Conservation Abbreviations


What is Conservatism?

Conservatism (also called conservatism) is a political and social stance that seeks to promote the maintenance of traditional values, practices and institutions.

Broadly speaking, conservatism values tradition, hierarchy, authority, and property rights. However, given that what is considered traditional varies by place and time, conservatism does not have fixed universal characteristics.

Conservatism focuses on stability and continuity, opposing progressive or revolutionary policies. Thus, a conservative individual is someone who advocates the permanence of the status quo or the return of the values of a bygone era.

A conservative stance can be present in various branches of society, such as politics, religion, economics, etc.

Political conservatism

Conservatism is usually related to right-wing politics and advocates the preservation of private property, personal wealth and individualism.

In politics, conservatism does not seek to prevent any social change from happening, but only those of a revolutionary character, which have profound and immediate institutional repercussions. In this sense, political conservatism understands that changes must occur from institutions and never against them.

Political conservatism assumes that tradition, family, school and religion must be the bases through which social changes must occur naturally and gradually.

Conservatism and Liberalism

Conservatism and liberalism are variant concepts that present themselves in three aspects: classical, social and economic.

In classical terms, conservatism is the ideology of the right marked by authority, order and tradition, as in classical aristocracy. In the social aspect, conservatism is the posture that enhances the hierarchy. In the economic field, conservatism is divided into three strands:

  • classical economic conservatism: which favors the interests of the elite in a state
  • fiscal economic conservatism: focused on economic austerity policies (spending control with the objective of achieving fiscal balance)
  • Social economic conservatism: which focuses on protectionist economic policies

Liberalism, in the classical context, is the left-wing ideology that favors freedom, as in classical democracy. Socially, liberalism favors equality. In economics, liberalism takes two forms:

  • Classical economic liberalism: based on complete economic freedom
  • social economic liberalism: based on economic equality

Examples of conservative values

Below are some examples of classically and socially conservative values:

classic conservative values socially conservative values
economic planning immigration restrictions
Class-based social hierarchy Resistance to social programs
No separation of religion and state Social hierarchy in terms of gender, race and ethnicity
Protectionism emphasis on nationalism
No right to a fair trial Control over the market
limited freedom of expression Isolationism
No prioritization of human rights Resistance to progressive policies

Liberal conservatism

Liberal conservatism is an economic and social ideology that combines conservative political elements and liberal stances.

Liberal conservatism embodies the classic view of minimal state intervention in the economy, guaranteeing all individuals the freedom to participate in the market and generate wealth. However, according to liberal conservatism, individuals cannot be totally free in other spheres of life, requiring a strong state that ensures order and, through social institutions, develops the nation’s sense of duty and responsibility.

In political terms, liberal conservatism is seen as a center-right ideology (or moderate right) that supports civil liberties and conservative social postures, always favoring the economy.

Origin of conservatism

Conservatism, as a stance of resistance to change, originated during the social, political and economic revolutions that took place in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The English Revolution of 1640 and the French Revolution of 1789 were largely responsible for changes in the world economic paradigm and the consequent transition to the modern world. It was these progressive movements that gave rise to capitalism, which drastically transformed the thinking and values of the time, first in Europe and then in the rest of the world.

As a natural consequence of these revolutions, the division between conservatism and progressivism emerged, that is, those who defended the maintenance of order and the current policy and those who supported changes through revolutionary movements.

As a political ideology, the origin of conservatism is often attributed to political philosophers Richard Hooker, David Hume and, above all, Edmund Burke. Burke was one of the main critics of the French Revolution, claiming that the changes of the time would destroy traditional society and institutions. He later became known as the “father of liberal conservatism”, as he had ideals contrary to those of the British Conservative party.

Conservatism in Brazil

In Brazil, conservatism is closely related to right-wing political parties, although very few parties officially call themselves conservative.

The first form of conservatism in Brazil occurred through the Conservative Party, founded around 1836 with the proposal to protect the integrity of the country, and extinguished with the establishment of the republic in 1889.

Currently, Brazilian conservatism defends the strengthening of traditional institutions such as the family, religion and school, as well as the valorization of the ideals of hierarchy and authority. Considering that there are no particularly conservative parties, conservatism in Brazil is observable through politicians such as Jair Bolsonaro, Silas Malafia or other members of the evangelical bench.

