Abbreviation for Gaborone, Botswana

Gaborone [g ɑ ː b ɔ rə ʊ ne ɪ ], to 1970 Gaberones [- rə ʊ n ɪ s], capital of Botswana, near the south-eastern border of South Africa, in a shallow valley between the Kgale- and Oodibergen, 1,015 m above sea level, (2011) 231 600 residents.

Seat of the South African Development Community (SADC); Seat of a Catholic and an Anglican bishop; University (“University of Botswana”; founded in 1976); Center of a cattle breeding area with tannery, leather processing, automobile assembly and brewery; international Airport.

Gaborone was built as a station on the Cape Town – Rhodesia railway line. In 1965, the city, largely planned on the drawing board, was named the capital of the British protectorate Bechuanaland, replacing the previous capital Mafeking (Republic of South Africa), which was outside the actual protectorate. Gaborone has been the capital of the Republic of Botswana since 1966.

Abbreviations for Gaborone, Botswana

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: GBE
  • Country: Botswana

GBE: Gaborone, Botswana - Gaborone

List of Gaborone Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations for Gaborone is GBE which stands for Gaborone. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Gaborone, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

City Abbreviation Meanings
Gaborone GBE Gaborone, Botswana – Gaborone
Gaborone GICC Gaborone International Convention Center