Culture Abbreviations

What is culture?

Culture is understood as the behaviors, traditions and knowledge of a particular social group, including language, typical foods, religions, local music, arts, clothing, among many other aspects.

For the social sciences (among them sociology and anthropology ), culture is a network of sharing symbols, meanings and values of a group or society. They are formed artificially by man, that is, in an unnatural way.

The origin of the word culture comes from the Latin term colere, which means to care, cultivate and grow. Therefore, the term is also associated with other words, such as agriculture, which deals with the cultivation and growth of crops.

The elements that make up a culture are shared by the members of society, thus creating a cultural identity.

Brazilian culture, for example, is known for its great mix of peoples, great parties like Carnival, musical diversity and even good football.

But it is wrong to say that all Brazilians, as well as citizens of other countries, have the same behavior or reproduce the same culture for which their country is known.

This is because each state or small region has its typically local culture, with different typical foods, musical styles, behaviors, dialects, among other aspects, which create the identity of a particular social group.

Culture is also a cumulative mechanism, because changes brought about by one generation are passed on to the next generation.

It loses and incorporates other aspects, in a way of improving the experience of new generations and adding new elements.

Thus, culture is always in transformation, motivated, in most cases, by the exchange between different peoples. In fact, it is impossible to talk about culture without talking about exchange, an aspect that characterizes cultures around the world.


Types of culture

Popular culture

Popular culture is the basis of the culture of any people and region. An important characteristic of this type of culture is that it starts from the bottom up, that is, it is the popular classes who determine what this culture is and how it should be reproduced.

In popular culture, its elements, such as dances, musical style, custom, among others, are transmitted from generation to generation by a people.

For example, at parties, we can identify Frevo, as belonging to the state of Pernambuco, and Chula, from Rio Grande do Sul, created, consequently, by the people.

Scholarly culture

Erudite culture is that reproduced by the middle or upper class of a people, such as intellectuals and artists, being financed by the economic elite. It is the kind of culture that is concentrated in academia.

A great example was the Renaissance movement. Its artists, mainly painters, were financed to produce arts that would be appreciated by the social elite of the time.

It is important to know that, even being considered an elite culture, high culture will not necessarily be produced by these people, but financed by them.

Some examples of erudite culture are exhibitions in museums, paintings, ballet, opera, among others.

Mass culture

Mass culture unites aspects of high culture and popular culture, transforming them into a more accessible, simple culture and entertainment for general consumption.

Mass culture focuses mainly on large media, such as TV and social networks, focused on consumption.

A big question is that, through mass culture, high and popular cultures cease to be an experience, an experience and an identity, to become entertainment content that can be sold in some way.

An example is the painting of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Considered part of erudite culture, Monalisa’s painting begins to be used by mass culture in t-shirt prints, or with edited photos, reproduced mainly on social networks, in a form of entertainment.

An example of popular culture transformed by mass culture is the sertanejo. This musical style emerged in rural areas, in a way of describing country life, but mass culture, through the university sertanejo, transformed the style into entertainment accessible to other audiences.

Material culture

Material culture is those aspects of culture that are tangible, that is, those that can be touched. They are physical and concrete objects.

The material culture are elements produced manually by the human being, and that become physical aspects of the culture and tradition of a people.

Some examples of material culture are: an indigenous headdress, Pelourinho in Bahia, the National Center of Ouro Preto, among many others.

Immaterial culture

Immaterial culture is considered intangible, that is, elements that cannot be touched.

They are, basically, the customs and traditions that are not physical and that need to be reproduced and lived. Generally, a social group preserves this type of culture out of respect for its ancestry.

Some examples of immaterial culture are Cordel Literature, Roda de Capoeira, Frevo, among others.

Organizational culture

Organizational culture is the set of habits, beliefs and norms that establish the behavior of employees within a given company.

Organizational culture defines the principles that build an organization’s identity, the way people relate, communicate and transform.

Elements of culture

Culture is defined by abstract elements, that is, ideas, beliefs, values and symbols, and the concrete elements, that is, physical objects that form its structure.

These elements are associated with material and immaterial cultures as follows:

  • Elements of immaterial culture:are all the ideas and symbols that make up a culture. These elements structure an abstract culture, that is, they are the values, beliefs, symbols and language that make up a social group.
  • Elements of material culture:are all the physical objects that make up the culture. Unlike the immaterial, the material elements of culture are made up of elements that can be touched, such as, for example, typical foods, clothes and monuments.

