Investment Abbreviations

An investment, in economic terms, is capital that is invested in order to obtain returns in the term. This application supposes a choice that resigns an immediate benefit for a future and, in general, improbable.

Investment Abbreviations


For example: a man has a savings of 20,000 euros. With that money, he can buy a car. However, he decides to invest that money in a company’s shares in order to sell them later for a higher price. Those 20,000 euros invested in shares can be converted, over a period of five years, into 40,000 euros. At that time, the person will be able to benefit from their investment and will see their capital double, with which they will not only be able to buy the vehicle but also have money left over. However, it is worth remembering that, initially, he had to give up the immediate satisfaction of a desire (the purchase of the car).

Financial products are divided into two types: fixed income and variable income, with each of these applications having its own risks, yields and redemption period, for example.

Fixed income is a type of investment that has very clear rules on how much your money will yield, and it has rules, deadlines and calculations of how this remuneration will be paid and calculated for the investor. In this regard, one of the most popular types of fixed income investments is direct treasury.

Variable income, on the other hand, is investments that can vary, where the income can be scaled over time , and can be positive or negative, according to the market. In this case , one of the most used variable income investments on the market is the stock exchange.

Companies tend to make investments with some frequency. Some are necessary for your daily functioning (such as buying computers, for example). Others are carried out with a view to obtaining profits in the future, such as the purchase of an expensive machine that allows for increased production.

Making a good investment is not magic, but it is enough to understand how the finance market works and thus choose the investment or investment category that best fits your profile.

In this light, a textile company whose daily production capacity is 1,000 pants decides to acquire a machine to produce 2,000 pants a day. In the beginning, the investment will constitute expenses for the company, taking into account that it will have to pay money to buy that machine. The objective is to recoup that money through increased production and, over time, make more profits than you could before purchasing the machine.

An investment includes three variables: the expected return (how much you expect to earn), the accepted risk (how likely you are to obtain the expected return) and the time horizon (when you will make a profit).

We can see investments as a way to increase your capital without you having to work harder to do so. Investors often call this “making your money work for you”.

In Brazil, there are several ways to make an investment, from investments in savings accounts, in government bonds, in shares, in real estate funds, etc. It is also seen as an investment when you apply a certain amount to open your own business.

It is important not to confuse investing with betting. A bet is like shooting in the dark, while investing is a way of making your money appreciate, even in the case of stocks, by studying the company where you are going to invest.

In the field of economics and finance, an investment is an application of capital for the purpose of earning future profits. The decision to invest supposes abstaining from an immediate benefit for a future that is uncertain.

When investing, three variables must be considered: the expected return (that is, how much money is expected to be gained from the investment), the accepted risk (associated with the probabilities of obtaining the expected return) and the time horizon (when the investment will pay off; in the short, medium or long term).

With regard to foreign investment, it is the investment of capital in a foreign country, that is, in a country other than the one from which the capital comes. The notion of foreign direct investment concerns companies that wish to internationalize and establish themselves in other countries.

With the globalization process, foreign investment began to experience a period of expansion, limited in times of economic crisis . Globalization implies the free flow of capital, the lifting of customs and tax restrictions, the movement of people and goods , and other characteristics that contribute to foreign investment.

The country receiving the investment must take into account the consequences of this. On the one hand , foreign investment usually creates jobs and tax income for the receiving (host) country. But on the other hand, the gains often go back to the country of origin . Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that projects driven by foreign investment often generate environmental damage that harms the local community.


