Film Abbreviations

A film is a series of images projected in rapid succession, making it possible to capture movement. Since 1895, the film has been seen as public entertainment.


A film consists of many separate, consecutively placed still images. Due to the speed with which the images are projected and because of the after-effects of each image on the retina of your eye, the images appear to flow smoothly and the images appear to form a continuous movement. The year in which the film was used as public entertainment is 1895. In that year the first film was shown: ‘La sortie des usines Lumière'; of the Lumiere brothers. In that year the film was also shown for the first time against payment: the beginning of the cinema films. The film industry started with black and white films without sound, the so-called silent films. Later came the sound film (1926) and the color film (1915). A film director directs the film and the film product takes care of the production.

Film – The first film in A. was shown in the Kalverstraat 220 building (close to the Plaza cinema*, which had disappeared due to fire) on Thursday evening 12 Mar. 1896. This was not done by the Lumière brothers, but with the Cinematograph invented by them by the Société de la Photographie Animée in Brussels. This société continued the performances until May 31, 1896.

Film Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Film

AFU Abingdon Film Unit
AFA Academic Film Archive of North America
ADF Academy of Dance on Film
AFDA Academy of Film and Dramatic Art
ABFF Acapulco Black Film Festival
AFTI ACT Film and Television Industry
ASFD Active Squeeze Film Damper
AFF Adelaide Film Festival
AIFF Adelaide International Film Festival
AFI Adult Film Industry
XXX Adult film rating
ADFP Advanced Diploma in Film Production
ATFDC Advanced Thin Film Deposition and Characterization Facility
AFG Advent Film Group, LLC
ASFF Aerated Stationary or Submerged Fixed-Film
ASFF Aerated Submerged Fixed Film
ASFFR Aerated Submerged Fixed-Film Reactor
AFS Aerial Film Speed
ASFF Aesthetica Short Film Festival
AF Afghan Film
AAFCA African American Film Critics Association
AFDA African Film Drama Arts
AFF African Film Festival, Inc.
AFFF Agent Formant un Film Flottant
ABF Ajinomoto Build-up Film
ATFP Alliance of Television and Film Producers
ABFF American Black Film Festival
ACFF American Conservation Film Festival
AFI American Film Institute
AFM American Film Market
AFMA American Film Marketing Association
AFTI American Film Technologies Inc.
AIFIS American Indian Film Institute
ASWF American Standard Window Film
AFFF Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
AFC Angelika Film Center
AFF Animation Film Festival
ACF Anisotropic Conductive Film
AJFF Annual Jewish Film Festival
AOF Anodic Oxide Film
AOF-2 Anodic Oxide Film
ASF Anti-Shatter Film
AFC Apulia Film Commission
AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam
AFF Archives Française du Film
AIFF Arizona International Film Festival
AFFMA Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art
ADFL Artbeats Digital Film Library
AIFF Ashland Independent Film Festival
APFI Asia Pacific Film Institute
AAIFF Asian American International Film Festival
ABFF Asian Buddhist Film Festival
AFFF Asian Festival of First Films
AFIN Asian Film Industry Network
APFF Asia-Pacific Film Festival
ASFK Asociacia Slovenskych Filmovych Klubov (foreign theatrical distributor, Slovakia
ABFD Associated British Film Distributors
ADEF Association des Exportateurs de Films
AAFP Association of Austrian Film Producers
ACFC Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople
AFCI Association of Film Commissioners International
AIVF Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers
ASFD Association of Swiss Film Distributors
AIFF Athens International Film Festival
AIAFF Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival
AFF Atlantic Film Festival
AF Atom Films
AVFG Audio Visual Film Group
ACFO Australian Catholic Film Office
ACOFS Australian Council of Film Societies
AFFTA Australian Federation of Film and Television Associations
AFTI Australian Film and Television Industry
AFC Australian Film Commission
AFI Australian Film Institute
AFID Australian Film Institute Distribution
AFTRS Australian Film Television and Radio School
ATFT Avimo Thin Film Technologies
BIFF Bahamas International Film Festival
BOF Bande Originale du Film
BDF Barrier Display Film
BLF Batman LEGO Film
BOF Batman on Film
BAFE Bay Area Film Events
BFD Benelux Film Distributors
BIFF Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival
BIFF Berlin International Film Festival
BBFC Berlin-Brandenburg Film Commission
BOPF Biaxially Oriented Polyester Film
BFF Bicycle Film Festival
BFD Big Film Design
BOF Binary Oxide Film
BLFC Black and Latino Filmmaker’s Coalition
BAFC Black Audio Film Collective
BFVN Black Film and Video Network
BWFPP Black Women Film Preservation Project
BFE Blown Film Extrusion
BF Blue Film
BFFC Bollywood Film-Fare Canada
BBFF Boston Bike Film Festival
BFFF Boston Fantastic Film Festival
BFC Boston Film Critics
BFF Boston Film Festival
BUFF Boston Underground Film Festival
BAFF Boulder Adventure Film Festival
BAFF Boulder Asian Film Festival
BIFF Boulder International Film Festival
BFF Bozeman Film Festival
BNF Brave New Films
BFFC Brendan Fraser Film Consortium
BLF Bright Lights Film
BEF Brightness Enhancement Film
BYOF Bring Your Own Film
BFVS Bristol Film and Video Society
BMI Bristol Microfilm & Imaging Services, Ltd.
BAFTA British Academy of Film and Television Arts
BBFC British Board of Film Censors
BBFC British Board of Film Classification
BCFS British Columbia Film Society
BDFL British Defence Film Library
BFA British Film Academy
BFC British Film Commission
BFI British Film Institute
BIFA British Independent Film Awards
BISFA British Industrial and Scientific Film Association
BNFC British National Film Catalogue
BTF British Transport Films
BUFVC British Universities Film and Video Council
BFCA Broadcast Film Critics Association
BRTF Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film
BFFF Bucks Fever Film Fest
BDFA Bund Deutscher Film- und Video-Amateure eV
BVR Bundesverband der Fernseh- und Filmregisseure in Deutschland
BDFA Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren eV
BJF Bundesverband Jugend und Film
BAFF Busto Arsizio Film Festival
BBFF Byron Bay Film Festival
BFC Byron Film Club
CIFF Cairo International Film Festival
CIFF Calgary International Film Festival
CSIF Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
CFC California Film Commission
CFECA California Film Extruders and Converters Association
CFI California Film Institute
CIFF California Independent Film Festival
CIFF Camden International Film Festival
CIFF Canada International Film Festival
CFTA Canadian Film and Television Association
CFTPA Canadian Film and Television Producers Association
CFA Canadian Film Awards
CFC Canadian Film Centre
CFI Canadian Film Institute
CFF Canadian Filmmakers’ Festival
CHFF Canadian Heritage Film Festival
CIFCS Canadian Independent Film Caucus
CWF Canary Wharf Films
CFF Cannes Film Festival
CIFF Cannes International Film Festival
CFR Carbon Film Resistor
CIFF Caribbean International Film Festival
CRIFF Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival
CBE Center for Biofilm Engineering
CBFC Central Board of Film Censors
CBFC Central Board of Film Certification
CFS Central Film School
CNFF Central Nebraska Film Festival
