Leadership Abbreviations

The word leadership defines the process of influencing others, encouraging them to work enthusiastically towards a common goal. There are several classifications of leaders: for example, regarding the formality in their election, it is customary to speak of formal leaders (elected by an organization) or informal leaders (who emerge from a group ).


Leadership Abbreviations

In any case , the most widespread classification is the one that concerns the relationship between the leader and his followers. In this case, there are authoritarian, democratic and liberal (laissez faire) leaders.

The authoritarian leader is the one who makes decisions on his own and never justifies them. This class of leader calls for one-way communication with the subordinate.

The democratic leader, as for himself, immediately decides to encourage discussion in the group and takes into account the opinions of his followers. The standards and evaluation criteria are explicit and clear.

As far as the liberal leader is concerned, he usually adopts a passive role and leaves power in the hands of the group. He never judges or evaluates others’ suggestions/opinions and lets members enjoy complete freedom of action.

Another classification of leadership is determined by the leader’s influence over his subordinates. Transactional leadership is when group members recognize the leader as the authority and that the leader provides them with resources considered valid for the group. In contrast, transformational or charismatic leadership implies the ability to change the scale of values, attitudes and beliefs of followers.

List of Acronyms Related to Leadership

APPL Academy of Program and Project Leadership
APLG Accounting Programs Leadership Group
APLI ADRA Professional Leadership Institute (est. 1996)
ALQ Adult Leadership Qualification
ALC Advanced Leadership Conference
ALS Advanced Leadership Series
AWL Advancing Women in Leadership Journal
ALIVE Adventure, Leadership, Individuality, Values, Empowerment
ABLE Advocate, Boldness, Leadership and Empowerment
ALF Africa Leadership Forum
AALF African American Leadership Forum
AALI African American Leadership Initiative
AALC African-American Leadership Center
AALI African-American Leadership Institute
APLN Agile Project Leadership Network
ALED Agricultural Leadership and Development
ALPH Agricultural Leadership Program of Hawaii
ALS Airman Leadership School
ALA Alachua Leadership Alliance
ATLN Alaska Teacher Leadership Network
AFLCA Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association
ALA Alcatel Leadership Association
ALLP Aldo Leopold Leadership Program
ALPS Alpine Leadership Pursuits for Skiers & Riders
AQSL Al-Qaeda’s Senior Leadership
ACLC American Clergy Leadership Conference
AGLG American Governance & Leadership Group
AHLA American Hometown Leadership Awards
AILP American Indian Leadership Program
ALF American Leadership Forum
ALFO American Leadership Forum of Oregon
AMLN American Mideast Leadership Network
ATL Americans for Technology Leadership
AALC Arab American Leadership Council
ALCF Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
ALLC Army Logistics Leadership Center
APLF Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV/AIDS and Development
APPEAL Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment and Leadership
ASLI Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute
ACCL Australian Centre for Clinician Leadership
ARLP Australian Rural Leadership Program
AWLF Australian Women Leadership Forum
ALP Aviation Leadership Program
BPL Bachelor of Personnel Leadership
BUILD Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development
BALMEST Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health
BALM Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health
BALP Barclays Africa Leadership Programme
BLAST Basic Leadership and Staff Training
BLT Basic Leadership Training
BLA Bath Leadership Academy
BLT Battalion Leadership Team
BAICLA Bay Area Inner City Leadership Alliance
BRAVE Believing what is right; Resisting bad; Acknowledging what you’re capable of; Vengeance is not a solution; Earn leadership
BALI Bella Abzug Leadership Institute
BLF Bermuda Leadership Forum
BLF Beta Leadership Fund
BILD Biblical Institute of Leadership Development
BLC Bicycle Leadership Conference
BSLP Bison Student Leadership Program
BLF Black Leadership Forum, Inc.
