Military Abbreviations

The word military is related to the verb lie and the actual meaning is therefore: permanent berth, residence of animals, especially game such as hares, rabbits and deer. German has Lager with an a that originated under the influence of Lage, English has lair.


By extension, army is also used for mooring for people. Armed is still known for: bed, in which the second part of the word stede is the same as stee and stad, namely: place. Then army comes to mean: abode in the open air, especially of a fighting force in the field. Hence it is said: break up the army and save the army. Finally, army then means: the armed forces itself.

Every man of about 20 years of age who is medically approved must fulfill his military service. A distinction is made between a professional army and a militia army. In the professional army, the soldiers serve on a voluntary basis for a number of years. In the militia army, conscripts are called up for a certain, shorter period of time. In a narrow sense, army is understood to mean a force of all weapons composed under a single command; the United States, for example, has several armies.

In the broader sense, the armed forces on land, in the narrower sense, a armed force under one command, composed of all weapons . The division of the ever-growing L.’s into divisions (during the Seven Years’ War*) and into corps of 30,000 to 40,000 men was a requirement of good command.

The enormous troop masses in WWI and WWII brought an amalgamation of L. Corps into L., finally L. Groups. A distinction is made between professional, militia, cadre and volunteer L. Furthermore, occupation, observation, liberation and auxiliary L. Coalition L’s are made up of contingents from the cooperating nations.

List of Acronyms Related to Military

DHF Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra Military Airport
AMT Academy Military Trainer
AMS Academy of Military Science
AAMMP Active Army Military Manpower Program
ADMLPFR Active Duty Military Pay Financial Reports
ADMP Active-Duty Military Personnel
AML Additional Military Layer
AMOS Additional Military Occupational Specialty
AMOS Additionally Awarded Military Occupational Specialty
ACMA Advanced Civil/Military Aircraft
AMSC Advanced Military Spaceflight Capability
AMSD Advanced Military System Design
ARTEMIS Advanced Responsive Tactically Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer
ACCS AEHF Constellation Control Station (military SATCOM)
AFBCMR Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records
AFMPC Air Force Military Personnel Center
AFWWMCCS Air Force Worldwide Military Command and Control System
AMC Airbus Military Company
AMSL Airbus Military Sociedad Limitada
AMA Alabama Military Academy
AWMA Albury-Wodonga Military Area
AMR Aliamanu Military Reservation
ALMILACT All Military Activities
ARMS Alliance for Regional Military Support
AMC Allied Military Currency
AMG Allied Military Government
AMS Allied Military Sales
AMSA Allied Military Security Agency
ASMG Allied Security Military General
AMCC alternate military command center
ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center
AIMS Alternative Investments in Military Systems
AMT Amalgamated Military/Technical Improvement Plan
AMT Amalgamated Militarytechnical Improvement Plan
AMAC American Military Arms Corporation
AMIC American Military Industrial Complex
AMMISCA American Military Mission to China
AMM American Military Museum
AMRA American Military Retirees Association
AMS American Military Standards
AMU American Military University
ASMC American Society of Military Comptrollers
ASMH American Society of Military History
AIMC Amity Indian Military College
AMO Amphibious Military Operations
AEMI Annual Exchange of Military Information
AMPI Annual Military Personnel Inspection
AMS Archdiocese for the Military Services
AMEC Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation
AWM Arctic Warfare/Military
ACMR Army Court of Military Review
ANCG Army Military District of Washington
APCML Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law
ADDOMS Assistant Deputy Director for Operations/Military Support
AJAG-MIL Assistant Judge Advocate General for Military Law
AMLO Assistant Military Landing Officer
AMS Assistant Military Secretary
ABMP Association of British Military Parachutists
AMDS Association of Military Dental Surgeons
AMOPS Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons
AMSUS Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
ARMAC Atlanta Regional Military Affairs Council
AMF Australian Military Forces
AMMA Australian Military Medical Association
AMTC Australian Military Type Certificate
AUMF Authorization for Use of Military Force
AMO Authorized Military Official
AUMF Authorized Use of Military Force
AMJAMS Automated Military Justice Analysis & Management System
BMMC Balkan Military Medical Committee
BMA Bangladesh Military Academy
BMF Bangladesh Military Forces
BMT Base Military Training
BMQ Basic Military Qualification
BMR Basic Military Requirements
BMT Basic Military Training
BMTH Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon
BACIMO Battlespace Atmospheric and Cloud Impacts on Military Operations
BMVT Belgian Military Vehicle Trust
BMAC Boeing Military Airplane Co.
