Mobile Abbreviations

The term mobile has 5 different meanings:

1) fit for war.
suitable for going to war or battle, usually equipped with their own means of transport.
In a few combinations and connections.

2) able to move.
not tied to one place or position; movable; able to move; mobile; movable; moving.

3) portable.
portable and mostly wireless to use.
Especially in some combinations.

4) with a portable phone.
with a portable telephone; relating to cellular telephones or telephony; relating to mobile telephony; regarding mobile telephony.

5) decorative movable object.
decorative object that is usually hung and that is moved by air currents, usually for small children.


Mobile Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Mobile

AMD Accessoires Mobiles Diffusion
AMF ACE Mobile Force
AMFL ACE Mobile Force (NATO)
AMDA ACTS Mobile Domain Assembly
AMT ACTS Mobile Terminal
AMP Addict Mobile Phone
AMP Advance Mobile Phone Service
AMAL Advanced Mobile Analytical Laboratory
AMA Advanced Mobile Applications
AMDT Advanced Mobile Data Terminal
AMIGOS Advanced Mobile Integration in General Operating Systems
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone System
AMSS Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software
ASMS Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems
AMDT AEELS Mobile Down Link Terminal
AMCP Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel
AMCS Aeronautical Mobile Communications System
AMSS Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
AMS Aeronautical Mobile Service
ARMENIA Air Mobile
AMBL Air Mobile
AM Air Mobile
AMBF Air Mobile Battle Force
AMF Air Mobile Force
AIMS Airborne Identification Mobile System
ASP Airmobile Support Party
AMS AIRS Area/Mobile Source Subsystem
ASA Alberta Snomobile Association
ATR All Type Racer VW Club (French automobile club)
AMH Alliance Mobile Health
AAM Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
AMFL Allied Mobile Force
AMF Allied Mobile Force
AMED Altoona Mobile Emergency Department
AAA Amateurs d’Automobiles Anciennes
ADAC Amateurs Dauphinois d’Automobiles de Collection
AAA American Automobile Association
AACA American Automobile Claims and Appraisals
AAIC American Automobile Insurance Company
AALA American Automobile Labelling Act
AAMA American Automobile Manufacturers Association
AANH American Automobile Network Holdings, Inc.
AATA American Automobile Touring Alliance
ACSA American Council of Snowmobile Associations
AMCA American Mobile Communications Association
AMN American Mobile Nurses
AMPS American Mobile Phone Service
AMRC American Mobile Radio Corporation
AMS American Mobile Satellite
AMSC American Mobile Satellite Corporation
AMTA American Mobile Telecommunications Association
AWARE Americans Well-informed on Automobile Retailing Economics
AAAAA Amicale Athoise des Amateurs d’Automobiles Anciennes
AAA Amis de l’Automobile Ancienne
AMPS Analog Mobile Phone System
AAG Anciennes Automobiles du Gier
AMP Anticyclone Mobile Polaire
ACSCC Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada
AAA Antique Automobile Association
ACAA Antique Automobile Club of America
AACA Antique Automobile Club of America
ASCOA Antique Snowmobile Club of America
ADMP Any Device Mobile Pay
AMDS Apple Mobile Device Service
AATA Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
AAMT Army ACTS Mobile Terminal
ADMC Army Desktop & Mobile Computing
ADMC-1 Army Desktop & Mobile Computing – 1
AMCC Ashore Mobile Communications Center
AMCC Ashore Mobile Contingency Communications
AMOC Asian International Mobile Computing
APMT Asia-Pacific Mobile Telecommunications Satellite, Pte Ltd
AMSA Assateague Mobile Sportfishermen’s Association
AAAA Association Amie de l’Automobile Ancienne
AAC Association Automobile Club
ACBA Association Cambresienne de la Belle Automobile
ACAC Association Champenoise des Automobiles de Collection
ACMA Association des Collectionneurs de Miniatures Automobiles
ACEA Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles
AMAF Association des Musées Automobiles de France
AEPM Association Europeenne Payez Mobile
AFPA Association Francaise de la Presse Automobile
AFOM Association Française des Opérateurs Mobiles
APIA Association of Automobile Producers and Importers
ABOS Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services
AIAMC Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada
ALAM Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers
AWSC Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
ARIA Association Regionale de l’Industrie Automobile
ASA Association Sportive Automobile
ASAB Association Sportive Automobile du Beaujolais
ASAC Association Sportive de l’Automobile-Club Basco-Bearnais
ATA Associazione Tecnica dell’Automobile
AMMC Asterisk Mobile Medical Center
ATTM AT&T Mobile
AAAA Atelier Accessoires Automobiles Anciennes
AAMPS Austin Area Mobile Podiatry Services
AAA Australian Automobile Association
AADA Australian Automobile Dealers Association
AMLN Australian Mobile Learning Network
AMTA Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
AMETS Austrian Mobile Equipment Tracking System
AMI Auto Mobile International
ATTACK Automobile
ANNUAL Automobile
AUSTRIA Automobile
ACTIVITY Automobile
AUTOMATIC Automobile
A Automobile
AUTOGRAPH Automobile
AUTO Automobile
ATCE Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt
AA Automobile Association
AAI Automobile Association Ireland
AAA Automobile Association of Australia
AAM Automobile Association of Malaysia
AAS Automobile Association of Singapore
AASI Automobile Association of South India
AANT Automobile Association of the Northern Territory
AAZ Automobile Association of Zimbabwe
ACLA Automobile Claim Law Associate
ACR Automobile Claim Report
AC Automobile Club
ACAC Automobile Club Andre Citroen
ACA Automobile Club d’Aix
ACI Automobile Club d’Italia
ACF Automobile Club de France
ACO Automobile Club de l’Ouest
ACM Automobile Club de Menton
ACM Automobile Club de Monaco
ACN Automobile Club de Nice
ACS Automobile Club de Suisse
ATTITUDE Automobile Club de Vichy
ACV Automobile Club de Vichy
ACDS Automobile Club des Deux-Sevres
ACL Automobile Club du Loiret
ACG Automobile Club Group
ACL Automobile Club Luxembourg
ACSC Automobile Club of Southern California
ACOP Automobile Club Oise Picardie
ACS Automobile Consumer Services, Inc.
ADAA Automobile Dealers Association of Alabama
ADAND Automobile Dealers Association of North Dakota
ADEAF Automobile Dealers Educational Assistance Foundation, Inc
AES Automobile Engineering Society
AETI Automobile Engineering Training Institute
ATCL Automobile et Touring Club du Liban
AFTO Automobile Freight Train Operator
AIRA Automobile Industry Recovery Act of 2008
AIATS Automobile Insurance Agents of Texas
AIAT Automobile Insurance Agents of Texas
AIARP Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan
AIP Automobile Insurance Plan
AJAC Automobile Journalists Association of Canada
ALA Automobile Legal Association
ALN Automobile Loss Notice
AMA Automobile Manufacturers Association
AMEO Automobile Manufacturers Employers Organisation
AMICA Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America
ATPA Automobile Prevention Authority
APA Automobile Protection Association
ARCA Automobile Race Car Association
ARCA Automobile Racing Club of America
ASR Automobile Shredder Residue
AWE Automobile Welt Eisenach
AMI Automobiles & Mécaniques Immortelles
AAA Automobiles Anciennes de l’Agenais
AAI Automobiles Anciennes de l’Indre
AOC-2 Automobiles d’Origine et de Collection
AOC Automobiles d’Origine et de Collection
ADC Automobiles des Cimes
AEP Automobiles Europe Prototypes
AGS Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives
AST Automobiles Sportives de Touraine
AMCR Autonomous Mobile Communication Relay
AMPU Autonomous Mobile Processing Unit
BASEBAND Babes, Automobiles, Sports, Entertainment
BASE Babes, Automobiles, Sports, Entertainment
BSSMAP Base Subsystem Mobile Application Part
BSM Bâtiment de Soutien Mobile
BCS-M Battle Control System – Mobile
BMC Beijing SE Putian Mobile Communications
BMB Belgacom Mobile Belgium
BAM Bell Atlantic Mobile
BAMS Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems
BRA Beribo Replica Automobiles
BBA Bernard Bourgois Automobiles
BML Béton Mobile Lyon
BMQ Béton Mobile Québec
BBO Big Block Oldsmobile
BUMP Black Upwardly Mobile Professional
BSAA Boston Society for Antique Automobiles
BEMS Brand Extension Mobile Solutions
BMP Brew Mobile Platform
BMM Brigade Mixte Mobile
BMR Brigade Mobile Reserve
BRAC Brionnais Retro Automobile Club
BAOA British Automobile Owners Association
BATANS British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia
BCAA British Columbia Automobile Association
BCSF British Columbia Snowmobile Federation
BHA Bruno Huissoud Automobile
BOP Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac
BNA Bureau de Normalisation de l’Automobile
BAP Business Automobile Policy
CEAA Cabinet d’Expertise Automobile Alsacien
CSAA California State Automobile Association
CAMC Camera-Augmented Mobile C-Arm
CMFK Camouflaged Mobile Field Kitchen
CAA Canadian Automobile Association
CADA Canadian Automobile Dealers Association
CASC Canadian Automobile Sports Club
CLEAR Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating
CTMC Car-Tel Mobile Communications
CHMC Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.