List of Acronyms Related to Investment

ADIA Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
ADIC Abu Dhabi Investment Company
ADIH Abu Dhabi Investment House
ARL Acceptable Reinvestment Level
AGIG Access Global Investment Group, Inc
AIF Accredited Investment Fiduciary
AIFA Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst
AIFA Accredited Investment Fiduciary Auditor
AIV Accumulated Investment Value
ASPIRE Achieve Security by Purchasing Investment Real Estate
AIP Acquisition Investment Plan
AAIM Active Asset Investment Management Limited
AFIG Advanced Finance and Investment Group LLC
ATIC Advanced Technology Investment Company
AMIM Advertising and Media Investment Management
AIS Advisory Investment Service
APIR Advisory Panel on Investment Responsibility
ASIT Advisory Services on Investment and Training
AISA Afghanistan Investment Support Agency
ACIA Africa Centre for Investment Analysis
ABIL African Bank Investments Limited
AIA African Investment Advisory
ARIES Agriculture, Rural Investment, and Enterprise Strengthening
AAIF AIG African Infrastructure Fund (investment fund; est. 2000)
AQIP Air Quality Investment Program
APIG Airline Pilot Investment Group
AGIL Airport Group Investments Ltd.
ABID Al Baraka Investment and Development
ACFI Alabama Center for Foreign Investment
AWIA Alabama Workforce Investment Area
ACPIL Albany City Property Investments Limited
ASRIP Alberta Science and Research Investments Program
ABIC Alexander Business Investment Consultants, Inc
AGII Alexander Gluskin Investments, Inc.
AFIB Al-Faysal Investment Bank Ltd.
AFIM Al-Futtaim Investment Management
AAIG All American Investment Group
ACIC All Canadian Investment Corporation
ADIG Allgemeine Deutsche Investment Gesellschaft
AGI Alliance Global Investments Inc.
AIMB Alliance Investment Management Berhad
ABIL Allowable Business Investment Losses
AIM Alternative Investment Management
AIMA Alternative Investment Management Association
AIM Alternative Investment Market
AIP Alternative Investment Product
AIV Alternative Investment Vehicle
AIF Alternative Investments Forum
AIG Alternative Investments Group
AIMS Alternative Investments in Military Systems
AIB Amalgamated Investment Bancorporation
ASPIRE America Saving for Personal Investment, Retirement, and Education
ACI American Century Investments
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
ARRP American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan
ALIS Americas Lodging Investment Summit LLC
AFIO Amsterdam Foreign Investment Office
AIC Annual Investment Charge
AROI Annualized Return on Investment
ABIB Antigua Barbuda Investment Bank Ltd.
AHIC Arabian Hotel Investment Conference
AIF Area Investment Framework
AAIC Arizona Angel Investment Conference
AFID Arizona Foreign Investment Directory
AFIC Aroostook Family Investment Center
AREIT Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust
ACIF ASEAN China Investment Fund (est. 2004)
AIA ASEAN Investment Area
APIR Asia Pacific Investment Register
AFIC Asian Finance and Investment Corporation Ltd.
AIM Asset Investment Management
AMGIC Asset Management Group Investment Corp.
ASI Associate of the Securities & Investment Institute
ASIP Associate of the UK Society of Investment Professionals
AITC Association of Investment Trust Companies
APCIMS Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers
AIR Assumed Investment Return
AIVI Astoria Investment Ventures, Inc.
AIBL Atlas Investment Bank Limited
ASIB Audi Saradar Investment Bank
AEI Australian Ethical Investment Ltd.
AFTI Australian Fair Trade and Investment
AFIG Australian Financial Investments Group
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission
AIF Authorised Investment Fund
AIM Automatic Investment Management
AIP Automatic Investment Plan
ACIS Automotive Competitiveness and Investment Scheme
AIR Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century
ASIST Aviation Safety Investment Strategy Team
BFIA Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis
BIIP Bahrain International Investment Park
BIIS Balanced International Investment Strategies
BOIA Banc One Investment Advisors
BIDV Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
BIC Bank Investment Contract
BTI Barbados Tourism Investment
BNRI Barclays Natural Resource Investments
BPIE Base Procured Investment Equipment
BIBS Bath Investment Building Society
BISC Behavioral Investment Sunk Cost
BMI Bell Mobility Investments
BIR Benefit/Investment Ratio
BIG Bentley Investment Group
BIBLE Best Investment Before Leaving Earth
BIT Bilateral Investment Treaty
BKN BlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust, Inc.
BCIA Blue Collar Investment Advisors
BOI Board of Investment
BOI Board of Investments
BIPC Bohol Investment Promotion Center
BIP Brandes Investment Partners
BIG Broad Investment Grade
BIG Bubble Investment Group
BECWIB Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Investment Board
BLITZ Building, Lending, Investments and Technology Zones
BPI Bulgaria Property Investment, Ltd.
BFIA Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency
BICA Bulgarian Investment Consulting Agency Ltd
BAI Bundesverband Alternative Investments
BVI Bundesverband Deutscher Investment-Gesellschaften
BIEC Bureau for Investments and Economic Cycles
BWI Bureau of Workforce Investment
BIC Business and Investment Climate
BEITC Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
BFI Business Fixed Investment
BIB Business Investment Board
BIF Business Investment Fund
BACI Business Management, Agency, Comparables & Investments
CCD Cabinet Committee on Disinvestment
CIRA Cairo Investment and Real Estate Development
CCRISP California Continuing Resource Investment Strategy Project
CDIAC California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
COIN California Organization Investment Network
CTIS California Transportation Investment System
CSIF Calvert Social Investment Fund
CIR Cambridge Investment Research
CCIP Canada Community Investment Plan
CIS Canada Investment and Savings
CCRC Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition
CDI Canadian Direct Investment
CDIA Canadian Direct Investment Abroad
CIFCS Canadian Investment Funds Course
CIM Canadian Investment Manager
CLIC Canadian Lebanese Investment Corporation
COSII Canadian Oil Sands Investments, Inc.
CCI Capital Commercial Investments, Inc.
CGIL Capital Guaranteed Investments Limited
CI Capital Investment
CIB Capital Investment Board
CIC Capital Investment Committee
CIC Capital Investment Council
CIES Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
CIP Capital Investment Panel
CIP Capital Investment Plan
CIP Capital Investment Program
CIP-D Capital Investment Program – Database
CIP Capital Investment Proposal
CIR Capital Investment Request
CIRB Capital Investment Review Board
CISP Capital Investment Strategic Plan
CIT Capital Investment Team
CPIC Capital Planning & Investment Control
CIG Capricorn Investment Group
CROFI Carbon Return on Financial Investment
CRII Caribbean Rim Investment Initiative
CCIA Carolina Capital Investment Corporation
