Abbreviation for Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai is the desert capital and can offer something for everyone, whether it is for a long weekend or a longer holiday. In Dubai you get sun all year round and five star luxury combined with an Arab adventure.

Dubai is also a destination that is great at international conferences, sporting events and exhibitions. Dubai is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and has long, beautiful beaches.

We recommend visiting Dubai from November to April, as the temperature is lowest. You will be very happy in the heat to travel to Dubai in the summer.

Remember that Ramadan is the fasting month in Dubai, and it should not be eaten, drank or smoked publicly from sunrise to sunset during this period. It is not a fixed date for Ramadan. As a tourist, eating out during Ramadan will be no problem for you.

Dubai gives all travelers lasting impressions with their skyscrapers, fine beaches and a combination of science fiction and traditional nomadic culture whether you are children, youth or adult.

Get to know Dubai

Dubai is a very hospitable city. For generations, the city has welcomed seafarers and traders, and this hospitable tradition lives on. The streets of Dubai are neat and safe, and you are charmed by the friendliness and warmth that meets you.

For approx. 30 years ago, the United Arab Emirates was an underpopulated and impoverished country, but today the country has evolved into a dynamic and modern society with top class infrastructure. Wealth has primarily come from oil and gas, which has given the country one of the highest revenues per year. inhabitant of the world. Revenue has been invested in construction projects and urban development, and not least is tourism a major focus area in Dubai.

Dubai has grown into a cosmopolitan metropolis and is the hometown of people from all over the world. The highways to Dubai are full of off-road vehicles and SUVs, which are just as good on the highway as in the desert. We don’t think you’ll find more Range Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers anywhere else in the world.

Dubai and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: DU
  • Country: United Arab Emirates

Deira and Bur Dubai

Dubai are in fact two separate cities, divided by the Khor Dubai River. North of the river you will find Deira, and south of the river you will find Bur Dubai. Both neighborhoods are full of traditional architecture and wonderful new construction. The city center is located in Deira. However, it is being built completely everywhere in Dubai city, and you will also find modern neighborhoods in Bur Dubai. It can be just as successful to use the landmarks as city locations, and not street addresses we are used to.

Dubai is known as a major shopping town with great shopping centers, where they sell everything. You will also find souks, ie traditional marketplaces. On the souks you will find spices, silver, gold, jewels, brass, wooden furniture and much more.

Dubai offers all kinds of activities. There can be desert safaris, sand skiing, Arabic moonlight picnics and expeditions in the old town. The active tourists will find facilities for swimming, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Dubai has one of the finest golf courses in the world. You can of course also ride on horses or camels, go trekking, paragliding, shooting and bowling or go ice skating. Yes, you read correctly. An artificial frozen ice provides the opportunity to go ice skating all year round in the desert town. There are many child-friendly parks that are great for picnics.

If you are interested in photography, you will find many fine designs in Dubai: traditional Arabic architecture, grand mosques, beautiful palaces, new magnificent buildings and stunning sunsets.

Dubai is a modern city, but without the many negative sides that come with big cities, such as garbage, visible poverty and crime. The city is safe to walk in, even at night. Dubai is in many ways a holiday paradise.

Facts about Dubai

Dubai is the desert city that has focused on tourism and shopping. An old trading town has transformed into a multi-ethnic futurama. Dubai is the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

Population about. 3.1 million inhabitants
Language Arabic, but English is also common
Control Form Federation with some responsibilities to the federal government and other responsibilities locally to the individual emirates
Religion 96% Muslim.
Time Difference Dubai is 3 hours ahead of Norway, and 2 hours in summer time.
Currency Emirate of Dirham (AED). 10 Dirham equals approximately 21 Norwegian kroner. (NOTE! Exchange rates are subject to change. Check the travel plan’s currency guide )
Tips Is usually included in the bill. Plus feel free to have a little if you are extra satisfied with the service.
Embassy The Norwegian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates is located in the capital Abu Dhabi. Hamdan Street, Al Masoud Tower; 10th floor, Abu Dhabi. Tel: + 971 2 621 1221.
Tourist Located at the airport, Baniyas Square, BurJuman Center, Mercato Mall, Wafi City Mall, Hamarain Center.
Telephone +971
Emergency 999
Electricity 220 or 240 volts, but other plugs than in Norway, so you will need adapter.
Holidays and Holidays National Day, December 2, in addition to moving holidays; three days after the end of Ramadan and 4 holidays occurring 70 days after the end of Ramadan.
Visa The passport must have a residual validity of more than 6 months after scheduled departure from the country. A 30 day tourist visa is issued at the airport upon arrival. You can be denied entry if you have an Israeli visa / stamp in your passport.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required, but it is recommended to check with the Institute of Public Health before departure.
Water Do not drink from the tap. Bottled water is recommended.
Nearest major cities Abu Dhabi, Oman, Al Ayn
Safety It is considered relatively safe to travel in the FAE, the crime rate is relatively low and neither violent crime nor theft is a major problem.

