Consortium Abbreviations

The term consortium refers to the union of two or more people who share the same objective or who must resolve issues in common. The concept, whose origin goes back to the Latin word consortĭum , is often used to allude to the group of neighbors who live in the same building.

By living in the same building, people must make consensual decisions on issues that concern everyone. If faults are detected in an elevator, for example, the consortium must decide what to do and how to solve the problem, since no neighbor has the power to define the matter for himself. In this case , consortium can be synonymous with condominium.

It is usual for consortia (or joint owners) to organize themselves according to a certain structure to facilitate their operation. In this way, the neighbors must choose a consortium president who is the one who directs the assemblies and/or is in charge of managing the affairs. This election is generally made by voting among all members.

In business and finance, a consortium arises from the grouping of several companies with the aim of developing an activity that is beneficial to all. These agreements make it possible to make investments and carry out works that, if done separately, no company would be able to carry out.

It is important to bear in mind that, in a consortium, each company maintains its autonomy and independence. Therefore, the concept of consortium should not be confused with the concept of merger, where the union of companies implies the end of the individual existence of each of the participants.

Consortia offer competitive advantages, since expenses and costs are shared by their participants, thus facilitating the achievement of financial objectives.

Consortium refers to the union of two or more people who share the same goal or who must resolve common issues. The concept, whose origin goes back to the Latin word consortĭum, is frequently used to name the group of neighbors who live in the same building.

When living together in the same construction, people must make consensual decisions about the problems that concern everyone. If there are elevator failures, for example, the consortium must decide what to do and how to solve the problem, since no neighbor has the power to define the matter himself.

It is common for consortia to be organized under a certain structure that facilitates their operation. In this way, the residents must elect a consortium president who is the one who directs the assemblies or is in charge of managing the affairs. This election usually takes place after a vote among all the members.

In addition to all the above, we would have to underline the existence of a Spanish musical group called El Consorcio. In 1993 it was when, by the hand of the singer-songwriter Rosa León, the one that is made up of several of the members of the famous Mocedades formation was formed.

Carlos Zubiaga, Amaya, Sergio Blanco, Estíbaliz and Iñaki Uranga are, specifically, the members of this group that has ten albums on the market, in addition to various compilations. In all of them they come to collect a multitude of songs that became important in Spain and also in Latin America during the decades of the thirties, forties and fifties.

In business and finance, a consortium arises from the grouping of several companies with the aim of developing an activity that provides benefits for all. These agreements make it possible to make investments and carry out works that, separately, no company could carry out.

It is important to bear in mind that, in a consortium, each company maintains its autonomy and independence. For this reason, the notion of consortium should not be confused with the concept of merger, where the union of the companies implies the end of the individual existence of each of the participants.

This type of consortium is more economical and financial exposed, we have to establish that it has its origin in the decade of the sixties. And it was then that a series of initiatives in this regard were carried out in Brazil with the clear objective of giving a necessary boost to the country’s economy.

In this way, until now those consortia have evolved and adapted to the times but have continued to meet their financial objectives in the best possible way for those who carry them out.

Consortia provide competitive advantages since expenses and costs are shared by their participants, facilitating the fulfillment of financial objectives.

Likewise, the fact that there are other types of consortia that depend more on government institutions and less on private companies should not be overlooked. These are consortia that offer interesting services to citizens. In this way, we could highlight the Tourism Consortium of Córdoba (Spain) or the Transport Consortium of the city of Cádiz.