CIHO Cash and Investments Held outside of Treasury
CFROI Cash Flow Return on Investment
CMIP Cash Management Investment Pool
CRDA Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
CIS Catalytic Investment Strategy
CIIB Cayman Islands Investment Bureau
FIMR Center for Finance, Investment Management and Research
CIAS Center for Investment Advisory Services
CYFI Center for Youth Family Investment
CASEIF Central American Small Enterprise Investment Fund
CFII Central Florida International Investments
CTEIP Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program
CTTI Central Texas Telephone Investments, Inc.
CIMEC Centre for Investment and Marketing in the Eastern Cape
CIPM Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement
CCIM Certified Commercial Investment Member
CIAS Certified Investment Agent Specialist
CIMA Certified Investment Management Analyst
CIMC Certified Investment Management Consultant
CIM Certified Investment Manager
CIS Certified Investment Specialist
CIS Certified Investment Strategist
CIDA Certified Investments and Derivatives Auditor
CRIS Certified Residential Investment Specialist
COIF Charities Official Investment Fund
CAIA Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
CISI Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
CIC Chartered Investment Counselor
CIBL Chase Investment Bank Limited
CIO Chief Investment Officer
CECIC China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation
CITIC China International Trust and Investment Company
CITIC China International Trust and Investment Corporation
CIC China Investment Corporation
CIPA China Investment Promotion Agency
CJIS China Jianyin Investment Securities
COLI China Overseas Land & Investment
CRPI China Resources Petrochems Investments
CSITC China Securities Investment Trust Corporation
CBIS Christian Brothers Investment Services
CCSRI Christian Centre for Socially Responsible Investment
CIIB Citi Islamic Investment Bank
CSDI Citi Sustainable Development Investments
CIS Citicorp Investment Services
COLIG City of London Investment Group PLC
CSIB City Savings and Investment Bank
CMIG Clerical Medical Investment Group Ltd.
CBIL Close Brothers Investment Limited
CPIL CNOOC Petrochemicals Investment, Limited
CERIP Coherent Employee Retirement and Investment Plan
CIF Collective Investment Fund
CII Collective Investment Institutions
CIS Collective Investment Scheme
CIU Collective Investment Undertaking
CIV Collective Investment Vehicle
CIC Collective Investments Center
CPII Columbia Program on International Investment
CCIA Comesa Common Investment Area
CIRE Commercial Investment Real Estate
CIT Commercial Investment Trust
CIAMS Commissioners’ Investment and Asset Management Strategy
CECIL Committee on Entertainment Capital, Investment, and Legislation
CFIUS Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States
CIME Committee on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises
CPII Commonwealth Private Investment Initiative
CBII Community Bank Investments, Inc.
CICA Community Investment Cash Advances
CIC Community Investment Corporation
CITR Community Investment Tax Relief
CPIP Community Planning and Investments Program
CRLIF Community Redevelopment Loan and Investment Fund
CRA Community Reinvestment Act
CRANC Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina
CRF Community Reinvestment Fund
CRMU Community Reinvestment Monitoring Unit
CSIP Component Sponsored Investment Program
CHIF Connecticut Housing Investment Fund
CARA Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 2001
CFII Consolidated Financial Investments, Inc.
CIS Consolidated Investment Services Inc.
CRI Cooper Realty Investments
CPR Cooperative Programs for Reinvestment
CIP Core Investment Program
CIB Corporate and Investment Banking
CI Corporate Investment
CIB Corporate Investment Board
CIBB Corporate Investment Business Brokers
CID Corporate Investments Division
COI Cost of Investment
CONI Cost Of Non-Investment
CRIRE Costa Rica Investment Real Estate
CRPI Council for Responsible Public Investment
CWI Council on Workforce Investment
CAIN Creative Arts Investment Network
CLIB Credit Libanais Investment Bank
CTRP Critical Technology Reinvestment Program
CNIL Cumulative Net Investment Loss
CIF Cyprus Investment Firm
DIMCO Daehan Investment Management Trust Company
DRIL Deep River Investment Ltd.
DCIO Defined Contribution Investment Only
DCIC Delaware Community Investment Corporation
DCRAC Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council
DRIF Demand-Driven Rural Investment Fund
DETI Department for Enterprise, Trade and Investment
DDFI Department of Domestic and Foreign Investment
DPI Department of Planning and Investment
DIS Departmental Investment Strategy
DIE Designated Investment Exchange
DIT Deutscher Investment Trust
DANTEI Development Assistance Network for Tourism Enhancement and Investment
DFI Direct Foreign Investment
DIFI Direct Insurance Financial Investments
DI Director of Investments
DGIP Director-General of Investment Promotion
DIAMETER Diversified Investment Advisors
DIA Diversified Investment Advisors
DRIP Dividend Reinvestment Plan
DRP Dividend Reinvestment Plan
DRIP Dividend Reinvestment Program
DRP Dividend Reinvestment Program
DRIS Dividend Reinvestment Scheme
ITED Division on Investment, Technology, and Enterprise Development
DTCI Division on Transnational Corporations and Investment
DGGYO Dogus-GE Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi (Turkish real estate investment company)
DFOU Dong Fang International Investment Ltd.
DKIB Dresdner Kleinwort Investment Bank
DIPLOMA Dubai Investments Park Development Company
DIP Dubai Investments Park Development Company
EEIA East of England Investment Agency Ltd.
ECIF Economic Challenge Investment Fund
ETI Economically Targeted Investment
EEIC Element of Expense/Investment Code
EFCI Eligible Fixed Capital Investment
EIIC Emirates International Investment Company LLC
ECIP Energy Conversion Investment Program
EROI Energy Return on Investment
EIS Enterprise Investment Schemes
ESIC Enterprise Social Investment Corporation
EIO Environmental Investment Organisation
EIB Equest Investments Balkans
EIF Equity Investment Fund
EIG Equity Investment Group
EPIP Equity Participation Investment Program
EVICS Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success
EIRIS Ethical Investment Research and Information Service
ESIPP EU SADC Investment Promotion Programme
ECIP European Community Investment Partners
EIB European Investment Bank
EIF European Investment Fund
EIIB European Islamic Investment Bank PLC
EPIC European Privatization and Investment Corporation
EFIL Exchange Fund Investment Limited
EROI Expected Return on Investment
EOI Explanation of Investment
EMIA Export Marketing and Investment Assistance
FIM Facility Investment Metric
FIA Family Investment Administration
FIP Family Investment Program
FRT Federal Realty Investment Trust
FIMC Federated Investment Management Company
FIPAC Federation of Investment Promotion Agencies of China
FCSI Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments
FSI Fellow of the Securities & Investment Institute
