Development Abbreviations


What is Development?

Development is every action or effect related to the process of growth, evolution of an object, person or situation in a certain condition.

The act of developing results in the action of being able to take the next step, direction, indication or step higher than the one in the current phase.

For this reason, the notion of development can be related to things, people, situations or phenomena of various types.

The developmental reference is used, for example, when telling parts of a story or narrative. Development is described as the moment in which conflicts and situations to be resolved in history take place.

Development can also be related to the progress and positive improvement of a particular place, such as a city or a country.

In this context, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the UN body responsible for preparing the measure known as the Human Development Index (HDI), calculates development in quantitative and qualitative terms that indicate the degree of improvement in the place. .

Synonyms of development

  • progress;
  • evolution;
  • progress;
  • prosperity;
  • growth;
  • expansion;
  • progression;
  • improvement;
  • improvement;
  • elaboration;

Text development

To create an essay, whether narrative or opinionated, it needs to be divided into three main parts: introduction, development and conclusion.

The development is the most extensive part of the essay, as it is where all the arguments that help to affirm the point of view proposed by the writer in the text are exposed.

Sustainable development

It consists of the incorporation of methods and techniques that enable the constant growth and support of societies, while being careful not to harm the environment. It is the conscious use of natural resources available in nature.

In this way, the objective of sustainable development is to encompass the needs of three main groups: social (meeting the needs of individuals of the current generation); ecological (avoid wear, pollution and other environmental impacts); and economic (which enables economic growth).

Examples of Sustainable Development

Among some of the main actions that collaborate (directly or indirectly) for sustainable development are:

  • Use of “clean energy” sources (solar, wind and geothermal energy, for example);
  • Garbage recycling;
  • Use paper bags or ecobags instead of plastic bags (when going to the supermarket, for example);
  • Use of electric cars;
  • Use of public or alternative means of transport (bicycles, for example);
  • Creation of quality and safe cycle paths to encourage the use of bicycles;
  • Do not waste water (conscious use of natural resources).

Economic development

It represents the increase in productivity or income per inhabitant ( per capita ), at the same time as the accumulation of capital and a certain technical progress of the place occurs.

This process is carried out through the positive alteration of the quantitative and qualitative variables of a city or a country. As a result of economic development, citizens experience an increase in their quality of life.

In most cases, this improvement is reflected in changes in the social structure (improvements in health, work, housing, food, security, education, etc.).

Human development

Human development is also related to the process of growth and evolution of human beings, from the primary stages of life to the highest.

It is in this process that the individual acquires what we call conducts, norms, values, ways of thinking and ways of acting in society.

Cognitive Development

It is the concept that characterizes the evolutionary process of understanding ideas and human learning.

This is a field of study of neuroscience and psychology that is dedicated to understanding human development from childhood, in its levels of information processing and understanding. These perceptual skills, along with other aspects, contribute to the evolution of a person’s brain development.

Personal development

Personal development characterizes the process of growth of personal abilities and human potential, for the benefit of building knowledge and improving quality of life.

This is a process that refers to the systems of methods, programs, techniques and assessment tools that guarantee human development at the level of organizations. It also includes activities like:

  • Improve your own awareness;
  • Optimize self-knowledge;
  • Develop or improve new skills;
  • Build or renew identity or self-esteem;
  • Develop strengths / positives;
  • Having a new style or quality of life;
  • Improve health.


