Council Abbreviations

The term ‘Council’ can cause confusion. There is talk of a European Council , a Council of the European Union and, outside the EU context, a Council of Europe . The presidency of the European Council and the Council of the European Union changes. Every six months, a different Member State (in a predetermined order) chairs the Council. Every two and a half years, the European Council elects its President by qualified majority.

Council refers to meetings or bodies of people that come together for consultation or to establish rules or advice.

Council, from the Latin consilĭum, is the opinion or opinion that is issued or received to do (or not do) something. Advice is a judgment, belief, or inquiry regarding an action or fact. For example: “I want to start my own company, but I need your advice”, “Thank you, the advice you gave me was very successful”, “Why do you ask me for advice if you do the opposite of what I suggest later?” .

The Council (generally written with an initial capital letter) is a collegiate body or administrative body whose function is to inform the government or authorities on certain matters. There are councils that are in charge of managing or directing a certain public organization or a sector of it.

However, throughout history there have been and there are many organizations that are framed within what would be defined as council:
• Council of State. It is an entity within the administration and government of a country that has the basic function of carrying out its participation in the most important political or economic matters, for example. In your case, what you do is offer your opinion about them.
• Council of war. This is established within what would be the military field and basically we could say that it is a court where certain superiors of that are in charge of settling a question regarding an action carried out by colleagues and subordinates. In other words, it is a question of determining whether the accused have committed a crime, classified as such in the corresponding code of military justice.
• Council of the Inquisition. One of the most fearsome organs in history is, without a doubt, that one, which was created by the Holy Office to settle the guilt or not of the people who were accused of heresy, witchcraft… The origin is found in the XV century of the one who was also known by the name of Council of the Supreme and General Inquisition.
• Minister council. In the case of Spain, we can determine that this is the name given to the weekly meeting that the President of the Government holds with all the ministers to address the most important issues that affect the country.

The United Nations Security Council is a UN body that must maintain peace between countries and guarantee security. This body has the power to issue resolutions and compel UN members to comply with them: therefore, it is more than a scope for consultation.

Fifteen nations (five permanent and ten temporary) are part of the United Nations Security Council. The permanent members are the United States, China, the United Kingdom, France and Russia.

The Council of the European Union, for its part, is an EU institution with legislative and budgetary functions. It works in conjunction with the European Parliament and the European Commission. It is important not to confuse it with the European Council and the Council of Europe.

A council (written in C), finally, is a deliberative body or asamblearia meeting.

Council Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Council

Aberdeen City Council
Aberdeen City Council
Aberdeen City Council
Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations
Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council
Aboriginal Education and Training Council
Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council
Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania
Aboriginal Youth Council
Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
Abu Dhabi Education Council
Academic Governing Council
Academic Honor Council
Academic Vice President’s Advisory Council
Accident Prevention Council
Accreditation and Registration Advisory Council
Accreditation Council for Accounting and Taxation
Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology
Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe
Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago
Accredited Review Appraisers Council
Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training
Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
Achenbach Graphics Arts Council
ACNM Certification Council
ACNM Certification Council
ACNM Certification Council
Acquisition and Restoration Council
Acquisition and Restoration Council
Acquisition Governance Coordinating Council
Acquisition Planning Executive Council
Acquisition Professional Development Council
Acquisition Review Committee/Council
Acquisition Review Committee/Council
Acquisition Review Committeecouncil
Acquisition Review Committeecouncil
Acquisition Transformation Action Council
Activities Council of Bradley University
Adapted Physical Activity Council
Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc.
Adhesives and Sealants Council
Administrative Council for Economic Defense
Administrative Council for Economic Defense
Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments
Administrative Council Team
Admissions and Registration Council
Admissions and Registration Council
Adoption Council of Canada
Adoption Council of Canada
Adoption Council of Canada
Advanced Technology Council
Advanced Technology Transition Council
Advertising Council of America
Advertising Council, Inc.
Advertising Standards Council
Advertising Standards Council of India
Advisory Board for the Research Councils
Advisory Council Board
Advisory Council for Administrative Professionals
Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe
Advisory Council for English Language Schools
Advisory Council for the Elimination of Tuberculosis
Advisory Council of Experts
Advisory Council on Career and Life Strategies
Advisory Council on Development Cooperation
Advisory Council on Ethics
Advisory Council on First Aid, Aquatics, Safety, & Preparedness
Advisory Council on Gay and Lesbian Issues
Advisory Council on Health Infostructure
Advisory Council on Hispanic Employment
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Advisory Council on Intellectual Property
Advisory Council on Procurement Lobbying
Advisory Council on Research and Development
Advisory Council on Science and Technology
Advisory Council On Science and Technology
Advisory Council on Social Security
Advisory Council on the Environment
Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
Advisory Council on the Status of Women
Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation
Advisory Council Report
Aeronautical Research Council
Aeronautical Research Council
Aeronautics Advisory Council
Aerospace Medical Council
Affiliated Council of Practicing Accountants
Affordable Housing Council
Affordable Housing Investors Council
African American Council of the Arts
African American Heritage Council
African Communities Council of South Australia
African Council of Religious Leaders
African Diamond Council
African Ground Council
African Union Peace and Security Council
African-American Council
AFSCN Executive Council
Agency Advisory Council
Agency Council On Coordinated Transportation
Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation
Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation
Agency Program Management Council
Agents Council for Technology Act
Agribusiness Council
Agribusiness Council
Agribusiness Council of Indiana
Agricultural and Food Research Council
Agricultural Container Research Council
Agricultural Council of California
Agricultural Council of California
Agricultural Council of California
Agricultural Development Council
Agricultural Products Marketing Council
Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta
Agricultural Research Council
Agricultural Research Council
Agricultural Water Management Council
Agriculture and Food Council
Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta
Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand
Agriculture Council of America
Agriculture Credit Policy Council
Agriculture Executive Council
AIDS Action Council
AIDS Action Council of the Australian Capital Territory
AIDS Council of NSW
AIDS Council of South Australia
Air and Space Interoperability Council
Air Diffusion Council
Air Force Council
Air Force Personnel Council
Air Force Requirements Oversight Council
Air Force Systems Acquisition Review Council
Air Medical Safety Advisory Council
Air Racing Council of United States
Air Transport Users Council
Air Transport Users Council
Aircrew Management Executive Council
Aircrew Protection Executive Council
Airport Associations Coordinating Council
Airport Consultants Council
Airport Consultants Council
Airport Consultants Council
Airport Heights Community Council
Airport Operations Council International
Airport Operators Council International
Airports Association Council International
Airports Council International
Alabama Advanced Practice Council
Alabama Council for Technology and Education
Alabama Council for Technology and Education
Alabama Council of the Blind
Alabama Council on Human Relations
Alabama Horse Council
Alameda Arts Council
Alaska Boreal Forest Council
Alaska Council of School Administrators
Alaska Deaf Council
Alaska Inter-Tribal Council
Alaska Judicial Council
Alaska Professional Design Council
Alaska Sportsmen’s Council
Alaska Systems Coordinating Council
Albanian Youth Council
Albany Park Neighborhood Council
Alberta Association of Students’ Councils and Advisors
Alberta Aviation Council
Alberta College and Technical Institute Students Executive Council
Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts
Alberta District Council
Alberta Research Council
Alberta Research Council
Alberta Research Council
Alberta Tourism Education Council
Alcohol & Other Drugs Council
Alcohol Advisory Council
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council
Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia
Alcohol Education and Research Council
Alcohol-Drug Council of North Carolina
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council of Ocean
Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council
Alice Springs Town Council
Alkek Velodrome Park Advisory Council
Alkylphenols & Ethoxylates Research Council
Alkylphenols and Ethoxylates Research Council
All India Council Technical Education
All Scholarship Hall Council
Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa
All-Industry Research Advisory Council
Alternative Medicine Program Advisory Council
Aluminum Anodizers Council
Aluminum Extruders Council
Alumni Council of Middle East
Alumni Council of North America
America’s Breakfast Council
America’s Breakfast Council
American Anglican Council
American Automatic Control Council
American Automotive Policy Council
American Benefits Council
American Benefits Council
American Boat and Yacht Council
American Book Publishers Council
American Botanical Council
American Botanical Council
American Chemistry Council
American Chemistry Council
American Chemistry Council
American Chemistry Council Panel
American Consulting Engineers Council
American Consulting Engineers Council Research and Management Foundation
American Copper Council
American Copper Council
American Copper Council
American Council for Accredited Certification
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
American Council for Better Broadcasting
American Council for Capital Formation
American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study
American Council for Construction Education
American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
American Council for International Studies
American Council for Judaism
American Council for Renewable Energy
American Council for Technology
American Council for Trade in Services
American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition
American Council of Competitive Communications
American Council of Engineering Companies
American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia
American Council of Independent Laboratories
American Council of Learned Societies
American Council of Learned Societies
American Council of Life Insurers
American Council of Snowmobile Associations
American Council of Spotted Asses
American Council of Teachers of Russian
American Council of the Blind
American Council of the Blind of Colorado
American Council of the Blind of Nebraska
American Council of Trustees and Alumni
American Council of Vedic Astrology
American Council on Alcohol Problems
American Council on Alcoholism
American Council on Consumer Interests
American Council on Education
American Council on Exercise
American Council on Germany
American Council on Immersion Education
American Council on International Personnel
American Council on Personal Safety
American Council on Pharmaceutical Education
American Council on Race Relations
American Council on Renewable Energy
American Council on Schools & Colleges
American Council on Science and Health, Inc.
American Council To Improve Our Neighborhoods
American Craft Council
American Craft Council
American Craft Council
American Denturist Advocacy Council
American Down and Feather Council
American Economic Development Council
American Employment Law Council
American Foreign Policy Council
American Forest Council
American Greyhound Council
American Hair Loss Council
American Hardwood Export Council
American Horse Council
American Indoor Air Quality Council
American International Recruitment Council
American Jewelry Design Council
American Kenpo Senior Council
American Lamb Council
American Legislative Exchange Council
American Literacy Council
American Loggers Council
American Mastiff Breeders Council
American Muslim Council
American National Computer Security Council
American National Metric Council
American Nuclear Energy Council
American Peanut Council
American Pie Council
American Plastics Council
American Printed Fabrics Council
American Public Communications Council
American Rivers Conservation Council
American Savings Education Council
American Seat Belt Council
American Shooting Sports Council
American Textbook Council
American Transit Services Council
American Turkish Council
American Wood Council
American Wool Council
American Zionist Council
Ampang Jaya Municipal Council
Ampara District NGO’s Council/Consortium
Amtrak Reform Council
Amtrak Reform Council
Amtrak Service Workers Council
Amusement Device Safety Council
Anaheim Religious Community Council
Anchorage Council of Education
Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education
Anglesey County Council
Anglesey County Council
Anglesey County Council
Anglican Consultative Council
Anglican Consultative Council
Anglican Consultative Council
Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples
Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Council
Angurugu Community Government Council
Animal Nutrition Research Council
Animal Welfare Council
Anindilyakwa Land Council
Anishinabek Ontario Resource Management Council
Anti Money Laundering Council
Anti-Cancer Council
Anti-Cancer Council
Anti-Cancer Council
Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria
Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria Food Frequency Questionnaire
Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
Apartment Council of Louisiana
APEC Business Advisory Council
Apparel Export Promotion Council
Apparel Human Resources Council
Appeals Council
Applied Degree Council
Applied Technology Council
Aquaculture Certification Council
Aquaculture Certification Council
Aquaculture Certification Council
Arab American Leadership Council
Arab American Union Members Council
Arab Cooperation Council
Arab Cooperation Council
Arab Cooperation Council
Arab Council for Childhood and Development
Arab Council for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
Arab Gulf Cooperation Council
Arab Gulf Countries Council
Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers
Arab-American and Chaldean Council
Arab-American and Chaldean Council
Arab-American and Chaldean Council
Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women
Architects Accreditation Council of Australia
Architects and Engineers Legislative Council
Architects Regional Council of Asia
Architects Registration Council of Nigeria
Architects’ Council of Europe
Architecture Coordination Council
Architecture Coordination Council
Architecture Coordination Council
Archives and Records Council Wales
Archives Council of Prince Edward Island
Arctic Athabaskan Council
Area Nine Cable Council
Area Priority Council
Area Repeater Coordination Council
Area Substance Abuse Council
Argyll and Bute Council
Argyll and Bute Council
Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling
Arizona Council on Economic Education
Arizona Humanities Council
Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council
Arizona Technology Council
Arizona Telecommunications & Information Council
Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Arkansas Legislative Council
Arkansas River Valley Area Council
Armagh Diocesan Youth Council
Armed Forces Council
Armed Forces Medical Policy Council
Armed Forces Policy Committee/Council
Armed Forces Revolutionary Council
Armed Forces Tax Council
Armenian Evangelical World Council
Armenian Religious Education Council
Armidale Dumaresq Council
Army Business Initiative Council
Army Council of Review Boards
Army Logistics Policy Council
Army Model and Simulation Executive Council
Army Modeling and Simulation Executive Council
Army Policy Council
Army Radiation Safety Council
Army Requirements Oversight Council
Army Reserve Executive Council
Army Space Council
Army System Acquisition Review Council
Army Systems Acquisition Review Council/Committee
Army Technical Evaluation Council
Aromatherapy Council
Arts & Science Council
Arts and Entertainment Training Council
Arts and Humanities Research Council
Arts Council England East
Arts Council England, South East
Arts Council England, West Midlands
Arts Council for Long Beach
Arts Council of Bexley
Arts Council of England
Arts Council of Hillsborough County
Arts Council of Livingston Parish
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Arts Council of Pakistan
Arts Council of the African Studies Association
Arts Council of the Conejo Valley
Arts Council of Wales
Arts Development Council of Georgia
Arts in Education Aid Council, Inc.
ASEAN Council on Petroleum
ASEAN Trade Union Council
Aseptic Packaging Council
Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council
Asheville Buncombe Community Relations Council
Ashfield District Council
Ashland Area Labor Council
Ashtabula County Council on Aging
Asia Pacific Economic Council
Asia Pacific Privacy Charter Council
Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council
Asian American Heritage Council
Asian and Pacific Council
Asian Council of Logistics Management
Asian European Council
Asian Greek Council
Asian Methodist Council
Asian Multicultural Council
Asian Paint Industry Council
Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine
Asian Youth Council
Assembly and Council Secretariat
Associate Member Council
Associate Real Estate Council
Associated Air Balance Council
Associated Student’s Presidential Advisory Council
Association Executives Council
Association of Community Health Councils for England and Wales
Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors
Association of District Councils
Association of Larger Local Councils
Association of Liberal Councillors
Association of North East Councils
Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils
Association of Scottish Community Councils
Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards and Committees
Assumed National Council Tax
Ateneo Schools Parents Council
Ateneo Student Exchange Council
Athabasca University Governing Council
Athens Area Child Abuse Prevention Council
Athletic Advisory Council
Atkins Physicians Council
Atlanta Area Council
Atlanta Council of Directors
Atlanta Regional Military Affairs Council
Atlantic Council of the United States
Atlantic Council of Ukraine
Atlantic County Council of Education Associations
Atlantic Partnership Council
Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Atomic Energy Council
Atomic Trades and Labor Council
Auckland Regional Council
Auckland Regional Council
Auditing and Assurance Standards Council
Auditing and Assurance Standards Oversight Council
Austin Technology Council
Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council
Australasian Council of Public Accounts Committees
Australasian Fire Authorities Council
Australasian Veterinary Boards Council
Australia Indonesia Business Council
Australia Malaysia Business Council
Australia Pacific Islands Business Council
Australia-China Council
Australia-China Council
Australia-China Council
Australian Aboriginal Affairs Council
Australian Agricultural Council
Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching
Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council
Australian and New Zealand Fisheries and Aquaculture Council
Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council
Australian and New Zealand Minerals and Energy Council
Australian Animal Health Council
Australian Bicycle Council
Australian Bicycle Council
Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Australian Copyright Council
Australian Copyright Council
Australian Copyright Council
Australian Council for Adult Literacy
Australian Council for Computers in Education
Australian Council for Educational Leaders
Australian Council for Overseas Aid
Australian Council for Private Education and Training
Australian Council for Social Services
Australian Council of Agricultural Journalists
Australian Council of Businesswomen
Australian Council of Educational Research
Australian Council of Egg Producers
Australian Council of Film Societies
Australian Council of Genetics Foundation
Australian Council of Livestock Agents
Australian Council of National Trusts
Australian Council of Recycling
Australian Council of State Emergency Services
Australian Council of State School Parents
Australian Council of Stoma Associations
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Australian Council of Wool Exporters
Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
Australian Council on Smoking and Health
Australian Dairy Industry Council
Australian Environmental Council
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
Australian Fenestration Rating Council
Australian Food Council
Australian Forestry Council
Australian Gold Council
Australian Guardianship and Administration Council
Australian Health Information Council
Australian Horse Industry Council
Australian Horticultural Export Council
Australian Joint Council of Professional Teaching Associations
Australian Language and Literacy Council
Australian Learning and Teaching Council
Australian Marine Industries and Sciences Council
Australian Meat Council Ltd
Australian Meat Industry Council
Australian Minerals and Energy Council
Australian Mining Industry Council
Australian Motorcycle Council
Australian National Budgerigar Council
Australian National Cavy Council
Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk
Australian National Council on Drugs
Australian National Imams Council
Australian Nursing Council Inc.
Australian Outdoor Education Council
Australian Parents Council
Australian Procurement and Construction Council, Inc.
Australian Quality Council
Australian Research Council
Australian Research Council
Australian Resuscitation Council
Australian Resuscitation Council
Australian Safety and Compensation Council
Australian Science and Technology Council
Australian Seafood Industry Council
Australian Seed Advisory Council
Australian Soil Conservation Council
Australian Statistics Advisory Council
Australian Sugar Milling Council
Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council
Australian Tourism Export Council
Australian Transport Advisory Council
Australian Transport Council
Australian Water Resources Council
Australian Wildlife Protection Council
Australia-Vietnam Business Council
Austrian Lobbying and Public Affairs Council
Automotive Council for War Production
Automotive Industry Export Council
Automotive Market Research Council
Automotive Public Relations Council
Average Unit of Council Funding
Aviation Technician Education Council
Aviculture Advancement Council of Canada
Aylesbury Vale District Council
Babson Alumni Technology Council
Backflow Prevention Education Council of Colorado
Backpacking Industry Council
Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council
Baltic and International Maritime Council
Baltic Business Advisory Council
Baltic Business Advisory Council
Baltic Council for International Education
Baltic Writers’ Council
Baltimore Metropolitan Council
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
Bangladesh Computer Council
Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council
Bangladesh Medical Research Council
Bangladesh National Nutrition Council
Bankstown City Council
Bar Council of England and Wales
Barents Euro-Arctic Council
Barnet Voluntary Service Council
Barwon Disability Resource Council
Base Advisory Council
Base Advisory Council
Base Enlisted Advisory Council
Base Restaurant Council
Basutoland National Council
Battery Council International
Battlefords Tribal Council
Baulkham Hills Shire Council
Bay Area Cable Council
Bay Area Optometric Council
Bay Area Real Estate Council
Bay Area Restoration Council
Bay Arts Council
Bay Arts Council
Bay County Council of Churches
Bay County Council on Aging-Coordinated Transportation
Bay State Council of Divers
Bay-Delta Advisory Council
Beach Area Restoration Council
Beach Protection Council of Orissa
Beef Industry Council
Belgian Stroke Council
Belize Council for the Visually Impaired
Bellingham Whatcom Economic Development Council
Bennington Rutland Opportunity Council
Benton County Emergency Management Council
Benton-Franklin Council of Governments
Bermuda Employers’ Council
Berwyn Cicero Council on Aging
Bethune College Council
Better Business Development Council
Better Sleep Council
Beverage Industry Environment Council
Beverage Packaging Environment Council
Bicycle Trails Council
Bicycle Trails Council of Marin
Big Bend Jobs and Education Council, Inc.
Billings City Council
BIMP -Eaga Business Council
Biobased Products and Bioenergy Coordination Council
Biomass Thermal Energy Council
Biomedical Research Council
Biotechnology Human Resource Council
Biotechnology Science Advisory Council
Birmingham City Council
Birmingham Trades Union Council
Birmingham Voluntary Service Council
Bishop’s Youth Council
Blaby District Council
Black Affairs Advisory Council
Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Council
Black Sea Economic Cooperation Council
Black Swamp Area Council
Black Womens Leadership Council
Blackfeet Tribal Business Council
Blackstone Valley Tourism Council
Bladder Health Council
Blaenavon Town Council
Bloomington Area Arts Council
Blue Mountains City Council
Blue Mountains Youth Council
Blue Ridge Apartment Council
Blue Ridge Council
Blue Ridge Ski Council
Boat Owners Council of America
Boating Advisory Council
Boating Advisory Council
Boating Safety Advisory Council
Bodoland State Movement Council
Bodoland Territorial Council
Book & Periodical Council of Canada
Boone County Council on Aging
Border Area Nutrition Council, Inc
Borok National Council of Tripura
Boston Borough Council
Botswana Media Consultative Council
Botswana National Sports Council
Boulder Dam Area Council
Bournemouth Youth Council
Bracknell Forest Borough Council
Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Braintree District Council
Braintree Youth Council
Bremerton Metal Trades Council
Brent Trades Union Council
Brentwood Borough Council
Brethren/Mennonite Council for Lesbian and Gay Concerns
Bridgend County Borough Council
Brighton and Hove City Council
Brisbane City Council
Britain Nigeria Business Council
British Accreditation Council
British Accreditation Council
British Acupuncture Council
British Acupuncture Council
British Acupuncture Council
British American Business Council of New England
British American Business Council Orange County
British American Security Information Council
British Cave Rescue Council
British Columbia Safety Council
British Columbia Touring Council
British Copyright Council
British Council
British Council for Offices
British Council of Disabled People
British Council of Organisations of Disabled People
British Council of Protestant Christian Churches
British Council of Shopping Centres
British Crop Protection Council
British Dance Council
British Deaf Sports Council
British Egg Industry Council
British Evangelical Council
British Fashion Council
British Fenestration Ratings Council
British Medical Council
British Medical Research Council
British Mountaineering Council
British New Zealand Trade Council
British Plumbing Employers Council Ltd.
British Potato Council
British Poultry Council
British Rabbit Council
British Safety Council
British Thai Boxing Council
British Universities Film and Video Council
British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
British Youth Council
British-Irish Council
Broadcast Rating Council
Broadcasting Council of Republic of Macedonia
Broadcasting Industry Council to Improve American Productivity
Broadland District Council
Brooklyn Arts Council
Brooklyn Arts Council
Brown University Activities Council
Brown University Latino Alumni Council
Brownsville Economic Development Council
Buckinghamshire Association of Local Councils
Buckinghamshire County Council
Bucks County Emergency Health Council
Building and Construction Trades Council
Building and Trades Council
Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council
Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council
Building Environment Council of Ohio
Building Futures Council
Building Industry Council
Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council
Building Seismic Safety Council
Building Systems Councils
Buloke Shire Council
Burma Lawyers Council
Bus and Coach Council
Business & Education Partnership Advisory Council
Business Acquisition Council
Business Acquisition Council
Business Advisory Council
Business Advisory Council
Business and Technology Education Council
Business College Council
Business Constituency Council
Business Council for Healthcare Competition
Business Council for International Understanding
Business Council for Sustainable Development
Business Council for Sustainable Development – Gulf of Mexico
Business Council of Australia
Business Development Council
Business Environment Council
Business Initiative Council
Business Prioritization Council
Business Process Council
Business Services Council
Business Strategy Council
Business Student Council
Business Volunteerism Council
Business/Education Advisory Council
Butte Environmental Council
Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade
Cabinet Council on Management and Administration
Cadet Advisory Council
Caerphilly County Borough Council
Calgary and District Labour Council
Calgary Council of Home and School Associations
Calgary Pathways and Bikeways Advisory Council
California Arts Council
California Association of Student Councils
California Baton Council
California Biodiversity Council
California Community College Foreign Language Council
California Council for Excellence
California Council of Electronics Instructors
California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, Incorporated
California Council of the Blind
California Council of Vocational Associations
California Council on Economic Education
California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics
California Council on Science and Technology
California Council on Teacher Education
California Curriculum Correlating Council
California Democratic Council
California Dialysis Council
California Dispute Resolution Council
California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council
California Environmental Business Council, Inc.
California Fire Safe Council, Inc
California Forest Soils Council
California Industrial Hygiene Council
California Inland Empire Council
California Intersegmental Articulation Council
California Mathematics Council
California Minor Crops Council
California Pop and Jazz Council
California Refuse Removal Council
California State Child Death Review Council
California Tax Education Council
California Urban Forests Council
Calista Council Elders
Call Centre Council of Singapore
Callcenter Industry Advisory Council
Calorie Control Council
Calorie Control Council
Cambodian Network Council
Cambrian Caving Council
Cambrian Caving Council
Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service
Cambridge Model European Council
Cambridgeshire Association of Local Councils
Cambridgeshire Association of Local Councils
Cambridgeshire County Council
Cambridgeshire County Council
Campbelltown City Council
Campbelltown City Council
Campus Computing Coordinating Council
Campus Council for Information Technology
Campus Web Council of Wisconsin
Canada China Business Council
Canada Egypt Business Council
Canada Green Building Council
Canada India Business Council
Canada West Health Innovation Council
Canada-Japan Trade Council
Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
Canadian Agri-Food Research Council
Canadian Airports Council
Canadian Automotive Partnership Council
Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
Canadian Beef Breeds Council
Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
Canadian Children’s Rights Council
Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs
Canadian Council for Health and Active Living at Work
Canadian Council for International Business
Canadian Council for International Cooperation
Canadian Council for International Peace and Security
Canadian Council for Refugees
Canadian Council for Tobacco Control
Canadian Council of Archives
Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses
Canadian Council of Chief Executives
Canadian Council of Christian Charities
Canadian Council of Churches
Canadian Council of Churches
Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs
Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition
Canadian Council of Forest Ministers
Canadian Council of Furniture Manufacturers
Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors
Canadian Council of Homeopathic Medicine
Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories
Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators
Canadian Council of Land Surveyors
Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators
Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators
Canadian Council of Natural Mothers
Canadian Council of Occupational Hygiene
Canadian Council of Professional Certification
Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
Canadian Council of Psychotherapeutic Examiners
Canadian Council of Railway Operating Unions
Canadian Council of the Blind
Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs
Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture
Canadian Council on Animal Care
Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy
Canadian Council on Ecological Areas
Canadian Council on Electrotechnologies
Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
Canadian Council on Homeopathic Certification
Canadian Council on Social Development
Canadian Education Statistics Council
Canadian Electrical Workers Council
Canadian Ethnocultural Council
Canadian European Economic Council
Canadian Food Industry Council
Canadian Forces Liaison Council
Canadian Forest Industries Council
Canadian Geoscience Council
Canadian Honey Council
Canadian Horticultural Council
Canadian Joint Council
Canadian Judicial Council
Canadian Marine Advisory Council
Canadian Meat Council
Canadian Media Directors’ Council
Canadian Medical Research Council
Canadian Multicultural Council
Canadian Pallet Council
Canadian Plastics Sector Council
Canadian Pork Council
Canadian Research Council
Canadian Skilled Trades Council
Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council
Canadian Survey Research Council
Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers’ Council
Canadian Unitarian Council
Canadian Wood Council
Canberra Business Council
Cancer Council Australia
Cancer Council of Tasmania
Cancer Council Victoria
Cancer Leadership Council
Canola Council of Canada
Canola Council of Canada
Cantara Trustee Council
Cape Fear Literacy Council
Cape Metropolitan Development Council
Capital Area Family Violence Coordinating Council
Capital Investment Council
Capital Market Development Council
Capital Regional Development Council
Capitol Region Council of Governments
Car Care Council
Car Care Council
Carbohydrate Awareness Council
Cardiff County Council
Cardiff County Council
Cardinia Shire Council
Care Council for Wales
Career Service Advisory Council
Caribbean Council for Europe
Caribbean Council for Higher Education in Agriculture
Caribbean Council for Science and Technology
Caribbean Council for Science and Technology
Caribbean Examinations Council
Caribbean Health Research Council
Caribbean Territorial Council of Toastmasters
Caribbean Workers Council
Carmarthenshire County Council
Carmarthenshire County Council
Carpet Export Promotion Council
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
Carriers Container Council, Inc.
Carriers Container Council, Inc.
Catchment Area Council
Catholic Bishops’ Council of India
Catholic Child Welfare Council
Catholic Council of India
Catholic Council of Lesotho
Catholic Council of Thailand for Development
Catholic Council of Trent
Cattle Council of Australia
Cement Council of Texas
Cemetery Consumer Service Council
Censorship Opposition Council of Australia
Center Export Council
Center Technology Council
Central Council for British Naturism
Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work
Central Council for Physical Recreation
Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine
Central Council of the National Economy
Central Council of Tibetan Medicine
Central East Alcoholism and Drug Council
Central Flyway Council
Central Illinois Recreation Council for Leisure Experience
Central India Regional Council
Central Indiana Council on Aging
Central Iowa Public Employees Council
Central Labor Council
Central Land Council
Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism
Central New England Chromatography Council
Central New England Council
Central New York Community Arts Council
Central Northside Neighborhood Council
Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
Central Queensland Land Council
Central Sign Council
Central Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Central Training Council
Central Works Council
Cephalopod International Advisory Council
Ceredigion County Council
Ceredigion County Council
Certified Forest Products Council
Cessnock City Council
Cessnock City Council
Chancellor’s Executive Council
Channel Islands Council of Divers
Chapel Hill Town Council
Chapter Foundation Liaison Council
Charities Review Council
Charlottesville Area Planned Giving Council
Charnwood Borough Council
Charter School Leadership Council
Cheltenham Borough Council
Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia
Chemical Industry Council
Cheshire County Council
Cheshire County Council
Chesterfield Borough Council
Chicago Citizenship Assistance Council
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Chicago Jobs Council
Chicago Medical Student Council
Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council
Chicago Rabbinical Council
Chicagoland Construction Safety Council
Chief Acquisition Officers Council
Chief Information Officers Council
Chief Nursing Officers Council
Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento, Inc.
Child Life Council
Children’s Book Council
Children’s Council of San Francisco
Children’s Rights Council
Children’s Services Council
Chiltern District Council
Chin National Council
China and Inner Asia Council
China Christian Council
China Christian Council
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
China-Britain Business Council
Chinese Canadian National Council
Chinese Development Assistance Council
Chlorine Chemistry Council
Chlorine Chemistry Council
Christchurch City Council
Christchurch City Council
Christian Broadcasting Council
Christian Council of Ghana
Christian Council of Tanzania
Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities
Christian Inter-Fellowship Council
Christian Youth Council
Church Finance Council
Church of England Evangelical Council
Church’s Advisory Council for Local Broadcasting
Circulation Verification Council
Citizen Corps Council
Citizen Corps Council
Citizen Corps Council for Emergency Preparedness
Citizen’s Council on Recreation and Disabilities
Citizens Advisory Council
Citizens District Council
Citizens Housing and Planning Council
Citizens Research Council
Citizens Research Council of Michigan
Citizens Research Council of Michigan
Citizens’ Council on Health Care
City Council
City Council for the Welfare of Children
City of Canada Bay Council
City of Edinburgh Council
City of Lincoln Council
City of York Council
Citywide Council on High Schools
Citywide Council on Special Education
Civil Aviation Council of Arab States
Civil Commitment Coordinating Council
Civil Service Sports Council
Civilian Agency Acquisition Council
Civilian Welfare Council
CIVMAR Leadership Council
Clarence Valley Council
Classified Employees Advisory Council
Clean Air Council
Clean Beaches Council
Clean Islands Council
Cleveland Council of Independent Schools
Clinical Rotation Development Council
Clinton County Arts Council
Clinton River Watershed Council
Coastal Coordination Council
Coastal Coordination Council
Coastal Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Coastal Resources Management Council
Coed Fraternity Sorority Council
Coldwater River Watershed Council
Coleman Council for Entrepreneurship Awareness and Education
Collaborative Family Law Council
Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council
Collection Development Council
College Council
College of Business Executive Council
College of Engineering and Technology Student Council
College of Management and Accountancy Student Council
College of Science Student Council
Collegiate Cancer Council
Collegiate Cancer Council
Colorado Beef Council
Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities
Colorado Council of Camera Clubs
Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Colorado Council on Economic Education
Colorado Council on Family Relations
Colorado District Attorney’s Council
Colorado Interagency Council on Homelessness
Colorado River Basin Coordinating Council
Colorado Rural Development Council
Coloured Persons’ Representative Council
Columbia River Economic Development Council
Columbia Slough Watershed Council
Combined Firearms Council of Victoria
Command & Control Integration Council
Command Studies Advisory Council
Commercial & Retail Development Council
Commercial Retail Development Council
Commercial-Industrial Realty Council
Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils
Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe
Committees, Councils, and Task Forces
Common Software Executive Council
Commonwealth Business Council
Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration
Commonwealth Engineers Council
Commonwealth Human Ecology Council
Commonwealth Science Council
Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council
Commonwealth’s Attorney Services Council
Community Action Council
Community Affairs Council
Community Art Council of Vancouver
Community Blood Council of New Jersey
Community Child Care Council
Community Council for Ethnocultural Equity
Community Council for Peace and Tolerance
Community Council House Exchange
Community Council of Greater Dallas
Community Council of Senior Citizens
Community Council of Southwest Texas
Community Defense Council
Community Development Council
Community Development Councils
Community District Education Council
Community Drug and Alcohol Council
Community Early Childhood Council
Community Education Council
Community Family Planning Council
Community Government Council
Community Health Council
Community Imagery Training Council
Community Improvement Council
Community Mental Health Council, Inc.
Community Oriented Policing Leadership Council
Community Planning Council of Yonkers
Community Relations Council
Community Rights Council
Community Services Ministers Advisory Council
Companion Animal Parasite Council
Companion Animal Welfare Council
Company Member Council Executive Committee
Compensation Advisory Council
Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council
Complex Advisory Council
Composite Wood Council
Composting Council of Canada
Composting Council of Canada
Computer Services Industry Training Council
Computer Technology Council
Concrete Research Council
Conference Council on Ministries
Connecticut Business Environmental Council
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Connecticut Council of Masajid
Connecticut Council of Organizations Serving the Deaf, Inc.
Connecticut Minority Purchasing Council
Connecticut River Watershed Council
Connecticut Rivers Council
Connecticut Siting Council
Connecticut Valley Girl Scout Council
Conservation Council of New Brunswick
Conservation Council of North Carolina
Conservation Council of South Australia
Conservation Council of the South-East Region and Canberra
Conservation Council of Virginia
Constituency Leaders Council
Constitutional Drafting Council
Construction Council of Ontario
Construction Forecasting Council
Construction Industry Advisory Council
Construction Industry Advisory Council of Ontario
Construction Industry Council
Construction Industry Council of Hawaii
Construction Industry Council Wales
Construction Industry Development Council
Construction Marketing Research Council
Construction Safety Council
Consultative Council for Postal Studies
Consultative Council on Good Governance
Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois
Consulting Engineers Council of New York State
Consumer Council for Water
Consumer Council of Zimbabwe
Consumer Energy Council of America
Consumers Choice Council
Consumers Choice Council
Consumers Council of Canada
Consumers Council of Canada
Consumers’ Consultative Council
Consumers’ Consultative Council
Contact Lens Council
Continuing Improvement Council
Continuity Army Council
Contractors Human Resources Council
Contractors Safety Council of the Coastal Bend
Contribution in Lieu of Council Tax
Convention Industry Council
Convention Liaison Council
Conwy County Borough Council
Conwy Voluntary Services Council
Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council
Cook Inlet Marine Mammal Council
Cook Inlet Tribal Council
Cool Roof Rating Council
Coomalie Community Government Council
Cooperative Educational Purchasing Council
Coordinated School Health Advisory Council
Coordinated Youth Services Council
Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia Inc.
Coordinating Council for Children in Crisis, Inc.