FSIP Fellow of the Society of Investment Professionals
FIIA Fidelity International Investment Advisors
FISL Fidelity Investment Services Ltd.
FIJ Fidelity Investments Japan
FIJL Fidelity Investments Japan, Ltd.
FIMM Fidelity Investments Money Management
FISL Fidelity Investments Singapore Limited
FISC Fidelity Investments Systems Company
FIIBG Fidelity Investments’ Institutional Brokerage Group
FID Final Investment Decision
FIC Finance and Investment Committee
FIA Financial & Investment Advisers
FAIM Financial Analysis and Investment Management
FIA Financial Investment Alliance
FNIC Financial Network Investment Corporation
FIA Finikas Ammochostou Investments Ltd
FAII First Associates Investments Inc.
FDIB First Dawood Investment Bank Limited
FYIP First Year Investment Programme
FAI Fixed Asset Investment
FCI Fixed Capital Investment
FPI Fixed Private Investment
FIT Flanders Investment and Trade
FIA Flexible Investment Annuity
FMII Foreclosure Mortgage Insurance Investment Funds
FCIC Foreign Capital Investment Code
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
FII Foreign Indirect Investment
FIA Foreign Investment Activities
FIAC Foreign Investment Advisory Council
FIAS Foreign Investment Advisory Service
FICLS Foreign Investment Company Limited by Shares
FIE Foreign Investment Enterprise
FIF Foreign Investment Fund
FIIA Foreign Investment Implementation Authority
FIRPTA Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act
FIRPTA Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980
FIL Foreign Investment Law
FIMC Foreign Investment Management Committee
FIPPA Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act
FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion Board
FIPC Foreign Investment Promotion Center
FIPA Foreign Investment Protection Agreement
FISB Foreign Investment Services Bureau
FINL Foreign Investments Negative List
FPI Foreign Portfolio Investment
FIA Forest Investment Account
FOIC Formula One Investment Club
FIMF Fortis Investment Management France
FIG Fortress Investment Group LLC
FVIG Fortune Venture Investment Group
FIDE Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports
FTI Franklin Templeton Investments
FMSIB Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board
FIL Fremont Investment and Loan
FPI French Property Investment
FAIR Fund for Action on Investment Responsibility
FRIDA Fund for Research and Investment for the Development of Africa
FIT Funds Investment Trust
GIPFZA Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency
GMI Gareth Morgan Investments
GAFI General Authority for Investment and Free Zones
GDFI General Directorate of Foreign Investment
GIM Generation Investment Management LLC
GSFIC Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission
GIC Ghana Investment Club
GAEIA Global and Ethical Investment Advice
GCIB Global Corporate Investment Banking
GFII Global Forum on International Investment
GIA Global Investment Analysis
GIG Global Investment Group
GIM Global Investment Meet
GIPS Global Investment Performance Standards
GIRC Global Investment Research Committee
GIS Global Investment Systems
GRIL Global Resource Investments Ltd.
GTIM Global Trade and Investment Management Network
GIG GoldenTalk Investment Group
GRIP Governance for Railway Investment Projects
GBIF Government Bank Investment Fund
GIE Government Investment Expenditure
GIP Government Investment Pool
GSIC Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
GIC Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd
GPIF Government Pension Investment Fund
GWID Governor’s Workforce Investment Division
GBIF Grace Brethren Investment Foundation
GFIA Graduate Finance and Investment Association
GEIF Great Eastern Investment Forum
GLWIB Greater Lowell Workforce Investment Board
GPIA Greater Paris Investment Agency
GPIA Greater Peterborough Investment Agency
GDFI Gross Domestic Fixed Investment
GFI Gross Fixed Investment
GITG Gross Investment in Tangible Goods
GMROI Gross Margin Return On Investment
GPDI Gross Private Domestic Investment
GCIB Guaranteed Capital Investment Bond
GIA Guaranteed Investment Account
GIC Guaranteed Investment Certificate
GIC Guaranteed Investment Contract
GIF Guaranteed Investment Fund
GROI Guaranteed Return on Investment
GIH Gulf Investment House
GUI Gulf United Investment
HII Harrington Investments Inc
HCIV Health Care Investment Visions
HIID Health Industry and Investment Division
HIA Health Investment Account
HIRE Heartland Investment and Rural Employment
HFI Held for Investment
HYIP High Yield Investment Program
HYI High-Yield Investment
HCFI Holding Company for Financial Investments
HIP Home Investment Package
HOME Home Investment Partnerships Program
HKNIC Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company Limited
HIFI Hotel Investment Forum India
HIT Housing Investment Trust
HSIL HSBC Specialist Investments Limited (infrastructure investment division)
HCI Human Capital Investment
HIRE Human Investment Research and Education Center
HRIC Human Resource Investment Council
IGIM I.G. Investment Management Ltd.
I-G I.G. Investment Management Ltd.
ISBI Illinois State Board of Investment
IBIZ Independent Business Investment Zone
IIC Indian Investment Center
IRIF Indonesia Regional Investment Forum
ISIP Indonesian Society of Investment Professionals
ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
IRIMS Industrial Research Investment Monitoring
ITIA Information Technology Investment Account
ITIM Information Technology Investment Management
ITIPS Information Technology Investment Planning Systems
ITIPS Information Technology Investment Portfolio System
IIFC Infrastructure Investment Facilitation Center
IPIAI Infrastructure Private Investment Attractiveness Index
IIRR Initial Investment Rate of Return
IEIA Inland Empire Investment Advisors
ISRIP Innovation and Science Research Investments Program
IIF Innovation Investment Fund
IREI Innovative Real Estate Investments
IIMC Institute for Investment Management Consultants
IRF Insurance Reinvestment Fund
IDTI Integrated Development and Tourism Investment
IIA Integrated Investment Analysis
IIMO Integration and Investment Management Office
IAIC Inter-American Investment Corporation
IIC Inter-American Investment Corporation
IOI Interest on Investment
APPI International Association for the Promotion and Protection of Private Foreign Investments
IAIB International Association of Investment Bankers
ICSID International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
ICFI International Company for Finance and Investments
ICSID International Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes
IFIC International Finance Investment & Commerce
IFTI International Foundation of Technology and Investment
IIA International Investment Advisors, LLC
IIA International Investment Agreement
IIB International Investment Bank
IIC International Investment Company
IIT International Investment Trust
IIU International Investment Underwriting
INCHRITI International NGO Committee on Human Rights in Trade and Investment
IPIC International Petroleum Investment Co
