Digital Abbreviations

Meaning of Digital

Digital is that related to the fingers (the extremities of the hands and feet of the human being). The concept, however, is currently closely linked to technology and computing to refer to the representation of information in binary mode (in two states).

Digital systems (such as computers ) use a two-state logic that is represented by two levels of electrical voltage: high (high or H) and low (low or L). As an abstraction, these states are replaced by ones and zeros, facilitating the application of logic and arithmetic.

This binary system made up of ones and zeros allows us to store, process and transmit any type of information. It is possible to speak of combinational digital systems (whose outputs depend on the state of the inputs at a given moment) and sequential digital systems (the outputs are also affected by the previous states).

A digital system represents information in binary form.

Digital signals and circuits

Digital signals, on the other hand, use discrete or discontinuous values, unlike analog signals (which use a continuous series of values ). By operating with limited values, the transmission of information is easier and more reliable.

Among the advantages provided by a digital signal (for television, for example), are the possibility of amplification and reconstruction at the same time, the correction of errors in reception and infinite generation without loss of quality.

In the field of electronics, digital circuits work with information encoded in only two states (ones and zeros, according to the different voltage levels).

Concept in music

When talking about digital music, it is possible to make two very different interpretations: firstly, it can be understood as a synonym for electronic music, since it is produced using instruments that do not rely on the principles of acoustics to emit their sounds, but they generate them digitally; on the other, the concept can refer to digital distribution formats, both those downloaded through virtual stores and those stored on CDs or DVDs.

Digital music does not need physical support for its distribution.

Given the greater convenience that digitally distributed music offers, few people stop to consider the advantages of analog media, such as the vinyl record. In the old days, the sound waves emitted during the recording of an album were shaped by producing physical marks on the surface of the disc, which ensured that each sound left a unique imprint. This is supported by those who claim that digital music does not seem natural, that it does not transmit the warmth of the artists.

In addition, it is known that vinyl records collected the entire sound spectrum emitted in the recording rooms, including those frequencies that are imperceptible to our ears. When a note is emitted naturally, if the instrument is well tuned and achieves an adequate projection, many others sound along with it, which are known as harmonics; this adds to the richness of a performance, and is something that cannot be appreciated on a CD in the same way as on analog media.

Advantages of digital sound

Without a doubt, the sound recorded on a vinyl record is more natural than a recording made entirely with digital equipment, but this does not mean that the latter option does not offer clear advantages. For example, and perhaps the greatest of all, it does not deteriorate with use or with the passage of time; How much opera and music lovers of the first half of the 20th century would give to have clean and stable recordings of their favorite singers.

Another of the strengths of digitally distributed music is that it can be played on countless devices, of various sizes and technologies, and that it does not take up space. Thanks to cloud storage services, moreover, local disk space is no longer a problem, since you can have a potentially unlimited number of songs stored in remote memory.

Digital indicates that the entire course of a process is not shown, but that the results of a short measurement are periodically made visible or audible. That applies to a watch, but it also applies to digital sound (which is in fact a contradiction in terms).


Analog-Digital Converter

An analog-to-digital converter or AD converter converts an analog signal , for example a speech signal, into a digital signal.

A discrete signal is the counterpart of a continuous signal, a signal that can take on all possible values.

A so-called “sample-and-hold circuit” is used for sampling, which takes a sample of the analog signal at set times.

The ladder network is a series connection of a number of equal resistors to which the comparison voltage is applied.

The output of a differential amplifier changes polarity as soon as one of its inputs becomes larger than the other input.

The converter cap is a logic circuit which assigns a binary digit code to each of the fixed levels.

Meaning of Digit

The term digit derives from digĭtus, a Latin word that can be translated as “finger”. In the field of mathematics, the number that is expressed through a single figure is called a digit (the figures are the figures or signs that are used to express a quantity). This means that, in decimal numeration, the digit numbers are ten: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

As there are ten digits in this numbering system, we can understand why the etymological root: each digit can correspond to a finger. We have ten fingers on our hands and there are ten digits in decimal numbering.

A digit is a number whose expression is carried out with a single digit.

One digit, one digit

Digit, in this framework, is often used as a synonym for figure (the sign that allows the representation of a digit number). A digit number or a one-digit number, therefore, is expressed with a single digit.

The result of the addition 4 + 3, to cite one case, is a digit number: 7. Instead, the addition 8 + 5 results in a number with two digits or figures ( 13 ). As you can see, 13 is made up of the digit 1 and the digit 3. Since the numbers are infinite, the number of digits is also infinite. There are numbers of one digit, two, eight, forty-five, nine hundred and fifty-two, etc.

The binary system

It is important to note that there are other systems beyond the decimal. A binary number system, for example, appeals to two decimal digits ( 0 and 1 ).

A digit in this system is known as a bit. In the field of computing, in fact, data is stored as bits, using different combinations of 0 and 1.

A three-digit number is made up of three digits.

Learn to read digits

The reading of numbers is taught at a basic level during the years of compulsory education, so that all citizens who have entered school can understand and use numbers in the official system, which is the decimal. Thanks to this, we can read the prices of the products and services we need to live in society, solve simple calculations to organize our money and time, and follow a culinary recipe using the correct amounts of each ingredient.

However, the math does not end there. The reading of the numbers entails a certain difficulty when we enter the set of decimal numbers or in other numbering systems, such as binary or hexadecimal, since in these cases the interpretation of the same number can vary and this can give lead to endless errors and complications.

Differences depending on the system

Let’s look at some examples to understand more clearly what was stated in the previous paragraph. If we are faced with the digit number 1, we can ensure that both in the decimal numbering system and in the binary and in the hexadecimal the reading is the same: “one”.

Now, if we just add a number and convert it to 10, everything changes considerably: while in the decimal system we should read that number as “ten”, in binary it is “two” and in hexadecimal, “sixteen”. If we wanted to express the quantity of ten in these last two systems, we would have to write 1010 and A, respectively, something that people outside the exact sciences do not usually know.

Digit puncture

We can find this term as part of a compound in acupressure, for example, a therapeutic procedure that merges the fundamentals of acupuncture and massage without the need to use external elements, such as needles. Broadly speaking, it consists of pressing certain points on the body to promote its recovery.

According to experts, our body has a network of energy channels that links all internal organs; by touching the external sites corresponding to each one of them it is possible to treat them.


List of Acronyms Related to Digital

A Digital Avionics Methodology Schema
Accelerated Digital Asset Management
Account-Based Digital Signature
Accunet Reserved Digital Service
Accunet Spectrum of Digital Services
Ace Digital Media Institute of Technology
Acquisition Numerique et Television d’Images Organisees en Pages d’Ecriture (French: Digital Acquisition and Broadcasting of Images Organised As Pages of Writing.
Active Digital Asset Management
Acute Interdigital Phlegmon
Adaptive Digital Access Protocol
Adaptive Digital Beamforming
Adaptive Digital Element
Adaptive Digital Predistortion
Add-On Services Digital Network
Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform
Advanced Avionics Digital Computer
Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery Support System
Advanced Digital Access Manager
Advanced Digital Antenna Production
Advanced Digital Audio
Advanced Digital Audio
Advanced Digital Audio
Advanced Digital Audio
Advanced Digital Audio
Advanced Digital Audio
Advanced Digital Avionics Map
Advanced Digital Avionics System
Advanced Digital Broadcast
Advanced Digital Communications
Advanced Digital Communications Control Protocol
Advanced Digital Design
Advanced Digital Design
Advanced Digital Dispensing System
Advanced Digital Feedwater Control System
Advanced Digital Fire Control
Advanced Digital Fire Control System
Advanced Digital Forensic Techniques
Advanced Digital Imaging Research
Advanced Digital Information Corporation
Advanced Digital Network
Advanced Digital Network System
Advanced Digital Optical Control System
Advanced Digital Radio
Advanced Digital Recording
Advanced Digital SAR Processor
Advanced Digital Security Research
Advanced Digital Signal Processor
Advanced Digital Signature Services
Advanced Digital Subscriber Line
Advanced Digital Switch
Advanced Digital System
Advanced Digital Television Technologies
Advanced Digital Terminal
Advanced Digital Terminal System
Advanced Digital Test Station
Advanced Digital Wireless
Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal
Advanced Placement Digital Library
Advances in Digital Libraries
Advertising in a Digital Media Environment
Aeronautical Digital Data Environment
Aeronautical Digital Data System
African Digital Initiatives and Financing Agency
Air Base Local Area Digital Network
Air Force Digital Graphics System
Airborne Digital Audio System
Airborne Digital Automatic Collection System
Airborne Digital Avionics Test System
Airborne Digital Computer
Airborne Digital Instrumentation System
Airborne Digital Recorder
Airborne Digital Video Recorder
Alabama Digital Preservation Network
Aleph Digital Asset Module
Alesis Digital Audio Tape
Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype
Alexandria Digital Library
All Applications Digital Computer
All Digital Loop
All Digital Mode
All Digital Simulation
All-Digital Attack Center
Alliance for Digital Progress
American College of Digital Technology
American Telephone and Telegraph Digital Communications Protocol for Sprint
Ampex Digital Optics
Ampex Digital Optics
AMRAAM Digital Processor
Analog Analog Digital
Analog Digital Automatic Program Tester
Analog to Digital
Analog to Digital
Analog to Digital Conversion
Analog to Digital Converter
Analog to Digital Module
Analog to Digital Recorder
Analog to Digital to Analog
Analog to Digital Video Converter
analog via digital trunk group
Analog/Digital CMOS Integrated Circuit
Analog/Digital Interface
Analog-Digital Combiner
Analog-Digital Integration Translator
Analogno Digitalna Sezampro Linija
Analog-to-Digital Converter
Analog-to-Digital Converter
Analog-to-Digital Unit
Analogue Digital Digital Analogue
Analogue Libraries on Low-Cost CMOS Digital Process
ANDVT Digital Interface
Antenna Digital Positioner
Antica Bottega Digitale
Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor
Applied Digital Data Systems Incorporated
Applied Digital Solutions, Inc
Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.
Arctic Digital Limited
Army Digital Avionics System
Army Digital Division
Army Digital Division
Army Digital Library
Army Digital Training Strategy
Army Tactical Digital Backbone
Artbeats Digital Film Library
Assign Digital Transmission Group
Associated Digital Error Improvement Equipment
ASTRA Digital Radio
Astronomy Digital Image Library
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line 2
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop
Asynchronous Digital Data Modem
Asynchronous Digital Data Multiplexing
Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line
ATM Digital Service Unit
Audio Video Integrated Digital Design
Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative
Australian Digital Media Consultants
Australian Digital Theses Program
Authorized Digital Dealers
Authorized Digital Dealers
Automated Digital Acquisition Subsystem
Automated Digital Analysis and Measurement
Automated Digital Facsimile Subsystem
Automated Digital Facsimile System
Automated Digital Multiplexing System
Automated Digital Network System
Automated Digital Switch
Automated Digital Terminal System
Automatic Digital Acquisition Subsystem
Automatic Digital Annotation System
Automatic Digital Distribution Frame
Automatic Digital Encoding System
Automatic Digital Feedback Elimination
Automatic Digital Input/Output System
Automatic Digital Message Switch
Automatic Digital Network
Automatic Digital Network
Automatic Digital Network Interface Unit
Automatic Digital Network switching center
Automatic Digital Optical Tracker
Automatic Digital Recording and Control
Automatic Digital Relay
Automatic Digital Switch Center
Automatic Digital Test
Automatic Digital Tester
Automatic Digital Weather Switch
Autonomous Digital Assault Microbe
AUTOVON Tandem Digital
Aviation Digital Data Service
Aviation Digital Exploitation Capability
Baker Digital Voice Stress Analysis
Balanced Digital Multipoint System
Base Information Digital Distribution System
Baseband Digital Modem
Basic Digital Subscriber Unit
Basic Interexchange Digital Data Service
Baton Rouge Area Digital Industries Consortium
Berkeley Digital Seismic Network
Berkeley Digital Seismological Network
Biblioteca Digital Andina
Biblioteca Nacional Digital
Biblioteca Nacional Digital
Binary Digital Data
Binary Digital Multiplier
Binary Integrated Services Digital Network
Black Digital Interface
Black River Digital
Blue State Digital
Book and Digital Media Studies
Boulder Digital Arts
Bounded Running Digital Sum
Bridging the Digital Divide
Brilliant Digital Entertainment
British Digital Broadcasting
Broadband Digital Subscriber Line
Broadband Digital Terminal
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Builders Digital Experience
Building Digital Opportunities
Business and Digital Media Training Initiative
Business-Digital Subscriber Line
California Digital Library
Campaign for an Open Digital Environment
Campaign for Digital Rights
Campus Calgary Digital Library
Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde
Canadian Digital Television
Canadian Initiative on Digital Libraries
Canal Satélite Digital
Cape York Digital Network
Carnitine Ecocardiografia Digitalizzata Infarto Miocardico
Casio digital camera file
Catanio Digital Media
Cellular Digital Packet Data
Center for Digital Democracy
Center for Digital Government
Center for Digital Humanities
Center for Digital Imaging Arts
Center for Digital Imaging, Inc.
Center for Digital Media
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
Center for Digital Storytelling
Center for the Digital Future
Center for the Study of Digital Libraries
Centralized Digital Telecommunications System
Centre for Digital Humanities Innovation
Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound Inc.
Centre for Digital Library Research
Centre of Digital Enterprise
Centros Comunitarios Digitales
Certificate in Digital Applications
Certificate in Digital Electronics and Microprocessors
Cervantes Digital Archive of Images
Charge-to-Digital Converter
Charleston Digital Corridor
Cherry Lane Digital, LLC
Cherry Lane Digital, LLC
Children’s Digital Media Center
China Digital Seismograph Network
China Digital Times
Chinese Science Digital Library
Cinema Digital Sound
Circuit Català de Cinema Digital
Circuit Switched-Cellular Digital Packet Data
Circuite Integrate Digitale
Claremont Colleges Digital Library
Closed-Loop Digital Pre-Distortion
Coalition for a Digital Economy
Coalition for Minnesota Digital Collections
Coaxial Digital Output
Coaxial Digital Output
Coded Digital Locator
Coherent Digital Exciter
Collaborative Digital Reference Service
Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy
Collaboratory for Microscopic Digital Anatomy
Collection of Open Digital Archives
Comcast Digital Cable
Comcast Digital Voice
Commander’s Digital Assistant
Commander’s Digital Assistant
Committee for Digital Radio Broadcasting
Committee on the Exchange of Digital Data
Common Digital Exploitation System
Common Digital Extensor Tendon
Common Digital Sensor Architecture
Common IFF Digital Transponder Program
Common Operating Digital Environment
Common User Digital Information Exchange
Communication System and Digital Signal Processing
Communication Systems, Networks, and Digital Signal Processing Symposium
Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
Community Digital Assistant
Community Digital Assistant
Compact Digital Audio
Compact Digital Audio
Compact Digital Camera
Compact Digital Switch
Compact Disc – Digital Audio
Compact Disc Digital Audio
Competitive Digital Network
Complex Analog-to-Digital Converter
Compressed Digital Video
Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales
Computer Digital Image Editing
Computer Enhanced Digital Audio Restoration
Computer Society Digital Library
Comunicacion Digital Mas Avanzada
Conference on Copyright for Digital Millennium
Connected Personal Digital Assistant
Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications
Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Act
Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act
Consumer Digital Imaging Group
Consumer Digital Subscriber Line
Consumer-Installable Digital Subscriber Line
Contagious Ovine Digital Dermatitis
Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Continental Digital Communications
Conversión Analógico-Digital
Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative
Cornell Institute for Digital Collections
Corpora and NLP for Digital Learning of English (project; Taiwan)
Create Digital Motion
Create Digital Music
Critical Research in Digital Architecture
CRL Distribution Point (digital certificates)
Cross Border Region Goes Digital
Cuneiform Digital Library
Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin
Cyber Media Digital Limited
Cyrel Digital Imager
Data/Digital Service Unit
Dataphone Digital Service
Dedicated Digital Technology, Inc.
Deep Digital Flexor Tendon
Defending the Digital Domain
Defense Digital Network
Dell Digital Audio Receiver
Demand Digital
Demand Digital
Demand Driven Direct Digital Download
Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination
Dental Digital Imaging
Deubner Hoffmann Digital GmbH
Diagnostic Digital Imaging
Diagnostic Machine Aid-Digital
Digimon Digital Monsters
Digital Academic Repositories
Digital Access & Cross-Connect System
Digital Access Carrier System
Digital Access Control System
Digital Access Cross Connect System
Digital Access Exchange
Digital Access Index
Digital Access Line
Digital Access Product
Digital Access Signaling Standard
Digital Access Signaling System
Digital Access Signaling System 1
Digital Access Time Slot
Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard
Digital Accessible Information System
Digital Acoustic Log
Digital Acoustic Sensor Simulator
Digital Acoustics Processor
Digital Acquisition and Control Electronics
Digital Acquisition and Control System
Digital Adapter Unit
Digital Adapter Unit
Digital Adaptive Fine Image
Digital Added Main Line
Digital Address System
Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
Digital Advance Production Order
Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Digital Advanced Wireless Service
Digital Advertising Network, Inc
Digital Aeronautical Chart Supplement
Digital After Action Review Technology
Digital Age Communications Act
Digital Age Verification Executable
Digital Agenda for Europe
Digital Aids Recorder
Digital Air Data Computer
Digital Air Data System
Digital Air Situation Display
Digital Air Traffic Information Service
Digital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer
Digital Airborne Topographical Imaging System
Digital Airport Terminal Information System
Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
Digital Alarm, Remote Telemetry System
Digital Alliance
Digital Alternate Representation of Musical Scores
Digital Altimeter Display System
Digital Altimeter Setting Indicator
Digital Amateur TeleVision
Digital Analog Crossconnect System
Digital Analog Transmission System
Digital Analog Trunk
Digital Analog Video
Digital Analysis
Digital Analysis System
Digital Analyzing Voltmeter
Digital Angel Corporation
Digital Animation Control System
Digital Antenna Electronics
Digital Anti-jam Receiver
Digital Anvil
Digital Application
Digital Application Map Manager
Digital Applications International
Digital Archive for Chinese Studies
Digital Archive Japan, Inc.
Digital Archive Management System
Digital Archive of Letters by Flemish Authors and Composers from the 19th and 20th Century
Digital Archive Project
Digital Archive Tape
Digital Arithmetic Unit
Digital Arithmetic Unit
Digital Array Radar
Digital Art Museum
Digital Art Zone
Digital Artists & Photography Associates
Digital Artists of the Rare Kind
Digital Arts and Entertainment
Digital Arts and Multimedia Design
Digital Arts and Sciences
Digital Arts Research Center
Digital Asia Concepts Limited
Digital Asset Exchange
Digital Asset Library
Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management System
Digital Asset Manager
Digital Asset Optimization
Digital Asset Producer
Digital Asset Server
Digital Assets Repository
Digital Assignment System
Digital Atlas of Video Education
Digital Audio Broadcasting
Digital Audio Cassette
Digital Audio Communication System
Digital Audio Disc
Digital Audio Disc Corporation
Digital Audio Distribution System
Digital Audio Extraction
Digital Audio Interface
Digital Audio Interface Receiver
Digital Audio Legal Recorder
Digital Audio Player
Digital Audio Processor
Digital Audio Quality
Digital Audio Radio
Digital Audio Radio Playout
Digital Audio Radio Satellite
Digital Audio Radio Service
Digital Audio Radio System
Digital Audio Recorder
Digital Audio Recording Technology
Digital Audio Reference Signal
Digital Audio Restoration Technology
Digital Audio Retrieval & Tracking System
Digital Audio Signal Processing
Digital Audio Stationary Head
Digital Audio System
Digital Audio Tape
Digital Audio Tape Unit
Digital Audio Transmission Service
Digital Audio Video Council
Digital Audio Video Entertainment
Digital Audio Video Experience
Digital Audio Visual Interactive Council
Digital Audio Workstation
Digital Audio Workstation
Digital Audio/Video
Digital Audio/Video Interactive Decoder
Digital Audiovideo
Digital Authority Full Engine Control System
Digital Auto Pilot
Digital Automated Communications Terminal
Digital Automated Data System
Digital Automated Radar Tracking System
Digital Automated Remote Test System
Digital Automated Terminal Information Service
Digital Automatic Music
Digital Automatic Pattern Recognition
Digital Automatic Stabilization Equipment
Digital Automatic Take Off
Digital Automatic Target Analysis & Classification
Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service
Digital Automatic Test Set
Digital Automatic Weather Network
Digital Autonomous Terminal Access Communication
Digital Autopilot
Digital Autopilot Controller
Digital Autopilot Requirements
Digital Auto-Stabilization Equipment
Digital Auxiliary Data System
Digital Avionics Information System
Digital Avionics Instruction Set
Digital Avionics Program
Digital Avionics System
Digital Avionics Systems Conference
Digital Baseband
Digital Bass Boost Sound
Digital Bathymetric Data Base – Variable resolution
digital bathymetric database
Digital Battle Command System
Digital Battle Staff Trainer
Digital Battlefield
Digital Battlefield
Digital Battlefield Communications
Digital Battlestaff Sustainment Trainer
Digital Beam-Forming
Digital Bearing Distance Indicators
Digital Bible Society
Digital Bibliography & Library Project
Digital Billboard Network
Digital Black Level Adjustment
Digital Blasphemy
Digital Blasphemy
Digital Blood Volume Pulse
Digital Blueline
Digital Body Development System
Digital Book World
Digital Broadband Communications
Digital Broadband Delivery System
Digital Broadcast Audio
Digital Broadcast Content Provision
Digital Broadcast Equipment, Inc.
Digital Broadcast Satellite
Digital Broadcast System
Digital Broadcasting Australia
Digital Broadcasting Device Manager
Digital Burst
Digital Burst
Digital Burst Message Device
Digital Business Concepts, LLC
Digital Cable
Digital Cable Modem
Digital Cable Radio
Digital Cable Ready
Digital Cable Terminal
Digital Cables
Digital Cables
Digital Calibration and Measurement Unit
Digital California Project
Digital Call Service Position
Digital Calvin and Hobbes
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
digital camera
Digital Camera Company
Digital Camera Eyepiece
Digital Camera Image Management
Digital Camera Images
Digital Camera Internal Memory
Digital Camera Module
Digital Camera System
Digital Capture Device
Digital Carrier Interface
Digital Carrier Line Unit
Digital Carrier Module
Digital Carrier Trunk
Digital Carrier Trunk Unit
Digital Cartographic Model
Digital Cartographic Production System
Digital Cartographic System
Digital Carvers Guild
Digital Carvers Guild
Digital Carvers Guild
Digital Cell Site
Digital Cellular Communications Systems
Digital Cellular Equipment
Digital Cellular Switch
Digital Cellular System
Digital Cellular Technology
Digital Central Casting
Digital Central Office
Digital Central Processor Assembly
Digital Central Processor Assembly
Digital Cerenkov Viewing Device
Digital Certificate
Digital Certificate
Digital Channel Allocation
Digital Channel Bank
Digital Channel Equipment
Digital Channel Guard
Digital Channel Plan
Digital Channel Probe
Digital Channel Selection
Digital Chaotic Communication
Digital Chart of the World
Digital China Networks, Ltd.
Digital Cinema
Digital Cinema
Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
Digital Cinema Implementation Partners LLC
Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC
Digital Cinema Package
Digital Cinema Progressive
Digital Cinema Solutions
Digital Circuit Multiplication
Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment
Digital Circuit Multiplication System
Digital Cities Convention Taipei
Digital Clock Distributor
Digital Clock Manager
digital clock pulse generator
Digital Clock Supply
Digital Club Festival
Digital Coast Roundtable
Digital Code Generator
Digital Coded Radar
Digital Coded Squelch
Digital Collaboration Service
Digital Collection System
Digital Color Imaging Colposcopy
Digital Color Print, Inc.
Digital Color Scale
Digital Color System
Digital Colour Code
Digital Colour Printer
Digital Colour Processor
Digital Colour Transition Improvement
Digital Combat Chart
Digital Combat Soldiers
Digital Comics Preservation
Digital Command & Staff Trainer
Digital Command and Control Unit
Digital Command Assembly
Digital Command Control
Digital Command Control Standards
Digital Command Control Standards and Recommended Practices
Digital Command Language
Digital Command Signal
Digital Command Subsystem
Digital Command System
Digital Commerce Corporation
Digital Commerce Manager
Digital Communication
Digital Communication Equipment
Digital Communication System
Digital Communications Analyzer
Digital Communications and Control Unit
Digital Communications Associates
Digital Communications Controller
Digital Communications Dispatcher
Digital Communications Experiment
Digital Communications Interface Unit
Digital Communications Network
Digital Communications Protocol
Digital Communications Satellite Subsystem
Digital Communications Subsystem
Digital Communications Subsystem
Digital Communications System
Digital Communications System Control Unit
Digital Communications Terminal
Digital Compact Cassette
Digital Compilation of Geoscientific Maps
Digital Composite Limiter
Digital Composition Systems
Digital Compression of Increased Transmission
Digital Compression System
Digital Computer Association
Digital Computer Complex
Digital Computer Controls
Digital Computer Interface
Digital Computer Switching Unit
digital computer system
Digital Computer Unit
Digital Computing Association
Digital Concentrator Measurement Unit
Digital Concepts Analysis Center
Digital Conference Director
Digital Conferencing Switching System
Digital Connectivity Probing
Digital Constant Image
Digital Consulting Incorporated
Digital Consumer Rights Movement
Digital Consumer Terminal
Digital Content Creation
Digital Content Distribution
Digital Content Exchange Network
Digital Content Manager
Digital Content Producer
Digital Content Protection Act
Digital Content Protection Act
Digital Content Re-Mastering
Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure
Digital Control and Interface Unit
Digital Control Center
Digital Control Channel
Digital Control Channel
Digital Control Computer
Digital Control Electronics Assembly
Digital Control Logic
Digital Control Signal Processor
Digital Control System
Digital Control Technology
Digital Control Unit
Digital Controlled Amplifier
Digital Converter Box
Digital Copy Protection System
Digital Copyright Management
Digital Cordless Phone
Digital Cordless Telephone
Digital Correlation Hologram
Digital Courier Technologies Inc.
Digital Creative Services
Digital Credit Management System
Digital Credit Monitoring and Administration
Digital Crime and Forensic Science
Digital Cross Connect
Digital Cross Connect
Digital Cross Connect
Digital Cross Connect
Digital Cross Connect System
Digital Cross-Connect
Digital Cross-Connect Switches
Digital Cross-connect System
Digital Cross-Connection
Digital Cross-Connection Management System
Digital Culture Research & Management
Digital Curation Centre
Digital Curriculum
Digital Curriculum
Digital Darkroom Questions
Digital Data
Digital Data
Digital Data Access Service
Digital Data Acquisition System
Digital Data Buffer
Digital Data Bus
Digital Data Cell
Digital Data Collection System
Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
Digital Data Communications Set
Digital Data Computer
Digital Data Control
Digital Data Downlink
Digital Data File
Digital Data for Airplane Maintenance
Digital Data Indicator
Digital Data Interpreter
Digital Data Library
Digital Data Link
Digital Data Modem
Digital Data Network
Digital Data Objects
Digital Data Out
Digital Data Processing
Digital Data Processing Center
Digital Data Processing System
Digital Data Recorder
Digital Data Service
Digital Data Services Manager
Digital Data Storage
Digital Data Stream
Digital Data System
Digital Data Technologies, Inc.
Digital Data Transmitter
Digital Data Unit
Digital Data Warfare
Digital Database
Digital Database for Screening Mammography
Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer
Digital Decision Display System
Digital Decoder Drive Unit
Digital Definition Exchange
Digital Definition Exchange
Digital Delay Array Loudspeaker
Digital Delay Line
Digital Delay Locked Loop
Digital Deliveries
Digital Deliveries
Digital Dental Exchange
Digital Dental Society
Digital Deployment Associates Limited
Digital Derived Services Network
Digital Design Environments Laboratory
Digital Design Initiative
Digital Design Principles and Practices
Digital Designs
Digital Designs
Digital Development Agency
Digital Device
Digital Device
Digital Devil Saga
Digital Dharma – Delivered Daily
Digital Diagnostic Diskette
Digital Diagnostic Tester
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
Digital Differential Analyzer
digital differential analyzer
Digital Diffusion Video
Digital Digest Data Design
Digital Digging
Digital Digging
Digital Direct Conversion Receiver
Digital Direction Electronics Co.
Digital Disc
Digital Disc
Digital Disk Recorder
Digital Display
Digital Display
Digital Display Indicator
Digital Display Scope
Digital Display System
Digital Display Tabletop Trainer
Digital Dissemination Management
Digital Distribution Frame
Digital Distribution Implementation Initiative
Digital Divide
Digital Divide
Digital Divide Council
Digital Divide Data Laos
Digital Divide Network
Digital Document Information System
Digital Document Interchange Format
Digital Document Quarterly
Digital Document System
Digital Domain
Digital Domain
Digital Domain
Digital Domestic Bus
Digital Doppler Processor
Digital Downconverter
Digital Drawing Management System
Digital Drive Amplifier
Digital Driver’s License
Digital Dummy Director
Digital Dynamic Astigmatism
Digital Dynamic Convergence
Digital Earth Reference Model
Digital Earth Virtual Environment and Learning Outreach Project
Digital Echo Suppressor
Digital Economy Act
Digital Ecosystems and Technologies
Digital Edge Media Group
Digital Education Network
Digital Education Services
Digital Education Teacher Academy
Digital Education Teacher Academy
Digital Effects Control
Digital Electric Control Loading
Digital Electrohydraulic
Digital Electromagnetic Log
