Denmark Abbreviations

DK is the abbreviation for Denmark, the 130th largest country in the world. Officially the Kingdom of Denmark, Denmark is a country located in Europe, bordering 3 countries – Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Major cities include Copenhagen (population: 1,153,604), Aarhus (population: 237,540), Odense (population: 145,920), Aalborg (population: 122,208), Frederiksberg (population: 95,018), Esbjerg (population: 72,194), Horsens (population: 58,635), Randers (population: 55,769), Kolding (population: 55,352), and Vejle (population: 51,166).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Language: Danish
  • Area: 42,933 km2
  • Population: 5,806,015
  • Currency: Danish krone (DKK)
  • Time zone: UTC+1, UTC+2
  • Calling code: +45
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: DK
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: DNK
  • Internet TLD: .dk
  • State Government Website:

Map of Denmark

List of Denmark Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Denmark are DK which stands for Denmark and DKK which means Danish krone (Denmark currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Denmark, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meaning
AUC Aalborg University Center, Denmark
AAL Aalborg, Denmark – Aalborg
ASTRID Aarhus Storage Ring in Denmark
AAR Aarhus, Denmark – Tirstrup
BUDK Baptist Union of Denmark
BLLS Billund, Denmark – Billund
BLL Billund, Denmark – Billund
RNNS Bornholm, Denmark – Arnager
RNN Bornholm, Denmark – Arnager
CCCD Classic Corvette Club Denmark
CPH Copenhagen, Denmark – Copenhagen
DK Denmark
DECK Denmark
DEN Denmark
DMK Denmark
DA Denmark
DNK Denmark
DCBN Denmark China Business Network
DHS Denmark High School
DIMC Denmark’s Intuitive Music Conference
DK2 Electricity Grid Price Area for East Denmark
ECD Energy Centre Denmark
EBJ Esbjerg, Denmark – Esbjerg
FFFD Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark
FODS Friends of Denmark Society
GKD Government of the Kingdom of Denmark
KRP Karup, Denmark – Karup
LLD Learning Lab Denmark
NDCD National Dragracing Club Denmark
ODE Odense , Denmark
ODE Odense, Denmark – Odense
OCD Offshore Centre Denmark
SCDES Save the Children Denmark
SCD Save the Children Denmark
CNL Sindal Airport, Denmark
SGD Sonderborg, Denmark – Sonderborg
SDAO South Denmark Asia Office
TUD Technical University of Denmark
DTU Technical University of Denmark
TED Thisted, Denmark – Thisted
UCN University College of Northern Denmark
VBD Vitus Bering Denmark
SKS Vojens Lufthavn, Denmark – Jojens

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