Mississippi Abbreviations

MS is the abbreviation for Mississippi, the 34th largest state in the United States of America. Mississippi is a state located in East South Central part of U.S.A, bordering Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi. Major cities include Jackson (Population: 170685), Gulfport (Population: 71867), West Gulfport (Population: 71340), Southaven (Population: 52600), Hattiesburg (Population: 46816), Biloxi (Population: 45648), Meridian (Population: 39672), Olive Branch (Population: 36021), Tupelo (Population: 35691), Greenville (Population: 32167), Horn Lake (Population: 26926), and Pearl (Population: 26473).

State Profile

  • Capital: Jackson
  • Admitted to USA: 1817
  • Area: 125,438 km2
  • Population: 2,976,149
  • Time zone: GMT-6
  • Calling code: 228, 601, 662
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation:  MS
  • State Government Website: http://www.ms.gov/

Mississippi State Abbreviations

List of Mississippi Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Mississippi are MS which stands for Mississippi. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Mississippi, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

MS: Mississippi

Abbreviation Meaning
AMRAT Alabama-Mississippi Rapid Assessment Team
AMTA Alabama-Mississippi Telecommunications Association
CMBS Central Mississippi Building Supply
CMCF Central Mississippi Correctional Facility
CMRC Central Mississippi Residential Center
CFNM Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi
EMCC East Mississippi Community College
EMRL East Mississippi Regional Library
FMR Friends of the Mississippi River
GLH Greenville, Mississippi, USA – Mid Delta Regional Airport
HSM HealthSystems of Mississippi
HSSM Humane Society of South Mississippi
IHMVCU IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union (Moline, IL)
JMRC Jackson Mississippi Readers Club
JAM Jackson State, Alcorn State and Mississippi Valley State
LSMAMP Louis Stokes Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation
LMD Lower Mississippi Delta
LMRWMO Lower Mississippi River Watershed Managment Organization
LMRWSAC Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee
LMVD Lower Mississippi Valley Division
LESM Lutheran Episcopal Service in Mississippi
LSMM Lutheran Social Ministries of Mississippi
MMR Middle Mississippi River
MISS Mississippi
MS Mississippi
MAAM Mississippi Academy of Ancient Music
MAV-P Mississippi Access and Visitation Program
MAEP Mississippi Adequate Education Program
MARVEL Mississippi Aerophysics Research Vehicle Extended Latitude
MASEP Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program
MASED Mississippi Alliance of State Employees
MASE Mississippi Alliance of State Employees
MAV Mississippi Alluvial Valley
MSV Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad Company
MSARNG Mississippi Army National Guard
MAARS Mississippi Assessment and Accountability Reporting System
MABC Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors
MAPS Mississippi Association for Psychology in the Schools
MACAA Mississippi Association of Community Action Agencies
MACINTOSH Mississippi Association of Cooperatives
MAC Mississippi Association of Cooperatives
MADO Mississippi Association of Dispensing Opticians
MAE Mississippi Association of Educators
MAHI Mississippi Association of Home Inspectors
MAPL Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen
MASS Mississippi Association of School Superintendents
MSAD Mississippi Association of the Deaf
MADA Mississippi Automobile Dealers Association
MBAA Mississippi Bail Agents Association
MBAAS Mississippi Bail Agents Association
MBCI Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
MBCB Mississippi Baptist Convention Board
MBHC Mississippi Baptist Historical Collection
MBHC Mississippi Baptist Historical Commission
MBA Mississippi Beekeepers Association
MBLA Mississippi Biomedical Library Association
MBFC Mississippi Business Finance Corporation
MCTA Mississippi Cable Telecommunications Association
MCKC Mississippi Canoe and Kayak Club
MCC Mississippi Cellular Corp
MCJ Mississippi Center for Justice
MCN Mississippi Center for Nonprofits
MSC Mississippi Central Railroad
MCI Mississippi Certified Investigator
MCA Mississippi Chess Association
MCWI Mississippi Child Welfare Institute Conference
MCASA Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault
MCAS Mississippi Coast Audubon Society
MCIP Mississippi Coastal Improvements Plan
MCIP Mississippi Coastal Improvements Program
MCP Mississippi Coastal Program
MC Mississippi College
MCSOL Mississippi College School of Law
MCSB Mississippi Community Symphonic Band
MCEF Mississippi Construction Education Foundation
MCNC Mississippi Corridor Neighborhood Coalition
MCT Mississippi Curriculum Test
MDB Mississippi Delta Blues
MDCC Mississippi Delta Community College
MDCS Mississippi Dental Care System
MDAC Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
MDE Mississippi Department of Education
MDES Mississippi Department of Employment Security
MDITS Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services
MDPS Mississippi Department of Public Safety
MDOT Mississippi Department of Transportation
MDWFP Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
MDA Mississippi Development Authority
MEME Mississippi Early Music Ensemble
MEPC Mississippi Economic Policy Center
MELO Mississippi Electronic Libraries Online
MEMA Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
MESG Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant
MES Mississippi Engineering Society
MSE Mississippi Export Railroad Company
MFCA Mississippi Finance Association
MFCA Mississippi Fire Chiefs Association
MFCA Mississippi Flood Control Association
MFN Mississippi Food Network
MFDP Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
MGC Mississippi Gaming Commission
GCCF Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Foundation
MHSP Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol
MHEA Mississippi Home Educators Association
MHIB Mississippi Home Inspector Board
MHA Mississippi Hospital Association
MIAL Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters
MICRA Mississippi Interstate Cooperative Resource Association
MJAS Mississippi Junior Academy of Sciences
MLEOTA Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy
MLAN Mississippi Legal Advocacy Network
MLC Mississippi Library Commission
MMRC Mississippi Medical Reserve Corps
MMFD Mississippi Mills Fire Department
MMRI Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute
MMUP Mississippi Missing and Unidentified Persons
MISS Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
MNLA Mississippi Nursery and Landscape Association
MNA Mississippi Nurses Association
MOHS Mississippi Office of Homeland Security
MORA Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency
MOC Mississippi Outdoor Club
MPCN Mississippi Physicians Care Network
MPSA Mississippi Political Science Association
MPWC Mississippi Poultry Workers Center
MPSA Mississippi Private School Association
MPB Mississippi Public Broadcasting
MPSAS Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards
MPSC Mississippi Public Service Commission
MREC Mississippi Real Estate Commission
MSRA Mississippi Restaurant Association
MRTA Mississippi Retired Teachers Association
MRGR Mississippi River and Gulf Region
MRBA Mississippi River Basin Alliance
MRB Mississippi River Bridge
MRBA Mississippi River Bridge Authority
MRC Mississippi River Commission
MRCI Mississippi River Conservation Initiative
MRF Mississippi River Festival
MRF Mississippi River Fund
MRGO Mississippi River Gulf Outlet
MRL Mississippi River Levee
MRMA Mississippi River Maple Association
MRMA Mississippi River Maritime Association
MRP Mississippi River Plume
MRRC Mississippi River Research Consortium
MRTC Mississippi River Trading Company
MRTC Mississippi River Transmission Corporation
MRBA Mississippi Road Builders’ Association
MSCA Mississippi Scholastic Chess Organization
MSMS Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
MSD Mississippi School for the Deaf
MSB Mississippi School for the Deaf
MSTA Mississippi Science Teacher’s Association
MSA Mississippi Society of Anesthesiologists
MSHP Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists
MSWCC Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission
MSR Mississippi Southern Railroad
MSPB Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board
MSS Mississippi Space Service
MSHA Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association
MSBH Mississippi State Board of Health
MSBML Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure
MSCCS Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series
MSCL Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory
MSCW Mississippi State College for Women
MSCL Mississippi State Crime Laboratory
MSKC Mississippi State Kennel Club
MSTC Mississippi State Tax Commission
MSU-2 Mississippi State University
MSU Mississippi State University
MSRA Mississippi Street Rod Association
MTFP Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program
MTMI Mississippi Terminal and Marketing, Inc.
MTF Mississippi Test Facility
MTLA Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association
MSTTT Mississippi Troops To Teachers
MTAG Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant
MUFW Mississippi University for Women
MUW Mississippi University for Women
MUGZ Mississippi Unquenchable Grail Zymurgists
MURC Mississippi Urban Research Center
MVAC Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
MVBI Mississippi Valley Bancshares, Inc.
MVD Mississippi Valley Division
MVFN Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
MVG Mississippi Valley Gas
MVHA Mississippi Valley Historical Association
MVNS Mississippi Valley N Scalers
MVO Mississippi Valley Orchestra
MVTM Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
MVTC Mississippi Valley Track Club
MVT Mississippi Valley-Type
MVMA Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association
MVPS Mississippi Virtual Public School
MWPCOA Mississippi Water and Pollution Control Operators’ Association
MWK Mississippi White Knights
MWS Mississippi Wind Symphony
MSWC Mississippi Workers’ Compensation
MAFLA Mississippi, Alabama and Florida
MEBA Mississippians for Economic and Beverage Advancement
MFEP Mississippians for Economic Progress
MAR Mississippi-Atchafalaya River
MGAM Municipal Gas Authority of Mississippi
MMPS Mystic Mississippi Paranormal Society
NMAS North Mississippi Allstars
NMA North Mississippi Allstars
NECC Northeast Mississippi Community College
NEMPDD Northeast Mississippi Planning and Development District
REPM Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi
STORM Sobriety-Trained Officers Representing Mississippi
SMARC Society of Mississippi Archivists
SPAM Some Place Around Montana / Missouri / Massachusetts / Mississippi / Maine
ITASCA Source lake for the Mississippi River
SMLA South Mississippi Light Aircraft
SMSC South Mississippi Soccer Club
SMU Southern Mississippi University
SMCA Southwest Mississippi Cantonment Association
SMCC Southwest Mississippi Community College
SMEC Southwest Mississippi Education Consortium
TMGA Trans-Mississippi Golf Association
USAEDLMV United States Army Engineer Division, Lower Mississippi Valley
UM University of Mississippi
UMS University of Mississippi
UMAA University of Mississippi Alumni Association
UMMC University of Mississippi Medical Center
USM University of Southern Mississippi
UPM University Press of Mississippi
UMCG Upper Mississippi Certified Group
UMR Upper Mississippi River
UMRBA Upper Mississippi River Basin Association
UMRS Upper Mississippi River System
UMR-IWW Upper Mississippi River-Illinois Waterway
UMWA Upper Mississippi Waterways Association
YMD Yazoo Mississippi Delta

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