Linguistics Abbreviations

The concept of linguistics (from the French linguistique) refers to what belongs to or is related to language. The word also makes it possible to allude to science whose object of study is language.


Linguistics Abbreviations

In this way, linguistics, as a science, is dedicated to the analysis of nature and the laws that govern language. Unlike philology, which is interested in the historical development of languages ​​in written texts and in the context of literature and associated culture , linguistics seeks to explain how languages ​​work at a given time in order to understand their general functioning.

Modern linguistics developed from the 19th century onwards. With the posthumous publication of Ferdinand de Saussure’s “Course in General Linguistics” (1916), linguistics became a science integrated with semiology. It began by raising some controversy regarding the distinction between language (the system) and speech (use) and the definition of linguistic sign (meaning and signifier).

In the 20th century, Noam Chomsky developed the current of generativism with transformational generative grammar, which focuses on language as a process of the speaker ‘s mind and on the innate (genetic) ability to acquire and use a language.

The study of language as a system is applied at several levels: phonetic-phonological (phonology and phonetics), morphological (morphology), syntactic ( syntactic ), lexical (lexicology and lexicography) and semantic (semantics).

From the point of view of speech, on the other hand, the text can be considered as the superior unit of communication and pragmatics, the one that studies the enunciation and the utterance.

List of Acronyms Related to Linguistics

AACL American Association for Corpus Linguistics
AJGLL American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures
ARAL Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
ARCL Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics
ALLE Applied Linguistics and Language in Education
ALAA Applied Linguistics Association of Australia
ALAK Applied Linguistics Association of Korea
ALRG Applied Linguistics Research Group
ACL Association for Computational Linguistics
ALL Austronesian Languages and Linguistics
BSL Bachelor of Science in Linguistics
BJL Belgian Journal of Linguistics
BALC Bharatiya Academy of Linguistics and Communication
BALE Biolinguistics: Acquisition and Language Evolution
CJL Canadian Journal of Linguistics
CLLI Caribbean Language and Linguistics Institute
CASTL Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics
CAL Center for Applied Linguistics
CRCL Center for Research in Computational Linguistics
CECL Centre for English Corpus Linguistics
CELTEAL Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
CRAL Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics
CLS Chicago Linguistics Society
CLO Chief Linguistics Officer
CMLL Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
CELL Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics
CLIE Committee for Linguistics in Education
COLING Computational Linguistics
CL Computational Linguistics
CLIP Computational Linguistics and Information Processing
CLIF Computational Linguistics in Flanders
CABL Contemporary Approaches to Baltic Linguistics
CABLS Contemporary Approaches to Baltic Linguistics
CL Corpus Linguistics
CSL Current Studies in Linguistics
DEAL Department of English and Applied Linguistics
DFLAL Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics
DLLS Deseret Language and Linguistics Society
DTSL Digital Tools Summit for Linguistics
ESCOL Eastern States Conference on Linguistics
EOPL Edinburgh Occasional Paper in Linguistics
ELL Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
ELTEAL English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
FASL Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics
FCCL Formal Computational and Cognitive Linguistics
FOCL Foundations of Computational Linguistics
GULS Georgetown Undergraduate Linguistics Society
GCLA German Cognitive Linguistics Association
GLAC Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference
GILLBT Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation
GALA Greek Applied Linguistics Association
HULC Harvard University Linguistics Club
HDLS High Desert Linguistics Society
IJAL Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics
ICLA International Cognitive Linguistics Association
ICAL International Conference on Applied Linguistics
INJAL International Journal of American Linguistics
IJAL International Journal of American Linguistics
INJAL International Journal of Applied Linguistics
IJAL International Journal of Applied Linguistics
IJDL International Journal of Diachronic Linguistics and Linguistic Reconstruction
IJDL International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics
ISDL International School of Dravidian Linguistics
ISFLA International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association
IRAAL Irish Association for Applied Linguistics
ILSA Irvine Linguistics Students Association
JAL Journal of Applied Linguistics
JALT Journal of Arabic Linguistics Tradition
JGL Journal of Germanic Linguistics
JGL Journal of Greek Linguistics
JJL Journal of Japanese Linguistics
LAL Language and Linguistics
LLL Language, Linguistics and Literature
LUCL Leiden University Centre for Linguistics
LABS Linguistics Abstracts Online
LLBA Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
LGSA Linguistics Graduate Student Association
LTBA Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area
LOVE Linguistics of Visual English
LWPD Linguistics Working Papers Directory
MAPL Master of Applied Linguistics
MAAL Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
MLL Modern Languages and Linguistics
MAAL Moscow Association of Applied Linguistics
MSCL Moscow Student Conference on Linguistics
NAAL National Association of Applied Linguistics
NDCL New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics
NORCLINLING Nordic Conference of Clinical Linguistics
NAACL North American Association for Computational Linguistics
NAULC North American Undergraduate Linguistics Conference
PACLING Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics
PALA Poetics and Linguistics Association
PCLA Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association
PL Political Linguistics
PBML Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics
PLAB Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board
PILC Puducherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture
RALL Research in African Languages and Linguistics
SLLC School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
SLCL School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics
SOMLAL School of Modern Languages and Linguistics
SCLA Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association
SCL Society for Caribbean Linguistics
SPCL Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics
SLUG Society of Linguistics Undergraduates
SEALS Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
SAALA Southern African Applied Linguistics Association
SCLC Southern California Linguistics Circle
SCOPIL Southern California Occasional Papers in Linguistics
SELL Studies in English Language and Linguistics
SIL Summer Institute of Linguistics
SILI Summer Institute of Linguistics International
SFL Systemic-Functional Linguistics
TOTAL Taste of Translation and Linguistics
UIL Utrecht Institute of Linguistics
WILMA Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance
WPEL Working Papers in Educational Linguistics
WAFL Workshop on Altaic in Formal Linguistics