List of Acronyms Related to Conservation

ACAP Accord sur la Conservation des Albatros et des Pétrels
ACNAT Action by the Community Relating to Nature Conservation
ACT Action for Conservation through Tourism
ACS Advanced Conservation Systems, Inc.
ACF Africa Conservation Fund
ABCP African Blackwood Conservation Project
ACCOUNTING African Conservation Centre
ACCESSORY African Conservation Centre
ACC African Conservation Centre
ACF African Conservation Foundation
ACT African Conservation Trust
ACCF African Cultural Conservation Fund
AECT African Elephant Conservation Trust
AEC Agency of Environmental Conservation
ACAP Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels
ASCOBANS Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic and North Seas
ACAA Agricultural Conservation & Adjustment Administration
ACIC Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center
ARCF Agricultural Resources Conservation Fund
AWCLP Agricultural Water Conservation Loan Program
ACP Agriculture Conservation Program
AFCD Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
ACCOUNTING Air Conservation Commission
ACCESSORY Air Conservation Commission
ACC Air Conservation Commission
ACT Alachua Conservation Trust
AACD Alaska Association of Conservation Districts
ACA Alaska Conservation Alliance
ACF Alaska Conservation Foundation
ADEC Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
ANILCA Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
AWCC Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
ARCHIVE Alliance of Religions and Conservation
ARC Alliance of Religions and Conservation
ACS Alternative Conservation System
ACA Amazon Conservation Association
ACT Amazon Conservation Team
ABCA American Bird Conservation Association
ACA American Conservation Association
ACFF American Conservation Film Festival
AIC American Institute for Conservation
ARCC American Rivers Conservation Council
AWCP American Wildlife Conservation Partners
ARCT Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust
ACA Amphibian Conservation Alliance
ANCF Animal & Nature Conservation Fund
ACA Antarctic Conservation Act
AABC Architect Accredited in Building Conservation
ARCHIVE Architecture Restoration Conservation
ARC Architecture Restoration Conservation
AICA Arizona-Idaho Conservation Act of 1988
ASWC Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission
AHCP Army Hearing Conservation Program
AWPNUC Asia and West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation
ACCR Association Canadienne pour la Conservation et la Restauration
ACI Association for Conservation Information
AEDC Association for Forest Development and Conservation
ACBK Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan
ACE Association for the Conservation of Energy
ANCON Association for the Conservation of Nature
AFCEV Association Française pour la Conservation des Espèces Végétales
AFCD Association of Florida Conservation Districts
ARCC Association of Regional Conservation Centers
ATSWCD Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts
AZTREC Association of Zimbabwe Traditional Environmental Conservationists
APECA Association Promoting Education and Conservation in Amazonia
ASCP Atlantic Salmon Conservation Plan
APNC Atomic Parity Non-Conservation
ASWC Audubon Society Wildlife Conservation
ABCA Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
ANZECC Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council
AAVCB Australian Association of Veterinary Conservation Biologists
ACF Australian Conservation Foundation
AICCM Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material
ANCA Australian Nature Conservation Agency
ASCC Australian Soil Conservation Council
ATCV Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers
ARCCH Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
BHCG Barn Hill Conservation Group
BATCON Bat Conservation International
BCI Bat Conservation International
BCT Bat Conservation Trust
BHCS Bathgate Historic Conservation Society
BAACG Bay Area Art Conservation Guild
BICA Bay Islands Conservation Association
BCCG Beaver Creek Conservation Group
BACONGO Belize Alliance of Conservation Non-Government Organizations
BCI Berkley Conservation Institute
BEC Bermuda Energy Conservation
BCA Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
BCC Biodiversity Conservation Center
BCIS Biodiversity Conservation Information System
BCTI Biodiversity Conservation Trust of India
BCD Biological Conservation Data
BDCPC Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme Cameroon
BCN Bird Conservation Nepal
BCR Bird Conservation Region
BBCC Black Bear Conservation Committee
BCCP Black Creek Conservation Project
BMCS Blue Mountains Conservation Society
BOC-MP Bond Order Conservation-Morse Potential
BCRRT Bonneville Conservation Restoration and Renewal Team
BBEC Borneo Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conservation
BGCI Botanic Gardens Conservation International
BBCC Boundary Bay Conservation Committee
BCT Breast Conservation Therapy
BPCA Brice Prairie Conservation Association
BASC British Association for Shooting and Conservation
BANC British Association of Nature Conservationists
BCAHCC Broward County Airboat, Halftrack and Conservation Club
BSWCD Broward Soil and Water Conservation District
BCFS Budongo Conservation Field Station
BCA Building Conservation Associates, Inc
BCCS Butler Cave Conservation Society
BFCI Butterfly Conservation Initiative
BMCT Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust
CSCA Calico Scallop Conservation Association
CIVIL California Conservation Corps
CCC California Conservation Corps
CDC California Department of Conservation
CDCA California Desert Conservation Area
CHC California Houndsmen for Conservation
CRCC California Rangeland Conservation Coalition
CRCA California Rockfish Conservation Area
CNSC Canada National Salmon Conservation
CAC Canadian Association for Conservation
CBCN Canadian Botanical Conservation Network
CCI Canadian Conservation Institute
CIPEC Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
COTERC Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation
CCAA Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances
CSAC Candidate Special Area of Conservation
CLCT Canton Land Conservation Trust
CCA Caribbean Conservation Association
CIVIL Caribbean Conservation Corporation
CCC Caribbean Conservation Corporation
CFCA Caribbean Forest Conservation Association
CCP Cascades Conservation Partnership
CRCA Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
CIVIL Catchment Conservation Committee
CCC Catchment Conservation Committee
CCCA Catfish Creek Conservation Authority
CIVIL Catholic Conservation Center
CCC Catholic Conservation Center
CFTC Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation
CAEC Center for Aquatic Ecology and Conservation
CREW Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife
CCES Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability
CCI Center for Conservation Incentives
CEC Center for Elephant Conservation
CERC Center for Environmental Research and Conservation
CMBC Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
CMC Center for Marine Conservation
CPC Center for Plant Conservation
CRC Center for ReSource Conservation
CRNC Center for Russian Nature Conservation
CCFCC Central Coast Fisheries Conservation Coalition
CPCS Central Peace Conservation Society
CECOS Centre d’Étude et de COnservation du Sperme
CCFA Centre de Conservation de la Faune Ailée
CCL Centre de Conservation du Livre
CEBC Centre For Evidence-Based Conservation
CFCG Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics
CCF Cheetah Conservation Fund
CCCB Cherokee County Conservation Board
CCCD Cheshire County Conservation District
CIVIL Chicago Conservation Center
CCC Chicago Conservation Center
CECC Chicago Energy Conservation Code
CECO Chief Energy Conservation Officer
CECIC China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation
CECP China Energy Conservation Program
CWCA China Wildlife Conservation Association
CIVIL Civil Conservation Corps
CCC Civil Conservation Corps
CCCA Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni
CRCP Civilian Resource Conservation Program
CCCB Clay County Conservation Board
CCCD Clearfield County Conservation District
CUWCD Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District
CCCB Clinton County Conservation Board
CRCCP Clinton River Coldwater Conservation Project
CCDA Coal Conservation and Development Act
CCA Coastal Conservation Activities
CCA Coastal Conservation Association
CCAF Coastal Conservation Association of Florida
CCD Coastal Conservation Department
CCRP Coastal Conservation Research Program
CASCD Colorado Association of Soil Conservation Districts
CCCD Columbia County Conservation District
CRCL Columbia River Conservation League
CCAMLR Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
CBC Community Based Conservation
CBDC Community Biodiversity Development and Conservation Programme
C3 Community Centred Conservation
CCN Community Conservation Network
CCP Community Conservation Project
CDCC Community Development Conservation Committees
CFCN Community Forest Conservation Network
CBCPV Comparative Biogeography and Conservation of Philippine Vertebrates
CCMP Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan
CCP Comprehensive Conservation Plan
CWCS Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy
CONTINUOUS Conservation
CON Conservation
CAS Conservation Agreement and Strategy
CDM Conservation and Demand Management
CDF Conservation and Development Forum
CEMETERY Conservation and Enforcement Measures
CEM Conservation and Enforcement Measures
CEMD Conservation and Environmental Management Division
CREP Conservation and Environmental Program
CPRL Conservation and Production Research Laboratory
C-AND-P Conservation and Protection
CARL Conservation and Recreation Lands
CARA Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 2001
CRER Conservation and Renewable Energy Reserve
CRC Conservation and Research Center
CRES Conservation and Research for Endangered Species
CARES Conservation Applicant Referral Evaluation System
CAMC Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition
CBC Conservation Biological Control
CBEM Conservation Biology and Ecosystem Management
CBIP Conservation Biology in Practice
CBP Conservation Breeding Program
CBSG Conservation Breeding Specialist Group
CBMA Conservation Business Managers Association
CCW Conservation Center for Westchester
CCIWA Conservation Commission/Inland Wetland Agency
CCI Conservation Consultants Inc.
CCNW Conservation Contracts North West
CCLB Conservation Corps of Long Beach
CCNB Conservation Council of New Brunswick
CCNC Conservation Council of North Carolina
CCSA Conservation Council of South Australia
CCSERC Conservation Council of the South-East Region and Canberra
CCVA Conservation Council of Virginia
CDC Conservation Data Centre
CD Conservation Dependent
CES Conservation des Eaux et Sols
CEPA Conservation des Especes et des Populations Animales
CDRP Conservation Development Recognition Program
CD Conservation District
CDSN Conservation District of Southern Nevada
CENTS Conservation Education Now for Tennessee Students
CF Conservation Farmers
CFA Conservation Finance Alliance
CFTO Conservation for the Oceans Foundation
CF Conservation Foundation
CFLC Conservation Futures Lands Committee
CIA Conservation in Action
CIN Conservation Information Network
CIG Conservation Innovation Grants
CINT Conservation Intention
CI Conservation International
CLN Conservation Land Network
CLTA Conservation Land Trust Argentina
CLF Conservation Law Foundation
CMP Conservation Management Plan
COBRA COnservation of a vital european scientific & Biotechnological Resource: microAlgae & cyanobacteria
COSMIC Conservation of Ancient Monuments in Cultivation
COAM Conservation of Angular Momentum
CAFF Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna
COBRA Conservation of Biodiversity Resource Areas
CE Conservation of Energy
COFEPOSA Conservation of Foreign Exchanges and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act
COLM Conservation of Linear Momentum
CME Conservation of Mechanical Energy
CMS Conservation of Migratory Species
CPGL Conservation of Private Grazing Lands
CORE Conservation of Resources through Enterprise
COOL Conservation Online
CO Conservation Operations
CODA Conservation Options and Decisions Analysis
CPOL Conservation Police Officers Lodge
CPDU Conservation Projects Development Unit
CREP Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
CRP Conservation Reserve Program
CRB Conservation Review Board
CSP Conservation Security Program
CSSV Conservation Society of Southern Vermont
CSC Conservation Supply Curve
CINF Conservation Survey Record Information
CTCP Conservation Tax Credit Properties
CALL-TO-ACTION Conservation Technical Assistance
CTA Conservation Technical Assistance
CTIC Conservation Technology Information Center
CTPH Conservation Through Public Health
CTEC Conservation Tillage Equipment Credit
CTF Conservation Trust for Florida
CTF Conservation Trust Fund
CVR Conservation Voltage Reduction
CVR Conservation Voltage Regulation
CVBC Conservation Voters of British Columbia
CART Conservation, Amenity and Recreation Trusts
CEDAM Conservation, Education, Diving, Archaeology & Museums
CREM Conservation, Renewables, Energy Management
CCM Consortium for Conservation Medicine
CCP Continental Conservation Plan
CCRCD Contra Costa Resource Conservation District
CCAS Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals
CCAMLR Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
CCCD Converse County Conservation District
CIVIL Coral Cay Conservation
CCC Coral Cay Conservation
CAOHC Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
CCD County Conservation Districts
CCA Cowcod Conservation Area
CVCA Credit Valley Conservation Authority
CVCA Crowe Valley Conservation Authority
CIVIL Cycle Conservation Club
CCC Cycle Conservation Club
DPCG Dairy Producers’ Conservation Group
DBCL Daniel Boone Conservation League
DSCN Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature
DCCD Delaware County Conservation District
DISCOUNT Department of Conservation
DC Department of Conservation
DOC Department Of Conservation
CALM Department of Conservation and Land Management
DCR Department of Conservation and Recreation
DEC Department of Environment and Conservation
DEC Department of Environmental Conservation
DLWC Department of Land and Water Conservation
DNRC Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
DNCP Department of Nature Conservation and Protection
DPC Department of Preservation and Conservation
DSCWM Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management
DEC Department of the Environment and Conservation
DWLBC Department of Water Land and Biodiversity Conservation
DPWC Department of Wildlife Conservation
DCA Designated Conservation Area
DAFC Director of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation
DWCF Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
DSCO District Soil Conservation Office
DHC Division of Habitat Conservation
DWC Division of Wildlife Conservation
DCA Dominican Conservation Association
DPCG Downham Parish Conservation Group
DVCA Dundas Valley Conservation Area
DICE Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology
EBCC East Bay Conservation Corps
EKCP East Kootenay Conservation Program
EECB Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
ERBC Eco-Regional Based Conservation
ECG Ecosystem Conservation Group
ECOSS Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim
ECP Emergency Conservation Program
ECW Emergency Conservation Work act
ECPN Emerging Conservation Professionals Network
ECAP Energy Conservation Action Plan
ECAM Energy Conservation And Management
ECPA Energy Conservation and Production Act
ECUT Energy Conservation and Utilization Technology
ECBC Energy Conservation Building Codes
ENERCON Energy Conservation Consultants
ECGA Energy Conservation Grant Award
ECG Energy Conservation Group
ECIP Energy Conservation Improvement Program
ECL Energy Conservation Law
ECLA Energy Conservation Leadership Act
ECL Energy Conservation Loan Program
ECM Energy Conservation Management
ECMB Energy Conservation Management Board
ECM Energy Conservation Measure
ECP Energy Conservation Product
ECRA Energy Conservation Reauthorization Act of 1998
ECU Energy Conservation Unit
ECCC Energy Conversion and Conservation Center
EECA Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
EECP Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan
EECS Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy
EPACT Energy Policy And Conservation Act
ENTICE Environment & Nature Training Institute for Conservation Education
ECD Environment and Conservation Division
EPBC Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation
ECOLOGY Environmental and Conservation Organisations
ECO Environmental and Conservation Organisations
ECPC Environmental Conservation and Protection Center
ECAZ Environmental Conservation Association of Zambia
ECHO Environmental Conservation Hotlinks
ECL Environmental Conservation Law
ENCRS Environmental Conservation of Natural Resources
ENCR Environmental Conservation of Natural Resources
ECOLOGY Environmental Conservation Organization
ECO Environmental Conservation Organization
ECP Environmental Conservation Program
EECG Environmental Education and Conservation Global
ELCR Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
ERCA Essex Region Conservation Authority
ESCCA Estonian Seminatural Community Conservation Association
ECS Etherington Conservation Services
EWCA Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority
EWCP Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme
EBCD European Bureau for Conservation and Development
ECNC European Centre for Nature Conservation
EPCS European Plant Conservation Strategy
EPCN European Pond Conservation Network
ESSC European Society for Soil Conservation
EUCC European Union for Coastal Conservation
FRCA Farming and Rural Conservation Agency
FOCB Federal Oil Conservation Board
FACE Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU
FCC Feline Conservation Center
FCF Feline Conservation Federation
FANC Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
FPCI First Philippine Conservation, Inc.
FWC Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
FWCB Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
FHC Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
FCMA Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976
FCZ Fishery Conservation Zone
FACT Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990
FACTA Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990
FCA Forest Conservation Act
FCC Forest Conservation Council
FRC Forest Resources and Conservation
FCCA Forestry Conservation Communications Association
FWC Foundation Wildlife Conservation
FBCEC Fred Berry Conservation Education Center
FMCS Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society
FMCCC Friends of the Montgomery County Conservation Corps
GFCA Gaia Forest Conservation Archives
GRCA Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
GPC Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia Inc
GACC Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
GSCD Genesee Soil Conservation District
GLCP Georgia Land Conservation Partnership
GCCW Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife
GACP German Apsara Conservation Project
GCDE Germplasm Conservation, Dissemination, and Evaluation
GCI Getty Conservation Institute
GPCU Giant Panda Conservation Unit
GECC Glenville Environmental Conservation Commission
GCCI Global Communications for Conservation, Inc
GRAC Global Readiness Assistance Conservation
GWCG Grafham Wildlife and Conservation Group
GCCD Grafton County Conservation District
GRCA Grand River Conservation Authority
GVCA Grand Valley Conservation Authority
GACA Great Ape Conservation Act of 2000
GPMCT Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust
GCN Greatest Conservation Need
GCCL Green County Conservation League
GEC Green Environment Conservation
GVCD Greenbrier Valley Conservation District
GCD groundwater conservation district
GCCA Gulf Coast 4 Conservation Association
GCCA Gulf Coast Conservation Association
HCMP Habitat Conservation and Management Plan
HCP Habitat Conservation Plan
HCTF Habitat Conservation Trust Fund
HCP Hearing Conservation Program
HLCA Heart Lake Conservation Area
HC Heat Conservation
HCP Herculaneum Conservation Project
HLCF Heritage Land Conservation Fund
HCB Herpetological Conservation and Biology
HCV High Conservation Value
HCVF High Conservation Value Forest
HESCO Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization
HKCA Hindukush Conservation Association
HKCAS Hindukush Conservation Association
HECA Home Energy Conservation Association
HLCS Horned Lizard Conservation Society
HSCD Hot Springs Conservation District
HCPP Housing and Conservation Planning Program
HSCD Howard Soil Conservation District
HLCP Hydrocarbon Liquids Conservation Project
INCA Iceland Nature Conservation Association
ICF Images for Conservation Fund
ICCI Indian Council of Conservation Institute
ISWC Indigenous Soil and Water Conservation
IPCA Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance
ICC Institut Canadien de Conservation
ITBC Institute for Tropical Biology & Conservation
ITEC Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation
ISWC Institute of Soil and Water Conservation
ICP Institutional Conservation Program
ICDA Integrated Conservation and Development Areas
ICDP Integrated Conservation Development Project
ITUC Integrated Territorial and Urban Conservation
IFCT Interagency Forest Conservation Team
IAC Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles
IBCC International Boreal Conservation Campaign
ICCE International Centre for Conservation Education
ICCF International Cheetah Conservation Foundation
ICCAT International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna
ICCF International Conservation Caucus Foundation
CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
IDCP International Dolphin Conservation Program
IIC International Institute for Conservation
IIEC International Institute for Energy Conservation
ILPC International League of Conservation Photographers
INNCA International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art
IPCWG International Penguin Conservation Working Group
IPIECA International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
ISCO International Soil Conservation Organization
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature
IUCNNR International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources
IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
IYFESC International Youth Federation for Environmental Studies and Conservation
ICCG Irish Char Conservation Group
IPCC Irish Peatland Conservation Council
JCDT Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust
JWCS Japan Wildlife Conservation Society
JCCD Jefferson County Conservation District
JECC Jiangsu Energy Conservation Centre
JCCBI Joint Committee for the Conservation of British Invertebrates
JNCC Joint Nature Conservation Committee
KCS Kalahari Conservation Society
KCC Kangaroo Conservation Center
KSCC Kansas State Conservation Commission
KDOC Kentucky Division of Conservation
KCC Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee
KCD King Conservation District
KMTNC King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation
KCC Kortright Centre for Conservation
KCCB Kossuth County Conservation Board
LHCA Lake Hubert Conservation Association
LLCA Lake Laurentian Conservation Area
LLCS Lake Linganore Conservation Society
LMCD Lake Minnetonka Conservation District
LNWC Lake Norman Wildlife Conservationists
LSRCA Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
LTCA Lake Talon Conservation Association
LRCA Lakehead Region Conservation Authority
LWCFA Land and Water Conservation Fund Act
LCA Land Conservation Act
LCDC Land Conservation and Development Commission
LCD Land Conservation District
LCDC Land Conservation District Committee
LCO Land Conservation Officer
LRCD Land Resources Conservation Department
LCC Landscape Conservation Cooperative
LRCD Laramie Rivers Conservation District
LCV League of Conservation Voters
LCECP Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation Project
LCF Lemur Conservation Foundation
LACV Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers
LLCT Lincoln Land Conservation Trust
LSRCD Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District
LCCS Liverpool Community Conservation Society
LACAC Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
LECL Local Energy Conservation Law
LMCL Local Momentum Conservation Law
LLCC Long Lake Conservation Center
LLCF Long Lake Conservation Foundation
LPRCA Long Point Region Conservation Authority
LICC Lopez Island Conservation Corps
LACC Los Angeles Conservation Corps
LCV Lothians Conservation Volunteers
LCCS Lower Chatham Conservation Society
LSCR Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
LTVCA Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority
LIEC Low-Income Energy Conservation
LHCA Lucas Heights Conservation Area
LLCT Lyme Land Conservation Trust
MFCMA Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act 1976
MVCA Maitland Valley Conservation Authority
MCDA Manitoba Conservation Districts Association
MCFB Manitoba Conservation Forestry Branch
MCA Marine Conservation Agreement
MCA Marine Conservation Alliance
MCAF Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation
MCBI Marine Conservation Biology Institute
MCRI Marine Conservation Research Institute
MCSC Marine Conservation Science Center
MCS Marine Conservation Society
MCZ Marine Conservation Zone
MNCR Marine Nature Conservation Review
MCD Mason Conservation District
MCRG Masonry Conservation Research Group
MACC Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions
MACINTOSH Master of Art Conservation
MAC Master of Art Conservation
MCMS Master of Conservation of Monuments and Sites
MPCA Medicinal Plant Conservation Area
MPCN Medicinal Plants Conservation Network
MBCD Medicine Bow Conservation District
MRCD Mendocino County Resource Conservation District
MTRCA Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
