Abbreviation for London, United Kingdom


London has something to offer all tourists, perhaps with the exception of ski tourists. If you are interested in shopping, arts and culture, architecture, nightlife, food and drink, sports or big city life, then London is a city that really has something to offer.

London has a tourist season all year round, but is perhaps most enjoyable in the spring or fall.

London is a real world metropolis and one of the largest cities on the planet. And size is perhaps the only downside to the city. You don’t have a chance to catch all of London’s attractions in a matter of days, and you can easily feel a little lost. Furthermore, there are great distances from one attraction to another and a lot of time can easily get away by taxi or subway. On the other hand, this is a bit of the charm of London too.

One advantage of London is that most people are well acquainted with the language (English), recognizing themselves in the culture, while the price of food and drink is lower than in Norway. Furthermore, shopping in London is cheaper than at home.

You can visit London countless times and constantly discover new and unfamiliar pages of the city. London caters for families with children, traveling alone or a love-hungry couple. In short, London is one of the best in Europe.

Get to know London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is located on the River Thames (The Thames). London was founded by the Romans in the 10th century AD The city became the center of world trade in the 17th century. Next to New York, London is today the world’s leading metropolitan area of ​​commerce, finance and insurance.

London itself has approx. 7 million inhabitants. Greater London is surrounded by a green area “The Green Belt”, and outside is further urban development. In total, the London region has approx. 12 million inhabitants. You will find typical port areas in outer parts of the Thames. Many of these areas have been remodeled in recent years and developed into new, fashionable residential and business areas. London is huge and so we want to concentrate here on the key parts that are most relevant to you who are only going to spend a few days in the city.

London and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: LDN
  • Country: United Kingdom


Let’s start east in London where you will find the city’s core and financial hub, The City Financial Center with the Bank of England. This area of ​​London is quiet and quiet on weekends, but buzzing with life on weekdays. Here you will find St. Paul’s Cathedral which is the main attraction of the district. City has memorials from the fire of 1666, and you will find modern buildings, churches and old pubs side by side.

East End

East of Fortress Tower lies the East End working district, which includes Tower Bridge and Southwark. Tate Modern is here as a symbol of the flourishing that has taken place in the area. We recommend a walk down the Queens Walk promenade, located near the Tate Modern.

West End

The West End district of London is England’s political hub with Westminster and Whitehall. From Trafalger Square, the avenues go to Whitehall and the Mall, and you realize that you are in London’s religious and political center of power when you see the buildings of Buckingham Palace, Parliament and the many churches. You notice a little more calm here than anywhere else in the center. The area extends to Victoria Station.

Mayfair, Soho and Covent Garden

West of Westminster you will find Mayfair and fashionable London. The streets of New Bond Street and Old Bond Street are typical representatives of the area. You will find the Soho and Covent Garden districts north of Westminster. The neighborhoods – perhaps most Soho – are known for restaurants, bars and an exotic nightlife. There are also many theaters. Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street are known to most of us. This is where most tourists shop.

Bayswater and Notting Hill

The Bayswater tourist area is at Hyde Park. Here you will find a number of tourist class hotels in a good location. All the way west London you will find Notting Hill which became world famous through the film of the same name (Notting Hill) with actors Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Notting Hill used to be a poor area. Today it is widely visited as a result of its Portobello Road market.

Kensington and Chelsea

If you want more exclusive shopping, head south to Kensington and the Kensington High Street shopping street. Kensington Gardens is known for its Kensington Palace where members of the royal family sometimes spend time. Chelsea is located west of the city, where you will find exclusive apartments and shops, including Harrods.

Facts about London

London is England’s largest city. Both in terms of residents and tourist tourists. London is Europe’s financial center and one of the most influential cities in the world. London is a must visit for big city enthusiasts.

Population Around 7 million
Official languages English.
Control Form Monarchy.
Religion Protestant (50%), Catholic (12%).
Time Difference England is 1 hour after Norway.
Currency English pounds, equivalent to around £ 12. ATMs can be found almost everywhere, and the use of credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Diners is very widespread.
Tips Some places include tips. If not, give 10-15%. The same goes for taxis. At the pub you don’t have to give tips.
Embassy The Norwegian Embassy is located at 25 Belgrave Square. Phone +44 20 7591 5500.
Tourist London Visitor Information Center, Leicester Square.
Telephone 44
Emergency 999
Electricity 240v 50Hz. You need an adapter for the UK 3-pin outlet, and these are normally available in stores
Holidays and Holidays January 1st, first Monday in May, last Monday in August
Visa Not required for Norwegian citizens
Vaccinations No vaccines are required
Water Do not drink from the tap
Nearest major cities Brighton, Portsmouth, Oxford, Cambridge
Safety Some violent crime, but the level of preparedness has been raised after several terrorist attacks and bomb threats in recent years. Also pay attention to pickpockets in crowds.

LDN: London

List of London Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about London is LDN which stands for London. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to London, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AFTLS Actors from the London Stage
ACOL AIDS Committee of London
APRIL Air Pollution Research in London
ADOL Alfred Dunhill of London, Inc.
ASSAULT American School of London
ASL American School of London
AUSTRALIA American University in London
AUL American University in London
ALAM Associate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
ALCM Associate of the London College of Music
ATCL Associate of Trinity College London
ALA Association of London Authorities
ALCEO Association of London Chief Education Officers
ALCL Association of London Chief Librarians
ALG Association of London Government
BL Bart’s and The London
BESGL British and European Studies Group, London
CLAAC Cape to London AIDS Awareness Campaign
CELEC Central and East London Education Consortium
CLASH Central London Action on Street Health
CLCC Central London Congestion Charging Scheme
CLEA Central London Estate Agency
CLEA Central London Estate Agents
CLEG Central London Europe Group
CLLP Central London Learning Partnership
CLP Central London Partnership
CLP Central London Photocopies
CLRSS Central London Rail Study
CLRS Central London Rail Study
CLR Central London Railway
CLWC Central London Wargames Club
CGLI City and Guilds of London Institute
COLLEGE City Of London
CL City of London
COLLECTED City Of London
COL City Of London
CLC City of London College
COLCEC City of London Community Education Centre
CLC City of London Corporation
COLF City of London Festival
COLIG City of London Investment Group PLC
CLOUT City of London Office Unit Trust
COLP City Of London Police
CLP City of London Police
CLSG City of London School for Girls
COLT City Of London Telecommunications
CAL Cocoa Association of London Ltd.
CPL College of Physicians of London
CHILL Consortium of Health Independent Information Libraries in London
COLT Corpus of London Teenager
CLYS County of London Yeomanry
CLY County of London Yeomanry
CSGL Cultural Strategy Group for London
DWFL Diversity Works for London
DFLS Down From London
DFL Down From London
DP-AND-L Dundee Perth and London Ltd.
EHWLC Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College
ELB East London Brass
ELBA East London Business Alliance
ELCRP East London Community Recycling Partnership
ELLC East London Lettings Company
ELLX East London Line Extension
ELLP East London Line Project
ELOP East London Out Project
ELRC East London River Crossing
ELSE East London School of English
ELSI East London Somali Initiative
ELS East London, South Africa – Ben Shoeman
EUCL Edinburgh University Club of London
EXCEL Exhibition Centre London
FIC Fellow of Imperial College, London
FLS Fellow of the Linnean Society of London
FASL Fellow, Academic Society of London
FLSM Fellow, London School of Music
FTSE Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange
FGL Fixed Gear London
FRL French Radio London
FOLKS Friends of London Kewl Singles
FTTL Full-Time Training in London
GDL Game Design London
GLD Good London Delivery
GOL Government Office for London
GLCM Graduate of the London College of Music
GFL Great Fire of London
GLAD Greater London Action on Disability
GLAAS Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service
GLAAS Greater London Association of Alcohol Services
GLA Greater London Authority
GLC Greater London Council
GLE Greater London Enterprise
GLEB Greater London Enterprise Board
GLF Greater London Fostering
GLMCA Greater London Magistrates’ Courts Authority
GLR Greater London Radio
GLRO Greater London Record Office
GLSML Greater London Softball Mixed League
GLWC Greater London Whitley Council
GON Groton / New London, CT, USA – Groton-New London
HLCC Hatfield London Country Club
HILO Health Information for London Online
HLER Hellgate London
HL Hellgate London
HG Hellgate: London
ILN Illustrated London News, Ltd.
ICL Imperial College London
IDEA Imperial College London, Delft University of Technology, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen University
ICL Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine London
ILAS Inner London Area Supplement
ILFL Inner London Football League
ILW Inner London Weighting
IIEL Institute of International Education in London
ILU Institute of London Underwriters