Culture Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Culture

AUCOA Aberdeen University Centre for Organic Agriculture
ADACH Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage
ADCH Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage Authority
AAMC Académie Arts Martiaux & Culture
AAF Académie d’Agriculture de France
ACCHS Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences
ALC Accueil Loisirs Culture
ACA Action Culturelle et Artistique
AIC Administration des Institutions Culturelles
ANCH Advanced National Certificate in Horticulture
ASTA Advanced Spatial Technologies for Agriculture
ALC Adventures in Language & Culture
ALC Adventures In Language Culture
AAHC African American History and Culture
ACRA African Culture Restoration Association Inc
AWLAE-CI African Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment
AWAD African Women’s Culture Arts and Development International Network
AAMC African-American Music & Culture
AACS Afsaneh Art and Culture Society
ACB Agence Culturelle Bretonne
ACA Agence Culturelle d’Alsace
ACCOUNT Agence De Cooperation Culturelle Et Technique
ACCOUNTANT Agence de Cooperation Culturelle et Technique
ACCT Agence de Cooperation Culturelle et Technique
ACSA Agency for Consultations and Studies in Agriculture
ACSA Agency for Consulting and Schooling in Agriculture
AAFM Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets
ACCC Agricultural Culture Collection of China
AGR Agriculture
ACD Agriculture & Construction Development
ARDB Agriculture & Rural Development Bank
AGAR Agriculture Acquisition Regulation
AAR Agriculture Acquisition Regulation
AAA Agriculture Advancing Australia
AAFC Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AAE Agriculture and Applied Economics
AEBC Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission
AEWG Agriculture and Environment Working Group
AGFC Agriculture and Food Council
AFCA Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta
AFP Agriculture and Food Production
AHUM Agriculture and Human
ALBA Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association
AML Agriculture and Markets Law
ANR Agriculture and Natural Resources
ARMCANZ Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand
AGRISTARS Agriculture and Resources Inventory Surveys through Aerospace Remote Sensing
ARAC Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee
ARAD Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department
ARD Agriculture and Rural Development
ARDI Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative
ARDP Agriculture and Rural Development Project
ARID Agriculture and Rural Income Diversification
ATP Agriculture and Theology Project
AVCA Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals Association
AB Agriculture Biologique
ABP Agriculture Biologique en Picardie
ABFS Agriculture Biotechnology & Food Sciences
AGC Agriculture Canada
ACP Agriculture Conservation Program
ACP Agriculture Control Program
ACA Agriculture Council of America
ACPC Agriculture Credit Policy Council
AAH Agriculture d’Autrefois dans le Hurepoix
ADBC Agriculture Development Bank of China
ADBP Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan
ADENOSINE Agriculture Development Officer
ADO Agriculture Development Officer
ADT Agriculture Development Team
AED Agriculture Economic Development
AAC Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada
ADDRESS Agriculture et Developpement Durable
ADD Agriculture et Développement Durable
AEC Agriculture Executive Council
AFCU Agriculture Federal Credit Union
AFSC Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
AFFA Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry Australia
AFRA Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
AFF Agriculture Forestry and Fishing
AFA Agriculture Future of America
AARGAU Agriculture Glossary
AG Agriculture Glossary
ACE Agriculture in Concert with the Environment
AITC Agriculture in the Classroom
AIC Agriculture in the Classroom
AUK Agriculture in the United Kingdom
AIBA Agriculture Information Bank for Asia
AMIS Agriculture Market Information Service
AMS Agriculture Marketing Service
AGNIC Agriculture Network Information Center
APHIS Agriculture Plant Health Inspection Service
APEP Agriculture Political Education Program
APMR Agriculture Property Management Regulations
APB Agriculture Protection Board
AQIM Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Monitoring
ARCHIVE Agriculture Research Center
ARC Agriculture Research Center
ARO Agriculture Research Organization
ARRF Agriculture River Recovery Fund
ASDG Agriculture Sector Development Grant
ASOC Agriculture Security Operations Center
ASC Agriculture Soutenue par la Communauté
ASPA Agriculture Sponsored Programs Administration
ASC Agriculture Stewardship Center
ASM Agriculture Systems Management Club
ASSEMBLY Agriculture Systems Management Club
ATMA Agriculture Technology Management Agency
AVID Agriculture Victoria
ABIES Agriculture, Alimentation, Biologie, Environnements et Santé
AEFD Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department
AFW Agriculture, Fish and Water
AFCD Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
AFFA Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Australia
AFFA Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Australia
AFRD Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
AFCS Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences
AFHE Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics
AFOLU Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use
ANRE Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment
ARDN Agriculture, Rural Development and Nutrition
ARIES Agriculture, Rural Investment, and Enterprise Strengthening
ALEB Agriculture-Led Export Businesses
APM Agricultures Paysannes et Modernisation
ASAP Agroecology/Sustainable Agriculture Program
ASAN Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network
ALA Alberta Agriculture
AARD Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
ACCOUNTING Allobroges Centre Culturel
ACCESSORY Allobroges Centre Culturel
ACC Allobroges Centre Culturel
AAE Alternative Agriculture Exposition
ACM Alternative Culture Movement
ACA Ambo College of Agriculture
AAM American Agriculture Movement, Inc.
ACLP American Culture and Language Program
ACA American Culture Association
AFBFA American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture
AFA American Federation of Aviculture
AFGLC American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture
AICCM American Indian Culture Center and Museum
AICRC American Indian Culture Research Center
ALCI American Language and Culture Institute
ALPC American League of Physical Culture
ASEV American Society for Enology and Viticulture
ASP American Society for Plasticulture
ATCC American Type Culture Collection
AECS Andalusian Education & Culture Solutions
ASHC Andes Society for History and Culture
AAA Animal Agriculture Alliance
AALC Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee
ALF Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures
ARA Annual Review of Agriculture
APC Anti Pop Culture
AARM Aquaculture & Aquatic Resources Management
AAC Aquaculture Association of Canada
ACFK Aquaculture Center of the Florida Keys
ACCOUNTING Aquaculture Certification Council
ACCESSORY Aquaculture Certification Council
ACC Aquaculture Certification Council
ACRSP Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program
ACE Aquaculture Consultancy and Engineering
ACFI Aquaculture Farm International
AIP Aquaculture Interchange Program
ALPAC Aquaculture Lease Program Advisory Committee
ALAB Aquaculture Licences Appeals Board
APARTMENT Aquaculture Production Technology, Ltd
APT Aquaculture Production Technology, Ltd
ATC Aquaculture Technology Centre
ACCC Arab Culture and Community Center
AFAC Arab Fund for Arts and Culture
ARCL Archives Recherches Cultures Lesbiennes
AAEC Arizona Agriculture and Equine Center
AZDA Arizona Department of Agriculture
ADA Arizona Department of Agriculture
AOSA Arkansas/Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture
ATC Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium
ACT Arts & Culture Trust
ACCNV Arts and Culture Commission of North Vancouver
ACIP Arts and Culture Indicators in Community Building Project
ACCID Arts, Culture and Communities in International Development
ACE Arts, Culture and Entertainment
ADMC Arts, Design, Media and Culture
AADCP ASEAN Aquaculture Development and Coordinating Programme
AMAF ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry
AMEL Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
ALC Asian Languages & Cultures
ALC Asian Languages Cultures
AAU Assam Agriculture University
AAOC Assemblee des Associations et Organismes Culturels
APCA Assemblée Permanente des Chambres d’Agriculture
ABCDE Association À But Culturel et de Développement Educatif
ACPA Association Canadienne des Professionnels en Apiculture
ACEC Association Chouala pour l’Education et Culture
ACJ Association Culture et Jeunesse
ACL Association Culture et Loisirs
ACPA Association Culture Populaire En Agenais
ACFI Association Culturel Franco-Indienne
ACAM Association Culturelle et Artistique Mantoise
ACFI Association Culturelle Franco-Iranienne
ACVN Association Culturelle Vietnamienne de Cachan
CHC Association Cultures, Humanisme et Citoyenneté
AELIA Association d’Etudes Linguistiques Interculturelles Africaines
ACB Association de Culture Berbère
ACCR Association des Centres Culturels de Rencontre
ALIFS Association du Lien Interculturel Familial et Social
AICAF Association for International Cooperation of Agriculture and Forestry
APDA Association for Persons with Disabilities in Agriculture
ASREC Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture
AWIA Association for Women in Agriculture
AWH Association for Women in Horticulture
AIEA Association Internationale des Étudiants en Agriculture
ANCAP Association Nouvelle pour la Culture et des Arts Populaires
AFAA Association of Faculties of Agriculture in Africa
AUPWAE Association of Uganda Professional Women in Agriculture and Environment
AZH Association of Zoological Horticulture
APCFI Association Pedagogico-Culturelle Franco-Italienne
APAC Association Perigourdine d’Action Culturelle
ARIC Association pour la Recherche Interculturelle
ADAC Association pour le Developpement de l’Action Culturelle
ADCS Association pour le Developpement de la Culture Scientifique
ADLCJ Association pour le Développement de la Langue et de la Culture Japonaise
AMAP Association pour le Maintien d’une Agriculture Paysanne
ARCC Association Réunionnaise Communication et Culture
ARDA Association Reunionnaise de Developpement de l’Aquaculture
ATAC Association Technique pour l’Action Culturelle
AARL Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History
AFCH Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities
ANZFAC Australian and New Zealand Fisheries and Aquaculture Council
ACPA Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture
AHC Australian Horticulture Corporation
AIH Australian Institute of Horticulture
ASVO Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
ASCRC Australian Starter Culture Research Centre
AWIA Australian Women in Agriculture
ALTC Autologous Lymphocyte Tumour-Cell Cultures
AMLC Autologous Mixed Lymphocyte Culture
AACC Aviculture Advancement Council of Canada
ARCC Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture
ACA Awassa College of Agriculture
BAGRIC Bachelor of Agriculture
BAG Bachelor of Agriculture
BSAG Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
BSA Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
BALCO Bakhtar Agriculture and Livestock Cooperative
BINA Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
BAAC Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives
BFA Banque pour le Financement de l’Agriculture
BSTA Barbados Society of Technologists in Agriculture
BFPC Barking Frogs Permaculture Center
BKCS Basal Keratinocyte Culture Supernatants
BRM Bas-Rhin Motoculture
BLC Beauchamp Loisirs et Culture
BVCA Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture
BWCTS Beijing World Culture Travel Service
BLCI Beiyan Language and Culture Institute
BRIC Bergen Programme for Comparative studies on Resources, Institutions and Culture
BCA Berkshire College of Agriculture
BCARRD Bicol Consortium for Agriculture, Resources, Research and Development
BCQS Bike Culture Quarterly
BCQ Bike Culture Quarterly
BCB Biodiversité et Cultures du Bénin
BEAT Biomedical and Environmental Agriculture Technology
BCC Biotec Culture Collection
BNARI Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute
BC Blood Culture
BCNE blood culture negative endocarditis
BARR Board on Agriculture and Renewable Resources
BMAF Bois Mort, Agriculture et Forêt
BMCD Bone Marrow Culture-Derived Macrophage
BCD Bordeaux Culture et Découverte
BML Bouchaud Motoculture Loisirs
BLC Brie Loisirs et Culture
BAITA British Association for Information Technology in Agriculture
BRIC Brooklyn Information & Culture
BSEC Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
BLACK Brothers for Love Achievement Culture and Knowledge
BPCL Browne Popular Culture Library
BOSA Bulletin on Sumerian Agriculture
BOANR Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources
BSA Bureau of Seafood & Aquaculture
CAGES Cage Aquaculture for Greater Economic Security
CAA California Aquaculture Association
CANADA California Department of Agriculture
CDA California Department of Agriculture
CDFA California Department of Food and Agriculture
CIMPA California International Market Promotion for Agriculture
CCCC Calvary Center for Culture & Community
CCCC Calvary Center for Culture and Community
CCCC Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture
CANADA Canada Department of Agriculture
CDA Canada Department of Agriculture
CAFI Canadian Agriculture and Food International
CAL Canadian Agriculture Library
CASS Canadian Agriculture Skills Service
CAIA Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
CCHSA Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture
CCCN Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses
CCCP Canadian Culture Conformity Program
CFA Canadian Federation of Agriculture
CAFP Caribbean Agriculture & Fisheries Programme
CACHE Caribbean Council for Higher Education in Agriculture
CLC Carp Leukocyte Culture
CCL Carrefour Culture et Loisirs
CCR Carrefour Culturel Régional
CLC Cattenom Loisirs Culture
CCDI Cell Culture Derived Immunogen
CCF Cell Culture Facility
CCIF Cell Culture Immunofluorescence
CCPD Cell Culture Process Development
CCT Cell Culture Technique
CCU Cell Culture Unit
CAPA Cellule Administrative Provisoire pour la Regionalisation de l’Agriculture
CAF Census of Agriculture and Fisheries
CAAHC Center for African American History and Culture
CAE Center for Agriculture in the Environment
CARD Center for Aquaculture Research and Development
CABA Center for Aquatic Biology & Aquaculture
BEC Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture
CBC Center for Black Culture
CCD Center for Culture and Development
CEBC Center for Ethical Business Cultures
CFNAP Center for Food, Nutrition and Agriculture Policy
CHWC Center for Human World Culture
CKAC Center for Korean American Culture
COA Center for Organic Agriculture
CPA Center for Profitable Agriculture
CRCC Center for Religion and Civic Culture
CRSC Center for Renewal of Science and Culture
CSC Center for Sex and Culture
CSPC Center for Sex Positive Culture
CSANR Center for Sustaining Agriculture Natural Resources
CSGC Center for the Study of Globalization and Cultures
CSPC Center for the Study of Popular Culture
CSSC Center for the Study of Southern Culture
CSSPC Center for the Study of Southern Political Culture
CTSA Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture
CUH Center for Urban Horticulture
CCCB Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
CCCC Center on Crime Communities and Culture
CBS Centraalbureau Voor Schimmelcultures
CISH Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture
CIFA Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture
CLAR Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research
CRIDA Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture
CSTRI Central Sericulture Technology and Research Institute
CYCO Central Yiddish Culture Organization, Inc.
CBM Centre Béarn Motoculture
CBM Centre Bretagne Motoculture
CCI Centre Culture d’Idiofa
CCL Centre Culture et Loisirs
CCA Centre Culturel Algerien
CCA Centre Culturel Anatolie
CCAM Centre Culturel Andre Malraux
CCB Centre Culturel Bouddhique
CCB Centre Culturel Burkinabé
CIVIL Centre Culturel Cinematographique
CCC Centre Culturel Cinématographique
CCCA Centre Culturel Communal d’Acheres
CIVIL Centre Culturel de Chine
CCC Centre Culturel de Chine
CCL Centre Culturel de Luminy
CCV Centre Culturel de Vitry-sur-Seine
CCBW Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon
CCAC Centre Culturel et d’Animation Cinematographique
CIVIL Centre Culturel et de Cooperation
CCC Centre Culturel et de Coopération
CCCL Centre Culturel et de Cooperation Linguistique
CCLB Centre Culturel et de Loisirs de Badjanani
CCHI Centre Culturel et Humanitaire International
CCF Centre Culturel Francais
CCF Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand
CCFA Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand
CCFM Centre Culturel Franco-Mozambicain
CCHM Centre Culturel Haut-Marnais
CCI Centre Culturel Islamique
CCJV Centre Culturel Jean Vilar
CCJV Centre Culturel Juif de Villeurbanne
CCL Centre Culturel Libertaire
CMAG Centre Culturel Marie-Anne Gaboury
CCRD Centre Culturel Regional de Delemont
CCRI Centre Culturel Régional Indien de la Réunion
CCS Centre Culturel Suisse
CCTD Centre Culturel Tibetain Dzogchenpa
CAC Centre d’Action Culturelle
CECR Centre d’Études des Cultures et des Religions
CCE Centre de Culture Européenne
CCPA Centre de Culture Physique d’Aquitaine
CCP Centre de Culture Populaire
CDC Centre de Développement Culturel
CLAC Centre de Lecture et d’Animation Culturelle
CRH Centre de Recherche en Horticulture
CRILCQ Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire sur la Littérature et la Culture Québécoises
CRIAC Centre de Recherche, d’Innovation Artistique et Culturelle du Monde du Travail
CABI Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International
CCLC Centre for Chinese Language and Culture
CIVIL Centre for Culture and Communication
CCC Centre for Culture and Communication
CEFAS Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
CEAD Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development
CMCE Centre for Media and Culture in Education
CMCC Centre for Mycorrhizal Culture Collection
CSMTC Centre for Study of Media, Technology & Culture
CSCS Centre for the Study of Culture and Society
CWCC Centre for Workplace Communication and Culture
CLC Centre Loisirs et Culture
CBEC Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture
CEAME Centre of Excellence in Aquaculture and Marine Ecology
CSC Centre Social et Culturel
CIVAM Centres d’Initiatives pour Valoriser l’Agriculture et Milieu Rural
CCCF Cercle Culturel des Compagnons Familiaux
CCIAL Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon
CMIA Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture
CA Chambre d’Agriculture
CRA Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture
CRAB Chambre Regionale d’Agriculture de Bretagne
CAS Chambre Syndicale des Améliorants Organiques et Supports de Culture
CTC Changing the Culture
CCTCC China Center for Type Culture Collection
CCCOPS Chinese Canadian Culture Online Project
CIVIL Chinese Culture Center
CCC Chinese Culture Center
CIVIL Chinese Culture Club
CCC Chinese Culture Club
CLCC Chinese Language and Culture Center
CHRC Church History and Religious Culture
CCCCAS Cleveland Contemporary Chinese Culture Association
CSAFR Clifton Springs Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve
CCLA Club Culture et Loisirs d’Aucamville
CDC Coalition pour La Diversité Culturelle )
CD-DST Collagen Gel Droplet-Embedded Culture-Drug Sensitivity Test
CANADA College Diploma in Agriculture
CDA College Diploma in Agriculture
CA College of Agriculture
COALS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
CALS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
CANR College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
AFRE College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise
CAFES College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
CAFRE College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise
CCPC College of Chinese Physical Culture
CESTA College of Engineering Science, Technology and Agriculture
CFLC College of Foreign Languages and Cultures
COLSA College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
CFUC Colony-Forming Unit Culture
CFU-C Colony-Forming Unit in Culture
CAA Colorado Aquaculture Association
CBARC Columbia Basin Agriculture Research Center
CASC Comité d’Action Sociale et Culturelle
CDC Comité Départemental de la Culture
CPA Comité des Plastiques en Agriculture
CNC Comité National de la Conchyliculture
CPAA Comité Permanent de l’Agriculture et de l’Agroalimentaire
CSA Comité Spécial de l’Agriculture
CAG Commercial Agriculture Program
CBC Commission des Biens Culturels
CSA Committee for Sustainable Agriculture
CAMAC Committee for the Awareness of Mexican American Culture
CAEP Communicating for Agriculture Education Program
CCIT Communication Culture and Information Technology
CIT Communication Interculturelle et Traduction
COSDA Communication Officers of State Departments of Agriculture
CCT Communication, Culture & Technology
CPCF Communication, Popular Culture, and Film
CAC Community Agriculture Centre
CCRC Community Culture and Resource Center
CSA Community Shared Agriculture
CSA Community Supported Agriculture
CSA Community Sustained Agriculture
CFAP Community, Food and Agriculture Program
CLC Comparative Literature and Culture
CSC Comparative Science of Cultures
CCAIS Comprehensive Culture and Arts Information System
CIA Computer-Integrated Agriculture
CCM Conditioned Culture Medium
CEA Confederation Europeenne de l’Agriculture
CFA Confederation Francaise de l’Aviculture
CELCNA Conference on Endangered Languages and Cultures of Native America
CFJC Congress for Jewish Culture
CISC Congress of the International Society of Citriculture
CDCC Conseil de Cooperation Culturelle
CDMCS Conseil Departemental pour la Musique et Culture de Haute-Alsace
CAD Contract d’Agriculture Durable
CEA Controlled Environment Agriculture
CAB Conversion a l’Agriculture Biologique
CEC Coopération par l’Education et la Culture
CMACS Copperbelt Mining, Agriculture and Commercial Show
CHLA Core Historical Literature of Agriculture
CCCE Corporate Culture of Central Europe
CIAC Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture
COA Council of Agriculture
CIVIL Counter Culture Coffee
CCC Counter Culture Coffee
CCP Cours Certifiés de Permaculture
CX Culture
CAF Culture and Animals Foundation
CFI Culture and Family Institute
CFTA Culture and Free Thought Association
CHANE Culture and History of the Ancient Near East
CID Culture and Image Design
CLA Culture and Language Acquisition
CMI Culture and Media Institute
CAPP Culture and Preservation Partnerships
CSF Culture and Science Foundation
CCT Culture Change Team
CCAP Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa
CAUP Culture Collection of Algae of Charles University of Prague
CCF Culture Collection of Fungi
CEMETERY Culture Environnement Medias
CEM Culture Environnement Médias
CLT Culture et Loisirs à Thorigny
CLL Culture et Loisirs de Leuville
CPA Culture et Politique Arabes
CINO Culture Is Not Optional
CLAAC Culture Loisir Accueil et Animation en Chinonais
CLO Culture Loisirs Orvault
CNI Culture Northern Ireland
COG Culture of Giving
CHAMPS Culture of History Arts Music Preservation Society
COLTS Culture of Learning, Teaching and Service
CLF Culture of Life Foundation
CORC Culture of Responsible Choices
COTM Culture of the Multiple
CST Culture Scientifique et Technique
CAT Culture, Art and Technology
CCMS Culture, Communication and Media Studies
CED Culture, Économie, Défense
CESEP Culture, Education, Sport and Ethics Program
CHEER Culture, Health, Education and Environmental Resources
CHT Culture, Heritage and Tourism
CLFA Culture, Language, and Function Accommodation
CLEY Culture, Language, Elders and Youth
COMMUNITY Culture, Organization and Management
COM Culture, Organization and Management
CPS Culture, Politics and Society Research Group
CYR Culture, Youth and Recreation
CEA Cultured Epidermal Autograft
CHMC Cultured Human Mesangial Cells
CHOA Cultured Human Ovarian Adenocarcinoma
CPAA Cultured Pearl Association of America
CPAE Cultured Pulmonary Artery Endothelial
CKV Cultureel Kunstzinnige Vorming
COC Cultureel Ontspannings Centrum
CNNA Culture-Negative Neutrophilic Ascites
CAS Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes
CCIAL Cultures Cells for Institute Adolfo Lutz
CECA Cultures d’Enseignement/Cultures d’Apprentissage
CSU Cultures et Societes Urbaines
CLP Cultures Locales Productions
CPEP Cultures of Peace Education Project
CLT Cultures, Langues, Textes
CCRU Cybernetic Culture Research Unit
DCCD Danish Center for Culture and Development
DEVO Davis Enology and Viticulture Organization
DLC Découverte Linguistique et Culturelle
DWC Deep Water Culture
DDFC Défense de France Culture
DARC Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center
DDA Delaware Department of Agriculture
DAAC Delegation Academique a l’Action Culturelle
DAAC Delegation Academique a l’Education Artistique et Culturelle
DAEC Délégation Académique à l’Education Culturelle
DLCA Departement de Langue et Culture Amazighes
DLC Département Langues et Cultures
DMCS Department for Culture, Media and Sport
DGMS Department for Culture, Media and Sport
DCMS Department for Culture, Media and Sport
DAGRI Department of Agriculture
DOA Department Of Agriculture
DAG Department of Agriculture
DA Department of Agriculture
DAFS Department of Agriculture & Fisheries
DAC Department of Agriculture and Cooperation
DAF Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
DALA Department of Agriculture and Land Administration
DALA Department of Agriculture and Land Affairs
DAM Department of Agriculture and Markets
DARD Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
DARDNI Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Northern Ireland
AREX Department of Agriculture and Rural Extension
DOAE Department of Agriculture Extension
DANI Department of Agriculture Northern Ireland
AGPR Department of Agriculture Procurement Regulation
DAFA Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture
DAFF Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
DAFF Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
DAFRD Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
DAFS Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
DASF Department of Agriculture, Stock & Fisheries
DATCP Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
DAWA Department of Agriculture, Western Australia
DAC Department of Arts and Culture
DOCA Department of Culture and the Arts
DCY Department of Culture and Youth
DCAL Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure
DCMS Department of Culture, Media and Sport
DCRT Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism
DECS Department of Education, Culture and Sports
DFA Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
DFAE Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environment
DFA Department of Food and Agriculture
DCAP Développement Culturel Arts et Poésie
DLC Didactique des Langues et des Cultures
DCST Diffusion de la Culture Scientifique et Technique
DCRM Digital Culture Research & Management
DOC Dimensions of Culture
DIRECT Diopian Inquiry and Research on Education as Culture Transmission
DPAP Diplome Professionnel d’Auxiliaire de Puericulture
DCE Directie Cultureel Erfgoed
DAF Direction de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt
DICS Direction de l’Instruction Publique, de la Culture et du Sport
DDA Direction Departementale de l’Agriculture
DDAF Direction Départementale de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt
DAC Direction des Affaires Culturelles
DASC Direction des Arts du Spectacle et de la Cooperation Culturelle
DDC Direction du Développement Culturel
DAFE Direction du Service d’Etat de l’Agriculture, de la Foret et de l’Environnement
DGA Direction Générale de l’Agriculture
DGRC Direction Générale des Relations Culturelles
DRAC Directions Regionales des Affaires Culturelles
DAFC Director of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation
DGIV Directorate General – Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport
DNC Disco Night Culture
DAFO District Agriculture and Forestry Office
DADO District Agriculture Development Office
DADPS District Agriculture Development Plan
DHO District Horticulture Officer
DCAM Diversité des Expressions Culturelles et Artistiques, et Mondialisations
DLC Diversité Linguistique et Culturelle
DLCL Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
DBCC Dog Brain Cell Culture
DESC Droits Economiques, Sociaux et Culturels
DCCBC Dunaliella Culture Collection at Brooklyn College
EJRCF East Japan Railway Culture Foundation
ENSH École Nationale Supérieure d’Horticulture
ESA École Supérieure d’Agriculture
ESH Ecole Superieure d’Horticulture
ECHO Ecology, Culture, History, Opportunity
EDTC Economic Development, Tourism and Culture
EGAT Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade
ESSE Edmonton Symposium on Empirical Studies of Literature and Culture
EACEA Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
EAC Education, Arts & Culture
ECS Education, Culture & Society
ETC Education, Travel & Culture
ECI Edu-Culture International
ECOA Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture
ENAL Egyptian National Agriculture Library
EJVC Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture
ERDAF Energy Research and Development in Agriculture and Food
EAMCET Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test
ELCI English Language & Culture Institute
ELCP English Language and Culture Program
ELCO Enseignement des Langues et Cultures d’Origine
EEC Environment, Economy and Culture
EHRIC Environmental Horticulture Research and Information Center
ERIA Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture
EPCC Etablissement Public de Cooperation Culturelle
ECF Ethical Culture Fieldston
ECSC Ethical Culture School Camp
ECR Ethique et Culture Religieuse
ECHO Ethnicity, Culture and Health Outcomes
ECRA Ethnicity, Culture, Race and Aging
EAS European Aquaculture Society
EAJC European Association for Jewish Culture
ECOC European Capital of Culture
EFFAT European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors
EFCO European Folk Culture Organisation
EISA European Initiative on Sustainable development in Agriculture
EICCC European Institute-Conflict-Culture-Cooperation
EMS European Mariculture Society
ENOAT European Network of Organic Agriculture University Teachers
ENFA European Non-Food Agriculture
EXCEL Excellence Uniting Culture, Education and Leadership
EPTC Existentialist or Phenomenological Theory or Culture
EIRC Explorations in Renaissance Culture
EAWC Exploring Ancient World Cultures
EMPTC Exploring the Maltese Prehistoric Temple Culture
EFBC Exponentially Fed-Batch Culture
FCAF Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
FACT Fashion, Arts, Culture, Technology
FACC Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography
FAMA Federal Agriculture and Marketing Authority
FAIR Federal Agriculture Improvement & Reform Act of 1996
FAIRA Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996
FOC Federal Office of Culture
DWTC Federale Diensten Voor Wetenschappelijke, Technische En Culturele Aangelegenheden
FERC Federation de l’Education de la Recherche et de la Culture
FCCIA Fédération des Chambres de Commerce, d’Industrie, d’Artisanat et d’Agriculture
FITPAS Fédération Internationale des Travailleurs des Plantations, de l’Agriculture et des Secteurs Connexes
FNAB Federation National de l’Agriculture Biologique
FCCIAL Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon
FEAP Federation of European Aquaculture Producers
FPHDP Federation to Promote Horticulture for Disabled People
FWA Fédération Wallonne de l’agriculture
FIRESCHEME Fire Information Systems Research in the Ecology, Socio-Culture, and History of the Mediterranean Environment
FAA Fisheries and Aquaculture Act, 2001
FARSI Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Program
FAR Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Program
FACS Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services
FAA Florida Aquaculture Association
FCHP Florida Certified Horticulture Professional
FDAC Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
FACI Foire Agri-Culture Internationale
FMCA Fonds Mondial pour la Sauvegarde des Cultures Autochtones
FACILITY Food and Agriculture Committee
FAC Food and Agriculture Committee
FACILITY Food and Agriculture Council
FAC Food and Agriculture Council
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FAPC Food and Agriculture Planning Committee
FAPF Food and Agriculture Policy Framework
FARMING Food and Agriculture Restoration Management Involving Networked Groups
FFA Food For Agriculture
FLAIR Food Link Agriculture Industry
FACT Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990
FACTA Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990
FAS Foreign Agriculture Service
FLLC Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures
FJC Foundation for Jewish Culture
FSAF Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
FDPA Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture
FOYA Foundation for Youth in Agriculture
FBC Free Body Culture
FLACC Free-Living Amoebae Culture Collection
FALC French and African Language and Culture Center
FCCIA Fujairah Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
FCAP Full Circle Agriculture at Purdue
FACILITY Future Agricultures Consortium
FAC Future Agricultures Consortium
FTAA Future Trends in Animal Agriculture
GRFA Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
GIA Genomics in Aquaculture
GADA Georgia Department of Agriculture
GWCI Georgia Workshop on Culture and Institutions
GARF Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation, Inc.
GOAN Ghana Organic Agriculture Network
GAIN Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Network Inc
GAEG Global Agriculture and Economic Growth
GAA Global Aquaculture Alliance
GAFO Global Aquaculture Fish Outlook
GCCP Global Consumer Culture Positioning
GHCS Global Health, Culture and Society
GPCC Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
GRIM Gondol Research Institute for Mariculture
GC Gonorrhea Culture
GCCP Good Cell Culture Practice
GBPUAT Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
GCSC Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture
GPSA Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture
GCCM Granulosa Cell-Conditioned Culture Medium
GSCSSA Grass Seed Cropping Systems for A Sustainable Agriculture
GBA GreatBay Aquaculture, LLC
GPACC Greater Philadelphia Asian Culture Center
GWACS Group for War and Culture Studies
GADTC Guam Aquaculture Development and Training Center
HECM Hamster Embryo Culture Medium
HARC Hawaii Agriculture Research Center
HAA Hawaii Aquaculture Association
HCCP Hawaiian Culture Center Project
HOOA Hazardous Occupations Order for Agriculture
HOAF Heads of Agriculture and Forestry
HCC Hebrew Culture Club
HAPI High Altitude Permaculture Institute
HEIA High External Input Agriculture
HPCF Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
HDRA Histoculture Drug Response Assay
HAVC History of Art and Visual Culture
HKCA Hong Kong Culture Association
HKCAS Hong Kong Culture Association
HAG Horticulture Association of Ghana
HAL Horticulture Australia Ltd.
HELP Horticulture Entrepreneur Leadership Program
HRI Horticulture Research Institute
HRIA Horticulture Research International Association
HTRC Horticulture Teaching and Research Center
HTR Horticulture Therapist Registered
HFRR Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources
HSOPSC Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture
HCCAAC Howard County Center of African American Culture
HVAP Hudson Valley Agriculture Partnership
HUAF Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry
HEK Human Embryo Kidney Culture
HMBC Human Mixed Brain Culture
IAA Idaho Aquaculture Association
IDA Idaho Department of Agriculture
ISDA Idaho State Department of Agriculture
IWA Idaho Women for Agriculture
IDOA Illinois Department of Agriculture
INCA Iloilo National College of Agriculture
ICAA Immigrant Culture and Art Association
ICTA Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture
IVOC In Vitro Organ Culture
IVMFC In Vitro-Matured, Fertilized, and Cultured
INTAC Indian National Trust for Arts and Culture
IAA Indiana Aquaculture Association
ISDA Indiana State Department of Agriculture
IA-USA Industrial Agriculture-USA Clearinghouse
ICII Information Cultures and Information Interests
ITSAP Information Technology for Sustained Agriculture in Punjab
IAASA Inland Aquaculture Association of South Australia
IRA Inspection Régionale de l’Agriculture
ICEF Institut Culturel d’Expression Francaise de Malabo
ILCF Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises
IREC Institut de Recherche Etudes Culturelles
ITIA Institut des Techniques de l’Ingénieur pour l’Agriculture
INH Institut National d’Horticulture
ISA Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture de Lille
ITAB Institut Technique de l’Agriculture Biologique
IATP Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
IAFE Institute for Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment
IAA Institute for Alternative Agriculture
ICCE Institute for Comparative Research Into Culture and Economic Systems
ISCE Institute for Society, Culture and Environment
ICAMA Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture
IAAS Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science
IAFI Institute of Agriculture and Food Information
IANR Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
IAS Institute of Agriculture Sciences
IBCC Institute of Bible Church and Culture
IBBA Institute of Biology and Biotechnology in Agriculture
IFLC Institute of Fijian Language and Culture
IHLC Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures
IOH Institute of Horticulture
ILHMC Institute of Language, History and Material Culture
IMAGE Institute of Management and Agriculture Extension
IPRAC Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture
ISEC Institute of Science Education and Culture
ITC Institute of Texan Cultures
IAA Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture
IMTA Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture
IPFS Integrated Polyculture Farming System
IASM Intensive Aquaculture System Model
IABA Inter-American Board of Agriculture
IICA Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
ISTH Interamerican Society for Tropical Horticulture
