Disability Abbreviations

As established by the ICF, the concept of “disability” (impairment) has an eminently biological focus. Refers to changes or abnormalities in the body’s structures and functions (including mental ones), such as a major deviation or loss.
We can consider four major groupings: psychic, sensory, physical and mixed disabilities.


The term “disability” corresponds to a more complex and comprehensive notion; it refers to the dysfunctionality in all its different levels: deficiencies, limitations in the activity and restrictions of participation and not only to one of its aspects.
According to the WHO, disability is the restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity within the limits considered normal for a human being. Disabilities can be temporary or permanent, reversible or irreversible, progressive or regressive, and are always the result of a disability.

In practice, a person with a disability may have a greater or lesser degree of disability, be more or less functional in their daily lives, depending on the conditions they find in the physical and social environment. That’s why it becomes so important to improve it, to make it for everyone. And we all have that responsibility. Even because disability is seen, in the light of the new paradigm, as something that occurs to all people, at some point in life.

Disability Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Disability

ANED Academic Network of European Disability Experts
ADRB Accidental Disability Retirement Benefits
ADDRESS Action on Disability and Development
ADD Action on Disability and Development
ADEC Advocacy Disability Ethnicity Community
AADI Advocate’s Association for Disability Independence
ADCIS Aged and Disability Care Information Service
ADDRESS Ageing & Disability Department
ADD Ageing & Disability Department
ADRC Aging and Disability Resource Center
ADSA Aging and Disability Services Administration
ABCDE Airway Breathing Circulation Disability Exposure
ABCD Airway, Breathing, Circulation, and Disability
ABCDE Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure
ADAP Alabama Disability Advocacy Program
ALDDS Alabama Disability Determination Service
AOD Alleged Onset of Disability
ABDA American Board of Disability Analysts
ARDI Annually Renewable Disability Income
AAAD Area Agency on Aging & Disability
ACDL Arizona Center for Disability Law
ADRB Army Disability Review Board
APCD Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability
AHEAD Association for Higher Education Access and Disability
ADA Association of Disability Advocates
APLD Association of Practitioners in Learning Disability
AWAD Athletes with A Disability
ADCET Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training
ALDA Australian Learning Disability Association
ACPRD Avoidance Conditioned Pain Related Disability
BDDA Barrow and District Disability Association
BDRC Barwon Disability Resource Council
BLDP Brent Learning Disability Partnership
BDQ Brief Disability Questionnaire
BCANDS British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society
BDDA British Disability Discrimination Act
BSDH British Society for Disability and Oral Health
BDDS Bureau of Developmental Disability Services
BDD Bureau of Disability Determination
BWDC Bureau of Workers Disability Compensation
CPDA California Pregnancy Disability Act
CASDI California State Disability Insurance
COPDA Cambridge Organisation Promoting Disability Awareness
CPPD Canada Pension Plan Disability
CRDP Canada-Russia Disability Program
CAPDA Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment
CCDS Canadian Centre on Disability Studies
CDSA Canadian Disability Studies Association
CCDAD Cape Cod Disability Access Directory
CDAC Carleton Disability Awareness Centre
CMDA Castle Morpeth Disability Association
CEDRR Center for Disability Related Resources
CDCI Center on Disability and Community Inclusion
CHPLDS Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies
CPED Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability
CIARDS Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System
CWDR Central Washington Disability Resources
CDRI Centre for Disability Research and Innovation
CDD Certificate of Disability for Discharge
CDMS Certification of Disability Management Specialists
CDMP Certified Disability Management Professional
CDMS Certified Disability Management Specialist
CDRP Certified Disability Representation Practitioner
CPDM Certified Professional Disability Management
CDB Childhood Disability Benefits/Beneficiaries
CID Chronic Illness and Disability
CSRDF Civil Service Retirement & Disability Fund
CDTCR Coalition for Disability Tax Credit Reform
CCDI College Committee on Disability Issues
CCDC Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
CUDS Columbia University Disability Scale
CDD Combined Degree of Disability
CDT Commissioner’s Disability Table
CSDA Commonwealth-State Disability Agreement
CLDN Community Learning Disability Nurses
CLDT Community Learning Disability Team
CRDS Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
CDDR Comprehensive Directory of Disability Resources
CRDP Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay
CDR Continuing Disability Review
CDF Cornwall Disability Forum
CANADA Council for Disability Awareness
CDA Council for Disability Awareness
CCDG Cowan Counseling and Disability Group
CDI Credit Disability Insurance
CTAD Curriculum Transformation and Disability
DODM Degree of Disability Management
DADS Department of Aging and Disability Services
DDS Department on Disability Services
DDMS Developmental Disability Management Services
DDP Developmental Disability Program
DBL Disability
DAIS Disability Access Information and Support
DARAS Disability Access Rights Advisory Service
DASU Disability Access Support Unit
DAC Disability Action Council
DAII Disability Action in Islington
DAIR Disability Action in Richmondshire
DABB Disability Action in the Borough of Barnet
DANE Disability Action North East
DALE Disability Adjusted Life Expectancy
DALY Disability Adjusted Life-Years
DAC Disability Advisory Committee
DARI Disability and Aging Resource Institute
DBTAC Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
DCAB Disability and Communication Access Board
DCSU Disability and Cultural Studies Unit
DRRP Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects
DAS Disability Assessment Schedule
DALP Disability Assistance Loan Program
DASSI Disability Attendant Support Services Inc.
