Maryland Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Maryland state?

MD is the 2 letter abbreviation for Maryland, the 19th largest state in the United States of America. Maryland is a state located in South part of U.S.A, bordering Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland. Major cities include Baltimore (Population: 621860), Columbia (Population: 99626), Germantown (Population: 86406), Silver Spring (Population: 71463), Frederick (Population: 69490), Waldorf (Population: 67763), Glen Burnie (Population: 67650), Gaithersburg (Population: 67467), Rockville (Population: 66991), Ellicott City (Population: 65845), Dundalk (Population: 63608), and Bethesda (Population: 60869).

Maryland State Flag

Maryland State Profile

  • Capital: Annapolis
  • Admitted to USA: 1788
  • Area: 32,131 km2
  • Population: 6,045,680
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 240, 301, 410, 443
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  MD
  • State Government Website:


The state of Maryland is located in the eastern United States and belongs to the region of the Central Atlantic States. Maryland is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Delaware to the northeast, Virginia to the southeast and West Virginia to the southwest. Furthermore, Chesapeake Bay in the east of the state cuts deep inland and thus established the border with the Atlantic Ocean. The state was officially named after Henrietta Maria of France the Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. Nevertheless, many historians believe that the state was named after Mary, the mother of Jesus. Maryland also has several nicknames, the most important of which are “Old Line State”, “Free State”, “Little America” ​​and “America in Miniature”.

The state of Maryland covers an area of ​​32,133 km² and is therefore one of the smaller states in terms of area, it is the ninth smallest state in the USA. Approximately 5.9 million people live in Maryland and make the state one of the most densely populated in the United States. Maryland ranks fifth here. The state capital is Annapolis with approximately 38,000 inhabitants. The state’s largest city is Baltimore with approximately 620,000 residents. Maryland was one of the thirteen colonies and declared independence from Great Britain in July 1777. On April 28, 1788, Maryland became the seventh state in the United States. The Mason and Dixon border, which also forms the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland, is the traditional border between the north and south of the USA. Maryland’s economy is very diverse, but the majority is in services.

Despite the relatively small size of the state, there are very different topographical conditions. That’s why Maryland is nicknamed “America in Miniature”. With Baltimore, there is a large metropolis near the lonely hills of the Appalachian Mountains and small fishing villages on the coast. It is certainly worth mentioning that the hymn of Maryland is sung after the melody of the German Christmas carol “O, Tannenbaum”. Well-known personalities from Maryland include the musician Frank Zappa, the swimmer Michael Phelps and the actress David Hasselhoff.

The NSA, which became known in the context of the spying affair, maintains its headquarters in Fort Meade, the so-called Crypto City. Sports enthusiasts may be interested to know that swimmer Michael Fred Phelps won 28 Olympic medals – including 23 gold medals, making him the most successful Olympic champion since the start of the games. Phelps was born on June 30, 1985 in Baltimore. He and his wife, whom he had married after the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, have a son born on May 5, 2016.

Cities and larger towns

The city of Annapolis has approximately 38,000 residents and is the capital of the State of Maryland. Annapolis is located on the western bank of Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Seven River. Annapolis has an extremely rich and exciting history, which also makes the city an interesting tourist destination. Annapolis was founded in 1649 by British settlers from neighboring Virginia, but under the name Arundel Town. In 1704, Arundel Town became the capital of the Maryland colony, previously it was St. Marys City. In the course of the change of capital, the city was renamed Annapolis in honor of Queen Anne. But Annapolis was not only the capital of Maryland, from 1783 to 1784 Annapolis was the temporary capital of the United States. The Second Treaty of Paris was also signed in Annapolis in 1784, thus ending the American War of Independence. As in the past, Annapolis is a wealthy port city, but used to be exported tobacco. Nowadays yachts dominate the image of the many small marinas. Annapolis is home to the US Naval Academy and St. John’s College. Visitors will also find an excellent range of options at the State House and the city’s theaters and museums. s colleges. Visitors will also find an excellent range of options at the State House and the city’s theaters and museums. s colleges. Visitors will also find an excellent range of options at the State House and the city’s theaters and museums.

The city of Baltimore is by far the largest city in Maryland with approximately 621,000 inhabitants. Around 64% of the population are African-American and around 28.5 are white. The rest are Latinos and others. Around 2.7 million people live in the city’s metropolitan area. Baltimore was founded in 1729 and is named after Baron Baltimore. At the beginning of the city’s history, Baltimore was an important port for the tobacco trade. Today it is no longer just tobacco, but the importance of the port for the city is still there. Baltimore was the inspiration for the American national anthem during the British-American War. Baltimore is the first port of call for visitors to the state of Maryland. There are many historical buildings in the city as well as nationally known monuments. But Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. The murder rate here is around 56 per 100,000 inhabitants. In Berlin the rate is around 3.5.

One of the twin cities of Baltimore is Bremerhaven.

The small town of Cumberland is located in the northwest of Maryland on the banks of the Potomac River and has approximately 20,000 inhabitants. The city was founded in 1787 and is nicknamed “Queen City”. In the past, Cumberland was the second largest city in Maryland, but today it is still the economic center of the northwestern part of Maryland. For tourists, Cumberland is interesting because of its historic city center, which contains many buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries. These are mostly located in the Downtown Cumberland Historic District, which has been on the list of Historic Places since 1983.

Ocean City
The city of Ocean City is located in the extreme southeast of Maryland on the Atlantic coast. Ocean City has about 7,000 inhabitants, but is still a very popular destination. In summer, there are around 300,000 visitors per weekend to the 7,000 inhabitants. The reason is that the city is at the southern end of Fenwick Island and offers visitors an approximately 16 km long beach. Nowadays, however, Ocean City has already reached a length of 14 km, where hotels, bars and restaurants can be found. Spring break is particularly popular. Here, visitors can pursue all conceivable water sports or simply sizzle in the sun.

St. Mary’s City
The small town of St. Mary’s City in southern Maryland at the confluence of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay was founded in 1634, making it the fourth permanent English settlement in North America. In the first years of its existence, St. Mary’s City was the capital of the Maryland colony until it was moved to Anne Arundel Towne, now Annapolis, in 1695. The whole place is a National Historic Landmark and if you want to breathe in the air of the early settlers you cannot avoid a visit.

Fort Meade
The small town of Fort Meade with its approx. 10,000 inhabitants is actually nothing special if there weren’t a facility of the US Army that has attracted attention both historically, during the civil war and more recently. This is the headquarters of the American intelligence agency NSA, which gained worldwide fame as part of the surveillance and espionage affair in 2013 through the publications by Edward Snowdon. The NSA building complex dominates Fort Meade and is also known as Crypto City.

Maryland State Abbreviations

List of Maryland Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Maryland are MD which stands for Maryland. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Maryland, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