IREI International Real Estate Investments
ITIC International Tax and Investment Center
ITIP International Trade & Investment Policy
ITIM International Trade and Investment Missions Ltd
ITICS International Trust and Investment Corporations
IBIA Internet Brokerage Investment Association
IMIC Interstate Management and Investment Corporation
INDUSTRY Investment
I Investment
IAQ Investment Administration Qualification
IAC Investment Advice Certificate
IAA Investment Adviser Association
IARD Investment Adviser Registration Depository
IASCA Investment Advisers Supervision Coordination Act
IA Investment Advisor
IAR Investment Advisor Representative
IAA Investment Advisors Act of 1940
IAI Investment Advisors International
IAC Investment Advisory Committee
IAF Investment Advisory Facility
IAG Investment Advisory Group
IA Investment Agreement
IA Investment Analysis
IAR Investment Analysis Report
IAT Investment Analysis Team
IBDA Investment and Business Development Agency
ICIS Investment and Cost Information System
IFSA Investment and Financial Services Association
IPP Investment and Implementation Plan
ILAG Investment and Life Assurance Group
ITPO Investment and Technology Promotion Office
ITPC Investment and Trade Promotion Centre
IAB Investment Approvals Board
IBR Investment Balance Review
IBTC Investment Bank Trust & Company
IBERIA Investment Banker
IBUPROFEN Investment Banker
ISOBAR Investment Banker
IB Investment Banker
IBK Investment Banking
IBAS Investment Banking Advisory Services
IBCM Investment Banking and Capital Markets
IBD Investment Banking Division
IBIS Investment Banking Industry Scholars
IBIT Investment Banking IT
IVB Investment Bond
IBR Investment Budget Review
IBERIA Investment Bureau
IBUPROFEN Investment Bureau
ISOBAR Investment Bureau
IB Investment Bureau
ICA Investment Canada Act
ICAA Investment Capability Analysis and Assessment
ICCA Investment Casting Cooperative Arrangement
ICI Investment Casting Institute
ICELAND Investment Category
IC Investment Category
ICP Investment Choice Plan
ICELAND Investment Committee
IC Investment Committee
ICI Investment Company Institute
ICIEF Investment Company Institute Education Foundation
ICA Investment Company of America
ICVC Investment Company with Variable Capital
ICVC Investment Company/Variable Contracts Products
ICD Investment Corporation of Dubai
ICI Investment Corporation of India
ICPM Investment Counsel and Portfolio Manager
ICAA Investment Counsel Association of America
ICAC Investment Counsel Association of Canada
ICR Investment Credit
IDA Investment Dealers Association of Canada
IDD Investment Dealers’ Digest
IDB Investment Decision Board
IDM Investment Decision Management
IDAD Investment Design and Distribution
IE Investment Efficiency
IE Investment Entity
IER Investment Evaluation Review
IXG Investment Exchange Group, LLC
IFED Investment Finance and Enterprise Development
IFIC Investment Funds Institute of Canada
IG Investment Grade
IGR Investment Grade Rating
IGW Investment Grade Wine
IHC Investment Holding Company
IHOC Investment House of Canada
I-C Investment in Contract
IIX Investment in Excellence
ICRA Investment Information & Credit Rating Agency Limited
IIA Investment Intermediaries Act
IMA Investment Management Agreement
IMRED Investment Management and Real Estate
IMA Investment Management Association
IMASA Investment Management Association of South Africa
IMC Investment Management Certificate
IMC Investment Management Committee
IMC Investment Management Consultants
IMCA Investment Management Consultants Association
IMF Investment Management Fee
IMG Investment Management Group
IMI Investment Management Institution
IMRO Investment Management Regulatory Organisation
INZ Investment New Zealand
IOF Investment Opportunity Facility
IPC Investment Partnerships Canada
IPEX Investment Performance Evaluation Xperts
IPC Investment Planning Counsel
IPCC Investment Planning Counsel of Canada
IPG Investment Planning Group
IPS Investment Policy Statement
IP Investment Portfolio
IPG Investment Product Group
IPS Investment Products and Services
IPD Investment Products Division
IP Investment Program
IPA Investment Program Association
IPAA Investment Project Analysis & Appraisal
IP Investment Promotion
IPAP Investment Promotion Action Plan
IPA Investment Promotion Agency
IPAK Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo
IPMC Investment Promotion and Management Cell
IPPA Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements
IPPA Investment Promotion and Protection Arrangements
IPB Investment Promotion Bureau
IPPO Investment Promotion Programme Office
IVPA Investment Properties Associates
IPD Investment Property Databank
IPF Investment Property Fund
IPOANS Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia
IPP Investment Protection Program
IRC Investment Recovery Center
IRTC Investment Recovery Trade Corporation
IRC Investment Registration Certificate
IR Investment Request
IRAJ Investment Research Analysis Journal
IRML Investment Research Markup Language
IRO Investment Research Outsourcing
IRS Investment Research Service
IRIS Investment Resource and Information Service
IRR Investment Return Ratio
IRB Investment Review Board
IRC Investment Review Committee
ISA Investment Savings Account
ISD Investment Services Directive
ISG Investment Services Group
ISL Investment Services Limited
ISM Investment Simulation Model
ISQ Investment Skill Quotient
ISS Investment Statistical System
ISR Investment Strategy Review
ISPAT Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey
ITA Investment Tax Allowance
ITC Investment Tax Credit
ITCE Investment Tax Credit for Exploration
ITG Investment Technology Group
ITGEL Investment Technology Group Europe Limited
ITGL Investment Technology Group Limited
ITIPS Investment Technology Investment Portfolio System
ITV Investment to Value
ITCI Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc.
IT Investment Trust
ITMC Investment Trust Management Company
IYM Investment Year Method
IS Investments Equal Savings
IFDI Inward Foreign Direct Investment
ICIIC Iran Chemical Industries Investment Company
IFIC Iran Foreign Investment Co.
IFIL Islamic Finance and Investment Limited
IGII Islamic Government Investment Issue
IIB Islamic Investment Bank
IIBL Islamic Investment Bank Limited
IICG Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf
IIPU Italian Investment Promotion Unit
JSIBL Jahangir Siddiqui Investment Bank Limited
JIR James Investment Research
JPIC James Pappas Investment Counsel
JIC Japan Investment Council
JMCTI Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment
JRE Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation
JSIP Japan Society of Investment Professionals
JDIG Job Development Investment Grant
JCI Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company Limited
JMIC John McStay Investment Counsel
JSIMC Johnson School Investment Management Club
JEDI Joint Energy Development Investment
JESSICA Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas
JIF Jordan Investment & Finance Bank
JMIB Journal of Money, Investment and Banking