CIFEJ Centre International de Film pour l’enfance et La Jeunesse
CFFA Chemical Fabrics and Film Association
CIFF Chennai International Film Festival
CFCA Chicago Film Critics Association
CFPA Chicago Film Producers Alliance
CHFF Chicago Horror Film Festival
CIFF Chicago International Film Festival
CIFF Chicago Irish Film Festival
CFF Children’s Film Festival
CFF Children’s Film Foundation
CRFT China Radio, Film, Television Satellite Company
CTFA Chinese Taipei Film Archive
COF Chip on Film
CFTVC Christian Film and Television Commission
CFF Christian Film Festival
CFFA Christian Film Festivals of America
CPFF Cinema Paradise Film Festival
CAFF City of Angels Film Festival
CLEFT Cleavage of Lateral Epitaxial Films for Transfer
CIFF Cleveland International Film Festival
CIFF Cochin International Film Festival
CMF Colloid Metal Film
CX Color Exterior Film
CI Color Interior Film
CEFF Colorado Environmental Film Festival
CFVI Colorado Film/Video Instructional Studios
CIFF Colorado Independent Film Festival and Screenwriting Contest
CF Commercial Film
CMFCS Communication, Media, Film and Cultural Studies
CPCF Communication, Popular Culture, and Film
CIM Computer Input Microfilm
COMMUNITY Computer Output Microfilmmicroform
COM Computer Output Microfilmmicroform
CTF Computer to Film
COMMUNITY Computer-Output Microfilm/Microform
COM Computer-Output Microfilm/Microform
CIFF Coney Island Film Festival
CFI Consolidated Film Industries
CDFF Constant-Depth Film Fermenter
CIM Continuous Image Microfilm
CIFF Copenhagen International Film Festival
CFPA Copper Film Peeling Abnormality
CPF Copyproof Positive Film
CPRF Copyproof Positive Receiving Film
CRF Copyproof Receiving Film
CIFF Cork International Film Festival
CFFC Counter-Flow Film Cooling
CF Customer Fulfilment
CIFF Cyprus International Film Festival
CSFD Czecho-Slovak Film Database
DAFF Danish Adventure Film Festival
DFF Dansk Filmfotograf Forbund
DAFF Deauville American Film Festival
DFF Denver Film Festival
DFS Denver Film Society
DUFF Denver Underground Film Festival
DCFF Derby City Film Festival
DFT Detroit Film Theatre
DEFA Deutsche Filmakademie
DFA Deutsche Filmakademie
DEFI Deutsche Filmografie
DIFFERENCE Deutsches Filminstitut
DIF Deutsches Filminstitut
DIAF Deutsches Institut fur Animationsfilm eV
DITF Diablo Industries Thin Film
DAF Die Attach Film
DF Dielectric Film
DFTVS Digital Film and Television
DFM Digital Film Making
DFI Digital Filmmaking Institute
DSCF Digital Still Camera Fujifilm
DFT Diploma in Film Technology
DFF Disposable Film Festival
DIFI Divine Films
DIFA Documentary and Independent Film Association
DFR Dry Film Resist
DFT Dry Film Thickness
DAFL Du-Art Film Labs, Inc.
DIFG Dubai Indie Film Group
DIFF Dubai International Film Festival
DFW Dutch Filmworks
DKF Dyskusyjny Klub Filmowy
EAFA East Anglian Film Archive
EFFC East Finland Film Commission
ELFS East Lansing Film Society
EPFC Echo Park Film Center
EFG Edge-defined Film-fed Growth
EUFS Edinburgh University Film Society
EIR Ektachrome Infrared Film
EFP Electronic Film Production
EFCS Electronic Filmless Camera System
ERFC Emilia Romagna Film Commission
EFF Environmental Film Festival
EFMC Essanay Film Manufacturing Company
EPFF Estes Park Film Festival
EMML Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library
ECFA European Children’s Film Association
EFFFF European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation
EFA European Film Awards
EFF European Film Festival
EPFF European Psychoanalytic Film Festival
FFC Family Film Club
FMOF Famous Monsters of Filmland
FFA Fan Film Awards
FFF Fantastic Film Festival
FEFF Far East Film Festival
FFPER Feature Film Project
FFP Feature Film Project
FFFF Feature Films for Families
FTFN Federacja Tworcow Filmow Nieprofesjonalnych
