Costa Rica Abbreviations

CR is the abbreviation for Costa Rica, the 126th largest country in the world. Officially the Republic of Costa Rica, Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, bordering 3 countries – Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Panama. San José is the capital city of Costa Rica. Major cities include San José (population: 335,018), Puerto Limón (population: 63,070), San Francisco (population: 55,912), Alajuela (population: 47,483), Liberia (population: 45,369), Paraíso (population: 39,713), Puntarenas (population: 35,639), San Isidro (population: 34,866), Curridabat (population: 34,575), and San Vicente (population: 34,436).

Country Profile

  • Capital: San José
  • Language: Spanish
  • Area: 51,100 km2
  • Population: 4,857,274
  • Currency: Costa Rican colón (CRC)
  • Time zone: UTC−6
  • Calling code: 506
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: CR
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: CRI
  • Internet TLD: .cr
  • State Government Website:

Map of Costa Rica

List of Costa Rica Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Costa Rica are CR which stands for Costa Rica and CRC which means Costa Rican colón (Costa Rica currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Costa Rica, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

CR: Costa Rica

Abbreviation Meaning
AIPCA African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa
AMCR Alianza de Mujeres Costarricenses in Costa Rica
ANCR Archivo Nacional de Costa Rica
ARCR Association of Residents of Costa Rica
ACCR Automóvil Club de Costa Rica
BCCR Banco Central de Costa Rica
BAI Buenos Aires, Costa Rica
CBCR Central Bank of Costa Rica
CR Costa Rica
CRC Costa Rica
CS Costa Rica
CS-5 Costa Rica
CRI Costa Rica
CRIRE Costa Rica Investment Real Estate
CRQ Costa Rica Quest
CSR Costa Rica Sign Language
CIVIL Costa Rica’s Call Center
CCC Costa Rica’s Call Center
CARTA Costa Rican Airborne Research and Technology
CRC Costa Rican Colón
CCTD Costa Rican Confederation of Democratic Workers
CRLA Costa Rican Language Academy
OTR Coto 47 Airstrip, Costa Rica
FMG Flamingo, Costa Rica
GLF Golfito, Costa Rica – Golfito
GPL Guapiles, Costa Rica
LCS Las Canas, Costa Rica
LIR Liberia, Costa Rica – Liberia
LIO Limon, Costa Rica
LRC Lineas Aéreas Costarricenses, Costa Rica
LSL Los Chiles, Costa Rica
NCT Nicoya, Costa Rica
PMZ Palmar, Costa Rica
PFNA Pentecostal Fellowship of North America
PLD Playa Samara, Costa Rica
PJM Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica
XQP Quepos, Costa Rica
RFR Rio Frio, Costa Rica
SJO San Jose, Costa Rica – Juan Santamaria International
SZC Santa Cruz, Costa Rica
STCR Stewart Title Costa Rica
TNO Tamarindo, Costa Rica
UCR Universidad de Costa Rica
UPL Upala, Costa Rica
WVCR World Vision Costa Rica

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