JPIF Journal of Property Investment and Finance
JII JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust PLC
JOI Justification Of Investment
KIF Karolinska Investment Fund
KHIC Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation
KIS Key Investment Services
KGIS Kiawah Golf Investment Seminars
KHI Kingdom Hotel Investments
KBIM Kleinwort Benson Investment Management
KITMC Korea Investment Trust Management Company
KCIC Kuwait Consulting & Investment Co.
KIA Kuwait Investment Authority
KIC Kuwait Investment Company
KIO Kuwait Investment Office
LSIF Labour Sponsored Investment Fund
LREIT Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust
LIM LaSalle Investment Management
LPIF Liberty Presidential Investment Funds
LAIP Libya Africa Investment Portfolio
LFIB Libya Foreign Investment Board
LIA Libyan Investment Authority
LISP Linked Investment Service Provider
LIBOR Little Investment Bankers of Rutgers
LDIF Local Development Investment Fund
LDIP Local Development Investment Plan
LIAB Local Investment Advisory Board
LSLI London and St. Lawrence Investment
LIBA London Investment Banking Association
LTIR Longer Term Investment Return
LISM Low Investment Standard Modules
LEIM Lowe Enterprises Investment Management
MIML Macquarie Investment Management Limited
MIF Madison Investment Fund
MONTH Major Investment Study
MIS Major Investment Study
MMTI Major Metropolitan Transportation Investment
MICROWAVE Mamey Investment Corporation
MIC Mamey Investment Corporation
MITIE Management Incentive Through Investment Equity
MITI Managing International Trade and Investment
MICROWAVE Manufacturers Investment Credit
MIC Manufacturers Investment Credit
MIG Marfin Investment Group
MAI Market for Alternative Investment
MCIP Maryland College Investment Plan
MHIC Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation
MOITI Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment
MEDIA Mauritius Export Development and Investment Authority
MSI Media Sports Investments
MIPO Mediterranean Investment Project Observatory
MTBIF Medium Term Budget and Investment Framework
MGI Mercer Global Investments
MINL Mercer Investment Nominees Limited
MGIL Merino Grower Investments Ltd.
MLIM Merrill Lynch Investment Managers
MIR Metro Investment Report
MIB Mexican Investment Board
MPSIF Michael Price Student Investment Fund
MISFA Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan
MIV Microfinance Investment Vehicle
MEII Middle East Investment Initiative
MCFI Midwest Center for Foreign Investment, LLC
MSAI Migrant Savings for Alternative Investments
MIU Minimum Investment Unit
MPI Ministry of Planning and Investment
MFIP Minnesota Family Investment Program
MSBI Minnesota State Board of Investment
MESBIC Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company
MRTI Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee
MSIP Modeling and Simulation Investment Plan
MIP Modernization Investment Plan
MBI Montana Board of Investments
MIP Monthly Investment Plan
MSPI Morgan Stanley Principal Investments
MILA Mortgage Investment Lending Associates
MAI Multilateral Agreement on Investment
MIF Multilateral Investment Fund
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agreement
MIN Multimodal Investment Network
MIIP Municipal Infrastructure Investment Planning
MIAGI Music Is a Great Investment
NAAI National Agency for Attracting Investment
NAIC National Association of Investment Clubs
NCIF National Community Investment Fund
NCRC National Community Reinvestment Coalition
NEIA National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine
NHII National Heritage Investment Initiative
NHFIL National Housing Finance and Investments Limited
NIAB National Investment Advisory Board
NIDC National Investment and Development Corporation
NILO National Investment and Loans Office
NIBJ National Investment Bank of Jamaica
NIC National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry
NIFTEY National Investment for the Early Years
NIF National Investment Fund
NIFCU National Investment Fund for Credit Unions
NIPA National Investment Promotion Agency
NIPI National Investment Promotions, Inc.
NISI National Investment Services, Inc.
NIT National Investment Trust
NITL National Investment Trust Limited
NJIC National Judgment Investment Corp.
NOIP National Organization of Investment Professionals
NSI National Savings and Investments
NSIF National Social Investment Fund
NTCIC National Trust Community Investment Corporation
NISC Nationwide Investment Services Corporation
NCIF Natural Capital Investment Fund
NGIT Natural Gas Investment Tax
NIFA Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
NIFX Nedgroup Investments Fund Xchange
NGIN Negotiating Group on Investment
NRC Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
NRTI Neighborhood Reinvestment Training Institute
NFAI Net Fixed Asset Investment
NFI Net Foreign Investment
NICKEL Net Investment
NI Net Investment
NII Net Investment Income
NFIA Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
NIMF Netherlands Investment Matching Fund
NAIL New Africa Investments Limited
NBIMC New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation
NCRI New City Residence Investment
NIP New Investment Programme
NMSBIC New Mexico Small Business Investment Corporation
NNI New Net Investment
NYIC New York Investment Company
NZIJ New Zealand Investment Journal
NIPC Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission
NEXI Nippon Export and Investment
NBIP Non-Binding Investment Principle
NDIP Nondeposit Investment Product
NIG Non-Investment Grade
NRI Nonrecurring Investment
NIMF Nordea Investment Management Fund
NIB Nordic Investment Bank
NCMI North Carolina Mortgage Investments
NCRC Northern California Reinvestment Consortium, Inc.
NNEHIF Northern New England Housing Investment Fund
NTGI Northern Trust Global Investments
NTI Northern Trust Investments
OHIM Oak Hill Investment Management, L.P.
OVI Ocean View Investment
OIP Odyssey Investment Partners
OFDI Office of Foreign Direct Investment
OITI Office of International Trade and Investment
OIO Office of the Investment Ombudsman
ORNIM Ohio River Navigation Investment Model
OGIT Oil and Gas Investment Trust
OICL Oil Investment Corporation, Ltd.
OICE Olayan Investments Company Establishment
OMIG Old Mutual Investment Group
OEIH Oman and Emirates Investment Holding Company
OIFC Oman Investment & Finance Company
OIF Oman Investment Fund
OFIP Ontario Film Investment Program
OEIC Open Ended Investment Company
OCIP Orange County Investment Pool
OIML Orchard Investments Management Limited
OWIB Oregon Workforce Investment Board
OFDI Outward Foreign Direct Investment
ODI Overseas Direct Investment
OIO Overseas Investment Office
OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation
OIR Oxford Investment Research
PICIC Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation Limited
PKIC Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company
PDIC Palestine Development and Investment Company
PFIC Passive Foreign Investment Company
PIG Patrol Investment Group
PIC Paulson Investment Company
