Foundation Abbreviations


What is a Foundation?

Foundation is the basis and principle of something, the primordial rules or laws that regulate a certain thing.

It can also refer to the cause, reason or explanation of something, as well as to what can serve as proof and evidence of the truth of a fact, for example.

The foundation can still be the foundation that supports a structure , such as a house or a building. But, the most common sense attributed to this term is that of “support of ideas” or “support of theories”, normally constituted by a set of knowledge or arguments that form the basis of a concept, religion, philosophy, etc.

Some of the main synonyms of foundation are: justification, reason, criterion, motive, explanation, elucidation, proof, evidence, argument, principles, bases, notions, foundation, firmament, structure, rule, norm, regulation and law.

Sports foundation

Each sport has its foundation, that is, a set of norms and rules that act as a regulatory basis for the entire modality, whether in the technical, tactical or physical scope.

Example: volleyball grounds, basketball grounds, handball grounds, futsal grounds, etc.

Religious foundation

It consists of the grouping of norms that make up a particular religion. All religions have their foundation, which is one of the factors that characterize and differentiate one from the other.

The so-called religious fundamentalists are people who follow a religion in an extremely conservative way, obeying all laws imposed literally, even if they conflict with other principles, such as ethics and morals, for example.

Foundation Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Foundation

A Better Way Foundation
A Different September Foundation
A Foundation for Theological Education
A Harvest Biotech Foundation International
A New Day Foundation
Aaroe Associates Charitable Foundation
Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation
Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
Abha Light Foundation
ABN AMRO (Amsterdam-Rotterdam) Foundation India
Acceleration Studies Foundation
Accounting Academicians Collaboration Foundation
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
Acid Survivors Foundation
Actual Art Foundation
Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute
Addiction Research Foundation
Admiral Jeremiah Denton Foundation
Adopt A Child Foundation
Adult Freedom Foundation
Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation
Adventure Foundation of Pakistan
Advertising Educational Foundation
Advertising Research Foundation
Aerospace Education Foundation
Aerospace Legacy Foundation
Africa Foundation for Development
Africa Harvest Biotechnology Foundation International
African American Self Help Foundation
African American Students Foundation
African Capacity Building Foundation
African Community Development Foundation
African Conservation Foundation
African Development and Education Foundation
African Development Foundation
African Development Foundation
African Medical & Research Foundation, Inc.
African Medical Research and Education Foundation
African Organic Farming Foundation
African Wildlife Foundation
African Youth Foundation
Aga Khan Foundation
Against Malaria Foundation
Agent Foundation Classes
Agricultural Clean Water Initiative Foundation
Agromart Foundation
Agronomic Science Foundation
AIDS Foundation East-West
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
AIDS Services Foundation
Air Force Enlisted Foundation
Air Force Historical Foundation
Air Force Memorial Foundation
Air Safety Foundation
Air Warrior Courage Foundation
Airmen Memorial Foundation
Akha Outreach Foundation
Akha Outreach Foundation
Akita Owners Rescue Foundation
Akuapem Development Foundation
Alabama Child Caring Foundation
Alabama Kidney Foundation
Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation
Alabama Veterans Memorial Foundation
Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation
Alarm Industry Foundation of Florida
Alarm Industry Research Educational Foundation
Alaska Conservation Foundation
Alaska Native Arts Foundation
Alberta Children Hospital Foundation
Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
Alberta Music Education Foundation
Alberta Real Estate Foundation
Alberta School Foundation Fund
Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation
Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management
Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation
Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Algoma University College Foundation
Al-Imdaad Foundation
All India Heart Foundation
Allergy Foundation of Canada
Alliance for Marriage Foundation
Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines Inc
Alternating Hemiplegia Foundation
Alternative Medicine Foundation
Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc.
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Amador Schools Arts Foundation
Amahoro Foundation
Ambassador International Cultural Foundation
America India Foundation
America’s Clean Water Foundation
America’s Development Foundation
America’s Foundation for Chess
American Academy of Audiology Foundation
American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation
American Anthropological Research Foundation Inc.
American Architectural Foundation
American Association of Orthodontists Foundation
American Association of University Women Educational Foundation
American Bald Eagle Foundation
American Bankers Association Education Foundation
American Bar Foundation
American Baseball Foundation
American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
American Breast Cancer Foundation
American Canine Foundation
American Chestnut Cooperators’ Foundation
American Chestnut Foundation
American Cinema Foundation
American College of Cardiology Foundation
American College of Phlebology Foundation
American College of Physicians Foundation
American Communications Foundation
American Computer Science Foundation
American Constitutional Law Foundation
American Consulting Engineers Council Research and Management Foundation
American Culinary Federation Foundation, Inc.
American Dancewheels Foundation, Inc.
American Dental Association Foundation
American Dietetic Association Foundation
American Digestive Health Foundation
American Eagle Foundation
American Egyptian Cooperation Foundation
American Endowment Foundation
American Enuresis Foundation
American Environmental Health Foundation
American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture
American Farm Bureau Research Foundation
American Forest Foundation
American Foundation for AIDS Research
American Foundation for Animal Rescue
American Foundation for Children with AIDS
American Foundation for Family Attachment
American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture
American Foundation for Maternal and Child Health
American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
American Foundation for the Blind
American Foundation for the Blind
American Foundation for the Study of Man
American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation, Inc.
American Foundation for Urologic Disease
American Furniture Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc.
American Gas Foundation
American Health Foundation
American Hearing Research Foundation
American Himalayan Foundation
American Homeowners Foundation
American Hot Rod Foundation
American Hunter-Jumper Foundation
American Immigration Law Foundation
American Indian Education Foundation
American Indian Heritage Foundation
American Industrial Hygiene Foundation
American International Education Foundation
American International Study Foundation
American Iris Society Foundation
American Islamic Services Foundation
American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation
American Legacy Foundation
American Legal Foundation
American Liberty Foundation
American Liver Foundation
American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
American Macular Degeneration Foundation
American Meat Institute Foundation
American Medical Association Foundation
American Melanoma Foundation
American Menopause Foundation
American Muslim Foundation
American Nicaraguan Foundation
American Nurses Foundation
American Occupational Therapy Foundation
American Optometric Foundation
American Optometric Foundation
American Osteopathic Foundation
American Osteopathic Foundation
American Pain Foundation
American Paint Horse Foundation
American Pakistan Foundation
American Philatelic Foundation
American Porphyria Foundation
American Psychiatric Foundation
American Psychoanalytic Foundation
American Psychophysics Research Foundation
American Public Transit Foundation
American Public Transportation Foundation
American Quality Foundation
American Respiratory Care Foundation
American Scandinavian Foundation
American Schizophrenia Foundation
American School Foundation
American School Foundation of Guadalajara
American Share Foundation
American Simmental/Simbrah Foundation
American Society of Foundation Engineers
American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation
American Society of Photogrammetry Foundation
American Tap Dance Foundation
American Telephone and Telegraph Foundation
American Traffic Safety Services Foundation
American Ukrainian Medical Foundation
American University of Afghanistan Foundation
American Veterinary Medical Foundation
American Vineyard Foundation
American Water Works Association Research Foundation
American Youth Foundation
Americans Back in Charge Foundation
Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation
Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Americans Talk Issues Foundation
Amvets National Service Foundation
Anatomic Gift Foundation
Ancient Historical Research Foundation
Anencephaly Support Foundation
Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation
Angelman Syndrome Foundation
Anglo Latin American Foundation
Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation
Angus Heritage Foundation
Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation
Animal Angels Rescue Foundation
Animal Industry Foundation
Animal Rescue Foundation
Animal Rights Foundation of Florida
Animal Welfare Foundation
Animals Asia Foundation
Animals Asia Foundation
Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Anthony Quinn Foundation
Anti-Cancer Foundation of South Australia
Antioch Fine Arts Foundation
Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation
Apache Software Foundation
Aplastic Anemia Foundation of America
Application Foundation Class
Applied Foundation Testing, Inc.
Appropriate Development for Africa Foundation
Aquatic Injury Safety Foundation
Ara-Appaloosa and Foundation Breeders International
Arab American Institute Foundation
Arab Science and Technology Foundation
Arabic Language Institute Foundation
Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa
Architecture Advocacy International Foundation, Inc.
Architecture Foundation
Arenac County Community Foundation
Argentina People and Nature Foundation
Argentine Foundation for Talent and Ingenuity
Arkansas Christian Charitable Foundation
Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
Arkansas Foundation Seed Program
Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation
ARMA International Educational Foundation
Armed Forces Veterans Homes Foundation
Armour Research Foundation
Armour Research Foundation Reactor
Army Historical Foundation, Inc.
Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art
Art Creation Foundation for Children
Art of Living Foundation
Arthacharya Foundation
Arthritis Foundation
Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program
Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
Arthritis Foundation Self Help Program
Arthritis National Research Foundation
Artists Foundation of Western Australia
Arts & Science Achievement Foundation
Arts and Cultural Foundation of Antioch
Arts Center Foundation
Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
Aruba College Fair Foundation
Arunalu Community Development Foundation
Asheville City Schools Foundation
Asia Crime Prevention Foundation
Asia Education Foundation
Asia Foundation
Asia Foundation in Taiwan
Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Pact Foundation
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Asia Society Philippine Foundation, Inc.
Asia-Europe Foundation
Asian American Legal Foundation
Asian Association for Foundation of Software
Asian Cricket Foundation
Asian Dub Foundation
Asian Dub Foundation Education
Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand
Asia-Pacific Foundation
AsiaVisions Media Foundation
Aspen Community Foundation
Aspen Foundation for Labour Education
Assist the Officer Foundation
Association of Charitable Foundations
Association of Community Trusts and Foundations
Association of Soil and Foundation Engineers
As-Sunnah Foundation of America
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Asthma and Respiratory Foundation
Asthma Foundation of Western Australia
Asthma Foundations Australia
Astronaut Memorial Foundation
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation
Ateneo Business Resource Foundation Inc.
Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation
Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation
Atlanta Police Foundation
Atlanta Women’s Foundation
Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation
Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation
Attock Sahara Foundation
Auburn Wesley Foundation
Aurora Education Foundation
Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities
Australia Latin America Foundation
Australia-China Foundation Association
Australian Accounting Research Foundation
Australian Cancer Research Foundation
Australian Children’s Television Foundation
Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation
Australian Conservation Foundation
Australian Council of Genetics Foundation
Australian Country Music Foundation
Australian Dental Research Foundation
Australian Drug Foundation
Australian Foundation for Studies in Italy
Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific
Australian International School Foundation Limited
Australian Koala Foundation
Australian Medical Aid Foundation
Australian Mineral Foundation
Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
Australian Motor Sport Foundation
Australian National Wildlife Collection Foundation
Australian Patient Safety Foundation, Inc.
Australian Periodontology Research Foundation
Australian Science Fiction Foundation
Automatic Kaos Foundation
Automobile Dealers Educational Assistance Foundation, Inc
Ayers Foundation Scholars Program
Azerbaijan Foundation for Development of Democracy
Azerbaijan National Democracy Foundation
Azerbaijan National Science Foundation
Aztec Athletic Foundation
Babilonia Wilner Foundation
Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners
Back Bay Restoration Foundation
Baguio Flower Festival Foundation
Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc.
Balkan Children and Youth Foundation
Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation
Baptist Health System Foundation
Baptist Union Development Foundation
Barrington Education Foundation
BaseCause Foundation
Basic English Foundation
Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation
Bato Balani Foundation Inc
Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Battered Women’s Foundation
Bay Area Community Foundation
Bay Area Lupus Foundation
Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation
BDPA Education Technology Foundation (Maryland)
Beaumont Foundation of America
Beginning with Children Foundation
Belanger-Federico-Pitterich Foundation
Belgian American Educational Foundation
Bell Atlantic Foundation
Bellerive Foundation
Bellerive Foundation
Belmont Library Foundation
Bendix Radio Foundation
Benevolence International Foundation, Inc.
Bent County Development Foundation
Benton Foundation
Benton Foundation
Berendina Foundation
Berendina Foundation
Berghof Foundation for Peace Support
Bering Straits Foundation
Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information
Berkeley Law Foundation
Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
Beth Johnson Foundation
Better Boys Foundation
Better Vision for Children Foundation
Beyond Baseball Foundation
Biblical Foundations for Freedom
Biblical Studies Foundation
Big Sky Ski Education Foundation
Bill of Rights Foundation
Billiard Education Foundation
Binational Agricultural Research and Development Foundation
Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation
Binaytara Foundation
Biodiversity Legal Foundation
Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
Biomass Energy Foundation
Biomedical Research and Education Foundation
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust
Black Rock Arts Foundation
Blanche Fischer Foundation
Blind Leading the Blind Foundation
Blinded American Veterans Foundation
Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation
Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
Boholano Foreign Friendship Foundation, Inc.
Bolivian Charity Foundation
Bone Marrow Foundation
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Book of Mormon Foundation
Boomer Esiason Foundation
Boothbay Region Art Foundation
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Borderline Personality Disorder Research Foundation
Born Free Foundation
Boston Foundation for Sight
Boston Main Streets Foundation
Brain and Pituitary Foundation of America
Brain Injury Resource Foundation
Brain Research Foundation
Brain Trauma Foundation
Brain Tumor Foundation of America
Brand Names Foundation
Brandon Area Community Foundation
Brazos Valley Sports Foundation
Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Brett Favre Fourward Foundation
Brewing Research Foundation International
Brewster Education Foundation
Brian Jordan Foundation
Bright Future Adoption Foundation
Bright Light Foundation
Bright Mountain Foundation
British Allergy Foundation
British American Educational Foundation
British Columbia Neurofibromatosis Foundation
British Dental Health Foundation
British Electric Foundation
British Ethnic Health Awareness Foundation
British Heart Foundation
British Lung Foundation
British Management Data Foundation
British Occupational Health Research Foundation
British Quality Foundation
Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.
Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.
Broadway Dreams Foundation
Broken Arrow Community Foundation, Inc.
Brother’s Brother Foundation
Bruce Lee Foundation
Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation
Bubel-Aiken Foundation
Buble/Aiken Foundation
Buc Football and Friends Foundation
Buckeye Liberty Foundation
Buckmasters American Deer Foundation
Buffalo River Stewardship Foundation
Building Goodness Foundation
Building Goodness Foundation
Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation
Burlington Education Foundation
Burwen Education Foundation
Busan Foundation for International Activities
Business Career Foundation Program
Business Economics Education Foundation
Cabrillo National Monument Foundation
Calayan Educational Foundation Inc.
Calgary Regional Arts Foundation
Calguns Foundation
California Apartment Law Information Foundation
California Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
California Community Foundation
California Consortium of Education Foundations
California Consumer Protection Foundation
California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation
California Dairy Research Foundation
California Equine Retirement Foundation, Inc.
California Foundation for Commerce and Education
California Health Foundation and Trust
California HealthCare Foundation
California Inland Fisheries Foundation
California Junior Scholarship Foundation
California Medical Association Foundation
California Nurses Foundation
California Ornamental Research Foundation
California Public Policy Foundation
California State University Foundation
Cambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation
Cambodian Healthcare Charity Foundation
Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation
Campaign Against Terrorism Foundation
Canada Foundation for Innovation
Canada West Foundation
Canadian Abilities Foundation
Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Canadian Career Development Foundation
Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation
Canadian Communications Foundation
Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Canadian Dermatology Foundation
Canadian Digestive Health Foundation
Canadian Education Exchange Foundation
Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation
Canadian Foundation Center for International Education
Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution
Canadian Foundation for Infectious Disease
Canadian Foundation for Innovation
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Orthodontics
Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti
Canadian Foundation on Compulsive Gambling
Canadian Hair Research Foundation
Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation
Canadian Housing Research Foundation
Canadian Human Rights Foundation
Canadian Hunger Foundation
Canadian Intensive Care Foundation
Canadian Liver Foundation
Canadian Mechanical Contracting Education Foundation
Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation
Canadian Native Arts Foundation
Canadian Naturopathic Foundation
Canadian Nurses Foundation
Canadian Peregrin Foundation
Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation
Canadian Purchasing Research Foundation
Canadian Race Relation Foundation
Canadian Race Relations Foundation
Canadian Relief Foundation
Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation
Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation
Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation
Canadian Tax Foundation
Canadian Voice Care Foundation
Canadian Youth Foundation
Cancer Foundation of Western Australia
Cancer Immunology Research Foundation
Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation
Cancer Research Foundation
Cancer Research Foundation of America
Cancer Treatment Research Foundation
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation
Canine Eye Registration Foundation
Cape Fear Memorial Foundation
Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation
Capitol Area Training Foundation
Capitol Hill Community Foundation
Carbondale Foundation for a Better Environment
Cardiac Arrhythmias Research and Education Foundation
Cardinal Kung Foundation
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Care for All Foundation
Caribbean Recycling Foundation, Inc.
Caring House Project Foundation
Carle Foundation Hospital
Carolina Honduras Health Foundation
Carolina Horse Park Foundation
Carolinas HealthCare Foundation
Catastrophic Illness Assistance Foundation
Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Foundation
Cave Research Foundation
Cebu Micro Enterprise Development Foundation, Inc.
Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation
Celebrate Freedom Foundation
Celebrating Life Foundation
Celiac Disease Foundation
Center for Promise and Opportunity Foundation
Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology
Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
Central Illinois Landmark Foundation
Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation
Central Indiana Community Foundation
Central Minnesota Community Foundation
Central New York Community Foundation
Central Rocky Mountain Region Foundation
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems
Centre for Requirements and Foundations
Centre for Requirements and Foundations
Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation
Cerritos College Foundation
Challenged Athletes Foundation
Chamber Family Foundation
Chapter Foundation Liaison Council
Charities Aid Foundation
Charities Aid Foundation India
Charles Darwin Foundation
Charlottesville Downtown Foundation
Chattanooga Resource Foundation
Chautauqua Region Community Foundation
Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation
Chemical Heritage Foundation
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation
Chesapeake Human Resources Foundation
Chicago Architecture Foundation
Chicago Foundation for Women
Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation
Child Aid Foundation
Child Growth Foundation
Child Health Foundation
Child Health Research Foundation
Child Neurology Foundation
Child Protection Technology Foundation
Child Rescue Foundation
Child Welfare Foundation, Inc.
Child Welfare League Foundation
Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation
Children Affected by AIDS Foundation
Children and Broadcasting Foundation for Africa
Children and Youth Foundation of the Philippines
Children and Youth Partnership Foundation
Children At Risk Foundation
Children in Need Foundation
Children of Alcoholics Foundation
Children of Alcoholics Foundation
Children of the Universe Foundation
Children with Intestinal and Liver Disorders Foundation
Children’s Advocacy Foundation, Inc.
Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation
Children’s Cancer Foundation
Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation
Children’s Dream Foundation
Children’s Film Foundation
Children’s Foundation Research Center
Children’s Glaucoma Foundation
Children’s Heart Foundation International
Children’s Safety Education Foundation
Children’s Skin Disease Foundation
Children’s Surgical Foundation
Children’s Tumor Foundation
Chin Human Rights Foundation
China Development Research Foundation
China Environmental Protection Foundation
Chinatown Museum Foundation
Chinese Democracy Education Foundation
Chinese Foundation Secondary School
Chinese Natural Science Foundation
Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation
Chinese Red Cross Foundation
Chiropractic Foundation for Spinal Research
Chris Mashburn Memorial Foundation
Christ the Foundation
Christiaan Huygens Foundation
Christian Church Foundation
Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped
Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation
Christian Economic Assistance Foundation
Christian Foundation for Children and Aging
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation
Christopher Reeve Foundation
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
Chronic Disease Research Foundation
Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Foundation
Cigar Family Charitable Foundation
Circle of Life Foundation
Circle of Life Foundation
Circle of Life Foundation
Circus Day Foundation
Citizens in Charge Foundation
Citizens Research Foundation
Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America
City Parochial Foundation
Civil Engineering Research Foundation
Civil War Heritage Foundation
Claire Altman Heine Foundation
Clark County Law Foundation
Classics for Kids Foundation
Claudia Cohen Research Foundation
Clayton Community Library Foundation
Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute
Cleft Palate Foundation
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland State University Foundation
Clinical Legal Education Foundation
Coast Guard Foundation
Coastal Bend Community Foundation
Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation
Coca-Cola Foundation
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation
Cockfighting Across America Foundation
Coffee Research Foundation
Cognitive Centre Foundation
Coleman A. Young Foundation
Collaboration for Healthcare Renewal Foundation
College Foundation of North Carolina
College Golf Foundation
Collin Equality Foundation
Colombian Pulmonary Hypertension Foundation
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Colorado Aerospace Education Foundation
Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation
Colorado Head Injury Foundation
Colorado Prevention Center Foundation
Colorado School Foundations Association
Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation
Colorado State University Foundation
Colorado State University Research Foundation
Colorado Trail Foundation
Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation
Colts Neck Sports Foundation
Columbus Foundation of the Virgin Islands
Columbus Medical Association Foundation
Combined Piled-Raft Foundation
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation
Common Counsel Foundation
Common Foundation Program
Commonwealth Bank Foundation
Communication for Development Foundation Uganda
Communication Foundation for Asia
Communication, Resources, Approach, Foundation and Technique
Community College Foundation
Community Development Foundation
Community Development Housing Foundation
Community Directed Development Foundation
Community Educational Services Foundation
Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan
Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
Community Foundation for the Capital Region
Community Foundation of Central Georgia
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County
Community Foundation of Greater New Haven
Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Community Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana
Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi
Community Foundation of Shreveport-Bossier
Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley
Community Foundation of the Lowcountry
Community Foundation of the Lowcountry
Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Community Fund Management Foundation
Community Health Foundation
Community Hospital Health Foundation
Community of Learners Foundation
Community Opportunity Foundation of Alberta
Community Pubs Foundation
Community Systems Foundation
Community Welfare Projects Foundation
Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Foundation
Composite Windows Presentation Foundation
Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
Computer Security Foundations
Computer Security Foundations Symposium
Computer Security Foundations Workshop
Computing and Communications Foundation
Conceptual Foundations of Computing
Concrete Foundations Association
Concrete Research and Education Foundation
Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Congressional Human Rights Foundation
Congressional Management Foundation
Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
Connecticut Student Loan Foundation
Conservation for the Oceans Foundation
Conservation Foundation
Conservation Law Foundation
Constitutional Rights Foundation
Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago
Construction Advancement Foundation
Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc.