Digital Electronic Control
Digital Electronic Control Assembly
Digital Electronic Countermeasures Analyser
Digital Electronic Engine Control
Digital Electronic Messaging Service
Digital Electronic News Gathering
Digital Electronic Signal
Digital Electronic Switch
Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine
Digital Electronic Warfare Suite
Digital Electronics
Digital Electronics
Digital Electronics Developers Forum
Digital Electronics Sub-System
Digital Electronics Unit
Digital Electronics Unit
Digital Elevation Map
Digital Elevation Map
Digital Elevation Matrix
Digital Elevation Matrix
Digital Elevation Model
Digital Elimination Force
Digital Emergency Alert System
Digital Emotional Technology
Digital Empire
Digital Empire
Digital Empowerment Foundation
Digital Emulation Technology Laboratory
Digital Enabled Usages
Digital Enabled Usages
Digital Enclosure
Digital Enclosure
Digital Encoder
Digital Encoder
Digital Encryption System
Digital End Office
Digital End-Speed Indicator
Digital Enforcement Faction
Digital Engine Control
Digital Engine Control Unit
Digital Engine Operating System
Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering and Imaging, Inc.
Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone
Digital Enhanced Network
Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application
Digital Enterprise Research Institute
Digital Enterprise Solutions
Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem
Digital Entertainment Group
Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum
Digital Entertainment Lifestyle
Digital Entertainment Network
Digital Environment
Digital Environment
Digital Equation Solving Computer
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation Network
Digital Error Detection Subsystem
Digital Error Detection System
Digital Ethernet Unibus Network Adapter
Digital Ethnography Workgroup
Digital European Backbone
Digital European Cordless Telecommunications
Digital European Cordless Telephony
Digital Evaluation Model
Digital Evaluation Model
Digital Evaluation Unit
Digital Evaluation Unit
Digital Event Marker
Digital Event Marker
Digital Evolution
Digital Exchange for TETRA
Digital Exchange Format
Digital Exchange Interface
Digital Exclusive
Digital Expandable Color Display
Digital Exploitation
Digital Exploitation
Digital Exploration Society
Digital Extend Signal
Digital Extended Command
Digital Extended Math Library
Digital Extended Processor
Digital Extended Request
Digital Extreme Definition
Digital Facility Access
Digital Facility Center
Digital Facility Interface
Digital Facility Management System
Digital Facsimile
Digital Facsimile System
Digital Family Reunion
Digital Fanzine Preservation Society
Digital Fault Recorder
Digital Feature Analysis Data
Digital Feature Attribute Data
Digital Federal Credit Union
Digital Feedwater Control System
Digital Ferromagnetic Heterostructure
Digital Fiber Optic Network
Digital Fidelity
Digital Field Services
Digital File Check
Digital Film and Television
Digital Film Making
Digital Filmmaking Institute
Digital Filter Bank
Digital Filter Initialization
Digital Filter Processor
Digital Finding Aids Project
Digital Fine Art Photography
Digital Fine Art Printing
Digital Fine Pitch
Digital Fingerprint
Digital Finite Communication Bandwidth
Digital Fire Control Computer
Digital Firewall Service
Digital Fixed Frequency
Digital Flat Panel
Digital Flaw Analysis
Digital Flight Control Computer
Digital Flight Control System
Digital Flight Data Recorder
Digital Flight Guidance System/Computer
Digital Flight Recorder
Digital Force Coordination Cell
Digital Forensic Framework
Digital Forensic Research Workshop
Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics Certification Board
Digital Forensics Division
Digital Forensics, Incident Response
Digital Fortress
Digital Fourier Transform/Transformation
Digital Fourier Transformtransformation
Digital Frame of Reference
Digital Frame of Reference
Digital Freedom Network
Digital Frequency Converter
Digital Frequency Discriminator
Digital Frequency Meter
Digital Frog International
Digital Front End
Digital Front End Electronics
Digital Fuel Injection
Digital Fuel Optimizer
Digital Function Code
Digital Function Generator-Amplifier
Digital Future Coalition
Digital Futures Group
Digital Gain Unit
Digital Games and Intelligent Toys-Based Education
Digital Gazetteer
Digital Gene Expression
Digital Gene Expression Displayer
Digital Geoballistic Computer
Digital Geographic Information
Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard
Digital Geophysical Mapping
Digital Global Positioning System
Digital Golf Range Finder
Digital Government
Digital Government Achievement Awards
Digital Government Institute, LLC
Digital Government Navigator
Digital Government Research
Digital Government Research Center
Digital Government Society of North America
Digital GPS Translator
Digital Graphics Engine
Digital Graphics System
Digital Ground
Digital Ground
Digital Ground Equipment
Digital Group Multiplexer
Digital Group Multiplexer Assemblages
Digital Guardian Angel
Digital Hand-Off
Digital Handshake Server
Digital Hardcore Records
Digital Hash Standard
Digital Headed Assembly
Digital Headquarters
Digital Health Record
Digital Health Sciences Libraries
Digital Heritage Exchange
Digital High Definition
Digital High School
Digital High-Pressure Laminate
Digital Historical Map
Digital History Data System
Digital Holographic Microscope
Digital Holography
Digital Home Media Center
Digital Home Network
Digital Home Technology Integration
Digital Home Theater
Digital Home Working Group
Digital Horsepower, Inc.
Digital Human Modeling
Digital Human Modeling Conference
Digital Humanities Observatory
Digital Humanities Quarterly
Digital Humanities Summer Institute
Digital Hybrid Line Card
Digital Identification
Digital Identification Signal
Digital Identity Exchange
Digital Identity Management
Digital Image Amplification Radiography
Digital Image Analyzer
Digital Image Analyzer
Digital Image Applications Group
Digital Image Archive
Digital Image Archive
Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
Digital Image Camera Club
Digital Image Correction Enhancement
Digital Image Data Output Product
Digital Image Design
Digital Image Generation System
Digital Image Generator
Digital Image Hub
Digital Image Library
Digital Image Library Processing System
Digital Image Management System
Digital Image Manipulation & Enhancement System
Digital Image Model
Digital Image Processing
Digital Image Processing
Digital Image Restoration
Digital Image Scaling Technology
Digital Image Stabilization
Digital Imagery
Digital Imagery Exploitation Production System
Digital Imagery Processing System
Digital Imagery Tactical Support System
Digital Imagery Test Bed
Digital Imagery Work Station
Digital Imagery Workstation Suite
Digital Images Delivered Online
Digital Images on the Web
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
Digital Imaging and Preservation Policy Research
Digital Imaging Group
Digital Imaging Marketing Association
Digital Imaging Network System
Digital Imaging Research Division
Digital Imaging South Africa
Digital Imaging Spectroscopy
Digital Imaging Surveillance
Digital Imaging System
Digital Imaging Technician
Digital Imaging Training Centre
Digital Impairment Learning
Digital In-Band Interswitch Trunk Signaling
Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling
Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling Signaling Buffer (US DoD)
Digital Inclusion Project
Digital Inclusion Project
Digital Index
Digital Indoor Unit
Digital Inertial Guidance System
Digital Information Archiving System
Digital Information Bank Company
Digital Information Display
Digital Information Group
Digital Information Infrastructure Guide
Digital Information Laboratory
Digital Information Literacy Office
Digital Information Office
Digital Information Processing Lab
Digital Information Services Center
Digital Information Services Center
Digital Information Sky Highway
Digital Information Society
Digital Information Systems Corporation
Digital Information Systems Corporation
Digital Information Technology Division
Digital Information Transfer System
Digital Input
Digital Input
Digital Input Channel
Digital Input Computer
Digital Input Unit
Digital Input/Output
Digital Inputoutput
Digital Insight Corp
Digital Inspection Systems Ltd
Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement
Digital Instrumentation Programmer
Digital Instrumentation Programmer
Digital Integrated Attack and Navigation Equipment
Digital Integrated Business System
Digital Integrated Laboratory
Digital Integrated Modeling Environment
Digital Integration Laboratory
Digital Integration Laboratory/Testbed
Digital Integration System
Digital Integration Systems & Consultancy
Digital Integration Systems Consultancy
Digital Integration Systems Consultancy
Digital Intellectual Property
Digital Intellectual Property
Digital Interaction Research Network
Digital Interactive Artists’ Network
Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts
Digital Interactive Television
Digital Interactive Television Group
Digital Interactive Video Education
Digital Interchange Standard For Cardiology
Digital Interchange Standard for Cardiology
Digital Interface
Digital Interface Countermeasures Equipment
Digital Interface Device
Digital Interface Frame
Digital Interface Frame
Digital Interface Module
Digital Interface Monitor
Digital Interface Service Unit
Digital Interface Standards for Monitors
Digital Interface Standards for Monitors
Digital Interface Unit
Digital Inter-Library Loan
Digital Intermediate
Digital International Buddhism Organization
Digital International Switching Center
Digital International Switching Center
Digital Internet Television
Digital Interworking Unit
Digital Intravenous Angiography
Digital Ionospheric Sounding System
Digital Jockey
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology
Digital Journalist
Digital Jukebox
Digital Junction Switching Unit
Digital Key System
Digital Key Telephone
Digital Key Telephone Station
Digital Keyset Card
Digital Keystone Correction
Digital Knowledge Center
Digital Knowledge Environment
Digital Lab System
Digital Labourers Federation
Digital Land Systems Research
Digital Landscape Model
Digital Landscape Workshop Series
Digital Laser Projector
Digital Learning Collaboratory
Digital Learning Network
Digital Learning Resources
Digital Lecture Board
Digital Legal Management
Digital Lempel-Ziv
Digital Level Control Module
Digital Libraries Initiative
Digital Library
Digital Library Advisory Group
Digital Library Center
Digital Library Development
Digital Library eXtension Service
Digital Library Federation
Digital Library for Earth System Education
Digital Library for Information Science and Technology
Digital Library for International Research
Digital Library Innovation Team
Digital Library National Convention
Digital Library of Dolphin Development
Digital Library of India
Digital Library of Printable Machines
Digital Library Research Group
Digital Library Service Registry
Digital Library Source Book
Digital Library Working Group
Digital Lifestyle Device
Digital Light Amplifier
Digital Light Pipe
Digital Light Processing
Digital Light Projector
Digital Light Unit
Digital Lighting Management
Digital Lighting Systems
Digital Lightwave Repeater
Digital Lightwave Terminal
Digital Line Card
Digital Line Concentrator
Digital Line Encryption Device
Digital Line Graph
Digital Line Graph-Enhanced
Digital Line Termination
Digital Line Termination Module
Digital Line Termination Unit
Digital Line Trunk Unit
Digital Line Unit
Digital Line Unit Pair Gain
Digital Linear Slide Switch
Digital Linear Tape
Digital Living Network Alliance
Digital Llama Productions
Digital Llama Radio
Digital Load Monitor
Digital Local Exchange
Digital Log Interchange Standard
Digital Logic Board
Digital Logic Circuit
Digital Logic Design
Digital Loop Carrier
Digital Loop Carrier Identifier
Digital Loop Electronics
Digital Loopback
Digital Loyalty Network
Digital Luxury Group
Digital Mafia Enterprises, LLC
Digital Magnetic Tape Unit
Digital Magnitude Filter and Self-Discharge Rate
Digital Main Switching Unit
Digital Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial
Digital Manga Association Japan
Digital Map Computer
Digital Map Display
Digital Map Generator
Digital Map System
Digital Mapping Camera
Digital Marketing & Design Consultancy Ltd.
Digital Marketing Conference
Digital Marketing Group
Digital Marketing International
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Solutions
Digital Marketing Strategies Conference
Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler
Digital Mars D Compiler
Digital Mass Flow Controller