CAC Castel Automobile Club
CMC Cellular Mobile Carrier
CMR Cellular Mobile Radio
CMRT Cellular Mobile Radio Telephone
CMT Cellular Mobile Telephone
CMTS Cellular Mobile Telephone Service
CELLO Cellular Network Optimization Based on Mobile Location
CMCS Center for Mobile Communications Studies
CMDC Center the Study of Mobile Devices and Communications
CMMH Central Missouri Mobile Homes
CCTA Centre Controle Technique Automobile
CCM Centre de Commutation du Service Mobile
CCRM Centre de Controle des Radiocommunications des services Mobiles
CDMA Centre de Diffusion de Materiel Automobile
CFTA Centre de Formation aux Techniques Automobiles
CAMAC Cercle des Amateurs de Miniatures Automobiles Citroën
CCAM Cercle des Collectionneurs d’Automobiles Miniatures
CGAM Certified General Automobile Mechanic
CFTA Chemins de Fer et Transport Automobile
CAC Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.
CATA Chicago Automobile Trade Association
CAAM China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
CAA China Automobile Association
CCARI China Chongqing Automobile Research Institute
CMCC China Mobile Communications Corporation
CMMB China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting
CMMB China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting
CCA Chopard Centrale Automobile
CMAH CINC Mobile Alternate HQ
CIMO Cisco Internet Mobile Office
CMX Cisco Mobile Exchange
CHACC Classic and Historic Automobile Club of Caboolture
CADA Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association
CMIP Client Mobile Internet Protocol
CAB Club Automobile Berliet
CAM Club Automobile Martin
CAAV Club des Anciennes Automobiles Varoises
CRB Club Rétromobile du Berry
CMAR Collaborative Mobile Augmented Reality
CMHN Collectively Mobile Heterogeneous Network
CARC Colorado Automobile Racing Club
CADA Columbus Automobile Dealers Association
CLMR Combat Land Mobile Radio
CCMC Comite des Constructeurs d’Automobile du Marche Commun
CCFA Comité des Constructeurs Français d’Automobiles
C2FMO Command & Control For Mobile Operations
CAMMS Command Anywhere Mobile Mesh Software
COMAMF-A Commander ACE Mobile Force
C-SAM Commerce for Secure Active Mobile
CAIP Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan
CMAS Commercial Mobile Alert System
CMRS Commercial Mobile Radio Service
CAR Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers
CMOHS Commonwealth Mobile Oral Health Services, LLC
CMC Communications and Mobile Computing
CLTA Compagnie Logistique de Transports Automobiles
CAMA Composants pour Architectures Mobiles Adaptables
CAA Comptoir Ardéchois Automobile
CBA Comptoir Bayeusain de l’Automobile
CAD-MDT Computer-Aided Dispatch/Mobile Data Terminal
CMC COMSAT Mobile Communications
CMDC Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp.
CNPA Conseil National des Professions de l’Automobile
C2M Content to Mobile
CBMS Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Services
C-SENMA Cooperative Sensor Networks with Mobile Access
CVIA Crest Véhicules Industriels Automobiles
CMT Critical Mobile Targets
A4 Cryptographic standard for mobile/cellular phones
CAMEL Customized Applications for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic
CAA Cyprus Automobile Association
DMPP Dashtop Mobile Payment Platform
DMT Deep Mobile Target
DMCN Defence Mobile Communications Network
DAS Defense Automobile et Sportive
DASH Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware
DTM Deutsche Telekom Mobilenet
DAS Deutscher Automobile Schutz
DAGA Diffusion Automobile des Grandes Alpes
DAMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
DMR Digital Mobile Radio
DMRC Digital Mobile Radio Communications
DMPR Digital Private Mobile Radio
DMB Direct Mobile Billing
DGM Discipline Global Mobile
DMI Dispositif Mobile Interactif
DMC Distributed and Mobile Collaboration
DAMN Distributed Architecture for Mobile Navigation
DSMA Distributed Systems and Mobile Agents
DIAN Distribution Industrielle et Automobile Nantaise
DOCOMO Do Communications Over the Mobile Network
DMTU Dockside Mobile Test Unit
DAA Dominion Automobile Association
DDA Dominique Danjou Automobiles
DPCA Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co. Ltd
DOA Driver of Automobile
DCSA Dunn County Snowmobile Association
DMAC Durant Motors Automobile Club
DMD Dynamic Mobile Data
DMU Dynamic Mobile IP Key Update
EAMV East Anglia Mobile Valeting
ESMP ECMAscript Mobile Profile
ETACA Ecole des Techniques Aeronautiques et de Construction Automobile
ECMS Egyptian Company for Mobile Services
EMTC Egyptian Mobile Telephone Company
EMX Electronic Mobile Exchange
EMK Emergency Mobile Kitchens
EMCC Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce
ERA English Racing Automobiles
ELMR Enhanced Land Mobile Radio
EMSS Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services
E-MSC Enhanced Mobile Switching Center
ESMR Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ELMR Enterprise Land Mobile Radio
EMDS Enterprise Mobile Data Security
EPROM Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles
EPAF Entretien du Patrimoine Automobile Francais
EMDA Equipements Mobiles de Diffusion d’Alerte
EMP Ericcson Mobile Platform
EMP Ericsson Mobile Platform
ECMR European Conference on Mobile Robots
EFRA European Federation of Radio-Operated Model Automobiles
EMILY European Mobile Integrated Location System
EMS European Mobile System
EMPS European Workshop on Mobile/Personal Satcoms
EMATT Expendable Mobile ASW Training Target
EMSS Experimental Mobile Satellite System
EODMU Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit
EGSM Extended Global System for Mobile Communications
ESMR Extended Specialized Mobile Radio
FEMA Federation Europeenne du Modelisme Automobile
FFSA Federation Francaise de Sport Automobile
FIA Federation Internationale de l’Automobile
FILSCA Fedération Internationale des Ligues de Simulateurs Courses Automobile
FISITA Federation Internationale des Societes D’ingenieurs des Techniques de L’Automobile
FADA Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations
FASC Federation of Automobile Sports of the People’s Republic of China
FGA Fiat Group Automobiles
FMR Field and Mobile Robotics
FMC Fix Mobile Convergence
FMC Fix Mobile Conversion
FMC Fixed Mobile Convergence
FMI Fixed Mobile Integration
FMS Fixed Mobile Substitution
FTM Fixed to Mobile
F2M Fixed to Mobile
FMCA Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance
FADA Florida Automobile Dealers Association
FMC Force Mobile Command
FMCU Force Mobile Command Unit
FTM Forum de la Télévision Mobile
FAME Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience
FMG Fox Mobile Group
FTML France Telecom Mobile Liban
FOMA Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access
RITA French Secure Mobile Communications System
FSMS F-Secure Mobile Security
FMNP Full Mobile Number Portability
FAMOUS Future Advanced Mobile Universal System
FMUIT Future Mobile and Ubiquitous Information Technologies
FOM Future of Mobile
FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System
GRM Garde Républicaine Mobile
GME Garrison Mobile Equipment
GWMS Gartner Wireless and Mobile Summit
GMLC Gateway Mobile Location Center
GMSC Gateway Mobile Switching Center
GMPCS General Mobile Personal Communications System
GMRS General Mobile Radio Service
GSM General System for Mobile Communications
GMPRS Geo Mobile Packet Radio Service
GMR Geo-Mobile Radio
GMDJA Georgia Mobile DJ Association
GMR Geostationary Mobile Radio
GMSS Geostationary Mobile Satellite Standard
GMS Gitchner Mobile System
GLOMO Global Mobile
GLOMOSIM Global Mobile Information Systems Simulation Library
GMPCS Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite
GMPCS Global Mobile Personal Communications Services
GMSS Global Mobile Satellite System
GMS Global Mobile System
GSM Global Service for Mobiles
GSMC Global System for Mobile Communication
GSM-R Global System for Mobile Communication – Railway
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GSM Global Systems Mobile
GRST Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail
GMI Good Mobile Intranet
GMM Good Mobile Messaging
GAAC Goodyear Antique Automobile Club
GMTC Governor Mobile Tactical Command, Inc.
GCADA Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association
GCADA Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association
GBST Grey Bruce Snowmobile Trails
GM Ground Mobile
GMAS Ground Mobile ADP System
GMCC Ground Mobile Command Center
GMF Ground Mobile Force
GMFDENIAL Ground Mobile Forces Satellite Access Denial
GMFSC Ground Mobile Forces Satellite Communications
GMG Ground Mobile Gateway
GMR Ground Mobile Radar
GMR Ground Mobile Radio
GMRT Ground Mobile Receive Terminal
GMROC Ground Mobile Regional Operations Center
GMS Ground Mobile Segment
GRAB Ground Retractable Automobile Barrier
GMR Groupe Mobile de Réserve
GSM Groupe Spéciale Mobile
GAMMA Groupement Automobile Monegasque de Mecanique Avancee
GMS GroupWise Mobile Server
GMC Guangdong Mobile Corp
GFO Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad Company
HMS Hansen Mobile Solutions
HML Hard Mobile Launcher
HADA Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association
HMSU Headquarters Mobile Support Units
HEMT Heavy Equipment Mobile Transport
HME Heavy Mobile Equipment
HMIP Hierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol
HCMTS High Capacity Mobile Telecommunications System
HIMARS Highly Mobile Artillery System
HMS Highway Mobile Source
HASC Historical Automobile Society of Canada
HAMN Home Agent of the Mobile Node
HMSC Home Mobile Switching Center
HPLMN Home Public Land Mobile Network
HATC Honda Automobile Thailand Co., Ltd.
MASS IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems
IMPACT Immediate Mobile Police Assisting Citizens Together
IMSE Improved Mobile Subscriber Equipment
IMTS Improved Mobile Telephone Service
IMR Industrial Mobile Robotics
IMPALA Informal Mobile Podcasting and Learning Adaptation
ICM Information and Communication Mobile
IRMC Infra-red Mobile Communications
IMM Innovative Mobile Marketing
ISAT Institut Superieur de l’Automobile et des Transports
IMST Institute for Mobile Communications and Satellite Techniques
IMST Institute of Mobile and Satellite Communication Techniques
ICMT Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
IMA Intelligent Mobile Agent
IMS Intellisync Mobile Suite
IMDN Interim Mobile Data Network
IMCS Interim Mobile Environmental Team Computer System
IADC International Automobile Driver’s Club
ICMS International Company for Mobile Services
ICCNMC International Conference on Computer Networks and Mobile Computing
ICMB International Conference on Mobile Business
ICBM International Conference on Mobile Business
ICMU International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking
MDM International Conference on Mobile Data Management
IHAC International Historic Automobile Club
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identification
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity
IMGA International Mobile Gaming Awards
IMGI International Mobile Group Identity
IMSC International Mobile Satellite Conference
IMSO International Mobile Satellite Organization
IMSI International Mobile Station Identity
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMT International Mobile Telecommunications
IMT-FT International Mobile Telecommunications – Frequency Time
IMT-MC International Mobile Telecommunications – Multi-Carrier
IMT2000 International Mobile Telecommunications 2000
IMTA International Mobile Telecommunications Association
IMT International Mobile Telephony
IMUI International Mobile User Identity
IMTAM International Model Train and Automobile Museum
ISMA International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association
IWMD International Workshop on Mobile Databases
IMMAP Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines
IMSM Internet Mobile Station Modem
IPLMN Interrogating Public Land Mobile Network
IMSC Interworking Mobile Switching Center
IDAMN Intrusion Detection Architecture for Mobile Networks
JADA Japan Automobile Dealers Association
JAFS Japan Automobile Federation
JAF Japan Automobile Federation
JAMA Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
JAW Japan Automobile Workers’ Union
JASO Japanese Automobile Standards Organization
JOMA Joint Operations for Mobile Applications
JAMRIS Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
JLM Junior League of Mobile
KCML Kansas City Mobile Locksmith
KME Kovatch Mobile Equipment
LVA La Vie de l’Automobile
LMC Land Mobile Channel
LMCC Land Mobile Communications Council
LMR Land Mobile Radio
LMRA Land Mobile Radio Architecture
LMSC Land Mobile Satellite Channel
LMSCC Land Mobile Satellite Communications Channel
LMS Land Mobile Satellite System
LMS Land Mobile Service
ML Land Mobile Station
LIME Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment
LAMPSS Large-Area Mobile Projected Smoke System
LMT Latvian Mobile Telephone
LMA Learning Mobile Author
LEGRO LEGged Mobile Robot
LMCA Local Mobile Calling Area
LMN Local Mobile Node
LLAMA Locally-Led Advance Mobile Aid
LIMARC Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
LMC Lotus Mobile Connect
LAIP Louisiana Automobile Insurance Plan
LATIFPA Louisiana Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority
LEMS Low-Emission Mobile System
MSA Maine Snowmobile Association
MMC Malicious Mobile Code
MMCC Malicious Mobile Code Consortium
MFR Manipulator/Mobile Foot Restraint
MMH Manufactured/Mobile Home
MMT Marine Air Traffic Control Mobile Team
MM Maritime Mobile
MARS Maritime Mobile Access and Retrieval System
MMSI Maritime Mobile Service Identity
MSADA Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association
MCA Maubeuge Construction Automobile
MMCE Melco Mobile Communications Europe SA
METMF Meteorological Mobile Replacement Facility
MAIA Mexican Automobile Industry Association
MADA Michigan Automobile Dealers Association
MIADA Michigan Independent Automobile Dealers Association
MME Microsoft Mobile Explorer
MMIS Microsoft Mobile Information Server
MMIT Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit
MMS Middle Mobile Suit
MCAC Middlesex County Automobile Club
MMT Mini Mobile Target
MADA Mississippi Automobile Dealers Association
MOBI Mobile
MOB Mobile
MBL Mobile
MEDC Mobile & Embedded Developers Conference
MWS Mobile & Wireless Solutions
MACH Mobile Access Command Headquarters
MAG Mobile Access Gateway
MAH Mobile Access Hunting
MAP Mobile Access Platform
MAPER Mobile Access Platform
MAP Mobile Access Protocol
MAPER Mobile Access Protocol
MAR Mobile Access Router
MAT Mobile Access Terminal
MAST Mobile Acoustic Spatial Target
MACINTOSH Mobile Action Command
MAC Mobile Action Command
MAGIC Mobile Action Global Interactive Control
MANET Mobile Ad Hoc Network
MAHN Mobile Ad Hoc Network
MSN Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
MASS Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems
MAODDP Mobile Ad-hoc on Demand Data Delivery Protocol
MARS Mobile Adjustable Ramp System
MACCS Mobile Advanced Command and Control Station
MAA Mobile Advertising Alliance
MAT Mobile Advisory Team
MAPS Mobile Aerial Port Squadron
MASF Mobile Aeromedical Staging Facility
MAT Mobile Aeronautical Telemetry
MAAP Mobile Affiliate Advertising Program
MAF Mobile Agent Facility
MAT Mobile Agent Technology
MACH Mobile Air Cargo Handling
MACINTOSH Mobile Air Conditioner
MAC Mobile Air Conditioner
MACS Mobile Air Conditioning Society
MARC Mobile Air Reporting Center
MASH Mobile Air Surgical Hospital
MATTS Mobile Air Transportable Telecommunications System
MAAS Mobile Aircraft Arresting System
MARS Mobile Aircrew Restraint System
MAEST Mobile Allocation
MA Mobile Allocation
MARAC Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club
MAA Mobile Ambient Air Monitoring
MAMU Mobile Ambient Air Monitoring Unit
MARS Mobile Analytical Response System
MAP Mobile Anchor Point
MAPER Mobile Anchor Point
MBC Mobile and Business Convergence
MEDICAL Mobile and Embedded Devices
MED Mobile and Embedded Devices
MEIS Mobile and Embedded Interactive Systems
MILLEE Mobile and Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies
MAIDS Mobile and Internet Dependency Syndrome
MMRRC Mobile and Marine Robotics Research Centre
MPRG Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group
MULE Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning Environments
MWN Mobile and Wireless Networks
MAMG Mobile Anesthesia Medical Group
MASH Mobile Animal Services and Help, Inc.