FIAPF Fédération Internationale des Auteurs Producteurs de Films
FIAPF Federazione Internazionale delle Associazioni dei Produttori di Film
FFI Festival Film Indonesia
FIFO Festival International du Film Ornithologique
FIFFLA Filipino International Film Festival Los Angeles
FMS Film & Media Studies
FAG Film Actor’s Guild
FAU Film Adapter Unit
FMA Film and Media Arts
FMST Film and Media Studies
FTAC Film and Television Action Committee
FTA Film and Television Archives
FAVA Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta
FVPT Film and Video Production Technology
FAVS Film and Video Studies
FVS Film and Video Studies
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Film Arts Foundation
FAF Film Arts Foundation
FAE Film At Eleven
FARE Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement
FBO Film Booking Offices of America
FBAR Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator
FCO Film Censor’s Office
FORECAST Film Coated
FC Film Coated
FCO Film Coated Offset
FCR Film Code Reader
FCLS Film Collectors’ List Server
FDRS Film Data Recording System
FDB Film Deposit Box
FDC Film Development Corporation
FEAD Film Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs
FFAT Film Fernsehen Autoren Team GmbH
FFATS Film Fernsehen Autoren Team GmbH
FFN Film Festival Network
FFW Film Festival World
FFFP Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam
FFFZ Film Funk Fernseh Zentrum
FGO Film Grain Optimization
FGT Film Grain Technology
FIC Film Image Catalog
FIDO Film in Digital Out
FI Film Industry
FIOC Film Industry Orientation Course
FII Film Institute of India
FIG Film Integrated Game
FLICS Film Liaisons In California Statewide
FLASH Film Location and Sales Heartbeat
FMM Film Mode Matching
FNG Film News Gathering
FOFF Film on Film Foundation
FOM Film Operations Manager
FOSDIC Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers
FPS Film Preservation Society
FPC Film Production Company
FPTC Film Production Tax Credit
FPU Film Production Unit
FQOTD Film Quote of the Day
FSR Film School Rejects
FSM Film Sealing Machine
FSLC Film Society of Lincoln Center
FSAC Film Studies Association of Canada
FSC Film Studies Center
FTS Film Transport Speed
FVI Film Ventures International
FVNM Film Video New Media
FREC Film, Recording and Entertainment Council
FAV Film/Animation/Video
FVF Film/Video Festival
FBIA Film-Based Imaging Association
FBNF Filmed But Not Forgotten
FFF Filmfernsehfonds Bayern GmbH
FFES Film-Free Efficiency Systems
FERT Filming with a European Regard in Turin
FMEC Filmmakers Educational Cooperative
FPD Films and Publications Department
FFL Films for Learning
FIR Films in Review
FODES Films on Demand
FOD Films on Demand
FIP Filmwriter Interface Processor
FCFF Final Cut Film Festival
FFF First Film Festival
FTFM First Time Film Makers
FFI Flexible Film Isolator
FLUORIDE Florida Family Film Festival
F4 Florida Family Film Festival
FFCC Florida Film Critics Circle
FIFE Florida Institute for Film Education
FTFC Fluid Thin Film Coating
FFFT Fly Fishing Film Tour
FFDS Focal-Film Distance
FFD Focal-Film Distance
FFDS Focus Film Distance
FFD Focus Film Distance
FARF Foreign Artsy Rare Films
FAFID Foreningen Af Filmudlejere I Danmark
FLIFF Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
FFE Fox Filmed Entertainment
FRF Fragment Retention Film
FFF Francophone Film Festival
FFFF Free Form Film Festival
FOFF Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival
FEF French Erotic Film
FFF Fresh Film Fest
FFEC Fresno Film and Entertainment Commission
FAFR Full Alert Film Review
GLFF Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
GAFF Gen Art Film Festival
GAF General Aniline & Film
GAFC General Aniline & Film Corporation
GFDL General Film Distributors Ltd.