Digital Mass Storage System
Digital Master
Digital Matched Filters
Digital Mathematics Library
Digital Matte Painting
Digital Mayhem
Digital MC&G Analysis Program
Digital Mean Elevation Data
Digital Measurement Unit
Digital Media
Digital Media Academy
Digital Media Access Group
Digital Media Adapter
Digital Media Alliance Florida
Digital Media and Creative Industries Team
Digital Media and Marketing Association
Digital Media and Video
Digital Media Archive
Digital Media Arts and Technology
Digital Media Arts College
Digital Media Association
Digital Media Association
Digital Media Boost
Digital Media Broadcasting Corp.
Digital Media Center for the Arts
Digital Media Champion Group
Digital Media Company
Digital Media Data Center
Digital Media Distribution International LLC
Digital Media Distribution Service
Digital Media Division
Digital Media Edition
Digital Media Excess Quad
Digital Media Exchange, Inc.
Digital Media in Retail
Digital Media Initiative
Digital Media Institute
Digital Media Interface
Digital Media Library
Digital Media Marketing Organization
Digital Media New Algorithm
Digital Media on Demand
Digital Media Online, Inc.
Digital Media Production
Digital Media Professionals Association
Digital Media Project
Digital Media Receiver
Digital Media Remastering
Digital Media Server
Digital Media Services Platform
Digital Media Technologies
Digital Media Thoughts
Digital Media Viewer
Digital Media Works
Digital Media Zone
Digital Medical Billing, Inc.
Digital Memory Unit
Digital Message Device
Digital Message Entry Device
Digital Message Signing
Digital Message Switch
Digital Message System
Digital Meter
Digital Microcircuit
Digital Micromirror Device
Digital Microprocessor Processing Language
Digital Microscope Camera
Digital Microscopy Leader
Digital Microscopy Technology
Digital Microwave Radio
Digital Microwave System
Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998
Digital Millennium Copyright Protection Act
Digital Milti-Network
Digital Mirror Device
Digital Mixed-Signal
Digital Mobile Radio
Digital Mobile Radio Communications
Digital Mock Up
Digital Mockup
Digital Model Assembly
Digital Modeling and Simulation
Digital Modular Avionics Program
Digital Modular Avionics System
Digital Modular Radio
Digital Modular Radio
Digital Modulation Format
Digital Molecular Matter
Digital Money Order
Digital Monitoring Products
Digital Monsters
Digital Motor Controller
Digital Motor Electronics
Digital Motorworks Inc.
Digital Mp3 Player
Digital Mud Logging
Digital Multi Media Design
Digital Multilayer Disc
Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Digital Multi-Media Broadcasting for Television
Digital Multi-Media Broadcasting Service
Digital Multimedia Center
Digital Multi-Meter
Digital Multiplex Subsystem
Digital Multiplex System
Digital Multiplexed Audio System
Digital Multiplexed Interface
Digital Multiplexer
Digital Multiplexer Encoder-Decoder
Digital Multiplexing
Digital Multiplexing and Formatting
Digital Multiplexing Switch
Digital Multi-Point Bridging
Digital Music Access Technology
Digital Music Centre
Digital Music Delivery System
Digital Music Express
Digital Music Manager
Digital Music Products
Digital Musical Instruments
Digital Musicworks International, Inc.
Digital Must-Carry
Digital Narrowband Analysis
Digital Narrowband Analysis
Digital National Framework
Digital NATO Interface
Digital Natural Expression
Digital Natural Motion
Digital Nautical Chart
Digital Negative Graphics
Digital Negotiation Information Signal
Digital Nervous System
Digital Network Architecture
Digital Network Architecture
Digital Network Engineer
Digital Network for Community Advocacy
Digital Network Intelligence
Digital Network Interface
Digital Network Interface Circuit
Digital Network Management System
Digital Network Radio
Digital Network Solutions
Digital Network Switch
Digital Networked Production Systems
Digital New Deal
Digital News Gathering
Digital Noise Filter
Digital Noise Reduction
Digital Nonlinear Accelerator
Digital Nonlinear Accelerator
digital nonsecure
Digital Number
Digital Object Identifier
Digital Objects Management System
Digital Office Committee
Digital Ohm Meter
Digital Oligonucleotide Tiling
Digital On Demand
Digital Online Research Assistant
Digital Onscreen Graphic
Digital Open Network Environment
Digital Operating Room
Digital Operating System
Digital Operations Guide
Digital Opportunity Center
Digital Opportunity Initiative
Digital Opportunity Task Force
Digital Optical Communication Link
Digital Optical Module
Digital Optical Monitoring
Digital Optical Projection System
Digital Optical Recording
Digital Optical Tape
Digital Optics Corporation
Digital Orbiting Voice Encoder
Digital Orchid Library
Digital Orthophoto
Digital Orthophoto Map Database
Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle
Digital Orthorectified Imagery
Digital Oscillator Chip
Digital Out of Home
Digital Output
Digital Output Channel
Digital Output LVDT Signal Conditioner
Digital Output Module
Digital Packet Network
Digital Packet Video Link
Digital Pad Table
Digital Pain
Digital Paintball
Digital Pandemic
Digital Panel Meter
Digital Parametric Equalizer
Digital Patch & Access System
Digital Patch Cable
Digital Path not provided signal
Digital Pattern Generator
Digital Pattern Meter
Digital PBX Adapter
Digital Peer Publishing Licence
Digital Perception System
Digital Performance Management
Digital Performance Monitoring
Digital Performance Monitoring Unit
Digital Performance Royalty for Sound Recordings
Digital Performer
Digital Personal Communicator
Digital Personal Property
Digital Personal Studio
Digital Phase Analysis
Digital Phase Modulation
Digital Phase Sensitive Demodulator
Digital Phase Shift Keying
Digital Phase-Sensitive Detector
Digital PhishNet
Digital Phone Interface
Digital Phone Multiplexer
Digital Phone Service
Digital Phone Set
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Digital Phosphor Technology
Digital Photo Access Protocol
Digital Photo Display
Digital Photo Frame
Digital Photo Lab
Digital Photo Printer
Digital Photo Pro
Digital Photogrammetric Workstation
Digital Photographer
Digital Photographic Laboratory
Digital Photography
Digital Photography Learning Center
Digital Photography News
Digital Photography Review
Digital Photography School
Digital Photography Weblog
Digital Photos Screensaver Maker
Digital Picture Chip
Digital Picture Exchange
Digital Picture Manipulator
Digital Picture Processing
Digital Pitch Control
Digital Pitot Static Test
Digital Pixel Sensor
Digital Place-Based Advertising Association
Digital Planimetrics Inc.
Digital PlateMaster
Digital PlayWorld
Digital Plotter Map
digital point positioning database
Digital Policy Environment
Digital Policy Forum
Digital Port Card
Digital Port Card
Digital Portable Communications
Digital Postal Mail
Digital Power Amplifier
Digital Power Corporation
Digital Power Line
Digital Power Line Carrier
Digital POWER SoundModul
Digital Power Supply
Digital Pre-Assembly
Digital Precipitation Array
Digital Precise Air Control
Digital Precision Strike Suite
Digital Pre-Distortion
Digital Preprocessor
Digital Present
Digital Preservation
Digital Preservation Coalition
Digital Preservation Discussion Group
Digital Preservation Europe
Digital Press Kit
Digital Pressure Dial Gauge
Digital Pressure Module
Digital Principles and System Design
Digital Print on Demand
Digital Print Order Format
Digital Printer Copier
Digital Printing and Imaging Association
Digital Printing Systems
Digital Printing Technologies
Digital Privacy and Security Working Group
Digital Private Branch Exchange
Digital Private Branch Exchange
Digital Private Line Service
Digital Private Mobile Radio
Digital Private Network Signaling System
Digital Private-Line
Digital Process for Manufacturing
Digital Process Measurement Ltd (South Africa)
Digital Processing Module
Digital Processing Synchronizer
Digital Processing Systems
Digital Processing Unit
Digital Processor
Digital Processor Unit
Digital Product Content Management
Digital Product Data Base
Digital Product Definition
Digital Product Description
Digital Product Model
Digital Product Simulation
Digital Production Administrator
Digital Production Arts
Digital Production System
Digital Production Workflow
Digital Products Inc.
Digital Products Server
Digital Products Services
Digital Program Insertion
Digital Programme Searching System
Digital Project Notebook
Digital Projection International
Digital Projector
Digital Prominence Monitor
Digital Property Rights Management
Digital Proprietary Telephone
Digital PROviding of VIDEo
Digital Publications Development Program
Digital Publications Standard Development
Digital Publishing Solutions Ltd
Digital Pulse Blanking
Digital Pulse Shape Discrimination
Digital Pulse Wireless
Digital Purgatory
Digital Quadrature Detection
Digital Quaker Collection
Digital Quality Reception
Digital Queers
Digital Rack
Digital Rack
Digital Radar Simulator
Digital Radio Altimeter
Digital Radio And Multiplex Acquisition
Digital Radio Broadcasting
Digital Radio Concentrator System
Digital Radio Development Bureau
Digital Radio Express
Digital Radio Express
Digital Radio Frequency
Digital Radio Frequency Memory Unit
Digital Radio Frequency Tag
Digital Radio Management System
Digital Radio Mondiale
Digital Radio Receiver
Digital Radio Research Inc.
Digital Radio Study Group
Digital Radio Unit
Digital Radiography
Digital Radiography
Digital Railroad
Digital Range Communication Systems
Digital Rangefinder
Digital Ranging Generator
Digital Raster Graphic
Digital Raster Map Database
Digital Ratio Adapter Circuit
Digital Readout
Digital Reality Creation
Digital Reality Creation MultiFunction
Digital Reality Crew
Digital Realized Interpolation Technology
digital receiver
digital receiver
Digital Receiver
Digital Receiver Interface
Digital Receiver Replacement
Digital Receiving Station
Digital Reconfiguration Service
Digital Reconnaissance System
Digital Reconstructed Radiograph
Digital Recorded Announcement
Digital Recording Interface
Digital Recording System
Digital Rectal Examination
Digital Rectal Examination
Digital Reference Centre
Digital Reference Education Initiative
Digital Reference Sequence
Digital Reference Service
Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer
Digital Repositories and Archives Inventory
Digital Repository at the University of Maryland
Digital Repository Authorization Middleware Architecture
Digital Repository Development
Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research
Digital Representation of Graphic Products
Digital Resale Rights
Digital Research
Digital Research
Digital Research Disk Operating System
Digital Research, Incorporated
Digital Resolver
Digital Resolver
Digital Resource Commons
Digital Resources Advisory Group
Digital Restrictions Management
Digital RF Processor
Digital Rights Ireland
Digital Rights Management
Digital Rights Management System
Digital River
Digital River
Digital Road Map
Digital Sales and Marketing Automation
Digital Sampling Oscillator
Digital Satellite
Digital Satellite News Gathering
Digital Satellite News Gathering
Digital Satellite Phone Terminal
Digital Satellite Services
Digital Satellite System
Digital Satellite Television
Digital Scan
Digital Scan Converter
Digital Scan Converter Group
Digital Scanned Laser Light Sheet Microscopy
Digital Scene Matching Correlation
Digital Screensaver
Digital Secure Network
Digital Security Controls
Digital Security Countermeasures
Digital Security Service
Digital Selective Calling
Digital Sense Multiple Access
Digital Serenade Zone
Digital Serial Communications Interface
Digital Serial Transceiver
Digital Service Access Devices
Digital Service Activation Meter
Digital Service Channel
Digital Service Line
Digital Service Line
Digital Service Provider
Digital Service Testing System
Digital Service Unit
Digital Services
Digital Services Network, Inc.
Digital Services Transmission Network
Digital Services Transport Network
Digital Serving Area
Digital Serving Test Center
Digital Set Emulation
Digital Set Top Box
Digital Setting Circle Hardware
Digital Sharing Device
Digital Short Range Radio
Digital Short Range Radio
Digital Sideband Suppressed Carrier
Digital Sign
Digital Signage Certified Expert
Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage System
Digital Signal
Digital Signal
Digital Signal 0 – 64 Kbps channel
Digital Signal 1 Connectorized Panel
Digital Signal 2 –
Digital Signal Controller
Digital Signal Cross-Connect
Digital Signal Generator
Digital Signal Generator
Digital Signal Generator
Digital Signal Level
Digital Signal Level
Digital Signal Level 1 – 14 (Cisco)
Digital Signal Microprocessor
Digital Signal Power Manufacturer, Inc
Digital Signal Power Manufacturer, Inc