MCLN Mexican Conservation Learning Network
MACD Michigan Association of Conservation Districts
MCWC Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
MCCC Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps
MCA Michigan Conservation Association
MUCC Michigan United Conservation Club
MCT Micronesia Conservation Trust
MPCA Milne Park Conservation Association
MCDR Mineral Conservation and Development Rules
MRCD Mission Resource Conservation District
MRCI Mississippi River Conservation Initiative
MSWCC Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission
MCAA Missouri Conservation Agents Association
MOCREP Missouri Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
MDC Missouri Department of Conservation
MFCP Model Farmland Conservation Program
MCSW Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District
MACD Montana Association of Conservation Districts
MBOGC Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation
MCSN Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery
MFCES Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station
MRCC Montana Raptor Conservation Center
MPGC Monterey Pine Genetic Conservation
MRCA Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
MMCT Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust
MLCA Multi-Lakes Conservation Association
MSCP Multiple Species Conservation Program
MFCA Murchison Falls Conservation Area
NCF Nantucket Conservation Foundation
NCT Nashoba Conservation Trust
NACD National Association of Conservation Districts
NASCC National Association of Service & Conservation Corps
NASCA National Association of State Conservation Agencies
NCCF National Cemetery Conservation Foundation
NCCC National Civilian Conservation Corps
NCWCD National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development
NCA National Conservation Area
NCLI National Conservation Leadership Institute
NCS National Conservation Strategy
NCTC National Conservation Training Center
NCCW National Council for Conservation of Wildlife
NCCR National Council for Conservation-Restoration
NECA National Energy Conservation Association
ENERCON National Energy Conservation Centre
NECPA National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1978
NFCAP National Forestry and Conservation Action Programme
NFCAP National Forests and Conservation Action Plan
NHCA National Hearing Conservation Association
NLCP National Lake Conservation Plan
NLCS National Landscape Conservation System
NMCAC National Marine Conservation Area of Canada
NNMCC National Native Mussel Conservation Committee
NPCA National Parks Conservation Association
NRLC National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property
NARESCON National Resources Conservation Council
NCRS National Resources Conservation Service
NRCD National River Conservation Directorate
CAROL National Seminar on Conservation and Restoration of Lakes
NSCC National Soil Conservation Council
NSCP National Soil Conservation Program
NWASCO National Water and Soil Conservation Organisation
NWCP National Wildlife Conservation Park
NOCI Native Orchid Conservation Inc.
NPCI Native Plant Conservation Initiative
NVCA Native Vegetation Conservation Act
NCCP Natural Community Conservation Planning
NRC Natural Resource Conservation
NRCL Natural Resource Conservation League
NRCW Natural Resource Conservation Workshop
NRCA Natural Resources Conservation Areas
NRCA Natural Resources Conservation Authority
NRCB Natural Resources Conservation Board
NRCD Natural Resources Conservation District
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
NCMA Nature Conservation Management Area
NACSJ Nature Conservation Society of Japan
NWSCC Near West Side Conservation Council
NOGCC Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
NMBCF Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Fund
NRCT Nepal River Conservation Trust
NWCF Nepal Water Conservation Foundation
NTCD Nevada Tahoe Conservation District
NJCF New Jersey Conservation Foundation
NMODC New Mexico Oil Conservation District
NMWCA New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance
NYCEF New York Conservation Education Fund
NYSDEC New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NZCCM New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine
NZCA New Zealand Conservation Authority
NZTCV New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers
NPCA Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
NCF Nigerian Conservation Foundation
NABCI North American Bird Conservation Initiative
NASCO North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization
NCCN North Carolina Conservation Network
NDCC Northeast Document Conservation Center
NBCI Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative
NICC Northern Illinois Conservation Club
NPCN Northern Plains Conservation Network
NWPCC Northwest Power and Conservation Council
NVCA Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
NCS Numismatic Conservation Services LLC
ORMCP Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan
OHC Occupational Hearing Conservationist
OPCF Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
ORCA Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment
OSCZ Ocean Salmon Conservation Zone
CE Office of Conservation and Renewable Energy
OICP Offshore Island Conservation Programme
OCD Oil Conservation Division
OCD Okanogan Conservation District
OWC Open Watershed Conservation
OCSP Orangutan Conservation Services Program
OBC Organization for Bat Conservation
OECP Organization for Energy Conservation and Planning
OBC Outer Banks Conservationists
OCP Owston’s Palm Civet Conservation Program
OCV Oxford Conservation Volunteers
PECP Pacific Estuary Conservation Program
PWCC Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative
PWRCC Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
PCC Panchyat Conservation Committee
PLACE Park Land Acquisition for Conservation and Environmental Protection
PRC Parks Recreation and Conservation
PRCB Parks, Recreation & Conservation Board
PARC Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
PLCA Paudash Lake Conservation Association
PLCA Pekin Lake Conservation Area
PVCD Pembina Valley Conservation District
PACD Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc.
PCVEL Pennsylvania Conservation Voters Education League
PWCM Permanent Water Conservation Measure
PCRA Petroleum Conservation Research Association
PLCA Phobjikha Landscape Conservation Area
PPCF Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation
PGYCC Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp
PWCC Piney Woods Conservation Center
POCD Plan of Conservation and Development
PCA Plant Conservation Alliance
PCU Plant Conservation Unit
PCEC Potlatch Conservation Education Center
PCA Predator Conservation Alliance
PCIG Preservation and Conservation Interest Group
POAC Principle of Atom Conservation
POCOM Principle of Conservation of Momentum
PLCP Private Land Conservation Program
PCFN Projet Conservation de la Foret de Nyungwe
PCVBG Projet de Conservation et Valorisation de La Biodiversité du Gourma
PARC Protected Area for Resource Conservation
PABC Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation Unit
PACT Protected Areas Conservation Trust
PCTL Public and Conservation Trust Lands Database
PRCT Puerto Rico Conservation Trust
PLCA Puslinch Lake Conservation Association
QACA Quedgeley Area Conservation Association
RCSQ Rainforest Conservation Society of Queensland
RRCA Raisin Region Conservation Authority
RASCAL Rapid Assessment Screen of Conservation Assets and Liabilities
RRBC Rappahannock River Basin Conservation
RAC Readiness Assistance Conservation
RWMC Reef Watch Marine Conservation
RCC Regional Conservation Committee
RNCS Regional Nature Conservation Strategy
RCFC Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation
RIC Réseau d’information sur la conservation
RC Residential Conservation
RECO Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance
RECOS Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance
RC Resource Conservation
RCD Resource Conservation & Development
RCAD Resource Conservation and Development
RCRDP Resource Conservation and Rangeland Development
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976
RCRIS Resource Conservation and Recovery Information System
RCC Resource Conservation Challenge
RCD Resource Conservation District
RCES Resource Conservation Evaluation System
RCFCU Resource Conservation Federal Credit Union
RCM Resource Conservation Manitoba
RCT Resource Conservation Technology
RRCA Resource Recovery and Conservation Act
RVCA Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
RVCF Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation
RHCA Riparian Habitat Conservation Area
RTCA Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance
RCRCD Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District
RACR Roadless Area Conservation Rule
RACC Rockbridge Area Conservation Council
RCA Rockfish Conservation Area
RCCD Rockingham County Conservation District
RMRCC Rocky Mountain Regional Conservation Center
RSNC Royal Society for Nature Conservation
RSCN Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
RECP Rural Environmental Conservation Program
RMCA Rural Middlesex Conservation Alliance
RBCU Russian Bird Conservation Union
SBCP Sabah Biodiversity Conservation Project
SRCA Sacramento River Conservation Area
SCF Sahara Conservation Fund
SFCC San Francisco Conservation Corps
SMCF San Miguel Conservation Foundation
SRCA Sandwich Range Conservation Association
SCCF Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation
SCLC Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center
SSCA Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association
SVCA Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority
SSMRCA Sault Ste Marie Region Conservation Authority
SDCF Save the Dunes Conservation Fund
SLCT Scarborough Land Conservation Trust
SFRC School of Forest Resources and Conservation
SSCR Scottish Society for Conservation and Restoration
SSCS Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
STCB Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire
SCO Seasonal Conservation Officer
SHWCS Seattle Home Water Conservation Study
SMEC Second Memorandum on Energy Conservation
SFCA Secondary Fisher Conservation Area
SVPC Senior Vice President for Conservation
SWCB Shanghai Water Conservation Bureau
SCRF Shark Conservation and Research Foundation
SECG Shipboard Energy Conservation Guide
SCC Sierra Conservation Center
SSCC Silver Springs Conservation Camp
SRCD Siskiyou Resource Conservation District
SINC Site of Interest for Nature Conservation
SLCI Site of Local Conservation Interest
SNCI Site of Nature Conservation Importance
SNCI Site of Nature Conservation Interest
SNCV Sites of Nature Conservation Value
SCS Sitka Conservation Society
SCDES Skagit Conservation District
SCD Skagit Conservation District
SCEA Skagit Conservation Education Alliance
SCAC Smithsonian Center for Archives Conservation
SMCI Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute
SCOPE Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment
SCB Society for Conservation Biology
SCRO Society for the Conservation and Research of Owls
SCSCB Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds
SCBS Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep
SPEC Society Promoting Environmental Conservation
SWCS Soil & Water Conservation Society
SLCC Soil and Land Conservation Council
SWCB Soil and Water Conservation Board
SWCB Soil and Water Conservation Bureau
SWCC Soil and Water Conservation Committee
SWCD Soil and Water Conservation District
SWCF Soil and Water Conservation Foundation
RCA Soil and Water Resource Conservation Act of 1977
SCC Soil Conservation Commission
SCDES Soil Conservation District
SCD Soil Conservation District
SCRP Soil Conservation Research Programme
SCS Soil Conservation Service
SCSA Soil Conservation Society of America
SCCA Sonoma County Conservation Action
SCCC Sonoma County Conservation Council
SDCP Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan
SCGCC South Carolina Grassland Conservation Coalition
SDSWCD South Dade Soil and Water Conservation District
SDACD South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts
SYCD South Yakima Conservation District
SACC Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
SEAC Southeast Alaska Conservation Society
SHSCB Southern Hills Soil Conservation Board
SRCA Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance
SSCRCD Southern Sonoma County Resource Conservation District
SACRIFICE Special Area for Conservation
SAC Special Area for Conservation
SACRIFICE Special Area of Conservation
SAC Special Area of Conservation
SFCC Special Funds Conservation Committee
SNCO Special Nature Conservation Order
SACG Specialist Anglers Conservation Group
SINC Species in Need of Conservation
SOCI Species of Conservation Interest
SPEC Species of European Conservation Concern
SOCA Spotted Owl Conservation Area
SCRCA St. Clair Region Conservation Authority
SCSC Standing Committee on Soil Conservation
SVCD Star Valley Conservation District
SCRAP State Conservation and Rescue Archaeology Program
