Food Abbreviations


What is Fast Food?

Fast food means “fast food” in English. It is a type of food, usually snacks, for people who do not have much time to make their meals, and who choose fast-food foods, as they are prepared and served quickly.

Fast food or ready-to-eat food is the name given to the consumption of meals that can be prepared and served in a short period of time.

Some examples of fast food foods are sandwiches, pizzas, fries, pastries, etc. Fast-food foods are considered high in calories, for the most part.

A form of fast food is also food served on the streets (hot dogs, for example) by street vendors. This is a very old practice and is present in practically every region of the modern world.

Street fast-foods are called food-truck or fast-truck (“food truck”, in free translation into Portuguese).

Many people are against fast food restaurants because much of the food sold is unhealthy.

However, over the years, franchises have created a more balanced menu, with diversified and caloric foods. However, even so, they continue to have a lot of opposition.

In 2004, the American documentary Super Size Me was released (titled in Brazil as “The Clown’s Diet”), in which Morgan Spurlock (author, director and producer) decides to have all his meals for 30 days at McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast food chains in the world.

The documentary reveals the disastrous effects that excessive consumption of fast food can have on health.

Fast food franchises

Often, each country has its own fast-food chains, but there are some that are present all over the world, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and others.

In Brazil, there are some successful examples, such as Bob’s, Habib’s, Giraffa’s and others.