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing and Communications Lab
Digital Signal Processing and Control
Digital Signal Processing Group
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Digital Signal Processing Language
Digital Signal Processing Library
Digital Signal Processing Resource
Digital Signal Processing System
Digital Signal Processing Technology
Digital Signal Processor
Digital Signal Protocol
Digital Signal Source and Capture
Digital Signal Synchronization
Digital Signal, Level 1
Digital Signal, Level 2
Digital Signaling Buffer
Digital Signaling Unit
Digital Signature Algorithm
Digital Signature Layer
Digital Signature Layer
Digital Signature Pilot Project
Digital Signature Service
Digital Signature Signing Process
Digital Signature Standard
Digital Signature Transponder
Digital Signature Trust
Digital Signature Trust Company
Digital Simple Data Interface
Digital Simulation Facility
Digital Simulation Test Equipment
Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data
Digital Single Lens Reflex
Digital Six Sigma
Digital Skills Certification Test
Digital Sky Highway
Digital Small Switch
Digital Soil Map of the World
Digital Soil Mapping
Digital Solidarity Fund
Digital Sound Broadcasting
Digital Sound Processing
Digital Source Clock
Digital Source Collector
Digital Space Trajectory Measurement
Digital Spark Advance Module
Digital Special Effect
Digital Speckle-Pattern Interferometry
Digital Spectral Satellite Map
Digital Spectrum Analyzer
Digital Speech and Audio Processing
Digital Speech Interpolation
Digital Speech Level Analyzer
Digital Speech Standard
Digital Speed Matching
Digital Sports Network
Digital Spot Imaging
Digital Spread Spectrum
Digital Spy
Digital Stabilization Console
Digital Standard Algorithm
Digital Standard MUMPS
Digital Standard Relational Interface
Digital Static Transfer Switch
Digital Station
Digital Station Card
Digital Stereo Photogrammetric Workstation
Digital Still and Motion Camera
Digital Still Camera
Digital Still Camera Fujifilm
Digital Still Capture Nikon
Digital Storage Architecture
Digital Storage Architecture for Disk
Digital Storage Architecture for Tape
Digital Storage Buffer
Digital Storage Compact Flash
Digital Storage Media
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Digital Storage Systems Interconnect
Digital Store Server
Digital Stored Value Card
Digital Story Telling
Digital Strategic Tactical Gateway
Digital Stream
Digital Strong Motion Accelerograph
Digital Subscriber Control Unit
Digital Subscriber Line
Digital Subscriber Line
Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
Digital Subscriber Line Report
Digital Subscriber Loop
Digital Subscriber Loop
Digital Subscriber Network
Digital Subscriber Service
Digital Subscriber Signaling System
Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment
digital subscriber voice terminal
Digital Subscribers Switching Subsystem
Digital Subsurface Asset Management
Digital Subsystem
Digital Subsystem
Digital Subtraction Angiography/Angiogram
Digital Subtraction Renal Angiography
Digital Sum Variation
Digital Sun Sensor
Digital Super Album
Digital Supervisory Audio Tone
Digital Support Corporation
Digital Support Matrix
Digital Support Specialist
Digital Surface Model
Digital Surveillance Data Link
Digital Survey Vehicle
Digital Switch
Digital Switch Corporation
Digital Switch Engineering
Digital Switch Interface
Digital Switch Over
Digital Switch Terminal
Digital Switch Unit
Digital Switched Network
Digital Switched Services
Digital Switching Exchange
Digital Switching Subsystem
Digital Switchover Help Scheme
Digital Synchronization Unit
Digital Synchronizer & Load Control
Digital Syndicate Network, LLC
Digital System Design
Digital System Feature
Digital System Laboratory
Digital System Laboratory
Digital System Model
Digital System Network
Digital System Processor
Digital Systems & Applied Technologies
Digital Systems Design Laboratory
Digital Systems Engineering
Digital Systems International Corporation
Digital Systems International Inc.
Digital Table Interchange Format
Digital Talking Book Machine
Digital Talking Books
Digital Tandem Switch
Digital Tan-Lock Loop
Digital Tape Format
Digital Tape Recorder
Digital Tape Recording System
Digital Tape Unit
Digital Technical Control
Digital Technical Journal
Digital Technical Order System
Digital Technologies Marketing Corporation
Digital Technologies, Inc.
Digital Technology on Demand
Digital Technology Report
Digital Telecommunications System
Digital Telephone Adapter
Digital Telephone Answering Device
Digital Telephone Enabler
Digital Telephone Interface Board
Digital Telephone Network
Digital Telephone Switching System
Digital Television
Digital Television
Digital Television
Digital Television Application Software Environment
Digital Television Camera
Digital Television Controller
Digital Television Group
Digital Television Monitor
Digital Television Spectrometer
Digital Television Tape Recorder
Digital Television Technology
Digital Television Transition Coalition
Digital Terminal
Digital Terminal
Digital Terminal Equipment
Digital Terminal Line Unit
Digital Terminal Systems
Digital Terminating Equipment
Digital Termination Service
Digital Termination System
Digital Terrain Analysis Data
Digital Terrain and Marine Model
Digital Terrain Data
Digital Terrain File
Digital Terrain Map
Digital Terrain Matrix
Digital Terrain Model
Digital Terrain System
Digital Terrestrial Radio
Digital Terrestrial Television
Digital Terrestrial Television
Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
Digital Terrestrial Transmission
Digital Test Access System
Digital Test Access Unit
Digital Test Data Format
Digital Test Interface
Digital Test Program Generator
Digital Test Signal
Digital Test Stand
Digital Test Station
Digital Test Subsystem
Digital Testing Workshop
Digital Text
Digital Theater Sound
Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Digital Theatre System
Digital Thermal Control Unit
Digital Thermal Sensor
Digital Thermometer, Timer & Clock
Digital Thermostatic Valve
Digital Through the Lens
Digital Tie Trunk
Digital Time Stamp
Digital Time Synchronization Service
Digital Time-Stamping Service
Digital to Audio Converter
Digital to Digital Converter
Digital To Plate
Digital to Probability Converter
Digital Tools Summit for Linguistics
Digital Tools, Pvt. Ltd.
Digital Topographic Data
Digital Topographic Support System
Digital Topographic Terrain System Computer Disk
Digital Tracking Unit
Digital Trade and Transportation Network
Digital Traffic Channel
Digital Training Exercise
Digital Training Experiment
Digital Training Facility
Digital Training Management System
Digital Transceiver
Digital Transceiver Module
Digital Transceiver System
Digital Transistor Array
Digital Transmission Content Protection
Digital Transmission Equipment
Digital Transmission Facility
Digital Transmission Group
Digital Transmission Interface Frame
Digital Transmission Surveillance System
Digital Transmission Surveillance System
Digital Transmission System
Digital Transmission Systems, Inc.
Digital Transmission Unit
Digital Transmit Command
Digital Transport Communications, Inc.
Digital Transversal Equalizer
Digital Trunk Carrier Interface
Digital Trunk Controller
Digital Trunk Controller ISDN
Digital Trunk Frame
Digital Trunk Group
Digital Trunk Interface
Digital Trunk Interface Frame
Digital Trunk Module
Digital Trunk Signaling
Digital Trunked Radio
Digital Trunked Radio System
Digital TV Recorder
Digital Twin Spark Ignition
Digital Type Company
Digital Underground
Digital Uniformity Equalizer
Digital Unit
Digital Unit
Digital Unit
Digital University
Digital University
Digital University
Digital Up-Converter
Digital Uplink Control Center
Digital Urology Journal
Digital Value Network
Digital Valve Controller
Digital Valve Interface
Digital Valve Sequence Programmer
Digital Vantage Point Inc
Digital Variable Multi
Digital Variable Optical Attenuator
Digital Versatile Disc
Digital Versatile Disc – Random Access Memory
Digital Versatile Disc – Rewriteable
Digital Versatile Disc – Rewriteable
Digital Versatile Disc Audio
Digital Versatile Disc International
Digital Versatile Disk – Read Only Memory
Digital Versatile Disk – Read Only Memory
Digital Versatile Disk – Recordable
Digital Versatile Disk Recordable
Digital Vibrance Control
Digital Video
Digital Video
Digital Video and Audio
Digital Video Applications
Digital Video Book
Digital Video Broadcast – Multimedia Home Platform
Digital Video Broadcasting
Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial
Digital Video Broadcasting Integrated Receiver Decoder
Digital Video Broadcasting Return Channel Terrestrial
Digital Video Camera
Digital Video Cassette
Digital Video Cassette Recorder
Digital Video Compression
Digital Video Compression Format based on DivX
Digital Video Compression System
Digital Video Conference
Digital Video Disc
Digital Video Disc Audio
Digital Video Disk – Read Only Memory
Digital Video Distribution Amplifier
Digital Video Distribution System
Digital Video Double Sided
Digital Video Drive
Digital Video Editor
Digital Video Effects
Digital Video Evaluation Module
Digital Video Event Recorder
Digital Video Everywhere
Digital Video Express
Digital Video Format
Digital Video Game
Digital Video Generator
Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding
Digital Video Input
Digital Video Interactive
Digital Video Interactive – Digital
Digital Video Interface
Digital Video Interleave
Digital Video Library System
Digital Video Link
Digital Video Management System
Digital Video Manager
Digital Video Mapping Set
Digital Video Monitoring System
Digital Video Network
Digital Video Post Production
Digital Video Processor
Digital Video Productions LLC
Digital Video Projection
Digital Video Recorder
Digital Video Recording
Digital Video Services
Digital Video Signal
Digital Video Subcommittee
Digital Video Subtraction Angiography
Digital Video Swing Calibration
Digital Video System
Digital Video Systems, Inc.
Digital Video Technology
Digital Video Terminal
Digital Video Transport
Digital Video Workshop
Digital Video-on-Demand
Digital Village Pump
Digital Vinyl System
Digital Virtual Disk
Digital Vision Optics
Digital Visual Fortran
Digital Visual Interface
Digital Visual Literacy
Digital Visual Messaging
Digital Voice Access Channel
Digital Voice Compression
Digital Voice Exchange
Digital Voice Guard
Digital Voice Interactive
Digital Voice Intercom System
Digital Voice Intercommunications System
Digital Voice Keyer
Digital Voice Module
Digital Voice Privacy
Digital Voice Processor
Digital Voice Protection
Digital Voice Recorder
Digital Voice System
Digital Voice Systems Incorporated
Digital Voice Unit
Digital Voltage Source
Digital Voltmeter
Digital Volt-Ohm Meter
Digital Warrior School
Digital warriors
Digital Warroom
Digital Watch
Digital Waveform Acquisition
Digital Waveform Generator System
Digital Waveform Synthesizer
Digital Wave-Processing Experiment
Digital Weather Intelligence Data
Digital Wedding Forum
Digital West Networks
Digital Wideband Transmission System
Digital Wideband Trucking System
Digital Wideband Unit
Digital Wireless Communications
Digital Workforce Education Society
Digital World News Network
Digital World Research Centre
Digital World Tokyo
Digital X-Ray Radiogrammetry
Digital Youth Network
Digital Zone System
Digital Zoom
Digital Zoom
Digital, Analog, Positioner
Digital, Intel and Xerox
Digital/Display Control Unit
Digital/FM Satellite Links Between NATO SATCOM Ground Terminals
Digital-Analog Test Set
DigitalBoxShop Ltd
Digitale Bildverarbeitung
Digitale Medien in der Bildung
Digitale Musikbibliothek
Digitale Nederlandse Hoorspel-encyclopedie
Digitale Stad Eindhoven
Digitaler Grossprint
Digital-Hybrid Phase-Locked Loop
Digitalis Digital Art Society
Digitalis Irodalmi Akademia
Digitális Irodalmi Akadémia
Digitalis-Like Immunoreactive Factors
Digitally Assisted Dispatch System
Digitally Assisted Television
Digitally Controlled Audio System
Digitally Controlled Impedance
Digitally Controlled Oscillator
Digitally Correct
Digitally Correct
Digitally Encoded Security System
Digitally Filtered Molecular Dynamics
Digitally Imported
Digitally Initialize Audio Link-Up
Digitally Operated Potentiometer
Digitally Originated Graphic
Digitally Phase Modulated Signal
Digitally Programmable Potentiometer
Digitally Recorded Announcement Machine/Module
Digitally Transmitted Disease
Digitally Tuned Oscillator
Digitally Tuned Oscillator
Digitalnej Mape Mesta
Digital-Optical Control System
Digital-Optical Technology System
Digital-system Specification Language
Digital-system Specification Language
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Digital-to-Synchro Converter
Dijks Digital Media Design
