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Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is called America’s Venice because of the city’s 50 mile long canal system. The beach is important in Fort Lauderdale and a plus for families with children. It is surrounded by an elegant boardwalk with palm trees and opportunities for water sports and deep sea fishing. The sports enthusiast has access to all the world’s water sports, and there are fantastic golf courses in the immediate vicinity. Fort Lauderdale has a rich cultural life and lots of galleries and exhibitions.

There are many restaurants and outdoor restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, and many have a European “touch”. Fort Lauderdale is suitable as a destination in itself or as part of a Florida exploration. The city has a good night life, but it’s not as hectic as in Miami Beach. Fort Lauderdale is great for families and couples seeking sun and bath, great food, shopping, culture and sports.

Fort Lauderdale is the “American way” in a more sophisticated package.

Get to know Fort Lauderdale

Up until the 1980s, Fort Lauderdale was best known for the beach, cheap souvenir shops, fast food restaurants and bars with “wet T-shirt contests” and similar events. This attracted primarily the country’s college students, who, around Easter, invaded Florida in general and Fort Lauderdale in particular.

Traveling to Fort Lauderdale at this time was a tradition among students, created as early as the 1930s, and later enhanced by films such as “Where the boys are” in the 1960s. In 1985, about 300,000 students were on springbreak in Florida. This became too much of a good thing for the residents of Fort Lauderdale, and rules were introduced against drinking alcohol in public places.

Today’s Fort Lauderdale is completely different and more enjoyable. An ambitious program has made Fort Lauderdale a brilliant destination with everything we associate as positive with America. But the concept is more European than in many other holiday resorts in the United States.

There are less than 200,000 people living in Fort Lauderdale, and as usual in the United States, they are spread over a larger area. It is convenient to rent a car to get the most out of your visit, but buses, taxis and taxis can also arrange transport for you if you do not want to drive yourself.

Taxi boats are a good vehicle for the 50-mile-long canal system. You can reach more than 3,000 restaurants in Fort Lauderdale this way. On the tour you will also see some of Fort Lauderdale’s over 40,000 registered boats and the luxury villas on the beach.

Fort Lauderdale and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: FTL
  • Country: United States

Ft. Lauderdale

The most popular area to live in as a tourist has the same name as the city. This section starts at Seabreeze Boulevard to the south and the entrance to Port Everglades. Here the cruise boats embark on their trips to the Caribbean. Seabreeze Boulevard continues north approx. five miles to Lauderdale-by-the-sea. Especially the beach and boardwalk are nice in Fort Lauderdale. In recent years, it has been upgraded to tens of millions of dollars and is embellished with palm trees.

Simple bars and souvenir shops have given way to more elegant shops, nice restaurants and many outdoor restaurants. Especially on what is called the Strip between Las Olas Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard you will find everything from food, shopping and nightlife.

A newer mall and entertainment complex, Beach Plaza, has plenty of restaurants, bars, discos and clubs mixed with trendy boutiques. Here are also the best hotels in the city. The rule is that the closer to the beach, the more expensive.


In Lauderdale-by-the-sea there is a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. The hotels are smaller (and fewer) and the area has a more American roots. It is no more than approx. 6500 permanent residents here.

The area has the same fine beach as in Fort Lauderdale, and proximity to the more hectic nightlife of Fort Lauderdale makes this an attractive area for many.


A few miles inland from the boardwalk and Ocean Boulevard is Downtown. Here, office complexes dominate, and there is a lot of activity during the day. But even after office hours, people are moving because there have been more cultural offerings and more opportunities for nightlife in recent times.

Here in Downtown are a few hotels, not least because most tourists prefer to stay closer to the beach.

Las Olas Riverfront

Las Olas Boulevard stretches from Downtown to the boardwalk and is perhaps the most charming street in Fort Lauderdale. It has a nice mix of design shops, restaurants with food from all over the world, antique shops and beauty salons. It’s a kind of edition of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The “hottest” area today is said to be the Las Olas Riverfront and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, which have grown together into a major entertainment center on the New River Canal. The Riverfront Inn offers entertainment, cinemas, restaurants and shops. Along Second Street is a multitude of music bars playing blues, rock Irish folk and much more.

Fort Lauderdale Facts

FORT LAUDERDALE – Florida’s seventh largest city.


Around 190000

Official languages


Control Form



24% Roman Catholic, 52% Protestant

Time Difference

Florida is 5 hours after Norway, summer time 6 hours after


US dollars, which is equivalent to around 6 Norwegian kroner. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club are the most common credit cards, and ATMs can be found almost everywhere


For most people working in the US, wages are based on tips. It is common to give 15-20% at the restaurant, in taxis, hairdressers, etc. Some eateries may have service stated on the bill.


The Embassy of Norway in the United States is located at 2 720 34th Street NW, Washington, DC 20008. Tel: (+1) (202) 333-6000.


100 E. Broward Blvd., Ste. 200






110 / 120V AC, 60Hz. Two-point socket is most commonly used, although three-point is also common. You will need the adapter to use the brought electrical equipment, which should be purchased before departure.

Holidays and Holidays

January 1, July 4 (Independence Day), in addition to a number of moving holidays such as Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving


Not required for Norwegian citizens with a machine-readable biometric passport. From 2009, you must register your arrival on an electronic system on the Internet at least 72 hours before arriving in the United States.


No vaccines are required


Do not drink from the tap.

Nearest major cities

Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando


Crime in Fort Lauderdale is relatively low, but may be relatively high in some vulnerable areas. Travelers should exercise caution and care, and take good care of valuables. Terrorism preparedness in the United States is generally very high, and security checks at all sites take a long time.

FTL: Fort Lauderdale

List of Fort Lauderdale Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Fort Lauderdale is FTL which stands for Fort Lauderdale. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Fort Lauderdale, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
FTL Fort Lauderdale
FLAWLESS Fort Lauderdale
FL Fort Lauderdale
FLCS Fort Lauderdale Christian School
FXE Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
FLIBS Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
FLIFF Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
FLMC Fort Lauderdale Mustang Club
FLPS Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School
FLYC Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club
FLL Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA – Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Apt
GFLCC Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce