Guild Abbreviations

A guild is an interest group for people who work in the same profession . In a guild the members shared experiences and tips with each other.


Guild Abbreviations

The guilds arose around the Middle Ages. New members were trained through the guild and could take exams there. After the training, a student was appointed ‘apprentice’ and after doing the master’s thesis as ‘master’. These tests were recorded in the guild letters, the rules of the guild. The guild protected its members and often had a monopoly on the practice of the trade. However, this had one major drawback: because the methods were recorded in the guild letters and could only be practiced in this way, the methods were not renewed. People with innovative ideas could not bring them out, because they either had to join the guild and thus had to follow the old methods or because they were not allowed to practice the profession. Most guilds ceased to exist at the end of the eighteenth century.

Association of craftsmen or merchants who practiced the same profession or business, originated in the Middle Ages . Within the profession , the guild determined which quality requirements products had to meet, how many employees someone could employ, wages, working hours, etc. Not everyone was allowed to practice a trade just like that.

The guild decreed that you should start out as an apprentice, in the service of a master. After a number of years you became a journeyman and after passing a master’s thesis – an object with which you showed that you had mastered the trade – you became a master. Artists were united in the Saint Luke Guild, named after Saint Luke, the evangelist who is also said to have been a painter. During the French occupation of the Netherlands at the beginning of the 19th century, the guilds were abolished, but Sint-Lucas guilds are still there, in the function of painting societies.