MAP Mobile Antenna Platform
MAPER Mobile Antenna Platform
MASH Mobile Antenna System Handbook
MAB Mobile Application Builder
MAML Mobile Application Markup Language
MAP Mobile Application Part
MAPER Mobile Application Part
MAPS Mobile Application Provisioning System
MAXS Mobile Application Xpert
MAX Mobile Application Xpert
MACS Mobile Approach Control System
MABEL Mobile Architecture Built Environment Laboratory
MAEF Mobile Area Education Foundation
MAMA Mobile Area Modelers Association
MAEST Mobile Armor
MANEUVER Mobile Armor
MA Mobile Armor
MAN Mobile Armor
MAD Mobile Armor Division
MACS Mobile Armored Crew Station
MARV Mobile Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
MASK Mobile Armored Strike Kommand
MAGIC Mobile Army Ground Imagery Interception Center
MAGIIC Mobile Army Ground Imagery Interpretation Center
MASH Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MAST Mobile Army Surgical Team
MACS Mobile Ash Conditioning System
MAST Mobile Ashore Support Terminal
MAP Mobile Assault Platoon
MAPER Mobile Assault Platoon
MAMS Mobile Asset Management Systems
MAP Mobile Assistance Patrol
MAPER Mobile Assistance Patrol
MAIV Mobile Assistant 4
MACA Mobile Assisted Channel Allocation
MARS Mobile Atlantic Range Station
MAS Mobile Atmospheric Spectrometer
MACK Mobile Attack Climbing Kit
MACINTOSH Mobile Attack Cuisine
MAC Mobile Attack Cuisine
MACINTOSH Mobile Attenuation Code
MAC Mobile Attenuation Code
MAVUS Mobile Audio-Visual Unit Supporting Service
MARS Mobile Augmented Reality Systems
MAFIS Mobile Automated Field Instrumented System
MAIS Mobile Automated Instrumentation Suite
MAUS Mobile Automated Scanner
MAMA Mobile Automatic Message Accounting
MARS Mobile Automatic Reporting System
MATS Mobile Automatic Telephone System
MAR Mobile Autonomous Robot
MARIE Mobile Autonomous Robot in an Industrial Environment
MARS Mobile Autonomous Robot Software
MARVIN Mobile Autonomous Robot with Video-based Navigation
MARVIN Mobile Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Indoor Navigation
MARTHA Mobile Autonomous Robots for Transportation and Handling Applications
MAU Mobile Awareness Unit
MBH Mobile Backhaul
MBS Mobile Base Station
MBR Mobile Binding Records
MBH Mobile Block Hessian
MBX Mobile Branch Exchange
MBF Mobile Branch Facilities
MBS Mobile Broadband System
MBWA Mobile Broadband Wireless Access
MBCO Mobile Broadcasting Corporation
MBU Mobile Broadcasting Unit
MBI Mobile Business Intelligence
MCC Mobile Calibration Complex
MCU Mobile Calibration Unit
MCH Mobile Call Handoff
MCP Mobile Call Pickup
MCS Mobile Camouflage System
MCE Mobile Care Engine
MCF Mobile Care Framework
MCSU Mobile Catering Support Unit
MCO Mobile Cellular Operator
MCR Mobile Cellular Radio
MC Mobile Charge
MCP Mobile Checkpoint
MCAD Mobile Chemical Agent Detector
MCS Mobile Christian School
MCSF Mobile Client Software Factory
MCA Mobile Clinical Assistant
MCT Mobile Collection Team
MCA Mobile Combat Armor
MCCS Mobile Command & Control System
MCC Mobile Command Center
MCC Mobile Command Concept
MCG Mobile Command Group
MCP Mobile Command Post
MCS Mobile Command Station
MCT Mobile Command Team
MCSC mobile commode shower chair
MCC Mobile Communication Center
MCNA Mobile Communication Network Architecture
MCPC Mobile Communications and Pervasive Computing
MCA Mobile Communications Area
MCB Mobile Communications Business
MCC Mobile Communications Component
MCCA Mobile Communications Corporation of America
MCD Mobile Communications Device
MCD Mobile Communications Division
MCGP Mobile Communications Group
MCG Mobile Communications Group
MCL Mobile Communications Laboratory
MCSE Mobile Communications Service – Europe
MCS Mobile Communications Solutions
MCS Mobile Communications System
MCT Mobile Communications Terminal
MCN Mobile Communications Unit
MCI Mobile Company of Iran
MC Mobile Computer
MCC Mobile Computer Core
MCLC Mobile Computer Learning Center
MOMM Mobile Computing and Multimedia
MCWC Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication
MCD Mobile Computing Device
MCE Mobile Computing Equipment
MCLP Mobile Computing Lending Program
MCPC Mobile Computing Promoting Consortium
MCCC Mobile Consolidated Command Center
MCB Mobile Construction Battalion
MCV Mobile Construction Vehicle
MCAP Mobile Consumer Application Platform
MCT Mobile Contact Teams
MOBCON Mobile Container
MCDP Mobile Content Delivery Platform
MCMS Mobile Content Management System
MCF Mobile Control Function
MCR Mobile Control Room
MCU Mobile Control Unit
MCA Mobile Convergence Appliance
MCC Mobile Convergence Client
MOCCA Mobile Cooperation and Coordination Action
MCAR Mobile Cosmetic Auto Repairs
MCIT Mobile Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Interactive Trainer
MCC Mobile Country Code
MCO Mobile Country Operator
MC Mobile Crane
MCSU Mobile Crime Scene Unit
MCSF Mobile Cryptologic Support Facility
M-CRM Mobile Customer Relationship Management System
MDAS Mobile Data Access System
MDAS Mobile Data Acquisition System
MDAR Mobile Data Archive and Retrieval
MDA Mobile Data Association
MDCC Mobile Data Capture and Communications
MDC Mobile Data Center
MDC Mobile Data Collector
MDE Mobile Data Entry
MDX Mobile Data Exchange
MDG Mobile Data Gateway
MDG Mobile Data Group
MDI Mobile Data Initiative
MDM Mobile Data Management
MDMD Mobile Data Mini Directories
MDP Mobile Data Peripheral
MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc.
MDS Mobile Data System
MDSS Mobile Data System Studio
MDT Mobile Data Terminal
MDWD Mobile Data Wireless Display
MDE Mobile Daten-Erfassung
MDC Mobile Daughter Card
MDU Mobile Decontamination Unit
MDM Mobile Depot Maintenance
MDEV Mobile Development Limitada
MDU Mobile Development Units
MDM Mobile Device Management
MDPP Mobile Device Partnership Program
MDPA Mobile Device Protection Association
MDSP Mobile Device Synchronization Protocol
MEDIC Mobile Diagnosis for Improved Care
MDA Mobile Digital Assistant
MDCN Mobile Digital Commons Network
MDC Mobile Digital Computer
MDTV Mobile Digital Television
MDT Mobile Digital Terminal
MDV Mobile Digital Video
MDVR Mobile Digital Video Recorder
MDAS Mobile Directional Antenna System
MDN Mobile Directory Number
MDJ Mobile Disc Jockey Service
MDU Mobile Distribution Unit
MDSU Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit
MDU Mobile Drilling Unit
MEW Mobile Early Warning
MES Mobile Earth Station
MERV Mobile Education Resource Vehicle
MET Mobile Education Team
METT Mobile Education Training Team
MEP Mobile Electric Power
MEPCOM Mobile Electric Power Command
MEPP Mobile Electric Power Plant
MEPS Mobile Electric Power System
METS Mobile Electronic Test Set
METS Mobile Electronic Threat Simulator
MEWSS Mobile Electronic Warfare Support System
ME Mobile Electronics
MESF Mobile Electronics and Security Federation
MEA Mobile Electronics Association
MECP Mobile Electronics Certification Program
MECP Mobile Electronics Certified Professional
METU Mobile Electronics Technical Unit
MEP Mobile Elevated Platform
MEWP Mobile Elevating Work Platform
MEC Mobile Embedded Computer
MEDICAL Mobile Emergency Department
MED Mobile Emergency Department
MEMS Mobile Emergency Medical System
MEMU Mobile Emergency Medical Unit
MEPS Mobile Emergency Psychiatric Services
MERS Mobile Emergency Response Support
MERS Mobile Emergency Response System
MERT Mobile Emergency Response Team
MERC Mobile Emissions Reduction Credit
METS Mobile Emissions Testing System
MES Mobile End System
METP Mobile End Transport Protocol
MEDICAL Mobile Energy Depot
MED Mobile Energy Depot
MET Mobile Enforcement Team
MESA Mobile Enhanced Situational Awareness Network
MERF Mobile Enroute Radar Facility
MEAP Mobile Enterprise Application Platform
MEBA Mobile Enterprise Business Applications
MERP Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning
MEA Mobile Entertainment Analyst
MEF Mobile Entertainment Forum
MESP Mobile Entertainment Service Provider
MEAP Mobile Environmental Analytical Platform
MEDA Mobile Environmental Data Acquisition
MESSAGE Mobile Environmental Sensing System Across Grid Environments
MET Mobile Environmental Team
MEDS Mobile Equine Diagnostic Service
ME Mobile Equipment
MEC Mobile Equipment Console
MEEF Mobile Equipment Employment File
MEID Mobile Equipment Identifier
MEND Mobile Equipment National Database
MEP Mobile Equipment Personalization
MET Mobile Equipment Technology
MET Mobile Equipment Transporter
MEL Mobile Erector Launcher
MESH Mobile Eservices Hub
MOBEX Mobile Exchange
MXA Mobile Exercise Area
MEU Mobile Expansion Unit
MEE Mobile Experience Engine
MXI Mobile Experience Interface
MEG Mobile Expert Group
MEX Mobile Exploration System
MEMU Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Unit
MECN Mobile Extended Corporate Network
MOBEX Mobile Extension
MXC Mobile Extreme Convergence
MF mobile facility
MFE Mobile Fahndungseinheit
MFF Mobile Field Force
MFH Mobile Field Hospital
MFS Mobile File Sync
MFF Mobile Film Festival
MFU Mobile Filtration Unit
MFP Mobile Fire Post
MFT Mobile Fire Team
MAB Mobile Floating Assault Bridge-Ferry
MFPV Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles
MFR Mobile Force Reserve
MFT Mobile Fuel Tanker
MGN Mobile Gadget News
MGU Mobile Gallery Unit
DAPPS Mobile Games Developers, Aggregators, Publishers and Portals
MGF Mobile Games Forum
MGIF Mobile Games Interoperability Forum
MGB Mobile Garbage Bin
MGI Mobile Gateway Infrastructure
MGV Mobile Gateway Van
MGX Mobile Generation X Pte. Ltd.