Consumer Federation of America Foundation
Consumers’ Foundation Chinese Taipei
Continence Foundation of Australia
Cooley’s Anemia Foundation
Coon Rapids Rotary Foundation
Cooper Union Research Foundation
Cooperative Development Foundation
Co-Operative Development Foundation
Cooperative Foundation Philippines, Inc.
Cooperative Housing Foundation
Coral Reef Foundation
Coral Reef Research Foundation
Core Foundation
Core Knowledge Foundation
Corneal Dystrophy Foundation
Cornell Research Foundation
Corporate & Foundation Relations
Corporate Design Foundation
Corporate Research Foundation
Corps Member Education Foundation
Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
Cosmetology Advancement Foundation
Cosmobiology Research Foundation
Cotton Tree Foundation
Council of Michigan Foundations
Council On Foundations
Country Music Foundation
Countryside Foundation for Education
County Durham Ice Foundation
Cracked Foundation for the Fine Arts
Crail-Johnson Foundation
Craniofacial Foundation of America
Creative Education Foundation
Credit Research Foundation
Credit Union Foundation Australia
Criminal Justice Legal Foundation
Critical Care Education and Research Foundation
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada
Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation
CryptoRights Foundation
Crystal Palace Foundation
Cultural Development Foundation of Memphis
Cultural Foundations of Education
Culture and Animals Foundation
Culture and Science Foundation
Culture of Life Foundation
Curaçao Sunchild Foundation
curriculum guidance for the foundation stage
Cushing’s Support & Research Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation
Czech Educational Foundation of Texas
Dads in Families Foundation
Dallas Bar Foundation
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
Dana Mitra Maluku Foundation
Daniel Pearl Foundation
Darbari Lal Foundation
Darden Restaurant Foundation
Data Systems Research Foundation
Daughters of Charity Foundation of St Louis
Dave Thomas Foundation
David Lynch Foundation
David Suzuki Foundation
Davidson County Education Foundation
Day Cancer Research Foundation
Deafness Research Foundation
Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation
Decision Education Foundation
Deep Foundations Institute
Deepaloka Foundation
Dekalb County Farmland Foundation
Del Mar TV Foundation
Delancey Street Foundation
Delaware Foundation for Retarded Children
Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.
Delaware Seashore Preservation Foundation
Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care, Inc.
Delta Research and Educational Foundation
Denise Terrill Charity Foundation
Denver Animal Foundation
Denver East Speech Team Foundation
Department of Leadership, Foundations and Counseling Psychology
Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS
Design Industries Foundation for AIDS
Detroit Youth Foundation
Develop Your Child Foundation
Developing Nation Children Foundation
Development Alternatives Services Foundation
Development, Welfare and Research Foundation
Devils Lake Area Foundation
Dhammakaya Foundation
Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation
Diabetes Foundation of Rhode Island Inc.
Diabetes Hands Foundation
Diabetes Institutes Foundation
Diabetes Institutes Foundation
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
Diabetes Trust Foundation
Diabetes Youth Foundation
Die Casting Research Foundation
Digital Empowerment Foundation
Diliman Computer Science Foundation, Inc.
Diploma in Travel and Tourism Foundations
Diploma of Science Foundations
Disablement Foundation of Ghana
Distance Learning Foundation
Distribution Research and Education Foundation
Dixon Community Education Foundation
Dizzy Feet Foundation
Documentum Foundation Classes
Documentum Foundation Services
Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia
Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
Donaldson Arthritis Research Foundation
Doris Day Animal Foundation
Doris Duke Foundation
Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence
Douglas County Educational Foundation
Down Syndrome Research Foundation
Dr. Somboon Vacharotai Foundation
Dreamer Concepts Studio and Foundation
Drinking Water Research Foundation
Driver Education Research Foundation
Driver Education Research Foundation
Drug Awareness Foundation Calgary
Drug Free America Foundation, Inc
Drug Free Pakistan Foundation
Drug Policy Foundation
Duang Prateep Foundation
Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research
Dublin Fine Arts Foundation
Dublin International Foundation College
Durango Foundation for Educational Excellence
Dutch Muay Boran Foundation
Dyspraxia Foundation County Durham
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
Early Childhood Initiative Foundation
Early Years Foundation Stage
Early Years Sector Endorsed Foundation Degree
Earth Forever Foundation
Earth Mother Father Foundation
Earth Repair Foundation
Earth Society Foundation
East Austin Youth Foundation
East Brunswick Education Foundation
East Japan Railway Culture Foundation
East Lake Community Foundation
East Texas Communities Foundation
Eastern Rural Development Foundation
Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation
Ecological Monitoring & Assessment Program & Foundation
eCommerce Foundation
Economic and Social Research Foundation
Economic Cooperation Foundation
Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island
Economic National Underprivileged Foundation
Economic Research and Training Foundation
Eddie Hart All in One Foundation
Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
Educational Advancement Foundation
Educational Communications Scholarship Foundation
Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
Educational Foundation of America
Educational Foundation Support Network
Educational Foundations
Educational Leadership Foundation
Educational Media Foundation
Educational Publishing Foundation
Edward Bronfman Family Foundation
Egyptian Fertility Care Foundation
Egyptian Small Enterprise Development Foundation
Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation
El Paseo Arts Foundation
El Paso Community Foundation
Eleanor Steber Music Foundation
Electronic Data Processing Auditors Foundation
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Industries Foundation
Electronic Music Foundation
Elings Park Foundation
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Elks National Foundation
Ellison Medical Foundation
Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation
Emace Foundation of Sri Lanka
Emergency Medicine Foundation
Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation
Empirical Foundations of Computer Science
Employment Management Association Foundation
Employment Policy Foundation
Empowering Spirits Foundation
English Schools Foundation
Eno Transportation Foundation
Enterprise and Career Education Foundation
Entertainment Industry Foundation
Entrepreneurs Foundation of North Texas
Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation
Environment and Development Foundation
Environmental Bamboo Foundation
Environmental Foundation for Africa
Environmental Foundation Limited
Environmental Law Foundation
Environmental Research and Education Foundation
Environmental Research Foundation
Epilepsy Foundation of America
Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado
Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island
Epilepsy Foundation of North Carolina
Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina
Epilepsy Foundation of South Florida
Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia
Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania
Episcopal Church Foundation
Episcopal Community Services Foundation
Equine Eye Registration Foundation
Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation
Erie Community Foundation
Eritrean Development Foundation
Ernest Becker Foundation
Ernst Schering Research Foundation
Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
Essential Image Source Foundation
Estonian Information Technology Foundation
Ethics as the Foundation for Supervision and Leadership
Eugene Bell Centennial Foundation
Euro TransMed Foundation
European Charcot Foundation
European Cultural Foundation
European Federation of Foundation Contractors
European Foundation Centre
European Foundation for Accreditation of Hotel School Programmes
European Foundation for Education
European Foundation for Immunogenetics
European Foundation for Library Cooperation
European Foundation for Logic, Language, and Information
European Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Disease
European Foundation for Quality Management
European Foundation for Street Children
European Foundation for the Association of Hotel Schools
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
European Foundation on Social Quality
European Lung Foundation
European Multicultural Foundation
European Science Foundation
European Training Foundation
European Youth Foundation
Everett Public Schools Foundation
Evergreen Freedom Foundation
Evert Vermeer Foundation
Every Child Can Learn Foundation
Everyday Angels Foundation
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Experimental Art Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Eye Research Foundation
Fabretto Children’s Foundation
Factor Foundation of America
Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation
Falklands Veterans Foundation
False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Family Health Foundation of America
Family of the Americas Foundation
Family of the Americas Foundation
Fanclub Arts Foundation Fashion Awards
Far East Educational Foundation
Far Eastern University – Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation
Farm Credit System Foundation, Inc.
Farm Foundation
Fauji Foundation Hospital
Fayette County Education Foundation
Federal Drug Agents Foundation
Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta
Feminist Majority Foundation
Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation
Festival of Children Foundation
Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
Field Band Foundation
Filipino Chinese Firefighters Foundation
Film Arts Foundation
Film Arts Foundation
Film on Film Foundation
Financial Accounting Foundation
Financial Accounting Foundation
Financial Accounting Standards Foundation
Financial Executives Research Foundation
Financial Management Service Foundation
Financial Markets Foundation for Children
Findhorn Foundation
Finlandia Foundation National Capital Chapter
Finnish Cultural Foundation
Finnish Technology Award Foundation
First Amendment Foundation
First Amendment Foundation
First Coast Tennis Foundation
First Command Educational Foundation
First Flight Foundation
Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation
FishAmerica Foundation
FishAmerica Foundation
Fisher House Foundation
Flagler County Education Foundation
Fleck Family Foundation, Inc.
Flight Safety Foundation
Floor Covering Industry Foundation
Flora Academic Foundation
Flora Academic Foundation
Florence Nightingale International Foundation
Florida Bar Foundation
Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation, Inc.
Florida Education Freedom Foundation
Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation
Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.
Florida Public Interest Foundation
Florida Sports Foundation
Florida Turfgrass Research Foundation
Florida Writers Foundation
Florida Youth Lacrosse Foundation
Foot Health Foundation of America
Ford Foundation
Ford Foundation Report
Foreign Press Foundation
Forsyth Medical Center Foundation
Fort Campbell Historical Foundation
Fossil Fuel Foundation of Africa
Foundation Achievement of Competence Document
Foundation Active in Community Enrichment
Foundation Advisory Council
Foundation Advisory Council
Foundation Against Companion Euthanasia
Foundation Aiding the Elderly
Foundation Alumni Resource Group
Foundation and Vocational Education
Foundation Animal Welfare Bonaire
Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry
Foundation Award in Management Principles
Foundation Beefmaster Association
Foundation Beyond Belief
Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English
Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene
Foundation Class Library
Foundation Computer Lab
Foundation Data
Foundation Degree
Foundation Degree Arts
Foundation Degree Forward
Foundation Degree Qualification Benchmark
Foundation Degree Sciences
Foundation Degree Task Force
Foundation Directory Online
Foundation Energetic Management Anti-Narcotics
Foundation Express Sales
Foundation Feature Data
Foundation Feature Data
Foundation Fieldbus
Foundation Fighting Blindness
Foundation Financial Information System
Foundation for a Better Life
Foundation for a Better Life
Foundation for A Civil Society, Ltd.