BWLC Black Womens Leadership Council
BLI Board Leadership Institute
BCLA Boston Community Leadership Academy
BELMAS British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society
BELL Brown Environmental Leadership Lab
BLT Building Leadership Team
BLP Business and Leadership Program
BORG Business and Organizational Leadership
BCLC Business Civic Leadership Center
BLC Business Leadership Center
BLCP Business Leadership Certificate Program
BLD Business Leadership Development
BLF Business Leadership Forum
BALLOON Business Leadership Network
BLN Business Leadership Network
BLP Business Leadership Practice
BLT Business Leadership Team
BLT Business Leadership Training
BELL Business-Environment Learning and Leadership
CLC Cadet Leadership Course
COLP Cadet Officer Leadership Program
COLS Cadet Officer Leadership School
CABLN California Business Leadership Network
CSLA California School Leadership Academy
CSLA California State Leadership Academy
CFLI Canadian Forces Leadership Institute
CJNL Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership
CLC Cancer Leadership Council
JBH Captain Joy Bright Hancock Leadership Award
CSLF Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
CLC Career Leadership Conference
CELP Catalina Environmental Leadership Program
CECL Catalyst for Emerging Church Leadership
CAL Center for Anabaptist Leadership
CAL Center for Army Leadership
CAL Center for Association Leadership
CCLD Center for Character and Leadership Development
CCPL Center for Civic Participation and Leadership
CCL Center for Creative Leadership
CECL Center for Early Childhood Leadership
CEL Center for Effective Leadership
CEL Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
CGUL Center for Global Urban Leadership
CHLP Center for Health Leadership and Practice
CIRCLE Center for Immigrant and Refugee Community Leadership and Empowerment
CITL Center for Information Technology Leadership
CLCI Center for Leadership and Cultural Intelligence
CLS Center for Leadership and Service
CLOUD Center for Leadership Development
CLD Center for Leadership Development
CLE Center for Leadership Education
CLES Center for Leadership Education and Service
CLCD Center for Leadership, Citizenship and Democracy
CMEL Center for Management and Executive Leadership
CNL Center for Naval Leadership
CNLM Center for Nonprofit Leadership and Management
CPL Center for Progressive Leadership
CPL Center for Public Leadership
CSL Center for Strategic Leadership
CDTL Center for the Development of Technological Leadership
CWGL Center for Women’s Global Leadership
CELL Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning
CELA Central Eurasia Leadership Academy
CELA Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance
COLS Central Ontario Leadership Seminar
CIEL Centre for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership
CIL Centre for Innovative Leadership
CORL Certificate in Outdoor Recreation Leadership
CALD Certified Accounting and Leadership Design
CLF Certified Leadership Fellow
COLLEGE Chain of Leadership and Management
COLLECTED Chain of Leadership and Management
COL Chain of Leadership and Management
CJLA Chappie James Leadership Academy
CLAAC Chapter Leadership Attitude Adjustment Committee
CLTC Chapter Leadership Training Conference
CHILD Character, Health, Integrity, Leadership, Development
CSLC Charter School Leadership Council
CLF Chartered Leadership Fellow
CGLA Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy
CLN Chautauqua Leadership Network
CPLG Chemicals and Plastics Leadership Group
CLA Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
CBLT Church Based Leadership Training
CLC Church Leadership Connection
CBLC Cincinnati Band Leadership Clinic
CLA Civic Leadership Academy
CLC Civic Leadership Center
CLOUD Civilian Leadership Development
CLD Civilian Leadership Development
CLTD Civilian Leadership Training Division
CLC CIVMAR Leadership Council
CAYLA Class Action Youth Leadership Academy
CLN Clergy Leadership Network
CDLR Climate Disclosure Leadership Ranking
CLBMS Club Leadership and Business Management School
CCEL Coalition for Civic Engagement and Leadership
COSL College of Operational and Strategic Leadership
CTEL College of Teacher Education and Leadership
CLIP Collegiate Leadership Internship Program
CLA Colorado Leadership Academy
CYLN Colorado Youth Leadership Network
CLC Combat Leadership Course
CLM Command, Leadership and Management
CELI Commitment Efficiency Leadership & Involvement
CIPL Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership
CALL Community Association Leadership Lobby
CCLDI Community College Leadership Development Initiatives
CLIC Community College Leadership Initiative Consortium
CCLP Community College Leadership Program
CHLP Community Health Leadership Program
CLAD Community Leadership and Development
CLED Community Leadership and Economic Development
CLC Community Leadership Committee
CLICK Community Leadership Institute for Change Knowledge
CLSJSV Community Leadership San Jose Silicon Valley
COPLC Community Oriented Policing Leadership Council
CRLTS Community Recreation and Leadership Training
CSLA Community Sports Leadership Award
CSLT Complex Systems Leadership Theory
CLT Complexity Leadership Theory
CLDP Computer Leadership Development Program
CAPAL Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership
CSLC Congressional Student Leadership Conference
CLC Conservative Leadership Conference
CCLC Continuing Care Leadership Coalition
CLC Corporate Leadership Council
CLT Corporate Leadership Team
CAPITAL Council of Asian Pacific Islanders Together for Advocacy Leadership
CLI County Leadership Institute
CLDP CPO Leadership Development Program (Royal Australian Navy)
CLIMB Credentials for Leadership in Management and Business
COLT Creek Outdoor Leadership Training
CIL Curriculum & Instructional Leadership
DSLC Defense Senior Leadership Conference
DLC Democratic Leadership Council
DLS Democratic Leadership School
DLC Demolay Leadership Conference
DCLF Denver Community Leadership Forum
DEL Department of Educational Leadership
ELPTS Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies
EPLS Department of Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
ERTL Department of Educational Research, Technology, and Leadership
LFCP Department of Leadership, Foundations and Counseling Psychology
DLC Detroit Leadership Council
DLI Development Leadership Initiative
DELF Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum
DLT Division Leadership Team
