Mathematics Abbreviations

From the Latin mathematĭca , although with a more remote origin in a Greek word that can be translated as “knowledge”, mathematics is the deductive science that is dedicated to the study of the properties of abstract entities and their relationships. This means that mathematics works with numbers, symbols, geometric figures, etc.


Mathematics Abbreviations

Starting from axioms and following logical reasoning, mathematics analyzes structures, magnitudes/quantities and links of abstract entities. This makes it possible, once certain patterns are detected, to formulate conjectures and establish definitions that are arrived at by deduction.

Mathematics works with quantities (numbers) but also with non-quantitative abstract constructions. Its purpose is practical, since abstractions and logical reasoning can be applied in models that allow the development of calculations, accounts and measurements with a physical relationship.

Mathematics seeks to understand numbers and their relationships in an abstract way and relates everyday situations through logic.

Mathematics can be divided into pure and applied, having its elements intuition, analysis, logic, construction and individualization. It is used as a tool in many areas such as engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine, biology.

Within applied mathematics and treated the application of mathematics to all areas of human knowledge in the scientific and technological domain that include linear programming, biomathematics and bioinformatics, game theory, information theory, probability and statistics, financial mathematics, cryptography, mathematics focused on engineering and a large part of computer science. Pure mathematics, on the other hand, does not need to worry about applications and certain areas of knowledge.

It can be said that almost all human activities have some kind of relationship with mathematics. These links can be evident, as in the case of engineering, or less relevant, as in medicine or music.

It is possible to divide mathematics into different areas or areas of study. In this sense, one can speak of arithmetic (the study of numbers), algebra (the study of structures), geometry (the study of segments and figures) and statistics (the analysis of collected data ), among others.

It is important to point out that, in everyday life, we tend to resort to mathematics almost unconsciously. When we go to a grocery store and buy a kilo of tomatoes, the salesperson tells us the price and we immediately do a basic calculation to know which bill to pay and how much change we will get.

Many figures have contributed to the mathematics we have today, being part of our daily lives, whether at work, in studies or in everyday situations.

Everything begins between the years 3000 to 2500 BC, and during this period, the oldest mathematical texts were found in Mesopotamia. Still, in this same period the abacus is invented in China. The tables also appear during this period.

Around 1600 BC the Rhind papyrus is written, which is the main mathematical text of the Egyptian people , where there were rules for performing additions and subtractions of fractions, first degree equations, arithmetic problems, volume measurements, among others. . In the 300s and 600s, the decimal number system that we still use today (created by the Hindu people) is created.

