Consulting Abbreviations


What is a consultancy?

Consulting is a specialized advice service, carried out by specialists in a certain area, who guide the client in order to help him achieve his goals.

In the consulting process, as well as the consultant, the oriented client himself has responsibility in the process in favor of the achievement of objectives.

It can be said that the responsibility is 50% up to each one, as the consultant gives indications in order to enhance the capabilities of his client, who must follow them to reach the desired result.

Types of consulting

Consulting is a service that can be hired by companies or by an individual.

In general, consulting can be classified into two main types:

  • Internal consultancy: when the consultant is an internal collaborator, that is, he is part of the staff of the company that requires the service.
  • External consultancy: when the consultant is an external collaborator, that is, who is not part of the company’s staff. In this case, a temporary service provision is established, previously agreed between the company and the consultant.
Strengths Negative points
Internal consulting · Familiarity with company procedures.· Knowledge of how teams work. · Less experience with regard to the analysis of different cases; constraint to the reality of the company.· Less freedom of expression due to the employment relationship.
External consultancy · Greater experience due to the fact of working with different companies and in different scenarios.· More freedom to express opinions and criticisms as the lack of employment means there is no fear of retaliation. · Little knowledge of organizational issues of the company.· Less access to teams.

See below for the main types of consultancy.

Finance consulting

Finance consulting is advice on how the entrepreneur should act and act with regard to the company’s expenses and profits.

Companies often hire financial advisors when the company is or is at risk of going black.

The consultant will have the function of analyzing the company’s finances and preparing a strategic financial program that helps in achieving the desired objective.

This program may consist of creating new internal policies, monitoring results and diagnosing existing problems.

Business management consulting

Business management consulting consists of analyzing and solving specific problems related to the administrative part of a company.

It is important to mention that business management consultants are specialists in business management, in business administration and not necessarily specialists in the field of the company that hires their services.

Two points that benefit a lot from business management consulting are costs, which tend to reduce significantly, and profits, which tend to increase.

Marketing consultancy

The company that seeks this service has generally not been able to reach the desired numbers in terms of marketing its products and/or services.

One of the main objectives of the marketing consultant is to ensure that the company has visibility and a good relationship with the market.

Human resources consultancy

In human resources consulting, the focus is on the company’s employees.

The human resources consultant will analyze the staff, verifying the respective demands and the competencies that need to be developed.

This verification includes hiring or firing needs, working conditions of employees, need for training and/or courses, team performance, among others.

Sales consulting

Sales consulting ends up encompassing other consulting concepts such as marketing, economics and management.

The sales consultant’s main function is to analyze the reasons that may have led a company to present a picture of a decrease or lack of sales progress.

One of the solutions usually proposed to solve the problem is a change in approach together with the client.

Environmental consultancy

The environmental consultancy service has the function of analyzing and studying possible environmental impacts that a business project may have on the environment.

Another of the environmental consultancy’s main concerns is compliance with rules and laws regarding environmental policies, in order to guarantee that the company can perform its work while preserving the local nature.

Hiring an environmental consultant is an investment that, in addition to guaranteeing the preservation of the environment in the area where the company’s work will be carried out, prevents the company from having its brand discredited and associated with something negative and prevents the payment of fines for non-compliance. cool.

Consultancy structure

Consulting companies generally offer two types of service structure.

Package consulting

In packaged consulting, the consulting company presents its client with a ready-made product.

In other words, package consulting consists of already established models of methodologies and procedures that aim to achieve a certain end.

Artisan consulting

Unlike package consulting, artisanal consulting is developed specifically for the contracting company.

It is a personalized service that takes into account the particularities and specific needs of the customer.