Dimond Alpha Digital Organization
Diploma in Digital Application
Direct Digital Access
Direct Digital Amplification
Direct Digital Chirp
Direct Digital Chirp Generator
Direct Digital Control
Direct Digital Receiver
Direct Digital Service
Direct Digital Solution
Direct Digital Synthesis
Direct Digital Synthesizer
Direct Digital Telephone Service
Direct Digital TV
Direct Stream Digital
Director of Digital Operations
Discrete Digital Input
Discrete Digital Output
Distance Diagnostics through Digital Imaging
Distinctly Digital Services Company
Distributed Digital Library System for Training Materials
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Sound
Dolby Digital Sound Format
Dolley Madison Digital Edition
Dual Digital Map System
Dual Digital Multiplexer
Dual Layer Digital Video Disc Rewritable
Duke Digital Initiative
Dynamic Digital Advertising
Dynamic Digital Depth
Dynamic Digital Fuel Injection
Dynamic Digital Signage
EACOMM Studio of Digital Arts
Early Americas Digital Archive
Easy Digital Subscriber Line
El Confidencial Digital
Electronic Digital Analyzer
Electronic Digital Computer
Electronic Digital Delivery Confirmation Service
Electronic Digital Device
Electronic Digital Signal Cross-Connect
Electronic Digital Signal Processing
Emergency Digital Information Service
Emerging Digital Subscriber Line
Enhanced Digital Access Communication System
Enhanced Digital Television
Enterprise Digital Asset Management
Enterprise Digital Assistant
Enterprise Digital Writing
Ethernet Digital Subscriber Line
Ethnomathematics Digital Library
European Conference on Digital Libraries
European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
European Digital Cinema Forum
European Digital Graphics System
European Digital Subscriber Signaling-System No. 1
Evolution of Math Communication in the Era of Digital Libraries
Experimental Digital Economy
Exploratorium Digital Asset Management
Expression College for Digital Arts
Extended Digital Subscriber Line
External Digital Modulation
Extreme Digital
Faculty Digital Archive
Fast Digital Processor
Federal Digital Geographic Data in Canada
Fiber Digital Device Interface
Fibre Distributed Digital Interface
Field Artillery Digital Automatic Computer
Fighting Against the Digital Divide
Film in Digital Out
Filter Stream Digital-to-Analog Converter
FiOS Digital Voice (Verizon)
First Digital International Bank
Fixed Digital Speed Camera
Flat Panel Digital Kiosks
Floating Digital Drive
Florida Digital Educator
Florida Digital Educator
Florida Digital Media Education Consortium
Florida Digital Network
Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Format for the Archival of Sea-Ice Data in Digital Form
Fotopages Malaysia Digital Community
Foundations of Digital Games
Fractional Digital Subscriber Line
Free Digital Universe
Front Porch Digital Inc.
Front Porch Digital International
Full Authority Digital Electronic Control
Full Authority Digital Engine Control
Full Digital ARTS Display
Full Digital Dimension Measurement
Full Duplex Message Protocol/Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
Fully Digital Phase Locked Loop
Future Digital Network
Future Digital Radio
Future Narrow Band Digital Terminal
Garrison Digital Color, Inc.
Gateway Digital Switch
Gender and Science Digital Library
General Digital Corporation
Generalized Digital Waveguide Networks
Generic Digital Card
Generic Digital Crosspoint
Georgia Basin Digital Library
Geospatial Digital Data Users Course
Global Digital Currency Association
Global Digital Literacy Council
Global Digital Mapping Alliance
Global Digital Opportunity Project
Global Digital Sea-Ice Data Bank
Global Digital Service Unit
GoDigital Digital Subscriber Line
Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum
Greenstone Digital Library
Greenstone Digital Library Software
Greenstone Digital Library Software
Group Blind Digital Signatures
Group Digital Library
Grupo de Procesado Digital de Senales
Hackers Digital Crime
Hamilton Local Digital Academy
Harvard Sciences Digital Library
Haymarket Affair Digital Collection
Hazards Section Digital Map
Heart Mountain Digital Preservation
Hierarchical Digital Modulation Classification
High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line with 6db Noise Margin
High Definition Compatible Digital
High Definition Digital Audio
High Definition Digital Versatile Disc
High Definition Digital Video
High Definition Digital Video Disc
High Definition Digital Video Narrow-Band Emission
High Density Digital Recorder
High Density Digital Recording
High Density Digital Versatile Disc
High Frequency Digital Electronics Group
High Frequency Digital Modem
High Performance Time to Digital Converter
High Rate Digital Demodulator
High Rate Digital Sequence
High Rate Digital Switch
High Speed Digital
High Speed Digital Chart
High Speed Digital Subscriber Line
High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line
High-Speed Digital Switch
High-Speed Digital System
Hispanic Digital Network
Home Digital Solutions
Homeland Security Digital Library
Host Digital Terminal
Hybrid Digital
Hybrid Digital
Hybrid Digital
Hybrid Digital-Analog
Hypothetical Reference Digital Path
Hypothetical Reference Digital Section
Icom Digital Advanced System
Idaho Digital Learning Academy
Image Station Digital Mensuration
Imagery Digital Exploitation
In-Band On-Channel Digital Audio Broadcast
Increased Digital Resolution
Independent Digital Artists
Indiana University Digital Library Program
Industrial Property Digital Library
Infinity Digital Media
Informed Dialogue About Consumer Acceptability of Digital Rights Management Solutions
Infrared Digital Thermometer
Institute for Digital Entertainment and Education
Institute for Digital Media Technology
Institute for Digital Research and Education
Institutional Digital Education Plan
Institutional Digital Repository
In-Store Digital Media
Instructional Technology and Digital Media Center
Instrumentation Digital On-Line Transcriber
Integrated Digital Access
Integrated Digital Avionics
Integrated Digital Avionics System
Integrated Digital Camera
Integrated Digital Carrier Unit
Integrated Digital Data Environment
Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
Integrated Digital Environment
Integrated Digital Environment Transition
Integrated Digital Exchange
Integrated Digital Loop Carriers
Integrated Digital Media Institute
Integrated Digital Network
Integrated Digital Services Terminal
Integrated Digital Skills Trainer
Integrated Digital Systems/ScanAmerica, Inc.
Integrated Digital Telecommunications System
Integrated Digital Television
Integrated Digital Terminal
Integrated Digital Transport Network
Integrated Services Digital
Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting
Integrated Services Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Network Gateway Exchange
Integrated Services Digital Network User Part
Intellectual Property Digital Library
Intelligence Digital Message Terminal
Intelligent Digital Crossconnect
Interactive Digital Image Display and Analysis System
Interactive Digital Software Association
Interactive Digital Solutions
Interactive Digital Television
Interactive Public Exhibits and Digital Signage
Inter-chip Digital Link
Interconnecting Digital-Analog Converter
Inter-Digital Analog Converter
Inter-Digital Capacitor
Interdigital Communications
Interdigital Electrode
Interdigital Intratransducer
Interdigital Intratransducer
Interdigital Nerve
Inter-Digital Transducer
Interdisciplinary Digital Studio
Interim Digital-Analog Converter
Interlocked Digital Bandwidth Tracking
Internaitonal Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Information Systems in Digital Economy
Internal Digital Modulation
International Centre for Digital Content
International Children’s Digital Library
International Conference on Digital Communications
International Conference on Digital Content
International Conference on Digital Human Modeling
International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling
International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries
International Conference on the Digital Society
International Digital Centre, Inc.
International Digital Communications, Incorporated
International Digital Crossconnect System
International Digital Curation Conference
International Digital Electronic Access Library
International Digital Entertainment Festival
International Digital Fighters Alliance
International Digital Publishing Forum
International Digital Radio Association
International Digital Satellite
International Digital Software Association
International Journal on Digital Libraries
International Property Digital Library
International Switched Digital Services
International Symposium on Digital Earth
International Symposium on Digital Libraries
International Workshop on Digital Communications
International Workshop on Interactive Digital Entertainment Technologies
International Workshop on Research Issues in Digital Libraries
Internet Digital Subscriber Line
Internet Protocol Digital Terminal
Interoffice Connecting Digital Span
Iowa Digital Library
Iowa Heritage Digital Collection
ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
Iterative Digital Image Matching
Japan Digital Archives Association
Japan Digital Cellular
Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive
Japanese Digital Standard
Java Advanced Digital Clock
Java Digital Library
Jerarquia Digital Sincrona
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
Joint Expeditionary Digital Information
KCL Digital Consultancy Service (UK)
Kelly Chapman Digital Content
Ken’s Digital Music
Kentuckiana Digital Library
KEW Digital Emulation Center
Kinetic Energy Weapons Digital Emulation Center
Knight Ridder Digital
Kodak Clas Digital Film Scanner
Kodak Digital Camera format
Kork Digital Mapping System
Large Format Digital Printing
Lattice Wave Digital Filter
LCD Digital Microscope
Le Coup Digital Innovations, Inc.
Learning Digital Photography Together
Leeson Digital Designs
LEGO Digital Designer
Letterman Digital Arts Center
Light Digital Tactical Operations Center
Light Frame Digital Reality
Light Weight Digital Rights Management
Lightweight Digital Command Terminal
Lightweight Digital Facsimile
Linear Digital Interpolation
Linear Phase Digital Filter
Liquid Digital Media
Literature Culture and Digital Media
Local Digital Coding
Local Digital Distribution Subsystem
Local Digital Message Exchange
Local Digital Services
Local Digital Switch
Loopback Command, Digital Loop Request
Lucent Digital Radio
Main Digital Signal Processor
Manchester Automatic Digital Machine
Marconi Digital Multipoint System
Marine Digital Voice
Mass Digital Storage Management
Master of Communication in Digital Media
Master Seafloor Digital Database
Masyarakat Digital Gotong Royong
Mavica Digital Camera
Medical Digital Assistant
Medical Personal Digital Assistant
Megabit Digital Troposcatter Subsystem
Member Digital Library
Member Digital Library Subscription
Meridian Digital Centrex
Meta Genuine Digital Image
Michigan Digital Automatic Computer
Microwave Digital Archive
Microwave Digital Signal Processor
Microwave Digital Sound
MIDI Songs on Demand (digital music)
Mini Digital Cassette Recorder
Minnesota Digital Library Coalition
Missouri Digital Heritage
Missouri Digital News
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.
Mobile Digital Assistant
Mobile Digital Commons Network
Mobile Digital Computer
Mobile Digital Television
Mobile Digital Terminal
Mobile Digital Video
Mobile Digital Video Recorder
Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network
Model Engineers Digital Workshop
Modern Digital Communications, Inc.
Modern Digital Militia
Modular Digital Altitude Control System
Modular Digital Electronic Warfare System
Modular Digital Exchange
Modular Digital Multitracks
Monitoring of the Implementation of Digital Tachograph
Multichannel Audio Digital Interface
Multifunction Digital Adapter
Multi-Functional Digital Node
Multimedia Digital Assistant
Multimedia Digital Distribution System
Multi-Mode Digital
Multiple Digital Speech Interpolation
Multiplexed Analog-to-Digital Converter
Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter
Multi-purpose Digital Indicator
Multirate Digital Signal Processing
Multiservice Digital Access
Multi-Service Digital Node
Museum Digital Licensing Collective
Musical Industry Digital Interface
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Musician Digital Portfolio
Mystro Digital Navigator
Naked Digital Subscriber Line
Narrowband Digital Cross-Connect System
Nasjonal Digital Læringsarena
National Center for Digital Intrusion Response
National Digital Archive of Datasets
National Digital Forecast Database
National Digital Forum
National Digital Guidance Database
