Geography Abbreviations

Geography (from the Latin geographĭa, which, in turn, derives from a compound Greek term ) is the science that aims to study the description of the Earth . Likewise, the word can also be used to refer to territory or landscape.


Geography therefore studies the ecological environment, the societies that inhabit it and the regions that are formed when this relationship takes place. In other words, it analyzes the man -Earth relationship and the geographical phenomena of the terrestrial surface.

This science has several principles (or currents), stipulated by specialists throughout history. The principle of extension (or location of the fact ), for example, was announced by Friedrich Ratzel and consists of locating the geographical fact, which also makes it possible to identify the geographical phenomenon.

The principle of analogy (or comparison), analyzed by Carl Ritter, explains the relationship between a fact and a geographical phenomenon. We can also mention the principle of causality (or motive), studied by Alexander von Humboldt, who investigates the phenomenon based on evidence; the principle of description, defended by Vidal de la Blache, which makes it possible to decipher the geographical fact by analyzing its causality; and the principle of geographic observation, which makes it possible to visualize geographic phenomena based on the reference that originates on the surface or in space.

Regarding geographical traditions (the currents or lines of study existing in this science), the physical tradition (studies physical aspects, such as relief and vegetation), the chorological tradition (studies territorial systems, both natural and social spaces) stand out. , the ecological tradition (focuses on the interaction between human groups and the physical environment), the landscape tradition (analyzes natural and cultural landscapes), the spatial tradition (location and distribution of natural and cultural phenomena) and the social tradition ( studies societies and the environment they inhabit).

Geography Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Geography

APHG Advanced Placement Human Geography
AGT African Geography Tutor
AMUSING Algorithms, Models, User and Service Interfaces for Geography
AGSG Applied Geography Specialty Group
AGTA Australian Geography Teachers’ Association
CBCPV Comparative Biogeography and Conservation of Philippine Vertebrates
CATMOG Concepts and Techniques in Modern Geography
CGV Cyberspace Geography Visualization
DOG Daily Oral Geography
DOG Department Of Geography
EGYPT Economic Geography
EG Economic Geography
EPBG Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography
ETIBS Equilibrium Theory of Island Biogeography
GEORGIA Geography
GEORGE Geography
GG Geography
GGR Geography
GEO Geography
GESOURCE Geography and Environment Gateway
GRD Geography and Regional Development
GUS Geography and Urban Studies
GENI Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana, Inc.
GFDA Geography Faculty Development Alliance
GIA Geography in Action
GML Geography Markup Language
GOH Geography of Hope
GTASA Geography Teachers Association of South Australia
GEES Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
GEBS Global Ecology and Biogeography
GEB Global Ecology and Biogeography
HGRC Human Geography Research Center
IOG Institute of Geography
IGES Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences
ICGG International Critical Geography Group
IMGS International Medical Geography Symposium
JEG Journal of Economic Geography
JHG Journal of Historical Geography
JLAG Journal of Latin American Geography
LCMD Library of Congress Geography and Map Division
MAG Master of Applied Geography
MSG Master of Science in Geography
MUGS McGill Undergraduate Geography Society
NEG New Economic Geography
RGSG Rural Geography Specialty Group
SAGES School of Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Studies
SOGE School of Geography and the Environment
SCGRG Social and Cultural Geography Research Group
SOGS Society of Geography Students
SWIG Supporting Women in Geography
TUGS Toronto Undergraduate Geography Society
UNTB Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity and Biogeography
USG Urban Social Geography
VGD Virtual Geography Department
WGSG Women and Geography Study Group
WG World Geography