Diploma Abbreviations

Diploma is a term that derives from the Latin word diplōma , although its more remote origin is found in a Greek concept and can be translated as “doubling”. A diploma is a title, certificate or credential issued by an entity or corporation to accredit something (an academic degree, an award, etc.).


Examples: “Tomorrow, I will receive my diploma in college”, “The Law degree is at my parents ‘ house ”, “When Matias won the literary prize, he received 1,000 euros and a diploma”.

As a rule , diplomas are awarded by an educational institution when students complete a degree. Upon finishing primary school, secondary school or a university course, therefore, the graduate receives a diploma. It should be noted that, for legal purposes, the diploma is merely symbolic, since the document accrediting the academic degree obtained is the title.

Contests or skills also usually award diplomas to winners as a form of recognition. Often the first prize consists of cash or a trophy (or medal) along with the diploma, while second or third place only receives a diploma.

The classical or traditional meaning of diploma, on the other hand , refers to any document issued by public authority. In this case , the diploma comprises data such as the author, the addressee and the scribe who authenticates the document. The diploma, as an official order or instrument, bears the corresponding seal (or stamp) and has an original that is filed in a register.

Diploma Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Diploma

AHD Academic Honors Diploma
ADI Academie Diplomatique Internationale
ADTA Advance Diploma in Tourism Administration
ADBF Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance
ADFP Advanced Diploma in Film Production
ADFE Advanced Diploma in Finance and Economics
ADGA Advanced Diploma in Government Accounting
ADM Advanced Diploma in Management
ADIM Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
ADNS Advanced Diploma in Nursing Studies
ADSE Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering
ADST Advanced Diploma in Software Testing
ADPA Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts
APID Advanced Placement International Diploma
ALDAC All Diplomatic and Consular Posts
AAD American Academy of Diplomacy
ACDCM Archbishop of Canterbury’s Diploma in Church Music
ADST Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training
ATAD Association for Teen- Age Diplomats
ARMADA Association of Rocky Mountain Area Diplomacy Adversaries
BDNA Bangladesh Diploma Nurses Association
BCD Board Certified Diplomate
BDS Bureau of Diplomatic Security
BDA Business for Diplomatic Action
CANADA College Diploma in Agriculture
CDA College Diploma in Agriculture
CBHSDP Competency-Based High School Diploma Program
CD Corps Diplomatique
CDT Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne
CD Cuerpo Diplomático
CD Cuerpo Diplomático
DDC Darokin Diplomatic Corps
DSPD Defense Support to Public Diplomacy
DKDB Dienst Koninklijke en Diplomatieke Beveiliging
DIP Diploma
DBE Diploma Basico de Espanol
DCAD Diploma Computer Aided Drafting
DELE Diploma de Espanol Como Lengua Extranjera
DELE Diploma De Espanol Lengua Extranjera
DEA Diploma de Estudios Avanzados
DDP Diploma Development Partnership
DL Diploma di Laurea
DAST Diploma for Advanced Study in Teaching
DGPA Diploma Grade Point Average
DABS Diploma in Accounting & Business Studies
DIAMETER Diploma In Administration
DIA Diploma in Administration
DAST Diploma in Advanced Software Technology
DA Diploma in Anaesthesiology
DADPS Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology
DAA Diploma in Archive Administration
DBM Diploma in Botanic Medicine
DBAD Diploma in Business Administration
DBIT Diploma in Business Information Technology
DBM Diploma in Business Management
DCHA Diploma in Charity Accounting
DCPT Diploma in Chemical Process Technology
DCH Diploma in Child Health
DCLE Diploma in Civil Engineering
DCE Diploma in Civil Engineering
DCH Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
DCMT Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy
DCPE Diploma in Computer Engineering
DCE Diploma in Computer Engineering
DCOA Diploma in Computer Office Assistant
DCSA Diploma in Computer Science and Applications
DICS Diploma in Computer Studies
DCIA Diploma in Computerised Industrial Accounting
DCLP Diploma in Contact Lens Practice
DTVM Diploma in Creative Writing for Television and New Media
DCCM Diploma in Critical Care Medicine
DDTS Diploma in Defence Technology and Systems
DDTP Diploma in Desktop Publishing
DDM Diploma in Destination Management
DIDA Diploma in Digital Application
DDED Diploma in Distance Education
DDE Diploma in Distance Education
DED Diploma in Education
DELTA Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults
DES Diploma in English Studies
DFM Diploma in Family Medicine
DFT Diploma in Film Technology
DFA Diploma in Fine Arts
DFP Diploma in Food Production
DFT Diploma in Footwear Technology
DFO Diploma in Front Office
DGDP Diploma in General Dental Practice
DGO Diploma in Gynaecology & Obstetrics
DHSA Diploma in Health Services Administration
DHM Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine
DHMS Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery
DHOM Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine
DHM Diploma in Hotel Management
DHP Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
DIMC Diploma in Immediate Medical Care Examination
DIH Diploma in Industrial Health
DISM Diploma in Infocomm Securities Management
DISMISS Diploma in Infocomm Securities Management