List of Acronyms Related to Development

A Better Complete Development Engineering Firm
A Depository of Development Documents
A Developmental English Proficiency Test
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Aboriginal Business Development Initiative
Aboriginal Early Childhood Development
Aboriginal Economic and Employment Development Officer
Aboriginal International Business Development
Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
Abyei Community Action for Development
Abyssinian Development Corporation
Acacia Training and Development
Academic and Professional Development
Academic and Professional Development Advising
Academic Computing Development Team
Academic Individual Advanced Development
Academic Program Development
Academic Staff Development
Academic Staff Development Group
Academic Staff Development Unit
Academic Talent Development Program
Academic Talent Development Program
Academies of Inquiry and Talent Development
Academy for Educational Development
Academy of Biblical Character Development
Academy of World Business Marketing and Management Development
Accelerate Business Development Network
Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Development Strategy
Accelerated Compensation for Developmental Positions
Accelerated Development and Introduction Plan
Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme
Accelerated Rural Development Program
Accelerating Structure Development
Acceptance Test-Driven Development
Access Reform Options Development Group
Access to Justice Development Fund
Accessible Information on Development Activities
Accredited Economic Development Organization
Acquisition Career Development Plan
Acquisition Development Office
Acquisition Development Office
Acquisition Document Development and Management
Acquisition Professional Development Council
Acquisition Strategy and Development Approach
Acquisition, Development, and Construction
Action Committee for Full Development
Action for Ability Development and Inclusion
Action for Boston Community Development
Action for Development
Action for Grassroots Empowerment and Neighborhood Development Alternatives
Action for Human Development and Cooperation
Action Officer Development Course
Action on Disability and Development
Action on Disability and Development
Action Research and Community Health and Development
Active Communities Development Fund
Ada Development Environment
Ada Development Method
Ada Development System
Ada Integrated Development Environment
Adams County Office of Planning and Development
Adaptive Development
Adaptive Software Development
Adirondack Economic Development Corporation
Administration on Developmental Disabilities
Administration on Developmental Disabilities
Adolescent Health and Development in Africa
Adult Development and Aging
Adult Developmental Vocational Program
Adult Education and Workforce Development Team
Adult Learning Development Association
Adult Organizational Development
Adult Spiritual Development Ministry
Adult Training and Development Network
Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities
Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities
Advance Development
Advance Development Group
Advance Development Verification Test
Advanced Alloy Development
Advanced Automotive Technical Development Services
Advanced Beam Concept Development
Advanced Business Software Development
Advanced Chemistry Development
Advanced Chip Development
Advanced Common Intercept Missile Development
Advanced Development
Advanced Development Center
Advanced Development Centers
Advanced Development Docking System
Advanced Development Environment
Advanced Development Experiment
Advanced Development Facility
Advanced Development Flight Test
Advanced Development Hardware
Advanced Development Model
Advanced Development Objective
Advanced Development Objective
Advanced Development Phase
Advanced Development Plan
Advanced Development Program
Advanced Development Proposal
Advanced Development Team
Advanced Dish Development System
Advanced Education & Career Development
Advanced Encryption Standard Development Effort
Advanced Frontiers in Drug Design, Discovery, Development and Delivery
Advanced Graphic Development System
Advanced Individual Academic Development
Advanced Mail Systems Development
Advanced Mirror System Development
Advanced Placement Teacher Development
Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory
Advanced Professional Development Series
Advanced Program Development
Advanced Research and Development Activity
Advanced Research and Development Agency
Advanced Resource Development
Advanced Semiconductor Development
Advanced Ship Development
Advanced Solution Development
Advanced Solution Development Framework
Advanced Systems Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering
Advanced Technology Development
Advanced Technology Development Center
Advanced Technology Development Facility, Inc
Advanced Technology Development Plan
Advancing Youth Development
Adventist Development and Relief Agency
Adventures in Health, Education and Agricultural Development
Advisory Committee on Northern Development
Advisory Council on Development Cooperation
Advisory Council on Research and Development
Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development
Advocacy for the Development of Central Luzon
Aeronautical Design and Development Centre
Aeronautical Development Agency
Aeronautical Development Establishment
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
Aerospace Industrial Development Program
Aerospace Research and Development Center
Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development
Afar Pastoralists Development Association
Affiliate Development Group
Affordable Housing Development Assistance
Affordable Web Development
Afghan Community Development Framework
Afghan Community Development Organization
Afghan Development Association
Afghan Development Program
Afghan-American Development Alliance
Africa Foundation for Development
Africa Regional Coordinating Committee for the Integration of Women Into Development
African American Student Development
African Centre for Fertilizer Development
African Centre for Gender and Development
African Community Development Foundation
African Cultural and Development Association
African Development and Education Foundation
African Development and Emergency Organization
African Development Bank
African Development Bank
African Development Bank Bonds
African Development Center
African Development Consulting Group Ltd
African Development Education Network
African Development Forum
African Development Foundation
African Development Foundation
African Development Fund
African Development Fund
African Development Initiatives Network
African Development Institute
African Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives
African Institute for Community Driven Development
African Institute for Economic Development and Planning
African Media Development Initiative
African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development
African Network for Integrated Development
African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology
African Script Development Fund
African Women’s Culture Arts and Development International Network
African Youth Development Alliance
African-Hebrew Development Agency
Africentric Personal Development Shop, Inc.
Afro-Asian Rural Development Organization
AFSCF Development Integration Committee
Aga Khan Development Network
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development
Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
Agency for Child Development
Agency for Christian Literature Development
Agency for Christian Literature Development
Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development
Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development
Agency for Economy and Space Development
Agency for Human Development in Afghanistan
Agency for International Development
Agency for International Development
Agency for International Development
Agency for Local Development Initiatives
Agency of Commerce and Community Development
Agenda of Science for Environment and Development
Agent Development Kit
Agent-Company Organization for Research and Development
Agent-Oriented Software Development Methodology
Agile Development Method
Agoro Community Development Association
Agribusiness Development Team
Agricultural Agency for Research and Development
Agricultural and Industrial Development
Agricultural and Industrial Development Board
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
Agricultural and Rural Development Act
Agricultural and Rural Development Association
Agricultural Business Development Scheme
Agricultural Development & Training Society
Agricultural Development Agencies in Bangladesh
Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation
Agricultural Development Bank
Agricultural Development Bank Limited
Agricultural Development Corporation
Agricultural Development Council
Agricultural Development Division
Agricultural Development Division
Agricultural Development Farmland Preservation Trust Fund
Agricultural Development in the American Pacific
Agricultural Development in the Eastern Region
Agricultural Development Led Industrialization
Agricultural Development Options Review
Agricultural Development Program
Agricultural Development Project
Agricultural Development Support to Seila
Agricultural Development Zone
Agricultural Leadership and Development
Agricultural Produce Export Development Agency
Agricultural Research and Development Network
Agricultural Research for Development
Agricultural Sector Development Programme
Agricultural Services & Development
Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
Agriculture & Construction Development
Agriculture & Rural Development Bank
Agriculture and Rural Development
Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative
Agriculture and Rural Development Project
Agriculture Development Bank of China
Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan
Agriculture Development Officer
Agriculture Development Officer
Agriculture Development Team
Agriculture Economic Development
Agriculture Sector Development Grant
Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Agriculture, Rural Development and Nutrition
Agro-based Industries & Technology Development Project
Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority
Aids to Development, Acceptance & Mastery
Air Development Center
Air Development Squadron
Air Development Squadron
Air Force Command and Control Development Division
Air Navigation Development Board
Air Operational Development Squadron
Air Operational Development Squadron
Air Research & Development Center
Air Research and Development Command
Air Route Development Fund
Air Services Development Office
Air Transport Business Development, Inc.
Airborne Development Aid Program
Aircraft Development Test Activity
Aircraft Research and Development Unit
Airman Professional Development Seminar
Airport Concessions and Development Limited
Airport Development Aid Fund
Airport Development Aid Program
Airport Development Program
Airport Development Zone
Airship Development Squadron
Airship Operational Development Squadron
Airworthiness Assurance Research and Development Branch
Akassa Community Development Project
Akron Regional Development Board
Akuapem Development Foundation
Al Ain Association for Development
Al Baraka Investment and Development
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation
Alaska Business Development Center, Inc.
Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development
Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Alaska Division of Policy Development and Planning
Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority
Alaska Industrial Development Authority
Alaska Staff Development Network
Albanian Development Fund
Albany Community Development Agency
Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund
Alberta Economic Development Authority
Alberta Rural Development Network
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association
ALFS Active Classification Development
Algorithm Development and Mining
Alice Jim Wells County Economic Development Corp.
All About Developmental Disabilities
All India Association for Micro Enterprise Development
All Nations International Development Agency
Alleghany-Highlands Economic Development Authority
Allegheny Youth Development
Alliance Development Trust
Alliance for Community Research and Development
Alliance for Nonprofit Development
Alliance of Christian Development Agencies
Alliance of Micro-Enterprise Development Practitioners
Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development
Alloy Development for Irradiation Performance
Alloy Development Intercorrelation Program
Almaty City Development Agency
Alternative Energy Development Board
Alternative for India Development
Alternative Human Development Index
Alternative Information and Development Centre
America’s Development Foundation
American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine
American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry
American Association for Counseling and Development
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
American Business Development Alliance
American Economic Development Council
American Fund for Human Development
American Indian Economic Development Fund
American Institute of Development
American International Association for Economic and Social Development
American Organization for the Development of Bihar
American Resort Development Association
American Society for Training and Development
American Society of Training and Development
American Women Economic Development
Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation
Analytical Process Development Unit
Anchorage Economic Development Corporation
Anderson County Economic Development Association
Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development
Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd.
Andreas Stolz Software Development
Android Development Tools
Andromeda Software Development
Anglican Relief and Development Fund
Angling Development Board
Angolan Action for Development
Anheuser-Busch Training and Development Group
Animal Development
Annie Interactive Development Environment
Announcement of Product Development
Announcement of Product Development Opportunity
Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics
Annual Development Plan
Annual Development Report
Annual Performance and Development Review
Annual Review of Development Effectiveness
ANSF Development Assistance Bureau (US Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction)
Antarctic Development Squadron
Anthropology and Language Science in Educational Development
Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank
APEC Finance and Development Program
Apeetogosan Metis Development Inc.
Appalachian Community Development Association
Apple Professional Development Online
Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit
Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit
Application Development
Application Development & Integration
Application Development & Maintenance
Application Development & Management
Application Development and Application Maintenance
Application Development and Maintenance Outsourcing
Application Development and Maintenance Services
Application Development and Management Outsourcing
Application Development Consultant
Application Development Environment
Application Development Facility
Application Development for the Distributed Enterprise
Application Development Framework
Application Development Framework Platform
Application Development Lifecycle
Application Development Platform
Application Development Request
Application Development Service Center
Application Development Services
Application Development Solution
Application Development Standards
Application Development System
Application Development System/Online
Application Development Team
Application Development Tool
Application Development Toolkit
Application Development Trends
Application Development Workbench
Application Development, Maintenance and Support
Application Maintenance & Development
Application Programming and Development, Inc.
Application Protocol Development Environment
Applications Development Branch
Applications Development Training Program
Applied Econometrics and International Development
Apprenticeship for Child Development Specialists
Appropriate Development for Africa Foundation
Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group
Approved Development Programme
Aqaba Development Corporation
Arab Association for Women and Development
Arab Council for Childhood and Development
Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development
Arab Network for Environment and Development
Arab Network for Gender and Development
Arab Real Estate Development
Arab Urban Development Institute
Architected Rapid Application Development
Architectural Development Team
Architecture Design and Development
Architecture Design and Development
Architecture Development Analysis Model
Architecture Development Method
Architecture Development Process
Architecture Development Team
Architecture-Based Software Development
Archive Development Kit
Arctic Nearshore Impact Monitoring in the Development Area Program
Area Development District
Area Development District
Area Redevelopment Administration
Area Redevelopment Plan
Area Redevelopment Plan
Arid Lands Agricultural Development Program
Arizona Association for Economic Development
Arkansas Department of Economic Development
Arkansas Development Finance Authority
Arkansas Development Finance Authority
Arkansas Economic Development Commission
Arkansas Housing Development Agency
Armament Development Laboratory
Armament Development Test Center
Armament Research and Development Establishment
Army Command & Control System Development Plan
Army Development & Employment Agency
Army Development and Acquisition of Threat Simulators
Army Development and Selection Centre
Army Development Office/Officer
Army Development Office/Officer
Army Development Officeofficer
Army Development Officeofficer
Army Development System
Army Developmental Employment Agency
Army Electronics Research & Development Laboratory
Army Electronics Research and Development Activity
Army Force Development Plan
Army Human Factors Research & Development Committee
Army Institute for Professional Development
Army Leader Development Strategy
Army Medical Materiel Development Activity
Army Requirements Development Plan
Army Research and Development Information System
Army Technology Development Plan
Arnold Engineering Development Center
Arrested Development
Arrested Development
Artisanal Fisheries Development Project
ARTS Development and Modification Facility
Arts Development Council of Georgia
ARTS Development System
ARTS Software Development System
Arts, Culture and Communities in International Development
Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency
Arunalu Community Development Foundation
Arundel Community Development Services
Arunodaya Rural Development Federation
Arvada Economic Development Association
Ascent Development Flight Test
ASEAN Aquaculture Development and Coordinating Programme
ASEAN Australia Development Cooperation Program
ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association
ASEAN Social Development Fund
ASHA Professional Development
Asia and Pacific Development Centre
Asia Development Management Group, LLC
Asia Pacific Development Information Programme
Asia Pacific Development Journal
Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV/AIDS and Development
Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate
Asia Partnership for Human Development
Asian and Pacific Development Institute
Asian Business Development Network
Asian Centre for Organization Research and Development
Asian Community Development Corporation
Asian Development Assistance Board
Asian Development Bank
Asian Development Bank
Asian Development Equity Fund
Asian Development Outlook
Asian Development Outlook
Asian Development Research Forum
Asian Development Research Institute
Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development
Asian Institute for Rural Development
Asian Media Development Group
Asian Population and Development Association
Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center
Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability
Asia-Pacific Development Communication Centre
Asia-Pacific Development Society
Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcast Development
Aspect Oriented Middleware Development
Aspect Oriented Risk-Driven Development
Aspect-Oriented Software Development
Assemblies of God Relief and Development Services
Asset Development Project
Asset-Based Community Development Institute
Assistant Community Development Officer
Assistant Director for Community Development
Assistant Secretary of the Army, Research Development and Acquisition
Associate Administrator for NAS Development (FAA)
Associate Chief of Staff for Research & Development
Associate Logistics Executive Development Course
Associates for International Resources and Development
Associates in Rural Development
Association for Adult Development and Aging
Association for Applied Health, Education and Development
Association for Christian Character Development
Association for Christian Development
Association for Community Development Services
Association for Cooperative Operations, Research and Development
Association for Counselling, Organization, Research and Development
Association for Development of Instructional Systems
Association for Development Options in Nigeria
Association for Development through Education
Association for Forest Development and Conservation
Association for Health and Environmental Development
Association for Humanistic Education and Development
Association for India’s Development
Association for Management Education and Development
Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development
Association for Rural Community Development
Association for Rural Development
Association for Rural Development and Action Research
Association for Rural Development of Poor Areas in Sichuan
Association for Strengthening Integrated National Population and Health Development Activities of Thailand
Association for Strengthening Integrated National Population and Health Development Activities of Thailand
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Association for Sustainable Human Development
Association for the Benefit of Child Development
Association for the Development of Computer-based Instructional Systems
Association for the Development of Education in Africa
Association for the Development of Environmental Quality
Association for the Development of Human Potential
Association for the Development of Microenterprises, Inc.
Association of Community Development Agencies
Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh
Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers
Association of Geoscientists for International Development
Association of Lutheran Development Executives
Association of Management Education and Development
Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies
Association of Private Providers of Education Training and Development
Association of Rural Education and Development Service
Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development
Athens Development and Governance Institute
Athlete Development Director
Athlete Development Director
Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities
Atlanta Development Authority
ATM Test Development
Atomic Development Authority
Atomic Power Development Associates
Atomic Power Development Association
Atomic Research and Development Authority
Atomic Space and Development Authority
Attack Management Development Framework
Attitude Control Determination/Development
ATV Rendezvous Pre-development
ATV Rendezvous Pre-development
Auburn Community Development Network
Auburn Urban Development Authority
Auckland Regional Economic Development Strategy
Audience Development Advisory Committee
Audience Development Capacity Building
Audience Development Plan
Audio Development Company
Audit Consulting Center for Development
Audit Development and Reports
Audubon Partnership for Economic Development
Aurora Software Development Unit
Austin Development Center
Australasian Human Development Association
Australasian Journal of Correctional Staff Development
Australian Agency for International Development
Australian Database Development Association
Australian Development Assistance Bureau
Australian Developmental Biology Workshop
Australian Early Development Index
Australian Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects Database
Australian Institute of Training and Development
Australian International Development Assistance Bureau
Australian Land Transport Development
Australian Space Development Conference
Australian Tourism Development Programme
Authorization for Program Development
Authorized Development Deviation
Authorized Development Deviation
AutoCAD Development System
AutoCAD Land Development Desktop
Automated Application Development
Automated Development of Analytical Methods
Automated Documentation Development and Maintenance
Automated Individual Development Plan
Automated Software Development Methodology
Automotive Industry Development Centre
Avian Development Facility
Aviation Combat Development Agency
Aviation Development Test Activity
Aviation Weather Development Laboratory
Avionics Development Facility
Avionics Development Lab
Avionics Integrated Development
Avionics Integrated Development Schedule
Avondhu Development Group
Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network
AWIS Software Development
Axiomatic Product Development Ltd
Aylesbury Development Education Centre
Ayual Community Development Association
Azerbaijan Business Assistance and Development
Azerbaijan Foundation for Development of Democracy
Babine Lake Development Project
Baby Stage of Development
Bachelor of Development Administration
Badia Research and Development Program
Baffin Business Development Centre
Bahawalpur Rural Development Project
Baird Television Development Company
Bali Export Development Organization
Bali Tourism Development Centre
Bali Tourism Development Corporation
Bali Turtle Island Development
Ballymena Business Development Centre
Baltimore Development Corporation
Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development
Bandar Raya Developments Bhd.
Bangalore Development Authority
Bangalore Metropolitan Rural Development Authority
Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development
Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
Bangladesh Cotton Development Board
Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation
Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies
Bangladesh Power Development Board
Bangladesh Rural Development Board
Bangladesh Social Development Services
Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
Bank of Commerce, Development and Industry
Bankers Institute of Rural Development
Baptist Union Development Foundation
Barbados Agricultural Development Corporation
Barbados Sustainable Development Policy
Barbary Bay Development Company Limited
Barden Development Inc
Barratt Developments Plc
Base Development Board
Base Development Doctrine
Base Development Plan
Base Development Team
Baseline Development Environment
Basic Developmental Education
Basic Education Development Strategy
Basic Electronic Development
Basic Research, Education and Development
Batam Industrial Development Authority
Battelle Developmental Inventory
Battle Simulations Development Directorate
Battlefield Development Plan
Battlefield Distributed Simulation – Developmental
Battlefield Distributed Simulation-Development
Bay Area Organization Development Network
Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative
Bay Economic Development Corporation
Bayley Infant Neurodevelopmental Screener
Bayley Scale of Infant Development
Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
Beachport District Development Association
Beachwood Business Development Center
Beans Development Kit
Beatbox Business Development Center
Beatrice State Developmental Center
Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development
Behavior Driven Development
Beijing Development Planning Commission
Beijing Environment and Development Institute
Belgian Administration for Development Cooperation
Belize Rural Development Programme
Bellingham Whatcom Economic Development Council
Belmont County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Belour Advisory and Social Development Organization
Belvoir Research & Development Center
Belvoir Research, Development and Engineering Center
Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority
Bench Training and Development Committee
Benefit Development Group
Bent County Development Foundation
Berkeley Feedback and Development Inc
Berlin Business Development Corporation
Berwick Industrial Development Association
Beta Business Development Center
Better Business Development Council
Better Estimation of Software Development Tasks
Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development
Better Software Development
Bhutan Development Index
Biblical Institute of Leadership Development
Bicol Consortium for Agriculture, Resources, Research and Development
Bi-Communal Development Programme
Bicycle Use Development Study
Biederman Redevelopment Ventures
Big Sky Economic Development Corporation
Bihar State Industrial Development Corporation
Bilingual Crosscultural Language in Academic Development
Billing & Invoice Development
Billing & Invoice Development
Billing Invoice Development
Billing Invoice Development
Billing Operations Development
Binational Agricultural Research and Development Foundation
Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation
Bio Bulgaria Development Company
Bio Info Nano Research and Development Institute
BioAssets Development Corporation
Bioenergy Development Fund
Bio-Engineer Research & Development Laboratory
Biological Process Development Facility
Biologics Process Development, Inc.
Biomass Power for Rural Development
Biomass Syngas Development, Inc
Biomedical Research and Development Laboratory
Biomedical Research and Development Price Index
Biophysical Research and Development
Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme Cameroon
Bioseparations and Bioprocessing Development Center
Biotech Business Development Connect
Biotech Employee Development Coalition
Biotechnology Business Development Centre
Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation
Biotechnology Research for Innovation, Development and Growth in Europe
Biotechnology Use and Development Survey
Birmingham Research and Development Ltd.
Birmingham University Integrated Library Development and Electronic Resource
Black Business Supplier Development Programme
Black Child Development Institute
Black Community Development Project
Black Family Development, Inc.
Black Female Development Circle
Black River Area Development Corporation
Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organization
Block Development Office
Block Development Officer
Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Board of Economic Development
Board on Science and Technology for International Development
Body Development
Body Development
Body Development
Body Development
Body Development
BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (Thailand)
Bombay Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Border Roads Development Board
Border Security Development Program
Boston Redevelopment Agency
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Box Butte Development Corporation
Box Structure Development Method
Bradford Centre for International Development
Brain Development Research Program
Bramhope Youth Development Trust
Brand Development
Brand Development
Brand Development
Brand Development
Brand Development
Brand Development Fee
Brand Development Index
Brazos Valley Workforce Development Board
Brick Development Association
Bridge Street Development Corporation
Bristol Cultural Development Partnership
British Association for Literacy in Development
British Columbia Centre for Non-Profit Development
British Library for Development Studies
British Library Research and Development Department
British Overseas Development Administration
British Overseas NGOs for Development
British Society for Developmental Biology
Broad Initiatives for Negros Development
Broadband for Rural and Northern Development
Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development
Brownfield Redevelopment Assessment
Brownfields Economic Development Initiative
Brownsville Economic Development Council
Brunei Economic Development Board
BTK Technology Development Co., Ltd
Budget Activity 02 – Exploratory Development
Budget Development Committee
Budget Development Management System
Budget Development, Planning and Administration
Building Industry and Land Development Association
Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation
Building, Planning and Development
Bukana Rural Development Association
Bulgarian Land Development
Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
Bureau of Developmental Disability Services
Bureau of Energy Development
Bureau of Energy Study, Research and Development
Bureau of Planning and Economic Development
Bureau of Police Research and Development
Business Action for Sustainable Development
Business and Economic Development
Business and Economic Development Commission
Business and Sustainable Development
Business Application Development
Business Behavior Development Company
Business Council for Sustainable Development
Business Council for Sustainable Development – Gulf of Mexico
Business Cycle Developments
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development & Licensing
Business Development & Support Unit
Business Development Advisory Group
Business Development Agency
Business Development and Training Center
Business Development Assistance Group
Business Development Assistant Manager
Business Development Associate
Business Development Bank of Canada
Business Development Center
Business Development Company
Business Development Council
Business Development Department
Business Development Engineer
Business Development Environment
Business Development Executive
Business Development Fellowship
Business Development Fund
Business Development Group
Business Development Kit
Business Development Manager
Business Development Network
Business Development Objective
Business Development Office
Business Development Opportunity
Business Development Plan
Business Development Program
Business Development Representatives
Business Development Research
Business Development Research Consultants
Business Development Seminar
Business Development Services
Business Development Services Center
Business Development Services Working Group
Business Development Solutions
Business Development Specialist
Business Development Strategies for Internet
Business Development Team
Business Development Unit
Business Education and Community Development
Business Enterprise Research and Development
Business for Development
Business Intelligence Development Studio
Business Leadership Development
Business Opportunity and Workforce Development
Business Partners for Development
Business Process Development
Business Process Development Environment
Business Product Research & Development
Business Requirements Development
Business Roundtable on Sustainable Development
Business Services Development
Business Services Market Development
Business Skills Development Centre
Business Systems Development Method
Business, Economic and Community Development
Businesses United in Investing, Lending and Development
Butt Ugly Development
Butt Ugly Development
Bwindi Beekeepers Development Association
C/C++ Development Toolkit
Cadet Professional Development Training
Cairo Investment and Real Estate Development
Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority
Calgary Economic Development
Calgary Olympic Development Association
California Association for Adult Development
California Association for Counseling and Development
California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
California Career Development Association
California Child Development Administrators Association
California Consortium for Teacher Development
California Economic Development Partnership
California Economic Development Strategic Plan
California English Language Development Test
California Human Development Corporation
California Planning and Development Report
California Professional Development Consortium
California Redevelopment Association
California Redevelopment Law
Calvary Community Development Corporation
Cambodia Development Resource Institute
Cambodia Rural Economic Development Initiatives for Transformation
Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Cambodian Institute for Development and Human Rights
Cambodian Migration Development Committee
Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board
Cambodian Research Centre for Development
Cambodian Rice Research and Development Institute
Cambodian Rural Development Team
Cambodian Vision in Development
Cambodian Women for Peace and Development
Cambodian Women’s Development Agency
Cambridge Training and Development Limited
Cameroon Development Corporation
Campaign for Human Development
Campus Development and Space Committee
Campus Physical Development Committee
Campus Redevelopment Initiative
Canaan Community Development Corporation
Canada Development Corporation
Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund in Saskatchewan
Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment
Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development
Canadian Based Economic Development Board
Canadian Career Development Foundation
Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development
Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development
Canadian Centre for Management Development
Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association
Canadian Council on Social Development
Canadian Development Expense
Canadian Economic Development Corporation
Canadian International Development Agency
Canadian Labour Force Development Board
Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development
Canadian Organization for Development Through Education
Canadian Resort Development Association
Canadian Rotary Committee for International Development
Canadian Signals Research and Development Establishment
Canadian Society for Social Development
Canadian Society for Training and Development
Canadian Tamil Youth Development
Canadian University Projects in International Development
Canal Park Development Association
Candidate Development Program
Candidate Pipeline Development
Canterbury Development Corporation Ltd
Cao Bang Rural Development Project
Capabilities Development Directorate
Capabilities, Development and Integration Directorate
Capability Development Document
Capability Development Package
Capability Development Plan
Capability Development Team
Capacity Building and Community Development
Capacity Development
Capacity Development Initiative
Capacity Development Program
Capacity for Applied Developmental Research and Evaluation
Cape Breton Development Corporation
Cape Cod Child Development Program
Cape Metropolitan Development Council
Capital and Counties Development Group
Capital Asset Development Plan
Capital Development Authority
Capital Development Authority
Capital Development Board
Capital Development Fund
Capital Equipment Development
Capital Market Development Council
Capital Markets Development Authority
Capital Region Economic Development Corporation
Capital Region Workforce Development Board
Capital Regional Development Council
Capitol Area Development Authority
Carbon Asset Development Agreement
Carbon Development Contract
Carbondale Business Development Corporation
Cardiff Bay Development Corporation
Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Center
Care Record Development Board
CARE Research & Development Laboratory
Career and Personal Development Center
Career Development
Career Development and Occupational Studies
Career Development and Outplacement Association
Career Development and Resource Center
Career Development and Staff Appraisal
Career Development Award
Career Development Award
Career Development Center
Career Development Conference
Career Development Course
Career Development eManual
Career Development Event
Career Development Facilitator
Career Development Facilitator Instructor
Career Development for Support Staff
Career Development Grant