Food Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Food

AFS Accommodation and Food Services
AEFI Acute Esophageal Food Impaction
AFPE Advanced Food Processing Equipment, Inc
AFT Advanced Food Technology
ACMSF Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food
AFFT Africa Food for Thought
AFFIDAVIT Africa Food for Thought
AFSI Africa Food Security Initiative
AFB Afri-Can FoodBasket
AFG Aga Foodservice Group
AAFM Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets
AFRC Agricultural and Food Research Council
AFTC Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference
APEDA Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
AFLS Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences
AFRE Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics
AAFC Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AGFC Agriculture and Food Council
AFCA Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta
AFP Agriculture and Food Production
ABFS Agriculture Biotechnology & Food Sciences
AFRA Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
AFRD Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
AVA Agri-food and Veterinary Authority
ACI Agrifood Consulting International
AIMS Agri-Food Industry Market Strategies
AFRN Agri-Food Research Network
ATN Agri-Food Trade Network
ATS Agri-Food Trade Service
ATFL Agro Tech Foods Limited
AFSG Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group
AFSAC Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee
AGS Alaska General Seafoods
ASMI Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
AFFB All Faiths Food Bank
AFF Alliance for Fair Food
AFSI Alternate Food Stamp Issuance
AAFN Alternative Agri-Food Networks
AAFHV American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians
ACFSA American Correctional Food Service Association
AFSI American Food Safety Institute
AFS American Food Service
AFFI American Frozen Food Institute
ASFSA American School Food Service Association
AFAA Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota
AFM Angel Food Ministries
AHFSS Animal Health and Food Safety Services
APFS Animal Production Food Safety
ALRSF Anse La Raye Seafood Friday
ACCVFFQ Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria Food Frequency Questionnaire
AFHB Apollo Food Holdings Bhd.
AFFI Arab Federation for Food Industries
AFDH Aridity Food-Distribution Hypothesis
AFMA Arizona Food Marketing Alliance
AFI Arla Foods Ingredients
AFAC Arlington Food Assistance Center
AFMIS Army Foodservice Management Information System
AFHB ASEAN Food Handling Bureau
ABF Associated British Foods plc
ASFS Association for the Study of Food and Society
AAFOC Association of American Food Control Officials, Inc.
AAFB Association of Arizona Food Banks
ACFSA Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates
AFDO Association of Food and Drug Officials
AFI Association of Food Industries
AFMA Association of Food Marketing Agencies
ACFB Atlanta Community Food Bank
AFWIC Australian Food and Wine Industries Conference
AFC Australian Food Council
AFISC Australian Food Industry Science Centre
AFIC Australian Food Ingredients Centre
AFSIC Australian Food Safety Inspection Company
AIFST Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Inc.
ANBIC Australian National Bushfoods Industry Committee
ANZFA Australian New Zealand Food Authority
ASIC Australian Seafood Industry Council
AFA Authentic Food Artisan
AFSI Automated Food System Inc
AFAL Awards for Food Action Locally
BEAUFORT Bachelor of Food Technology
BFT Bachelor of Food Technology
BSFT Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
BFIL Bake Food International Limited
BFAWU Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union
BAF Basic American Foods
BDFA Basic Daily Food Allowance
BFG Basic Food Group
BFH Basic Food Hygiene
BCFS Bemidji Community Food Shelf
BFD Best Food Day
BFL Betwin Foodball League
BFC Beverages and Food Committee
BARF Bile and Regurgitated Food
BAFS Biologically Active Food Supplement
BARF Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods
BIFS Biotechnology Information for Food Safety
BRAFB Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
BFS Bonduelle Food Service
BARF Bones And Raw Foods
BFE Booze, Food and Entertainment
BBF Borden Burger Foods
BLF BottomLine Foods
BRF Brasil Foods
BYOF Bring Your Own Food
BFJ British Food Journal
BFFF British Frozen Food Federation
FHA Bureau for Food and Humanitarian Assistance
BFAD Bureau of Food and Drug
BFD Bureau of Food and Drug
BFDA Bureau of Food and Drug Administration
BFDA Bureau of Food and Drug Analysis
BFSA Bureau of Food Safety Assessment
BSA Bureau of Seafood & Aquaculture
BBF Burger Boy Food-O-Rama
BPF Butch Pet Food
BBFI Butter Buds Food Ingredients
CCFF California Coalition for Food and Farming
CDFA California Department of Food and Agriculture
CFJC California Food and Justice Coalition
CFAP California Food Assistance Program
CFPA California Food Policy Advocates
CIFAR California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research
CURFFL California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law
CCFRA Camden & Chorleywood Food Research Association
CAFI Canadian Agriculture and Food International
CARC Canadian Agri-Food Research Council
CAFTA Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance
CASF Canadian Association of Specialty Foods
CCFN Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition
CFBA Canadian Food Brokers Association
CFFC Canadian Food for Children
CFH Canadian Food for the Hungry
CFHI Canadian Food for the Hungry International
CFIC Canadian Food Industry Council
CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency
CFPA Canadian Food Processors Association
CFTA Canadian Food Trade Alliance
CFB Canadian Foodgrains Bank
CHFA Canadian Health Food Association
CRFA Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
CSFA Canadian Snack Food Association
CFA Canned Food Alliance
CFD Canned Food Drive
CAFB Capital Area Food Bank
CFNI Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute
CFC Caribbean Food Corporation
CFCS Caribbean Foods Crop Society
CNAF Carnation Nutra-Analogue Foods Ltd.
CFC Carp Food Concept
CAB Center for Food and Agricultural Business
CFFAR Center for Food and Agricultural Research
CFNP Center for Food and Nutrition Policy
CFS Center for Food Safety
CFSAN Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