DU: Dubai

List of Dubai Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Dubai is DU which stands for Dubai. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Dubai, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AUD American University in Dubai
AUDS American University in Dubai
BBG British Business Group, Dubai & Northern Emirates
BUID British University in Dubai
CUD Canadian University in Dubai
DBCD Danish Business Council Dubai
DPSD Delhi Public School Dubai
DNRD Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai
DU-2 Dubai
DU Dubai
DAE Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
DAFZ Dubai Airport Free Zone
DAFZA Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
DCG Dubai City Guide
DCAA Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
DCGO Dubai Classical Guitar Orchestra
DEZ Dubai Education Zone
DEG Dubai e-Government
DEWA Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
DESC Dubai English Speaking College
DESS Dubai English Speaking School
DERC Dubai Ethics Resource Center
DFBC Dubai Filipino Bowling Club
DFM Dubai Financial Market
DFMGI Dubai Financial Market General Index
DFSA Dubai Financial Services Authority
DFMC Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co.
DHFMR Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research
DHA Dubai Health Authority
DHCC Dubai Healthcare City
DH Dubai Holding LLC
DIFG Dubai Indie Film Group
DIC Dubai Industrial City
DIHRD Dubai Institute for Human Resource Development
DIAC Dubai International Academic City
DIAMETER Dubai International Academy
DIA Dubai International Academy
DIAMETER Dubai International Airport
DIA Dubai International Airport
OMDB Dubai International Airport
DIAHC Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship
DIC Dubai International Capital Llc
DIFF Dubai International Film Festival
DIFC Dubai International Financial Centre
DIJW Dubai International Jewellery Week
DIMC Dubai International Marine Club
DIRP Dubai International Reinforced Plastic
DIC Dubai Internet City
DIPLOMA Dubai Investments Park Development Company
DIP Dubai Investments Park Development Company
DIB Dubai Islamic Bank
DKC Dubai Kennels and Cattery
DKV Dubai Knowledge Village
DLTM Dubai Local Transverse Mercator
DMC Dubai Maritime City
DMC Dubai Media City
DMI Dubai Media Incorporated
DMCG Dubai Medical College
DME Dubai Mercantile Exchange Limited
DMES Dubai Modern Education School
DMMC Dubai Multi Commodities Centre
DMCC Dubai Multi Commodities Centre
DM Dubai Municipality
DMD Dubai Municipality Datum
DNATA Dubai National Air Transport Association
DNATA Dubai National Airline Travel Agency
DOZ Dubai Outsource Zone
DPM Dubai Photo Media
DPA Dubai Ports Authority
DPW Dubai Ports World
DPWC Dubai Ports World Callao
DQG Dubai Quality Group
DREC Dubai Real Estate Corporation
DREI Dubai Real Estate Institute
DSAM Dubai Sharia Asset Management
DSF Dubai Shopping Festival
DSO Dubai Silicon Oasis
DSC Dubai Studio City
DTCM Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing
DTDC Dubai Tourism Development Company
DTCD Dubai Trade Centre District
DTTAG Dubai Travel and Tour Agents Group
DWC Dubai Women’s College
DWC Dubai World Central
DWDM Dubai World Dental Meeting
DWTC Dubai World Trade Centre
DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Dubai International Airport
FDESS Friends of Dubai English Speaking School
HMSDC Harvard Medical School Dubai Center
ICD Investment Corporation of Dubai
NBD National Bank of Dubai
SPJCM SP Jain Centre of Management, Dubai
UOWD University of Wollongong in Dubai