation
Regional Loan Corporation
Regional Plantation Company
Regional Support Company
Regions Financial Corporation
Registered Deposit-Taking Company
Registration of Company
Regulated Investment Company
Reilly Tar and Chemical Corporation
Reinforced Earth Company
Reinforced Earth Company
Reisterstown Lumber Company
Reliable Biopharmaceutical Company
Reliable Leasing Company
Reliance Surety & Insurance Company, Inc.
Renaissance Economic Development Corporation
Renewable Energy Corporation ASA
Renewable Energy Corporation ASA
Repertory Opera Company
Republic Aviation Corporation
Request the Pleasure of your Company
Research Analysis Corporation
Research and Assessment Corporation for Counseling
Research and Development Corporation
Research Data Corporation
Reserve Management Company, Inc.
Residential Asset Securities Corporation
Residential Finance Corporation
Residential Funding Corporation
Resistance Welding Company
Resolution and Collection Corporation
Resolution Funding Corporation Bonds
Resolution Trust Corporation
Resource Management Corporation, Inc
Resource Tower Corporation
Resource Tower Corporation
Retail Development Company
Retrofit Incorporation Notice
Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation
Revenue Properties Company Limited
Revolutionary Boot Company
Reykjavik Bagel Company
Reynolds Metals Company
Rez Dog Clothing Company
Rhode Island Airport Corporation
Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation
Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation
Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation
Rib Lake Telephone Company
Rice Corporation of Haiti
Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan
Rice Financial Products Company
Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation
Richardson Company Training Media
Richardson Company Training Media
Richardson Runden Company
Richland Light Opera Company
Richmond Washington Company
Rick Johnson and Company, Inc.
Ricoh Americas Corporation
Ridge Hill Development Corporation
Riggs International Banking Corporation
Riley Area Development Corporation
Rio Cristal Zinc Corporation
Rite Aide Corporation
Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
River City Cab Company
River Transport Corporation
Riverland Development Corporation
Riverside Housing Development Corporation
Riviera Holdings Corporation
Road Transport Corporation
Roads Contractor Company
Roanoke Gas Company
Robert Fulton Fire Company
Robert J. Popham Company
Roberts Electric Company
Roberts Electric Company
Robeson Health Care Corporation
Robinson Green Beretta Corporation
Robinson Helicopter Company
Robinson’s Land Corporation
Robinsons Realty and Management Corporation
Robotics Research Corporation
Rochester Downtown Development Corporation
Rochester Midland Corporation
Rochester Telephone Corporation
Rockbestos -Surprenant Cable Corporation
Rocket Systems Corporation
Rockford Products Corporation
Rocksavage Power Company, Ltd.
Rock-Tenn Company
Rock-Tenn Company
Rockwell Manufacturing Company
Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company
Rocky Mountain Recreation Company
Rogers Associates Machine Tool Corporation
Rohit Broadcasting Corporation
Rolands Associates Corporation
Rolla Community Development Corporation
Roller Bearing Company of America, Inc.
Roller Coaster Corporation of America
Roll-N-Lock Corporation
Rome Industrial Development Corporation
RONCO Consulting Corporation
Roofing Wholesale Company
Roscoe, Snyder, & Pacific Railway Company
Roseville Telephone Company
Ross Taylor Financial Corporation
Rosslyn Packing Company
Rotherham Corporation Transport
Roundabout Theatre Company
Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
Royal Shakespeare Company
Royal Slush Company
Rubber Reserve Company
Rural Adjustment and Finance Corporation
Rural California Housing Corporation
Rural Cellular Corporation
Rural Community Assistance Corporation
Rural Electrification Corporation
Rural Electrification Corporation
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd
Rural Handicrafts Company
Rural Health Care Corporation
Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation
Rural Power Company Limited
Rural Telephone Service Company
Russell Hampton Company
Russian Aircraft Corporation
Russian Aircraft Corporation
Russian Market Research Company
Russian Mobile Entertainment Company
Russian River Brewing Company
Rust-Oleum Corporation
Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation
Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation
Ryukyu Development Loan Corporation
Ryukyu Domestic Water Corporation
S.V. Metal Corporation
Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation
Saeder-Krupp Corporation
Safety Management Corporation
Safety National Casualty Corporation
Safety Research Corporation of America
Safety-Kleen Corporation
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Saint Louis – San Francisco Railway Company
Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation
Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
Sakhalin Energy Investment Corporation
Saline Water Conversion Corporation
Sallie Mae Servicing Corporation
Salomon Brothers Holding Company
Salt Lake Acting Company
Saluda Mountain Telephone Company
Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd.
Same Stuff Different Company
Samex Mining Corporation
Samsung Electronics Corporation
Samsung Watch Company
San Bernardino Valley Traction Company
San Diego Imperial Corporation
San Diego Imperial Corporation
San Diego Transit Corporation
San Diego Wine Company
San Francisco Candle Company
San Francisco Coffee Company
San Francisco Community Television Corporation
San Francisco Housing Development Corporation
San Luis Central Railroad Company
San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company
San Miguel Corporation
San Roque Power Corporation
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation
Sandia Corporation, Livermore Laboratory
Sandia Oil Company
Sandia Oil Company
Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitary Service Company
Santa Barbara Research Corporation
Santa Elina Mines Corporation
Santa Margarita Construction Corporation
Santa Margarita Landscape and Recreation Corporation
Sanyo Fisher Company
Sara Lee Corporation
Saraswati Book Manufacturing Company
Saratoga Economic Development Corporation
Sarawak Forestry Corporation
Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn Bhd
Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corporation
Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation
Saskatchewan Government Growth Fund Management Corporation
Saskatchewan Transportation Company
Satellite Equipment Manufacturing Corporation
Satellite Television Corporation
Saudi Airlines Cargo Company
Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation
Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
Saudi Cable Company
Saudi Catering and Contracting Company
Saudi Consolidated Electric Company
Saudi Economic and Development Company
Saudi Electric Company
Saudi Electricity Company
Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Company Ltd
Saudi Indian Company for Cooperative Insurance
Saudi Industrial Services Company
Saudi Naval Support Company Limited
Saudi Orix Leasing Company
Saudi Public Transport Company
Saudi Research and Publishing Company
Saudi Telecommunication Company
Saudi Telephone Company
Saunders Book Company
Savannah Spill Response Corporation
Savannah, Americus and Montgomery Railroad Company
Saver Plus Lighting Corporation
Savings and Loan Holding Company
Saxonburg Volunteer Fire Company
Saxton Nuclear Engineering Corporation
Saxton Nuclear Engineering Corporation
Schaffner Manufacturing Company, Inc
Scheduled Caste Development Corporation
Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation
School Bus Safety Company
Schools & Libraries Corporation
Schools Construction Corporation
Schuylkill Economic Development Corporation
Schuylkill River Development Corporation
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
Science Applications International Corporation
Science Applications International Corporation
Science Management Corporation
Scientific Kit Corporation
Scientific Notebook Company
Scientific Time-Sharing Corporation
Scorpio Mining Corporation
Scottish National Dance Company
Scottsdale Insurance Company
Seaboard Air Line Railroad Company
Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida
Sealed Air Corporation
Sealed Air Corporation
Seaport Navigation Company
Search Company Reports
Sears Holdings Corporation
Seattle Manufacturing Corporation
Seattle Scientific Corporation
Seaway International Bridge Corporation
Sebsprint Alfa Boxer Corporation
Second Avenue Dance Company
Second Imperial Geothermal Company
Secure Computing Corporation
Secured Bankers Mortgage Company
Securities America Financial Corporation
Securities Data Company
Securities Industries Automation Corporation
Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Security Alarm Data Corporation
Security Bank Corporation
Security Engineered Machinery Company, Inc.
Security Federal Corporation
Security National Mortgage Company
Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited
Seismograph Service Corporation
Select Medical Corporation
Select Motor Company
Self Insured Services Company
Semiconductor Packaging Material Company
Semiconductor Research Corporation
Semiconductor Solutions Network Company
Semirara Coal Corporation
Seneca Construction Management Corporation
Seneca Gaming Corporation
Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company
Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation
Sequoyah Fuels Corporation
Serata Geomechanical Corporation
Service Centers Corporation
Service Corporation
Service Corporation International
Service Merchandise Corporation
Seychelles Broadcasting Company
Shadow Wolf Mercenary Corporation
Shalimar Recording Company
Shamokin Valley Railroad Company
Shandong Zhonghua Power Company
Shanghai Building Materials Corporation
Shanghai Diesel Engine Company
Shanghai International Group Corporation Limited
Shanghai Metallurgical Equipment Company Ltd.
Shanghai Securities Central Clearing and Registration Corporation
Shared Medical Systems Corporation
Sharp Manufacturing Company of America
Shawnee Terminal Railway Company
Shawnee Terminal Railway Company
Sheldon Community Development Corporation
Shell Agricultural Chemical Company
Shell Development Company
Shell Oman Marketing Company
Shell Petroleum Development Company
Shell Pipeline Corporation
Shell Pipeline Corporation
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Shepparton Preserving Company
Shepparton Preserving Company
Sherwin-Williams Company
Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company
Shin Nihon Kikaku Corporation
Shipping Corporation of India
Shipping Corporation of India
Shipping Corporation of New Zealand
Shop Direct Finance Company
Short’s Brewing Company
Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited
Siberian-Urals Aluminum Company
Sidi Krier Petrochemicals Company
Siemens Power Corporation
Siemens Power Corporation
Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Sierra Pacific Power Company
Sierra Railroad Company
Sierra Railroad Company
Signode Corporation
Sikorsky Aircraft Company
Sikorsky Aircraft Company
Silicon Xtal Corporation
Simmons & Company International
Simple Network Magic Corporation
Simpson Manufacturing Company
Simpson Timber Company
Singapore Broadcasting Corporation
Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises
Singareni Collieries Company Limited
Singareni Collieries Company Ltd
Single Entry Multiple Company Interface
Sino Swede Pharmaceutical Corporation
SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation
Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Company Limited
Siobhan Davies Dance Company
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
Sirte Oil Company
Sirte Oil Company
Sisters of Mercy Services Corporation
Sisters of the Little Company of Mary
Site Licensed Company
SK Engineering & Construction Company Ltd
Skandia Insurance Company Ltd.
Skandia Life Assurance Company Limited
Skyline Corporation
Slavica Ecclestone Corporation
Sleeping Bear Trading Company
Small Business Development Company
Small Business Finance Corporation
Small Business Investment Company
Small Company Sharewatch
Small Computer Network Company
Small Public Company Task Force
Small Wind Certification Corporation
Smaller War Plants Corporation
Smith Corona Machine Company
Smith Elliott Kearns and Company, LLC
Smith Manoeuvre Financial Corporation
Smith-Midland Corporation
Smith-Midland Corporation
Snakeyes Gaming Corporation
Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation
Social Housing Services Corporation
Social Marketing Company
Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation
Société de Transport par Autocars (French: Bus Transportation Company
Society of Company Meeting Planners
Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC
Software Corporation of America, Inc.
Software Engineering and Research Corporation of Australia
Software Engineering Company
Software Publishing Corporation
Software Publishing Corporation
Sohar Industrial Port Company
Sokhna Port Development Company
Solar & Wind Electric Power Company
Solar Rating and Certification Corporation
Solid State Equipment Corporation
Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation
Sony Corporation
Sony Corporation of America
Sound and Lighting Company
South African Broadcasting Corporation
South American Dental Exporting Corporation
South Australia Film Corporation
South Australian Brewing Company
South Australian Film Corporation
South Brooklyn Railway Company
South Buffalo Railway Company
South Caucasus Pipeline Company
South Georgia Railway Company
South Georgia Railway Company
South Jersey Tourism Corporation
South Kessock Environmental Company
South Luzon Tollway Corporation
South Plains Housing Finance Corporation
South Verkhoyansk Mining Company
South West African Broadcasting Corporation
South West Electric Power Company
South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation
Southern California Edison Company
Southern California Gas Company
Southern Company
Southern Company
Southern Company
Southern Company
Southern Company Operating and Relaying Engineers
Southern Company Services, Inc
Southern Dallas Development Corporation
Southern Engineering and Development Company
Southern Kansas Telephone Company
Southern Kennebec Child Development Corporation
Southern Kentucky Economic Development Corporation
Southern Music Company
Southern Oil Company
Southern Oil Company
Southern Pacific Communications Company
Southern Pacific Communications Company
Southern Pacific Communications Company
Southern Pacific Company
Southern Pacific Company
Southern Pacific Funding Corporation
Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation
Southern Pacific Transportation Company
Southern Peru Copper Corporation
Southern Petrochemicals Industrial Corporation
Southern Power Company
Southern Power Company
Southern Province Cement Company
Southern Railroad Company of New Jersey
Southern Union Company
Southern Union Company
Southern Vectis Omnibus Company
Southport Brewing Company
Southtrust Corporation
Southwest Student Services Corporation
Southwest Systems Engineering Corporation
Southwest Technical Products Corporation
Southwest Water Company
Southwestern Bell Corporation
Southwestern Energy Company
Southwestern Petroleum Corporation
Southwestern Water Exploration Company
Space Age Testing Equipment Company
Space General Corporation
Spartan Chemical Company
Special Operations Aviation Training Company
Special Purpose Acquisition Company
Special Purpose Company
Special Purpose Company
Specialized Products Company
Specialized Products Company
Specialty Merchandise Corporation
Specific Purpose Company
Specific Purpose Company
Specified Foreign Corporation
Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation
Spectrum Cellular Corporation
Spencer Chemical Company
Spencer Chemical Company
Spencer Chemical Company
Speymill Deutsche Immobilien Company PLC
Spokane International Railroad Company
Sports Properties Acquisition Corporation
Springfield Terminal Railway Company
Springfield Terminal Railway Company
Springfield Terminal Railway Company
Springfield Terminal Railway Company
Spruce Fall Power and Paper Company
Squaw Valley Ski Corporation
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation
Sri Lanka Rupawahini Corporation
St. Johns River Terminal Company
St. Kitts Sugar Marketing Corporation
St. Louis Bread Company
St. Louis Development Corporation
St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company
St. Louis, San Francisco, and Texas Railway Company
St. Marys Railroad Company
St. Onge Company
St. Onge Company
Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation
Standard Life Assurance Company
Standard Lightwave Corporation
Standard Management Corporation
Standard Microsystems Corporation
Standard Microsystems Corporation
Standard Missile Company
Standard Oil Company
Standard Oil Company
Standard Oil Company of California
Standard Pacific Corporation
Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
Standex International Corporation
Stanley Furniture Company, Inc.
Stanley Warner Corporation
Stant Manufacturing Company
Star Alliance Company Plus
Starbucks Coffee Company
Starbucks Corporation
Startec Global Communications Corporation
State Company for Oil Projects
State Corporation Commission
State Engineering Corporation
State Express Transport Corporation
State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company
State Farm Life Insurance Company
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
State Government Insurance Corporation
State Grid Corporation of China
State Grid Corporation of China
State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu
State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd.
State Investment Corporation
State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic
State Ordinance on Company Pension Funds
State Pharmaceuticals Corporation
State Pharmaceuticals Corporation
State Street Bank and Trust Company
State Street Corporation
State Television and Radio Company
State Trading Corporation
State Transport Corporation
State University Railroad Company
Staten Island Railroad Corporation
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway Company
Statewide Home Loan Corporation
STATS ChipPAC Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation
Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company, Inc.
Stentor Operating Company
Stentor Operating Company
Stern, Kory, Sreden and Morgan, an Accountancy Corporation
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
STG Corporation Pty LTD
Stirling Technology Company
Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd
Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company
Stockdales Electric Motor Corporation
Stockholm Water Company
Stone Webster Engineering Corporation
Storage Technology Corporation
Storage Technology Corporation
Strangford Lough Brewing Company
Strasburg Railroad Company
Strategic Analysis Corporation
Strategic Analysis Corporation
Strategic Health Development Corporation
Stratic Energy Corporation
Stratic Energy Corporation
Strong Built Mining Corporation
Structural Dynamics Research Corporation
Structured Asset Securities Corporation
Studebaker Packard Corporation
Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corporation
Student Alliance to Reform Corporations
Student Assistance Corporation
Student Assistance Corporation
Student Finance Corporation
Student Loan Corporation
Student Loan Finance Corporation
Student Loans Company Ltd
Student Television Arts Company
Stupid Little Company
Sturm, Ruger and Company, Inc.
