Farming Abbreviations

Farming is the plowing or cultivation of land and includes all work related to the treatment of the soil and the planting of vegetables. Agricultural activities are intended for food production and obtaining vegetables (vegetables), fruits, vegetables and cereals.


Farming implies the transformation of the environment to satisfy man’s needs. It is this ability that distinguishes human beings from other living beings .

Since the beginning of time, man has practiced farming for his survival. Thus, it contributes to offering sustenance in terms of food.

It is said that before universal farming existed, humans lived by hunting and gathering fruits and plants.

However, farming is not only practiced to obtain food, through it raw material is also obtained for the construction of objects, medicines, tools, fibers, fuel, among others.

The emergence of farming was an essential step in the development of humanity. Historians claim that, in the Neolithic period, man moved from hunting, fishing and harvesting to agricultural and livestock activities. Wheat and barley were the first plants to be cultivated.

The person who carries out farming is called a farmer and it is important not to confuse the farmer with the farmer, the latter is the owner of land where farming is carried out.

Another thing is also that farming made it possible for human beings to make exchanges: the farmer who produced one type of food could exchange for another that another producer produced.

It is believed that people began to develop farming from the moment when certain climate changes made the temperature milder and following the scarcity of hunting and food grown in certain regions.

With farming, the food available began to increase as well as the amount of the population at a global level. On the other hand , societies became sedentary and began to consider private property over immovable property.

Several techniques are used for the cultivation of different types of plants in order to obtain resources from it. And for farming, elements such as fertilizers are used to provide nutrients for plants, fertilizers, etc.

Food that was produced in excess was stored in case of emergencies (a stock in case of unforeseen events). And this practice contributed to humans not spending so much time focused on farming, but now they would have time to dedicate to other activities.

As time passed, farming underwent transformations and machines were introduced that would now help and make the process more optimized: producing more in less time.

Today, agricultural workers turn to technology and genetic engineering to improve soil and crop productivity. Likewise, science has contributed to making seeds more resistant to pests and able to adapt to different climates and soils.

Farming Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Farming

AOFF African Organic Farming Foundation
AFSIC Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
AFSRE Association for Farming Systems Research Extension
BFFC Beyond Factory Farming Coalition
BIFS Biologically Integrated Farming Systems
BFF British Farming Forum
CCFF California Coalition for Food and Farming
CAFF Campaign Against Factory Farming
COF Certified Organic Farming
CPHF Community Partners for Healthy Farming
CIWF Compassion In World Farming
CTF Contolled Traffic Farming
DCLF Dakota County Library – Farmington
DEFRA Department of Farming and Rural Affairs
EIRFP Eastern India Rainfed Farming Project
EFA Ecological Farming Association
ECPLF European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming
FHFA Fairly Homogeneous Farming Area
FRCA Farming and Rural Conservation Agency
FSR Farming System Research
FSRE Farming System Research and Extension
FSK Farming Systems Kenya
FRG Farmingdale Republic Airport, New York
FABD Farmington Asylum Business District
FCB Farmington Community Band
FCB Farmington Concert Band
FFIA Farmington Families in Action
FFYS Farmington Family YMCA Stingrays (Michigan)
FHS Farmington High School
FIC Farmington Indian Center
FMSW Farmington Middle School West
FRHA Farmington Ridge Homeowners Association
FRWA Farmington River Watershed Association
FVG Farmington Valley Gymnastics
FVJC Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation
FVPT Farmington Valley Physical Therapy
FVRA Farmington Valley Rowing Association
FARM Farmington Wild and Scenic River
FMN Farmington, NM, USA – Four Corners Regional Airport
F4F First for Farming
FFES Food and Farming Education Service
FFRA Food, Farming and Rural Affairs
FFF Foundations for Farming
GAFF Grassroots Action on Food and Farming
HFFF Hero Fast Faction Farming
HFA Humane Farming Association
IFP Integrated Farming Program
IPFS Integrated Polyculture Farming System
IFSA International Farming Systems Association
IFFT International Fish Farming Technology
KOFA Korea Organic Farming Association
LIFE Less Intensive Farming and Environment Project
MFS Mountain Farming Systems
NIOF National Institute of Organic Farming
NASFI North Atlantic Salmon Farming Industry
NBMRWFH North Branch Milwaukee River Wildlife and Farming Heritage
OFCS Organic Farming Conversion Scheme
OFRA Organic Farming Research Association
OFRF Organic Farming Research Foundation
OFFER Organic Food and Farming Education and Research
OFC Oxford Farming Conference
PFSA Participatory Farming Systems Analysis
PALE People Against Live Exports and Intensive Farming
SPIN Small Plot Intensive Farming
SFFS Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy
SFAM Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
SFSD Sustainable Farming Systems Database
UYFP Ujamma Youth Farming Project
UUCF Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington
UMF University of Maine at Farmington
VABF Virginia Association for Biological Farming
WAFSRN West African Farming Systems Research Network
WWSFN Wisconsin Women’s Sustainable Farming Network
WFU Womens Food & Farming Union