List of Acronyms Related to Consulting

ATCS A Total Consulting Service
ABCG A-B Consulting Group
ACG Abrams Consulting Group
ACG Access Consulting Group
ADCC Access Data Consulting Corporation
ALPHABET Accounting & Business Consulting
ABC Accounting & Business Consulting
ACT Accounting, Consulting & Training
ACG Achievement Consulting Group, Inc
ACG Actuarial Consulting Group
ANBC Advance Network Business Consulting
ASC Advance Strategic Consulting
AACG Advanced Analytical Consulting Group
ACI Advanced Consulting and Inspection, LLC
ACI Advanced Consulting Incorporated
APCG Advanced Performance Consulting Group, Inc.
APCI Advanced Programming, Consulting & Integration
ATC Advanced Technology Consulting
ACI Advantage Consulting Inc
ALPHABET Advocates Business Consulting
ABC Advocates Business Consulting
AES Aesthetic Consulting Group
ADCG African Development Consulting Group Ltd
ACG Afshar Consulting Group, Inc.
ACSA Agency for Consulting and Schooling in Agriculture
ACI Agrifood Consulting International
ACG Airline Consulting Group
AA Akbar and Aleem Associates Planners & Consulting Engineers
AA Akbar And Aleem Associates Planners Consulting Engineers
ACG Alders Consulting Group
ARRC Alex Rogers Research and Consulting
ACI Alexander Consulting, Inc.
ACG Alliance Consulting Group, Inc
AMC Alpha Management Consulting
AC Altai Consulting
ACG Alumni Consulting Group
ACEC American Consulting Engineers Council
ACEC-RMF American Consulting Engineers Council Research and Management Foundation
ACMS American Consulting Marketing and Sales
ACTR American Consulting Technology and Research
ASCA American Society of Consulting Arborists
ASCP American Society of Consulting Planners
ACI Amherst Consulting Inc
ACG Amrita Consulting Group
ACGT Analysis, Consulting, & Genetic Technologies
ACG Analytical Consulting Group, Inc.
AC Andersen Consulting
ACS Anderson Consulting Group
AHC Andreas Hug Consulting
ADC Andrew Dale Consulting
ACG Andrews Consulting Group
ACS Andrews Consulting Services
ACI Anello Consulting Inc
ACG Angel Consulting Group
AC Anthony Consulting
ACG Apelbaum Consulting Group Pty Ltd
ACG Appalachian Consulting Group
ACG Applegate Consulting Group
ACG Application Consulting Group
ACD Application Consulting Group
ASC Applied Security Consulting Limited
ACRT Appraisal Consulting Research & Training, Inc.
ASC Arbor Safety Consulting Services
ACS Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd
AECOM Architectural Engineering, Consulting, Operations and Maintenance
AECOM Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Operations, and Maintenance
ACEA Arizona Consulting Engineers Association
ACG Armada Consulting Group
AABC Arthur Andersen Business Consulting
ACG Arts Consulting Group
ACG Ascot Consulting Group Ltd
ATSCC Assessment and Training Solutions Consulting Company
ACG Asset Consulting Group
ATEC Assistive Tech Educational Consulting
ACA Associate of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries
ACGI Association Consulting Group, Inc.
ACA Association of Consulting Actuaries
ACA Association of Consulting Architects
ACCCE Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers
ACE Association of Consulting Engineers
ACE Association of Consulting Engineers
ACEA Association of Consulting Engineers Australia
ACEB Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana
ACEM Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia
ACEC Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada
ACEI Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland
ACF Association of Consulting Foresters
ACFA Association of Consulting Foresters of Australia
ACME Association of Consulting Management Engineers
ACST Association of Consulting Science and Technology
ACS Association of Consulting Scientists
ACSA Association of Consulting Surveyors Australia
AFCCE Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers
AHCEA Association of Hungarian Consulting Engineers and Architects
AJCE Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers
ACG Athens Consulting Group, Inc.
AAC Atmospheric Analysis and Consulting, Inc.
ATTCS ATT Consulting Service
ACCD Audit Consulting Center for Development
ACS Auriemma Consulting Group