Consortium Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Consortium

ACACIA A Consortium for the Application of Climate Impact Assessments
ACIT Academic Consortium on International Trade
AFBC Accounting and Finance Benchmarking Consortium
AFTEC Acoustic Fusion Technology Energy Consortium
AFPC Advanced Function Presentation Consortium
AIC Advanced Interactivity Consortium
ALIC Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium
ATEC Advanced Technology Education Consortium
ATRC Advanced Television Research Consortium
AARC Affirmative Action Recruiting Consortium
AERC African Economic Research Consortium
AMBC Agile Manufacturing Benchmarking Consortium
AMC AIDS Malignancy Consortium
ARCA AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta
ARCTIC AIDS Research Consortium of the Twin Cities
ARCH Air Rescue Consortium of Hospitals
ANTHC Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
ASWC Alaska State Writing Consortium
AATC Albany Area Teen Consortium
AOC-2 Alberta Online Consortium
AOC Alberta Online Consortium
ACMAP American Consortium for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
ACCI American Consortium of Certified Interpreters
ACES American Consortium on EU Studies
ADEC American Distance Education Consortium
AGCC American Gemstone Consultants Consortium
ALMC American Loss Mitigation Consortium
AMRC American Manufacturing Research Consortium
AMC American Metalcasting Consortium
ADNC Ampara District NGO’s Council/Consortium
AEIC Analytical Environmental Immunochemical Consortium
APC Anti-Pop Consortium
ACSA Antwerp Consortium of Shipping Agents
AUC Apple University Consortium
ARCHIVE Appliance Research Consortium
ARC Appliance Research Consortium
AINC Arabic Internet Names Consortium
ARSC Archaeological Remote Sensing Consortium
ARCC Architectural Research Centers Consortium
ARCUS Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
ARCU Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
AAC Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium
APSCC Arizona Public Schools Computer Consortium
APAC Arkansas Public Administration Consortium
ARCC Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium
APCSC Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium
ACCMS Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science
ASTEC Aspergillus Technology Consortium
ACSG Association of Consortium Student Governments
ARCHIVE Astrophysical Research Consortium
ARC Astrophysical Research Consortium
APCCC Atlantic Provinces Community College Consortium
ASC Atlantic Slope Consortium
ALPHABET Authorities Buying Consortium
ABC Authorities Buying Consortium
ACCOUNTING Automotive Composites Consortium
ACCESSORY Automotive Composites Consortium
ACC Automotive Composites Consortium
AMIC Automotive Multimedia Interface Consortium
AIOC Azerbaijan International Oil Consortium
AIOC Azerbaijan International Operating Consortium
BALC Baltimore Academic Libraries Consortium
BCT Bank Consortium Trust
BASC Barrow Arctic Science Consortium
BRADIC Baton Rouge Area Digital Industries Consortium
BACCC Bay Area Community College Consortium
BANC Bay Area Network Consortium
BASIC Bay Area Shared Information Consortium
BTC Beginning Teacher Consortium
BCC Behaviour Change Consortium
BCARRD Bicol Consortium for Agriculture, Resources, Research and Development
BC Biometric Consortium
BCBB Biometric Consortium Bulletin Board
BCIL Biotech Consortium India Ltd.
BASEC Birmingham and Solihull Entrepreneurship Consortium
BACHE Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education
BVLC Blossom Valley Learning Consortium
BMFDC Bone Marrow Failure Disease Consortium
BLC Boston Library Consortium
BCCAC Boulder County Clean Air Consortium
BCLC Breast Cancer Linkage Consortium
BCSC Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium
BFFC Brendan Fraser Film Consortium
BRC British Rail Consortium
BRC British Retail Consortium
BUAC British Universities Accommodation Consortium
BBC Broken Beatz Consortium
BPC Building Professionals Consortium
BIC Bulgarian Information Consortium
BBC Burma Border Consortium
BIC Business Internet Consortium
BRC Business Resilience Consortium
CCHE Calculus Consortium for Higher Education
CCCE California Consortium for Critical Educators
CCIS California Consortium for Independent Study
CCTD California Consortium for Teacher Development
CCEF California Consortium of Education Foundations
CECC California Educational Computer Consortium
CFLC California Family Literacy Consortium
CIMC California Indian Manpower Consortium
CNNC California Neighborhood Networks Consortium, Inc.
CPDC California Professional Development Consortium
CSGC California Space Grant Consortium
CSCAE California State Consortium for Adult Education
CLC Campus Laboratory Consortium
CCHPR Canadian Consortium for Health Promotion Research
CCR Canadian Consortium for Research
CMRC Canadian Media Research Consortium
CRCSA Canadian Research Consortium on Southern Africa
CSSC Canadian Strategic Software Consortium
CUSC Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium
CIVIL Career Counselors Consortium
CCC Career Counselors Consortium
CICA Career Industry Consortium Australia
CPC Caspian Pipeline Consortium
CIC CEBus Industry Consortium
CIEC Cement Industry Environment Consortium
CELEC Central and East London Education Consortium
CSQTC Central and Southern Queensland Training Consortium
CBC Central Buying Consortium
CLC Central Library Consortium
CTHC Central Texas Housing Consortium
CUSEC Central United States Earthquake Consortium
CVCIRRD Central Visayas Consortium for Integrated Regional Research and Development
CPC Cerebral Palsy Consortium
CCCE Cervical Cancer Consortium Europe
CCCC Champaign County Cultural Consortium