Stylemaster Custom Motorcycle Corporation
Subchapter S Corporation
Subchapter S Corporation
Subchapter S Corporation
Subic Bay Motors Corporation
Subject, Wills and Company
Submicron Systems Corporation
Subsequent Billing Company
Sucsy, Fischer & Company
Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation
Sudanese Petroleum Corporation
Sudanese Petroleum Corporation
Sugar Company of Jamaica Limited
Sugar Corporation of Uganda Ltd.
Sumitomo Chemical Company
Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking Corporation
Summit Housing Development Corporation
Sun Chemical Corporation
Sun Energy Corporation
Sun Life Asset Management Company
Sun Media Corporation
Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation
SUN Oil Company
Sun Ray Coal Company, Inc.
Sun Red Capital Corporation
Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.
Sunset Railway Company
Sunshine State Insurance Company
Super Steel Products Corporation
Superior Instrument Company
Superior National Insurance Company
Support Aviation Company
Support Aviation Company
Support Systems Technology Corporation
Supported Employment Enterprise Corporation
Suresh Milton Engineering Company
Surety Bonding Company of America
Surface Technology Corporation
Surveillance Helicopter Company
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Swayzee Telephone Company
Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation
Swedish Space Corporation
Swift Energy Company
Swiss Air Transport Company Ltd
Swiss Bank Corporation
Swiss Development Finance Corporation
Swiss Watch Company
Switching Equipment Manufacturing Company
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd.
Sydney Dance Company
Sydney Dance Company
Sydney Theatre Company
Sydney Water Corporation
Symantec Corporation
Syndicat et de La Corporation de La Nébuleuse Noire
Syndication Networks Corporation
Synoptic Systems Corporation
Syracuse Research Corporation
Syracuse University Research Corporation
Syrian Petroleum Company
Syrian Petroleum Company
System Automation Software Company
System Integration Specialists Company
System Performance Evaluation Corporation
Systems and Services Company
Systems Compatibility Corporation
Systems Development Corporation
Systems Engineering Technology Associates Corporation
Systems Planning Corporation
Systems Planning Corporation
Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Company
Tactical Applications Company
Taegu Broadcasting Company
Tailored Logistics Corporation
Taiwan Auto-Design Company
Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation
Taiwan Falcon Aerospace Corporation
Taiwan Micro Display Corporation
Taiwan Power Company
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation
Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corporation
Taiwan Transport and Storage Company Limited
Taiwan Video and Monitor Corporation
Taiwan Water Supply Corporation
Takla Development Corporation Ltd.
Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation
Tallulah Falls Railway Company
Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation
Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation
Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation
Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd.
Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation
Tampa Bay Community Reinvestment Corporation
Tampa Electric Company
Tanadgusix Corporation
Tanah Emas Corporation Berhad
Tandy Corporation
Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation
Tanzania Posts Corporation
Target Corporation
Target Corporation
Target Corporation
Targeted Genetics Corporation
Targeted Learning Corporation
TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.
Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited
Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Tata Power Company, Ltd.
Tata Power Trading Company Ltd.
Teaching Company Associates
Teaching Company Scheme
Tech Data Corporation
Tech Logic Corporation
Technical Advisors Company
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation
Technical Communications Corporation
Technical Management and Services Corporation
Technical Manufacturing Corporation
Technical Materiel Corporation
Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company
Technician Corporation
Technology Associates International Corporation
Technology Company
Technology Corporation
Technology for Business Corporation
Technology for Energy Corporation
Technology International Corporation
Technology Investment Capital Corporation
Technology Management Analysis Corporation
Technology Marketing Corporation
Technology Research Corporation
Technology Service Corporation
Technology Training Corporation
Technology, Management, & Analysis Corporation
Technology, Management, and Analysis Corporation
Technology-Based Company
Tehama Local Development Corporation
Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Ltd.
Telecom Development Company Afghanistan
Telecommunication Company of Iran
Telecommunication Company of Khorasan
Teledyne Continental Motors Corporation
Telephone Company
Telephone Company Central Office
Telescope Engineering Company
Teletronics Technology Corporation
Television Broadcasting Corporation
Television Corporation of Singapore
Telluride Real Estate Corporation
TELUS Communications Company
Templeton Area Development Corporation
Tenant Activities Company
Tenant Evaluation Company
Tencarva Machinery Company
Tennessee Central Railway Company
Tennessee Child Care Facilities Corporation
Tennessee Coal and Iron Company
Tennessee Eastman Corporation
Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia Railway Company
Teradata Corporation
Terengganu Agrotech Development Corporation
Tethyan Copper Company, Ltd.
Texaco Development Corporation
Texas Cattle Company
Texas City Terminal Railway Company
Texas Logistics Corporation
Texas Petrochemicals Corporation
Texas Southeastern Railroad Company
Texas Transportation Company
Textile Marketing Company
Textron Corporation
Thai Oil Refinery Company
ThalesRaytheonSystems Company
Thane Municipal Corporation
Thanthai Periyar Transport Corporation
The Acting Company
The Aerospace Corporation
The After School Corporation
The Aleut Corporation
The Analytic Sciences Corporation
The Arab Investment Company
The Art Document Company
The Artificial Logic Corporation
The Austin Company
The Baking Company LLC
The Bean Coffee Company
The Big Corporation
The Black Company
The Boeing Company
The Boggs Company
The Book Company
The Booth Company
The Boston Company
The Branding Company
The Clearing Corporation
The Clinical Trial Company
The Coca Cola Company
The Company Software
The Complete Corporation
The Conservation Company
The Consulting Company
The Death Company
The Dentists Insurance Company
The Dow Chemical Company
The Electric Company
The Engineer Brothers Company
The Environmental Company, Inc
The Exploration Company
The Family Computer Company
The Feser Company
The Foreign Candy Company, Inc.