MGE Mobile Genetic Elements
MGS Mobile GIS System
MGT Mobile Global Title
MGDP Mobile GPS Demonstration Platform
MGFU Mobile Ground Formatter Unit
MGS Mobile Ground Station
MGS mobile ground system
MGT Mobile Ground Terminal
MGS Mobile Guns System
MHA Mobile Handset Antenna
MHC Mobile Health Clinics
MHL Mobile High-Definition Link
MH Mobile Home
MHRV Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle
MHC Mobile Home Community
MHEA Mobile Home Energy Audit
MHMA Mobile Home Manufacturers Association
MHOA Mobile Home Owners Association
MHP Mobile Home Park
MHP Mobile Home Project
MHR Mobile Home Residential
MHU Mobile Home Unit
MH Mobile Host
MHP Mobile Host Protocol
MHRP Mobile Host Routing Protocol
MHA Mobile Humic Acid
MHM Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic
MIN Mobile Identification Number
MITTS Mobile Igor Tracking Telescope System
MIDS Mobile Imagery Dissemination System
MIR Mobile IMAP Reader
MIV Mobile Immediatevoice
MICU Mobile Incident Command Unit
MITS Mobile Independent Target System
MICA Mobile Industrial Caterers Association
MI Mobile Infantry
MIMC Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
MICS Mobile Information and Communication Systems
MIR Mobile Information Around Russia
MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile
MIDP Mobile Information Device Protocol
MIMS Mobile Information Management System
MONTH Mobile Information Server
MIS Mobile Information Server
MIST Mobile Information Support Team
MONTH Mobile Information Systems
MIS Mobile Information Systems
MIV Mobile Information Visualization
MIW Mobile Information Worker
MIRT Mobile Infra-Red Transmitter
MI Mobile Infrastructure
MICK Mobile Initial Communications Kit
MIM Mobile Instant-Messaging
MIDAS Mobile Instrumentation Data Acquisition System
MIF Mobile Instrumentation Facility
MIC2P Mobile Integrated Command & Control Post
MIRCS Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System
MISS Mobile Integrated Support System
MISER Mobile Integrated Sustainable Energy Recovery
MITT Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal
MIAS Mobile Intelligence Analysis Center
MIPE Mobile Intelligence Processing Element
MIA Mobile Intelligent Agent
MID Mobile Intelligent Device
MIN Mobile Intelligent Network
MIT Mobile Intelligent Terminal
MITS mobile intelligent terminal by Samsung
MICA Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance
MICN Mobile Intensive Care Nurse
MICP Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic
MICT Mobile Intensive Care Technician
MICU Mobile Intensive Care Unit
MIRAS Mobile Interactive Remote Activated Solutions
MIRAS Mobile Interactive Remote Activated System
MISR Mobile Intercept Resistant Radio
MIAT Mobile Internal Acquisition Tool
MONET Mobile Internet
MIA Mobile Internet Access
MIND Mobile internet and Navigation Device
MID Mobile Internet Device
MIG Mobile Internet Gateway
MIK Mobile Internet Kit
MIMD Mobile Internet Multimedia Device
MIP Mobile Internet Protocol
MIER Mobile Internet Protocol Extensions Rationalization
MISP Mobile Internet Service Provider
MONTH Mobile Internet Solutions
MIS Mobile Internet Solutions
MIT Mobile Internet Toolkit
MIU Mobile Internet User
MIEUB Mobile Internet-Educational Unit on Boats
MIT Mobile Interrogation Team
MIV Mobile Inventory Vehicle
MIM Mobile IP Module
MITK Mobile IT in Kliniken
MJU Mobile Jettison Unit
MKA Mobile Killer Application
MKT Mobile Kitchen Trailer
MLCP Mobile Land Command Post
MLT Mobile Land Target
MLP Mobile Landing Platform
MLAD Mobile Laptop as Desktop
ML Mobile Launcher
MLP Mobile Launcher Platform
MLBU Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit
MLEM Mobile Learning for Emergency Management
MLL Mobile Learning Lab
MLC Mobile Liaison Cell
MLC Mobile Location Centre
MLES Mobile Location Estimation System
MLP Mobile Location Protocol
MLS Mobile Location Service
MLB Mobile Logistics Support Base
MMUJ Mobile Mac Users Japan
MM Mobile Magazine
MMCT Mobile Maintenance Contact Team
MMD Mobile Maintenance Depot
MMT Mobile Maintenance Team
MMF Mobile Maintenance/Module Facility
MARA Mobile Malware Researchers Association
MML Mobile Man Lift
MM Mobile Management
MMC Mobile Management Command
MMTF Mobile Management Task Force
MMF Mobile Manufacturers Forum
MMU Mobile Manufacturing Unit
MMN Mobile Market News
MMWG Mobile Market Working Group
MMA Mobile Marketing Association
MMF Mobile Marketing Forum
MMG Mobile Marketing Group
MML Mobile Markup Language
MMI Mobile Math Initiative
MMT Mobile Measurement Technology
MMCST Mobile Mechanical Circulatory Support Team
MME Mobile Media Enterprises
MMM Mobile Media Mode
MMES Mobile Medical Emergency Service
MMIC Mobile Medical International Corporation
MMN Mobile Medical Network
MMR Mobile Medical Response, Inc.
