Louisiana Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Louisiana state?

LA is the 2 letter abbreviation for Louisiana, the 25th largest state in the United States of America. Louisiana is a state located in West South Central part of U.S.A, bordering Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas. Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana. Major cities include New Orleans (Population: 389628), Baton Rouge (Population: 228601), Shreveport (Population: 197215), Metairie Terrace (Population: 142500), Metairie (Population: 138492), Lafayette (Population: 127668), Lake Charles (Population: 76081), Bossier City (Population: 68105), Kenner (Population: 67102), Monroe (Population: 49609), Alexandria (Population: 47900), and Houma (Population: 34298).

Louisiana State Flag

Louisiana State Profile

  • Capital: Baton Rouge
  • Admitted to USA: 1812
  • Area: 135,659 km2
  • Population: 4,648,794
  • Time zone: GMT-6
  • Calling code: 225, 318, 337, 504, 985
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  LA
  • State Government Website: http://louisiana.gov/


Louisiana is located in the southern United States, at the mouth of the Mississippi in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1803, then President Thomas Jefferson bought the state, named in honor of King Louis XIV of France, from Napoleon I. In 1812 Louisiana became the 18th state. There is still a strong French influence. But Spanish, Indian and African influences can still be found today.

The state covers an area of ​​135,382 km² – with approximately 4.53 million inhabitants. The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge with approximately 230,000 inhabitants. Louisiana borders the state of Texas to the west, Arkansas to the north, Mississippi to the east, and Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico to the south. The state’s official nickname is Pelican State, due to the large population of pelicans. Another nickname is Bayou State because there is a lot of swampy area in Louisiana. The state’s motto is “Union, Justice and Confidence”.

Louisiana is the world’s largest producer of crawfish and produces approximately 90% of the world’s demand. Hank Williams Jr., Britney Spears, Truman Capote, Louis Armstrong, Jerry Lee Lewis and Reese Witherspoon come from Louisiana. New Orleans, the largest city in Louisiana, has always been a center of music. Jazz in particular was significantly developed here and many claim that the city was the birthplace of jazz. On August 29, 2005, large parts of the country, including New Orleans, were hit by hurricane “Katrina” and partially devastated. The storm probably killed about 800 people and caused chaos for days in New Orleans. The economic damage may be up to $ 200 billion.
Some may also be interested to know that Angola is home to one of the largest prisons in the United States – it is surrounded on three sides by the Mississippi.

The north of Louisiana also lies in the so-called Tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring. The US states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are entirely within Tornado Alley. The northeastern part of Texas, the northwestern part of Mississippi, central and southern Illinois, and the southwest of Indiana and parts of Nebraska as well as smaller parts of Tennessee and Kentucky to Tornado Alley. Since 1977, the wonderful song “You Are My Sunshine” from 1939 has been one of the two official anthems of Louisiana.

Cities and larger towns

Baton Rouge
The city of Baton Rouge has approximately 230,000 residents, making it the second largest city in Louisiana after New Orleans and the state capital. Baton Rouge has been the capital of Louisiana since 1849. Up to 800,000 people live in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. Baton Rouge is located in southeastern Louisiana and was founded in 1699. The city on the banks of the Mississippi River is a major center of the petrochemical industry and the city’s port is the ninth largest in the United States. The city is also a center for colleges and universities. But anyone looking for art, museums, theaters and operas is also right here.

The city of Alexandria is almost the geographic center of Louisiana and has approximately 50,000 inhabitants. The city is on the Red River and was founded in 1818. A cultural highlight of the city is the Alexandria Museum of Art. Since the city is close to many historically interesting, it is a good starting point for those interested in history.

The city of Lafayette in southern Louisiana has approximately 120,000 inhabitants and is the fourth largest city in Louisiana. Lafayette was founded in 1821, but at that time the city was still called Vermilionville. The city is named after the French General Lafayette. The city is extremely popular with tourists. This is probably due to the strong influence of the Cajun culture and the Creole culture. This is particularly evident in the local cuisine. On weekends, Downtown Lafayette turns into one of the most popular destinations in the entire region, and musical desires hardly remain unfulfilled.