ACG Auriemma Consulting Group
ACG Aurora Consulting Group
AACAI Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.
ASCIE Automated Systems Consulting Integration Engineering
ACG Automotive Consulting Group
ATAC Avaya Technology and Consulting
ACG Aviation Consulting Group, LLC
AMCG Aviation Management Consulting Group
AFCE Azcarate-Fisher Consulting Engineers
B2C Back to Consulting
BCG Bakalian Consulting Group
BICG Bali International Consulting Group
BTCC Bankers Training and Consulting Company
BCGI Baron Consulting Group Inc.
BWC Barracuda WebConsulting
BIC Bata Information Consulting
BCG Bay Consulting Group
BMC Beckford Management Consulting
BCI Bedrich Consulting, Inc.
BGTCC Beijing Globe Tech Consulting Center
BICS Bellsouth Building Industry Consulting Service
BESACO Beltran Saldivar Consulting
BHC Bertrand Hanot Consulting
BCC Bertsch Computer Consulting
BTC Bio-Tech Consulting, Inc.
BSC Black Sea Consulting
BSC Blackwater Security Consulting
BCS Blackwell Consulting Services
BCCM Board for Certified Consulting Meteorologists
BHC Bob Harris Consulting
BCG Boston Consulting Group
BCI Bowker Consulting International
BLC Brad Lake Consulting
BMCC Brad Mann Communications Consulting
BCI Braun Consulting, Inc.
BBC Braxton Butterfield Consulting
BBCG Braxton Butterfield Consulting Group
BBCI Braxton Butterfield Consulting, Inc.
BHC Brilliant Horizon Consulting
BCCS Broadcast Captioning & Consulting Services
BEC Brown Economic Consulting Inc
BSMC Brownstone Management Consulting
BCG Brumlik Consulting Group
BBDC Bucharest Business Decision Consulting
BBC Building Block Consulting, LLC
BICSP Building Industry Consulting Service Philippines
BICS Building Industry Consulting Services
BICSI Building Industry Consulting Services, International
BSC Building Science Consulting
BICA Bulgarian Investment Consulting Agency Ltd
BSCN Business & Sanctions Consulting Nieuwediep
BSIC Business and Systems Integration Consulting
BCC Business Connected Consulting
BC Business Consulting
BCC Business Consulting Center
BCGU Business Consulting Group Unlimited
BEAUCOUP Business Consulting Practice
BCP Business Consulting Practice
BCS Business Consulting Services
BFC Business Flow Consulting
BISC Business Information & Software Consulting
BIC Business Intelligence Consulting
BICG Business Intelligence Consulting Group
BSC Business Software and Consulting
BTM By-the-Minute Consulting
CCI Cable Consulting International
C4 Call Centre Consulting Connection
CARC Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting
CCAA Canadian Consulting Agronomists Association
CCIC Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc
CECG Cardinal Educational Consulting Group
CCG Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.
CCI Caridas Consulting International
CCGI Carlisle Consulting Group, Inc.
CSCG Casey Strategic Consulting Group
CCM Certified Consulting Meteorologist
CBC Cesare Behavioral Consulting
CTC Challenge Training and Consulting, Inc.
CMCT Change Management Consulting & Training, LLC
CMC Change Management Consulting, Inc.
CCP Chicago Consulting Partners, Ltd.
CCO Chief Consulting Officer
CCCST China Consulting Center for Science and Technology
CWEC Christian Walter Entertainment Consulting
CKCG CK Consulting Group
CTC Clark Training and Consulting
CCATS Cline Consulting and Training Solutions, LLC
CMCIS CM Consulting and Investigations
CIVIL Coaching and Consulting for Change
CCC Coaching and Consulting for Change
CCL Cognition Consulting Ltd
CDC Cohousing Development Consulting
CC Collins Consulting
CBCG Columbia Basin Consulting Group, LLC
CNC Communication and Network Consulting AG
CCP Community Consulting Project
CCGI Compunet Consulting Group, Inc.
CCN Computer Consulting Network
CSC Computer Setups and Consulting
CCP Concept Consulting Papsdorf
CEC Concepts Evaluation Consulting
CCA Conference of Consulting Actuaries
CBC Constitutional Business Consulting, Inc.
CDC Construction Defect Consulting Inc
CMC Construction Management Consulting
CONS Consulting
CCE Consulting & Commissioning Engineers
CAC Consulting and Audit Canada
CIVIL Consulting and Coaching for Change
CCC Consulting and Coaching for Change
CMCC Consulting and Management Competence Centre