MD: Maryland

Acronym Meaning
APGM Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
AMANDA Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
AAMM African Art Museum of Maryland
ASCM Artistic Stamped Concrete of Maryland LLC
AIMS Association of Independent Maryland Schools
MHA Association of Maryland Hospitals & Health Systems
BTM Ballet Theatre of Maryland
BETF BDPA Education Technology Foundation (Maryland)
BL Boys Latin School of Maryland
BIAM Brain Injury Association of Maryland
BIAMD Brain Injury Association of Maryland, Inc.
BIM Broadcasting Institute of Maryland
BSMC Buffalo Soldiers of Southern Maryland
CFMI CareFirst of Maryland, Inc.
CROM Cat Rescue of Maryland, Inc.
CCSM Catholic Charities of Southern Maryland
CISSM Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland
CMCCF Central Maryland College Career Fair
CMCF Central Maryland Correctional Facility
CMDL Central Maryland Dart League
CMIA Central Maryland Insurance Associates, Inc.
CML Citizens for Maryland Libraries
CPMBS Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites
COMAR Code of Maryland Regulations
COSMOS Collections Of Southern Maryland Online System
CONDOM College of Notre Dame of Maryland
CSM College of Southern Maryland
CFCCMD Combined Federal Campaign of Central Maryland
DMV DC, Maryland, Virginia
DBP-MD Dental Benefit Providers of Maryland
DMSP Department of Maryland State Police
DRUM Digital Repository at the University of Maryland
GCOM Games Club of Maryland
GSCM Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
GSM Globecomm Services Maryland
GRB Golden Radio Buffs of Maryland
GMPS Greater Maryland Paranormal Society
HTCM High Technology Council of Maryland
HOCO Howard County, Maryland
IMPACT Interactive Maryland Platform for Agents Collaborating Together
IACS Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland, Inc.
KERMIT Katrina Episcopal Relief Maryland Impact Team
LLAM Law Library Association of Maryland
MTAM Marine Trades Association of Maryland
MHSM Mariner Health of Southern Maryland
MDER Maryland
MD Maryland
MPA Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Company
MATHS Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences
MAT Maryland Accessible Telecommunications Program
MAST Maryland Advanced Speakers Toastmasters
MADAP Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program
MABA Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association
MDDE Maryland and Delaware Railroad
MAFO Maryland Animal Feeding Operation
MAITI Maryland Applied Information Technology Initiative
MAHA Maryland Arabian Horse Association
MATA Maryland Art Therapy Association
MARI Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative
MAEF Maryland Artists Equity Foundation
MABS Maryland Association for Bank Security
MABA Maryland Association for Behavior Analysis
MAHE Maryland Association for Higher Education
MARC Maryland Association for Retarded Citizens
MAAA Maryland Association of Administrative Adjudicators
MABTS Maryland Association of Biology Teachers
MACHE Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators
MACHEER Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators
MACTE Maryland Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
MACC Maryland Association of Community Colleges
MDACC Maryland Association of Community Colleges
MACS Maryland Association of Community Services
MACSA Maryland Association of Core Service Agencies
MACO Maryland Association of Counties
MAHM Maryland Association of History Museums
MAHI Maryland Association of Home Inspectors
MAMBO Maryland Association of Mountain Bike Operators
MANSEF Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities
MANS Maryland Association of Nursing Students
MAOP Maryland Association of Osteopathic Physicians
MAPPA Maryland Association of Prevention Professionals and Advocates
MAPO Maryland Association of Professional Organizers
MARFY Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth
MASL Maryland Association of School Librarians
MASC Maryland Association of Student Councils
MATE Maryland Association of Teacher Educators
MDAD Maryland Association of the Deaf
MACINTOSH Maryland Athletic Club
MAC Maryland Athletic Club
MBNA Maryland Bank North America
MBNA Maryland Bank, National Association
MBFN Maryland Bass Federation Nation
MBSS Maryland Biological Stream Survey
MBI Maryland Biotechnology Institute
MBEPB Maryland Business Enterprise Program for the Blind
MBRG Maryland Business for Responsive Government
MBR Maryland Business Review
MBRT Maryland Business Roundtable for Education
MCSCC Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council
MCIM Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine
MCMR Maryland Central Model Railroad Club
MDCC Maryland Chamber of Commerce
MCC Maryland Chamber of Commerce
MCASA Maryland Chapter of the Autism Society of America
MCSN Maryland Charter School Network
MCA Maryland Chess Association
MCTA Maryland Christmas Tree Association
MCPA Maryland Citizen Planners Association
MCAC Maryland Citizens’ Advisory Commission
MCEA Maryland Classified Employees’ Association
MCAP Maryland Coalition Against Pornography
MCASA Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault
MDCM Maryland Coffeehouse Ministry leaders
MCLA Maryland Collaborative Law Association, Inc
MCIP Maryland College Investment Plan
MCTA Maryland Combined Training Association
MCHR Maryland Commission on Human Relations
MCC Maryland Community Colleges
MCRC Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition
MCE Maryland Cooperative Extension
MCAC Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center
MCAC Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center