IARD International Agriculture and Rural Development
IAF International Aquaculture Foundation
IABCS International Association of Buddhist Culture
IABC International Association of Buddhist Culture
IAAS International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences
ICAAE International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environments
ICBA International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
ICCC International Center for Civic Culture
IFDC International Center for Soil Fertility and Agriculture Development
ICACA International Centre for African Culture and Arts
ICCM International Centre for Culture and Management
ICRA International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture
ICARDA International Centre for Research Into Arid Agriculture
ICSHC International Centre for Sport History and Culture
ICA International Council for Aquaculture
ICCE International Culture & Career Exchange
ICO International Culture Organization
GCSC International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture
IIEA International Institute for Ecological Agriculture
IIALC International Institute of African Languages and Cultures
IIA International Institute of Agriculture
IICL International Institute of Culture and Language
IITA International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
ILC International Languages and Cultures
IPCAFT International Policy Council on Agriculture Food and Trade
ISEC International Society for Ecology and Culture
ISA International Society of Arboriculture
ISAO International Society of Arboriculture Ontario
ISC International Society of Citriculture
ISCA International Sport and Culture Association
ITPGR International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
IUBAT International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
IHLC Inupiat History Language and Culture
ISITA Irish Society for Information Technology in Agriculture
IAREC Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center
ISCA Isabela State College of Agriculture
ICAS Island Culture Archival Support
IMOA Israel Ministry of Agriculture
ILC Italian Language and Culture
SISEF Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest
ITCH Ivatan Traditions, Culture and History
JFCC Japan Federation for Culture Collection
JICC Japan Information and Culture Center
JECC Japanese Education Culture Center
JSTA Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture
JSA Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture
JCEA Journal of Central European Agriculture
JPCUS Journal of Popular Culture
JOSPA Journal of South Pacific Agriculture
JSL Journal of the School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
KNUICO Kainan University International Culture Organization
KFAC Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
KOTC Keepers of the Culture, Inc.
KDA Kentucky Department of Agriculture
KAAC Kimberley Aquaculture Aboriginal Corporation
KWAFR Kirk Point-Werribee Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve
KPCS Klebsiella Pneumoniae Culture Supernatant
KPR Knollmead-Kingston Permaculture Reserve
KMC Kootenay Mountain Culture
KOCCA Korea Culture and Content Agency
KITA Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture
LASI Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects
LAPC Land and Agriculture Policy Centre
LCC Language and Culture Center
LCSAP Language and Culture Study Abroad Program
LRC Language, Region and Culture
LLC Languages Literatures and Cultures
LCO Langues et Cultures d’Origine
LEAP Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program
LIA Leadership Idaho Agriculture
LECL Leadership in Ecology, Culture and Learning
LAVC Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture
LIBA Leeds Institute for Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture
LTCC Leishmania Type Culture Collection
LOCH Lens Organ Culture/Hydrogen Peroxide
LCCE Literature and Culture Comprehensive Exam
LTCD Literature and Culture Teaching Database
LCDM Literature Culture and Digital Media
LCC Literature, Communication, and Culture
LLC Literature, Language and Culture
LAC Live and Active Cultures
LHA Loess Hills Aquaculture
LJC Loewenstein-Jensen Culture
LTCM Long-Term Culture Medium
LTHC Long-Term Hematopoietic Culture
LDAF Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
LIVE Low Input Viticulture and Enology, Inc.
LFLC Lymphoid Fetal Liver Culture
MPUAT Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology
MVOAI Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute
MAA Maine Aquaculture Association
MATF Maine Aquaculture Task Force
MJC Maison de la Jeunesse et de la Culture
MCM Maison des Cultures du Monde
MCG Malaysian Culture Group
MACINTOSH Maningrida Arts and Culture
MAC Maningrida Arts and Culture
MRTC Mariculture Research and Training Center
MBIC Marine Biotechnology Institute Culture
MAA Massachusetts Aquaculture Association
MSPA Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture
MAGR Master of Agriculture
MAG Master of Agriculture
MCA Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture
MACINTOSH Media, Arts and Culture
MAC Media, Arts and Culture
MIT Media, Information, and Technoculture
MORPH Methods of Research Practice in Horticulture
MAEAP Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
MDA Michigan Department of Agriculture
MSHS Michigan State Horticulture Society
MCS Microbial Culture and Sensitivity
MCS Microscopy, Culture and Sensitivity
MAAREC Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium
MEALAC Middle East-Asian Languages and Cultures
MECDA Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association
MPCA Midwest Popular Culture Association
MRCC Midwest Radical Culture Corridor
MCA Mind, Culture and Activity
MAFF Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
MC Minister of Culture
MOFA Minister of Food and Agriculture
MAAP Ministere de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture, et de la Peche
MICC Ministere de l’Immigration et des Communautes Culturelles
MCC Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
MCC Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec
MCH Ministry for Culture and Heritage
MOFAG Ministry of Agriculture
MOA Ministry of Agriculture
MAAH Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
MOAC Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce
MACINTOSH Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
MOAC Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
MAC Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Food
MAFI Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry
MAFS Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
MAFS Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
MOAI Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
MOALR Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation
MAL Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
MARA Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
MARD Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
MAWR Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
MAIL Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock
MOAC Ministry of Agriculture of China
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
MAFFS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security
MAIL Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Labour
MALFF Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries
MLF Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
MAWF Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry
MOC Ministry of Culture
MCFA Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts
MCHES Ministry of Culture and Higher Education
MCST Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
MOCTCA Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
MEC Ministry of Education and Culture
MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
MESC Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture
MOFA Ministry of Food and Agriculture
MOLARR Ministry of Lands Agriculture and Rural Resettlement
MLARR Ministry of Lands Agriculture and Rural Resettlement
SBTC Ministry of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture
MAA Minnesota Aquaculture Association
MCAC Mission de Cooperation et d’Action Culturelle
MDAC Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
MAA Missouri Aquaculture Association
MCAP Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program
MVATA Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association
MLC Mixed Lymphocyte Culture
MLFC Mixed Lymphocyte Fibroblast Culture
MLBC mixed lymphocyte-blast culture
MTLC Mixed Tumor-Lymphocyte Culture
MCLC Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures
MALCA Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association
MCLC Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
MAPC Moms Against Popular Culture
MUAC Mongolian University of Arts and Culture
MARS Monitoring Agriculture with Remote Sensing
MESA Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture
MLTBMC Murine Long-Term Bone Marrow Culture
MWC Museum of Work and Culture
MOPC Mutilation of Pop Culture
MTCF Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Culture Filtrate
NUAP Nakuru Urban Agriculture Project
NAFA National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture
NAFA National Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture
NARO National Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization
NAFC National Agriculture and Food Council
NARDP National Agriculture and Rural Development Plan
NAAC National Agriculture Awareness Conference
NAEC National Agriculture Environment Committee
NAPS National Agriculture Policy and Strategy
NARC National Agriculture Research Centre
NATC National Agriculture Training Center
