Genealogy Abbreviations

From the Latin genealogĭa , genealogy is the set of ancestors and progenitors of a person or a breed animal. The concept is also used in reference to the document that contains this set or part of it, the document in which the ancestry of a breed animal is recorded and the discipline/science that studies genealogy.


Examples: “The singer’s genealogy comprises German, Swiss and Slovenian ancestry”, “I don’t give much importance to people’s genealogy, I only care about how each individual is”, “They ask too much money for this horse: we will have to study his genealogy in more detail”.

The document that records genealogy studies is the family tree. The tree figure has an analogy with the branching trunk and the person who has several lines of descent and descent.

The genealogy can be known through oral reports (what is told) that usually comes from the family nucleus. These stories are passed down from generation to generation and may be inaccurate with regard to dates of birth and places of origin , although they can be the starting point for making more accurate studies.

Another documentary source of genealogy is printed or handwritten documents. Unlike family memory, these registers provide accurate information. Civil identification records, ecclesiastical (Church) documents and state archives make it possible to know the genealogy of people.

In colloquial language, genealogy is the origin or precedents of something: “The genealogy of this record goes back to the first encounters between the singer and the guitarist in the Andean mountains”.

List of Acronyms Related to Genealogy

AAGC African American Genealogy Connection
AAGGMV African American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley
AAGS African-American Genealogy Society
AIGP Artificial Intelligence Genealogy Project
BVGS Bega Valley Genealogy Society
BGS Blair Genealogy Society
CTHGC Chisholm Trail History and Genealogy Center
GLHS Genealogy and Local History Services
HGCC History and Genealogy Club of Collinsville
IGHR Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research
ICJG International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
ISBGFH International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
ISOGG International Society of Genetic Genealogy
IGP Ireland Genealogy Project
JGSGW Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington
LAGS Lithuanian American Genealogy Society
MGP Mathematics Genealogy Project
MGRG Molecular Genealogy Research Group
MGRP Molecular Genealogy Research Project
SGSI Slovenian Genealogy Society International
USGN United States Genealogy Network
WGP Wisconsin Genealogy Project