National Digital Heritage Archive
National Digital Learning Repository
National Digital Library
National Digital Library Competition
National Digital Library of Agriculture
National Digital Library of Bhutan
National Digital Mammography Archive
National Digital Radio Service
National Digital Resource Bank
National Digital Seismograph Network
National Digital Television Center
National Network of Digital Schools
National Science Digital Library
National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Digital Library
National Taskforce for Digital Inclusion
Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment
Naval Engineering Drawings Digital Storage And Repository System
Near Term Digital Radio
Network Digital Signage Display
Network Digital Signage Player
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Networked University Digital Library
New Digital Cinema
New Directions in Digital Media
New Jersey Digital Highway
News Digital Systems
Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier
Nonlinear Digital Delta Modulation
Nonlinear digital video editing project file, proprietary to Avid Cinema, a division of Avid Technology)
Normalized Digital Vegetation Index
North American Digital Cellular
North American Digital Cellular
North American Digital Hierarchy
North American Digital Systems Directory
Northeast Massachusetts Digital Library
Northern Centre for Digital Imaging
Northern New Mexico Digital Video
North-West Digital Communications
Nova Scotia Digital Collections Initiative
Nueva Editorial de Prensa Digital
Oakland Digital Inclusion Summit
Oceanic Digital Jamaica
Offshore Digital Services, Inc.
Ohio Commons for Digital Education
Online Digital Advertising Connection
Open Digital Evidence Search and Seizure Architecture
Open Source Digital Voting Foundation
Operational Digital Network
Optical Digital Image Processing Text
Optical Digital Image System
Optical Digital Imagery
Optical Digital Imaging Technology
Optical Digital Reference
Oral Digital Thermometer
Oral-Facial-Digital Type I
Oregon Sustainable Community Digital Library
Orofaciodigital Syndrome
Otara Digital Opportunities
Oto-Palatal-Digital Syndrome
Out in Digital Media
Ovine Interdigital Dermatitis
Oxford Digital Library
Pacific Digital Cellular
Pacific Digital Photography Club
Palm Digital Media
Palm Digital Media
Panasonic Digital Document Company
Paramount Digital Entertainment
Patriot Digital Information Link
Personal Communications Digital Assistant
Personal Digital Assistant
Personal Digital Assistant Profile
Personal Digital Cellular
Personal Digital Communication
Personal Digital Cordless
Personal Digital Entertainment
Personal Digital Field Guide
Personal Digital Light Box
Personal Digital Network Environment
Personal Digital Reader
Personal Digital Recorder
Personal Digital Rights Management
Personalized Digital Museum Assistant
Philippine Digital Upgrade
Philips & BenQ Digital Storage
Photographic Digital Imaging Technician
Platoon Leader’s Digital Message Device
Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
Polaroid Digital Camera
Portable Digital Assistant
Portable Digital Document
Portable Digital Media Interface
Portable Digital Notepad
Post, Digital and Visual Effects Production
Preserving Access to Digital Information
Primary Digital Hierarchy
Primeworld Digital Systems Inc.
Princeton University Digital Library
Procesamiento Digital de Señales
Professional and Broadcast Digital Systems
Professional Digital Imaging
Professional Layout Digital Assistant
Profile Digital Imaging Services
Program Against Digital Counterfeiting of Currency
Programmable Digital Processor
Programmable Digital Radio
Pubblicazioni Aperte Digitali Interateneo Sapienza
Public Switched Digital Capability
Public Switched Digital Service
Pulse Oximeter-Induced Digital Injury
quantitative digital radiography
Quantum Chromodynamics on Digital Signal Processors
Quantum Digital Laboratories
Quantum Digital Security Pty. Ltd.
Queensland Digital Group
Radio Digital System
Radio Digital Terminal
Radiograph Digital Converter
Random Access Digital Audio
Random Access Digital Audio Recorder
Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter
Ranganathan Center for Digital Information
Range Digital Transmission System
Rare-Book Digital Library
Raster Imaging and Digital Typography Conference
Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
Rate-adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
Reach Digital Subscriber Line
Real World Digital Photography
Receive Digital Cipher Text
Recordable Digital Audio Tape
Recording Automatic Digital Optical Tracker
Recursive Digital Filter
Red Digital de Servicios Integrados
Referential Universal Digital Indexer
Refined Digital Output Technology
Regional Digital Switched Network
Reimer Digital Library
Remote Control Stat Planner/Digital Linear Switch
Remote Digital Terminal
Remote Digital Test Access
Remote Measurement System – Digital 1
Renal Digital Subtraction Arteriography
Repeatable Digital Validation
Resistive Digital to Analog Converter
Resolver to Digital Converter
Reverse Digital Traffic Channel
Rice Digital Scholarship Archive
Ricoh Digital Camera
Ripe Digital Entertainment
Rjackson Digital Consortium
Robotics & Digital Technology
Roland Digital Audio Compression
Rotating-head Digital Audio Recorder
Row Digital Interconnect
Ruggedized Personal Digital Assistant
Running Digital Sum
Running Digital Sum Sum
Russian Digital Libraries Journal
S4C Digital Networks
Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services
Satellite Digital Multiedia Broadcasting
Satellite Digital Radio
Satellite Digital Sound Broadcasting
Scottish Schools Digital Network
Scrambled Digital Data Stream
Search Digital Libraries
Secure Digital
Secure Digital
Secure Digital Container
Secure Digital Facsimile
Secure Digital Forensic Imaging
Secure Digital High Capacity
Secure Digital Host Controller
Secure Digital Input/Output
Secure Digital Modem
Secure Digital Music Initiative
Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit
Secure Digital Radio Transfer
Secure Digital Storage Device
Secure Digital Switch
Secure Digital Voice Terminal
Security and Privacy in Digital Rights Management
Self-Protecting Digital Content
Serial Digital Interface
Serial Digital Phase Filter
Serial Digital to Analogue
Serial Digital Transport Protocol
Serial Digital Video Output
Serial Parallel Digital
Shanghai Fangyuan Digital Technology Ltd.
Short Run Digital Printing
Simoco Digital Systems
Single Integrated Digital Device
Single Lens Digital
Single-line Digital Subscriber Line
Single-Line High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
Single-Pair Digital Subscriber Line
Sistema Público de Escrituração Digital
Six-Port Direct Digital Receiver
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Small Digital Switch
Small Digital Voice Switch
Small, Low-Voltage, Digital
Society for Digital Humanities
SOF Digital Environment
SONET/Digital Multiplex System
Sony Digital Interface Format
Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc.
Sony Disc and Digital Solutions
Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Sony Pictures Digital Networks
Sony-Philips Digital Interface Format
Southeastern Digital Animation Festival
Southeastern Emergency Digital Association Network
Sparta Acquisition Digital Equipment
Special Digital Edition
Staff-Digital Leaders Reaction Course
Stan Grabowski Digital Graphics
Stand-Alone Digital Communications Unit
Standalone Digital Video Recorder
Standard Analog To Digital System
Standard Digital Data Exchange Format
Standard Digital Hierarchy
Standard Digital Markup Language
Standard Digital Television
State Digital Map Base
State Digital Road Network
Stealth Digital Analyzer
Stork Digital Imaging BV
Studio Digital Coopératif
Sub-Rate Digital Multiplexer
Subscriber Line Module Digital
Super Digital Audio Technology
Super Digital Linear Tape
Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon
Surrogate Digital Radio
Swedish Digital Racing Association
Switched Digital Broadband
Switched Digital Broadcast
Switched Digital Data Service
Switched Digital International
Switched Digital Network
Switched Digital Video
Switched Multimegabit Digital Service
Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Symmetrical High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line
Symmetrical High-Density Digital Subscriber Line
Symmetrical Highspeed Digital Subscriber Loop
Symmetrical Single Pair Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line
Synchronous Digital Crossconnect
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
Synchronous Digital Multiplex System
Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line
System Digital to Analog Converter
Systemhaus Digitale Medien Designer GmbH
Systolic Digital Blood Pressure
Tactical Advanced Digital Control System
tactical airborne digital camera system
Tactical Automatic Digital Switch
Tactical Automatic Digital Switching System
Tactical Data/Digital Information Exchange System/Subsystem
Tactical Digital Assistants
Tactical Digital Facsimile
Tactical Digital Information Link
Tactical Digital Information Link
Tactical Digital Information Link
Tactical Digital Information Link
Tactical Digital Standard
Tactical Digital System
Tactical Digital System Document Requirement
Tactical Digital System Standards
Tactical Integrated Digital System
Tascam Digital Interface
Tasmanian Digital Television
Teac Digital Interface Format
Technical Committee on Digital Libraries
Technicolor Digital Intermediates
TechShot Digital
Telefonia Digital Movil
Telekom Digital Subscriber Line
Television Digital Terrestre
Terrestrial Digital Audio Radio
Terrestrial Digital Service
Terrestrial Digital Sound Broadcasting
Texas Conference on Digital Libraries
Texas Digital Library
The Digital Archaeological Record
The Digital Art Auction
The Digital Brotherhood
The Digital Filmmaker
The Digital Journalist
The Digital Village
Tikona Digital Networks
Times Digital Archive
Time-to-Digital Converter
Timing Issues in the Specification and Synthesis of Digital Systems
Tobacco Control Digital Library
Toonami Digital Arsenal
Transparent Digital Transmodulator
Trident Digital Control Computer
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc.
True Digital Audio Amplifier
úcelové digitálne mapy
Uganda Scholarly Digital Library
Understanding Digital Signal Processing
Underwriters Digital Research, Inc.
Unidade de Derivação Digital
Unidirectional Digital Subscriber Line
Unified Digital Switch
Unified Digital Switch
United Digital Memory
United States Digital Network
Universal Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Working Group
Universal Audio Digital
Universal Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
Universal Digital Camera Adapter
Universal Digital Channel
Universal Digital Controller
Universal Digital Interface
Universal Digital Loop Carrier
Universal Digital Loop Transceiver
Universal Digital Subscriber Line
Universal Digital Subscriber Loop
Universal Digital Technology Corporation
University of California Digital Library
University of Cincinnati Digital Press
Unrestricted Digital Information
US Digital
US Digital Designs, Inc.
US Digital Television, Inc.
US Digital Transactions Corporation
Variable Digital Filter
Very Compact Digital Exchange
Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line
Very Large Digital Library
Very-High Frequency Digital Link
Video Digital Asset Management
Video Digital Image Morphometry
Vision Digital Library System
VISSR/VAS Digital Multiplexer
Voltage Identification Digital
WAN Over Digital Subscriber Line
Washington Digital Learning Commons
Wave Digital Matched Filter
Waveguide Digital Network
Waves of Digitalis
wearable digital hearing aid
West Virginia Digital Library
Western Digital
Western Digital Corporation
Westinghouse Digital Electronics
Wideband and Broadband Digital Cross-Connect
Wideband Digital Cross-Connect System
Windows Media Digital Rights Management
Wire-Bonded Interdigital Capacitor
Wireless Any Network Digital Assistant
Wireless Cable Digital Alliance
Wireless Digital Assistant
Wireless Digital Loop Carrier
Wireless Digital Media Player
Wireless Digital Subscriber Line
Wireless Home Digital Interface
Wisconsin Digital Archive Pilot Project
World Digital Database
World Digital Database for Environmental Science
World Digital Library
World Digital Mathematics Library
World Digital Media Group
World Digital Network Co.
World-Wide Digital Systems Architecture
World-Wide Integrated Digital Telecommunications
Writing in Digital Environments
x Digital Subscriber Line
XEDM Digital Locker (software)
Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation
Young Digital Planet
Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery