Hawaii Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Hawaii state?

HI is the 2 letter abbreviation for Hawaii, the 40th largest state in the United States of America. Hawaii is a state located in West part of U.S.A. Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii. Major cities include Honolulu (Population: 371668), East Honolulu (Population: 49925), Pearl City (Population: 47709), Hilo (Population: 43274), Kailua (Population: 38646), Waipahu (Population: 38227), Kaneohe (Population: 34608), Mililani Town (Population: 27640), Kahului (Population: 26348), Ewa Gentry (Population: 22701), Kīhei (Population: 20892), and Makakilo (Population: 18259).

Hawaii State Flag

Hawaii State Profile

  • Capital: Honolulu
  • Admitted to USA: 1959
  • Area: 28,313 km2
  • Population: 1,415,872
  • Time zone: GMT-10
  • Calling code: 808
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  HI
  • State Government Website: http://portal.ehawaii.gov/


Hawaii has been the 50th state in the United States since August 21, 1959. But this island state is located far from the heartland of the United States in the Pacific. Incidentally, there is Pearl Harbor on the island, which was surprisingly attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 and which ultimately led to the USA’s entry into the war. We have described Hawaii with us under Oceania / South Pacific, where it is geographically located. You can find detailed and extensive information on Hawaii under: Oceania / South Pacific – Hawaii. The Internet portal Wikipedia has adopted part of its name from the old word “Wiki” from Hawaiian. Translated into German it means “fast”.

Hawaii State Abbreviations

List of Hawaii Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Hawaii are HI which stands for Hawaii. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Hawaii, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

