Abbreviation for Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles

The first thing that strikes you about Los Angeles is the huge size of the city. The City of Angels, or LA, commonly referred to as Los Angeles, extends over 1,200 square miles, is home to more than 4 million residents, and at least 220 different languages ​​are spoken.

And it may seem like all these people are actually actors, musicians, screenwriters, dancers or directors just waiting for their big breakthrough. The dream of Hollywood lives to the highest degree.

Through popular culture, many of us feel that we know Los Angeles well, not least through countless movies and TV series with action added to the city.

You will quickly notice that the city is multi-ethnic, nearly half of its citizens are born outside the United States, and 40% of LA’s residents speak Spanish as their first language.

The many attractions in Los Angeles can keep you and your fellow travelers busy for weeks, even though the traditional high culture is not exactly the mainstay.

LA is a year-round destination you can visit at any time, because the sun shines most days, and even the winter days here are rarely colder than an average Norwegian summer day.

Get to know Los Angeles

Los Angeles was founded by Spaniards in 1781 under the name El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula. Fortunately, the name was shortened eventually.

California became Mexican in 1821, but after the American-Mexican War, California was incorporated into the United States in 1848. An economic boom occurred in connection with oil discoveries in 1892, and Los Angeles was one of the world’s largest petroleum producers at the turn of the last century.

In the 1920s, Los Angeles became the headquarters of America’s rapidly expanding film industry. The aviation industry was also based here. Los Angeles was Olympic hosts in 1932, and the population passed a million.

Today, the population has grown to 3.8 million, or as much as 13 million if you count on the entire Long Beach and Santa Ana district. Los Angeles only has New York City ahead of the United States when ranking by population.

Climatically, Los Angeles is in a subtropical zone, with hot and almost rain-free summers and mild, but humid winters. The city is prone to earthquakes and is affected by thousands of small earthquakes annually. The last major earthquake was in 1994, when 72 people lost their lives.

In order to get a real impression of Los Angeles, it is actually absolutely necessary to have access to a car. Public transport is well developed but cumbersome, and there are not many attractions that you can take public transport to directly. You probably need to change bus or metro several times. And Los Angeles is so expansive that it’s almost impossible to get around on foot, unless you just focus on the area around your hotel.

The different groups of people that make up Los Angeles, as in many other cities, have gathered in their own enclaves. As a result, you will find neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little India, Thai Town, Little Ethiopia, Koreatown and Teherangeles, or Little Persia as it is also called, the largest Iranian community outside Iran. And Los Angeles has enough Mexicans to be called Mexico’s third largest city.

Los Angeles and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: LA
  • Country: United States


Central Los Angeles, or Downtown, is the area west of the Los Angeles River. And although most of the administrative buildings and skyscrapers are located in Downtown, this is not where you’ll find the top attractions in Los Angeles. Exceptions are the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Little Tokyo, the Music Center and the western US tallest building, the US Bank Tower.


In Mount Lee, stands the world-famous sign with the 15-meter-high letters forming the word Hollywood. In the Hollywood district, you can walk on the world’s most famous sidewalk, the Walk Of Fame. It is known for its over 2,300 engraved stars. Here is also the rock’s answer to Walk Of Fame, Rock Walk with the artist’s handprints.

Film enthusiasts can enjoy the Hollywood Heritage Museum, Paramount Studios, Charlie Chaplin Studios, Universal Studios or Kodak Theater, which awards the Academy Awards.

But apart from the attractions, it’s not particularly glamorous in Hollywood, and you might want to experience the area as somewhat run-down.

Sunset Boulevard

Although movie stars working in Hollywood, lives, most of them in Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, and the street that brings them from the urban center Hollywood to these green exclusive residential areas is the legendary Sunset Boulevard. Along this street are numerous attractions. Here is the Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel where Led Zeppelin rides motorcycles down the stairs, Club Whiskey a Go Go where the Doors, Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin have played, the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill where you will probably meet Motörheads Lemmy at the bar, Johnny Depps club The Viper Room where actor River Phoenix died outside, and hotel Chateau Marmont, where Blues Brothers star John Belushi died.

Note that this is not a street stub you can go from end to end, it starts in downtown and stretches over three miles to the Pacific Coast. You can focus on the section called The Sunset Strip, that is, between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. This one is around two kilometers.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has been heard by most, and this is actually not part of Los Angeles. Beverly Hills is a separate Los Angeles city with about 35,000 residents, including Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Sylvester Stallone and Ozzy Osbourne. Here you’ll find some of the largest and most luxurious homes in the entire United States, and an average home goes for $ 2.25 million.