DAAWG Disability Awareness and Action Working Group
DART Disability Awareness Resource Team
DAT Disability Awareness Training
DBL Disability Benefits Law
DCCO Disability Care Coordination Organization
DCM Disability Case Management
DCE Disability Coalition on Education
DCRN Disability Community Resource Network
DCS Disability Conciliation Service
DCQ Disability Council of Queensland
DDS Disability Determination Services
DDA Disability Discrimination Act
DEAN Disability Education Association of NSW
DEPENDENT Disability Education Program
DEP Disability Education Program
DEPUTY Disability Education Program
DEPLOYED Disability Education Program
DEPOSIT Disability Education Program
DEPM Disability Employment Program Manager
DED Disability Equality Duty
DEPENDENT Disability Equality Partnership
DEP Disability Equality Partnership
DEPUTY Disability Equality Partnership
DEPLOYED Disability Equality Partnership
DEPOSIT Disability Equality Partnership
DES Disability Equality Scheme
DED Disability Evaluation Division
DES Disability Evaluation System
DHP Disability Healthcare Professional
DI Disability Income
DIAMETER Disability Income Associate
DIA Disability Income Associate
DII Disability Income Insurance
DIPLOMA Disability Income Plan
DIP Disability Income Plan
DISP Disability Income Security Program
DI Disability Index
DINA Disability Information Network Australia
DISTSS Disability In-Service Training Support Service
DI Disability Insurance
DIB Disability Insurance Benefits
DISM Disability Insurance State Manual
DISMISS Disability Insurance State Manual
DIT Disability Insurance Trust
DLC Disability Law Center
DALYS Disability Life Adjusted Years
DLA Disability Living Allowance
DMEC Disability Management Employer Coalition
DMD Disability Mentoring Day
DNMM Disability Network/Mid-Michigan
DNIS Disability News and Information Service
DASH Disability of Arm Shoulder and Hand
DPPI Disability Pregnancy and Parenthood International
DPW Disability Premium Waiver
DPTR Disability Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation
DPN Disability Program Navigator
DRS Disability Rating Scale
DRMS Disability Reinsurance Management Services
DRES Disability Related Employment Supports
DRIE Disability Rent Increase Exemption
DRI Disability Research Institute
DRES Disability Resource and Educational Services
DRA Disability Resource Association
DRC Disability Resource Center
DRNBC Disability Resource Network of British Columbia
DRSO Disability Resources and Services Office
DRM Disability Resources Monthly
DRC Disability Review Council
DRACH Disability Rights Action Coalition for Housing
DRA Disability Rights Activists
DRAFT Disability Rights Advocates For Technology
DRAG Disability Rights Association of Goa
DRC Disability Rights Center
DRC Disability Rights Center of Kansas
DRC Disability Rights Commission
DREDF Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc.
DRI Disability Rights Initiative
DRM Disability Rights Movement
DRNS Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
DRN Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
DRNC Disability Rights of North Carolina
DRMS Disability Risk Management Services
DSLC Disability Services & Legal Center
DSQ Disability Services Queensland
DSL Disability Sick Leave
DSLS Disability Sick Leave
DSS Disability Status Scale
DIS Disability Studies
DSP Disability Support Pension
DSPS Disability Support Programs & Services
DSS Disability Support Services
DT Disability Taskforce
DTER Disability Taskforce
DDAS Division of Disability and Aging Services
DDDS Division of Disability Determination Services
DIDOP Division of Injury and Disability Outcomes and Programs
EDAN Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network
EDLA Elder & Disability Law Advocates
EAD Elite Athletes with a Disability
ED Emotional Disability
EFD Employers’ Forum on Disability
EFDS English Federation of Disability Sport
EIDL Enhanced Industrial Disability Leave
EOD Established Onset of Disability
ECDVRAT European Conference on Disability Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies
EDF European Disability Forum
EIDD European Institute for Design and Disability
EDSS Expanded Disability Status Scale
FCTD Family Center on Technology and Disability
FTDI Family Temporary Disability Insurance
FDDS Federal Disability Determination Services
FRIDA Feminist Response in Disability Activism
FTAAA First Tennessee Area Agency on Aging & Disability
FSRDS Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System
GDVP Georgia Disability Vote Project
GLDM Gibraltar Local Disability Movement
GAPD Global Assessment of Psychosocial Disability
GLAD Greater London Action on Disability
GSDS Groningen Social Disability Scale
GBDS Group Benefits Disability Specialist
GLTD Group Long Term Disability
HDC Health & Disability Commissioner
HDAAU Health and Disability Auditing Australia
HDSS Health and Disability Sector Standards
HDWG Health and Disability Working Group
HAQ-DI Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index
IBSDA Incapacity Benefit and Severe Disability Allowance
ICLD Indian Council for Learning Disability
IDI Individual Disability Income
IDEAS Information on Disability – Equipment, Access Service
IHD Institute for Health & Disability
IOD Institute on Disability
IHDD Institute on Human Development and Disability
IDAM Integrated Disability and Absence Management
IDES Integrated Disability Evaluation System
INDIE Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education
INDONESIA Intellectual Disability
ID Intellectual Disability
IDSO Intellectual Disability Services Officer
ICDR Interagency Committee on Disability Research
IDEAS Interagency Disability Educational Awareness Showcase
ISDS Interagency Subcommittee on Disability Statistics
IACDI Intermunicipal Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
IADH International Association for Disability and Oral Health
ICF International Classification of Functioning and Disability
ICF International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
ICDA International Council on Disability Awareness
IDA International Disability Alliance
IDMSC International Disability Management Standards Council
IIDA International Institute for Disability Advocacy
INDONESIA Invisible Disability
ID Invisible Disability
KDAC Knox Disability Advisory Committee
KDO Kurdish Disability Organisation
LLD Language Learning Disability
LD Learning Disability
LDAF Learning Disability Awards Framework
LDPB Learning Disability Partnership Board
LDS Learning Disability Skills
LCD Leonard Cheshire Disability
LHD Life, Health and Disability
LWD Living Well with A Disability
LDAF London Disability Arts Forum
LTD Long Term Disability
LEMD Lower Extremity Mobility Disability
MDLC Maryland Disability Law Center
MODULATOR Massachusetts Office on Disability
MOD Massachusetts Office on Disability
MODULATOR Mayor’s Office on Disability
MOD Mayor’s Office on Disability
MDAC Mental Disability Advocacy Center
MDAP Mental Disability Advocacy Program
MR-DD Mental Retardation and Other Developmental Disability
MDC Metro Disability Coalition
MDRD Michigan Disability Resource Directory
MDRD Michigan Disability Resources Database
MIDAS Migraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire
MID Mild Intellectual Disability
MLD Mild Learning Disability
MDLC Minnesota Disability Law Center
MOID Moderate Intellectual Disability
MLD Moderate Learning Disability
MACDS Montana Association of Community Disability Services
MAGDA Museums and Galleries Disability Association
NADC National Arts and Disability Center
NADCEST National Arts and Disability Center
NABD National Association of Bikers with a Disability
NADO National Association of Disability Officers
NBDC National Business & Disability Council
NCDR National Coalition for Disability Rights
NCDDD National Council of Disability Determination Directors
NCD National Council on Disability
NCID National Council on Intellectual Disability
NDA National Disability Authority
NDC National Disability Council
NDSA National Disability Sports Alliance
NDT National Disability Team
NMDIS National Music and Disability Information Service
NOD National Organization on Disability
NPSDD National Physical and Sensory Disability Database
NPAD National Program for Action on Disability
NRID National Residential Intellectual Disability Providers, Inc.