Lake Charles
The city of Lake Charles in southwest Louisiana has approximately 72,000 inhabitants and as many as 195,000 people live in the metropolitan region. The city was founded in 1861 under the name Charleston. The city is located on the Calcasieu River in close proximity to Lake Charles and Prien Lake. Today Lake Charles is best known for its role in petrochemicals and as a place of gambling. The city’s nickname, “Festival Capital of Louisiana”, continues to show its importance for the region, with over 75 festivals taking place here annually. Museums and theaters can also be found in Lake Charles.

New Orleans
About 345,000 people live in New Orleans, the largest city in the state of Louisiana. In the metropolitan area there are even 1.23 million people. The city is located in the southeast of Louisiana and was founded in 1718. The city on the banks of the Mississippi is an industrial center with an important port. But New Orleans is much better known for its “French Quarter”, which impresses with an architectural mix of French and Spanish colonial times. Many also see the birthplace of jazz here. The city is also known for Hurricane Katrina, which hit it on August 29, 2005 and destroyed it to a large extent. This happened in part because New Orleans is 7 m below sea level and is the lowest point in the state of Louisiana.

The city of Shreveport in northwest Louisiana has approximately 200,000 residents, making it the third largest in the state of Louisiana. The city’s metropolitan area even has 375,000 inhabitants, making Shreveport the economic and cultural center of the so-called Ark-La-Tex region, the border area between Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. The city on the banks of the Red River was founded in 1836. If you are a tourist in Shreveport you will definitely not be bored, there are numerous theaters, museums and churches just waiting to be visited. The city is also known by its nickname Sportsman’s Paradise because of the many rivers and lakes in the area, which offer numerous opportunities for water sports.

Louisiana State Abbreviations

List of Louisiana Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Louisiana are LA which stands for Louisiana. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Louisiana, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