CFSE Center for Food Safety Engineering
CFNAP Center for Food, Nutrition and Agriculture Policy
CIFCS Center for Informed Food Choices
CIFT Center for Innovative Food Technology
CEAF Central Europe Agri-Food
CFPS Central Food Preparation System
CFRL Central Food Research Laboratory
CFTRI Central Food Technological Research Institute
CMFB Central Missouri Food Bank
CSFS Centre for Sustainable Food Systems
CFW Cereal Foods World
CFBE Certified Food and Beverage Executive
CFPM Certified Food Protection Manager
CFPP Certified Food Protection Professional
CFSM Certified Food Safety Manager
CFSP Certified Food Safety Professional
CFSP Certified Foodservice Professional
CFPM Certified Foodservice Purchasing Manager
CACFP Child and Adult Care Food Program
CCFP Child Care Food Program
CFCF Children’s Food and Care Fund
CFA Chilled Food Association
CFIC Chilton Food Innovation Center
CF Chinese Food
CFGT Clean Food Good Taste
CCFA Codex Committee on Food Additives
CCFAC Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants
CCFH Codex Committee on Food Hygiene
CCFL Codex Committee on Food Labelling
CC-RVDF Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Food
CFLC Codex Food Labeling Committee
CIFF Coles Indigenous Food Fund
AFRE College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise
CAFES College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
CAFRE College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise
CFBA Colorado Food Bank Association
COC Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment
CFA Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes
COMA Committee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy
CSFP Commodity Supplemental Food Program
CFMS Common Food Management System
CFNP Community Food and Nutrition Program
CFP Community Food Projects
CFS Community Food Security
CFSC Community Food Security Coalition
CFAP Community, Food and Agriculture Program
COMPLAN Complete Planned Food
CAG Conagra Foods
CFP Conference for Food Protection
CFS Consolidated Food Service
CFS Convenience Food Systems
CFNPP Cornell Food and Nutrition Policy Program
CBFA Corp Brand Foods of America
CFRD Council for Food Research and Development
CDFS Council on Drugs and Food Sanitation
CIFOR Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response
DFAB Dairy Foods Advisory Bureau
DFRL Defence Food Research Laboratory
DFSS Defence Food Services School
DMFCS Del Monte Foods Company
DFSCA Delhi Food Supplies and Consumers Affairs
DFLT Dengie Food & Leisure Trail
DETR Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DAFF Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
DAFRD Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
ASFT Department of Animal Science and Food Technology
DFA Department of Food and Agriculture
DFPMT Department of Food Preservation and Meat Technology
DFST Department of Food Science and Technology
DOH-BFAD Department of Health – Bureau of Food and Drugs
NDFS Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science
DMND Diamond Foods, Inc.
DSFL Dietary Supplements and Food Labeling
DFP Diploma in Food Production
DFM Director, Food Management
DFRRI Directorate of Food Roads and Rural Infrastructure
DFSP Disaster Food Stamp Program
DFSP Disposable Food Service Products
DFST Division of Food Science and Technology
DHFS Division of Housing and Food Services
DGFD Dog Food
DFC Dole Food Company
DBPCFC Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Food Challenges
DBPCPC Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Food Challenge
DFAI Duke Food Allergy Initiative
DMFI Dutch Machinery for the Food Industry
EMFF East Midlands Fine Foods
EFAS Eastern Food Appreciation Society
EUSAFEC Eastern US Agricultural and Food Export Council
EFR Efficient Foodservice Response
EFSA Emergency Food and Shelter Assistance
EFSG Emergency Food and Shelter Grant
EFSN Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition
ERDAF Energy Research and Development in Agriculture and Food
EFB Environment and Food Bureau
EFRA Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
EFRA Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee
EFMI Erasmus Food Management Instituut
EFFAT European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors
EFSA European Food Safety Association
EFSA European Food Safety Authority
EFSA European Food Standards Agency
EFSA European Food Standards Authority
EIFH European Institute of Food History
ENFA European Non-Food Agriculture
EPFS European Platform for Food Sovereignty
EAFUS Everything Added to Food in the United States
FAFS Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
FFBT Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
FFE Family Food Education
FF Fast Food
FFC Fast Food Corner
FFC Fast Food Critic
FFCP Federal Food Commodities Program
FFDCA Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938
FIFSTA Federation of Institutes of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN
FCFA Fellow Cookery Food Association
FFC Fine Food Company
FFDIF Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation
FFAW Fisheries, Food and Allied Workers
FLDSMDFR Flint Lockwood’s Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator
FIFNC Florida Interagency Food and Nutrition Committee
FOFS Focus on Food Safety
FAM Food & A Movie
FBIA Food & Beverage Importers Association
FBI Food & Beverage Institute
FDG Food & Drink Group
FDA Food & Drug Administration
FNCE Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo
FTFA Food & Trees for Africa
FAM Food Acquisition Mode
FA Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
FARA Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
FAIA Food Additives and Ingredients Association
FACILITY Food Advisory Committee
FAC Food Advisory Committee
FABE Food Agricultural and Biological Engineering
FACILITY Food Aid Convention
FAC Food Aid Convention
FALU Food Aid Liaison Unit
FALCP Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004
FAW Food Allergens Workshop
FA Food Allergy
FAAP Food Allergy Action Plan
FAAMA Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act
FAAN Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network
FAN Food Allergy Network
FARS Food Allergy Relief Sharing
FAST Food Allergy Survivors Together
FADDA Food Allergy, Dermatologic Diseases, and Anaphylaxis
FAITH Food Always in the Home