For those of you who love shopping, know that in Beverly Hills is the exclusive shopping district of Rodeo Drive, with all its designer stores.


Venice, or Venice Beach, on the other hand, is an extremely charming area. And there are natural reasons why the place is named after Venice in Italy, because here there was an extensive network of canals and bridges. Many of the canals were refilled in 1929 and turned into streets, but Venice is still one of LA’s highlights.

Here the ends splash around in channels between eccentric bohemian homes side by side with exclusive millionaire villas. The main street of Abbot Kinney Boulevard is teeming with art galleries and eateries, and the beach is one of California’s best and most popular.

El Pueblo

We also mention El Pueblo, which is the oldest and historic part of Los Angeles. El Pueblo is located in and around Olvera Street, above the city’s Union Station Downtown Downtown. Los Angeles got its name from the mission station located here in the 18th century. Here is the city’s oldest building, and many of Los Angeles’s large Mexican population resides here.

South Central

South Central, or South Los Angeles, is perhaps best known for the riots in 1992. This is definitely not a tourist area, here LA’s notorious gangs rule. Most of the city’s killings occur in South Central, although the situation has improved significantly in recent years. Many of America’s greatest rap artists come from here, and South Central has a significantly larger proportion of colored residents than the rest of Los Angeles.

Facts about Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest city in the United States. Los Angeles has a very large population of Hispanic origin.

Population Around 3.8 million
Official languages English (download free dictionary here)
Control Form Republic
Religion No official religion, but 78% of Americans are Christians. In Los Angeles, around 620 different faiths are registered, the largest being Roman Catholicism thanks to many Latin Americans.
Time Difference California is nine hours behind the Norwegian winter time, in summer time ten hours.
Currency Dollar. Credit cards like Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Diners are very common, and ATMs can be found almost everywhere.
Tips Most people who work in service in the United States have salaries based on tips. It is common to give 15-20% at the restaurant, in taxis, hairdressers, etc. Some eateries may have service stated on the bill.
Embassy The Norwegian Embassy in the United States is located in Washington DC, but in Los Angeles you have a Consulate General at 468 North Camden Drive, Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Phone +1 310 2771293.
Tourist Janes House Square, 6541 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood or 239 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills.
Telephone +1
Emergency 911
Electricity 110 / 120V. Both two- and three-point connectors are common, so bring an adapter with you if you want to bring along electrical items.
Holidays and Holidays Most US holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and even Martin Luther King Day are moving. The exception is Indepencence Day, July 4th.
Visa Electronic visa is required. Remember that control is strict and the rules are constantly changing, so check the latest regulations. Please visit the Travel Plan page for passports and visas.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required.
Water Can be easily drunk from the tap.
Nearest major cities California has over 450 cities, many of which are suburban to LA. Only within Los Angeles County, there are 15 cities with over 100,000 residents, the most famous of which are perhaps Long Beach and Pasadena, the coastal town of Santa Monica must also be mentioned.
Safety Of course, a city with almost as many residents as Norway has many criminals, and Los Angeles has its problems with drug addicts, racial contradictions and gang crime.Some neighborhoods are more crowded than others, and especially in areas such as South Central, Hollywood and Venice, you shouldn’t stroll around in the evenings. Be very careful around the Greyhound station. Police are clearly visible in the street scene, and frequent and thorough security checks on tourist attractions and airports will, for many Norwegians, manifest themselves on the verge of paranoia. But for good reason.

