Government Abbreviations

The term government refers to the exercise of state power or general political conduct. By government is meant the body to which the Constitution has assigned executive power over a society and which is usually formed by a President or a Prime Minister and some Ministers, Secretaries and other officials.


Government Abbreviations

It is important to note that the government is not the same as the State: a government accesses power (in the case of democracy, through free elections), exercises its functions and withdraws, while the State remains identical and unalterable in the face of successive governments. In other words, it can be said that the government is the set of governing bodies of a state, which expresses state power through the legal order.

History points out that the first governments were formed in the tribe, with the intention of efficiently coordinating human resources. Over time , the government’s function would come to be determined by being divided into three powers: the Executive Power, which acts as a coordinating entity; the Legislative Power, which is responsible for applying the laws and norms that govern life in a given territory; and the Judiciary, whose task is to ensure compliance with said laws and regulations.

Of the various forms of government, one can mention democracy (in which, through mechanisms of direct or indirect participation, the people elect their representatives) and monarchy (in which the supreme office of a State is for life and is designated through a hereditary order).

There is also the totalitarian government regime (or totalitarianism), which is characterized by the State having no limits to its authority, the regime being under the control of a class, a person, a politician, etc. And so the state regulates the total aspects of public as well as private life.

It is also worth mentioning that in totalitarianism opposition parties are prohibited, and this regime is considered as authoritarianism in its most extreme form. The leader of the nation here is set up as the absolute controller of the rights of all citizens of that nation, controlling the media and even forcing schools to teach according to the party’s vision.

There are what are called systems of government, which consist of the way in which the Executive and Legislative powers relate to each other. And there are the following classified as systems of government: presidential, parliamentary and also semi-presidential.

In the presidential system, the administration of the State is concentrated in the President of the Republic, who has the function of both Head of State and Head of Government.

The parliamentary system of government, on the other hand, focuses on the head of state granted to the president or the king, while the head of government is destined for the cabinet of ministers, who are appointed by parliament and in this case the prime minister is the leader. .

Finally, the blended government system is a hybrid system and is where the head of government and the head of state assume the executive power at the same time, that is, both share the responsibilities of this and also the responsibilities of the Public Administration.

List of Acronyms Related to Government

AGEN Aboriginal Government Employees Network
ALGAQ Aboriginal Local Government Association of Queensland Inc.
ADGA Advanced Diploma in Government Accounting
AGPS Advanced Government Purchasing System
ALGAF Africa Local Government Action Forum
ALGTI Alabama Local Government Training Institute
AASG Alaska Association of Student Governments
AGT Alberta Government Telephone
APGSTA All Pakistan Government School Teachers Associations
AMG Allied Military Government
PGWG All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Government
ACGH American Conference of Governmental Hygienists
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Inc.
AFGE American Federation of Government Employees
AGFS American Governmental Financial Services
AIGER American Industry / Government Emissions Research
ASGA American Student Government Association
AUSG American University Student Government
ACGR Americans for Comprehensive Government Reform
ALG Americans for Limited Government
AIIC Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Conference
AIIC Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Council
ACGC Angurugu Community Government Council
AGE Anti Government Element
AARGH Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia
ASSG Arts and Sciences Student Government
AGLF Asian Government Leaders Forum
AGA Associate Government Agency
AGNC Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado
ASG Associated Student Government
ACEG Association for Counselors and Educators in Government
AGLF Association for Governmental Leasing and Finance
ACOG Association of Central Oklahoma Governments
ACSG Association of Consortium Student Governments
AFGE Association of Federal Government Employees
AGA Association of Government Accountants
AGMAS Association of Government Marketing Assistance Specialists
AGRIP Association of Government Representatives and Independent Politicians
AGT Association of Government Toxicologists
AGRIP Association of Governmental Risk Pools
ALG Association of London Government
ASOG Ateneo School of Government
ACLG Australian Classification of Local Government
AGA Australian Government Actuary
AGAL Australian Government Analytical Laboratories
AGAD Australian Government Antarctic Division
AGCC Australian Government Credit Card
AGREED Australian Government Directory
AGD Australian Government Directory
AGIMIS Australian Government Indigenous Management Information System
AGIMO Australian Government Information Management Office
AGS Australian Government Solicitor
AGR Authorized Government Representative
AGSI Automatic Government Source Inspection
AGA Autonomous Government Agency
AGSRC Average Government School Recurrent Costs
BEST Balancing Government, Empowering People, Strengthening Families and Trust in Government
BGIS Barbados Government Information Service
BACONGO Belize Alliance of Conservation Non-Government Organizations
BFCOG Benton-Franklin Council of Governments
BGFS Better Government Fund
BGF Better Government Fund
BGIE Biafran Government in Exile
BINGO Big International Non-Governmental Organisation
BIG Blacks In Government
BGOV Bloomberg Government
BULGSA Botswana Unified Local Government Service Association
BCGREA British Columbia Government Retired Employees’ Association
BIIC British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference
BBTG Broad-Based Transitional Government
BGR Bureau of Governmental Research
BLGF Bureau of Local Government Finance
BTG Burundian Transitional Government
BINGO Business and Industry Non-Governmental Organization
BGAG Business Government Advisory Group
BIIG Business Information in Government
BGIE Business, Government and the International Economy
BIG Business, Industry and Government Club
CGC California Government Code
CAGRH Californians Against Government Run Healthcare
COG Campaign for Open Government
CGB Canadian Government Bond
CGCS Canadian Government Cataloguing System
CGP Canadian Government Publishing
CGSB Canadian Government Specifications Board
CGRM Canadian Governments Reference Model
CICS Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat
CRCOG Capitol Region Council of Governments
CHOG CARICOM Heads of Government (Caribbean government leaders)
CAG Cash Assistance to Government
CIGO Cayman Islands Government Office
CBG Center for Business and Government
CCG Center for Competitive Government
CDG Center for Digital Government
CEG Center for Efficient Government
CGCVM Center for Government and Corporate Veterinary Medicine
CGIS Center for Government and International Studies
CGS Center for Governmental Studies
CTG Center for Technology in Government
CSAG Center for the Study of American Government
CSGI Center for the Study of Government and the Individual
COG Center of Government
CGBS Central Government Beacon Scheme
CGEWCC Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee
CGHS Central Government Health Scheme
COIC Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
CGAP Certified Government Auditing Professional
CGFM Certified Government Financial Manager
CGA Certified Governmental Accountant
CGR Ceylon Government Railway
CCG Charles County Government
CMGC Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center
CGCA Chief Government Chemist Agency
CGME Chief Government Mining Engineer
CGO Chief Government Officer
CHIP Child and Youth Health Intergovernmental Partnership
CGSP Chinese Government Scholarship Programme
CAGR Citizens Against Government Rule
CAGW Citizens Against Government Waste
C4CG Citizens for Constitutional Government
CLG Citizens for Legitimate Government
CRG Citizens for Responsible Government
CUSG Clemson University Student Government
CGP Coalition for Government Procurement
COG Coalition of Ordered Governments
COG Coalition of Organized Governments
COGI Coalition on Government Information
CGS Collaboration on Government Secrecy
CGAIT Colorado Government Association of Information Technology
CAGE Commercial Activity/Government Entity
CAGE Commercial And Government Entity
C-AND-GS Commercial and Government Systems
CGIS Commercial, Government, and Industrial Solutions
CGAP Commission on Government Accountability to the People
GAP Commission on Government Accountability to the People
CPRGS Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy
CSG Committee for Small Government
CGS Commonwealth Government Securities
CHOGM Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting
CHOG Commonwealth Heads of Governments
CLEG Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government
CLG Communities and Local Government
CGC Community Government Council
CEGPA Community, Education, Government Public Affairs
CBSG Community-Based Self-Government
CG Comparative Government
CCBG Concerned Citizens for Better Government
COURAGE Confederation for Unity, Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees
CGMA Conference of Government Mining Attorneys
CURE Conference Upon Research and Education in World Government
CFGI Confidential Foreign Government Information
CGI Consultants to Government and Industry
CGB Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
COG Continuity Of Government
CAGO Contractor Acquired Government Owned
CAGE Contractor And Government Entity
COGO Contractor Owned, Government Operated
COG Convenience Of the Government
CCGC Coomalie Community Government Council
CLGP Cornell Local Government Program
CKH Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Government Reorganization Act of 2000
CEG Council for Excellence in Government
CGR Council for Government Reform
COAG Council of Australian Governments
COG Council of Governments
COSG Council of State Governments
CSG Council of State Governments
CCG Council on Competitive Government
CEG Council on Efficient Government
COGR Council on Governmental Relations
CCQG Council on the Cost and Quality of Government
CFG Customer-Focused Government
DGC Darjeeling Government College
DRCOG Denver Regional Council of Governments
DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government
GLLAD Department for Government and Labour Law and Administration
DILG Department of Interior and Local Government
DLG Department of Local Government
DLGRD Department of Local Government and Regional Development
DOLGE Department of Local Government and the Environment
DTLR Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions
DGR Designated Government Representative
DG Digital Government
DGAA Digital Government Achievement Awards
DGI Digital Government Institute, LLC
DGN Digital Government Navigator
DGO Digital Government Research
DGRC Digital Government Research Center
DGSNA Digital Government Society of North America
DAG Direct Access Government
DGR Director of Government Relations
DGP District Government Pleader
DIALOG Diversity in Action in Local Government
DGSS Division of Governmental Studies and Services
DHIR Division of Housing and Intergovernmental Relations
DLGS Division of Local Government Services
DGWG Donor Government Working Group
DCGA Douglass College Government Association
DEG Dubai e-Government
DSGS Duke Student Government
DESIGNATE Duke Student Government
DSG Duke Student Government
EFG Earth Federation Government
ECIA East Central Intergovernmental Association
EMLGA East Midlands Local Government Association
EELGC East of England Local Government Conference
ETCOG East Texas Council of Governments
ECEG E-Commerce and E-Government Lab
EDGA Economic Development/Government Affairs
ELG Education and Local Government Interim Committee
EGA E-Government Act of 2002
EGIF e-Government Interoperability Framework
EGU E-Government Unit
EGYPT Electronic Government
EG Electronic Government
EGD Electronic Government Directorate
EGS Electronic Government Strategy
EDGE Employees Driving Government Excellence
EOLG Employers’ Organisation for Local Government
ENRGE Employment Network for Retired Government Experts
EGBI EMU Government Bond Index
ESG Engineering Student Government
ECOG Englewood Citizens for Open Government
ESG Environment, Social and Government Issues
ERPG Epping Residents for Principled Government
ESFLG Equalities Standards for Local Government
EGA Ethics in Government Act of 1978
ECLS European Charter of Local Self-Government
ECEG European Conference on E Government
EGBS European Government Bonds
EGB European Government Bonds
ENGSO European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation
EPG European Participating Governments
ESIIG European Summit on Interoperability in the IGovernment
EIG Excellence in Government
EGC Excluding Government Charges
FLGA Fairfield Local Government Area
FIGO Falkland Islands Government Office
FIGM FAO Intergovernmental Group on Meat (UN)
FAGCI Federal Agency of Governmental Communications and Information
FGC Federal Government College
FGCI Federal Government College, Ilorin
FGDLA Federal Government Distance Learning Association
FGEI Federal Government Educational Institutions
FGN Federal Government of Nigeria
FA Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation
FCAOG Five County Association of Governments
FGILS Florida Government Information Locator Service
FIOG Florida Institute of Government
FIG Florida Institute of Government
FPEG Florida Professional Engineers in Government
FRG Floridians for Responsible Government, Inc.
FGG Fluor Government Group
FGU Foreclosing Governmental Unit
FG Foreign Government
FGI Foreign Government Information
FGM Foreign Government Representative
FFUNGO Foreign-Funded Non-Governmental Organisation
FOG Form of Government
FGT Formal Government Testing
FOR-2 Forum E-Government und E-Democracy
FLGA Forum for Local Government and the Arts
FLAG Foundation for Law and Government
FLGR Foundation for Local Government Reform
FRCOG Franklin Regional Council of Governments
FGI Free Government Information
GGGG Garland Good Government Group
FEDGLOBE Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Transgender Employees of the Federal Government
GEGS General Electric Government Services
GGB General Government Balance
GGBR General Government Borrowing Requirement
GGCC General Government Computer Center
GRGSI General Report of Government School Inspection
GAGAS Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards
GGFOA Georgia Government Finance Officers Association
GGBI Global Government Bond Index
GGL Good Government League
GTG Goverment to Government
GVMT government
GOVT Government
GOV Government
G-AND-CA Government & Community Affairs
GAT Government Acceptance Test
GATTS Government Acceptance Test Team
GATT Government Acceptance Test Team
GAC Government Access Channel
GAS Government Account Series
GAIN Government Accountability & Information Network
GAA Government Accountability Act
GAB Government Accountability Board
GAO Government Accountability Office
GAP Government Accountability Program
GAP Government Accountability Project
GAAC Government Accounting and Auditing Committee
GAAM Government Accounting and Auditing Manual
GAN Government Action Network
GAD Government Actuary’s Department
GARS Government Administrative Rate Supplement
GAC Government Advisory Committee
GA Government Affairs
GAAC Government Affairs Advisory Committee
GAAC Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee
GAAC Government Affairs and Alliances Committee
GAA Government Affairs Assessment
GAC Government Affairs Committee
GAC Government Affairs Conference
GAN Government Affairs News
GATF Government Affairs Task Force
GA Government Agency
GA Government Aided
GATE Government Alliance for Training and Education
GA Government Allotment
GAC Government and Anti-Corruption
GB Government and Binding
GEMSES Government and Education Management Systems
GEMS Government and Education Management Systems
GGIS Government and Geographic Information Services Task Force
GVPT Government and Politics
GAPAC Government and Public Affairs Committee
GARIOA Government Appropriations for Relief in Occupied Areas
GAB Government Approval Board
GAFC Government Assessment Facilitation Committee
GAMC Government Asset Management Committee
GAMS Government Asset Management System
GAMS Government Asset Management System
GAPS Government Asset Protection Scheme
GATE Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses
GACPA Government Association of Certified Public Accountants
GATI Government Audit Training Institute
GAA Government Auditing Agency
GAS Government Auditing Standards
GASB Government Auditing Standards Board
GAIS Government Automated Information System
GBIF Government Bank Insurance Fund
GBIF Government Bank Investment Fund
GBL government bill of lading
GB Government Bond
GBI Government Bond Index
GBE Government Business Enterprise
GBO Government Business Opportunities
GBS Government Business Services
GBS Government Business Solutions
GBU Government Business Unit
GCL Government Category List
GCC Government Caucus Committee
GCTI Government Central Textile Institute
GC Government Centre
GCAR Government Certification Approval Request
GCCC Government Charter Coach Certificate
GCLA Government Chemist Laboratory Agency
GC Government Code
GCCS Government Code & Cipher School
GC Government College
GCCBA Government College of Commerce and Business Administration Chandigarh
GCETTS Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore
GCEK Government College of Engineering Kannur
COEPES Government College of Engineering, Pune, India
GCTE Government College of Teacher Education
GCT Government College of Technology
GCU Government College University
GCET Government Colleges of Education
GCPC Government Commercial Purchase Card
GCRA Government Committee on Religious Affairs
GCAS Government Common Application System
GCIS Government Communication and Information System
GCN Government Communication Network
GCO Government Communication Office
GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters
GCSB Government Communications Security Bureau
GCSD Government Communications System Division
GCT Government Competitive Test
GCHS Government Comprehensive High School
GCE Government Computer Exposition
GCN Government Computer News
GCO Government Concept of Operations
GCMS Government Configuration Management System
GC Government Connect
GCAT Government Content Acceptance Testing
GCC Government Contract Compliance
GCM Government Contract Manager
GCA Government Contracting Activity
GCO Government Contracting Office
GC Government Contractor
GCMS Government Contractor Monitoring Station
GC Government Contribution
GCA Government Controlled Area
GCC Government Coordinating Council
GCCA Government Corporation Control Act of 1945
GCAS Government Cost Accounting System, Inc.
GCM Government Created Money
GDX Government Data Exchange
GDF Government Data Files
GDM Government Debt Management
GDSA Government Dental Surgeons’ Association
GDA Government Design Activity
GDA Government Designated Authority
GDF Government Designated Facility
GDC Government Directed Change
GODORT Government Documents Round Table
GDTS Government Documents Technical Services
GES Government Economic Service
GEAC Government Efficiency and Accountability Council
GEI Government Electrical Inspectorate
GEMSES Government Electronic Mail System
GEMS Government Electronic Mail System
GEM Government Electronic Mall
GES Government Electronic Systems
GETS Government Electronic Tendering Service
GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
GETA Government Emerging Technology Alliance
GERA Government Employee Rights Act
GECA Government Employees Compensation Act
GECUME Government Employees Credit Union of Maine
GEX Government Employees Exchange
GEFCU Government Employees Federal Credit Union
GEICO Government Employees Insurance Company
GERS Government Employees Retirement System
GETA Government Employees Training Act
GECU Government Employees’ Credit Union
GECI Government Engineering College Idukki
GECB Government Engineering College, Barton Hill
GEA Government Enterprise Architecture
GEORGIA Government Estimate
GE Government Estimate
GX Government Excellence
GEBA Government Excess Baggage Authorization
GEORGIA Government Expenditure
GE Government Expenditure
GFA Government Field Activity
GFI Government Final Inspection
GFOA Government Finance Officers Association
GFS Government Finance Statistics
GFSM Government Finance Statistics Manual
GFI Government Financial Institutions
GFRS Government Financial Reporting System
GFRA Government Financial Responsibility Act of 2000
GFY Government Fiscal Year
GFS Government Fleet Services
GFR Government Flight Representative
GFTD Government Flight Test Director
GFI Government Free Issue
GF Government Furnished
GFA Government Furnished Assets
GFCI Government Furnished Contractor Installed
GFX Government Furnished Equipment
GFF Government Furnished Facility
GFID Government Furnished Information/data Deficiency
GFL Government Furnished List
GFP Government Furnished Program
GFP Government Furnished Property
GFR Government Furnished Representative
GFSI Government Furnished Services and Items
GFS Government Furnished Supplies
GFS Government Furnished Support
GFSS Government Furnished Support Software
GFV Government Furnished Vehicle
GG Government Grade
GGU Government Guarantee and Undertaking
GHS Government Health Service
GHSF Government Held Surplus Funds
GHS Government High School
GHSS Government Higher Secondary School
GHMC Government Hospital for Mental Care
GHACPW Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine
GHANA Government House
GH Government House
GHLC Government Housing Loan Corporation
GVT Government Income Trust
GITC Government Industrial Training Centre
GIP Government Industry Partnership
GINA Government Information Agency
GICS Government Information and Communication Service
GIA Government Information Awareness
GIC Government Information Center
GIX Government Information Exchange
GIFT Government Information Finder Technology
GII Government Information Infrastructure
GILF Government Information Licensing Framework
GILS Government Information Locator Service
GINS Government Information Network System
GIO Government Information Office
GIO Government Information Online
GIQ Government Information Quarterly
GIRT Government Information Round Table
GISR Government Information Security Reform
GIS Government Information System
GITA Government Information Technology Agency
GITC Government Information Technology and Communications
GITC Government Information Technology Conditions
GITC Government Information Technology Contract
GITC Government Information Technology Contracting
GITG Government Information Technology Group
GITOC Government Information Technology Officers Council
GITS Government Information Technology Services
GITS Government Information Technology Services Board
GIU Government Information Unit
GITC Government Inservice Training Centre
GIA Government Inspection Agency
GICI Government Institute of Cottage Industries
GIPF Government Institutions Pension Fund
GOM Government Instrument Market
GIO Government Insurance Office
GITIS Government Integrated Technical Information System
GIAM Government Internal Audit Manual
GIPP Government International Politics and Philosophy
GIDC Government Internet Data Centre
GIDA Government Intervention in Deprived Areas
GIN Government Intranet Network
GIE Government Investment Expenditure
GIP Government Investment Pool
GI Government Issue
GI Government Issued
GLHS Government Laboratory High School
GLTA Government Land Transport Agency
GLS Government Launch Services
GLSC Government Launch Services-Cryogenic
GLF Government Leaders Forum
GL Government Leased
GLCU Government Leprosy Control Unit
GLO Government Liaison Officer
GLWG Government Liaison Working Group
GLIG Government Libraries and Information Group
GLP Government Loaned Property
GLD Government Logistics Department
GMSA Government Maglev System Assessment
GMD Government Maintenance Depot
GMIS Government Management Information Sciences
GMIS Government Management Information System
GMRA Government Management Reform Act
GMAP Government Management, Accountability and Performance
GMA Government Managers Association
GMLA Government Mandated Labor Agreements
GMIP Government Mandatory Inspection Point
GMAG Government Marketing Assistance Group
GMF Government Master File
GMF Government Materials Furnished
GMI Government Materiel Inspection
GMCH Government Medical College and Hospital
GMOA Government Medical Officers Association
GMSA Government Mensuration Software Application
GML Government Metallurgical Laboratory
GMR Government Micro Resources
GMRI Government Micro Resources Inc
GMMF Government Money Market Fund
GMI Government Monitoring Information
GMV Government Motor Vehicle
GM Government Mule
GNMA Government National Mortgage Association
GNN Government Neural Network
GNN Government News Network
GOTHIC Government Obligation
GO Government Obligation
GOA Government of Afghanistan
GOA Government of Alberta
GAEA Government of Alberta Enterprise Architecture
GOAT Government of All the Talents
GOAP Government of Andhra Pradesh
GOAB Government of Antigua and Barbuda
GOB Government of Bangladesh
GBD Government of Bangladesh
GOB Government of Belarus
GOB Government of Brazil
GOC Government Of Canada
GC Government of Canada
GCAT Government of Canada Apprentissage/Training
GOCB Government of Canada Building
GSP Government of Canada Security Policy
GOC Government of Colombia
GOC Government of Cuba
GOD Government of Democracy
GOE Government of Ecuador
GOE Government Of Egypt
GOG Government of Gibraltar
GOH Government of Haiti
GHK Government of Hong Kong
GOI Government Of India
GOITO Government of India Tourist Office
GOI Government Of Indonesia
GIMAR Government of Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region
GOI Government of Iraq
GOI Government of Ireland
GOI Government of Israel
GOJ Government of Jamaica
GOJ Government Of Japan
GOJ Government of Jordan
GOK Government of Karnataka
GOK Government of Kazakhstan
GOK Government of Kuwait
GOL Government of Lebanon
GOL Government of Liberia
GOMP Government of Madhya Pradesh
GOMID Government of Maharashtra Irrigation Department
GOM Government of Malawi
GOM Government Of Mexico
GOM Government of Moldova
GNU Government of National Unity
GNUR Government of National Unity and Reconciliation
GON Government of Nepal
GNZ Government of New Zealand
GNL Government of Newfoundland
GON Government of Nicaragua
GON Government of Niger
GNU Government of Nunavut
GN Government of Nunavut
GOTHIC Government of Ontario
GO Government of Ontario
GOP Government of Pakistan
GOP Government of Panama
GOP Government of Portugal
GOQ Government of Quebec
GSIC Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
GIC Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd
GOS Government of Slovenia
GOSA Government of South Africa
GOSS Government of South Sudan
GOS Government of Sudan
GOTN Government of Tamil Nadu
GOC Government of the Congo
GFRN Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
GKD Government of the Kingdom of Denmark
GOKR Government of the Kyrgyz Republic
GON Government of the Netherlands
GNWT Government of the Northwest Territories
GOP Government Of the People
GRC Government of the Republic of China
GORC Government of the Republic of Congo
GRZ Government of the Republic of Zambia
GRI Government of the Ryukyu Islands
GOSR Government of the Slovak Republic
GSE Government of the State of Eritrea
GSB Government of the Student Body
GVI Government of the United States Virgin Islands
GOTT Government of Trinidad and Tobago
GOT Government of Tunisia
GOT Government of Turkey
GOU-2 Government of Uruguay
GOU Government of Uruguay
GOU-2 Government of Uttaranchal
GOU Government of Uttaranchal
GVN Government of Vietnam
GWA Government of Wales Act 1998
GOWB Government of West Bengal
GOY Government of Yemen
GOZ Government of Zanzibar
GOZ Government of Zimbabwe
GOTHIC Government Office
GO Government Office
GOAC Government Office Accommodation Committee
GOEA Government Office for European Affairs
GOL Government Office for London
GOEE Government Office for the East of England
GOSW Government Office for the South West
GOWM Government Office for the West Midlands
GOYH Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber
GOSIP Government Office Information Systems Procurement
GOR Government Office Region
GOASM Government Offices Administration of Shanghai Municipality
GORS Government Offices for the Regions
GOTS Government Off-The-Shelf
GOL Government On-Line
GOALS Government On-Line Accounting Link System
GOLD Government On-Line Data
GOSS Government Open Source Software
GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Procurement Specification
GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile
GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Protocol
GORS Government Operational Research Service
GOTHIC Government Operations
GO Government Operations
GOTHIC Government Organization
GO Government Organization
GOML Government Oriental Manuscripts Library
GOALS Government Out of Area Line Service
GOC Government Owned Container
GOC Government Owned Corporation
GOH Government Owned Housing
GOS Government Owned Software
GOV Government Owned Vehicle
GPEA Government Paperwork Elimination Act of 1998
GPF Government Pension Fund
GPIF Government Pension Investment Fund
GPO Government Pension Offset
GPFC Government Performance and Finance Committee
GPRA Government Performance and Results Act of 1993
GPRA Government Performance and Review Act
GPMF Government Performance Management Framework
GPP Government Performance Project
GPSD Government Personnel Services Division
GPR Government Plant Representative
GPCO Government Policy and Communications Office
GPS Government Policy Statement
GPI Government Preliminary Inspection
GPO Government Printing Office
GPM Government Process Management
GPA Government Procurement Agreement
GPC Government Procurement Card
GPC Government Procurement Code
GPC Government Procurement Committee
GPDG Government Procurement Development Group
GPEG Government Procurement Experts’ Group
GPRA Government Procurement Reform Act
GPM Government Program Manager
GPO Government Project Officer
GPT Government Properties Trust, Inc.
GPA Government Property Administrator
GPLA Government Property Lawyers Agency
GPI Government Provided Information
GPO Government Publications Office
GPC Government Purchase Card
GPGS Government Purchases of Goods and Services
GPL Government Purpose License
GPLR Government Purpose License Rights
GPR Government Purpose Rights
GRP Government Railway Police
GRT Government Rate Tender
GRF Government Recreation and Fitness
GRA Government Reference Architecture
GRM Government Reference Model
GRC Government Reform Committee
GR Government Regulation
GRC Government Regulations Coordinator
GR Government Relations
GRAC Government Relations Advisory Council
GRAA Government Relations and Aboriginal Affairs
GRPP Government Relations and Public Policy
GRBN Government Relations Blog Network
GRC Government Relations Committee
GRIC Government Relations Institute of Canada
GRO Government Relations Office
GRA Government Report Abstracts
GRE Government Reporting Entity
GRA Government Research Announcement
GRD Government Research Directory
GRIF Government Research Institute of Formosa
GRB Government Reservation Bureau
GRA Government Reserved Area
GR Government Resolution
GRAA Government Resources and Accounts Act
GRM Government Resources Management
GRB Government Retirement & Benefits, Inc.
GRA Government Retirement Account
GST Government Sales Tax
GSN Government Satellite Network
GSB Government Saving Bank
GSBA Government Savings Bank
GSS Government Secondary School
GSI Government Secure Intranet
GSN Government Secure Network
GSCC Government Securities Clearing Corporation
GSCS Government Securities Clearing System
GSF Government Securities Fund
GS Government Security
GSCT Government Security Certification Test
GSC Government Security Committee
GSF Government Security Forces
GSN Government Security News
GSP Government Security Policy
GSP Government Security Program
GSN Government Serial Number
GSIS Government Service Insurance System
GSR Government Service Representative
GSA Government Services Administration
GSA Government Services Agency
GSD Government Services Directory
GSP Government Services Provider
GSR Government Social Research
GSI Government Source Inspection
GSR Government Spares Release
GSP Government Specified Purchase
GSC Government Sponsored Corporation
GSE Government Sponsored Enterprise
GSS Government Statistical Service
GFS Government Statistics Finance
GS Government Stock
GSL Government Student Loan
GSF Government Superannuation Fund
GSFA Government Superannuation Fund Authority
GSM Government Supplied Material
GSD Government Supplies Department
GSA Government Supply Agency
GSD Government Support Date
GSE Government Support Equipment
GSS Government Support Services
GST Government Support Team
GS Government Surplus
GSR Government Synthetic Rubber
GS Government Systems
GSI Government Systems Incorporated
GTF Government Task Force
GTL Government Task Leader
GTM Government Task Manager
GTA Government Technical Adviser
GTAC Government Technical Assistance Centre
GTIS Government Technical Information Services
GTM Government Technical Monitor
GTR Government Technical Representative
GTT Government Technical Test
GTC Government Technology Conference
GTI Government Technology International
GTS Government Technology Services
GTSI Government Technology Services, Inc.
GTIS Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services
GTN Government Telecommunications Network
GTP Government Telecommunications Program
GTS Government Telecommunications System
GTI Government Telecommunications, Incorporated
GTS Government Telephone Service
GTA Government Test Acceptance
G2C Government to Citizen
G2C Government to Community
G2C Government to Consumer
G2G Government to Government
GTTC Government Toolroom and Training Center
GTC Government Trading Corporation of Iran
GTE Government Trading Enterprise
GTI Government Training Institute, Inc.
GUATEMALA Government Transportable
GT Government Transportable
GTA Government Transportation Account
GTR Government Transportation Request
GTRIC Government Transportation Research Information Committee
GTS Government Transportation System
GTC Government Travel Card
GTR Government Travel Rate
GTR Government Travel Regulation
GTR Government Travel Request
GUIDE Government User Identity for Europe
GVO Government Vehicle Other
GVJ Government Veterinary Journal
GVU Government Virus Unit
GWCA Government Water Control Area
GWAC Government Wide Acquisition Contract
GWAC Government Wide Agency Contract
GWW Government Wide Web
GWIP Government Wideband Internet Protocol
GWCT Government Witnessed Contractor Testing
GWU Government Workers Union
GCPA Government, Community and Public Affairs
GEM Government, Education and Major Accounts
GICR Government/Industry Cooperative Research
GILS Government/Industry Logistics Support
GAK Governmental Accessed Key
GAAC Governmental Accounting and Auditing Committee
GAAC Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update Conference
GARS Governmental Accounting Research System
GASAC Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council
GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GASBI Governmental Accounting Standards Board Interpretations
GASBS Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statements
GAAFR Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
GAAC Governmental Affairs Advisory Committee
GAAC Governmental Affairs Advisory Council
GAC Governmental Affairs Committee
GALC Governmental Affairs Leadership Conference
GPA Governmental and Public Affairs
GCAT Governmental Collectors Association of Texas
GCSI Governmental Consultant Services Inc
GCCBA Governmental Contact Center Benchmarking Association
GEC Governmental Ethics Commission
GFIA Governmental Financial Institutions and Agencies
GFMA Governmental Frequency Management Agency
GIN Governmental in Nature
GLD Governmental Liaison and Disclosure
GUA Governmental Utility Authority
GAPP Government-Assisted PC Program
GFAE Government-Furnished Aeronautical/Aerospace Equipment
GFB Government-Furnished Baseline
GFC Government-Furnished Concept
GFD Government-Furnished Data
GFD Government-Furnished Design
GFED Government-Furnished Equipment
GFE Government-Furnished Equipment
GFEL Government-Furnished Equipment List
GFI Government-Furnished Information
GFM Government-Furnished Material
GFP Government-Furnished Parts
GFS Government-Furnished Services
GFS Government-Furnished Software
GIDEP Government-Industry Data Exchange Program
GLC Government-Linked Company
GOTHIC Government-Owned
GO Government-Owned
GOE Government-Owned Entity
GOE Government-Owned Equipment
GOIS Government-Owned Information System
GOM Government-Owned Material
GOW Government-Owned Wetlands
GOCO Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated
GOGO Government-Owned, Government-Operated
GPP Government-Provided Property
GASCD Governments Accountable to Society and Citizens Democracy
GSE Government-Supplied Equipment
GUI Government-University-Industry
GWA Government-Wide Accounting
GWMCS Government-Wide Mission-Critical Systems
GPE Governmentwide Point of Entry
GPSG Graduate and Professional Student Government
GSGA Graduate Student Government Association
GCG Grand Coalition Government
GGC Green Government Check
GOGO Greening of Government Operations
GGFR Ground Government Flight Representative
HMG Her/His Majesty’s Government
HLG Higher Level Government
HLOGA Honest Leadership and Open Government Act
HGRC House Government Reform Committee
HCOAG Humboldt County Association of Governments
IGNN Illinois Government News Network
IEG Implementing Electronic Government
IEGS Implementing Electronic Government Statements
INGO Implementing Non-Government Organization
IGS Inacom Government Systems, Inc.
IGCE Independent Government Cost Estimate
IGE Independent Government Estimate
ILGS Index-Linked Government Security
ITG Indian Tribal Government
IGC Indiana Government Center
INDIGO Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations
INGO Indigenous Non-Governmental Organisation
IGWG Industry Government Working Group
IGOSS Industry/Government Open Systems Specification
IAG Industry-Academia-Government
IGAC Industry-Government Advisory Council
IGR Industry-Government Relations
IUGT Industry-University-Government Transactions Sector Committee
IG Inherently Governmental
IGF Inherently Governmental Functions
IAG Innovations in American Government
IDGA Institute for Defense and Government Advancement
IFG Institute for eGovernment
IFIR Institute for Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
IIR Institute for Intergovernmental Research
ILG Institute for Local Government
ILGARD Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development
ILGPS Institute for Local Government and Public Service
IOG Institute of Government
IGLR Institute of Government and Law Reform
IGS Institute of Governmental Studies
IIGR Institute of Intergovernmental Relations
ILGA Institute of Local Government Association
ILGS Institute of Local Government Studies
IGG Inter Government Group
IGG Inter Governmental Group
ICGI Interagency Committee on Government Information
IPG Interdepartmental Privacy and Government Online Working Group
IGA Interested Government Agency
IGA Intergovernmental Agreement
IGAE Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment
IBI Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics
IGC Intergovernmental Committee
ICESD Intergovernmental Committee for Ecologically Sustainable Development
ICEM Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration
ICM Intergovernmental Committee for Migration
ICE Intergovernmental Committee of Experts
ICSM Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping
IGC Intergovernmental Conference
ICOR Intergovernmental Conference on Oceanic Research
IEP Intergovernmental Enterprise Panel
IFF Intergovernmental Forum on Forests
IGE Intergovernmental Group of Experts
IGGI Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia
IHAC Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council
IMCO Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization
IMO Intergovernmental Maritime Organization
IGM Intergovernmental Meeting
INC Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee
IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IOSS Intergovernmental Open Systems Solutions
IGO Inter-Governmental Organization
IPCL Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPPC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPF Intergovernmental Panel on Forests
IPA Intergovernmental Personnel Act
IPA Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement
IPBC Intergovernmental Personnel Benefit Cooperative
IGPAC Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee
IPER Intergovernmental Preparedness for Essential Records
IGR Intergovernmental Review
IGRS Intergovernmental Review System
ISWDA Intergovernmental Solid Waste Disposal Association
IGSP Intergovernmental Solutions Program
IGTF Inter-Governmental Task Force
ITFM Intergovernmental Task Force on Monitoring
ITWG Intergovernmental Technical Working Group
ILGA Inter-Local Government Agency
ICA International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
IGBA International Government Benchmarking Association
IGR International Government Relations
IGA International Governmental Agreement
IICGADS International Intergovernmental Consultative Group on Anti-Doping in Sport
IIO International Intergovernmental Organization
IJEGR International Journal of Electronic Government Research
ILGGRI International Liaison Group of Government Railway
IMG International Military and Government LLC
INGOA International Network of Government Ownership Agencies
INGO International Non-Governmental Organization
ICON Intra Government Communications Network
IPAC Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection System
IGTP Intra-Governmental Transaction Portal
I-GOOS IOC-WMO-UNEP Intergovernmental Committee for Global Ocean Observing System
IIG Iraqi Interim Government
ITG Iraqi Transitional Government
IGII Islamic Government Investment Issue
IPGHD Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive
JGB Japanese Government Bond
JOG Jewish Occupational Government
JIG Jobs in Government
KSG John F. Kennedy School of Government
JCCOG Johnson County Council of Governments
JCGRG Joint Community Government Reference Group
JGE Joint Government Enterprise
JEG Journal of E-Government
KGO Kabul Government Office
KGEC Kalyani Government Engineering College
KACIR Kansas Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations
KGEC Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission
KCG Kaohsiung City Government
KGID Karnataka Government Insurance Department
KLGRP Kenya Local Government Reform Programme
KCOG Kern Council of Governments
KGS Kforce Government Solutions, Inc
KYG Know Your Government
KRG Kurdistan Regional Government
KTGSS Kwun Tong Government Secondary School
KTTS Kwun Tong Government Secondary Technical School
KTKLGSS Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School
LOGISTICS Laboratory of the Government Chemist
LGC Laboratory of the Government Chemist
LCG Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government
LSG Lagos State Government
LSGA Law Students for Government Accountability
LBIG Lehman Brothers Intermediate Government Index
LFUCG Lexington Fayette Urban County Government
LI Liberal Intergovernmental
LEGION Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network
LOGO Limitation Of Government Obligation
LSCG Liturgical Choir Shadow Government
LARGE Local and Regional Governments
LRG Local and Regional Governments
LG Local Government
LGARB Local Government Analysis and Research Bulletin
LGPIH Local Government and Public Involvement in Health
LGRD Local Government and Rural Development
LGRDD Local Government and Rural Development Department
LGSA Local Government and Shires Association
LGA Local Government Area
LGAM Local Government Asset Management
LGA Local Government Association
LGANT Local Government Association of the Northern Territory
LGA Local Government Authority
LGB Local Government Brief
LGBFP Local Government Budget Framework Papers
LGCDG Local Government Capital Development Grant
LGCP Local Government Certificate Program
LOGISTICS Local Government Chronicle
LGC Local Government Chronicle
LOGISTICS Local Government Code
LGC Local Government Code
LOGISTICS Local Government Commission
LGC Local Government Commission
LOGISTICS Local Government Coordination
LGC Local Government Coordination
LGDU Local Government Data Unit
LGD Local Government Department
LGDP Local Government Development Program
LGD Local Government District
LGE Local Government Election
LGE Local Government Employers
LGELP Local Government Energy Loan Program
LGEP Local Government Energy Partnership
LGFCU Local Government Federal Credit Union
LGF Local Government Finance
LGFA Local Government Finance Act
LGFC Local Government Finance Commission
LGFR Local Government Finance Report
LGFS Local Government Finance Statistics
LGFS Local Government Finance System
LGF Local Government Funds
LGHIP Local Government Health Insurance Plan
LGHIP Local Government Housing Initiatives Program
LGI Local Government Indicators
LGIC Local Government Information Centre
LGIU Local Government Information Unit
LGI Local Government Initiative
LGI Local Government Institute
LGMB Local Government Management Board
LGMF Local Government Management Fellowship
LGNZ Local Government New Zealand
LGOTP Local Government Officials Training Program
LGO Local Government Ombudsman
LGPA Local Government Paralegal Association
LGP Local Government Partnership
LGPS Local Government Pension Scheme
LGP Local Government Plan
LGPA Local Government Project Agreement
LGRP Local Government Reform Programme
LGRP Local Government Reform Project
LGRT Local Government Reform Team
LGRS Local Government Reporting System
LGR Local Government Representative
LGRH Local Government Resource Handbook
LGRAF Local Government Revenue Assistance Fund
LGR Local Government Review
LGSETA Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority
LGSA Local Government Supervisors Association
LGTP Local Government Training Program
LGTP Local Government Transformation Programme
LGTA Local Government Transition Act
LGU Local Government Unit
LGV Local Government Victoria
LGW Local Government Week
LGWP Local Government White Paper
LGR Local Governments Reimbursement
LLG Local-Level Government
LSCG Lower Savannah Council of Governments
LMCOG Lubbock Metropolitan Council of Governments
LCGSS Lung Cheung Government Secondary School
LOGA Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs
MGFA Maine Government Facilities Authority
MSG Maine State Government
MGWB Making Government Work Better
MGS Malaysian Government Securities
MANGO Management Accounting for Non Governmental Organisations
MGEU Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union
MGEU Manitoba Government Employees’ Union
MAG Maricopa Association of Governments
MUSG Marquette University Student Government
MBRG Maryland Business for Responsive Government
MGA Master Government Appraiser
MGI Mayfield Government Inspection
MSG McMurry Student Government
MSG Medical Student Government
MQGE Medicare Qualified Government Employment
MCAG Merced County Association of Governments
MSG Mercyhurst Student Government
MLGG Metropolitan Local Government Group
MWCOG Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
MYIG Michigan Youth in Government
MRCOG Mid-Region Council of Governments
MAGD Military Aid to Government Departments
MG Military Government
MGOS Military Government Officer
MGO Military Government Officer
MOELGRD Ministry of Environment, Local Government, and Rural Development
MGS Ministry of Government Services
MLG Ministry of Local Government
MLGD Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation
MOLGH Ministry of Local Government and Housing
MRALG Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government
MIRMA Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association
MSG Missouri State Government
MGF Modernising Government Fund
MBAG Monterey Bay Area Governments
MCG Montgomery County Government
MCGC Montgomery County Government Center
MQG Movement for Quality in Government
MCGEO Municipal and County Government Employees Organization
NALGOA National and Local Government Officers Association
NAGTAD National Association for Government Training and Development
NAGDCA National Association of Government Deferred Compensation Administrators
NAGDCA National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators, Inc.
NAGE National Association of Government Employees
NAGI National Association of Government Inspectors
NAILG National Awards for Innovation in Local Government
NCGUB National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
NCGR National Commission for Government Reforms
NCGA National Council on Governmental Accounting
NCGW National County Government Week
NGA National Government Agency
NIGI National Institute for Government Innovation
NIGP National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.
NLTSGO National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers
NLGA National Local Government Association
NOLG National Office of Local Government
NPRG National Partnership for Reinventing Government
NPR National Partnership for Reinventing Government
NSG National School of Government
NSGA National Student Government Association
NULGE National Union of Local Government Employees
NUG National Unity Government
NHGRA Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act
NCAGE NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity
NRGO Natural Resources and Government Operations
NSGA Naturopathic Student Government Association
NGGP Negotiating Group on Government Procurement
NGEO Nepal Government Employees’ Organisation
NCCG New Castle County Government
NGAS New Government Accounting System
NGEF New Government Electric Factory Limited
NUG New University Government
NYALGRO New York Association of Local Government Records Officers
NZGO New Zealand Government Online
NZGR New Zealand Government Railways
NZGS New Zealand Government Stock
NGM Nice Government Men
NULGE Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees
NGQ Nongovernment Quarters
NGSC Non-Government Schools Council
NGS Non-Government Standards
NGSB Non-Government Standards Body
NGA Non-Governmental Agency
NGHA Non-Governmental Humanitarian Agency
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NGS Nortel Government Solutions
NCRGEA North Carolina Retired Governmental Employees Association
NCTCOG North Central Texas Council of Governments
NSGA Northeastern Student Government Association
NIGAG Northern Ireland Government Affairs Group
NILGA Northern Ireland Local Government Association
NWCCOG Northwest Colorado Council of Governments
NLCOG Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments
NWNMCOG Northwest New Mexico Council of Government
NWCCOG Northwestern Connecticut Council of Governments
NSGA Northwestern Student Government Association
NOFORN Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals/Governments/Non-US Citizens
NSGEU Nova Scotia Government Employees Union
NSGA Nursing Student Government Association
OGO Office for Government Online
OGPC Office for Government Policy Coordination
OCIR Office of Community and Intergovernmental Relations
OCIA Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
OOG Office of Government
OGCR Office of Government and Community Relations
OGCR Office of Government and Congressional Relations
OGC Office of Government Commerce
OGCBS Office of Government Commerce Buying Solutions
OGE Office of Government Ethics
OGIA Office of Government Information and Advertising
OGIS Office of Government Information Services
OGIT Office of Government Information Technology
OGR Office of Government Relations
OGR Office of Government Reports
OGS Office of Government Services
OGP Office of Governmentwide Policy
OIGA Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
OIEA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs
OIIA Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs
OLGA Office of Legislative and Government Affairs
OLG Office of Local Government
OMGUS Office of Military Government for Germany-US
OMGUS Office of Military Government, United States
OSLGC Office of State and Local Government Coordination
OGCT Official Government Conspiracy Theory
OMEGA Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association
OSGA Ohio Student Government Association
OGTN Oklahoma Government Telecommunications Network
OSGA Oklahoma Student Government Association
OGB Old Government Building
OGS On Government Service
OIGS On India Government Service
OWG One World Government
OGD Open Government Document
OGL Open Government Licence
OGSR Open Government Sunset Review Act of 1995
OGPA Open Governmental Proceedings Act
OUVGL Optimum Utilisation of Vacant Government Land
OGEC Oregon Government Ethics Commission
OGP Original Government Packaging
OGA Other Government Agency
OGC Other Government Costs
OGD Other Government Departments
OGO Other Government Organization
OSGA Owen Student Government Association
PGBA Palmetto Government Benefits Administrators
PGSLA Pan Government Service Level Agreement
PEGS Pan-European E-Government Services
PIG Participation in Government
PERM Pb -Free Electronics Risk Management (governmental consortium)
PAG Peace, Aid and Government
PRG People’s Revolutionary Government
PCGG Philippine Commission on Good Government
PGEA Philippine Government Employees Association
MGI Policy on the Management of Government Information
PGTV Polk Government Television
PCGG Presidential Commission on Good Government
PCGC Presidents Committee on Government Contracts
POG Price of Government
POG Priorities of Government
PNG Private, Non-Governmental
POGO Privately Owned/Government Operated
PEG Professional Engineers in Government
POGO Project On Government Oversight
PGO Project on Government Oversight
PGS Project on Government Secrecy
PLGC Provincial Local Government Commission
PGNU Provisional Government of National Union
PSIG Provisional Institutions of Self-Government
PRG Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam
PLWG Public Law and Government
PRGS Public Relations Governmental Solutions
PWGSC Public Works and Government Services Canada
PEG Public, Educational, and Government Access Television
QLG Qualified Local Government
QUANGO Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization
QGA Queensland Government Acknowledgment
RSG Regional Seat of Government
REGO Reinventing Government
ROYG Republic of Yemen Government
RGQA Request for Government Quality Assurance
RGO Residual Government Organization
RGUS Responsible Governmental Unit
RGU Responsible Governmental Unit
RICS ROS /Item Client System (Public Works and Government Services Canada)
RGC Royal Government of Cambodia
RKG Royal Khmer Government
RLG Royal Laotian Government
RTG Royal Thai Government
RSGB Russian Soviet Government Bureau
SGVCOG San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments
SJCOG San Joaquin Council of Governments
SGGFMC Saskatchewan Government Growth Fund Management Corporation
SGI Saskatchewan Government Insurance
SAG Saudi Arabia Government
SGBA School of Government and Business Administration
SAGE Science Advice for Government Effectiveness
SOG Seat Of Government
SIGD Sechelt Indian Government District
SIGD Security in Government Departments
SIGS Security in the Government Sector
SGPE Self Government Process Evaluation
SWEG Semantic Web Meets eGovernment
SGLR Senior Government Liaison Representative
SGO Senior Government Official
SMG Shanghai Municipal Government
SGS Singapore Government Securities
SCOG Skagit Council of Governments
SGA Small Government Act of 2001
SGE Society of Government Economists
SGTP Society of Government Travel Professionals
SLGM Society of Local Government Managers
SOPO Society of Procurement Officers in Local Government
STAG Society of Travel Agents in Government
SIAG SOCITM Information Age Government Group (UK)
SSGA Soka Student Government Association
SNG Somalia National Government
SCAGPO South Carolina Association of Governmental Purchasing Officials
SCGW South Carolina Government Webmasters Association
SCRG South Carolinians for Responsible Government
SCOCOG South Central Ozark Council of Governments
SEFEG South East Forum for E-Government
SECOG South Eastern Council of Governments
SPAG South Plains Association of Governments
SWEGG South West E-Government Group
SCCOG Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments
SCAG Southern California Association of Government
SSGA Spelman Student Government Association
SLGR Sri Lanka Government Railway
SBPG St. Bernard Parish Government
SIGTAS Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System
SGTR Standardized Government Travel Regulations
SFGAP State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice
SLG State and Local Government
SLED State and Local Government and Education
SLGN State and Local Government on the Net
STGWP State and Tribal Government Working Group
SGA State Government Affairs
SGBA State Government Bar Association
SGIC State Government Insurance Commission
SGIC State Government Insurance Corporation
SUPER State Unemployment Program E-government Resource
SLTG State, Local and Tribal Governments
SIGNAL Strategic Inter-Governmental Nutrition Alliance
SGSI Stratos Government Services, Inc.
SOG Structure and Organization of Government
SBG Student Body Government
SHOTGUN Student Government
SG Student Government
SGA Student Government Association
SGB Student Government Board
SGNC Student Government Newark Campus
SGO Student Government Organization
SGPB Student Government Program Board
SUGGEST Student Union Government
SUG Student Union Government
SLG Students in Local Government
SNG Sub-National Government
SIGA Sunshine in Government Act of 1976
SGI Sunshine in Government Initiative
SSG Supreme Student Government
SGC Surplus Government Cheese
SARG Syrian Arab Republic Government
TNHCA Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospitals and Clinics Association
TGB Taiwanese Government Bonds
TNGEU Tamil Nadu Government Employees Union
TNGOU Tamil Nadu Government Officials Union
TANGO Tanzania Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
TEGA Technical, Energy, and Government Activities Committee
TCOG Tennessee Coalition for Open Government
TAIG Texans against Intrusive Government
TCOG Texoma Council of Governments
TANGO The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
TSG Thunderbird Student Government
TGIE Tibetan Government-in-Exile
TSG Tourism and Government
TFG Transitional Federal Government
TNG Transitional National Government
TIGERS Trials of Innovative Government Electronic Regional Services
TGR Trinidad Government Railway
TCAG Tulare County Association of Governments
USG Undergraduate Student Government
USGA Undergraduate Student Government Association
UGA Undisclosed Government Agency
UEG United Earth Government
USG United States Government
USGC United States Government Classified
USGEID United States Government Equipment Identification
USGG United States Government Grants
USGM United States Government Manual
USGPO United States Government Printing Office
USMG United States Military Government
URG University Residence Government
USGA University Student Government Association
USGA Ursinus Student Government Association
USGC US Government Consulting, Inc
UAGE Utah Alliance of Government Employees
UGHS Uttarpara Government High School
VGG Victoria Government Gazette
VGPB Victorian Government Purchasing Board
VNGO Vietnamese Non-Governmental Organization
VRIC Vietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Committee
VIGOR Volunteers in Government of Responsibility
WGSI Wang Government Services, Inc.
WERG Washington Evangelicals for Responsible Government
WGRG Washington Government Relations Group
WGEP Washington Governmental Entity Pool
WINGS Web Interactive Network of Government Services
WAG Welsh Assembly Government
WLGA Welsh Local Government Association
WMLGA West Midlands Local Government Association
WAGR Western Australian Government Railways
WALGA Western Australian Local Government Association
WRIPAC Western Region Intergovernmental Personnel Assessment Council
WGES Westinghouse Government Environmental Services
WCOG Whatcom Council of Governments
WOG Whole of Government
WGA Whole of Government Approach
WCGL Will County Governmental League
WCGA Wilson College Government Association
WAPC Wisconsin Association of Public, Education, and Government Access Channels, Inc.
WSGA Wisconsin Student Government Association
WWIG Wisconsin Women in Government
WGR Women in Government Relations, Inc.
WOG Working On Government
WGBI World Government Bond Index
WGWC World Government of World Citizens
WGIF Wyoming Government Investment Fund
YGL Young Government Leaders
YGD Youth Government Day
YIG Youth in Government
YNGO Youth Non-Governmental Organization
YTG Yukon Territorial Government
YCG Yunlin County Government
YPG Yunnan Provincial Government
ZANGOC Zanzibar Non-Governmental Organization Cluster
ZCG Zhangye City Government
ZOG Zionist Occupation Government