FAPAS Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme
FACT Food Analysis, Chemistry and Technology
FACTS Food Anaphylactic Children Training and Support
FAE Food Anaphylaxis Education
FAM Food and Agribusiness Management
FARC Food and Agricultural Research Council
FACILITY Food and Agriculture Committee
FAC Food and Agriculture Committee
FACILITY Food and Agriculture Council
FAC Food and Agriculture Council
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FAPC Food and Agriculture Planning Committee
FAPF Food and Agriculture Policy Framework
FARMING Food and Agriculture Restoration Management Involving Networked Groups
FAST Food and Allied Service Trades Department
FAWU Food and Allied Workers’ Union
F-AND-B Food and Beverage
FNB Food and Beverage
FBCS Food and Beverage Classification System
FDBC Food and Beverage Cost Management
FABM Food and Beverage Management
FBM Food and Beverage Manager
FABN Food and Beverage Network
FABS Food and Beverage Service
FBS Food and Beverages Service
FETAL-BOVINE-SERUM Food and Beverages Service
FBL Food and Brand Lab
FCPM Food and Consumer Products Manufacturers
FCSS Food and Consumer Safety Section
FDF Food and Drink Federation
FDAAA Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association, Inc.
FDAAA Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act
FDAMA Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act
FDAR Food and Drug Administration Regulation
FDAS Food and Drug Analytical Services Limited
FDLI Food and Drug Law Institute
FDLJ Food and Drug Law Journal
FDS Food and Drug Service
FDALO Food and Drugs Act Liaison Office
FEPA Food and Environment Protection Act
FERA Food and Environment Research Agency
FFES Food and Farming Education Service
FFGI Food and Feed Grains Institute
FFA Food and Foodstuff Association
FHA Food and Humanitarian Assistance
FLS Food and Life Sciences
FAM Food AND Medicine
FAN Food and Nutrition
FNAC Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee
FNA Food and Nutrition Association
FNB Food and Nutrition Board
FNCO Food and Nutrition Coordinating Office
FNIC Food and Nutrition Information Center
FNS Food and Nutrition Service
FNSRO Food and Nutrition Service Regional Office
FANTA Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance
FNU Food and Nutrition Unit
FANSING Food and Nutritional Services
FANS Food and Nutritional Services
FREC Food and Resource Economics
FRE Food and Resource Economics
FRED Food and Resource Economics Department
FVO Food and Veterinary Office
FWSCI Food and Water Security Coalition India
FWW Food and Water Watch
FAWA Food and Wine Academy
FARAD Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
FANP Food Assistance and Nutrition Programs
FACILITY Food Assistance Center
FAC Food Assistance Center
FAP Food Assistance Program
FAD Food Availability Decline
FBS Food Balance Sheet
FBCM Food Bank Council of Michigan
FBNYC Food Bank for New York City
FBML Food Bank Markup Language
FBA Food Bank of Alaska
FBEM Food Bank of Eastern Michigan
FBNN Food Bank of Northern Nevada
FBST Food Bank of the Southern Tier
FBC Food Beverage Canada
FBCI Food Biotechnology Communications Initiative
FBI Food Borne Illness
FBST Food Bronchial Stimulation Test
FBO Food Business Operator
FBP Food by Prescription
FCAAG Food Chain Assurance Advisory Group
FCG Food Chain Goblins
FCI Food Chain Information
FCM Food Chain Multiplier
FCC Food Chemical Codex
FCNG Food Chemical News Guide
FCID Food Commodity Intake Database
FCIS Food Communications Information Service
FCS Food Contact Surface
FCR Food Convertion Rate
FCI Food Corporation of India
FCI Food Craft Institute
FD Food Desert
FDA Food Development Association
FDC Food Development Center
FDC Food Distribution Center
FDPIR Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
FDRS Food Distribution Research Society
FDI Food Distributors International
FDM Food Drug Mass-Merchandise
FEAST Food Education and Service Training
FEED-4 Food Education Every Day
FEED-8 Food Education Every Day
FEED-6 Food Education Every Day
FEED-5 Food Education Every Day
FEED-12 Food Education Every Day
FEED-11 Food Education Every Day
FEED-7 Food Education Every Day
FEED-13 Food Education Every Day
FEED-9 Food Education Every Day
FEED-10 Food Education Every Day
FEED Food Education Every Day
FECT Food Elicited Cataplexy Test
FERRET Food Emergency Rapid Response and Evaluation Team
FEEST Food Empowerment Education Sustainability Team
FEED-4 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-8 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-6 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-5 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-12 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-11 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-7 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-13 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-9 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED-10 Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEED Food Environmental Efficiency Day
FEMC Food Equipment Manufacturing Corp
FF Food Fight
FFA Food For Agriculture
FFA Food for Assets
FFE Food for Education
FFLC Food for Lane County
FFL Food For Life
FFM Food for Medicine
FFO Food for Oil
FFPER Food for Peace
FFP Food for Peace
FFR Food for Recovery
FH Food for the Hungry
FARMHOUSE Food for the Hungry
FHI Food for the Hungry International
F4T Food for Thought
FFT Food For Thought
FFT Food for Training
FFW Food For Work
FFWP Food for Work Programme
FFQ Food Frequency Questionnaire
FFB Food from Britain
FBEA Food from Britain Export Awards
FGA Food Grinder Attachment
FGP Food Guide Pyramid
FHC Food Handler Card
FHT Food Handler Training
FHS Food Hygiene and Safety
FHIS Food Hygiene Information Scheme
FIRI Food Industries Research Institute
FICT Food Industry Council of Tasmania
FICAH Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger
FISA Food Industry Suppliers Association
FISC Food Industry Suppliers of Canada
FISCO Food Installation Service Construction
FIC Food Institute of Canada
FI Food Intake
FINA Food Intolerance Network of Australia
FJ Food Journal
FLAPS Food Label and Package Survey
FLOOR Food Labelling Regulation
FLR Food Labelling Regulation
FLEP Food Law Enforcement Practitioners
FLAIR Food Link Agriculture Industry
FMC Food Machinery Corp.
FMC Food Machinery Corporation