Career Development Institute
Career Development International
Career Development Internship Program
Career Development Opportunities
Career Development Opportunities
Career Development Path
Career Development Quarterly
Career Development Resource Guide
Career Development Service System
Career Entry and Development Profile
Career Management & Development Centre
Career Resources Development Center
Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute
Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee
Caribbean Development Bank
Caribbean Development Division
Caribbean Policy Development Centre
Caribbean Regional Sustainable Tourism Development Programme
Carlsbad Department of Development
Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities
Carolina Youth Development Center
Carroll Area Development Corporation
Carrot Association for Research and Development
Cars and Tracks Development Project
Case Development Inspection
Casey Business Development Group
Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
Casinos Austria Research & Development
CASS Development Team
Category Development Index
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
Catholic Association for Overseas Development
Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Catholic Council of Thailand for Development
Catholic Human Development Outreach
Catholic International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity
Cato Manor Development Association
Caucasian Center for Cultural Development
Cavan Monaghan Rural Development
Cayman Islands Development Bank
CDMA Development Group
Cebu Micro Enterprise Development Foundation, Inc.
CECOM Leader Development Program
Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development
Cell Culture Process Development
Cell Development and Function
Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology
Centenary Rural Development Bank
Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship
Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship
Center for Agricultural Research and Development
Center for Alternative Development Initiatives
Center for Aquaculture Research and Development
Center for Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Development
Center for Bioenergy Research and Development
Center for Business and Economic Development
Center for Cancer Research Development
Center for Career and Professional Development
Center for Character and Leadership Development
Center for Character Development
Center for Child Health and Development
Center for Clean Development
Center for Community Research and Development
Center for Congregational Research and Development
Center for Craniofacial Development and Disorders
Center for Culinary Development
Center for Culture and Development
Center for Development and Cooperation
Center for Development and Human Rights
Center for Development in Central America
Center for Development Information and Evaluation
Center for Development of Disadvantaged People
Center for Development of Human Services
Center for Development of Technical Education
Center for Developmental and Health Genetics
Center for Economic and Community Development
Center for Economic Development
Center for Economic Development and Applied Research
Center for Economic Development and Business Research
Center for Economic Development and Continuing Education
Center for Economic Development Research and Assistance
Center for Education and Development of Homeopathy
Center for Education Research and Development
Center for Educational Development and Assessment
Center for Educational Development and Research
Center for Educational Development Technology and Assessment
Center for Entrepreneurial Development
Center for Environment and Development
Center for Environmental Issues and Regional Development
Center for Epidemiology, Population and Development
Center for Executive and Professional Development
Center for Fisheries Research and Development
Center for Global Development
Center for Health Workforce Development in Tennessee
Center for Higher Education Development
Center for Human and Economic Development Studies
Center for Human Development
Center for Human Development Learning and Teaching
Center for Innovation and Economic Development
Center for Innovation in Product Development
Center for Institutional Development
Center for Instructional Design & Development
Center for Instructional Development and Research
Center for Intercultural Education and Development
Center for International and Development Economics Research
Center for International Career Development
Center for International Development
Center for International Education and Development Assistance
Center for International Migration and Development
Center for Jewish Arab Economic Development
Center for Leadership Development
Center for Leadership Development
Center for Media Research and Development
Center for Migration and Development
Center for Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development
Center for Neurobehavioral Development
Center for Neuropsychology, Learning and Development
Center for Occupational Research and Development
Center for Personal & Professional Development
Center for Professional Development
Center for Professional Development and Technology
Center for Research in Human Development and Education
Center for Research on Economic Development
Center for Review and Professional Development
Center for Rural Development
Center for Software Development and Research
Center for Spiritual Development
Center for Sponsored Research and Development
Center for Student Professional Development
Center for Sustainable Development
Center for Sustainable Development in the Americas
Center for Sustainable Urban Development
Center for Talent Development
Center for Teaching and Professional Development
Center for the Development of Functional Imaging
Center for the Development of Technological Leadership
Center for the Study of Development Strategies
Center for the Study of Drug Development
Center for Tourism Research and Development
Center for Trade Law and Development
Center for Trade Policy Development
Center for Transit-Oriented Development
Center for Urban Development Studies
Center for Workforce Development
Center for Youth and Social Development
Center of Excellence in Developmental Biology
Center of North America Coalition for Rural Development
Center of Small Enterprise Development Assistance
Center on Globalization and Sustainable Development
Centers Development Initiative
Centers for Educator Development
Centers for the Commercial Development of Space
Central African States Development Bank
Central Area Development Association
Central Asian Development Agency
Central Astoria Local Development Coalition
Central Coast Economic Development Organisation
Central Development Activity
Central Development Activity
Central Development Working Party
Central European Research and Development Unit
Central Manchester Development Corporation
Central Massachusetts Economic Development Authority
Central Minnesota Development Company
Central Missouri Development Corporation
Central Philadelphia Development Corporation
Central Research and Development Labs
Central Visayas Consortium for Integrated Regional Research and Development
Central/Access & Student Development
Centre City Development Corporation
Centre for African Development Research and Education
Centre for Architectural Research and Development Overseas
Centre for Arts Development Training
Centre for Bhartiya Marketing Development
Centre for Biodiversity and Development
Centre for Biodiversity Utilisation and Development
Centre for Business and Development Studies
Centre for Business Career Development
Centre for Child Rights Development
Centre for Communication and Development
Centre for Consultancy, Research and Development
Centre for Cooperatives and Rural Development
Centre for Curriculum and Faculty Development
Centre for Democracy and Development
Centre for Democratic Development
Centre for Development Alternatives
Centre for Development and Emergency Planning
Centre for Development and Enterprise
Centre for Development and Environment
Centre for Development and Planning
Centre for Development Communication
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Centre for Development of Stones
Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
Centre for Development Research
Centre for Development Studies
Centre for Development Studies and Activities
Centre for Development, Environment and Policy
Centre for Economic Development and Administration
Centre for Educational Development
Centre for Educational Development and Academic Methods
Centre for Educational Development and Media
Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research
Centre for Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development
Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of Karnataka
Centre for Environment and Development
Centre for Environment and Development
Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development India
Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development
Centre for Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development
Centre for Executive and Management Development
Centre for Executive Development
Centre for Governance of Knowledge and Development
Centre for Heritage Development in Africa
Centre for High Performance Development
Centre for Human Development
Centre for International Cooperation and Development
Centre for International Cooperation and Development
Centre for International Development and Training
Centre for International Management and Development Antwerp
Centre for Learning, Change and Development
Centre for Local Economic Development
Centre for Management of Intellectual Property in Health Research and Development
Centre for Mental Health Service Development
Centre for Minority Rights and Development
Centre for Natural Resources and Development
Centre for Peacemaking and Community Development
Centre for Policy and Human Development
Centre for Policy Development
Centre for Renewable Energy Development
Centre for Research and Development in Information Technology
Centre for Research and Enterprise Development Online
Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development
Centre for Research in Development, Instruction and Training
Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade
Centre for Rural Development and Training
Centre for Social Research and Development
Centre for Sustainable Community Development
Centre for Sustainable Rural Development
Centre for the Development of Learning and Teaching
Centre for the Development of People
Centre for the Study of Comparative Change and Development
Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
Centre for Water Resources Development and Management
Centre for Women and Development
Centrifuge Processing Development Facility
Century Place Development Corporation
Certificate in Apparel Product Development
Certificate in Childcare and Development
Certificate in Professional Development
Certification of Officials for Mixed Martial Arts National Development
Certified Development Company
Certified Development Professional
Certified Housing Development Organization
Certified Philanthropic Development
Certified Software Development Professional
Certified Sustainable Development Professional
Certified Training and Development Professionals
Chad Block Racing Development
Chaleur Regional Development Commission
Channel Category Sales Development
Chapare Regional Development Project
Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation
Character, Health, Integrity, Leadership, Development
Charity for African Welfare and Development
Charles River Development
Charlotte Development Center
Charlotte Mecklenburg Development Corporation
Charlottetown Area Development Corporation
Charter in International Business Development
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Chemical Promotion and Development Scheme
Chemical Research & Development Laboratories
Chemical Research and Development Center
Chemical Standards and Development System
Chemopreventive Agent Development Research Group
Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority
Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation
Chesapeake Center for Youth Development
Chesapeake Economic Development
Chesterfield Economic Development Authority
Chhattisgarh Biofuel Development Authority
Chhattisgarh Mineral Development Corporation
Chicago Department of Planning and Development
Chicago Metropolitan Development Association
Chicago Roseland Development Corporation
Chief Development and Marketing Officer
Chief Development Officer
Chief Development Officer
Chief Directorate Population Development
Chief of Naval Development
Chief of Research & Development
Chief Research and Development Officer
Chief Student Development Officer
Chilalo Agricultural Development Unit
Child and Adolescent Development
Child and Adolescent Health and Development
Child and Family Development
Child and Parent Development Center
Child Care and Development Fund
Child Care Development Block Grant
Child Centred Community Development
Child Development & Family
Child Development & Learning Center
Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography
Child Development Account
Child Development Account
Child Development and Education
Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
Child Development Associate
Child Development Associate
Child Development Center
Child Development Center of the Hamptons
Child Development Division
Child Development Education Pilot Program
Child Development Family
Child Development Information System
Child Development Laboratory
Child Development Media
Child Development Officer
Child Development Officer
Child Development Program
Child Development Resource Connection Peel
Child Development Resources
Child Development Service Agencies
Child Development Services
Child Development Specialist
Child Development/School-Age
Child Focused Community Development
Child Health and Development Centre
Child Health and Development Studies
Child Protection Learning & Development
Child Resource Development Center
Child’s Aid, Survival and Development International
Childhood Development Services, Inc.
Children Integrated Development Services
Children With Developmental Disabilities
Children with Retarded Mental Development
Children’s Music Development Center
Children’s Physical Developmental Clinic
China Building Technology Development Centre
China Center for Information Industry Development
China Development Bank
China Development Industrial Bank
China Development Research Foundation
China Europe Trade Development Organization
China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation
China New Town Development Company Limited
China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association
China Paper Industry Development Corporation
China Petrochemical Development Corporation
China Population and Development Research Centre
China Program for Integrated Research Development
China Prosperity Development Corp.
Chinatown Resource Development Center
Chinese Child Developmental Inventory
Chinese Development Assistance Council
Chinese Medical Development Center
Chinese Society for Sustainable Development
Chirag Future Development
Chittagong Development Authority
Chittagong Development Authority
Chiyoda Toyo Sakhalin Development
Choctaw Manufacturing and Development Corporation
Christian Commission for Development
Christian Community Development Association
Christian Economic Development Institute
Christian Education Development and Relief
Christian Engineers in Development
Christian Partners Development Agency
Christian Relief and Development Association
Christian Relief and Development Association
Christian Research and Development
Church Development Fund
Church Development Services
Churchill Economic Development Authority
Cincinnati Center for Developmental Disorders
Cinematic Happenings Under Development
Circulation Development, Inc.
Citi Sustainable Development Investments
Cities Development Initiatives Alliance
Citihomes Builders and Development, Inc.
Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency
Citizens Advocating Responsible Development
Citizens and Home Owners for Reasonable Development
Citizens Development Corps
Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria
Citizens Helping Improve Legislative Developments
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development
Citizens’ Commission on Constitutional Development
City Centre Development
City Development Plan
City Development Strategies Initiative
City Development Strategy
City of Refuge Development, Inc.
City Projects Development Agency
City Region Development Programme
Civil And Environmental Development Office
Civil Aviation Research and Development
Civil Engineering and Development Department
Civil Operations and Rural Development Support
Civil Operations Revolutionary Development Support
Civil Society Development Forum
Civil Society Development Union
Civilian Competitive Development Program
Civilian Executive Development Assignment Program
Civilian Leader Development Program
Civilian Leadership Development
Civilian Leadership Development
Civilian Training Education & Development
Civilian Workforce Development Application
Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority
Clarence Campeau Development Fund
Clay County Economic Development Organization
Clay Pipe Development Association
Clay/Platte Development Corporation
Claymont Renaissance Development Corporation
Clean Development Mechanism
Clean Energy Development Act
Clean Energy Development Bank Ltd.
Clearinghouse for Training, Education and Development
Cleveland Neighborhood Development Coalition
Client Development and Evaluation Report
Client Development Tool
Client Server Application Development
Client/Server Open Development Environment
Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
Clinic for Developmental Therapy Services
Clinical Care Capability Development Project
Clinical Governance Research and Development Unit
Clinical Rotation Development Council
Club Management Development Australia
Coach and Player Development Committee
Coal Conservation and Development Act
Coalition for Responsible Community Development
Coalition of Northland Development Organizations
Coast Survey Development Laboratory
Coastal Command Development Unit
Cockpit Demo Development Station
Cockpit Development Station
Cognitive Moral Development
Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development
Cohousing Development Consulting
Collaborative Center for Literacy Development
Collaborative Development System
Collaborative Development Team
Collaborative for Development Action
Collaborative for Development Action
Collaborative Knowledge Development
Collaborative Minority Institution Alcohol Research Development
Collaborative Planning and Development Awards
Collaborative Product Development
Collaborative Product Development Associates
Collaborative Product Development Management
Collaborative Research and Development
Collaborative Research and Development Center
Collaborative Software Development Laboratory
Collection Development Council
Collection Management & Development Committee
Collection Management and Development Section
College for Professional Development
College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
College of Development Communication
College of Development Economics and Management
College of Education, Health and Human Development
College of Health, Education and Human Development
College On Research & Development
Collegiate Development Union
Coloboma Heart Defects Atresia Of The Choanae Retardation Of Growth And Development Genital And Urinary Abnormalities Ear Abnormalities Andor Hearing Loss
Coloboma, Heart defects, Atresia of the choanae, Retardation of growth and development, Genital and urinary abnormalities, Ear abnormalities and/or hearing loss
Colonial Development and Welfare Act of 1940
Colorado Agricultural Development Authority
Colorado Center for Community Development
Colorado Rural Development Council
Columbia River Economic Development Council
Columbia University Partnership for International Development
Columbus-Lowndes Economic Development Association
Comanche Software Development Plan
Combat Development
Combat Development
Combat Development Activity
Combat Development Activity