CBEC Chehalis Basin Education Consortium
CACTCS Chicago Area Christian Training Consortium
CCHE Chicago Consortium for Higher Education
CCSR Chicago Consortium for Stigma Research
CUBIC Chicago Universities Bioengineering Industry Consortium
CTCW Child Trauma Consortium of Westchester
CBTC Childhood Brain Tumor Consortium
CYFC Children, Youth & Family Consortium
CDNC Chinese Domain Name Consortium
CUC Claremont University Consortium
CCCC Clark Community Cultural Consortium
CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
CFNC Coalescence Filtration Nanomaterials Consortium
CBB Colby Bates Bowdoin Consortium
CCIS College Consortium for International Studies
COADEC College of the Air Distance Education Consortium
CCFCC Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium
CCTEA Colorado Consortium for Teaching East Asia
CSGC Colorado Space Grant Consortium
CDPC Combat Diseases of Poverty Consortium
CNDC Combating Nutrient Depletion Consortium
CCFE Commonwealth Consortium for Education
CTC Commonwealth Technical Consortium
CFSC Communication for Social Change Consortium
CCMC Communications Consortium Media Center
C4I Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland
CLIC Community College Leadership Initiative Consortium
CHTC Community Hospital Telehealth Consortium
CIOC Community Information Online Consortium
CALICO Computer Assisted-Language Instruction Consortium
CCSR Concord Consortium Sonar Ranger
CSCC Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium
CSC Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium
CLC Connecticut Library Consortium
CCCL Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited
CBF Consortium Bas-Fonds
CML Consortium de Matériel pour Laboratoires
CDR Consortium de Realisation
CONTACT Consortium for Advanced Continuing Education and Training
CALE Consortium for Advanced Legal Education
CARS Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources
CARB Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings
CADRE Consortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education
CBEC Consortium for Building Evaluation Capacity
CBOP Consortium for Business Object Promotion
CCD Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
CCCD Consortium for Community College Development
CCSI Consortium for Computational Signal Interpretation
CONCEPT Consortium for Computer Education and Programmer Training
CCSC Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges
CCSCEC Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Eastern Conference
CCSCNE Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Northeast
CCM Consortium for Conservation Medicine
CCE Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship
CCE Consortium for Courseware Engineering
CODEC Consortium for Distance Education from CALI
CEEGS Consortium for Ecological and Energy Global Services
CEPPS Consortium for Election and Political Process Strengthening
CERTS Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions
CEMI Consortium for Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion
CEE Consortium for Energy Efficiency
CEEM Consortium for Environmental Education in Medicine
CERES Consortium for European Research on Extragalactic Surveys
CETE Consortium for Excellence in Teacher Education
CFFS Consortium for Fossil Fuel Science
CGSM Consortium for Graduate Study in Management
CHI Consortium for Health Information
CHESS Consortium for Higher Education Software Services
CINCH Consortium for Infant and Child Health
CIEL Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning
CIMI Consortium for Interchange of Museum Information
CICP Consortium for International Crop Protection
CID Consortium for International Development
CIESIN Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
CIR Consortium for International Recruitment
CMDS Consortium for Materials Development in Space
CONCAP Consortium for Materials Development in Space
COAST Consortium for Oceanographic Activities for Students and Teachers
CORE Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education
COLLEGE Consortium for Open Learning
COLLECTED Consortium for Open Learning
COL Consortium for Open Learning
COSPA Consortium for Open Source in the Public Administration
COMH Consortium for Organizational Mental Healthcare
CREAT Consortium for Research and Education in the Arts and Technology
CRIO Consortium for Research and Information Outreach
CREWES Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology
CREATE Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transition and Equity
COSN Consortium for School Networking
CSPO Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes
CSCR Consortium for Slow Commotion Research
CSER Consortium for Software Engineering Research
CSCA Consortium for Standards and Conformity Assessment
CSRDE Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange
CSE Consortium for Superconducting Electronics
CTAPS Consortium for Teaching Asia and the Pacific in the Schools
CACH Consortium for the Advancement of Childhood Health
CAMP Consortium for the Advancement of Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals
CLEA Consortium for the Liberal Education of Artists
CFTFK Consortium for Tobacco Free Karnataka
CTTT Consortium for Training Translation Teachers
CUIBE Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education
CUPID Consortium for University Printing and Information Distribution
CWE Consortium for Worker Education
CFH Consortium Français de l’Habitation
CGSP Consortium Gerontology Studies Program
CGNPO Consortium Greater Nile Petroleum Operating
CLACS Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
CLUSTER Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research