MMT Mobile Medical Team
MMTL Mobile Medical Team Leader
MMU Mobile Medical Unit
MMCT Mobile Member Care Team
MMAP Mobile Message Access Protocol
MMSC Mobile Message Service Center
MMG Mobile Messaging Gateway
MMU Mobile Meteorological Unit
MMR Mobile Meter Reading
MMCC Mobile Mini Circus for Children
MMF Mobile Missile/Meteorological Facility
MMR Mobile Mission Recognition
MMAP Mobile Missionary Assistance Program
MMH Mobile Modular Hospitals SpA
MMTL Mobile Molecular Testing Laboratory
MMID Mobile Money Identifier
MMT Mobile Money Transfer
MMV Mobile Money Ventures, LLC
MMR Mobile Multi-Hop Relay
MMAC Mobile Multimedia Access Communication
MMBS Mobile Multimedia Broadcast Service
MMEP Mobile Multimedia Education Platform
MMS Mobile Multimedia Service
MMWN Mobile Multimedia Wireless Network
MMCS Mobile Multipurpose Control Station
MMTBDS Mobile Multi-Temperature Beverage Delivery System
MNBDO Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation
MONA Mobile Navigator
MNS Mobile Net Switch
MN Mobile Network
MNC Mobile Network Code
MNCRS Mobile Network Computer Reference Specification
MNE Mobile Network Entity
MNI Mobile Network Identity
MNM Mobile Network Management
MNOC Mobile Network Operation Center
MNO Mobile Network Operator
MNP Mobile Network Provider
MNSD Mobile Network Solutions Division
MOVE Mobile Networks for Vehicular Environments
MN Mobile Node
MNR Mobile Node Registration
MNRR Mobile Not Reachable Reason
MNP Mobile Notary Public
MNP Mobile Number Portability
MOB Mobile Object
MOL Mobile Object Layer
MOSS Mobile Oceanographic Support System
MO Mobile Office
MO Mobile Office
MO-2 Mobile Office
MO-2 Mobile Office
MOC Mobile Office Card
MOEJ Mobile Office Entry Jumpstart
MOK Mobile Office Kit
MOPS Mobile Office Personal Space
MOPA Mobile Office Promotion Association
MOSES Mobile Office Simulated Environment System
MOB Mobile Off-shore Base
MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOPU Mobile Offshore Production Unit
MOU Mobile Offshore Unit
MODT Mobile on Desktop Technology
MOOSE Mobile On Orbit Support Equipment
MOTS Mobile on the Spot
M1 Mobile One Asia
MOTP Mobile One Time Password
MOIU Mobile Oocyte Incubation Unit
MOST Mobile Open Systems Technologies
MOS Mobile Operating System
MOMS Mobile Operational Measurement System
MOMMS Mobile Operational Meteorological Measurement System
MOTU Mobile Operational Test Unit
MOTU Mobile Operational Training Unit
MOC Mobile Operations Center
MOCC Mobile Operations Command Center
MOCC Mobile Operations Control Center
MOF Mobile Operations Facility
MOM Mobile Operations Module
MO Mobile Operator
MO-2 Mobile Operator
MOST Mobile Optical Surveillance Tracker
MOTS Mobile Optical Tracking System
MOSU Mobile Ordnance Service Unit
MOTU Mobile Organizational/Ordnance Technical Unit
MO Mobile Originated
MO-2 Mobile Originated
MOC Mobile Originated Call
MOM Mobile Originated Message
MOSM Mobile Originated Short Message
MPV Mobile Packaging Van
MPH Mobile Parts Hospital
MPP Mobile Party Pays
MPSA Mobile Payment Services Association
MOPC Mobile PC
MXM Mobile PCI Express Module
MPV Mobile Performance Venue
MPS Mobile Personal Server
MOB Mobile Phone
MPM Mobile Phone Manager
MPM mobile phone marketing
MPO Mobile Phone Organizer
MPPS Mobile Phone Photography Show
MPRC Mobile Phone Repair Company
MPRT Mobile Phone Ring Tone
MPTP Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol
MPWG Mobile Phone Working Group
MPTS Mobile Photographic Tracking Station
MPOE Mobile Physician Order Entry
MPL Mobile Pixel Link
MPL Mobile Plant Licence
MPB Mobile Point Base
MPOS Mobile Point of Sale
MPT Mobile Portable Terminal
MPC Mobile Position Center
MPI Mobile Positioning Initiative
MPS Mobile Positioning System
MPO Mobile Post Office
MPOS Mobile Post Office Society
MOPS Mobile Post System
MPU Mobile Power Unit
MPD Mobile Prefix Discovery
MPN Mobile Private Network
MPF Mobile Processing Facility
MPC Mobile Production Center
MPU Mobile Production Unit
MPS Mobile Profiler System
MPG Mobile Protected Gun
MPAD Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
MQA Mobile Quality Analyzer
MQF Mobile Quarantine Facility
MRCP Mobile Radar Control Post
MRL Mobile Radiation Laboratory
MRBS Mobile Radio Broadcast System
MRC Mobile Radio Component
MORANE Mobile Radio for Railway Networks in Europe
MISTRESS Mobile Radio Service
MRS Mobile Radio Service
MISTRESS Mobile Radio Subsystem
MRS Mobile Radio Subsystem
MRT Mobile Radio Technology
MRT Mobile Radio Telephone
MRTR Mobile Radio Transmission and Reception
MRU Mobile Radio Unit
MRN Mobile Random Network
MROC Mobile Range Operation Center
MRD Mobile Receive Diversity
MR Mobile Receiver
MRF Mobile Reconnaissance Force
MRV Mobile Recruitment Vehicle
MR Mobile Relay
MRF Mobile Relay Facility
MRES Mobile Remote Emitter Simulator
MRIT Mobile Remote Intelligence Terminal
MRRS Mobile Remote Receiving System
MBSS Mobile Remote Service Base System
MISTRESS Mobile Remote Servicer
MRS Mobile Remote Servicer
MBS Mobile Remote Servicer Base System
MRP Mobile Repair Party
MRU Mobile Repair Unit
MRU Mobile Rescue Unit
MRM Mobile Resource Management
MRT Mobile Response Team
MRU Mobile Response Unit
MRU Mobile Retail Unit
MRF Mobile Riverine Force
MRFA Mobile Riverine Force Association
MRN Mobile Robot Navigation
MRL Mobile Rocket Launcher
MR Mobile Route
MR Mobile Router
MRC Mobile Router and Control
MRP Mobile Routing Protocol
MSFA Mobile Sales Force Automation
MSAT Mobile Satellite
MSA Mobile Satellite Antenna
MSC Mobile Satellite Channel
MSCL Mobile Satellite Communication Link
MSCN Mobile Satellite Communication Network
MALAYSIA Mobile Satellite Internet Access
MSIA Mobile Satellite Internet Access
MSS Mobile Satellite Services
MSV Mobile Satellite Ventures LP
MST Mobile Scaffold Tower
MSF Mobile Screening Force
MSB Mobile Sea Base
MSR Mobile Sea Range
MSD Mobile Security Division
MSF Mobile Security Forces
MSSA Mobile Self-Storage Association
MSP Mobile Sensor Platform
MAEST Mobile Service
MA Mobile Service
MSA Mobile Service Agent
MSCS Mobile Service Center System
MSDP Mobile Service Delivery Platform
MSDS Mobile Service Delivery System
MSE Mobile Service Equipment
MSP Mobile Service Provider
MSS Mobile Service Structure
MST Mobile Service Tower
MOSO Mobile Services and Ontologies Workshop
MSC Mobile Services Switching Center
MOSO Mobile Services-Oriented Architectures and Ontologies
MSC Mobile Servicing Center
MSS Mobile Servicing Station
MSS Mobile Servicing System
MCAS Mobile Servicing System Common Attach System
MSSE Mobile Shared Spectrum Enabler
MSBAC Mobile Small Business Assistance Center
MSN Mobile Social Network
MSND Mobile Social Networking Device
MOSOSO Mobile Social Networking Software
MSS Mobile Soft Switch
MSL Mobile Software Laboratory
MSP Mobile Solution Provider
MSP Mobile Solutions Platform
MOST Mobile Sonar Technology
MSAP Mobile Source Air Pollution
MSRC Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee
MSAT Mobile Source Air Toxics
MSEM Mobile Source Emissions Model
MSOD Mobile Source Observation Database
MASTERS Mobile Sources Technical Review Subcommittee
MSAI Mobile Standard Alliance of India
MO Mobile Station
MO-2 Mobile Station
MS Mobile Station
MSE Mobile Station Equipment
MSID Mobile Station Identifier
MSISDN Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network
MSISDN Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number
MSISDN Mobile Station ISDN Number
MSM Mobile Station Modem
MSRN Mobile Station Roaming Number
MSD Mobile Storage Device
MSG Mobile Storage Group
MSF Mobile Strike Force
MSFC Mobile Strike Force Command
MSF Mobile Striking Force
MOSS Mobile Submarine Simulator
MS Mobile Subscriber
MSA Mobile Subscriber Access
MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSID Mobile Subscriber Identification
MSISDN Mobile Subscriber ISDN Number
MSRE Mobile Subscriber Radio Equipment
MSRT Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal
MSRT Mobile Subscriber Radiotelephone Terminal
MSRT Mobile Subscriber Receiver/Transmitter
MSRN Mobile Subscriber Roaming Number
MSM Mobile Suit
MSN Mobile Suit
MS Mobile Suit
MSG Mobile Suit Gundam
MSG-EIS Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space
MSH Mobile Suit Hangar
MSAC Mobile Supervision and Control
MSCA Mobile Supply Chain Application
M-SCM Mobile Supply Chain Management Systems
MSGR Mobile Support Group
MSG Mobile Support Group
MSR Mobile Support Router
MSS Mobile Support Station
MSS Mobile Support System
MST Mobile Support Team
MSTT Mobile Surgical Transport Team
MSO Mobile Switch Office
MSC Mobile Switching Center
MSC-BC Mobile Switching Center – Base Center
MSC Mobile Switching Centre
MSS Mobile Switching Station
MSAT Mobile System Analysis Tool
MSWC Mobile System Wake-up Control
MTEN Mobile Tactical Edge Network
MTGSS Mobile Tactical Ground SIGINT System
MTT Mobile Tactical Training
MTE Mobile Tail Enclosure
MT Mobile Target
MTA Mobile Task Automation
MTF Mobile Task Force
MTT Mobile Task Team
MT Mobile Team
MOTU Mobile Technical Unit
MTL Mobile Technology Lab
MTN Mobile Technology Network
MTV Mobile Technology Vehicle
MTHR Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research
MTC Mobile Telecommunications Company
MTCE Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan
MTC Mobile Telecommunications Corp.
