English Abbreviations

English a language originally spoken in England , but which is now also the official language in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, Liberia, New Zealand, Nigeria and the United States.


List of Acronyms Related to English

ADEPT A Developmental English Proficiency Test
ABCDE ABCs of Dirty English
AESL Academic English as a Second Language
AEMP Academic English Mastery Program
AES Academic English Studies
ACE Accent and Conversational English
AMEP Adult Migrant English Program
AEMP Advanced English for Migrants Program
AJET Advanced Joint English Teaching
AJET Advanced Joint English Telecommunication
ALCE Advanced Level Certificate in English
APE Advanced Placement English
ACELS Advisory Council for English Language Schools
AAEV African American English Vernacular
AAVE African American Vernacular English
AAE African-American English
AJE Al Jazeera English
APEC Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada
AUE alt.usage.english
AAE American Academy of English
AE American English
AME American English
AESL American English as a Second Language
AEI American English Institute
AESL American English Spoken Lexicon
AIEP American Institute for English Proficiency
AELA Aoraki English Language Academy
AELA Application of English Law Act
AELS Applied English Language Studies
ATEG Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar
ACE Assembly on Computers in English
ACCESS Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State
AET Assistant English Teacher
ATEK Association for Teachers of English in Korea
APEC Association for the Preservation of English in Canada
ATEM Association for the Teaching of English in Malawi
ACETA Association of College English Teachers of Alabama
ADE Association of Departments of English
AEHLU Association of English Hockey League Umpires
ATEL Association of Teachers of English in Lebanon
ATECR Association of Teachers of English in the Czech Republic
ACE Attempto Controlled English
AE Australian English
AIOE Australian Institute of English
AAUTE Austrian Association for University Teachers of English
AETA Azerbaijan English Teachers’ Association
BEL Bachelor of English Literature
BSE Bad Simple English
BEDS Bangor English Dramatic Society
BELLS Barcelona English Language and Literature Studies
BEC Basic English Course
BEF Basic English Foundation
BEST Basic English Skills Test
BOESC Belgian Old English Sheepdog Club
BEW Bench English Wheel
BBE Bible in Basic English
BETAC Bilingual English as a Second Language Technical Assistance Center
BE Black English
BEV Black English Vernacular
BSAE Black South African English
BAE Boston Academy of English
BEBC Bournemouth English Book Centre
BNE Breaking News English
BE British English
BRE British English
BEO British English Olympics
BRSE British Standard English
BWVACET Bulletin of the West Virginia Association of College English Teachers
BEAS Business English Advantage Series
BEC Business English Certificate
BEO Business English Online
BEP Business English Pod
BES Business English Services
BETT Business English Teacher Training
BET Business English Teaching
CATE California Association of Teachers of English
CELDT California English Language Development Test
CBEC Cambridge Business English Certificate
CCPE Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
CIDE Cambridge International Dictionary of English
CYLE Cambridge Young Learners of English
CEP Campaign for an English Parliament
CAEL Canadian Academic English Language
CCEL Canadian College of English Language
CE Canadian English
CTEER Caterpillar Technical English
CTE Caterpillar Technical English
CELOP Center for English Language and Orientation Programs
CELE Center for English Language Education
CELA Center on English Learning and Achievement
CAES Centre for Applied English Studies
CECL Centre for English Corpus Linguistics
CELC Centre for English Language Communication
CELS Centre for English Language Studies
CELTEAL Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
CELT Centre for English Language Teaching
CAE Certificate in Advanced English
CEIBT Certificate in English for International Business and Trade
CEWC Certificate in English for Workskills of Cambodians
CEL Certificate in English Language
CELTA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
CELTC Certificate in English Language Teaching to Children
CSWE Certificate in Spoken and Written English
CEL Certificate of English Law
CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English
CELS Certificates in English Language Skills
CEO Challenge English Online
CPE Chinese Pidgin English
CELE Chinese-English Language Exchange
CCEL Christchurch College of English
CELC Christian English Language Centre
CELI Cleverlearn English Language Institute
CIDE Collaborative International Dictionary of English
CE College English
CEA College English Association
CEAO College English Association of Ohio
CET College English Test
CPE College Preparatory English
CELA Colorado English Language Assessment
CEPAS Common English Proficiency Assessment Scheme
CEPA Communicative English Proficiency Assessment
CBET Community-Based English Tutoring Program
CELLA Comprehensive English Language Learning Assessment
CESC Comprende! English-Spanish Communications
CELPT Computerised English Language Proficiency Test
CESOL Computers and English for Speakers of Other Languages
CASE Conceptually Accurate Signed English
COED Concise Oxford English Dictionary
CEFF Confederation of English Fly Fishers
CCTE Conference of College Teachers of English
CEV Contemporary English Version
CTEN Controlled Term in English
CANDLE Corpora and NLP for Digital Learning of English (project; Taiwan)
CCUE Council for College and University English
CAECS Cued American English Competency Screening
CE Current English
DGEV Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village
DELC Dakar English Language Center
DFWESSA Dallas Fort Worth English Springer Spaniel Association
DELP Defense English Language Program
DEAL Department of English and Applied Linguistics
DECL Department of English and Comparative Literature
DELP Department of English Language Pedagogy
DETAIL Developing English Teaching and Internship Learning
DUET Development of University English Teaching
DELNA Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment
DAE Dictionary of American English
DARE Dictionary of American Regional English
DCE Dictionary of Contemporary English
DIE Dictionary of Indian English
DOE Dictionary of Old English
DSUE Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English
DHE Dinard Home English
DELTA Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults
DES Diploma in English Studies
DESIRE Direct English Statement Information Retrieval
DEEP Direct Entry English Program
DELAC District English Learner Advisory Committee
DOESR Dixie Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.
