Florida Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Florida state?

FL is the 2 letter abbreviation for Florida, the 3rd largest state in the United States of America. Florida is a state located in South part of U.S.A, bordering Alabama and Georgia. Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida. Major cities include Jacksonville (Population: 868042), Miami (Population: 441014), Tampa (Population: 369086), Orlando (Population: 270945), St. Petersburg (Population: 257094), Hialeah (Population: 237080), Tallahassee (Population: 189918), Fort Lauderdale (Population: 178601), Cape Coral (Population: 175240), Pembroke Pines (Population: 166622), Port Saint Lucie (Population: 164614), and Hollywood (Population: 149739).

Florida State Flag

Florida State Profile

  • Capital: Tallahassee
  • Admitted to USA: 1845
  • Area: 170,312 km2
  • Population: 21,477,737
  • Time zone: GMT-5, GMT-6
  • Calling code: 305, 321, 352, 386, 407, 561, 727, 754, 772, 786, 813, 850, 863, 904, 941, 954
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  FL
  • State Government Website: http://myflorida.com/


The state of Florida is located in the southeastern United States and is largely a peninsula that stretches between the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean. The name of Florida comes from the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León. He called the region “La Florida” (“Land of Flowers”). In 1845 Florida became the 27th state in the United States.

The city ​​of St. Augustine in Florida, founded by Spain in 1565, is the oldest European settlement in the United States. The state covers an area of ​​170,304 km² with a population of approximately 18.8 million. The capital is Tallahassee. The state’s nickname is “The Sunshine State” and its motto is “In God We Trust”. Florida borders the states of Georgia and Alabama. With its long sandy beaches and warm, sunny climate, Florida is one of the leading vacation states in the United States.

Biggest visitor magnets are Disney World, Miami Beach, Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys. You can also discover historical sites that date back to the time of the Spanish settlers. This is also reflected in Florida’s economy, which focuses particularly on tourism and the agricultural sector. It should be mentioned that around 500,000 Americans of Jewish faith live here.

Cities and larger towns

Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida and has approximately 170,000 residents in the city and approximately 360,000 in the metropolitan area. The city is located in the east of the Florida Panhandle near the Georgia border. The Tallahassee area was occupied by Hernando de Soto in 1538 and has been the capital of Florida since 1824. In addition to its function as a government center, Tallahassee is also an important university location. Of course, this also affects the cityscape, so many culturally very interesting theaters and museums can be viewed. In recent years, Tallahassee has also developed into a center for high technology. Tallahassee is also an excellent starting point for tours to Georgia.

This small town with around 11,000 inhabitants is a special feature. It was planned by the World Disney Company in 1994 and the first residents moved in in 1996. The city in Osceola County – about 30 km southwest of Orlando – was to fulfill the dream of a healthy living environment in the style of “Modern Urbism”.

The houses are decorated in pastel colors and the facades are built in the New English-Victorian style. The streets within the city are narrow and winding, not least in order to distinguish themselves from the straight, rectangular streets of many large US cities. At block parties or charity events, for example, there is a strict attendance requirement to promote social interaction.

Fort Lauderdale
The city of Fort Lauderdale has approximately 185,000 inhabitants and is located in southeast Florida on the Atlantic coast. The greatest peculiarity of the city founded in 1911 are certainly the many canals that run through the city and thus earned it the nickname “Venice of America”. The number of yachts in the harbor and in the city’s more than 100 marinas is also striking. Visitors can also simply enjoy the city’s beaches and in the evening enjoy the extensive nightlife. immerse yourself.

The city of Jacksonville with its approximately 815,000 inhabitants is the largest city in the state of Florida. In fact, 1.5 million people live in the metropolitan region. Jacksonville is located in northeastern Florida on the Atlantic Ocean and was founded in 1791. With an area of ​​2,264 km², Jacksonville is the largest city in the entire United States by area. The city is the economic center of the region and a fast growing city. This can be attributed to the city’s port, which is also used by the navy’s military base. As is almost typical for Florida, you can also find beaches in Jacksonville where you can enjoy the sun. Often you only speak of “Jax” when you mean Jacksonville. Jacksonville has first class museums and theaters to offer.

Anyone who thinks of Florida also thinks of Miami. The city is home to around 435,000 people and 5.5 million people live in the metropolitan area. Miami is located in southeast Florida on the Atlantic coast and was founded in 1825. The name Miami comes from the language of the Indians and means something like “big water”. The city’s nickname is “The Magic City” and rightly so. Miami is considered to be one of the cleanest, sunniest and most beautiful cities in the United States. The city seems to offer almost everything to visitors. Beaches, sun, surfing but also museums, theaters and an extensive nightlife can be found here. All of these reasons surely help make Miami one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Around 1900, Miami was a relatively small city but the city experienced a real boom due to the railway connection and the start of cruising tourism. Visitors to the city will also find a very interesting mix of cultures. For example, in Miami, 66% of residents speak Spanish. It is therefore not surprising that a large number of Cuban exiles live in the Little Havana district of Miami. The city is likely to continue to be known to film and television fans through series such as Miami Vice or CSI Miami.

Miami Beach
Many visitors think Miami Beach belongs to Miami, but this is not true. Miami Beach has approximately 5,000 and is approximately 6 km from Miami. Miami Beach is known for having the best beaches in the country. It is also known for its Art Deco District.

The city of Orlando with its approximately 235,000 inhabitants and even 2 million inhabitants in the metropolitan region is located in central Florida. If you think of Orlando, Disneyworld is immediately in your head, but the city offers much more than an amusement park. For example, Orlando is also home to the University of Central Florida, the largest university in the state. There is also a good selection of theaters, museums and other art institutions in the city.

Saint Petersburg
The city of Saint Petersburg has approximately 250,000 inhabitants and is located on the west coast of Florida. The city was founded in 1876 by John C. Williams and Peter Demens. The latter spent a long time in St. Petersburg in Russia and thus the name for this new city was found. The city’s nickname is “The Sunshine City”, which is quite true because the sun shines an average of 360 days a year. In Saint Petersburg you can spend wonderful days at the harbor or on the beaches, but culture is not neglected here either.

The city of Tampa on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico has approximately 345,000 inhabitants. In fact, 2.7 million people live in the metropolitan region. It can be endured in sunny Tampa. This is certainly the reason why many US citizens have a house here to escape the cold winter.

The main economic sector in Tampa is tourism. City visitors can visit museums, zoos and aquariums. The historic borough of Ybor is also worth seeing.

