History Abbreviations

History is the social science that studies the past of humanity. On the other hand , the word is used to refer to the historical period that begins with the appearance of scripture and also to refer to the past itself.


History Abbreviations

The study of history involves three different concepts, but which tend to be confused with each other: historiography (the set of techniques and methods used to describe the historical facts that took place), historiology (the explanations, methods and theories about how , why and to what extent historical events take place) and history itself (that is, the events that actually happened). Simplifying this question, it can be said that history corresponds to the deeds of the past, historiography is the science of history and historiology its epistemology.

To confirm the veracity of a story, historians use various sources of information such as writings, recordings, interviews and archaeological finds.

History has several ways of presenting itself, ranging from simple recording to scientific analysis, namely:

– Scientific history: this type of history is more concerned with facts, truths, with method, critical analysis of causes and consequences, time and space;

– Narrative story: the type of story where the narrator just presents the events without concern for the veracity or outcome of the story, he only tells what he saw, heard or what he wants to convey;

– Pragmatic history: it is the way of expressing the events with a visible concern of didactics;

– Comic book: it is a way of narrating through images in sequence, with the speech texts of the characters through balloons, having the basic fundamentals of the narrative such as plot, characters, time, place and outcome.

In Brazil, some people also use the term “story” to define a popular narrative. This term was proposed by the member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, João Ribeiro in 1919 and was used in the field of folklore.

It should be noted that the Philosophy of History is a branch of philosophy that reflects on the meaning of human history. This course analyzes the possible existence of a design, a purpose or a finality in the historical process.

Two approaches can be mentioned in the area of ​​study of history: the classical one (which considers history to be the period that begins with the appearance of writing) and the multiculturalist one (which establishes that history is the period that can be reconstructed through a narrative reliable evidence of events that affect human society).

According to classical history, events that took place before the historical period belong to prehistory, while events situated in the transition period between prehistory and history belong to protohistory.

The term story can also be used in popular language to designate when a person is lying, for example: “We already knew that was not true, because everyone knows that Maria likes to tell stories”.

Finally, the term story is used in song lyrics to represent the coexistence between two people, for example: “The story between the two of us was very short”.