GFF Giffoni Film Festival
GFT Glasgow Film Theatre
GIFA Global Indian Film Award
GFX Gravity Film Heat Exchanger
GAFI Great Ape Film Initiative
GAFI Great Apes Film Initiative
GFF Greek Film Festival
GMFF Green Mountain Film Festival
GCFC Guild of Canadian Film Composers
GIFTS Gulf Islands Film and Television School
HUFF Hamilton Underground Film Festival
HHF HappyHour Films
HHFB Hart House Film Board
HFA Harvard Film Archive
HFF Heartland Film Festival
HETERO Heteroepitaxial Deposition of Diamond and Silicon Carbide Films
HFES Hindi Film Entertainment Space
HFM Hindi Film Music
HFF Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München
HAFF Holland Animation Film Festival
HFM Holland Film Meeting
HFF Hollywood Film Festival
HFI Hollywood Film Institute
HUFF Hollywood Underground Film Festival
HFM Hot-Film Air Mass Meter
HFS Hrvatska Udruga Filmskih Snimatelja
HRFN Human Rights Film Network
HMBP Hybrid Membrane Biofilm Process
IFTI Idaho Film & Television Institute
IPIFF Idaho Panhandle International Film Festival
IFV Illini Film and Video
ISFB Incredibly Strange Film Band
IBFF Independent Black Film Festival
IFTA Independent Film & Television Alliance
IFC Independent Film Channel
IFF Independent Film Festival
IFG Independent Film Guild
IFP Independent Film Project
IFCP Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of the Philippines
IFDA Indian Film Directors’ Association
IIFA Indian International Film Award
IAFS Indo-American Film Society
IFPA Industry Film Producers Association
IOF Infrared Optical Film
IFT Initial Film Thickness
IFAS Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge
IAFT International Academy of Film and Television
IAFI International Adult Film Industry
IAFF International Animated Film Festival
IAFF International Arts & Film Foundation
IBFF International Black Film Festival
IBFF International Buddhist Film Festival
ICTF International Conference on Thin Films
IDFA International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
IEFF International Environmental Film Festival
FIAF International Federation of Film Archives
IFFC International Federation of Film Clubs
IFC International Film Corporation
IFF International Film Festival
IFFI International Film Festival of India
IHF International Historic Films
IIFA International Indian Film Academy
IMFF International Management Film Festival
IPFF International Portable Film Festival
ISFA International Scientific Film Association
ISFC International Short Film Conference
IFB Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin
IAFD Internet Adult Film Database
ITFT Iowa Thin Film Technologies
IBFC Irish Board of Film Classification
IFB Irish Film Board
IFCO Irish Film Censor’s Office
IFC Irish Film Center
IFCO Irish Film Classification Office
IKFD Istanbul Kisa Filmciler Dernegi
JFF Jacksonville Film Festival
JBFC Jacob Burns Film Center
JFF Jerusalem Film Festival
JSAF Jihlavsky Spolek Amaterskych Filmaru
JEF Joint European Filmography
JEFF Jonio Educational Film Festival
JFV Journal of Film and Video
JRF Journal of Religion and Film
KVFF Karlovy Vary Film Festival
KFPA Karnataka Film Producers Association
KAFF Kecskemet Animation Film Festival
KMFF Kendal Mountain Film Festival
KLF Koch Lorber Films
KCDFS Kodak Clas Digital Film Scanner
KAFA Korean Academy of Film Arts
KAFF Korean American Film Festival
KFA Korean Film Archive
KFC Korean Film Council
ASIFA l’Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
LTFN Laboratory for Thin Films – Nanosystems & Nanometrology
LIFF Leeds International Film Festival
LOAFS Library of Annotated Film Schools
LIFC Lincoln Indian Film Club
LGF Lions Gate Films Corporation
LFQS Literature/Film Quarterly
LFC Lithuanian Film Center
LIFF Ljubljana International Film Festival
LFCC London Film and Comic Con
LFF London Film Festival
LFS London Film School
LFMC London Film-Makers’ Co-Op
LSFS Lone Star Film Society
LIFTF Long Island Film TV Foundation
LILIFF Long Island Latino International Film Festival
LAFS Los Angeles Film School
LAFCO Los Angeles Filmmakers Cooperative
LAIFA Los Angeles Italian Film Awards
LALIFF Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
LBF Low Budget Film
LF Lucas Films Ltd.
LFL Lucasfilm Limited
MOF Magnetics on Film
MFO Maine Film Office
MJFF Maine Jewish Film Festival
MUFS Manchester University Film Society
MEFF Marin Environmental Film Festival
MFCB Maritime Film Classification Board
MFF Maryland Film Festival
MFB Massachusetts Film Bureau
MBF Matrix Biological Film
MFO Melbourne Film Office
MUFF Melbourne Underground Film Festival
MUFS Melbourne University Film Society
MFTVF Merseyside Film and Television Fund
MSIFF Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival
MOF Metal Oxide Film
MFO Michigan Film Office
MF Microfiche/Microfilm
MAGB Microfilm Association of Great Britain
MIDAS Microfilm Digitization Access System
MES Microfilm Exposure System
MFM Microfilm Module
MRR Microfilm Reduction Ratio
MNFC Mid Nordic Film Commission
MFJ Millennium Film Journal
MFAS Missouri Film Alliance of Springfield
MLFC Missouri Libraries Film Cooperative
MFF Mobile Film Festival
MCFC Monterey County Film Commission
MUFF Montreal Underground Film Festival
MIFS Moscow International Film School
MFF Mountain Film Festival
MBBR Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
MIDAS Moving Image Database for Access and Re-Use of European Film Collections
MTFT Multilayer Thick-Film Technology
MAFIA Music and Film Independent Artists
MAFIAA Music and Film Industy Association of America, Inc.