Florida State Abbreviations

List of Florida Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Florida are FL which stands for Florida. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Florida, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

FL: Florida

Acronym Meaning
ACE Adult and Community Educators of Florida, Inc.
AACCCF African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
AAOF Airboat Association of Florida
ARSF Akita Rescue Society of Florida
AF Alabama & Florida Railway Company
AFLR Alabama and Florida Railroad
AAF Alarm Association of Florida
AIFF Alarm Industry Foundation of Florida
AFCS All Florida Contracting Services
ASAF Allied Sportsmen’s Associations of Florida, Inc.
AAF Aluminum Association of Florida
AAOF Aluminum Association of Florida, Inc.
ALACF American Lung Association of Central Florida
ALAF American Lung Association of Florida
ASFL American Savings of Florida
ARFF Animal Rights Foundation of Florida
ACFK Aquaculture Center of the Florida Keys
ARAF Arabian Racing Association of Florida
ASSF Archaeological Society of Southern Florida
ACAF Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida, Inc.
AGF Associated Grocers of Florida
AIF Associated Industries of Florida
ABICC Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce in Florida
AFCD Association of Florida Conservation Districts
AISF Association of Independent Schools of Florida
AOF Atheists of Florida, Inc.
AOF-2 Atheists of Florida, Inc.
ATAF Athletic Trainers Association of Florida
BCF Baptist College of Florida
BHSF Baptist Health South Florida
BCCCF Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida
BOCF Bears of Central Florida
BFBC Best Florida Beer Championship
BFC Big Florida Country
BCBSF Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida
BSF Bonsai Societies of Florida
BSCF Bromeliad Society of Central Florida
BASF Builders Association of South Florida
CVIF Catholic Volunteers in Florida
CFL Central Florida
CFAC Central Florida Activity Club
CFAN Central Florida Alliance Network
CFARN Central Florida Association of Rehabiliation Nurses
CFBA Central Florida BMW Association
CFBC Central Florida Bonsai Club
CFB Central Florida Box Corp.
CFBE Central Florida Builders’ Exchange
CFBF Central Florida Business Forum
CFCG Central Florida Cardiology Group
CFCI Central Florida Career Institute
CFCC Central Florida Chess Club
CFCC Central Florida Coin Club
CFCC Central Florida Community College
CFCR Central Florida Commuter Rail Project
CFCA Central Florida Coordination Area
CFCA Central Florida Corvette Association
CFCE Central Florida Cultural Endeavors
CFDS Central Florida Daylily Society
CFDBF Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival
CFD Central Florida Dressage
CFESI Central Florida Emergency Services Institute
CFEI Central Florida Eye Institute
CFFA Central Florida Fire Academy
CFFI Central Florida Folk, Inc.
CFHA Central Florida Health Alliance
CFHS Central Florida Herpetological Society
CFHEA Central Florida Higher Education Alliance
CFHLA Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association
CFIA Central Florida Information Agency, Inc.
CFIC Central Florida Innovation Corporation
CFII Central Florida International Investments
CFK Central Florida Kraze/Krush
CFLC Central Florida Legal Services
CFLC Central Florida Library Cooperative, Inc.
CFLA Central Florida Locksmith Association
CFLO Central Florida Lyric Opera
CFMI Central Florida Marine Institute
CFMTA Central Florida Music Teachers Association, Inc
CFMA Central Florida Musicians Association
CFOA Central Florida Officials Association
CFOUG Central Florida Oracle Users Group
CFPB Central Florida Packer Backers
CFPC Central Florida Parent Center
CFP Central Florida Partnership
CFPAA Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance
CFPC Central Florida Pregnancy Center, Inc.
CFRI Central Florida Realty Investors
CFRC Central Florida Reception Center
CFRES Central Florida Renewable Energy Society
CFRP Central Florida Research Park
CFSMT Central Florida School of Massage Therapy
CFSA Central Florida Shuffleboard Association
CSFCA Central Florida Softball Cricket Association
CFSC Central Florida Sports Commission
CFSC Central Florida Strongman Championships
CFS Central Florida Symphony
CFSO Central Florida Symphony Orchestra
CFTP Central Florida Technology Partnership
CFUC Central Florida Umpires Camp
CFW Central Florida Wrestling
CFBI Certified Florida Business Intermediary
CCF Christian Coalition of Florida
CRYSTAL-FACE Cirrus Regional Study of Tropical Anvils and Cirrus Layers Florida Area Cirrus Experiment
CFW Citizens for Florida’s Waterways
COJ City of Jacksonville, Florida
CAF Classical Association of Florida
CHCF Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida
CSFA Coalition of South Florida Associations
CCAF Coastal Conservation Association of Florida
CCF College of Central Florida
CCFCC Colleges of Central Florida Career Consortium
CFLEA Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation
CCF Common Cause Florida
CPF Community Papers of Florida
CAF Concert Association of Florida
CHIF Congenital Heart Institute of Florida
CTF Conservation Trust for Florida
CASF Construction Association of South Florida
CRF Coordinated Research of Florida
CFBC Cross Florida Barge Canal
CFG Cross Florida Greenway
DFLS David Florida Laboratory
DFL David Florida Laboratory
DFB Deerfield Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
DBOF Diamond Brokers of Florida
DMAF Digital Media Alliance Florida
DCF Diocese of Central Florida
DPFFL Drug Policy Forum of Florida
ECFRPC East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
ECFT East Central Florida Transient
EFEI East Florida Eye Institute
EFFCU Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union
EAF Electrolysis Association of Florida
ESF Electrolysis Society of Florida
EFCC Employ Florida Communication Consortium
EFM Employ Florida Marketplace
EAF Employers Association of Florida
EASF Empowerment Alliance of Southwest Florida
EFI Enterprise Florida Inc.
EFSF Epilepsy Foundation of South Florida
ESWCF Epilepsy Services of West Central Florida, Inc.
EBCF Exotic Bird Club of Florida, Inc.
ECOF Eye Centers of Florida
FSS Family Support Services of North Florida, Inc.
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Farmworker Association of Florida
FAF Farmworker Association of Florida
FWAF Farmworker Association of Florida, Inc.
FMHOF Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida
FMO Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, Inc.
FL Florida
FLA Florida
FLAA Florida Academy of Audiology
FACD Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
FAPA Florida Academy of Physician Assistants
FACILITY Florida Administrative Code
FAC Florida Administrative Code
FALR Florida Administrative Law Reports
FAW Florida Administrative Weekly
FACILITY Florida Aero Club
FAC Florida Aero Club
FAFC Florida Aerospace Finance Corporation
FAASA Florida African American Student Association
FAHCA Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
FAWI Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation
FAMC Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College