ELD Doctor of Executive Leadership
DSL Doctor of Strategic Leadership
DSLS Doctor of Strategic Leadership
DOTLPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities
DOTLPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership, Personnel, and Facilities
DOTMLPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities
DOTMILPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities
DOTMLPF-P Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Policy
DCLU Doma Christian Leadership University
DLC Dominican Leadership Conference
ECLD Early Childhood Leadership Directions
ETRLA East Tennessee Regional Leadership Association
ESTARL Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership
ELLF Eastside Latino Leadership Forum
ELNA Education and Leadership for a Nonviolent Age
ELA Education Leadership Academy
ELC Education Leadership Council
EDLD Education Leadership Doctorate
ELEVATION Educational Leadership
EL Educational Leadership
EDLA Educational Leadership and Administration
ELCP Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology
ELHE Educational Leadership and Higher Education
ELM Educational Leadership and Management
EDLM Educational Leadership and Management
EDLPS Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
EDLP Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
ELPS Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
ELSE Educational Leadership and Special Education
ELCC Educational Leadership Constituent Council
ELF Educational Leadership Foundation
ELRC Educational Leadership Research and Counseling
ECLA Energy Conservation Leadership Act
EGL Engineering Global Leadership
ELA Englewood Leadership Academy
ELBA Entrepreneurial Leadership for Business Advantage
ELC Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Consulting
ELC Environmental Leadership Council
ELP Environmental Leadership Program
ELD Episcopal Lay-Leadership Directory
EFSL Ethics as the Foundation for Supervision and Leadership
XL Excellence in Leadership Program
ELITE Excellence in Leadership: Improving Through Education
EXCEL Excellence Uniting Culture, Education and Leadership
EFSL Executive Fire Service Leadership
ELMP Executive Leadership and Management Programme
ELC Executive Leadership Council
ELC Executive Leadership Course
ELDC Executive Leadership Development Committee
ELAM Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine
ELI Executive Leadership Institute
XLS Executive Leadership Seminar
ELEMENT Executive Leadership Team
ELT Executive Leadership Team
ELTS Executive Leadership Training Seminar
EMSAL Executive Master of Science in Association Leadership
EXCEL Expanding Capacity for Effectiveness and Leadership
ELSA Expedition Leadership Style Analysis
ELEMENT Extended Leadership Meeting
ELT Extended Leadership Meeting
EALP Extension Administrative Leadership Program
FCL Family Community Leadership
FLF Federal Leadership Forum
FMLA Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
FLXS Field Leadership Exercise
FLX Field Leadership Exercise
FLRP Financial Leadership Rotation Program
FMLP Financial Management Leadership Program
FALA First American Leadership Awards
FYLC First Year Leadership Council
FISO Fit In Stand Out Leadership
FLC Fitzwater Leadership Consulting
FALA Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy
FELE Florida Educational Leadership Exam
FLIGHT Forest Leadership Team
FLT Forest Leadership Team
FSHPL Forum for State Health Policy Leadership
FLPS Foundations, Leadership and Policy Studies
FELC Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge
FAMLA Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy
GCLI Gardner Carney Leadership Institute
GLLC Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council
GLLI Gay Lesbian Leadership Institute
GSLC Geisinger Student Leadership Center
GABRIELA General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Action
GCLA Georgia CIO Leadership Association
GELA Georgia Education Leadership Academy
GLEI Georgia Leadership Evaluation Instrument
GOAL Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership
GSLC GIAC Security Leadership Certificate
GCLP Gippsland Community Leadership Program
GIRLS Girls In Recreation, Leadership and Sports
GOAL Girls’ Opportunities for Adventure and Leadership
GALA Global Aviation Leadership Award
GFLF Global Financial Leadership Forum
GILD Global Institute for Leadership Development
GLOBE Global Leadership and Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness
GLCP Global Leadership Certificate Program
GLE Global Leadership Education
GLE Global Leadership Entrepreneurship
GLI Global Leadership Institute
GLI Global Leadership Interlink
GLM Global Leadership Meeting
GLN Global Leadership Network
GLT Global Leadership Team
GLTC Global Leadership Training Center
GULF Global University Leadership Forum
GOLF Goal-Oriented Leadership Function
GALC Governmental Affairs Leadership Conference
GLF Governor’s Leadership Foundation
GPALS Grace Pearson Alumni Leadership Scholarship
GSMLA Graduate School of Management, Leadership and Administration
GLFLI Great Lakes Fisheries Leadership Institute
GLLA Great Lakes Leadership Academy
GLOW Greater Leadership Opportunity for Women
GILA Greenbelt Interfaith Leadership Association
GLP Group Leadership Project
GMLA Growth Management Leadership Alliance
HCLA Hamilton County Leadership Academy
HLP Hart Leadership Program
HPLA Health Policy Leadership Alliance
HPLP Health Promoter Leadership Program
HLC Healthcare Leadership Council
HWLI Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute
HILS High Impact Leadership Series
HPL High Performance Leadership
HSLA High School Leadership Academy
HALO Hispanic American Leadership Organization
HBLI Hispanic Border Leadership Institute
HLI Hispanic Leadership Institute
HOLA Hispanic Outreach Leadership Alliance
HWLI Hispanic Women Leadership Institute
HDLA Holly Drive Leadership Academy
HLOGA Honest Leadership and Open Government Act
HKLC Hong Kong Leadership Council
HLRC Honors Leadership Residential College
HELP Horticulture Entrepreneur Leadership Program
HLC Housing Leadership Council
HRLP Human Resource Leadership Program
HLCS Hyde Leadership Charter School
ILE Increasing Leadership Effectiveness
IASLC Indian American Security Leadership Council
IPLA Indiana Principals Leadership Academy
ITLG Indigenous Tourism Leadership Group
IMLA Informa Management and Leadership Academy
IMLP Information Management Leadership Program
ISLDP Information Systems Leadership Development Program
ITELC Information Technology Executive Leadership Council