Coordinating Council for School Improvement
Coordinating Council of Broward
Coordinating Council of Cooperatives
Coordinating Council of Cooperatives
Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines
Coordinating Council on Accreditation
Coordinating Council on Human Relations
Coordinating Council on the Clinical Laboratory Workforce
Coordinating European Council for the Development of Performance Tests for Fuels, Lubricants and Other Fluids
Coordinating Instructional Council
Coordinating Research Council
Coordinator Council
Copper and Brass Fabricators Council
Copy Protection Advisory Council
Corby Borough Council
Cork Council of Trade Unions
Cork Quality Council
Cornwall County Council
Cornwall County Council
Cornwall School Governors’ Council
Corporate Business Council
Corporate Council on Africa
Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council
Corporate Leadership Council
Corporate Technology Council
Corpus Christi Estate Planning Council
Correllian Council of Elders
Cotton Council International
Council Affiliation Fee
Council Areas of Scotland Award
Council Bluffs Education Association
Council Bluffs Energy Center
Council Bluffs Interstate System
Council Bluffs Savings Bank
Council Committee on Conformity Assessment
Council Committee on Health, Energy & Environment
Council Community Plan
Council District
Council Estate Supermodels
Council for a Better Louisiana
Council for a Better Louisiana
Council for a Livable World
Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions
Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services Inc
Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
Council for Administration
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Council for Advancement and Support of Education
Council for Affordable Health Insurance
Council for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Council for Aid to Education
Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services
Council for Aluminium in Building
Council for American Indian Ministry
Council for American Private Education
Council for Asia-Europe Cooperation
Council for Asian Terrorism Research
Council for Assisting Refugee Academics
Council for Awards in Child Care, Health, and Education
Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education
Council for Basic Education
Council for Bibliographic and Information Technologies
Council for British Archaeology
Council for British Research in the Levant
Council for Business and the Arts in Canada
Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting
Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
Council for Chemical Research
Council for Children with Behavior Disorders
Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
Council for Clinical Certification
Council for Clinical Specialty Recognition
Council for College and University English
Council for Community and Economic Research
Council for Community Television
Council for Conscious Existence
Council for Court Excellence
Council for Dance Education and Training
Council for Development and Reconstruction
Council for Disability Awareness
Council for Disability Awareness
Council for Economic Mutual Economic Assistance
Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland
Council for Economic Outreach
Council for Economic Planning and Development
Council for Education in the Commonwealth
Council for Education in World Citizenship
Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement
Council for Educational Change
Council for Educational Travel USA
Council for Electronic Billing and Payment
Council for Electronic Revenue Communication Advancement
Council for Entrepreneurial Development
Council for Environmental Education
Council for Environmental Stewardship
Council for Equal Rights in Adoption
Council for Excellence in Government
Council for Exceptional Children
Council for Food Research and Development
Council for Geoscience
Council for Geoscience South Africa
Council for Government Reform
Council for Hakka Affairs
Council for Health and Environmental Safety of Soils
Council for Health Research in Canada
Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence
Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Council for Higher Education in Art and Design
Council for Higher Education in Newark
Council for Hospitality Management Education
Council for Human Ecology
Council for Independent Archaeology
Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture
Council for Industry and Higher Education
Council for Integral Development
Council for Interior Design Accreditation
Council for International Exchange of Scholars
Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
Council for International People’s Friendship
Council for International Visitors
Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities
Council for Jewish Elderly
Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools
Council for Learning Disabilities
Council for Learning Disabilities
Council for Leather Exports
Council for Licensed Conveyancers
Council for Logo in Mathematics Education
Council for Mutual Economic Aid
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics
Council for National Parks
Council for National Policy
Council for National Security and Defense
Council for Nuclear Safety
Council for Nursing Centers
Council for Occupational Safety and Health
Council for Opportunity in Education
Council for Part-Time Students, Inc
Council for Periodical Distributors Associations
Council for Professional and Organizational Development
Council for Public Policy and Legislation
Council for Quality Respiratory Care
Council for Registered Gas Installers
Council for Research in Music Education
Council for Resource Development
Council for Responsible E-Mail
Council for Responsible Genetics
Council for Responsible Nutrition
Council for Responsible Public Investment
Council for Responsible Telemedicine
Council for Science and Technology
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer
Council for Scottish Archeology
Council for Secular Humanism
Council for South Texas Economic Progress
Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education
Council for Student Activities
Council for Students with Disabilities
Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin
Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education
Council for the Advancement of Experiential Learning
Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals
Council for the Advancement of Science Writing
Council for the Advancement of Small Business
Council for the Arts
Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
Council for the Development of French in Louisiana
Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts
Council for the Fight Against Doping
Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Council for the Promotion of Regulatory Reform
Council for the Registration of Forensic Practioners
Council for the Regulation of Healthcare Professionals
Council for the Renewal of Higher Education
Council for the Welfare of Children
Council for the Written Word
Council for Tobacco Research
Council for Tobacco Research
Council for Trade in Goods
Council for Travel and Tourism
Council for Unified Research and Education
Council for Voluntary Welfare Work
Council for West Virginia Archaeology
Council for Women’s Ministries
Council for World Class Communities
Council for World Mission
Council for Yukon Indians
Council Health Management Team
Council Housed and Violent
Council Member
Council Member
Council of Administration
Council of Advocates for Relief from Malware Assimilation
Council of Agricultural Ministers
Council of Agriculture
Council of Alumni Association Executives
Council of American Building Officials
Council of American Jewish Museums
Council of American Maritime Museums
Council of American Structural Engineers
Council of American Survey Research Organizations
Council of American Witches
Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa
Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats
Council of Asian Pacific Islanders Together for Advocacy Leadership
Council of Atlantic Telecommunications Unions
Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities
Council of Australasian Tribunals
Council of Australian Governments
Council of Australian University Museums and Collections
Council of Australian Weed Science Societies
Council of Baltic Sea States
Council of Biology Editors
Council of Black Administrators
Council of Black Led Churches
Council Of Brothers
Council of Business Affairs
Council of Canadian Academies
Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations
Council of Canadians
Council of Canadians with Disabilities
Council of Catholic Episcopal Conferences in Europe
Council of Catholic Women
Council of Chapter Representatives
Council of Chartered Financial Analysts
Council of Chief State School Officers
Council of Chiefs
Council of Christian Scholarly Societies
Council of Church and Associated Colleges
Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland
Council of Churches in England
Council of Churches in Namibia
Council of Churches in Sierra Leone
Council of Churches in Zambia
Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred
Council of Civil Service Unions
Council of Civil Service Unions
Council of Classified Employees
Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists
Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences
Council of Colonels
Council Of Colonels
Council of Colonels and Captains
Council of Commercial and Industrial Chambers
Council of Commonwealth Societies
Council of Community College Library Administrators
Council of Community Health Services
Council of Community Services of New York State
Council of Confederated Chilocco Tribes
Council of Conservative Citizens
Council of Conservative Citizens
Council of Cooperative Health Insurance
Council Of Defense & Space Industries Association
Council of Development Finance Agencies
Council of Economic Advisors
Council of Economics Educators
Council of Educational Support Professionals
Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture
Council of Elders
Council of Elementary Science International
Council of Elizabeth Fry Societies of Ontario
Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors
Council of Eminent Persons
Council of Energy Resource Tribes
Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon
Council of Engineering Institutions
Council of Engineers & Scientists Organizations
Council of Environmental Deans and Directors
Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary
Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations
Council Of Europe
Council of Europe
Council of Europe Activities Database
Council of Europe Alliance
Council of Europe Committee of Experts
Council of Europe Development Bank
Council of Europe Development Bank
Council of European Bioregions
Council of European BioRegions
Council of European Energy Regulators
Council of European Informatics Societies
Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries
Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches of Latin America
Council of Ex Muslims of Britain
Council of Faculty Organizations
Council of Fashion Designers
Council of Fashion Designers of America
Council of Federal Interior Designers
Council of Federated Organizations
Council of Fellows
Council of Finance Ministers of the European Union
Council of Fleet Specialists
Council of Forest Engineering
Council Of Forest Industries
Council of Free Students Union
Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring
Council of General Synod
Council of Global Unions
Council of Global Unions
Council of Governments
Council of Governors
Council of Governors Policy Advisors
Council of Graduate Schools
Council of Graduate Students in Education
Council of Grand Justices
Council of Great City Schools
Council of Great Lakes Industries
Council of Health Agencies of the Philippines
Council of Higher Education in Virginia
Council of Higher Secondary Education
Council of Independent Business Owners
Council of Independent Colleges
Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia
Council of Independent Restaurants of America
Council of Indian Muslims
Council of Indigenous People
Council of Indigenous Peoples
Council of Industrial Boiler Operators
Council of Industrial Boiler Owners
Council of Institutional Investors
Council of Institutional Research Officers
Council of Intermodal Shipping Consultants
Council of International Anabaptist Ministries
Council of International Federation of Advanced Studies
Council of International Fellowship
Council of International Neonatal Nurses, Inc.
Council of International Schools
Council of International Schools
Council of International Schools in the Americas
Council of Investigating Production Forces
Council of Iranian-American Jewish Organizations
Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations
Council of Islamic Courts
Council of Islamic Guidance
Council of Islamic Organizations
Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan
Council of Jewish Federations
Council of Jordan
Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards
Council of Language Arts Supervisors
Council of Latin American History
Council Of Library Directors
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses
Council of Local Education Authorities
Council of Logistics Engineering Professionals
Council of Logistics Management
Council of Mages
Council of Mages
Council of Magickal Arts, Inc
Council of Management
Council of Management
Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs
Council of Marine Carriers
Council Of Maritime Affairs
Council of Media Industry Associations
Council of Medical Specialty Societies
Council of Metropolitan Leagues
Council of Michigan Foundations
Council of Mining and Metallurgical Institutions
Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
Council of Mongolian Trade Unions
Council of Mortgage Lenders
Council of Motion Picture Organizations
Council of Multiple Birth Organizations
Council of National Defense
Council of Neighborhood Associations
Council of Neighbors and Organizations
Council of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians
Council of Nephrology Social Workers
Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums
Council of North Central Two Year Colleges
Council of Nurse Practitioners
Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries
Council of Occupational Therapists Registration Boards
Council of Official Visitors
Council of Ontario Directors of Education
Council of Ontario Drama and Dance in Education
Council of Ontario Universities
Council of Organizations Serving Deaf Alabamians
Council of Organized Researchers for Pedagogical Studies of Ballet
Council of Orthodox Rabbis
Council of Orthodox Rabbis
Council of Overseas Chinese Services, Inc
Council of Participating Deans
Council of Peers Award for Excellence
Council of Peoples Organization
Council Of Petroleum Accountants Societies
Council of Philatelic Organizations
Council of Police and Private Security
Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics
Council of Presidents
Council of Principal Investigators
Council of Prison Locals
Council of Private Investigators Ontario
Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics
Council of Professional Social Workers
Council of Psychiatric Continuing Education
Council of Public Health Nursing
Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong
Council of Public Representatives
Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers
Council of Racial and Ethnic Students
Council of Record
Council of Record
Council of Regional Information Technology Associations
Council of Regional Librarians
Council of Regional Networks for Genetic Services
Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific
Council Of Registrars
Council of Religious AIDS Networks
Council of Representatives
Council of Representatives
Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy
Council of Research and Academic Libraries
Council of Residential Specialists
Council of Sailing Associations
Council of Sales Promotion Agencies
Council of Saskatchewan Forest Industries
Council of School Board Attorneys
Council of School Supervisors and Administrators
Council of School Supervisors and Administrators
Council of Science and Technology Advisors
Council of Science Editors
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Council of Scientific Society Presidents
Council of Senior Business Administrators
Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia
Council of Senior Islamic Scholars
Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International
Council of Small Business Enterprises
Council of Small Business Executives
Council of Social Work Education
Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
Council of Southern Caving Clubs
Council of Southern Graduate Schools
Council of Specialized Accrediting Agencies
Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists
Council of State Archivists
Council of State Association Presidents
Council of State Bioscience Associations
Council of State Community Development Agencies
Council of State Governments
Council of State Governments
Council of State Planning Agencies
Council of Students
Council of Subject Teaching Associations
Council of Summer Theatres
Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems
Council of Technical Managers
Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia
Council of the Americas
Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union
Council of the Bars of the European Union
Council of the National Seismic System
Council of the National Seismic System
Council of the Organization of American States
Council of the Princeton University Community
Council of Trade Unions
Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers
Council of Trent
Council of Unions and Student Programs
Council of Unions of South Africa
Council of University Heads of Pharmacy Schools
Council of University System Staff
Council of Urban Boards of Education
Council of Urban Rebuilding Enterprises
Council of Validating Universities
Council of Vice Chancellors and Principals
Council of Voluntary Social Services
Council of War
Council of Wisconsin Libraries
Council of Wyrms
Council on Accreditation
Council on African Affairs
Council on Aging
Council on Aging-Orange County
Council on Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Council on America’s Military Past
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences
Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans
Council on Aviation Accreditation
Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists
Council on Child Abuse
Council on Children & Families
Council On Children Families
Council on Children, Media and Merchandising
Council on Chiropractic Education
Council on Chiropractic Practice
Council on Christian Higher Education
Council on Christian Unity
Council on Christian Unity, Inc.
Council on Clinical Information Technology
Council on College Composition
Council on Competitive Government
Council on Competitiveness
Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc.
Council on Contemporary Families
Council on Corporate Disclosure and Governance
Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
Council on Disaster Risk Management
Council on Drug Abuse
Council on Drugs and Food Sanitation
Council on Early Childhood Developmental Services
Council on East Asian Libraries
Council on Economic Priorities
Council on Education
Council on Education for Public Health
Council on Education of the Deaf
Council on Efficient Government
Council on Enrollment and Student Progress
Council On Environmental Quality
Council on Faith & International Affairs
Council on Family Health
Council on Financial Competition
Council on Firefighter Training
Council on Foreign Economic Policy
Council on Foreign Relations
Council On Foundations
Council on Governmental Relations
Council on Graduate Medical Education
Council On Health Research for Development
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Council on Higher Education
Council on Homeopathic Certification
Council on International and Area Outreach
Council on International and Public Affairs
Council on International Economic Policy
Council on International Educational Exchange
Council on International Initiatives
Council on International Internship Placements
Council on Invasive Species
Council on Labor Law Equality
Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training
Council on Legal Education Opportunity
Council on Library and Information Resources
Council on Library and Network Development
Council on Library Resources
Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation
Council on Litigation Management
Council on Medical Service
Council on Member and Region Affairs
Council on Middle East Studies
Council on Ministries
Council on Ministries
Council On Ministry
Council On Ministry
Council on Occupational Education
Council on Ocean Law
Council on Ocean Law
Council on Ocean Law
Council on Oceanographic Laboratory Directors
Council on Packaging in the Environment
Council on Philippine Affairs
Council on Physical Education for Children
Council on Policy Development
Council on Post-Secondary Accreditation
Council on Postsecondary Education
Council on Private Sector Initiatives
Council on Professional and Technical Education
Council on Psychosomatic Medicine
Council on Public Higher Education
Council on Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
Council on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation
Council on Recursive Information
Council on Regulatory Environmental Modeling
Council On Rehabilitation Education
Council on Religion and International Affairs
Council on Renal Nutrition
Council on Scientific Affairs
Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
Council on Size and Weight Discrimination
Council on Smoking and Health
Council on Social Work Education
Council on Spiritual Practices
Council on State Taxation
Council on Student Activity Funds
Council on Student Affairs
Council on Student Travel
Council on Superconductivity for American Competitiveness
Council on Sustainable Systems Development
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Council on Teacher Education
Council on Teacher Education
Council on Teacher Education
Council on Technology Services
Council on Technology Teacher Education
Council On The Ageing
Council on the Cost and Quality of Government
Council on the Environment
Council on Undergraduate Research
Council on Underwater Education
Council On Uniform Procurement System
Council on University Planning and Analysis
Council on University Programming
Council On Wage & Price Stability
Council on Wage and Price Stability
Council on Workforce Investment
Council on World Affairs of Canada
Council Performance Assessment
Council Planning and Resources Committee
Council Rock High School
Council Rock School District
Council Services Directory
Council Shoulder Patch
Council Special Report
Council Tax Benefit
Council Tax Benefit Subsidy Limitation
Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response
Council with Social Services Responsibilities
Council-Certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant
Council-Certified Environmental Infection Control Investigator
Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Remediator
Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Supervisor
Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist
Council-Certified Microbial Consultant
Council-Certified Residential Microbial Remediator
Councillors and Commission Chairs
Councillors and Commission Chairs
Councils for Voluntary Services
Councils on Aging Network of Ontario
Councils on Chiropractic Education International
Country Shire Councils Association of Western Australia
Country Urban Councils’ Association
Country Urban Councils’ Association
Countryside Council for Wales
County Borough Council
County Council
County Councils Network
County Voluntary Council
Course and Teacher Evaluation Council
Cowichan Valley Arts Council
Craft Yarn Council of America
Crafts Council of India
Crafts Council of Ireland
Crafts Council of South Africa
Crane Industry Council of Australia
Crawley Borough Council
Credit and Monetary Council
Crescent City Community Council
Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council
Criminal and Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council
Croatian National Youth Council
Crop Protection Council
Crossroads of America Council
Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, Inc.
Cuban Council of Churches
Cuban Liberty Council
Cultural Council of Indian River County
Cultural Human Resources Council
CUNA Lending Council
Curricula and Certification Council
Curricula and Certification Council
Curriculum and Academic Policy Council
Curriculum Council for Wales
Curriculum Development Council
Customs Cooperation Council
Customs Cooperation Council
Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature
Cuyahoga Valley Trails Council
D’ni Restoration Council
Dacorum Borough Council
Dade County Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Dairy Council
Dairy Council
Dairy Council of California
Dairy Nutrition Council of Alberta
Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
Dallas Communications Council
Dallas Muslim Council
Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
Dance Council of New Orleans
Dandenong Ranges Music Council
Dangerous Goods Advisory Council
Daniel Boone Council
Danish Business Council Dubai
Danish Equal Status Council
Danish Refugee Council
Danish Social Science Research Council
Danvers Council on Aging
Dare County Arts Council
Darlington Borough Council
Darlington Council for Voluntary Service
Darwin City Council
Data Center Advisory Council
Defence Council Instruction
Defend Council Housing
Defenders Council of Vermont
Defense Acquisition Excellence Council
Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council
Defense Economic Analysis Council
Defense Industry Advisory Council
Defense Information System Council
Defense Information System Council
Defense Management Council
Defense Procurement Circular/Council
Defense Procurement Circularcouncil
Defense Shipping Council
Defense Space Council
Defense Standards Improvement Council
Defense Systems Acquisition Review Council
Defense Systems Affordability Council
Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council
Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council
Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families
Delaware River Maritime Enterprise Council
Delaware Safety Council, Inc.
Delaware Valley Healthcare Council
Delaware Valley Science Council
Delaware Valley Stroke Council
Delhi Council for Child Welfare
Delta Tributaries Mercury Council
Delta Tributary Mercury Council
Deming Arts Council
Democratic Leadership Council
Denbighshire County Council
Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council
Dental Assistants Education Council of Australia
Dental Student Council
Denver Area Council
Denver Council on Foreign Relations
Denver Regional Council of Governments
Department of Computer Science Council
Department of Health Education Council
Department Whitley Council
Derby Council for Voluntary Service
Derbyshire County Council
Derbyshire Dales District Council
Derry City Council
Derwentside Council for Voluntary Service
Des Moines Area Religious Council
Design and Management Student Council
Detroit Council for World Affairs
Detroit Leadership Council
Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Devon County Council
Dewan Pemuda PAS Youth Council)
Diabetes Advisory Council
Diakonia Council of Churches
Diamond Council of America
Diecasting Development Council
Digital Audio Video Council
Digital Audio Visual Interactive Council
Digital Divide Council
Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
Diocesan Youth Council
Diocesan Youth Council
Director General of Research Councils
Disability Action Council
Disability Council of Queensland
Disability Review Council
Distance Education Coordinating Council
Distance Learning Council
Distilled Spirits Council
Distillers Grains Technology Council
District Academic Advising Council
District Advisory Council
District Consumer Protection Council
District Coordinating Council
District Council
District Council
District Council of Mount Barker
District Council of Trade Unions
District Council on Assessment and Placement
District Export Council
Districtwide Educational Improvement Council
Diversity Council of the Carolinas
Division Quality Council
Domestic Policy Council
Domestic Violence Council
Don Watershed Regeneration Council
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
Donegal County Council
Donor Awareness Council
Donor Coordination Council
Dorset County Council
Douglas Shire Council
Dover District Council
Downtown Norfolk Council
Downtown Staten Island Council
Drinking Water Advisory Council
Drug Abuse Advisory Council
Drug Abuse Council
Drug and Alcohol Services Council
Dublin City Council
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
Dudley Racial Equality Council
Dumfries and Galloway Council
Dundee City Council
Dunedin City Council
Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council
Durban Transitional Metropolitan Council
Durham Arts Council
Durham County Council
Dutch Green Building Council
Eacham Shire Council
Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council
Easington District Council
East Asian Business Council
East Ayrshire Council
East Cambridgeshire District Council
East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
East County Economic Development Council
East Devon District Council
East Herts Council
East King County Estate Planning Council
East Lindsey District Council
East Lothian Council Archaeology Service
East Michigan Environmental Action Council
East Midlands District Council
East Peninsula Education Council
East Sepik Council of Women
East Sussex County Council
East Texas Council of Governments
Eastern Arkansas Area Council
Eastern Carolina Council
Eastern Health and Social Services Council
Eastern Idaho Engineering Council
Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council
Eastern Province Council of Churches
Eastern Provincial Council
Eastern Shore Technology Council
Eastern Technology Council
Eastern US Agricultural and Food Export Council
Eau Claire Community Council
EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional
Economic and Social Council
Economic and Social Council
Economic and Social Research Council
Economic Cooperation Council
Economic Developers Council of Ontario
Economic Development Council
Economic Development Council of Jefferson County
Economic Development Council of Maine
Economic Development Council of Northern Vermont
Economic Opportunity Council
Economic Policy Council
Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Slovak Republic
Ecumenical Council of San Diego County
Eden District Council
Edinburgh Trades Union Council
Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council
Education Coordinating Council
Education Finance Council
Education Labour Relations Council
Education Leadership Council
Education Productivity Council
Education Technology Policy Council
Educational and Methodological Council
Educational Council on Osteopathic Principles
Educational Leadership Constituent Council
Educational Media Technology Council
Effective Outdoor Lighting Council
Effective Practice Integration Council
Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs
Egyptian National Council of Young Women’s Christian Association
Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities
Elected Staff Council
Election Technology Council
Electoral Council of Australia
Electric Reliability Council Of Texas, Inc.