IUA International Underwriting Association of London
JLDA Jack London District Assocation
JLJ Jack London Journal
JLNA Jack London Neighborhood Association
JLYSSL Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League
JUGGL JAVA User Group in Greater London
JCCL Jewish Community Centre for London
JLMS Journal of the London Mathematical Society
JCCL Junior Chamber of Commerce for London
JLL Junior League of London
KCL King’s College London
KCLEA King’s College London Engineers’ Association
LSCLE Learning and Skills Council London East
LRCP Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of London
LTCL Licentiate of Trinity College London
LSL Linnean Society of London
LLEP Little London Enduro Park
LDN London
LON London – All Airports
LIIBA London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association
LAMDA London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
LAPM London Academy of Professional Management
LARC London Action Resource Centre
LACH London Advisory Committee on Heritage
LAM London After Midnight
LAPT London Agreed Protocol for Teaching
LAWN London Alliance West and North
LAS London Ambulance Service
LCSP London and Continental Stations and Property Limited
LCSP London and Counties Society for Psychologists
LAMDA London and Manchester Document Access
LNER London and North Eastern Railway
LASER London and South East Region
SERPLAN London and South East Regional Planning Conference
LSER London and South Eastern Railways
LSLI London and St. Lawrence Investment
LAC London Aquatic Club
LAHLA London Area Health Libraries Association
LAHF London Arts in Health Forum
LACK London Association of Chicken Keepers
LAFD London Association of Funeral Directors
LAPP London Association of Primal Psychotherapists
LBKA London Beekeepers Association
LBD London Beth Din
LBMA London Bicycle Messenger Association
LBP London Biodiversity Partnership
LBN London Biotechnology Network
LBU London Black-Up
LB London Borough
LBG London Borough Grants
LBB London Borough of Brent
LBB London Borough of Bromley
LBC London Borough of Camden
LBE London Borough of Enfield
LBH London Borough of Havering
LABEL London Borough of Lewisham
LBL London Borough of Lewisham
LBN London Borough of Newham
POUNDS London Borough of Southwark
LBS London Borough of Southwark
POUNDS London Borough of Sutton
LBS London Borough of Sutton
LBWF London Borough of Waltham Forest
LBA London Boroughs Association
LBC London Brick Company
LBG London Bridge
LBE London Bridge Ensemble
LBT London Bridge Trading Company, Ltd.
LBC London Broadcasting Company
LBAC London Brook Advisory Centres
LBC London Buddhist Centre
LBMA London Bullion Market Association
LABEL London Business Link
LBL London Business Link
POUNDS London Business School
LBS London Business School
LCE London Camera Exchange
LCGH London Capital Group Holdings
LCCU London Central Careers Unit
LCHS London Central High School
LCSS London Central Secondary School
LCFS London Centre for Fashion Studies
LCPE London Centre of Procurement Excellence
LCOPS London Centre of Professional Studies
LCCI London Chamber of Commerce
LCH London Chest Hospital
LCA London City Airport
LCB London City Bond
LCH London Clearing House
LCCP London Climate Change Partnership
LCCS London Climate Change Services
LCAP London Coalition Against Poverty
LCAFS London College of Accounting and Finance
LCBM London College of Business and Management
LCC London College of Communication
LCE London College of Excellence
LCM London College of Music
LCP London College of Printing
LCTA London College of Traditional Acupuncture
LCE London Commodity Exchange
LCLCBA London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association
LCRC London Community Resource Centre
LCOS London Conference on Overseas Students
LCEA London Constructional Engineers Association
LCO London Contemporary Orchestra
LCSG London Contracts and Supplies Group
LCS London Controlling Section
LCTA London Corn Trade Association
LCU London Correspondents Unit
LCC London County Council
LCCLC London Cross Cultural Learner Centre
LCC London Cycle Campaign
LCN London Cycle Network
LDSC London Day Surgery Centre
LDSG London Detainee Support Group
LDA London Development Agency
LDBC London Diamond Bourse & Club
LDBS London Diocesan Board for Schools
LDAF London Disability Arts Forum
LDF London Dispersion Forces
LDSA London District Surveyors Association
LDDC London Docklands Development Corporation