HI: Hawaii

Acronym Meaning
ATAH Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii
ALISH Agricultural Lands of Importance to the State of Hawaii
ALPH Agricultural Leadership Program of Hawaii
APOH Airsoft Players of Hawaii
AHD Alaska-Hawaii Daylight
AHS Alaska-Hawaii Standard
ALAH American Lung Association of Hawaii
AUH American University of Hawaii
AHHA Anahola Hawaiian Homes Association
AHL Architects Hawaii Ltd
AHCC Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
BOH Bank of Hawaii
BSHI Benefit Services of Hawaii Inc.
BIH Bible Institute of Hawaii
BBH Blood Bank of Hawaii
BGCH Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii
CSSH Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii
CNH California Nevada Hawaii
CHX California-Hawaii Express
CHKA Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy
CICH Construction Industry Council of Hawaii
DITC-H Defense Information Technology Center, Hawaii
DHX Dependable Hawaiian Express
DPFH Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii
EME Electronic Music Expo Hawaii
FCCH Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii
FHB First Hawaiian Bank
HAITI Hawaii
HA Hawaii
HI Hawaii
HATCH Hawaii Access to Computerized Health
HAATA Hawaii Activities and Tours Association
HAR Hawaii Administrative Rules
HAC Hawaii Advisory Committee
HARC Hawaii Agriculture Research Center
HAC Hawaii Air Cargo
HASA Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association
HAA Hawaii Aquaculture Association
HASP Hawaii Armed Services Police
HABA Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis
HACNA Hawaii Association of Certified Nurses Aides
HACDL Hawaii Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
HAHU Hawaii Association of Health Underwriters
HAIS Hawaii Association of Independent Schools
HALS Hawaii Association of Land Surveyors
HANA Hawaii Association of Nurse Anesthetists
HASL Hawaii Association of School Librarians
HAB Hawaii Association of the Blind
HAIA Hawaii Athletes in Action
HATA Hawaii Athletic Trainers’ Association
HADA Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association
HACS Hawaii Aviation Contract Services
HBA Hawaii Baptist Academy
HBS Hawaii Biological Survey
HBMF Hawaii Book and Music Festival
HBHC Hawaii Business Health Council
HCCU Hawaii Central Credit Union
HCRC Hawaii Civil Rights Commission
HCALG Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling
HCASA Hawaii Coalition Against Sexual Assault
HCDA Hawaii Community Development Authority
HCFCU Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union
HCLF Hawaii Community Loan Fund
HCSC Hawaii Community Services Council
HCCME Hawaii Consortium for Continuing Medical Education
HCPS Hawaii Content and Performance Standards
HCRI-RP Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Research Program
HCTE Hawaii Council of Teachers of English
HCB Hawaii County Band
HCRA Hawaii Court Reporters Association
HCUL Hawaii Credit Union League
HDA Hawaii Dental Association
HDOE Hawaii Department of Education
HDH Hawaii Department of Health
HDOT Hawaii Department of Transportation
HERN Hawaii Education Research Network
HELP Hawaii Emergency Loan Program
HEETI Hawaii Energy and Environmental Technology Initiative
HEPF Hawaii Energy Policy Forum
HEPA Hawaii Environmental Policy Act
HFDC Hawaii Family Dental Centers
HFSC Hawaii Family Stress Center
HFSC Hawaii Family Support Center
HFSC Hawaii Figure Skating Club
HFFA Hawaii Fire Fighters Association
HFMA Hawaii Food Manufacturer’s Association
HFCI Hawaii Forestry and Communities Initiative
HFPA Hawaii Foster Parent Association
HFAF Hawaii Foundation for American Freedoms
HGA Hawaii Grommet Association
HHRF Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fund
HIPA Hawaii Independent Physicians Association
HITS Hawaii Information Transfer System
HIG Hawaii Institute of Geophysics
HITT Hawaii Institute of Information Technology
HIMB Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
HICSS Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
HIDF Hawaii International Dance Festival
HITA Hawaii Interpreters and Translators Association
HICL Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League
HISC Hawaii Invasive Species Council
HIAC Hawaii Island Adult Care
HICC Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce
HICA Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association
HIPA Hawaii Island Psychologists Association
HJA Hawaii Jewelers Association
HKPL Hawaii Kai Public Library
HKA Hawaii Karate Association
HLA Hawaii Lai’ieikawai Association
HLSA Hawaii Land Surveyors Association
HMA Hawaii Medical Association
HMCE Hawaii Medical Center East
HMCW Hawaii Medical Center West
HMJ Hawaii Medical Journal
HML Hawaii Medical Library
HMSA Hawaii Medical Service Association
HMSO Hawaii Military Surfing Organization
HMSI Hawaii Modular Space, Inc.
HNA Hawaii Nurses Association
HONC Hawaii Ocean Noise Coalition
HOT Hawaii Ocean Time-Series
HOGA Hawaii Orchid Growers Association
HPBC Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention
HPU Hawaii Pacific University
HPRC Hawaii Performing Roller Club
HPCA Hawaii Pest Control Association
HPD Hawaii Police Department
HPHCA Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Act
HPA Hawaii Preparatory Academy
HPCA Hawaii Primary Care Association
HPA Hawaii Psychological Association
HPA Hawaii Publishers Association
HRTWN Hawaii Regional Tsunami Warning Network
HRID Hawaii Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
HRD Hawaii Renewable Development
HRCFS Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
HRS Hawaii Revised Statutes
HRA Hawaii Rifle Association
HRTL Hawaii Right to Life
HRAP Hawaii Rules of Appellate Procedure
HRCP Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure
HSDP Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project
HSOD Hawaii Services on Deafness
HSA Hawaii Skatepark Association
HSRC Hawaii Society for Respiratory Care
HSPE Hawaii Society of Professional Engineers
HSRT Hawaii Society of Radiologic Technologists
HSFL Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory
HSBA Hawaii State Bar Association
HSBA Hawaii State Bodysurfing Association
HSCA Hawaii State Chiropractic Association
HSDS Hawaii State Dressage Society
HSNA Hawaii State Numismatic Association
HSSRA Hawaii State School Readiness Assessment
HSSC Hawaii State Student Council
HSTEC Hawaii State Test of Essential Competencies
HSNA Hawaii Student Nurses Association
HTTA Hawaii Table Tennis Association
HTTA Hawaii Technology Trade Association
HTSE Hawaii Time Share Exchange
HTA Hawaii Tourism Authority
HTS Hawaii Tracking System
HTA Hawaii Transportation Association
HTWS Hawaii Tsunami Warning System
HULA Hawaii Ultimate League Association
HURL Hawaii Undersea Research Lab
HVB Hawaii Visitors Bureau
HWWA Hawaii Water Works Association
HWRF Hawaii Whale Research Foundation
HIWG Hawaii Wing
HYSN Hawaii Youth Services Network
HYS Hawaii Youth Symphony
HADT Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time
HAST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
HAWC Hawaii-American Water Company Inc.
HACA Hawaiian Acres Community Association
HADS Hawaiian Air Defense System
HANG Hawaiian Air National Guard
HAITI Hawaiian Airlines
HA Hawaiian Airlines
HAL Hawaiian Airlines
HAWS Hawaiian Area Wideband System
HCRA Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association
HCE Hawaiian Creole English
HCCP Hawaiian Culture Center Project
HDT Hawaiian Daylight Time
HEAR Hawaiian Ecosystems At Risk Project
HECO Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
HXS Hawaiian Extreme Sports
HICCSC Hawaiian Inter-Club Council of Southern California
HITS Hawaiian Interisland Telecommunications System
HIC Hawaiian Island Creations
HLCC Hawaiian Lee Counter Current
HLF Hawaiian Longboard Federation
HMA Hawaiian Mission Academy
HMS Hawaiian Monk Seal
HOT Hawaiian Ocean Time
HOVE Hawaiian Ocean View Estates
HPP Hawaiian Paradise Park
HSF Hawaiian Sea Frontier
HOIST Hawaiian Standard Time
HST Hawaiian Standard Time
HS Hawaiian Star
HSPA Hawaiian Sugar Planters’ Association
HTC Hawaiian Telephone Company Incorporated
HTMC Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club
HVO Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
HWP Hawaiian Water Patrol
HWN Hawaiian Wholesale Network
HAH Healthcare Association of Hawaii
ITO Hilo, HI, USA – Hilo Hawaii
HHV Hilton Hawaiian Village
HHVH Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel
HONO Honolulu, Hawaii
PHNL Honolulu, Hawaii
IAHA Institute for the Advancement of Hawaiian Affairs
JAHER Just Another Hawaiian
JAH Just Another Hawaiian
KLH Ka Lahui Hawaii
LUP Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii
KMCBH Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii
KHH Kuronbo Hunters of Hawaii
LICH Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii
LTCH Leeward Training Club of Hawaii, Inc.
LHM Look Hawaii Magazine
LFAH Lupus Foundation of America, Hawaii Chapter
MHI Main Hawaiian Islands
MJL MISO Junior League (Hawaii)
MAH Muslim Association of Hawaii
NHPI Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander
NHCAP Native Hawaiian Culture and Arts Program
NHGE Native Hawaiian Governing Entity
NHGRA Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act
NHLP Native Hawaiian Leadership Project
NHPS Native Hawaiian Plant Society
NELH Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii
NELHA Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
NHCH North Hawaii Community Hospital
OHCNP Office of Hawaii Child Nutrition Programs
OHA Office of Hawaiian Affairs
OHANA Optical Hawaiian Array for Nanoradian Astronomy
PSH Payroll Services Hawaii
PATH Perinatal Addiction Treatment of Hawaii
PCGH Philippine Cultural Group of Hawaii
PRHI Prince Resorts Hawaii Inc.
PUGV-H Pseudaletia Unipuncta Granulosis Virus, Hawaiian Strain
RHB Royal Hawaiian Band
SLH Session Laws of Hawaii
SBH Small Business Hawaii
SHA Society for Hawaiian Archaeology
SHOPO State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers
STAN State of Hawaii Tele-Health Access Network
SLH Surf Line Hawaii
TH Territory of Hawaii
TORCH The Ocean Recreation Council of Hawaii
THH Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii
WWVH Time & Frequency Shortwave Radio in Hawaii
UGH Ukulele Guild of Hawaii
USOH United Samoan Organization of Hawaii
UOH University of Hawaii
UH University of Hawaii
UHH University of Hawaii at Hilo
UHM University of Hawaii at Manoa
UHK University of Hawaii Kapiolani
UHL University of Hawaii Library
UHSLC University of Hawaii Sea Level Centre
UHM University of Hawaii, Manoa
UH-CREES Univesity of Hawaii, Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Services
WHDT West Hawaii Dance Theatre
WHEA West Hawaii Explorations Academy
WHITE West Hawaii Today
WHT West Hawaii Today
YOH Young Okinawans of Hawaii
YSH Youth Speaks Hawaii

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