Combat Development Center
Combat Development Command
Combat Development Engineering
Combat Development Experimentation Command
Combat Development Objectives Guide
Combat Development Support
Combat Development Support Facility
Combat Development Support Manager
Combat Development System
Combat Development Tracking System
Combat Developments Data System
Combat Developments Experimentation Center
Combat Developments Information System
Combat System Engineering Development
Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment
Combined Arms Combat Development
Combined Arms Combat Development Activity
Combined Arms Combat Development Agency
Combined Arms Training Development Activity
Combined Development Agency
Combined Development Agency
Combined Research Curriculum Development
Combustion Developments Ltd
Comet Development Committee
Command & Control Mission Area Development Plan
Command Area Development
Command Area Development Authority
Command Officer Professional Development and Improvement
Commercial & Retail Development Council
Commercial Ada Development Environment
Commercial Ada Development Environment
Commercial Development Manager
Commercial Development Office
Commercial Development Office
Commercial Law Development Program
Commercial Non-Developmental Items
Commercial Properties Development Corporation
Commercial Retail Development Council
Commission for Social Development
Commission on Climate Change and Development
Commission on Population and Development
Commission on Science and Technology for Development
Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South
Commission on Social Development
Commission on Strategic Development
Commission on Sustainable Development
Commission on Sustainable Development
Committed Communities Development Trust
Committee for African Welfare and Development
Committee for Economic Development
Committee for the Development of Women
Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques
Committee for University Teaching and Staff Development
Committee on China Research and Development
Committee on Corporate Development
Committee on Planning and Land Development
Committee on Social Development
Committee on Trade and Development
Common Display Development Team
Common Interest Development
Commonwealth Association for Mental Handicap and Developmental Disabilities
Commonwealth Development Corporation
Communal First Development Area
Communication for Development Foundation Uganda
Communication Research and Development Satellite
Communication Technologies for Development
Communication Value Development
Communications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center
Communicators for Agricultural and Rural Development
Community Action and Research for Development
Community Action for Social Development
Community Agency for Development Employment and Training
Community and Economic Development Committee
Community and Individual Development Association
Community and Neighbourhood Development Unit
Community and Rural Development Institute
Community Animation and Development Organization
Community Approaches to Handicap in Development
Community Asset and Development Information System
Community Assistance to Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation
Community Based Development
Community Based Entrepreneurial Development
Community Biodiversity Development and Conservation Programme
Community Block Development Grant
Community Business Development Corporation
Community Change for Youth Development
Community College Leadership Development Initiatives
Community Colleges for International Development
Community Cooperative for Rural Development
Community Development
Community Development Action Grant Program
Community Development Administration
Community Development Administration
Community Development Advisory Board
Community Development Advisory Committee
Community Development Advisory Group
Community Development Advocates of Detroit
Community Development and Design Forum
Community Development and Health Network
Community Development and Management Plan
Community Development and Microfinance Roundtable
Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994
Community Development and Substance Abuse
Community Development Association
Community Development Association
Community Development Authority
Community Development Authority
Community Development Block Grant
Community Development Board
Community Development Business Association
Community Development Carbon Fund
Community Development Committee
Community Development Conservation Committees
Community Development Corporation
Community Development Corporation of Brownsville
Community Development Council
Community Development Councils
Community Development Credit Union
Community Development Department
Community Development District
Community Development Exchange
Community Development Federal Credit Union
Community Development Finance Association
Community Development Finance Authority
Community Development Finance Corporation
Community Development Finance Fund
Community Development Finance Initiative
Community Development Financial Institutions
Community Development Foundation
Community Development Fund
Community Development Housing Foundation
Community Development Initiative
Community Development Institute
Community Development Internship Program
Community Development Journal
Community Development Lending
Community Development Library
Community Development Medicinal Unit
Community Development Network Forum
Community Development Office
Community Development Office
Community Development Organization
Community Development Organization
Community Development Organizer
Community Development Organizer
Community Development Outline
Community Development Outline
Community Development Planning
Community Development Programs Center
Community Development Quota
Community Development Resource Association
Community Development Revolving Loan Program
Community Development Society
Community Development Support Association
Community Development Technical Assistance
Community Development Trust
Community Development Trust Fund
Community Development Venture Capital Alliance
Community Development Zone
Community Development, Gender Equality and Children Section
Community Directed Development Foundation
Community Driven Development
Community Economic Development
Community Economic Development and Employability Committee
Community Economic Development Association
Community Economic Development Association of Michigan
Community Economic Development Model
Community Economic Development Program
Community Economic Development Strategic Planning
Community Education Development Centre
Community Employment Development Unit
Community Enterprise Development Initiative
Community Experience Development
Community Extension and Research for Development, Inc.
Community Futures Development Association
Community Health and Economic Development
Community Health Development and Advocacy
Community Housing Development Corporation
Community Housing Development Organization
Community Housing Development Organization
Community Leadership and Development
Community Leadership and Economic Development
Community Managed Health Development
Community Media For Development
Community Olympic Development Program
Community Organizing for Responsible Development
Community Partnership Development Corporation
Community Partnership for Child Development
Community Planning & Development
Community Planning and Development Agency
Community Planning and Economic Development
Community Preservation and Development Corporation
Community Problem Solving and Strategy Development
Community Redevelopment Agency
Community Redevelopment Area
Community Redevelopment Loan and Investment Fund
Community Redevelopment Office
Community Research and Development Centre
Community Research and Development Information Service
Community Research and Development Services
Community Revitalization Development Corporation
Community Services Workforce Development
Community Skill Development Activity
Community Sustainable Development Organization
Community, Trade and Economic Development
Community-Based Development Agent
Community-Based Development Association
Community-Based Economic Development
Community-Based Regional Development Program
Community-Based Rural Development Project
Community-Based Rural Development Project
Community-Based Tourism Development
Compensation and Management Development Committee
Competence Analysis & Development Tool
Competence Development Center
Competency Development Unit
Competency-Based Career Development
Competitive Development Group
Competitive Professional Development
Competitiveness Development Fund
Component Advanced Development
Component Based Development
Component Based Development and Integration
Component Development and Integration Facility
Component Development Plan
Component Development Unit
Composite Technology Development, Inc.
Comprehensive Algebraic Approach to System Specification and Development
Comprehensive Child Development
Comprehensive Community Development
Comprehensive Development Agreement
Comprehensive Development Agreement
Comprehensive Development Framework
Comprehensive Development Plan
Comprehensive Development Program
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Comprehensive Professional Development Plan
Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
Comprehensive Youth Development System
Computer Development Systems
Computer Graphics Systems Development
Computer Hardware Understanding Development kit
Computer Leadership Development Program
Computer Personnel Development Association
Computer Program Development
Computer Program Development Plan
Computer Program Development Specification
Computer Resources Development Plan
Computer Software Development Technology
Computer Supported Spiritual Development
Computer Systems Development, Inc.
Computer-Aided Design Development
Computing Development Branch
Concept Advanced Development
Concept and Technology Development
Concept Development
Concept Development Aircraft
Concept Development Aircraft
Concept Development and Experimentation
Concept Development Conference
Concept Development Group
Concept Development Phase
Concept Development Record
Concept Development Talks
Concerted Action for Development in Africa
Concho Valley Workforce Development Board
Concord Regional Development Corporation
Concrete Bridge Development Group
Concurrent Product & Process Development
Configuration Item Development Specification
Configuration Systems Development Group
Conflict, Security and Development Group
Congenital Developmental Defects Frequency
Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integral Development
Conisbrough and Denaby Development Trust
CONNECT Entrepreneur Development
Connecticut Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Connecticut Center for Child Development, Inc.
Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development
Connecticut Development Authority
Connecticut Development Authority
Connecticut for Community Youth Development
Connecticut Training and Development Network
Connections for Development
Conservation and Development Forum
Conservation Development Recognition Program
Conservation Projects Development Unit
Consolidated Integrated Development Support Environment
Consolidated Research and Development Contract
Consortium for Community College Development
Consortium for International Development
Consortium for Materials Development in Space
Consortium for Materials Development in Space
Constituency Development Fund
Constituent Body Rugby Development Partnership
Constitutional Delay of Growth and Development
Constraint Object-Oriented Development
Construction and Community Development Department, Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America
Construction Business Development Association
Construction Development Advisory Committee
Construction Development Company
Construction Development/Design Office
Construction Development/Design Office
Construction Industry Development Agency
Construction Industry Development Board
Construction Industry Development Council
Construction Management and Infrastructure Development
Construction Manpower Development Center
Construction Resource and Development Centre
Consultancy and Development Unit
Contemporary Executive Development
Contemporary Life Cycle Development
Continued Engineering Development
Continuing Education Professional Development
Continuing Engineering Development
Continuing Inter-Professional Development
Continuing Local Preacher Development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development Allowance
Continuing Professional Development and Evaluation Studies
Continuing Professional Development and Training
Continuing Professional Development Association
Continuing Professional Development Australia
Continuing Professional Development Centre
Continuing Professional Development Education
Continuing Professional Development Framework
Continuing Professional Development in Aerospace
Continuing Professional Development Plan
Continuing Professional Development Unit
Continuing Professional Teacher Development
Continuing Professional Training and Development
Continuous Personal Development
Continuous Professional Development Programme
Continuous Professional Learning and Development
Contra Costa County Community Development Department
Contraceptive Research And Development Program
Contract Funds Development Specification
Contract Research And Development
Contractor Business Development Association
Contractor Development Facility
Contractor Research and Development Agreement
Control Application Development Tool
Control Development Kit
Control Strategy Development
Control System Development
Control Systems Development Division
Controller Development Facility
Controller Development Program
Controller Resource Development Program
Convention and Visitor Development
Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council
Cooper Young Development Corporation
Cooperation and Development
Cooperation and Development Network
Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank
Cooperative Antenna Development Program
Cooperative Development Authority
Cooperative Development Authority
Cooperative Development Environment
Cooperative Development Environment
Cooperative Development Foundation
Co-Operative Development Foundation
Co-operative Development Initiative
Cooperative Development Institute
Cooperative Research & Development Agreement
Cooperative Research and Development Act of 1984
Cooperative Research And Development Agreement
Cooperative Research Centre for Coal in Sustainable Development
Coordinated Research and Curriculum Development
Coordinated Ship Development Plan
Coordinating European Council for the Development of Performance Tests for Fuels, Lubricants and Other Fluids
Coordination and Development
Coordination Planning and Development Agency
Copper Development Association Inc.
Copper Development Association Inc.
Cordillera Career Development Center
Cornerstone Development Group, LLC
Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership
Cornwallis Park Development Association
Corporate & Personal Development
Corporate Association for Professional Development
Corporate Business Development
Corporate Development
Corporate Development International
Corporate Development Manager
Corporate Development System
Corporate Forum for Community Development
Corporate Identity Development Process
Corporate Skills Development
Corporate Sustainable Development
Corporate Sustainable Development Report
Corporation for Economic Development
Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development
Corps Development Center
Corps of Engineers Directorate of Research and Development
Cost Development Management System
Cotton Research and Development Corporation
Council for Development and Reconstruction
Council for Economic Planning and Development
Council for Entrepreneurial Development
Council for Food Research and Development
Council for Integral Development
Council for Professional and Organizational Development
Council for Resource Development
Council for the Development of French in Louisiana
Council of Development Finance Agencies
Council of Europe Development Bank
Council of Europe Development Bank
Council of State Community Development Agencies
Council on Early Childhood Developmental Services
Council On Health Research for Development
Council on Library and Network Development
Council on Policy Development
Council on Sustainable Systems Development
Counseling and Career Development
Counseling and Human Development Center
Counseling and Human Development Services
Counseling and Student Development
Counselling and Development Centre
Counterdrug Technology Development Program Office
Countermeasures Development and Validation
Country Development Group
Country Development Unit
Course Development & Web Services
Course Development Life Cycle
Course Development Workshop
Courseware Development
Cowichan Region Economic Development Commission
CPO Leadership Development Program (Royal Australian Navy)
Craig Developmental Center
Craigavon Industrial Development Organisation
Cranfield Management Development Centre
Creative Development Research
Credit and Development Forum
Credit Committee for Rural Development
Credit Union Development Educator
Creston Valley Development Authority
Crew Station Research and Development Facility
Cricklewood Redevelopment Limited
Crimean Business Development Agency
Criminal Justice Facilities Development Department
Criminal Justice Policy Development Committee
Critical Item Development
Critical Item Development Specification
Critical Technology Development
Crop Development Centre
Crops Processing Development Centre
Cross Parcel Development Agreement
Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development
Cross-Enterprise Technology Development Program
Cross-Functional Development
Cross-Functional Development Assignment
Crosslink Development International
Crowders Mountain Development Corporation
Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, Inc.
CSCI Development Team
CTIC Development Module
Cultural Development
Cultural Development Foundation of Memphis
Cultural Development Fund
Cultural Development Group
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Development Council
Curriculum Development Process
Curriculum Materials Development Center
Curriculum Research Development Group
Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development
Custom Application Development
Custom Development Method
Customer Business Development
Customer Development Group
Customer Number Development
Customer Systems Development
Customs Management Development Course
Cyber Senior Network Development Association
Cycling Development North West
Daily Development Report
Dairy Development International, LLC
Dairy Goat Development Programme
Dakahlya Businessmen Association for Community Development
Dallas Alliance for Business Development
Damien Social Development Institute
Danish Center for Culture and Development
Danish Development Research Network
Danish International Development Agency
Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development – Industry and Urban Areas
Darfur Peace and Development Centre
DARO Architecture Development Team
Dartington Against Detrimental Development
Data Assets Development
Data Base Development Standard
Data Service Development Library
Data Structure and Systems Development
Data Structured Systems Development
Data Systems Development Division
Database Development Framework
Dauphin County Economic Development Corporation
David Taylor Naval Ships Research & Development Center
David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research & Development Center
Davidson Institute for Talent Development
Dawson Valley Development Association
Dealer Development Manager
Dealer Network Development Coordinator
Debao Property Development Ltd.
Debt and Development Coalition Ireland
Deccan Development Society
Decision Development Corporation
Declaration on Social Progress and Development
Dedicated/Development Test Article
Dedicateddevelopment Test Article
Deep Sea Fisheries Development Project
Defence Business Development Consulting
Defence Lines of Development
Defence Lines of Development
Defence Materials and Stores Research & Development Establishment
Defence Research and Development Branch
Defence Research and Development Laboratory