NAA National Aquaculture Act of 1980
NAA National Aquaculture Association
NAC National Aquaculture Council
NAGRI National Aquaculture Genetics Research Institute
NAWAD National Assembly for Wales Agriculture Department
NAAE National Association of Agriculture Educators
NAAE National Association of Agriculture Employees
NACTA National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
NASDA National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NCCCWA National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture
NCEA National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture
NCA National Chamber of Agriculture
NCWMAC National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center
NCTC National Collection of Type Cultures
NCYC National Collection of Yeast Cultures
NCCA National Commission for Culture and the Arts
INC National Culture Institute
NDA National Department of Agriculture
NDOA National Department of Agriculture
NDLA National Digital Library of Agriculture
NDA National Diploma of Agriculture
NHM National Horticulture Mission
NICH National Institute of Culture and History in Belize
NIFA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
NOAA National Offshore Aquaculture Act of 2007
NSSA National Sample Survey of Agriculture
NWAC National Warmwater Aquaculture Center
NHCAP Native Hawaiian Culture and Arts Program
NPCI Native Performance Culture Investigation
NWIA Native Women in Agriculture
NRA Natural Resources and Agriculture
NMBC Neal Marshall Black Culture Center
NELC Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
NCTA Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
NSAS Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
NSCA Negros State College of Agriculture
NMCAC Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture
NCCB Netherlands Culture Collection of Bacteria
NAHWOA Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture
NACA Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific
NEAC Network of European Alimentary Culture
NVDA Nevada Department of Agriculture
NDA Nevada Department of Agriculture
NDOA Nevada Department of Agriculture
NILC Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture
NASAP New American Sustainable Agriculture Project
NBFA New Brunswick Federation of Agriculture
NCF New Culture Forum
NHDA New Hampshire Department of Agriculture
NJAA New Jersey Aquaculture Association
NMCN New Mexico Culture Net
NMDA New Mexico Department of Agriculture
NSWA New South Wales Agriculture
NYSEC New York Society for Ethical Culture
NYSCALS New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
NYSDAM New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
NZCPA New Zealand Centre for Precision Agriculture
NLFA Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture
NACTA North American Colleges Teachers of Agriculture
NCATA North Carolina Agriculture Teachers Association
NCDA North Carolina Department of Agriculture
NESARE Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
NRAC Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center
NAIMS Northern Agriculture Integrated Management Strategy
NIACC Northern Illinois Anime Culture Club
NSC Northern Silviculture Committee
NCMA Northwest Cultured Marble Association
NACRE Nouvelle Agence Culturelle Rhone-Alpes
NSAF Nova Scotia Agriculture and Fisheries
NSFA Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture
NIAB Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology
NIFA Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture
NOAG Nutrients in Organic Agriculture Group
OSAA Ocean State Aquaculture Association
OCBC Office Central de Lutte contre le Trafic des Biens Culturels
ODAC Office Départemental d’Animation Culturelle
OOA Office of Agriculture
OICA Office of Initiatives for Culture and the Arts
OPAG Office of the Provincial Agriculture
OAA Ohio Aquaculture Association
ODAG Ohio Department of Agriculture
ODA Ohio Department of Agriculture
OAA Oklahoma Aquaculture Association
ODA Oklahoma Department of Agriculture
OIEAHC Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
OFA Ontario Federation of Agriculture
OMAFRA Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
OOA Open Ocean Aquaculture
OSC Open Source Culture
OCRE Operateurs Culturels en Reseau
ODAG Oregon Department of Agriculture
ODA Oregon Department of Agriculture
OACC Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
OHBA Organic Horticulture Business Alliance
UNESCO Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’Education, la Science et la Culture
OCI Organisational Culture Inventory
OCA Organizational Culture Obstacle
OUAT Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
PRAISE Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service for Education
PACP Pakhtoonkhwa Arts and Culture Project
PHDEB Pakistan Horticulture Development Export Board
PIJ Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture
PAFL Pamlico Aquaculture Field Laboratory
PMLC Panel Mixed Lymphocyte Culture
PGCM Parathyroid Gland Culture Medium
PCF Participatory Culture Foundation
PCAE Partnership Committee on Agriculture and the Environment
PCC Pasteur Culture Collection of Cyanobacteria
PAA Pennsylvania Aquaculture Association
PASA Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
PDA Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
PACU People of All Cultures United
PDCF People of Diverse Cultures and Faiths
PINC Permaculture Institute of Northern California
PCC Plant Cell Culture
PFADS Plate-Forme Française pour des Agricultures Durables et Solidaires
POCT Poetry from Other Cultures and Traditions
PSCW Politieke Sociale en Culturele Wetenschappen
PCM Pop Culture Madness
PCP Pop Culture Press
PCZ Pop Culture Zoo
PCA Popular Culture Association
PCVF Popular Culture Vertical File
PIZA Population-Interaction Zones for Agriculture
PAFR Portland Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve
PAA Positive Aquaculture Awareness
PHF Precultured Heart Fragment
PHSP Pre-Harvest Silviculture Prescription
PAC Présence et Action Culturelles
PCAC President’s Committee on Arts and Culture
PCEK Primary Chick Embryo Kidney Cell Culture
PRCE Primary Cultures of Rabbit Corneal Epithelium
PEIAA Prince Edward Island Aquaculture Alliance
POAA Priority Oyster Aquaculture Area
PSDA Private Sector Development in Agriculture
PEAS Program in Ecological Agriculture and Society
PEARL Project to Enhance Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages
PACP Promoting A Culture of Peace
PDCA Protection and Development of Culture Act
PDAF Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry
PRCC Pseudomonas Reference Culture Collection
PAAF Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources
PIPRA Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture
PILC Puducherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture
PRDA Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture
QCAP Quality Control of Agriculture Products
QJIA Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture
QCC Queer Culture Center
RAOC Random Act of Culture
RCD Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Democratique
RTOC Re-aggregated Thymic Organ Culture
RAMP Rebuilding Agriculture Markets Program Afghanistan
RDWC Recirculating Deep Water Culture
RAAL Redesigning Agriculture for Australian Landscapes
RACC Regional Arts & Culture Council
RCC Religion in Contemporary Culture
REFA Renewable Energy from Agriculture
RCAC Research Center for Arts and Culture
RAI Research Institute for Aquaculture
RICC Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures
RIPF Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture
RADAR Reseau Afro-Asiatique pour le Developpement de l’Aviculture Rurale
RAD Reseau Agriculture Durable
RAQ Réseau Aquaculture Québec
REDAD Réseau de Développement d’Agriculture Durable
RUAF Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture & Forestry
RUMA Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance
RURAL Responsible Use of Resources in Agriculture and on the Land
RCS Reverse Culture Shock
ROAC Rex Oasis of Arts and Culture
RMSA Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture
RCC Roscoff Culture Collection
RNCC Russisch Nederlands Cultureel Centrum
SCART Safety Culture Assessment Review Team
SFCF Sagana Fish Culture Farm
SARC Saline Agriculture Research Centre
SGSN Salivary Gland Culture Supernatants
SIA Salon International de l’Agriculture
SPCN Samahang Pilipino Culture Night
SBPN Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
SRACF Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation
SADF Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund
SDAF Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture and Food
SC SaskCulture
SCRBC Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
SAHC School of Arts, Histories and Cultures
SCLC School of Comparative Languages and Culture
SLC School of Languages and Culture
SLLC School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
SLLC School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
SLCL School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics
STAC Science Technology and Culture
SOAEFD Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department
SOAEFD Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment Fisheries Department
SOA Secretary of Agriculture
SILC Séjours Internationaux Linguistiques et Culturels
SNC Semaine Nationale de La Culture
SACS Service d’Animation Culturelle et Sportive du Coud
SCAC Service de Cooperation et d’Action Culturelle
SSTC Services Federaux des Affaires Scientifiques, Techniques et Culturelles
SACRFT Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television
SACRIFICE Shanghai Agriculture Commission
SAC Shanghai Agriculture Commission
SBAF Shanghai Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry
SUAC Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
SVCP Silicon Valley Cultures Project
SAU Sindh Agriculture University
SPRG Siskiyou Permaculture Resources Group
SADP Smallholder Agriculture Development Project
SPCN Smear Positive Culture Negative
SCAA Soc.Culture.Asian.American
SCT Soc.Culture.Thai
SSB soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm
SCVU Sociaal Culturele Vereniging Uitvlugt
SCP Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau
SERIDA Social and Environmental Relations in Dryland Agriculture
SCAF Societe Centrale d’Aviculture de France
SODEC Société de Développement des Entreprises Culturelles
SFA Société Française d’Arboriculture
SNC Société Nationale de Colombiculture
SPCL Société pour la Promotion de la Culture et des Loisirs
SEAG Society for Engineering in Agriculture
SPICE Society for Promotion of Indian Culture and Ethics
SPICA Society for the Preservation of Indian Culture in America
SCA Society of Commercial Arboriculture
SCHE Society, Culture, and Human Ecology
SCJH Society. Culture. Jewish. Holocaust.
SUA Sokoine University of Agriculture
SCAA South Carolina Aquaculture Association
SCDA South Carolina Department of Agriculture
SCUTA South China University of Tropical Agriculture
SRAC Southern Regional Aquaculture Center
SSARP Southern Sudan Agriculture Revitalization Program
SSARE Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
STARRDEC Southern Tagalog Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium
SHADE Southwest Horticulture Annual Day of Education
SAPARD Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development
SCA Special Committee on Agriculture
SCALE Specialization in Culture and Language Education
SATCC Spin-Amplified Tube Cell Culture
SLC Sports Loisirs et Culture
SAIOC Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture
SILAC Stable Isotopes Labeling by Amino Acids in Cell Culture
SCMA Standing Committee of Ministers Responsible for Agriculture
SCA Standing Committee on Agriculture
SCARM Standing Committee on Agriculture and Resource Management
SADC State Agriculture Development Committee
SART State Agriculture Response Team
SBOA State Board of Agriculture
SFCA State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
SFA State Fund Agriculture
SOFIA State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture
SAM Stedelijke Adviesraad Multiculturele Stad Den Haag
SICA Stichting Internationale Culturele Activiteiten
SECC Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture
SAFF Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation
SOL Subculture of Live
SCUM Subculture Urban Marketing
SHRS Subtropical Horticulture Research Station
SGUA Support Group on Urban Agriculture
SUFA Support to Freshwater Aquaculture
SAAB Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Board
SAFS Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
SANREM Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
SARD Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
SASH Sustainable Agriculture and Self-Help
SACRED Sustainable Agriculture Centre for Research Extension and Development
SAE Sustainable Agriculture Education
SAN Sustainable Agriculture Network
SAPER Sustainable Agriculture Program
SAP Sustainable Agriculture Program
SARE Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
SARE Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
SAFE Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Economics
SFA Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture
SPACE Sustainable Practices in Agriculture for Critical Environments
SNCAC Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture
SBA Swedish Board of Agriculture
SNA Syndicat National d’Apiculture
SNECS Syndicat National de l’Education et de la Culture
SNEC Syndicat National de l’Education et de la Culture
SNAC Syndicat National des Affaires Culturelles
SRI Système de Riziculture Intensive
SIMA Systemwide Initiative on Malaria and Agriculture
TFEA Taiwan Floriculture Exports Association
TGAP Taiwan Good Agriculture Practice
TCA Tarlac College of Agriculture
TAFI Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute
TECA Technology for Agriculture
TDOA Tennessee Department of Agriculture
TDA Tennessee Department of Agriculture
TCOA Tesco Centre for Organic Agriculture
TAA Texas Aquaculture Association
TDA Texas Department of Agriculture
TCH The Culture House
TUNADO The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation
TUAN The Urban Agriculture Network
TCK Third Culture Kid
TC Tissue Culture
TCA Tissue Culture Association
TCF Tissue Culture Facility
TCF Tissue Culture File
TCID Tissue Culture Infections Dose
TCP Tissue Culture Plastic
TCPS Tissue Culture Polystyrene
TUA Tokyo University of Agriculture
TUATL Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
TUAT Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
TQC Total Quality Culture
TSC Total Safety Culture
TLC Tourisme Loisirs Culture
TARD Training for Agriculture and Rural Development
TARS Tropical Agriculture Research Station
TSA Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture
TAL Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
TMC Trudeau Mycobacterial Culture
TCCMS Tumor Culture Conditioning Medium
TCC Type Culture Collection
UYC Understanding Youth Culture
UCAFA Union County Agriculture Fair Association
UCF Union Culturelle Francaise
UCECAO Union des Créateurs et Entrepreneurs Culturels de l’Afrique de l’Ouest
UITA Union Internationale des Travailleurs de l’alimentation, de l’agriculture, de l’hôtellerie-Restauration, du Tabac et des Branches Connexes
MOA Union Ministry of Agriculture
UNCBPT Union Nationale Culture et Bibliothèques pour Tous
UNODESC Union Nationale des Organismes de Développement Social, Sportif et Culturel
UTAP Union Tunisienne de l’Agriculture et de la Peche
UCC United Cultures Club
UECA United European Culture Association
UKNCC United Kingdom National Culture Collection
UNFAO United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation
USASA United States Aquaculture Suppliers Association
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USDAFSIS United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service
USDAFS United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
UFC Universal Forum of Cultures
UNEECC University Network of the European Capitals of Culture
UAF University of Agriculture and Forestry
UAF University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
UAAR University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi
UCSAREP University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
UPCA University of the Philippines College of Agriculture
UCX Urine Culture
URAA Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture
UDA Utah Department of Agriculture
VC Valley Culture
VCPSA Value Chain Partnerships for a Sustainable Agriculture
VEGA Vegetarian Economy & Green Agriculture
VCCI Vermont Council on Culture and Innovation
VEISHEA Veterinary College, Engineering College, Industrial Science College, Home Economics College, Agriculture College
VFCE Viet Foundation for Culture and Education
VBARD Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
VCDS Vietnam Culture Development Society
VECP Villierstown Education & Culture Project
VECC Vilnius – European Capital of Culture
VCM Viral Culture Medium
VDA Virginia Department of Agriculture
VFMC Virtual Forum of Mexican Culture
VEA Viticulture and Enology Abstracts
VERC Viticulture and Enology Research Center
VASCM Viticulture Association of the Santa Cruz Mountains
VC Viticulture Consortium
VCC Voyage Culture Cuba
WCD Wahda pour la Culture et Développement
WNFC Wartook Native Fish Culture
WDOA Washington Department of Agriculture
WDA Washington Department of Agriculture
WSDA Washington State Department of Agriculture
WASPA Wastewater Agriculture and Sanitation for Poverty Alleviation
WCFH Wellesley College Friends of Horticulture
WCOH Welsh College of Horticulture
WOAD Welsh Office Agriculture Department
WACAP West Africa Cocoa/Commercial Agriculture Project
WLC West London Culture
WVAA West Virginia Aquaculture Association
WVDA West Virginia Department of Agriculture
WAAC Western Association of Agriculture Councils
WFCA Western Food Culture Association
WMHC Western Mindanao Horticulture Center
WRSA Western Region Sustainable Agriculture
WRAC Western Regional Aquaculture Consortium
WBCS Whole Blood Culture System
WLCT Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust
WSCC Winchester School of Chinese Culture
WAA Wisconsin Aquaculture Association
WTLC Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture
WIA Women in Agriculture
WIAA Women in Agriculture Association
WIAD Women in Agriculture Development
WALC Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference
WEAPON Women in Culture and Society
WCS Women in Culture and Society
WFAN Women, Food and Agriculture Network
WCH Wonnarua Culture Heritage
WGMASC Working Group on Marine Shellfish Culture
WPCM Working Party on Culture Media
WEFSA Workshop on the Ecological Foundations of Sustainable Agriculture
WAIC World Agriculture Investment Conference
WAS World Aquaculture Society
WCCD World Commission on Culture and Development
WCSF World Culture and Sports Festival
WCO World Culture Open
WC World Cultures
WFCC World Federation for Culture Collections
WFSA World Food and Sustainable Agriculture
WLAC World Languages and Cultures
WMCC World Media & Culture Center
WMCE World Museum Culture Expo
WSAA World Sustainable Agriculture Association
WAIC Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom
WYDA Wyoming Department of Agriculture
WDA Wyoming Department of Agriculture
YCSCA Youth Charter for Sport, Culture and the Arts
YAAC Yuma Area Agriculture Council
ZHC Zajdela Hepatoma Culture