BMM Borrowed Military Manpower
BMA British Military Administration
BMA British Military Association
BMD British Military Doctrine
BMF British Military Fitness
BAMA Brotherhood Association of Military Airmen
PM Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
BPMS Butt Pack Military Style
CFMA Canadian Forces Military Attache
CFSMI Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence
CMC Canadian Military College
CMCFA Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association
CMHS Canadian Military Heritage Society
CMH Canadian Military History
CMP Canadian Military Pattern
CMPA Canadian Military Police Association
CMAC Capital Military Assistance Command
CMOS Capper Military Occupational Specialty
CJMC Ceasefire Joint Military Committee
CMR Center for Military Readiness
CSSMM Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military
CMH Center of Military History
CMC Central Military Commission
CAMPS Centralized Automated Military Pay System
CMT Certificate of Military Training
CMC Chairman of the Military Committee
CMDC Chairman of the Military Delegates Committee
CHCH Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
CMO chief military observer
CMPO Chief Military Personnel Officer
CMTL Chief Military Training Leader
CMH Chief of Military History
CMI Chief of Military Intelligence
CMJ Chief of Military Justice
CCMMS Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society
CRMA Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy
CMF Citizen Military Force
CMT Citizen’s Military Training
CAMI Citizens Against Military Injustice
CRME Citizens’ Report on the Military and the Environment
CMA Civil and Military Alliance
COMMENTARY Civil Military
CIMIC Civil Military Control
CIMIC Civil Military Coordination
CMCO Civil Military Co-Ordination
CMI Civil Military Integration
CMD Civil Military Operations
CMSE Civil Military Support Element
CEAMI Civilian Employment with Army Military Intelligence
CMA Civilian Military Assistance
CMR Civilian-Military Relations
CM Civil-Military
CIMIC civil-military cooperation
CFC Civil-Military Fusion Centre
CMOC Civil-Military Object Class
CMO Civil-Military Officer
CMOC Civil-Military Operation Cell
CMO Civil-Military Operations
CMOC civil-military operations center
J-9 civil-military operations staff section
CMO Civil-Military Overview
CPMA Clason Point Military Academy
CMI Classified Military Information
COMPASS Clinical Optimization Military Provider AHTLA Satisfaction Strategy
CMAT Coalition Military Assistance Team
CMATT Coalition Military Assistance Training Team
CMN Coalition Military Network
CME College of Military Engineering
CMDA Colombian Military Defense Area
CMA Columbia Military Academy
CMAP Combat Military Appreciation Process
CLMC Combined Loyalist Military Command
CMH Combined Military Hospital
CMDC Command Military Dental Centre
CMM Commander of the Order of Military Merit
COMSC Commander, Military Sealift Command
COMSCPAC Commander, Military Sealift Command, Pacific
CDRMTMC Commander, Military Traffic Management Command
COMNAVMILPERSCOM Commander, Naval Military Personnel Command
CAMAA Commercial Application of Military Airlift Aircraft
COMR Commercially Owned, Military Registered
COMEDS Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO
CMNR Committee on Military Nutrition Research
CMIS Common Military Intelligence Skill
CMT Common Military Training
COMMFU Complete Monumental Military Foul-Up
CMMS Comprehensive Military Medical Surveillance
CMSS Comprehensive Military Medical Surveillance
CMF Conceptual Military Framework
CMPF Confidential Military Purpose Funds
COMT Conscientious Objectors to Military Taxation
COMPACT Consolidation Of Military Personnel Activities
CMI Controlled Military Information
CMAA Cooperative Military Airlift Agreement
CVMA Coordinator of Veteran and Military Affairs
CMISE Corps Military Intelligence Support Element
CAMP Corps of Australian Military Police
CEMP Corps of Engineers Directorate of Military Programs
CMSC Corps of Military Staff Clerks
CAMP Cost of Alternative Military Program
CAMP Council on America’s Military Past
CMP Counter Military Potential
COMA Court Of Military Appeals
CMA Court of Military Appeals
CMO Court of Military Order
CMS Critical Military Skills
CMA Croatian Military Art
CMA Culver Military Academy
DMBC Dallas Military Ball Corporation
DMA Dangerous Military Activities
DUMB Deep Underground Military Base
DIMHRS Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
DMPO Defense Military Pay Office
DODMPAC Department Of Defense, Military Pay & Allowance Committee
DEMA Department of Emergency and Military Affairs
DOE-DMA Department Of Energy – Division of Military Applications
DMA Department of Military Affairs
DMSR Department of Military and Scientific Research
DMVA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
DMI Department of Military Instruction
DSMA Department of Security on Military Affairs
STATE-PM Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
DAMO-FDV Department of the Army Military Operations – Force Development Aviation
DAMOT Department of the Army Military Operations Training
DCMC Deputy Chairman Military Committee
DCMO deputy chief military observer
DDMS Deputy Director for Military Support
DIME Diplomacy, Intelligence, Military, Economics
DIAMOND Diplomatic and Military Operations in a Non-warfighting Domain
DIME Diplomatic, Information, Military, and Economic
DMO Directed Military Overstrength
DGMO Director General of Military Operations
DMFS Director Military Family Services
DMI director military intelligence
DMR Director Military Programs Management Review
DIRCMO Director of Civil Military Operations
DMA Director of Military Assistance
DOMS Director of Military Support
DMS director of military support
DMT Director of Military Training
DMP Director, Military Programs
DMPP Directorate of Military Personnel Policy
DOMS Directorate Of Military Support
DMW Directorate of Military Works
DMA Directory of Military Application
DMV Disabled Military Veteran
DMM Discarded Military Munition
DMG Distinguished Military Graduate
DMS Distinguished Military Student
DMNA Division of Military and Naval Affairs
DMA Division of Military Application
DMOS Duty Military Occupational Specialty
ERMA Easily Recognizable Military Acronym
F-HOUR effective time of announcement by the Secretary of Defense to the Military Departments of a decision to mobilize Reserve units
EMF Embarked Military Force
EMC Engineered Military Circuit
EMP English for Military Purposes
ENGINEER Enlisted Military
EM Enlisted Military
EMOS Entry Military Occupational Specialty
49 Escort Military/VIP/etc.
EAPMC Euro-Atlantic Partnership Military Committee
EMPA European Military Press Association
EUMC European Union Military Committee
E-IMET Expanded International Military Education and Training
EMMS Express Mail Military Service
EMI Extra Military Instruction
FMV Family of Military Vehicles
FMSS Federal and Military Specifications and Standards
FSMTC Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation
FCMM Fellowship of Christian Military Ministries
FMF Fiji Military Forces
FAM First American Military, Inc.