ITLT Information Technology Leadership Team
ILI Infosys Leadership Institute
IXL Innovation, Excellence and Leadership
ITML Innovation, Technology, and Market Leadership
ILFO Institut de Leadership des Femmes de l’Ontario
ICL Institute for Civic Leadership
ICLM Institute for Creativity, Leadership and Management
IEL Institute for Educational Leadership
IGL Institute for Global Leadership
ILD Institute for Leadership Development
INHL Institute for Nursing Healthcare Leadership
ISBL Institute for Strategic Brand Leadership
IDCL Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership
ITLD Institute for Theological and Leadership Development
IWIL Institute for Women in Leadership
ILM Institute of Leadership and Management
IOLS Institute of Leadership Studies
IOPL Institute of Political Leadership
IPLA Institute of Political Leadership and Access
ILD Instructional Leadership
ISLF Insurance Standards Leadership Forum
ILP Integrated Leadership Program
IPL Integrated Performance Leadership Group, LLC
ILQ Intermediate Leadership Qualification
ICCL International Center for Christian Leadership
ICLD International Center for Leadership Development
ICLR International Centre for Leadership Results
ICLT International Community Leadership Training
IIMHL International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership
IIEL International Institute for Educational Leadership
ILC International Leadership Conference
ILD International Leadership Development
ILTC International Leadership Training Conference
IQLI International Quality Leadership Institute
ISLT International Sports Leadership Training
ISLC International Student Leadership Conference
IWLS International Wilderness Leadership School
ISSLS Inter-Service Summer Leadership School
IOLS Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills
ISLT Invasive Species Leadership Team
ITLG Irish Technology Leadership Group
JLP Jacobs Leadership Project
JLP Jewish Leadership Program
JEWEL Jordanian Education for Water and Environmental Leadership
JBPL Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership
JCLC JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge
JLLS Juliette Low Leadership Society
JLC Junior Leadership Course
KCLI Kansas Community Leadership Initiative
KLC Kansas Leadership Center
KLP Key Leadership Position
KLI Kingdom Leadership Institute
KMLF Knowledge Management Leadership Forum
KMLA Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
LLN Latina Leadership Network
LLANJ Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey
LLC Latino Leadership Circle
LLOP Latino Leadership Opportunity Program
LTP Leader/Leadership Training Plan/Program
LAUNCH Leadership Academy and Urban Network for Chicago
LAND Leadership Academy for New Directions
LAC Leadership Advisory Committee
LAAA Leadership Albuquerque Alumni Association
LANS Leadership Alliance National Symposium
LDA Leadership Analysis
LAWA Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa
LCM Leadership and Change Management
LDM Leadership and Decision Making
LHD Leadership and Human Development
LMDA Leadership and Management Development Association
LODJ Leadership and Organization Development Journal
LOD Leadership and Organizational Development
LOM Leadership and Organizational Management
LDPS Leadership and Policy Studies
LAPD Leadership and Professional Development
LPST Leadership and Professional Studies
LASD Leadership and Self-Deception
LBP Leadership Best Practices
LBWA Leadership by Walking Around
LCC Leadership Casting Call
LCA Leadership Center for Asian Pacific Americans
LCP Leadership Certificate Program
LC Leadership Challenge
LCCR Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
LCCREF Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund
LCC Leadership Core Curricula
LCC Leadership Correspondence Course
LCAO Leadership Council of Aging Organizations
LDA Leadership Development Academy
LDAC Leadership Development and Assessment Course
LDEC Leadership Development and Excellence Committee
LDC Leadership Development Center
LDC Leadership Development Conference
LDC Leadership Development Corps
LDI Leadership Development Institute
LDJ Leadership Development Journey
LDPM Leadership Development Partnership Ministry
LDP Leadership Development Program
LDS Leadership Development System
LDW Leadership Development Workshop
LEAP Leadership Education Adventure Program
LEAD Leadership Education And Development Program in Business, Inc.
LEND Leadership Education Excellence in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
LEAP Leadership Education for Adult Professionals
LEAP Leadership Education for Advancement and Promotion
LEAP Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc.
LEGO Leadership Education Growth Opportunities
LEAH Leadership Education in Adolescent Health
LEMI Leadership Education Mentoring Institute
LEAP Leadership Education Partnership
LET Leadership Education Training
LEAD Leadership Education/Action Development
LEI Leadership Effectiveness Inventory
LEQ Leadership Effectiveness Quotient
LEAP Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program
LEMP Leadership Enhancement Mentoring Program
LEAP Leadership Enrichment Adventure Program
LEA Leadership Equity Association
LET Leadership Executive Team
LEAP Leadership Experience Adventure Program
LEO Leadership Experience Opportunity
LEAP Leadership for Educator’s Advanced Performance
LEAD Leadership for Environment and Development
LHIP Leadership for Health Improvement Programme
LFLN Leadership for Life Network
LQE Leadership for Quality Education
LFHE Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
LGMF Leadership Governance and Management Fund
LGLR Leadership Greater Little Rock
LHC Leadership Health Care
LIA Leadership Idaho Agriculture
LECL Leadership in Ecology, Culture and Learning
LEAD Leadership in Education About Alcohol and Drugs
LESO Leadership in Educational and Sport Organizations
LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LEED-EB Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings
LEED Leadership in Energy Efficient Design
LEED Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design
LEEP Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership
LIFT Leadership in Fitness Training
LIGHT Leadership in Global Health Technology
LPM Leadership in Project Management
LPS Leadership in the Public Sector
LI Leadership Institute
LIOS Leadership Institute of Seattle
LLAB Leadership Laboratory
LMI Leadership Management International, Inc.
LMST Leadership Management Skills Training
LMAA Leadership Michigan Alumni Association
LNJ Leadership New Jersey
LO Leadership Oakland
LOM Leadership Ocala/Marion
LOMA Leadership Ocala/Marion Alumni
LOMP Leadership Ocala/Marion Partners
LAF Leadership of the Arts Festival
LOTC Leadership Officer Training Corps
LOQ Leadership Opinion Questionaire
LOA Leadership Opportunity Awards
LP Leadership Points
LPR Leadership Potential Rating
LP Leadership Program
LPAP Leadership Program for Aspiring Principals
LPM Leadership Program for Musicians
LPS Leadership Public Schools
LQF Leadership Qualities Framework
LRC Leadership Reaction Course
LRDL Leadership Research and Development
LRI Leadership Research Institute
LSE Leadership Self-Efficacy
LSAA Leadership Slidell Alumni Association
LSAA Leadership Southside Alumni Association
LSAA Leadership Stockton Alumni Association
LSR Leadership Strength Readiness
LSI Leadership Strengths Interview
LSAA Leadership Sumner Alumni Association
LSP Leadership Systems Program
LTTA Leadership Talks Technology Academy
LT Leadership Team
LTD Leadership Team Development
LTAA Leadership Texas Alumnae Association
LEAD Leadership through Evaluation, Alignment, and Development
LTPS Leadership Through People Skills
LTQ Leadership Through Quality
LT Leadership Trainer
LTC Leadership Training Conference
LTC Leadership Training Continuum
LTI Leadership Training Institute
LTS Leadership Training Service
LTS Leadership Training Systems
LTW Leadership Training Workshop
LTQ Leadership Trait Questionnaire
LTCD Leadership Transition and Chapter Development
LYA Leadership Yeshiva Academy
LEAPS Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation and Service
LGM Leadership, Governance and Management
LMPD Leadership, Management and Personal Development
LVDM Leadership, Values and Decision Making
LMT Leadership/Management Training
LPOLC Leading Petty Officer Leadership Course
LLBS Learning and Leadership Board
LLB Learning and Leadership Board
LLF Learning and Leadership in Families
LLC Leather Leadership Conference
LLQ Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire
LELO Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing
LLS Libertarian Leadership School
LLAMA Library Leadership and Management Association
LLI Library Leadership Institute
LLBI Listening Leadership Behavior Inventory
LLD Lodge Leadership Development
MCLF Maine Citizen Leadership Fund
MLN Management & Leadership Network
MLC Management Leadership Conference
MLT Management Leadership Team
MCLE Manitoba Council for Leadership in Education
MLR March Leadership Retreat
MLBD Maritime Leadership and Behaviour Development
MLC Marketing Leadership Council
MLT Marketing Leadership Team
MLW Maryland Leadership Workshops
MLC Masonic Leadership Center
MTLC Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council
MAPL Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership
MAGL Master of Arts in Global Leadership
MAML Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership
MASCL Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership
MATL Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership
MHCL Master of Health Care Leadership
MANUAL Master of Nursing Leadership
MNL Master of Nursing Leadership
MOL Master of Organizational Leadership
MSCJL Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership
MSEL Master of Science in Educational Leadership
MSEL Master of Science in Executive Leadership
MSGL Master of Science in Global Leadership
MSL Master of Science in Leadership
MSOL Master of Science Organizational Leadership
ML Master’s in Leadership
MSLS Master’s of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability
MYLC Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council
MCREL McQuinn Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
MALI Media Arts Leadership Institute
MEDAL Medical Education Development and Leadership
MHLN Medical Home Leadership Network
MSLP Medical Strategic Leadership Program
MLF Memphis Leadership Foundation
MHLC Mental Health Leadership Council
MYLC Mentor Youth Leadership Committee
MLT Mentoring Leadership Training
MILE Metropolitan Institute for Leadership in Education
MFEL Michigan Foundation for Education Leadership
MPLP Michigan Political Leadership Program
MLT Military Leadership Team
MPL Military Psychology and Leadership
MALDI Minority Adoption Leadership Development Institute
MELDI Minority Environmental Leadership Development Initiative
MYLC Mississauga Youth Leadership Conference
MCLC Montana Church Leadership Conference
MDLI Moroccan Dutch Leadership Institute
MSCL Mountain School for Congregational Leadership
MELDI Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative
MLC Multicultural Leadership Council
MLP Multicultural Leadership Program
MLQ Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire
MYLA Muslim Youth Leadership Award
NALC National Advanced Leadership Camp
NAPL National Association for Printing Leadership
NBLCA National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
NCSL National Center for Student Leadership
NCLS National Character and Leadership Symposium
NCSL National College for School Leadership
NCCL National Committee for Christian Leadership
NCLI National Community Leadership Institute
NCCL National Conference of Catechetical Leadership
NCGSL National Conference on Graduate Student Leadership
NCSL National Conference on Student Leadership
NCLI National Conservation Leadership Institute
NCYL National Council on Youth Leadership
NELC National Employer Leadership Council
NELD National Extension Leadership Development
NFLC National Fall Leadership Conference
NHLI National Hispana Leadership Institute
NIYLG National Indigenous Youth Leadership Group
NILA National Institute for Leadership Advancement
CLAL National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership
NLC National Leadership Conference
NLC National Leadership Council
NLDS National Leadership Development Seminar
NLD National Leadership for Development
NLI National Leadership Institute
NLPB National Leadership Prayer Breakfast
NLS National Leadership Seminar
NLT National Leadership Team
NLTSGO National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers
NNLW National News Leadership Workshop
NOLS National Outdoor Leadership School
NPCL National Partnership for Community Leadership
NPLI National Preparedness Leadership Initiative
NPLI National Principals Leadership Institute
NSLDSS National Senior Leadership Decision Support System
NSLI National Service Leadership Institute
NSLC National Student Leadership Conference
NTLI National Technology Leadership Initiative
NYL National Youth Leadership
NYLON National Youth Leadership
NYLC National Youth Leadership Council
NYLTI National Youth Leadership Training Institute
NALA Native American Leadership Alliance
NALE Native American Leadership in Education
NHLP Native Hawaiian Leadership Project
NRLA Natural Resources Leadership Association
NOL Nature of Leadership
NELP Navy Environmental Leadership Program
NLDP Navy Leadership Development Program
NWL Network for Women in Leadership
NPWL Network of Presbyterian Women in Leadership
NCCL New Center for Collaborative Leadership
NCL New Church Leadership
NJLC New Jersey Leadership Conference
NLCS New Leadership Charter School
NMBLN New Mexico Business Leadership Network
NVLA New Visions in Leadership Academy
NYLA New York Leadership Awards
NCCL Niagara Centre for Community Leadership
NPL Non-Profit Leadership
NPLI Non-Profit Leadership Institute
NPCL Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership
NGLA Northeast Greek Leadership Association
NPLM Northern Plains Leadership Movement
NVLA Northern Virginia Leadership Awards
NLI Nurse Leadership Institute
NLC Nursing Leadership Council
NPA-PLG Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy Leadership Group
OLT Oceania Leadership Team
OLMS Office of Leadership and Management Services
OPAL Office of Pluralism and Leadership
OILD Olympic Institute for Leadership Development
OCLW Ontario Camp Leadership Workshop
OSLC Ontario Student Leadership Conference
OSLT Operational Services Leadership Team
OILD Oregon Institute for Leadership Development
OLAM Organization for Leadership Advancement in Miami
OLQ Organizational Leadership and Quality
OLSP Organizational Leadership and Supervision
OLS Organizational Leadership and Supervision
OLE Organizational Leadership for Executives
OTLD Orientation Training and Leadership Development
OVAL Our Vision for Asian Leadership
OLER Outdoor Leadership and Recreation
OLDC Outdoor Leadership Development Committee
OLTS Outdoor Leadership Training Seminar
OWLS Outdoor Wilderness Leadership School
OWLS Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership Synergies
OCL Overall Cost Leadership
PEARLS Pacific Education and Research for Leadership in Science
PLDI Pacific Leadership Development Institute
PAYLS Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit
PLSP Parent Leadership Support Project
PLTI Parent Leadership Training Institute
PCLI Park County Leadership Institute
PCLA Parklawn Christian Leadership Academy
PQL Partial Quality Leadership
PALS Partnering and Leadership Success
PILA Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action
EPICCCC Passion Responsibility Enthusiasm Leadership Initiative Maturity — Experience Perseverance Integrity Interpersonal Skills Commitment Curiosity Compassion Creativity Consistency
PALS Peer Assistance and Leadership
PALLET Peer Leadership Team
PLT Peer Leadership Team
PCEL Penn Center for Educational Leadership
PLDC Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center
PPLI Pennsylvania Preparedness Leadership Institute
PDL Personal Development Leadership
PLOC Petroleum Leadership and Outlook Conference
PCLP Philadelphia Cultural Leadership Program
PNLC Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center
PLC Philmont Leadership Challenge
PELP Police Executive Leadership Program
PLAGE Policy Leadership and Advocacy for Gender Equality
POLS Policy Organization and Leadership Studies
PRLS Potential Rotary Leadership Seminar
PBLS Premier Business Leadership Series
PLG President’s Leadership Group
PLC Presidents Leadership Class
PLC Primary Leadership Course
PLDC Primary Leadership Development Course
PLP Primary Leadership Programme
PLQ Primary Leadership Qualification
PLA Principal Leadership Academy
PLA Principal’s Leadership Award
PELT Process Excellence Leadership Team
PDLA Professional Development Leadership Academy
PFLA Professional Faculty Leadership Association
PALE Professionalism, Administration and Leadership in Education
PULL Professionals United for Leadership
PCLM Program Committee for Leadership for Ministry
PULSE Program for Understanding Leadership, Service and Exchange
PLC Program Leadership Committee
PMLG Project Management Leadership Group, Inc.
