Johannesburg Abbreviations


Many tourists going on safaris in the Kruger Park or to Cape Town travel through the country’s largest city Johannesburg. This is a traffic hub in South Africa, and the city is hardly to be avoided when visiting South Africa.

If you are planning to spend a few days in Joburg, as the city is popularly known, it is okay to know what awaits you. Johannesburg is hugely large, unassuming, polluted and heavily criminally charged.

Generally, the white middle class lives in fortress-like villas and the black population in quaint townships. The center is characterized by skyscrapers and shopping centers that apparently could just as easily be found in Europe or the United States.

Most South Africans are extremely friendly and smiling people, and the city has some fascinating attractions that justify a visit if you have a good time in the country.

The origins of modern Johannesburg happened after a gold find in the mountains here in 1886, and since then the city has grown to become the largest in the entire southern continent with around 4.9 million inhabitants. The city has never been a major tourist destination, but due to an increasing number of visitors who are actually on their way to Kruger Park or Garden Route, the offer has improved significantly. And after South Africa was awarded the Soccer World Cup in 2010, work on improving infrastructure has seriously accelerated.