List of Acronyms Related to Guild

APOG Aberdeen Police Officer’s Guild
ATG Accordionists and Teachers Guild
AGL Actors’ Guild of Lexington
ASGA Aggramar Small Guild Alliance
AAW Alberta Amateur Winemakers Guild
AARGAU Alter Guild
AG Alter Guild
AFRG American Frontier Reenactment Guild
AGIS American Guild for Infant Survival
AGAC American Guild of Actors and Composers
AGA American Guild of Appraisers
AGM American Guild of Music
AGMA American Guild of Musical Artists
AGO American Guild of Organists
AGVA American Guild of Variety Artists
AHG American Herbalists Guild
ANG American Needlepoint Guild, Inc.
ANG American Newspaper Guild
APAG American Photographic Artisans Guild
APAG American Photographic Artists Guild
ASG American Sewing Guild
AQG Amoskeag Quilters Guild
ACCG Ancient Coin Collectors Guild
AABG Ann Arbor Brewers Guild
ACPG AOL CD (Compact Disk) Preservation Guild (collecting group)
AWG Appalachian Women’s Guild
AZPCG Arizona Polymer Clay Guild
ADG Art Directors Guild
AARGAU Art Guild
AG Art Guild
ANPG Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild
AGCC Artist’s Guild of Columbia County
AWG Aruban Guilder
ACG Asheron’s Call Guilds
AQG Asheville Quilt Guild
ACGI Associate of the City and Guilds Institute
AGSM Associate of the Guildhall School of Music
AGSM Associate, Guildhall School of Music
AORG Association of Rhydin Guilds
AMG Athletic Model Guild
ACSG Austin Children’s Shelter Guild
ATG Austin Tavern Guild
AGBG Australian Glass Beadmaker Guild
AGRA Australian Guild of Realist Artists
AGSC Australian Guild of Screen Composers
ASSG Australian Screen Sound Guild
AARGAU Authors Guild
AG Authors Guild
BAG Baguio Artists Guild
BCG Baroque Choral Guild
BAACG Bay Area Art Conservation Guild
BCQG Beach Cities Quilters Guild
BCQG Bear Creek Quilt Guild
BG Before Guild
BG Before Guild
BEIGE Before Guild
BEIGE Before Guild
BUGS Birmingham University Guild of Students
BNG Boston Newspaper Guild
BGBG Boulder Green Building Guild
BHG Bounty Hunter’s Guild
BORG Brandeis Official Readers’ Guild
BDEIG Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc.
BBQG Brazos Bluebonnet Quilt Guild
BGBW British Guild of Beer Writers
BAG Broward Art Guild
CQG Cabarrus Quilters’ Guild
CUGCR Cambridge University Guild of Change Ringers
CBG Campaign Builders’ Guild
CKG Canadian Knifemakers Guild
CMKG Canadian Machine Knitting Guild
CMG Canadian Media Guild
CSFG Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild
CTG Canyon Theater Guild
CCQG Capitol City Quilt Guild
CCAG Carbon County Arts Guild
CDG Casting Directors’ Guild
CIPCG Central Illinois Polymer Clay Guild
CAG Ceramic Artist Guild
CG Chaos Guild
CMG Chesapeake Midwifery Guild
CEGV Church of England Guild of Vergers
CGCA City and Guilds College Association
CGLI City and Guilds of London Institute
CABG Clone Army Builders Guild
CAGO Colleague of the American Guild of Organists
CEGP College Editors Guild of the Philippines
CGPCG Columbia Gorge Polymer Clay Guild
CAG Comicbook Artists’ Guild
CDQ Costume Designers’ Guild
CGGE Creative Glass Guild of Etsy
DCPG Dacorum and Chiltern Potters Guild
DCGG Davao Console Gamers Guild
DCG Dekalb Choral Guild
DGMG Denver Gem and Mineral Guild
DLOG Denver Lyric Opera Guild
DMKG Des Moines Knitting Guild
DGH Design Guild Homes
DSGS Digital Carvers Guild
DESIGNATE Digital Carvers Guild
DSG Digital Carvers Guild
DGA Directors Guild of America
DGC Directors Guild of Canada
DG Dramatists Guild of America, Inc
DGA Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.
DCAG Dunblane Cathedral Arts Guild
DGOH Dutch Guild of Honor
GUATEMALA Dutch Guilder
G Dutch Guilder
EMMG Electric Metal Makers Guild
EGA Embroiderers’ Guild of America
ERGER Engineering Radio Guild
ERG Engineering Radio Guild
ERGAA Engineering Radio Guild Alumni Association
EAG Episcopal Actors Guild of America, Inc
EGATS Eurocontrol Guild of Air Traffic Services
ECG Extras Casting Guild
FOGA Fashion Originators Guild of America
FAGO Fellow of the American Guild of Organists
FCGI Fellow of the City and Guilds Institute
FGSM Fellow of the Guildhall School of Music
FAG Film Actor’s Guild
FEGA Firearms Engravers Guild of America
FBG Florida Brewer’s Guild
FG Franciscan Guild
FAWG Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild
FVWG Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild
FIGA Fretted Instrument Guild of America
GANG Game Audio Network Guild
GMG Gas Miners Guild
GOG Gathering of Guilds
GVHG Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild
GCAG Georgia Coastal Artists Guild
GAG Graphic Artists Guild
GLWG Greater Lansing Weavers Guild
GLASG Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild
GSSA Guild for the Study of Spatial Anomalies
GHANA Guild House
GH Guild House
GIG Guild Inn Group
GIFS Guild Insurance and Financial Services
GIRD Guild Item Re-Distribution
GL Guild Leader
GMS Guild Management System
GM Guild Master
GOAC Guild of Age Crafters
GAS Guild of All Souls
GAL Guild of American Luthiers
GAI Guild of Architectural Ironmongers
GBW Guild of Book Workers
GBTA Guild of Business Travel Agencies
GCI Guild of Calamitous Intent
GCFC Guild of Canadian Film Composers
GOD Guild of Dreams
GEMD Guild of Emerging Metalsmiths and Designers
GEOTA Guild of Essential Oil Therapy for Animals
GEM Guild of Experienced Motorists
GICM Guild of Infant and Child Massage
GMNA Guild of Miniature Needle Arts
GNI Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists
GPJ Guild of Philippine Jewellers
GIPP Guild of Press Publishers
GPEA Guild of Professional Estate Agents
GPF Guild of Professional Farriers
GPFA Guild of Professional Farriers Association
GRTG Guild of Registered Tourist Guides
GOS Guild of Service
GOS Guild of Students
GODS Guild on the Dark Side
GRP Guild Realm Points
GVG Guild Versus Guild
GW Guild Wars
GWF Guild Wars Faction
GWG Guild Wars Guru
GWW Guild Wars Wiki
GWEN Guild Wars: Eye of the North
GDD Guilde des Doctorants
GSPC Guilden Sutton Parish Council
GCHS Guilderland Central High School
GHS Guilderland High School
GPAC Guilderland Performing Arts Center
GTB Guilderland Town Band
GU Guildford
GU-2 Guildford
GAP Guildford Archiving Project
GBLP Guildford Borough Local Plan
GDMC Guildford Diocesan Ministry Course
GIDC Guildford Ice Dance Club
GMES Guildford Model Engineering Society
GSMD Guildhall School of Music and Drama
GOH Guilds of Hyppos
HRG Ham Radio Guild
HGA Handweavers Guild of America
HTG Harlequin Theatre Guild
HCHG Historic & Classic-car Hirers Guild
HCAG Howard County Art Guild
HWG HTML Writers Guild
HG Hudson Guild
HGT Hudson Guild Theatre
HCMG Huntsville Chamber Music Guild
ICBG Illinois Craft Brewers Guild
ISTG Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
IFG Independent Film Guild
IPG Independent Players Guild
IPG Indian Pilots Guild
IGB Institute & Guild of Brewing
IPAG Integrated Performing Arts Guild
ICG International Cinematographers Guild
IGKT International Guild of Knot Tyers
IGLR International Guild of Lamp Researchers, Ltd.
IPG International Programmers Guild
IREIG International Real Estate Investors Guild
ITG International Trumpet Guild
IWG International Wenches Guild
IPG Internet Press Guild
ILG Irish Linen Guild
ITOG Isuzu Trooper Owners Guild
JLG Junior Library Guild
JSG Junior Symphony Guild, Inc.
JGA Justice Guild of America
KQG Kempenfelt Quilters’ Guild
KQG Kiamichi Quilt Guild
KNG Kingston Newspaper Guild
KTG Kirkwood Theatre Guild
KBG Komplexbuildinguild
LLQG Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild
LGSM Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music
LBQG Little Balkans Quilt Guild
LFAG Littleton Fine Arts Guild
LGOS Liverpool Guild of Students
LMG Loaf’s Merry Guild
LMGA Location Managers Guild of America
LGSM London Guildhall School of Music
LGU London Guildhall University
LARGE Long Riders’ Guild
LRG Long Riders’ Guild
LANG Los Angeles Newspaper Guild
LGG Lost Genre Guild
MSG Makerere Students Guild
MOG Mall Owners Guild
MCG Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild
MSG Manchester Sports Guild
MWG Mariners Welfare Guild
MRQG Marys River Quilt Guild
MCAG Maury County Arts Guild
MCGI Member of the City & Guilds of London Institute
MGPP Member of the Guild of Professional Practitioners
MAGIC Men’s Apparel Guild In California
MMCG Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild
MSG Merchant Service Guild
MPAG Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild
MSG Michigan Silversmiths Guild
MHPCG Mile High Polymer Clay Guild
MAGI Modern Arcane Guild of Investigation
MGNE Monotype Guild of New England
MPEG Motion Picture Editors Guild
MPG Motor Press Guild
MCG Mount Carmel Guild
MGH My Guild Host
NCSG National Chimney Sweep Guild
NGH National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.
NGRS National Guild of Removers and Storers
NLG National Lawyers Guild
NRG National Research Guild
NHEG Natural History Exploration Guild
NRG Nautical Research Guild
NTAG Neopian Times Appreciation Guild
NAF Netherlands Antillean Guilder
NAG Netherlands Antilles Guilder
ANG Netherlands Antillian Guilder
NMFG New Mexico Faceters Guild
NZAG New Zealand Art Guild
NZWG New Zealand Writers Guild
NAGBW North American Guild of Beer Writers
NCFG North Carolina Falconer’s Guild
NSAG North Shore Artists’ Guild
NSGC North Staffordshire Guild of Craftsmen
NTPCG North Texas Polymer Clay Guild
NALGBG Northampton Area Lesbian and Gay Business Guild
NRWG Northern Rockies Woodworking Guild
OTG Old Timers Guild
OWSG Omaha Weavers and Spinners Guild
OGG Online Gamers Guild
OBG Oregon Brewers Guild
OWG Outdoor Writers’ Guild
ODG Oxford Diocesan Guild
OTG Oxford Theatre Guild
OPQG Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild
PWWG Pagan Women Warriors Guild
PTG Parent Teacher Guild
PQGS Pensacola Quilters Guild
PQG Pensacola Quilters Guild
PGA Pharmacy Guild of Australia
PSPG Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild
PMG Phillips Music Guild
PGNS Photo Guild of Nova Scotia
PGNS Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia
PTG Piano Technician’s Guild
PQGS Piecemakers Quilt Guild
PQG Piecemakers Quilt Guild
PPWG Pikes Peak Weavers Guild
PGI Platinum Guild International
PGC Playwrights Guild of Canada
PGA Producers Guild of America
PGG Professional Gardeners’ Guild
PNG Professional Numismatists Guild
PPGA Professional Photographers Guild of Austin
PPGPB Professional Photographers Guild of the Palm Beaches
PLG Progressive Librarians Guild
PCCG Protestant Cinema Critics Guild
PCG Protestant Cinema Guild
PPAG Pueblo Performing Arts Guild
PIAG Purple Isles Art Guild
PPG Pyro Pilot’s Guild
PGI Pyrotechnics Guild International
PGII Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc.
QCPAG Quail Creek Performing Arts Guild
QBG Queensland Bookbinders Guild
QGG Queensland Gamers Guild
QGD Quilters Guild of Dallas
QGB Quilters’ Guild of Brooklyn
QGI Quilters’ Guild of Indianapolis
RGA Reading Guild of Artists
RIGHT Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers
RIPCG Rhode Island Polymer Clay Guild
RAQG Richmond Area Quilters Guild
RCQG River City Quilters’ Guild
RQG Riverwalk Quilters Guild
RMWG Rocky Mountain Writers’ Guild
RHGNS Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia
RGR Russian Guild of Realtors
SGP Safer Guildford Partnership
SVDG Saginaw Valley Designers Guild
SAGAG San Antonio Glass Art Guild
SANG San Antonio Needlework Guild
SDFG San Diego Flute Guild
SDSG San Diego Songwriters Guild
SDVAG San Diego Visual Artists Guild
SJMAG San Jose Multicultural Artists Guild
SCVQG Santa Clarita Valley Quilt Guild
SAG Screen Actors Guild
SAGA Screen Actors Guild Awards
SCG Screen Cartoonists Guild
SDG Screen Directors Guild
SEG Screen Extras’ Guild
SWG Screen Writers Guild
SGP Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines
SPDG Seattle Police Dispatchers’ Guild
SHOTGUN Skinners Guild
SG Skinners Guild
SMTG Smokey Mountain Trumpet Guild
SGA Songwriters Guild of America
SAWG South Auckland Woodturners’ Guild
SCHG Southern California Handweavers’ Guild, Inc.
SONG Southern Ontario Newspaper Guild
SQG Southport Quilters Guild
SLCG St. Louis Costumers Guild
SAG Stage Actors Guild
SWWG Star Wars Writer’s Guild
SSGA Sterling Silversmiths Guild of America
SFG Student Filmmakers Guild
SHOTGUN Suriname Guilder
SG Suriname Guilder
SRG Suriname Guilder
SAGA Swordsmen and Sorcerers Guild of America
SGA Sysops Guild Association
SAGE System Administrator’s Guild
SAGE System Administrators’ Guild
TPWS Tall Pines Weavers and Spinners Guild
TQG Tasmanian Quilting Guild
TPSG Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild
TAG The Animation Guild
TCDG The Casting Directors Guild
TCGA The Crafting Guild Alliance
TEDG The English Drivers Guild
TNG The Newspaper Guild
TTIG The Translators and Interpreters Guild
TZG The Zet Guild
TQG Tiadaghton Quilt Guild
TFG Timber Framers Guild
TCQG Tompkins County Quilters Guild
TCDG Toronto Catholic Doctors Guild
TDGA Traffic Directors Guild of America
TJG Travel Journalists Guild
TVAG Tri-Valley Artist’s Guild
TBAG Tucson Book Arts Guild
UGH Ukulele Guild of Hawaii
UOG Ultima Online Guilds
UGS Union Guilde des Scénaristes
UGG United Gamers Guild
UGOW United Guilds of Windrunner
UMCG United Movie Collectors Guild
USTG United States Taekwondo Guild
UPWAG Unofficial Peter Wingfield Appreciation Guild
UTG Utopian Thieves Guild
VFAG Valley Fiber Arts Guild
VFHQ Valley Forge Homestead Quilters’ Guild
VWG Valley Writers Guild
VGG Vancouver Gaming Guild
VTG Vicksburg Theatre Guild
VFG Vintage Fashion Guild
WBBG Washington Bed and Breakfast Guild
WCG Washington Calligraphers Guild
WBNG Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild
WCQG Waterloo County Quilters Guild
WGGB Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore, Inc.
WHGS Web Host Guild
WHG Web Host Guild
WAG Welfare for Animals Guild
WAQG West Alabama Quilters Guild
WCKG West Coast Knitters’ Guild
WCOG West Coast Origami Guild
WCGME West Cumbria Guild of Model Engineers
WHQG West Houston Quilters Guild
WSTG West Side Theatre Guild
WVSG West Virginia Storytelling Guild
WCBG Western Canadian Blacksmiths Guild
WRKG Western Reserve Knitting Guild
WVAG Westlake Village Art Guild
WIWG Whidbey Island Woodworkers Guild
WCKG Windy City Knitting Guild
WSGA Wine and Spirits Guild of America
WFQG Wings Falls Quilters Guild
WPAG Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
WBGT Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania
WCBG Wooden Canoe Builders’ Guild
WAQG Woodlands Area Quilt Guild
WCBG Worshipful Company of Butchers Guild
WGA Writers Guild of America
WGAE Writers Guild of America, East
WGAW Writers Guild of America, West
WGC Writers Guild of Canada
WGGB Writers Guild of Great Britain
YCG York Colleges Guild
YQG York Quilters’ Guild
YDG Young Designers Guild
YEG Young Embroiderers’ Guild