DESS Doha English Speaking School
DESC Dubai English Speaking College
DESS Dubai English Speaking School
EEPF Early English Prose Fiction
EETS Early English Text Society
EME Early Modern English
ELSE East London School of English
EAE Edited American English
EECTR Effective English Communication for Teaching and Research
EEFA Egyptian-English Football Association
EEH Elegant English Hotels
ENEMY English
ENER English
EN English
ENG English
ENGL English
ENU English
ENACT English Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
EADA English Amateur Dancesport Association
EAB English Amiga Board
ECL English and Comparative Literature
EFLC English and French Language Centre
ENHER English and Humanities
ENHED English and Humanities
ENH English and Humanities
EASE English Application Scripting Engine
EAF English Archery Federation
EFL English as a Foreign Language
EIL English as a International Language
ENL English as a Native Language
ENL English as a New Language
ESL English as a Second Language
EAL English as an Additional Language
EMI English as the Medium of Instruction
EASB English Association for Snooker and Billiards
EAPSU English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities
EBF English Bach Festival
EBAY English Basketball
EB English Basketball
EBA English Basketball Association
EBEA English Bay Executive Accommodation
EBSC English Bay Swim Club
EBC English Benedictine Congregation
EBGA English Blind Golf Association
EBF English Border Front
EBA English Bowling Association
EBP English Bridge Program
EBU English Bridge Union
ECF English Chess Federation
ECC English China Clay
ECCI English China Clay International
ECU English Church Union
ECHG English Churches Housing Group
ECW English Civil War
ECWS English Civil War Society
ECLP English Clays Lovering Pochin
ECCA English Community Association
ECL English Comprehension Level
ECC English Constitutional Convention
ECC English Conversation Club
ECHO English Conversation Hello Okay
ECSE English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble
ECC English Cotton Count
ECD English Country Dance
ECB English Cricket Board
EDGA English Deaf Golf Association
EDS English Debating Society
EDL English Defence League
EDP English Democratic Party
EDP English Democrats Party
EDS English Dialect Society
EDA English Draughts Association
EEIC English East India Company
EEV English Electric Valve
EES English Engineering System
EFDS English Federation of Disability Sport
EFTA English Field Target Association
EF English Finish
EFDSS English Folk Dance and Song Society
EFSS English Folk Song Society
EFA English Football Association
EFL English Football League
EAPP English for Academic and Professional Purposes
EAP English for Academic Purposes
EAPP English for Academic Purposes Program
EFB English for Business
EBE English for Business and Economics
EBC English for Business Communications
EFC English for Commerce
EEP English for Educational Purposes
EFS English for Foreign Students
EGP English for General Purposes
EIB English for International Business
EIBC English for International Business Communication
EFIS English for International Students
EMP English for Maritime Purposes
EMP English for Medical Purposes
EMP English for Military Purposes
EOP English for Occupational Purposes
EOS English for Office Skills
EST English for Science and Technology
ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
ESAP English for Specific Academic Purposes
ESP English for Specific Purposes
ETEMS English for Teaching Mathematics and Science
EFT English for Tourism
EYL English for Young Learners
EFMA English Furniture Making Associations
EGC English Girls’ College
EGU English Golf Union
EGO English Graduate Organization
EGSO English Graduate Student Organization
EH English Hardness
EH English Heritage
EHRT English Heritage Research Transactions
EHR English Historical Review
EHA English Hockey Association
EH English Horn
EIA English in Action
EIMP English in My Pocket
EIBA English Indoor Bowling Association
EIS English Institute of Sport
EKKA English Korean Karate Association
ELA English Lacrosse Association
ELGA English Ladies’ Golf Association
ELEVATION English Language