CAIP Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs
CAAO Consortium of African American Organizations
CABAL Consortium of All Bay Area Linux
COAST Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology
CAUZ Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos
CALI Consortium of Arid Lands Institutions
CAAH Consortium of Art and Architectural Historians
CATS Consortium of Audiographic Teleconferencing Standards
CAMS Consortium of Australian Media Services
CAAR Consortium of Automotive Aftermarket Retailers
COBR Consortium of Bicycle Retailers
CBU Consortium of British Universities
CCPP Consortium of Chemical Products and Processes
COCC Consortium of Christian Colleges
CIVIL Consortium of Collective Consciousness
CCC Consortium of Collective Consciousness
CCTC Consortium of College Testing Centers
CEEP Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes
CEBC Consortium of European Building Control
CGUS Consortium of Georgian Universities
CGU Consortium of Georgian Universities
CHILL Consortium of Health Independent Information Libraries in London
CHIL-OUT Consortium of Health Information Library Outreach
CHER Consortium of Household Panels for European Socio-Economic Research
CHA Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies
CHCI Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes
CITO Consortium of Independent Tour Operators
CITE Consortium of Information and Telecommunications Executives
CLAW Consortium of Local Authorities in Wales
COMEH Consortium of Manufacturing Engineering Heads
CMSC Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers
CONVINCE Consortium of North American Veterinary Interactive New Concept Education
CONCEPT Consortium of Nursing, Clinical, Educational and Professional Teams
COOL Consortium of Ontario Libraries
COSMOS Consortium of Organizations for Strong Motion Observation Systems
CONTIG Consortium of Teachers in Genetics
CUUL Consortium of Uganda University Libraries
CURL Consortium of University Research Libraries in the British Isles
CVAA Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies
CWLIS Consortium of Welsh Library and Information Services
COAG Consortium on Asthma Genetics
CCSR Consortium on Chicago School Research
CFSP Consortium on Financial Systems and Poverty
CNCR Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
CORE Consortium on Reading Excellence
CORC Consortium on the Ocean’s Role in Climate
CTS Consortium pour la Traçabilité et la Sécurité
CRMI Consortium Research Management, Inc.
CDCM Consortium to Distribute Computer Music
CERAD Consortium to Establish A Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease
CIVIC Consortium to Investigate Vascular Impairment of Cognition
CLOCC Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children
CREATE Consortium to Respond Effectively to the AIDS-TB Epidemic
CTC Counter Terrorism Consortium
CACC Country Agricultural Consultation Consortium
CHIC Courseware for History Implementation Consortium
CITOC Court Information Technology Officer Consortium
CISC Creative Integrated Solutions Consortium
CJRC Criminal Justice Research Consortium
CBEC Cumbria Business Education Consortium
CFRC Cystic Fibrosis Research Consortium
DCSC Dane County School Consortium
DUCED Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development – Industry and Urban Areas
DUC Dansk Undergrunds Consortium
DCD Data Consortium Dictionary
DCN Data Consortium Namespace
DCC Debian Core Consortium
DHSC Defense and Homeland Security Consortium
DOTC Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium
DVDLC Delaware Valley Distance Learning Consortium
DVEC Delaware Valley Education Consortium
DERC Diesel Emissions Reduction Consortium
DMSC Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium
DVSC Disabled Veterans Solutions Consortium, Inc.
DCSGC District of Columbia Space Grant Consortium
ELCH E Learning Consortium Hamburg
EPIRC Early Promotion and Intervention Research Consortium
EMCARS East Midlands Consortium for Asylum and Refugee Support
EMTC East Midlands Training Consortium
EEBC East of England Brokerage Consortium
ERTEC Eastern Region Teacher Education Consortium
EEMBC EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium
EMC Educational Methodical Consortium
ETM Educational Teleconsortium of Michigan
EXI Efficient XML Interchange (World Wide Web Consortium working group)
ELCC eLearning Consortium of Colorado
EEIC Electric Energy Industrial Consortium
EMCC Electromagnetic Code Consortium
EUC Electronic University Consortium
EHC Emergency Housing Consortium
EIC Emergency Interoperability Consortium
EFCC Employ Florida Communication Consortium
ESAC Energy Systems Analysis Consortium
ERDT Engineering Research and Development for Technology Consortium
EWC Enhanced Wireless Consortium
EAIIC Enterprise Application Integration Industry Consortium
ECGR Equine Consortium for Genetic Research
EADC European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium
ECART European Consortium for Agricultural Research in the Tropics
ECRS European Consortium for Sociological Research
ECL European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages
EDID European Depression in Diabetes Research Consortium
EHS European Home System Consortium
EMCC European Molecular Computing Consortium
EPEC European Policy Evaluation Consortium
ERIC European Research Infrastructure Consortium
ESC European Studies Consortium
EMC Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
FMEC Family Medicine Education Consortium
FTSC Fault Tolerant Server Consortium
FLC Federal Laboratory Consortium
FMMC Federal Metadata Management Consortium
FLEC Financial Literacy Education Consortium
FSTC Financial Services Technology Consortium
FSC First Suburbs Consortium
FCRC Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium
FCLAS Florida Consortium for Latin American Studies
FCCS Florida Consortium of Charter Schools, Inc.
FCCE Florida Consortium of Clinical Educators
FDMEC Florida Digital Media Education Consortium
FESC Florida Energy Systems Consortium
FMMC Florida Medical Manufacturers’ Consortium
FSC Food Safety Consortium
FTSC Freight Transportation Security Consortium
FEMC Further Education Management Consortium
FENC Further Education National Consortium
FACILITY Future Agricultures Consortium
FAC Future Agricultures Consortium
GSDLC Garden State Distance Learning Consortium
GAELIC Gauteng and Environs Library Consortium
GCAT Genome Consortium for Active Teaching
GMESC Georgia Middle East Studies Consortium
GVSDC Georgia Vocational Staff Development Consortium
GITC Global Information and Telecommunication Consortium
GIFC Global Internet Freedom Consortium
GLC Global Learning Consortium
GMGC Global Musa Genomics Consortium
GNSC Global Name Space Consortium
GPEC Global Pediatric Education Consortium
GGEC Globally Green Energy Consortium
GC Globus Consortium
GSEEC Golden State Environmental Education Consortium
GRAND GOOS Regional Alliances Network Development (international ocean monitoring consortium)
GCCC Grand Challenge Cosmology Consortium
GLRC Great Lakes Radio Consortium
GCLC Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium
GMTC Greater Metro Telecommunications Consortium
GCPCC Gulf Coast Protein Crystallography Consortium
GSSC Gulf States Shipbuilders Consortium
HUC Hardwood Utilization Consortium
HCCME Hawaii Consortium for Continuing Medical Education
HMIC Health Management Information Consortium
HSLIC Health Science Libraries and Information Consortium
HSLC Health Sciences Libraries Consortium
HFC Healthcare Facilities Consortium
HEC Heartland Educational Consortium
HDFC High Definition Flexo Consortium
HLCC High Latitude Contaminants Consortium
HPMC High Performance Manufacturing Consortium
HEC Higher Education Consortium for Mathematics and Science
HECSE Higher Education Consortium for Special Education
HEDS Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium
HEWAC Higher Education Wireless Access Consortium
HMC Holonic Manufacturing Consortium
HCESC Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish County
HACSC Houston Area Computational Science Consortium
HTC Hyper-Transport Consortium
HTTC HyperTransport Technology Consortium
ISTEC Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium
ISGC Idaho Space Grant Consortium
ICAR Illinois Consortium for Accelerator Research
IBTC India Business and Technology Consortium
IVC Inland Valley Consortium
ICAC Inner City Asthma Consortium
IVCC Innovative Vector Control Consortium
ITDC Instructional Technology Development Consortium
ICLN Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Networks
IPEC Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium
ISEC Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Consortium
ICELAND Integration Consortium
IC Integration Consortium
IAEC International Academic Education Consortium
IBMC International Breast MRI Consortium
IBLC International Business Law Consortium
ICGC International Cancer Genome Consortium
ICRC International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium
ICCCC International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium
ICEC International Clean Energy Consortium
ICC International Color Consortium
ICASA International Consortium for Agricultural Systems Applications
ICAAP International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication
ICBM International Consortium for Brain Mapping
ICCE International Consortium for Courseware Engineering
ICEB International Consortium for Electronic Business
ICMIT International Consortium for Medical Imaging Technology
ICOR International Consortium for Organizational Resilience
ICSM International Consortium for Sugarcane Modelling
ICAAP International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication
ICAU International Consortium of ALEPH Users
ICBP International Consortium of British Pensioners
ICIER International Consortium of Independent Educators and Researchers
ICIJ International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
ICRAR International Consortium of Robotic Astronomical Researchers
ICSCN International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks
ICORE International Consortium on Religion and Ecology
IEC International Engineering Consortium
IGCLC International Gastric Cancer Linkage Consortium
IHMEC International Health Medical Education Consortium
ISC2 International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.
IIC International Interpreters Consortium
ILAC International Legal Assistance Consortium
IMGC International Milk Genomics Consortium
IMTC International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium
IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
IPCC International Packet Communications Consortium
IPAC International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium
IRC International Regulome Consortium
IRCCM International Research Consortium on Continental Margins
ISSC International Softswitch Consortium
ISC International Softswitch Consortium
ISEC International Space Elevator Consortium
ISPEC International Space Physics Educational Consortium
ITC International Telecomputing Consortium
IWMC International Wildlife Management Consortium
IFC Internet FAQ Consortium
IMC Internet Mail Consortium
ISPC Internet Service Providers Consortium
ISC Internet Software Consortium
ISC Internet Systems Consortium, Inc
ITC Internet Telephony Consortium
IRGC Inter-Realm Gaming Consortium
INTASC Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium
ICA Interuniversity Consortium for Agricultural and Related Sciences in Europe
IUCISD Inter-University Consortium for International Social Development
IDSC Intrusion Detection Systems Consortium
ICC Iowa Cancer Consortium
ICCCC Iowa Consortium for Comprehensive Cancer Control
IPCCC Iowa Private College Career Consortium
IHRC Iranian Human Rights Consortium
ISERC Irish Software Engineering Research Consortium
IRCC iRural Community Consortium
INC Italian NGO Consortium
JBIC Japan Biological Informatics Consortium
JCSH Joint Consortium for School Health
JESSI Joint European Semiconductor Consortium
JPC Joint Procurement Consortium
KDNC Kenya Development Network Consortium
KORC Knock Out Rat Consortium
KMC Knowledge Management Consortium
KMCI Knowledge Management Consortium International
KCDC Korean Commercial Aircraft Development Consortium
LACC La Crosse Area Communications Consortium
LCRC Lake Champlain Research Consortium
LWRC Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium, Inc.
LANE Latin America North East Libraries Consortium
LACCEI Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions
LLMC Law Library Microform Consortium
LSC Learning Strategies Consortium
LDC Linguistic Data Consortium
LTCC Long Term Care Consortium
LUMCON Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
LUMC Louisiana University Marine Consortium
LCCC Lycoming County Career Consortium
MC Malaria Consortium
MUCED Malaysian University Consortium for Environment and Development
MMCC Malicious Mobile Code Consortium
MALC Marin Academic Library Consortium
MSC Marine Science Consortium, Inc.
MSC Marine Studies Consortium
MTRC Massage Therapy Research Consortium
MCC Michigan Cancer Consortium
MLC Michigan Library Consortium
MQIC Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium
MCC Microelectronics and Computer Technology Consortium
MAGIC Midamerica GIS Consortium Ltd
MACC Mid-American CIBER Consortium
MAAREC Mid-Atlantic Apiary Research and Extension Consortium
MAAREC Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium
MACSC Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium
MAEC Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium
MAREC Mid-Atlantic Regional Environmental Consortium
MCNC Middle College National Consortium
MEC Midlands Energy Consortium
MOSC Midlands Offstage Skills Consortium
MCLR Midwest Consortium for Latino Research
MFC Midwest Feeds Consortium
MRTC Midwest Rural Telemedicine Consortium
MTC Midwest Transportation Consortium
MURC Midwest Universities Radon Consortium
MSTC Mine Safety Technology Consortium
MINC Minnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium
MRRC Mississippi River Research Consortium
MCPC Mobile Computing Promoting Consortium
MECCA Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment
MTEC Model Teacher Education Consortium
MNEC Mongolia Nature and Environment Consortium
MLETC Montana Law Enforcement Testing Consortium
MCLC Multicultural Collaborative Learning Consortium
MAGIC Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internetwork Consortium
MPEEC Multidisciplinary Pediatric Education and Evaluation Consortium
MINC Multilingual Internet Names Consortium
MMRC Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium
MCLC Mysore City Library Consortium
NAPALC National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium
NBPC National Black Programming Consortium
NCCC National Chronic Care Consortium
NCAS National Consortium for Academics and Sports
NCEPMC National Consortium for Education in Primary Medical Care
GEM National Consortium for Graduate Engineering Degrees for Minorities
NCHSD National Consortium for Health Systems Development
NCTA National Consortium for Teaching about Asia
NCSOCRC National Consortium of State Operated Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centers
NCRST National Consortium on Remote Sensing in Transportation
NFSIMSC National Fire Service Incident Management System Consortium
NNCC National Nursing Centers Consortium
NPSC National Physical Science Consortium
NSRC National Shark Research Consortium
NVEC National Vaccine Evaluation Consortium
NAPBC Native American Public Broadcasting Consortium
NLIC Native Language Internet Consortium
NRDLC Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium
NETC Navajo Education Technology Consortium
NCKO Nederlands Consortium Kinderopvang Onderzoek
NAC Network Applications Consortium
NCOIC Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium
NENIC New England Nursing Informatics Consortium
NESEC New England States Emergency Consortium
NGLC New Generation Latino Consortium
NJMSC New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium
NJNC New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium
NMC New Mexico Consortium
NMSGC New Mexico Space Grant Consortium
NYCEP New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology
NYCOMPS New York Consortium on Membrane Protein Structure
NICE Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel
NAAC North American Agromedicine Consortium
NAPCC North American Plant Collections Consortium
NAQC North American Quitline Consortium
NARAC North American Rheumatoid Arthritis Consortium
NASC North American Spondylitis Consortium
NASHCC North American Sustainability Housing and Community Consortium
NCCISP North Carolina Consortium of Internet Service Providers
NCARWC North Central Arizona Regional Watershed Consortium
NCCC North Central Counties Consortium
NECASS North East Consortium for Asylum Support Services
NERSC North East Regional Smartcard Consortium
NYLC North Yorkshire Learning Consortium
NCCA Northcoast Consortium for Career Advancement
NAIC Northeast Artificial Intelligence Consortium
NESEC Northeast States Emergency Consortium
NECHI Northeastern Consortium for Health Information
NAACC Northern Areas AIDS Control Consortium
NCRC Northern California Reinvestment Consortium, Inc.
NACS Northwest Academic Computing Consortium
NWGC Northwest Geodata Consortium
NWGC Northwest Georgia Consortium
NMC Norwegian Microarray Consortium
NASC Norwich Area Schools Consortium
NICOC Nursing Information Consortium of Orange County
OFSC Ohio First Suburbs Consortium
OLPC Ohio Law Placement Consortium
ORBCRE Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education
OGEC Oklahoma Global Education Consortium
OTC Online Technology Consortium
OWCC Online Writing Center Consortium
ORTC Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium
ODAC Open Document Architecture Consortium
OGCA Open Geospatial Consortium Australasia
OWS Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.
OGC Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.
OGC Open GIS Consortium, Inc.
OSCZ Open Source Consortium Zeeland
OVC Open Voting Consortium
ONTC Optical Networks Technology Consortium
OCCDIP Orange County Consortium District Intern Program
OETC Oregon Educational Technology Consortium
OLAPC Oregon Liberal Arts Placement Consortium
OTREC Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium
OPCL Orissa Power Consortium Limited
PACE Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment
PCC Pacific Circle Consortium
PCIC Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
PNCC Pacific Northwest Communication Consortium
PNCC Pacific Northwest Convergence Consortium
PPSC PanAtlantic Petroleum Systems Consortium
PAEC Panhandle Area Educational Consortium
PCRC Parallel Compiler Runtime Consortium
PERM Pb -Free Electronics Risk Management (governmental consortium)
PBTC Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium
PCIEP Pennsylvania Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy
PARC Peripheral Atherosclerosis Research Consortium
PAMEC Phoenix Area Medical Education Consortium
PMC Phosphite Manufacturers Consortium
PMC Physical Modeling Consortium
PCPI Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement
PBCC Pittsburgh Breast Cancer Consortium
PRKMC Pittsburgh Regional Knowledge Management Consortium
PCL Plama Consortium Limited
PGIC Planned Giving Information Consortium
PMC Plant Modeling Consortium
PRC Player Resource Consortium
PQC Post-Qualifying Consortium
PGSC Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium
PCWC Prairie Child Welfare Consortium
PMRC Precision Machining Research Consortium
PVOC Private Voluntary Organization Consortium
PSEC Process Systems Engineering Consortium
PAVC Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Vaccine Consortium
PETC Public Employers’ Training Consortium
PSSC Public Service Satellite Consortium
PRC Publishing Research Consortium
PCEC Pulaski County Educational Consortium
QDC Qatar Design Consortium
QMC Quality Management Consortium
RRC Radio Research Consortium
RISC Radiology Information System Consortium
RGML RDF Graph Modeling Language (World Wide Web Consortium)
RCC Regional Cultural Consortium
RTEC Regional Technology in Education Consortium
RTEC Research Triangle Energy Consortium
RISC Risk Information Sharing Consortium
RJDC Rjackson Digital Consortium
RMMC Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium
RMPHEC Rocky Mountain Public Health Education Consortium
RHCC Rubicon Homecare Consortium
RHSC Rural Health Services Consortium, Inc.
SBFC Saginaw Bay Fishing Consortium
SELCA Salisbury to Exeter Lineside Consortium of Authorities
SDCRM San Diego Consortium for Regenerative Medicine
SLOGIC San Luis Obispo Geographic Information Consortium
SERC Satellite Educational Resources Consortium
SMCNWS Science and Mathematics Consortium for Northwest Schools
SATCOM Science and Technology Consortium of the MidAtlantic
SCTC Scleroderma Clinical Trials Consortium
SCASC Scottish Citizen Account Smartcard Consortium
SCBC Scottish Colleges Biotechnology Consortium
SCLD Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability
SDRC Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium
SFCC Scottish Fuel Cell Consortium
SMC Scottish Medicines Consortium
SEMC Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods Consortium
SIFVC Seattle Independent Film and Video Consortium
SWPC Secondary Wood Products Consortium
STOS Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium
SWAC Secure Worker Access Consortium
SITC Security Innovation & Technology Consortium
SLAC Selective Liberal Arts Consortium
SECAP Semiconductor Equipment Consortium for Advanced Packaging
STC Semiconductor Test Consortium
SVTC Shenandoah Valley Technology Consortium
SBIC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium
SBC Slope and Basin Consortium
SBC Small Business Consortium
SPECIALIST Software Production Consortium
SPC Software Production Consortium
SPECIALIST Software Productivity Consortium
SPC Software Productivity Consortium
SAOC South African Oncology Consortium
SCCIS South Carolina Consortium for International Studies
SCPHC South Carolina Public Health Consortium
SCSGC South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
SCGMC South Central Graduate Music Consortium
SCRTEC South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium
SDHC South Dakota Homeless Consortium
SDSGC South Dakota Space Grant Consortium
SEATEC South East Advanced Technological Education Consortium
SFCC South Florida Cultural Consortium
SWWC South West Washtenaw Consortium
SCC Southeast Climate Consortium
SEIRTEC SouthEast Initiatives Regional Technology in Education Consortium
SMCCC Southeast Michigan Community College Consortium
SECC Southeastern Climate Consortium
SECME Southeastern Consortium of Minorities in Engineering