Defence Research Development Organization
Defense Development Exchange Program
Defense Development Exchange Program
Defense Research and Development Directorate
DeKalb County Building and Development Association
DeKalb County Office of Economic Development
Delaware Center for Enterprise Development
Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council
Delaware Economic Development Authority
Delaware Economic Development Office
Delhi Development Authority
Delhi Energy Development Agency
Delhi Institute of Rural Development
Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation
Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation
Delhi Tourism Development Corporation
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
Delta Association for Child Development
Demand Development Period
Demolay Advisor Development
Demonstrational Rapid User Interface Development
Dennis Test of Child Development
Denver Developmental Activities
Denver Developmental Screening Test
Department for Industrial Development
Department for International Development
Department for International Development
Department for International Development Cooperation
Department of Adult and Developmental Education
Department of Agrarian Development
Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Northern Ireland
Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Department of Army Materiel Development & Readiness Command
Department of Career Development
Department of Community and Economic Development
Department of Community Development
Department of Developmental Services
Department of Economic and Community Development
Department of Economic Development
Department of Economics and International Development
Department of Education and Early Development
Department of Employment and Economic Development
Department of Foreign and International Development
Department of Housing & Urban Development
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Human Resources Development
Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development
Department of Innovation, Trade, and Rural Development
Department of Innovation, Trade, and Rural Development
Department of International and Rural Development
Department of International Development
Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Department of Local Affairs and Development
Department of Local Government and Regional Development
Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
Department of Mission and Development
Department of National Development
Department of National Development and Energy
Department of Neighborhood Services and Community Development
Department of Planning and Community Development
Department of Planning and Development
Department of Planning and Economic Development
Department of Planning and Regional Development
Department of Resources and Economic Development
Department of Resources Development
Department of Rural Development
Department of Small and Local Business Development
Department of Social Welfare and Development
Department of State Development and Innovation
Department of Sustainable Development
Department of Technical Cooperation for Development
Department of the Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command Facilities and Support Center
Department of the Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command Field Safety Agency
Department of the Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command Logistics System Support Activity
Department of the Army Military Operations – Force Development Aviation
Department of Transport and Regional Development
Department of Transportation and Development
Department of Urban Development and Engineering Services
Department of Women and Child Development
Department of Workforce Development
Departmental Consulting and Application Development
Deployable Medical Systems Development System
Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments
Deputy Chief of Staff for Concepts, Doctrine and Developments
Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development, & Acquisition
Deputy Chief of Staff, Development
Derwentside Industrial Development Agency
Desert Development Center
Desert Development Programme
Design Development
Design Development
Design Development Activity
Design Development Package
Design Development Plan
Design Development Record
Design Development Research and Engineering
Design Development Test
Design, Development & Documentation
Design, Development, and Test
Design, Development, Test & Evaluation
Design, Development, Test & Evaluation
Design, Development, Test and Verification
Designated Development Activity
Desired Results Developmental Profile
Detector Development Laboratory
Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
Devasarana Development Centre
Development & Ability Organization
Development & Budget Coordination Committee
Development & Education in Open Source Systems
Development & Evaluation Facility
Development & Validation
Development Academy of the Philippines
Development Acceleration System
Development Acceptance Test
Development Action for Women Network
Development Action Plan
Development Activity Description
Development Activity Information
Development Activity Panel
Development Activity/Assist
Development Activityassist
Development Advisory Board
Development Agency for Social Improvement
Development Agent
Development Agent Contractor
Development Aid Committee
Development Aid for Youth
Development Aid from People to People
Development Alternative Incorporated
Development Alternatives Inc.
Development Alternatives Services Foundation
Development Alternatives with Women in A New Era
Development and Alumni Relations Office
Development and Education Committee
Development and Engineering Services
Development and Environment Association
Development And Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan
Development and Implementation Steering Group
Development and Institutional Advancement Program
Development and Integration of Accurate Mathematical Operations in Numerical Data-Processing
Development and Partnership in Action
Development and Peace
Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project
Development and Readiness Command
Development and Test Environment
Development and Test Support System
Development and Transfer of Technologies
Development Application
Development Application Support
Development Around Transit
Development Assessment Panel
Development Assessment Unit
Development Assessment Unit
Development Assist Test
Development Assistance
Development Assistance Committee
Development Assistance Coordination Office
Development Assistance Framework
Development Assistance Group
Development Assistance Network for Tourism Enhancement and Investment
Development Association of Rock Island, Inc.
Development Bank of American Samoa
Development Bank of Ethiopia
Development Bank of Jamaica
Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd
Development Bank of Singapore
Development Bank of Solomon Islands
Development Bank of Southern Africa
Development Bank of the Philippines
Development Baseline
Development Basis Of Issue
Development Before the Fact
Development Business Network
Development Center
Development Center
Development Center
Development Center for Research and Training
Development Centre International
Development Change In Design
Development Characteristics
Development Characteristics
Development Commissioner
Development Commissioner
Development Communicators’ Society
Development Company for Television Programs mbH
Development Concept Paper
Development Concept Plan
Development Configuration Management Board
Development Consultants Limited
Development Consultants of South Africa
Development Contributions Plan
Development Control Advice Notes
Development Control Committee
Development Control Guidance Notes
Development Control Plans
Development Control Regulations
Development Cooperation
Development Cooperation
Development Cooperation Directorate-Development Assistance Committee
Development Cooperation Ireland
Development Cooperation Report
Development Coordination Group
Development Coordinator
Development Coordinator
Development Corporation for Children
Development Corporation Ireland
Development Corporation of Columbia Heights
Development Corporation of Middle Georgia
Development Cost Avoidance
Development Cost Levy
Development Cost Plan
Development Counsellors International
Development Credit Agreement
Development Credit Bank
Development Cycle Manager
Development Data Bases Service
Development Data Platform
Development Dimensions International, Inc.
Development Directive
Development Directive
Development Economic Policy Reform Analysis
Development Economic Western Switzerland
Development Economics Research Group
Development Education Association
Development Education Centre
Development Education in Dorset
Development Education Programme
Development Education Programme
Development Education Programme
Development Education Programme
Development Education Programme
Development Education Project
Development Education Project
Development Education Project
Development Education Project
Development Education Project
Development Engineer
Development Engineer
Development Engineering Corporation
Development Engineering Inspection
Development Engineering Release
Development Error Tracer
Development Establishment Maintenance and Refinement Institute
Development Estimate
Development Estimate
Development Evaluation Facility
Development Exchange, Incorporated
Development Experience Clearinghouse
Development Facilitation Act
Development Facilitators, Inc.
Development Finance Corporation
Development Finance Corporation of Ceylon
Development Finance Corporation of Uganda
Development Finance Institution
Development Finance Limited
Development Finance Limited
Development Flight
Development Flight Instrumentation
Development Flight Test Vehicle
Development Flight-Test
Development Fund Advisory Board
Development Fund for Iraq
Development Gains Tax
Development Impact Fee
Development Impact Fee
Development In Action
Development in Action
Development in Nigeria
Development in Process
Development in Process
Development Incentive Zone
Development Incentive Zone
Development Information Services Clearinghouse
Development Information Services Clearinghouse
Development Information System
Development Infrastructure Policy and Standards
Development Institute International
Development Item
Development Job Engineer
Development Kit
Development Laboratory Environment
Development Leadership Initiative
Development Life Cycle
Development Line Item Number
Development Loan Fund
Development Machine
Development Management Committee
Development Manager
Development Marketplace for African Diaspora in Europe
Development Master Plan
Development Module
Development Needs Analysis
Development Needs Analysis
Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education
Development of an Object-oriented Framework for Vessel Control Systems
Development of Assets, Realty & Management Services
Development of Early Language Learning
Development of Espionage, Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Awareness
Development of European Learning Through Technological Advance
Development of Integrated Monetary Electronics
Development of Malawian Enterprises Trust
Development of National Sports Structure
Development of Onsite Innovative Technologies
Development of Pancreatic Cancer Research
Development of Regional Impact
Development of the Arts in Northwich
Development of University English Teaching
Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
Development Officer
Development Operational Test & Evaluation
Development Operations Coordination Document
Development Operations Coordination Office
Development Operations Corporation
Development Operations Paper
Development Options Paper
Development Organization for the Revival of Afghanistan
Development Partnering Organization
Development Partners Coordination Group
Development Permit Area
Development Plan
Development Plan Amendment
Development Plan Approval
Development Plan Document
Development Plan Overlay
Development Planning Unit
Development Policy and Practice
Development Policy Committee
Development Policy Loan
Development Process Manual
Development Process Plan
Development Program for Women and Children
Development Progress Review
Development Project
Development Project Management
Development Project Officer
Development Promotion Group
Development Proposal
Development Proposal Manager
Development Prototype
Development Prototype
Development Prototype Launcher
Development Quality Assurance
Development Region
Development Region
Development Report
Development Report
Development Report Card
Development Requirement Specification
Development Requisition
Development Requisition
Development Resource Center
Development Resource Group
Development Review Board
Development Review Committee
Development Review Procedures Manual
Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreement
Development Services Building
Development Services Department
Development Services Office
Development Software Engineer
Development Strategy Institute
Development Studies Association
Development Studies Center
Development Studies Institute
Development Studies Institute, University of Colombo
Development Support Environment
Development Support Hardware
Development Support Information Service
Development Support Services
Development Support Unit
Development Support/Specification
Development Supportability Engineering
Development System Manager
Development System Office
Development Team Manager
Development Technical Review
Development Technical Support
Development Technology Workshop
Development Test and Evaluation Center
Development Test Command
Development Test Facility
Development Test Flight
Development Test Integration Facility
Development Test Model
Development Test Objective
Development Test Objective
Development Test Plan
Development Test Readiness Review
Development Test Requirement Specification
Development Test Set
Development Test/ing
Development Test/ing
Development Testing
Development Testing
Development Testing
Development Through Enterprise
Development Through Local Integration
Development Tools Environment
Development Tools Project
Development Training Advisory Group
Development Trusts Association
Development Type
Development Type
Development Unit
Development Unit
Development Unit
Development Verification Platform
Development Work Statement
Development Working Group
Development Works Canada
Development, Design and Implementation
Development, Education Institute for Human & Environment Resources Management
Development, Innovation and International Political Economy Research
Development, Modernization, and Enhancement
Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act
Development, Security, and Cooperation
Development, Test, and Mission Operations
Development, Test, Evaluation
Development, Welfare and Research Foundation
Development/al Test/ing
Development/al Test/ing
Development/Support Activity
Developmental and Educational Communication Unit
Developmental And Reproductive Toxicology
Developmental Army Readiness & Mobilization System
Developmental Authority
Developmental Behavioural Modelling
Developmental Brain Behaviour Unit
Developmental Bulletin
Developmental Bulletin
Developmental Center for Evaluation and Research in Patient Safety
Developmental Certification Test Plan
Developmental Certification Testing
Developmental Cognitive Disorder
Developmental Cognitive Neuropsychology
Developmental Command & Control Network
Developmental Consulting Program
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Developmental Deviations Unit
Developmental Disabilities Act of 1984
Developmental Disabilities Aide
Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Developmental Disabilities Resource Board
Developmental Disabilities Services Division
Developmental Disabilities Training Institute
Developmental Disability Management Services
Developmental Disability Program
Developmental Disablity
Developmental Disablity
Developmental Disorder Unit
Developmental Dysplasia of Hip
Developmental Evaluation Clinic
Developmental Fisheries Plan
Developmental Flight Satellite
Developmental Ground Support Equipment
Developmental Guided Missile Destroyer
Developmental Handbook
Developmental Integration Facility
Developmental Integration Facility
Developmental Language Disorder
Developmental Line Item Number
Developmental Maintenance Testing
Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
Developmental Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Developmental Myosin Heavy Chain
Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy
Developmental Opportunities Program
Developmental Orthopedic Disease
Developmental Processor
Developmental Psychology
Developmental Quality-Vague
Developmental Reading Assessment
Developmental Review
Developmental Review
Developmental Science Initiative
Developmental Screening and Enhancement Program
Developmental Services Group, Inc.
Developmental Services Group, Inc.
Developmental Services Group, Inc.
Developmental Services Worker
Developmental Studies Mathematics
Developmental Study Skills Program
Developmental Submarine Analytical Test-Bed
Developmental Support Equipment
Developmental Technician Team
Developmental Test & Evaluation
Developmental Test Director
Developmental Test Equipment
Developmental Test of Visual Perception
Developmental Test Readiness Review
Developmental Test Report
Developmental Test Round
Developmental Test Training Detachment
Developmental Testing
Developmental Testing
Developmental Testing Directorate
Developmental Testing Readiness Statement
Developmental Therapeutics Program
Developmental Therapist
Developmental Therapist
Developmental Threat Package
Developmental Training
Developmental Training
Developmental Training Effectiveness Analysis
Developmental Venous Anomaly
Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia
Developmental, Cell and Molecular Biology
Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Classroom
Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Developmentally Appropriate Technology for Early Childhood
Developmentally Disabled
Developmentally Disabled
Developmentally Disabled Offenders Program
Developmentally Regulated G-Protein
Developments Concepts and Doctrine Centre
Developments in Economics and Business Education
Developments in Language Theory
Developments in Mental Health Law
Developments in Power System Production
Developments in Power System Protection
Developments in Quantitative Finance
Device Software Development Platform
Dharavi Redevelopment Project
Diagnostic Development Unit
Diamond Development Initiative International
Diaspora Forum for Development
Dictionary Development Process
Diecasting Development Council
Digital Body Development System
Digital Development Agency
Digital Library Development
Digital Library of Dolphin Development
Digital Publications Development Program
Digital Publications Standard Development
Digital Radio Development Bureau
Digital Repository Development
Diocesan Development Office
Diploma Development Partnership
Direct Development Fund
Director for Business Development
Director General Force Development
Director of Civil Engineering and Development
Director of Corporate Development
Director Of Development
Director of Human Resources Development
Director of Staff Development
Director of Training Development
Director/Directorate of Force Development
Directorate for International Development
Directorate General of Electricity and Energy Development
Directorate General of Regional Development
Directorate of Combat Developments
Directorate of Irrigation Research & Development
Directorate of Pay Policy Development
Directorate of Planning and Community Development
Directorate of Technical Development
Directorate of Training and Doctrine Development
Directorate of Training Developments
Directorate-General for Development Cooperation
Discover Mongolia & Development
Disorders of Sex Development
Disposition, Development and Loan Agreement
Distance Learning Program Development Specialist
Distributed ADA Development System
Distributed Application Development
Distributed Systems Development Method
District Agriculture Development Office
District Agriculture Development Plan
District Board of Ministerial Development
District Design Development Group, LLC
District Development and Panchayat Officer