Electric Trace Heating Industry Council
Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council
Electrical Safety Council
Electricity Supply Industry Planning Council
Electronic Commerce Council of Canada
Electronic Council Book
Electronic Financial Services Council
Electronic Media Rating Council
Embroidery Council of America
Emergency Management Mutual Aid Council
Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council
Employee Relocation Council
Employee Zero Accident Council
Emulsion Polymers Council
End User Council
Energy Facility Siting Council
Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Engineering and Technology Industry Council
Engineering Council
Engineering Council
Engineering Council
Engineering Council of South Africa
Engineering Design Council
Engineering Export Promotion Council
Engineering Governing Council
Engineering Student Council
Engineers Joint Council
English Outdoor Council
English Sports Council
English Tourism Council
Enlisted Advisory Council
Enteral Nutrition Council
Enterprise Architecture Executive Council
Enterprise Data Management Council
Enterprise Integration Corporate Management Council
Enterprise Integration Council
Entertainment Development Council
Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.
Environment and Plastics Industry Council
Environment Council of Rhode Island
Environment, Safety and Health Council
Environmental Advisory Council
Environmental Business Council
Environmental Business Council of Maine
Environmental Council of States
Environmental Data Standards Council
Environmental Education Council of Marin
Environmental Education Council of Ohio
Environmental Export Council
Environmental Industry Council
Environmental Leadership Council
Environmental Literacy Council
Environmental Monitoring Management Council
Environmental Partnership Council
Environmental Protection Council
Environmental Quality Council
Environmental Services Council Advisory Committee
Environmental Technology Council
Environmental Youth Education Council of Marin
Ephedra Education Council
Equal Employment Opportunity Council
Equal Status Council in Norway
Equipment and Engine Training Council, Inc.
Eritrean Liberation Front – Revolution Council
Erosion Control Technology Council
Essex County Council Field Archaeology Unit
Estate Planning Council
Estate Planning Council of the Emerald Coast
Estate Planning Council of Vancouver
Ethanol Promotion and Information Council
Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc.
Ethnic Youth Council
Euroatlantic Partnership Council
Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council in Council Operations and Exercise Committee
Eurobodalla Shire Council
Europe China Hotel Management Experts Council
European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
European Anti-Discrimination Council
European Arboricultural Council
European Archaeological Council
European Australian Business Council
European Bird Census Council
European Brain Council
European Chemical Industry Council
European Communities Chemistry Council
European Council
European Council
European Council
European Council for Business Education
European Council for Classical Homeopathy
European Council for High Ability
European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates
European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education
European Council of Civil Engineers
European Council of Information Associations
European Council of International Schools
European Council of Jewish Communities
European Council of Nuclear Cardiology
European Council of Optometry and Optics
European Council of Religious Leaders
European Council of Skeptical Organizations
European Council on Occupational Fraud
European Council on Refugees and Exiles
European Cruise Council
European Health Industry Business Communications Council
European Language Council
European Marine Equipment Council
European Mentoring & Coaching Council
European Music Council
European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council
European Orchid Council
European Payments Council
European Plastic Surgery Research Council
European Publishers Council
European Recovered Paper Council
European Renewable Energy Council
European Resuscitation Council
European Retail & Leisure Council
European Shippers’ Council
European TFC Admins Council
European Union Student Council
European Works Council
European-American Business Council
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
Evansville Area Fundraising Council
Everglades Coordinating Council
Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling
Evergreen Safety Council
Evidence Photographers International Council
Evil Council
Evil Council
Evil Council
Executive Advisory Council
Executive Committee of the National Economic Council
Executive Council
Executive Council
Executive Council
Executive Council
Executive Council
Executive Council
Executive Council for Modeling and Simulations
Executive Council of Homeowners
Executive Council Office
Executive Council Office
Executive Council on Diversity and Worklife
Executive Leadership Council
Executive Operations Council
Executive Oversight Council
Executive Quality Council
Executive Review Council
Executive Science and Technology Council
Executive Steering Council
Exotic Pest Plant Council
Expediency Discernment Council
Expeditionary Support Policy Council
Export Council for Energy Efficiency
Export Guarantees Advisory Council
Export Inspection Council
Export Promotions Council of Kenya
Exton Personal Computer Council
Faculty Executive Council
Fair Housing Council of Oregon
Fair Housing Council of Riverside County
Fair Lawn Jewish Community Council
Family Action Council
Family Action Council
Family and Children First Council
Family Care Council
Family Council on Drug Awareness
Family Equality Council
Family Planning Council
Family Planning Council of Iowa
Family Planning Councils of America
Family Research Council
Family Support Services Advisory Council
Fareham Borough Council
Farm Animal Welfare Council
Farm Credit Council, Inc.
Farriers Registration Council
Fashion Design Council of Canada
Fatah Revolutionary Council
Father’s Day Council Carolinas
Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods
Fayetteville Economic Development Council
Federal Audit Executive Council
Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement
Federal Council for Science and Technology
Federal Council for Sustainable Development Belgium
Federal Council of Churches
Federal Employees Metal Trades Council
Federal Executive Council
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Federal Financial Managers Council
Federal Information Services and Applications Council
Federal Interagency Coordinating Council
Federal Judiciary Council
Federal National Council
Federal Networking Council
Federal Radiation Council
Federal Real Property Council
Federal Reserve Council
Federal Safety and Health Council
Federated Council for Internal Medicine
Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils
Federation of State Beef Councils
Federation of State Humanities Councils
Federation of Workers’ Councils and Unions
Fellow of the European Stroke Council
Fenland Council for Voluntary Service
Fenland District Council
Field Studies Council
Field Studies Council Environmental Education
Fiji Council of Social Services
Film, Recording and Entertainment Council
Filter Manufacturers Council
Filthy McNasty Council
Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council
Financial and Consumer Rights Council, Inc.
Financial Management Council
Financial Planners Standards Council
Financial Reporting Council
Financial Sector Advisory Council
Financial Sector Charter Council
Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council
Financial Services Skills Council
Finger Lakes Area Council
Finnish Council for Natural Resources
Fiqh Council of North America
Fire Service Training Council
First Coast Car Council
First Nations Education Council
First Ward Action Council, Inc.
First Year Leadership Council
Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council
Fisheries Council of British Columbia
Fisheries Council of Canada
Fishery Management Council
Fitness Industry Council of Canada
Five Wings Arts Council
Flax Council of Canada
Fleet Information Systems Management Council
Flint District Youth Council
Florida Airports Council
Florida Airports Council
Florida Archaeological Council, Inc.
Florida Archaeological Council, Inc.
Florida Association of Safety Councils
Florida Association of Student Councils
Florida Beef Council
Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council
Florida College Reading Council
Florida Collegiate Honors Council
Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies
Florida Council of Catholic Women
Florida Council of Independent Schools
Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Florida Council of The Blind, Inc.
Florida Council on Economic Education
Florida Council on Elementary Education
Florida District Export Council
Florida Employer Advisory Council
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council
Florida Federation Council for Exceptional Children
Florida Humanities Council
Florida Insurance Council, Inc.
Florida Kindergarten Council
Florida Local Advocacy Council
Florida Minerals and Chemistry Council
Florida Petroleum Council
Florida Phosphate Council
Florida Plastics Industry Council
Florida Ports Council
Florida Ski Council
Florida Statewide Advocacy Council
Florida Sterling Council, Inc
Florida Wildflower Advisory Council
Florida Wood Council
Flower Export Council of Australia
Food and Agricultural Research Council
Food and Agriculture Council
Food and Agriculture Council
Food Bank Council of Michigan
Food Industry Council of Tasmania
Force Management Oversight Council
Force Protection Council
Foreign Investment Advisory Council
Foreign Investors Council in Estonia
Forest Biosecurity Research Council
Forest Conservation Council
Forest Industries Council
Forest Industry Council on Taxation
Forest Landowners Tax Council
Forest Stewardship Council
Foundation Advisory Council
Foundation Advisory Council
Franchise Advisory Council
Franchise Advisory Council
Franco-Sri Lankan Business Council
Franklin Regional Council of Governments
Fraser Basin Council
Fraser Coast Regional Council
Free Churches Federal Council
Freedom of Information Council
Fremont County Tourism Council
Fresh Produce and Floral Council
Fresno Council on Child Abuse Prevention
Frozen Vegetable Council
Fur and Alligator Advisory Council
Fur and Alligator Advisory Council
Fur Information Council of America
Further Education and Training Awards Council
Further Education Funding Council
Further Education Funding Council for England
Gallup Area Arts Council
Galway County Council
Gambrills Odenton Recreation Council
Gas and Electricity Consumer Council
Gas Safety Action Council
Gauteng North Sports Council
Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council
Geelong Ethnic Communities Council
Gender and Development Council
General Affairs Council
General Assembly Council
General Aviation Awareness Council
General Chiropractic Council
General Council and Register of Consultant Herbalists
General Council Credit Union
General Council for Massage Therapy
General Council of British Shipping
General Council of Industries for the Blind
General Council of Islamic Banks
General Council of the Assemblies of God
General Council of the Bar of South Africa
General Council on Ministries
General Dental Council
General Education Advisory Council
General Executive Council
General Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq
General Insurance Standards Council
General Intelligence Training Council
General Medical Council
General Optical Council
General Osteopathic Council
General Practice Partnership Advisory Council
General Secretariat of the Executive Council
General Social Care Council
General Staff Council
General Teaching Council
General Teaching Council for Scotland
Genesee Valley Council on the Arts
Geographic Information Advisory Council
Geographic Information Coordinating Council
Georgia Agribusiness Council
Georgia Collegiate Honors Council
Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education
Georgia Council of Chiropractic
Georgia Council of Local Administrators
Georgia Council of Media Organizations
Georgia Council of Teachers of English
Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.
Georgia Council on Child Abuse
Georgia Heritage Council
Georgia Indigent Defense Council
Georgia Interagency Safety Advisory Council
Georgia Peach Council
Georgia Rehab Technology Council
Georgia School Council Institute
Geothermal Resources Council
German American Academic Council
German Council on Foreign Relations
German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia
German Welfare Council
German-American Academic Council Foundation
German-American Business Council
German-Austrian Business Council of South Australia
Ghana Parade Council
Girl Scout Council of Cannon Valley
Girl Scout Council of Orange County
Girl Scout Council Office
Girl Scouts Michigan Waterways Council
Girl Scouts of the Huron Valley Council
Girl Scouts Susitna Council
Girls Brigade International Council
Girls’ Action Council
GIS Program Leaders (advisory committee; Oregon Geographic Information Council; Salem, OR)
Glamorgan County Council
Glasgow City Council
Glass Manufacturing Industry Council
Global Benchmarking Council
Global Business Policy Council
Global Council for Management Education
Global Defense Council
Global Digital Literacy Council
Global Graduate Business Council
Global Health Council
Global Technology Distribution Council
Global Trust Council
Gloucester Arts Council
Goat Industry Council of Australia
Gold Coast City Council
Goldfields Land and Sea Council
Gopher Tortoise Council
Gosport Borough Council
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
Governing Program Management Council
Government Coordinating Council
Government Efficiency and Accountability Council
Government Information Technology Officers Council
Government Relations Advisory Council
Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council
Governmental Affairs Advisory Council
Governor’s Advisory Council
Governor’s Business Council
Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
Governor’s Workforce Development Council
Graduate Academic Affairs Council
Graduate and Professional Student Council
Graduate Business Council
Graduate Careers Council of Australia
Graduate Inter-School Activities Council
Graduate Management Admission Council
Graduate Student Council
Grain Legume Research Council
Grains Council of Australia
Grampian Racial Equality Council
Grand Council of the Crees
Grand Council of the Crees Eeyou Istchee
Grand Valley Metropolitan Council
Graphic Arts Advertisers Council
Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council
Gravesham Arts Council
Great Council of Chiefs
Great Lakes Manufacturing Council
Great Lakes Nordic Ski Council
Great Plains Honors Council
Great Salt Lake Council
Great Sauk Trail Council
Great Smoky Mountain Council
Great Western Council of Optometry
Greater Alabama Council
Greater Augusta Arts Council
Greater Bendigo City Council
Greater Birmingham Postal Customer Council
Greater Boston Council on Alcoholism, Inc.
Greater Boston Police Council
Greater Cincinnati Health Council
Greater Columbia Literacy Council
Greater Columbus Arts Council
Greater Detroit Area Health Council
Greater Detroit Cooperative Nursery Council
Greater Edmonton Lacrosse Council
Greater Gotham Business Council
Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council
Greater London Council
Greater London Whitley Council
Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council
Greater Phoenix Economic Council
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
Greater Pittsburgh Council
Greater Pretoria Metropolitan Council
Greater Richmond Technology Council
Greater Rochester Diversity Council
Greater Rochester Quality Council
Greater Saint Louis Area Council
Greater San Diego Mathematics Council
Greater San Marcos Youth Council
Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs
Greater Vancouver Citizenship Council
Greek Alliance Council
Greek Alumni Advisory Council
Green Building Advisory Council
Green Building Council
Green Building Information Council
Green Burial Council
Green Density Council
Green Meeting Industry Council
Greene County Council on the Arts
Greenwich Voluntary Action Council
Grimstead Parish Council
Grinnell Area Arts Council
Guardians Council
Guelph Arts Council
Guilden Sutton Parish Council
Gulf Business Council
Gulf Cooperation Council
Gulf Coordination Council
Gulf Corporation Council
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
Guyana National Standards Council
Gwich’in Council International
Gwich’in Tribal Council
Hairdressing Council
Haitian Centers Council, Inc.
Halton Industry Education Council
Halton with Aughton Parish Council
Hamilton District Labour Council
Hampshire County Council
Harborough District Council
Harbour Authority Advisory Council
Hardwoods Development Council
Harford County Educational Services Council
Harris County Mayors’ and Councils’ Association
Hartlepool Borough Council
Hastings District Council
Havant Borough Council
Hawaii Business Health Council
Hawaii Community Services Council
Hawaii Council of Teachers of English
Hawaii Invasive Species Council
Hawaii State Student Council
Hawaiian Inter-Club Council of Southern California
Hawk Mountain Council
Hawkesbury City Council
Haywood County Arts Council
Hazardous Materials Advisory Council
Hazardous Materials Policy Council
Hazardous Waste Treatment Council
Heads of Research Councils
Health Care Cost Containment Council
Health Council of Canada
Health Council of the Netherlands
Health District Licensing Council
Health Executive Council
Health Industry Business Communications Council
Health Information Technology Policy Council
Health Partnership Council
Health Professionals Council
Health Professions Council of Australia
Health Professions Council of South Africa
Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council
Health Professions Student Council
Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Health Quality Council
Health Research Council of New Zealand
Health Research Council of the Pacific
Healthcare Leadership Council
Healthservice Council of Metropolitan Louisville
Healthy Families Thriving Communities Collaborative Council
Hearing Aid Council
Heart of America Council
Heart of America Van Council
Heartland Trail Riders Council
Heavy Duty Brake Manufacturers Council
Helena International Affairs Council
Hells Canyon Preservation Council
Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council
Hepatitis Council of Queensland
Hereford and Worcester County Council
Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council
Hertfordshire County Council
High Council
High Level Consultative Council
High Performance Building Council
High Technology Council of Maryland
Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
Higher Council for Science and Technology
Higher Education Alumni Council of Oklahoma
Higher Education and Training Awards Council
Higher Education Council
Higher Education Council for England
Higher Education Funding Council
Higher Education Funding Council for England
Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
Higher Education Program Alumni Council
Highway Seismic Research Council
Hindu Council of Kenya
Hindu Students Council
Hispanic Access Advisory Council
Hispanic Business Council
Hispanic Latino Business Council
Historic Buildings Advisory Council
HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction Advisory Council
Hobart City Council
Hockey Nova Scotia Minor Council
Hollywood Advisory Council
Hollywood Council of Civic Associations
Home and School Council
Home Furnishings Council
Home Laundering Consultative Council
Home Manufacturers Council of NAHB
Home Safety Council
Homeland Security Advisory Council
Homeland Security Council
Hong Kong Leadership Council
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hong Kong Women Christian Council
Honors Program Student Advisory Council
Hornsby Shire Council
Horse Council British Columbia
Horseradish Information Council
Horticultural Development Council
Hospital Council
Hotel Development Council
House of Councilors
Housing Assistance Council
Housing Leadership Council
Houston Area Contractors Safety Council
Houston Area Council
Houston Area Council of ABWA
Houston Area Safety Council
Houston Minority Business Council
Houston-Galveston Area Council
Hudson Valley Council
Hull City Council
Human Resource Investment Council
Human Resources Council
Human Resources Development Council
Human Rights Council
Human Sciences Research Council
Human Services Council
Human Services Training Advisory Council
Huntsville Lakes Council
Huron River Watershed Council
Hurricane Evacuees Council/Bay Area
Hythe and Dibden Parish Council
Icelandic Council for Standardization
Ichirouganaim Council for the Advancement of Rastafari
Idaho Cooperative Council
Idaho Council of Catholic Women
Idaho Real Estate Education Council
Ijaw Council on Human Rights
Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education
Illinois Association of Student Councils
Illinois Council of Case Coordination Units
Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists
Illinois Council of Independent Airports
Illinois Public Action Council
Illinois Reading Council
Illinois State Advisory Council on the Education of Children with Disabilities
Illinois Ultralight Advisory Council
IMSI Management Council
Inbound Tour Operators Council of New Zealand
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland
Independent Broadcast Locals Council
Independent Council of Premier Agents
Independent Practitioners Association Council of New Zealand
Independent Rental Owners Council
Independent Schools Council Information Service
Independent Schools Council of Australia
Indian American Political Advocacy Council
Indian American Security Leadership Council
Indian Business & Professional Council
Indian Council for Child Welfare
Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Indian Council for Historical Research
Indian Council for Learning Disability
Indian Council for Secondary Education
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Indian Council of Conservation Institute
Indian Council of Education
Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
Indian Council of Medical Research
Indian Council of Philosophical Research
Indian Council of Scientific Research
Indian Council of Social Science Research
Indian Green Building Council
Indian Silk Export Promotion Council
Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education
Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council
Indiana Urban Forest Council
Indianapolis Private Industry Council
Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism
Indo Argyle Diamond Council
Indo-American Arts Council, Inc.