FMR Florence Military Reservation
FOCAS FOCAS Foreign Military Sales Order Processing for Contract Administration Services
FA Foreign Military Affairs
FMCS Foreign Military Construction Sales/Services
FMF Foreign Military Financing
FMI Foreign Military Interaction
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FMSMP Foreign Military Sales Management Plan
FMSO Foreign Military Sales Order
FMSP Foreign Military Sales Program
FMSO Foreign Military Studies Office
FMTAG Foreign Military Training Affairs Group
FMTB Foreign Military Training Board
FMMC Fort Myer Military Community
FMMU Forth Military Medical University
FSNMP Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park
FRSP Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park
FAMLA Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy
FMM French Military Mission
FRMB Fundamental Review of Military Budget
TAOG Gasoline Tanker – Military Sealift Command Manned
GDMW General Directorate of Military Works
GMC General Military Course
GMI General Military Intelligence
GMS General Military Science
GMST General Military Subjects Test
GMT General Military Training
GMTO General Military Training Office
GSOMIA General Security Of Military Information Agreement
GMDS German Military Documents Section
GMR German Military Representative
GETT Gettysburg National Military Park
GETM Global Environment, Threat, and Military strategy
GMAS Global Military Aircraft Systems
GMFP Global Military Force Policy
GMFP Global Military Force Posture
GMACC Governor’s Military Affairs Coordinating Committee
JEEP G-P from the military General Purpose vehicle
GMFU Grand Military Foul Up
GMS Greenbrier Military School
GUCO Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
HMA Hargrave Military Academy
WLA Harley-Davidson World War II 45 cubic inch V-twin military motorcycle model
UKRAINE Harley-Davidson World War II 74 cubic inch V-twin military motorcycle model
XA Harley-Davidson World War II shaft drive military motorcycle model
HMSO Hawaii Military Surfing Organization
HMFIC Head Military Figure In Charge
HMMV Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles
HMV Heavy Military Vehicle
HMMF Heritage Military Music Foundation
HLMDG High Level Military Dialogue Group
HMMV High Mobility Military Vehicle
HMT Hired Military Transport
HKMSC Hong Kong Military Service Corps
HMHS Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc
IMA Idaho Military Academy
IR IFR Military Training Route
IMFRF Illinois Military Family Relief Fund
IMPS Imperial Military Personnel Stories
IMR Improved Military Rifle
IMA Indian Military Academy
IMR Indian Military Review
IMVPA Indiana Military Vehicle Preservation Association
IMETP Individual Military Education and Training Program
IMP Initial Military Program
IMT Initial Military Training
IMS Integrated Military Systems
IMOS Intended Military Occupational Specialty
IMO Intermediate Military Objective
ICMM International Congress on Military Medicine
IMATT International Military Advisory and Training Team
IMG International Military and Government LLC
IMAS International Military Arms Society
IMCEA International Military Community Executives Association
IMETP International Military Education & Training Program
IMET international military education and training
IMI international military information
IMIT international military information team
IMS International Military Staff
IMS international military standardization
IMS International Military Student
IMSM International Military Student Manager
IMSO International Military Student Office
IMSO International Military Student Officer
IMSO International Military Student Organization
IMTA International Military Testing Association
IMT International Military Training
IMT International Military Tribunal
ISMS International Society of Military Sciences
IMPS Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society
IMI Israel Military Industries
JBMA John Burridge Military Antiques
JBUSMC Joint Brazil-United States Military Commission
JCMEB Joint Civil-Military Engineering Board
JDOMS Joint Director of Military Support
JMA Joint Military Assessment
JMC joint military command
JMCIS Joint Military Command Information System
JMC Joint Military Commission
JMC Joint Military Committee
JMFC Joint Military Frequency Committee
JMIIS Joint Military Integrated Intelligence System
JMIC Joint Military Intelligence College
JMIP Joint Military Intelligence Program
JMITC Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
JMMT Joint Military Mail Terminal
JMMC Joint Military Medical Command
JMNA Joint Military Net Assessment
JMO Joint Military Operations
JMPA Joint Military Postal Activity
JMPA-P Joint Military Postal Activity – Pacific
JMPA-ATL Joint Military Postal Activity Atlantic
JMP Joint Military Program
JMRO Joint Military Regulating Office
JMTC Joint Military Technology Commission
JMTC Joint Military Transportation Committee
JPMG Joint Political Military Group
JUMPS Joint Uniform Military Pay System
JUSMAG Joint United States Military Advisory Group
JUSMAG Joint United States Military Assistance Group
JUSMMAT Joint United States Military Mission for Aid to Turkey
JRMES Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies
JMO Junior Military Officer
JUMP Justified Use of Military Power
KMTC Kabul Military Training Center
KMC Kaiserslautern Military Community
KYDMA Kentucky Department of Military Affairs
KIMD Kiev Military District
KMC Kilauea Military Center
KKMC King Khalid Military City
KIMO Kings Mountain National Military Park
KMFRC Kingston Military Family Resource Centre
KLJ Knight of the Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem
KMAG Korean Military Advisory Group
KMAC Korean Military Armistice Commission
LSMA La Salle Military Academy
LMTC Lackland Military Training Center
LMD Last Military Duty
LMD Lead Military Department
LHCMA Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives
LUMP Limited Use Military Person
LACE Liquid , Ammunition on hand, Casualties (friendly only) , essential Equipment (military radio call for status of)
LMR Longmoor Military Railway
LLMC Low Level Military Commission
MMA Maine Military Authority
MMMA Manpower Management Military Awards
MPML Manual of Pakistan Military Law
MMA Marine Military Academy
MMI Marion Military Institute
MMA Massachusetts Military Academy
MMR Massachusetts Military Reservation
MMA Massanutten Military Academy
MMPA Master Military Pay Account
MMAS Master of Military Arts and Science
MMH Masters in Military History
MIP Material/Military Improvement Plan/Program
MSPG Material/Military Support Planning Guidance
MMV Medal of Military Valour
MDMP Mediterranean Dialogue Military Program
MMM Member of the Order of Military Merit
MVMVC Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Collectors
MMVA Midwest Military Vehicle Association
MANUAL Military
MANAGER Military
MILLI Military
M Military
MONEY Military
MARRIED Military
MIL Military
MAEST Military Academy
MA Military Academy
MALO Military Academy Liaison Officer
MAG Military Accountant General
MAPL Military Acquisition Position List
MACI Military Adaptation of Commercial Items
MAE Military Advanced Education
MAP Military Advisory Panel
MAPER Military Advisory Panel
MAG Military Advisory/Assistance Group
MATZ Military Aerodrome Traffic Zone
MAP Military Aeronautical Pentathlon
MAPER Military Aeronautical Pentathlon
MACINTOSH Military Affairs Council
MAC Military Affairs Council
MARS Military Affiliate Radio Service
MARS Military Affiliate Radio System
MARS Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability
MAS Military Aftermarket Services
MAS Military Agency for Standardization
MACA Military Aid to Civil Authorities
MACC Military Aid to Civil Community
MAGD Military Aid to Government Departments
MACP Military Aid to the Civil Power
MACE Military Air Cargo Export System
MAD military air distress
MAM Military Air Movement
MC Military Air Post
MART Military Air Rescue Team
MAS Military Air Solutions
MAS Military Air System
MAT Military Air Traffic
MATCO Military Air Traffic Coordinating Office
MATO Military Air Traffic Operations
MATS Military Air Transport Service
MASS Military Airborne Surveillance System
MILCRAFT Military Aircraft
MAR Military Aircraft Release
MASD Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition
MAEST Military Aircrew
MA Military Aircrew
MACE Military Airlift Capability Estimator
MACE Military Airlift Center, Europe
MACA Military Airlift Clearance Authority
MACINTOSH Military Airlift Command
MAC Military Airlift Command
MACP Military Airlift Command Pamphlet