SECO State Energy Conservation Office
SMCA State Marine Conservation Area
SSCD State Soil Conservation District
SNCO Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation
SNCA Steese National Conservation Area
SCCD Stevens County Conservation District
SCA Student Conservation Association
SECS Sudanese Environment Conservation Society
SIMCA Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area
SMCA Sumas Mountain Conservation Association
SOCP Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme
STCP Sumatran Tiger Conservation Program
SCTP Sumatran Tiger Conservation Program
SBCP Sundarban Biodiversity Conservation Project
SCF Suriname Conservation Foundation
SNCV Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers
SSNC Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
TRCD Tahoe Resource Conservation District
TCF Taimen Conservation Fund
TCP Tamaraw Conservation Program
TCT Tandroy Conservation Trust
TCT Tasmanian Conservation Trust
TFCR Tayside Foundation for the Conservation of Resources
TEC Teaching Energy Conservation
TCSC Technical Committee on Soil Conservation
TRCA Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Alliance
TRCD Tehachapi Resource Conservation District
TDEC Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
TPWC Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation
TXBCD Texas Biological and Conservation Data
TLCV Texas League of Conservation Voters
TNRCC Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
TCC Textile Conservation Centre
TCC The Conservation Company
TCF The Conservation Fund
TRCAS The Reef Conservation Aquarium Society
TRCP Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
TFMCA Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area
THCD Tiger Hills Conservation District
TRCS Tom Riddolls Conservation Services
TRCA Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
TCF Travelers Conservation Foundation
TCT Travelers Conservation Trust
TBCF Trinity Basin Conservation Foundation
TVCRP Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness Program
TCD Tropical Conservation and Development
TCDP Tropical Conservation and Development Program
TFCF Tropical Forest Conservation Fund
TRACC Tropical Research and Conservation Centre
TCDP Tsunza Conservation & Development Programme
TRCC Tuna Research and Conservation Center
TCF Turtle Conservation Fund
TCP Turtle Conservation Project
UCF Uganda Conservation Foundation
UCD Underwood Conservation District
UCBC Uniform Code for Building Conservation
UQCN Union Québécoise pour La Conservation de La Nature
UMCA Upper Midwest Conservation Association
UTRCA Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
UACD Utah Association of Conservation Districts
UCDC Utah Conservation Data Center
UCA Uxbridge Conservation Association
VCC Valley Conservation Council
VCCD Vermilion County Conservation District
VCEF Vermont Conservation Education Fund
VTDEC Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
VYCC Vermont Youth Conservation Corps
VECP Vietnam Energy Conservation Program
VDCR Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
VALCV Virginia League of Conservation Voters
VMCA Voluntary Marine Conservation Area
VMCA Voluntary Marine Conservation Association
WCCB Warren County Conservation Board
WCCD Warren County Conservation District
WLCT Warren Land Conservation Trust
WLCC Warren Lasch Conservation Center
WCCD Washington County Conservation District
WSCC Washington State Conservation Commission
WWC Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation
WSCD Washoe-Storey Conservation District
WCAB Water Conservation Advisory Board
WCID Water Conservation and Improvement District
WCA Water Conservation Area
WCA1 Water Conservation Area 1
WCAA Water Conservation Association of Australia
WCAC Water Conservation Authority Committee
WCCPS Water Conservation Coalition of Puget Sound
WCFSP Water Conservation Field Services Program
WCG Water Conservation Guidelines
WCMP Water Conservation Management Program
WCMA Water Conservation Memorandum Account
WCOP Water Conservation Offset Plan
WDCQ Water Distribution, Conservation and Quality
WLCT Water of Leith Conservation Trust
WCCB Webster County Conservation Board
WCCG Welsh Carp Conservation Group
WMSWCD West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
WVCA West Virginia Conservation Agency
WAAC Western Association for Art Conservation
WCNC Western Cape Nature Conservation
WFCC Western Forest Conservation Club
WFCA Western Forestry and Conservation Association
WWCCA Western Wayne County Conservation Association
WLCT Westport Land Conservation Trust
WDCS Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
WCI Whale Conservation Institute
WMCL White Mountain Conservation League
WWCT Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
WCCA Whooping Crane Conservation Association
WBCA Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992
WCCP Wild Connections Conservation Plan
WRCP Wild Resource Conservation Program
WCCC Wilder Creek Conservation Club
WCMC Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee
WCFA Wildlife Conservation Fund of America
WCMD Wildlife Conservation Management Department
WCN Wildlife Conservation Network
WCO Wildlife Conservation Office
WCRF Wildlife Conservation Revolving Fund
WEAPON Wildlife Conservation Society
WCS Wildlife Conservation Society
WCST Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania
WEC Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
WFCB Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology
WRCA Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Association
WRCT Wildlife Research and Conservation Trust
WSCC Wildlife Science Conservation Center
WCCB Winnebago County Conservation Board
WBCI Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative
WCC Wisconsin Conservation Congress
WCHF Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame
WECC Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
WCC Wolf Conservation Center
WCCB Woodbury County Conservation Board
WASWC World Association of Soil and Water Conservation
WCMC World Conservation Monitoring Centre
WEAPON World Conservation Society
WCS World Conservation Society
WCU World Conservation Union
WICE World Institute for Conservation and Environment
WSCS World Sturgeon Conservation Society
WZCS World Zoo Conservation Strategy
WCCB Worth County Conservation Board
XCF Xinjiang Conservation Fund
YACC Young Adult Conservation Corps
YCC Youth Conservation Corps
YCS Yukon Conservation Society
ZCT Zimbabwe Conservation Taskforce
ZSC Zone Speciale de Conservation