MFF Music for Films
NFFO Naija Film Festival Organisers
NFFF Naked Freedom Film Festival
NFF Nantucket Film Festival
NAFTI National Film and Television Institute
NFVLS National Film and Video Lending Service
NFAI National Film Archive of India
NFAI National Film Archive of Iran
NFA National Film Archives
NFA National Film Awards
NFB National Film Board of Canada
NFCL National Film Center of Latvia
NFDC National Film Development Corporation
NFPA National Film Preservation Act of 1988
NFPF National Film Preservation Foundation
NFR National Film Registry
NFT National Film Theatre
NSFW National Schools Film Week
NSFC National Society of Film Critics
NYFA National Young Filmmakers Award
NOF Natural Oxide Film
NFS Navigational Filmstrip
NBF Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Film- en Televisiemakers
NFDB Nederlandse Film Database
NWMF Negative Working Matte Film
NFDB Nepal Film Development Board
NFPA Nepal Film Producers Association
NFF Netherlands Film Festival
NAFA Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors
NDF Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft
NFO Nevada Film Office
NCCFF New Century Cinema Film Festival
NMFC New Mexico Film Commission
NYFA New York Film Academy
NYFA New York Film Annex
NYSF New York Stage and Film
NBIFF Newport Beach International Film Festival
NCF Non-Conductive Adhesive Film
NAFA Nordic Anthropological Film Association
NFPP Nordisk Film Post Production
NALA North America Latin America Films, LLC
NAFA Northern Anthropological Films Association
NFM Northern Film & Media
NIFC Northern Ireland Film Commission
NFT Nutrient Film Technique
OFS Oberlin Film Series
OWF Obsessed with Film
OTF Off The Film
ONF Office National du Film
OKFA Ogolnopolski Konkurs Filmow Amatorskich
OIFF Ohio Independent Film Festival
OFCC Oklahoma Film Critics Circle
OFP Omega Film Productions
OWF One World Films
OFTA Online Film & Television Association
OFCS Online Film Critics Society
OFTTC Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit
OFA Ontario Film Association
OFIP Ontario Film Investment Program
OFRB Ontario Film Review Board
OTF Oral Thin Film
OMTF Organic Molecular Thin Film
OPP Oriented Polypropylene Film
OEFF Osaka European Film Festival
OFE Other Films Expeditions
OGFT Ottawa-Gatineau Film and Television Office
OYFF Outback Youth Film Festival
OFVM Oxford Film and Video Makers
OIFF Oxford International Film Festival
PFMA Pacific Film & New Media Academy
PFA Pacific Film Archive
PRFF Pacific Rim Film Festival
PIFA Packaging and Industrial Films Association
FTC Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission
PBFF Palm Beach Film Festival
PMMR Panel Mounted Microfilm Reader
PCFMF Park City Film Music Festival
PGF Patterson-Gimlin Film
PSF Phenolic Surface Film
PFF Philadelphia Film Festival
PFA Plain Film Abdomen
PFMM Plain Film Metrizamide Myelography
PF plain films
PFMAC Plastic Film Manufacturers Association of Canada
PCTF Plated Copper on Thick Films
PIFF Plymouth Independent Film Festival
PNFA Polish National Film Archive
PFAO Polishing Film Aluminum Oxide
PFS Political Film Society
PISF Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
PFA Poly Film Adhesive
PTF Polymer Thick Film
PFF Portable Film Festival
PCTF Precorneal Tear Film
PHFF Pretty Hill Film Festival
PSFL Progressive Silent Film List
PIFF Provincetown International Film Festival
PIF Public Information Film
PIFF Pusan International Film Festival
PPHUI Pusat Perfilman Haji Usmar Ismail
QFV Quality Film and Video
QTF Quality Thin Films, Inc.
QFF Queer Film Festival
QFA Quinte Film Alternative
RTF Radio Television Film
RNFF Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival
RTFC Read The Film Credits
RAFT Really Ambitious Filmmaking Team
RPF Rear Projection Film
RPF Reel Professional Films
RFF Refugee Film Festival
RACD Régime de Retraite des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques et Auteurs de Films
RGF Rendering Glint Films
RFI Resin Film Infusion
RIFF Reykjavik International Film Festival
RIFA Rhode Island Film Alliance
RIFC Rhode Island Film Collaborative
RJFF Rochester Jewish Film Festival
RTFO Rolling Thin Film Oven
RTFOT Rolling Thin Film Oven Test
RIFF Roma Independent Film Festival
RFF Rotterdam Film Festival
RAFF Russian Anthropological Film Festival
RUFF Ryerson University Film Festival
SFF Sacramento Film Festival
SAFTA Sahara Academy of Film and Television Arts
SSF Salter Street Films
SDFC San Diego Film Critics
SDFF San Diego Film Festival
SDJFF San Diego Jewish Film Festival
SFFS San Francisco Film Society
SFKAFF San Francisco Korean-American Film Festival
SBAHFS Santa Barbara African Heritage Film Series
SMFF Santa Monica Film Festival
SRFTI Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute
SFF Savannah Film Festival
SFW Seattle Film Works Format
SIFVC Seattle Independent Film and Video Consortium
SRF Self-Reliant Film
SBBR Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor
SACRFT Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television
SFE Sheet Film Equivalent
SMP Shipboard Miniaturization/Microfilm Program
SFP Short Film Project
SLRF Single Lens Reflex Film
SSW Sirius Sky Way Film
SRF Société des Réalisateurs de Films
SOFIA Society of Film Archivists
SFL Solid Film Lubricant
SOF Sound On Film
SFM Source Film Maker
SFD Source-Film-Distance
SAFF South Asian Film Festival
SAFS South Asian Film Series
SAFC South Australia Film Corporation
SAFC South Australian Film Corporation
SFCA Southeastern Film Critics Association
SFI Sputtered Films, Inc.
SLFC St. Louis Film Critics
SPIFF St. Paul International Film Festival
SDFF Starz Denver Film Festival
SARFT State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television
STF Steal This Film
SSFS Stereophonic Sound Film System
SFS Student Film Showcase
SFG Student Filmmakers Guild
SFF Sundance Film Festival
STARFIRE Suomi Filmi
SF Suomi Filmi
SFCC Superfast Thin-Film Chip Calorimetry
SOFL Supreme Oriented Films Ltd.
SAF Surficial Amorphous Films
STARFIRE Svensk Film
SF Svensk Film
SIFA Sweden India Film Association
SFF Sydney Film Festival
STFF Sydney Travelling Film Festival
SPFA Syndicat des Producteurs de Films d’Animation
TAFF Tahoe Adventure Film Festival
TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival
TIEFF Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival
TFM Tamil Film Music
TAF Telecine Adjustment Film
TCF Telecommunication and Film Department
TC Telefilm Canada
TRFT Television, Radio, Film and Theatre
TFF Telluride Film Festival
TAFTP Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals
TDF The Digital Filmmaker
TFZ The Film Zone
TFT Theater, Film and Television
TAFS Theatre and Film Studies
TFSD Theatre Film Studies and Dance
TOFT Theatre on Film and Tape Archive
TDF Theatre, Dance & Film
TFIM Thick Film Ignition Module
TFI Thick Film Integrated Ignition
TF Thin Film
TFC Thin Film Coating
TFC Thin Film Composite
TFD Thin Film Deposition
TFD Thin Film Diode
TFE Thin Film Electronics
TFE Thin Film Evaporator
TFFC Thin Film Flip Chip
TFM Thin Film Magnetism
TFN Thin Film Network
TFSA Thin Film Sulfuric Acid Anodize
TFT Thin Film Technology Corporation
TFT Thin Film Transistor
TFTC Thin Film Transistor Circuit
TLF Thin Liquid Film
TMF Thin Metal Film
TFD Thin-Film Distillation
TFF Thin-Film Filter
TFI Thin-Film Imaging
TFI Thin-Film Inductive
TFMS Thin-Film Microstrip
TFR Thin-Film Resistor
TPFF Tipping Point Film Fund
TPFF Tokyo Peace Film Festival
TFF Topanga Film Festival
TAFF Toronto Arab Film Festival
TFC Toronto Film Critics
TFF Toronto Film Festival
TIFF Toronto International Film Festival
TJFF Toronto Jewish Film Festival
TUFF Toronto Urban Film Festival
TF Total Film
TFR Traffic Film Remover
TF Training Film
TRAF Transmissive Right Angle Film
TTFT Transparent Thin-Film Transistors
TFF Traveling Film Festival
TNFF Travelling Northern Film Festival
TCFF Traverse City Film Festival
TFF Tribeca Film Festival
TUFF Tribeca Underground Film Festival
TTFF Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival
TPFL Tri-Pack Films Limited
TFV Tucana Film Vidéo
TABB Tuebingen Archive of Black British Film and Television
TCUFF Twin Cities Underground Film Festival
UFUS Udruzenje Filmskih Umetnika Srbije
UFF Underground Film Festival
UFO Unified Film Organization
UTFA Uniform Thin Film Approximation
UCMF Union des Compositeurs de Musiques de Films
UMRS Universal Microfilm Reader Scanner
UMS Universal Microfilm Scanner
UMI University Microfilms International
UTFI University of Texas Film Institute
UFA Universum Film Ag
UKFF Urban Kidz Film Festival
UFC Utah Film Commission
VTR Vacuum Thin film Rotation Principle
VAFF Vancouver Asian Film Festival
VFCC Vancouver Film Critics Circle
VFS Vancouver Film School
VIFC Vancouver International Film Centre
VIFF Vancouver International Film Festival
VIMFF Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
VSFF Vancouver Student Film Festival
VFF Venice Film Festival
VNF Verenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie
VKF Very Kind to Film
VAFP Video Aids to Film Preservation
VFMC Video Film Maker Club
VNF Video News Film
VFI Vietnam Film Institute
VIFF Vietnamese International Film Festival
VFF Virginia Film Festival
WIFF Wakefield International Film Festival
WIFF Warsaw International Film Festival
WAF Warszawskie Alternatywy Filmowe
WJFF Washington Jewish Film Festival
WPFS Washington Psychotronic Film Society
WSFO Washington State Film Office
WSF Water Soluble Film
WFFA Waterford Film for All
WIFF Wazzu Independent Film Festival
WAF Web and Film
WIF Web Interactive Films
WAFF Wee Adventure Film Festival
WFSA Wessex Film and Sound Archive
WCFF West Chester Film Festival
WIFA Westcliffe Independent Film Association
WNFC Western Norway Film Commission
WUFS Western Undergraduate Film Society
WBF Wet Blood Film
WFT Wet Film Thickness
WSEFF Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival
WBFF Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival
WCFF Wine Country Film Festival
WAFF Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival
WFE Wiped-Film Evaporator
WFRD Wiped-Film Rotating-Disk
WIFV Women in Film & Video
WIFT Women in Film and Television
WFTV Women in Film and Television
WIFTSA Women in Film and Television South Africa
WIFA Women in Film Atlanta
WOCFF Women of Color Film Festival
WHFF Woods Hole Film Festival
WFF Woodstock Film Festival
WAMHF World Association of Medical and Health Films
WCFF World of Comedy Film Festival
WWFE World Wide Film Expedition
YILOFF Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival
YFG Yari Film Group
YFAS Yorkshire Film Archive
YFA Yorkshire Film Archive
YFW Young Filmmakers Workshop
YIF Young India Films
YIFF Yukon International Film Festival
ZFF Zagreb Film Festival
ZAF Z-Axis Adhesive Film
ZTL Zee Telefilms Ltd