LA: Los Angeles

List of Los Angeles Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Los Angeles is LA which stands for Los Angeles. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Los Angeles, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
APLA AIDS Project Los Angeles
AJULA American Jewish University Los Angeles
ACCLA Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles
AALA Argentine Association of Los Angeles
ADSLA Art Deco Society of Los Angeles
ABA-LA Asian Business Association of Los Angeles
ALADS Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
BAALA Bangladesh Association of Los Angeles
BOLA Battle of Los Angeles
BHGLAAR Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors
BIOLA Bible Institute Of Los Angeles
BRLA Boxer Rescue Los Angeles
CAA-LA California Apartment Association Los Angeles
CSUL California State University Los Angeles
CSLA California State University, Los Angeles
CSLA Center for the Study of Los Angeles
CHLA Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
CSLA Church of Scientology, Los Angeles Organization
CBLA City Ballet of Los Angeles
CULA City University Los Angeles
CYLA City Year Los Angeles
CCLA Clear Channel Los Angeles
CCCLA Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles
CHIRLA Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
COLA County of Los Angeles
CLAFMA County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association
COLAPL County of Los Angeles Public Library
CLAPL County of Los Angeles Public Library
DFSLA Dress for Success Los Angeles
ELA East Los Angeles
ELAC East Los Angeles College
EALA Electronic Arts Los Angeles
ENLA Emergency Network Los Angeles
FTLA Fair Trade Los Angeles
FSLA Family Service of Los Angeles
FIFFLA Filipino International Film Festival Los Angeles
FPALA Financial Planning Association Los Angeles
FATCOLA First American Title Company of Los Angeles
FCCLA First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
FLAA First Los Angeles Aqueduct
FCLA Flight Club Los Angeles
FOLAR Friends of the Los Angeles River
FFLA Friendship Force of Los Angeles
GDLA Games Day Los Angeles
GTILA Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles
GALA Gospel Archiving in Los Angeles
GLA Greater Los Angeles
GLAD Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
GLAAS Greater Los Angeles Auto Show
GLAC Greater Los Angeles County
GLACVCD Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District
GLAMA Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
GLASA Greater Los Angeles Softball Association
GLASG Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild
HDLA Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles
HPLA Harry Potter Los Angeles
HDLA High Definition Los Angeles
HDLA History Day Los Angeles
HACLA Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
HACOLA Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles
HALA Humanist Association of Los Angeles
ICLAC Immunization Coalition of Los Angeles County
ISLA Information Systems for Los Angeles
IWLA Insurance Women of Los Angeles
JGSLA Jewish Genealogical Society, Los Angeles
KAO KIPP Academy of Opportunity (Los Angeles, CA)
LELA Lantern of the East, Los Angeles
LOLA Law & Order: Los Angeles
LULA Linux Users of Los Angeles
LA Los Angeles
LAA Los Angeles Abrasion test
LAAFA Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art
LAAA Los Angeles Adventist Academy
LAAFB Los Angeles AFB
LANS Los Angeles AFB Network Support
LAAAW-PAC Los Angeles African American Women Political Action Committee
LAADS Los Angeles Air Defense Sector
LAAMN Los Angeles Alternative Media Network
LA-LB Los Angeles and Long Beach
LAOC Los Angeles and Orange County
LAFS Los Angeles Anesthesia Friendliness Scale
LAA Los Angeles Angels
LAAA Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
LAAS Los Angeles Animal Services
LAAMP Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project
LAAA Los Angeles Art Association
LAAUG Los Angeles Asterisk User Group
LAAS Los Angeles Auto Show
LABI Los Angeles Basin Initiative
LABS Los Angeles Basin Study
LABD Los Angeles Beat Department
LABBE Los Angeles Black Book Expo
LABBETS Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show
LABA Los Angeles Bowling Association
LABC Los Angeles Broadcast Center
LABA Los Angeles Business Advisors
LABAVN Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network
LABJ Los Angeles Business Journal
LACPS Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society
LACPS Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies
LACO Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
LACASIS Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society for Information Science
LACC Los Angeles Children’s Chorus
LACC Los Angeles City College
LACERS Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System
LACT Los Angeles City Traffic Test
LAC Los Angeles Clippers
LACC Los Angeles Coliseum Commission
LACTE Los Angeles Collaborative for Teacher Excellence
LACC Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
LACT Los Angeles College Tour, Inc.
LACC Los Angeles Community Committee
LACP Los Angeles Community Policing
LACPS Los Angeles Community Protective Services
LACC Los Angeles Computer Center
LACS Los Angeles Computer Society
LACC Los Angeles Conservation Corps
LACC Los Angeles Convention Center
LAC Los Angeles County
LACAC Los Angeles County Arts Commission
LACB Los Angeles County Bar
LACBC Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
LACC Los Angeles County Coroner
LACC Los Angeles County Counsel
LACDP Los Angeles County Democratic Party
LACF Los Angeles County Fair
LACFD Los Angeles County Fire Department
LACOFD Los Angeles County Fire Department
LACHRC Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center
LACIP Los Angeles County Immunization Program
LACMA Los Angeles County Medical Association
MTA Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art
LACM Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
LACP Los Angeles County Police
LACS Los Angeles County Sheriff
LACSO Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office
LACC Los Angeles Creative Club
LACM Los Angeles Critical Mass
LACS Los Angeles Custom Shop
LADD Los Angeles Derby Dolls
LADC Los Angeles Design Center
LAD Los Angeles Dodgers
LADAD Los Angeles Downtown Arts District
LADCC Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle
LADT Los Angeles Dream Team
LAEP Los Angeles Educational Partnership
LAEEF Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair
LAE Los Angeles Examiner
LAX Los Angeles Exhibition
LAXT Los Angeles Export Terminal, Incorporated
LAFHC Los Angeles Family History Center
LAFO Los Angeles Field Office
LAFACE Los Angeles Filipino Association of City Employees
LAFS Los Angeles Film School
LAFCO Los Angeles Filmmakers Cooperative
LAFD Los Angeles Fire Department
LAF Los Angeles Fitness
LAFO Los Angeles Flute Orchestra
LAGS Los Angeles Geographical Society
LAGP Los Angeles Ghost Patrol
LAHJA Los Angeles Hunter Jumper Association
LAIAD Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design
KLAX Los Angeles International Airport
LACC Los Angeles International Church of Christ
LAIFA Los Angeles Italian Film Awards
LAJE Los Angeles Jewish Events
LAJ Los Angeles Junction Railway
LAJC Los Angeles Junior College
LAK Los Angeles Kings
LAL Los Angeles Lakers
LALIFF Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
LALC Los Angeles Leather Coalition
LAMG Los Angeles Macintosh Group
LAMI Los Angeles Maritime Institute
LAMC Los Angeles Master Chorale
LAMP Los Angeles Mentoring Project
LAMC Los Angeles Mission College
LAMRS Los Angeles Model Railroad Society
LAMA Los Angeles Mortgage Association
LAMC Los Angeles Municipal Code
LAMC Los Angeles Municipal Court
LAMF Los Angeles Music Festival
LANIC Los Angeles National Impeachment Center
LANME Los Angeles New Music Ensemble
LANG Los Angeles Newspaper Guild
LANG Los Angeles Nude Guys
LAOC Los Angeles Orienteering Club
LAPA Los Angeles Paranormal Association
LAPHC Los Angeles Parrot Head Club
LAPA Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
LAPO Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
LAPC Los Angeles Poker Classic
LAPC Los Angeles Police Commission
LAPD Los Angeles Police Department
LAPPL Los Angeles Police Protective League
LAPS Los Angeles Poly Support
LAPC Los Angeles Press Club
LAPL Los Angeles Public Library
LARD Los Angeles Racing Dragons
LARS Los Angeles Radiological Society
LARHF Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation
LARE Los Angeles Real Estate
LARFHC Los Angeles Regional Family History Center
LARS Los Angeles Riot Squad
LARE Los Angeles River Estuary
LARC Los Angeles Rugby Club
LASD Los Angeles School District
LASD Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
LAS Los Angeles Shop
LASVP Los Angeles Social Venture Partners
LASH Los Angeles Swat Headset
LATMAP Los Angeles Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program
LATA Los Angeles Tennis Association
LATVIA Los Angeles Times
LAT Los Angeles Times
LATS Los Angeles Times Syndicate
LATLA Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association
LAUSD Los Angeles Unified School District
LAUS Los Angeles Urological Society
LAV Los Angeles Valley
LAVC Los Angeles Valley College
LAVA Los Angeles Vocal Artists
LAWA Los Angeles World Airports
LAYC Los Angeles Yacht Club
LAX Los Angeles, CA, USA – Los Angeles International Airport
LACA Los Angeles, California
LSQ Los Angeles, Chile – Maria Dolores
LARW Lost Angeles Rubber Works
MGLA Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles
MLAB Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch
MCLA Midnight Club: Los Angeles
MELA Mothers of East Los Angeles
MGLA Motion Graphics Los Angeles
MCLA Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles
MCLA Music Center of Los Angeles
NHMLAC Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
NYLA New York Los Angeles
NLACRC North Los Angeles County Regional Center
OLAW Organization of Los Angeles Workers
OSULA Osaka Sangyo University Los Angeles
POLA Port of Los Angeles
PPLAC Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County
PDLA Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles
PCLA Public Communicators of Los Angeles
RFLA Reason Foundation in Los Angeles
SDLA Santos de Los Angeles
SLAA Second Los Angeles Aqueduct
SILA Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles
SILA Soroptimist International of Los Angeles
SCLA South Central Los Angeles
SNPLA Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles
SCLA Studio City Los Angeles
SGLA Suicide Girls Los Angeles
TALA Textile Association of Los Angeles
TASLA Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles
UTLA United Teachers of Los Angeles
UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
UTLA University of Texas Los Angeles Center
WMLA Waste Management of Los Angeles
WLA West Los Angeles
WLAC West Los Angeles College
WLANC West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
WLACC Western Los Angeles County Council
WHP Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, California
WWLA Wizard World Los Angeles
WILA Wright Institute Los Angeles
YOLA Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles