Hong Kong Abbreviations

Hong Kong

Since 1997, Hong Kong has officially been part of China again, but 150 years under British rule has naturally left its permanent mark on architecture, culture, food and the people. This is arguably China’s most western-influenced city, and also the most prosperous. The ordinary Chinese cannot visit Hong Kong without a visa.

Hong Kong can be visited year-round and has a lot to offer in a very limited area. Here you will find world-class museums, wonderful restaurants, unlimited shopping and impressive modern architecture, as well as hundreds of temples and pagodas. Hong Kong is also a paradise for nature lovers. A short walk away from the city center you will find sandy beaches, mountain peaks, forests and large park areas.

Unlike the rest of China, the vast majority of English is spoken in Hong Kong. Almost all signage and information are in both Chinese and English, so most tourists should be able to find it on their own without too much trouble.

Get to know Hong Kong

Hong Kong, or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, as the full and correct name really is, is located in southeastern China with a coast facing the South China Sea. As the name indicates, the city holds a special position within China, and Hong Kong has been promised to keep its economic and social system at least 50 years ahead. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with over 7 million inhabitants spread over 1100 square kilometers. And despite the fact that only approx. 10% is utilized for housing purposes.

Local airline Cathay Pacific is one of Asia’s best, largest and most used airlines, and many travelers have switched flights in Hong Kong en route to another location in Asia or Australia. But too few take the time to stop here for a few days and experience what results when you mix British and Chinese culture for well over a hundred years.

Very generally, we can divide Hong Kong into four parts. The city center and the original settlement are located on Hong Kong Island. The mainland areas consist of Kowloon and New Territories, which in turn have the border with China. In addition, there are over 230 more or less inhabited islands that also belong to Hong Kong, but which are of less interest to a regular tourist. Within these four sections, there are again eighteen different districts and areas.

Hong Kong and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: HK
  • Country: China

Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong Island is arguably the most important part of Hong Kong. Here you will find all administrative buildings, supreme court, the stock exchange, as well as the city’s premier shopping district, nightlife areas, the more exclusive residential areas and headquarters of countless multinational companies. Most of it is located along the coast on the north side of the island.

The most central district here is naturally called Central. This is the most important business area, and the architecture is characterized by numerous glass and steel skyscrapers, a powerful sight well known from most Hong Kong postcards. Here the British founded their settlement when they took over the area in 1841, and you still find the governor’s house and other administration buildings from that period in Central. Here is also Hong Kong’s beautiful botanical garden and a beautiful and well-run zoo, and the lower train station that brings you up to Victoria Peak.

The main nightlife, restaurant and bar area can be found in the Lai Kwai Fong and Soho areas. Especially the city’s European residents and tourists are drawn here after sunset. Lai Kwan Fong is a few narrow streets lined with trendy bars and nightclubs, and the price level is a few notches above the rest of the city. Soho is more restaurant-oriented, and you will find several of the city’s best eateries, as well as antique shops and art galleries.

West of Central are the slightly more Chinese-influenced areas, such as Sheung Wan. Here is the Temple of Man Mo, Hong Kong’s oldest market building Western Market, and the 73-storey tall skyscraper The Center, with its distinctive full-fledged neon light arrangement, which rolls through the entire color spectrum after sunset.

East of Central is Wan Chai, also one of the city’s premier and liveliest nightlife districts, but with a slightly more fringe reputation than Lai Kwai Fong, due to the Red Light District being here. But you’ll also find plenty of other attractions, such as the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, Hung Shing Temple, and the building, which is in practice the world’s largest clock; an ingenious system consisting of glass pyramids, light rays and luminous color fields.

On the south side of Hong Kong Island it is worth noting Stanley, well known for the lively Stanley Market and for its two sandy beaches, and the Aberdeen district, where you will find harbor promenades, yacht clubs, marine clubs, Ocean Park amusement park and an 1850 Tin Hau Temple.

On the mainland on the north side of Victoria Harbor is Kowloon, and the southernmost and most important district here is Tsim Sha Tsui. This is often abbreviated TST, and is considered a cultural center in Hong Kong because half of the city’s museums are located here. The Aerospace Museum, the Science Museum, the Art Museum, the Historical Museum and the Hong Kong Cultural Center all belong to the TST, and there is also the highest density of hotels. Kowloon Park is a tranquil and green lung in the middle of one of the world’s most densely populated areas, where you can see the inhabitants walking with their birds in cages. The park also has a beautiful Chinese garden, and a kung fu center where you can watch traditional Chinese martial arts every Sunday.

If you continue on TST’s main street Nathan Road north, you will reach the Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok districts. In the first district you will find, among other things, the famous Temple Street Night Market, Jade Market and a Tin Hau Temple from 1876. Tin Hau is the goddess of all seafarers and is highly esteemed among all coastal Chinese. In Mong Kok is the most enjoyable Bird Market, where you can see hundreds of thousands of birds of all colors and sizes sold mainly as pets.

If you are used to traveling outside Europe, you can arrange all the sightseeing and excursions on your own. But be prepared that it can take a lot of time, that very few speak English, and that almost all information is in Chinese. Maybe you will stand in line for half an hour, just to be told that you were in line in the neighborhood week and have to sit back in the back. You will probably want to scream out of frustration on a daily basis, but try to keep calm, it is important for the Chinese not to lose face, and they will have less respect for someone who is excited. You can avoid the frustration and save a lot of time by booking your desired events in advance with a skilled tour operator. In Norway, the specialist is Kinareiser, which can help you with everything from airport transfers and sightseeing tours in Hong Kong to week-long tours throughout the country.

Hong Kong Facts

HONG KONG – Specially managed area of ​​China.


Around 6.9 million

Official languages

Chinese (Cantonese) and English

Control Form

Specially administered part of the Republic of China, with limited democracy.


China is officially atheistic, but Buddhism stands strong. Around 7% Christians.

Time Difference

Hong Kong is 7 hours ahead of Norway, summertime 6 hours before.


Hong Kong Dollar. 100HKD is equivalent to about 80 Norwegian kroner. Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Diners and AmEx are accepted in most places. There are plenty of ATMs available.


5-10% if you are satisfied with the service is still okay, although 10-15% service charge is often included in the bill. Also taxi drivers, luggage carriers and others who provide you with a service expect to get a rant. Guides and drivers you should tip with 100 and 50 yuan per day respectively. They often receive very low wages and depend on the tips.


Norway has a Consulate General located on the 23rd floor at 9 Des Voeux Road West. Tel: + 8522842 3820


Hong Kong Island HKTB Center, The Center ground fl, 99 Queens Road Central. Also at the airport, at Star Ferry in Kowloon and on Hong Kong Island at the Causeway Bay subway station.






220 volts, and most hotels have the same plugs as in Norway. Adapters are normally available in stores.

Holidays and Holidays

January 1, May 1 (Labor Day, one week holiday), May 4 (Youth Day), June 1 (Children’s Day), July 1, August 1, October 1 (National Day, One Week Holiday). Also Chinese New Year at the end of the month Jan / Feb.


Norwegian citizens do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong or Macau. (But if you intend to enter the rest of China, you should arrange for a visa before departure. Contact the Chinese Embassy in Tuengen All 2b in Oslo (tel. 2249 2052) at least one week before departure. As of July 2007, the price is 500 NOK for a one-time visa + a passport photo. The passport must be valid for at least six months and have at least two blank pages.)


No vaccines are required, but it is recommended to vaccinate against Hepatitis A. If you are going to China, consider polio, havrix, tuberculosis and diphtheria / tetanus.


Can be drunk from the tap, but bottled water is recommended

Nearest major cities

Macau, Shehzen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai.


Violent crime and robbery are very rare, pocket theft can happen.

HK: Hong Kong

List of Hong Kong Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Hong Kong is HK which stands for Hong Kong. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Hong Kong, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Hong Kong
ASLHK Association of Sri Lankans in Hong Kong
AISHK Australian International School Hong Kong
BRHK Billion Rise Hong Kong
BHK BritishHongKong
CHKC China Hong Kong City
CUHK Chinese University of Hong Kong
CDSHK College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong
CFLC Company and Financial Law Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong
CPRFHK Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong
DCHK Dartmouth Club of Hong Kong
DAB Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong
EDMH Electronic Devices Marketing Hong Kong
FHKKLU Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions
FCPA Fellow Member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
FHKCS Fellow of the Hong Kong Computer Society
FEHK Furukawa Electric Hong Kong
GHK Government of Hong Kong
HPHK Harbour Plaza Hong Kong
HHK Heifer Hong Kong
HACKER Hong Kong
HOOK Hong Kong
HK Hong Kong
HKAPA Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
HKAM Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
HKA Hong Kong Action
HKALE Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination
HKAM Hong Kong Alliance Mission
HSBC Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
HKAHRC Hong Kong Asian Human Rights Commission
HKACE Hong Kong Association for Computer Education
HKACE Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence
HKAAT Hong Kong Association of Accounting Technicians
HKANC Hong Kong Association of Northern California
HKARM Hong Kong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
HKAW Hong Kong Association of Washington
HKAPIA Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association
HKBU Hong Kong Baptist University
HKBA Hong Kong Bar Association
HKBA Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority
HKBA Hong Kong Buddhist Association
HKBD Hong Kong Business Directory
HKCF Hong Kong Cancer Fund
HKCU Hong Kong Canoe Union
HKCM Hong Kong Catering Management Limited
HKCH Hong Kong Central Hospital
HKCEE Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination
HKCCC Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China
HKCM Hong Kong Championship Manager
HKCA Hong Kong Chefs Association
HKCAS Hong Kong Chefs Association
HKCS Hong Kong Chemical Society
HKCC Hong Kong Children’s Choir
HKCS Hong Kong China Secretariat
HKCB Hong Kong Chinese Bank Ltd.
HKCCCU Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union
HKCO Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
HKCIC Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee
HKCS Hong Kong Christian Service
HKCC Hong Kong Clearing Co.
HKC Hong Kong Coliseum
HKCA Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists
HKCAS Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists
HKCD Hong Kong Commercial Daily
HKCC Hong Kong Community College
HKCERT Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team
HKCS Hong Kong Computer Society
HKCA Hong Kong Construction Association
HKCAS Hong Kong Construction Association
HKC Hong Kong Construction Holdings Limited
HKCEC Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
HKCC Hong Kong Convention Center
HKCFM Hong Kong Corporate Formation & Management Centre
HKC Hong Kong Counterfeit
HKCCMA Hong Kong Credit and Collection Management
HKCA Hong Kong Cricket Association
HKCAS Hong Kong Cricket Association
HKCC Hong Kong Cricket Club
HKCCMA Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association
HKCC Hong Kong Cultural Center
HKCA Hong Kong Culture Association
HKCAS Hong Kong Culture Association
HKCALL Hong Kong Cycling Alliance
HKCA Hong Kong Cycling Association
HKCAS Hong Kong Cycling Association
HKDL Hong Kong Dental Lab Ltd.
HKDL Hong Kong Disneyland
HKD Hong Kong Disneyland
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HKDBA Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association
HKEA Hong Kong Economic Association
HKE Hong Kong Electric Company Limited
HKEAA Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association
HKES Hong Kong Endodontic Society
HKE Hong Kong English
HKEA Hong Kong Estate Agent
HKEAA Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
HKEA Hong Kong Examinations Authority
HKEC Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
HKES Hong Kong Executive Search
HKES Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd.
HKEC Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
HKE Hong Kong Express
HKFBS Hong Kong Federation of Business Students
HKF Hong Kong Ferry Co. Ltd.
HKFRS Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards
HKFE Hong Kong Futures Exchange
HKGA Hong Kong Geographical Association
HKGA Hong Kong Golf Association
HKG Hong Kong Guesthouse
HKHA Hong Kong Harmonica Association
HKH Hong Kong Hilton
HKHC Hong Kong Hobie Club
HKHA Hong Kong Hospital Authority
HKHA Hong Kong Hotels Association
HKIC Hong Kong Identity Card
HKID Hong Kong Immigration Department
HKIAQO Hong Kong Indoor Air Quality Objective
HKICT Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology
HKIC Hong Kong Inspection Company
HKIAE Hong Kong Institute of Aesthetic Education
HKIA Hong Kong Institute of Architects
HKICPA Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
HKICS Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries
HKICC Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors
HKIOD Hong Kong Institute of Directors
HKID Hong Kong Institute of Directors
HKIED Hong Kong Institute of Education
HKIL Hong Kong Institute of Languages
HKIPA Hong Kong Institute of Patent Attorneys
HKIR Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate
HKIS Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
HKIUS Hong Kong Institute of Utility Surveyors
HKIVM Hong Kong Institute of Value Management
HKIS Hong Kong Institution of Science
HKIPJ Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal
HIBOR Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate
HGK Hong Kong International
HKIA Hong Kong International Airport
HKICC Hong Kong International Coaching Community
HKICC Hong Kong International Computer Conference
HKIR Hong Kong International Races
HKIS Hong Kong International School
HKIF Hong Kong Internet Forum
HKIRC Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited
HKIS Hong Kong Internet Service
HKIA Hong Kong Inventors Association Ltd.
HKIR Hong Kong Island Region
HK2 Hong Kong Isolate
HKJA Hong Kong Jazz Association
HKJEM Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine
HKJA Hong Kong Journalists Association
HKJO Hong Kong Journals Online
HKKS Hong Kong Kosher
HKK Hong Kong Kosher
HKLD Hong Kong Labour Department
HKLNA Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment
HKLTC Hong Kong Language Training Center
HKLJ Hong Kong Law Journal
HKLR Hong Kong Law Reports
HKLC Hong Kong Leadership Council
HKLII Hong Kong Legal Information Institute
HKLA Hong Kong Library Association
HKLC Hong Kong Linux Center
HKLA Hong Kong Logistics Association
HKMF Hong Kong Macroeconomic Forecast
HKMA Hong Kong Management Association
HKMD Hong Kong Marine Department
HKMO Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad
HKMO Hong Kong Media Online
HKMHDMA Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Manufacturers Association, Ltd.
HKMA Hong Kong Medical Association
HKMF Hong Kong Medical Forum
HKMOA Hong Kong Mid-Stream Operators Association
HKMSC Hong Kong Military Service Corps
HKMA Hong Kong Monetary Authority
HKMU Hong Kong Mountaineering Union
HKMA Hong Kong Museum of Art
HKMI Hong Kong Music Institute
HKNA Hong Kong Netball Association
HKNIC Hong Kong Network Information Centre
HKNA Hong Kong Neuropsychological Association
HKNIC Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company Limited
HKNA Hong Kong Nutrition Association
HKO Hong Kong Observatory
HKO Hong Kong Office
HKOU Hong Kong Open University
HKOUG Hong Kong Oracle Users Group
HKPI Hong Kong Packaging Institute
HKPC Hong Kong Parrot Club
HKPO Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
HKP Hong Kong Photographic
HKPL Hong Kong Poker League
HKP Hong Kong Police
HKPC Hong Kong Police College
HKPF Hong Kong Police Force
HKPOP Hong Kong Popular Music
HKPO Hong Kong Post Office
HKPC Hong Kong Productivity Council
HKPTU Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union
HKP Hong Kong Professionals
HKPL Hong Kong Public Libraries
HKQAA Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
HKRJ Hong Kong Racing Journal
HKRI Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate
HKRM Hong Kong Railway Museum
HKRH Hong Kong Renaissance Hotel
HKRI Hong Kong Resort International
HKSTG Hong Kong Satellite Technology Group Ltd.
HKSAF Hong Kong Schools Alumni Federation
HKSTP Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
HKSTA Hong Kong Sea Transport Association
HKSCC Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company
HKSI Hong Kong Securities Institute
HKSB Hong Kong Shanghai Banking
HKSBMG Hong Kong Small Business Meetup Group
HKSI Hong Kong Society for Immunology
HKSB Hong Kong Society for the Blind
HKSA Hong Kong Society of Accountants
HKSA Hong Kong Society of Arts
HKSCC Hong Kong Society of Clinical Chemistry
HKSDV Hong Kong Society of Dermatology and Venereology
HKSFA Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts
HKSW Hong Kong Society of Wargamers
HKSI Hong Kong Sports Institute
HKS Hong Kong Standard
HKSTC Hong Kong Standards & Testing Centre Ltd.
HKSA Hong Kong Standards on Auditing
HKSE Hong Kong Stock Exchange
HKSA Hong Kong Stockbrokers Association
HKSAS Hong Kong Student Aid Society
HKSA Hong Kong Student Association
HKT Hong Kong Tailor
HKT Hong Kong Telecommunications Ltd.
HKTB Hong Kong Tourist Board
HKTDC Hong Kong Trade Development Council
HKTD Hong Kong Transport Department
HKUO Hong Kong Ultima Online
HKU Hong Kong Universal
HKUST Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
HKUP Hong Kong University Press
HKVCA Hong Kong Venture Capital Association
HKVP Hong Kong Vintage Pop
HKVS Hong Kong Vision Study
HKWE Hong Kong Wind Ensemble
HKWCC Hong Kong Women Christian Council
HKWM Hong Kong Worsted Mills Limited
HKYDTA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Awards
HKG Hong Kong, Hong Kong
HAFFA Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry
HKB Hongkong Bank
HEH Hongkong Electric Holdings
HITEC Hongkong International Trade and Exhibition Centre
HUD Hongkong United Dockyards
MDCHK Management Development Centre of Hong Kong
MCHK Medical Council of Hong Kong
MHKIE Member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
MHAHK Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
MDCL Modern Devices Ltd. (Hong Kong)
NHK Neureuter Hong Kong Ltd.
OHKA Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited
OGSHK Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong
OHK Oxfam Hong Kong
PIHKL Pacific Internet Hong Kong Limited
PATH Pollutants in the Atmosphere and their Transport over Hong Kong
RHK Radio Hong Kong
RTHK Radio Television Hong Kong
RCHK Refugee Concern Hong Kong
RCHK Renaissance College Hong Kong
SAI South Asia International Ltd. (Hong Kong)
SOHK Space Observers, Hong Kong
SCBHK Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Limited
SEHK Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
THKGC The Hong Kong Golf Club
THHK Timber Hill Hong Kong Ltd.
TIC Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
TRHK Trinity Records Hong Kong
UDHK United Democrats of Hong Kong
CSHK United States Commercial Service Hong Kong
UHK University of Hong Kong
HKU University of Hong Kong
WAHK Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong
YHKS York Hong Kong Society

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