PCII Penn Center Investments, Inc.
PTIA Pennsylvania Technology Investment Authority
PIAC Pension Investment Association of Canada
PRIM Pension Reserves Investment Management
PRIT Pension Reserves Investment Trust
PTIA Performance Trust Investment Advisors
PIML Perpetual Investment Management Limited
PHIT Personal Health Investment Today Act of 2009
PIA Personal Investment Authority
PIP Personal Investment Portfolio
PROI Personal Return of Investment
PCIG Pharaon Commercial Investment Group
PBOI Philippine Board of Investments
PIR Phillips Investment Resources
PIM Pioneer Investment Management
PIA Pioneer Investments Austria
PPIM Pioneer Pekao Investment Management SA
PIF Policy Investment Framework
PROI Political Return on Investment
PMIA Pooled Money Investment Account
PIC Portfolio Investment Companies
PIE Portfolio Investment Entity
PCRI Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc.
PFIS Poverty Focused Investment Strategy
PIP Preliminary Investment Proposal
PILP Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program
PRI Principles for Responsible Investment
PIPE Private Investment, Public Entity
PPIC Private Placement Investment Contract
PRFI Private Residential Fixed Investment
PSIF Private Sector Investment Finance
PSIM Private Sector Investment Management
PCIP Productivity Capital Investment Program
PIF Productivity Investment Fund
PAICR Professional Association for Investment Communications Resources
PIG Professional Investment Group
PSIP Profit Sharing Investment Plan
PIC Programmers Investment Corporation
PIJ Project Investment and Justification
PAIF Property Authorised Investment Funds
PIAA Property Investment Association of Australia
PIF Property Investment Fund
PIP Property Investment Portfolio
DOPI Provincial Department of Planning and Investment
PIMS Prudential Investment Management Services LLC
PRISA Prudential Property Investment Separate Account
PIB Public Investment Board
PIF Public Investment Fund
PIP Public Investment Programme
PSIP Public Sector Investment Programme
PSNI Public Sector Net Investment
PSIS Public Service Investment Society
PPIF Public-Private Investment Funds
PPIP Public-Private Investment Program
QIB Qatar Investment Board
QIF Qualified Investment Fund
QCIV Qualifying Collective Investment Vehicle
QIA Quality Investment Act
QIM Quantitative Investment Management, LLC
QIR Quantitative Investment Research SA
QRIP Quick Return On Investment Program
RHIC R.H. Investment Corporation
RIIG Railfreight Interchange Investment Group
RAS RAIT Investment Trust
RAKIA Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority
RMMI Ras Al Khaimah Minerals & Metals Investments
REHI Real Estate Held for Investment
REI Real Estate Investment
REIN Real Estate Investment Network
REISA Real Estate Investment Securities Association
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
REMIC Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit
RICH Realty Investment Club of Houston
RIE Recognised Investment Exchange
RISE Redefining Investment Strategy Education
REDIA Regional Economic Development and Investment Agency
RIBA Regional Investment Bankers Association
RIPCG Regional Investment Promotion Co-ordinating Group
RTIA Regional Trade and Investment Agreement
RTIA Regional Trade and Investment Area
RTII Regional Trade and Investment Initiative
RTID Regional Transportation Investment District
RIA Registered Investment Advisor
RRIF Registered Retirement Investment Fund
RIC Regulated Investment Company
RLI Reimbursable Launch Investment
RII Reinvestment & Infrastructure Initiative
RIS Research Investment Strategy
ROIF Research Oriented Investment Fund
RIG Residential Investment Group
RIP Residential Investment Property
RIPL Residential Investment Property Loan
RAIT Resource Asset Investment Trust
RBI Resource Based Investment
RIAA Responsible Investment Association Australasia
RAIPI Restricted Activity Investment Product Intermediary
ROI Return of Investment
ROII Return on Innovation Investment
ROII Return on Internet Investment
ROI Return on Investment
ROIC Return On Investment Capital
ROIE Return On Investment Corp
ROIR Return on Investment Reporting
ROMI Return on Marketing Investment
RONI Return On Net Investment
ROSI Return on Security Investment
ROTI Return on Talent Investment
ROTI Return on Technology Investment
RAPID Revitalising Areas through Planning, Investment and Development
RWIE Reynolds World Investment Enterprises, LLC
RIIC Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC
RBIN Robert Bosch Investment Nederland BV
RCI Roosevelt China Investments Corp.
RBIM Royal Bank Investment Management
RBCI Royal Bank of Canada Investments
RIII Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative
RISP Rural Investment and Services Project
RIBN Russian Investment Banner Network
RIPA Rwanda Investment Promotion Agency
SEIC Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
SEIC Sakhalin Energy Investment Corporation
SHIFT Salford Health Investment for Tomorrow
SBIG Salomon Broad Investment Grade Index
SDPI San Diego Properties & Investments
SAGIA Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority
SAIF Saudi Arabian Investment Fund
SAIB Saudi Investment Bank
SSIP Savings and Stock Investment Plan
SIP Savings Investment Plan
SIR Savings-to-Investment Ratio
SIT Scottish Investment Trust
SWIP Scottish Widows Investment Partnership
SIP Sector Investment Programmes
SIAS Securities and Investment Advisory Solutions
SII Securities and Investment Institute
SIB Securities and Investments Board
SIP Security Investment Program
SCIF Seed Co-Investment Fund
SFI Selective Finance for Investment in England
SIEPA Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency
SHIP Seriously Huge Investment in Parts
SBIG Shaheen Business and Investment Group
SSI Single-Source Investments
SMIEIS Small and Medium Industries Equity Investment Scheme
SBIA Small Business Investment Act of 1958
SBIC Small Business Investment Company
SIF Social Investment Forum
SIO Social Investment Organization
SIPP Social Investment Program Project
SITF Social Investment Task Force
SRRI Social Rate of Return on Investment
SSIP Social Sector Investment Programme
SRIG Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines
SRII Socially Responsible Investment Index
SRPI Socially Responsible Property Investment
SGCIB Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking
SIAI Society of Investment Analysts in Ireland
SQI Software Quality Investment
SION Solent Investment Opportunity Network
SASIX South African Social Investment Exchange
SDIC South Dakota Investment Council
SATI Southern Africa Transport Investment
SCIA Southern California Investment Association
SCIA Southern California Investment Banking Association
SIF Special Investment Fund
SIR Special Investment Region
SIV Special Investment Vehicle
SIFT specified investment flow-through
SVIA Stable Value Investment Association
SLI Standard Life Investments
SDIC State Development and Investment Corp
SFCCIP State Farm California Community Investment Program
SIB State Investment Board
SIC State Investment Corporation