MTN Mobile Telecommunications Network
MTSO Mobile Telecommunications Switching Office
MTC Mobile Telephone Company
MTX Mobile Telephone Exchange
MTL Mobile Telephone Laboratory
MTN Mobile Telephone Network
MTN Mobile Telephone Number
MTSO Mobile Telephone Switching Office
MTS Mobile Telephone System
MTS Mobile TeleSystems
MT Mobile Terminal
MTE Mobile Terminal Enhancement
MTSRC Mobile Terminal Systems Requirements Contract
MT Mobile Terminated
MTC Mobile Terminated Call
MTMS Mobile Terminated Mobile Station
MTF Mobile Termination Function
MTR Mobile Termination Rate
MTM Mobile Test Model
MTT Mobile Test Team
MTU Mobile Test Unit
MTES Mobile Threat Emitter Simulator
MTF Mobile to Fixed
M2M Mobile to Mobile
MTJ Mobile Tools for Java
MTU Mobile Top-Up
MTTC Mobile Tote Tray Cabinet
MOTS Mobile Tower System
MTS Mobile Trace System
MTS Mobile Tracking Station/Set
MTR Mobile Traffic Recording
MTS Mobile Traffic Shaper
MTF Mobile Training Facility
MTT Mobile Training Team
MTU Mobile Training Unit
MTW Mobile Training Wing
MTS Mobile Transaction Server
MTT Mobile Transaction Terminal
MTX Mobile Transmitter
MT Mobile Transporter
MTEM Mobile Transporter Element Manager
MTU Mobile Trauma Unit
MTS Mobile Treatment System
MTU Mobile Treatment Unit
MTGR Mobile Truck Gamma Ray
MTM Mobile Trusted Module
MIG Mobile Tv Implementation Guidelines
MUSE Mobile Ultrasonic Equipment
MU-2 Mobile Unit
MU-2 Mobile Unit
OMAN Mobile Unit
MU Mobile Unit
MUFC Mobile Units for Family Communication
MUP Mobile Update Package
MUP Mobile Upload
MOBIUS Mobile Urban Sensing
MUTT Mobile Urgent Treatment Team
MUCC Mobile User Created Contents
MOUS Mobile User Objective System
MUSE Mobile Utilities Support Equipment
MVP Mobile Variance Platform
MVMA Mobile Vehicle Management Application
MVB Mobile Video Blogging
MVC Mobile Video Coder
MVC Mobile Video Component
MVD Mobile Video Device
MVR Mobile Video Recorder
MVS Mobile Video System
MVU Mobile Video Unit
MVTR Mobile Videotape Recorder
MVCI Mobile Virtual Circuit Identifier
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator
MVPD Mobile Virtual Presence Device
MVT Mobile Virtual Terminal
MVTC Mobile Virtual Training Capability
MVP Mobile Virtualization Platform
MOVI MObile VIsualisierung
MVS Mobile Voice System
MWA Mobile Warehouse Application
MWS Mobile Weapon System
MWG Mobile Web Gateway
MWI Mobile Web Initiative
MWS Mobile Web Server
MOBSITE Mobile website
MWA Mobile Wireless Accessibility
MWD Mobile Wireless Device
MWE Mobile Work Equipment
MWF Mobile Work Force
MWHPP Mobile Work Site Health Promotion Program
MWS Mobile Work Station
MWC Mobile World Congress
MOB Mobile, AL, USA – Mobile Municipal
MPTV Mobile, Positional, TV and Voice
MVP Mobile, Voice, Positional
MPH Mobile/Portable/Hand-Held
MDUK Mobile-Data-UK
MEH Mobile-Executed Handoff
MDNA Mobilehome Dealers National Association
MIZ Mobile-Immobile-Zone
MNS MobileNet Services, Inc.
MSD Mobiler Sozialer Dienst
MASTR Mobiles And Stations Transistorized
MEK Mobiles Einsatzkommando
MFD Mobiles Fernsehen Deutschland
MTM Mobile-to-Mobile
MMS Mobilität und Mobile Informationssysteme
MTM Money-Through-Mobile
MADA Montana Automobile Dealers Association
MSRA Montana Snowmobile Racing Association
MMCH Montreal Mobile Computer Help
MSS Moored/Mobile Surveillance System
MIAS Moscow International Automobile Salon
MMPT Motorola Mobile Phone Tools
MMBI MPLS Mobile Backhaul Initiative (Internet Protocol/Multi-Protocol Label Switching Forum)
MDMC Multi-Dimensional Mobile Communications
MMAC Multimedia Mobile Access Communication
MTM Multimedia Terminal Mobile
MMCM MultiMediaCard Mobile
MAB Musée Automobile de Bellenaves
MAS Musée Automobile de la Sarthe
MAP Musée Automobile de Provence
MAPER Musée Automobile de Provence
MAV Musée Automobile de Vendée
MARC Musee Automobile Reims-Champagne
MCMR Music Cities Mobile Recording
NAMPS Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service
N-AMPS Narrow-Band Advanced Mobile Phone Service
NAMPS Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System
NAMPS Narrowband Analog Mobile Phone Service
NAAMSA National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa
NAME National Association of Mobile Entertainers
NAAWU National Automobile and Allied Workers’ Union
NAAA National Automobile Auction Association
NACC National Automobile Chamber of Commerce
NAC National Automobile Club
NADA National Automobile Dealers Association
NAM National Automobile Museum
NAC National Automobile/Automotive Center
NMSI National Mobile Station Identity
NSRA National Snowmobile Racing Association
NMCB Naval Mobile Construction Battalion
NMIS Navy Mobile Instrumentation System
NSSA Nebraska State Snowmobile Association
NBME Network-Based Mobile Education
NHA Neuchatel Hier Automobile
NOMAD Neurally Organized Mobile Adaptive Device
NEAD New England Automobile Dealers
NJAFIUA New Jersey Automobile Full Insurance Underwriting Association
NYSADA New York State Automobile Dealers Association
NZAA New Zealand Automobile Association
NGMN Next Generation Mobile Networks
NMT Nippon Mobile Telephone
NMIC Nokia Mobile Internet Conference
NMP Nokia Mobile Phones
NMSS Nokia Mobile Server Services
NRMM Non-Road Mobile Machinery
NMT Nordic Mobile Telephone
NAMA North American Mobile Association
NESRA North East Snowmobile Racing Association
NOSSA North of Superior Snowmobile Association
NIASC Northeastern Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs
NTAC Northwest Territories Automobile Council
ENEMY Norton Mobile Essentials
NME Norton Mobile Essentials
OOMRM Object Oriented Mobile Robot Model
ORMC Object Replication and Mobile Computing
OMSK Office of Mobile Sources
OMS Office of Mobile Sources
OADA Ohio Automobile Dealers Association
OADA Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association
OLDS Oldsmobile
OCA Oldsmobile Club of America
OAC Oman Automobile Club
OMP Omni Mobile Platform
ODMC On Demand Mobile Conferencing
OBMSP One Bridge Mobile Solutions Platform
OAP Ontario Automobile Policy
OFSC Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
OMA Open Mobile Alliance
OMAPI Open Mobile Application Processor Interfaces
OMAI Open Mobile Architecture Initiative
OMX Open Mobile Exchange
OMSF Open Mobile Software Foundation
OMTP Open Mobile Terminal Platform
OSAM Open Service Architecture for Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
OMC Orbitel Mobile Communications Ltd.
OICA Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles
OMA Outlook Mobile Access
OMSK Outlook Mobile Service
OMS Outlook Mobile Service
PAC Packard Automobile Classics, Inc.
PTMSI Packet Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
P-MIP Paging Mobile Internet Protocol
PACO Pakistan Automobile Corporation Ltd
PTML Pakistan Telecommunications Mobile Limited
PPMW Palm Powered Mobile World
PSSA Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association
PBMA Permission-Based Mobile Advertising
PBM Personal Broadband Mobile
PMC Personal Mobile Communicator
PMG Personal Mobile Gateway
PMR Personal Mobile Radio
PIMRC Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Conference
PIMR Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio
PIMRC Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communication
PMIP Personalized Mobile Information Processing
PMRC Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club
PFA PHP for Android (mobile telecommunications)
PTA Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
PPMG Police Provincial Mobile Group
PTAM Precision Target Acquisition, Mobile
PAMR Private Access Mobile Radio
PLMN Private Land Mobile Network
PLMRC Private Land Mobile Radio Communications
PMR Private Mobile Radio
PMTS Private Mobile Telephone Service
PASA Professional Automobile Sales Association
PMGI Professional Mobile Groomers International
PMR Professional Mobile Radio
PMIP Proxy Mobile IP
PMRT Psychiatric Mobile Response Team
PAMR Public Access Mobile Radio
PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
PMC Public Mobile Carrier
PMR Public Mobile Radio
QATC Qatar Automobile and Touring Club
QXM Qiao Xing Mobile Communication
QMI Qualified Mobile, Inc.
RACC Racing Automobile Club Courcellois
RFMETS Radio Frequency Mobile Electronic Test Set
RMP Radio Mobile Patrol
ROAR Radio Operated Automobile Racing
RSM Radio Squadron Mobile
RTMI Radio Telefono Mobile Integrato
RML Rail Mobile Launcher
RMS Rapid Mobile Surgical
RPMIO Registered Publication Mobile Issuing Office
RIM Reliance India Mobile
RAMDASC Remote Air Mobile Direct Air Support Center
ROME Remotely Operated Mobile Excavator
RCM Réseaux de Communications Mobiles
RMCB Reserve Mobile Construction Battalion
RMH Residential Mobile Home
RCAC Rétro Club Automobile de Champagne
RCC Retromobile Club de Courtry
RTA Revue Technique Automobile
RML Road-Mobile Launcher
RAA Royal Automobile Association
RAC Royal Automobile Club
RACC Royal Automobile Club de Catalogne
MSA Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association
RECQ Royal Automobile Club of Queensland
RACQ Royal Automobile Club of Queensland
RACV Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
RIAC Royal Irish Automobile Club
RSAC Royal Scottish Automobile Club
REM Run-Time Enforcement for Mobile and Distributed Systems
RME Russian Mobile Entertainment Company
SAMC SA Mobile Computers
SHA Saint Herblain Automobiles
SAAR Saskatchewan Association of Automobile Repairers
SMCS Satellite Mobile Services Switching Center
SACRIFICE Scottish Automobile Club
SAC Scottish Automobile Club
SLMM Sea-Launched Mobile Mine
SAIL Secure Automobile Inspection Lanes
SMDSE Secure Mobile Data Solutions for Enterprises
SMDM Secure Mobile Device Management
SME Secure Mobile Environment
SMU Secure Mobile Unit
SPMA Self Propelled Mobile Artillery
SPMA Self-Protecting Mobile Agents
SIMON Semi-Intelligent Mobile Observing Navigator
SIUMI Services and Infrastructure for the Ubiquitous and Mobile Internet
SMLC Serving Mobile Location Center
SEMA Session-based Mobile AdHoc Network Architecture
SMV Shadow Mountain Village Mobile Home Park
SWAMP Shallow Water Mobile Platform
SAAE Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
SAAC Shelby American Automobile Club
SDAC Shelby Dodge Automobile Club
SPAM Shelter, Portable, Air Mobile
SHARP Sheriffs’ Automobile Risk Program
SMMT Short Message Mobile Terminated
SOMF Side Opening Mobile Facility
SACN SIMCA Automobiel Club Nederland (Dutch: Simca Automobile Club Netherlands; est. 1985)
SMD Simian Mobile Disco
SMAC Simulation Model of Automobile Collision
SWMH Single Wide Mobile Home
SMP Small and Mobile Production
SBO Small Block Oldsmobile
SMO Small Mobile Office
SMD Smart Mobile Device
SAWS Snowmobile Alliance of Western States
STEF Snowmobile Trail Establishment Fund
STOP Snowmobile Trail Officer Patrol
SLM Social Local Mobile
SAAP Societe Anonyme des Automobiles Peugeot
SCAR Société de Construction Automobile de Reims
SAAQ Societe de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec
SIA Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile
SIMCA Société Industrielle de Mécanique et Carrosserie Automobile
SIAM Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
SEMC Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
SEMC Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, AB
SMET Sony Mobile Electronics Thailand
MEMS Soprano Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite
SCADA South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association
SFIADA South Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association
SBMS Southwestern Bell Mobile Service
SOC-M Space Operations Course – Mobile
SMG Special Mobile Group
SONMET special operations naval mobile environment team
SMR Specialized Mobile Radio
SAO Sport Automobile Océan
SMIA Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture
SFM State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
SMPV Static and Mobile Pressure Vessel
SMT Station Mobile-Transportable
SHMIP Stealth-time Hierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol
STOMP Straits Times Online Mobile Print
SMCC strategic mobile command center
SPUTUM Subgenius Police, Usenet Tactical Unit, Mobile
SLMM Submarine-Laid Mobile Mine
SLMM Submarine-Launched Mobile Mine
SME Surface Mobile Equipment
SMCC Survivable Mobile Command Center
SNPA Syndicat National des Exploitants de Centres de Pilotage Automobile
SMAF Synthetic music Mobile Application Format
SCMDM System Center Mobile Device Manager
SAMBA System for Advanced Mobile Broadband Applications
SMMT System Mechanic Mobile Toolkit
TMR Tactical Mobile Robot
TMV Tactical Mobile Variant
TASA Tahquamenon Area Snowmobile Association
TWM Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd.
TMAP Tarang Mobile Application Platform
TLA Techniques Loisirs Automobiles
TWIN Technologies for Wireless Interconnection of Mobile Networks
TCMC Technology Centre for Mobile Communication
TIM Telecom Italia Mobile
TMAP Teleoperated Mobile Antiarmor Platform
TMP Télévision Mobile Personnelle
TMSI Temporary Mobile Station Identity
TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
TMCS Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites
TWAT Ten Worst Automobiles Today
TMBS Terrestrial Mobile Base Station
TEMS Test Mobile System
TADA Texas Automobile Dealers Association
TMTD THAAD Mobile Test Driver
TMA The Mobile Atheists
TBAT Tilling and British Automobile Traction
TVSC Tionesta Valley Snowmobile Club, Inc.
TMO T-Mobile
TMH T-Mobile Hungary
TMUK T-Mobile United Kingdom
TMRA Toledo Mobile Radio Association
TADA Toronto Automobile Dealers Association
TAC Touquet Automobiles de Collection
TDA Traitement des Dechets Automobiles
TMIP Transparent Mobile Internet Protocol
TDM Transportable, Deployable, and/or Mobile
TMMS Trend Micro Mobile Security
TMRS Trunk Mobile Radio System
TLMS Trunked Land Mobile Service
TIME Trust in Mobile Environments
TMP Trusted Mobile Platform
TACA Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc.
TMRC Turkish Mobile Radar Command
TMRC Turkish Mobile Radar Complex
UMC Ukrainian Mobile Communication
UMTD Ultimate Mobile Tower Defence
UMB Ultra Mobile Broadband
UMC Ultra Mobile Computer
UMD Ultra Mobile Device
UMPIRE Ultra Mobile Platform
UMP Ultra Mobile Platform
UMPC Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer
UEG Unimobile E-mail Gateway
UPSA Union Professionnelle Suisse de l’Automobile
UTAC Union Technique de l’Automobile du Motocycle et du Cycle
UAMCC United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners
UAAI United Australian Automobile Industries
UMH United Mobile Homes, Inc.
USAA United Services Automobile Association
UMGP Universal Mobile Games Platform
UMPS Universal Mobile Payment System
UMPS Universal Mobile Phone Service
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service
UTMS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UMTS Universal Mobile Telephone Service
UMTS Universal Mobile Telephony System
UDAA Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile
UMA Unlicensed Mobile Access
UMA Unlicensed Mobile Alliance
UMU Unmanned Mobile Unit
UMV Upload Mobile Video
USRMC US Robotics Mobile Communications
UMR USB Mobile Broadband Router (computing)
UMRS Utility Mobile Robot for Search
VAMS Value Added Mobile Services
VOM Vehicle Office Mobile
VMES VeriSign Mobile Enterprise Services
VAST Vermont Association of Snowmobile Travelers
VAE Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts
VAP Vieilles Automobiles du Perigord
VEA Vintage European Automobiles
VSCA Vintage Snowmobile Club of America
VM Virgin Mobile
VMA Virgin Mobile Australia
VMU Virgin Mobile Unit
VMU Virgin Mobile USA
VADA Virginia Automobile Dealers Association
VMLA Virtual Mobile Location Area
VMN Virtual Mobile Network
VPMN Virtual Private Mobile Network
VPLMN Visited Public Land Mobile Network
VPMN Visited Public Mobile Network
VMN Visiting Mobile Node
VMES Visto Mobile Enterprise Server
VMC Vodafone Mobile Connect
VMCC Vodafone Mobile Connect Card
VMT Vulnerable Mobile Transmitter
WANDA Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association
WSSA Washington State Snowmobile Association
WEMP WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal
WCME West Coast Mobile Entertainers
WMMW West Midlands Mobile & Wireless
WIAA Western India Automobile Association
WMPA Western Mobilehome Parkowners Association
WJMC Wild Jack Mobile Casino
WEMITE Wind Engineering Mobile Instrumented Tower Experiment
WINMO Windows Mobile
WM Windows Mobile
WMUG Windows Mobile User Group
WMSG Wireless and Mobile Solutions Group
WMTE Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education
WMC Wireless Mobile Communication
WMIC Wireless Mobile Interface Card
WMO Wireless Mobile Operator
WAIP Wisconsin Automobile Insurance Plan
MATA Workshop on Mobile Agents for Telecommunications Applications
WMCS Workshop on Mobile Commerce and Wireless Services
WSA World Snowmobile Association
WWMM World Wide Mobile Mail
WWMC Worldwide Mobile Communications AS
WSRA Wyoming Snowmobile Racing Association
WSSA Wyoming State Snowmobile Association
YUCA Young, Upwardly-mobile, Cuban-American
ZMCC Zhejiang Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.