FAMU Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
FACTS Florida Agricultural Conference & Trade Show
FAES Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
FAM Florida Agricultural Museum
FASS Florida Agricultural Statistics Service
FACS Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services
FLAA Florida AIDS Action
FAHA Florida Air Hockey Association
FAM Florida Air Museum
FAA Florida Airboat Association
FAFCU Florida Aircraft Federal Credit Union
FACILITY Florida Airports Council
FAC Florida Airports Council
FAAIS Florida Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society
FAAE Florida Alliance for Arts Education
FAHPERDS Florida Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and Sport
FLASH Florida Alliance for Safe Homes
FAPA Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations, Inc
FAPPA Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates
FAST Florida Alliance of Substitute Teachers
FATA Florida Alligator Trappers Association
FALA Florida Alpaca & Llama Association, Inc.
FAWA Florida Amateur Wrestling Association
FAAA Florida Anesthesia Administrators Association
FACA Florida Animal Control Association
FAOA Florida Animal Owners Alliance, Inc.
FABB Florida Antique Bucket Brigade
FATC Florida Antique Tackle Collectors, Inc.
FAWG Florida Antique Wireless Group
FAA Florida Apartment Association
FAA Florida Aquaculture Association
FAA Florida Arcade Association
FACILITY Florida Archaeological Council, Inc.
FAC Florida Archaeological Council, Inc.
FAA Florida Archery Association
FALD Florida Architecture and Landscape Design
FACT Florida Assertive Community Treatment
FAIR Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading
FALA Florida Assisted Living Affiliation
FALA Florida Assisted Living Association
FAPB Florida Associated Press Broadcasters College Awards
FABA Florida Association for Behavior Analysis
FACA Florida Association for Community Action
FACE Florida Association for Computers in Education, Inc.
FAME Florida Association for Media in Education
FAMT Florida Association for Music Therapy
FASD Florida Association for Staff Development
FAWQC Florida Association for Water Quality Control
FAANS Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools
FAASB Florida Association of Agencies Serving the Blind
FASP Florida Association of Aging Services Providers
FABOM Florida Association of Black-Owned Media, Inc.
FABB Florida Association of Blood Banks
FAB Florida Association of Broadcasters
FABI Florida Association of Building Inspectors, Inc.
FACTE Florida Association of Career and Technical Education
FACCS Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
FACC Florida Association of City Clerks, Inc.
FACE Florida Association of Code Enforcement
FACTE Florida Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
FACRAO Florida Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
FACC Florida Association of Community Colleges
FACC Florida Association of Community Corrections
FACCI Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators
FACILITY Florida Association of Counties
FAC Florida Association of Counties
FACT Florida Association of Counties Trust
FACA Florida Association of County Attorneys, Inc
FACC Florida Association of Court Clerks & Comptroller
FACC Florida Association Of Court Clerks Comptroller
FACS Florida Association of Crime Stoppers
FADS Florida Association of District School Superintendents
FADO Florida Association of Diving Operators
FAEC Florida Association of Electrical Contractors
FAHP Florida Association of Health Plans
FAHU Florida Association of Health Underwriters
FAHQ Florida Association of Healthcare Quality
FAHA Florida Association of Homes for the Aging
FAHN Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators
FAISSR Florida Association of Information Systems Security Representatives
FAIA Florida Association of Insurance Agents
FAIFA Florida Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
FALU Florida Association of Life Underwriters
FAMS Florida Association of Mathematics Supervisors
FAME Florida Association of Membership Executives
FAMP Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals
FAMAT Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta
FAM Florida Association of Museums
FANM Florida Association of Naturopathic Medicine
FANP Florida Association of Naturopathic Medicine
FANNP Florida Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
FANO Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations
FANA Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists
FAOP Florida Association of Orthotists and Prosthetists
FAPE Florida Association of Partners in Education
FAPTP Florida Association of Pediatric Tumor Programs
FAPA Florida Association of Physician Assistants
FAPA Florida Association of Police Attorneys, Inc
FAPSC Florida Association of Post Secondary Schools and Colleges
FAPI Florida Association of Private Investigators
FAPA Florida Association of Property Appraisers
FAPIO Florida Association of Public Information Officers
FAPT Florida Association of Pupil Transportation
FARSI Florida Association of Realtors
FAR Florida Association of Realtors
FARF Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
FART Florida Association of Respiratory Therapists
FASC Florida Association of Safety Councils
FASA Florida Association of School Administrators
FASBS Florida Association of School Boards
FASB Florida Association of School Boards
FASPA Florida Association of School Personnel Administrators
FASP Florida Association of School Psychologists
FAST Florida Association of Science Teachers
FASCO Florida Association of Security Companies
FASC Florida Association of Senior Centers
FASD Florida Association of Special Districts, Inc.
FAST Florida Association of State Troopers
FASU Florida Association of Stormwater Utilities
FASC Florida Association of Student Councils
FASG Florida Association of Students of German
FAD Florida Association of the Deaf, Inc.
FATE Florida Association of Theatre Education
FATB Florida Association of Ticket Brokers
FAWL Florida Association of Women Lawyers
FACA Florida Athletic Coaches Association
FACTS Florida Atlantic Coast Transport Study
FAU Florida Atlantic University
FAURC Florida Atlantic University Research Corporation
FAA Florida Attractions Association
FACE Florida Autism Center of Excellence
FAAO Florida Auto Auction of Orlando
FATIU Florida Auto Theft Intelligence Unit
FASTER Florida Automated System for Transferring Educational Records
FAWN Florida Automated Weather Network
FADA Florida Automobile Dealers Association
FAIA Florida Automotive Industry Association
FATA Florida Automotive Trades Association
FAAA Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance
FASP Florida Aviation System Plan
FBA Florida Bandmasters Association
FBA Florida Bankers Association
FBC Florida Baptist Convention
FBFS Florida Baptist Financial Services
FBRC Florida Baptist Retirement Center
FBA Florida Bar Association
FBF Florida Bar Foundation
FBA Florida Barbecue Association
FBVA Florida Basketball and Volleyball Association
FBN Florida Bass Network
FBC Florida Bat Conservancy
FBBI Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns
FBC Florida Beef Council
FBWA Florida Beer Wholesalers Association
FBC Florida Bible College
FBA Florida Bicycle Association
FBNF Florida Birding and Nature Festival
FBF Florida Birding Festival
NICA Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association
FBBE Florida Black Business Expo
FBS Florida Blood Services
FETAL-BOVINE-SERUM Florida Blood Services
FBLA Florida Board of Landscape Architecture
FBM Florida Board of Medicine
FBN Florida Board of Nursing
FBPE Florida Board of Professional Engineers
FBGF Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation, Inc.
FBR Florida Boxer Rescue
FBG Florida Brewer’s Guild
FBF Florida Bright Futures
FBC Florida Building Code
FBC Florida Building Commission
FBX Florida Business Exchange
FBIA Florida Business Incubation Association
FBMN Florida Butterfly Monitoring Network
FCTA Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
FCF Florida Canary Fanciers
FCRA Florida Cancer Registrars Association
FCA Florida Canine Academy
FCC Florida Career College
FCPN Florida Career Pathways Network
FCPS Florida Carnivorous Plant Society
FCRA Florida Cartridge Remanufacturers Association
FCC Florida Catholic Conference
FCA Florida Cattlemen’s Association
FCAAS Florida Center for Advising and Academic Support
FCIM Florida Center for Interactive Media
FCIR Florida Center for Investigative Reporting
FCLA Florida Center for Library Automation
FCN Florida Center for Nursing
FCPI Florida Center for Parent Involvement
FCPM Florida Center for Public Management
FCRC Florida Center for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels
FCST Florida Center for Survivors of Torture
FCB Florida Center for the Blind, Inc.
FCLA Florida Center for the Literary Arts
FCVH Florida Center for Vocal Health
FCCU Florida Central Credit Union
FCB Florida Certification Board
FCCM Florida Certified Contract Manager
FCCN Florida Certified Contract Negotiator
FCHP Florida Certified Horticulture Professional
FCI Florida Certified Investigator
FCLT Florida Certified Landscape Technician
FCN Florida Certified Negotiator
FCPA Florida Certified Purchasing Agent
FCPM Florida Certified Purchasing Manager
FCF Florida Chamber Federation
FCC Florida Chamber of Commerce
FCCE Florida Chamber of Commerce Executives
FCW Florida Championship Wrestling
FCAPWA Florida Chapter of the American Public Works Association
FCNHS Florida Chapters of the National Honor Society
FCDA Florida Cheer and Dance Association
FCA Florida Chess Association
FCF Florida Children’s Forum
FCBA Florida Chinese Business Association
FCA Florida Chiropractic Association
FCC Florida Christian College
FCS Florida Citizens for Science
FCC Florida Citrus Commission
FCGA Florida Citrus Growers Association
FCM Florida Citrus Mutual
FCP Florida Citrus Packers
FCPA Florida Citrus Processors Association
FCPRAC Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council
FCS Florida Citrus Sports
FCSA Florida Citrus Sports Association
FCCC Florida Civil Commitment Center
FCRA Florida Civil Rights Act
FCRA Florida Civil Rights Association
FCBT Florida Classical Ballet Theater
FCPA Florida Clinical Practice Association
FCAR Florida Coalition for Assessment Reform
FCC Florida Coalition for Children
FCFP Florida Coalition for Preservation
FCA Florida Coastal Airlines
FCOC Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition
FCE Florida Coastal Everglades
FCIS Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries
FCMP Florida Coastal Management Program
FCMP Florida Coastal Monitoring Project
FLCC Florida Coaster Club
FC Florida College
FCEA Florida College English Association
CELPT Florida College Entry-Level Placement Test
FCIM Florida College of Integrative Medicine
FCPT Florida College Placement Test
FCRC Florida College Reading Council
FCHC Florida Collegiate Honors Council
FCL Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc.
FCTD Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged
FCCS Florida Commission on Community Service
FCE Florida Commission on Ethics
FCFA Florida Communications Fraud Act
FCT Florida Communities Trust
FCAC Florida Community Association Coalition
FCAM Florida Community Association Management
FCCC Florida Community Capital Corporation
FCC Florida Community College
FCCS Florida Community College System
FCCA Florida Competitive Carriers Association
FCAT Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test
FCCC Florida Computer Crime Center
FCPS Florida Computer Project Solutions
FCPA Florida Concrete & Products Association
FCRC Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium
FCLAS Florida Consortium for Latin American Studies
FCCS Florida Consortium of Charter Schools, Inc.
FCCE Florida Consortium of Clinical Educators
FCRC Florida Constitution Revision Commission
FCILB Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board
FCAC Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission
FCC Florida Corrections Commission
FCA Florida Cosmetology Association
FCBS Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies
FCCW Florida Council of Catholic Women
FCIS Florida Council of Independent Schools
FCTM Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics
FCB Florida Council of The Blind, Inc.
FCEE Florida Council on Economic Education
FCEE Florida Council on Elementary Education
FCA Florida Counseling Association
FCTA Florida Counterdrug Training Academy
FCRA Florida Court Reporters Association
FLCU Florida Credit Union
FCU Florida Credit Union
FCIC Florida Crime Information Center
FCPA Florida Crime Prevention Association
FCA Florida Cultural Alliance
FLDR Florida Dachshund Rescue
FDS Florida Daffodil Society
FDW Florida Dance Workshop
FDBA Florida Deaf-Blind Association
FDE Florida Defenders of the Environment
FDED Florida Defenders of the Environment
FDA Florida Defense Alliance
FDPE Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence
FDA Florida Dental Association
FDCS Florida Dental Care Study
FDSA Florida Dental Society of Anesthesiology
FDAC Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
FDC Florida Department of Citrus
FLDCA Florida Department of Community Affairs
FDCA Florida Department of Community Affairs
FDEP Florida Department of Environmental Protection
FDH Florida Department of Health
FDLE Florida Department of Law Enforcement
FDNR Florida Department of Natural Resources
FDOR Florida Department of Revenue
FDR Florida Department of Revenue
FDOT Florida Department Of Transportation
FDC Florida Development Commission
FDE Florida Digital Educator
FDED Florida Digital Educator
FDMEC Florida Digital Media Education Consortium
FDN Florida Digital Network
FDMA Florida Direct Marketing Association
FDOA Florida Disabled Outdoors Association
FDM Florida Disaster Management
FDBC Florida Discovery Bicycle Center
FDLN Florida Distance Learning Network
FDEC Florida District Export Council
FDL Florida Drumline
FLA Florida East Coast Railway Company
FEC Florida East-Coast Railway
FEDC Florida Economic Development, Inc.
FEA Florida Education Association
FEC Florida Education Channel
FEFP Florida Education Finance Program
FEFF Florida Education Freedom Foundation
FELL Florida Education Legislative Liaisons
FESC Florida Education Standards Commission
FEEA Florida Educational Equity Act of 1984
FEFPA Florida Educational Facilities Planners Association, Inc.
FELE Florida Educational Leadership Exam
FEN Florida Educational Negotiators
FETC Florida Educational Technology Conference
FETC Florida Educational Technology Corporation
FEHI Florida Educators of the Hearing Impaired
FECA Florida Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc.
FEMF Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
FEL Florida Electronic Library
FEMF Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation
FEMCA Florida Emergency Missing Child Alert
FEMORS Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System
FENA Florida Emergency Nurses Association
FEPA Florida Emergency Preparedness Association
FEAC Florida Employer Advisory Council
FECC Florida Energy and Climate Commission
FEEC Florida Energy Efficiency Code
FEES Florida Energy Extension Service
FEO Florida Energy Office
FESC Florida Energy Systems Consortium
FEEDS Florida Engineering Education Delivery System
FEMC Florida Engineering Management Corporation
FES Florida Engineering Services, Inc
FES Florida Engineering Society
FES Florida Engineering Solutions, Inc
FEE Florida Engineers in Education
FES Florida Entomological Society
FEHA Florida Environmental Health Association
FEBC Florida Existing Building Code
FLEPPC Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council
FEFC Florida Export Finance Corporation
FFEC Florida Fair Elections Coalition
FFCA Florida False Claims Act
FFA Florida Family Action
FLUORIDE Florida Family Film Festival
F4 Florida Family Film Festival
FFB Florida Farm Bureau
FFBG Florida Farm Bureau General Insurance Co.
FFCEC Florida Federation Council for Exceptional Children
FFMC Florida Federation of Music Clubs
FFYR Florida Federation of Young Republicans
FFC Florida Female College
FFAA Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association
FFCC Florida Film Critics Circle
FFCA Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association
FFIA Florida Fire Inspectors Association
FFAH Florida Fishing and Hunting
FFA Florida Flute Association
FFS Florida Folklore Society
FFLA Florida Foreign Language Association
FFL Florida Forensic League
FFS Florida Forest Service
FFA Florida Forestry Association
FFSP Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.
FFPER Florida Freedom Partnership
FFP Florida Freedom Partnership
FFA Florida Fruit Association
FGIA Florida Gang Investigators Association
FGT Florida Gas Transmission Company
FG Florida Gators
FGS Florida Genealogical Society
FGBCI Florida General Baptist Convention Inc.
FGKT Florida General Knowledge Test
FGA Florida Geographic Alliance
FGDL Florida Geographic Data Library
FGS Florida Geological Service
FGS Florida Geological Survey
FGCMA Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association
FGS Florida Gourd Society
FGILS Florida Government Information Locator Service
FGHC Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference
FGO Florida Grand Opera
FGA Florida Greyhound Association
FGA Florida Guides Association
FGCCFL Florida Gulf Coast Catholic Forensic League
FGCRR Florida Gulf Coast Railroad
FGCX Florida Gulf Coast Railroad
FGCU Florida Gulf Coast University
FHL Florida Handball League
FHF Florida Hawking Fraternity
FHCA Florida Health Care Association
FHCC Florida Health Care Coalition
FHCP Florida Health Care Plans
FHFA Florida Health Freedom Action
FHIS Florida Health Insurance Study
FHLSS Florida Health Literacy Study
FHSFCU Florida Health Systems Federal Credit Union
FHP Florida Heat Pump
FHP Florida Highway Patrol
FHS Florida Historical Society
FDH Florida Holding
FHM Florida Holocaust Museum
FHFA Florida Home Furnishings Association
FHSA Florida Home Studies and Adoption
FHMS Florida Homeopathic Medical Society
FHD Florida Hometown Democracy
FHC Florida Honda Crew
FHA Florida Hospital Association
FHCI Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
FHCU Florida Hospital Credit Union
FHMA Florida Hotel and Motel Association
FHR Florida House of Representatives
FHC Florida Housing Coalition
FHFA Florida Housing Finance Agency
FHC Florida Humanities Council
FHCC Florida Hurricane Crisis Coalition
FHI Florida Hydrogen Initiative, Inc.
FIRST Florida Immediate Response Stress Team
FIAC Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center
FIC Florida Immigrant Coalition
FIPA Florida Independent Purchasing Alliance, Inc.
FIPA Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association
FIRN Florida Information Resource Network
FIND Florida Inland Navigation District
FII Florida Innocence Initiative, Inc
FIFADI Florida Institute for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
FIFI Florida Institute for Family Involvement
FIFE Florida Institute for Film Education
FIG Florida Institute for Girls
FINR Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation
FIRST Florida Institute for Research, Science & Technology
FICE Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers
FIE Florida Institute of Education
FIOG Florida Institute of Government
FIG Florida Institute of Government
FIO Florida Institute of Oceanography
FIPR Florida Institute of Phosphate Research
FIT Florida Institute of Technology
FIVE Florida Institute of Video Education
FILS Florida Institutional Legal Services, Inc.
FIMC-VI Florida Instructional Materials Center for the Visually Impaired
FIC Florida Insurance Council, Inc.
FIGA Florida Insurance Guaranty Association
FINDER Florida Integrated Network for Data Exchange and Retrieval
FIU Florida Intelligence Unit
FIFNC Florida Interagency Food and Nutrition Committee
FIG Florida Interchange Group
FIREE Florida Interdisciplinary Learning Resources in Environmental Education
FIND Florida Interfaith Networking in Disaster
FIOA Florida Intergenerational Orchestra of America
FIBA Florida International Bankers Association
FIJR Florida International Jet Rally
FIM Florida International Museum
FIU Florida International University
FIHS Florida Intrastate Highway System
FITA Florida Intrastate Transportation Alliance
FLIP Florida Investigations of the Paranormal
FIS Florida Irrigation Society
FIS Florida Irrigation Supply, Inc
FJ Florida Jaycees
FJCL Florida Junior Classical League
FJT Florida Junior Tour
FJA Florida Justice Association
FJI Florida Justice Institute
FKCCS Florida Keys Carrying Capacity Study
FKCC Florida Keys Citizens Coalition, Inc.
FKCC Florida Keys Community College
FKEC Florida Keys Electric Cooperative
FKHF Florida Keys Health Fairs
FKNMS Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
FKC Florida Kindergarten Council
FLKRS Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener
FKA Florida Kitesurfing Association, Inc.
FLMI Florida Labor Market Information
FLOOR Florida Lambda Rail
FLR Florida Lambda Rail
FLMA Florida Landscape Maintenance Association
FLEET Florida Law Enforcement Electronic Evidence Team
FLMA Florida Lawn Maintenance Association
FLAME Florida Lawyers Association for the Maintenance of Excellence, Inc.
FLMIC Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company