MACR Military Airlift Command Regulation
MAF Military Airlift Forces
MAG Military Airlift Group
MAIS Military Airlift Intelligence System
MAS Military Airlift Squadron
MASWG Military Airlift Support Wing
MASS Military Airlift Survivability Study
MAW Military Airlift Wing
MAMS Military Airspace Management System
MASCOT Military Air-Transportable Satellite Communications Terminal
MAQ Military Allowance for Quarters
MATV Military All-Terrain Vehicle
MARS Military Amateur Radio System
MARTA Military Analysis method for Reliable Tactical Assessment
MANAGEMENT Military Analysis Network
MANEUVER Military Analysis Network
MAN Military Analysis Network
MCDA Military and Civil Defence Assets
MCDU Military and Civil Defence Unit
MCDA military and civil defense assets
MAPR military annual percentage rate
MATT Military Annual Training Test
MAST Military Anti-Shock Trousers
MAS Military Application Seminar
MAEST Military Applications
MA Military Applications
MAAI Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence
MASEVR Military Applications of Synthetic Environments and Virtual Reality
MAPP Military Applications Promotion Package
MAP Military Appreciation Process
MAPER Military Appreciation Process
MACINTOSH Military Armament Corporation
MAC Military Armament Corporation
MARS Military Armaments Research Syndicate
MASL Military Articles & Services List
MACO Military Assault Command Operations
MAL Military Assault Laminate
MAPR Military Assignment Policy Review
MASM Military Assistance & Sales Manual
MAAG Military Assistance Advisory Group
MACINTOSH Military Assistance Command
MAC Military Assistance Command
MACV Military Assistance Command Vietnam
MACVSOG Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group
MAD Military Assistance Division
MACDIS Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances
MAI Military Assistance Institute
MAM Military Assistance Manual
MAOP Military Assistance Officer Program
MAP Military Assistance Program
MAPER Military Assistance Program
MAPCC Military Assistance Program Country Code
MAS Military Assistance Sales
MASF Military Assistance Service Fund/ed
MACA Military Assistance to Civil Authorities
MAST Military Assistance to Safety & Traffic
MASD Military Assistance to Stabilisation and Development
MAEST Military Assistant
MA Military Assistant
MADA Military Assistant to the Deputy Assistant
MILASST Military Assistant to the President
MAND Military Association for National Defense
MAAF Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
MAL Military Authority Lire
MAIN Military Authorization Identification Number
MAWS Military Automatic Weather Sensor
MAA Military Aviation Authority
MANAGEMENT Military Aviation Notice
MANEUVER Military Aviation Notice
MAN Military Aviation Notice
MAR Military Aviation Review
MB Military Bank
MBF Military Banking Facility
MB Military Base
MBAF Military Base Access Form
MBCG Military Base Communications Group
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Military Bases Agreement
MBA Military Bases Agreement
MB Military Battalion
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Military Benefit Association
MBA Military Benefit Association
MBPA Military Blood Program Agency
MB Military Brat
MB Military Budget
MBC Military Budget Committee
MCQS Military Call to Quarters
MCQ Military Call to Quarters
MCT Military Camera Team
MCS Military Capabilities Study
MC Military Capability
MCA Military Chaplains Association
MCA-USA Military Chaplains Association of the United States of America
MC Military Characteristic
MCCA Military Child Care Act of 1989
MCEC Military Child Education Coalition
MCY Military Children and Youth
MCA Military Civic Action
MCR Military Civil Relations
MCA Military Claims Act
MCO Military Claims Office
MCM military classification manual
MCGP Military Collector Group Post
MCV Military College of Vermont
MCDF Military Combat Defense Fund
MCEP Military Combat Eye Protection
MCIP military command inspection program
MCCISWG Military Command, Control and Information Systems Working Group
MCA Military Commissions Act of 2006
MC Military Committee
SECAN Military Committee Communications Security & Evaluation Agency, Washington
MCM Military Committee Memorandum
MILCOM Military Communications
MCC Military Communications Company
MILCOM Military Communications Conference
MCR Military Communications Requirement
MCEB Military Communications-Electronics Board
MCSN Military Community Services Network
MCYM Military Community Youth Ministries
MCR Military Compact Reactor
MC Military Computer
MCF Military Computer Family
MCUG Military Computer Users Group
MCM Military Computing Modules
MICON Military Construction
MCAF Military Construction Air Force
MCCA Military Construction Cooperative Agreement
MCP Military Construction Plan/Program
MCWG Military Construction Working Group
MCA Military Construction, Army
MCAR Military Construction, Army Reserve
DEML Military Construction, Defense-Wide
MCN Military Construction, Navy
MCSP Military Content and Solutions Provider
MCP Military Continuous Power
MCR Military Contract Requirement
MCC Military Control Center
MCC Military Cooperation Committee
MCP Military Cooperation Program
MCWG Military Cooperation Working Group
MCA Military Coordinating Activity
MCC Military Coordinating Committee
MCLC Military Coordination and Liaison Command
MCO Military Corporation Office
MCTC Military Corrective Training Centre
MCD Military Couple with Dependent(s)
MCAD Military Crew Advisor
MCIO military criminal investigation organization
MCM Military Crisis Management
MCTL Military Critical Technologies List
MC Military Cross
MCI Military Customs Inspection / Inspector
MDS Military Damage Assessment
MDA Military Damage Assessment
MDG Military Data Gathering
MDMP Military Decision-Making Process
MDL Military Demarcation Line
MDAF Military Demonstration, Analysis and Feedback
MILDEPT Military Department
MDCC Military Derivatives Completion Center
MDCN Military Diplomatic Clearance Number
MDI Military Disabling Injury
MDER Military District
MD Military District
MDW Military District of Washington
MDES Military Domain Experts Scheme
MDP Military Duty Personnel
MEL Military Education Level
MET Military Effects Test/Tower
MEMS Military Emergency Management Specialist
METW Military Emergency Travel Warrant
MERE Military Encyclopedia of Russia and Eurasia
MEUC Military End Use Control
MEDALS Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System
MEDALS Military Engineering Drawing Allowance Locator System
MES Military Engineering Services
MEPCOM Military Enlistment Processing Command
MISTRESS Military Enlistment Processing Reporting Subsystem
MRS Military Enlistment Processing Reporting Subsystem
MEPS Military Enlistment Processing Station
MEIS Military Entomology Information Service
MEPCOM Military Entrance Processing Command
MEPC Military Entrance Processing Command
MEPS Military Entrance Processing Station
MEO Military Equal Opportunity
MEOCS Military Equal Opportunity Climate Survey
MEPED Military Equipment and Parametrics Engineering Database
MEB Military Equipment Brief
MEPED Military Equipment Parametric and Engineering Database
MEP Military Equipment Park
MEV Military Equipment Valuation
MEC Military Essentiality Code
MES Military Essentiality Status
MEX Military Exchange
MEZ Military Exclusion Zone
MANX Military Experimental
MX Military Experimental
MERIT Military Exploitation of Reconnaissance and Intelligence Technology
MEG Military Exposure Guideline
MFD Military Facility Deviation
MFAW Military Families Against the War
MFU Military Families United
MFH Military Family Housing
MFIC Military Family Information Center
MFM Military Family Members
MFRI Military Family Research Institute
MFSP Military Family Services Program
MFC Military Field Commander
MFCA Military Figure Collectors of America
MFIC Military Flight Information Center
MFTS Military Flying Training System
MFI Military Food Inspector
MFA Military Forces Analysis
MFF Military Free Fall
MFFARAPS Military Free Fall Advanced Ram Air Parachute System
MFF Military Front for Families
MF Military Function
MFA Military Functions Appropriation
MFH Military Funeral Honors
MGD Military Geographic Documentation
MGI Military Geographic Information
MG Military Government
MGOS Military Government Officer
MGO Military Government Officer
MGG Military Governor-General
MGR Military Grid Reference
MILGP Military Group
MHOW Military Headquarter of War
MHS Military Health System
MHC Military High Command
MHSM Military Historical Society of Massachusetts
MHT Military Historical Tours Inc.