LDES London Document Exchange
LDE London Document Exchange
LDA London Dressage Association
LDC London Dumping Convention
ERROR London East
ELEMENT London East
ENHANCED London East
E London East
LEAN London East Aids Network
LECP London East Connexions Partnership
LERI London East Research Institute
ECUADOR London Eastern Central
ECONOMICS London Eastern Central
EC London Eastern Central
LEDC London Economic Development Corporation
LEGO London Electric Guitar Orchestra
LESC London Electric Supply Corporation, Ltd.
LEB London Electricity Board
LEBA London Energy Brokers’ Association
LEEC London Environmental Economics Centre
LESC London E-Science Centre
LEC London Euston Crewe
LERN London Evolutionary Research Network
LFF London Fashion Forum
LFW London Fashion Week
LFA London Festival of Architecture
LFF London Fetish Fair
LFCC London Film and Comic Con
LFF London Film Festival
LFS London Film School
LFMC London Film-Makers’ Co-Op
LFFG London Fine Foods Group
LFEP London Fire and Emergency Planning
LFBS London Fire Brigade
LFB London Fire Brigade
LFBS London FOREX Broadsheet (trading portal)
LFB London FOREX Broadsheet (trading portal)
LFACS London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies
LFP London Free Press
LFNS London Friday Night Skate
LGQ London Gallery Quire
LGSO London Gay Symphony Orchestra
LOGISTICS London Gliding Club
LGC London Gliding Club
LGT London Gospel Temple
LGSM London Graduate School of Management
LGFM London Grain Futures Market
LGR London Grand Rank
LGR London Greek Radio
LGSM London Guildhall School of Music
LGU London Guildhall University
LHO London Health Observatory
LHCA London Healthcare Agency
LHC London Highland Club
LHC London Homeless Coalition
LHMC London Hospital Medical College
LHTS London Hotels and Travel Services
LHU London Housing Unit
LUFTHANSA London Hydro
LH London Hydro
LIPC London Ikeda Peace Centre
LISL London Industrial Soccer League
LICC London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
LIBT London Institute of Business and Technology
LITR London Institute of Technology and Research
LIMEAN London Inter Bank Mean Rate
LIBID London Inter-Bank Bid Rate
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
LIA London International Academy
LIA London International Awards
LIBF London International Book Fair
LIBT London International College of Business & Technology
LICH London International College of Homeopathy
LICC London International Creative Competition
LIFC London International Faith Centre
LIFT London International Festival of Theatre
LIFFE London International Financial Futures Exchange
LIMF London International Mime Festival
LISOF London International School of Fashion
LISA London International Schools Association
LISC London International Study Centre
LIVEX London International Vintners Exchange
LIWF London International Wine Fair
LINX London Internet Exchange
LISB London Internet School of Banking
LINDA London Investigation ‘n’ Detective Agency
LIBA London Investment Banking Association
LINT London Invitational No-Tap
LIEF London Irish Elders’ Forum
LIN London Irish Network
LIR London Irish Rifles
LISC London Irish Social Club
LISC London Irish Supporters Club
LISO London Irish Symphony Orchestra
LINE London Islamic Network for the Environment
LJCC London Jewish Cultural Centre
LJPC London Journal of Primary Care
LJS London Judo Society
LJBL London Junior Basketball League
LKIN London Knowledge & Innovation Network
LKIC London Knowledge Innovation Centre
LKL London Knowledge Lab
LKN London Knowledge Network
LKL London Korean Links
LLD London Landlords’ Day
LLLU London Language and Literacy Unit
LLLA London Lean Learning Academy
LLDA London Libraries Development Agency
LLIC London Life Insurance Company
LLX London Lindy Exchange
LLBS London Lorry Ban
LLB London Lorry Ban
LLCS London Lorry Control Scheme
LLCG London Lung Cancer Group
LMCT London Marathon Charitable Trust
LMAA London Maritime Arbitrators Association
LMCS London Market Claims Services
LMX London Market Excess of Loss
LMP London Market Principles
LMBB London Massed Bugle Band
LMS London Mathematical Society
LME London Metal Exchange
LMA London Metropolitan Archives
LMBS London Metropolitan Business School
LMMG London Middlesex Master Gardeners
LMRA London Middlesex Rifle Association
LMS London Midland Scottish Railway
LMB London Millennium Bridge
LMS London Missionary Society
LMMA London Money Market Association
LMP London Mozart Players
LMSO London Mozart Symphony Orchestra
LMC London Musicians Collective
LNS London Nautical School
LNN London News Network
LNR London News Radio
NORSE London North
NOTCH London North
N London North
LNER London North Eastern Railway
NW London Northwest
LOR London Oil Reports
LOTS London Omnibus Traction Society
LOC London Open College
LOCN London Open College Network
LOIC London Organ Improvisation Course
LOCOG London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games
LOB London over the Border
LPAC London Parallel Applications Centre
LPAC London Performing Arts Centre
LPS London Petrophysical Society
LPO London Philharmonic Orchestra
LPAC London Planck Analysis Centre
LPAC London Planning Advisory Committee
LPSA London Plastic Surgery Associates
LPPM London Platinum and Palladium Market
LPD London Police Department
LPFM London Potato Futures Market
LPSC London Practical Shooting Club
LPS London Press Service
LPS London Print Studio
LPG London Processing Group
LPL London Proof Litre
LPR London Property Review Ltd
LRCC London Rape Crisis Centre
LRBS London Rare Books School
LRO London Recorder Orchestra
LRBS London Reformed Baptist Seminary
LRBC London Region Balloon Club
LRCP London Regional Cancer Program
LRPA London Regional Psychological Association
LRT London Regional Transport
LRC London Research Centre
LRT London Resilience Team
LROB London Review of Books
LRB London Review of Books
LRAG London Riverside Action Group
LRSU London Road Safety Unit
LRR London Rockin’ Rollers
LSBF London School of Business and Finance
LSCM London School of Carnatic Music
LSCD London School of Contemporary Dance
LSE London School of Economics & Political Science
LSE London School of English
LSJ London School of Journalism
LSOP London School of Pharmacy
LSPR London School of Public Relations
LSOS London School of Sound
LSSM London School of Sports Massage
LSC London Seed Capital Limited
LSCT London Sentence Completion Test
LSA London Small Arms Company
LSAA London SOAS Alumni Association
LSHG London Socialist Historians Group
LSE London South East
SWEDEN London Southeast
SE London Southeast
SWIMMING London Southwest
SUBWAY London Southwest
SW London Southwest
LSW London Standard Wording
LSEX London Stock Exchange
LSE London Stock Exchange
LSHA London Strategic Health Authority
LSQF London String Quartet Foundation
LSXS London Sustainability Exchange
LSX London Sustainability Exchange
LSO London Symphony Orchestra
LTBP London Tanker Brokers Panel
LTDA London Taxi Drivers Association
LTI London Taxis International
LTAF London Team Against Fraud
LTCC London Terminal Control Centre
LTFC London Thames Fencing Club
LTGDC London Thames Gateway Development Corporation
L2B London to Brighton
LTOM London Traded Options Market
LTCC London Traffic Control Centre
LTC London Transit Commission
LT London Transport
LTB London Transport Buses
LTM London Transport Museum
LTIS London Travel Information System
LU London Underground
LUL London Underground Limited
LUSO London Urban Services Organization
LVG London Vampyre Group
LVA London Volleyball Association
LWRM London Water Ring Main
LWTV London Weekend TeleVision
LWT London Weekend Television
LWA London Weighting Allowance
WHITE London West
WEIBLICH London West
W London West
WC London West Central
LWDC London West District Council
LWRC London West Resource Centre
LWRC London Wheelchair Rugby Club
LWSP London Wireless Soundscape Project
LWC London Women’s Clinic
LYF London Youth Federation
LYG London Youth Games
LYR London Youth Rowing
LZS London Zine Symposium
LDZ London Zoo
LZS London Zoological Society
LGW London, England, United Kingdom – Gatwick
LHR London, England, United Kingdom – Heathrow
LCY London, England, United Kingdom – London City
LTN London, England, United Kingdom – Luton International
STN London, England, United Kingdom – Stansted
LMSR London, Midland and Scottish Railway
YXU London, Ontario, Canada – London Municipal
LTS London, Tilbury and Southend Rail
LBC London’s Biggest Conversation
LFBS London’s Finest Burglars
LFB London’s Finest Burglars
LFPT London’s Finest Personal Training
LFC Londonderry Fire Company
LFDS Londonderry Fire Department
LFD Londonderry Fire Department
LHS Londonderry High School
LHSA Londonderry HomeSchool Association
LEPS London-Eyring-Polanyi-Sato Potential
LLTT Looking London Talking Tokyo
MCL Marquess College, London
MCGI Member of the City & Guilds of London Institute
MGLA Member of the Greater London Assembly
ML Middlesex-London
MLTB Millbrook London Transport Bus
NUWCNL Naval Undersea Warfare Center New London
NWL Neighbourhood Watch London
NLCE New London Chamber Ensemble
NLC New London Consort
NLH New London Hospital
NLSO New London Soloists Orchestra
NNLS New North London Synagogue
NTLA New York Tokyo London Aerdenhout
NLBC North London Blood Centre
NLBTC North London Blood Transfusion Centre
NLBP North London Business Park
NLC North London Chorus
NLCS North London Collegiate School
NLR North London Railway
NLSO North London Symphony Orchestra
NLTF North London Transport Forum
NWL North West London
NWLCC North West London Computer Club
ONL Oasis North London
OLPC Ollie’s London Pub Choice
OLPC Orchestra London Philharmonic Choir
OLC Original London Cast
OLCR Original London Cast Recording
OLPC Original London Pub Company
OLEG Outer London Europe Group
PLSP Pan London Sumatra Plantation
PL Paul London
PNLS Paynesville New London Spicer
PIL People in London
PLA Port of London Authority
POTL Port of Tilbury London
PLMS Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
PROL Public Record Office London
QMUL Queen Mary, University of London
QLL Quiz League of London
RNFL Real Nappies for London
RHUL Royal Holloway University of London
RLAM Royal London Asset Management
RLHH Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital
RLJG Royal London Japan Growth
RPSL Royal Philatelic Society London
RSL Royal Society of London
SMAL Season of Media Arts London
SLGR Senior London Grand Rank
SAL Society of Antiquaries of London
SLAD Society of London Art Dealers
SOLT Society of London Theatre
SELPS South East London Probation Service
SLAM South London and Maudsley
SLAG South London Association of Gentlemen
SLBS South London Bacchanalian Society
SLCC South London Christian College
SLH South London Harriers
SLJO South London Jazz Orchestra
SLLP South London Learning Partnership
SLLA South London Lettering Association
SLOVTS South London Organisation of Vocational Training Schemes
SLOW South London Orienteers and Wayfarers
SLRA South London Refugee Association
SLRC South London Rifle Club
SLSL South London Special League
SLSR South London Stroke Register
SLT South London Tangerines
SLWC South London Wrecking Crew
SLPV South Londonderry Protestant Volunteers
STCL South Thames College, London
SWLC Southall & West London College
SWLC Southall and West London College
SLSS Steveston-London Secondary School
SLAG Surrealist London Action Group
TGLP Thames Gateway London Partnership
TELCO The East London Communities Organisation
TFSOL The Future Sound of London
LCIA The London Court of International Arbitration
TLP The London Police
TLTP The London Teaching Pool
TOL Tower of London
TFL Transport for London
TLRN Transport for London Road Network
ULL UK.local.London
UERL Underground Electric Railways of London
UCL University College London
UCLES University College London Echelle Spectrograph
UCLH University College London Hospitals
UCLU University College London Union
UEL University of East London
UOL University of London
UL University of London
ULCC University of London Church Choir
ULCC University of London Computer Centre
ULEMHAS University of London Extramural History of Art Society
ULIP University of London Institute in Paris
ULLS University of London Legal Series
ULL University of London Library
ULO University of London Observatory
ULU University of London Union
UNL University of North London
UAL University of the Arts, London
VBHL Valence Bond Heitler-London
VLM Virgin London Marathon
WGSL Webster Graduate School London
WOL Werewolves of London
WECL West End College London
WLAC West London Action for Children
WLAC West London Aero Club
WLAG West London Aviation Group
WLBC West London Business College
WLCN West London Canal Network
WLC West London College
WLC West London Culture
WLFC West London Floating Classroom
WLHR West London Harley Riders
WLL West London Line
WLLG West London Line Group
WLLC West London Logistics Centre
WLMC West London Magistrates’ Court
WLRC West London Racing Centre
WLSS West London Shooting School
WLTS West London Tamil School
WLTS West London Transport Strategy
WLWA West London Waste Authority
WACL Women’s Advertising Club of London
WICL Workout In Central London
YEL Young Enterprise London
YLGS Young London Goans’ Society
ZSLS Zoological Society of London
ZSL Zoological Society of London