LA: Louisiana

Acronym Meaning
ACLA Apartment Council of Louisiana
ALM Arkansas and Louisiana Missouri Railway Company
ALTO Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma
ALBL Association of Levee Boards of Louisiana
ALBC Association of Louisiana Bass Clubs
ALNC Audubon Louisiana Nature Center
BOS Barksdale AFB, Louisiana
BRLA Baton Rouge, Louisiana
BILL Beer Industry League of Louisiana
BOAL Building Officials Association of Louisiana
BHSF Bureau of Health Services Financing (Louisiana
CLBR Central Louisiana Board of Realtors
CLNA Central Louisiana Nurserymen Association
CRCL Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
CSL Communications Service of Louisiana
CABL Council for a Better Louisiana
CABLS Council for a Better Louisiana
CODOFIL Council for the Development of French in Louisiana
CCLA Country Club of Louisiana
ELI Energy Louisiana Inc
GLCP Gannett Louisiana Charitable Projects
HLS Heavy Louisiana Sweet
LCLA Lake Charles Louisiana
LLS Light Louisiana Sweet
LA Louisiana
LAFP Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians
LAC Louisiana Administrative Code
LARE Louisiana Adoption Resource Exchange
LANA Louisiana Aging Network Association, Inc.
LAISING Louisiana Agriclimatic Information System
LACA Louisiana Agricultural Consultants Association
LAAN Louisiana AIDS Advocacy Network
LAB Louisiana Alliance for Biotechnology
LAMP Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation
LAG Louisiana Anti-Scripting Group
LANG Louisiana Army National Guard
LAEA Louisiana Art Education Association
LAMP Louisiana Asset Management Pool
LAFJ Louisiana Association for Justice
LAB Louisiana Association for the Blind
LAEYC Louisiana Association for the Education of Young Children
LABC Louisiana Association of Basketball Coaches
LABAL Louisiana Association of Beverage Alcohol Licensees
LABE Louisiana Association of Business Educators
LACTE Louisiana Association of Career and Technical Education
LACTE Louisiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
LADCP Louisiana Association of Drug Court Professionals
LANO Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations
LANA Louisiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists
LAP Louisiana Association of Principals
LASE Louisiana Association of School Executives
LASFAA Louisiana Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
LATA Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators
LAD Louisiana Association of the Deaf
LAIP Louisiana Automobile Insurance Plan
LATIFPA Louisiana Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority
LBU Louisiana Baptist University
LBP Louisiana Board of Pharmacy
LCTA Louisiana Cable & Telecommunications Association
LCCP Louisiana Cancer Control Partnership
LCEA Louisiana Center for Excellence in Autism
LCMS Louisiana Center for Manufacturing Sciences
LCB Louisiana Center for the Blind
LCI Louisiana Certified Investigator
LCA Louisiana Chemical Association
LCIA Louisiana Chemical Industrial Alliance
LCA Louisiana Chess Association
LCM Louisiana Children’s Museum
LCA Louisiana Coastal Area
LCMD Louisiana Coastal Management Division
LCRF Louisiana Coastal Restoration Fund
LC Louisiana College
LCES Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
LCTE Louisiana Council of Teachers of English
LCA Louisiana Counseling Association
LCFA Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Association
LDA Louisiana Dental Association
LDAF Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
LDES Louisiana Department of Education
LDE Louisiana Department of Education
LDHH Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
LDOI Louisiana Department of Insurance
LDI Louisiana Department of Insurance
LADNR Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
LDNR Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
LDR Louisiana Department of Revenue
LDTD Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
LDWF Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
LDPSC Louisiana Deptartment of Public Safety & Corrections
LDA Louisiana Dietetic Association
LDAA Louisiana District Attorneys Association
LE Louisiana Eastern
LELA Louisiana Education Loan Authority
LEQSF Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund
LERA Louisiana Education Research Association
LEAP Louisiana Educational Assessment Program
LELN Louisiana Educational Leaders Network
LETA Louisiana Educational Television Authority
LEAP Louisiana Electronic Assistance Program
LEPA Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Association
LEH Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
LEPA Louisiana Energy and Power Authority
LEAN Louisiana Environmental Action Network
LENN Louisiana Environmental News Network
LEPA Louisiana Environmental Professionals Association
LFF Louisiana Family Forum
LFRC Louisiana Family Recovery Corps
LFBF Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation
LFU Louisiana Farmers Union
LFCU Louisiana Federal Credit Union
LFCR Louisiana Federation of College Republicans
LFMC Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs
LFBA Louisiana Food Bank Association
LFPL Louisiana Forest Products Laboratory
LAFASA Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault
LAF Louisiana French
LGS Louisiana Geriatrics Society
LHSA Louisiana Head Start Association
LHRC Louisiana Health and Rehab Center
LHCA Louisiana Health Care Alliance
LHCA Louisiana Health Care Authority
LHCR Louisiana Health Care Review
LHPA Louisiana Heat Pump Association
LHF Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation
LHA Louisiana Hospital Association
LHFA Louisiana Housing Finance Agency
LINKS Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide
LIGA Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association
LIRC Louisiana Insurance Rating Commission
LIPC Louisiana International Piano Competition
LKA Louisiana Karate Association
LKL Louisiana Karate League
LLES Louisiana Land & Exploration Company