List of Acronyms Related to Mathematics

AIM Actively Improving Mathematics
AIMS Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science
AEM Advanced Engineering Mathematics
AEM-2 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
AMS Advanced Mathematics Software
ADVAM Advances in Applied Mathematics
ASMS Alabama School of Mathematics and Science
AIMS Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science
AIMS American Institute of Mathematics
AIM American Institute of Mathematics
AIME American Invitational Mathematics Examination
AMC American Mathematics Competitions
AMMTF American Mathematics Metadata Task Force
ARML American Regions Mathematics League
ASCM American Society for the Communication of Mathematics
AODM Annals Of Discrete Mathematics
ADM Annals of Discrete Mathematics
AOM Annals of Mathematics
AISM Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
ADM Applications of Discrete Mathematics
AMEE Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics
ACM Applied and Computational Mathematics
AMC Applied Mathematics and Computation
AMMP Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
AMEN Applied Mathematics E-Note
AMIF Applied Mathematics for Industrial Flows
AML Applied Mathematics Laboratory
AMLETS Applied Mathematics Letters
AMRX Applied Mathematics Research Express
APAM Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
ATM Applying the Mathematics
ACTM Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ATOMIC Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut
AWM Association for Women in Mathematics
AMAPS Association of Mathematics Assistant Principals Supervision
AMET Association of Mathematics Education Teachers
AMTRA Association of Mathematics Teachers of the Rochester Area
ASSM Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics
ATM Association of Teachers of Mathematics
AAMT Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
AMO Australian Mathematics Olympiad
AUTOMATHA Automata: from Mathematics to Applications
BAM Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
BMATH Bachelor of Mathematics
BMED Bachelor of Mathematics Education
BUMS Balliol Undergraduate Mathematics Society
BLTM Better Living through Mathematics
BAMC British Applied Mathematics Colloquium
BCME British Congress of Mathematics Education
BSRLM British Society for Research in Learning Mathematics
BSM Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
BIMAS Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica
BMI Business Mathematics and Informatics
CAMS California Academy of Mathematics and Science
CDMT California Diagnostic Mathematics Test
CMC California Mathematics Council
COMET California Online Mathematics Education Times
COSMOS California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science
CSAM Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics
CAIMS Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society
CJM Canadian Journal of Mathematics
CJSMTE Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
CMB Canadian Mathematics Bulletin
CNML Canadian National Mathematics League
COMC Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge
COMA Carlton and Ottawa Mathematics Association
CADMO Center for Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Optimization
CAM Center for Applied Mathematics
CCAM Center for Computational & Applied Mathematics
DIMACS Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
CEEMAST Center for Education and Equity in Mathematics, Science, and Technology
CINSAM Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics
CMASE Center for Mathematics and Science Education
CMSE Center for Mathematics and Science Education
CMSER Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research
CMST Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology
CMTL Center for Mathematics, Teaching and Learning
CPCM Center for Physical and Computational Mathematics
CSME Center for Science and Mathematics Education
CURM Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
CTCTM Central Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CDAM Centre for Discrete and Applicable Mathematics
CECMED Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
CECM Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
CIAM Centre for Industrial and Applicable Mathematics
CMA Centre for Mathematics and its Applications
CRME Centre for Research in Mathematics Education
CMA Centre of Mathematics for Applications
CASM Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics
AMNA Chair of Applied Mathematics/Numerical Analysis
CMSA Chicago Mathematics & Science Academy
CMO Chinese Mathematics Olympiad
CRMMP Classical Reviews in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
CMI Clay Mathematics Institute
COMETS Clearinghouse on Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science
CASMEO Coalition for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education in Oklahoma
CCTM Coastal Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CEEMS Collaborative for Enhancing Education in Mathematics and Science
CMJ College Mathematics Journal
CNSM College of Natural Science and Mathematics
CSAM College of Science and Mathematics
COSM College of Science and Mathematics
CSM College of Science and Mathematics
CPM College Preparatory Mathematics
CLM College-Level Mathematics
CCTM Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CCM Communications in Contemporary Mathematics
COSMIC Comparing Options in Secondary Mathematics: Investigating Curriculum
CAM Computational and Applied Mathematics
CDAM Computational, Discrete and Applicable Mathematics
CHAMMP Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics
CSEM Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
CATAM Computer-Aided Teaching of All Mathematics
CAMP Computer-Assisted Mathematics Program
CAMT Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching
CAIM Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics
CICM Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
CMP Connected Mathematics Program
CPR-M Connecting Practice and Research in Mathematics Education
CPMP Core-Plus Mathematics Project
CLIME Council for Logo in Mathematics Education
CPAM Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics
CMP County Mathematics Project
CHAMP Credit Humber Association for Mathematics Promotion
COMPASS Curricular Options in Mathematics Programs for All Secondary Students
DCCTM Dade County Council of Teachers of Mathematics
DCAMM Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
DCTM Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics
DIMAP Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics
DM Department of Mathematics
DOM Department of Mathematics
DSMA Developmental Studies Mathematics
DML Digital Mathematics Library
DM Discrete Mathematics
DIMAP Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
DIAM Division of Imaging and Applied Mathematics
DIAMETER Division of Imaging and Applied Mathematics
DNSM Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
DMLC Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center
ESM Educational Studies in Mathematics
ENC Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
EEMCS Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science
EPICTCM Electronic Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics
EMS Engineering Mathematics and Statistics
EMS Engineering, Mathematics and Science
EMP Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
EMPSL Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences Libraries
ETEMS English for Teaching Mathematics and Science
EPYMT Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents
ELM Entry-Level Mathematics Exam
EDL Ethnomathematics Digital Library
EIDMA Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications
ESTEEM Excel Simulations and Tools for Exploratory, Experiential Mathematics Project
FSM Fantasy Sports and Mathematics
FIMA Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications
FEMSA Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa
FMAS Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science
FAMS Florida Association of Mathematics Supervisors
FCTM Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics
FML Florida Mathematics League
FOM Focus on Mathematics
FLM For the Learning of Mathematics
FIM Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics
FOCM Foundations of Computational Mathematics
FOM Foundations of Mathematics
FACM Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics
GAMSTC Genesee Area Mathematics/Science/Technology Center
GCTM Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.
GAMM German Association for Mathematics and Mechanics
GEM Gifted Education in Mathematics
GEMSES Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science
GEMS Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science
GSSM Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics
GDMA Graduate Diploma of Mathematics
GVMA Grand Valley Mathematics Association
CMGA Graphs and Algorithms, Contemporary Mathematics
GAME Greater Atlanta Mathematics Exam
GSDMC Greater San Diego Mathematics Council
GSMST Gwinnett School of Mathematics Science and Technology
HCMR Harvard College Mathematics Review
HSSM High School Science & Mathematics Faculty Program
HEC Higher Education Consortium for Mathematics and Science
HS-STEM Homeland Security Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
HKMO Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad
HJM Houston Journal of Mathematics
IMSA Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
IMTE Illinois Mathematics Teacher Educators
IPMP Improving Primary Mathematics Project
ISIAM Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
IASM Indiana Academic Standards for Mathematics
IMCS Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
IMA Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
IMSE Institute for Mathematics and Science Education
IPAM Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
IPM Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
IPMU Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
IASM Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics
IASM Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics
IAM Institute of Applied Mathematics
IMDM Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science in Medicine
IME Institute of Mathematics and Education
IMM Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
IMAR Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
IMPEC Integrated Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Chemistry
IMAP Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy
IMO Interactive Mathematics Online
IMP Interactive Mathematics Program
ICAM Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics
IMACS International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
IBHL International Baccalaureate Higher Level Mathematics
ICAEM International Conference of Applied and Engineering Mathematics
ICEMP International Conference on Engineering Mathematics and Physics
ICMS International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics
IJTME International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education
JCMNS International Journal of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Simulation
IJME International Journal of Mathematics Education
IMSL International Mathematics & Statistics Library
IMSO International Mathematics and Science Olympiad
ISAMA International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
IMM Introduction to Modern Mathematics
IMTA Irish Mathematics Teachers Association
JSIAM Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
JJM Japanese Journal of Mathematics
JSSMF Joint Summer Science and Mathematics Facility
JAM Journal of Applied Mathematics
JAMC Journal of Applied Mathematics & Computing
JHG Journal of Hungarian Geomathematics
JMTE Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education
JOMA Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications
JRM Journal of Recreational Mathematics
JSM Journal of Soviet Mathematics
JDM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
KAMS Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Sciences
KATM Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics
KAMS Kentucky Academy of Mathematics and Science
LIAM Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
LHMA Laurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance
LAMBDA Linear Access to Mathematics for Braille Device and Audio-Synthesis
MSSM Maine School of Science and Mathematics
MMAA Making Mathematics Accessible to All
MAMT Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers
MAMAS Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science
MTM Master in the Teaching of Mathematics
MMT Master Mathematics Teacher
MAMT Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers
MATM Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics
MRMA Masvingo Regional Mathematics Association
MAEST Mathematics
MATH Mathematics
MA Mathematics
MT Mathematics
MTH Mathematics
MAT Mathematics
MAVIS Mathematics Accessible to Visually Impaired Students
MATC Mathematics Across the Curriculum
MASS Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters
MACINTOSH Mathematics and Computation
MAC Mathematics and Computation
MCM Mathematics and Computation in Music
MACE Mathematics and Computer Education
MACS Mathematics and Computer Science
MER Mathematics and Education Reform
MP Mathematics and Physics
MSCN Mathematics and Science Centers Network
MSED Mathematics and Science Education
MSEN Mathematics and Science Education Network
MASER Mathematics and Science Education Reform
MAST Mathematics and Science Teacher
MAS Mathematics and Statistics
MARS-A Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale for Adolescents
MARS Mathematics Assessment Resource Service
MAV Mathematics Association of Victoria
MAM Mathematics Awareness Month
MCATA Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association
MCWP Mathematics Council of Western Pennsylvania
MEPP Mathematics Education Partnership Program
MERGA Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia
MESA Mathematics Education Student Association
METRIC Mathematics Education Technology Research Imperial College
METE Mathematics Education Traditions of Europe
MET Mathematics Education Trust
MFOA Mathematics Foundation of America
MGP Mathematics Genealogy Project
MCS Mathematics in Computer Science
MICROWAVE Mathematics in Context
MIC Mathematics in Context
MEI Mathematics in Education and Industry
MIF Mathematics in Finance
MISG Mathematics in Industry Study Group
MLSC Mathematics Learning Support Centre
MM Mathematics Magazine
MOR Mathematics of Operations Research
MPC Mathematics of Program Construction
MPEG Mathematics Program Evaluation Guide
MQE Mathematics Qualifying Exam
MRC Mathematics Research Center
MRSC Mathematics Research Students’ Conference
MRTC Mathematics Resource and Tutoring Center
MRTC Mathematics Resource Teacher Coordinator
MSE Mathematics Stack Exchange
MSC Mathematics Subject Classification
MSC Mathematics Support Center
MT Mathematics Teacher
MTA Mathematics Teachers Association
MT Mathematics Teaching
MTMS Mathematics Teaching in Middle School
MURC Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee
MABA Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts
MCP Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
MAEF Mathematics, Economics and Finance
MESA Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement
MNST Mathematics, Natural Science and Technology
MORSE Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Economics
MPI Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
MSTE Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
MSTA Mathematics, Science, and Technology Academy
MSAT Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
MSTE Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering
MSCS Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
MSIT Mathematics, Statistics and Information Technology
MMAP Mathland, Middle School Mathematics Through Applications Project
MMS Mechanized Mathematics Systems
MIMA Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
MMPC Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition
MMP Millennium Mathematics Project
MCIM Minnesota Center for Industrial Mathematics
MCTM Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MSMS Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
MCTM Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MCPM Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics
MCTM Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NMSS National Mathematics Summer School
SMART National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent
NSDL National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Digital Library
NATM Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics
NJCSTME New Jersey Center for Science Technology and Mathematics Education
NYCMP New York City Mathematics Project
NYJM New York Journal of Mathematics
NZJM New Zealand Journal of Mathematics
NZMC New Zealand Mathematics Colloquium
NZMM New Zealand Mathematics Magazine
NWOAME North Western Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
NPCTM Northeastern Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NNMC Northern Nevada Mathematics Council
NOMA Northern Ontario Mathematics Association
OCTMS Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics
OCMA Ontario Colleges Mathematics Association
OEM Open-Ended Mathematics
OCTMS Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PJAM Pacific Journal of Applied Mathematics
PJM Pacific Journal of Mathematics
PAMO Pan African Mathematics Olympiad
PPAM Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics
PCTM Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PIMC Philippine International Mathematics Competition
POME Philosophy of Mathematics Education
PSCM Physical Sciences and Mathematics
PCBM Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics
PMA Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy
PCTM Piedmont Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PRIME Platonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia
PACE Pre-College Awards for Excellence in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology
PRISM Preservice Research Institute for Science and Mathematics
PLMP Princeton Landmarks in Mathematics and Physics
PSSM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
PRIMUS Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies
PAMM Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
PSAM Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics
PRISM Programming Remediation and Intervention for Students in Mathematics
PTMA Prospective Teachers of Mathematics Association
PME Psychology of Mathematics Education
PMAT Pure Mathematics
PMRC Pure Mathematics Research Centre
QJM Quarterly Journal of Mathematics
RME Realistic Mathematics Education
RECSAM Regional Centre for Science and Mathematics
RMJ Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
RMMC Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium
SMTS Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society
SAME Scarborough Association for Mathematics Education
SMP School Mathematics Program
SMS School of Mathematics and Science
SSM School Science and Mathematics
SSMA School Science and Mathematics Association
SSMJ School Science and Mathematics Journal
SSM School Sciences and Mathematics
SAM Science and Mathematics
SMCNWS Science and Mathematics Consortium for Northwest Schools
SAMEC Science and Mathematics Education Center
SMEC Science and Mathematics Education Center
SMEC Science and Mathematics Education Centre
SMEC Science and Mathematics Education Conference
SAMEPAC Science and Mathematics Education Policy Advisory Council
SMLC Science and Mathematics Learning Center
SMTC Science and Mathematics Teaching Center
SECME Science, Engineering, Communication, Mathematics, and Enrichment
SEMT Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology
SMART Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation
SMETE Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
SMET Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology
SMETE Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Open Federation
SMT Science, Mathematics, Technology
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
STEMTP Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teacher Preparation
STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics
SMTAS Science/ Mathematics and Technology Academy
SMTA Science/ Mathematics and Technology Academy
SMTC Science/Mathematics/Technology Center
SME Science-Mathematics Education
SPMG Scottish Primary Mathematics Group
SAM Seminar for Applied Mathematics
SESAME Seminars for Elementary Specialists and Mathematics Educators
SIMC Singapore International Mathematics Challenge
STEM Six Through Eight Mathematics
SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SUMS Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students
SANM Software and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics
SAMO South African Mathematics Olympiad
SUMS Southampton University Mathematics Society
SUMS Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series
SSHEMA State System of Higher Education Mathematics Association
SMASE Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education
SIMU Summer Institute in Mathematics for Undergraduates
STAMM Symposium on Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics
STAMM Systematic Teaching and Measuring Mathematics
SIMMS Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science
TAMS Teachers Academy for Mathematics and Science
TCM Teaching Children Mathematics
TMRC Telecommunication Mathematics Research Center
TEAMS Telecommunications Education for Advances in Mathematics
TEAMS Tests of Engineering, Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science
TAMS Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
TASM Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics
TME The Mathematics Educator
TEAMS Toronto Educators Association for Mathematics
TM Transition Mathematics
TIMSS Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study
VIAM Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics
VSMC Vermont State Mathematics Coalition
VJM Vietnam Journal of Mathematics
VISM Visualization in Science and Mathematics
WSMC Washington State Mathematics Council
WMI Webmathematics Interactive
WOMA Western Ontario Mathematics Association
WME Women in Mathematics Education
WISM Women in Science and Mathematics
WDML World Digital Mathematics Library
WTLM Writing to Learn Mathematics
WIPM Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics
WCTM Wyoming Council of Teachers of Mathematics
YSIMSTE York Seneca Institute for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education