SIC State Investment Council
SIF State Investment Fund
SWIS State Workforce Investment System
SAIA Strategic Alliance Investment Advisors, Inc.
SEIC Strategic Economic Investment and Commercialization
SIII Strategic Internet Investments Inc.
SIAG Strategic Investment Advisory Group
SIP Strategic Investment Program
SRIR Strategic Research Investment Reserve
SIV Structured Investment Vehicle
SICD Student Investment Club Delft
SMIF Student-Managed Investment Fund
SMIH Sun Media Investment Holdings Ltd.
SIDAC Supportability Investment Decision Analysis Center
SDIF Surgeons Diversified Investment Fund
SIMSDI Survey of Implementation of Methodological Standards for Direct Investment
SIFT Sustainable Investment and Finance in Tourism Network
SIRI Sustainable Investment Research International Group
SVCIC Sustainable Venture Capital Investment Competition
SIBR Swiss Investment Board Romania
SOFI Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments
SREIF Swissinvest Real Estate Investment Fund
SIA Syrian Investment Agency
SIP Systematic Investment Plan
SWIP Systematic Withdrawal Investment Plan
TIIC Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd.
TBBBIC Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation
TBCRC Tampa Bay Community Reinvestment Corporation
TDI Targeted Development Investment
TIDA Targeted Investment in Disadvantaged Areas
TICL Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.
TICLS Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.
TIAM Taxation Investment Accounting Management
TBIS Technology Base Investment Strategy
TIA Technology Investment Agreement
TIBG Technology Investment Banking Group
TIB Technology Investment Board
TICC Technology Investment Capital Corporation
TIP Technology Investment Plan
TIP Technology Investment Program
TIRR Technology Investment Recommendation Report
TIS Technology Investment Strategy
TITC Technology Investment Tax Credit
TRP Technology Reinvestment Program
TRP Technology Reinvestment Project
TIP Temporary Investment Pool
TGDIF Thames Gateway Development and Investment Framework
TVIN Thames Valley Investment Network
TAIC The Arab Investment Company
TIFF The Investment Fund for Foundations
TIM Thornburg Investment Management
TIB Thrift Investment Board
TIMO Timber Investment Management Organization
TDIS Toronto Dominion Investment Services, Inc.
TCI Total Capital Investment
TDIC Tourism Development Investment Company
TIIP Tourism Infrastructure Investment Program
TTI Tourism, Trade and Investment
TICA Trade and Investment Cooperation Arrangement
TIEA Trade and Investment Enhancement Agreement
TIFA Trade and Investment Facilitation Agreement
TIFA Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
TILF Trade and Investment Liberalization & Facilitation
TIPO Trade and Investment Promotion Office
TRIMS Trade-Related Investment Measures
TIP Training Investment Program
TR2OIAS Training Reengineering Return on Investment Analysis System
TRID Transit Revitalization Investment District
TIGER Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery
TIGR Treasury Investment Growth Receipt
TIP Treasury Investment Program
TCIP Trustee Certification of Investment Powers
TID Trustee Investment Department
TI Tube Investments
UCIL Uberior Co-Investments Limited
UIA Uganda Investment Authority
UKTI UK Trade and Investment
UAIB Ukrainian Association of Investment Business
UIC Ukrainian Investment Communications
USIF Ukrainian Social Investment Fund
UCITS Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities
UNII Undistributed Net Investment Income
UIO Unfunded Investment Opportunity
UBSI Union Bank for Saving & Investment
UIT Unit Investment Trust
ULIP Unit Linked Investment Plan
USIT Unit Share Investment Trust
UKSIF United Kingdom Social Investment Forum
UKSIF United Kingdom Sustainable Investment and Finance
USBI United States Bancorp Investments, Inc.
USDIA United States Direct Investment Abroad
UCIF Uniting Church Investment Fund
UISA University Investment Society Association
UMIG University of Manitoba Investment Group
UPIF University Priorities Investment Fund
URIA Unrestricted Investment Account
UDIC Urban Development Investment Corporation
UIN Urban Investment Network
USRIF Utah State Retirement Investment Fund
VOIC Vacation Ownership Investment Conference
VOI Value of Investment
VIR Value-Investment Ratio
VFIB Vanuatu Foreign Investment Board
VIPA Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority
VI Variable Investment
VIF Variable Investment Fund
VCIC Venture Capital Investment Competition
VIF Venture Investment Fund Limited
VEIC Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
VWIP Veterans’ Workforce Investment Program
AVE Victims of Philatelic Investment Fraud
VEIL Vietnam Enterprise Investments Ltd.
VACIB Virginia Capital Investment Board
VIP Virginia Investment Partnership
VIP Voluntary Investment Program
VIVA Volunteer Investment and Value Audit
VIP Volunteer Investment Program
WIS Wagon Investment Scheme
WIH Wallace Investment Holdings
WAIR Warehousing and Asset Investment Recovery
WCRA Washington Community Reinvestment Association
WRIT Washington Real-Estate Investment Trust
WSIA Washington Society of Investment Analysts, Inc.
WSIB Washington State Investment Board
WIIT Water Infrastructure Investment Team
WHI Wayne Hummer Investments LLC
WIII Wealth Index of Investments and Inflation
WFIA Wells Fargo Investment Advisors
WAIF West Africa Investment Forum
WBIF Western Balkans Investment Framework
WFIA WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency
WREI Wilshire Real Estate Investment
WIF Women in Investment Found
WPIC Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation
WIA Workforce Investment Act of 1998
WIASRD Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data
WIF Workforce Investment Board
WIB Workforce Investment Board
WIBEA Workforce Investment Board of Eastern Arkansas
WIIN Workforce Investment Information Notice
WIO Workforce Investment Office
WIPA Workforce Investment Partnership Act of 1998
WIP Workforce Investment Program
WIS Workforce Investment Systems
WGTI Working Group on Trade and Investment
WSII Workshop on International Investment Statistics
WIIS Workshop on International Investment Statistics
WAIC World Agriculture Investment Conference
WAIPA World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies
WDIS World Dynamic Investments, Inc.
WDI World Dynamic Investments, Inc.
WIF World Investment Forum
WIOF World Investment Opportunities Funds
WIRR World Investment Regulation Review
WIR World Investment Report
WWIG World Wide Investment Group
WYIO World Youth Investment Organization
WAIH Worldwide African Investment Holdings
WGIF Wyoming Government Investment Fund
YIC Youth Investment Council
YSBITC Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit
ZCI Zambia Copper Investments Ltd
ZIC Zambia Investment Centre
ZIPA Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency
ZIPA Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority
ZCI Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC
ZKI Zurich Kemper Investments, Inc.