PLSP Pryor Leadership Studies in Nursing Program
PNLC Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center
PELP Public Education Leadership Project
PHLA Public Health Leadership Award
PHLIER Public Health Leadership Initiative for Emergency Response
PHLI Public Health Leadership Institutes
PHLS Public Health Leadership Society
PILD Public Issues Leadership Development
PLEN Public Leadership Education Network
PPLC Public Policy Leadership Conference
PSL Public Safety Leadership
PCLA Putnam County Leadership Academy
QLA Qatar Leadership Academy
QAL Qualification Avancee en Leadership
QLD Quality Leadership by Design
QLE Quality Leadership Executive
QLP Quality Leadership Profile
QLT Quality Leadership Team
RLP Raffles Leadership Programme
RTLC Real Time Leadership Center
RLMG Recreation Leadership and Management
RPSL Recreation Parks and Sport Leadership
RNL Reflections on Nursing Leadership
RLC Regional Leadership Conference
RLT Regional Leadership Team
RSLC Regional Student Leadership Conference
RSLS Regional Student Leadership Seminar
RWLC Regional Workforce Leadership Council
RLC Republican Leadership Council
RSLC Republican State Leadership Committee
RHLO Residence Hall Leadership Organization
RLA Residential Leadership Association
RCLG Responsible Care Leadership Group
RBL Results Based Leadership
RICSL Rhode Island Center for School Leadership
RPLA Rosa Parks Leadership Academy
RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly
RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
RYLP Rotary Youth Leadership Program
YLF Russian Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service Program
SLAAA Sage Leadership Academy Alumni Association
SMLP Sales Management Leadership Program
SJLC San Jose Leadership Council
SELU Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit
SIHL Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership
SLC Say Leadership Coaching
SDL School District Leadership
SLC School Leadership Center
SLTF School Leadership Task Force
SLT School Leadership Team
SLLT School Literacy Leadership Team
SBL School of Business and Leadership
SGML School of Global Management and Leadership
SOL School of Leadership
SLPA School of Leadership and Professional Advancement
SLPD School of Leadership and Professional Development
SLPS School of Leadership and Professional Studies
STCL School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership
SOLAR School Outdoor Leadership Adventure Recreation
STLI School Technology Leadership Initiative
SBIL School-Based Instructional Leadership
SLA Science Leadership Academy
SKILL Scientific Knowledge for Indian Learning and Leadership
SEAL Sea Scout Advanced Leadership
SMILES Seattle Men’s Institute for Leadership Effectiveness
SOLS Section Officers Leadership Seminar
SLC Security Leadership Council
SALN Self-Advocate Leadership Network
SELP Self-Expression and Leadership Program
SALT Senior Agency Leadership Team
SLB Senior Leadership Board
SLCS Senior Leadership Communications System
SLCG Senior Leadership Compensation Group
SLDP Senior Leadership Development Program
SLT Senior Leadership Team
SCLC Service Clubs Leadership Conference
SOL Service Opportunities in Leadership
SLI Sherman Block Leadership Institute
SSIL Sir Syed Institute of Leadership
SLTP Situational Leadership Training Program
SLI Skinner Leadership Institute
SLC Sloan Leadership Club
SGLI Smart Growth Leadership Institute
SCLC Smoking Cessation Leadership Center
SALSA Social Action & Leadership School for Activists
SJL Social Justice Leadership
SRLS Socially Responsible Leadership Scale
SLC Society for Leadership of Change
SLT Software Leadership Team
SCSL South Carolina School of Leadership
SBLC Southern Baptist Leadership Conference
SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference
SELT Southern Educational Leadership Trust
SOULS Southern Outreach Leadership School
SRLC Southern Republican Leadership Conference
SPHLI Southwest Public Health Leadership Institute
SMILE Spreading Multiculturalism and Inspiring Leadership Through Education
SLS Squadron Leadership School
SLLI St. Lawrence Leadership Institute
SLPLO St. Louis Police Leadership Organization
SOL Standards Of Leadership
SELI Stanford Educational Leadership Institute
SKLLA Stanley K. Lacy Leadership Association
SELP State Environmental Leadership Program
SLLC State Legislative Leadership Conference
SLICE Stimulating Leadership in Cutting Expenditures Act
SALT Strategic Administrative Leadership Team
SLT Strategic Leadership Team
SLTI Strategic Leadership Type Indicator
SPLT Strategic Planning Leadership Team
SALD Student Activities and Leadership Development
SCLA Student Camp Leadership Academy
SDLI Student Development and Leadership Institute
SDLC Student Diversity Leadership Conference
SLAR Student Leadership Activity Report
SLC Student Leadership Club
STLC Student Leadership Conference
SLC Student Leadership Council
SLDC Student Leadership Development Corps
SLDP Student Leadership Development Program
SLT Student Leadership Training
SLTC Student Leadership Training Club
SLTP Student Leadership Training Program
SOLR Student Organization Leadership Retreat
SOLO Student Organizations and Leadership Opportunities
STLP Student Technology Leadership Program
SIGNAL Students Interested in Growth Networking and Leadership
SPLAT Studio 2B Program Leadership Activities Team
SLS Summer Leadership School
SOLS Summer Officer Leadership School
SYLA Summer Youth Leadership Academy
SYLP Summer Youth Leadership Program
SILF Sundaram India Leadership Fund
SLP Superintendent’s Leadership Program
STLC Superintendents Technology Leadership Conference
SCL Supply Chain Leadership
SCLC Supply Chain Leadership Committee
SLIM Supportive Leadership Improved Management
SGLA Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance
SLLP Sustainable Living Leadership Program
SBLM Sustaining Base Leadership and Management
SLC Sweetheart Leadership Conference
SLC System Leadership Council
TLP Tactical Leadership Program
TAYL Taiwanese American Youth Leadership
TSLA Tarleton School Leadership Alliance
TLC Teacher Leadership Council
TALON Teaching Athletes Leadership Opportunities Now
TLC Team Leadership Center
TL Technical Leadership
TLDP Technology Leadership Development Program
TLF Technology Leadership Forum
TLI Technology Leadership Innovation
TLI Technology Leadership Institute
TLC Teen Leadership Conference
TLLA Terry Lowrance Leadership Award
TALH Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities
TALL Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership
THLP Texas Honors Leadership Program
TSLC Texas State Leadership Council
TALC The Adolescent Leadership Council
TLCA The Leadership Campaign on AIDS
TLC The Leadership Center
TLC The Leadership Challenge
TLI The Leadership Institute
TLP The Leadership Profile
TLI Toastmaster’s Leadership Institute
TCLN Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network
TQL Total Quality Leadership
TULC Trade Union Leadership Council
TLQ Transformational Leadership Questionnaire
TTLC Trenton Teen Leadership Corps
TLP Troop Leadership Procedures
ULDP Unit Leadership Development Program
ULC University Leadership Council
UVLF Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation
ULEND Utah Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
VLP Veterans Leadership Program
VMLC Veterans Medical Leadership Council
VILP Victoria International Leadership Programme
VLI Vineyard Leadership Institute
VOCAL Virginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership
WELA Washington Executive Leadership Academy
WLC Washington Leadership Conference
WLTI Washington Leadership Training Institute
WRLD Waterpark Resorts Leadership & Development
WLC Wave Leadership College
WCLC West Coast Leadership Conference
WFLA West Florida Leadership Academy
WALP Western Arctic Leadership Program
WELD Western Extension Leadership Development
WRLC Western Region Leadership Conference
WSLN Western States Leadership Network
WALC Whiteman Area Leadership Council
WALC Wilderness Adventure Leadership and Christ
WYLD Wilderness Youth Leadership Development
WALC Wisconsin AmeriCorps Leadership Council
WELD Women for Economic and Leadership Development
WALC Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference
WICL Women in Church Leadership
WICL Women in Corporate Leadership
WIEL Women in Educational Leadership
WELI Women in Engineering Leadership Institute
WILD Women in Leadership Development
WIL Women in Leadership Program
WPPL Women, Policy and Political Leadership
WEL Women’s Executive Leadership
WILD Women’s Institute for Leadership Development
WLC Women’s Leadership Circle
WLF Women’s Leadership Fund
WVLI Women’sVision Leadership Institute
WGLP Woolworths Group Leadership Programme
WCLM World Chemistry Leadership Meeting
WDLS World Diversity Leadership Symposium
WILMA World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa
WLC World Leadership Congress
WLGS World Leadership Group
WLG World Leadership Group
WYLN World Youth Leadership Network
WALC Wyoming Agricultural Leadership Council
WBLN Wyoming Business Leadership Network
YALA Young Arab Leadership Alliance
YLD Young Leadership Division
YLP Young Leadership Program
YDL Youth Development Leadership
YELP Youth Empowerment and Leadership Program
YELL Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning
YELP Youth Environmental Leadership Program
YIELD Youth Investing Energy in Leadership Development
YLA Youth Leadership Academy
YLB Youth Leadership Broward
YLC Youth Leadership Council
YLD Youth Leadership Development
YLDC Youth Leadership Development Corps
YLDI Youth Leadership Development Institute
YLEAD Youth Leadership Education and Development
YLDI Youth Leadership for Development Initiative
YLF Youth Leadership Forum
YLF Youth Leadership Foundation
YLG Youth Leadership Greensboro
YLH Youth Leadership Hall
YLI Youth Leadership Initiative
YLI Youth Leadership Institute
YLM Youth Leadership Mentoring
YLMS Youth Leadership Mentoring
YLM Youth Leadership Miami
YLMS Youth Leadership Miami
YLN Youth Leadership Network
YLP Youth Leadership Project
YLS Youth Leadership Summit
YMLI Youth Ministry Leadership Initiative
YSL Youth Service Leadership