EL English Language
ELCI English Language & Culture Institute
ELA English Language Academy
ELA English Language Acquisition
ELAD English Language Acquisition Department
ELAA English Language Acquisition for Adults
ELA English Language Amendment
ELCP English Language and Culture Program
ELLS English Language and Learning Support
ELLA English Language and Literacy Assessment
ELLS English Language and Literacy Services
ELMI English Language and Multicultural Institute
ELOP English Language and Orientation Program
ELTASA English Language and Travel Association of South Africa
ELA English Language Arts
ELB English Language Bookshop
ELCA English Language Communicational Association
ELDE English Language Department of Engineering
ELD English Language Development
ELDA English Language Development Assessment
ELFA English Language for Adults
ELI English Language Institute
ELICOS English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students
ELL English Language Learner
ELL English Language Learners
ELAC English Language Learners Advisory Committees
ELLIS English Language Learning and Instruction System
ELLLO English Language Listening Lab Online
ELLC English Language Liturgical Commission
ELLC English Language Liturgical Consultation
ELPP English Language Proficiency Program
ELPT English Language Proficiency Test
ELP English Language Program
ELS English Language Services
ELSA English Language Services for Adults
ELSA English Language Skills Assessment
ELSU English Language Studies Unit
ELSC English Language Study Center
ELSSA English Language Study Skills Assistance Centre
ELST English Language Study Tours
ELSC English Language Summer Camp
ELSS English Language Sunday School
ELSS English Language Support Service
ELST English Language Support Team
ELSU English Language Support Unit
ELTEAL English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
ELTA English Language Teachers’ Association
ELTABB English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg
ELEMENT English Language Teaching
ELT English Language Teaching
ELTA English Language Teaching Assistant
ELTIC English Language Teaching In Cameroon
ELTU English Language Teaching Unit
ELTS English Language Testing Service
ELEMENT English Language Training
ELT English Language Training
ELU English Language Unit
ELEVATION English Learner
EL English Learner
ELAC English Learner Advisory Committee
ELC English Learning Centers
ELD English Literacy Development
ELA English Literary Association
ELH English Literary History
ELB English Long Bow
ELSA English Longitudinal Study of Aging
MIA English Marine Insurance Act
EMB English Matthews Brockman
EMT English Mother Tongue
ENB English National Ballet
ENBS English National Ballet School
ENB English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
ENO English National Opera
ENS English Native Speakers
ENEMY English Nature
ENER English Nature
EN English Nature
ENC English News Channel
EOM English Only Movement
EOP English Only Policy
EOC English Outdoor Council
EPT English Placement Test
EPNS English Place-Name Society
EPA English Pool Association
EPL English Premier League
EPSCA English Primary Schools Chess Association
EPING English Proficiency Exam
EPE English Proficiency Exam
EPIS English Program for International Students
EPIK English Program in Korea
ERA English Racing Automobiles
ERA English Regional Associations
ERGER English Resource Grammar
ERG English Resource Grammar
ERV English Revised Version
ESC English School of Canada
ESCS English School of Communication Skills
ESF English Schools Foundation
ESSA English Schools Swimming Association
ESLR English Second Language Reading
ESA English Setter Association
ES English Shepherd
ESPANOL English Shepherd
ESSC English Shetland Sheepdog Club
ESTC English Short Title Catalog
ESL English Sign Language
ES English Silver
ESPANOL English Silver
ESB English Speaking Board
ESCA English Speaking Cancer Association
ESC English Speaking Community
ESD English Speaking Driver
ESU English Speaking Union
ESUP English Speaking Union of Pakistan
ESW English Speaking World
ESB English Sports Betting
ESC English Sports Council
ESRA English Springer Rescue America, Inc.