DICT Diploma in Information Communication Technology
DISM Diploma in Information System Management
DISMISS Diploma in Information System Management
DIT Diploma in Information Technology
DICS Diploma in Insurance Coding Specialist
DICM Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine
DIEM Diploma in International Event Management
DISL Diploma in International Shipping and Logistics
DITM Diploma in International Trade Management
DIFA Diploma in Investigative and Forensic Accounting
DJVT Diploma in Java Technologies
DIJ Diploma in Journalism
DLIT Diploma in Languages and International Trade
DPP Diploma in Law – Paralegal Practice
DMS Diploma in Management Studies
DME Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
DMJ Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence
DMRD Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
DMU Diploma in Medical Ultrasound
DMS Diploma in Medicine and Surgery
DME Diploma in Metallurgy Engineering
DML Diploma in Modern Languages
DNN Diploma in Nursery Nursing
DOMS Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine & Surgery
DLO Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology
DPCS Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science
DPRM Diploma in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
DPQS Diploma in Post Qualifying Studies
DPDS Diploma in Postgraduate Dental Studies
DPD Diploma in Practical Dermatology
DPS Diploma in Professional Studies
DPSE Diploma in Professional Studies in Education
DPPM Diploma in Project Planning and Management
DPSH Diploma in Psycho-Semantic Hypnotherapy
DPH Diploma in Public Health
DPSM Diploma in Public Sector Management
DPSI Diploma in Public Service Interpreting
DRIT Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology
DRI Diploma in Radionuclide Imaging
DSM Diploma in Sales and Marketing
DSM Diploma in Sales Management
DSAM Diploma in Small Animal Medicine
DIPSW Diploma in Social Work
DSA Diploma in Sport Administration
DHMSA Diploma in the History of Medicine of the Society of Apothecaries
DMCC Diploma in the Medical Care of Catastrophes
DTRM Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management
DTM Diploma in Tourism Management
DIPTRANS Diploma in Translation
DTTC Diploma in Travel and Tourism Consulting
DTTF Diploma in Travel and Tourism Foundations
DTMH Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
DTCD Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases
DVM Diploma in Veterinary Medicine
DVN Diploma in Veterinary Nursing
DILC Diploma Intermedio do Lingua Italiana Commerciale
DAS Diploma of Advanced Studies
DAE Diploma of Associate Engineer
DBTH Diploma of Botano Therapy
DCPS Diploma of College of Physicians and Surgeons
DCCH Diploma of Community Child Health
DCD Diploma of Company Direction
DDU Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound
DENS Diploma of Engineering Studies
DFH Diploma of Faraday House
DIPHE Diploma of Higher Education
DIC Diploma of Imperial College
DLC Diploma of Loughborough College
DMA Diploma of Municipal Administration
DPM Diploma of Psychological Medicine
DPSF Diploma of Science Foundations
DEAA Diploma of the European Academy of Anaesthesiology
DFFP Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning
DOBSTRCOG Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
DRCOG Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
DCOG Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
DSCM Diploma of the State Conservatorium of Music
DPLI Diploma Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah
DP Diploma Programme
DSE Diploma Superior de Español
DWS Diploma Wine and Spirits
DIPL Diploma/Diplomacy/Diplomat
DAAD Diploma-at-a-Distance
DATC Diplomacy Adjudicator Test Cases
DICO Diplomacy and International Commerce
DIME Diplomacy, Intelligence, Military, Economics
DFS Diplomacy’s Final Stand
DPL Diplomat
DABFM Diplomate American Board of Family Medicine
DABFP Diplomate American Board of Family Practice
DACT Diplomate American College of Theriogenology
DCPC Diplomate Certified Psychotherapist Counsellor
DEE Diplomate Environmental Engineer
DLM Diplomate in Laboratory Medicine
DAAS Diplomate in the American Academy of Sanitarians
DABA Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology
DABC Diplomate of the American Board of Criminalistics
DABFA Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Accounting
DABFA Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Anthropology
DABFT Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Toxicologists
DABPM Diplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine
DABT Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology
DACNB Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board
DACNB Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board
DAPA Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association
DESA Diplomate of the European Society of Anaesthesiology
DHANP Diplomate of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians
DNB Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners
DSHS Diplomate of the Society for Health Systems
DACO Diplomate, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists
DABFM Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Medicine
DABFP Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Professions
DABPS Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
DABPS Diplomate, American Board of Psychological Specialties
DACVIM Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
DACOR Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired
DIGA Diplomatic and International Golf Association
DIAMOND Diplomatic and Military Operations in a Non-warfighting Domain
DISCOUNT Diplomatic Corps
DC Diplomatic Corps
DCAB Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh
DIPFAC diplomatic facility
DIST Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer
DISCOUNT Diplomatic Intelligence Support Center
DISC Diplomatic Intelligence Support Center
DPO Diplomatic Post Office
DP Diplomatic Pouch
DPM Diplomatic Pouch and Mail
DPTR Diplomatic Pouch Tournament Ratings
DPG Diplomatic Protection Group
DRI Diplomatic Readiness Initiative
DS Diplomatic Security
DSF Diplomatic Security Force
DSS Diplomatic Security Service
DSFA Diplomatic Service Families Association
DSN Diplomatic Studies Network
DTS Diplomatic Telecommunications Service
DTS Diplomatic Telecommunications System
DIME Diplomatic, Information, Military, and Economic
DDDD Dynamic Diplomats of Double Dutch
EAMD Euro-Arab Management Diploma
EDCBS European Diploma in Cognitive and Brain Sciences
EDIC European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine
EDP External Diploma Program
FDFAF Federal Diplomatic Family Assistance Fund
FDAC First Diploma in Animal Care
FD France-Diplomatie
GED General Education Diploma
GED General Equivalency Diploma
GED Good Enough Diploma
GDIP Graduate Diploma
GDBA Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
GDCA Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
GDEN Graduate Diploma in Electronic Systems, Nanotechnology Major
GDHST Graduate Diploma in Health Studies
GDHRM Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
GDL Graduate Diploma in Law
DURP Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning
GDBA Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
GDET Graduate Diploma of Engineering Technology
GDMA Graduate Diploma of Mathematics
GBDS Graf Benckendorffs Diplomatischer Schriftwechsel
HSD High School Diploma
HSDP High School Diploma Program
HSD High School Diplomats
HSED High School Equivilancy Diploma
HYUNDAI Higher Diploma
HD Higher Diploma
HDIPED Higher Diploma in Education
HDE Higher Diploma in Education
HDSA Higher Diploma in Systems Analysis
HND Higher National Diploma
HMDP Hotel Management Diploma Program
HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
INDP Indian Nursing Diploma Program
IDHL Institut Diplomasi dan Hubungan Luar
IDC Institut Diplomatique et Consulaire
ITCD Institute for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy
IDEB Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh
IDFR Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
IDS International & Diplomat Sales
IDBA International Diploma in Business Administration
IDHA International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance
INDONESIA International Diplomacy
ID International Diplomacy
JFSD Joint Financial Services Diploma
JDFR Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
KIDC Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
MDY Master of Arts in Diplomacy
MALD Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
MHSD Meaningful High School Diploma
MDCH Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
MEDAC Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies
MDCN Military Diplomatic Clearance Number
MSDA Modern Skills Diploma for Adults
ND National Diploma
NDBC National Diploma in Business Computing
NDD National Diploma in Dairying
NDD National Diploma in Design
NDPA National Diploma in Performing Arts
NDP National Diploma in Poultry
NDA National Diploma of Agriculture
NAID Native Adult Instructor Diploma
NDE No Diplomatic Exchange
NDF Norsk Diplomacyforbund
OCAD Ontario College Advanced Diploma
OSSD Ontario Secondary School Diploma
OND Ordinary National Diploma
PDCA Post Diploma in Computer Applications
PDPE Post Diploma in Power Electronics
PGDIP Post Graduate Diploma
PGDBA Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
PGDBF Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance
PGDBM Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
PGDCA Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
PGDFTM Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade Management
PGDHRD Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development
PGDJMC Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
PGDM Post Graduate Diploma in Management
PGDRD Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
PBD Post-Baccalaureate Diploma
PGD Postgraduate Diploma
PGDA Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy
PGDE Postgraduate Diploma in Education
PDEM Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management
PGDFTM Post-Graduate Diploma in Footwear Technology and Management
PDLS Postgraduate Diploma in Liberal Studies
PDNP Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Practice
PDSB Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business Information Technology
PDCF Professional Diploma in Computer Forensics
PDER Professional Diploma in Employment Relations
PDHRD Professional Diploma in Human Resource Development
PDIB Professional Diploma in International Business
PGDE Professional Graduate Diploma in Education
PHDL Professional Higher Diploma in Law
PMDP Project Management Diploma Program
PD Public Diplomacy
PDCF Public Diplomacy Challenge Fund
PDO Public Diplomacy Officer
PDPR Public Diplomacy Press Review
PHD Public High Diploma
RDR Registered Diplomate Reporter
STDP Secret Diplomatic Transit Payment
SDTA Secured Diplomatic Transit Account
SDTS State Diplomatic Telecommunications System
SDO Support for Diplomatic Operations
TTED Technology Teacher Education Diploma
TD Télégramme Diplomatique
UDC Utopia Diplomat Corps