CAPACITY Consulting Archaeology Program
CAP Consulting Archaeology Program
CBG Consulting Business Group Inc.
CCE Consulting Commissioning Engineers
CCM Consulting Concepts and Management
CRH Consulting en Ressources Humaines
CES Consulting Engineering Services Limited
CELSOC Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors of California
CEA Consulting Engineers Associates
CEAC Consulting Engineers Association of California
CEC Consulting Engineers Committee
CECI Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois
CEC-NYS Consulting Engineers Council of New York State
CEA Consulting Engineers of Alberta
CEBC Consulting Engineers of British Columbia
CENB Consulting Engineers of New Brunswick
CEO Consulting Engineers of Ontario
CES Consulting Engineers Services Pvt. Ltd.
CECA Consulting Estimating Claims Arbitration
CF Consulting Fellow
CFSG Consulting for Strategic Growth
CF Consulting Forester
CFBC Consulting Foresters of British Columbia
CGCM Consulting Group Capital Markets
CGUS Consulting Group University
CGU Consulting Group University
CGI Consulting Group, Inc.
CPPI Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.
CPP Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.
CRG Consulting Resource Group
CRC Consulting Resources Corporation
CSA Consulting Services Agreement
CSCC Consulting Services Contract Coordinator
CSG Consulting Services Group
CSO Consulting Services Organization
CSNZ Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand
C2B Consulting to Business
CEMETERY Consulting, Engineering and Management Co Ltd
CEM Consulting, Engineering and Management Co Ltd
CTS Consulting, Training and Support
CSCU Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit
CIVIL Corporate Citizenship Consulting
CCC Corporate Citizenship Consulting
CCG Corporate Consulting Group, LLC
CLECT Corporate Leading Edge Credit Technologies Consulting, Inc.
CVC Corporate Value Consulting
CTC Cost Tech Consulting, Inc
CCGI Coventree Consulting Group International
CSCI Creative Solutions Consulting, Inc.
CTCI Crop Technology Consulting, Inc.
CCCP Cureline Clinical Consulting Partners
CMC Custom Metrics Consulting, Inc.
DCG Dallata Consulting Group Ltd
DCG Darling Consulting Group
DRC Dartmouth Research & Consulting
DCS Decommissioning Consulting Services Limited
DCS Decommissioning Consulting Services Ltd.
DBDC Defence Business Development Consulting
DCG Defined Consulting Group
DISCOUNT Deloitte Consulting
DC Deloitte Consulting
DCG Delta Consulting Group
DBCE Dennis Bunt Consulting Engineers
DBCG Dentist Business Consulting Group
DCAD Departmental Consulting and Application Development
DCG Derivatives Consulting Group Ltd
DTCS Design Technology Consulting Services
DCP Developmental Consulting Program
DCI Digital Consulting Incorporated
DCL Dillon Consulting Ltd.
DTTC Diploma in Travel and Tourism Consulting
DCG Direct Consulting Group
DCP Directory of Consulting Practices
DSVC Dirk Seewald Venture Consulting
DACG Documentation Associates Consulting Group, Inc
DMC Donaev Management Consulting
BSMC Dr. Bernd Steinmuller Sustainability Management Consulting
DDCS Drug Development Consulting Services
DCS Dynamic Consulting Services
EECC Easy Energy Companies & Consulting SA
ERECS Edmonton Regional Educational Consulting Services
EPPC Education Public Policy & Consulting Global Management, Inc.
ESCC Educational Scientific Consulting Center
EDCS Electronic Design & Consulting Services
ESL Eng S Lustig Consulting Engineers Ltd
ECF Engineering Consulting Firm
ECFA Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan
ELC Entertainment Labor Consulting
ELC Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Consulting
ECRU Environmental Consulting and Research Unit
EPCG Environmental Project Consulting Group
ESTC Essential Systems Technical Consulting
EBC European Business Consulting
EIC European Innovations Consulting
EUCS European Union Consulting Services
EMC Executive Management Consulting
ESCS Executive Search & Consulting Services
ECS Expert Consulting Service
ESC Expert Systems Consulting
ECA Exploration Consulting Associates, Ltd
FMC Facility Management Consulting
FCG Fadilat Consulting Group