MCI Maryland Correctional Institution
MCTC Maryland Correctional Training Center
MCDVS Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services
MDGA Maryland Dairy Goat Association
MDF Maryland Deathfest
MDDF Maryland Defense Force
MDJS Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
MDE Maryland Department of the Environment
MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation
MDVA Maryland Department of Veteran Affairs
MDLC Maryland Disability Law Center
MDLA Maryland Distance Learning Association
MDPP Maryland Division of Parole and Probation
MDA Maryland Dressage Association
MEDC Maryland Economic Development Commission
MET Maryland Electrical Testing
MEMA Maryland Emergency Management Agency
MEMS Maryland Emergency Medical Services
MEA Maryland Energy Administration
MEAP Maryland Energy Assistance Program
MEI Maryland English Institute
MEZ Maryland Enterprise Zone
MELA Maryland Environmental Laboratories Association
MEHB Maryland Essays in Human Biodiversity
MFB Maryland Farm Bureau
MFF Maryland Film Festival
MFRI Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
MFCA Maryland Fire Chiefs Association
MFCA Maryland Food Center Authority
MFM Maryland Friends of Midwives
MFRT Maryland Functional Reading Test
MDGS Maryland Geological Survey
MGS Maryland Geological Survey
MGPA Maryland Grain Producers Association
MGGA Maryland Grape Growers Association
MGP Maryland Green Party
MHIP Maryland Health Insurance Plan
MHEI Maryland Healthcare Education Institute
MHSA Maryland High School Assessment
MHEA Maryland Home Education Association
MHFA Maryland Home Furnishings Association
MHIC Maryland Home Improvement Commission
MHC Maryland Horse Council
MHIB Maryland Horse Industry Board
MHSA Maryland Horse Shows Association
MHRP Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program
MILL Maryland Independent Lacrosse League
MIDFA Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority
MILA Maryland Industrial Land Act
MIPS Maryland Industrial Partnerships
MIP Maryland Industrial Partnerships
MIFT Maryland Information Fluency Team
MIQA Maryland Institute Queer Alliance
MICA Maryland Institute, College of Art
MICCA Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association
MIA Maryland Insurance Administration
MILO Maryland Interlibrary Loan Organization
MIHOP Maryland International House of Prayer
MIKE Maryland International Kite Exposition
MIMA Maryland International Marketing Associates
MIR Maryland International Raceway
MJC Maryland Jockey Club
MDJCLI Maryland Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues
MLW Maryland Leadership Workshops
MLAB Maryland Legal Aid Bureau
MLAN Maryland Legal Assistance Network
MLSC Maryland Legal Services Corporation
MLA Maryland Library Association
MMRG Maryland Mapping Resource Guide
MMRI Maryland Medical Research Institute
MMCP Maryland Motor Carrier Program
MMVA Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
MMAA Maryland Municipal Attorneys Association
MMCA Maryland Municipal Clerks Association
MDMC Maryland Muslim Council
MNPS Maryland Native Plant Society
MNCTDA Maryland New Car and Truck Dealers Association
MNLA Maryland Nursery & Landscape Association
MOSH Maryland Occupational Safety and Health
MOTD Maryland Office of Tourism Development
MOB Maryland Old Boys
MOS Maryland Ornithological Society
MPRT Maryland Paranormal Research Team
MPAP Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program
MPE Maryland Photogrammetric Engineering, Inc
MPB Maryland Pony Breeders, Inc.
MPSA Maryland Practical Shooting Association
MPPA Maryland Professional Photographers Association
MPRC Maryland Psychiatric Research Center
MPILP Maryland Public Interest Law Project
MPSC Maryland Public Service Commission
MPT Maryland Public Television
MPTE Maryland Pump, Tank and Electric Co.
MARC Maryland Rail Commuter service
MREC Maryland Real Estate Commission
MRC Maryland Recyclers Coalition
MRMA Maryland Regional Montadale Association
MISTRESS Maryland Relay Service
MRS Maryland Relay Service
MRTA Maryland Retired Teachers Association
MRTA Maryland Retired Troopers Association
MRI Maryland Rock Industries, Inc.
MRCH Maryland Roman Catholic Homeschoolers
MSSA Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association
MSA Maryland School Assessment
MSD Maryland School for the Deaf
MSPP Maryland School Performance Program
MSPA Maryland School Psychologists’ Association
MSC Maryland Science Center
MSAR Maryland Search and Rescue
MSBA Maryland Sheep Breeders Association
MSYR Maryland Sheriffs Youth Ranch
MSI Maryland Sheriffs’ Institute
MSCLPC Maryland Society for Cleft Lip and Palate Children
MSCSW Maryland Society for Clinical Social Work, Inc.
MSHP Maryland Society of Health-System Pharmacists
MSG Maryland Space Grant
MDSO Maryland Special Olympics
MSA Maryland Stadium Authority
MSBA Maryland Standardbred Breeders Association
MSA Maryland State Archives
MSA Maryland State Assessment
MSADA Maryland State Athletic Directors Association
MSBA Maryland State Bar Association
MSBA Maryland State Beekeepers Association, Inc.
MSBA Maryland State Bowling Association
MSB Maryland State Boychoir
MSBA Maryland State Builders Association
MSDA Maryland State Dental Association
MSDE Maryland State Department of Education
MSFA Maryland State Firemen’s Association
MSGIC Maryland State Geographic Information Committee
MSHA Maryland State Highway Administration
MSLBA Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association
MSNA Maryland State Numismatic Association
MPCA Maryland State Pest Control Association
MDSP Maryland State Police
MSP Maryland State Police
MSPAA Maryland State Police Alumni Association, Inc.
MSRA Maryland State Retirement Agency
MSTA Maryland State Teachers Association
MSWA Maryland State Wrestling Association
MSAA Maryland State’s Attorneys’ Association
MSILC Maryland Statewide Independent Living Council
MSHS Maryland Steam Historical Society, Inc.
MDSS Maryland Street Scene
MSDB Maryland Stroke Data Bank
MTA Maryland Taxpayers Association
MTAF Maryland Technical Architecture Framework
MTES Maryland Technology Extension Service
MTTF Maryland Technology Transfer Fund
MT Maryland Theatre
MTA Maryland Transit Administration
MTA Maryland Transit Association
MTA Maryland Transit Authority
MDTA Maryland Transportation Authority
MTI Maryland Transportation Initiative
MVC Maryland Veterans Commission
MVMA Maryland Veterinary Medical Association
MVOC Maryland Victims of Crime Fund
MVMA Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Assistance Association, Inc.
MWE Maryland Workforce Exchange
MWA Maryland Writers Association
MYAB Maryland You Are Beautiful
MYBS Maryland Youth Ballet
MYB Maryland Youth Ballet
MYLA Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association
MYSO Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra
MIDC Maryland/Israel Development Center
M-NCPPC Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
MNCPP Maryland-National Capital Park Police
MHAM Mental Health Association of Maryland
MIDS Midshipmen Information System (US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland student information database
MMM Mountain Maryland Marathon
NDC Neighborhood Design Center of Maryland, Inc.
NMTC Northeastern Maryland Technology Council
OCM Ocean City, Maryland
OCMD Ocean City, Maryland
PJM Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Interconnection LLC
PIML Periodicals in Maryland Libraries
PMD Potomac, Maryland
PRISM Prisoner Rights Information System of Maryland, Inc.
PDCM Pug Dog Club of Maryland, Inc.
QAAM Quality Assurance Association of Maryland
RAM Restaurant Association of Maryland
SOMD Southern Maryland
SMD Southern Maryland
SMARC Southern Maryland Amateur Radio Club
SMARTCO Southern Maryland Applied Research and Technology Consortium, Inc.
SMAS Southern Maryland Astronomical Society
SMAC Southern Maryland Athletic Conference
SMAS Southern Maryland Audubon Society
SMCA Southern Maryland Christian Academy
SMCN Southern Maryland Community Network
SMCB Southern Maryland Concert Band
SMEDA Southern Maryland Economic Development Association
SMHHS Southern Maryland Home Health Services, Inc.
SMH Southern Maryland Hospital
SMIB Southern Maryland Inbred
SMIN Southern Maryland Information Network
SMIBA Southern Maryland International Beer-Pong Association
SMLS Southern Maryland Link System
SMO Southern Maryland Oil
SMQHA Southern Maryland Quarterhorse Association
SMRLA Southern Maryland Regional Library Association, Inc.
SMRTC Southern Maryland Regional Training Center
SMSA Southern Maryland Sailing Association
SMTAS Southern Maryland Tennis Association
SMTA Southern Maryland Tennis Association
SMWA Southern Maryland Windsurfing Association
SMWC Southern Maryland Woodcarvers
SMWC Southern Maryland Wrestling Club
SOMD Special Olympics Maryland
SECU State Employees Credit Union of Maryland
TCM Technology Council of Maryland
TAM Telecommunications Association of Maryland
TCOM Tethered Communications Of Maryland
TCCSM Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
TCCSMD Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
UM University of Maryland
UMD University of Maryland
UMATS University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System
UMAD University of Maryland Asian Division
UMAB University of Maryland at Baltimore
UMCP University of Maryland at College Park
UMBCC University of Maryland Baltimore College
UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore County
UMBF University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc.
UMCAPS University of Maryland Center for Applied Policy Studies
UMCA University of Maryland Center on Aging
UMCCC University of Maryland Collective Choice Center
UMES University of Maryland Eastern Shore
UMED University of Maryland Extension
UME University of Maryland Extension
UMMC University of Maryland Medical Center
UMMG University of Maryland Medical Group
UMMS University of Maryland Medical System
UMM University of Maryland Medicine
UMNE University of Maryland Nuclear Engineering Teaching Reactor
UMPC University of Maryland Pain Clinic
UMPA University of Maryland Parents Association
UMPD University of Maryland Police Department
UMRO University of Maryland Repertoire Orchestra
UMSOM University of Maryland School of Medicine
UMUC University of Maryland University College
UMB University of Maryland, Baltimore
USMD University System of Maryland
USM University System of Maryland
USMH University System of Maryland at Hagerstown
USMF University System of Maryland Foundation
USMH University System of Maryland Headquarters
USMSC University System of Maryland Service Center
VIAM Vaccine Information and Action in Maryland
VDC VCL Data Center (University of Maryland)
VAMHCS Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System
WMC Western Maryland College
WMFB Western Maryland Food Bank
WMHS Western Maryland Health System
WMHC Western Maryland Hospital Center
WMIA Western Maryland Interpretive Association
WMPL Western Maryland Public Libraries
WMRT Western Maryland Rail Trail
WMRR Western Maryland Railroad
WMR Western Maryland Railway
WMRC Western Maryland Reef Club
WMSR Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
WMWS Western Maryland Watercolor Society
YDM Young Democrats of Maryland

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