FMAT Food Management Assistance Team
FMP Food Management Professional
FMS Food Management System
FMS Food Management System/Subsystem
FMI Food Marketing Institute
FMPC Food Marketing Policy Center
FN Food Network
FNB Food Not Bombs
FOTS Food on the Stove
FPER Food Pantry
FP Food Pantry
FPI Food Perspectives Inc
FPMU Food Planning and Monitoring Unit
FPOS Food Point Of Sale
FPI Food Policy Institute
FPPB Food Portion Photograph Book
FPC Food Preparation Capabilities
FPI Food Price Index
FPER Food Processing
FP Food Processing
FPP Food Processing and Packaging Equipment
FPC Food Processing Center
FPE Food Processing Equipment
FPI Food Processing Industries
FPI Food Processing Institute
FPI Food Processing Intelligence
FPR Food Processing Residuals
FPD Food Product Design
FPD Food Product Development
FPA Food Products Association
FPRS Food Programs Reporting System
FPT Food Protection Trends
FPIES Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome
FQAP Food Quality and Preference
FQA Food Quality Assurance
FQI Food Quality Indicator
FQM Food Quality Management
FQPA Food Quality Protection Act
FQ Food Quotient
FRAC Food Research and Action Center
FRDC Food Research and Development Centre
FRIDAY Food Research Institute
FRI Food Research Institute
FRB Food Resource Bank
FSA Food Safety Act 1990
FREEDOM Food Safety Act 1990
FSAC Food Safety Advisory Centre
FSIS Food Safety and Inspection Service
FSQ Food Safety and Quality
FSQA Food Safety and Quality Assurance
FSTSD Food Safety and Technical Services Division
FSAI Food Safety Authority of Ireland
FSC Food Safety Commission
FSC Food Safety Consortium
FSCI Food Safety Consulting International, Inc.
FSCP Food Safety Control Point
FSII Food Safety Information Infrastructure
FSIS Food Safety Information System
FSIA Food Safety Institute of the Americas
FSL Food Safety Laboratory
FSMS Food Safety Management System
FSMCE Food Safety Manager Certification Examination
FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011
FSN Food Safety Network
FSPA Food Safety Professionals Association
FSPB Food Safety Promotion Board
FSRE Food Safety Regulatory Essentials
FSRRN Food Safety Research and Response Network
FSRIO Food Safety Research Information Office
FSS Food Safety Summit
FSC Food Sanitation Center
FST Food Science & Technology
FSHN Food Science and Human Nutrition
FSTA Food Science and Technology Abstracts
FSA Food Security Act of 1985
FREEDOM Food Security Act of 1985
FSAU Food Security Analysis Unit
FSA Food Security Assessment
FREEDOM Food Security Assessment
FSCU Food Security Coordinating Unit
FSLC Food Security Learning Center
FSRU Food Security Research Unit
FSA Food Service Agency
FREEDOM Food Service Agency
FSC Food Service and Cleanliness
FSNM Food Service and Nutrition Management
FSA Food Service Attendant
FREEDOM Food Service Attendant
FSE Food Service Equipment
FSED Food Service Equipment Day
FSHE Food Service Hospitality Education
FSM Food Service Management
FSO Food Service Officer
FSS Food Service Sergeant
FSS Food Service Solutions
FS Food Service Specialist
FSTC Food Service Technology Center
FSW Food Service Warehouse
FSA Food Services of America
FREEDOM Food Services of America
FSITS Food Source Identification and Tracking System
FSETP Food Stamp Employment & Training Program
FSJS Food Stamp Job Search System
FSO Food Stamp Outreach
FS Food Stamps
FSA Food Standards Agency
FREEDOM Food Standards Agency
FSAB Food Standards Agency Board
FSAW Food Standards Agency Wales
FSANZ Food Standards Australia New Zealand
FSG Food Study Group
FTRB Food Tax Reduction Bulletin
FTRP Food Tax Reduction Program
FTCA Food Technology for Companion Animals
FTNZ Food Technology in New Zealand
FTI Food Technology Institute
FTIC Food Technology International Consultancy Ltd
FTRI Food Technology Research Institute
FTI Food Terminal Incorporated
FTR Food Trade Review
FTP Food Transfer Protocol
FVA Food Vulnerability Assessment
FWE Food Warming Equipment Company, Inc.
FWC Food Worker Card
FAES Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
FACT Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990
FACTA Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990
FBT Food, Beverages and Tobacco
FCS Food, Clothing, Shelter
FDAWU Food, Drinks and Allied Workers’ Union
FDCA Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
FDCPA Food, Drug, and Consumer Product Agency
FFRA Food, Farming and Rural Affairs
FLANGE Food, Liquor and Grocery
FLG Food, Liquor and Grocery
FNCS Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services
FNH Food, Nutrition, and Health
FSI Food, Seed and Industrial
FVEA Food, Veterinary and Environmental Agency
FWWMS Food, Water & Waste Management
FDFQ Food/Drink Frequency Questionnaire
FGO Food: the Gift of Osiris
FSBC Foodbank of Santa Barbara County
FBDO Foodborne Disease Outbreak
FBCM Food-Bound Cobalamin Malabsorption
FIAN FoodFirst Information and Action Network
FLAIR Food-Linked Agro-Industrial Research
FSM Foodorama Supermarkets
FFHI Foods for Health Institute
FSMP Foods for Special Medical Purposes
FPI Foodservice and Packaging Institute
FSCG Foodservice Coaching Group
FCSI Foodservice Consultants Society International
FEDA Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association
FIST Foodservice Instructional Simulation Technique
FSMA Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association
FPO Foodstuffs of Plant Origin
FCFH Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene
FTFB Franklin Township Food Bank
FFO Free Food Opportunity
FFPER Free Food Program
FFP Free Food Program
FFHS Fried Food Holding Station
FTSFA Friends of Triangle Seniors and Food Assistance
FFWE Friesland Foods Western Europe
FFE Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc.
FFIS Frozen Food Information Service
FF Functional Food
FFSC Functional Food Science Centre
FFAN Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
GSSA Garden State Seafood Association
GFD General Food Distribution
GSCTF General Standard for Contaminants and Toxins in Foods
GSFA General Standard for Food Additives
GRFA Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
GEFA Genetically Engineered Food Alert
GMF Genetically Modified Food
GAFP Georgia Association for Food Protection
GFIA Georgia Food Industry Association
GMFA Georgia Mountains Foodways Alliance
GPFES Georgia Plant Food Education Society
GSFSA Georgia School Food Service Association
GCFB Gleaners Community Food Bank
GFB Gleaners Community Food Bank
GECAFS Global Environmental Change and Food Systems
GFN Global Food & Nutrition Inc
GFARAD Global Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
GFEI Global Food for Education Initiative
GFQS Global Food Quarterly
GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative
GFS Global Food Sourcing
GFN Global Foodborne Infections Network
GBF Glory Bee Foods, Inc.
GHFB Golden Harvest Food Bank
GSF Golden State Foods
GVMF Golden Valley Microwave Foods
GFS Gordon Food Service
GFT Gourmet Food Truck
GFF Grain Foods Foundation
GCFB Granite City Food Brewery
GAFF Grassroots Action on Food and Farming
GBFB Greater Boston Food Bank
GCFD Greater Chicago Food Depository
GPFH Greater Pacific Food Holdings
GFWI Greek Food and Wine Institute
GGFI Greenhouse Grown Foods Inc
GMV Group of Manufacturers of Machinery for Food Processing
GFT Gulf Food Trade
HFMA Hawaii Food Manufacturer’s Association
HFSA Health Food and Supplements Association
HFD Health Food Drink
HFI Health Food Institute
HFS Health Food Store
HPF Health Products and Food
HPFB Health Products and Food Branch
HPFBI Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate
HFABS Healthy Food Access Basket Survey
HSY Hershey Foods Corp
HILFN Highlands and Islands Local Food Network
HFI Highly Food Insecure
HVF High-Value Food
HFG Hilton Food Group PLC
HFG Honest Food Guide
HFC Hormel Foods Corporation
HFS Hospitality and Food Service
HFNS Household Food and Nutritional Security
HFEA Household Food Economy Approach
HFPP Household Food Production Programme
HHFS Household Food Security
HFSS Household Food Security Survey
HFCS Housing, Food and Conference Services
HFB Houston Food Bank
HQF Humber Quality Foods
HFI Hunt Foods and Industries
ICFST Illinois Center for Food Safety and Technology
INFRA Independent Natural Food Retailers Association
IAFT Indonesian Association of Food Technologists
IFSA Inflight Food Service Association
ISFP Initiative on Soaring Food Prices
IFAS Institute for Food and Agricultural Standards
IFDP Institute for Food Development Policy
IAFE Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics
IAFI Institute of Agriculture and Food Information
IFAS Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
IFR Institute of Food Research
IFST Institute of Food Science and Technology
IFT Institute of Food Technologists
INFS Institute of Nutrition and Food Science
INFT Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology
IFAMS Integrated Food Animal Management Systems
IFSNP Integrated Food Security and Nutrition Programme
IFSP Integrated Food Security Programme
IQF Interamerican Quality Foods
IMF Intermediate Moisture Foods
IFSA Internal Food Safety Auditor
IAFN International Agra-Food Network
IAFP International Association for Food Protection
IAFIS International Association of Food Industry Suppliers
IAFSP International Association of Food Safety Professionals
IBFAN International Baby Food Action Network
ICFMH International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene
ICFI International Council on Food Irradiation
IDFA International Dairy Foods Association
IEFR International Emergency Food Reserve
IEFP International Exposition for Food Processors
IFAC International Food Additives Council
IAMA International Food and Agribusiness Management Association
IPC International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council
IFE International Food and Drink Event
IFE International Food and Drink Exhibition
IFBC International Food Biotechnology Council
IFF International Food Festival
IFIC International Food Information Council
IFIS International Food Information Service
IFIS International Food Information System
IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
IFST International Food Security Treaty
IFSEA International Food Service Executives Association
IFS International Food Standard
IFDA International Foodservice Distributors Association
IFMA International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
IFFCO International Foodstuffs Co.
IJFE International Journal of Food Engineering
ILFA International Life and Food Association
IPCAFT International Policy Council on Agriculture Food and Trade
ISDI International Special Dietary Food Industries
INSAFS International Symposium on Agrometeorology and Food Security
ITPGR International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
IUF International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations
ISFA Internet Symposium on Food Allergens
ISPG Irish Seafood Producers Group
IFCP Island Food Community of Pohnpei
JFC Japan Food Corporation
JFPC Japan Foods Patent Center
JONA Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association
JEFAP Joint Emergency Food Aid Programme
JECFA Joint Expert Committee for Food Additives
JFSSG Joint Food Safety and Standards Group
JIFSAN Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
JCFE Joondalup Commercial Food Equipment
JAFIO Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization
JFCA Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
JFP Journal of Food Protection
JFQ Journal of Food Quality
JFS Journal of Food Science
JFTA Journal of Food Technology in Africa
JF Junk Food
JF Junkfood
KMFP Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry
KFRI Korea Food Research Institute
KSFE Korean Society for Food Engineering
KFT Kraft Foods International
KFI Kraft Foods International
KF Kraft Foods, Inc.
KLFC Kuchai Lama Food Court
LCFA Laboratory Center for Food and Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.
LFI Leatherhead Food International
LFRA Leatherhead Food Research Association
LRFFT Live Reef Food Fish Trade
LACOTS Local Authorities Co-ordinating Body on Food and Trading Standards
LFFG London Fine Foods Group
LFBA Louisiana Food Bank Association
LFHW Love Food Hate Waste
LACF Low-Acid Canned Food
LFHI Lund Food Holdings, Inc.
MFSP Madison Food System Project
MFCA Malaysian Food Canners Association
MIFT Malaysian Institute of Food Technology
MTFL Malool Tropical Foods Limited
MCFA Malta Cookery and Food Association
MVF Man Vs Food
MFPA Manitoba Food Processors Association
MRFA Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association
MLF Maple Leaf Foods
MFCA Maryland Food Center Authority
MDFD Massachusetts Division of Food and Drugs
MSFA Massachusetts Specialty Foods Association
MFPP Massive Food Production Programme
MSSR McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants, Inc.
MFPO Meat Food Products Order
MFPS Mega Food Parks Scheme
MSFFG Microbiological Safety of Food Funders Group
MFM Midwest Foods Manufacturing
MFI Military Food Inspector
MFD Milk Food Drinks
MOFA Minister of Food and Agriculture
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Food
MAFI Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry
MAFS Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
MAFS Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
MAFFS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security
FCAMIN Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
MOFA Ministry of Food and Agriculture
MFCA Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs
MFPI Ministry of Food Processing Industries
MFN Mississippi Food Network
MMFEHA Missouri Milk Food and Environmental Health Association
MFPV Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles
MFC Model Food Code
MFI Moderately Food Insecure
MFS Modified Food Starch
MPF Multi Purpose Food
MFHA MultiCultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance
MFPI Multiple Food Protein Intolerance
MPF Multi-Purpose Food
MUFSO Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference
NBF Napier Brown Foods
NADFC National Agency for Drug and Food Control
NAFDAC National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
NAFC National Agriculture and Food Council
NAFOS National Alliance for Food Security
NAFFS National Association of Flavors and Food-Ingredient Systems
NBF National Best Foods
NCFPD National Center for Food Protection and Defense
NCFS National Center for Food Safety and Technology
NCFIA National Coalition of Food Importing Associations
NCIMB National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria
NFAPP National Food and Agricultural Policy Project
NFAI National Food Animal Identification
NFA National Food Authority
NFBS National Food Balance Sheet
NFBC National Food Biotechnology Centre
NFFW National Food for Work
NFIS National Food Industry Strategy
NFL National Food Laboratory
NFMA National Food Manufacturers Association
NFPA National Food Processors Association
NFPA National Food Products Association
NFSD National Food Safety Database
NFSW National Food Safety Week
NFSAM National Food Security Act Manual
NFSM National Food Security Mission
NFSMI National Food Service Management Institute
NFFA National Frozen Food Association
NFFC National Frozen Foods Corporation
NIFA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
NINFS National Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety
NPFI National Plant Food Institute
NUFT National University of Food Technologies
NYFA National Youth Food Assembly
NFCS Nationwide Food Consumption Survey
NSF Natural Selection Foods LLC
NFB Needs Food Badly
NBSC New Bedford Seafood Consulting
NEFE New England Food Entrepreneurs
NESPA New England Seafood Producers Association
NOWFE New Orleans Wine & Food Experience
NZDF New Zealand Dairy Foods
NZFI New Zealand Food Industries Limited
NZFR New Zealand Food Regulations
NZFSA New Zealand Food Safety Authority
NFI Nielsen Food Index
NF No Food
NKFA No Known Food Allergy
NFE Non Food Effect
NFCS Nonfood Contact Surface
NFG Non-Food Grade
NFI Non-Food Item
NAFD North American Food Drive
NAFSA North American Food Safety Associates
NCSFSA North Carolina School Food Service Association
NCFE Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship
NFPA Northwest Food Processors Association
NFPT Northwest Food Products Transportation
NSEC Norwegian Seafood Export Council
NIFA Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture
NFFA Nutraceutical and Functional Food Alliance
NFS Nutrition and Food Security
NFS Nutrition and Food Systems
NFT Nutrition and Food Technology
NFES Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences
NFSH Nutrition, Food Safety, & Health
OFFC Official Feed and Food Controls
OFFP Oil For Food Programme
OFFI Old Fashion Foods, Inc.
OFPA Ontario Food Processors Association
OFPA Ontario Food Protection Association
OFSS Ontario Food Safety Strategy
OMAFRA Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
ONFC Ontario Natural Food Co-op
OFC Open Food Challenge
OSF Open Source Food
OFB Oregon Food Bank
OFFER Organic Food and Farming Education and Research
OFCM Organic Food Council of Manitoba
OFF Organic Food Federation
OFPA Organic Food Protection Act
OFPA Organic Foods Production Act of 1990
OEFF Oriental Express Frozen Foods
OUTPERFORM Other People’s Food
OPF Other People’s Food
ONF Our Naked Food
ONF Outpost Natural Foods
OFG Overwaitea Food Group
PSPA Pacific Seafood Processors Association
PSFC Park Slope Food Coop
PFEDA Partners and Food in Emergency and Development Aid
PFMA Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association
PFG Performance Food Group
PFGC Performance Food Group Co
PFPP Permanent Food Production Parks
PIBAC Permanent International Bureau of Analytical Chemistry of Human and Animal Food
PGFI Persian Gulf Food Industries
PFC Pet Food Center
PFIAA Pet Food Industry Association of Australia
PFI Pet Food Institute
PFSB Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau
PAFT Philippine Association of Food Technologists
PHILFOODEX Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization, Inc
PSAGEF Physicians and Scientists Against Genetically Engineered Food
PAPA Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association
PCFC Placebo-Controlled Food Challenge
PFPG Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group
POF Pot of Food
PHF Potentially Hazardous Food
PFSA Prepaid Food Services Accounts
PFA Prevention of Food Adulteration Act
PEISPA Prince Edward Island Seafood Processors Association
PFST Proactive Food Safety Training
PFSG Professional Food Sensory Group
PAF Project Angel Food
PRWF Protection, Rescue, Water, Food
PAFS Public Assistance Food Stamps
PFDS Public Food Distribution System
PAFPL Punjab Agri Food Parks Limited
QFO Qualified Food Operator
QFB Quality Food Brands
QFC Quality Food Centers
QFP Quality Food Products
QFI Quality Foods, Inc.
QLIF Quality Low Input Food
QSP Quality Seafood Programme
QFCIAF Quartermaster Food and Container Inst. for the Armed Forces
QFF Quick Frozen Foodstuff
RFD Ramadan Food Drive