The Franchise Company
The Games Company Worldwide GmbH
The Gift Certificate Company
The Grass Company
The Great American Diving Company
the Hammers Company, Inc.
The Headline Company
The Hemp Trading Company
The Houston Exploration Company
The Houston Exploration Company
The Information Bus Company
The International Banking Corporation
The International TEFL Corporation
The Internet Access Company
The Irvine Company
The James Company
The Landsburg Company
The Leader Mortgage Company
The Learning Company
The Lego Company
The Leisure Database Company
The Library Corporation
The Life Cycle Cost Company Ltd
The Manitowoc Company, Inc
The Mark Travel Company
The Medicines Company
The Member Company
The Members Insurance Company
The Meridian Resource Corporation
The Money Gaming Corporation Ltd.
The Mystery Dining Company
The Natelson Company, Inc.
The Negotiation Skills Company
The Network Chico Company
The Network Company
The Newman Trading Company LLC
The Nottingham Company
The Outlet Company
The Phone Company
The Pinnacle Corporation
The Pizza Company
The Pokémon Company International
The Power Company Limited
The Property Management Company
The Research Company
The Richmond Light Company
The Rolling Advertising Company
The Small Business Company
The Solar Corporation
The Space Bytes Company
The Staubach Company
The Teaching Company
The Telephone Number Company
The Thomson Corporation
The Timberland Company
The Toro Company
The Travel Partnership Corporation
The Vast Atlantic Company Inc.
The Veterans Corporation
The Virtual Company
The Virtual Office Company
The Vulcan Operating Company
The Wakefield Corporation
The Walt Disney Company
The Walters Management Company
The Water Delivery Company
The Weinstein Company
The Wig Company
The Woodlands Development Company
The Woodlands Operating Company
Theater Aviation Company
Theragenics Corporation
Thermal Engineering Corporation
Thermal Transfer Corporation
Thermo Jarrell Ash Corporation
ThermoElectric Cooling America Corporation
Thermwood Corporation
Theta Pro2serve Management Company, LLC
Thin Film Technology Corporation
Thomas and Betts Corporation
Thomas, Wilson, Ragusa, Uffman & Company
Thompson Creek Metals Company
Thompson Creek Metals Company
Thompson Equipment Company
Thompson Manufacturing Company
Thor Power Tool Company
Thor Power Tool Company
Thorsman Company Oslo
Three Rivers Aluminium Company
Three Rivers Computer Corporation
Thunder Bay District Housing Corporation
Tianjin Automotive Industry Corporation
Tidewater Southern Railway Company
Timber Engineering Company
Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP
Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP
Timken-Detroit Axle Company
Tire Ball Development Company
Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation
Tirupati Municipal Corporation
Tishman Construction Corporation of Massachusetts
Titanium Metals Corporation of America
Title Guarantee Company
Title Resources Guaranty Company
To Accompany Troops
Tobishima Corporation Japan
Todd Hess Building Company
Tokai Electronic Company
Tokyo Electro-Acoustic Corporation
Tokyo Executive Search Company, Ltd.
Tokyu Land Corporation
Toledo, Angola, and Western Railway Company
Toledo, Peoria, and Western Railroad Company
Toole Valley Railway Company
Torchmark Corporation
Toronto Aerial Dance Company
Toronto Community Housing Corporation
Toronto District Heating Corporation
Toronto International Trade Corporation
Toronto Terminals Railway Company
Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo Railway Company
Tortoise Capital Resources Corporation
Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation
Total Administrative Services Corporation
Total Company Training Plan
Total Cost to Company
Total Racing Automotive Company
Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited
Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.
Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab
Tourism Development Investment Company
Tourism Product Development Company
Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation
Toyota Material Handling Company
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd
Toyota Motor Credit Corporation
Toyota Motors Corporation
Trace Elements Corporation
Track Data Corporation
Tractor Implement Supply Company
Tractor Supply Company
Tractor Supply Company
Trading Corporation of Pakistan Ltd
Train Operating Company
Trainer Corporation
Training Development Corporation
Trammwell Crow Company
Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company Limited
Transamerica Corporation
Transamerica Finance Corporation
Transatlantic Software Corporation
Trans-City Transport Company
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation
Transformers Manufacturing Company
Trans-Iowa Canal Company
Transition Benefit Corporation
Transmission Technologies Corporation
Transnational Company
Trans-National Corporation
Transnational Corporations and Management Division
Transnational Media Corporation
Transport Development Finance Corporation Limited
Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation
Transportation Company
Transportation Products Sales Company
Transwitch Corporation
Trapped-Oligonucleotide Nucleotide Incorporation
Travel Art Dance Company
Travel Corporation of India, Ltd.
Travel Management Company
Travelers Insurance Company
Travelers Life and Annuity Company
Traverse Brewing Company
Travis Perkins Trading Company
Treasury Corporation of Victoria
Trek Bicycle Corporation
Tribal Electric Supply Company
Triboro Coach Corporation
Tri-County Telephone Company
Trident Technical Corporation
Trinity Irish Dance Company
Tripura Industrial Development Corporation
Trisha Brown Dance Company
Trivandrum Corporation
Trivello Energy Corporation
Trona Railway Company
Tropical Quality Fruit Company
Truck Company
Truck Equipment and Service Company
Trust and Company Service Provider
Trust Company
Trust Company of New Jersey
Trust Company of the Marshall Islands
Trust International Paper Corporation
T-Shirt Company of Windsor
Tuckerton Lumber Company
Tularosa Basin Telephone Company
Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company
Tupperware Brands Corporation
Turbine Engine Manufacturing Company
Turbo Genset Company, Ltd.
Turkish Petroleum International Company Ltd.
Turning Pointe Dance Company
TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. (German company subsidiary)
TV- and Radio Company
Tweed Training and Enterprise Company
Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation
Twin City Testing Corporation
Twin Falls Canal Company
Twin Industries Corporation
Tyne and Wear Development Corporation
Tyneside Piano Company
Udylite Corporation
Ueshima Coffee Company
Uganda Electricity Distribution Company
Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation
Ukrainian Fruit Company
Ulster County Development Corporation
Ultra Software Corporation
Umbrella Corporation
Unemployment Tax Advisory Corporation
Ungooroo Aboriginal Corporation, Inc
Unholy Company
Uni-Asia Finance Corporation
Unicorn Hobby Corporation
UniFirst Corporation
Union Acceptance Corporation
Union Aerospace Corporation
Union Camp Corporation
Union Carbide Corporation
Union City Body Company
Union Electric Development Corporation
Union Insurance Company
Union Pacific Corporation
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Union Pacific Resources Company
Union Railroad Company
Union Real Estate Company
Union Station Neighborhood Company
Union Tank Car Company
Union Tank Car Company
Union Theatre Repertory Company
Union Township School Corporation
Union, Light, Heat & Power Company
Unique Broadcasting Company
UNIque Corporation
United Acquisition Corporation
United Africa Company
United African Company
United Aircraft and Transport Corporation
United Aircraft Building Corporation
United Aircraft Corporation
United American Healthcare Corporation
United Arab Shipping Company
United Artists Theatre Company, Inc.
United Banks Service Company
United Broadcast Corporation
United Community Financial Corporation
United Company Rusal
United Computing Corporation
United Conveyor Corporation
United Development Company
United East India Company
United Energy Corporation
United Financial Corporation
United Forms Corporation
United Fruit Company
United Hitech Corporation
United Illuminating Company
United Industrial Corporation
United Kingdom Commercial Corporation
United Malayan Banking Corporation
United McGill Corporation
United Microelectronics Corporation
United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations
United Nuclear Corporation
United Overseas Food Corporation
United PanAm Financial Corporation
United Paragon Mining Corporation
United Processing Corporation
United Pulp and Paper Company, Inc
United Shoe Machinery Corporation
United Shoe Machinery Corporation
United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation
United States Army Military Police Company
United States Enrichment Corporation
United States Grain Corporation
United States Gypsum Corporation
United States Infrastructure Corporation
United States Manufacturing Corporation
United States Playing Card Company
United States Sugar Corporation
United States Testing Company
United States Tobacco Company
United States Vanadium Corporation
United States Warranty Corporation
United Sugar Company
United Technologies Communications Company
United Technologies Corporation
United Technologies Corporation
United Technologies Microelectronics Corporation
United Trading Company
United Transformer Corporation
United Transportation Corporation
United Tri-Tech Corporation
United Uranium Corporation Ltd
United Verde Copper Company
Unity Railways Company
Universal American Corporation
Universal American Financial Corporation
Universal Asia Technology Company
Universal Avionics Systems Corporation
Universal Digital Technology Corporation
Universal Display Corporation
Universal Instruments Corporation
Universal Land Construction Company
Universal Property Development and Acquisition Corporation
Universal Robina Corporation
Universal Service Administrative Company
Universal Time Corporation
University Computing Company
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
University of Tennessee Research Corporation
University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation
Unlimited Liability Corporation
UnumProvident Corporation
Upper Makefield Fire Company
Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad Company
Upper Merion and Plymouth Railroad Company
Upper Peninsula Power Company
Uranium Corporation of India Ltd.
Uranium Reduction Company
Urban Dance Company Ltd.
Urban Development Corporation
Urban Development Investment Corporation
Urban Marketing Corporation of America
Urban Research and Development Corporation
Urban Residential Development Corporation
Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation
US BioEnergy Corporation
US Can Corporation
US Digital Transactions Corporation
US Satellite Corporation
US Translation Company
US Vanadium Corporation
Usui Metals Philippines Corporation
Utah Festival Opera Company
Utah Technology Finance Corporation
Utility Distribution Company
Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation
Utility Risk Management Corporation
Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporation
Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation
Uzdaroji Akcine Bendrove (Lithuanian: closed stock company
Vacancy Management Company
Vacuum Forming Korea Corporation
Vadodara Municipal Corporation
Valencia Heights Water Company
Valencia Water Company
Valley and Siletz Railroad Company
Valley Facilities Management Corporation
Vanadium Corporation of America
Vanguard Marketing Corporation
Variable Capital Company
Varna Volunteer Fire Company
Vast Technologies Holding Corporation
Vega Tool Corporation
Vegetable Oil Industries Company
Vehicle Monitor Corporation
Venture Capital Company
Venture Capital Company of Zimbabwe
Venture Development Corporation
Venture Fund Management Company
Venture Theatre Company
Ventures Education Systems Corporation
Verified Audit Circulation Company
Verified Audit Circulation Company
Vermont Business Corporation Act
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Vermont Marble Company
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
Vertically Integrated Oil Company
Vespa Car Company Ltd.
Veterans Life Insurance Company
Veterinary Insurance Services Company
Victor Company of Japan
Victor Company of Japan Ltd.
Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages
Victorian Fund Management Corporation
Victorian Funds Management Corporation
Victorian Theatre Company
Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation
Video Construction Company
Videopolis Games Company
Vietnam Broadcasting Corporation
Vietnam Electronics and Informatics Corporation
Vietnam Financial Media Corporation
Vietnam Fund Management Company Limited
Vietnam Multimedia Corporation
Vietnam Postal Services Company
Viewdata Corporation
Vignette Corporation
Vijayawada Municipal Corporation
Vintage Malt Whisky Company
Virbac Corporation
Virchow Krause & Company LLP
Virginia Design Company
Virginia Eastern Shore Corporation
Virginia Stock Corporation Act
Virginia Surety Company, Inc.
Virginia Tourism Corporation
Virginian Railway Company
Virnetx Holding Corporation
Virtual Computer Corporation
Virtual Corporation
Virtual Imaging Corporation
Virtual Machine Company
Virtual Services Corporation
Virtual Technology Corporation
Virtual Training Company
Virtual Transportation Company
Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation
Visalia Electric Railroad Company
Visible Systems Corporation Pty Ltd
Vision Finance Company SA
Vision Information Technology Corporation
Visionary Medical Products Corporation
Vista Management Company
Visual Circuits Corporation
Visual Communications Company, Inc.
VME Microsystems International Corporation
Volcano Corporation
Volcano Theater Company
Volga River Trading Company
Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation
Volvo Car Corporation
Volvo Truck Corporation
Vox Medusa Dance Company
Vratsinas Construction Company
Vulcan Forge and Machine Company
Vulcan Industrial and Mining Corporation
Vulcan Materials Company
W R Berkley Corporation
Wabash Railroad Company
Wade Cook Financial Corporation
Wadley Southern Railway Company
Wadley Southern Railway Company
Wake Electric Membership Corporation
Wales Center Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
Walkersville Volunteer Rescue Company
Walla Walla Valley Railway Company
Walla Walla Valley Railway Company
Wallace Theater Corporation
Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney World Company
Waltham Community Access Corporation
Wang Information Services Corporation
Wanted Technologies Corporation
Ware Shoals Railroad Company
Warner Chilcott Company Inc.
Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Corporation
Warnerelektraatlantic Corporation
Warren and Saline River Railroad Company
Warren Shepell Consultants Corporation
Warren Town Railroad Company
Warrenton Rail Road Company
Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company
Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Company
Warrior River Terminal Company
Warrior Run Community Corporation
Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Company Holdings Ltd.
Warwick Cattle Crush Company
Warwick Valley Telephone Company
Washington Analysis Corporation
Washington Banking Company
Washington Corporations
Washington Industrial Development Corporation
Washington Post Company
Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Company
Washington Water Power Company
Washington Water Service Company
Washington, Idaho, and Montana Railway Company
Washtenaw Affordable Housing Corporation
Waste Management of Canada Corporation
WasteCare Corporation
Water Administration Ministerial Corporation
Water Corporation of Western Australia
Water Resources Management Company
Water Supply and Storage Company
Water Value Added Corporation
Water Wonderland Broadcasting Company
Waterfield Financial Corporation
Waterfield Mortgage Company
Waterfront Development Corporation Limited
Waterfront Players Repertory Company
Watertown Local Development Corporation
Waupaca Industrial Development Corporation
Wauwatosa Economic Development Corporation
Waxahachie Community Development Corporation
Wayne Hummer Asset Management Company
We Help Community Development Corporation
Weather Services International Corporation
Weatherby Lake Improvement Company
Web Company
WebMD Corporation
Website Design Company
Weed Wizard Acquisition Corporation
Weirton Transit Corporation
Welland Recreational Canal Corporation
Wellesley Cable Access Corporation
Wellesley Central Health Corporation
Wellesley Housing Development Corporation
Wellington Management Company, LLP
Wellington Specialty Insurance Company
Wells Fargo and Company
Wellsboro and Corning Railroad Company
Wells-Gardner Electronics Corporation
Wellsville, Addison, and Galeton Railroad Corporation
Wesley Housing Development Corporation
West African Airways Corporation
West Bengal Financial Corporation
West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation
West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
West Bradford Fire Company
West Central Mutual Insurance Company
West Coast Canoe Company
West Coast Entertainment Corporation
West Coast Railway Company
West Cornwall Pasty Company
West Earl Fire Company
West Frankfort Coal Company
West Frankfort Coal Corporation
West Indianapolis Development Corporation
West Indies Development Company
West Indies Oil Company
West Indies Shipping Company
West Interlake Trading Company
West Japan Railway Company
West Michigan Janitorial & Supply Company
West Northamptonshire Development Corporation
West Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc.
West Valley Nuclear Services Company
West Valley Nuclear Services Company
West Virginia Dance Company
West Virginia Radio Corporation
West Virginia University Research Corporation
West Virginia-American Water Company
Westamerica Bancorporation
Western Alliance Bancorporation
Western American Life Insurance Company
Western Australia Water Corporation
Western Canada Lottery Corporation
Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation
Western Cartridge Company
Western Digital Corporation
Western Diversified Life Insurance Company
Western Electric Company
Western Electric Corporation
Western India Match Company
Western Mining Corporation
Western Mining Corporation Philippines, Inc.
Western Multiplex Corporation
Western Mutual Fund Company
Western National Life Insurance Company
Western Ohio Financial Corporation
Western Polymer Corporation
Western Power Corporation
Western Refrigerator Line Company
Western Reserve Mortgage Corporation
Western Star Knitting Company
Western States Learning Corporation
Western Surety Company
Western Union Telegraph Company
Western United Life Assurance Company
Western Utah Copper Company Inc.
Western Wireless Corporation
Western Wireless International Corporation
Westinghouse Air Brake Company
Westinghouse Electric Company
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Westinghouse Hanford Company
Westinghouse Hanford Company
Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company
Westinghouse Materials Company of Ohio
Westinghouse Savannah River Company
Westlake Data Corporation
Westminster Security Company
WESTPAC Banking Corporation
Whale Fountain Construction Company
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company
Wheeling Power Company
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation
When Corporations Rule the World
Whirlpool Financial Corporation
Whistler Real Estate Company
Whistler Village Land Company
White Horse Theater Company
White Nile Petroleum Company
White Sulphur Springs and Yellowstone Park Railway Company
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Whittier Trust Company of Nevada
Wholesale Financial Holding Company
Wichita Technology Corporation
Wichita, Tillman and Jackson Railway Company
Widescreen Conversion Company
Wilkerson Instrument Company, Inc.
Willamette Fence Company, Incorporated
Willamette Valley Company
Willards Volunteer Fire Company
William Demuth Company
Willis Lease Finance Corporation
Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Company
Wilson Bank Holding Company
Winchester and Western Railroad Company
Winchester Cartridge Company
Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Window Accessory Company Incorporated
Windsor Capital Mortgage Corporation
Winfield Capital Corporation
Winfield Railroad Company
Winifrede Railroad Company
Winning Company
Winnipeg Airport Lands Corporation
Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation
Winsor Industrial Corporation Limited
Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Company
Winterland Heritage Development Corporation
Wire Rope Corporation of America
Wireless Oakland Public Corporation
Wireless Technology Equipment Company
Wiscasset Regional Development Corporation
Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation
Wisconsin Electrical Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company
Wizard Workshop and Company
Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation
Wolf Trap Opera Company
Wolfenstein Death Company
Women in Resource Development Corporation
Women’s Capital Corporation
Won Ji Canada Corporation
Wong Engineering Corporation
Wonnarua Elders Corporation
Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation
Wood Acme Logging Company
Wood County Telephone Company
Woodland Hills Wine Company
Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation
Woodmen Accident and Life Company
Woolgar Valley Aboriginal Corporation
Woonsocket Neighborhood Development Corporation
Worcester Business Development Corporation
WorkCover Corporation of South Australia
Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company
Workshop Company Commander
World Evangelistic Enterprise Corporation
World Federation of Investors Corporation
World Interactive Gaming Corporation
World Relief Corporation
World Resources Company
World Scientific Publishing Company
World Triathlon Corporation
World Wide Carding Company
World Wide Child Care Corporation
Worldwide Biotech and Pharmaceutical Company
Worldwide Laser Service Corporation
Worshipful Company of Builders Merchants
Worshipful Company of Butchers Guild
Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers
Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards
Worthing Light Opera Company
Worthington Regional Economic Development Corporation
Wrentham Cable Access Corporation
Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company
Wuerttembergische Portfolio Management Company
Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation
Wuhan Steel Processing Company
Wurlitzer Jukebox Company
Wyandotte Southern Railroad Company
Wyandotte Terminal Railroad Company
Wylie Economic Development Corporation
Wyoming Industrial Development Corporation
Wyoming Student Loan Corporation
XCEED Mortgage Corporation
Xeric Oil & Gas Corporation
Xerox Corporation
Xerox Corporation
Xerox Corporation
Xerxes Computer Corporation
Xian Aircraft Company
Xiled Gaming Company
Xstrata Canada Corporation
Yakima Valley Transportation Company
Yamaha Corporation of America
Yamaha Electronics Corporation
Yanbu National Petrochemical Company
Yancey Railroad Company
Yang-Ming International Corporation
Yankee Hill Machine Company, Inc
Yellow Cab Company
Yellow Corporation
Yellow Roadway Corporation
Yellowstone Electronic Solutions Company
Yichang Municipal Pacific Chemicals Company, Limited
YKK Corporation of America
Yokogawa Corporation of America
Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation
Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Yokohama Rubber Company, Ltd.
York Newspaper Company
York Railway Company
Yorkshire Tile Company
Young Company
Young Innovative Company
Young Persons Theatre Company
Young Victorian Theatre Company
Youngstown & Southern Railway Company
Youngstown Central Area Community Improvement Corporation
Youth Dance Company
Youth Musical Theater Company
Youth Theatre Company
Yoyojam Yoyo Company
Yue Loong Motor Company Ltd
Yukon Electrical Company Limited
Yukon Zinc Corporation
Z Company Hacking Crew
Zagelmeyer Block Company
Zak Morris Company, Inc.
Zakum Development Company
Zale Corporation
Zambia State Insurance Corporation
Zamboanga Minerals Corporation
Zatec Hop Company
Zenith Electronics Corporation
Zeravshan Gold Company
Zeravshan Gold Company
Zero Gravity Corporation
Zero Gravity Corporation
Zhejiang Tongxiang Electronic Industry Corporation
Zhejiang Tongxiang Electronic Industry Corporation
Zhongxing Shenyang Commercial Building Group Company Limited
Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation
Zimbabwe Fertilizer Company
Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation
Zimmerman Brush Company
Zimvibes Broadcast Company
Zinc Corporation of America
Zions Bancorporation
Zions Securities Corporation
Zone of Incorporation
Zschiegner Refining Company
Zurich Insurance Company
Zweibruecken Broadcasting Company
Zymo Research Corporation