Industrial and Professional Advisory Council
Industrial Council for Development
Industrial Council for Development Services
Industrial Developers Research Council
Industrial Medical Council
Industrial Partnership Council
Industrial Union Council
Industry Advisory Council
Industry Council for Development
Industry Council for Operational Test & Evaluation
Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment
Industry Council on Tangible Assets
Industry Council Open Amiga Initiative
Industry Council Open Amiga Initiative
Industry Real Estate Financing Advisory Council
Industry-Government Advisory Council
Infant Formula Council
Information Assurance Advisory Council
Information Coordination Council
Information Highway Advisory Council
Information Management Advisory Council
Information Office of the Council of Europe
Information Policy Council
Information Resource Management Council
Information Technology Certification Security Council
Information Technology Commodity Council
Information Technology Executive Council
Information Technology Executive Leadership Council
Information Technology Industry Council
Information Technology Industry council
Information Technology Issues Council
Information Technology Management Council
Information Technology Planning Council
Information Technology Policy Council
Information Technology Requirements Council
Information Technology Standards Council
Information Technology User’s Council
INFOSEC Research Council
Infostructure Architecture Council
Infranet Initiative Council
Injury Control Council of Western Australia
Inland Empire Council of Amateur Radio Organizations
Inland Empire Public Lands Council
Inland Northwest Council of Libraries
Inland Valley Council of Churches
Inland Waterways Advisory Council
Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council
Inner Council
Inner Council
Inner-City Council
Innovative Technology Council
Installation Community Actions Council
Installation Volunteer Council
Institutional Actions Council
Instream Flow Council
Instructional Council
Instructional Council
Insurance Brokers Registration Council
Insurance Council of Texas
Insurance Research Council
Integration Management Council
Intelligence Producers Council
Intelligence Research & Development Council
Intelligent Transportation System Council
Inter Council Aboriginal Consultative Committee
Inter Fraternity Council
Inter Fraternity Council of France
Inter Tribal Council of Michigan, Inc.
Interactive Gaming Council
Interagency Acquisition Internet Council
Interagency Civil Admissions Advisory Council
Interagency Council for Ocean Resources
Interagency Council for the Homeless
Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse & Neglect
Interagency Council on Homelessness
Interagency Council on Homelessness
Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing
Interagency Council on Long-Term Care
Interagency Wild and Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council
Inter-American Council of Psychiatric Organizations
Intercultural Cancer Council
Intercultural Cancer Council Caucus
Interfaculty Council
Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
Interfaith Council of Washington
Interfraternity Council
Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council
Inter-Hall Council
Interim National Council
Interior Design Continuing Education Council
Interior Design Educators Council, Inc.
International Academic Advisory Council
International Academy Council
International Boxing Council
International Building Code Council
International Business Communications Council
International Business Council
International Business Council of Canada
International Business Leaders Advisory Council
International Cargo Security Council
International Catholic Stewardship Council
International Chemical Council Association
International Children’s Peace Council
International Code Council
International Cost Engineering Council
International Council for Adult Education
International Council for Applied Mineralogy
International Council for Aquaculture
International Council for Bird Preservation
International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation
International Council for Canadian Studies
International Council for Canadian Studies
International Council for Caring Communities
International Council for Coach Education
International Council for Commercial Arbitration
International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation, Inc.
International Council for Competition Climbing
International Council for Computer Communication
International Council for Cultural Exchange, Inc.
International Council for Distance Education
International Council for Educational Media
International Council for Electrophoresis Societies
International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
International Council for Health Freedom
International Council for Human Rights
International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
International Council for Internet Communications
International Council for Laboratory Animal Science
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
International Council for Machinery Lubrication
International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
International Council for Open and Distance Education
International Council for Peace and Justice
International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
International Council for Physical Activity and Fitness Research
International Council for Professional Competence
International Council for Quality Function Deployment
International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
International Council for Science
International Council for Science
International Council for Ski Mountaineering Competitions
International Council for Small Business
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
International Council Meeting
International Council of Accrediting Agencies
International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
International Council of Airshows
International Council of Alpha Phi Omega
International Council of Arbitration for Sport
International Council of Associations for Science Education
International Council of Beverages Associations
International Council of Building Officials
International Council of Catholic Men
International Council of Chemical Associations
International Council of Christian Churches
International Council of Community Churches
International Council of Cruise Lines
International Council of Emboli Management
International Council of Human Duties
International Council of Institutional Investors
International Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities
International Council of Marine Industry Associations
International Council of Museums
International Council Of Museums
International Council of Nurses
International Council of Nurses Project
International Council of Online Professionals
International Council of Onomastic Sciences
International Council of Ophthalmology
International Council of Psychologists
International Council of Scientific Unions
International Council of Shopping Centers
International Council of Shopping Centres
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design
International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education
International Council of Surgical Gastroenterology
International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences
International Council of Tourism Partners
International Council of Voluntary Agencies
International Council of Women
International Council on Active Aging
International Council on Alcohol and Addictions
International Council on Alcoholism and Addiction
International Council on Animal Protection
International Council on Animal Protection in OECD
International Council on Archives
International Council on Clean Transportation
International Council on Disability Awareness
International Council on Education for Teaching
International Council on English Braille
International Council on Food Irradiation
International Council on Korean Studies
International Council on Metals and the Environment
International Council on Mining and Metals
International Council On Monuments and Sites
International Council on Nanotechnology
International Council on National Youth Policy
International Council on Social Welfare
International Councils of Securities Dealers
International Cricket Council
International Cruise Council of Australia
International Development Council for Academic Studies
International Development Research Council
International Disability Management Standards Council
International Economic Development Council
International Editorial Council
International Federation of Iranian Refugees and Immigrants Councils
International Fire Code Council
International Food Additives Council
International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council
International Food Biotechnology Council
International Food Information Council
International Grains Council
International Imaging Technology Council
International Indian Treaty Council
International Insurance Council
International Lutheran Council
International Martial Arts Award Council
International Master Councilor
International Music Council
International Nuclear Society Council
International Olive Oil Council
International Performance Management Council
International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council
International Photographic Council
International Policy Council on Agriculture Food and Trade
International Press Telecommunications Council
International Product Placement Research Council
International Productivity and Quality Council
International Psoriasis Council
International Publishers Copyright Council
International Radio Advisory Council
International Risk Governance Council
International Safety Council
International Science and Education Council
International Social Sciences Council
International Standards Council
International Student Council
International Supreme Council
International Taekwondo Council
International Telecommunication Press Council
International Telecommuting Advisory Council
International Telework Association and Council
International Therapy Examination Council
International Tin Council
International Tropical Timber Council
International Veterinary Officers Council
International Wheat Council
International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
International Wrought Copper Council
Internet Fraud Council
Interprofessional Council on Environmental Design
Interprofessional Student Council
Interracial Council for Business Opportunities
Inter-Regulatory Risk Management Council
Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel
Interreligious Council of Central New York
Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone
Inter-Residence Council
Inter-Society Color Council
Interstate Migrant Education Council
Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
Intertribal Agricultural Council
Intertribal Council of AT&T Employees
Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada
Intertribal Council on Utility Policy
Inter-Tribal Environmental Council
Intertribal Timber Council
Inter-University Council for East Africa
Intra-University Academic Council
Inuit Circumpolar Youth Council
Invercargill City Council
Iowa Arts Council
Iowa Council for Early ACCESS
Iowa Council of School Board Attorneys
Iowa Council of Teachers of English
Iowa Geographic Information Council
Iowa Purebred Swine Council
Iraqi Governing Council
Iraqi National Council for Dialogue
Iraqi National Dialogue Council
Ireland-Pakistan Business Council
Irish Council against Blood Sports
Irish Council for Civil Liberties
Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas
Irish Council for Psychotherapy
Irish Council for Social Housing
Irish Episcopal Council for Emigrants
Irish Peatland Conservation Council
Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria
Islamic Nationalist Revolutionary Council of Afghanistan
Islamic Supreme Council of America
Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq
Island Lake Tribal Council
Isle of Wight Council
Isle of Wight Rural Community Council
Islington Voluntary Action Council
Ismaili Council for the European Union
Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council
Issue Management Council
Italian Resuscitation Council
Itsekiri National Youth Council
Jacksonville Beach City Council
Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.
Jamaica Plain Arts Council
Jamestown Community Learning Council
Japan Business Council in Europe
Japan Council for Quality Health Care
Japan Council of Religious Representatives
Japan Electronic Data Interchange Council
Japan Investment Council
Japan Pension Research Council
Japan Responsible Care Council
Japan/New Zealand Business Council
Jedi Council
Jefferson County Horse Council
Jericho Children Municipal Council
Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council
Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Jewish Council for Racial Equality
Jewish Council on Aging
Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism
Jewish Orthodox Community Council
Jewish Youth Council
Jharkhand Education Project Council
Johnson County Council of Governments
Johnston County Arts Council
Johnstone Shire Council
Joint Action Council Kannur
Joint Business Council
Joint CALS Management Council
Joint Chiefs of Staff Requirements Oversight Council
Joint Council for Economic Opportunity
Joint Council for Qualifications
Joint Council Initiative
Joint Council of Engineering Organization
Joint Council of State Neurosurgical Societies
Joint Council of Student Engineers
Joint Council of Trade Unions
Joint Council on Economic Education
Joint Council on Educational Television
Joint Council on International Children’s Services
Joint Electron Device Engineering Council
Joint Executive Council
Joint Industrial Council
Joint Meetings Industry Council
Joint Presidents Council
Joint Requirements Oversight Council
Joint Requirements Oversight Council Memorandum
Joint Requirements Oversight Council Review Board (US DoD)
Joint Resources Council
Joint Review Council
Joint Systems Acquisition Council
Joint Technical Working Council
Joint Technology Council
Joint University Council
Jonathan Edwards College Council
Judicial Council Coordinated Proceeding
Judicial Council of California
Judicial Reform Council
Junction City Arts Council
Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, Inc.
Junior Council on World Affairs
Junior Councilor
Junior Executive Council Clubs
Junior Officers’ Council
Junior Youth Council
Justices of the Peace Review Council
Jute Manufacturers Development Council
Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council
Juvenile Justice Council
Kailua Bay Advisory Council
Kampala City Council
Kansas Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations
Kansas Amateur Repeater Council
Kansas City Area Development Council
Kansas City Industrial Council
Kansas City Regional Chess Council
Kansas Trails Council
Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council
Kauai Ocean Rescue Council
Kensington Municipal Advisory Council
Kent County Council
Kent Rural Community Council
Kentucky Council of Churches
Kentucky Industrial Development Council, Inc.
Kentucky Resources Council
Kentucky River Foothills Development Council
Kentucky Youth Development Coordinating Council
Kenya Flower Council
Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment
Kern Council of Governments
Kerrier District Council
Kerry County Council
Kettle Moraine Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Council
Kildare County Council
Kitchener Youth Action Council
Klingon High Council
Knott Drug Abuse Council
Korea Business Council for Sustainable Development
Korea Council of Volunteering
Korean Council for Local Agenda 21
Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation
Korean Film Council
Korean National Council of Churches
Kosovo Transitional Council
Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Tribal Council
Kwinana Industries Council
La Jolla Town Council
Labor Advisory Council
Labor Market Advisory Council
Labour Council of Metropolitan Toronto
Labour Women’s Council
Lake County Economic Opportunity Council, Inc.
Lake Huron Area Council
Lake Macquarie City Council
Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council
Lake Region Arts Council
Lakes Region Community Services Council
Lakewood Performing Arts Council
Lambeth Voluntary Action Council
Lancashire Association of Parish and Town Councils
Land Acquisition and Management Advisory Council
Land and Water Resource Council
Land and Water Resources Council
Land Information Council of Jamaica
Land Mobile Communications Council
Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii
Lanier Watershed Regional Council
Lao Human Rights Council
Large Public Power Council
Las Vegas Area Council
Las Vegas Design Council
Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council
Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention
Law Enforcement Merit System Council
Law School Admission Council
Lawrence University Community Council
Leadership Council of Aging Organizations
Learning and Skills Council
Learning and Skills Council London East
Learning Skills Council
Lebanese International Business Council
Lebanese-Canadian Coordinating Council
Leeds City Council
Legal Management Council of the Philippines
Legal Profession Advisory Council
Legislative Council
Legislative Council Bureau
Legislative Council Staff
Legislative Youth Advisory Council
Leicester Racial Equality Council
Leicestershire County Council
Leitana Council of Elders
Lesotho Council of NGOs
Liberal Arts Constituency Council
Liberal Learning Program Council
Liberia Peace Council
Library Consumers’ Advisory Council
Library Council
Library Council of Southeastern Wisconsin
Libyan Transitional Council
Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada
Lichfield District Council
Lieutenant Governor in Council
Life Options Rehabilitation Advisory Council
Life Underwriter Training Council
Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow
Lighting Industry Resource Council
Limerick City Council
Lincoln Park Advisory Council
Linux User Advisory Council
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
Liverpool Council for Voluntary Service
Liverpool Plains Shire Council
Livestock and Meat Council for Northern Ireland
Livestock Development Council
Livestock Equipment Council
Livingston Campus Council
Livingstonia Mission Council
Local Aboriginal Land Council
Local Advisory Coordinating Council
Local Economic and Employment Development Council, Inc.
Local Interagency Coordinating Council
Local Learning and Skills Councils
Local Public Affairs Council
Local School Council
Local School Improvement Council
Local User Council
Local Works Council
Local Youth Council
Log Homes Council
Logistics Information Requirements Council
London County Council
London West District Council
Long Island Arts Council
Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
Long Island Planning Council
Longhorn American Indian Council
Los Osos Community Advisory Council
Loss Prevention Council
Louisiana Council of Teachers of English
Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Lower Nehalem Watershed Council
Lower Savannah Council of Governments
Lubbock Metropolitan Council of Governments
Lummi Indian Business Council
Luton Borough Council
Machine Stress Rated Lumber Producers Council
Machine Trades Advisory Council
Maharashtra Economic Development Council
Maharashtra Medical Council
Maharashtra State Women’s Council
Maiden Newton Parish Council
Maine Council of Churches
Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
Maine Nordic Ski Council
Maine Planned Giving Council
Maine Rural Development Council
Mainland Affairs Council
Mainland Affairs Council
Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council
Major Automated System Review Council
Malawi Export Promotion Council
Malaysia Cocoa Growers Council
Malaysia Lebanon Business Council
Malaysia Norway Business Council
Malaysian Dutch Business Council
Malaysian Furniture Industry Council
Malaysian Medical Council
Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council
Malaysian Timber Council
Malaysian-Finnish Business Council
Maldon District Council
Malta Council for Science and Technology
Managed Care Liaison Council
Management Advisory Council
Management Advisory Council
Management Council
Manchester Community Services Council
Manchester Training & Enterprise Council
Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council
Manitoba Arts Council
Manitoba Arts Council
Manitoba Council for Leadership in Education
Manitoba Horse Council
Manitoba Pork Council
Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council
Manitoba Tourism Education Council
Manning Distribution Advisory Council
Manpower Utilization Review Council
Manufacturing Industrial Council
Manufacturing Industrial Council
Maricopa County Library Council
Marin Senior Coordinating Council
Marina Bay Neighborhood Council
Marine Aquarium Council
Marine Aquarium Council
Marine Corps Requirements Oversight Council
Marine Resources Council
Marine Safety Advisory Council
Marine Safety Council
Marine Stewardship Council
Marion County Homeless Council
Marion County Literacy Council
Maritime Security Council
Marketing Leadership Council
Markham Teen Arts Council
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council
Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site
Maryland Association of Student Councils
Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council
Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services
Maryland Horse Council
Maryland Muslim Council
Maryland Statewide Independent Living Council
Masonry Advisory Council
Masonry Advisory Council
Massachusetts Association of Student Councils
Massachusetts Biotechnology Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Interactive Media Council
Massachusetts Oilheat Council
Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council
Massachusetts Telecommunications Council
Master Councilor
Master Custom Builder Council
Materiel Acquisition Review Council
Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association
Mathematics Council of Western Pennsylvania
Mauritius Council of Social Service
Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council
Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council
McIntire Young Alumni Council
McLean County Disaster Council
Meat Importers Council of America, Inc.
Mecklenburg Council on Adolescent Pregnancy
Media Rating Council
Media Security and Reliability Council
Medical Advisory Council
Medical Advisory Council
Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria
Medical and Scientific Advisory Council
Medical Center Council
Medical Council of Canada
Medical Council of Hong Kong
Medical Council of India
Medical Council on Alcohol
Medical Research Council
Medical Research Council and Uganda Virus Research Institute
Medical Research Council Dyspnoea
Medical Research Council of Canada
Medical Research Council of South Africa
Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe
Medical Research Council Questionnaire
Medical Review Officer Certification Council
Medical Speech Pathology Council of California
Medical Training and Education Council
Medicines Coding Council of Australia
Medicines Control Council of South-Africa
Member of Australian Council for Computers in Education
Member of Legislative Council
Member of the British Acupuncture Council
Member of the Executive Council
Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy
Membership Advisory Council
Membership Advisory Council
Memphis Area Geographic Information Council
Mennonite Secondary Education Council
Mental Health Leadership Council
Mental Health Needs Council
Mental Health Planning Council
Mental Retardation Needs Council
Mercersburg Council for the Arts
Merchant Risk Council
Merrimack River Watershed Council
Metal Properties Council
Metal Trades Council
Metis National Council
Metro Atlanta Telecommuting Advisory Council
Metroplex Technology Business Council
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Metropolitan Council Transit Operations
Metropolitan Detroit Ski and Recreation Council
Metropolitan Educational Council
Metropolitan Neighborhood Business Council
Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Miami Maintenance Management Council
Michigan Agricultural Electric Council
Michigan Association of Student Councils
Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council
Michigan Council for History Education
Michigan Council of Directors of Volunteer Services
Michigan Council of Korean Churches
Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited
Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency
Michigan Defense Trial Council
Michigan Environmental Council
Michigan Forest Products Council
Michigan Humanities Council
Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcohol Problems
Michigan Minority Business Development Council
Michigan Professional Loggers Council
Microcomputer Marketing Council
Mid America Council of Recycling Officials
Mid America Regional Council
Mid Bedfordshire District Council
Mid-America Regional Council Emergency Rescue
Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council
Mid-Atlantic Area Council
Mid-Atlantic Telework Advisory Council
Mid-Coast Community Council
Midcoast Council for Business Development and Planning
Mid-County Teen Advocacy Council
Middle East Council of Shopping Centres
Middle East Policy Council
Middle Management Council
Middle Tennessee Postal Customer Council
Middle Tennessee Tourism Council
Mid-Florida Council of the Blind
Midland Area Reading Council
Mid-Region Council of Governments
Midwest Chimney Safety Council
Midwest Nut Producers Council
Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs
Mid-Western Regional Council
Midwifery Education Accreditation Council
Military Affairs Council
Military Affairs Council
Milk Development Council
Milk Producers Council
Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities
Millwrights Regional Council of Ontario
Milton Keynes Council
Milwaukee County Labor Council
Minerals Council of Australia
Mining and Reclamation Council
Ministerial Advisory Council of Senior Victorians
Ministerial Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs
Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management Police
Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs
Ministerial Council on Energy
Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Minnesota Environmental Quality Council
Minnesota Family Council
Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness
Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council
Minnesota Planned Giving Council
Minnesota School Readiness Business Advisory Council
Minority Business Council
Minority Media and Telecommunications Council
Minority Supplier Council
Mission Directorate Program Management Council
Mission Hills Neighborhood Council
Mississauga Arts Council
Mississauga Arts Council
Missouri Advisory Council of Certification for Educators
Missouri Arts Council
Missouri Arts Council
Missouri Community Forestry Council
Missouri Council of School Administrators
Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Missouri Council of the Blind
Missouri Humanities Council
Model Local Bar Councils
Modeling Decision Council
Modified Medical Research Council
Mohair Council of America
Mohair Council of America
Mohawk Council of Kahnawake
Mohawk Valley Council on Alcoholism and Addictions
Mongolian National Council for Sustainable Development
Monland Restoration Council
Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Council
Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education
Montessori Australia Council
Montessori Australia Council
Montgomery Central Labor Council
Montgomery County Council
Montour Trail Council
Montreal Council on Foreign Relations
Moral and Social Issues Council
Morningside Area Community Council
Morris-Sussex Area Council
Mother of Red Nations Women’s Council of Manitoba
Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council
Motorcycle Industry Council
Motorcycle Industry Council
Mount Alexander Shire Council
Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Associations
Mountain State Employers Council
Mountain West Regional Council of Carpenters
Mountaineering Council of Ireland
Mountaineering Council of Scotland
Mulch and Soil Council
Multicultural Awareness Council
Multicultural Awareness Council
Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia
Multicultural Council
Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan
Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory
Multicultural Greek Council
Multicultural Greek Letter Council
Multicultural Leadership Council
Multi-Family Council
Multimedia PC Marketing Council
Multinational Interoperability Council
Multinational Interoperability Council
Multi-Sectoral Anti-Corruption Council
Municipal Advisory Council
Municipal Advisory Council
Museum Council of Lancaster County
Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council
Muskegon Chemical Council
Muslim Council of Britain
Muslim Council of Montreal (Montreal, Canada0
Muslim Ulama Council
Muswellbrook Shire Council
Naga National Council
Nail Manufacturers Council
Nano-Technology Council
Nantucket Land Council
Napa-Solano Central Labor Council
NASA Advisory Council
National 4-H Council
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council
National Aboriginal Council on HIV/AIDS
National Aboriginal Dance Council Australia
National Accreditation Council for Agencies Serving People with Blindness or Visually Impairment
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering
National Adjudicatory Council
National Advertising Review Council
National Advisory Council
National Advisory Council on Aging
National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
National Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS
National Advisory Council on Human Genome Research
National Advisory Council on Innovation
National Advisory Council on Preservation
National Advisory Council on Radio in Education
National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women
National Advisory Health Council
National Aeronautics and Space Council
National Agricultural Advisory Council
National Agricultural Biotechnology Council
National Agriculture and Food Council
National AIDS Control Council
National Aids Council
National Albanian American Council
National Anemia Action Council
National Animal Supplement Council
National Approval Council of Security Systems
National Aquaculture Council
National Arts Council
National Asbestos Council
National Assessment and Accreditation Council
National Association of Home Builders Remodelors Council
National Association of Local Councils
National Association of Regional Councils
National Association of Student Councils, Inc.