RASFF Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed
RUTF Ready to Use Therapeutic Food
RFOC Real Food on Campus
RFDI Refrigerated Food Distributors, Inc.
RFX Refrigerated Food Express
RFA Refrigerated Foods Association
RFD Regional Food and Drink
RPFS Regional Programme for Food Security
RPFS Regional Strategies and Programmes for Food Security
RIFSA Research Institute for Food Crops in Swampy Areas
RVDF Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods
RFIM Restaurant and Food Industry Management
RRFF River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC
RVAF River Valley Animal Foods
RFB Room, Food and Beverage
RWF Roundtable for Women in Food Service
RDFS Rural Development and Food Security
SPF S&P Food Industries
SQF Safe Quality Foods
SFFA San Francisco Food Alliance
SFFB San Francisco Food Bank
SHF Sanitarium Health Food Company
SDAF Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture and Food
SSFN Saudi Society for Food & Nutrition
SFAG School Food Action Group
SFSA School Food Service Association
SFT School Food Trust
SFST School of Food Science and Technology
SFC Scientific Committee on Food
SCF Scientific Committee on Food
SFDF Scottish Food and Drink Federation
SFCC Scottish Food Co-Ordinating Committee
SEAI Seafood Exporters Association of India
SPA Seafood Products Association
SQMI Seafood Quality Management Initiative
SSSP Seafood Spoilage and Safety Predictor
STCP Seafood Trainers’ Community of Practice
SWP Seafood Watch Program
SNFS Seaman Food Service Specialist
SFF Seed for Food
SFFA Shanghai Frozen Food Association
SIFDS Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Safety
SFW Shoppers Food Warehouse
SLFT Short Life Food Tray
SSFP Simplified Summer Food Program
SIFT Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology
SAFC Slovak Agricultural and Food Chamber
SFCC Slovak Food Codex Committee
SFOC Slow Food on Campus
SFA Snack Food Association
FOST Social and Cultural Food Studies
STFP Social Transmission of Food Preference
SFM Society for Foodservices Management
SAFSR Society for the Advancement of Food Service Research
SLBF Soft Light Brown Food
SASSI South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative
SAFI Southeast Asia Food, Inc.
SEFI Southeastern Food Ingredients, Inc.
SFA Southern Foodways Alliance
SANA Soyfoods Association of North America
SFG Special Food Grade
SPFS Special Programme for Food Security
STARFIRE Specialty Foods
SF Specialty Foods
SFG Specialty Foods Group
SARF Species Appropriate Raw Food
SLFPA Sri Lanka Food Processors Association
SCOFCAH Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health
STARFIRE Staple Food
SF Staple Food
SFPP State Food Purchase Program
SFSSA Stellenbosch Food Science Students Association
SURIF Sukamandi Research Institute for Food Crops
SFSP Summer Food Service Program
SFI Super Food Ideas
SFPD Supplemental Food Programs Division
SEFA Supply and Equipment Foodservice Alliance
SAFS Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
SAFE Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Economics
SFFS Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy
SFC Sustainable Food Center
SNFA Swedish National Food Administration
SDF Swiss Dairy Food
SFFA Sydney Food Fairness Alliance
TCFF Taipei Chinese Food Festival
TAFF Talkin’ about Food Forum
TYJ Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing
TEFAP Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program
TFPA Texas Food Processors Association
TFFA Thai Frozen Foods Association
TEFAP The Emergency Food Assistance Program
TFN The Food Network
TFS The Food Section
TEF Thermic Effect of Food
TFSM Total Food Service Management
TIFS Trends in Food Science & Technology
UKROFS UK Register of Organic Food Standards
UFO Union Food Outlet
UFCW United Food and Commercial Workers
UFCWU United Food and Commercial Workers Union
UFG United Food Group Inc
UKFBA United Kingdom Food Bloggers Association
UKROFS United Kingdom Register of Organic Food Standards
UNFAO United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation
UNWFP United Nations World Food Programme
UNFI United Natural Foods Inc
UNFI United Natural Foods Incorporated
UOFC United Overseas Food Corporation
USDAFSIS United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service
USF US Foodservice
VIFCC Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing Center
VAFAF Value Added Foods and Fuels
VFNB Venice Food Not Bombs
VSFA Vermont Specialty Foods Association
VFA Veterinary and Food Administration
VFI Veterinary and Food Inspection
VFI Veterinary and Food Inspectorate
VPG Vital Petfood Group
VGRF Voluntary Guidelines on the Right to Food
WCFS Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences
WFI Waitrose Food Illustrated
WFA War Food Administration
WFI Washington Food Industry
WFIA Washington Food Industry Association
WINCO Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon Foods
WFAD Weird Food and Devastation
WFRU Welfare Food Reimbursement Unit
WAFB West Alabama Food Bank
WLF West Liberty Foods
WTFB West Texas Food Bank
WAFC Western Association of Food Chains
WFCA Western Food Culture Association
WFIE Western Food Industry Exposition
WMFB Western Maryland Food Bank
WCFB Westmoreland County Food Bank, Inc.
WTF Where’s the Food?
WFS Whole Food Supplement
WFM Whole Foods Market
WFMI Whole Foods Market, Inc.
WAFF Will Act for Food
WHFF Will Host for Food
WWFF Will Work for Food
WBDF Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods
WAFF Wine and Food Festival
WAFP Wisconsin Association for Food Protection
WFSC Wisconsin Food Security Consortium
WFSP Wisconsin Food System Partnership
WNFB Wizard Needs Food Badly
WFAN Women, Food and Agriculture Network
WFF Women’s Foodservice Forum
WFU Womens Food & Farming Union
WCFB Worcester County Food Bank
WPFC Working Party on Food Chemistry
WAVFH World Association of Veterinary Food Hygienists
WFSA World Food and Sustainable Agriculture
WFC World Food Council
WFLA World Food Logistics Association
WFLO World Food Logistics Organization
WFO World Food Organisation
WFP World Food Prize
WFPF World Food Prize Foundation
WFP World Food Programme
WFPN World Food Programme Nepal
WFSO World Food Safety Organisation
WFS World Food Summit
WHF World’s Healthiest Foods
YEFOFO Youth Employment and Food Production Foundation
ZFS Zeeland Food Services, Inc.
ZFG Zwanenberg Food Group