MH Military History
MHD Military History Detachment
MHLS Military History Lecture Series
MHO Military History Online
MH Military Hospital
MILID Military Identification
MITS Military Immunizations Tracking System
MIAP Military Incentive Analysis Program
MICROWAVE Military Industrial Complex
MIC Military Industrial Complex
MIEC military industrial extra-terrestrial complex
MISA Military Industrial Supply Agency
MIE Military Information Environment
MISN Military Information Service Network
MISO Military Information Support Operations
MIST Military Information Support Team )
MIT Military Information Technology
MIR Military Infrastructure Requirement
MIP Military Initiative Program
MIRF Military Injury Relief Fund
MIM Military Installation Map
MIST Military Institute of Science and Technology
MIB Military Integration Bench
MI Military Intelligence
MIA Military Intelligence Agency
MISG Military Intelligence and Security Group
MIA Military Intelligence Archives
MIB Military Intelligence Board
MIBDE Military Intelligence Brigade
MICAS Military Intelligence Combat Aerial Surveillance
MICOM Military Intelligence Communications
MICA Military Intelligence Corps Association
MID Military Intelligence Detachment
MID Military Intelligence Digest
MIIPS Military Intelligence Information Processing System
MII Military Intelligence Interpreter
MILO Military Intelligence Liaison Officer
MIOBC Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course
MIP Military Intelligence Program
MIRC Military Intelligence Reserve Command
MISO Military Intelligence: Special Operations
MIMIC Military Interactive Multimedia Instruction Center
MIPR Military Interagency Procurement Request
MIPR Military Interagency Procurement Requisition
MIPR Military Interagency Purchase Request
MIPR Military Interdepartmental Procurement Request
MIPR Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
MJ Military Judge
MJS Military Judges Seminar
MJC Military Junior College
MJ Military Jurisdiction
MJ Military Justice
MKTS Military Knowledge and Testing Standard
MLI Military Language Instructor
MILT Military Language Tutor
ML Military Law
MLR Military Law Review
MLT Military Leadership Team
ML Military Leave
MLA Military Legislative Assistant
MLA Military Lending Act
MLA Military Liaison Assistant
MLC Military Liaison Committee
MLD Military Liaison Department
MLM Military Liaison Mission
MLO Military Liaison Office
MLM Military Liaison Office
MLT Military Liaison Team
MLW Military Libraries Workshop
MLQ Military Life Questionnaire
MLI Military List Items
MLC Military Load Classification
MOBREP military manpower mobilization and accession status report
M3 Military Manpower Model
MMY Military Man-Years
MMCA Military Maritime Consultative Agreement
MM Military Medal
MMA Military Medical Academy
MMTF Military Medical Treatment Facility
MMU Military Medical University
MMSI Military Membership Status Identifier
MM Military Message
MME Military Message Experiment
MMSI Military Miniature Society of Illinois
MM Military Mission
MMCL Military Modelers Club of Louisville
MMF Military Modeling Framework
MMRP Military Munitions Response Program
MMR Military Munitions Rule
M2S2 Military Munitions Support Services
MOS Military Obligated Service
MOMEP Military Observer Mission to Ecuador and Peru
MOS Military Occupation Skill
MOC Military Occupational Career
MOCS Military Occupational Classification and Structure
MODB Military Occupational Data Bank
MOI Military Occupational Information
MOS Military Occupational Specialty
MOSC Military Occupational Specialty Code
MOSB Military Occupational Specialty Handbook
MOSL Military Occupational Specialty Level
MOSLS Military Occupational Specialty Level System
MOT Military Ocean Terminal
MILOC Military Oceanography
MOS Military Oceanography Subcommittee
MODULATOR Military of Defence
MOD Military of Defence
MOAA Military Officers Association of America
MOAAL Military Officers Association of America Ladies
MOAASF Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund
MOWC Military Officers’ Wives Club
MOM Military Official Mail
MOTS Military Off-The-Shelf
MOS Military One Source
MOPS Military Online Personnel System
MOA Military Operating Area
MOUT Military Operation in Urban Terrain
MOR Military Operational Requirement
MOP Military Operations
MOA Military Operations Area
MOC Military Operations Center
MOC Military Operations Command
MOBA Military Operations in Built-up Areas
MOG Military Operations on the Ground
MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War
MOR Military Operations Research
MORS Military Operations Research Society
MORSS Military Operations Research Society Symposium
MORS Military Operations Research Symposium
MOS Military Operations Specialist
MOS-AND-B Military Order of Stars and Bars
MOC Military Order of the Cootie
MOPH Military Order of the Purple Heart
MOPHSF Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation
MOSB Military Order of the Stars and Bars
MOM military ordinary mail
MO Military Outpost
MO-2 Military Outpost
MOM Military Outreach Ministry
MOLE Military Overlay Editor
MORE Military Overseas Recruiting Events
MOVS Military Owned-Vehicle Service
MPH Military Packaging Houses
MQ Military Parcel Post
MPA Military Pay and Allowances
MPO Military Pay Order
MPP Military Pay Procedures Manual
MPR Military Pay Record
MPV Military Pay Voucher
MPN Military Pay, Navy
MPC Military Payment Certificate
ML Military Payroll Money Lists
MPA Military Performance Average
MPA Military Personnel Account
MPA Military Personnel Appropriation
MPA Military Personnel Army
MPC Military Personnel Center
MPC Military Personnel Classification
MPD Military Personnel Division
MPF Military Personnel Flight
MPFM Military Personnel Flight Memorandum
MILPERSMAN Military Personnel Manual
MILPO Military Personnel Office
MPP Military Personnel Policy
MPPM Military Personnel Procurement Manual
MPR Military Personnel Record
MPSC Military Personnel Service Center
MPSD Military Personnel Services Division
MPSS Military Personnel Support Staff
MPF Military Personnel, Air Force
MPN Military Personnel, Navy
MP Military Police
MPC Military Police Corps
MPDO Military Police Duty Officer
MPEG Military Police Escort Guard Company
MPFASAF Military Police Functional Automation System for the Army In the Field
MPI Military Police Investigator
MPMIS Military Police Management Information System
MPRS Military Police Reporting System
MPO Military Post Office
MPC Military Postal Clerk
POSTREQ Military Postal Facility Request
MPHS Military Postal History Society
MPS Military Postal Service
MPSA Military Postal Service Agency
MPT Military Potential Test
MPC Military Procurement Code
MPI Military Procurement International )
MPRI Military Professional Resources Inc.
MPRI Military Professional Resources Incorporated
MP Military Program
MPC Military Property Custodian
MPO Military Protection Order
MPGS Military Provost Guard Service
MPL Military Psychology and Leadership
MQP Military Qualification Program
MQS Military Qualification Skills
MQS Military Qualification Standards
MQT Military Qualification Test
MILQUAL Military Qualified
MRU Military Radar Unit
MRCA Military Radio Collectors Association
MISTRESS Military Railway Service
MRS Military Railway Service
MISTRESS Military Railway Switcher
MRS Military Railway Switcher
MRCC Military Rape Crisis Center
MRP Military Rated Power
MRT Military Rated Thrust
MRE Military Records Envelope
MR Military Region
MR3 Military Region 3
MRCB Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Bill
MRIN Military Relocation Information Network
MROC Military Repair and Overhaul Center
MR-A Military Requirement
MRDC Military Requirement and Development Committee
MISTRESS Military Requirement Schedule
MRS Military Requirement Schedule
MRD Military Requirements Determination
MRA Military Research Associate
MREIDL Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan
MRO Military Response Option
MRF Military Retirement Fund
MRC Military Review Committee
MRST Military Ridge State Trail
MRT Military Ruggedized Tablet
MRE Military Rules of Evidence
MSA Military Satellite Communications Architecture
MSO military satellite communications systems organization (US DoD)
MCSW Military Satellite Communications Systems Wing
MSO Military Satellite Officer
MSDL Military Scenario Definition Language
MSDE Military Scenario Development Environment
MSBA Military School Band Association
MSBF Military School Band Festival
MLSC Military Science
MSCI Military Science
MS Military Science
MST Military Science and Training
MSI Military Science I
MS Military Score
MSTS Military Sea Transport/ation Service
MSC Military Sealift Command
TAE Military Sealift Command Ammunition Ship
T-AGOS Military Sealift Command Oceanographic Research Ship
MSCO Military Sealift Command Office
T-AO Military Sealift Replenishment Oiler
MSAR Military Search And Rescue
MSGU Military Security Guard Unit
MSSA Military Selective Service Act
MSS Military Sensing Symposia
MILSVC Military Service
MSI Military Service Indicator
MSM Military Service Medal
MSO Military Service Obligation
MSRA Military Service Relief Act
MSR Military Service Requirement
MSWC Military Service Wage Credit
MSE Military Services Expense
MST Military Sexual Trauma
MS Military Shipping
MSC Military Shipping Container
MSL Military Shipping Label
MSAS Military Simulation Assessment System
MSI Military Skills Instructor
MSF Military Space Forces
MSSTM Military Space Systems Technology Model
ME Military Special Delivery
MILSPEC Military Specification
MSSRP Military Specifications and Standards Reform Program
MSCN Military Spouses’ Career Network
MSST Military Stabilisation Support Team
MSC Military Staff Committee
MSR Military Staffing Requirements
MILS Military Standard
MIL-STD Military Standard
MILSAP Military Standard Contract Administrative
MSE Military Standard Exception
MTSE Military Standard for Enlisted
MSI Military Standard Item
MILS Military Standard Logistics System
MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures
MILSTRAP Military Standard Transaction Reporting & Accounting Procedure
MILSTAMP Military Standard Transportation & Movement Procedure
MS Military Standard/Service/Specification
MSR Military Standardization Requirement
MSBR Military Strength Balance Report
MSF Military Sub-Function
MSO Military Supply Officer
MSS Military Supply Standard
MSS Military Supply Standards
MSCD Military Support for Civil Defense
MSCA Military Support to Civil Authorities
MCCB Military Survey Configuration Control Board
MSGR Military Survey GPS Receiver
MSST Military Survival Skills Training
MSG Military Systems Group, Inc.
MTG Military Tactical Generator
MTIC Military Targeting Intelligence Committee
MTAB Military Technical Acceptance Board
MTC Military Technical College
MTR Military Technical Revolution
MILTECH Military Technician
MT Military Technician/Training
MTOM Military Teens on the Move
MTA Military Testing Association
M2M Military to Military
MTP Military Toxics Project
MTS Military Tracking System
MTX Military Traffic Expediting Service
MTIM Military Traffic Information Management
MTMC Military Traffic Management Command
MTMCWA Military Traffic Management Command Western Area
MTMR Military Traffic Management Regulation
MTA military training agreement
MTA Military Training Area
MTAP Military Training Assistance Program
MTCA Military Training Camps Association
MTF Military Training Flight
MTR Military Training for Ratings
MTI Military Training Instructor
MTL Military Training Leader
MTM Military Training Manager
MTP Military Training Plan
MTQ Military Training Qualification
MTR Military Training Route
MTSS Military Training Service Support
MTSA Military Training Specific Allotment
MTS Military Training Standard
MTT Military Training Team
MMT Military Training Technology
MTTF Military Transformation Task Force
MITT Military Transition Team
MT Military Transport
MTA Military Transport Aircraft
MTAD Military Transport Aircraft Division
MTA Military Transportation Authorization
MTMC Military Transportation Management Command
MTF Military Treatment Facility
MUCD Military Unit Cover Designator
MUT Military University of Technology
MUPL Military Urgency Planning List
MUA Military Utility Assessment
MUTS Military Utility Tests
MUTT Military Utility Truck Tactical
MUV Military Utility Vehicle
MVA Military Vacancy Announcement
MVCI Military Vehicle Club of Ireland
MVCC Military Vehicle Collectors Club
MVPA Military Vehicle Preservation Association
MVT Military Vehicle Trust
MVEE Military Vehicles Engineering Establishment
MWO Military Welfare Office
MWA Military Working Animals
MWD Military Working Dog
MWDF Military Working Dog Foundation, Inc.
MWDT Military Working Dog Team
MWG Military World Games
MYC Military Youth Corps
MVPSOA Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America
MAIC Military-Academic-Industrial Complex
MAM Military-Aged Male
MINC Military-Industrial Complex
MICC Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex
MMIS Military-Man-In-Space
MOV Military-Owned Vehicle
MMV Millennia Military Vehicle
MMR Minimum Military Requirement
MMCA Minor Military Construction, Army
MTM Missions to Military
MMWG Mixed Military Working Group
MMP Mounted Military Police
MDM Movement for a Democratic Military
MMC Mubarak Military City
MMM Muslim Members of the Military
NASMRM National Association of State Military Resource Managers
NCMA National Command and Military Authorities
NIMJ National Institute of Military Justice
NICI National Interagency Civil-Military Institute
NMVA National Military and Veterans Alliance
NMAM National Military Appreciation Month
NMA National Military Authority
NMC National Military Command
NMCC National Military Command Center
NIDS National Military Command Center information display system (US DoD)
NATMILCOMSYS National Military Command System
NMCSSC National Military Command System Support Center
ENEMY National Military Establishment
NME National Military Establishment
NMFA National Military Family Association
NMI National Military Intelligence
NMIC National Military Intelligence Center
NMICC National Military Intelligence Collection Center
NMIPC National Military Intelligence Production Center
NTBC National Military Joint Intelligence Center Targeting and Battle Damage Assessment Cell
NMP National Military Park
NMR National Military Representative
NMS National Military Strategy
NMSD National Military Strategy Document
NNLM National Network of Legislators in the Military
NOMP National Organization for Military Production
NIMS NATO Integrated Military Structure
NMAVWG NATO Military Audio Visual Working Group
NMA NATO Military Authorities
NMB NATO Military Body
NMC NATO Military Committee
NMR NATO Military Requirement
NATMAPUS Naval Assistant to the Military Aide to the President of the United States
NMATP Navy Military Assistance Training Program
NMPDB Navy Military Personnel Data Base
NTIMS Navy Military Training Information Management Strategy
NWSS Navy Worldwide Military Command & Control System Software Standardization
NAVMARCORMARS Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System
NAVMARCORMARSTA Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System Radio Station
NMOS Necessary Military Occupational Specialty
NMMI New Mexico Military Institute
PEACE Nickname for HQ USAF Programs Connected With Military Aid or Sale
NMF Nigerian Military Force
NMTC Nigerian Military Training College
NAT NMCC AMPS (Automated Message Processing System) Terminal (US Military Communications)
NMA Non-Military Affiliated
NEMA Northern Eagle Military Alliance
OCMH Office Chief of Military History
OAMT Office of Allied Military Training
DCMC Office of Deputy Chairman, Military Committee
OMA Office of Military Affairs
OMAS Office of Military and Aerospace Support
OMA Office of Military Application
OMC Office of Military Cooperation
OMCK Office of Military Cooperation Kuwait
OMGUS Office of Military Government for Germany-US
OMGUS Office of Military Government, United States
OMI Office of Military Instruction
OMMA Office of Military Manpower Administration
OMM Officer of the Order of Military Merit
OPME Officer Professional Military Education
OMPF Official Military Personnel File
OVMS Ohio Valley Military Society, Inc.
OMA Oklahoma Military Academy
ODMS Old Dominion Military Society
OMK Operation: Military Kids
OPMI Operator Military Intelligence
OMF Opposing Military Force
ORMM Order of Military Merit
OMM Order of Military Merit
OMCR Organizational and Military Community Research
OMO Other Military Operations
OMK Our Military Kids
PMA Pakistan Military Academy
PERI Pea Ridge National Military Park
PME Peacetime Military Engagement
PAMR Pennsylvania Military Reserve
CLASSVI Personal-Nonmilitary
PMA Philippine Military Academy
PMT Philippine Military Training
POMSO Plans, Operations & Military Support Officer
PMI PM Inspection (US Military Academy)
PMSC Political Military Steering Committee
PMA political/military assessment
PMAD Political-Military Anchor Desk
PMG Politico-Military Group
PMI Politico-Military Interactions
PMT Practical Military Training
PMT Preparatory Military Training
PMOS Primary Military Occupational Specialty
PMR Principal Military Requirement
PMSC Private Military and Security Company
PMC Private Military Company
PMC Private Military Contractor
PMF Private Military Firm
PMI Privatized Military Industry
PMCC Professional Military Comptroller Course
PMCS Professional Military Comptroller School
PMC Professional Military Course
PME Professional Military Education
PMJ Professional Military Judgment
PMS Professional Military Studies
PMS Professor of Military Science
PMA Project Military Adviser
PMI Proposed Military Improvement
PBMR Provisional Basic Military Requirement
QMA Qualified Military Applicants
QMP Qualified Military Pilot
QME Qualitative Military Edge
QMR Qualitative Military Requirement
ROMO Range of Military Operations
RMO Range of Military Options
RIMC Rashtriya Indian Military College
RMOS Recommended Military Occupational Specialty
RAMB Redstone Arsenal Military Base
RMC Regular Military Compensation
RMT Remedial Military Training
RMC Return to Military Control
RMLS Reusable Military Launch System
RMA Revolution in Military Affairs
RML Revolution in Military Logistics
RPMA Revolution in Political and Military Affairs
RMA Riverside Military Academy
RAMP Royal Australian Military Police
RCMI Royal Canadian Military Institute
RMA Royal Military Academy
RMAS Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst
RMC Royal Military College
RMCA Royal Military College of Australia
RMCC Royal Military College of Canada
RMCS Royal Military College of Science
RMI Royal Military Institute
RMM Royal Military Museum
RMP Royal Military Police
RMS Royal Military School
RRMC Royal Roads Military College
RMSE Royal School of Military Engineering
RSME Royal School of Military Engineering
RSMS Royal School of Military Survey
RMSMC Russian Military Security Media Coverage
SSMP Sample Survey Military Personnel
SAMMC San Antonio Military Medical Center
SBMR Schofield Barracks Military Reservation
SCAMP Scholarships for Children of American Military Personnel
SAMS School of Advanced Military Studies
SME School of Military Engineering
SMPT School of Military Packaging Technology
SAMS Scottish-American Military Society
SMOS Secondary Military Occupational Specialty
SMURF Secret Military Underground Resistance Force
SMPP Secure Military Power Plant
SMCI Senior Military Customs Inspector
SMI Senior Military Instructor
SMMAC Senior Military Medical Advisory Committee
SMO Senior Military Observer
SMO Senior Military Officer
SGP Senior Politico-Military Group on Proliferation
SMR Senior US Military Representative
SME Significant Military Equipment
SUME Single Use Military Equipment
SPERM Social Political Economic Religious Military
SMURF Social, Military, Educational, Religious and Fraternal
SMERF Social, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal
SMERF Social, Military, Educational, Retiree, Fraternal
SAME Society of American Military Engineers
SAMH Society of Ancient Military Historians
SME Society of Military Engineers
SMW Society of Military Widows
SCMD South Carolina Military Department
SMI Southern Military Institute
SIMOS Space Imbalanced Military Occupational Specialty
TRICON Special Container for Military Transportation
SMART Special Military Active-Retired Travel Club
SWMF Special Weaponed Military Forces
STOMP Specialized Training of Military Parents
SMA Specific Military Agreement
SMERF Sports, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal
SLMA Sri Lanka Military Academy
SLM Sri Lankan Military
SCAMPI Staff College Automated Military Periodicals Index
SMD Standard Military Drawings
SMDP Standardized Military Drawing Program
SCMM Standing Committee on Military Matters
SMV Star of Military Valour
SCMJ Starfleet Code of Military Justice
SBMPT State Bureau of Military Products Trade
SMD State Military Department
SMR State Military Reservation
STLM Strike Team Leader Military
SMO Support for Military Operations
SOM Support Our Military
SMO Support to Military Operations
SMC Supreme Military Council
STAMP Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel
SOMO Suspension of Military Operations
CBY Suvorov Military School
SMW Swiss Military Watch
TMP Tactical Military Pistol
TMI Technical Military Instruction
TMI Tennessee Military Institute
TMOS Tentative Military Occupation Specialty
TXMF Texas Military Forces
TMF Texas Military Forces
TMFM Texas Military Forces Museum
TMI Texas Military Institute
TOCMH The Oxford Companion to Military History
TVD Theater of Military Operations
TMMU Third Military Medical University
TAFMS Total Active Federal Military Service
TAFMSD Total Active Federal Military Service Date
TAMS Total Active Military Service
TEMO Training, Exercise, Military Operations
TME Transactions on Military Electronics
TCMD Trans-Caucasus Military District
TDN Travel Directed is Necessary in the Military Service
UAMA Ukrainian-American Military Association
UMF Unconventional Military Forces
UMO Unconventional Military Operations
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
USMTF Uniformed Services Military Treatment Facility
UMV Uninhabited Military Vehicle
UAF United Armed Forces Military Simulation
UFMF United Front Military Forces
UNCMAC United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission
UNMOGIP United Nations Military Observer Group In India & Pakistan
UNMP United Nations Military Police
UNMILPOC United Nations military police course
USMAP United Services Military Apprenticeship Program
USAMPCO United States Army Military Police Company
USAMPS United States Army Military Police School
USCMC United States Civil Military Corps
USM United States Military
USMA United States Military Academy Prep School
USMCEB United States Military Communications-Electronics Board
USMD United States Military District
USMEPCOM United States Military Entrance Processing Command
USMF United States Military Force
USMG United States Military Government
USMILGP United States military group
USMI United States Military Intelligence
USMOG-W United States Military Observer Group – Washington
USMILREP United States military representative
USMR United States Military Reserve
USMRAG United States Military Retiree Association Greece
USMT United States Military Telegraph
USMTM United States Military Training Mission
USMT United States Military Tribunal
USMU United States Military Union
USNMR United States National Military Representative
USRNMC United States Representative to NATO Military Committee
USREPMC United States representative to the military committee (US DoD)
UMT Universal Military Training
UMTS Universal Military Training & Service
UMMC Unspecified Minor Military Construction
USAMPB US Army Military Police Brigade
USMG US Military Gamers
USNMTG US NATO Military Terminology Group
BRASS US Term for Military Leaders
VFMA Valley Forge Military Academy
VFMC Valley Forge Military College
VR VFR Military Training Route
VCOMB Virginia Commission on Military Bases
VMI Virginia Military Institute
VMIRL Virginia Military Institute Research Laboratories
VMC Virtual Military Command
WAMA Washington Association of Military Attaches
WCMJ Washington Code of Military Justice
WMA Washington Military Area
WMM Waste Military Munitions
WORMS We Openly Resist Military Stupidity
WOMFU Well Organized Military Foul Up
WTMA West Texas Military Academy
WMD Western Military District
WMHS Western Military Historical Society
WTMO Western Theater of Military Operations
WHMO White House Military Office
WRMC Wildhorse Ridge-Military Crossing
WAMM Women Against Military Madness
WIMS Women in Military Service
WMSA Women in Military Service for America
WIMSANF Women In Military Service for America National Foundation
WMA Women Military Aviators
WCMM World Congress on Military Medicine
WIMEX World Wide Military Command and Control System
WMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System
XMN Xtreme Military Nation
XP Xtreme Paramilitary
ZT Zulu Time (military designation for Greenwich Mean Time)