National Asthma Council
National ATM Council
National Auto Body Council
National Biotechnology Research Council
National Black Alcoholism Addictions Council
National Black Church Family Council
National Black Republican Council
National Book Development Council of Singapore
National Border Collie Council
National Border Patrol Council
National Brick Advisory Council
National Broiler Council
National Building Envelope Council
National Business & Disability Council
National Business Economic Issues Council
National Cadet Advisory Council
National Capital Area Council
National Capital Gift Planning Council
National Cargo Security Council
National Certification Council
National Chicken Council
National Child Safety Council
National Childcare Accreditation Council
National Christian Education Council
National Citizens Participation Council
National Clergy Council
National Collegiate Honors Council
National Community College Hispanic Council
National Competition Council
National Concrete Bridge Council
National Construction Industry Council
National Consumer Council
National Consumer Council for Liberia
National Coordinating Council for Emergency Management
National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention
National Cotton Council
National Cotton Council of America
National Council for Accreditation and Attestation
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
National Council for Accreditation of Teachers
National Council for Adoption
National Council for Child Welfare
National Council for Civil Liberties
National Council for Community and Education Partnerships
National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
National Council for Conservation of Wildlife
National Council for Conservation-Restoration
National Council for Curriculum and Assessment
National Council for Education
National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking
National Council for Further Education
National Council for Geocosmic Research
National Council for History Education
National Council for Hypnotherapy
National Council for Interior Design Qualification
National Council for International Health
National Council for International Visitors
National Council for Japanese American Redress
National Council for Languages and International Studies
National Council for Law Reporting
National Council for Learning Resources
National Council for Liberties in Tunisia
National Council for One Parent Families
National Council for Palliative Care
National Council for Policy Review
National Council for Population and Development
National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
National Council for Radio and Television
National Council for Science and Technology
National Council for Science and the Environment
National Council for Self-Esteem
National Council for Social Development Foundation
National Council for Special Education
National Council for Specialist Palliative Care
National Council for Spirit Safety and Education
National Council for Sustainable Development
National Council for Teacher Education
National Council for Tertiary Education
National Council for the Blind of Ireland
National Council for the Blind, Malaysia
National Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse
National Council for the Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies
National Council for the Traditional Arts
National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification
National Council for Vocational Awards
National Council for Vocational Qualifications – Wales Office
National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses
National Council Licensure Examination
National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses
National Council of Acoustical Consultants
National Council of Acquisition Professionalism
National Council of Acupuncture Schools and Colleges
National Council of Arab Americans
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
National Council of Area Studies Associations
National Council of Asian American Business Associations
National Council of Attractions
National Council of Black Studies
National Council of Building Designer Certification
National Council of Catholic Bishops
National Council of Catholic Women
National Council of Chain Restaurants
National Council of Chiefs
National Council of Chinese Americans
National Council of Churches
National Council of Churches in Australia
National Council of Churches in India
National Council of Churches in the Philippines
National Council of Churches of Christ
National Council of Churches of Nepal
National Council of Commercial Plant Breeders
National Council of Community and Justice
National Council of Community Hospitals
National Council of Corvette Clubs
National Council of Development Communication
National Council of Disability Determination Directors
National Council of Educational Research and Training
National Council of Financial Executives
National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs
National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers
National Council of Hospice Professionals
National Council of Individual Investors
National Council of Instructional Administrators
National Council of Japanese Language Teachers
National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
National Council of Justice
National Council of La Raza
National Council of Labor Unions
National Council of Light Industry
National Council of Maori Nurses
National Council of Minority Organisations
National Council of Music Importers and Exporters
National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons
National Council of Nigerian Citizens
National Council of Psychotherapists
National Council of Radiation Protection and Measurement
National Council of Resistance
National Council of Resistance
National Council of Resistance of Iran
National Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
National Council of Rubber Tappers
National Council of Secondary School Athletic Directors
National Council of Senior Citizens
National Council of Social Service
National Council of State Boards of Nursing
National Council of State Directors of Adult Education
National Council of State Housing Boards
National Council of State Legislators
National Council of State Societies
National Council of Strength and Fitness
National Council of Structural Engineers
National Council of Teachers of English
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Council of Veteran Associations
National Council of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators
National Council of Women
National Council of Women of Kenya
National Council of Women of Victoria Inc.
National Council of Women’s Organizations
National Council on Aging
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – Greater Detroit Area
National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence
National Council on Climate Change
National Council on Codependence
National Council on Compensation Insurance
National Council on Corporate Governance
National Council on Disability
National Council on Drug Control
National Council on Drugs
National Council on Family Relations
National Council on Fireworks Safety
National Council on Governmental Accounting
National Council on Intellectual Disability
National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development
National Council on Measurement in Education
National Council on Pet Population
National Council on Pet Population
National Council on Privatization
National Council on Public Polls
National Council on Public Polls
National Council on Quality Assurance
National Council on Radio and Television
National Council on Rehabilitation Education
National Council on Science, Technology and Innovation
National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention
National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand
National Council on Stuttering
National Council on Teacher Retirement
National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training
National Council On the Aging
National Council on Workplace Volunteerism
National Council on Youth Leadership
National Council to Control Handguns
National Crime Prevention Council
National Dairy Council
National Dairy Council of Canada
National Dance Council of America
National Defence Council
National Defence Industries Council
National Defined Contribution Council
National Dental Electronic Data Interchange Council
National Development Council, Inc.
National Dialogue Council
National Disability Council
National Disaster Coordinating Council
National Drinking Water Advisory Council
National Drug Abuse Control Council
National Dry Bean Council
National Economic Action Council
National Economic and Social Council
National Economic Council
National Elite Sports Council
National Employer Leadership Council
National Employment Council
National Employment Manpower and Incomes Council
National Environment Protection Council
National Environment Research Council
National Equine Welfare Council
National Equine Welfare Council
National Examinations Council
National Examinations Council
National Executive Council
National Federation of Diocesan Catholic Youth Councils
National Fiber Council
National Fishing Industry Training Council
National Foreign Intelligence Council
National Garifuna Council of Belize
National Governors Council
National Grain Trade Council
National Health and Medical Research Council
National Health Care for the Homeless Council
National Health Care for the Homeless Council
National Health Council
National Health Research Council
National Hepatitis C Advocacy Council
National Highway Safety Council
National Home Builders Registration Council
National Home Improvement Council
National Homeland Security Council
National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
National House-Building Council
National Human Rights Council of India
National Indian Council on Aging
National Indian Youth Council, Inc.
National Indigenous Substance Misuse Council
National Information Technology Council
National Infrastructure Advisory Council
National Intelligence Council
National Interagency Aviation Council
National Invasive Species Council
National Inventors Council
National Iranian American Council
National ISDN Council
National Japanese American Veterans Council
National Joint Council
National Joint Industrial Council
National Korean Presbyterian Council
National Laboratories Improvement Council
National Leadership Council
National Legislative Council
National Lenders’ Insurance Council
National Liberation Council
National Manpower and Youth Council
National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council
National Marine and Industrial Council
National Mental Health Advisory Council
National Minority AIDS Council
National Minority Business Council, Inc.
National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.
National Modular Housing Council
National Multi Housing Council
National Multicultural Greek Council
National Muslim Council of Kenya
National Newcomers’ Council of Canada
National Nudist Council of the Americas
National Ocean Council
National Offshore Council
National Pain Education Council
National Pan Hellenic Council
National Parents Council Post Primary
National Park Homes Council
National Partnership Council
National Peace Council
National Peace Council of Sri Lanka
National Peanut Council
National Petroleum Council
National Pharmaceutical Council
National Plasterer’s Council
National Policy Council
National Pork Producers Council
National Postal Policy Council
National Potato Council
National Private Truck Council
National Productivity Council
National Proficiency Tests Council
National Provisional Ruling Council
National Public Works Council
National Real Estate Council
National Recycling Council
National Redemption Council of Ghana
National Reformation Council
National Refrigeration and Airconditioning Council
National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council
National Research Advisory Council
National Research and Development Council
National Research Council
National Research Council Canada
National Research Council Canada Time Signal Shortwave Radio Station
National Research Council Committee
National Research Council Division of Earth Sciences
National Research Council of Canada
National Research Council of Thailand
National Resistance Council of Iran
National Resources Conservation Council
National Resources Defense Council
National Rural Advisory Council
National Safe Boating Council
National Safety Council
National Safety Council of Australia
National Science and Technology Council
National Science Council of Taiwan
National Science Council of Taiwan
National Scientific Council on the Developing Child
National Secondary Student Council
National Security and Defense Council
National Security Coordination Council
National Security Council
National Security Council Intelligence Directive
National Security Council System
National Security Council/Interagency Working Group
National Senior Advisory Council
National Ski Council Federation
National Small Business Council, Inc.
National Soil Conservation Council
National Specialist Contractors Council
National Sports Council
National Staff Development Council
National Suppliers Council
National Timber Development Council
National Transitional Council
National Tribal Environmental Council
National Unification Advisory Council
National Unification Council
National Vocational Training Council
National Water Council
National Wildlife Defence Council
National Women’s Business Council
National Youth Achievement Award Council
National Youth Council
National Youth Council of Ghana
National Youth Council of Moldova
National Youth Leadership Council
National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, Inc.
Nationalities Council of Indiana, Inc.
Native American Sports Council
Native American Unity Council
Native Community Action Council
Native Council of Nova Scotia
Native Forest Action Council
NATO-Russia Council
Natural Environment Research Council
Natural Resource Assistance Council
Natural Resource Assistance Councils
Natural Resources Audit Council
Natural Resources Council of America
Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resources Information Council
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
Nature Conservancy Council
Nauru Island Council
Navajo Tribal Council
Naval Council of Personnel Boards
Naval Research Advisory Council
Navy and Marine Corps Council
Navy Policy Council
Navy Programming Planning Council
Navy Requirements Oversight Council
Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools
Near West Side Conservation Council
Nebraska Council of School Administrators
Nebraska Iowa Electrical Council
Neighborhood Advisory Council
Neighborhood Parks Council
Nepal Agricultural Research Council
Nepal Health Research Council
Nepal Liaison Council
Nepal Medical Council
Nepal National Marwadi Council
Network Reliability Council
Network Reliability Interoperability Council
Neural Network Council
Nevada Association of Student Councils
Nevada County Council on Alcoholism
New Brunswick Arts Council
New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council
New Brunswick Safety Council
New Castle County Economic Development Council
New Century Technology Council
New England Council
New England Council of Hospital Pharmacists Inc.
New England Council of Presidents
New England Drama Council
New England Fiberoptic Council
New England Quality Control Council
New England School Development Council
New England School Development Council
New England-Israel Business Council
New Forest District Council
New Hampshire Business Council
New Hampshire Council for the Social Studies
New Hampshire Humanities Council
New Hampshire Job Training Council
New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Council
New Jersey Council of County Vocational Technical Schools
New Jersey State First Aid Council
New Jersey Technology Council
New Leaders Council
New Media Industrial Council
New Mexico Archaeological Council
New Mexico Communicators Council
New Mexico Council on Crime and Delinquency
New Mexico Critical Infrastructure Assurance Council
New Mexico Humanities Council
New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Council
New Millennium Research Council
New Orleans City Council
New River Arts Council
New South Wales Council for Social Services
New Sudan Council of Churches
New York Beef Industry Council
New York Council for the Humanities
New York State Council on the Arts
New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
New York State English Council
New Zealand Book Council
New Zealand Chemical Industry Council
New Zealand Chestnut Council
New Zealand Construction Industry Council
New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services
New Zealand Council of Homeopaths
New Zealand Council of Shopping Centres
New Zealand Maori Council
New Zealand Maori Tourism Council
New Zealand Resuscitation Council
New Zealand Safety Council
Newcastle City Council
Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Archives
Newspaper Comics Council
NEXRAD Program Council
Niagara Regional Literacy Council
Nicholas School Student Council
Nigerian Export Promotion Council
Nigerian Medical and Dental Council
Nigerian National Council for Adult Education
Nigerian Press Council
Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs
Nisqually Regional Arts Council
NOAA Observing Systems Council
Non-Government Schools Council
Non-Profit Recyclers Council
Nordic Council
Nordic Council for Competition Climbing
Nordic Council of Ministers
Norfolk County Council
North Alabama Mission Council
North American Banding Council
North American Blueberry Council
North American Boxing Council
North American Council for Adoptable Children
North American Council for Online Learning
North American Dog Agility Council, Inc.
North American Equine Ranching Information Council
North American Mobed Council
North American Trials Council
North Atlantic Cooperation Council
North Atlantic Council
North Australian Beef Research Council
North Ayrshire Council
North Bengal Council for the Disabled
North Carolina Arts Council
North Carolina Association of Student Councils
North Carolina Consumers Council, Inc.
North Carolina Horse Council
North Carolina Pork Council
North Central Camera Club Council
North Central Regional Council
North Central Texas Council of Governments
North Dakota Legislative Council
North Dakota Soybean Council
North Devon District Council
North East Quality Council
North East Texas Tourism Council
North Hertfordshire District Council
North Hills West Neighborhood Council
North Lanarkshire Council
North Lincolnshire Council
North Okanagan Labour Council
North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
North Shore City Council
North Shore Technology Council
North Shore Youth Council
North Shropshire District Council
North Suburban Service Council
North Sydney Council
North Texas Technology Council
North Warwickshire Borough Council
North West District Council
North Wiltshire District Council
Northampton Borough Council
Northamptonshire County Council
Northeast Illinois Council
Northeast Michigan Arts Council
Northeast Missouri Health Council
Northeast Power Coordinating Council
Northeast Recycling Council
Northeast Tennessee Technology Council
Northeastern Maryland Technology Council
Northeastern Oklahoma Labor Council
Northeastern Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators
Northern California Council of Camera Clubs
Northern California District Council of Laborers
Northern California Indian Development Council
Northern California Sports Car Council
Northern California Supplier Development Council
Northern Colorado Economic Development Council
Northern Council for Further Education
Northern Forest Land Council
Northern Grampians Shire Council
Northern Ireland Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment
Northern Ireland Economic Council
Northern Ireland Social Care Council
Northern Ireland Water Council
Northern Land Council
Northern Mining Council
Northern Nevada Mathematics Council
Northern Nishnawbe Education Council
Northern Plains Resource Council
Northern Regional Advisory Council
Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council
Northern Virginia Central Labor Council
Northern Virginia Technology Council
Northside Residents Redevelopment Council
Northwest Area Arts Council
Northwest Colorado Council of Governments
Northwest Council of Camera Clubs
Northwest Environmental Business Council
Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments
Northwest New Mexico Council of Government
Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Northwest Power Planning Council
Northwest Power Planning Council
Northwest Territories Automobile Council
Northwest Workforce Development Council
Northwestern Boating Council
Northwestern Connecticut Council of Governments
Norwegian Anarchist Council
Norwegian Council for Africa
Norwegian Irish Business Council
Norwegian Refugee Council
Norwegian Seafood Export Council
Norwegian Trade Council
Norwich City Council
Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council
NSW Council for Intellectual Disability (Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia)
NSW Resources Audit Council
Nuclear and Environmental Safety Council
Nuclear Research Advisory Council
Nuclear Surety Program Steering Council
Nuclear Weapons Council
Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Nunavut Literacy Council
Nunavut Social Development Council
Nursing & Midwifery Council
Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria
Nursing Constituency Council
Nursing Information Systems Council of New England
Nursing Leadership Council
Nursing Student Council
Nushagak Mulchatna Watershed Council
Nyirranggulung Mardrulk Ngadberre Regional Council
Oahu Disaster Mitigation Council
Oak Ridge City Council
Oat and Barley Council of Ontario
Occupational Safety and Health Council
Ocean Energy Council
Odstock Parish Council
Office Development Council
Office of Independent Council
Offshore Racing Council
Ohio Administrative District Council
Ohio Arts Council
Ohio Council of Library and Information Services
Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council
Ohio Environmental Council
Ohio Horseman’s Council Inc
Ohio Housing Council
Ohio Invasive Plants Council
Ohio Library Council
Ohio Pork Producers Council
Okanagan Training & Development Council
Okinawa District Advisory Council
Okinawa Interagency Coordinating Council
Oklahoma Council for Indian Education
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Oklahoma Council on Family Relations
Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs
Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council
Oklahoma Humanities Council
Oklahoma Pork Council
Oklahoma Rural Development Council
Olive Oil Council of Canada
Olympic Council of Asia
Olympic Council of Malaysia
Omaha Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women
Oman Nursing and Midwifery Council
Online Recruitment Marketing Council
Onondaga Council on Alcoholism Addictions
Ontario Aerospace Council
Ontario Agricultural Commodity Council
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Construction User Council
Ontario Council for Technology Education
Ontario Council for University Continuing Education
Ontario Council of Academic Vice
Ontario Council of Drugless Osteopathy
Ontario Council of Hospital Unions
Ontario Council of University Libraries
Ontario Council of University Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences
Ontario Council on Graduate Studies
Ontario Council on University Affairs
Ontario Council on University Research
Ontario Dairy Council
Ontario Farm Animal Council
Ontario Fitness Council
Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council
Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council
Ontario Pipe Trades Council
Ontario Resource Management Council
Ontario Social Development Council
Ontario Underwater Council
Ontario Urban Forest Council
Operations and Facilities Council
Operations Sales and Service Council
Options Industry Council
Orange County Business Council
Orange County Council
Orange County Literacy Council
Order Fulfillment Council
Order in Council
Ordinary Council Meeting
Oregon Coast Council for the Arts
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Oregon Employer Council
Oregon Forest Industries Council
Oregon Region Relay Council
Oregon Rural Development Council
Oregon State Housing Council
Oregon Trail Council
Organ Donation Awareness Council
Organic Food Council of Manitoba
Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils
Organizational Member Council
Orkney Islands Council
Osteopathic Council of New Zealand
Otago Regional Council
Ottawa Interministerial Council
Ottawa Life Sciences Council
Ottawa Multicultural Folk Arts Council
Outdoor Advertising Council
Outdoor Book Industry Council
Outdoor Council of Australia
Outside Processors Council
Overseas Council International
Overseas Council New Zealand
Overseas Development Council
Overseas Schools Advisory Council
Overseas Security Advisory Council
Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils
Pacific Council on International Policy
Pacific Curriculum and Instruction Council
Pacific Economic Cooperation Council
Pacific Northwest Council for Languages
Pacific Nuclear Council
Pacific Palisades Community Council
Pacific Rim Advisory Council
Pacific Rivers Council
Pacific Science Council
Pacific Telecommunications Council
Pacific War Council
Pacific Youth Council
Packaging Careers Council of Canada
Packaging Council of Australia
Pagan Community Council of Ohio
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
Pakistan Banking Council
Pakistan Bar Council
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Pakistan Engineering Council
Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
Pakistan Medical Research Council
Pakistan National Accreditation Council
Pakistan National Council of the Arts
Pakistan Women Cricket Council
Palawan Council for Sustainable Development
Palestinian Housing Council
Palestinian Legislative Council
Palestinian National Council
Palmerston North City Council
Pan European Forest Council
Pan Pacific Council on Occupational Ergonomics
Pan-Arab African Council of Ophthalmology
Panhellenic Council
Paper Machine Clothing Council
Paperboard Packaging Council
Paratransit Coordinating Council
Parent Action Council
Parent Advisory Council
Parent Advisory Council Team
Parent Policy Council
Parents Organized to Win, Educate, and Renew – Policy Action Council
Parents Television Council
Parish Council
Parish Council of Catholic Women
Parish Pastoral Council
Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting
Parish Youth Council
Park Community Council
Park County Environmental Council
Park Slope Civic Council
Parkes Shire Council
Parks and Recreation Advisory Council
Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Parma Area Fine Arts Council
Parochial Church Council
Parramatta City Council
Passenger Agency Programme Global Joint Council
Passive Solar Industries Council
Past Master Councilor
Past Presidents Council
Patrol In Council
Patrol Leaders’ Council
Peace and Security Council
Peace Implementation Council
Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Council
Peel Student Presidents’ Council
Pend Oreille Arts Council
Peninsula Council for Workforce Development
Pennsylvania Association of Student Council
Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies
Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Pennsylvania Council on Independent Living
Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council
Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council
Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council
Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council
Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council
Pennsylvania Resources Council
Pension Research Council
Penwith District Council
People’s Council for Social Justice
Percussion Marketing Council
Permanent Joint Council
Persian Gulf Cooperation Council
Personnel Testing Council of Southern California
Personnel Testing Council Southern California
Perth & Kinross Council
Perth & Kinross District Council
Pet Bird Information Council
Pet Health Council
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada
Peterborough City Council
Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada
Petroleum Institute Student Council
Pharmaceutical Council of India
Pharmacy Council of India
Pharmacy Council on Stroke Prevention
Pharmacy Council on Tobacco Dependence
Pharmacy Student Council
Pharmacy Technician Educators Council
Philanthropic Youth Council
Philippine Blood Coordinating Council
Philippine Council for NGO Certification
Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches
Philippine Social Science Council
Phinney Ridge Community Council
Photo Imaging Council
Physical Disability Council Australia
Physical Disability Council of New South Wales
Physical Disability Council of NSW
Picture Agency Council of America
Picture Archive Council of America
Piedmont Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Piedmont Environmental Council
Pig Research Council
Pilsen Neighbors Community Council
Pine Rivers Shire Council
Pipeline Compressor Research Council
Pipeline Research Council International, Inc.