ESRR English Springer Rescue of the Rockies
ESSC English Springer Spaniel Club
ESSCM English Springer Spaniel Club of Michigan
ESSR English Springer Spaniel Rescue
ESV English Standard Version
ESA English Student Association
ESO English Symphony Orchestra
ETT English Tea Time
ETE English Teacher Education
ETA English Teachers Association
ETAS English Teachers Association of Switzerland
ETEC English Teachers Employment Connection
ETJ English Teachers in Japan
ETAG English Teachers’ Association of Georgia
ETA English Teaching Assistantship
ETP English Teaching Professional
ETS English Textual Studies
ETO English Touring Opera
ETC English Tourism Council
ETB English Tourist Board
ETT English Toy Terrier
EUT English Usage Test
EVD English Version for the Deaf
EVA English Vocabulary Assistant
EVA English Volleyball Association
EVOEM English Votes on English Matters
EVA English Voyage Academy
EWBS English War Bow Society
EWGA English Women’s Golf Association
EWIBA English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association
EWW English World-Wide
EWC English Writing Center
EWH English Writing Help
EWP English Writing Proficiency
EWW English Writing Wizard
EYB English Youth Ballet
EFIGS English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
EMS English, Math and Science
EML English, Modern Language
EWS English, Welsh and Scottish
ERWRP Englishman River Watershed Recovery Plan
ESSE English-Serbian-Serbian-English
ESC English-Speaking Caribbean
ESC English-Speaking Countries
ESN English-Speaking Nation
ESRA English-Speaking Residents’ Association
ESU English-Speaking Union of the United States
ESUS English-Speaking Union Scotland
ESPC English-Swedish Parallel Corpus
EWE Essential World English
EATE Estonian Association of Teachers of English
ESSE European Society for the Study of English
EED Evasion-English Dictionary
ELE EverybodyLovesEnglish.com
EEHP Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals
ESEER Exact Signed English
ESE Exact Signed English
ECCE Exam for the Certificate of Competency in English
ECCE Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English
ECPE Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English
FEA Fellow of the English Association
FLSE Fermanagh Lakeland School of English
FCE First Certificate in English
FEBC First English Baptist Church
FELS First English Language School
FELC First English Lutheran Church
FYE First Year English
FESTA Florence English Speaking Theatrical Artists
FCEA Florida College English Association
FEP Fluent English Proficient
FES Fluent English Speaker
FEST Folkestone English Soccer Tour
FLEP Former Limited English Proficient
FCTBE Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English
FEST Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre
FRELI Free Repository of English Lexical Information
FDESS Friends of Dubai English Speaking School
FOE Friends of English
FCTBE Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English
GELC Gangwon English Learning Center
GAE General American English
GCTE Georgia Council of Teachers of English
GSTEP Georgia State Test of English Proficiency
GSTEP Georgia State University Test of English Proficiency
GCEV Global Bible for Children: Global Contemporary English Version
GET Global English Test
GEMSES Graded English Medium School
GEMS Graded English Medium School
GESE Graded Examination in Spoken English
GEORGIA Graduate English Organization
GEORGE Graduate English Organization
GEOGRAPHIC Graduate English Organization
GEO Graduate English Organization
GSEA Graduate Scholars of English Association
HCTE Hawaii Council of Teachers of English
HCE Hawaiian Creole English
HELI Heidelberg English Language Institute
HELL History of the English Language Links
HETA Honam English Teachers Association
HKE Hong Kong English
HEELS Honing Executive English Language Skills
HELA Honolulu English Language Academy
IEP In English, Please
IMEVS Index of Middle English Verse
IIEEC Institute for the International English Education of Children
IELS Institute of English Language Studies
IVE Institutionalized Variety of English
IBET Integrated Biology English and Technology
IBEP Intensive Business English Program
IELP Intensive English Language Program
IEP Intensive English Program
ISE Intensive School of English and Business Communication
IAWE International Association of World Englishes
ICAME International Computer Archive of Modern English
ICEHD International Conference on English Historical Dialectology
ICET International Consultation on English Text
ICE International Corpus of English
ICEB International Council on English Braille
IDEA International Dialects of English Archive
IEL International English Language
IELT International English Language Test
IELTS International English Language Testing Services
IELTS International English Language Testing System
IEO International English Olympiad
IESR International English Shepherd Registry
ILEC International Legal English Certificate
IFET Internet for English Teaching
ICE Interpret Chinese-English
ICTE Iowa Council of Teachers of English
IIEP Iowa Intensive English Program
IETN Israeli English Teachers’ Network
JAECS Japan Association for English Corpus Studies
JACET Japan Association of College English Teachers
JEDI Japanese-English Dictionary Interface
JELLY Jerusalem English Language Library for Youth
JEAP Journal of English for Academic Purposes
JSSE Journal of the Short Story in English
JEPT Junior English Proficiency Test
JET Junior English Test
JPE Just Plain English
KELPA Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment
KEMD Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary
KET Key English Test
KEMPS Kibeta English Medium Primary School
KATE Korea Association of Teachers of English
LEAP Langara English for Academic Purposes
LOTE Language Other Than English
LOE Language Other than English.
LEAH Learn English at Home
LEO Learn English Online
LEAP Learning English for Academic and Professional Purposes
LSSE Leicester Square School of English
LEP Less English Proficient
LOEP Level of English Proficiency
LEL Library of English Literature
LEP Limited English Proficiency
LEPP Limited English Proficiency Plan
LESA limited English-speaking ability
LOVE Linguistics of Visual English
LEP Little English Proficiency
LSE London School of English
LDOCE Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
LIED Longman Interactive English Dictionary
LSWE Longman Spoken and Written English Corpus
LCTE Louisiana Council of Teachers of English
LEP Low English Proficiency
LIEP Loyola Intensive English Program
MELI MacEwan English Language Institute
MARSEC Machine Readable Spoken English Corpus
MELT Mainstream English Language Training Project
MUSE Mainstream US English
MUET Malaysian University English Test
MESL Manpower English as a Second Language
MCE Manually Coded English
MSE Manually Signed English
MEI Maryland English Institute
MEPA Massachusetts English Proficiency Assessment
MEHT Master English for Hotel and Tourism
MAET Master of Arts in English for Teachers
MATESOL Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
MESN Medieval English Studies Newsletter
MEHS Methodist English High School
MSEK Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein
MCEA Michigan College English Association
ME Middle English
MEC Middle English Compendium
MEDICAL Middle English Dictionary
MED Middle English Dictionary
MATE Missouri Association of Teachers of English
MODE Modern English
MOE Modern English
MNE Modern English
ME Modern English
MEBA Modern English for Baltic Adults
MEU Modern English Usage
NATE National Association for the Teaching of English
NCESC National Capital English Setter Club
NCTE National Council of Teachers of English
NEMA National English Merit Award
NES National English School
NLCE National Library of Canada English
NESI Native English-Speaking Instructors
NEST Native English-Speaking Teacher
NEAT Near English Assembler Translator
NCBEL New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature
NEB New English Bible
NED New English Dictionary
NERE New English Rock Ensemble
NET New English Translation
NETS New English Translation of the Septuagint
NWTE New Welcome to English
NYESA New York English Schools Association
NYLE New York Latino English
NYSEC New York State English Council
NZE New Zealand English
NESA Nigerian English Studies Association
NETA Nigerian English Teaching Association
NEP Non English Proficient
NES Non English Speaking
NEL Non-English Language
NESB Non-English Speaking Background
NESC Non-English Speaking Country
NNESI Non-Native English Speaking Instructors
NSIE North Seattle Institute of English
OET Occupational English Test
OELA Office of English Language Acquisition
OE Old English
OEB Old English Brass
OECC Old English Car Club
OED Old English Dictionary
OEG Old English Game
OEGS Old English Game
OEGBCA Old English Game Bantam Club of America
OEL Old English Language
OEME Old English Made Easy
OEPF Old English Pheasant Fowl
OES Old English Sheepdog
OESCA Old English Sheepdog Club of America
OEB Olde English Bulldogge
OEBA Olde English Bulldogge Association
OEBKC Olde English Bulldogge Kennel Club
OCOEP Online Corpus of Old English Poetry
OPTED Online Plain Text English Dictionary
OEL Original English Language
OJEL Original Japanese English Language
OLEM Our Lady and the English Martyrs
OAEL Oxford Anthology of English Literature
OCED Oxford Concise English Dictionary
OED Oxford English Dictionary
OERD Oxford English Reference Dictionary
OGEU Oxford Guide to English Usage
OISE Oxford Intensive School of English
PICE Pacific International College of English
PEP Peacekeeping English Project
PTE Pearson Test of English Academic
PICE Perth International College of English
PSE Pidgin Sign English
PTEEP Placement Test in English for Educational Purposes
PEC Plain English Campaign
PEN Plain English Network
PERP Plain English Role Playing
PELT Practical English Language Teaching
PET Preliminary English Test
PDE Present-Day English
PETA Primary English Teaching Association
PACE Professional and Career English
POEM Professional Organization of English Majors
PTQ Proper Treatment of Quantification in Ordinary English
PEPS Providence English Private School
PROCEDE Provincial Organization of Continuing Education Directors, English
PSESSA Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Association
QET Qualifying English Test
QCE Queensland College of English
RTPE Reading Proficiency Test in English
RPTE Reading Proficiency Tests in English
RTEP Regina Test of English Proficiency
RELC Regional English Language Centre
RELO Regional English Language Office
RIESI Regional Institute of English, South India
REB Revised English Bible
RELA Rotorua English Language Academy
EAM School of English and American Studies
SEMC School of English and the Management Centre
SOES School of English Studies
SES School of English Studies
SCOE Scottish English
SCE Scottish English
SELA Secondary English Language Arts
SLEP Secondary Level English Proficiency
SEE Seeing Essential English
SET Senior English Test
SECV Shane English Centre Vietnam
STEP Short Term English Proficiency
SSE Sign Supported English
SEE Signing Exact English
STE Simplified Technical English
STEMG Simplified Technical English Maintenance Group
SSE Smith’s School of English
SEBC Snooker & English Billiards Club
SPE Society for Pure English
SAGE Society for the Advancement of Good English
SPELL Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature
SBEI South Bend English Institute
SAAE Southern African American English
SPEAK Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit
SET Specialized English Training
SR Specialized English Training Required
SDAIE Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
SCEL Spokane College of English Language
SEC Spoken English Corpus
SEFIC Spoken English for Industry and Commerce
SESL Spoken English for Speakers of Other Languages
SAE Standard American English
SAE Standard Australian English
SEAE Standard Edited American English
SWEDEN Standard English
SE Standard English
SSAE Standard South African English
SSBE Standard Southern British English
SSAE Standard Spoken American English
SWE Standard World English
STELLA Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy
SELP Stanford English Language Proficiency
STET Stichting the English Theatre
SEEC Student Engineering English Corpus
SEDC Students of English at Drummondville College
SESA Students of English Studies Association
SELL Studies in English Language and Linguistics
SHEL Studies in the History of the English Language
SEA Study English Abroad
SED Survey of English Dialects
SPELL Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature
TATE Tasmanian Association for the Teaching of English
TEAL Teachers of English as an Additional Language
TELEC Teachers of English Language Education Centre
TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
TEAP Teaching English for Academic Purposes
TESP Teaching English for Specific Purposes
TELL Teaching English Language Learners
TESS Teaching English to Spanish-Speakers
TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TEM Test for English Majors
TABE Test of Adult Basic English
TEAE Test of Emerging Academic English
TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language
TEEP Test of English for Educational Purposes
TOEIC Test Of English for International Communication
TEPL Test of English Proficiency Level
TSE Test of Spoken English
TWED Test of Written English
TWE Test of Written English
TCEA Texas College English Association
TELPAS Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
TEDG The English Drivers Guild
TEP The English Patient
TIRF The International Research Foundation for English Language Education
TPES The Patterns of English Spelling
TETA Timisoara English Teachers Association
TETAS Timisoara English Teachers Association
TEV Today’s English Version
TELL Tokyo English Life Line
TELS Tokyo English Literature Society
TECD Toronto English Country Dancers
TALENT Training Adult Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Numeracy Teachers
CCCP transliteration of Cyrillic USSR, equivalent to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in English
TCES True Colors English School
TELL Turkish English Living Lexicon
UCREL Unit for Computer Research on the English Language
UE Universal English
UECA University English Centres Australia
UELP University English Language Program
UE Use of English
VEC Vancouver English Centre
VATE Victorian Association for the Teaching of English
VATE Virginia Association of Teachers of English
VE Visual English
VESOL Vocational English to Speakers of Other Languages
VEQ Voice of English-speaking Quebec
WELT Warwick English Language Test
WCWE Wellington Corpus of Written English
WELC Westall English Language Centre
WEMA Western and English Manufacturers Association
WESA Western and English Sales Association
WERA Western/English Retailers Association
WRESSAA Wild Rose English Springer Spaniel Association of Alberta
WCTE Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English
WESSA Wisconsin English Springer Spaniel Association
WELL Workplace English Language and Literacy Program
WEB World English Bible
WESPA World English-Language Scrabble Players’ Association
WLWE World Literature Written in English
WWE World-Wide English
YES Yamada English Services
YELT York English Language Test
YLE Young Learners English