SECUTC Southeastern Consortium of University Transportation Centers
SOCCAS Southern California Consortium of Art Schools
SCELC Southern California Electronic Library Consortium
SCETC Southern Colorado Education Technology Consortium
SMARTCO Southern Maryland Applied Research and Technology Consortium, Inc.
SOHPEC Southern Oregon High Performance Enterprise Consortium
STARRDEC Southern Tagalog Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium
SUPC Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium
SVRTC Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium
SMEC Southwest Mississippi Education Consortium
SGC Space Grant Consortium
SEC Special Education Consortium
SCIO Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Consortium of Infrastructure Organisations
SITC State Information Technology Consortium
SCELC Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
SCIC Strategic Consulting and Implementation Consortium
SHPCC Sun High Performance Computing Consortium
SIAC Surrey Integrated Arts Consortium
SCC Sustainable Computing Consortium
SSERC Sweet Sorghum Ethanol Research Consortium
SAREC Systems Analysis and Requirements Engineering Consortium
TNPC Taiwanese New PC Consortium
TBLC Tampa Bay Library Consortium
TFVC Team Focus Vision Consortium
TFC Technology Forecasting Consortium
TCNO Tecnopolis CSATA Novus Ortus (Italy; non-profit consortium)
TINAC Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium
TMGC Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium
TPC Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium
TDC Test and Diagnostics Consortium
COSMIC The Common Software Measurement International Consortium
TCC The Competition Consortium
TCC The Composites Consortium
TECHC The East Coast Hybrid Consortium
TMSC The Marine Science Consortium
TSEC The Solar Energy Consortium
TTT Things That Think consortium
TAIC Tokyo Atomic Industrial Consortium
TRC Toxicogenomics Research Consortium
TEXT Trans-European Exchange and Transfer Consortium
TSC Transit Standards Consortium
TBCRC Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium
TRICOM Transportation Research Implementation Consortium for Operations and Management
TCLC Tri College Libraries Consortium
TCSEC Trilateral Civil Society Education Consortium
TBTC Tuberculosis Trials Consortium
TSC Tunisian Scientific Consortium
UKSC United Kingdom SALT Consortium
UDCC Universal Decimal Classification Consortium
USDAC Universal Spatial Data Access Consortium
UWCC Universal Wireless Communication Consortium
UWC Universal Wireless Consortium
UCFC University Consortium Field Certificate
UCE University Consortium on the Environment
UFIRC University Fellows International Research Consortium
UHC University Health/System Consortium
UCLA University of California Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching
UMBC University of Missouri Bioinformatics Consortium
UWEBC University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium
UNAC Upland NGO Assistance Committee (resource management assistance consortium; Philippines)
UMAC Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium
UCDC Urea Cycle Disorders Consortium
UHSLC Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium
VLS Valley Library Consortium
VMLC Valley Mountain Library Consortium
VIIC Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium
VSCC Vehicle Safety Communication Consortium
VCES Virginia Consortium of Engineering and Science Universities
VCQ Virginia Consortium of Quilters
VTC Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education
VRC Virtual Reality Consortium
VC Viticulture Consortium
VTECS Vocational Technical Education Consortium of States
WRTC Washington Regional Transplant Consortium
WRLC Washington Research Libraries Consortium
WSNAHEC Washington State Native American Higher Education Consortium
WTTC Washington Tribal Transportation Consortium
WCHC Washoe County HOME Consortium (Nevada)
WERC Waste-Management, Education, and Research Consortium
WIC Web Intelligence Consortium
WTCCC Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium
WCWC West Central Wisconsin Consortium
WMCCC West Midlands Child Care Consortium
WOCCSE West Orange County Consortium for Special Education
WTTC West Texas Telecommunications Consortium
WADEC Western Australian Distance Education Consortium
WASTAC Western Australian Satellite Technology and Applications Consortium
WIEC Western Illinois Education Consortium
WPDC Western Pennsylvania Diversity Consortium
WPEC Western Piedmont Education Consortium `
WRUC Western Region Universities Consortium
WRAC Western Regional Aquaculture Consortium
WSBC Western States Benchmarking Consortium
WRUC White Rose University Consortium
WFCC Wide Field Camera Consortium
WALC Wisconsin Academic Library Consortium
WFSC Wisconsin Food Security Consortium
WIOC Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium
WLIC Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium
WNRC Wisconsin Nursing Redesign Consortium
WPLC Wisconsin Public Library Consortium
WSEC Wisconsin Small Engine Consortium
WSGC Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
WOCS WIYN Consortium) Open Cluster Study (astronomy)
KMAC WK Kellogg Foundation for the Michigan Academic Consortium
WNPC Worcester Nursing Pipeline Consortium
WCC Work Colleges Consortium
WRC Worker Rights Consortium
WEMC World E-Management Consortium
WWPC World Wide Project Consortium
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WWWC World Wide Web Consortium
W2COG World-Wide Consortium for the Grid
XKMS XML Key Management Specification (World Wide Web Consortium)
XKMS XML Key Management System (World Wide Web Consortium)
YTCC Youth Tourism Consortium of Canada