FDCS Family Designs Consulting Services
FCA Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries
FCSI Field Consulting and Services, Inc.
FICR Financial Integration Consulting and Research, Inc.
FMCG Financial Management Consulting Group
FSCG Financial Strategies Consulting Group
FHD First 100 Days Consulting
FCC First Class Consulting, LLC
FCG First Consulting Group
FCGI First Consulting Group Inc.
FMCG First Manhattan Consulting Group
FSCU First Steps Consulting Unit
FSCU Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit
FLC Fitzwater Leadership Consulting
FICE Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers
FSCI Food Safety Consulting International, Inc.
FMC Freemind Consulting
FRC Front Range Consulting
FCC Full Cup Consulting
GMCS General Management Consulting Services, Inc.
GICF Genesis International Consulting Firm, LLC
GCE Geotechmin Consulting and Engineering and Engineering Co. Ltd
GICG German International Consulting Group
GICI Glass Industry Consulting International
GC Global Consulting
GECE Global Energy Consulting Engineers
GFRC Global Frontier Resource Consulting
GSC Global Solutions Consulting, Inc
GWCG Global Wrap Consulting Group
GHV Greater Hudson Valley Consulting, LLC
GICF Growth Innate Consulting Formulae
GBCN Gruene Business Consulting Network
GCI Guerra Consulting Inc
GCCG Gulf Coast Consulting Group
HUC Hall Underwriting & Consulting, LLC
HCG Harbinger Consulting Group
HCM Harbor Consulting and Management
HCC Health Care Consulting
HECG Health Economics Consulting Group
HIC Health Informatics Consulting
HOCS Heens Office Consulting Services
HOCSS Heens Office Consulting Services
HC Hendrickson Consulting
HNEC Henkel and Neuman Ecological Consulting
HPC Hewlett Packard Consulting
HTC High Tech Consulting
HCC Hitachi Consulting Corporation
HCG Hoefler Consulting Group
HCTS Hotel Consulting & Technical Services
HAC Hudson Associates Consulting, Inc
HCG Huron Consulting Group, Inc
IBCS IBM Business Consulting Service
IAC Independent Auditing Consulting
ICRMS Independent Consulting and Risk Management Services
ICF Independent Consulting Firm
IPMC Independent Pest Management Consulting
ITCI Independent Testing and Consulting, Inc.
IWTC Industrial Water Treatment Consulting
ICG Infinity Consulting Group
IICR Information in the Consulting Room
ITCP Information Technology Consulting Professional
ITCU Information Technology Consulting Unit
ICS Infrastructure Consulting Services
IDC Innovation Dynamics Consulting, Inc.
IWCS Innovative Waste Consulting Services, LLC
IPSC Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting
IACA Institute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists
ICC Insurance and Consulting Capital
ICA Insurance Consulting Associates
IFBC Integrated Financial Business Consulting
IRSC Integrated Resource Solutions Consulting
ICS Integration and Consulting Services
ICCA InterCommerce Consulting Associates Ltd.
IACA International Association of Consulting Actuaries
IACO International Aviation Consulting
IBPC International BioPharmaceutical Consulting, Inc.
ICG International Consulting Group
FIDIC International Federation of Consulting Engineers
IMARC International Market Analysis Research and Consulting
IPCA International Presidential Consulting Agency
ITQCS International Tax Quantitative Consulting Service
ICGG Internet Consulting Group of Georgia
IREC Internet Real Estate Consulting
INDC Internordic Development and Consulting
ICAL Intersol Consulting Associates Ltd.
ITCI Interstate Telcom Consulting, Inc.
ITCI Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc.
ISCE Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
ITCE IT Consulting and Education
IBCG Ivey Business Consulting Group
JWCS Jamison West Consulting Services
JBCI JB Consulting International
JDOC JD Opem Consulting
JISC Jennings Information Systems Consulting
JCCS John Cahill Consulting Services Ltd
JCCP Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
JPRC JP Rushing Consulting, LLC
JPRC Jurist Public Relations & Consulting
KRC Kathleen Russell Consulting
KMTC KM Technical Consulting
KBNC Koch Business Network Consulting
KPC Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH
KMAC Korean Management Association Consulting
KCI Kovacs Consulting Int. Gmbh
KCIC Kuwait Consulting & Investment Co.
LSC Lake Superior Consulting, LLC
LEC Leading Edge Consulting, LLC
LSSC Lean Six Sigma Consulting
LEC Learner’s Edge Consulting
LC Leslie Consulting
LSCP Life Sciences Consulting Partners
LCG Lighthouse Consulting Group, Inc.
LOCAT Logistics & Operations Consulting & Assistance Team
LCG Lotus Consulting Group
LCG Lyons Consulting Group
MWT MacBeth Williams Teleconsulting
MCC Makonin Consulting Corp
MBC Management Business Consulting
MCR Management Consulting & Research, Inc.
MCIM Management Consulting and Integrated Markets
MCC Management Consulting Centre
MCPG Management Consulting Partners Group
MCP Management Consulting Process
MCS Management Consulting Services
MCZ Management Consulting Zurich
MMLC Management Markets and Legal Consulting Group
MMFC Manderson Management & Financial Consulting
MCA Marin Consulting Associates
MMCG Marine Mammal Consulting Group
MECI Mark Edelstein Consulting Incorporated
MCCS Martinez Consulting and Computer Services, Inc.
MBC Mary Baroutakis Consulting
MCG McFadyen Consulting Group, Inc.
MBCG McGill Business Consulting Group
MCG Mclaughlin Consulting Group
MSCL Media Systems Consulting Limited
MCG Melnick Consulting Group
MCCA Member of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries
MCA Member of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries
MIBC Member of the Institute of Business Consulting
MCG Menlo Consulting Group, Inc.
MCG Mercer Consulting Group
MCI Metals Consulting International Limited
MCG Metro Consulting Group
MCG Metropolitan Consulting Group
MLBC Michael Lana Business Consulting
MMACS Michael Murdock & Associates Consulting Services
MCG Microcomputer Consulting Group, Inc
MSCL Microsoft Consulting Line
MCS Microsoft Consulting Services
MCG Midwest Consulting Group, Inc
MTCI Midwest Telecom Consulting, Inc.
MCG Mindbank Consulting Group
MCSI Mining Consulting Services, Inc.
MACF Minnesota Association of Consulting Foresters
MBL Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories
MSC Moore Stephens Consulting
MRCC-UNAM Multipurpose Research and Consulting Centre – University of Namibia
MIRCS Music Industry Research, Consulting and Strategy
MCN Mylius Consulting Network
NECI National Education Consulting, Inc.
NPSC National Protection & Safety Consulting
NPCI Natural Products Consulting Institute
NRCE Natural Resources Consulting Engineers, Inc.
NCI Navigant Consulting, Inc.
NECG Near East Consulting Group
NECG Network Economics Consulting Group
NSC Network Security Consulting
NBSC New Bedford Seafood Consulting
NECG New England Consulting Group
NMC New Media Consulting
NYACE New York Association of Consulting Engineers
NYCG New York Consulting Group
NDC Nordic Consulting Group
NCG Norris Consulting Group
NCG Northern Consulting Group
NWC Northwest Consulting
NCG Norton Consulting Group
NC Nova Consulting
NCG Numbering Consulting Group
OSCAR OFW Student Consulting and Research
OHCE Oliver Higgins Consulting Engineers
OMC Olszak Management Consulting, Inc.
OMC Oncology Management Consulting Group
OCG Online Consulting Group, Inc.
OPCI Optical Physics Consulting Incorporated
OTEC Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
OCP Organisation Consulting Partnership LLP
OCP Organizational Consulting Psychology
OCC Original Code Consulting
PRCG Pacific Rim Consulting Group
PACE Pan Arab Consulting Engineers
PTC Paradigm Technology Consulting
PCI Paramore Consulting, Inc.
PCC Park City Consulting Ltd
PCG Pasch Consulting Group
PJN Patrick J. Noonan Consulting, Inc.
PRCG Paul Resnik Consulting Group
PCP Perforce Consulting Partner
PSCG Personal Select Consulting GmbH
PACE Personalized Asset Consulting and Evaluation
PMCG Philip Merry Consulting Group Pte. Ltd.
PSFC Pieper Sports Facility Consulting
PPCG Pilot Program Consulting Group
PWCC Pricewaterhouse Coopers Consulting
PCCI Prime Consulting Company, Inc.
PLCA Privacy Law Consulting Australia
PACT Process Assessment, Consulting, & Training
PCCG Process Change Consulting Group
PICA Professional Investigating & Consulting Agency, Inc.
PICA Professional Investigating Consulting Agency Inc
PCG Profitability Consulting Group
PSCG Public Sector Consulting Group, LLC
QACA Quality Assurance Consulting Associates
QSC QuikSolv Consulting
ROCG RAN One Consulting Group
REMC Real Estate Marketing & Consulting, Inc.
RCSA Recruitment & Consulting Services Association
RCE Regional Consulting Engineer
RCS Rehabilitation Consulting and Services
RCG Resource Consulting Group
RPMC Resource Program Management Consulting
RCG Reston Consulting Group, Inc.
RCG Rimkus Consulting Group
RLC Robert Leonard Consulting
RCC RONCO Consulting Corporation
RBC RosBusinessConsulting
RCGI Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
RCCA Rotman Commerce Consulting Association
RODC Royal Oak Design & Consulting
SMC Sales, Marketing, Consulting
SFCG San Francisco Consulting Group
SCL Satellite Consulting Ltd
SBC Schlumberger Business Consulting
SLCG Securities Litigation and Consulting Group
SMC Siemens Management Consulting
SCI Sinai Consulting Inc
SBCC Small Business Computer Consulting
SBCA Small Business Consulting Agency
SBCG Small Business Consulting Group
SACRIFICE Society for the Advancement of Consulting
SAC Society for the Advancement of Consulting
SWC Software and Consulting
SQI Software Quality Consulting Institute Ltd
SCMC South Central Medical Consulting
SCDM Spivey Consulting and Data Management, Inc.
SCL Sponsorship Consulting Limited
SECCA Statewide Educational Consulting & Counseling Associates, Inc.
SBC Strategic Business Consulting
SCIC Strategic Consulting and Implementation Consortium
SCRG Strategic Consulting and Research Group
SCBU Strategic Consulting Business Unit
SCI Strategic Consulting International
SDAC Strategic Data Alliance Consulting, Inc
SSC Structural Software Consulting
SACC Student Academic Consulting Center
SCLC Supply Chain Logistics Consulting Limited
SFC Sztanya Ferenc Consulting
TEBC Tannert eBusiness Consulting
TLSC Tardei Life Sciences Consulting
TIS Target Investing Consulting
TCD Technical Consulting & Development
TACT Technology Advising and Consulting Team
TCG Temari Consulting Group
TCT Temperature Consulting & Training
TCL Terratech Consulting Ltd
TACT The A Consulting Team, Inc.
TCC The Consulting Company
TCG The Consulting Group
TCNI The Consulting Network, Inc
TGCP The Global Consulting Partnership
TTCG The Technology Consulting Group Ltd.
TKC Thomas Kvamme Consulting
TLCN Thunderbird Learning Consulting Network
TCG Touchstone Consulting Group
TCG Towhey Consulting Group, Inc
TDCI Training, Development and Consulting International
TNC Transnational Consulting
TLC Transport-, Informatik-, Logistik-Consulting GmbH
THC Tree House Consulting
UMCA Undergraduate Management and Consulting Association
UMCA Undergraduate Management Consulting Association
USGC US Government Consulting, Inc
UFC User Friendly Consulting
UEC Utah Education Consulting
UBIC Uwe Brahm Information Consulting
VFAC Valley Forge Accelerated Courses and Consulting
VFMC Value for Money Consulting
VFMC ValueFirst Management Consulting Ltd
VCG Venice Consulting Group
VFMC Venture Fund Management Consulting
VBC Vietnam Business Consulting
VBC Vision Business Consulting
VTC Vision Technology Consulting
VCSH Visionary Consulting SHanghai
VCS Vitalize Consulting Solutions
VCG Volunteer Consulting Group, Inc
WSR Warren S. Reid Consulting Group, LLC
WECG Washington Economics Consulting Group, Inc.
WRCS Washington Research & Consulting Services
WRCG Washington Resource Consulting Group
WPRC Water Prospecting and Resource Consulting LLC
WEAPON Web Consulting Services
WCS Web Consulting Services
WBCS Weekly Business Consulting Service
WTTC Werkstoffe Technologien Transfer Consulting
WSC Westlakes Scientific Consulting Ltd
WGCP Wharton Global Consulting Practicum
WUCC Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club
WBC Whiteboard Consulting
WCPC Winner’s Circle Political Consulting, LLC
WCCG World Class Consulting Group
WCG World Consulting Group
XCG Xavier Consulting Group
YCG York Consulting Group
YCL York Consulting Ltd
ZCSI Zemmels Consulting Services, Inc.
ZCG Zenner Consulting Group, LLC
ZFC Zev Freidus Consulting
ZCSI Zimba Consulting Services, Inc
ZC Zobu Consulting
ZDC Zohry Demographic Consulting
ZC Zowbie Consulting