Foundation for a College Education
Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action
Foundation for Advanced Computer Technology
Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences
Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development
Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education
Foundation for Advances in Medicine and Science
Foundation for African Development
Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Management
Foundation for Air-Medical Research and Education
Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Education
Foundation for Alcoholism Research
Foundation for Alcoholism Research
Foundation for Amateur Radio
Foundation for Amateur Radio
Foundation for American Christian Education
Foundation for American Communications
Foundation for Amity and National Solidarity
Foundation for Amity and National Solidarity
Foundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa
Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research
Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
Foundation for Applied Research in Gastrointestinal Oncology
Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention
Foundation for Art and Creative Technology
Foundation for Art and Music in Elementary Education
Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies
Foundation for Asian American Independent Media
Foundation for Asian Management Development
Foundation for Association Research & Education
Foundation for Athletes and Sport Training
Foundation for Biblical Research
Foundation for Biomedical Research
Foundation for Blood Research
Foundation for Building
Foundation for Child Development
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research
Foundation for Co-Existence
Foundation for Commercial Banks
Foundation for Community Development
Foundation for Community Transformation
Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayer Rights
Foundation for Consumers
Foundation for Continuing Education, Inc
Foundation for Cooperative Housing
Foundation for Cooperative Processing
Foundation for Creative Expression
Foundation for Creative Expression
Foundation for Decision Making
Foundation for Democracy in Africa
Foundation for Design Integrity
Foundation for Economic Education
Foundation for Economic Freedom
Foundation for Education and Development of Rural Areas
Foundation for Education for Democracy
Foundation for Education, Science and Technology
Foundation for Effective Policy
Foundation for eHealth Initiative
Foundation for Endangered Languages
Foundation for Engaged Druidism
Foundation for Enterprise Development
Foundation for Environmental Agricultural Education
Foundation for Environmental Education
Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe
Foundation for European Education in Anaesthesiology
Foundation for European Forest Research
Foundation For Excellence
Foundation for Florida Future
Foundation for Genetic Medicine
Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research
Foundation for Global Community
Foundation for Global Peace and Environment
Foundation for Globalization Cooperation
Foundation for Health Care Evaluation
Foundation for Health Coverage Education
Foundation for Health in Aging
Foundation for Human Development, Inc.
Foundation for Human Rights
Foundation for Human Rights Initiative
Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood
Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types
Foundation for Immunologic Research
Foundation for Independent Higher Education
Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Inc.
Foundation for Infinite Survival
Foundation for Information Exchange Project
Foundation for Information Policy Research
Foundation for Inner Peace
Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics
Foundation for Integrated Agricultural and Environment Management
Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research
Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agent
Foundation for Inter-Community Relations
Foundation for Intercultural Exchange
Foundation for International and Cross-Strait Studies
Foundation for International Community Assistance
Foundation for International Development Assistance
Foundation for International Development/Relief
Foundation for International Dignity
Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children
Foundation for International Technological Cooperation
Foundation for International Training
Foundation for International Understanding
Foundation for Internet Begging
Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports
Foundation for Investor Education
Foundation for Jacobson Resonance
Foundation for Jewish Culture
Foundation for Keeping Moluccan Civil and Political Rights
Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research
Foundation for Law and Government
Foundation for Living Shamanism and Spirituality
Foundation for Local Government Reform
Foundation for Medical Research
Foundation for Melanoma Research
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Foundation for Mind-Being Research
Foundation for Mother & Child Health
Foundation for MultiMedia Communications
Foundation for National Development
Foundation for National Progress
Foundation for Nature and Humanity
Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Foundation for Occupational Health and Safety
Foundation for Organic Resources Management, Inc.
Foundation for Orphaned Children
Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education
Foundation for Outdoor Adventure
Foundation for Paranormal Research
Foundation for Peace
Foundation for Peace
Foundation for Prader-Willi Research
Foundation for Professional Training, Inc.
Foundation for Promotion of Cancer Research
Foundation for Protected Areas and Biodiversity
Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling
Foundation for Quality Care
Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia, Inc.
Foundation for Rape Information and Services
Foundation for Rebuilding Sri Lanka
Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East
Foundation for Religious Freedom
Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas
Foundation for Research Development
Foundation for Research in Community Health
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Foundation for Research on Intensive Care in Europe
Foundation for Research on International Environment National Development and Security
Foundation for Ripon Medical Center
Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
Foundation for Rural Development
Foundation for Rural Service
Foundation for Rural Youth
Foundation for Science and Technology
Foundation for Science and the Handicapped, Inc.
Foundation for Second Chances
Foundation for Senior Adult Living
Foundation for Senior Living
Foundation for Sexual Grounding Therapy
Foundation for Small and Medium Businesses
Foundation for Strategic Research
Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research
Foundation for Surgical Technology
Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
Foundation for Sustainable Development
Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development
Foundation for Sustainable Enterprise and Development
Foundation for Sustainable Technology
Foundation for Teaching Economics
Foundation for the Accreditation of Hematopoietic Cell Therapy
Foundation for the Advancement of Cardiac Therapies, Inc.
Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education
Foundation for the Advancement of Health Education
Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine
Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship
Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Technology
Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Technology, Inc.
Foundation for the American Indian
Foundation for the California Community Colleges
Foundation for the Children of the Californias
Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
Foundation for the Development of Parliamentarism in Russia
Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture
Foundation for the Education of Rural Children
Foundation for the Employment Promotion of the Blind
Foundation for the Enhancement of Mitchell County
Foundation for the Junior Blind
Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific
Foundation for the Philippine Environment
Foundation for the Preservation of Cultural Properties
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations
Foundation for the Study of Cycles
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
Foundation for Theosophical Studies
Foundation for Thought and Ethics
Foundation for Tolerance Education
Foundation for Traffic Safety
Foundation for Traffic Safety
Foundation for Transparency in Offshoring
Foundation for Undergraduate Student Entrepreneurs
Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education
Foundation for Water Research
Foundation for Women
Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination
Foundation for Youth
Foundation for Youth Development
Foundation for Youth in Agriculture
Foundation Hospital Rajana
Foundation House Officer
Foundation Human Resource Services
Foundation Information Management System
Foundation Kit
Foundation Management Experience
Foundation Modern Apprenticeship
Foundation of Annihilation
Foundation of Business
Foundation of Canadian Women Entrepreneurs
Foundation of Compassionate American Samaritans
Foundation of Human Understanding
Foundation of Occupational Development
Foundation of Renewal for Eastern North Carolina
Foundation of Research and Education
Foundation of Software Engineering
Foundation of Spiritual Healing and Guidance
Foundation of Sustainable Living
Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators
Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East
Foundation of the Hellenic World
Foundation on Economic Trends
Foundation on Economic Trends
Foundation Peripheral Controller
Foundation Plant Services
Foundation Quarter Horse Breeders Association
Foundation Repair Association
Foundation Routing and Switching
Foundation Skills Assessment
Foundation Skills Assessment
Foundation Stock Service
Foundation Studies in Art and Design
Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse
Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent
Foundation to Improve Renal Nutrition
Foundation to Improve Television
Foundation to Support Animal Protection
Foundation Training Programme Director
Foundation Trust
Foundation Trust
Foundation Trust Financing Facility
Foundation Venture Capital Group
Foundation Wildlife Conservation
Foundation Year
Foundation Year Course
Foundation Year Program
Foundation Year Programme
Foundational Model of Anatomy
Foundations and Applications of Possibility Theory
Foundations and Applications of Spatio-Temporal Reasoning
Foundations for Farming
Foundations for People Development
Foundations in Area Studies for Translators
Foundations in Continuing Education
Foundations of Aspect Languages
Foundations of Clinical Practice
Foundations of Clinical Terminologies and Classifications
Foundations of Complex Financial Institutions
Foundations of Computation Theory
Foundations of Computational Intelligence
Foundations of Computational Linguistics
Foundations of Computational Mathematics
Foundations Of Computer Science
Foundations of Computer Security
Foundations of Digital Games
Foundations of Distributed Systems
Foundations of Education
Foundations of Excellence
Foundations of Genetic Algorithms
Foundations of Health and Disease
Foundations of Human Biology
Foundations of Independent Research and Communications
Foundations of Independent Research and Communications
Foundations of Informatics, Computing and Software
Foundations of Information Technology
Foundations of Inquiry
Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training
Foundations of Literacy Development
Foundations of Literature
Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship
Foundations of Mathematical Physics
Foundations of Mathematics
Foundations of Medical Practice
Foundations of Models for Information Integration
Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages
Foundations of Science
Foundations of Security Analysis and Design
Foundations of Service-Learning
Foundations of Service-Oriented Architecture
Foundations of Software Engineering
Foundations of Total Patient Care
Foundations of University Learning and Teaching
Foundations, Leadership and Policy Studies
Foundry Educational Foundation
Fragile X Syndrome Research Foundation
Framingham High School Foundation
Fred Hollows Foundation
Frederick Meijer Gardens Foundation
Free and Clear Foundations of America, Inc.
Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan
Free Congress Foundation
Free Earth Foundation
Free Knowledge Foundation
Free Knowledge Foundation
Free Market Foundation
Free Software Foundation
Free Software Foundation Europe
Free Software Foundation France
Freedom Flag Foundation
Freedom from Poverty Foundation
Freedom to Read Foundation
Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation
Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Friend of the Foundation
Friendly Care Foundation, Inc.
Friends of the Citizens Foundation
Friends of the Heritage Community Foundation
Friends of the St. Vincent Amazon Foundation
Friends of Women Foundation
Friends of Women Foundation
Friendship Ambassadors Foundation
Friendship Ambassadors Foundation
Friendship Foundation for International Students
Frontier Elementary Education Foundation
Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation
Future Fisherman Foundation
Future Generation Foundation
Future Loop Foundation
Future of Freedom Foundation
Future of Russia Foundation
Futures Foundation International
Galveston Historical Foundation
Garden Writers Association Foundation
Garfield High School Foundation
Gateway Foundation
Gavalas Kolanko Foundation
Gemi Sewa Foundation
Gender Education Research and Technologies Foundation
General Electric Foundation
General Motors Cancer Research Foundation
General Semantics Foundation
George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation
Georgia Agri-Leaders Forum Foundation
Georgia Partnership for Caring Foundation
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Georgia Transplant Foundation
Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
Georgian Research and Development Foundation
Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation, Inc.
Geriatric Mental Health Foundation
German-American Academic Council Foundation
Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics
Gift of Givers Foundation
Gift of Sight Foundation
Gillette Abuse Refuge Foundation
Girls Schmirls Foundation
Give a Life Foundation
Give Something Back Foundation
Glasnost Public Foundation
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Global Arts Networking Foundation
Global Health and Awareness Research Foundation
Global Health Foundation
Global Health Research Foundation
Global Housing Foundation
Global Kerala Foundation
Global Outreach Foundation Rwanda Programme
Global Publications Foundation
Global Relief Foundation
Glock Sport Shooting Foundation
GNU Compiler for Java Programming Language (trademark of Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
Golden Leaf Foundation
Golden Raspberry Award Foundation
Golden Rule Foundation
Goldman Sachs Foundation
Goodwill Community Foundation
Governor’s Leadership Foundation
Grace Brethren Investment Foundation
Grace International Children’s Foundation Ltd.
Graduate Education Foundation
Grain Foods Foundation
Grameen Krishi Foundation
Grand Haven Area Community Foundation
Grant Writing Training Foundation
Granulosa Cell Tumor Foundation
Graphic Arts Sales Foundation
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
Grass Ridge Equestrian Foundation
Great American Station Foundation
Great Books Foundation
Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
Great Lakes Center Foundation
Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation
Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Greater Edgewood Education Foundation
Greater Edgewood Education Foundation
Greater Everett Community Foundation Project
Greater Fostoria Community Foundation
Greater Harrisburg Foundation
Greater Lansing Catholic Education Foundation
Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Greater Menomonie Area Community Foundation
Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation
Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation
Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation
Greater Salina Community Foundation
Greater Texas Education Foundation
Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Green Earth Foundation
Green Lake Conservancy Foundation
Green Planet Foundation
Greene County Community Foundation
Greg Norman Golf Foundation
Grenade Free Foundation
Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation
Greyladyes Arts Foundation
Groton Dunstable Education Foundation
Groundwater Foundation
Guatemala Friendship School Foundation
Guide Dog Foundation
Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Guide Horse Foundation
Guillain Barré Syndrome Foundation International
Guinea Development Foundation
Guitar Foundation of America
Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc.
Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation
Gulf of Mexico Foundation
Gulf of Mexico Foundation
GumptionFest Artistic Support Foundation
Gun Owners Foundation
Gwen Bolden Youth Foundation
Gynecologic Cancer Foundation
Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand
Haemophilia Foundation South Australia
Haitian American Friendship Foundation
Haitian Health Foundation
Haitian Resource Development Foundation
Hale Area Education Foundation
Hannah Kahn Poetry Foundation
Hanns Seidel Foundation – Jakarta
Hans Seidel Foundation – Jakarta
Hardy Fern Foundation
Harlingen Area Educational Foundation
Harmony Foundation
Harness Horse Youth Foundation
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Harper Court Foundation
Harrisburg Public School Foundation
Hart Communication Foundation
Hartford Seminary Foundation
Hastings Public Interest Law Foundation
Hatof Foundation
Hawai’i Community Foundation
Hawaii Foundation for American Freedoms
Hawaii Whale Research Foundation
Head and Neck Surgery Foundation
Healing Yoga Foundation
Health and Human Rights Foundation
Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Health Education and Research Foundation
Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts
Health Foundation of South Florida
Health On the Net Foundation
Health On the Net Foundation
Health Options & Positive Energy Foundation
Health Quality Foundation
Health Research Foundation
HealthCare Foundation for Orange County
Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County
Healthy New Hampshire Foundation
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Heart Care Foundation of India
Heart Foundation of Australia
Heart Foundation of South Africa
Heart of America Foundation
Heinrich Boll Foundation
Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation
Helena Kennedy Foundation
Hellenic-American Educational Foundation
Hemingway Preservation Foundation
Hemochromatosis Foundation
Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida
Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan
Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California
Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
Henry Jackson Foundation
Hepatitis C Foundation
Hepatitis Foundation International
Hereditary Disease Foundation
Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Foundation International
Hereditary Nephritis Foundation
Heritage Foundation
Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador
Heritage Military Music Foundation
High Atlas Foundation
Higher Education Foundation Course
Hikkaduwa Development Foundation
Hill Country Arts Foundation
Hilton Head Reef Foundation
Himalayan Light Foundation
Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation
Hindu American Foundation
Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
Hispanic Chamber Education Foundation
Hispanic National Bar Foundation
Historic Charleston Foundation
Historic Kansas City Foundation
Historic Savannah Foundation
Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation
Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction
Holmes County Education Foundation
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
Holy Spirit University Foundation
Home Depot Foundation
Home Education Foundation
Home for Good Foundation
Home School Foundation
Homeland Security Foundation
Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation
Hope Chest Scholarship Foundation
Hope, Inspiration, Knowledge, Education Foundation
Hormone Foundation
Horseless Carriage Foundation, Inc.
Hospice Foundation of America
Hotline Center Foundation
Housing Foundation of British Columbia
Housing Inspection Foundation
Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation
Hudson River Bank and Trust Foundation
Human Care Foundation
Human Growth Foundation
Human Kindness Foundation
Human Relations Foundation
Human Relief Foundation
Human Resource Development Foundation
Human Rights and Development Foundation
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
Human Rights Foundation
Humanitarian Brotherhood Foundation
Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation
Hungarian Human Rights Foundation
Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Idaho Research Foundation
IETF Administrative Support Foundation
Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation
Illinois Clean Energy Foundation
Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care
Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc.
Imaging Science Foundation
Immune Deficiencies Foundation of New Zealand
Immune Deficiency Foundation
InCharge Education Foundation
Independent Claims Resolution Foundation
Independent Foundation Engineers, Inc
Independent Schools Foundation Academy
India Brand Equity Foundation
India Diabetes Research Foundation
India Heritage Research Foundation
India Renal Foundation
India Trees Foundation
India-Central Asia Foundation
Indian Broadcasting Foundation
Indian Land Tenure Foundation
Indiana Historical Research Foundation
Indiana Mountaineering Foundation
Indiana Society of Association Executives Foundation
Indiana University Foundation
Individual Rights Foundation
Indo American Sevak Foundation
Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation
Indo-American Friendship Foundation
Indochina Media Memorial Foundation
Indonesia Toray Science Foundation
Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation
INDUS Foundation Architecture
Industrial Areas Foundation
Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention
Industrial Foundation for Enterprise
Industrial Health Foundation
Industry Foundation Classes
Information and Research Center at King Hussein Foundation
Information Card Foundation
Information Security Foundation
Information Technology Foundation Management
Information Technology Foundation of the Philippines
Information Technology Foundation, Inc.
Informative Arts Art Foundation
Inner City Games Foundation
Inner Light Foundation
Inner-City Games Foundation
Innovative Pavement Research Foundation
Institutionally Related Foundations
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Insurance Scholarship Foundation of America
Integrated Foundation Library
Integrated Foundation Structure
Intensive College Foundation Course
Inter-American Foundation
Interfaith Alliance Foundation
Interfaith Alliance Foundation, Inc
International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation
International Anti Poaching Foundation
International Aquaculture Foundation
International Arts & Film Foundation
International Association of Peace Foundations
International Atlantic Salmon Foundation
International Bamboo Foundation
International Bio-Environmental Foundation
International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation
International Buddhist Foundation
International Business Development Foundation
International Capoeira Angola Foundation
International Cheetah Conservation Foundation
International Child Art Foundation
International Child Health Foundation
International Conservation Caucus Foundation
International Court of the Environment Foundation
International Crane Foundation
International Critical Stress Foundation, Inc.
International Design Network Foundation
International Detection Canine Foundation
International Development & Relief Foundation
International DOI Foundation
International Energy Foundation
International Essential Tremor Foundation
International Eye Foundation
International Flame Research Foundation
International Foundation for Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood
International Foundation for Androgynous Studies, Inc.
International Foundation for Art Research
International Foundation for Bowel Dysfunction
International Foundation for Carnatic Music
International Foundation for Customer Focus
International Foundation for Election Systems
International Foundation for Homeopathy
International Foundation for Multiagent Systems
International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression
International Foundation for Science
International Foundation for Social Adaptation
International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment
International Foundation for Telemetering
International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes
International Foundation of Hope
International Foundation of Technology and Investment
International Foundation Year
International Guitar Foundation and Festival
International Health Foundation
International Media Research Foundation
International Midway Memorial Foundation
International Mozarteum Foundation
International Myeloma Foundation
International Nursing Foundation of Japan
International Oceanographic Foundation
International Osprey Foundation
International Osteoporosis Foundation
International Parapsychology Research Foundation
International Penal and Penitentiary Foundation
International Polar Foundation
International Radio & Television Foundation, Inc.
International Real Property Foundation
International Relief Foundation
International Renaissance Foundation
International Research Foundation
International Rett Syndrome Foundation
International Rhino Foundation
International Science Foundation
International Sephardic Education Foundation
International Shinto Foundation
International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
International Sports Nutrition Foundation
International Tuberculosis Foundation, Inc.
International Turf Producers Foundation
International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation
International Women’s Media Foundation
International Workers’ Compensation Foundation
International Youth Foundation
Internet Education Foundation
Internet Foundation Class
Internet Foundation Classes eXtreme
Internet Watch Foundation
Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization
Inter-Religious Peace Foundation
Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation
Intruders Foundation
Inuit Art Foundation
Investment Company Institute Education Foundation
Iowa Barn Foundation
Iraq Foundation for Development and Democracy
Iraq Memory Foundation
Iraqi National Congress Support Foundation
Ireland Canada University Foundation
Irish Hospice Foundation
Irish Lacrosse Foundation
Irish Maternal Fetal Foundation
Irish Wolfhound Foundation
Irrigation Research Foundation
Irvine Valley College Foundation
Islamic Dawah Foundation
Islamic Foundation North
Islamic Foundation of Ireland
Islamic Foundation of Lincoln
Islamic Foundation of Lincoln
Islamic Foundation of South Florida
Islamic Foundation School
Islamic Information Foundation
Islamic International Foundation of Cooperation
Islamic International Foundation of Cooperation
Islamic Research Foundation
Island Resources Foundation
Isle of Dogs Community Foundation
Israel Histradut Foundation
Israel Humanitarian Foundation
Issaan Development Foundation
Jabber Software Foundation
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Jackie Robinson Foundation
Jacksonville State University Foundation
Jacob Wetterling Foundation
Jaipur Virasat Foundation
James Randi Educational Foundation
Janatharana Foundation
Jannsen Research Foundation
Japan Foundation
Japan Foundation Manila
Japan Health Sciences Foundation
Japan Science Foundation
Japan Study Abroad Foundation
Japanese-American Acupuncture Foundation
Java Foundation Class
Java System Foundation Classes
Jaycees of Wisconsin Foundation
Jazz Foundation of America
Jeanette Rankin Foundation
Jeff Gordon Foundation
Jeffrey Modell Foundation
Jewelers Educational Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary
Jewish Foundation of Ukraine
Jewish Healthcare Foundation
Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina
Jin Shin Do Foundation
Johan Cruyff Foundation
Johan Cruyff Welfare Foundation
John Locke Foundation
John M. Perkins Foundation
Johnson Family Foundation
Joint Airborne SIGINT Architecture Foundation
Jomo Kenyatta Foundation
Jordan River Foundation
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Junior Golf Foundation
Just the Beginning Foundation
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation
Kaiser Family Foundation
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
Kaiser Foundation Hospital
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Kaiser Permanente Foundation Systems
Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Kanazawa International Exchange Foundation
Kansas City Heart Foundation
Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation
Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
Kansas Health Foundation
Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation
Kansas Jaycees Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Inc.
Kanye West Foundation
Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation
Keepers Zambia Foundation
Keggi Orthopaedic Foundation
Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation
Kensington Consultation Centre Foundation
Kentucky Foundation for Women
Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation
Kenya Tourism Foundation
Kenya Youth Foundation
Kern Environmental Education Foundation
Kerzner Marine Foundation
Kerzner Marine Foundation
Khagendra Foundation
Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation
Kidney & Urology Foundation of America
Kidney Foundation of Canada
Kidney Foundation of Medina County
Kidney Foundation of Michigan
Kids Cancer Care Foundation
Kids Enjoy Exercise Now Foundation, Inc.
King Baudouin Foundation
King Faisal Foundation
King Harbor Youth Foundation
Kingston Hospital Foundation
Kirkwood Ski Education Foundation
Kitsap Community Foundation
Kiwanis International Foundation
Knight Foundation
Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.