District Development Authority
District Development Committee
District Development Coordinating Committee
District Development Fund
District Development Meeting
District Development Plan
District Professional Development Committee
District Rural Development Agency
District Rural Development Programme
District Urban Development Agency
Diversity Development and Procurement Program
Diversity Program Development Initiative
Division for International Development
Division of Community Development
Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Division of Developmental Disabilities Services
Division of Early Childhood Development
Division of Isotope Development
Division of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Division of Pediatric Translational Research and Treatment Development
Division of Policy and Program Development
Division of Policy Development and Law
Division of Policy Development and Planning
Division of Research Development and Administration
Division of Student Development
Division of Travel and Tourism Development
Division of Treatment Research and Development
Division on Investment, Technology, and Enterprise Development
Djibouti Development Party
DLA Center for Training, Education & Development
Doctor in Social Development
Doctor of Economic Development
Doctor of Planning and Development Studies
Doctor of Policy, Planning and Development
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leader Development, Materiel and Soldiers
Document Development and Control
Documentation Driven Development
Doha Development Agenda
Doha Development Round
Domain-Specific Program Development
Don Bosco Development Society
Don Mount Court Development Corporation
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development
Downtown Artists Development Association
Downtown Boone Development Association
Downtown Community Redevelopment Area
Downtown Development Authority
Downtown Development Board
Downtown Development Review Board
Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation
Downtown Hampton Child Development Center
Downtown Newton Development Association
Downtown Redevelopment Advisory Board
Doyousoft Internet Development Blocks
Draft Development Plan
Dragon Ukrainian Properties and Development
Drew Scientific Developments Limited
Driver Development Kit
Drug Development Consulting Services
Drug Development Research
Drug Discovery and Development
Drug Discovery and Development Summit
Druid Heights Community Development Corporation
Druid Hills Child Development Center
Dubai Institute for Human Resource Development
Dubai Investments Park Development Company
Dubai Investments Park Development Company
Dubai Tourism Development Company
Dublin Docklands Development Authority
Duke Center for International Development
Duluth Economic Development Authority
Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Research Unit
Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation
Dynamic Software Development Method
Dynamic Systems Development Method, Ltd
Eagle Development Group
Early Brain and Child Development
Early Child Development and Care
Early Childhood Care and Development
Early Childhood Development
Early Childhood Development Services
Early Childhood Developmental Enrichment Center
Early Childhood Education, Development and Care
Early Communication and Language Development
Early Development Association
Early Development Research Group
Early Developmental Stages of Psychopathology
Early Intervention Developmental Profile
Early Learning and Development Standards
Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership
Early Years Development Plan
East African Book Development Association
East African Development Bank
East Arnhem Business Development Association
East Asian Development Network
East Baltimore Development Inc.
East Central Planning and Development District
East Coast Development Forum
East County Economic Development Council
East Honolulu Development Plan
East Midlands Development Agency
East Midtown Coalition for Sensible Development
East Oakland Youth Development Center
East of England Development Agency
East of England Industrial Development Board
East of England Telematics Development Trust
East West Property Development
Eastern and Central European Business Development Ltd.
Eastern and Oriental Property Development, Bhd.
Eastern Indiana Development District
Eastern Maine Development Corporation
Eastern Rural Development Foundation
Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund
Ebbw Vale and District Development Trust
E-Business Industry Development Scheme
Ecologic Oriented Development
Ecologically Sustainable Development
Ecologically Sustainable Development Reporting and Assessment
E-Commerce and Development Report
eCommerce Capability Development Model
Economic & Industrial Development Authority
Economic and Business Development
Economic and Human Development
Economic and Regional Development Agreement
Economic and Workforce Development
Economic Community Development
Economic Development
Economic Development 1
Economic Development Administration
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Economic Development Agencies of New Zealand
Economic Development and Employer Planning System
Economic Development and Labour Bureau
Economic Development and Planning
Economic Development and Technology Ventures
Economic Development and Tourism Corporation
Economic Development and Training Center
Economic Development Association of Alabama
Economic Development Association of Minnesota
Economic Development Association of New Zealand
Economic Development Authority
Economic Development Block Grant
Economic Development Board
Economic Development Commission
Economic Development Consultants Directory
Economic Development Conveyance
Economic Development Cooperation Fund
Economic Development Corp of Utah
Economic Development Corporation
Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County
Economic Development Corporation of Erie County
Economic Development Corporation of Manitowoc County
Economic Development Corporation of Oxnard
Economic Development Corporation of the City of Dieppe
Economic Development Council
Economic Development Council of Jefferson County
Economic Development Council of Maine
Economic Development Council of Northern Vermont
Economic Development Deal of the Year Award
Economic Development District
Economic Development Finance Authority
Economic Development Finance Professional
Economic Development for Central Oregon
Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island
Economic Development Group of Wabash County
Economic Development Income Tax
Economic Development Information Center
Economic Development Information Network
Economic Development Initiative
Economic Development Institute
Economic Development Natural Resources
Economic Development Officer
Economic Development Partnership
Economic Development Partnership of Alabama
Economic Development Policy
Economic Development Professional
Economic Development Quarterly
Economic Development Research Group
Economic Development Resource Guide
Economic Development Skills Training Program
Economic Development Standing Committee
Economic Development Task Force
Economic Development Team
Economic Development Team
Economic Development Transportation Fund
Economic Development Tripartite Committee
Economic Development Washington County
Economic Development Working Group
Economic Development Zone
Economic Development, Tourism and Culture
Economic Development/Government Affairs
Economic Planning & Development Committee
Economic Research and Development Center
Economic Rural Development Society
E-Content Development Center
Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau
Ecosystems Research and Development Service
Eco-Tourism Development Programme
ECS Development Facility
Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society
Edgewood Research, Development and Engineering Center
Edinburgh University Complete Lifecycle Integrated Development
Edmond Economic Development Authority
Education and Curriculum Development
Education and Development Center
Education and Development in A Global Environment
Education and Early Development
Education and Economic Development
Education and Economic Development Act
Education and Economic Development Society
Education and Training Development
Education and Youth Development Program
Education Development and Technology Center
Education Development Center, Inc.
Education Development International
Education Development Office Management Services
Education Development Officer
Education Development Organization
Education Development Unit
Education for Development Scholarship Program
Education for Sustainable Development
Education Management Development
Education of the Developmentally Young
Education Training and Development Limited
Education, Science, and Skills Development
Education, Training, and Development Practitioner
Educational and Developmental Intervention Services
Educational and Professional Development
Educational Computing and Instructional Development
Educational Development Associates, LLC
Educational Development Association
Educational Development Laboratories
Educational Development Plan
Educational Development Program
Educational Development Projects Implementing Task Force
Educational Development Specialist
Educational Professional Development Unit
Educational Resource Development Trust
Educational Services Development and Publishing
Educators’ Professional Development Institute Series
Effective Development Group
Efficient Securities Markets Institutional Development
Egg Development Neurosecretory Hormone
Egyptian Franchise Development Association
Egyptian Small Enterprise Development Foundation
Egyptian Society for Cultural Development
E-Learning Development Center
Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.
Electric Power Development Corporation
Electricity Networks Analysis, Research and Development
Electromagnetic Manufacturing Development
Electronic Child Development Associate
Electronic Combat Development Center
Electronic Publishing Development Program
Electronic Services Development Team
Electronics Research and Development Laboratory
Elgin Community Futures Development Corporation
Elite Development Program
Elite Player Development
Elite Player Development Program
Embedded Development Environment
Embedded Development Kit
Embedded Systems Development Tool
Embedded Systems Development Tools
Emergency Relief Development Overseas
Emergency Response and Development Fund
Emotiv Development Kit
Employability Skills Development Program
Employee and Organizational Development
Employee Development Action Team
Employee Development Board
Employee Development Inventory
Employee Development Management System
Employee Development Manager
Employee Development Plan
Employee Development Specialist
Employee Development System
Employee Development Systems Inc.
Employee Performance and Development Plan
Employee Personal Development
Employment Development Department
Empowering Widows in Development
Empowerment for African Sustainable Development
End of Development
End-User Development
Energy & Water Development Appropriation Act of 1988
Energy Child Development Center
Energy Development Corporation
Energy Industry and Sustainable Development Division
Energy Research & Development Administration
Energy Research and Development Act of 1974
Energy Research and Development Agency
Energy Research and Development in Agriculture and Food
Energy Research and Development Institute
Energy Resource Development Bureau
Energy Technology Development
Engine Manufacturing Development Operations
Engineer & Scientist Development Program
Engineer Research & Development Laboratories
Engineer Research and Development Center
Engineering and Manufacturing Development
Engineering Design and Development Center
Engineering Development
Engineering Development Board
Engineering Development Facility
Engineering Development Lab
Engineering Development Model
Engineering Development Phase
Engineering Development Plan
Engineering Development Program
Engineering Development Team
Engineering Development Team
Engineering Development Test
Engineering Development Test
Engineering Development Trust
Engineering Development Trust
Engineering Development Unit
Engineering for Design and Development
Engineering for Sustainable Development
Engineering Manufacturing Development
Engineering Professional Development
Engineering Research and Development Center
Engineering Research and Development for Technology Consortium
Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc.
Engineering, Manufacturing and Development
English Language Development
English Language Development Assessment
English Literacy Development
Enhanced Services Development
Enigma Development Language
Enlisted Individual Development Plan
Enterprise and Business Development Office
Enterprise Development Application Framework
Enterprise Development Group
Enterprise Development Impact Assessment Information Service
Enterprise Development Initiative
Enterprise Development International
Enterprise Development Network
Enterprise Development Process
Enterprise Development Program
Enterprise Development Reference Architecture
Enterprise Development Services
Enterprise Development Worldwide
Enterprise Rapid Application Development
Enterprise Web Development
Entertainment Development Council
Entertainment Industry Development Corporation
Entertainment, Analysis, and Development
Entrepreneurial Management and Executive Development
Entrepreneurship Development Group
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Environment and Development Action
Environment and Development Foundation
Environment and Development Resource Centre
Environment and Development Working Group
Environment and Sustainable Development Unit
Environment Development Association – Rashaya
Environment Development Association of Mukattam
Environment for Development
Environment for the development and Distribution of Open Source software
Environment Resources and Sustainable Development
Environmental Development Office
Environmental Education and Human Resources Development Center
Environmental Management and Development
Environmental Management Development in Indonesia
Environmental Management Development in Ukraine
Environmental Management Exchange and Resource Alliance for Local Development
Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development
Environmental Protection and Economic Development
Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency
Environmental Restoration Development and Demonstration
Environmentally Socially Sustainable Development
Environmentally Sustainable Development
Episcopal Relief and Development
EPortfolio Research and Development Community
Equine Assisted Professional Development
Eritrean Community Development Fund
Eritrean Development Foundation
Esan People Development Programme
Escort Racing Development Team
Eslonian International Development Agency
ESQ Development Institute
Estelle Development Toolset
Estelle Development Toolset
Estonian Human Development Report
Etelos Development Environment
Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc.
Ethiopian Community Development Program
Ethiopian Muslims Relief and Development Association
Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund
Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development
Ethnic Business Development Corporation
Ethnic Identity Development Exercise
Ethnic Minority Development Framework
Eurasia International Development Association
European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
European Association of Development, Research and Training Institutes
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Bureau for Conservation and Development
European Business Development Institute
European Center for Aviation Development
European Centre for Offshore Development
European Conference on Agricultural and Rural Development in China
European Conference on Developmental Psychology
European Cycle Development Agency
European Development and Technology Center
European Development and Technology Centre
European Development Fund
European Development on Indexing Techniques for Databases with Multidimensional Hierarchies
European Developmental Biology Organization
European Federation of Management Development
European Fund for Regional Development
European Fusion Development Agreement
European Information Development Conference
European Initiative on Sustainable development in Agriculture
European Launcher Development Organisation
European Leader Association for Rural Development
European Management Development Centre
European Medical Radiation Learning Development
European Metrology Research and Development Programme
European Panel for Sustainable Development
European Product Development Centre
European Reconstruction and Development Bank
European Regeneration Development Fund
European Regional Development Fund
European Research and Development Institutes
European Society of Reproductive and Developmental Immunology
European Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organization
European Spatial Development Perspective
European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology
European Telework Development
European Youth for Sustainable Development
European-African Development Association
Evaluating Software Development Tools
Evaluation Research and Development
Evaluation-Guided Development of New In Vitro Tests
Evangelical Development Ministry Institute
Event Management Development Institute
Evergreen Community Development Association
Evolutionary Development
Evolutionary Network Development
Examiner and Staff Development Team
Executive & Management Development Program
Executive Development
Executive Development Associates, Inc
Executive Development Board
Executive Leadership Development Committee
Exhibits Development Group
Expeditionary Force Development System
Experience-Based Brain and Biological Development
Experimental and Development Squadron
Experimental and Development Squadron
Experimental Development Specification
Exploitation and Development
Exploration Technology Development Program
Exploratory Development
Exploratory Development
Exploratory Development Committee
Exploratory Development Goal
Exploratory Development Objective
Exploratory Development Requirement
Exploratory Research and Development Center
Exploratory Research and Development Initiative
Explosives Development
Export and Industrial Development Division
Export Development Bank
Export Development Bank of Egypt
Export Development Canada
Export Development Corporation
Export Development Fund
Export Market Development Grants
Export Market Development Taxation Incentive
Export Strategy Development and Execution
Express Development Methodology
Extended Development Environment
Extensive Rural Poor Development Organisation
Extractive Industries Development Act
Extremely Low Frequency Research and Development
ExxonMobil Development Company
Eyre Regional Development Board
Facilities Development Manual
Facilities Operations and Development
Facilities Operations and Development
Faculty and Academic Development
Faculty and TA Development
Faculty Development Advisory Committee
Faculty Development in International Business
Faculty Development Program
Faculty Development Sub-Accounts
Faculty Development Unit
Faculty Instructional Development Lab
Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development
Faculty of Economics and Development Planning
Faculty of Environment and Resources Development
Faculty Professional Development
Faculty Professional Development Day
Faculty Professional Development Fund
Faculty Professional Development Program
Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Fairfax Economic Development Authority
Fairmount Community Development Corporation
Family and Youth Development
Family Development and Management
Family Development Association of New York State
Family Development Program
Family Development Specialist
Family of Soldier Development and Resource Systems
Family Resource Information, Education, Network Development Services
Family Studies and Human Development
Family Unity for Sustainable Development
Fargo-Cass County Economic Development Corporation
Farm Forestry Development Group
Farm Youth Development Program
Farwest Media Development Centre
FATA Sustainable Development Plan (Pakistan)
Fayetteville Economic Development Council
Feature-Driven Development
Federal Area Development Authority
Federal Council for Sustainable Development Belgium
Federal Economic Development Administration
Federal Office of Regional Development – Quebec
Federal Roads Development Project
Federally Funded Research & Development Center
Feminist Research, Education, Development and Action
Fenway Community Development Corp
Fermentation Development Laboratory
Fibre Composite Design and Development
Field Artillery Materiel Development Plan
Field Crops Research and Development Institute
Field Development Plan
Field Education and Development Specialist
Field Testing and Development Center
Filipino American Development Initiative
Film Development Corporation
Finance and Advice in Development Assistance
Finance and Development Research Programme
Finance Systems Support & Development
Financial Development Institution
Financial Institutions Development Fund
Financial Institutions Development Project
Financial Markets Development Corporation
Financial Sector Development Fund
Financial Sector Development Plan
Financing for Development
Financing for Development
Fingerprint Authentication Development Tool
Finnish International Development Agency
Fire Rescue Development Program
First Choice Training and Development Ltd
First Development System
First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute
Fisheries Development Action Plan
Fisheries Development Department
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Fission Product Development Laboratory
Five Year Development Plan
Flash Development Module
Fleckenstein International Business Development, Inc.
Flexible Delivery Development
Flight Development Engineering Order
Floating Ocean Research and Development
Flood Plain Development Permit
Flores Institute for Resources Development
Florida Association for Staff Development
Florida Development Commission
Florida Economic Development, Inc.
Florida Professional Development Protocol
Florida Redevelopment Association
Florida Re-Engineers Development
Florida Research and Development Center
Focused Development Opportunities
Focused District Development
Folk Development College
Font Development Kit
Food Development Association
Food Development Center
Food Product Development
Food Research and Development Centre
Footwear Design and Development Institute
Force Design and Development
Force Development
Force Development and Integration Center
Force Development Branch
Force Development Evaluation
Force Development Evaluation
Force Development Evaluation
Force Development Experimentation
Force Development Experimentation
Force Development Management Information System
Force Development Requirements
Force Development Test
Force Development Test and Experimentation
Force Development Test Bed
Force Development Testing & Evaluation
Ford Product Development System
Forest Development Agency
Forest Development Plan
Forest Development Unit
Forest Plantation Development Fund
Forest Products Development Board
Forest Protection and Development Law
Forestry Sector Development Project
Formal Development Methodology
Formal System Development
Forum for Democracy and Development
Forum for Dialogue and Partnership Development
Forum for Energy and Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Forum for Rural Welfare and Agricultural Reform for Development
Forum for Social Awareness and Development
Forum Regional Development Centre
Fostering Relationships in Early Network Development
Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development
Foundation for African Development
Foundation for Asian Management Development
Foundation for Child Development
Foundation for Community Development
Foundation for Education and Development of Rural Areas
Foundation for Enterprise Development
Foundation for Human Development, Inc.
Foundation for International Development Assistance
Foundation for International Development/Relief
Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports
Foundation for National Development
Foundation for Research Development
Foundation for Research on International Environment National Development and Security
Foundation for Rural Development
Foundation for Sustainable Development
Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development
Foundation for Sustainable Enterprise and Development
Foundation for the Development of Parliamentarism in Russia
Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture
Foundation for Youth Development
Foundation of Occupational Development
Foundations for People Development
Foundations of Literacy Development
Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development
Framework Research and Development Programme
Franchise Development Group
Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
Franklin County Housing Redevelopment Authority
Franklin Industrial and Commercial Development Authority
Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Friendly Integrated Environment for Learning and Development
Friends Against Irresponsible Development
Frisco Economic Development Corporation
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Front End Engineering Development
Fuel Refabrication and Development
Full Development System
Full Field Development
Full Field Development
Full Scale Advanced Development
Full Scale Development
Full Scale Engineering Development
Full-Scale Development Phase
Functional Analysis Concept Development
Functional Area Model Development Program
Functional Development Article
Fund for Integrated Rural Development of Syria
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
Fund for Research and Investment for the Development of Africa
Fund Raising and Financial Development Section
Further Education Development Agency
Future Development and Integration Center
Future in Our Hands Development Fund
Future Product Development
Future Racing Developments
Futures Development and Integration Center
Galaxy PBeM Development Group
Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association
Galkayo Education Centre for Peace and Development
Galway Rural Development Company
Game Development Extensions
Game Development Kit
Game Development Search Engine
Game Development Tools Survey
Game Software Development Kit
Gameboy Development Studio
Gardeners in Community Development
Garment Industry Development Corporation
Gateway City Development Company Limited
Gauteng Institute for Curriculum Development
Gemini Office Development
Gender & Development
Gender & Development Seminar Series
Gender Alliance for Development Center
Gender Alliance for Development Centre
Gender and Development
Gender and Development Action
Gender and Development Council
Gender and Development Studies
Gender Awareness and Development
Gender Development Index
Gender in Development Division
Gender, Science and Development
Gender-related Development Index
General Development Corp
General Development Map
General Development Order
General Development Quotient
General Education Development
General Educational Development
General Educational Development Test
General Large Scale Development
General Permitted Development Order
General Purpose Application Development
General Secretariat for Development Planning
General System Engineering Research & Development
General Unemployment Insurance Development Effort
Generating Renewable Ideas for Development
Genesis Racing & Development
Geographic Information for Sustainable Development
Geographically Distributed Development
Geography and Regional Development
Geography Faculty Development Alliance
Geological Research and Development Centre
Georgia Regional Development Fund
Georgia Vocational Staff Development Consortium
Georgian Research and Development Foundation
Geothermal Energy Research and Development
Geothermal Resource Exploration and Development
German Software Development Laboratory
Ghana Irrigation Development Authority
Ghana Partnership for Child Development
Ghaziabad Development Authority
Glacial Lakes Area Development
Global Advisors for International Development
Global Alliance for ICT and Development
Global Alliance for Tuberculosis Drug Development
Global Bioscience Development Institute
Global Business Development
Global Clinical Development
Global Development Alliance
Global Development Center
Global Development Delay
Global Development Finance
Global Development Forum
Global Development Framework
Global Development Gateway
Global Development Group
Global Development Links
Global Development Network
Global Development Organization
Global Education and Environment Development
Global Forum on Trade, Environment, and Development
Global Institute for Leadership Development
Global Knowledge for Development List
Global Marine Development, Inc.
Global Partnership for Youth Development
Global Product Development
Global Product Development Services
Global Product Development System
Global Research and Development
Global Research and Development
Global Resources for Affordable Neighborhood Development
Global Retail Development Index
Global Seekers Development Expeditions
Global Software Development
Global Sports Development
Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Ltd.
Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development
Good Governance for Development
Google Oriented Development
GOOS Regional Alliances Network Development (international ocean monitoring consortium)
Governance and Institutional Development Division
Governance and Social Development Resource Centre
Government Procurement Development Group
Governor’s Office for Local Development
Governor’s Workforce Development Council
Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation
Grace Community Development & Education
Graduate Development Programme
Graduate School of Education and Professional Development
Graduate School of International Development
Graduate Studies in Sustainable Heritage Development
Graffica System Development Kit
Grains Research and Development Corporation
Granada Learning Professional Development
Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority
Grant Development Center
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation
Graphic User Interface Development Environment
Graphical Development Environment
Graves Development Resources
Great Falls Development Authority
Great Northern Development Corporation
Great Recycling and Northern Development Canal
Great Web Development
Greater Arizona Development Authority
Greater Corktown Development Corporation
Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation
Greater Kelly Development Authority
Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
Greater Roseland Community Development Corporation
Green Parrot Software Development
Green Power Market Development Group
Grenada Industrial Development Corporation
Grenade Launcher Attachment Development
Gresham Community Development Plan
Grid Infrastructure Research & Development
Griffiths Mental Developmental Scale
Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute
Gross Development Value
Gross Expenditure on Research and Development
Gross Sustainable Development Product
Ground System Development Environment
Groundfish Development Quota
Group Development Questionnaire
Group for the Analysis of Development
Group on Research Advancement and Development
Growing Interest in the Development of Teaching Science
Growth and Development
Growth Related Integrated Development Strategy
Guam Aquaculture Development and Training Center
Guangzhou Development Industry Holdings
Guidance for Development of the Force
Guided Language Acquisition Development
Guideline Development Group
Guidelines for Review and Internal Development in Schools
Guinea Development Foundation
Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc.
Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
Haitian Resource Development Foundation
Haitian-Americans for Economic Development
Halawa-Luluku Interpretive Development
Haleakala Research and Development, Inc.
Hamburg Industrial Development Agency
Hanford Site Development Plan
Hardware Development Kit
Hardware Development Requirements
Hardware Software Development
Hardwoods Development Council
Harm Reduction Development Program
Hartsville Downtown Development Association
Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies
Harvard Institute for International Development
Haryana Forest Development Corporation
Haryana Local Area Development Tax
Haryana Urban Development Authority
Hawaii Community Development Authority
Hawaii Renewable Development
Hazardous Site Reuse and Redevelopment Act
Headington Committee for Development Action
Headquarters Case-Development Officer
Health Access Nurturing Development Services
Health Advantage Research and Development
Health and Development Network
Health and Human Development
Health and Nutrition Development Society
Health and Nutrition Development Support
Health and Social Development
Health and Social Development Ministry
Health Care Development Project
Health Care Development Services, Inc.
Health Development Agency
Health Development Unit
Health Manpower Development Institute
Health Manpower Development Programme
Health Resource Development Program
Health Systems and Services Development
Health Systems Development Programme
Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute
Health, Education and Economic Development
Health, Environment and Economic Development
Healthcare Research and Development Institute
Healthcare Workforce and Community Development Division
Healthy Lifestyle Development
Healthy Settings Development Unit
Hemophilia Organization Development
Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership
Hendricks Development Group
Hialeah-Dade Development, Inc.
Hierarchical Development Methodology
High Intensity Radiation Development Laboratory
High Potential Development Scheme
High Potential Management Development
High Technology Development Corporation
High Technology Research and Development Center
Higher Education and Development
Higher Education for Development Program
Higher Education Research and Development
Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
Higher Education Training Development
Higher Still Development Unit
Highest Possible Level of Development
High-Explosive Research & Development
Highway Development and Management
Hikkaduwa Development Foundation
Hills Leasehold Forestry and Forage Development
Hillsdale County Industrial Development Commission
Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
Hismelt Research and Development Facility
Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation
HIV AIDS Project Development and Evaluation Unit
Hmong National Development, Inc.
Hokkaido Junior System Development
Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency
Holloman Air Development Center
Holyoke Economic Development and Industrial Corporation
Honda Racing Development Ltd
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hope Agency for Relief and Development
Horticultural Development Council
Hospitality Development Group, Inc
Hotel Development Council
Hough Area Development Corporation
Household Energy and Development
Housing and Community Development
Housing and Community Development Act of 1974
Housing and Development Bank
Housing and Neighborhood Development
Housing and Neighborhood Development Services
Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Housing and Urban Development Administration
Housing and Urban Development Company
Housing and Urban Development Corporation
Housing and Urban Development Corporation
Housing Development Board
Housing Development Corporation
Housing Development Finance Corporation
Housing Development Fund Company
Housing Development Fund Corporations
Housing Development Office
Housing Preservation and Development
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Howard County Economic Development Authority
Human and Economic Development
Human and Organizational Development
Human Assistance Development International
Human Capacity Development
Human Capital Development Strategy
Human Development and Family Studies
Human Development and Learning
Human Development Department
Human Development in South Asia
Human Development Index
Human Development Organization
Human Development Promotion Centre
Human Development Report Office
Human Development Resources
Human Developments Report
Human Error, Safety and Systems Development
Human Experience Development
Human Exploration and Development of Space
Human Growth and Development
Human Performance Development
Human Performance Feedback and Development Model
Human Resource and Doctrine Development
Human Resource Development
Human Resource Development and Employment
Human Resource Development Department
Human Resource Development Foundation
Human Resource Development Fund
Human Resource Development Group
Human Resource Development International
Human Resource Development Plan
Human Resource Development Society
Human Resource Development Strategy
Human Resources and Development Canada
Human Resources and Skills Development
Human Resources Development
Human Resources Development Branch
Human Resources Development Center
Human Resources Development Council
Human Resources Development Division
Human Resources Development for Local Governance
Human Resources Development Institute, Inc
Human Resources Development Journal
Human Resources Development Ministry
Human Resources Development New Brunswick
Human Resources Development Working Group
Human Rights and Development Foundation
Human Rights Approach to Development
Humanitarian Aid & Development
Humanitarian Group for Social Development
Humanitarian/Development Working Group
Humanities Computing Development Team
Humanities Computing Development Team
Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corporation
Huntington Municipal Development Authority
Huronia Alpine Development Team
Hycroft Resources and Development Inc.
Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority
Hyderabad Urban Development Authority
Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan
Hypertext Development Kit
IAI Development Cooperation Forum
IAIPS Development Review Board
Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies
ICC Development International Conference)
Ice Skating Science Development Center
iCube Development
Idaho Career Development Association
Idaho Nonprofit Development Center
Idea Development Interview
Igala Cultural Development Association
Illinois Career Development Association
Illinois Development Financed Authority
Illinois Developmental Therapy Association
Illinois Research & Development
Imotong Ranges Association for Development
Implementation Support and Development
Improved Business Understanding via Longitudinal Database Development
Improvement and Development Agency
Improvement Portfolio Development
Inclusion Development Programme
Increase Skills Development Opportunities
Incremental Development
Incremental Development
Incremental Development Package
Incremental Software Development
Independent Advisory Committee on Development Impact
Independent Development Test Plan
Independent Development Trust
Independent Developmental Evaluation
Independent Developmental Evaluation Plan
Independent Developmental Evaluator
Independent Developmental Tester
Independent Exploratory Development
Independent Research & Development
Independent Research And Development
India Development & Relief Fund
India Development Centre
India Tourism Development Corporation
Indian Doctors for Peace and Development
Indian Handicrafts Development Corporation, Ltd.
Indian Institute of Development
Indian Leaf Tobacco Development
Indian Society for Development and Environment Research
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Indiana Developmental Training Center
Indiana Economic Development Corporation
Indianapolis Coalition for Neighborhood Development
Indianapolis Economic Development
Indie MMO Game Development Conference
Indigenous Business Development Grant Scheme
Indigenous Economic Development
Indigenous Economic Development Conference
Indigenous People Development Plan
Indigenous Sports Development Officer
Individual and Collective Training Development
Individual Development Account
Individual Development and Educational Advancement
Individual Development and Educational Assessment
Individual Development Plan
Individual Development Program
Individual Professional Development Activity
Individual Professional Development Plan
Individual Skill Development