Abbreviation for Las Vegas, California

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a quiet and tranquil city until it was transformed into a gambling mecca when casinos were legalized in 1931. Today, Las Vegas is actually one of the fastest growing cities in the entire United States over the last 50 years.

You will find some of the world’s most famous casinos here and the nightlife is legendary. And the hotels are gigantic, bigger there is nowhere else in the world. You will certainly find a casino that suits you just right. But keep in mind that you must be 21 years of age to play, and you should certainly carry a valid ID (preferably passport) even if you have passed 21 years of good margin.

For those who do not want to gamble, Las Vegas still has more than enough to offer. This is a city where shows, entertainment and concerts can be performed on every street corner. And remember that what happens in Las Vegas will remain in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: LV
  • Country: United States

Nightlife in Las Vegas

There are bars, restaurants and events in Las Vegas. Good entertainment exists in several places, so you don’t just have to gamble. But if you want to play for money, then you should know that free drinks are offered to all gamblers, even if you play on slot machines. However, it is common to tip the waiter at least $ 1 per drink.

Restaurants can be found in all categories, both in terms of price and type of cuisine. One of the most renowned restaurants is Rosemary’s Restaurant, at 8125 Sahara Avenue. It is not car rental, but you get a lot of good food for the money. Otherwise, the buffet is popular in Las Vegas. Try a buffet lunch or buffet dinner at Bellagio, the best on The Strip. Prices start at about $ 30 and you can eat as much as you want. Just remember to tip your buffet waiter by 10% to 15%.

Las Vegas is also the place to get married or get divorced. The Las Vegas Wedding Bureau is open from 0900 to 2400 seven days a week.

Attractions in and around Las Vegas

The attractions that you must bring when visiting Las Vegas are related to nature. And it can certainly be liberating to take a break from the slightly surreal city life. Hoover Dam is one of the country’s most famous dam plants and is located just south of Las Vegas. Lake Mead is a reserve just off Hoover Dam and is a great place if you want to spend a day at the beach or in a houseboat. However, the biggest natural attraction is the Grand Canyon. This is a very famous national park in the United States and offers one of the world’s most spectacular erosions.

Facts about Las Vegas

Las Vegas has about 560,000 residents and is the most populous city in Nevada. The city gained official city status in 1911 and became known as Sin City in the 1940s. The decade after, multi-millionaire Howard Hughes came to town and developed it further. The city has become primarily known for its entertainment industry and casino activities.

LV: Las Vegas

List of Las Vegas Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Las Vegas is LV which stands for Las Vegas. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Las Vegas, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AMALV American Marketing Association Las Vegas Chapter
CLV Cira Las Vegas
CLV City of Las Vegas
CSUN Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada/Las Vegas
GNLV Golden Nugget Las Vegas
GSLV Guitar Society of Las Vegas
IBLV In-Business Las Vegas
JLLV Junior League of Las Vegas
LEAVE Las Vegas
LV Las Vegas
LV-AND-T Las Vegas & Tonopah
LVA Las Vegas Academy
LVAC Las Vegas Area Council
LVAS Las Vegas Astronomical Society
LVAS Las Vegas Avicultural Society
LVB Las Vegas Bay
LVBC Las Vegas Boarding Company
LVB Las Vegas Boulevard
LVBC Las Vegas Buffet Club
LVBP Las Vegas Business Press
LVCS Las Vegas City Schools
LVC Las Vegas College
LVCS Las Vegas Communication Solutions
LVCDT Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater
LVCVA Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
LVCC Las Vegas Convention Center
LVCC Las Vegas Country Club
LVDC Las Vegas Desert Classic
LVDC Las Vegas Design Center
LVDC Las Vegas Design Council
LVDC Las Vegas Development Center
LVDC Las Vegas Dissemination Company
LVX Las Vegas Extremes
LVFO Las Vegas Field Office
LVH Las Vegas Hilton
LVI Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
LVIS Las Vegas Institute of Sport
LVI Las Vegas Invitational
LVM Las Vegas Magazine
LVMA Las Vegas Model Agency
LVM Las Vegas Monorail
LVMA Las Vegas Museum of Art
LVMA Las Vegas Music Alliance
LVMA Las Vegas Music Awards
LVMF Las Vegas Music Festival
LVPD Las Vegas Police Department
LVPT Las Vegas Prime Timers
LVPS Las Vegas Protective Services
LVPBL Las Vegas Public Branch Library
LVRAC Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club
LVRCCC Las Vegas Regional Clean Cities Coalition Inc.
LVRJ Las Vegas Review-Journal
LVS Las Vegas Sands Corporation
LVSSA Las Vegas Senior Softball Association
LVTP Las Vegas Tennis Pals
LVTC Las Vegas Track Club
LVT Las Vegas Travel
LVV Las Vegas Valley
LVVA Las Vegas Videographers Association
LVW Las Vegas Wash
LVW Las Vegas Wrestling
LVWG Las Vegas Writers Group
HSH Las Vegas, Nevada – Henderson Sky Harbor Airport
LVS Las Vegas, New Mexico
LAS Las Vegas, NV, USA – McCarran International Airport
VGT Las Vegas, NV, USA – North Air Terminal
LLV Loving Las Vegas
NMBHI New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute at Las Vegas
NLV North Las Vegas
RALV Rage Across Las Vegas
UKLV United Kingdom Las Vegas
UNLV-SDM University Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine
UNLV University of Nevada, Las Vegas
USCC US Sweepstakes Claims Compliance (Las Vegas, NV)
VLV Viva Las Vegas
WPLV Wedding Professionals of Las Vegas