LLE Louisiana Land & Exploration Company
LLX Louisiana Land and Exploration Company
LLBC Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus
LLA Louisiana Library Association
LLC Louisiana Lottery Corporation
LAM Louisiana Maneuvers
LMGA Louisiana Meat Goat Association
LMT Louisiana Midland Transport Company
LMGA Louisiana Municipal Gas Association
LMF Louisiana Music Factory
LNHA Louisiana Nursing Home Association
LOTA Louisiana Occupational Therapy Association
LOEP Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness
LOSC Louisiana Office of State Climatology
LOOP Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, Inc.
LOTA Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority
LOGA Louisiana Oil and Gas Association
LOGIC Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry Collaborative
LOMCSA Louisiana Oil Marketers and Convenience Store Association
LOCA Louisiana Oilfield Contractors Association
LOBI Louisiana Oilmen’s Bass Invitational
LOUIS Louisiana Online University Information System
LOPA Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency
LOADN Louisiana Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
LONE Louisiana Organization of Nurse Executives
LOMA Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association
LPX Louisiana Pacific
LPI Louisiana Pain Initiative
LPA Louisiana Partnership for the Arts
LPS Louisiana Pathology Society
LPO Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
LPTA Louisiana Physical Therapy Association
LPCC Louisiana Plastic Converting Corporation
LPCC Louisiana Poison Control Center
LPI Louisiana Polytechnic Institute
LPLA Louisiana Products Liability Act of 1999
LPGA Louisiana Propane Gas Association
LPA Louisiana Psychological Association
LPB Louisiana Public Broadcasting
LPHI Louisiana Public Health Institute
LPSC Louisiana Public Service Commission
LPE Louisiana Purchase Exposition
LREC Louisiana Real Estate Commission
LRA Louisiana Recovery Authority
LRPA Louisiana Recreation and Park Association
LRID Louisiana Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
LARF Louisiana Renaissance Festival
LRF Louisiana Renaissance Festival
LRJE Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble
LRCE Louisiana Resource Center for Educators
LRA Louisiana Restaurant Association
LRPA Louisiana River Pilots Association
LSCA Louisiana School Counselor Association
LSD Louisiana School for the Deaf
LSPA Louisiana School Psychological Association
LSTA Louisiana Science Teachers Association
LSOG Louisiana Senior Olympic Games
LSPA Louisiana Sheep Producers Association
LSA Louisiana Shooting Association
LSRC Louisiana Society for Respiratory Care
LSHP Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists
LAS Louisiana Southern Railroad
LSHA Louisiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
LSLI Louisiana State Law Institute
LSMS Louisiana State Medical Society
LSM Louisiana State Museum
LSNA Louisiana State Nurses Association
LSP Louisiana State Police
LSU Louisiana State University
LSUHSC Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
LSUP Louisiana State University Press
LSA Louisiana Statutes Annotated
LSD Louisiana Super Dome
LTRS Louisiana Teacher Retirement System
LTAC Louisiana Tech Athletic Club
LTCA Louisiana Tech Concert Association
LTU Louisiana Tech University
LTPD Louisiana Tech University Police Department
LTC Louisiana Technical College
LTI Louisiana Technical Institute
LTIF Louisiana Technology Innovation Fund
LTA Louisiana Telecommunications Association
LTTR Louisiana Texas Topology Retreat
LTBA Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association
LTPA Louisiana Travel Promotion Association
LTLA Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association
LUMCON Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
LUMC Louisiana University Marine Consortium
LUPA Louisiana University Police Association
LUFC Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
LVMA Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association
LWE Louisiana World Exposition
LYM Louisiana Youth Ministries
LP Louisiana-Pacific
LATEX Louisiana-Texas Shelf Circulation and Transport Process
MEDAL Micro Enterprise Development Alliance of Louisiana
MLSS Mid-Louisiana Surgical Specialists
OMIT New Orleans, Louisiana
O New Orleans, Louisiana
NLL New Orleans, Louisiana
NOL New Orleans, Louisiana
NOLA New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
NEW New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – Lakefront Airport
NYLA New York Louisiana
NLG North Louisiana and Gulf Railroad Company
NLU Northeast Louisiana University
NLCOG Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments
PJA Police Jury Association of Louisiana
PSL Port of South Louisiana
PRAL Public Relations Association of Louisiana
RSL Radiological Society of Louisiana
SOUL Seekers of Unexplained Louisiana
SLCC South Louisiana Community College
SLCL South Louisiana Computer League
SLEC South Louisiana Economic Council
SLMA South Louisiana Medical Associates
SLFPA Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority
SELA Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project
SELU Southeastern Louisiana University
SLU Southeastern Louisiana University
SLWP Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project
SOLAR Southern Louisiana Rocketry
SLMA Southwest Louisiana Mutual Aid Association
SLI Southwestern Louisiana Institute
SOL Special Olympics Louisiana
SPALS Speech Pathologists and Audiologists in Louisiana Schools
SLL State Library of Louisiana
TOLA Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas
TALON Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, And New Mexico
TLAC Trans-Louisiana Autocross
UL University of Louisiana
ULL University of Louisiana at Lafayette
ULM University of Louisiana at Monroe
USL University of Southwestern Louisiana

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