Knowledgeworks Foundation
Knox Parks Foundation
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
Koh-Noor Foundation
Kootenai Medical Center Foundation
Korea Science and Engineering Foundation
Korea Science Foundation
Korean Foundation for Quality
Korean International Music Foundation
Kosmic Loader Foundation
Kosovo Roma Refugee Foundation
Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation
Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Kvinna Till Kvinna Foundation
Kyakulumbye Development Foundation
La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation
Lance Armstrong Foundation
Landmark Legal Foundation
Landscape Architecture Foundation
Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation
Lanka Software Foundation
Las Positas Park Foundation
Latika Roy Memorial Foundation
Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation
Law Foundation of British Columbia
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
Lawrence Township School Foundation
Laying the Foundation, Inc.
Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
Lean on Me Foundation
Learning to Listen Foundation
Leary Firefighters Foundation
Legal Aid Foundation
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation
Legal Resources Foundation
Lemur Conservation Foundation
Lend A Hand Foundation
Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation
Lenny Trusler Children’s Foundation
Leonberger Health Foundation
Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation
Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
Lettinga Associates Foundation
Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland
Leukemia Research Foundation
Leventis Foundation Nigeria
Levinas Ethical Legacy Foundation
Liberian Development Foundation Inc
Liddle Kidz Foundation
Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
Life Extension Foundation
Life Foundation School of Therapeutics
Life Science Foundation India
Life Through Art Foundation
Lifelines Foundation for Eating Disorders
Lincoln Foundation for Business Excellence
Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation
Literacy Empowerment Foundation
Little Thompson Science Foundation
Littleton Public Schools Foundation
Liver Foundation of Central Texas
Livermore Valley Education Foundation
Livermore Valley Winegrowers Foundation
Living Classrooms Foundation
Living Earth Nigeria Foundation
Living Universe Foundation
Lock Haven University Foundation
Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory
Logical Foundations of Computer Science
Logical Foundations of Computer Science
Logical Foundations of Functional Programming
London String Quartet Foundation
Long Beach Public Library Foundation
Long Island Community Foundation
Long Island Film TV Foundation
Long Island Sound Foundation
Long Lake Conservation Foundation
Lora Phillips Foundation Trust
Los Altos Community Foundation
Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation
Loss Prevention Foundation
Loughborough Students Sports Foundation
Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault
Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation
Lower Delaware Autism Foundation
Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Lueck Free Software Foundation
Luna Brown Street Foundation
Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation
Lung Cancer Foundation of America
Lung Cancer Research Foundation
Lung Transplant Foundation
Lupus Foundation of America
Lupus Foundation of America – Illinois
Lupus Foundation of America, Hawaii Chapter
Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington
Lusk Legacy Foundation
Luther I. Replogle Foundation
Lutheran Community Foundation
Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest
Lutheran Heritage Foundation
Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
Lymphedema Awareness Foundation Inc
Lymphoma Foundation of America
Lymphoma Research Foundation of America
Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation
Macaw Landing Foundation
Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation
Machine Tool Technologies Research Foundation
Macular Degeneration Foundation
Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation
Madras ENT Research Foundation Ltd (India)
Mahashakthi Foundation
Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation
Maine Science & Technology Foundation
Major Street-Basketball Foundation
Makassed Foundation of America
Make a Noise Foundation
Make Yourself Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation of America
Malaria Foundation International
Malaysian Scholars Foundation
MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation
Mambo Foundation Developers’ Network
Maningning Miclat Art Foundation, Inc.
Manitoba Medical Service Foundation
Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
Manx Sports Aid Foundation
Maplewood Community Betterment Foundation
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
Maricopa County Bar Foundation
Marie Keating Foundation
Marilyn Van Stone Cancer Care Foundation
Marin Community Foundation
Marin Community Health Foundation
Marin County Library Foundation
Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation
Marine Corps League Foundation
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Marine Corps University Foundation
Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation
Marine Mammal Rescue Foundation
Marmarth Research Foundation
Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines
Marshfield Medical Research Foundation
Maryland Artists Equity Foundation
Masonic Restoration Foundation
Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation
Material World Charitable Foundation
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics
Mathematics Foundation of America
Matthew Shepard Foundation
Mauritian Wildlife Foundation
Media Foundation for West Africa
Medic Alert Foundation International
Medical Benevolence Foundation
Medical Research Foundation
Medical Society of Virginia Foundation
Medical, Educational and Scientific Foundation
Melanoma Research Foundation
Memphis Leadership Foundation
Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation
Meningitis Foundation of America Inc.
Meningitis Research Foundation
Mennonite Foundation of Canada
Mensa Education and Research Foundation
Mental Health Foundation
Meralco Millennium Foundation, Inc.
Mercy and Sharing Foundation
Metabolic Endocrine Education Foundation
Methodist Health System Foundation
Metropolitan Life Foundation
Metropolitan Medical Health Foundation
Metz Poverty Alleviation Foundation
Mexican American Opportunity Foundation
Miami Medical Team Foundation, Inc.
Miami University Student Foundation
Miami Valley Sports Foundation
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Michael J. Fox Foundation
Michael Scott Mater Foundation
Michigan Animal Health Foundation
Michigan Cancer Foundation
Michigan Credit Union Foundation
Michigan Foundation for Education Leadership
Michigan Kidney Foundation
Michigan Parkinson Foundation
Michigan Physician Assistant Foundation
Michigan State Bar Foundation
Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation
Microsoft Foundation Class
Microsoft Foundation Classes
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Mid-Shore Community Foundation
Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation Inc.
Midwest Orthopaedic Research Foundation
Milan Simecka Foundation
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation
Military Working Dog Foundation, Inc.
Milk Industry Foundation
Milken Family Foundation
Milwaukee Tennis Education Foundation
Mind Science Foundation
Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation
Minhaj Welfare Foundation
Mining Your History Foundation
Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation
Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation
Minnesota Concrete Foundation Association
Minnesota Early Learning Foundation
Minority Health Professions Foundation
Miss Camp America Foundation
Mississippi Construction Education Foundation
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Moanlua Gardens Foundation
Mobile Area Education Foundation
Modern Chinese Art Foundation
Moebius Syndrome Foundation
Mollet Underground Foundation
Monash University Foundation Year
Montana Cancer Institute Foundation
Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation
Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
Montville Education Foundation
Moreno Valley Education Foundation
Morgan County Observatory Foundation
Morgellons Research Foundation
Mormon Historic Sites Foundation
Morris Animal Foundation
Morristown Memorial Health Foundation
Mosque Foundation Community Center
Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation
Motorcycle Accident Victims Foundation
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Mount Diablo Hospital Foundation
Mount Holly Community Development Foundation
Mount Vernon Educational Foundation
Mountain Area Hospice Foundation
Mountain View Educational Foundation
Mounted Police Foundation
Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International
Mozilla Foundation
Mozilla Foundation
Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation
Mt. Lebanon Foundation for Education
Muhammad Subuh Foundation
Mule Deer Foundation
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Municipal Action Foundation
Municipal Clerks Education Foundation
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
Music and Worship Foundation
Music for Schools Foundation
Music for Youth Foundation
Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc.
Musician’s Emergency Resource Foundation
Muskogee County Community Action Foundation
Mustang Heritage Foundation
Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America
Namibia Nature Foundation
Nancy Owens Memorial Foundation
Nandlal Mulji Bhuta Medical Foundation
Nantucket Conservation Foundation
Naples Children and Education Foundation
Narada Savana Foundation (Sri Lanka)
National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation
National Abortion Foundation
National Academy Foundation
National Adrenal Diseases Foundation
National Agricultural Research Foundation
National Alopecia Areata Foundation
National Animal Welfare Foundation
National Anxiety Foundation
National Arbor Day Foundation
National Association for Poetry Therapy Foundation
National Ataxia Foundation
National Autistic Foundation Association
National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation
National Aviation Safety Foundation
National Bladder Foundation
National Blood Foundation
National Bonsai Foundation, Inc.
National Book Foundation
National Breast Cancer Foundation
National Buffalo Foundation
National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation
National Cartoonists Society Foundation
National Catholic Community Foundation
National Cemetery Conservation Foundation
National CFIDS Foundation
National Chamber Foundation
National Childhood Cancer Foundation
National Childhood Obesity Foundation
National Christian Charitable Foundation
National Christian Foundation
National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation
National Community Foundations Institute
National Corvette Museum Foundation
National Council for Social Development Foundation
National Cristina Foundation
National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation
National Cryptologic Museum Foundation
National Cultural Foundation
National Development Foundation
National Development Foundation of Dominica
National Development Foundation of Jamaica
National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
National Downhill Cycling Foundation of Canada
National Drug Free Youth Foundation
National Dysautonomia Research Foundation
National Dyslexia Research Foundation
National Economic Social Education and Cultural Foundation
National Education Association Foundation
National Electrical Safety Foundation
National Environmental Education and Training Foundation
National Exchange Club Foundation
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
National Film Preservation Foundation
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Flag Foundation
National Football Foundation
National Forest Foundation
National Foundation for Alternative Medicine
National Foundation for American Policy
National Foundation for Arts Education
National Foundation for Asthmatic Children
National Foundation for Australian Women
National Foundation for Autism Research
National Foundation for Cancer Research
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias
National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction
National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc.
National Foundation for IPM Education
National Foundation for Spinal Health
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
National Foundation for Transplants
National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies
National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
National Fragile X Foundation
National Gaucher Foundation
National Golf Foundation
National Golf Foundation
National Guard Educational Foundation
National Guardianship Foundation
National Headache Foundation
National Hemophilia Foundation
National Heritage Foundation, Inc.
National Hospice Foundation
National Housing Partnership Foundation
National Innovation Foundation
National Iota Foundation
National Kidney Foundation of Middle Tennessee
National Kidney Foundation of Oklahoma
National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin
National Marfan Foundation
National Melanoma Foundation
National Natural Science Foundation of China
National Necrotizing Faciitis Foundation
National Neurofibromatosis Foundation
National Newspaper Association Foundation
National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation
National Opportunities for Affordable Housing Foundation
National Osteoporosis Foundation
National Pain Foundation
National Pancreas Foundation
National Park Foundation
National Parkinson Foundation
National Police Defense Foundation
National Pre-School Development Foundation
National Press Photographers Foundation Inc.
National Psoriasis Foundation
National Quality Foundation
National Rehabilitation & Rediscovery Foundation, Inc.
National Research Foundation
National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation
National Right to Read Foundation
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc.
National Road Safety Foundation, Inc.
National Sanitation Foundation
National Sanitation Foundation International
National Scholarship Trust Foundation
National Science and Technology Foundation
National Science Foundation
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
National Science Foundation Network
National Science Foundation of China
National Scientific Welfare Foundation
National Security Caucus Foundation
National Sleep Foundation
National Social Welfare Foundation
National Sports Foundation
National Student Travel Foundation
National Suicide Research Foundation
National Taxpayers Union Foundation
National Technology Foundation
National Television and Video Preservation Foundation
National Tourism Foundation
National Training Foundation
National Veterans Foundation
National Weera Foundation
National Youth Science Foundation, Inc.
Native Voices Foundation
Natural Resources Foundation of Texas
Naturist Education Foundation
Naval Aviation Foundation
Naval Historical Foundation
Naval Postgraduate School Foundation, Inc.
Naval Special Warfare Foundation
Naz Foundation International
Near East Foundation
Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation
Nebraska Country Music Foundation
Nebraska Health Care Foundation
Nebraska United Methodist Foundation
Necessities Of Life Foundation
Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation
Neighborhood Improvement Foundation of Toledo, Inc.
Nepal Water Conservation Foundation
Netherlands Drug Policy Foundation
Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation
Network Foundation Protection
Network of European Foundations for Innovative Cooperation
Neuroanatomical Foundational Model of Anatomy
Neurofibromatosis Foundation International Database
Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation
New African Artist’s Foundation
New America Foundation
New Balance Foundation
New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation
New Economics Foundation
New England Forestry Foundation
New England Foundation for the Arts
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
New Hope Foundation
New Jersey Conservation Foundation
New Jersey Stem Cell Research & Education Foundation
New Media United Foundation
New Millennium Peace Foundation
New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation
New Tech Foundation
New Testament Restoration Foundation
New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation
New York Foundation
New York Foundation for Architecture
New York Foundation for the Arts
New York Road Runners Foundation
New York Table Tennis Foundation
New Zealand Drug Foundation
Newport Water Polo Foundation
Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation
Nigerian Conservation Foundation
Nike Animal Rescue Foundation
Noble County Community Foundation
North American Freedom Foundation
North American Racewalking Foundation
North Canton Medical Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation
North Central Education Foundation
North South Foundation
North South University Foundation
North West Thames Foundation School
Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc.
Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation
North-East Thames Foundation School
Northern California Hemophilia Foundation
Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation
Northern Colorado Community Foundation
Northern Deanery Foundation School
Northern Rock Foundation
Northwest Minnesota Foundation
Norwegian Foundation for Sturge-Weber Syndrome
Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Nurses for Newborns Foundation
Nutrition Foundation of India
Oakland Public Library Foundation
Oakland Schools Education Foundation
Oakland Small Schools Foundation
Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation
Occupational and Environmental Health Foundation
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
Oceanic Resource Foundation
Officer Foundation System
Officer of the Big Hope Friendship Foundation
Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges
Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation
Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Foundation
Ohio Nurses Foundation
Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation
Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation
Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation
Ohio Turfgrass Foundation
Ojai Education Foundation
Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation
Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation, Inc.
Oklahoma Concert Band Foundation
Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks
Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Old Dominion University Research Foundation
Old Pueblo Community Foundation
Omanba Community Foundation
On Your Feet Foundation
One Percent Foundation
One Percent Foundation
One World Foundation
Ontario Heritage Foundation
Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
Ontario Research Foundation
Ontario Student Exchange Foundation
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation
Ontological Foundations of Conceptual Modeling
Open Bioinformatics Foundation
Open Data Foundation
Open Document Foundation
Open Gaming Foundation
Open Hearth Foundation, Inc
Open Knowledge Foundation
Open Mobile Software Foundation
Open Networking Foundation
Open Society Support Foundation
Open Software Foundation
Open Source Digital Voting Foundation
Open Source Drug Discovery Foundation
Open Source Education Foundation
Open Systems Foundation
Open Token Foundation
Open Web Foundation
OpenStreetMap Foundation
Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon
Optimist International Foundation
Optometric Extension Program Foundation
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation
Oral Cancer Foundation
Oral Health Foundation Rwanda
Orange Bowl Foundation
Orange County Bar Foundation, Inc.
Orange County Citizens Foundation
Orange County Community Foundation
Orange County Foundation for Medical Care
Orangutan Foundation International
Orcas Island Community Foundation
Oregon Foundation for Vision Awareness
Oregon Health Care Foundation
Oregon Independent College Foundation, Inc.
Oregon Lions Sight Hearing Foundation
Oregon Nurses Foundation
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Orion School and Foundation for Astrology
Orlando Regional Healthcare Foundation
Orphan Foundation of America
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
Osho International Foundation
Osseointegration Foundation
Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation
Ottumwa Regional Health Foundation
Our Chinese Daughters Foundation
Our Small Children At Risk Foundation
Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation
Overseas China Education Foundation
Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation
Overseas Koreans Foundation
Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
Overseas Vote Foundation
Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation
Pacific Islands Aids Foundation
Pacific Legal Foundation
Pacific Marine Life Foundation
Pacific Ocean Research Foundation
Pacific Whale Foundation
Pack Medical Foundation
Pagtinabangay Foundation, Inc.
Pailig Development Foundation, Inc.
Pakistan Environmental Protection Foundation
Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness
Pakistan Heart Foundation
Pakistan Science Foundation
Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation
Palm Foundation
Palo Alto Foundation for Education
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Pan African Health Foundation
Pan American Development Foundation
Pan American Historical Foundation
Paranormal Research of Oklahoma Foundation
Parapsychology Foundation
Parents’ Choice Foundation
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation
Participatory Culture Foundation
Participatory Rural Development Foundation
Partners International Foundation
Party For a Cause Foundation
Patient Advocate Foundation
Peace Arch Hospital Foundation
Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation
Peace Villages Foundation
Pearle Vision Foundation
Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation
Peel Health Campus Foundation
Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Penn State Research Foundation
Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation
People’s Burn Foundation
People’s Development Foundation
People’s Recovery, Empowerment, and Development Assistance Foundation
Performing Right Society Foundation
Permanent Buildings and Foundations
Permanent Wood Foundation
Permian Basin Area Foundation
Perry Township Education Foundation
Perth and District Community Foundation
Peter C. Alderman Foundation
Peter Westbrook Foundation
Peterborough Affordable Housing Foundation
Petroleum Communication Foundation
Phichani Bodharamik Foundation for Children and Seniors
Philatelic Foundation Certificate
Philatelic Foundation of New York
Philippe Cousteau Foundation
Philippine American Foundation
Philippine American Foundation for Charities
Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine Foundation, Inc.
Philippine Communication Centrum Foundation
Philippine Eagle Foundation
Philippine Ecumenical Action for Community Empowerment Foundation
Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology
Philippine Hobie Challenge Foundation
Philippine Library Materials Project Foundation, Inc.
Philippine Printing Technical Foundation, Inc.
Philippine-American Educational Foundation
Phillips University Legacy Foundation
Philosophical Foundations of Information Systems
Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation
Physical Foundations of Engineering
Physicians for Peace Foundation
Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation
Pierce County AIDS Foundation
Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.
Pine Tree Education Foundation
Pinellas County Education Foundation
Pinellas County Environmental Foundation
Pittsburgh Dialogue Foundation
Planet Life Economy Foundation
Planetary Coral Reef Foundation
Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation
Playing for Change Foundation
Pleasanton Schools Educational Enrichment Foundation
Points of Light Foundation
Points of Light Foundation
Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation
Police Equipment Foundation
Police Officers Memorial Foundation of Texas
Police Welfare Foundation
Polish Cultural Foundation
Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation
Political Safety Assurance Foundation
Pollution Probe Foundation
Polo Training Foundation
Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation
Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation
Porter County Community Foundation
Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation
Positive-Youth Foundation
Possible Woman Foundation International
Postal History Foundation
Posture Foundation
Powerbuilder Foundation Class
Poznan Foundation of Scientific Libraries
Presbyterian Health Foundation
Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation
Preserved Wood Foundation
Presidio Performing Arts Foundation
Press Foundation of Asia
Prevent Blindness Foundation
Pride in The Tiger Foundation
Prince Albert II Foundation
Prince George’s Educational Foundation
Privacy Foundation
Private Enterprise Foundation
Private Interest Foundation
Private Sector Foundation
Private Sector Foundation for Health
Produce for Better Health Foundation
Professional Aviation Maintenance Foundation
Professional Communication Foundation
Progeria Research Foundation
Progress & Freedom Foundation
Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation
Propionic Acidemia Foundation
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Prostatitis Foundation
Protein Research Foundation
Proteus Syndrome Foundation
Providence Foundation of San Francisco
Psychiatric Foundation of Northern California
Public Education Foundation
Public Health Foundation
Public Interest Law Foundation
Public Land Foundation
Public Library Foundation
Public Patent Foundation
Public Safety Foundation of America
Public Service Research Foundation
Purdue Foundation Student Board
Purdue Research Foundation
Purdue Student Engineering Foundation
Python Software Foundation
Python Software Foundation License
Quality & Efficiency Foundation, Inc
Quality Health Foundation
Quality of life questionnaire of the European Foundation for Osteoporosis
Quebec-Labrador Foundation
Queen Jadwiga Foundation
Rainforest Foundation
Raks Thai Foundation
Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
Randalls Island Sports Foundation
Randy Anderson Learning Foundation
Ranger Memorial Foundation, Inc
Raptor Research Foundation
Reason Foundation in Los Angeles
Recovered Materials Foundation
Recreation and Sports Soccer Statistics Foundation
Red Deer Games Foundation
Red Fridays Foundation of Canada
Red Oak Industrial Foundation
Reef Ball Foundation
Regional Affordable Living Foundation
Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario
Rehabilitation and Development Lanka Foundation
Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc.
Reiki Healing Foundation
Rekawa Development Foundation
René Moawad Foundation
Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
Reproducing Piano Roll Foundation
Researching Alternative Health Foundation
Resource Development Foundation
Resources Himalaya Foundation
Respiratory Care Foundation of Texas
Restoring Hope Foundation of Southern California
Restoring the Foundations
Retina Foundation of the Southwest
Retired Boxers Foundation
Retirement Housing Foundation
Retirement Research Foundation
Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation
Rhythm and Blues Foundation
Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Richard Krajicek Foundation
Richard Tucker Music Foundation
Ricky Martin Foundation
Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation
Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation
Rio Grande Foundation
Risk Management Foundation
Road Back Foundation
Road Building and Heavy Construction Foundation Course
Roadway Safety Foundation
Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rochester Public School Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation
Rocky Information Freedom Foundation
Rocky Mountain Technology Foundation
Roger Federer Foundation
Rolling Foundation Competition Circuit
Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation
Ronya and George Kozmetsky Foundation
Roseland Education Foundation
Roseville Urban Forest Foundation
Rossing Foundation Rural People’s Institute for Social Empowerment
Rotary Foundation
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Royal Blind Foundation
Royal Parks Foundation
Rudolf Steiner Foundation
Rural Advancement Foundation Intenational
Rural Development Foundation of Pakistan
Rural Health Education Foundation
Rush-Henrietta Education Foundation
Russell Sage Foundation
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Ryan Wolfe Kossar Foundation
Ryan Wolfe Kossar Foundation
Sabaragamu Peoples’ Foundation
Safe Blood for Africa Foundation
Safe Communities Foundation
Sahana Foundation
Sahana Foundation
Saint Anthony Foundation
Saint Barnabas Burn Foundation
Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation
Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation
Salik Development Foundation
Salisbury House Foundation
Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation
Saman Foundation
Saman Foundation
Samar Island Biodiversity Foundation
San Antonio Area Foundation
San Antonio Parks Foundation
San Carlos Educational Foundation
San Diego Futures Foundation
San Diego Music Foundation
San Dieguito Academy Foundation
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco Stables Foundation
San Juan Health Care Foundation
San Louis Educational Foundation
San Marino Schools Foundation
San Miguel Conservation Foundation
Sanayee Development Foundation
Sandford Fleming Foundation
Sandhills Conductive Education Foundation
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation
Sankara Eye Foundation
Santa Barbara Vocal Jazz Foundation
Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation
Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation
Sarana Foundation
Sarana Foundation
Sarasota Architectural Foundation
Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation
Save a Life Foundation
Save Historic Antietam Foundation
Save Our Seas Foundation
Save the Family Foundation of Arizona
Save the Music Foundation
Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation
Saviya Development Foundation
Schizophrenia Australia Foundation
Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara
Schusterman Foundation-Israel
Science and Arts Foundation
Science and Technology Foundation
Science Education Foundation of Indiana
Science Foundation Ireland
Science Foundation Year
Science Policy Foundation
Scleroderma Foundation
Scleroderma Foundation
Scleroderma Research Foundation
Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation
Scottish Council Foundation
Scottish Crofting Foundation
Scottish Energy Environment Foundation
Scottish Rite Foundation
Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation
Sealand International Business Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation
Secure Address Foundation Extensions
Secure World Foundation
Securing Networks with ASA Foundation (Cisco)
Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education
SEEDS Foundation
SEEDS Foundation
Self Help Development Foundation
Senators Community Foundation
Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation
Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts
Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts
Serendib Foundation For Music Performing Arts
Serendib Foundation For Music Performing Arts
Service Oriented Architecture Foundation
Service Quality Management Foundation
Sewa Lanka Foundation
Shakespeare Foundation of Spain
Share Your Birthday Foundation
SharePoint Foundation
Shark Conservation and Research Foundation
Sheila De Fretes Foundation
Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
Shelley Glover Ski Education Foundation
Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation
Shoah Foundation Institute
Short North Neighborhood Foundation
Short Stature Foundation
Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California
Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia
Sidney Centre for the Foundations of Science
Sign Language Foundation Center
Signum Fidei Foundation, Inc
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Simon Estes Educational Foundation
Simon Youth Foundation
Sinfonia Educational Foundation
Singapore Heart Foundation
Singapore International Foundation
Singapore Labour Foundation
Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation
Sir David Martin Foundation
Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation
Siyath Foundation
Siyath Foundation
Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation
Skidaway Marine Science Foundation
Skin Cancer Foundation
Sleep Research Society Foundation
Smarter Kids Foundation
Smarter Kids Foundation
SmartPlant Foundation
Smoking and Health Action Foundation
Snell Memorial Foundation
SOA Tools Project (The Eclipse Foundation)
Social Brain Foundation
Social Development Foundation
Social Mobilisation Foundation
Social Research Foundation
Social Source Foundation
Social Venture Capital Foundation
Society, Environment and Energy Development Foundation
Socorro Mental Health Foundation
Software Association of Oregon Foundation
Soil and Water Conservation Foundation
Solana Beach Foundation for Learning
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Sons of Italy Foundation
Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan
South African Excellence Foundation
South African Veterinary Foundation
South Asian Health Foundation
South Bronx Educational Foundation
South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation
South Dakota Community Foundation
South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
South Florida Dental Foundation
South Florida Junior Golf Foundation
South West Atlanta Youth Foundation
South West Community Foundation
Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation
Southeastern Legal Foundation
Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation
Southern Education Foundation
Southern Illinois University Foundation
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
Southern Nevada Industrial Foundation
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
Southwest Foundation for Research and Education
Sow-a-Seed Foundation
Space Frontier Foundation
Space Needle Volleyball Foundation
Special Care Foundation for Companion Animals
Special Operations Memorial Foundation
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Spinal Cord Research Foundation
Spinal Injury Foundation
Sponge Awareness Foundation
Sport Aid Foundation
Sports Foundation, Inc.
Sports Goods Foundation of India
Spotsylvania Preservation Foundation Inc.
Spring Branch Education Foundation
Springfield Jewish Foundation
Square Dance Foundation of New England
Sri Ariyajothi Foundation
Sri Bodhiraja Foundation
Sri Lanka Cricket Foundation
Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation
Sri Lanka Foundation Institute
Sri Lanka-Canada Scholarship Foundation
Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation
St. Anthony Educational Foundation
St. Louis Park Community Foundation
St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation
Stafford Township Education Foundation
Standardbred Retirement Foundation
Stanford Theatre Foundation
Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation
State Farm Companies Foundation
State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Stayton Public Library Foundation
Stem Cell Research Foundation
Stephanie Starks Hope Foundation
Steve Nash Foundation
Stichting Certificering VBO Makelaars (Dutch: Virtual Business Owner Real Estate Agents Certification Foundation)
Stichting Naleving CAO Uitzendkrachten Temporary Compliance Foundation)
Stingray Foundation Library
Stochastic Algorithms, Foundations, and Applications
Stoner Chiropractic Research Foundation
Storage Foundation Management Server
Storage Foundation Manager
Storage Networking Concepts Foundation
Storytelling Foundation International
Straits Exchange Foundation
Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation
Student Athlete Scholarships Foundation
Study Abroad Foundation
Stuttering Foundation of America
Subaru of America Foundation, Inc.
Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation
Success for All Foundation
Sudan-American Foundation for Education, Inc
Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc.
Summit Area Public Foundation
Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
Supplement Research Foundation
Support Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation
Support for Early Learning Foundations
Surf Life Saving Foundation
Surfrider Foundation Mornington Peninsula
Suriname Conservation Foundation
Surrey Foundation Youth Council
Surya Foundation
Surya Foundation
Sustainability Challenge Foundation
Sustainable Development Research Foundation
Sustainable Living Foundation
Sutter North Medical Foundation
Sutter Regional Medical Foundation
Swaziland Farmers’ Development Foundation
Swiss Peace Foundation
Switchback Gravity Railroad Foundation
Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation
Sydney Foundation for Medical Research
Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science
System Dynamics Research Foundation
Taiwan Accreditation Foundation
Taiwan Blood Service Foundation
Taiwan Healthcare Reform Foundation
Taiwanese American Foundation
Takayasu’s Arteritis Foundation, International
Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation
Tap Legacy Foundation, Inc.
Taraqee Foundation
Tariq Khamisa Foundation
Tax Foundation
Taylor Wilson Foundation
Tayside Foundation for the Conservation of Resources
Team Foundation Server
Team Foundation Version Control
Technical Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Computing
Technology Training Foundation of America
Tehuti Research Foundation
Tennessee Golf Foundation
Terrassist Foundation
Territorial Army Foundation Scheme
Texas A&M Research Foundation
Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation
Texas Back Institute Research Foundation
Texas Geriatrics Interest Foundation
Texas Human Rights Foundation
Texas Interscholastic League Foundation
Texas Medical Foundation
Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation
Texas Research & Technology Foundation
Texas Retailers Education Foundation
Texas Surveyors Foundation, Inc.
Texas Telephone Association Foundation
Texas Tourism Foundation
Thai Concern Foundation
Thai Toilet Foundation
Thai Youth Community Foundation
The Actuarial Foundation
The African Families Foundation
The Ali Kemp Education Foundation
The American Chestnut Foundation
The American Homeownership Foundation
The Architectural Foundation
The ASCO Cancer Foundation
The Asia Foundation
The Barrow Community Foundation
The Biar Foundation
The Billfish Foundation
The Bond Market Foundation
The Boston Foundation
The Bubel/Aiken Foundation
The Catholic Foundation
The Change Foundation
The Citizen Foundation
The Citizens Foundation
The Cleveland Foundation
The Curriculum Foundation
The Dhol Foundation
The East West Foundation of India
The Enterprise Foundation
The Eye Research Foundation
The Fomunyoh Foundation
The Ford Family Foundation
The Ford Foundation
The Foundation
The Foundation for Jewish Camping
The Future Foundation School
The Glaucoma Foundation
The Harris Foundation
The Heritage Foundation
The Hydronic Foundation, Inc.
The Indian Rafting Foundation
The International Association of Foundation Drilling
The International Research Foundation for English Language Education
The Investment Fund for Foundations
The Jitsu Foundation
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
The Knowledge Foundation
The Library Foundation
The Love Foundation, Inc.
The Minneapolis Foundation
The Music Foundation
The Music Mayday Foundation
The National Iota Foundation
The NetBSD Foundation
The Network Foundation, Inc.
The Noyes Brain Tumor Foundation
The Perl Foundation
The Poetry Foundation
The Rotary Foundation
The Round Table Foundation
The Sonic Foundation
The Synthetic Dream Foundation
The Taylor Family Foundation
The Tequihua Foundation
The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
The Trusts Charitable Foundation
The Wintergreen Nature Foundation
The Yellow Bus Foundation
Thee Instagon Foundation
Theological Foundations for Youth
Theoretical and Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
Third Wave Foundation
Third World Conference Foundation
Third World Foundation for Social and Economic Studies
Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education
Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
Three Rivers Community Foundation
Thurman-Zumwalt Foundation
Thyroid Foundation of America
Tidewater Jewish Foundation
Tiger Athletic Foundation
Tiger Woods Foundation
Toledo Community Foundation
Tom Joyner Foundation
Tony Blair Sports Foundation
Top of Foundation
Toronto Community Foundation
Traffic Injury Research Foundation
Transatlantic Community Foundation Fellowship
Transitional Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Transportation Development Foundation
Trauma Care Foundation
Trauma Research & Education Foundation
Travelers Conservation Foundation
Trimethylaminuria Midwest Region Foundation
Trinity Basin Conservation Foundation
Trinity Western University Foundation
Triple Threat Foundation for the Arts
Tropical Forest Foundation
Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation
TSEC Spiritual Foundation
Tug McGraw Foundation
Turkish Democracy Foundation
Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation
Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats
Twentieth Century Memorial Foundation
Twisted Software Foundation
Tzu Chi Foundation
Uganda Conservation Foundation
Uganda Media Development Foundation
Ukrainian Legal Foundation
Umeed Khanna Foundation
Union County College Foundation
Union County Community Foundation
Union Schools Education Foundation
United Engineering Foundation
United Engineering Foundation
United Foundation for Disabled Archers
United Health Foundation
United Leukodystrophy Foundation
United Methodist Higher Education Foundation
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
United Nations Foundation
United Relief & Development Foundation
United Scleroderma Foundation
United States Aerobatic Foundation, Inc.
United States and China Foundation
United States Educational Foundation
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation
United States Israel Science and Technology Foundation
United States Justice Foundation
United States Navy Memorial Foundation
United States-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation
United Way Foundation
Unity International AIDS Foundation
Unity Performing Arts Foundation
Unity Productions Foundation
Universe Astronautics Foundation
University of Calgary Gorbachev Foundation
University of Florida Foundation
University of Iowa Research Foundation
University of Mary Washington Real Estate Foundation
University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc.
University of New South Wales Foundation Year
University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation
University of North Dakota Research Foundation
University of Otago Foundation Year
University of South Alabama Foundation
University of Sydney Foundation Program
University Research Foundation
University Sales Education Foundation
University System of Maryland Foundation
Upland Marketing Foundation, Inc.
Upper Clearwater Community Foundation
Upper Grand Learning Foundation
Urban Development Foundation
Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation
Urological Sciences Research Foundation
US Olympic Foundation
US Piping Foundation
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