Piscataquis Public Health Council
Pitt Program Council
Pittsburgh Council on Public Education
Pittsburgh Religious Vocation Council
Plains Tribals Council of Assam
Planned Giving Advisory Council
Planned Giving Council
Planning and Budget Advisory Council
Planning and Resource Advisory Council
Planning Council
Planning Ministers Council
Plastic Loose Fill Council
Playwork Education and Training Council
Pleasant Ridge Community Council
Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council
Point Richmond Neighborhood Council
Police Community Relations Council
Police Officers Labor Council
Police Policy Studies Council
Policy Coordination Council
Policy Guidance Council
Political Council for Presevo, Meveda and Bujanovac
Polystyrene Packaging Council
Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council
Pontifical Council for Social Communications
Population Council
Pork Council of Australia
Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council
Portland Area Radio Council
Portland Borough Council
Portsmouth City Council
Post Restaurant Council
Postal Customer Council
Postal Operations Council
Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council
Potter County Educational Council
Power Electronics Council
Power Source Council
Powys County Council
Practicing Physician’s Advisory Council
Pratt Area Community Council
Premiers Council on Canadian Health Awareness
President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
President’s Council of Student Advisors
President’s Council on Bioethics
President’s Council on Counter-Narcotics
President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency
President’s Council On Management Improvement
President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
President’s Council on Sustainable Development
President’s Export Council
President’s Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption
President’s Management Council
President’s Student Advisory Council
Presidential Council for Youth Affairs
Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan
Press Council of India
Previous Millennium Research Council
Priests’ Councils of New York
Primary Industries Ministerial Council
Primary Industries Training Council
Prince Albert Grand Council
Print Industries Cluster Council
Privacy Council
Private Industry Council
Private Motor Truck Council
Private Sector Council
Private Sector Credit Advisory Council
Privy Council
Privy Council Office
Procurement Management Council
Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc.
Professional Advisory Council
Professional Drivers Council, Inc.
Professional Fraternity Council
Professional Services Council
Program Budget Advisory Council
Program Development Council
Program Management Council
Program Resources Steering Council
Program Review Committee/Council
Program/Project Management Council
Project Review Council
Propane Education & Research Council
Propane Vehicle Council
Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council
Prosecutors Advisory Council
Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council
Prostate Cancer Education Council
Protocol Council
Provincial Aboriginal Representative Workforce Council
Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council
Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women
Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba
Provincial Youth Council
Provisional Governing Council
Provisional Ruling Council
PTO Presidents Council
Public Advisory Council
Public Affairs Council
Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama
Public Art Youth Council
Public Education Council
Public Health Practice Council
Public Home Builders Council of America
Public Power Council
Public Relations Council of Alabama
Public Safety Communications Council
Public Service Commission Advisory Council
Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council
Public Transport Council
Public/Private Partnership Council
Puget Sound Concrete Specification Council
Puget Sound Council of Senior Citizens
Puget Sound Engineering Council
Puget Sound Regional Council
Pulp and Paperworker’s Resource Council
Punjab NGO Coordination Council
Punjab Vocational Training Council
Punjabi Cultural Council
Purdue Engineering Student Council
Purdue Student Education Council
Putnam County Environmental Council, Inc
Quality Council of India
Quality Measurement, Research and Improvement Council
Quality of Life Council
Queanbeyan City Council
Quebec City Reading Council
Queen Street Patients Council
Queensland Council of Bird Societies
Queensland Council of Unions
Queensland Heritage Council
Queensland Nursing Council
Queensland Resources Council
Queensland School Curriculum Council
Quincy School Community Council
Quinte Arts Council
Quinte Labour Council
Quotation Committee Council Meeting
Rabbinical Council of America
Rabbinical Council of California
Radiation Policy Council
Radiation Protection Council
Radio and Television Research Council
Rail Trail Council
Rainbow Council Scout Reservation
Rainbow River Advisory Council
Rakai District Local Council
Rampart Village Neighborhood Council
Rangamati Hill District Council
Range Commanders Council
Raspberry Industry Development Council
Reading Borough Council
Reading Council for Literacy Advance in Montreal
Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council Inc.
Real Estate Council of Ontario
Real Estate Council of Ontario
Real Estate Research Council
Reciprocal Electrical Council, Inc.
Recreation Club Council
Recreational Boating Advisory Council
Recreational Development Council
Recreational Scuba Training Council
Recreational Software Advisory Council
Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet
Recreational Training Scuba Council
Recruiting District Assistance Council
Recruiting Partnership Council
Recycling Council of Alberta
Recycling Council of Ontario
Recycling Public Advisory Council
Red River Arts Council
Redbridge Racial Equality Council
Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario
Reformed Ecumenical Council
Reformed Ecumenical Council
Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council Inc.
Regina and District Labour Council
Regina Peace Council
Region 2 Arts Council
Regional Advisory Council
Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy
Regional Arts & Culture Council
Regional Biotech Council of Central Bucks County
Regional Community Action Council
Regional Council of Elected Officials
Regional Council of Neighborhood Organizations
Regional Council of Rural Counties
Regional Democratic Council
Regional Disaster Coordinating Council
Regional Emergency Medical Services Council
Regional Emergency Trauma Advisory Council
Regional Fishery Management Council
Regional Marine Resources Council
Regional Medical Research Council
Regional Planning Council
Regional Services Council
Regional Supply Council
Regional Transit Coordinating Council
Regional Trauma Advisory Council
Regional Workforce Leadership Council
Rehabilitation Council of India
Rehabilitation Research Advisory Council
Reinforced Concrete Research Council
Religion Communicators Council
Religious Communicators Council
Religious Liberty Council
Religious Requirements Oversight Council
Relocation Directors Council, Inc
Remote Sensing Science Council
Representative Council of Learners
Republican Leadership Council
Requirements Review Council
Research Administrators Certification Council
Research Advisory Council
Research and Advisory Council of Afghanistan
Research and Development Advisory Council
Research and Development Council
Research Council for Complementary Medicine
Research Council of Alberta
Research Council of Zimbabwe
Research Council on Structural Connections
Research Councils United Kingdom
Research Councils’ Pension Scheme
Research Councils’ Procurement Organisation
Research Grants Council
Research Vessel Operators Council
Research, Development and Acquisition Council
Reserve Component Coordination Council
Residence Hall Council
Residence Hall Presidents’ Council
Resident Advisory Council
Resident Empowered Action Council of Troy
Residents of Color Council
Resource Council
Responsible Gambling Council
Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario
Resuscitation Council
Retail Council of Canada
Retired Police Officers Council
Retired Public Employees Council
Retirement Coordinating Council
Revolutionary Command Council
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling
Rhode Island Indian Council
Rhode Island Statewide Independent Living Council
Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council
Richmond Council for Voluntary Services
Richmond Joint Engineers Council
Riga City Council
Risk and Regulation Advisory Council
Risk Assessment Council
Risk Management Research Council
Riverina Water County Council
Rivers Regional Council
Road Safety Advisory Council
Road Safety Council
Road Time Trials Council
Robotics Industry Development Council
Rock Lobster Industry Council
Rockbridge Area Conservation Council
Rockhampton City Council
Rocky Flats Environmental Monitoring Council
Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies
Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council
Rocky Mountain Regional Council
Rocky Mountain Regional Council of Carpenters
Rocky Mountain Relocation Council
Rotorua District Council
Ruapehu District Council
Rubbertown Citizens Advisory Council
Ruidoso Regional Council for the Arts
Runnymede Borough Council
Rural Community Council
Rural Development Council
Rural Health Policy Council
Rural Research and Development Council
Rural Training Council of Australia
Rushcliffe Borough Council
Rushmoor Borough Council
Russia Business Council
Rutgers College Program Council
Rutland County Council
Sacramento Council of Parent Educators
Sacramento Region Citizen Corps Council
Safety and Environmental Advisory Council
Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council
Safety Codes Council
Safety Council University
Sailor/Marine American Council of Education Registry Transcript
Saint Charles Council
Saint Edmundsbury Borough Council
Salford City Council
Salisbury District Council
San Diego Telcom Council
San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments
San Joaquin Council of Governments
San Jose Leadership Council
San Mateo Council of the Blind
San Mateo County Central Labor Council
San Mateo County Council of Cities
San Mateo County Council of the Blind
Sanctuary Advisory Council
Sanctuary Advisory Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council
Santa Clara Valley Council
Santa Fe Council for the Arts
Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council
Saskatchewan Biofuels Development Council
Saskatchewan Council of Archives and Archivists
Saskatchewan Council on Educational Administration
Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council
Saudi Arabian Quality Council
Saudi Council of Engineers
SB Latex Council
Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology
School Advisory Council
School Advisory Council
School Bus Information Council
School Community Advisory Council
School Council President
School Council Working Party
School Improvement Council
School Safety Advocacy Council
School Study Council of Ohio
Science and Engineering Research Council
Science and Engineering Research Council
Science and Mathematics Education Policy Advisory Council
Science and Technology Coordinating Council
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Science and Technology Policy Council
Science Council of British Columbia
Science Council of Japan
Science Policy Council
Science Policy Council
Scientific Advisory Council
Scientific Advisory Council
Scientific Council Research Documents
Scientific Council Research Documents
Scientific Council Research Documents
Scientific Council Summary Documents
Scientific Research Council
Scottish Borders Council
Scottish Consumer Council
Scottish Council for Educational Technology
Scottish Council for National Parks
Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
Scottish Council for Research in Education
Scottish Council Foundation
Scottish Council on Deafness
Scottish Funding Council
Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
Scottish Library and Information Council
Scottish Museums Council
Scottish Scout Network Council
Scottish Social Services Council
Scrap Tire Management Council
Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey
Search Engine Marketing Council
Searcy County Literacy Council, Inc.
Seattle Central Labor Council
Sector Skills Council
Sector Skills Council Development Agency
Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Securities Industry Middleware Council
Security Council
Security Council Mission
Security Council of the Russian Federation
Security Council Resolution
Security Council Resolution
Security Council Resolution
Security Council Simulation At Yale
Security Leadership Council
Sedgefield Borough Council
Semiconductor Research Council
SEMO Negros Activity Council
Senior Advantage Real Estate Council
Senior Advisory Council
Senior Advisory Council
Senior Arts Council
Senior Arts Council
Senior Council for Management Control
Senior Councilor
Senior Executive Council
Senior Housing Council
Senior Management Council
Senior Officer Council
Senior Officer Council
Senior Readiness Oversight Council
Senior System Engineering Council
Sentencing Advisory Council
Sentencing Advisory Council
Sentencing Guidelines Council
Seoul International Business Advisory Council
Serbian National Defense Council
Service Acquisition Review Council
Service Contract Industry Council
Service Provider Council
Service Provider Council
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
Shadow Council Mafia
Shan State National Council
Shanghai Airports-Council Office
Shanghai International Students’ Placement Council
Shawnee Trails Council
Sheepmeat Council of Australia
Sheffield City Council
Shenandoah Area Council
Shenandoah Area Council
Shenandoah Valley Technology Council
Sheriffs Advisory Council
Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council
Shetland Islands Council
Ship Acquisition & Improvement Council
Ship Acquisition & Improvement Council – Working Group
Shipbuilders Council of America
Shoalhaven City Council
Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council
Sikh Council on Religion and Education
Silicon Valley Planned Giving Council
Singapore Article Number Council
Singapore Disability Sports Council
Singapore Environment Council
Singapore Medical Council
Singapore Sports Council
Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled
Sister Communities Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Site Improvement Advisory Council
Skagit Council of Governments
Ski Council of Wales
Slough Borough Council
Slovak Canadian National Council
Small Agency Council
Small Agency Council
Small and Disadvantaged Business Opportunity Council
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council
Small Business Advisory Council
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council
Small Business Council of America
Small Business Ministerial Council
Small Homes Council
Small Wars Council
Small-Scale Development Council
Smalltalk Industry Council
Smallwood Village Council
Soccer Council of Waxhaw
Social and Economic Council
Social Planning and Research Council
Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
Social Renaissance Council
Social Science Research Council
Social Security Advisory Council
Social Services Transportation Advisory Council
Social Work Constituency Council
Society of Local Council Clerks
Society Relations Council
Software Council of Southern California
Soil and Land Conservation Council
Solution Provider Council
Sonoma County Conservation Council
Soomra National Council Pakistan
Source Selection Advisory Committee/Council
South African Book Development Council
South African Cosmetic Export Council
South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions
South African Council for Social Service Profession
South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession
South African Council for Town and Regional Planners
South African Council of Churches
South African Council on Alcoholism
South African Export Promotion Council
South African National AIDS Council
South African National Council on Alcoholism
South African Nursing Council
South African Orchid Council
South African Pharmacy Council
South African Trade Union Council
South African Veterinary Council
South Asian Telecom Regulators Council
South Australian Darts Council, Inc
South Australian Spatial Information Council
South Ayrshire Council
South Ayrshire Council
South Bucks District Council
South Carolina Association of Regional Councils
South Carolina Council on Economic Education
South Central Ozark Council of Governments
South Central Research Library Council
South Coast Labour Council
South Dakota Humanities Council
South Dakota Investment Council
South Dakota Workforce Development Council
South Eastern Council of Governments
South Eastern Council on Latin American Studies
South Gippsland Shire Council
South Lakeland District Council
South Louisiana Economic Council
South Norfolk District Council
South Northamptonshire Council
South Oxfordshire District Council
South Pacific and Oceanic Council of Trade Union
South Ribble Borough Council
South Santiam Watershed Council
South Shore Community Action Council, Inc.
South Somerset District Council
South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council
South West Museums Council
Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments
Southeastern Council on Family Relations
Southeastern Electric Reliability Council
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Southern California Council of Alumnae Panhellenics
Southern California Ecumenical Council
Southern California News Council
Southern California Turfgrass Council
Southern Cameroons National Council
Southern Connecticut Library Council
Southern Economic Development Council, Inc.
Southern Emergency Response Council
Southern Florida Presidents Council of Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
Southern Maine Labor Council
Southern Ohio District Export Council
Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development
Southern Pine Council
Southern Pine Council
Southern States Sign Council
Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council
Southwest Council of La Raza
Southwest Council of Optometry
Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council
Southwest Utah Planning Authorities Council
Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education
Soy Protein Council
Soy Protein Council
Spa Pool Educational Council
Space Activities Promotion Council
Space Telescope Institute Council
Special Education Parent Advisory Council
Special Services Advisory Council
Spokane Regional Council
Sport Medicine Council of Alberta
Sport Parachute Council of Ontario
Sport Parachute Council of Ontario
Sports Council for International Schools
Sports Council of Zambia
Sports Massage Education Council
Sports Medicine and Science Council of Canada
Sri Lanka Ceramics Council
Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy
Sri Lanka Council for the Blind
St Albans District Council
St. Anthony Park Community Council
St. Neots Youth Town Council
Staff Development Council of Ohio
Stafford Borough Council
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
Standards Council of Canada
Standing North Atlantic Council
Starkville Area Arts Council
State Advisory Council
State Advisory Council
State Advisory Council for Special Education
State Building Code Council
State Collaborative Literacy Council
State Coordination Management Council
State Council AIDS Working Committee Office
State Council Executive
State Council Informatization Office
State Council of Educational Research and Training
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
State Council of Vocational Training
State Council on Adapted Physical Education
State Council on Development Disabilities
State Council on Waterways
State Democracy and Development Council
State Employees Trades Council
State Interoperability Executive Council
State Investment Council
State Law and Order Restoration Council
State Mapping Advisory Council
State Master Councilor
State Peace and Development Council
State Police Officers Council
State Rehabilitation Council
State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind
State Security Council
State Zionist Council
State-Assisted Academic Library Council of Kentucky
Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation
Statewide Health Coordinating Council
Statewide Independent Living Council
Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas
Stearns Benton Employment and Training Council
Steel Structures Painting Council
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Storage Performance Council
Storage Performance Council
Strategic Council for Innovation
Strategic Development Council
Strategic Integration Council
Strathfield Municipal Council
Structural Stability Research Council
Structural Steel Educational Council
Student Activities Council
Student Activities Council
Student Administrative Council
Student Administrative Council
Student Advisory Council
Student Advisory Council
Student and Campus Life Council
Student Council Association
Student Council Resolution
Student Council Resolution
Student Council Resolution
Student Dormitory Council
Student Leadership Council
Student Representative Council
Students’ Council
Studio City Neighborhood Council
Subic Clark Alliance for Development Council
Subject to Council Approval
Substance Abuse Council/Counselor
Substance Abuse Council/Counselor
Substance Abuse Network Advisory Council
Sudan Council of Churches
Summit Council for World Peace
Sumter County Interagency Council
Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council
Sunrise County Economic Council
Sunshine Coast Labour Council
Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Supervisory Enumerator Advisory Council
Supply Chain Council
Supreme Antiquities Council
Supreme Antiquities Council
Supreme Bar Council
Supreme Council for Family Affairs
Supreme Council of Antiquities
Supreme Council of Higher Education
Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
Supreme Council of Universities
Supreme Cultural Revolution Council
Supreme Islamic Council
Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq
Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council
Supreme Judicial Council
Supreme Military Council
Supreme War Council
Surrey County Council
Surrey Foundation Youth Council
Surrey Heath Borough Council
Surveying and Mapping Industry Council
Sussex Rural Community Council
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
Sustainable Development Council
Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council
Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture
Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research
Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care
Swedish Environmental Management Council
Swedish Federation of County Councils
Swedish Relief Council
Swedish Scientific Council on Biological Diversity
Swiss Science and Technology Council
Swiss-American Cultural Exchange Council
Swiss-Korean Business Council
Syariah Advisory Council
Syariah Advisory Council
Sydney City Council
Synthetic Turf Council
Syosset Youth Athletic Council
System Acquisition Planning Council
System Acquisition Review Council
System Leadership Council
Systems Engineering Council
Systems Operations Council
Systems Operations Council
Taff Ely Borough Council
Tahoe Council for Wild Bears
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Tampa Bay Advanced Practice Nurses’ Council Inc
Tanjong Pagar Town Council
Tanners Council of Japan
Tarrant County Corporate Recycling Council
Tasman District Council
Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases
Tasmanian Fishing Industry Council
Tasmanian Motorcycle Council
Tasmanian Trades and Labor Council
Tasmanian World Heritage Area Ministerial Council
Taunton Deane Council for Voluntary Service
Tauranga District Council
Tax Council Policy Institute
Tax Incentive Review Council
Tea Council of Canada
Teacher Curricula and Certification Council
Teacher Education Council
Teacher Leadership Council
Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria
Technical Advisory Council
Technical Field Awards Council
Technical Manual Technical Council
Technical Mapping Advisory Council
Technician Performance Improvement Council
Technology & Maintenance Council
Technology Association Leaders’ Council
Technology Council of Maryland
Technology Enabled Business Council
Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council
Technology Market Research Council
Teen Drinking Action Council
Tehran City Council
Telecommunication Association Council
Telecommunications Council
Telecommunications Information Council
Telecommunications Vocational Standards Council
Telecommuting Advisory Council
Telford & Wrekin Council
Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities
Temasek Academy Students’ Council
Temperance Council of the Christian Churches
Tennessee Association of Student Councils
Tennessee Council of Cooperatives
Tennessee Council of Trout Unlimited
Tennessee Urban Forestry Council
Tennessee Youth Advisory Council
Tequila Regulatory Council
Terminal Attachment Council
Test Valley Borough Council
Texas Association of Student Councils
Texas Cancer Council
Texas Chemical Council
Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
Texas Council of Academic Libraries
Texas Council of Community/Junior College Librarians
Texas Council of Elementary Science
Texas Council of Faculty Senates
Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration
Texas Council of State University Librarians
Texas Gulf Coast Council of Dive Clubs
Texas Legislative Council
Texas Nature Tourism Council
Texas State Leadership Council
Texoma Council of Governments
Textile Apparel Linkage Council
Textile Research Council
The Adolescent Leadership Council
The Balloon Council
The Century Council
The Diversity Council
The German-American Business Council of Boston, Inc.
The Gungan Council
The High Council
The Local Council Authority
The Ocean Recreation Council of Hawaii
The Ontario Rural Council
The War Council
The Werewolf Council
Theodore Roosevelt Council
Thomaston-Upson Arts Council
Thornapple Arts Council
Tidewater Multifamily Housing Council
Tile Council of America
Timber Frame Business Council
Tisch Undergraduate Student Council
Title Council of America
Tiwi Land Council
Toda International Advisory Council
Tomato Products Wellness Council
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council
Toronto Arts Council
Toronto District Health Council
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council
Tourism Forecasting Council
Tourism Ministerial Council
Town Council Minutes
Township Peace and Development Council
Townsville City Council
Trade and Industry Development Council
Trade Development Council
Trade Union Council
Trade Union Council of South Africa
Trade Union Leadership Council
Trades and Labor Council of Western Australia
Trades Hall Council
Traffic Safety Council
Trafford Borough Council
Training Accreditation Council
Training and Development Council of Australia
Training and Development Management Council
Training and Enterprise Council
Transaction Processing Performance Council
Transaction Processing Performance Council
Transaction Processing Performance Council – Decision Support Benchmark
Transatlantic Council
Transatlantic Economic Council
Transitional Advisory Council
Transitional Executive Council
Transitional Local Council
Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc.
Transportation Consumer Protection Council
Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council
Transportation Engineering Council
Transportation Systems Acquisition Review Council
Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
Travel Industry Council of Ontario
Travel Information Council
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
Treasury Telecommunications Systems Council
Tri-Council Policy Statement
Tri-County Community Council
Tri-County Council
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
Trinidad Youth Council
Tripartite Consultative Council
Tripartite Industrial Peace Council
Triple Area Agencies on Aging Council of California
Tri-State Amateur Repeater Council
Tri-State Area Council
Triton Engineering Student Council
Tri-Valley Opportunity Council
Truck Maintenance Council
Trustees’ Council of Penn Women
Trusteeship Council
Trusteeship Council of the United Nations
Tucson Pima Arts Council
Tuen Mun District Council
Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians
Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs
Tyre Industry Council
Uganda National Council for Science and Technology
Ukrainian Canadian Council
Ukrainian Education Council of Australia
Ulster Workers Council
Umpqua Basin Watershed Council
Undergraduate and Graduate Research Council
Undergraduate Teaching Improvement Council
Underwater Council of British Columbia
Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council
Unified Earth Space Council
Uniform Code Council
Uniform Grocery Product Code Council
Union Council
Union Management Partnership Council
Unit Advisory Council
United Community Funds and Councils of America
United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties
United Country Western Dance Council
United Cultural Council
United Hindu Cultural Council
United Human Rights Council
United Kingdom CALS Industry Council
United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
United Kingdom Green Building Council
United Kingdom Medical Research Council
United Kingdom Privy Council
United Kingdom Sports Council
United Methodist Youth Council
United Naga Council
United Nations Council for Namibia
United Nations Security Council
United Nations Security Council Resolution
United Power Line Council
United Sorority and Fraternity Council
United States – Russia Business Council
United States Business and Industry Council
United States Composting Council
United States Green Building Council
United States India Business Council
United States Internet Council
United Students of Color Council
United Telecom Council
United Trades and Labor Council
United World Youth Council
Universal Code Council
Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation
Universal Labor Council
Universal Round Dance Council
Universities Central Council on Admissions
Universities Council for the Education of Teachers
Universities Council on Water Resources
Universities Funding Council
University Athletic Council
University Business Officers Council
University Center Program Council
University Classified Staff Council
University Council of Jamaica
University Council on Student Housing
University Leadership Council
University of California President’s Council
University of Colorado Engineering Council
University Professional Education Council
University Research Council
University Teaching Council
University Vocational Awards Council
Upholstered Furniture Action Council
Upper Hutt City Council
Upper Shore Manufacturing Business Council
Upper Shore Regional Council
Urban Appalachian Council
Urban Council
Urban County Council
Urban District Council
Urban Libraries Council
Urban Pest Management Council
Urban Strategies Council
Urban Water Council
US Asia Pacific Council
US-Bahrain Business Council
US-Madagascar Business Council
US-Mongolia Business Council
US-USSR Trade and Economic Council
Utah Council for Crime Prevention
Utah Prosecution Council
Utah Rural Development Council
Utah Technology Council
Utah Technology Industry Council
Utilities Telecommunication Council
Utility Airplane Council
Vale of White Horse District Council
Valley Arts Council
Valley Arts Council
Valley Conservation Council
Valley Forge Ministers Council
Valley Substance Abuse Action Council
Valley Traffic Advisory Council
Valve Repair Council
Van Council of Victoria
Vanderburgh County Council on Aging
Vanuatu Christian Council
Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions
Vanuatu National Youth Council
Vashon Youth Council
Vehicle Theft Prevention Council
Vendor Advisory Council
Vendor Advisory Council
Ventura County Arts Council
Venturing High Council
Vermont Arts Council
Vermont Arts Council
Vermont Cheese Council
Vermont Council for Quality
Vermont Council on Culture and Innovation
Vermont Council on World Affairs
Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council
Vermont Humanities Council
Vermont International Business Council
Vermont Maple Industry Council
Vermont Natural Resources Council
Vermont Trails and Greenways Council
Veterans Medical Leadership Council
Veterinary Council of India
Veterinary Council of New Zealand
Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia
Victoria Events Industry Council
Victoria Falls Municipality Council
Victorian AIDS Council
Victorian AIDS Council
Victorian Branch Abseiling Council
Victorian Coastal Council
Victorian Community Council on Crime and Violence
Victorian Council of Churches
Victorian Council of Deaf People
Victorian Council of Social Service
Victorian Minerals and Energy Council
Victorian Quality Council
Victorian Trades Hall Council
Victorian Veterans Cycling Council
Video Standards Council
Vintage Motorsports Council
Vinyl Acetate Council
Vinyl Acetate Council
Virginia Citizens Consumer Council
Virginia Council for Learning Disabilities
Virginia Council for the Deaf
Virginia Council of Churches
Virginia Council of Farmer Cooperatives
Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners
Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited
Virginia Emergency Response Council
Virginia Environmental Business Council
Virginia Highway and Transportation Research Council
Virginia Transplant Council
Virginia Turfgrass Council
Vision Council of America
Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Council
Vocational Training Advisory Council
Vocational Training Council
Vocational Training Council Ordinance
Voluntary Control Council for Interference
Voluntary Trade Council
Volunteer Center National Network Council
Volunteer Coordinators Council
Waitaki District Council
Waitaki Safer Community Council
Waldorf Parent Council
Wales Council for Deaf People
Wales Council for Voluntary Action
Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council
Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
Wan Chai District Council
Wansbeck Council for Voluntary Service
War Advertising Council
Warehousing Education and Research Council
Warfighter Technical Council
Warranty Governance Council
Warren County Arts Council
Warwick District Council
Warwickshire Association of Local Councils
Warwickshire Rural Community Council
Wasatch Front Regional Council
Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Washington Car Club Council
Washington Construction Industry Council
Washington Council of Agencies
Washington Council of Trout Unlimited
Washington Council on International Trade
Washington County Arts Council
Washington Environmental Council
Washington International Business Council
Washington International Education Council
Washington State Apprenticeship Council
Washington State Council
Washington State Council of County and City Employees
Washington State Dairy Council
Washington State Labor Council
Washington State Mathematics Council
Washington Utilities Coordinating Council
Washington Water Utility Council
Watauga County Arts Council
Water Board Advisory Council
Water Design-Build Council
Water Resources Coordinating Council
Water Resources Council
Water Supply Advisory Council
Water Supply Coordinating Council
Water Systems Council
Watershed Agricultural Council
Watershed Development Council
Watershed Management Council
Watershed Planning and Advisory Council
Waukee Area Arts Council
Waukesha County Community Council
Waveney District Council
Wear Valley District Council
Weirton Area Literacy Council
Welding Research Council
Well Being Advisory Council
Wellington City Council
Welsh Books Council
Welsh Council
Welwyn Hatfield Council
Welwyn Hatfield District Council
Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council
West Africa Examination Council
West African Examinations Council
West Bengal Medical Council
West Boca Business Council
West Central Florida Council
West Central Neighborhood Council
West Coast Regional Council
West Dean Parish Council
West Devon Borough Council
West Glamorgan County Council
West Lancashire District Council
West Lindsey District Council
West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
West Midlands Business Council
West Midlands Regional Archives Council
West Oakland Health Council
West Oxfordshire District Council
West Riding County Council
West Somerset County Council
West Somerset District Council
West Sussex County Council
West Texas Urban Forestry Council
West Ulster Unionist Council
West Valley Arts Council
West Virginia Council of Churches
West Virginia Economic Development Council
West Virginia Humanities Council
West Virginia State Rehabilitation Council
West Visayan Conference Youth Council
West Wilshire Community Council
West Wiltshire District Council
West Wimmera Shire Council
West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council
Westchester Community Image Council
Westchester Environmental Student Council
Western Association of Agriculture Councils
Western Australian AIDS Council
Western Australian Darts Council, Inc.
Western Band Parents Council
Western Canada Telecommunications Council
Western Catholic Cursillo Council
Western Communities Art Council
Western Council of Construction Consumers
Western Council of Industrial Workers
Western Economic Council
Western Electricity Coordinating Council
Western Illinois Regional Council
Western Los Angeles County Council
Western New York Library Resources Council
Western Organization of Resource Councils
Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
Western Pennsylvania Museum Council
Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
Western Pennsylvania Ski Council
Western Provincial Council
Western Quebec Literacy Council
Western Region Intergovernmental Personnel Assessment Council
Western Region Municipal Council
Western Regional Honors Council
Western Rocky Mountain Council
Western Slope Environmental Resource Council
Western States Coordinating Council
Western States Corvette Council
Western States Sign Council
Western States Water Council
Western Systems Coordinating Council
Western Transportation Advisory Council
Western Transportation Advisory Council
Westwood Neighborhood Council
Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
Whangerei District Council
Whatcom Council of Governments
White Citizens’ Council
White House Millennium Council
Whiteman Area Leadership Council
Whitsunday Shire Council
Whittier Area Literacy Council, Inc.
Whole Grains Council
Wichita Adult Literacy Council, Inc.
Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils
Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council
Wildlife Habitat Council
Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Council
Willamette Criminal Justice Council
Williams Campus Community Council
Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council
Wilshire Community Police Council
Wilton Town Council
Wiltshire Association of Local Councils
Wiltshire County Council
Wiltshire Racial Equality Council
Winchester City Council
Windham Regional Community Council
Window Covering Safety Council
Wine Council of Ontario
Wine Market Council
Wingecarribee Shire Council
Winnipeg Jewish Community Council
Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council
Wireless Communications Council
Wireless Communications Council
Wirral Borough Council
Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council
Wisconsin AmeriCorps Leadership Council
Wisconsin Association of School Councils, Inc
Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies
Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services
Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English
Wisconsin Council on Children and Families
Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities
Wisconsin Council on Economic Education
Wisconsin Council on Problem Gaming
Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council
Wisconsin Education Association Council
Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council
Wisconsin Professional Employees Council
Wisconsin Resources Protection Council
Wisconsin Technology Council
Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council
Woking Borough Council
Wokingham District Arts Council
Wokingham District Council
Wolverhampton City Council
Woman Abuse Council of Toronto
Women of Color AIDS Council, Inc.
Women’s Business Council Philippines
Women’s Business Enterprise Council
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
Women’s Council of Realtors
Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment
Women’s Economic Development Council
Women’s Political Council
Women’s Social and Cultural Council
Women’s Trade and Finance Council
Wood County Internet Council
Wood Products Competitiveness Council
Wood Products Quality Council
Wood Truss Council
Wood Truss Council of America
Woodinville Community Action Council
Wool Council of Australia
Wool Manufacturers Council
Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council
Worcester Community Action Council, Inc.
Worcester County Arts Council
Worcestershire County Council
Work in Northeast Ohio Council
Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq
Workers Cultural Action Council
Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council
Workers’ Organizations and Activists Coordination Council
Workforce Opportunities Council
Working Resource Management Council
Workplace Relations Ministerial Council
Workplace Relations Ministers’ Council
Workplace Safety & Health Council
Works Council
World Adivasi Council
World Affairs Councils of America
World Amateur Golf Council
World Blog Council
World Boxing Council
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
World Chemical Engineering Council
World Council for Corporate Governance
World Council for Curriculum and Instruction
World Council for Psychotherapy
World Council for Renewable Energy
World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga
World Council for the Cedars Revolution
World Council for the Welfare of the Blind
World Council for Torah Education
World Council for Venue Management
World Council of Anthropological Associations
World Council of Arya Samaj
World Council of Churches
World Council of Credit Unions
World Council of Elders
World Council of Enterostomal Therapists
World Council of Indigenous Peoples
World Council of Jewish Communal Service
World Council of Language Teaching
World Council of Nuclear Workers
World Council of Professional Photographers
World Council of Religious Leaders
World Council of Service Clubs
World Council on Hearing Health
World Crafts Council
World Crafts Council International
World Dance Council Ltd.
World Diamond Council
World Education Council
World Energy Council
World Environment and Resources Council
World Food Council
World Fuel Cell Council
World Future Council
World Gold Council
World Green Building Council
World Hindu Council
World Hustle Dance Council
World Indoor Bowling Council
World Industry Council for the Environment
World Journalism Education Council
World Kickboxing Council
World Mayors Council on Climate Change
World Mayors’ Council on Climate Change
World Motor Sport Council
World Muay Thai Council
World Muaythai Council
World Peace Council
World Professional Kickboxing Council
World Recreational Scuba Training Council
World Semiconductor Council
World Social Forum International Council
World Spirit Youth Council
World Telecommunications Advisory Council
World Travel and Tourism Council
World Universities Debating Council
World Water Council
World Without War Council
World Wrestling Council
Worthing Borough Council
Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council
Wrexham County Borough Council
Writtle Parish Council
Wycombe District Council
Wyoming Agricultural Leadership Council
Wyoming Business Council
Wyoming Collegiate Athletic Council
Wyoming Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Wyoming Health Council
Wyoming Pork Producers Council
Wyoming Rural Development Council
Wyoming Valley Aids Council
Wyong Shire Council
XBRL Advisory Council Advisory Council
XML Active Content Technologies Council
Yakama Tribal Council
Yale College Council
Yau Tsim Mong District Council
Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council
York City Council
York-Adams Area Council
Yoruba Council of Elders
Young Adult Advisory Council
Young Adult Council
Young Adult Planning Advisory Council
Young Business Leaders Council
Young Engineers Advisory Council
Young Men Christian Council
Youth Adult Council
Youth Advisory Council
Youth Bowling Council
Youth Bowling Council
Youth Council Institute
Youth Investment Council
Youth Leadership Council
Youth Media Council
Youth Services Quality Council
Youth Sports Research Council New Brunswick, New Jersey)
Yuen Long District Council
Yukon Arts Council
Yuma Area Agriculture Council
Zanzibar Municipal Council
Zero Defect Council
Zimbabwe Book Development Council
Zimbabwe Council for Tourism
Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children
Zion Business Development Council
Zumbro Valley Woodland Council