NDI Neck Disability Index
NDI Non-Industrial Disability Insurance
NSCD Non-Service-Connected Disability
NLD Nonverbal Learning Disability
NFDS Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Sport
NCID NSW Council for Intellectual Disability (Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia)
ODMC Occupational Disability Management Center
ODI Office for Disability Issues
OD Office of Disability
ODA Office of Disability Accommodations
ODAR Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
ODDS Office of Disability Determination Services
ODEP Office of Disability Employment Policy
ODO Office of Disability Operations
ODR Office of Disability Resources
ODTA Office of Disability Technical Assistance
DALTCP Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy
OTDA Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
ODG Official Disability Guidelines
ODS Oklahoma Disability Survey
OASD Old Age Survivors and Disability
OASDHI Old Age, Survivors, Disability and Health Insurance
OASDHI Old Age, Survivors, Disability and Health Insurance Act
OASDI Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
ODI Oswestry Disability Index
ODQ Oswestry Disability Questionnaire
ODAG Otley Disability Advisory Group
PDLA Parental and Disability Leave Act of 1985
PWD People with Disability
PWD Performer with a Disability
PD Permanent Disability
PDI Permanent Disability Insurance
PDRS Permanent Disability Rating Schedule
PDRL Permanent Disability Retired List
PPD Permanent Partial Disability
PTD Permanent Total Disability
PWD Person with a Disability
PDD Persons with Developmental Disability
POD Pfeffer Outpatient Disability Scale
PDA Physical Disability Agency
PDA Physical Disability Appeal
PDAB Physical Disability Appeals Board
PDCA Physical Disability Council Australia
PDCN Physical Disability Council of New South Wales
PDCN Physical Disability Council of NSW
PDES Physical Disability Evaluation System
PDSS Physical Disability Support Service
PDL Pregnancy Disability Leave
PDC Presbyterians for Disability Concerns
PDRS Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation Service
QDSS Queensland Disability Service Standards
QDD Quick Disability Determination
RDES Race and Disability Equality Scheme
RDRS Rapid Disability Rating Scale
RWD Reading Writing Disability
RDLO Regional Disability Liaison Officer
RDSI Regional Disability Support Initiative
RNID Registered Nurse Intellectual Disability
REDD Research and Education on Disability and Disaster
RADIUS Research Archive on Disability in the United States
RSCYP Respite Support for Carers of Young People with a Severe or Profound Disability Program
WRACELD Retired for Disability on account of Wounds Received in Action or for disability incurred in Combat with an Enemy of the United States
RSDI Retirement and Survivors Disability Insurance
RDQ Roland Disability Questionnaire
RADAR Royal Association for Disability And Rehabilitation
RPDS Rural and Peninsula Disability Support
SCLD Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability
SDA Severe Disability Allowance
SED Severe Emotional Disability
SLD Severe Learning Disability
SMID Severe Motor and Intellectual Disability
SHADE Sexual Health and Disability Education
DOCTOR Short Term Disability
STD Short Term Disability
STDL Short-Term Disability Leave
SDSC Singapore Disability Sports Council
SLD Slow Learning Disability
SSD Social Security Disability
SSDA Social Security Disability Act
SSDBS Social Security Disability Beneficiary
SSDB Social Security Disability Beneficiary
SSDBS Social Security Disability Benefit
SSDB Social Security Disability Benefit
SSDC Social Security Disability Coalition
SSDI Social Security Disability Income
SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance
SWANDS South West Academic Network for Disability Support
SDW Special Disability Workload
SEND Special Educational Needs and Disability
SLD Special Learning Disability
SLD Specific Language Disability
SRD Specific Reading Disability
SDI State Disability Insurance
SDAO Student Disability Access Office
SDS Student Disability Services
SWD Student with Disability
SARDI Substance Abuse Resources and Disability Issues
SDIR Supplemental Disability Income Rider
SSDI Supplemental Security Disability Income
SCDES Surgeon’s Certificate of Disability
SCD Surgeon’s Certificate of Disability
SWD Swimmer with a Disability
TD Temporary Disability
TDBL Temporary Disability Benefits Law
TDI Temporary Disability Insurance
TDRL Temporary Disability Retired List
TPD Temporary Partial Disability
TT Temporary Total Disability
TTD Temporary Total Disability
TCAD Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability
TCDS Texas Center for Disability Studies
RHN The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability
TDWP Total Disability Waiver of Premium
TUDA Trade Union Disability Alliance
UNDISO Uganda National Disability Information Support Organization
USAPDA United States Army Physical Disability Agency
UCOD University Committee on Disability
VDI Voluntary Disability Insurance
VSTD Voluntary Short-Term Disability
VWD Voter with Disability
WPD Waiver of Premium Disability
WDIS Weekly Disability Income
WDI Weekly Disability Income
WLDP Westminster Learning Disability Partnership
WDRC Whanganui Disability Resources Centre
WDRS Winchester Disability Rating Scale
WDVC Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition
WSDS Work and Social Disability Scale
WDCA Workers’ Disability Compensation Act
WIDOW World Institute on Disability
WID World Institute on Disability
WDSG Worldwide Disability Solutions Group
YLD Years Lived with Disability