List of Acronyms Related to History

ALLHS Abbots Langley Local History Society
ATG Abbreviated Trouble History
ATH Abbreviated Trouble History
AEH Abstracts in Economic History
ATH Acceleration Time History
ASH Active Session History
APH Actual Production History
APUSH Advanced Placement United States History
AAFHA African American Family History Association
AAHC African American History and Culture
ARH Agricultural and Rural History
AHM Airline History Museum
AIHAS Albany Institute of History and Art
AIHA Albany Institute of History and Art
ALHI Alberta Labour History Institute
AFHS Alderson Family History Society
AMPLE Allergies, Medications, Past Medical History, Last Eaten, Events Leading
AH Alternate History
AIMH Amelia Island Museum of History
AAHC American Association for History and Computing
AASLH American Association for State and Local History
AAHN American Association for the History of Nursing
AEH American Economic History
AFIHC American Family Immigration History Center
AHAP American History Advanced Placement
AHTC American History Teachers’ Collaborative
AHX American History X
AHY American History Yearbook
AMHP American Maritime History Project, Inc.
AMNH American Museum of Natural History
ANCH American Nineteenth Century History
APHA American Printing History Association
ASHP American Social History Project
ASHR American Society for the History of Rhetoric
ASCH American Society of Church History
ASMH American Society of Military History
ATHM American Textile History Museum
AMHA Anchorage Museum of History and Art
AHA Ancient History and Archaeology
ASHC Andes Society for History and Culture
AHA Anesthesia History Association
AGFHS Anglo-German Family History Society
ASOSH Annual Statement of Service History
AHANE Archeological History of the Ancient Near East
AHES Archive for the History of the Exact Sciences
AHAP Archives of the History of American Psychology
AHSI Arkansas History Summer Institute
ARH Art History
AH Art History
ARHT Art History And Theory
AHVA Art History and Visual Art
ATH Artificial Time History
ANHSO Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire
AHC Association for History and Computing
AHL Association for the History of Language
AOHE Association of Oral History Educators
PAST Association to Preserve African American Society, History, and Tradition, Inc
AHC Atlanta History Center
AARL Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History
ARPP Aucilla River Prehistory Project
AHCA Austin History Center Association
ARLHO Australasian Register of Living History Organisations
AAHU Australian Army History Unit
AAMH Australian Association for Maritime History
ACIH Australian Centre for Indigenous History
AEHR Australian Economic History Review
AFHC Australian Family History Compendium
AVHS Australian Veterinary History Society
BOH Bad Obstetrics History
BNHM Berkeley Natural History Museums
BHA Bibliography of the History of Art
BFHD Black Family History Day
BH Black History
BHB Black History Bulletin
BHM Black History Month
BHMA Black History Month Association
BHB Block History Buffer
BNHS Bombay Natural History Society
BHO Book History Online
BHR Branch History Register
BHT Branch History Table
BSCH Brill’s Series in Church History
BHG Brisbane History Group
BAHS British Agricultural History Society
BCHRP British Cinema History Research Project
BCHN British Columbia History of Nursing
BHO British History Online
BJHP British Journal for the History of Philosophy
BNHM British Natural History Museum
BSHS British Society for the History of Science
BSSH British Society of Sports History
BVMNH Buena Vista Museum of Natural History
BHC Business History Conference
BHU Business History Unit
BHAC Butetown History & Arts Centre
CHIPS Call History Information Processing System
CAH Cambridge Ancient History
CHOC Cambridge History of China
CHJ Cambridge History of Judaism
CHLA Cambridge History of Latin America
CHSEA Cambridge History of Southeast Asia
CHCW Cambridge History of the Cold War
CNHS Canada’s National History Society
CEHB Canadian Economic History Bibliography
CEHS Canadian Economic History Society
CJH Canadian Journal of History
CMH Canadian Military History
CNTHA Canadian Naval Technical History Association
CSCH Canadian Society of Church History
CDH C-E Delete History
CAAHC Center for African American History and Culture
CCH Center for Cryptologic History
CJH Center for Jewish History
CNHEHR Center for Nursing History, Ethics and Human Rights
COH Center for Oral History
COHCH Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage
CSTCH Center for Social Theory and Comparative History
CHFM Center for the History of Family Medicine
CHECKMATE Center for the History of Medicine
CHM Center for the History of Medicine
CTAH Center for the Teaching of American History
CMH Center of Military History
CLE Centre for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science
CMG Centre for Migration History
CHMD Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease
CHORD Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution
CSHHH Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare
MAAF Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
CHART Chief Complaint History Assessment Received Treatment Transfer of Care
CMH Chief of Military History
CHF China History Forum
CTHGC Chisholm Trail History and Genealogy Center
CDNHS Chorley and District Natural History Society
CHI Christian History Institute
CHAMPION Church History
CH Church History
CHRC Church History and Religious Culture
CHL Church History Library
CWLHI Civil War Living History Institute
CHI Claim History Inquiry
CLMR Claim History Review
CRHG Clare Regional History Group
CAAH Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
CCH Client Claim History
CWSHRC Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition
CWIHP Cold War International History Project
CHECKMATE Colorado History Museum
CHM Colorado History Museum
CHIR Commission of History of International Relations
CLGH Committee on Lesbian and Gay History
CHLEL Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages
CSSH Comparative Studies in Society and History
CHJTR Complete History of Jack the Ripper
CASH Comprehensive Assessment of Symptoms and History
CHRIS Computed History Recording Input System
CHAC Computer History Association of California
CHECKMATE Computer History Museum
CHM Computer History Museum
CLUTCH Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History
CCH Computerized Criminal History Files of the FBI
CLAH Conference on Latin American History
CHHF Confidential Health History Form
CHF Consolidated History File
CTH Consolidated Transaction History
CHOCS Consumerism and the History of Consumption
CAH Contact Action History
CMHS Continuous Medicare History Sample File
CHF Contract/Contractor History File
CHF Contractcontractor History File
CLAH Council of Latin American History
CHIC Courseware for History Implementation Consortium
CRUSH Crime Reduction Using Statistical History
CHAT Criminal History Access Tool
CHC Criminal History Check
CHI Criminal History Information
CHIR Criminal History Information Record
CHRI Criminal History Record Information
CHRS Criminal History Record Search
CHRC Criminal History Records Check
CHPS Critical History of Poetry Series
CHEW Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin
CHANE Culture and History of the Ancient Near East
CHAMPS Culture of History Arts Music Preservation Society
DHI Deaf History International
DHF Demand History File
DAH Department of Archives and History
WHP Department of Party History
DHF Design History File
DHR Design History Record
DHR Device History Record
DFHS Devon Family History Society
DAH Dictionary of American History
DHQ Diet History Questionnaire
DHDS Digital History Data System
DHMSA Diploma in the History of Medicine of the Society of Apothecaries
DTH Displacement Time History
DATH Display Abbreviated Trouble History
DHST Division of History of Science and Technology
DH Document History
DHF Document History File
DLAHF Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation
DHP Driver History Profile
DH Drug History
DUIA Dutch University Institute for Art History
EAHA Early American History Auctions, Inc.
ELH Early Life History
ELHS Early Life History Section
ESSH Early Sources of Scottish History
EHRC Earth History Research Center
EANHS East African Natural History Society
ETHC East Tennessee History Center
ECHO Ecology, Culture, History, Opportunity
EH Economic History
EHA Economic History Association
EHS Economic History Society
ENHC Edmonton Natural History Club
EDHR Electronic Device History Record
ELHS Emergency Life History Stage
ESHN Employee Salary History Notes
EHDB Employment History Database
EHF Employment History File
ECHO Enforcement & Compliance History Online
ETH Engine Torque History
ELH English Literary History
ELH Entity Life History
EHR Equipment History Record
EPHP Estes Park History Project
EABH European Association for Banking History e.V.
EAHMH European Association for the History of Medicine and Health
ED European Doctorate in the Social History of Europe and the Mediterranean
EHQ European History Quarterly
EIFH European Institute of Food History
ESHHS European Society for the History of the Human Sciences
EHA Event History Analysis
EHR Events History Recorder
EIH Everything Is History
EEH Explorations in Economic History
FHAO Facing History and Ourselves
FCH Family and Church History
FHH Family Health History
FH Family History
FARMHOUSE Family History
FHS Family History Center
FHD Family History Department
FHL Family History Library
FHCC Family History of Colon Cancer
FHCRC Family History of Colorectal Cancer
FHMA Family History of Metabolic Alterations
FHV Family History of Violence
FHQ Family History Questionnaire
FHSA Family History Society of Arizona
FHSB Family History Society of Buchan
FHSF Family History Symptom Free
FHVD Family History Vascular Disease
FMH Family Medical History
FEEFHS Federation of East European Family History Societies
FFHS Federation of Family History Societies
FHD File History Database
FCH Fire Claims History
FIRESCHEME Fire Information Systems Research in the Ecology, Socio-Culture, and History of the Mediterranean Environment
FOH Flow of History
FAOH Foreign Affairs Oral History Project
FHS Forest History Society
FMCH Fowler Museum of Cultural History
FIH Fudgified Interactive History
FSH Full Service History
GTHC Galveston and Texas History Center
GOTCHA Gaming Obsession Throughout Computer History Award
GHSS Garden History Society in Scotland
GLHS Genealogy and Local History Services
GWH Georgia Wrestling History
GPIH Global Price and Income History
GPH Good Payment History
GNHM Goulandris Natural History Museum
GHSA Graduate History Student’s Association
GSHA Graduate Students History Association
GNHLHA Greater New Haven Labor History Association
GCAM Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered History, Inc.
HMNH Harvard Museum of Natural History
HIST History
HIS History
HX History
HGCC History and Genealogy Club of Collinsville
HPMD History and Philosophy of Medicine
HPS History and Philosophy of Science
HAPS History and Philosophy of Science
HPSM History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
HPSTM History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine
HP History and Physical
HPOL History and Politics out Loud
HIPP History and Public Policy
HC History Channel
HCUP History Correction Update Processing
HDS History Data Service
HDLA History Day Los Angeles
HEMME History Evaluation Modalities Manipulation and Exercise
HEAL History Exam Assessment Layout
HIP History in Perspective
HM History in the Making
HIV History in Voices
HIP History In your Pocket
HJA History Journal Activity
HJG History Journals Guide
HM History Matters
HM History Module
HNN History News Network
H-O History of
H-O History Of
HAT History of Approximation Theory
HAVC History of Art and Visual Culture
HAAD History of Art, Architecture and Design
HCM History of Coal Mining
HOC History Of Coverage
HET History of Economic Thought
HES History of Economics Society
HEQ History of Education Quarterly
HES History of Education Society
HELD History of Expressive Language Delay
HOF History of Flight
HMAP History of Marine Animal Populations
HMD History of Medicine Division
HOMSEA History of Medicine in Southeast Asia
HOME History Of Middle-Earth
HMS History of Mine Safety
HPHI History of Philosophy
HOPI History of Physicists in Industry
HOPE History of Political Economy
HOPI History of Present Illness
HPI History of Present Illness
HOSC History of Science Cases
HSMT History of Science Medicine and Technology
HSS History of Science Society
HSTM History of Science Technology Medicine
HSAP History of Statewide Assessment Program
HOTS History of Technology and Science
HBIC History of the Book in Canada
HC History of the Church
HESS History of the Earth-Sciences Society
HELL History of the English Language Links
HIWG History of the Imperium Working Group
HIUS History of the United States
HOTW History of the World
HWC History of Western Civilization
HOP History off the Page
HO History Office
HR History Record
HSJ History San Jose
HSA History Students Association
HTA History Teachers’ Association
HAM History, Allergies, Medications
HAL History, Arts and Libraries
HEPS History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology
HOPS History, Observation, Palpation, Special Tests
HPS History, Philosophy and Sociology
HTC History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art
HOIST History/Host
HST History/Host
HPS History/Political Science
HSD History’s Strongest Disciple
HBP History-Based Predictor
HECS History-Economics Computing Support
HHMT Huron History Mystery Tour
INHS Illinois Natural History Survey
IHM Images from the History of Medicine
IHRC Immigration History Research Center
IH Individual History
IPPA Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
ICBH Institute of Contemporary British History
IHI Institute of History
ILHMC Institute of Language, History and Material Culture
IMH Institute of Maritime History
INAACH Institute of North American & Atlantic Colonial History
ISHA Intermountain Ski History Association
ICSHC International Centre for Sport History and Culture
INHIGEO International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences
ICHR International Congress for the History of Religions
ICHO International Congress on the History of Oceanography
IEHC International Economic History Congress
IFFHS International Federation of Football History and Statistics
IHNJ International History of Nursing Journal
IHR International History Review
IIHA International Intelligence History Association
IMEHA International Maritime Economic History Association
IMQP International Master in Quaternary and Prehistory
INHOEP International Network for the History of Occupational and Environmental Prevention
ISHA International Skiing History Association
ISBGFH International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
ISHM International Society for the History of Medicine
ISHP International Society for the History of Pharmacy
HOPOS International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science
ISFHWE International Society of Family History Writers and Editors
ISCHE International Standing Conference for the History of Education
ISHA International Students in History Association
ISHA International Students of History Association
IUHPS International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science
IAHS Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
IHLC Inupiat History Language and Culture
IHF Inventory History File
IOWFHS Isle of Wight Family History Society
ITCH Ivatan Traditions, Culture and History
JOHA Japan Oral History Association
JHDP Japanese History Documentation Project
JSHET Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought
JHRC Jewish History Resource Center
JHS Job History System
JSH Joseph Smith History
JHA Journal for the History of Astronomy
JAHER Journal of African History
JAH Journal of African History
JAHER Journal of American History
JAH Journal of American History
JCH Journal of Contemporary History
JEH Journal of Ecclesiastical History
JEH Journal of Economic History
JGH Journal of Global History
JICH Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History
JIH Journal of Indian History
JIH Journal of Interdisciplinary History
JMH Journal of Management History
JMH Journal of Modern History
JNH Journal of Negro History
JPH Journal of Pacific History
JPH Journal of Planning History
JRH Journal of Religious History
JSDH Journal of San Diego History
JSH Journal of Social History
JSH Journal of Southern History
JAHC Journal of the American Association for History and Computing
JAHC Journal of the Association for History and Computing
JHI Journal of the History of Ideas
JHBS Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
JUH Journal of Urban History
JWH Journal of Women’s History
KHV Kalamunda History Village
KUNHM Kansas University Natural History Museum
KHF Kent History Federation
KOHC Kentucky Oral History Commission
LLHS Ladies Living History Society
LNHA Lamington Natural History Association
LFHG Lancaster Family History Group
LHR Law and History Review
LHRT Library History Round Table
LHR Life History Recorder
LHS Life History Strategy
LCH Limited Criminal History
LFHS Lincolnshire Family History Society
LHB Line History Block
LHG Living History Group
LHP Living History Project
LFH Local Family History
LHS Local History Services
LHS Local History Society
LFAH Local, Family and Applied History
LMNOPQRST Location, Medical History, New, Other Symptoms, Provoking/Pallitative, Quality, Radiation, Severity, Timing
LFHC Longmont Family History Center
LACM Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
LAFHC Los Angeles Family History Center
LARFHC Los Angeles Regional Family History Center
LHR Loss History Report
LHR Lot History Record
LTRH Lubuskie Towarzystwo Rekonstrukcji Historycznej
MSHP Maintenance & Service History Program
MCPH Make Child Poverty History
MPH Make Poverty History
MLFHS Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society
MESH Marine Aspects of Earth System History
MHA Maritime History Archive
MAHM Martial Arts History Museum
MAHM Maryland Association of History Museums
MAGIC Master of Arts in Global, International and Comparative History
MMH Masters in Military History
MH Medical History
MHM Medical History Museum
MHR Medical History Review
MHJ Medieval History Journal
MATCH Mentors Act to Change History
MCHES Michigan Council for History Education
MOHA Michigan Oral History Association
MMNH Midwest Museum of Natural History
MH Military History
MHD Military History Detachment
MHLS Military History Lecture Series
MHO Military History Online
MPHS Military Postal History Society
MYHF Mining Your History Foundation
MALHM Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums
MHM Missouri History Museum
MEH Modern European History
MWH Modern World History
MORPH Molecular and Organismic Research in Plant History
MCHC Monroe County History Center
MNHC Montana Natural History Center
MCPH Motion-Compensated Phase History
MAAH Museum of African American History
MAH Museum of Art & History
MCH Museum of Church History and Art
MOEH Museum of Earth History
MFH Museum of Florida History
MNCH Museum of Natural and Cultural History
MNH Museum of Natural History
MOSH Museum of Science and History
MSTH Museum of South Texas History
MOST Museum of South Texas History
NOLA National Association for Outlaw and Lawman History
NBHAA National Bicycle History Archive of America
NCH National Claims History
NCH National Coalition for History
NCHE National Council for History Education
NCHM National Cultural History Museum
NHD National History Day
NIAHD National Institute of American History and Democracy
INAH National Institute of Archeology and History
NICH National Institute of Culture and History in Belize
NMAJH National Museum of American Jewish History
NMFSH National Museum of Forest Service History
NMLH National Museum of Labour History
NMNH National Museum of Natural History
NSH National Standards for History
NWHM National Women’s History Museum
NATCHA Natural and Cultural History of Africa
NHA Natural History Area
NHA Natural History Association
NHDA Natural History Development Award
NHEG Natural History Exploration Guild
NHM Natural History Museum
NHMLAC Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
NHMA Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks
NHPA Natural History Photographic Agency
NHSN Natural History Society of Nepal
NHU Natural History Unit
NHEST Natural History, Education, Science, Technology
NHS Naval History Symposium
NH Neighborhood History
NHRC Neighborhood History Research Collection
NEHA Netherlands Economic History Archive
NATHI Nevada Atomic Testing History Institute
NDHI New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
NEH New Economic History
NELDHA New England Landscape Design and History Association
NLH New Literary History
NZHTA New Zealand History Teachers’ Association
NZNH New Zealand Natural History
NDH No Damage History
NAAHOLS North American Association for the History of the Language Sciences
NELH North East Labour History
NALH Northamptonshire Association for Local History
NBHA Northamptonshire Black History Association
NNH Northern Natural History
OCMH Office Chief of Military History
OIEAHC Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
OHA Oral History Association
OHASA Oral History Association of South Africa
OHAM Oral History of American Music
OHP Oral History Project
OBHC Outer Banks History Center
OHBE Oxford History of the British Empire
OUM Oxford University Museum of Natural History
OFHS Oxfordshire Family History Society
PHM Pagan History Month
PHP Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact
POSH Parents for Objective Science and History
PSH Part Service History
PDAD-NH Passive Duplicate Address Detection – Neighborhood History
PFH Past Family History
PHH Past Health History
PH Past Medical History
PMX Past Medical History
PMHX Past Medical History
PMH Past Medical History
POH Past Obstetric History
PPH Past Problem History
PSH Past Surgical History
PFSH Past, Family and Social History
PSFH Past, Social, Family History
PH Path History
PHM Path History Management
PHX Patient History
PHDB Patient History and Data Base
PMHX Patient Medical History
PHT Pattern History Table
PATCH Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History
PHNA Persistent History Navigation Assistant
PHF Personal History Form
PHI Personal History Interview
PHS Personal History Questionnaire
PHQ Personal History Questionnaire
PPH Pertinent Past History
PHD Phase History Data
PHD Phased-History Data
PHS Philosophy and History of Science
PX Physical History
PAHX Physician Assistant History Center
PRH Policy Rating History
PEEHS Political Economy and Economic History Society
PIGAH Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
PMH Politics and Modern History
PTH Polskie Towarzystwo Historyczne
PEH Post Edit History
PHF Postal History Foundation
PHS Postal History Society
PH Premium History
PSH Prior Surgical History
PHF Procurement History File
PHC Product History Card
PHF Project History File
PHE Prosecution History Estoppel
QFHS Quebec Family History Society
QFHS Queensland Family History Society
QPH Quicken Price History
RH Reaction History
RMH Recent Medical History
ROHO Regional Oral History Office
RVHG Repton Village History Group
RHF Requisition History File
RAMH Resources of American Music History
REACH Risk Evaluation & Cancer History
RAH Royal Academy of History
RGA Russian State Archive for Social/Political History
ROHA Rutgers Oral History Archives
RNHS Rutland Natural History Society
SNOMNH Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
SMNH Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History
SAAH School of Art and Art History
SAPPHIRE Scottish Archive of Print and Publishing History Records
SATH Scottish Association of Teachers of History
SLHF Scottish Local History Forum
SOHG Scottish Oral History Group
SSAH Scottish Society for Art History
SLEUTH Second Life Educational Undertakings in Theater History
SWHI Semantic Web for History
SNHA Sequoia Natural History Association
SPHERE Shear History Extensional Rheology Experiment
SHF Ship’s History File
SHIR Ships History & Inventory Record
SAMPLE Signs/Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Pertinent Past History, Last Oral Intake, Events Leading to Injury or Illness
SMNH Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
SH Social History
SHIC Social History and Industrial Classification
SHAR Social History of Alcohol Review
SSHA Social Science History Association
SSHP Social Science History Program
SCHOLAR Society for Colonial History
SCHOOL Society for Colonial History
SCH Society for Colonial History
SEBH Society for European Business History
SHTR Society for History Textbook Reform
SNH Society for Netherlandic History
SHARP Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing
SHET Society for the History of Economic Thought
SHOT Society for the History of Technology
SHEAR Society for the History of the Early American Republic
SPNHC Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections
SPPAHX Society for the Preservation of Physician Assistant History
SSCH Society for the Study of Curriculum History
SSFH Society for the Study of French History
SDHS Society of Dance History Scholars
SCHOLAR Software Change History
SCHOOL Software Change History
SCH Software Change History
SAHO South African History Online
SEPHIS South Exchange Programme for the Research on History of Development
SPTH Speckle Pattern Time History
SHR Sport History Review
SHG State History Guide
SPH Statement of Personal History
SHEL Studies in the History of the English Language
SMNH Swedish Museum of Natural History
SAMPLE Symptoms; Allergies; Medications; Prior history; Last meal Eaten
TFHS Tasmanian Family History Society, Inc.
THX Testing History
THXS Testing History
TOHA Texas Oral History Association
THC The History Carper
THC The History Channel
THP The History Press
TOCMH The Oxford Companion to Military History
TUGITHOTU The Ultimate Game in the History of the Universe
TMLHA Tidewater Maritime Living History Association
TIH Today in History
THWG Tourism History Working Group
THF Transaction History File
THUD Transaction History User Directory
THQ Trauma History Questionnaire
TH Trouble History
UMH Underwriting Medical History
UBH University of Botswana History Department
UCM University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
ULEMHAS University of London Extramural History of Art Society
UHE Utah History Encyclopedia
VHT Value History Table
VHR Vehicle History Report
VDFHS Vernon and District Family History Society
VHV Version History Viewer
VNH Vertebrate Natural History
VHP Veterans History Project
VTH Vibration Time History
VCH Victoria County History
VRHC Victoria Regional History Center
VAFHO Victorian Association of Family History Organisations
VPH Video Phase History
VMHB Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
VMHT Virtual Museum of the History of the Telescope
VHF Visual History Foundation
VOH Voice of History
WLHC Walsall Local History Centre
WRHF War Reserve History File
WFHC Ward Family History Consultant
WSHM Washington State History Museum
WHCS Well History Control System
WFHA Welsh Family History Archive
WVH West Virginia History
WOLA Western Outlaw-Lawman History Association
WSFH Western Society for French History
WSJH Western States Jewish History
WSJHS Western States Jewish History
WMHA Whatcom Museum of History and Art
WLHS Willesden Local History Society
WHF Winhistory-Forum
WLHS Wisconsin Labor History Society
WLHN Wisconsin Local History Network
WITH Women in Technological History
WLHC Worcester Library and History Centre
WPHR Work Performance History Review
WFH Workfile History
WAHVM World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine
WH World History
WOH World History
WHAP World History Advanced Placement
WHSO World History of Science Online
WHS World History Sources
WMNH Worldwide Museum of Natural History
WWIH Writing Women into History