FLC Florida League of Cities
FLIBS Florida League of IB Schools
FLMA Florida League of Martial Artists
FLM Florida League of Mayors
FLA Florida Learning Alliance, Inc.
FLS Florida Legal Services, Inc
FLAC Florida Leisure Acquisition Corporation
FLC Florida Leisure Communities
FLA Florida Library Association
FLIN Florida Library Information Network
FLOW Florida Licensing On Wheels
FLAMEPROOF Florida Light and Power
FLP Florida Light and Power
FLA Florida Lighthouse Association
FLARE Florida Literacy and Reading Excellence Center
FLAC Florida Local Advocacy Council
FLA Florida Lodging Association
FLIHA Florida Low Income Housing Associates
FLIS Florida Lumber Inspection Service
FLGA Florida Lychee Growers Association
FMA Florida Magazine Association, Inc.
FMD Florida Mainstream Democrats
FMF Florida Mango Forum
FMHA Florida Manufactured Housing Association
FMA Florida Manufacturers Association
FMEP Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership
FMBT Florida Marching Band Tournament
FMAS Florida Marine Aquarium Society
FMCA Florida Marine Contractors Association
FMP Florida Marine Patrol
FMRI Florida Marine Research Institute
FMAP Florida Market Assistance Plan
FMNP Florida Master Naturalist Program
FMSF Florida Master Site File
FML Florida Mathematics League
FMGA Florida Meat Goat Association
FMMIS Florida Medicaid Management Information System
FMA Florida Medical Association
FMB Florida Medical Business
FMES Florida Medical Educational Services
FMEC Florida Medical Examiners Commission
FMMC Florida Medical Manufacturers’ Consortium
FMTI Florida Medical Training Institute
FMC Florida Memorial College
FLMU Florida Memorial University
FMP Florida Memory Project
FMRC Florida Men’s Resource Center
FMHA Florida Mental Health Act of 2002
FMHI Florida Mental Health Institute
FMU Florida Metropolitan University
FMUI Florida Metropolitan University, Inc.
FMG Florida Middle Ground
FMIP Florida Migrant Interstate Program
FMCC Florida Minerals and Chemistry Council
FMHC Florida Miniature Horse Club
FMHA Florida Morgan Horse Association
FMCA Florida Mosquito Control Association
FMPTA Florida Motion Picture and Television Association
FMA Florida Motorcoach Association
FMIX Florida Multimedia Inter Exchange
FMAA Florida Municipal Attorneys Association
FMEA Florida Municipal Electric Association
FMPA Florida Municipal Power Agency
FMI Florida Musculoskeletal Institute
FMEA Florida Music Educators Association
FMF Florida Music Festival
FMRC Florida Mycology Research Center
FNC Florida National Cemetery
FLNG Florida National Guard
FNG Florida National Guard
FNPA Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association
FNAN Florida Newspaper Advertising Network
FNCA Florida Newspaper Co-Op Association
FNA Florida Nurses Association
FNSA Florida Nursing Students Association
FOTA Florida Occupational Therapy Association
FOSI Florida Ocean Sciences Institute
FOS Florida Oceanographic Society
ODC Florida Office of Drug Control
FOFR Florida Office of Financial Regulation
FOIR Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
FOPC Florida Office of Public Counsel
FOHS Florida Online High School
FLORIDA Florida On-Line Recipient Integrated Data Access
FOWA Florida Onsite Wastewater Association
FODA Florida Operator and Door Association
FOSP Florida Opportunity Scholarship Program
FORF Florida Oral Reading Fluency
FOA Florida Orchestra Association
FOGA Florida Organic Growers Association
FORCE Florida Organics Recycling Center for Excellence
FONE Florida Organization of Nurse Executives
FOS Florida Ornithological Society
FOS Florida Orthopaedic Society
FOMA Florida Osteopathic Medical Association
FOAA Florida Outdoor Advertising Association
FOWA Florida Outdoor Writers Association
FPG Florida Pagan Gathering
FPSR Florida Partnership for School Readiness
FPSC Florida Patient Safety Corporation
FPA Florida Pawnbrokers Association
FPPA Florida Peanut Producers Association
FPS Florida Pediatric Society
FPMS Florida Performance Measurement System
FPCA Florida Pest Control Association
FPC Florida Petroleum Council
FPA Florida Pharmacy Association
FPC Florida Phosphate Council
FPIC Florida Plastics Industry Council
FLA-PAC Florida Police Accreditation Coalition
FPCA Florida Police Chiefs Association
FPC Florida Ports Council
FPFC Florida Ports Financing Commission
FPL Florida Power and Light
FPLE Florida Power and Light Energy
FPC Florida Powerboat Club
FPCN Florida Pregnancy Care Network
FPCP Florida Prepaid College Program
FPTP Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan
FPA Florida Press Association
FPC Florida Press Club
FPS Florida Press Service
FPDP Florida Professional Development Protocol
FPEG Florida Professional Engineers in Government
FPF Florida Professional Firefighters
FPP Florida Professional Photographers
FPSR Florida Program for Shark Research
FPCA Florida Property & Casualty Association
FPAA Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association
FPCN Florida Prostate Cancer Network
FPA Florida Prosthodontic Association
FPS Florida Psychiatric Society
FPA Florida Psychological Association
FPAN Florida Public Archaeology Network
FPELRA Florida Public Employer Labor Relations Association
FPHA Florida Public Health Association
FPHI Florida Public Health Institute
FPIF Florida Public Interest Foundation
FPPA Florida Public Personnel Association
FPSC Florida Public Service Commission
FPA Florida Publishers Association, Inc.
FPPA Florida Pulp and Paper Association
FPGA Florida Pygmy Goat Association
FREC Florida Real Estate Commission
FRCA Florida Record Collectors Association
FRMA Florida Records Management Association
FRPA Florida Recreation and Parks Association
FRVTA Florida Recreational Vehicle Trade Association
FRA Florida Redevelopment Association
FRRP Florida Reef Resilience Program
FRED Florida Re-Engineers Development
FRCNA Florida Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous
FRSA Florida Regional Stewardship Alliance
FRP Florida Registered Paralegal
FRID Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
FRA Florida Rehabilitation Association
FRHA Florida Reining Horse Association
FREPA Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association
FRED Florida Research & Economic Database
FRDC Florida Research and Development Center
FRAG Florida Resident Assistance Grant
FRAS Florida Resident Assistant Seminar
FRAS Florida Resident Assistant Symposium
FRA Florida Restaurant Association
FRF Florida Retail Federation
FRS Florida Retirement System
FRL Florida Right to Life Committee, Inc.
FRIDAY Florida Rock Industries, Inc.
FRI Florida Rock Industries, Inc.
FRW Florida Romance Writers
FRSA Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Inc.
FRU Florida Rugby Union
FRBA Florida Rural Broadband Alliance
FRHA Florida Rural Health Association
FRLS Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc
FRWA Florida Rural Water Association
FRVTA Florida RV Trade Association
FSH Florida Scenic Highway
FSHP Florida Scenic Highways Program
FSPA Florida Scholastic Press Association
FSBIT Florida School Boards Insurance Trust
FSD Florida School for the Deaf
FSMA Florida School Music Association
FSM Florida School of Massage
FSOP Florida School of Preaching
FSPMA Florida School Plant Management Association
FSEC Florida Schools of Excellence Commission
FSJ Florida Scrub-Jay
FSB Florida Sea Base
FSTA Florida Septic Tank Association
FSPA Florida Sexual Predator Act
FSYR Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches, Inc.
FSA Florida Sheriffs Association
FREEDOM Florida Sheriffs Association
FSA Florida Shuffleboard Association
FREEDOM Florida Shuffleboard Association
FSC Florida Ski Council
FSDMC Florida Small Disadvantaged Manufacturers Corporation
FSPR Florida Society for Patient Representatives
FSA Florida Society of Anesthesiologists
FREEDOM Florida Society of Anesthesiologists
FSAE Florida Society of Association Executives
FSBP Florida Society of Bariatric Physicians
FSHP Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists
FSMA Florida Society of Medical Assistants
FSPMR Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
FSPS Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons
FSTCS Florida Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons
FSEC Florida Solar Energy Center
FSCL Florida Southeast Cricket League
FSC Florida Southern College
FSA Florida Space Authority
FREEDOM Florida Space Authority
FSI Florida Space Institute
FSAACA Florida Sport Aviation Antique and Classic Association
FSSA Florida Sport Shooting Association
FSF Florida Sports Foundation
FSWA Florida Sports Writers Association
FS Florida Sportsman
FSA Florida Staffing Association
FREEDOM Florida Staffing Association
FSALC Florida State Association of Letter Carriers
FSBC Florida State Boxing Commission
FSBQ Florida State Brass Quintet
FSBS Florida State Button Society
FSC Florida State College
FSF Florida State Fair
FSFA Florida State Fair Authority
FSFA Florida State Farriers Association
FSFA Florida State Fiddlers Association
FSFC Florida State Fire College
FSFA Florida State Firefighters’ Association
FSHD Florida State Health Department
FSL Florida State League
FSMA Florida State Medical Association
FSOMA Florida State Oriental Medical Association
FSPA Florida State Poets Association
FSR Florida State Referees, Inc
FSU Florida State University
FSU-ATA Florida State University Art Therapy Association
FSUCU Florida State University Credit Union
FSUS Florida State University School
FSUS Florida State University System
FSAC Florida Statewide Advocacy Council
FS Florida Statute
FSA Florida Statutes Annotated
FREEDOM Florida Statutes Annotated
FSC Florida Sterling Council, Inc
FSPU Florida Storm Protection Unlimited
FSA Florida Storytelling Association
FREEDOM Florida Storytelling Association
FSAG Florida Student Assistance Grant
FSA Florida Student Association
FREEDOM Florida Student Association
FST Florida Studio Theatre
FSCL Florida Sugar Cane League
FSC Florida Sun Conference
FSHH Florida Super Holiday Homes
FSAA Florida Support Administrators Association
FSC Florida Supreme Court
FSAA Florida Surety Agents Association
FSLA Florida Surplus Lines Association
FSMS Florida Surveying and Mapping Society
FSPA Florida Swimming Pool Association
FTW Florida Tax Watch
FTCE Florida Teacher Certification Examination
FTP Florida Teaching Profession
FTIA Florida Telecommunications Industry Association
FTRI Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.
FTC Florida Theatre Conference
FTA Florida Theatrical Association
FTC Florida Thoroughbred Charities
FTFM Florida Thoroughbred Farm Managers
FTU Florida Times-Union
FTPP Florida Tobacco Pilot Program
FTC Florida Tomato Committee
FTE Florida Tomato Exchange
FTSG Florida Tomato Scouting Guide
FTTP Florida Tombstone Transcription Project
FTA Florida Trail Association
FTR Florida Trail Riders
FTSC Florida Transplant Survivors Coalition, Inc.
FTA Florida Transportation Association, Inc.
FTC Florida Transportation Commission
FTFFA Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association
FTA Florida Trucking Association
FTT Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.
FTGA Florida Turfgrass Association
FTRF Florida Turfgrass Research Foundation
FTAA Florida Turkish American Association
FLUID Florida Unemployment Internet Direct Claims
FUMCH Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
FUN Florida United Numismatists, Inc.
FU-2 Florida University
FU Florida University
FVMA Florida Vegetation Management Association
FVMA Florida Veterinary Medical Association
FVS Florida Virtual School
FVE Florida Visual Ensemble
FVA Florida Vocal Association
FVA Florida Vocational Association
FVA Florida Voices for Animals, Inc.
FVA Florida Volkssport Association
FVL Florida Voters League, Inc.
FWC Florida Water Coalition
FWP Florida Water Products
FWS Florida Water Services
FWS Florida Watercolor Society
FW Florida Waterfowler
FWA Florida Watermelon Association
FWCAS Florida West Coast Avian Society
FWCR Florida West Coast Railroad
FWCS Florida West Coast Symphony
FWRBA Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association
FWAC Florida Wildflower Advisory Council
FWF Florida Wildlife Federation
FLWG Florida Wing
FWC Florida Wood Council
FWA Florida Writers Association, Inc.
FWF Florida Writers Foundation
FYN Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program
FYD Florida Young Democrats
FLYAA Florida Youth Athletic Association
FYLF Florida Youth Lacrosse Foundation
FYSA Florida Youth Soccer Association
FYSAS Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey
FACTS Florida’s Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students
FBC Florida’s Blood Center
FNG Florida’s Natural Growers
FTE Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise
FCCA Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association
FII Florida-Israel Institute
FFF Foundation for Florida Future
FOFF Friends of Florida Folk
FFF Friends of Florida Folk
GVL Gainesville, Florida
GRAF Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida
GF Georgia and Florida Railroad
GFPL Georgia Florida Paintball League
GSF Georgia Southern & Florida
GOF Germany or Florida
GICF Golden Isle Coaches of Florida, Inc.
GRRMF Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, Inc.
GAF Golf Association of Florida
GFB Great Florida Bank
GAFNE Greyhound Adoptions of Florida Northeast Chapter
HFSF Health Foundation of South Florida
HNF Health News Florida, Inc.
HLA-FL Hearing Loss Association of Florida
HOF Heart of Florida
HFBC Heart of Florida Borzoi Club
HFUW Heart of Florida United Way
HFGF Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida
HMNF Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida
HMSF Historical Museum of South Florida
HFSC Hospice of the Florida Suncoast
HFA Humanists of Florida Association
ICUF Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida
IDF Interamerica Data Florida, LLC
IAF Islamic Academy of Florida
IFSF Islamic Foundation of South Florida
ISCF Islamic Society of Central Florida
JCS Jewish Community Services of South Florida
LSC La Serena, Chile – La Florida
LOF Laws of Florida
LDAF Learning Disabilities Association of Florida
LPF Libertarian Party of Florida
LCF Lighthouse Central Florida
LMF Lutheran Ministries of Florida
LSF Lutheran Services of Florida
MACF Manufacturers Association of Central Florida
MSA Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida
MIL Merritt Island, Florida
MIP Miami, Florida
MTIF Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida
MFW Mid Florida Wrestling
MFWA Mid Florida Wrestling Association
MFCB Mid-Florida Council of the Blind
MFOA Mid-Florida Officials Association
MFRMLS Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service
MASF Migrant Association of South Florida
MASF Miniature Art Society of Florida
MAFLA Mississippi, Alabama and Florida
MFBC Mount Florida Bowling Club
MFH Museum of Florida History
MFMP My Florida Market Place
NCF New College of Florida
NTF Nike Team Florida
NCFR North Central Florida Region
NCFSOA North Central Florida Soccer Officials Association
NFAC North Florida Anesthesia Consultants
NFAH North Florida Animal Hospital
NFA North Florida Area
NFBC North Florida Bicycle Club
NFCSH North Florida Center for Speech and Hearing
NFDA North Florida Dressage Association
NFFF North Florida Fly Fishers
NFPA North Florida Procurement Association
NFU North Florida University
NFES Northeast Florida Equestrian Society
NFPA Northeast Florida Paralegal Association
NFSH Northeast Florida State Hospital
NFWA Northeast Florida Woodturners Association
NWFWMD Northwest Florida Water Management District
OJC Ocala Jeep Club of Florida
OCF Olds Club of Florida
OVF Operation Vaccinate Florida
OFW Outstanding Florida Waters
PCCF Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida
PAF Paralegal Association of Florida, Inc.
PHPF Parents Helping Parents of Florida, Inc.
PASFI Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida, Inc.
PHCF Parrot Heads of Central Florida
PDCF Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida
PSSUG Pensacola SQL Server User Group (Florida)
PAF Printing Association of Florida
PIAF Private Investigators Association of Florida
PARCO Professional Arson Cooperative of Florida
PVCF Professional Videographers of Central Florida
PLOSF Project Link of South Florida, Inc.
PPAF Promotional Products Association of Florida
PAAF Property Appraisers’ Association of Florida, Inc.
PROFESSOR Publishers Representatives of Florida
PROF Publishers Representatives of Florida
RASF Radiology Associates of South Florida
RFT Recycle Florida Today
STP Saint Petersburg, Florida
SFB Sanford/Orlando, Florida
SBCF Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida
SARCF Search and Rescue of Central Florida
STOF Seminole Tribe of Florida
STF Seminole Tribe of Florida
SDFL Service Dogs of Florida
SOSF Signmakers of South Florida
SPFL Socialist Party of Florida
SCFE South Central Florida Express, Inc.
SOFL South Florida
SFAL South Florida Academy of Learning
SFAN South Florida AIDS Network
SFAB South Florida Arts Beat
SFBI South Florida Banking Institute
SFBC South Florida Bible College
SFBC South Florida Bioavailability Clinic
SFBC South Florida Building Code
SFBJ South Florida Business Journal
SFBR South Florida Business Report
SFCC South Florida Church of Christ
SFCA South Florida Claim Association
SFCC South Florida Community College
SFCA South Florida Compliance Association
SFCA South Florida Composers Alliance
SFCD South Florida Conservancy District
SFCA South Florida Cricket Alliance
SFCC South Florida Crime Commission
SFCC South Florida Cultural Consortium
SFCC South Florida Culver Club
SFDF South Florida Dental Foundation
SFDL South Florida Descent League
SFDXA South Florida DX Association
SFEC South Florida Education Center
SFEAP South Florida Environmental Art Project
SFFBA South Florida F-Body Association
SFFA South Florida Fiber Artists
SFFA South Florida Flats Anglers
SFFB South Florida Free Beaches
SFIADA South Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association
SOFIA South Florida Information Access
SFIRM South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine
SFJGF South Florida Junior Golf Foundation
SFOSRC South Florida Oil Spill Research Center
SFPS South Florida Palm Society
SFPA South Florida Paralegal Association
SFPRN South Florida Public Relations Network
SFR South Florida Raves
SFRC South Florida Research Center
SFS South Florida Stangs
SFSH South Florida State Hospital
SFTF South Florida Task Force
SFTA South Florida Technology Alliance
SFT South Florida Today
SFUYSA South Florida United Youth Soccer Association
SFWA South Florida Wakeboarding Association
SFWMM South Florida Water Management Model
SFWGA South Florida Winter Guard Association
SFWS South Florida Wire Service
SEFCAR Southeast Florida and Caribbean Recruitment
SEAFLOE Southeast Florida Outfalls Experiment
SFCA Southern Florida Concierge Association
SFPC Southern Florida Presidents Council of Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
SFCA Southwest Florida Christian Academy
PPSWF Southwest Florida Professional Photographers Association
SWFRL Southwest Florida Research Laboratory
SOFL Special Olympics Florida
SOF Special Olympics Florida, Inc.
SOFSC Special Olympics Florida, Sumter County
SCGCF Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida
SCOF Supreme Court of Florida
TSFL Team Sol Florida
TGIF Thank God It’s Florida
TEAMFL Transportation and Expressway Authority Membership of Florida
USF Unified Sportsmen of Florida
UCAF United Chinese Association of Florida
UFF United Faculty of Florida
UWF United Waterfowlers Florida
UWOF United Way of Florida
USF Universal Studios Florida
UCF University of Central Florida
UCFC University of Central Florida Collection of Arthropods
UFL University of Florida
UF University of Florida
UFAA University of Florida Alumni Association
UFBI University of Florida Brain Institute
UFCN University of Florida College of Nursing
UFCN University of Florida Communications Network
UFCC University of Florida Community Campaign
UFF University of Florida Foundation
UFIR University of Florida International Review
UFPD University of Florida Police Department
UFTR University of Florida Teaching Reactor
UNF University of North Florida
USF University of South Florida
USFPG University of South Florida Physicians Group
UWF University of West Florida
UPF University Press of Florida
VODAFONE Visit Florida
VF Visit Florida
VAVF Visual Aid Volunteers of Florida
VFF Volunteer Florida Foundation
WPCF Wedding Professionals of Central Florida
WCFC West Central Florida Council
WFCC West Florida Canoe Club
WFCC West Florida Christian Conference
WFCS West Florida Christian School
WFEC West Florida Electric Cooperative
WFFA West Florida Futsal Association
WFGS West Florida Genealogical Society
WFHS West Florida High School
WFLA West Florida Leadership Academy
WFLA West Florida Lightning Aquatics
WFLF West Florida Literary Federation
WFLA West Florida Livery Association
WFPL West Florida Public Library
WFRL West Florida Regional Library
WPBFS West Palm Beach, Florida
WCMC Westcoast MOPAR Club (Florida)
WFO Wild Florida Online
WFF Wildlife Foundation of Florida
WRFK Wildlife Rescue of the Florida Keys
WSWF Woodturners of Southwest Florida
WCF Workforce Central Florida
WCFU Workforce Central Florida University
WFI Workforce Florida, Inc.

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